Sunday, February 25, 2018

Same Job, Different Vineyard

The assholes kept me up all night for some reason. And true to form, per external interference, I wasn't a bit tired at all for the entire day.

I swapped vineyards today, and started with 6" snow on ground. Even if a 10 min. commute, getting there was eventful due to a pair of dudes who seemed unusually coordinated for pedestrians. I was E bound, 60' from the intersection and the light was green. An oncoming vehicle was 20' from the intersection, proceeding W bound. Most of the road surface was bare, but there was plenty of snow and ice on the sidewalks and street gutters. And this pair of Fuckwit males at the corner step out as if to cross the street (No Walk for them) in front of the oncoming white vehicle, but it didn't stop or brake any, and together the dudes backed off and retreated to the snowy sidewalk. Not perfectly choreographed, but close to it. The oncoming vehicle passed through without incident and I went through still on the green light, and the dudes stepped out into the street as I was passing through. Talk about a need for a Pedestrian's License; had the oncoming vehicle braked hard for the Fuckwits it could of hit an icy patch and gone anywhere. I cannot believe how two dudes could coordinate this street crossing stupidity with such adroitness without any regard to the snowy and icy conditions unless it was orchestrated. Good for getting my trauma reaction going in any event.

Yoga tonight, and the perverse "visit the victim" choreography again. A never-seen-before dude in a beard just needed to move his mat too close to me, and after I moved mine away, he moves his mat closer again. Like WTF; can we make it more obvious or what. Later after the class, he does a "just stand there" pose, the typical need to be seen stalk, while doing nothing.

Sunny, though cold all day for vineyard pruning using my new loppers. A new tool, especially a cutting tool, is always a big deal for the perp assholes.

Another perishing cold day working in the vineyard.

After the previous night of no sleep, I though I would get left alone, but no... I was cold that night, so I got a sleeping bag and added that to my bedding. Big mistake; the perps woke me up twice with excruciating cramps in my leg to have me walk around to work it off, 10 min. each time. I suppose this was all about removing me from my bedding for a while, given that I have a new set up.

Then they screwed me out of getting up with the alarm, so I had to abbreviate my morning routine and not shave any, and even at that I started work a half hour late.

And so it seems a lot more disruption, particularly with clothing of late; forcing me to take a piss, having my hat come off, having me take my gloves off etc. I came home at lunch to get the charger for the electric pruners, and then they wouldn't let my boot go back on properly. Another screaming session over that, which is what they pulled this morning, as they had me "forget" there was paper wadded in the boots to draw out the moisture in them. As to how it gets there I have no idea as my feet aren't sweating any, and I have foot warmers in them too.

The electric pruners worked, then didn't, for a second day when they had worked fine before for the owners. Again, more disruption over this, and replacing them with the manual loppers

I saw "Who Stole Johnny" (Gosch) on Netflix. Interesting that the FBI and Des Moines police didn't' want to do much, determinedly so. As the story unfolded, the boy's mother, Noreen Gosch did meet her son for an hour, but he didn't want publicity. And from this she learned that they, the pedophiles, apply mind control to them (the kept kids). As to what form this takes she didn't say, or more likely, didn't know. Even the Discovery Channel spiked a story on this case. A very high up cover up for sure, and related to child trafficking. This story never played up here in Canada at the time, so forgive me that I am catching up on this one.

A blood test this morning; following two interesting changes in my circumstances; I started sleeping on the floor, somewhat jaded by my camp cot of four years. The duvet kept falling off, all the more noticeable as it is so perishing cold inside. Even with the heater set at 22C, it is 18C across the room, some 15' away. The other coincidence is that the assholes screwed me out of taking my medications this morning, something I faithfully take; selegiline and tamsulosin. Not a big deal, just an oddity, but of significance for one being hounded all the time and controlled to the microsecond.

A perishing cold day working in the vineyard today, getting at later start at 0900h, and finishing at 1700h, one hour offset from my usual time there.

Cold outside again, with a 1/2" skiff of snow that arrived overnight, and thereby causing me to be cleaning it up from the paths and driveways, again, doing the landlord's duties who are still away in Mexico.

What is it about picking up a parcel that so interests the perps? Is it the brown cardboard, or that the item is from elsewhere, that I am taking possession or what? They even put on the brown people too, about five E. Indian women clustered together looking at the cosmetics, just in stock still mode, not even talking. It is highly unlikely that they would be there looking at white folk's cosmetics, and since they are singularly thrifty, why anyhow. And this peculiar "don't talk flock", just stand there some 40' from me in the aisle that axially faced the line for the PO. And too, four customers lined up in front of me, a high number given my usual experience, which includes last week when I picked up the landlord's parcel. And too, one blonde dude in the line just departs drifts out from the line from the PO and then looks at the adjacent post cards for crissakes. And if that weren't ridiculous enough, he then browses over to the adjacent rack of shipping envelopes. For someone who was in line for the PO? Hilarious.

Then when I was traversing the store to depart with parcel in hand, this Fuckwit steps in front of me without so much as a look or an apology, coming from an aisle end. Then he turns into another aisle, and then waits for me to pass and then follows me out the store for crissakes, not having made a purchase. He of some scarred face, possibly a burn victim. So what was that about? Then when outside a cluster of vehicles on me when waiting to turn to exit, and then a "just standing there" cell phoning Fuckwit woman sentry, in the typical pose I have come to know since all this shit came down 04-2002. And no end of pit lamping, that is, headlights pointed at me on store entry, making turns etc. And an unusual pit lamping; this guy and his wife get out of their vehicle in front of the PO entrance, and he is locking it up, and the backup lights alone are on. I have never seen this before, but nothing much surprises me when getting pit lamped.

And what is with the yellow plasma splotching games when I exit my vehicle at the end of the day, over the background of snow? They assault me with yellow plasma splotches, 6-10" or so, some half dozen at a time in my visual field, and keep hounding me with this anywhere I look at the snow, which I am bound to be doing, watching where I walk. I worked some 8 hours today in the snow, and had none of this horseshit, but when I get home, and out of my vehicle, this starts up until I go inside. No pissing in the snow today, so I don't know why this is going on.

