Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Futility in the Snow Flurry

Another almost car accident today; this time aided by snowy and slippery conditions. I was driving along Eastside Rd, still in the city (of Penticton), coming into a LH curve downhill, and this idiotic woman from a driveway on my R side sits and waits, to the point I thought she was going to wait for me to pass by. But no, with a skiff of fresh snow on the ground and with an 15% adverse grade, and a loose gravel driveway, she makes her move to turn and cross my path. It was a dumb enough move if it were bare and dry road conditions, but it wasn't. Putting on the brakes hard would of been problematic, but I applied them enough to slow down on the down slope and my wheels fortunately caught sand on the road which helped considerably. She was only 6" away from my bumper before she got her excessively spinning wheels engaged enough to get her car out of the way. The postwoman at the adjacent mailboxes couldn't believe it either. And the offending vehicle was the same middle grey as mine was surely not a coincidence.

Another one of those, "don't know how we missed" almost-collisions. Earlier this year, a deer doing a near-kamikaze run on the highway in broad daylight did the same, and going back three years, there was almost head-on collision on the same Eastside Rd. Why is it that the perps need to arrange these near vehicle collisions for me? Could it be yet more traumatization games, putting them into my brain so to invoke a response they so want to remotely detect and later monitor? I think we have done the traumatizations for a long time; the three memory wiped years when aged 2 to 5 in particular, given the freak show that is constantly arrayed around me, read about the Unfavored.

The above mission was to head to my former winery employer 30 highway minutes away, who has yet to pay me for the last week of employment. A futility mission as it turned out, as no one responsible was there, having left for France for Christmas. One fellow was there, but he didn't know. I left unequivocal instructions on my last time sheet to mail my last paycheck, and three weeks later after its issue, nothing. As it "happens", said fellow will be spending Christmas in the same city I will be.

Or is that too part of this ongoing fucking insane campaign of late of delaying my mail, orders, parcels and everything else? The vitamins I ordered two weeks ago, and normally arrive within two days, were delayed by 10 days in shipping alone, not having been sent. So it is very likely that these two items, plus another mail item will all arrive in my absence, despite my best intentions and actions to prevent this very problem. The latter mentioned item usually takes three days to come, and now it will be at least twice that. Prior to that, my Black Friday online sales purchase from Vancouver, an overnight truck delivery, didn't get sent for a week because "somehow" I ordered an item they didn't have in stock when their online system indicated that it was, confirmed by the vendor. Hence my ski jacket for outdoor vine pruning and accompanying snow shovel arrived the day before the snow came down, and both saw use that very next day. Good timing that, but why didn't they bring on the snow earlier instead of putting me through yet another order obstruction? I understand they like me to wear things straight out of a (brown) cardboard box, but this is getting ridiculous, and surely they could put their own jerkass operatives through that rather than obstruct yet another delivery of mine.

And for the aforementioned trip along Eastside Rd, they put a shit tanker, aka, a septic services truck, ahead of me for the 20 minute journey. And lo, near when it was about to turn off, on comes a brown colored pickup truck to take its place. Keeping up the "brown stalking" it would seem.

I am now in Victoria, having flown from Kelowna Dec. 20 and staying at the First Feral Family household. And in keeping with perp stalking form, they had me covered with negro gangstalking for my flight. One at the waiting area some 12' away, then one of the two flight attendants, and one late arriving male negro male passenger, who curiously "needed" to walk the length of the aircraft aisle back where I was in Row 17 (a Q400, aka Dash 8). Then he walked back to about Row 6 or so and found his seat there. That he came late so he had unimpeded ability to walk down while everyone was seated was adroit timing, none of the shuffling along while passengers place their baggage in the overhead racks. Then to add to that, he somehow "missed" his assigned seat and only figured it out when he got to the back of the aircraft, probably 22 rows at the most. Later he doffed his hat for the skinhead look, something that the perps need to inundate me with everywhere I go. So two negroes, one male, and the other female on this flight. And of course as a flight attendant she got some face time  with me, putting on the faux friendly look, though that could of been part of her regular job and not because of me and my odious TI status that everyone seems to know about in advance somehow.

And on this topic of negro gangstalking while flying, may I remind readers of a stunt two or three years ago when my mother and ex had me spend breakfast with them before the flight, and these assholes nearly caused me to nearly miss my flight as the airport security line suddenly built up over the 20 minutes spent at the invited, but unplanned (by me) breakfast. I had to scoot to the front of the line ahead of other passengers waiting, and once through, I was the last to get on the aircraft. And lo, opposite my seat on the other side of the aisle was a negro woman. It was my (forced) turn to be late for the aircraft, the last passenger on board this time, and with a similar negro gangstalking arrangement as above. And for the record, negroes in this part of the world are less than 0.5% of the population, but it seems the perps have a consistent need to have one or more accompanying me on a commercial passenger flight. And it may be the last flight I take for a long time as my mother is giving up her vehicle and it will be unlikely that I will be flying from Kelowna to Victoria from now on.

