Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Perp Version of Hot Weather

Since I can not trust my body's reaction to external events, as these have been usurped and manipulated, I simply have to view anything odd as an orchestrated intrusion. Today, it is hot, and I have an East facing apartment that is still taking in some direct sunlight, which is always of interest to the perp's manipulations, though I am not sure why.

And so, the very first incidences of pseudosweating made their debut for this year. This is the undue and plainly excessive amount of sweating that bears very little resemblance to my normal reactions to hot weather. This event is evidenced by excessive, protracted and usually reflective sweat on my arms, forehead, and elsewhere. And even if I dry myself off with towels, the Pseudosweating comes back in force, even if my apartment is out of direct sunlight and hasn't had significant exposure to it. Yet again, it is another playground for the assholes to continue their games for their obscure purposes, as they can hijack one's respiration and sweat response for their own ends. And for the record, this "symptom" has only erupted in the last five years when the assholes decided to "out" themselves and undertake overt harassment, though it would be covert to anyone on the outside. (Nearly all major phenomenon have been witnessed by other parties.)

The fuckers decided to wake my up last night so I could hear their latest noise games. These are the ones that the fuckers have "introduced" into my life since moving into this apartment May 01. Specifcally, it is the overhead rumbling and deep sounds of pounding cured concrete, nothing that anyone could do physically. The assholes have awakened me for nightime exposure to all their noise games, and I suppose this new one needed to be profiled over the night, just like any others. In fact, it was the second night in sucession, and I am going on record to predict that they will continue to sample the overhead pounding of concrete at whatever sampling intervals they deem appropriate.

It was the sound I have complained about in past posts, as if some extremely heavy object was being trundled over rough concrete in the apartment above, back and forth, as if it were some kind of game. Then the fuckers decided to add in their sandpapering like noise overtop, as if it was related to the pathetic cover story (if at all) for the rumbling noise. After some 15 minutes or so, the fuckers stopped the noise, and kept me awake for 10 minutes or so longer, and then forced an extra hour of total sleep before they let me out of bed.

I am getting continued vision assaults as I am typing this up, time to call this a wrap for now.

I am mellowing out after walking 30 minutes to Strength Training, and then 30 minutes back. That followed an hour of vigorous yoga this morning. And in fact, the perps seem to be dialling me down to feel more whacked out from this amount of exercise, as I wasn't this badly off last week. And, this degree of feeling tired doesn't normally come from this moderate amount of exertion. And I have got the maser zingers buzzing around me, and the perps are also putting on the "grit in the eye" fuck games, another one of my favorites.

It was the usual herding games again at Strength Training, all eight of them with their backs toward me, and standing around doing squat at a gym. Go figure.

And as I wore a mid blue shirt/jacket today, I was not surprised to see the number of the gangstalkers wearing the same color. They had at least four males wearing this color and circulating around me, or otherwise standing around, and doing herding duty.

And the perps had a special penchant today of planting their operatives exactly where I wanted to look. This occured on the street where they placed a gangstalker ahead of me and such that I could not see the pedestrian control signal at the intersection, and then again when at the gym, and planting their fuckers in the mirror ahead of me while I was doing thrusts with free weights. Every time I do the free weights it becomes an excuse for these fuckers to course around me, front and back, and play their games in the mirrors, blocking my view. They also like to constrain my choices as to where I can go, both on the stationary equipment and with free weights. Then when I leave, I get the sentry duty dudes, this time Big Yellow, but in blue and black today.

And the fuckers let me in on my own knowledge after some six visits to the gym so far; one of the old timer males in street clothes and somehow getting lots of trainer time, was a former neighbor at a location I lived in, 1983 to 1986. Just another one of those coincidences, like always. Har, har. One cannot appreciate the depth of life invasion by the perps until one's recall has been deliberately fucked with; then I get ever more pissed than I am already.

The pre-dinner barrage of noise is currently underway; the infernal Harley Davidson motorcycle noise, as if this were a bikers' town, which it is not, other performance mufflers ad nauseum, and then the swishing sound of road traffic as if I were living next to a freeway, which is far from the case. Yes, I live in the downtown area, but the closest street is a pokey two lane section with limited visibility, forcing traffic to slow down. Just another noise event, and now the sirens have started up, very probably to have me mention it as it is going on. This "coincidence arrangement" happens all the time now, and only rarely before that.

The perps put on the Pseudosweating while I was at the gym. It did not matter how relaxing the effort was, especially with the workout equipment, the fuckers kept me soaking the whole time there. And anytime there was a forced face wipe with the paper towels, they had a good number, 4 to 8, of their troup hanging around me, or passing by.

It is the bad old days revisited when I was like a a sodden rag, and everyone else wasn't breaking any sweat, and I was the fittest one there, or close to it. At the time, the perps must of planted the notion that it was the ADD medications as the cause, but that didn't seem right at the time, but it was the accepted best reason. Now, I am not allowed to take those very useful medication, and yet I am sweating all the more. Ergo, it is the perps fucking with my thermoregulation system, and sweating the fuck out of me. And note, the sweating has increased over the past six weeks when I am fitter, as I have done the same routines mostly.

All I have to say to their fucking meddling is; been there, done that. And get the fuck into my apartment and tell me why your fucking problem has become mine. And as I type up that oft repeated riposte, some flickering light of no ostensible cause has decided to start up, coming from the East, when the sun is in the West at this time, and that strange illumination from no discernable source is also lighting up my apartment.

And I note that my one block away grocery store, called The Market, has now been painted at least on three sides with a metallic silver color, something quite unusual for a stucco finish. I suspect this makes it easier to pick up this location and its contents in the ongoing game of quantifying all the local inputs of energy and its color. They have been working hard on this for the past week, and have duly left their cherry picker maintenance vehicle outside the entrance for two visits this week. And they have also upped the "just stand there" sentries outside the store when I exit. Today, the fucker was in navy blue, and had good sized beer gut, and white hair. There was not attempt to integrate his activity into the scenario, but instead, he was on blatant gangstalk duty.

My eyes are getting fucked with today, starting this morning, and I am also still in a faux exertion state, as I have not "recovered" from my two workouts today. Translated, that means the perps are governing down my physical and mental energy, and I have the sense that when these states of being are imposed, the fuckers are cranking up the irradiation on me. It is at least magnetic radiation, and very likely more of their sidereal, vortex, psychons or whatever one wants to call it. In the long past, 4.5 years ago, I measured levels of 200 Gauss around me, which is 400 times normal. I almost don't want to know what it is now, and I can't find out, as all three of my instruments have been fucked with. Only by renting a commercial (fourth) Gaussmeter was I allowed to detect that anomalous level. And it is surprising that they let me do that, but as it cost some $500 for a month, the assholes were happy to let me deplete my funds.

Could this be what the perps are after, and the reason they won't come out of the closet and declare their depravities to their victims? That is, they are after the "wave function of everything" and attaining and quantifying the complete set of human mind control wave functions isn't good enough. That is the impression I get; have a read, the full story is at this link;
Asserting that quantum mechanics is deterministic by treating the wave function itself as reality implies a single wave function for the entire universe, starting at the big bang. Such a "wave function of everything" would carry the probabilities of not just the world we know, but every other possible world that could have evolved from the big bang. For example, large voids in the distributions of galaxies are believed by many cosmologists to have originated in quantum fluctuations during the big bang. (Seecosmic inflation and primordial fluctuations.) If so, the "wave function of everything" would carry the possibility that the region where our Milky Way galaxy is located could have been a void and the Earth never existed at all. (See large-scale structure of the cosmos.)
Anyhow, I got severely noisestalked when typing the above and inserting this quoted section. The perps interest might be the act of linking and insertion, or it could be the contents, or both. Who knows? And more light flashing into my apartment from no ostensible cause again, another event in the continuum of being under the microscope of depraved assholes.

I am getting the overhead pounding again (concrete steel construction, note) and a procession of loud motorcycle noise, about one "passing by" every three minutes or so. The vision impairment is getting worse, and I don't know how much I will be online tonight. Normally, the perps don't fuck with my vision too much until the last two hours. Today, it started at 0930h and is still continuing.

I am still being whacked out by whatever the perps have decided to use. It would be some kind of de-energizing irradiation, targeted at the appropriate neural centers. The vision fucking came on as soon as I went online, I was OK for the evening tea break.