Perishing cold all day, around -8C with some falling snow, about 10kph breeze and no sun. This while vineyard pruning, my gig at this time of year. Later in the summer it will be 35C, and I don't mind that at all. I have dual layer gloves with toe warmers dropped in them, plus a glove liner, Minus 100 boots with toe warmers in them, three layers of tops, plus ski jacket, running tights for long johns and windproof hiking pants on, plus a balaclava, neck warmer, toque covered with the hood of the ski jacket, plus oversized safely glasses (similar to goggles), and I am barely warm enough. I swear the ski jacket is letting me down, though I am loathe to fork out another one because they are expensive and tend to get beat up in this job. I will have to up the ante and get out my ski pants and then get my fleece tights underneath next week to see if I can do better, though of course, the temperature may rise. I wondered why I had these ski pants all these 6 years and never used them, not being a skier in the first place. So it would seem the perps had this one planned too, that far back. Enough I figured, so I ordered some ski goggles with an integral fitting balaclava that fits tight to the goggle frame. Hope springs eternal that I will stay warm outside all day in this weather. I suppose the next step is heated garments, so who knows where this is all going with these electromagnetic devices attached to me.

Speaking of which, walking around with a battery pack for electric pruners might have served this purpose, (and added some warmth by pulling my ski jacket in close and preventing it from moving and puffing the warm air to the outside, but no such luck. In keeping with the problems I have had with these devices, the vineyard owners have a Chinese model, and the battery crapped out after three tries. I suppose the ideal would be to have the electric pruner battery not only run the pruners, but electrically heated garments as well, though I think we are a long way from that. But its in the wind I suspect; all those power tool manufacturers are now making job site radios (for crissakes), so one day maybe they will extend their product line to have battery heated garments as well. More spring eternalizing again. And part of this whole scenario is that my body temperature is consistently 36.4C, (normal is 37.0C), so it does make me wonder if I am losing the battle just by adding on more clothing. Onto electrically heated wardrobes, hopefully starting with one's feet, fingers and then perhaps one's face with a electrically heated toque. Who knows, but this snow and cold aren't abating anytime soon.

And three major cramp attacks in the night, one leg or the other, causing me to wake up in considerable pain and then walk it off for 10 minutes. I swear it is imposed by external means, and initiated to get me out of bed now that I have added a sleeping bag into my night time sleeping arrangements. And too, all this is on the floor on my yoga mat, ditching my 4 year long camping cot in the mean time. (A mentioned, I got plain fed up with the duvet dropping off the cot, so I decided that by sleeping on the floor it had no place to go, and I might stay warmer.) I am now sleeping warmer, but I am now interrupted by the leg cramp attacks, now for the third night straight. Woo hoo, it is so nice to be under someone's heel in these adverse weather conditions....

Saturday, like last Saturday, snow fell in the night, this time only 2" of the most fluffiest snow I have seen. Given my expanded duties while the landlord is in Mexico for a month, it was up to me to clean the driveway, sidewalk, walking paths etc. Not such a big deal as last Saturday when it started/stopped 3x over the day. This time, only one dump.

Later, I took the vehicle to get the tailgate support struts installed at the Ford dealership. I purchased them online, had them delivered, and they installed them. The bill indicated 18 minutes of shop time, but I waited 90 minutes total in the waiting room of the dealership for some reason. And they didn't even clean the vehicle or any of those usual perks one gets there. Again, the parade of males trotted through, as the coffee machine is there. For the last 20 minutes an attractive blonde woman was there too sitting in the waiting area, and none of the turbans and freaks like there was two weeks ago. The Olympic hockey game kept me interested for most of the time there. I had interleaved my laundromat activities while there, so while my towels were tumbling one kilometer away, I was kept at the Ford dealership for this extended duration.

Interference on to-do lists; missing items, shutting down a certain pharmacy at 1500h, as I wanted to get something for my verruca on my L foot that has been pissing me off for two weeks now. And each week day I seem to be running late after work to get to this particular pharmacy. As to why they need to interfere on this I don't know, but it is the same verruca that magically appeared the day after they first went berserk/overt in their apartment invasion in 04-2002. One came up on my R foot two years ago and I managed to treat it and get rid of it last year.

Sunday, and I decided to get going on organizing my 2017 papers, as it seems that such isn't allowed until year end. Then a need to go do some vineyard week, as I will need to make up some hours due to an upcoming doctor appointment. The boss man had his farm truck blocking the driveway, so I parked beside it. Just when I was about to head to the vineyard, after getting my toque, gloves, goggles, tool belt etc. on, the boss man arrives in his L hand drive vehicle. He said he was going to plow the place, so I could park elsewhere, so no problem, I did. I just find it such an amazing coincidence he would arrive at the same time, as this Sunday work was not planned on my part. So more disruption, in taking off the gloves tool belt etc., then moving the vehicle and then getting set up again. The perps just love this shit; getting dressed up in so many clothes for the cold weather and then disrupting me so I have to take some off or else open them up. Last year while pruning, and the snow was on the ground, they kept hitting me with pissing attacks so that I needed to piss every 30 minutes. Which meant of course, lots of clothing disruption, including to open my ski coat to deal with this issue.

On my way out of the vineyard at 1700h, just as I was about to turn out from the driveway onto Naramata Rd, why, a pit lamping vehicle sitting beside the road, headlights aimed at me. Like WTF; can't the assholes get enough light on me in the day, when they seem to be farting around with the clouds and bringing on the sunlight while working? No; pit lamping is getting a higher profile of late. Said pit lampers were a vehicle full of E. Indians, making out that they were lost for crissakes.

The perps were on my ass all day long with pruning cuttings "just happening" to be falling back to place after I cut them. The usual expectation is that they flip out of the way so one can see one is making progress, but no, they wanted to piss me off.

Also on the piss off theme was the loppers; I sharpened them for the first time last night using a diamond stone, and within 5 seconds of using them today, a trellis wire end "just happened" to be in the cut and the blade got dulled for 1/2" of its length. Was I pissed or what. I spent 30 minutes sharpening them, and the assholes had them dulled in 5 seconds. Normally, if there is such a thing, I don't cut the wires, but this was a wire end, and somehow escaped my notice. Well done assholes.

Something I got via email; I haven't checked it out yet. I am not big on the talk lines etc. but for those who are, there maybe something of interest. 
Talkshoe call (724)-444-7444 Tuesday 3pm pst to 6pm pst
Other websites to check out or you tube:

Anyhow, enough for a post for this week.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Cold Weather Again

Minus 7C yesterday, when it was a wonderful (comparatively) +7C four days earlier. And I see the local trend is to -13C in the next six days. I suppose it was a spring time sucker punch last week. The snow is now rock hard at the vineyard now, after all the thawing last week, though not enough to thaw it all. Not only that, but the wind was up today, an effective -5C all day. I was bundled up with three layered tops, thermal tights as long johns, a balaclava, toe warmers in my boots, a neck gaiter that extended to my nose, and googles to keep my face protected. The ski jacket was the final garment to cover me up, and the hood was indispensable.