And my departure planning got screwed around when the shuttle bus arrived 40 minutes earlier than planned with no prior notice. So "of course" I got screwed around and "forgot" some of my medications and supplements which had to be tracked down, and getting the third degree from the pharmacist, as he said he could only give me a 10 day emergency supply. I said if that is the regulation, I would go to a walk-in clinic in 10 days and get another 10 day supply which would of  been enough to cover me for this trip. He could see that I had the Rx on the province wide system, and it wasn't that I tried to persuade him any, but he then capitulated and gave me a 21 day supply, which is what I asked for. What was that about; more face time with a brown skinned (E. Indian) person perhaps?

My perp abetting mother was with me at LD where the above mentioned Rx games played out, and so afterwards she needed to fuss over getting chocolates, and keep me circulating there while the gangstalkers surged around in greater numbers than I have seen for some time. Then my mother didn't purchase any chocolates. This very same aisle was where she pulled  this same shit two years ago, and one of the perp assholes grabbed me in some kind of faux bullshit stunt. Putting on the brown as I call it.

A temperature change for my flight day too (Dec. 20). After three weeks of -8C daytime temperatures, it was +2C for the shuttle bus trip to Kelowna airport, and once in Victoria, a continuing mild spell.  I could see that Vancouver was inundated with snow as we flew over, but Victoria's lesser snow fall had dissipated in the night and morning. Just what is it all about, playing games with ground moisture sources, water or snow and then melting the snow in both departure and arrival cities on the day of travel? I have no idea, and don't give a shit, and I constantly ponder just what is so important about wetted surfaces, and sources of water, that is so important to the perps. Past blogging has highlighted perp interest in water sources, from weather, hoses, pipes and pipe material (and leaks therefrom), treatments such as filtering, as well as water that I imbibe and the drinking container material and color. "Naturally" I get exposed to others and their water bottles in all their variety.

Missed blogging here from the First Feral Family house these past few days, and I don't expect to catch up for a few more. I best get this posted and start a new posting when I can.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Eye Exam

A visit to the optometrist this morning; more lens is power needed, my astigmatism has increased. Retina health looks good. New lenses, and of course, more expenses on that one. Having me touch those instruments, putting one's chin in the rest and looking at objects with one eye, then the other, is straight out of the perp vision testing script. And plenty of male stalkers for some reason, and they even put on a fugly dread-locked negro for crissakes. It is always a sign that the stalking scene is getting intense, putting on the rare negro (and no corrective lenses on him).

This has been one expensive year with car repairs coming at me, then the supplement circus (=expense) was amped up big time when they hit me with prostate cancer in June. And to finish the year off (still two weeks to go though), this financial hit on corrective lenses, another perp stunt IMHO. And I am sure they loved the eye tests too, especially the one that tests peripheral vision, the one where the flashing bars show up on various points of the screen (for each eye) with varied timing. I am sure the ersatz stalker and stunts to test my peripheral vision exceed 500/year, now 14.5 years running.

I asked the optometrist about dopamine in the retina, being that I am on a dopamine research kick of late (for genuine related health reasons), and have a deficiency in the form of ADD. She didn't know anything about it, and then looked it up on her cell phone for crissakes. I think I have had enough cell phone stalking, but the perps don't think so. Getting information on a lighted color display in my proximity is interesting enough for them, and then add in the EMF signals supporting said information retrieval and it is perp paradise as far as victim harassment goes. In fairness, though, the average schmo looking up internet retrieval on the internet on their phone would not sense any greater plan or harassment as such.

Then afterward I got "stupidized", sending off my dopamine pee samples from yesterday without tracking, all to save $10 on postage. I paid $220 for the test, and if it doesn't make it to the lab in 30 days (pre-Christmas time volumes, note), then the pee samples will be rejected. And it takes a day in advance to change up the diet, and then a day for the testing. How fucking stupid was it to send the test kit off without tracking? I can thank the perps for that, considering that they manage every thought  and notion. Never mind that I cannot expect that anything can ever go right in this managed hell of sabotage at every turn, from finger coordination, personal health, job productivity and all other general function. Things go wrong at 100x normal since the onset of this imposed abuse-athon since 04-2002. And "somehow" I "forgot" that history too.

I am not allowed to turn anything off or on without it going wrong somehow; buttons don't work, my hand slips off the switch, my hand somehow turns the switch on then off etc. And passing through a doorway or a gate is also a big deal for the perp assholes; they constantly force me back to get things I "forgot", have objects fall from my hands at the door, make the lock or door difficult to open, or otherwise piss me off during this most pedantic function. It is hell on earth, and no way out. From long ago, they can alter the physical properties of pills so they stick in your mouth and won't go down, and dynamically mess with swallowing too. A knife thrust at one's wrist hits an invisible force field and stops without conventional cause. (Or else they control my arm and wrist and stop it that way (though it doesn't seem that way), exactly opposing my intention).