And I noted that in both yoga and strength training in the afternoon, that two of my regular stalkers/classmates exhibited similar behaviors around the similar props. At yoga, we clean the mats with a brown paper towel and spray on soap afterward. As it "so happened" the garbage can went missing from the room, and I put in on an adjacent table surface when getting my socks and shoes on. Then the other guy that is there, and who surely must be someone I know but is in morph-over form, started his changing into his pants, placing his ass only inches away from the paper towel I had placed near me. Call it a gangstalker's ass to my brown paper stalking/energetics interaction attempt.

Then at strength training, where a certain oversized woman makes a point of getting in my way, and is disinclined to move anytime I am nearby, happened to have her ass leaning against the street garbage container, the very one that I was to use after eating a chocolate bar from the machine at the recreation center. This was following strength training and makes it now 100% for having a "classmate" buzzing around me after class. And as I was passing her by and then dropping the brown chocolate slathered wrapper in the container, she leaned her ass back onto the garbage container. The perps cannot get anyone else's shit close enough to me so they use "brown surrogates" and try that!. (And what are they doing when I am not looking?) And to think my ex-wife was in on this depravity from the get-go, some 20 years of being married.

I cannot count the many voice-morphings I have had today. I just don't know which voice is going to come forth, and they have been changing them frequently, usually discernable between provocations, where one round of swearing will differ substantially from the next, only a minute or two later.

And it is amazing how no one tells me that my voice sounds different, when it is, especially from week to week events like classes. My parents also never tell me that my voice is different between visits, usually a week apart.

A next day posting, the infernal "forget" fuckover stunt again.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Three Faux Emergencies by 0930h

So far, there have been three lengthy siren cascades, which would normally indicate a significant event in this city for a Wednesday morning. But in fact, it is the projected noise games that are continuing, and are in concert with a new round of overhead rumbling and shaking in this concrete and steel constructed apartment building.

The assholes started more of the overhead rumbling after I went to bed; that transition from vertical to horizontal is a huge area of perp research, and it is no surprise that after pulling this unpleasant noise and vibration, which is not causable by normal human activity in an apartment, that the fuckers resumed this as soon as I was in bed, and had it accompany me into sleepland. I call this noise-tracking; where the same noise is seemingly used as a neural energetics reference between activities, my location in the apartment, or to cover transitional events, such as apartment entry from outside.

And as I write this, another siren cascade went off, and no visible source of the emergency vehicles, meaning this was another projected sound noise game for putting on high pitched noise.

More non-standard Windows and Firefox fuckery; closing down a open tab, which happened to be my email account that I was actively reading. I get these every so often, but as this was a forum for harassee's, aka Targetted Individuals, the purpose of this jerkaround is clear; suddenly cut me off from the web page and see if that has any psychic or neurological energetic effect. Of course, the piss-off factor is a given, as it predominates with many hundreds of like event outcomes in any given day, comencing often before I get out of bed.

Make that eight faux siren events by 1230h; the biggest string of "emergency" activity yet. The occasion could of been a lead-up to the act of completing and signing post-dated checks for my apartment rent, and after lunch oddly. (Having eaten brown colored food). As mentioned in past blogs, the perps go silly anytime I sign my name or fill out a check. Ditto for paying for my groceries or anything else for that matter. It is a big deal, and cashing checks or any other financial transaction always gets noisestalked, unconventional phenomenon stalked and the rest of the intrusive outrages I get all the time.

I made a bus trip out to my parent's place to do watering of the potted gardening plants; not a big deal, and it gets me out my apartment to avoid a "shut-in" day. It was the usual freakshow, and I got my demographic gangstalking; first the geriatrics, then the Asian came on board for the latter half of the trip. And there was more evidence suggesting that the whole show is choreographed by unseen hands. One ambulatory gangstalker was buzzing around me at the bus stop, and when the bus came, he immediately scooped someone's seat at the bus stop. In doing so, he walked by the bus as it was still there, and would of been mistaken for a passenger, as this bus stop served three separate routes. But instead, the bus driver wasn't very fussed, and kept the door close and took off. All my observations of bus drivers indicate that the driver would of kept the door open, or re-opened it, thinking that this fucker bolting in the bus driver's direction was a passenger. No, it was just an operative on the script, having a desperate need to occupy a recently vacated seat at the bus stop. And also, as this asshole was on the opposite side of the advertising panel, how did he know a seat was vacant in the first place?

Anyhow, the perps are really into the arrangements of who sits where, and who replaces the former seated individual and how soon afterward are they to leave a vacant seat, and which clothing colors follow which? The amount of re-locating bus passengers is absurd these days, and the Cheers scenario where the gangstalkers "happen" to meet on the bus and then lapse into conversation is also getting absurd. I had a young blonde woman beside me, then she vacated the seat, none of the standing passengers would fill the seat, and finally, some kind of chinless mental cretin in a puke yellow shirt came to sit beside me until I got off. His pal of the bus stop came to sit immediately in front of me.

He "banged' into me in sitting down, and so did this horrendously large native Indian on the outbound bus trip, who piled onto the nearest seat ahead of his putative girlfriend, and the arrangement was such that he wouldn't have been sure of her getting as seat on this shared bench seat in front of me. But somehow he "knew" she was looked after, and that the white cane on the seat would be removed in time. (It was). I got a slight nudge from this fucker, the mannerless lug, and then was treated to a look at his green tatoo on his bare arm in front of me. Tatoos are another thing that I loathe, and someone else knows that, and judiciously plants them in front of me.

I am getting another round of overhead floor whacking and rumbling; it is that pre-dinnertime noise flurry time of day again. This is an emulated furniture movement, and it just "happens" to be the same time each day, and the most absurd cover story yet.

I have been engrossed in updating my substantial Bookmarks on films of interest, should the day come when I am allowed to see them again.

In the background were the usual noisescape elements, and in the last 20 minutes they added a vacuum cleaner noise with clunking upstairs. Yesterday the perps arranged a vacuum services truck on my walking route home, obliging me to step over the suction pipe.

Anyhow, time to blog off as the vision impairments have been coming on for the last half hour.

I must report a hot rod race that is "happening" within earshot. This is a Wednesday night, and this kind of collegial performance car racing is totally at odds with this neighborhood. It seems as if my mind-keepers are busy with planting projected noise for me to hear, and for them to detect the neurological energetic correlates.

Now glass bottle bashing noise from outside. Earlier it was coughing and hacking in the hallway following an unbidden (non controlled) thought. Familiar?

A new harassment method, called chin dinging, is becoming more apparent. This is the remote invocation of having my chin spasm momentarily, which I think is related to some kind of emotional response, though never in my case before this fucking nightmare began. These sensations and minor spasming are applied anytime I see something novel or interesting, recognize a number, face, location of my last reading location on a web page, and like cognitive determinations. It seems that the perps are riding some kind of neural network by invoking movement in a secondary pathway to the part of the brain that mediates these kind of events. I suspect it is at the brainstem area as I am also getting plenty of maser hits above my Adam's Apple in my neck at the very same instant. The assholes are attempting to send a magnetic field underneath my brain stem in this case, to better assay the energetic correlates to the above cognitive responses. That is, it is the only remaining area of brain activity they cannot yet fuck with IMHO.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Siren Time

As I start this, a siren has erupted with a simultaneous bus noise, but no apparent bus. Nothing new there, as the latter is the projected sound, noise that can be placed anywhere in the omniplasma continuum, a fancy name for the vacuum, or just plain air that is around us. From what I read, we are being bombarded with millions of neutrinos every second, and to some physicists, this sounds like a partial description of the energetic ether, which is what I contend is the perps are manipulating to piss with conventional physical forces at a distance as well as apply mind-controlling energies to their targeted victims, me being one.

I experienced a whole new mind fuck method today, one that one will not find in any psychiatric or neurological text or symptom set anywhere. I was handwriting the word "are" and then "I" (as in mind controlled me) began perceptually parsing the word into "a" then "re" (as a short form of regarding) and at that point I was so pissed with this outrageous intrusion, I swore out loud to the perps, that if they pulled that one again, they won't have victim to fuck with any more. This shows one the micro level of mind-fucking that goes on, something I never imagined, as it have never been clinically documented before as a symptom.

Another overhead pounding just as I read about positrons; this time I was made to yell out at the fuckers good and loud, none of this governed down voice, and the fucking pounding has since abated. It is time to read something else, but who knows if that is going to get noisestalked too. The perps are out of control today, or at least in flurries, and perhaps the notorious weekend crew, always the worst assholes, is still in command. What is the matter with the perps that they won't come out of the closet, except for collaborators of course.