And my loppers broke yesterday; a steel section just plain split. I suppose it was the cold, (if you believe in no other extra conventional interventions) and from what I can gather, this particular model has no parts availability. Well done perps. Another $100 to shell out to replace them. This is what they do to minimum wage farm workers under their heel.

I see the boss man just had to hang out pruning the adjacent vines to me when I was in my vehicle at the two break times I took today. The intervening time he moved somewhere else to do his pruning.

And what is with the infernal loud mufflered vehicle stalking again? This insane noisestalking technique has been going on for years, but today it reached its apex of irrationality. Thee times it visited the adjacent property for all of a minute and then came back, some 30-50 minutes apart. The first time it was when I was getting out of my vehicle, a time honored stalking moment. It is bad enough the boss man hasn't got his muffler fixed, but at least he doesn't drive it around for no reason.

No love from the perps this morning; a 1/2" skiff of snow on the ground was the excuse, and lo, if they didn't wiggle the rear end of my vehicle 12" or so as it was going through the S-bends on Naramata Rd. A tricky section, with an uphill and in mid "S" it changes grade to downhill. This was with snow tires and I was going slow. As the vehicle skidded I backed off the accelerator and it immediately slowed and straightened. This was the same section they put me through a 360 degree spin two years ago, though in a different vehicle and four season radials. As to why the road maintenance personnel didn't gravel it I have no idea, as it was 0740h.

And if that wasn't enough excitement, (aka traumatization re-visitation) it was only 200m further that they had an oncoming vehicle spinning out of control. One of those dumb-assed so-called Smart cars was spinning like a top on a straightaway section coming at me from 120' away. The vehicle finished its spinning and came to a stop some 20' in front of me, facing me in my lane, headlights on. I had been slowing down all the while, and was thankful it was a straight and level section, and that the pick up truck behind me was well back. The large male negro driver waved at me and then proceeded into his lane and on his way. Like WTF; these so-called Smart cars are less than 1% of the road traffic, and negroes are at most 1% of the population here; 1/100 x 1/100 = 1/10,000 chance this could occur, never mind the rarity of a spinning vehicle coming at me. Seems like a fix to me, that, along with the fact that the perps are obsessed with planting negroes in my proximity. Another similar road stunt of four years ago had an overtaking vehicle subsequently spin out when faced with a bend in the road ahead, also ending up facing me when stopped. Two women then, but for crissakes, do they really need to pull this bullshit all to place a facing vehicle in my lane, stopped?

A full day in the vineyard, pruning. This time I introduced the use of my battery powered reciprocating saw to take on the larger cuts. I have a hand saw that does the same job, but ever the tool-geek, I just had to use the powered saw. Also contributing to this "need", was the fact that they took out my 30" loppers, per above. It did a good job, though it is heavy and it might be better to do a pass with it alone, then come back for regular pruning with the loppers and secateurs. So now, four different kinds of cutting tools I use for vine pruning; short loppers, secateurs, hand saw, and now a powered reciprocating saw, plus the long loppers that were broken (or taken out as I see it). No doubt all in the name of the perps' game over cutting tools (and object separation), and with what tool and tool steel. Fifteen years of this nonsense on top of being surreptitiously surveilled for a prior 47 years, and here they are still putzing with what tool I use to cut the vine wood with. I suppose it may alter the energy of the grapes, and hence the wine, but that is such a ridiculous long shot I just cannot fathom why they would be so obsessed over it. Perhaps there is another reason.

Not pictured are the 30" red handled loppers that broke this week, and the electric ones that I used for a day. That makes for six different kinds of cutting tools I have been using on this vineyard in the last two weeks. Add in the fact that my new loppers are identical to the blue ones pictured above, and I will be using them anew on a different vineyard for the next two or more weeks, and I suppose one could surmise that the perps are attempting to discern some energetic difference between using the blue handled loppers, though different pairs, over time and distance (4km away). I expect to end up back at this vineyard with my new loppers in two or three weeks.

 A dental visit, getting my my teeth cleaned first, an ordeal that is becoming worse, just as the dental hygienist suggests going 3x/year instead of two. I need a dental plan first folks, and haven't had one since the assholes descended on me in 04-2002 going berserk/overt and ripped my life to shreds, where it remains. If that weren't enough, the dentist conferred with me on the two missing tooth problem. This one was also visited last week, by the dental surgeon who determined I needed a bone graft (aka "sinus lift") in order to provide enough bone to then set screw anchors in for implants. That job, including the anchors, was $6.5K, which does not include the teeth. Today, the dentist told me the teeth would be $2k each. Ouch. An alternative is a bridge, where two false teeth span the gap and are secured to a tooth on each side. Except today, the dentist determined that one of the teeth for securing isn't strong enough, so instead of a 4 teeth arrangement, it becomes 5 teeth. The 5th tooth would be my pristine canine with no work or fillings or anything, as it would be milled down to take a cap it doesn't need. Woo hoo... who took out these tooth with root canals anyhow, and then when being filled, posts were put in, which they now acknowledge, cause teeth to break up as the internal metal post doesn't have the same flexibility as the tooth. Maybe there is a way to delay this financial pain. Or maybe, I just go around with this curious gap in my mouth for years.

Other perp excitement was that I ended up collecting a parcel for my landlady at the post office. Said landlady and lord are in Mexico and I look after their mail, check the house to see if all is OK, and otherwise do the duties of apparent habitation. Another is cleaning the snow from the walk ways, more on that later. To date, the snow has come down in daily 1" skiffs and melts on the concrete, so I have got off easy on this one, but not for long given the perp's propensity to first game me, and then later hit me with the real thing.

The event of picking up someone else's mail also brought on extra gangstalking coverage at the PO; first the doofus who was holding up service at the counter with his verbal meanderings, e.g. "wi-fi it", meaning internet access. Not quite as bad as "sending an internet", but getting there. Then the stalkers came to line up behind me while waiting out the doofus, and another one doing the faux shopping pose; bent over looking at the envelope selections for crissakes, and then shifting his attention to some kind of drug store kitsch items as if it were all in a day's shopping outing. This PO is in a drug store, though with a fairly large cosmetics section. Then the parcel access system for the counter clerk hiccuped and slowed up, and after 30 seconds was suddenly up again, and I was allowed to pick up the parcel, legally that is, and cleared with the landlady in advance. Because I live at the same street address, but not in the same building, and my driver's license ID supported the requirement that I must live at the same address, all was OK. Great fodder for the perps though, picking up someone else's parcel. After some 15 years of intense and insane abuse, and this is what turns their crank. Heaven cannot help us as they run that too.