What is with the 100+ view increase per posting since June? Normally I get 40 to 80 per posting, now I get 160 to 210. I don't think I can thank the Russians or Poles this time, or at least not now, as the Google stats indicate most of my latest views come from the USA. Anyhow, not a big deal, as the Comments remain negligible, and the perps just love to spoof and otherwise sabotage productivity statistics.

An outing after sitting at home listening to music that I like (=dopamine increase), I set off at 1530h, about the time the sun sets now, mountains and all. What a gangstalking scene; extra trains of traffic, clusterfucking me at every turn, (even a 60' tractor trailer in residential streets), not using turn signals (them), and packing the parking lot at the tanning salon. No other customers there, and still the attendant had to check the bed to see that it was clean. Another senseless delay, as she knew I was coming 10 min. ahead of time. And then to top it off, she "forgot" to reset the lamp switch, so I had to get up and open the door and call out, skyclad of course. She never forgets, so what is the deal? When departing she makes out that she often forgets. Like WTF.  Another holy vehicular cluster fuck when departing, forcing me to be transverse to the lane at a red light, which could of been ameliorated had the driver in front pulled ahead, but as they were doing their "sit back" thing, they didn't budge. The "sit back" driving behavior erupted in 2003 when they let me drive again after the illegal incarceration, where waiting at traffic lights the vehicles sit back 1.5 car lengths behind the vehicle in front. Except me of course, I haven't bought into the group think/stalk behaviors, and constantly ponder why this is mass inanity is going on.

Then stopping at Staples to find that inkjet cartridges went up 50%, so screw that, I will try one of those recycler places again. Though in the past, their stuff didn't work. So who knows, in the Fuckover-fraught hassles of printing and ink, this might be another round where they need to test recycled ink, now 5 years later. I had my usual stalker in the parking lot, the Fuckwit getting out of his parked vehicle just to tail me in, with another to take over once I got inside. Tag team gangstalking is nothing new, as is the obvious aforementioned Fuckwit sitting a parked car who then "decides" to tail me when I exit my car. Then a dithering dipshit at the exit between the two sets of doors, the pondering-the-reciept act; been there, done that. Said Fuckwit pulled it together to then advance-stalk me out of the doors and into the parking lot. What is it with the Fuckwit dress code of wearing a red jacket and medium brown pants?

I had one such dressed stalking Fuckwit stalk me for four encounters in one store last week, and then I depart to make a rare visit to Walmart, getting skunked. Then I go to an alternative store to find the same item, and lo, if the same red-jacket-with-brown-pants Fuckwit wasn't there again. Too many coincidences, and all the more noticeable with these fugly get ups.

And lo, if the boom truck boys weren't in the alley when I came to park; they have been putting up cable on the nearby service posts all day, and lo, if they didn't happen to be now situated around my usual parking spot. And lo, if the accompanying pickup truck wasn't full of cardboard boxes, presumably containing the parts they are connecting to the lines above. And too, perhaps this is the warm up for me to change my internet service in the next few months, and to provide more close up advance exposure to the boom truck, cable and the parts in brown cardboard boxes. Strange that they were working in the near dark at 1630h. Or is it a warm up as my mother wants me to "help" her change her TV and internet service to the once-monopoly phone company when I make it to Victoria next week. The normal TV cable provider has been supplying her such terrible signal for the last two years, as the image is coming in smeared too often. The little that I know about image processing tells me that they are doing some signal compression games and not fully de-compressing it at the modem end (or on the line, given how much gear is hanging from the service pole outside her house).

Onto another perp theme, information service sabotage, monitoring and how information gets to me, and what color the cables are, what kind of metal (silver colored at this end), the whole epistemology of information in all its facets. The perps are consumed with how I get information; verbally, visually in person (even if I copy the cute yoga instructor or another (often not-so-cute obese yogi)), from books, posters, radio, TV etc., and now of course, online via the internet in all its facets, pages, video, audio only etc, Additionally the perps are consumed as to technical delivery methods; EMF signal (satellite), copper, aluminum or optical fiber is used, along with the plethora of sheathing options, color being one. Even satellite dish color seems important. Perhaps this new cable they are putting up in the alley is optical fiber, as this particular company promotes it so much, and their TV signal is wonderfully sharp and detailed. And so it goes, now 14.5 years of this insane abuse-athon, with an unmet agenda that spans the world, perhaps larger. Metastatic cancer would be a blessing; cut the expense and get the fuck out of here.