It is pound the overhead ceiling time again; this began in the form of loud rumbles, intended to emulate that of a sliding glass door. Trouble is, it is centered in the apartment and not originating from the location where the doors are, each appartment overhead being a floor plan copy. The current excitment for the perps is me reading about plastics pollution, something near and dear to the fucker's hearts, and also, I was reading a piece on Laura Dern and then Kate Walsh.

I got plenty of gangstalking attention when walking outside today along major thoroughfares. It is a half hour walk each way to the recreation center, and this leaves me wide open for vehicular gangstalking, likely 500 to 700 vehicles total, not including three car dealerships. I got the usual redi-mix truck, the fire department (again, per usual), and the usual hordes of white, silver grey and red colored vehicles in formations and doing their dispersion routine at intersections (one going left, one straight through, and one going right). I got at least three vehicular transverse sidewalk sitters in each direction, those who from a driveway and sit in the middle of the sidewalk until the planned traffic is clear. Then a motorized wheelchair deliberately got in my way when I was to take a turn, and the fucker had been well away while we were all waiting for the "Walk" signal. It never fucking ends, all this planned freakshow and sick asshole operatives clustering around me.

On this leg of my walk I got my ambulatory gangstalker again, the lead ahead male in flip flops stuck onto me for ten minutes of walking time. A swarm of five gangstalkers erupted from the fire station parking lot, and they were not related the fire station's activities in any way. The attraction was that they were paralleling me, and walking in front of the yellow vehicles behind the red colored doors. There is a big attraction to "stacking" the gangstalking people and objects. Gangstalkers in front of other gangstalkers often of differing races, and again, in front or behind of various colored vehicles. Today, two East Indians put themselves into a dynamic configuration where the lead man on the cell phone was blocking me seeing another East Indian man 10' behind him until the last possible moment. That meant the East Indian behind was also shifting rightward as I was approaching this pair. That is quit the trick, lining up like that to stay hidden from view for longer.

The perps have done this with vehicles for three years, lining them up, by color, and also playing "peekaboo" by tucking one behind the other, or having only a small portion showing. Often they would tuck red colored vehicles between a pair of white colored vehicles in front of me.

The fuckers were all over me at the LD store when I stopped in to buy a baking dish. I think the attraction was that I was paying cash, and they wanted a color read on me as soon as extracted my ten dollar bill and again when I got out the door. (Canadian money is colored; fives blue, tens purple, twenties green and fifties orange). The operative/"customer" in front of me didn't clear the checkout until I had finished my payment, and then he finally leaves ahead of me after fussing around for no apparent reason, and I take a different exit door, and just as I exit the store, he comes at me for no reason with two more scum operatives who also worked themselves into the choreography of me exiting LD. It was plain fucking nuts, and I have seen this fucker before, but am not allowed to recall where. Normally, I never forget a face, and until last year, I could rely on my recall in this respect. Now I cannot, as it gets regularly fucked with.

And another case of being not allowed access to my own recollections came up. My former boss from the Ministry of Forests was on the other side of the street at a controlled crossing. I thought it might be him, but the light on his face was getting fucked with. When the signal to walk was on, we approached each other, and then I got fucked out recognizing him, but he gave me an extra look, As soon as he looked away, then I was allowed to recognize him. I saw him at least three months ago from the bus, and he looked much like I remembered him in 1986. This time he was decidedly older looking, and it took a little extra time to recognize him. From this vignette, one can learn that the perps are dynamically directing and/or controlling my gaze, his gaze, our interaction and my recollection abilities in a tightly scripted scenario. This applies to all my gangstalking classmates and the shills. A few come on friendly and then go sour, and stay that way. Others "recover" and come back friendly again, but all looking and glancing is totally scripted.

The second I get back to this article on particle physics, the perps keep jabbing me in the ass. What is the matter with these thankless sickos who have been hounding me all my life, now almost 53 years? The article postulates particles called psitrons and it too is of great interest as I type, begetting the onset of at least four simultaneous noises, for a noise flurry. Now even a drum beating has started up, not unlike the noise of the last residence location.

The perps hammered my with 2 cycle motorcycle noise, (think Harley Davidsons) while out walking to yoga and strength training and back. I assume this is to continue the noisestalking and noise to neural energetics activity stalking/assaying that they are doing all fucking day. This noise comes on frequently, and highly amplified, while I am in my apartment some six stories up. I am currently getting about one of these every minute or two. As before, there isn't a biker's bar within five miles of here, it is not that kind of town. It is very middle class here, though that does not preclude them being around, but never in the frequency that they now present.

Today's strength training was the usual loose gangstalk arrangement. The woman who senselessly hung around me on the first workout machine after my run on the treadmill last week made a similar play today. As I finished up on the first workout machine after today's treadmill run, she swooped right in and followed me. None of the bizarre hangaround duty this time.

When in the floor exercise room I got into a gangstalk squeeze; the fuckers on either side of me were dressed in black and white (one also being in my Thursday yoga class), and the clock overhead was also black and white. I was all in black today, after an "unthinking" wardrobe choice first thing this morning. Thankfully there were squats to do, which didn't require a wall position.

And while looking in the mirrors of the exercise room I noted that there was a whitish cloud around me, which would be the plasma from being contained in a magnetic field. Also of interest is that there were point source masers in white and red; this were little star like flickers that lasted for a second or so, and then would disappear, to be replaced by another somewhere else. And it also seemed that I was allowed to view this for a minute or two, then I was mind-fucked out of observing this bizarre science show, that is me. And that also spells "collaboration" for all those so-called clinical workers who aren't telling me about this. By no coincidence, the perps make sure that I "don't remember" to mention it either. Two parties that won't/can't discuss the obvious makes for a diagnosis that will be fundamentally flawed.

Last week at the recreation center the perps left me alone in the change room where my fleece block vest and pockets contents were locked up. All I need to do is put on my vest, load my wallet and keys back into my pockets, and depart. That 30 seconds of unmonitored time wasn't allowed this week. A street dressed male gangstalker, previously seen earlier on the workout floor in this same red and brown getup with brown shades on, erupted from the shower area (not that he partook in one), and another workout dressed gangstalker was on my ass just after I entered the locker room. This is another example of how tight the perps are covering me; 30 seconds in a changeroom is too much "free" time by their current orchestration standards. I did think it odd that I wasn't covered last week, but that didn't last for long.

Another of their gangstalkers was working his way closer to me over a period of ten minutes or so. He and his pal were doing exercises that moved from the artificially lit area to the sunlit area in small increments. This was a "see me" stalker; the more obvious set up, in long hair and shades on, and I was directed to notice this fucker more than I would of if left to my own devices.

I don't know what the preoccupation is that the perps have with sunglasses, or shades, as even my brother will suddenly put them on when there is no compelling need, usually when indoors when we have been moving my boxes from his place. Someone is giving him the word to put them on at some juncture of our interaction, and of course he complies. The above fucker hanging about in the workout area, fresh from being outside, or where he teleported in from, wearing his brown shades was patently absurd. Ditto for the above longhaired dude, he wearing Oakleys with the characteristic reddish-yellowish reflections. Perhaps the color of the lens reflectance is important too. Usually the perps bombard my sunglasses with dust, and I don't bother (read, mind-fucked) with taking them anywhere.

More infernal Harley Davidson noise, about one per minute, and very possibly it is projected sound, something the perps do routinely.

I got a phone call from my in-town brother, then read this Wiki on Arthur Koestler, the author of the above paper, and then the overhead and outside noise eruptions started, along with the onset of masers flitting in my visual field. If that doesn't confirm the fact that the telephone is an instrument of electromagnetic stalking, then tell me what might.

More overhead rumbling noise, and the vision impairment fuckery has started up, as it often does in the last hour I am awake in the evening. I get flares and whitish flashes which cause me to disengage from reading, and then they like to jump on the noise again when I attempt to find the location to resume reading. More "neighbor" water noise has erupted with some masers flitting about.

Time to call this a blog for the day, and find something to read which does not invite perp noise bombardment.

Suck Trucking

I see another vacuum truck is sucking out the drain pipes in the street some 250' away. The presence of these type of city maintenance vehicles is at the level of 2 to 5 per week up from rare before overt harassment began five years ago. And as the perps constantly arrange vacuuming or other air/vortex sucking events around me, I suspect that the never ending street drains sucking activity is also related to their quest to quantify all energetics that have influence on me, no matter how far away. Their gangstalking practices indicate they are moving some of the color coordinated vehicle configurations farther away, and there has always been a distance dependent component to their games.