A skiff of snow on the ground this morning, enough to remind me of the events two days ago, per above. But no, there was no snow when headed N, and none on the S bends mentioned. Although freezing, no ice on the road.

Pruning vines all day; now two weeks on this job, and I have been walking on snow most of the time. There have been some warm days, but that seems to be the cause for the snow to get more crusty, enough to support my weight, even if 4" deep. So it would seem that the perps like me to walk on water so to speak, all in keeping with their games over H2O.That I swam with a swim club for 14 years, doing 2500m per practice, 50 and 100m lengths, might add to this whole picture, though since, and excepting the odd time, it seems they don't want me swimming (or running) regularly. Too much dopamine generation I suspect.

Today when I switched pruning varieties it began snowing heavily for 20 minutes. This would be in keeping with the games and disruptions that go on when I have switched varieties for other vineyard tasks like shoot thinning etc. As to what the perp's preoccupation is about when I switch vine varietals I have no idea. Sometimes, if the variety change is in the row, and not a discrete block, they have blanked me out so I don't notice for a panel or so. The boss man came to visit me then too, asking me to leave the loppers behind in the tool shed.

As it "happened", I later bought a new pair of loppers, identical to the ones I was using. So perhaps the deal was that the perps didn't want me to have both pairs at home, as I usually take the company loppers home to sharpen them up. But as today is Friday, the boss man might be in on Saturday, and he said he might need them.

Saturday, and there was 4" of snow on the ground. The falling snow was abated, and I got onto shoveling it. Not just my 25' to the gate, but the rest of the paths as the landlord is away and I am looking after the place. That would include the sidewalk here in suburbia, but also their driveway and vehicle to make as if the place was habituated.

But I got faked out and it came down some more, and by mid afternoon with my hair appointment pending, I walked into downtown to get it done. I had a new stylist, cute but chubby, and not terribly chatty, but she did a good job, and put on plenty of touchings. At one point she pressed her breasts into the back of my neck for whatever reason. No, I didn't get a thrill out of that, in this world of being kept as a subject for nonconsensual human experimentation, in situ. By the time I was done it was sunny, and no more snow coming down. Ergo, a second round of snow cleaning, including all pathways, driveway, sidewalk and vehicles. At least 4" deep each time, not a huge dump, but plenty enough work to clean up.

Later, I did my laundry at the laundromat and lo, if t he assholes didn't pull another snowfall, though only a 1/2" this time. They were bound and determined to lay down more snow on top of what I cleaned up, this being the third time. Given their nutzo interest in where I walk, and what objects (or beings) traverse my path (and how soon afterward), why snow shoveling is just the ticket with the metal edged plastic blade scraping ahead of me. At one point they pulled the leading metal edge off the snow shovel, so now they had two variants of surface scraping; one with and one without the metal edge, just the plastic. The friendly guy at the laundromat explained his snow shoveling woes to me, and it was only then that I learned about the metal edge and its propensity to come off, which explained how this metal "arrived" while I was snow shoveling and had no idea where it came from. That he had such a metal edge inside the laundromat while explaining all this to me wasn't too much of a surprise in hindsight, though the perps blanked out these nefarious and consistent objectives from my mind during this exchange. I am not allowed to know or associate that I can readily figure out on my own. He cleaned his lot three times, and presumably, the metal edge was on his snow scoop for some of the time. And of course, I drove, parked and walked on his lot, so perhaps the metal edge was inside for some kind of energetic interaction testing in a situation where it wasn't obviously used. All too clever, from the sickest minds that reside on this lab rat planet.

I decided that I would not work this Sunday, and essentially cocoon myself in for a snow bound day. I did get out and do some minor clearing and sanding on pathways. With the dropping temperatures we now have ice on the roads that weren't cleaned, and that means those in suburbia that aren't thoroughfares. I did make it out for some minor shopping and banking, (two errand stops) replete with my stalkers. It was the "loitering dudes with pickup trucks" show. On entering the bank the dude was exiting, and held the door open for me, extending his reach to keep it open, passing me on my R side, in the perps' long running signature move. I finished up at the ATM, got into my vehicle, and lo, said dude just "happened" to be leaving in his pick up and crossing in front of where I was to then proceed. He should of been long gone, so just what exactly was he waiting for, except to dog my ass one more time, this time in his raised pick up truck.

Ditto again, only 50m away at the grocery store; another dude was dogging my ass and putting on the extra obvious malingering and also managed to precede me at the checkout, at least his third stalking reprise in the store. Again, I finished up and got to my vehicle, and then he proceeds to pull out and cross my path in the identical manner in a raised pick up as the dude at the bank, just driving the opposite direction. Like WTF; as above, he should of been long gone. Enough of that shit, and home I went.

But I wasn't done, or more like, they weren't done. I make a turn at a regular corner on my beat, and lo, there is an oncoming ambulance with lights flashing and siren wailing. As to why the ambulance didn't take the most cleared route that ran parallel I have no idea. But as regular readers will know, chasing me with ambulances at all hours of the day and night, mostly they are "just cruising" around, is nothing new. I also had two preceding vehicles on my local suburban street, and for this section it wasn't cleared, but a packed snow/ice road surface. I don't think in five years at this location they have put on such an obvious vehicular following before.

And I get plenty of continued mind planted notions that this abuse and harassment is going to end, aka, cessation of hostilities, but with the above dudes-with-raised-pickups-stalking, and both of them hanging back in identical fashion for a vehicular parking lot pass, I don't think so. And too, the finesse and mind fuck games over snow shoveling as mentioned above, don't in any way suggest that these assholes have any mind to give up. After 47 years or covert surveillance and orchestration, and now almost 16 year of blatant abuse, I don't think they have any other plans but to continue. Besides, every few years, on the eve of the April 2002 onset when they invaded and went into berserk/overt mode, they pull this planted notion of going to cease hostilities. It hasn't happened, and won't, and I have been correct every time.

And too, the assholes have made it plain it is going to be another year of vineyard laboring; I didn't hear back from that puff-ball interview of three weeks ago, which was offering a full time gig, so I can take it that means vineyard laboring for the year. Besides, they are building a house there, replete with hammering and banging and power tool noise, often timed exactly at to when I make a pruning decision, or a cut of the vine. (I also predicted that they would not give up this option of having me work in a vineyard with adjacent house building noise).