I was awakened at 0700h for some reason, and no night time awakening due to a urination need, or leg cramps. I haven't understood why these problems of the last two months have abated in the last week, as the perps have had me "forget" to take my magnesium and L-tyrosine consistently for the last two weeks. And these were the very supplements that (barely) relieved the problem. But they did get me up early (no alarm) for a reason. Someone was on the other side of the wall in this carriage house, which is curious, as the landlord hasn't anything of concern there. Once I got up, it was a "day glo", aka, high-viz vested person immediately outside my bedroom window. And lo, if they didn't pound on the wall and then apply a hammer drill once I was up. As it turned out, it was the resumption of yesterday's boom truck boys, now with two of them, and continuing with their cabling overhead, and now to individual residences, even if I don't have any wired services from them. They put up a sign in the alley near their trucks to indicate that it was fiber optic service installation, so no doubt the telephone marketing is going to start soon.

I ventured outside into the cold to get my hair cut downtown at the student hair dressing school. The stylist was decided large, but very personable and chatty. Nice that sometimes I am not given the freak treatment and the associated over-acting that goes with it.

 Another outing to do shopping; what a gangstalking cluster fuck at LD. They even had some Fuckwit somehow pull the particleboard back panel off the nearby blood pressure test device, not that I ever use those things as it makes me captive and then the gangstalkers surge around me.

Later, a final crew meeting, more to the point, we got paid at the bar. And food too, and for some reason I was eating like a pig. Anyhow, nice to see everyone in street clothes instead of 

Another folly Fuckover event was going to the doctor's office, the walk-in clinic as getting a regular GP isn't allowed it seems. A surge of patients ahead of me at 1015h (been there, done that), so 1.5 hours later I get to see the guy. All for a test requisition and some banter and off I go for lunch. Then a blood draw, and then to the ATM to deposit two checks, and back to my residence where I got serious about vacuum cleaning, another perp obsession. And think about it; the perps are obsessed about financial transactions, and they scripted a blood draw immediately afterward. (After screwing me out of depositing the check last night when I was passing by).

Saturday, laundry beckoned, and so off to the laundromat. A slack Saturday for sure; maybe I will get my 2016 papers organized for the first time as it seems to have been a problem all year.

And in fact, the page view statistics have finally caught up with the geographic source map, and indeed, it is the Russians who again have such a profound interest in this out-there blog. Welcome, and I hope you enjoy it, and if you need any translation help I will be happy to help. Just drop me a comment, publication refusal requests will be honored.

Sorting paper files tonight, and even those of 2015. And plenty of distractions to keep the papers and file folders on the floor for the afternoon and into the evening. This wouldn't be the first time the perps have dithering and protracting this exercise. And for one who absolutely loathes one piece of paper not in its place, this is truly and mind-fuck travesty/intervention of the first and worst order. Thankfully they are letting me play music all the while this remotely applied neural intervention plays out.

A stay-at-home day today, a rare instance. But getting papers sorted and then finally, after a 6 month interval, I get to put my disc player back in the server rack where it was intended to be all this time. That it had to sit beside it for so long is curious to me, as it was there before, and another server rack change up had it sit adjacent, but still connected to the amp, speakers and computer.

And I finally joined the rest of the world and got my PC to play through the audio speaker system today, instead of being a sole headphone user, as I have been all the time I have owned a PC until now. Youtube has become TV channel in essence. Nothing new for most folks, but in this trial of relentless adversity, having me years behind everyone else somehow suits the agenda for whatever reason. (And likely related to information sources and through what equipment, wires and speakers etc.)

No semi-regular TI call tonight, so maybe it is all off.  Anyhow, time to get this posted for the week, dull as it has been, but a welcome week off.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Continuing Cold Days

Monday, and continuing cold weather, about 2C, and below freezing in the morning. Overnight lows will be about -8C. Tomorrow night it will be even colder, and the ice wine picking will commence. I am short listed, per phone call, so we shall see what it is like to work overnight and then work at this vine cutting job the following day time. The perps do like to test me like this, having me work two consecutive shifts as it were, and too, changing up the lighting conditions, i.e., dark to daylight, is also a big deal for them. And too, the number of gangstalkers who precede or follow me with frozen goods at the supermarket checkouts hasn't gone unnoticed these past 14.5 years of this insane abuse-athon.

My commuter colleague, this time on driving duty somehow lost his vehicle keys after lunch. One guy goes to where we last worked, and somehow, they recalled where he was just after lunch. Meanwhile, I was sent (per mind fuck, but getting the post-lunch row numbers wrong along with any recall of landmarks), down the wrong row to look. And by dint of some miracle, har, har, in the dimming light (at 1620h), he found his keys. Presumably it was to send at least two of us in the wrong direction for 10 minutes or so. Straight out of the perp forced fuckover game book.