Another night of more vivid dreams, though nothing too perturbing. It strikes me that the perps might be using planted dreams to evaluate the psi energetic component of these events, separating it from conscious awareness, i.e. the awakened state. And it is no coincidence that these planted dreams replicate or are variants of past events, even long past events that I have little recollection of, e.g. early childhood. It is also quite clear that dreams are taking on a more vivid and longer duration than ever before, as well as dipping into obscure events that I rarely recall. Yesterday's discovery that the perps can fuck with my autonomous bail-out protections (i.e. awakening) from too vivid or disturbing dreams remains the most concerning aspect of this fuckery that has taken on greater prominence in the past week.

And more imposed weirdness; some kind of "mental zapping" where I get controlled into applying extra attention momentarily over a commonplace word as I am reading. It is similar to a startle reaction, except it "happens" when looking at their planted props. This is also applied visually when I am looking at their gangstalkers who are in "pose mode", making themselves to be extra obvious by standing around streetside with no apparent engaging activity.

Another 0630h get-up time, and the curiousness this raises with what agenda item it serves. Apart from a more oblique early sun angle that reached deeper into my apartment, and warms one of my feet as I am typing away, I don't know what the perp's interest is with respect to solar illumination. Whatever it is, they expend huge amounts of effort to arrange direct and indirect sunlight everywhere I go, and is one of the central drivers as to conducting their harassment and energetics assay activities. They arrange faked reflections as a matter of course, and that included one side of my face while shaving this morning, as this odd reflectance had not occured before in the bathroom that is totally artificially lit.

Monday, May 28, 2007

New Dream Fucking Capabilities

More hallway hacking, like my rooming house noisestalkers of my last residence location, has resulted the moment I read the following passage (link) and compare it to my experiences this morning:
Incidentally, Eccles, [53], postulates that in sleep the modules of the brain become closed to the influence of mind, although some may remain open during dreaming.
My experience was some horrid dreams this morning and learning anew that my normal safety valve of waking up to get me out of the dream when perturbed was fucked with. That is correct, the sickos can now keep me in a planted dream at their leisure, subverting my own neural protective mechanisms. I am pissed that I was fucked with, especially when these abilities are autonomous and don't serve the usually physical manipulation fuckery of making me put on my underwear backwards, another stunt to get me riled up first thing this morning. But the fuckers did let me have a normal sleep duration of 8 hours, and if they think I need dream fucking time, I will take 7 hours instead without being jerked around in my dreams. I can't trust these assholes at anything, and now they have extra capabilities to fuck me over while sleeping and being potentially terrorized by their planted dreams.

I am getting the siren noise stalking as I type this; the assholes are making this city and its emergency calls to be a constant social problem, which is as far from the reality in this town one can get. With an entrenched perps force in town, likely of at least a few thousand of them, not a scrap of litter in my path goes without being planned for it's color, material/fabric, position, lie and form (crumpled, bent etc.), duration of ......... response to externalities (e.g. wind, sunlight reflection etc.), orientation (often arranged to cover x,y and z coordinates) and the rest of the parameters that they manage for.

And the vagrants seem to get at least three new coats or shirts in short order, in a month or two, and behave most weirdly by leaving their money on the ground and disappearing while the "public" (e.g. more operatives and shills) walks by.

More outside noisestalking has erupted in the form of some kind of metal bashing, this time with a simultaneous left leg zap. This "erupting" while I read a book review of Stephanie Coontz, which is not directly germane to this harassment nightmare, but does cause me to wonder what could the connection be. And as always, the very act of linking gets noisestalked, this time with the ubiquitous heavy duty equipment that purports to cruise by with such frequenct.

The masers are all over my visual field, and were since I awakened and opened my eyes. I usually get pixel games in my "vision" if my eyelids are closed lying in bed, today it was apple green interlaced with yellow and blue. Anytime I am up, the forced eyelid closures are accompanied by a red flash, their one way to pull this stunt as they see fit. In other words, as soon as I am awake, there is every incentive to get up immediately to thwart any more "eyelid vision" fuckery. Once awake, I got the maser zingers, the fuzzy grey balls that flit about in formation, and the maser trails, filamentous wisps of magnetic energy that drift about, sitting in the air in front of me, and re-positioned to appear as a vision perturbance should I move my head. And if I move my head quickly, then the perps catch up to my vision to deliberately place them in the same vision locations as before. I see these in the mirror rountinely, so they are not a neurological aberration.

In fact, the activity of shaving is still of intense interest to the perps, and there are regular emanations of wispy maser trails coming off my face, and slowing travelling toward the mirror, often timed such that the razor passes through the maser field. Another variant of the objective is to place the maser precisely in the location that I want to see, usually in a vertical orientation, to test some left-right vision detection I suspect.

This is the post-lunch period of being under the perp's microscope. They have me half asleep while reading about parapsyhcology, and then started up the glass bottle bashing from the right side (hallway) and simultaneous tapping from outside on the left. By my take, they were working up to this by having considerable traffic noise for the preceding hour (after lunch) and then resorted to the percussive types of noises for which object vibration is coincident. This is all very exciting for the perps, just more fucking around by organized nutters by my reckoning.

More sleepiness and overhead pounding; time to pack this session up.

An early tea with the vaunted chocolate, a sore point with the perps as I get mind-fucked into purchasing large quantities for a 200g/day "habit", and I cannot afford this. And still, every time I go to the grocery store, I get mind fucked into purchasing more, all to play brown color games for the perps. Once, in past perp games, I couldn't stand the smell of the substance, just to prove a point that "my" need for chocolate isn't my own. Someone else requires that I consume it to continue the brown color pranks that are near ubiquitous (crumbs on face, pixellated displays in my vision etc.)

A new stunt was to put some of the foil packaging directly in my mouth while eating the chocolate. I know for sure that it was not on the square that I had picked up, and then this piece "just arrived" in my mouth to create the need to pull it out. Then the fuckers wouldn't let me roll it up in a ball once in my fingers. They disabled the operation of my fingers for some five seconds. The perps cannot have enough to do if this is the level of juvenility to which they have descended.

The noisescape has been waxing and waning for the last hour, differing sounds ar added in, and others are taken out. Currently, it is overhead pounding and high pitch seagulls with a background of steady heavy duty vehicle noise from outside.

I have been getting more red plasma flashes in my peripherial vision today; there must be something red related they are testing for. I also got barely perceptible fed plasma flash in front of this LCD panel a short time ago. On a few occasions I have been totally innudated with red plasma flashes and spots, though nothing recently in this new apartment, as of May 01, 2007.

So far, post-tea time, I have been allowed to be awake, and not be dragged into a slumbering wakefullness state.

More hallway banter for some unknown cover story outside my door; a male-female act, getting into the act exactly when reading about Neko Case, the altcountry artist. And continued bullshit from the hallway while for the outside, an all-quiet order has gone out.

And to piss me off some more, some kind of electified zappinp on my teeth has started up, and is likely to be a new harassment method as it is so annoying.

A siren cascade is on; this being a Monday, and a regular working day, it is highly unlikely that there are so many emergency vehicles at once at this time. My deliberations on the sonic reality of what I hear has been widely journaled in these blog postings.

A round of overhead pounding (concrete floor) and rumbling (a sliding glass door cover story). Then some ass jabbing in the mix, and some on-off-ing of putative neighbor's water usage.

More overhead pounding in a deeper sound. Coincidentally, a deeper than usual bus noise erupted, likely to augment this noise flurry. It seems the sickos cannot get enough deep sounds under their quaint games of pretend, e.g. having a cover story.

Major ongoing loud vehicles outside, almost a parade of them. I have been doing maintenance on my extensive Bookmarks list of films, and this has been of significant perp interest; ongoing vehicle noise, touch and pressure sensations on my forefeet, coincident and variable vision impairments, and the forehead numbing fuckery I love so much.

Enough adversity today to call this a posting, as the vision impairments are coming on.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Another Early Day

Whenever I, as in the mind-controlled sense, am allowed to get up early, I sense there is an ulterior motive, as it is so rare. Today, it was about 0630h, some two hours sooner than the imposed "normal". It could be all about getting the early sun, or having the last two hours of highly changeable sunlight conditions coincident with amplified street noise, forced fartings, plasma and maser displays and the rest of it. So far, there has been three noise events of a street sweeper, once a common Sunday event at my last residence location.