For vine pruning, interestingly, I only make a partial decision, as I leave 3-4 canes and cut the rest. The boss man comes later and makes a final decision to leave two and cuts them to length. (He has his criteria, but it doesn't make any sense, and he wasn't very clear. Most vineyards cut all healthy canes to the same length). Then someone is going to come along and pull the canes out from the trellis. So.. we have two people making pruning decisions and cuts covering the same ground, and all the while the house building hammering and banging is going on. Sounds like perp noise-stalking perfection to me. Obviously, a similar scenario of 2015-16 where there was a house being built at one of the two vineyards I worked at wasn't sufficient.

And to not forget, the perps just love to stalk my ass anytime or anywhere I make a decision. And don't ask as to why; my only clue, which maybe a red herring, is that if one follows Hugh Everett's Many Worlds theory, (links; Hugh Everett, MWI Theory, Wikipedia) is that each time one takes a measurement (observation) or makes a decision, a new world is created. It could be, though the compelling question is of course where do all these worlds go, as there ought to be billions of them by now. Perhaps there is some other quantum effects that present themselves and this is what the perps are researching, and by extension, why they are hounding my ass so relentlessly, now 63 years worth.

Enough for a post on this snow bound day, and get this out there.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Abiding Perp Obsessions

Retitled in long form it might read as; "Harassment themes and situations that have repeated themselves constantly in this now 15 years of senseless and relentless abuse".

Just a ramble on what they like to repeatedly harass me with, or over. I may make this into a permanent page at a later date. I am fishing here just to see if other TI's find commonality with these insults/assaults, or in other words, things that go continually wrong. I am not going to try to explain why the perps are so fucking nuts about these activities, but here are some.

shoes; -they cannot get enough disruption and sabotage on this one, especially repairs
shoelaces; -they go hyperkinetic, and they like them to end up under my shoes before tying them
dish soap; -flicking, spilling, getting placed down the side of the item instead of inside
getting out the door, or entering, aka egress; -but also applicable to internal doorways where they consistently imbalance me and run my nipple into a door jam, or else create the sensation thereof
financial transactions; -in all forms, especially returns
steel cutting edges, sharpening, shaving; -it is the steel source, but there must be something else about it
body hairs; -cutting, pulling
object joining or disassembly; -they love to scramble me when doing this task and force my hands to slip or otherwise interrupt this activity
water; -flicking, spilling etc, in all its forms, snow, ice, water and vapor
completion of tasks; -they love me even crossing off my to-do list for crissakes
changing direction; -either driving, walking- someone nearly always shows up, often many vehicles making contra-concentric turns
disruption of routines; -no routine goes unpunished in this gig
opening packages, usually food
appointment making; -not only having the dentist changing it at the possible last day, but also to have me write it down on the wrong day, week, month etc.
keystroking; -having me type the next letters of a word in the wrong sequence, or else type the ones of the next word on the tail of the word I am working on. Just hilarious after using a keyboard for over 43 years now.
crossing my path; -they simply cannot get enough Fuckwits to cross my path ahead or behind me in the course of ambulatory public activities
handling petroleum products; -usually when filling the vehicle, but also for other byproducts.


Started a new gig today, the vineyard I worked at last year from 06-2017 to 08-2017. This is always cause for major disruption fuckery, especially based on last year's experience, so I would expect this to be much the same. Such fuckery games will likely continue for some weeks. 

My new ISP got set up this afternoon, and what a positive difference it has made. After last week's false start where the boxes were installed and hooked up, the street line was found to be broken and needed to be repaired. And that they did within two days. And today they got it done.

The ISP repair guy phoned me in the morning, so I agreed to meeting him at the house at 1500. I set my phone alarm for 1430h, and lo, if the alarm didnt' go off, as it seemed the assholes has changed it to 1630h. At some point I "happened" to look at my watch, and discovered the alarm didn't go off. I got to my place 5 min. late, with two trucks and repair guys waiting for me. No problem they said. Being late ended up such that they came into my place first after I unlocked it, as I had to attend to stuff in my vehicle. Consequently I ended up getting out of my coat and rain gear with them in my place (clothing changes are always a big perp deal). They finished up, and I got the WiFi turned off etc. and now, no more waiting for the former ISP infernal wake-up algorithms to "wake up". Every day it was the same; google, amazon, yahoo etc. would all time out at least 4x every day whenever I started up the PC. Now, it is first time, and under 5 seconds. Even the music videos sound better. All this service was only available last year, and only when I visited the shop in person did I get an attractive rate, $21/month better than the online rate for the same ISP. Go figure. And faster upload rates too, and 2x faster up and down as the last ISP.

And what does all that fuckery over timing and making me late mean to the perps? I have no idea, but having others enter my place ahead of me is always a big deal, as is the game over having others around me as I remove my work boots and heavy jacket.

Then to add to the disruption a deer in backyard; it wasn't there when I came home, but I got a call from the land lord holidaying from Mexico. He reported that the neighbor phoned him, and lo, there it was. I cautiously herded it would reveal it route, which it did. I put up some barriers over the gate and and that was the end of that episode. To the deer; you picked a fine time to invade me...

The last outside duty on this work-start Monday was yoga, always variable in terms of stalking and Unfavoreds. This time they backed off on the number of yogis, including the tattoo show. It was most interesting to study the instructor, today and last week, and ponder why would they put on one who has her wrist in a brace from an recent injury.

More games on the disruption fuckery, this time at lunch time. I went to work early as "somehow" I got up early and dealt with the snow, on the landlord's vehicle too. Last year when starting at another vineyard, there were countless interruptions when I started work there; doctor's appointments ad nauseum, then the final kicker when they took the power steering pump out, which required a week of on-off repair visits and me getting a ride from the boss twice. Woo hoo... another round of disruption when starting a new work site. This after 6 years of working in vineyards for crissakes. Thankfully, no BS stream as to their planted notions of the prior month, that cessation of hostilities is nigh. It isn't, and these assholes never give up. Finally they gave up on planting this disingenuous notion.

I took the modem into the drop off location at lunch time, leaving work, as the wretched work hours are 0900 to 1300h, just to be problematic. Dumping the ISP with the choke-down on each new session just isn't straightforward. (I must of spent 30 min. on the phone yesterday, most of it on hold, to deal with their nonsense). Today, it wasn't so simple, as they wanted the infernal wall wart with the modem for crissakes. As it was the new ISP tech who pulled the old modem out, there was no reminder for me about the power supply. So I had to go back to my place and fish under the desk among the many wires to find the modem's power supply (wall wart). Then back to the drop off depot to then conclude the deal of returning my modem in all its finality. What it takes these days to change services.