And at lunch time, and assembling ourselves in the parking lot to get ready for the afternoon's work, the vineyard and winery owner drive by. I cannot understand why this person and spouse, had to drive by and then come back within two minutes, never getting out of their vehicle even. The crew boss said "that is the owner", just to make sure I knew, and every one else of course. And what is it about property or business owners who are instructed to gangstalk in some some way? I cannot figure that out, apart from some kind of psychic "vibe" about larger entity ownership that is expected to be remotely detected in me. For that matter, any ownership, even objects that arrive in the mail. And it does make me wonder if the tyranny and tragedy of Soviet collectivisation from the 1930's to the 1980's wasn't part of the perps' objectives/psychopathic lunacy.

Hot yoga, and shirtless dude act again, about the first time that a dude is class actually can do yoga. Said dude "happened" to situate himself in my usual spot. Funny how that happens, and happens, in rotation. Save the tall and lithe instructor and one other, why were all the other 12 women so overweight? And why do they need to stand in front of me before and after class, bent over asses facing me? Not only surrounding me, but blocking my view, another time honored perp stunt.

And additional "feature" of yoga was a terrible tatt act; a couple in fact with gruesome tattoos down their arms. As always, they could of covered up these gross disfigurations, but no, it seems the perps just love me to see this disgusting visage as much as they can.

A day off..; the boss man said it would be too windy. Turns out, it isn't. On another front, It was indicated that ice wine picking would be tonight, but I got a text to say that it would be tomorrow, even if is cold enough (-11C). I got my deep cold clothing out, and so it will sit on the floor for an extra day. Who knows what these imponderable delays are about; even having things sit around on the floor or somewhere they don't ordinarily reside for an extra day or so. The perps just love it when I move my supplements around on the counter, say, moving them 12" away to signify that I have taken them from the bottle.

Reading about Parkinson's Disease, and the interesting lead about abnormal brain proteins, specific to Alzheimer, CJD and Parkinsons Disease, named alpha-synuclien. And one of the leading researchers got murdered in a professional hit, no witnesses. Hmm, was he on the right track and did someone need to terminate this promising research? As it "happens", the coincidence meter went off the scale, as a UK researcher also was killed in a car accident. Anyhow, more of a read here at Whale.

Stood up for ice wine picking; it was cold enough, but didn't get the call. And cold for the last three days of outside work, cutting, pulling and stacking vine canes needed for propagation purposes. More next week too....

I finally recieved, after a week's inexplicable wait more than normal shipping times, a ski jacket that proved to be very warm today. That and my Minus 100 boots, and all except my finger tips were warm.

Continuing cold, -9C all day. The difference was that 3" of snow arrived overnight, and was on the highways and in the vineyard. Thankfully the wind was absent. Again, my finger tips were freezing, meaning terribly sensitive to the cold, though this lapsed by 0930h. Pulling vines most of the day; no diversions from cutting, bundling or loading.

  Some -10C this Saturday morning, with a fresh 2" of snow outside, and on my vehicle, there for sweeping off etc. All very fluffy snow with a deep sparkly tone. More vine cutting and cane collecting, this time at a third site, relatively free from the wind. The sun came up for a few hours at 0900h, and by 1030h the clouds intervened to then cool the warming trend. An arctic front apparently, and this cycle of flurries and cold temperatures is forecast for another month for crissakes.

After weeks of delay, I am finally allowed to apply for unemployment benefits online. I go to the page and lo, the system is shut down for maintenance. Same deal yesterday; I get the notion (read, mind controlled planted notion) to purchase two sand bags to weigh down the rear end of my vehicle in these on-off snow conditions at my usual gasoline station, and lo, if they didn't have the traffic lined up 10 or so ahead, and when I finally made it there, why, a B-train gasoline delivery tanker was occupying the station. So I go to the nearby other gasoline station that I never have been to, and lo, all the pump parking was taken up, so I parked further away. I get inside and four dudes were ahead of me with the usual bantering with the cashier to hold me up. I then had to lug these heavier-than-expected sand bags (40lb each) 60' to where my car was. And as usual, a plethora of headlights was trained on me or coming and going while getting stiffed with this extended task. Then a 20 long train of traffic to obstruct me getting out of the driveway of the gasoline station, all head lighted in the dim 1630h light. All over purchasing and loading sandbags for crissaskes. Though, the perps do have an intense interest in soils, their colors and provenance. It just wasn't enough that my father was a geologist, from coal (and coal mines) to petroleum to mountain tops.