One of the street sweeper noise incidents occured at breakfast where I had a direct view of the street, but what my attention was directed to was the dark clouds in the horizon and then the ambulatory gangstalker on the street running for some reason, and it wasn't the bus, as she had ran past by the bus stop by then. This little vignette played out for some five seconds or so before I got back to eating breakfast. It constantly amazes me as to how much effort is devoted to keeping this freakshow going all around me for the shortest of durations, and the thinnest of reasons. As this was about 0630h on a Sunday morning, I cannot imagine why a well dressed woman would be running outside a subsidized rent apartment tower. She was dressed in a light brown jacket and black pants, and that perhaps the entire deal was all about early morning "brown color testing". It was fucking absurd to say the least. And who knows, it could of been someone I know in morph-over form.

The local cathedral's bells are getting plenty of overtime this morning, even if it is Sunday.

Another outburst of banter in the hallway, post shit. It was back to the usual treatment; block the toilet, force a shower, and this began since the toilet plunger was acquired from storage four days ago, when there had been no problem for the first three weeks of residency at this apartment. Hard to call that a coincidence.

I braved the gangstalking swarms for another short trip to the stores; there is this choreography at the entrance to LD as outgoing and incoming ambulatory traffic meet, and then the perps throw in gangstalkers ahead of me, "cutting through". This time the kid with the humungous dark green backpack entered via the other entrance about two seconds ahead of me, and after not finding what I wanted, he exited the store simultaneously, not having purchased anything, just like me. It is simply amazing as to the gangstalkers replicate what I do.

I also had the deliberate "tail me" stunt, where the woman gangstalker was walking toward me, and then pulls a faux recollection act beside me, which serves as the pathetic excuse to change direction and follow directly behind me. I get one of these "backtrack and follow" stunts at least every week. She was in pink pants and a white jacket, and it is likely the fuckers were attempting to calibrate these colors outside the LD store.

And I set off at about 1430, so the perps had plenty of "warm up" time all morning and half of the afternoon, and they had also three brown crumbs on my cheeks for the preceding two hours. And they did go silly on brown ambulatory gangstalkers as well as vehicles, but first putting a string of three deep metallic red vehicles in file, with two more coursing past.

As the perps have me in a blah state all today, I am not surprised I am giving enough supportive detail, but this will at least serve as a record of some of the strange goings on.

More overhead clunkings and a simultaneous zapping. Just like the last place, and the one before that where overhead "residents" lived. And too, more outside loud mufflered vehicles, about three every five minutes at this noisestalking primetime.

And more adversity in making the same old dinner day-in-day-out for four years, by mind-fucking my preferences out of me. And then the leave-the-burner-on fuckover stunt that the sickos are pulling on me for over 4 weeks, ever since I moved in here. This sudden "lapse" of recall has erupted here only, no other previous location.

The post dinner noise assault is in the form of an loud and boomy stereo overhead, via the putative neighbors, also known to hammer the concrete floor upstairs with simultaneous zappings. As above, the same act follows me over many apartments in many cities.

An overhead rumbling noise came on with a significant zapping; I was pissed enough to yell at the sickos for this one, as the zap startled me, unlike the zappings to my limbs.

Another siren show; this is at least the sixth one today, and they began shortly after I got up, around 0630h, on a Sunday no less. As mentioned many times, I lived in downtown Seattle for two years and I never heard this many sirens per day in this substantially smaller city. I have checked to see if there is a real emergency vehicle associated with the siren noise, and most often there isn't. And it is no surprise this noise is following the above rumbling and zapping. All part of the fucking game of total intrusion and governance on everything I do.

A very long day of doing squat is coming to a thankful end. In all my years I never thought I would say something like that, as I never had enough time. Now, thanks to nonconsensual human experimentation, I am mind-jailed to do fuck all, except eat the same food for four straight years while these assholes play juvenile stunts and color gangstalking games on me.

I was led to an interesting site on psi energies, which is what I think the perps are monitoring and measuring around me, and of me at every moment of my existence. If you are into a more technological explanation of what the perps are up to, this fits the bill. From my perspective the chapter on electromagnetic fields (ELF) isn't too important; the perps seem to use these energies as leverage in their quest of understanding quantum brain energies which they manipulate from afar. And as part of it, I learned of another eminent physicist and mathematician, Adrian Dobbs who was making headway in understanding the physics of the mind, by postulating quantum particles called 'psions'. And it so happened that he had an "accidental" early death, the curse of any physicist who makes serious progress on understanding mind and matter and the unifying basis of Newtonian and quantum physics. I have mentioned the premature deaths of other esteemed thinkers in past blogs.

I have been rendered to be bummed out tonight, and should call this a posting for today. I have been getting plenty of voice-morphing today, -the perps like their gravelly variant the best, and I don't care for it, as they also slow down my verbal processing as if I have a cold at the same time, which I haven't had for years.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Half a Chicken Run

Avid readers will recall that my shopping and purchase of a cooked chicken is a huge event for the gangstalking operatives and other shills. Now that I live only 2 minutes from a supermarket, their on-street gangstalking time is limited. Likewise with shopping; I am usually done in less that five minutes owing to the constant parade of gangstalkers in the store. Today was the day to buy a new hot cooked chicken, though the game was changed some; They had at least three gangstalkers on me, and the perps prolonged the shopping time because I was looking for a whole chicken when all that were there were half chickens. The store has two lines of this product, one a greasy and soggy mess, and the other, a preferred free range cooked chicken. Anyhow, these two types were intermingled and only the price and label is the sure determinant of which to buy. Somehow I got mind-fucked in all this, and ended up with a half free range chicken for the price of a whole chicken. Not a big deal, but yet another example of perp juvenility in jerking one around on petty items.

On this shopping trip, I bought coffee, the dark roast, and by the time I got to the checkout, the blend was the Columbian organic kind. That is correct, and in-basket switch of my shopping selection, though it is not the first time. It so "happens", that this is the same coffee blend that I am currently finishing up, and it is likely the perps want a same blend continuation. The brown color of coffee still remains as a significant perp interest, and I still get the "Coffee Corps" gangstalkers on the streets; those carrying coffee out in front of themselves, often in vacuum mugs, and even through residential areas to compound the absurdity.

I was fucked out of getting chocolate on this shopping trip as there were two sentries on duty there and the mind-fucked "me" didn't want to go there. The mind-fuck coralling again. The dishsoap was not allowed either; it was in mind, and then a "foget" fuck came on me when in the grocery store. I was also treated to at least two male gangstalkers wearing ugly red shirts, one of whom was in the checkout line with a single banana to purchase. The moment of paying for my groceries was noisestalked with some excessive female banter, though that too is nothing new, as the act of payment is still one of the most significant noisestalking events going. Other phenomenon may also "erupt" at that time; declined payments, three or more "glitches" in the debit card payment system, loitering customers, flashes of light purportedly from passing vehicles and a few other feints that don't come to mind.

More pounding overhead; it is as if someone is taking a hammer to the concrete floor above and comes on the heels of me thinking about the perps when reading a mind-control forum. I was mind-fucked into yelling at the assholes as well; this degree of annoyance and assertiveness does not come naturally to me. And in any event, my yellings at these deliberate intrusions is usually in a different voice each time, so there is a decided planning over "my" vocalizations. And funny how this repeats near identically from residence locations; I always get overhead hammering from my overhead "neighbor".

I still have not determined if this apartment block is populated with real life individuals or if it is empty of them, like the last apartment block was. I see plenty of gangstalker action in the lobby, and sometimes in the elevator, but so far, I cannot be sure if operatives are living here or not. In 2004-2005, I lived on the top floor of a stick built apartment block, and the residents conformed to a typical demographic population with some exceptions, but later in my tenancy, my floor neighbors moved out, and even the manager next door. I suspect the level of irradiation had increased to the level that they would cook my neighbors, so they were moved elsewhere. From there, I moved to the first concrete apartment building, and there were so few people around, save deliberate gangstalkers, that I was quite sure all 140 suites were empty, save mine. An early am fire alarm stunt caused the building to empty, and there was only about 30 "residents" on the street.

I am getting the boomy stereo system noise as I compose and send an email to a TI. This is only one example of being under the microscope, but this is typically noisestalked event. As before, it is patently absurd that such a noise would reach six stories up.