A dull day pruning vines, though it did seem to go fast. The boss man, my only co-worker, was around to help pull vines from the trellis, while I did cutting. It does seem that 16 acres is a lot for two guys, as we only have until the end of March.

And why is it that getting out the kids for a stalking with mom at 2000h is so important; he looked all of 24 months, and when the supervising lady at the tanning salon was winding things up, and as I was departing, there she was with her child. Said child was blocking egress and I had to wait; I cannot get over how everyone has to trot their kid out at all hours for a gangstalking the victim with their child. During daylight hours, never have I seen so many dudes walking their kids when I drive by. They even put a daycare for about 4 months next to my apartment once. My catchphrase for describing the gangstalking scene was, "everyone and their kid, backpack, guitar, ladder comes out to stalk my ass". And while Penticton is less intense than Victoria, it still applies.

The perps were constantly on my ass today while at the vineyard; pulling items from my hand and dumping them in the snow. Another trick of theirs is dulling my pruner blades prematurely.

A full day in the vineyard, with only one interruption; my boss' boss came by for a vineyard tour with a visitor friend who deals with sales. Also came the pretty minx who does the bookkeeping and the tasting room. Said woman is friendly and has a ready welcoming demeanor, unlike the usual offish fear reaction I usually get for no apparent reason. (Though, about 6 months ago she "happened" to be at yoga and didn't say hello; typical perp controlled behavior). She is from Ireland, and  I have met her a few times in the past year through work and once at yoga. And she was talkative and chatty for this visit too.  And along the way, told me a few stories about wildlife encounters she has had in vineyards. Also on show was that she had no wedding ring, (which I already knew) flicking her gorgeous brown mane at the time. At one point the boss man asked me to demonstrate pruning for her benefit, (why, I have no clue, as she isn't going to be working in a vineyard anytime soon), which I did. This woman said "you teach me pruning, and I will teach you yoga". Anytime, and is a yoga teacher as well. Not that I expect any excitement given our near exclusive roles, and I have no idea if she is going out with anyone, but it does strike me this might of been some kind of "victim tour". Anyhow, the tour was over in 20 minutes or so, and it was back to work.

And so later in the day, while getting planted with notions of meeting the above mentioned woman in some kind of social situation, why, what happens? The perps then start playing imagery of my "regular" romantic notion, (ML) she asking if I had forgotten. Of course I did, as I haven't ever met her in person, (though did see her twice), and she hasn't been played in mind for a week or so. Anyhow, I don't harbor real romantic notions, and I resent being played in this same imaginary realm which I would of long abandoned on my own.

After work, another major gangstalking moment, getting groceries at the specialty store, which would of not happened if I hadn't been "forgetted" out of some items the previous day. And this same infernal woman cashier loitering around, and even holding the position of being a customer ahead of me when she in fact wasn't, and then she returned (strangely) to man the adjacent checkout that was closed.

And while shopping there there was this couple who kept dogging me at every aisle end; at least four crossing paths or obstructing egress stunts while there for a 10 minute shopping. They had a shopping buggy between them to help in aisle obstruction. And then while I was  at the checkout, which is near the doors, why, this same couple exits the store with no groceries. I have never seen such bizarre shopping behavior.

And speaking of bizarre behavior, I got another shot earlier today at lunch time. As I approached my parked vehicle on this dead end road, a blue Honda minivan comes by with this guy in a day-glo sweater and comes past and pulls into the driveway of the adjacent property. I figured he lived at the house, or more accurately was part of the family as the owner is the tractor driver for the vineyard. But no, he takes the sweeping driveway and then exits the property without stopping, "happening" to interrupt me taking a piss as I didn't plan on this vehicle coming back so soon. Then he drives past and goes down an adjacent dead end road for a minute, comes back, and then proceeds down and adjacent private driveway to another orchard. This time there is no turnaround route, and so he backs out and onto the street and then proceeds to exit this dead end road I am parked. All part of my lunch time entertainment it would seem. I have never seen such peculiar driving behavior in all my life; he visits two private properties and doesn't stop, and one other down a short road I couldn't see, all within four minutes, and then takes off. Perhaps this is how they deliver newspapers nowadays, though most places have roadside boxes for this and don't allow private property access. Just plain strange to me.

Ongoing vineyard pruning; the hammering and banging on the adjacent house construction was often timed for when I made a pruning decision, or when I made a cut. Even an adjacent finished house erupted in some internal banging for 10 minutes or so. And some helicopter coverage in the morning for 20 minutes or so; the local AStar (A320) came to visit, never making a landing anywhere.

Then onto the dental specialist; for the two adjacent teeth extracted last year, it will be $2500 for a bone graft to build it up, and then 2x $2000 to put the anchors in. Then the teeth get placed on the anchors once they have bedded in. This could be a bridge job also, but to do so they would pull the crowns off the adjacent two teeth. Right now, I eat on my L side predominantly as I have that two teeth hole next to my molars. Well done assholes for financial whacking me again, no matter the method of repair. Both these teeth extractions were from long again root canals that were set with an internal post, which as it turns out, stress the tooth too much over time and then cause it to fracture, which is exactly what happened. Does this financial assault ever fucking end?

Strangely, without asking, the Caucasian woman dental assistant hung 4' behind me on the dental chair I had just vacated while I spoke with the E. Indian dentist while looking at the monitor which displayed a 3D scan of my teeth, and modeled the placement of the screw-in anchors. I just found this plain weird.

Vineyard work all day, and still snow on the ground, though gone in many other places. Yet again, the adjacent house building activity (some 200' away) had the amazing talent for timing their hammering and tapping while I was making pruning cuts, or deciding to make them.

Saturday; an oil change booked at the dealership service department. As like last time, a crowd of staff at the entrance, and the other three service booths vacant. Eventually one of the staff came over to a vacant booth and dealt with my order. As before, they were a touch over friendly, almost pertubingly so. I decided to wait it out there, rather than walk home, which I could of done as it would of been a 10 minute walk. After 10 minutes waiting one of the service staff came out to tell me that they are starting to work on my vehicle. Like WTF; one other other customer (read on) at the time, and he has to tell me this.