And what is it about the gangstalking assholes, this time at work, that they need to stand over where I am. In the cold, we were allowed to have the morning coffee break in the winery, and we were standing in a circle with the coffee and cookies on the floor in the center. Some had got their earlier, and I was later. I was standing in the circle for a few minutes, taking in the banter. I put down my lunch kit on the floor, go over to the coffee and pour it while squatting, and I look up, and the Quebequois Fuckwit had quietly moved some 6' over and was standing in my spot. Note that he was already comfortably in place, and had absolutely no need to move and stand in my spot. Once finished pouring my coffee and selecting a cookie, I stared hard at the fucker, wondering what passed through his head to do something so unnecessarily affrontive, but in keeping with long observed perp managed behavior, he was doing the oblivious act. WTF; why are so many fuckers going out of their way to be so strangely rude to stand where I was, especially when it is so uncalled for? And why did this particular behavior start up with such frequency since 04-2002? Cannot I be allowed to return to a place I once stood when it was vacated for all of 30 seconds, and when everyone was standing around, save this one fucker? Apparently not in this intensely choreographed hellish existence I have been cast into?

Cold, -8C, all day today. And in keeping with the previous two nights, there was another 2"
of snow in the night. All to have me clear it off my path (on the lawn) to the gate.  The snow was wind blown in the night, so it had only to be cleared from the rear window. All in keeping with the ongoing perp games of having me clean, (or not), snow and rain off my windshield and with what device, e.g. windshield wipers, plastic scraper or plastic bristled whisk. All too exciting for them; studying the energetic parameters of glass, and what it is treated with, and of course, what that confers to me (in some way) when I look through said glass. Not to mention that automotive windshield glass has a plastic film lamination inside of it to prevent it shattering in the case of an accident. Just more fun and games for them.

Cutting and pulling vines today, out last day of the project. A nice touch was that we had pizza supplied for lunch on this last day. It was all guys today, eight of us; even the project leaders wife couldn't make it due to some transient health issues (apparently).

Enough to call this done for the past week.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Constant Website Access Obstruction

yahoo, amazon, blog spot etc.

now, after wanting to order some more expensive supplements to counter the cancer the assholes gave me, they obstuct the very site I wanted to get my order made up. And if that weren't enough, to add insult to injury, they screwed me out of getting this done last night.

yoga tonight after 8 weeks off due to the harvest/cellar hand job. but they haven't finished screwing with that, as my regular power yoga on Monday nights has been replaced by something lame. Instead, I went to the later class of hot yoga. The only hotties there were the two E. Indian girls with heavy tattoos, the rest were all fat. And two other males, one who needed to hound me while taking off my coat, and then again he needed to exit when I was entering. What is this constant bullshit about meeting others (gangstalkers) on the other side of the door who just "happen" to need to go in the opposite direction? All because they  couldn't get it together and sit down on their mat in the first place? I cannot count the number of times when weirds need to enter the clearly marked exit when I am exiting the mall for example. At the GCSS in town, with entrances and exits some 60' apart, four times in two visits I get gangstalkers going in the wrong direction as I am entering or exiting. In the latter instance there is absolutely no excuse as all the checkouts are lined up at the exit, so there is no sane excuse for anyone to enter the store there.

More of the he-she tag teaming at the service desk at the car repair shop three days ago. The met-before male is at the desk talking at length to another customer and finally finishes up. He indicates to me that he needs to depart and will be back. In his place arrives the woman staff member known to me as the one who was measuring her hips, waist and bust (yes) in public view in the back room with a yellow steel measuring tape while I was waiting for my car to be fixed last time. Fine; she hears out my vehicle complaint but doesn't seem to know much about the problem and lo, he comes back, I tell my story again and ask for a Saturday appointment. He tells me that only the apprentice works Saturdays and so I need to book a week day. I do, hoping that can get a ride with someone else that day. But what was the point of having her come out and sit there, eventually sitting beside the guy who had a better perspective on what might be the problem and what the appropriate staff allocation is? Was it that the perps wanted me to energetically interact with her gorgeous jet black hair? Or is the "vibe" of her steel measuring tape games still coming off her two months ago and needs to be registered on me as some kind of energetic interaction study? Or is it the same old trick of swapping males and females at checkouts, this time at a service desk? No idea, and all the above suggestions could be flat wrong. So it goes, this dynamically arranged mystery tour, and that includes the behavior of so many seeming normal people.

(On the topic of gorgeous jet black hair; there has been quite a few gangstalking posings, especially on public transit 2004-2011, where I get a deep black haired woman in front of me and I am to admire her hair. The long prior synchronicity is when I owned a Newfoundland dog from 1980-88, which was all deep black shiny fur, all 150lb of him. Every time the dog needed to be brushed the then-wife would always leave it to me which I thought was mighty curious at the time. There seems to be have some kind of advance plan to it, all that physical contact with jet black hair. Now I get to look at black pair posing for various durations, depending on the set up. And to put a more speculative point on it; don't forget the ML imagery and suggestion I get planted with all the time and her hair color.)

11- 29-2016
The on-off disappearing cursor trick in Blogger continues, now for the fourth consecutive day. 