The post-mealtime onslaught of loud motorcycle noise is upon me; about two to three per minute, now 10 minutes afterward, and this may last another 10 minutes, and the sounds are progressively quieter.

A cell phone conversation has just "erupted" outside my door, a follow-on to the continued (and amplified) noise of vehicles outside, which has not abated much since reported above. The "neighbor" water use noise has also been apparent, coming first from the E. side (kitchen) and then from the W. side (bathroom). As noted in the past, some of these "neighbor" water use noises are louder than if I ran the water myself in this apartment. There is plenty of maser and plasma action in front of me, the former are very active in zinger form (tight grey balls) and in formation. This is also the perp's witching hour, as dusk onset has begun, and this has been a period of persistent fuckery, games, and color object stalking. I even got a white plasma flash in my face as a unbidden thought came to mind, and the "sparklies" of a bright point source array in front of this LCD panel has also been featured in the last 30 minutes.

As I am reading about the wave-particle duality of photons, the noise flurries are starting up, along with ass jabbing. My chair also takes on properties of being unstable in a minor way, likely to facilitate chair movement. The overhead thumping is also begining, as mentioned, there is no way anyone can physically shake and pound cured concrete in the form of building's floor by tromping on it. Yet is a regular occurence, and a "habit" of my last "nirghbors" upstairs. The perps ability to project sounds and vibrations is incredible, and this is only a single aspect of it. I also get squeaks and clunks from no ostensible cause, very often timed that an unbidden thought or association comes to mind.

And while the dusk time continues, they get more frenetic about their noise variety and coincidence, as well as the content of what I am reading. They like me to study the quantum physics and psi energy interface, often conveyed as the "intelligent universe" where energy is imbued with conscious energy. This is a big one to swallow, and I cannot get a mental grasp as to what is meant, as I am only name dropping here, and don't have any understandings of these proposed extra conventional physics. I have long assumed that I am really reading about the consciousness physics interface for the perps reasons, not mine. I have been long stripped of the ability to understand anything conceptual, a learning disorder known to my parents in 1960, and who have strangely never mentioned this. Confirmatory testing was conducted in 1962, and I arranged testing for myself in 1998.

And now, for stretching plausibility, a hallway vacuuming has started up, this being a Saturday no less. And a mysterious knock on the keyboard tray erupted.

I am getting screwed with vision impairments again, making further progess impossible. Time to call it a wrap.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Distant Chainsaws

It is morning time, and the perps are running the chainsaw noise for the second day in succession. It is a noise that is long familiar to me, from running them, including large models for chainsaw milling, to rural land ownership where someone seemed to always running one from a distance. And so, these planted noises of the past are being utilized again, possibly to associate and correlate my energetic signature from a distance. That is, from wherever the chainsaw is located to the apartment location I am at. Taking on the impossible has not bothered the perps any, given that they are hounding me over red and brown plasma flashes for over five years, all to remediate the trauma based neural associations they created in my development years, IMHO.

It is not like they have a deadline, as these are the assholes who make them for everyone else, and that just might include the capitulation of the US Democratic party's wish to impose deadlines for the government's involvement in the wretched and needless morass of Iraq, where sustained insurrection was guaranteed by not securing the armories until three weeks after invading. That is my understanding of how much of this began, and I could well be incorrect on that account. So perhaps the Democratic Congressional leaders got a visit from the MIB's, or whatever form they take in those quarters, with a threat to comply or else. This Iraq War, the entire Bush cabinet rationales, and now the Democratic Congress backing off doesn't make any sense except in light of some other kind of externally imposed order and objectives, IMHO. I could be fairly accused of being excessively dark and conspiratorial about this, but has anyone got a plausible meta-model for the fabrications, strange behaviors, the utterly senseless hubristic cowboyism, fawning Democrats and the intractable inability in the face of public opposition to end this pointless debacle? Not that I am aware of, and I did get noisestalking as I typed up the above word "war".

I just got a zapping with the overhead rumbling noise, and was obliged to rant out loud over that, as the perps make sure the impact is unsettling. They have started up the chainsaw noise after lunch again, likely to keep me noisetracked from the before and after lunch continuity perspective.

My ex-wife came to pick up the CD deck and speakers for my car, now my daughter's car. These went mysteriously missing from my parents place and "showed up" in a box two days ago that had been packed before the above mentioned stereo components went missing. How the perps managed that I don't know, but it did happen, and occured before they could fuck my recall at will, which became a issue in the latter part of 2006, and continues at present. So, in essence, the vehicle turnover readiness work I had intended for this time last year, was allowed to be completed a year later when these car stereo components "surfaced". And it does strongly suggest that the fuckers had this little feint all planned over a year ago. And futhermore, that my daughter became eligible to drive in 2006, turning 16 y.o. at the same time as I needed to get rid of my vehicle owing to financial considerations, which suggests even more long term planning of my affairs, even going back to the starting year of overt harassment in 2002.

The reason I mention the perp's planning likelihood (above) is they were chasing me all over the place for the four years I owned the 1982 Volvo 245 from 2002 to 2006, and their objective appears to be quantifying all my energetic reactions to the road surfaces of ashphalt and concrete as well as the tire rubber compounds and attached plastics. So who better to assume ownership of this much studied vehicle than a family member as a my surrogate? That is how I see it, as I am quite sure she is getting monitored as much as I am, but I remain the vehicle for their leading edge human energetics research as they are constantly jerking me around and inundating me with noise, gangstalkers, aggravation, strange phenomenon and the rest of their sick games.

Time to give this invective a break as I am getting more vision impairment fuckery in concert with jabs in the ass.

My time spent bookmarking movies was ended by a one, two jerkaround of unwanted Flash images that Ad Block Plus cannot remove, and then right eye vision impairment fuckery which is still persisting.

The perps fucked me into a two hour nap this afternoon, post tea and chocolate, so that took care of any notions of going anywhere. After an extra hour of sleep last night, their doing, I was in now way needing a nap, especially of that magnitude. And in their wisdom, they send me into a blitzed tate post-nap, a "slept too much" wastedness that is still playing out, even after dinner. Maybe it is time to read a book, though the vision impairment fuckery won't end as they will revel in the comparison of testing that activity for like vision impairment games.

And the outside noise is increasing in volume; the putative noises of 2 cycle motorcycles, unmufflered vehicles, heavy duty vehicles etc. are now noisier for each instance, or at least immediately following dinner. They were coming on at two per minute, but are now rendered as being further away. These are projected noises from their ability to plant noise anywhere they feel like it, even if there is no conventional causal activity.

I see that the perps have also brought a navy blue colored dumpster into the empty lot that is across the street; and after planting another yellow UPak container on the street (the fifth one since May 01 when I moved in), and their abandoned yellow schoolbus in the same empty lot, the dumpster is now filling up with yellow colored signs or like "toss outs". There is no plausible cover story as to where the debris is coming from to fill the dumpster, but as I have mentioned before, they are caring even less about an ostensible source. As mentioned in yesterday's blog, the navy blue color seems to be a "safe color" and they are attempting to "introduce", in the color to energetics interaction sense, the loathed yellow with the "safe" color.

This was apparent yesterday when they put a navy blue dress operative beside me in the Strength Training session with a brown dressed operative on the other side of me. I also note that the perps are dociling me such that I don't have the instant venomous outlook on their obvious operatives and the rest of the fucking gangstalkers. The planted mindset is that "I" now tolerate them coursing around me which would not be the case if left to my own devices and predilections.

Another forced switch in task, and the noisestalking starts up again, as if there isn't enough of it. The perps are fucking my vision again, intermitently introducing white fuzziness and then backing off. Plus, they like to have my head bob and weave to "avoid" the fuckery which usually abates, though they can apply this noxious harassment as I am moving my head. They like to set up these "reaction" games, and govern how I respond, if not overdoing it sometimes. Currently, there are three loud mufflered vehicles a minute "going by", a ludicrous amount of traffic for this area and time of day, never mind the absurd volume level at six stories up.

More of the same, plus feeling floaty again, the hackwork of the perps de-energizing my temporal lobes, something they have been consistently fucking with for the last year at least. And as a "floaty" session comes on, so does the vision impairments and loud road traffic noise simultaneously. For doing realtime brain research, all those coincidences add up to looking for specific neural energetic signatures as to what I sense, see, know etc. and the attempt to correlate them to the objects that I see or hear at any given second.

