Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back to Motorcycle Noise

Am I supposed to think that I am fortunate that I haven't had the fucking motorcycle noise for three weeks, the first two on account of snowy and wet weather, and the last week by the graces of the SS? No, they shouldn't be inundating me with noise in the first place. (SS means Surrepticious Sickos).

And plenty of "action" (read, stunts and gangstalking) so far today with having a haircut and then yoga, my one class of the week. The ever visually delectable instructor was positively radiant this morning, and all the more to feast one's eyes upon when I was not twisted up in a pose. But she will be away for two weeks and the replacement instructor was there today, and not nearly such eye candy. Plus she had a ridiculous hair bob on top of her head, presaged by a lead-in with an infrequent dude class member who had the same thing, but not there today. And I have no idea why this absurd hair treatment is making the gangstalking circuit, and haven't any precedent examples to go by.

But they did put on a person/class member who hasn't been there for a year or so, who sat beside me for whatever reason when there was a big space availible on the opposite side. So it was that only me was facing W. while all the others were aligned N.-S. except for the woman who made her aforemented reprise by sitting at an angle between me and an adjacent S. facing student (facing SW). As the alignment and cardinality is so important for the perps I mention all this, but really cannot give a shit except when the fuckers hang around me too close in public or even stand over me. And of course the eye candy instructor gets excepted from this, which is why the perps might be packing more operatives around me of late. It is all too banal, not to mention totally fucking beserk that this bullshit represents their efforts of 6.5 years of overt harassment, nonconsensual human experimentation without the gumption to declare themselves and their intent. That, and the plethora of crumbs and lint that kept "arriving" from nowhere around or on my mat or on me. I clean up these at the outset but the assholes keep adding new crumbs and lint as the yoga class progresses.

I typically get swarmed with gangstalkers after a haircut, and they had at least five on me when I got out of the stylist's. What this confers to the perps is unkown to me, save leaving a little of my energetic self behind and having metallic energies from the cutting tools in my remaining hair. Also, the hair has energy properties that would reflect my state of being for the entire time the hair was on my head. This is only a loose theory, but if you listen to that very theoretical Deepak Chopra, and how consciousness and intent are imbued in every cell in your body, then perhaps this is what the perps are up to. Mostly, I don't care, and am glad to have some 20 minutes of hair cutting where I am relatively free from a constant flux of Fuckwits.

The male stylist told me that he saw an 8' diameter white balloon sitting still over top of the opposite residential tower over the communications antennae which then sprouted its own whip antenna which then circled the balloon, and then he saw the balloon drift upward at a 45 degree angle. There was no wind, and no other party who seemed to be controlling it. This happened some four years ago, right in this very neighborhood and nearly two years before I moved in. It is hard to know what it was, or who it was for, but with the perps running this town I cannot imagine they didn't arrange it.

And have I not indicated that the perps have an inordinant interest anytime I bookmark something, and everyday occurence? And lo, if they didn't pull a fire alarm stunt just when I decided to bookmark a CD of interest. It was the usual game; finish off bookmarking, then shut down the PC, then get my coat, scarf, gloves and hat, leave the apartment and join the arranged throngs in the stairwell. This time it was hoodie dudes ahead of me for the six floors of the stairs, and a puky light blue and deep brown irregularly horizontally banded hoodie. This is the color combination the perps like to use as an entre to brown color, if they aren't using greyscale colors. The light blue, a sky blue effectively, seems to be their first color of reference if it isn't the greyscale range of colors, white, silver-grey, mid-grey and black. And as the coup de gras gangstalker immediately outside the front doors was a light-skinned negro woman in a mid-brown sweat top, posing there for all the brown action they presumably put me through in the stairwell, just under differing lighting conditions outside.

Anyhow, I did some shopping, watched the fire department do its token participation and was even left reasonably alone in the local supermarket. Wonders never cease.

I did the one hour cleaning job at the car dealership tonight, and even had the blonde treatment , and she even said hello but strangely wasn't looking at me. This is one of the sales staff who have now gone to later hours, until 1900h, and when I later came by to help the boss man on the sales side, lo, if they hadn't arranged a 5 y.o. boy in the customer's area to be watching TV in a crimson red shirt with the blonde saleswoman beside him. I take this was some kind of "blonde goodness"/auric penumbric glow, pairing the Favored (blonde woman) with the Unfavored (male, and red colored clothing). I had no idea that young male children were one of the Unfavored demographic groups, but it seems that they are.

When I came back from the cleaning job and was about to enter the building after unlocking the door, one of the regular gangstalking operatives came out, this blonde haired dude who puts on this halfwit act, and he was insisting on having a look at my keys, and was even preventing me from getting in the building, stopping on the threshold. This is a guy who had just come out of the elevator, and then he puts on this act of wanting to see my keys. The Fuckwit/Halfwit act finally let me past, and was still asking to see my keys when I made it into the elevator and the door closed. Fucking bizarre to say the least, and funny how it always "happens" to me. I don't get it, except that it was all total bullshit designed to engage me verbally at the one location the perps are totally beserk over, the entrance/doorway of buildings. I don't know for sure if this Fuckwit/Halfwit act is associated with the building's management or not, as he presents himself with the building manager sometimes, and not others.

I did some more link additions to the Consolidated Link List, adding two more. One had been there and was "disappeared", and the other should of been there, as it was about Thomas Townsend Brown, the author of "How I Control Gravity", surely a title of significant portent and yet curiously ignored by the scientific establishment/reactionaries. Or, if you want to be conspiratorial, the scientific gatekeepers of the status quo, if not of avoidance and duplicity. I did one posting about T. T. Brown, and find there are some interesting parallels between some of his odd pursuits (e.g. nude sunbathing) and the harasment games I am put through, also including nude sunbathing in 2003, the second year of overt harassment. Now, sun exposure is being carefully metered and controlled as to how much sun I am allowed to be exposed to. One 20 minute shirt off sun tanning when working on the daffodil farm job last summer (2008), the very first suntanning since 2003, begat me some six gangstalkers arriving at the back of this daffodil field where I was working in within two minutes of putting my shirt back on. I suspect the perps have a long way to go before they can figure this one out as it seems they weren't even close; it was a one-time deal near the end of the daffodil bulb picking activity. It seems as if this will be repeated for 2009, as the same economic incentives to work have been applied.

And from the interesting-and-possibly-perp-related department, this interesting item from the world news about the pirates who scored $3 million for keeping a Saudi oil tanker. The perps are constantly harassing me when making financial transactions, either online, mailed checks, at the store, ATM, bank, check, cash, debit etc., whatever the variables are for them. So..... could it be that these pirates who made a whopping big transaction, and who split the ransom, and then suffered a swamping of their pirate boat shortly afterward been in the perp's covert sights? Could be; getting nailed after making a major payday, and then becoming a research specimen of the beserk assholes who need to find something more about the wonders of financial transactions, as if there isn't enough study material. Pure speculation of course, and I won't delve into this any deeper, though there is an additional aspect to it that I am refraining from mentioning.

That is all for today, and I suspect that there will more shenanigans tomorrow in keeping with the activity level that has been arranged each day this week.

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