Monday, January 12, 2009

Noise Only Jackhammers

Back to the typical Monday; a Sunday visit and stayover at my perp abetting parent's place, do some chores after breakfast and driving for my mother and then drop myself off at my apartment. My mother is OK with limited routes and daytime driving.

The jackhammer noise has started up again this afternoon; I was allowed to locate the source to an underground parkade opposite, under that courtyard of the residential tower opposite. No service vehicles, compressors or haulage vehicles are apparent on the outside, so I assume it is a noise-only job for the purposes of raising the general din level in my proximity, and then tagging the more transient noises to this, and then iteratively map these to neural structures and so it goes. I am not entirely sure as to how the noise mapping goes, but there is more noise blending these days, and having a generalized din also has its place in this cyclical noise immersing existence that I get to suffer through.

The perps like to put more effort into Mondays as they seem to want to leverage their determinations from my stayover and parental proximity (read, gangstalking) to this downtown location. Naturally, I get a subsequent full gangstalking vehicle cavalcade when I drive around with my mother in the passenger seat, and that included at least three red vehicles ahead in one visual sweep. They are moving up the red exposure chain it would seem, as before they would have one red vehicle at most and a surrounding configuration of white and silver-grey vehicles. Now I note that the light metallic brown colored vehicles were according this treatment; one brown vehicle was embedded among white, silver-grey, mid-grey and black colored (greyscale) vehicles. Though I note they hid another light metallic brown colored vehicle two lanes over and then slowly revealed it with the obstructing vehicle moving back to expose it. Another two years of this fucking abuse at least I reckon going by how they make progress.

And did they have enough red flashes on TV last night, often disguised as emergency vehicle lighting, an the livery that goes with a certain TV program. Then too, plenty of skinheaded males on last night from various races, and a few do-rags as well. All these come from the Unfavored collection of demographic groups which the perps constantly hound me with. And back to Scottish accents on TV again, this coming from our local Knowledge Network. The program called Rebus also featured female Scottish accents, a relative rarity in the harassment games, but likely as an entre to the more (apparently) subconsciously disliked, meaning Unfavored, male Scottish accents. The perps tell me that I "met" (was abused by possibly) the infamous CIA stooge for clinical infliction of brain damage, Dr. Ewan Cameron, the esteemed psychiatrist of the day, a Scotsman. Then they might of knocked him off before he had to account for his deeds, getting a heart attack when he was a healthy 66 y.o. For the record, I was in Montreal in 1956 to 1957 while my father took his PhD at McGill, but I have no recollections from seeing the bastard, as he became known to his patients, the ones that were left with residual brain function. And here he thought he was the bee's knees at the height of his profession and there was a spook sponsor looking over his shoulder his entire infamous reign, 1952 to 1964 at the Allen Memorial Institute of McGill University. Said spook sponsor seems to use very different methods to remotely control brains as I can attest, and is entirely covert and nearly undetectable until they make themselves known to the victim.

The fuckers must of also been taking over my temporal lobes today as they gave me this floaty feeling all morning. Perhaps is also an escalation of the Monday fuckery, all to create yet more analytical possibilities. It seems that the assholes need to recreate these color and other energetic related props everywhere I go, as if a touring color and harassment brigade that must follow me.

I took the bus to my parent's place yesterday and was given the usual freakshow plus they added on plenty of seated gangstalkers, as I don't know how it could be that busy on a late Sunday afternoon. I had more "fellow travellers"; these are the fuckers that get on and off at the same identical bus stops. There were three in all, two parties, and for the past 3 years of taking the bus I rarely had a gangstalking Fuckwit gangstalker get off the bus with me, but today, it was two parties that got on the same downtown stop as I did, and only them. Fucking bizarre that some covert fuckover outfit has to carry on like this, now for over 6.5 years of harassment, and this is where they are at, "pretend" bus travellers who aren't making any bones about the fact that they are tailing me.