And a confluence of clothes purchases is on; from STP in Wyoming, CS in Vancouver BC, and the local Marks store here in Penticton. All under the"need" to get warmer clothing on account of the colder weather. And all the more now that I am working outside in the vineyard again, this time cutting canes for grafting buds from select varietals and clones.  All I want to be is left alone, and that especially includes my finances and the spending I am forced to do, as some items sit around for years before they are used. Others never get used; so what is the point of that?

And the perps know my clothing styles; take winter clothes as an example. Bomber jackets are awful on me, likely with perp arrangement; they lift up and expose my clothes underneath, and on more severe harassment moment, they expose bare skin. Therefore, I never buy them. And so what happened in late 2011? I bought a ski jacket, bomber jacket style, and as warm and wind protective as it is on the street, it is totally useless for outside work due to aforementioned problems. So why on earth did I "forget" this very intrinsic/necessary style choice in winter clothing and purchase it then? All to have it sit around, though it did once get dirty enough somehow when in my vehicle trunk to get dry cleaned.

Another stunt was to have me purchase a mid-thigh ski jacket for outside work and "decide" that the blue color was wonderful. It was and is, but totally unsuited for the constant dirt action that outside vineyard work is. (Or more likely, that the perps exploit and plaster onto my garments). So now I wear this blue ski jacket as winter street wear, and will get a similar black colored jacket in the above mentioned clothing order confluence. Why cannot I be left alone to my own instincts and get the appropriate colored (and length) ski jacket suited for the job? I know how these assholes operate, and that is to flick dirt onto light colored clothing and somehow it does not come out after cleaning it. Relentless attacks on clothing and cleaning; why is this so important to the perps for crissakes? Not a day goes by that I don't scream at them over some extra-conventional trespass and tell them to leave me and my belongings the fuck alone.

Games over temperature continue; my residence was at least 2C colder for some reason this morning with the heater set at its normal temperature. My vehicle continues to have heater problems, and the perps screwed me around and delayed me in getting on with making and appointment to fix it. My own internal body thermostat, if you will, continues to concern me as even a mid day body temperature comes in at 36.4C. Not the best thing when one has cancer, and is even a common collateral-effect.          

Order obstruction again, invoking a phone call, and the blow off about my membership needing to be renewed (without any notice) was bogus. Apparently there was someone else with the same name who had a similar problem; how lame is that. But my ordering woes were not over; the customer service person on the phone line could log into my account and see my order, but I couldn't. I kept getting the "site unavailable", also misleading as only the page was unavailable. Then the service person insinuated that it was "my server that was the problem". I don't have a server I explained, and that was the end of that bullshit. Then I was accused of ordering something not in the catalog and that caused the problem. How could I do that in the first place, and furthermore, I had only decided at the last instance while on the phone to do so. A runaround with a dip shit over the phone to say the least, getting back to one of the perps' favorite jerkarounds, order obstruction. Finally she got it; "what is it that you want to do?" Order the merchandise in the cart that I cannot get to, and it finally got done. But telling her to investigate how to fix the problem with the web page was too complicated to ask for. So what was that all about? To force me to order my supplements from this outfit over the phone and annoy me in the process instead of a web order? It fits the harassment pattern.

Three days of cutting vine canes so far this week, and plenty of helicopter coverage for whatever reason. At least 10 on the day, differing models. Yesterday one came over the hill and directly at me, and I thought it was going to land at the nearby tasting room where there was a designated helicopter pad. But no, some 60'over the terrain comes the yellow and blue A-Star (a regular heli-stalker in these here parts) and flies exactly overhead and continues to hug the terrain, save this 100' deep gully at the S. end. It circles the adjacent airport radio tower and then crosses to the other side of Skaha Lake. Like WTF; why do they need to fly so low and then circle a radio tower for crissakes? How did they have me lined up to fly overhead of me before they came over the hill?

If that weren't enough yellow aircraft action, a fixed wing water bomber aircraft subsequently takes to the sky and does 1.5 hours of circling over the airport, going into wider circles, presumably to get closer to where I was by increments. This arranged rotary wing (helicopter) and fixed wing (wing aircraft) tag teaming hasn't gone unnoticed in past years, and this seemed like another such event. Interesting that both had yellow livery. And even more interesting is that we are going to have 12 new members of the crew tomorrow for cane collection, and one of them is a helicopter pilot. It just doesn't add up.

The full crew today, and in keeping with the selective introduction games, my ride was late, and everyone but one was there. Cute; and these staged introductions "happen" all the time now, much increased since 04-2002 when all this insane shit and abuse rained down on me and has been relentlessly imposed since. I got to chat with some of the hands from last year, which was nice. At least four of them were friendly again, not always a given in this world of selectively withdrawn behaviors. Plenty of helicopter coverage again today, but nothing like the low above terrain flight of a few days ago No helicopter pilot on the crew it seemed, though two guys didn't introduce themselves. And I don't think either of the two slim Quebequois girls were helicopter pilots, given the rag-tag van they came in.