Being captive in a semi-captive space means extra gangstalking action, and this was no exception. First came the E. Indian in a turban from the sales area (strangely) and then extra staff coursing about, as the coffee machine was there too. Later in this gangstalking stakeout the E. Indian strangely switched seats, moving 90 degrees in the L seat configuration during the stalk-athon. Then later, on came the litany of the usual gangstalking show; a negro, skinheaded male, shiftless male, a dog, and kids. More close-in-on-me stalkers came as well; two side-by-side elder males, then a shriveled old woman next to me. Quite the collection of Fuckwits, and not a one of them seemed to be having any interaction with the service or sales departments.

All we were missing were the backpack, guitar and/or ladder toting Fuckwits, but perhaps that is next time. All this took place in the waiting area that had a salt water fish tank; , aquariums are something the perps seem to like, perhaps for the fish energy there.

And finally after an hour, the vehicle was ready, again with extra doting and exaggerated  friendliness. It was getting to be a bit like a Fellini movie, where perversity develops in small increments. And too, in the waiting room, a woman with a small dog, that she just got; "since I don't have a husband, and no children, and the cats are not very engaging, I figured I need a dog". Well I guess so....

Another stalk show and cross-my-path and obstruction game in the laundromat afterward, an escalation of my usual reprieve when there. And why is it that they need to post an obstructing Fuckwit at the very moment and place I need to head to? Bad enough they put on the long haired male posted at the door, and then a large gutted Asian male came to strut his gut for an extended posting.

Then I drove to Kelowna to get my boots, an hour along Highway 97. There were three roadside radar traps and a road running one too. I drove that route every day, M-F, for six weeks in the fall and never saw a single one, save the "concerned community" ones who borrow the equipment. Which is where they had the 4 car radar trap today. I propose they buy out Deep Creek and run the highway straight through and dispense with this slow zone at the bottom of the hill that skirts the edge of the alluvial fan at the lake shore.

I didn't linger in the big city, but I still had my ridiculous stalker on my ass. There "happened" to be a parking stall on the street outside the shoe store, so I took it. Within 5 seconds out pops a male stalker from the adjacent bridal gown store, (yep) walks past me in my vehicle, and then posts himself 8' from the entrance to the shoe store, and then stands there looking at his cell phone. I go inside the shoe store, check out some unusual work books with a 20" high top, and then go to the service counter to get my boots. I ask about any product that gets rid of sock smell in boots (my other pair), and she says she doesn't have anything. How absurd; they had no end of shoe products in the store. Anyhow, I depart, and the male stalker is still posted near the door looking at his cell phone. This time a female vagrant has joined him (different socioeconomic status altogether), and is hanging about, engaging in some banter. One improbability after another; beginning with the male exiting the bridal store.

Sunday, another day off, and I got onto sharpening my loppers and hand pruners. That included some outside time in the 0C weather on the dremel tool. I also took the grinder to the harvesting shears to take the blades to the same length and to a point, as one tip had mysteriously broken last year. They had been sitting around since 2017 harvest, so as I was in the mood for fixing tools, I fixed them too.

Now that my second pair of boots are back, I dumped isopropanol alcohol in them as there was this wet dog stink emanating from them. Beforehand, they stalked my ass at LD, where I got the alcohol. That was after waiting 15 minutes for a couple somehow lingering over it on the store shelf in the first aid section. As to what was so fascinating for them there I have no idea. But it is nothing new; having Fuckwits posted exactly over where I intend to go is very common. In this instance, the male of the couple still lingered on some6' away at an aisle end when I scooped up the isopropanol alcohol. Less common is that they spend so long there in obstruction mode. There weren't the only ones though; another Fuckwit was posted over the shaving foam, doing faux pondering for at least 5 minutes. And again, this time at the chocolate section where they routinely post Fuckwits, three of them in deep conversation. I never did get to the insoles section for the same reason, needing a replacement pair for the one in my boots that stink too.

Anyhow, the weather is chilling down to sub zero (Centigrade) at nights again, with little upside in the daytime. On 02-08 it was a balmy 7C, sunny, and with snow still on the ground, I was getting a decent face tan. Onto vineyard pruning again for the week.

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Thwarted Awakening Again

Another thwarted awakening when planned, similar to last week. Today, though a Tuesday, was the first work day of this week, as was Monday last week. In both instances, the alarm clock, though set, somehow was turned off. Today, they let me get up an hour early instead of two; last week they gave me a whole 5 minutes of advance notice. This isn't the first time they have pulled this over the 15 years of this insane harassment and abuse, and likely won't be the last. I reckon they didn't want me showered and shaved, always a major deal for the perps, though today there was enough time for me to make and eat breakfast and make my lunch and get ready for work. I know they like to change up the combinations of activities, and each (food digestion, shaving, showering) has its own energy signature, and it would seem they like to play with each. After 47 years of covert abuse and surveillance, and now 15 years of overt and much more abuse and enragement, one would think they would throw in the towel and give it up. But no, they are legion, they can swap out abusers, and they are patient as they are psychopathically deranged and organized. Most TI's know this, though I am not sure they get the degree of interference and abuse that I get on a regular basis. It is different for every victim I suspect.

Yoga turned overpopulated last night, my return after getting screwed out of going last week. That meant I had yogis on four sides of me, unusual in that I rarely have someone in front of me as I am near the front. Anyhow, this young woman snuck in at the last moment to block my view in the mirrors, an escalation of the usual fuckery. (Side mirrors are nearly always blocked). The woman on my R had a seriously dense case of tattoos on her arms, and it has been made quite plain to me, the perps want to me to see this Unfavored Feature all too often.  The young women in front and on my L side had more discreet tattoos, slowly revealed as the class progressed. One guy had a serious tattoo outbreak down his leg, made all the more notable by the baggy shorts he wore, another Unfavored Feature I have come to loathe despite its popularity.

The yoga business owner gave the class, which I thought was rather irregular in that she had a wrist brace on her sprained wrist. I thought this was peculiar as she has the authority to direct whomever to lead the class, usually students going by past classes. But no, the owner gives the class for whatever reason. Another of those "I don't get it" events.

Another "I don't get it" was that the perps kept hammering me with planted notions of their current theme that they are going to cease harassment and abuse hostilities. They had slacked off on this campaign for the prior week, but suddenly turned it on during yoga, my first class in two weeks. Funny how they must suddenly lay on this nonsense at times, and then back off.