I had my comparative racial sentries when I departed from the apartment yesterday to get to the bus stop. The negro dude in the light brown duffel coat and an Asian in a black jacket, both loafing around and trying to look busy about 20' apart, leaving me the space to walk between them. Regular readers will know that I was gangstalked by the same negro three days ago and then my attention was directed to a dogshit turd on the sidewalk immediately afterward, and the latter was made extra obvious by such an unnatural place for me to look when walking forward. I don't know what the perps got out of this one, but as it was about 1640h and dusk was coming on, the perps decided I needed more negro gangstalker time.

Three days ago when headed out to the cleaning job at 1730h the perps put on three negros in one block; at the W. end, in the center, and at the E. end, and all on the N. side, my route to the car dealership where I put in 1.5 hours of work or so. It was the second negro dude that was the strangest; he had this funky 1960's hat on with a matching black coat and when I saw him some 50' away, oncoming, he was holding his head down, looking at the ground but walking forward. When I next looked he was 10' away, and then he picked his head up and looked forward and had a large pair of shades on his face. Talk about absurd, sunglasses after dusk. As there are very few black people in this city it is extremely odd to see three in one transit of one city block that has relatively few pedestrians, about four to eight at any given viewing instance.

And so it goes, the perps being totally obsessed in having me see certain races, genders, clothing color and the rest of it in all manner of combinations, permutations and spatial arrangements, everytime I am out in public. At the car dealership where I work doing cleaning they also have late working staff to buzz around me; first in the sales section where I get my keys and the vacuum cleaner and then they come back to the service section where I am doing the cleaning, not for any seeming engaging purpose, but for a "victim tour".

More hounding me after my one hour cleaning job, and even the boss man came into the LD store 5 minutes after we parted company, putting on that he didn't see me, arriving when I was at the aisle, then again when I was at the checkout obstruction fuckery, and then he reprising for the third time by exiting the store having bought nothing, and being 50' ahead of me while he was attending to his scooter outside, helmet on, which he often presents to me by coming to work late.

And too, the car dealership cleaning job departure circumstances always change "because" of the alarm system. First week on the job I waited for him to set the alarm when I was in the building, ready to go. Then later I had to wait outside "because" the alarm couldn't be set while I was inside, but the door had to be closed. Then it was OK that the door was open, but I still had to wait outside with his scooter. Then I asked him if he wanted me to hang around outside while he set the alarm as I was obviously free to go. He said no, I should stay around so he knew I was on the outside of the building. Then tonight he said I could depart without me waiting around outside, and so I left for the LD store. And lo, he "shows up" in the LD store in my proximity, and again as mentioned above.

And more extra obvious Asian male gangstalkers tonight; one fucker in a sucky brown ballcap and some like of polyester pyjama-like athletic pants was doing the "wandering act", looking around but not genuinely shopping. He takes the S. route at the aisle end and I take the N. route an we meet again, in the next aisle, doing contra-rotational circuit. Thankfully he was doing his assigned aisle walking is sequence as I skipped to the second next aisle, where there was another gangstalking dude reprising. Then getting some chocolate with another Fuckwit gangstalker doing the reaching stretch 2' away from me, and then to the checkout where they arranged a whole lot of fucking around over one customer, multiple cashiers, and the rest of the bullshit so the resident gangstalkers could file out and then a new flush of them could come in. Then a brown tubby Fuckwit gangstalker cut me off as I was about to depart, and I took the alternate exit so to not cross his path, only to find the boss man outside with his helmet on. The perps had me all cranked up about this bullshit when I should be well and truly relaxed after 6.5 years of it, but I am not allowed to "react" in my own way. I must be constantly agitated by the fucking assholes, just to keep the duress factor up, for whatever purpose that serves.

Onto psychological testing bullshit tomorrow for a near full day of it, and who knows what benefit that incurrs on the heels of a high harassment Monday.

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