Some rare peace and quiet for the last half hour; more on-screen games and plasma moving about, often filling in the white spaces on the LCD display. I am getting hammered with typos, so time to call this a wrap.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Busy Day for Exercise

I had my yoga workout, lunch, then a half hour walk to my strength training class for an hour, and then a half hour walk back in the very warm weather. As usual, I had my vehicular gangstalkers all over me in formations and strings of predominantly crimson red, deep metallic red, white, silver grey, black and then a potpourri of dark metallic green, light metallic brown, yellows, blues and whatever else. There were seven deep metallic red vehicles covering all cardinal orientations positioned around me when I exited the recreation center plus a gangstalker wearing crimson red, and crimson red bicycle carrier. Fucking absurd.

I reckon they put the usual 500 to 800 vehicles on me in both directions, plus parked vehicles (not including those at three car dealerships I walked by). I got my near daily (now) redi-mix truck on me, and a few shiny new dumptrucks. The perps even put on one of my favorite sports cars, the Audi TT, in silver grey (a favored color), and it was driven by a blonde woman even. What is not to like in that, albeit fleeting as it drove by, and it was back to the grind of being gangstalked by everyone with their ladder, plastic bags, dog, bald head or other accouterment to the ongoing freakshow in which I play the central character without a script.

I had my usual posse of ambulatory gangstalkers on my ass or around me, probably 50 of them, including the fucking operatives cycling on the sidewalk right beside a bicycle lane on the street. I had at least four motorized wheelchairs in both directions sneaking up on me, then meeting them again at the next traffic control. The perps are using more of these fucking things on me, and nearly all are a deep metallic red color. And there were at least an equal number of these things parked with the putative operator on sentry duty, just sitting there.

I read today that the Decider Man, Pres. GW Bush is saying that the summer is going to be a critical time in Iraq. As past readers might recall, there is a connection between this depraved harassment and war and armed strife that is going on (IMHO). I get noisestalked, phenomenon stalked, and vision impaired anytime I read about war, the current ones, or of the past. Ditto for military stories and law enforcement types. If true, then that means the perps are attempting to take some kind of results from this harassment and apply it to the Iraq War.

Given their travails over colors and how certain ones perturb me if strobocoped at me, I don't think they are going to pull off the transference and application of psi energies in 2007, if this is what it is, from me to those involved in the insurrection. And I am also talking about mind control too, another fuckover scene that I deal with. I sense that the perps are still fucking around with their color games, and it has been over a week since they allowed me to eat vegetables, another problem that they have, in assaying the psi energies of digestion and the food colors. I realize this doesn't all hang together real tightly, but this is what I have come to conclude as part of the objectives of this senseless and thankless life trashing fuckover that the sick and relentless assholes have hung on me. And that doesn't explain the past fuckups and the rest of their past sadistic fuckery, of which I sense they are still attempting to remediate.

I got my swarms of shiftless males in their dumbshit hats that they put on today, in the walk back from after yoga. They had three of their fuckers in blue, and they split apart on the crosswalk for me to walk between them. Another male was strangely walking in the grass boulevard portion, ignoring the extra wide sidewalk, one side being asphalt, the other concrete, note. (Regular readers will know that these road surface substances are of intense interest to the perps, and that includes the age of the surface too.)

And more unabashed sentry duty at the recreation center while doing my strength training; a woman who I hadn't seen before, though similar in build and in her face to the swim club coach we had for six years, hung around like a bad smell while I did my first machine workout, after doing a treadmill run for 13 minutes before that. There were plenty of other machines to use, and there are varied options for the workout, and yet she started on sentry duty just after I got onto the machine, and I was obligated to record my treadmill statistics before I started on the machine workout.

And as part of this, the perps have played her in my mind in recent days, though I have no reason to think about her as she now lives in Alberta and is at least 20 years younger than me, and way too whipsmart to be interested in me and my travelling freakshow. As I wrote the above paragraph, I got some huge noisestalking going, so my supposition, or the planting of the notion by mind-fuckery, about the swim club coach just might be correct.

And the perps confirmed that the out-of-town brother like gangstalker that was constantly on my ass at the last residence location, the putative rooming house, is in fact who I think it is. This fucker has also been gangstalking me around my new place, and that confers that this must be an important and known person (when not morphed over). He never appeared to have a room in the putative rooming house, as he came from a different direction each time.

The way it unfolded today was that this same looking and build gangstalker was on my route when heading out to Strength Training. Except this time he had grey hair, instead of his shoulder length brown hair. As before, he had a ball cap on and was dressed in the lightest tan (brown) color possible. So if this fucker gets his hair color and length changed in a week, and "shows up" again, he must be someone I know well. As his height, build and facial structure is nearly identical to my out-of-town brother, it must be him, the fucking asshole.

As I have intimated before, the coincidence of strength training on the same days of yoga is not a fluke, and the perps like me to work out at both in one day, and reserve the four day interval between Thursday and the following Tuesday as their valued "shut-in" time. This way, they can keep me in the apartment for a few days at a time, and this has been one of their standard practices for over two years now, and is more doable now that I don't have a vehicle.

A few bizzare-isms in the freakshow today; someone with a expensive video camera and tripod was acting as if they were going to film this man dressed in a blue and white ice hockey sweater and full gear, including skates that were unguarded! Yessir, they were walking side by side down the street, one of them dressed in full hockey gear, with helmet, stick, pads and gloves and was trashing the bejesus out of his skates by walking on the blades on a concrete sidewalk. I have no idea what this was meant to accomplish, and cannot recall any deep past adverse reactions to real life hockey players. Plain fucking bizarre.

Another lesser bizzare-ism was a troubador dude in a red shirt with his guitar in hand, walking down the street, and yes, we crossed paths at a constriction in the sidewalk, such that I had to wait for him. There has been an inordinant number of dudes packing guitars in my proximity in the past five years, but in all cases they have been in a case or padded carry bag. My only call on this is that these instruments vibrate, and that is a very desireable outcome to further the perp's energetic activities from their remote hideout. Though for the most part, I have never heard one being played (audible vibration) in all the gangstalking arrangements.

While at the strength training there were two participants, one the instructor, the other a supposed class member (both women), and they were dressed identically; black tights to the mid calf area, and the same colored red shirt. I suppose this could happen, but as I take the view that there are no coincidences in my life, it had its reasons. One was for the instructor to lead the class in the center of the floor exercise room, and her doppelganger was beside me at the perimeter of the room, with two other lugs (male operatives), one in a brown shirt and the other in all navy blue ( a safe color for perp fuckery). I reckon this may have offered color continuity from the instructor and to the woman beside me in the same outfit.

And another combination play of these two women in identical clothing was when they were proximate to me, but with a narrow space between them where I could see outside through the glass. And as it so "happened", a bright reflectance was emanating from a parked vehicle outside, and beaming through this space and onto the left side of my face. I simply moved my position and turned away from this annoying set up, and instead, I was treated to countless red plasma beams coming off the wall, and even some that appeared like retina burns, being very persistant.

Also in the classroom, there are windows at the top, and LCD monitors of the equipment workout area are visible through this glass. At some point the fuckers put on some red flashing on the LCD monitor which I saw through the glass on the mirror in front, and it started to freak me out, so I looked at the floor instead and was immediately calmed.

And the perps pulled a toilet blocking stunt, this time the attributable "cause" was a piece of toilet paper, believe or not. After having no plunger for three weeks and the toilet working fine, the day I get the plunger from storage, the perps pull a toilet blocking over one small piece of toilet paper. It is clear that they have decomposed all the elements of taking a shit and in using a plunger to unblock their doings, and that is is a warmup event for their next stunt, where they will block for real. If it can be predicted, it is not of clinical origin. I am being fucked over in almost every aspect of surviving.

This is the post dinner time, that witching hour of dusk and food digestion, both of intense interest to the perps. And to honor themselves, they have brought on the intense noise of a Harley Davidson type motorcyle, modified in some way for maximum noise. As before, the perps crank this noise up from their projected noise machine, as there are no biker bars or like collections of that crowd within ten miles of here. Odd how they all have this modified bike noise, and that this is the only motorcycle that seems to be in this neighborhood. This all started before dinner, and I assume there are some neural energetics tracking imperatives the perps are working on in realtime. Not my problem, so why am I being fucked over for it?

An evening of web troving, and thankfully off the topic of harassment and all the rest of the goings on. I was going through the best CD's of 2006, and I like Slipcue's taste a whole bunch. But of course it was for a reason related to the perp's imperatives, and I was constantly reminded by way of near continuous vision impairment fuckery, and in concert, the noise of motorcycles, buses and the odd siren cascade. Nothing new in all that; it is the cummulative aggregation, and it wasn't too bad for a change.