More lame-assed order interference;
Thank you for choosing....
Unfortunately, the '...toque..' is unavailable. Due to an inventory error this item was displaying online when it should not have been. Please let us know if you would like to select a different item of similar value or if you would prefer to have the order canceled/item(s) omitted.
Omit the toque and ship. How did you know that I ordered this item (of a different brand) from elsewhere and now didn't need the item anyhow? And that due to total mind control fuckery, I "forgot" that I had just ordered a similar toque within the last week. And too, ordering a toque would of been totally unnecessary had not my extant toque didn't strangely disappear on a single leg of my shopping trip and wasn't found at the business establishment that would of been the most likely place of its disappearance. And have I not mentioned the relentless fuckery over hats that has gone on since 04-2002? I cannot be allowed to wear a hat, typically a toque in the winter, without it moving by itself on my head, usually the top gets lifted up by an inch or two. And how did my summertime bucket hat of four years suddenly get ripped up in the washing machine a few months ago, its final laundering of the vineyard growing season? Just relentless and senseless fuckery over hats. It seems that somebody wants to change up the fabric (more than anything) and color of my hats much sooner than would ever wear out. My new toque just had to be cashmere for crissakes.

More cane cutting in the vineyard, then loading bundled canes in the bins and then truck, and then later, pulling the canes from the vines. Full task scope today. And two storms into the deal; snow in the morning, and then rain in the afternoon. And cold on both accounts. And the late day dinge onset; it seems like it would be 1600h (sun goes down behind the mountain at about 1500h) going by the light levels of a few days earlier when in fact it is only 1500h. By manipulating the cloud colors and their predominance, and their location, it seems the ambient light levels can be highly manipulated later in the day. I don't know what the perps get from this, but they sure like to plant a responsive depressive reaction on me. Somehow, they know I loathe dingy light conditions and play it up. Throwing snow and rain into the mix, along with cold fingers today, makes it all the more interesting for them I suppose.

Another pre-sundown game they like to play on other days is to allow a shot of direct sunlight peeking under the cloud cover for some 10-20 minutes before the sun goes down. The perps have no end of interest in direct sun illumination, and it seems, all the variations into night time. If one wants to apply this controlled world notion to planetary genesis and subsequent geological developments, this here Earth Lab could be one spinning top, and tilting its axis some 23 degrees adds all that seasonal variation that also seems to be such a big part of the perps' experimentation games.

The van-living Quebequois girls on the work crew had their wardrobe tested today; one had gaudy pyjama bottoms outside of her pants in an attempt to stay warmer. Talk about color clash clothing with her checked jacket. The boss man donated some clothing for them to wear, and the one with the tight fitting pants (on attractive slim legs) was wearing stovepipe-like rain-pants today. I suppose that is how it goes, these wardrobe changes the perps find so essential are of course, weather governed. The cute one is bundled up so much that I can barely see her face.

The vehicle got fixed today; the thermostat was stuck open somehow. A $200 bill hurts enough, and I don't need any more of this crap. And the he-she tag teaming at the service counter was on again, time for payment. She of the jet black hair, got to sit there (not looking particularly pretty) at the counter doing nothing much, while the guy (of the above mentioned gangstalk vignette) took off to get something, and his father returned in his place after five minutes. The ongoing stunts, feints and delays etc. while about to purchase, or otherwise engage in a financial transaction is endless, as it is senseless.

Saturday, working in the vineyard doing cane collection; cutting, pulling, bundling and packing the bundles, all in one day no less. And too, I got to drive the boss' ATV for the first time. Cold, but I was warm with foot warmer inserts in my boots. And hand warmers stuffed in my gloves. These seem to have magnetic qualities, and giving off heat might also fit the perps' energetic games requirements. I have given up on trying to figure out what their game is, though if one accepts that there is an energetic ether, and many of these electromagnetic, thermal and even chemical eruptions/stunts serve to perturb the energetic ether around me, you have a good start. 

As it turns out, one of the crew is a helicopter pilot; he is helping pull canes and bundling them. Two more Quebecquois joined the crew today, a couple. And something about baggy pants on males that I need to see for whatever reason, not that I like baggy pants on anyone, male or female. 

Even the weather cooperated to some extent, the deep dark clouds staying to the N and not covering the sun. Though they pulled a small snow storm for 20 minutes after our morning coffee break for whatever reason. They seem to like an added white color on the ground for short durations. Not unlike the gangstalker assholes bringing their frozen grocery goods purchases ahead and behind me at the checkout.

Enough nonsense for a week, and now to post this.