I saw a documentary on Amy Winehouse on Netflix recently; I just cannot believe how she was hounded by the paparazzi, even when she wasn't well. And to boot, she was bulimic and no one seemed to be taking charge of the whole show. Another famous bulimic, Princess Diana was also hounded to the grave by the paparazzi. Just what is it that the press smells and has to harass the living piss out of well known people. The media just seems like such an insensitive shit show designed for a macabre outcome; like the fox hound hunting they banned in the UK. Instead, they do it to an exceptionally talented musician, and then blame her. And her whole management seemed like such a fumbling bunch of fools, though not to the level of foolhardy, but dysfunctional about conserving her health.

I was to be connected to an new ISP today, but as it "happened", the line from the street to the house is broken, so it didn't get completed. What could of taken an hour, took two, and still no result. Funny how these things "happen". It must be a perp method/mantra; never do anything unless it can be done by halves" (partially). So the new fibre connection box was installed and the modem too, but no service. Thankfully I didn't shut the regular service down, so who knows when this is going to get fixed.

More games with appointment times; two of them in one look at my email; one for Feb. 08, and the second for 0800h on Feb. 15. Farting around with "8" now; how more tedious does this get? It is bad enough that they jack with my appointment times, pulling day-before change ups; one on this year so far.

A visit to the incision doctor this morning; my basal sarcoma spot on my forehead needs to be done in a hospital as it turns out. Another appointment. A small scab that never heals on my R ear was attended to, and the freezing was the biggest pain, being an injection that he didn't tell me about coming, euphemistically telling me it was a freezing agent. Another appointment for the biopsy results.

The computer repair shop phoned today to tell me that my spare computer, one that I wanted to convert to Linux for exploration purposes, has a motherboard problem and is unfixable. As it is a proprietary manufacture, it is unlikely that a third party mobo is available. I will have to look into it; for a used computer it didn't fare well; new drive, added a video card, and now the mobo has failed. Nice case though.

Another day of pulling vine canes for the propagation collection job. The bowel issues came on, but nothing messy. I felt slightly nauseous all day though. And for three days in succession, a sudden need for a bowel movement the instant I was in the door of my residence. I still didn't feel well and laid down for an hour, and still feel only marginally better. For the better part of last year I had to take a piss almost immediately after getting home from work in the vineyard. Now that is "solved", possibly with a certain medication I take, and now the same deal all over again, this time with my bowels. Try telling a doctor that it is a dopamine deficiency problem. I am not even going to attempt it, but I see that GI issues figure predominantly in another dopamine deficient subpopulation (or cohort), Parkinson's Disease patients. That and nausea too, plus a host of other complaints that I have mentioned in past blog postings. Don't ask me where this is all going, as I have no idea.

As mentioned in this 12-2017 posting, the wacko-shrink jerked my ass around and declared that I had a dopamine surplus when I had a SPECT scan diagnosing ADD (=dopamine deficiency) and a urine test which indicated dopamine deficiency. I still cannot figure out if the shrink was playing up being a wacko, or was authentically one. His line when he greeted me at the third and last visit was "congratulations, you have never been in more control in your life" (with no further explanation) still resonates as the all time whacked out shrink statement. As to what he was alluding to, or as to why he was hamming it up to demonstrate his whack-iness credibility is unknown to me, though I still ponder it. The same difference to me though; an blatant obstruction of needed medical care, specifically to address dopamine deficiency. Interestingly, and uncharacteristically for a shrink, he had no medication to offer. In other words, he didn't want to be proven wrong, another way of saying "don't come back". He also was keen that I seek a second opinion, something I have never heard any doctor say before.

That act of this theater of the absurd has yet to be resolved of course, and I am getting stalled out on this one too; it seems the one clinic that could do some useful testing responds once per week, and the US clinic hasn't responded at all, now two weeks. Same old, same old; medical care obstruction continues as it so often has, especially last year's epic stunt, mentioned above. And what is the point of that? Why not just depress the hell out of me, by way of remotely applied demotivation, which they can do handily, so I don't get on to these matters instead of hitting a brick wall with these constitutionally inept clinicians who make a point of not listening, or else, not doing anything.

And the planted notion from the perps is that they are going to cease hostilities soon, and are winding things up, and don't wish to engage in new initiatives. And if one believes that after nearly 16 years of this relentless abuse and harassment, on top of 47 years of covert surveillance and orchestrating my existence, you must be smoking something strange. These assholes do not give up; they are relentless as they are organized as they are deranged.

No word from the viticulture outfit that interviewed me for a full time job two weeks ago; a puffball interview if there ever was. After the fact, I assumed it was either some kind of orchestrated stunt, or else they had someone else in mind and it was a forgone exercise in futility. Of course I don't know for sure, but I do slightly favor the first explanation, given the near-smirks I was getting from the two interviewers. Given that the owner of the regular vineyard I worked at last year, and to be shortly this year, is building a house, it just seems that this might be the perp's form of payoff which requires a multi-season commitment. I cannot recall the number of "outbreaks" in my work or living vicinity where a new building is going up. From towers (both at work and at my residence when I lived in Seattle), to even my former employer who also built a house. (I worked there two seasons). The question is, just how long in advance do they plan these rather significant pay-outs?

A return of the night time brutal leg cramps last night. I haven't had these for at least 8 months, but suddenly it came back with avengence. I was pacing the floor for at least 15 minutes to work through the cramp. And here we go again; dopamine deficient patients suffer this very problem. And can I get this attended to? No; the health care Gestapo has decided I need to suffer some more. As if 15 years of being the subject of this senseless and relentless abuse-athon isn't enough.

Out and about today; somehow I "forgot" that washing my vehicle was a major Fuckover event. Meaning that the assholes were all over me at the bank, and then following that, at LD store, hounding my ass in every aisle. The bank visit was something else; three young dudes as the cashiers, and I went to the cashier as I had to sort out why my new bank card could not be activated. Well as it "happened" he couldn't get it activated either, and when visible on his monitor, he said the card was closed. So I asked him, "you mean to say that the bank sent me a new card to be activated that was already closed?" To which he said "yes". Gotcha; nice to embarass somebody (the bank) over their ineptitude. Though in fact, I am sure it was the perps up to something; like their infatuation with my wallet contents, including this bank card I couldn't use that I kept in my wallet until finding out it was useless on arrival.

I notice I have more energy today, though I don't know why; perhaps the perps are doing something to me to finally get me out of the dysthymic state they have kept me in for the last 60 years. How big of them; I rather be fucking dead than live under the heel of these insane psychopathic assholes. No choice in that.

Anyhow, enough said for the week, and onto a new gig, though it will be pruning in the vineyard, and nothing new there.