No substantive emails still; even those I supply requested information to just go south and send me some unrelated links. I am not allowed a dialog with anyone via email of late. It is all part of the ever increasing constraints, and it is on all fronts, even as to how I bend down, something that seriously rankles me, especially when the fuckers blocked me even knowing that, and had fucked me into the scripted "habits" they had imposed

Time for a blog off, and hope that the harassment isn't too substantive.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Recent Advances in Mind Control of Temporal Awareness

Another case of longtime habit disruption/cum mind-fucking. I "somehow forgot" to shave the mustache portion of my face today, again, something that has happened only since the harassment started up, and about two years ago when they could first fuck me out of this part of my daily routine.

A five minute trip to LD for toothpaste only turned into a nonstop freak show from begining to end. It all began when I had just readied myself to go out and my in-town brother "happened" to call about moving the last of my belongings from his place. That necessitated a call to the building manager to unlock the storage area before I headed out the door. Regular readers will know the the microphone pickup of the phone serves as a surveillance device, as do all sensors, in remotely assaying one's energetic activity (both mind and body scalar energies, IMHO).

And while talking to my brother, "I" (as in mind-fucked me) mixed up the words 'yesterday' and 'today', which has never happened before, proof to me of mind control or else a severe clinical impairment that the doctor chooses to ignore, take your pick. I did not "notice" that I made this "mistake" until my brother pointed it out to me. This mind-fucking at this level is a new advancement and may well represent an increase of the perp's ability to fuck my speech and syntax in greater degree than ever before.

The theme of the perp stunts for the short shopping trip to LD was white and blue colored clothing; all white, white pants, white hat and same color sweater as my teal blue vest, white and black. And also, the mid blue of jeans, with a shift to light blue clothing when in the LD store. Listing the constant gangstalk freakshow events in bullet form:
  • a palette jack gangstalk, the operative crossing the street on a no walk signal with a palette jack in tow, and then turning 90 degrees and crossing the same street I was, paralleling me, he crossing behind a silver grey Volvo wagon at the traffic light,
  • the male buddy act, both in late 50's with white hair, bumping into each other and almost holding hands passing me, yet again, at a sidewalk constriction,
  • a "just sitting there" (sentry duty) dude all in jeans wear opposite a constriction in the sidewalk where his deep red metallic red bicycle was located with his same colored helmet,
  • a "just standing there" act at the top of the stairs, this 50 y.o. dude in the same blue clothing, but not jeans wear, and not even the cigarette break cover story,
  • three MIW, men in white, the "staff" of a new bakery that is next to a supermarket (unbelievably), three of them, loosely clustered outside their store to force me to walk between them,
  • two more gangstalkers ahead of me, one with a same colored sweater as my teal vest,
  • two more gangstalkers erupted from the LD store, seemingly together, one in a wheelchair, representational of the handicapped demographic,
  • a white haired male in a light blue color dress shirt and a large gut (aka fat guy) which was seen in profile schleps in ahead of me, then he slows down in the entry area to "peruse" the newspapers,
  • two more "staff" come at me as I am on my way to get toothpaste, one wearing the same light blue colored dress shirt as the fat guy,
  • at least two more faux customer gangstalkers pop out from behind a pillar as I am on my way to the checkout,
  • at the check out the fat guy (above) in a light blue shirt is still at the newspapers, putting on the bend-over act in "deciding" which newspaper to select,
  • another light blue shirted male staff member cruises by, 8' away, while still in the checkout line,
  • a large woman in black sneaks up behind me to putz with the magazines 2' from me, also doing a bend-over behind me, as an ostensible staff member, though not in blue,
  • as I finish up at the checkout I get a "customer" standing in my way, and I get zoned out on dealing with my change from a $20, one of which is a $5 bill, also in light blue
  • I get out of the store and there is a large woman in brown clothing on the cell phone blocking egress,
  • another elderly woman (a certified demographic) gangstalker comes at me to then arrive in a walkway constriction point where a manekin is placed on a chair outside a clothing store
  • then the non-jeans wearing but same color of blue dude on sentry duty (above) has decided to gangstalk me at the corner,
  • the wheelchair and "friend" act (above) who should of been long gone as they exited the LD store when I entered are putzing about on the walkway, and appear to be engaged in some mindless stunt, all smiles,
  • once I get near my apartment, a male with the mental and physical handicap act "happens" to be entering the door ahead of me, ("meeting" there for the third time in as many weeks), wearing the hated white pants with a black colored coat on (an open-mouther act too),
  • there were a few more freaks enroute, and in the LD store, and I cannot recall the remainder.
My brother came to drop off the last of my belongings that are stored at his place; he stretched this out to arrive at the time I would ordinarily be making lunch, to extend my gangstalking exposure time without having a recent meal (only breakfast since 0830h).

And as it so happened, some of the more useful items came in this load, two garbage cans, the toilet cleaning brush and the almighty plunger, the most needed item of in dealing with the shit games the perps keep planting on me, as past blogs have detailed.

Moving the belongings from his van to the the door was the usual gangstalked event; one of the fuckers was in a white varsity type jacket with white leather arms and a dark blue torso portion. He was firstly on his cell phone outside the building, and then joined us later for a ride in the elevator. The children from the putative daycare on this floor were in the hallway sleeping in their stroller, and later, the daycare operator was walking the same stroller outside near us unloading boxes. And by dint of fluke, related to the current perp innudation of the color orange everywhere, the child's blanket was orange, and it was clear I was to see it in the hallway under artificial lighting conditions, and then again in daylight. Other shiftless males walked by, and then reversed direction within a few minutes to come from the opposite direction, especially the brown skinned dude with his mouth hanging open.

As I was busy humphing boxes, I cannot recall all the gangstalking action that was coursing about, but I did note that my brother parked beside the curb gutter puddle again, the only instance of a puddle within many blocks, as the water was not sourced from any recent rain. Fortuneately, there were no puddle dumping games, even if we had to work over top of it, as he parked further away from the curb this time.

Then after moving the boxes into my apartment, my brother has a "sudden" liking to my office chair, and uses this as an excuse to sit in and try it out. Of course he passed on the offering of an identical free chair last week, as he took it to the local charity for me. This was a feint for him in his brown coat to sit in it and provide the sickos with some brown color energetics assay possibilities as I don't have such a colored garment. He also go into his sunglasses again for no reason, as he was in the shade or inside the building. It is the second time he has put on shades midway through moving my items to my apartment. Naturally, he was evasive as to why he put them on, and had them slipped down his nose for the elevator trip up. The operatives wearing shades even on rainy days is nothing new, all part of the sick minded freak show that the assholes have cast me into.

The unpacking of boxes is also an excuse for the perps to put things back in that they have stolen previously. And it so "happened", that the fuckers who stole my car speakers and CD deck from my parents' place only the week before I wanted them installed in readying my vehicle for turnover to my daughter, put these items in my boxes. There was no way any kind of mistake was made, and my mother was "attempting" to understand how these items went missing from her house at the time.

Related to this, the installation of these items could be a birthday present for my daughter who is now driving the vehicle. And her birthday is three weeks hence.

And part of the arrangement in my sorting through my belongings is that I truck the unwanted items to the charity a half block down the street. I made three trips to accomplish this, and there were perps and gangstalkers all over me each time, trying out new colors of clothing, and vehicles passing by in the street, just ahead of me crossing it.

And the gate to the charity was closed, but a woman in crimson red, down to her tights, was on duty (more like, was arranged to be there), and I called out if they wanted three loads of items, and she walked the 40' of driveway to let me in. I saw this as another case of slow distance dependent testing of a person in red, as other red garment shows came on in the elevator, as well as five at a glance deep metallic red vehicles posted nearby. Anyhow, I got all the moving done; tossing out a whole lot of stuff, and keeping books that are germane to this ongoing harassment fuckery.

As part of that, some "new" books also showed up in the boxes, and they might well be perp planted. Because they can now fuck with my recall at will, I cannot be absolutely sure if I purchased them or not. That will make for some reading material on hand, but the same provisio may apply, I won't be able to understand the contents thanks to the perp sickos who have impaired my learning abilities since birth. This has been documented since 1960, and also in 1998. Though, I also suspect that they dynamically fuck with what I learn in realtime, as the number of "don't get it" episodes has gone up since they began their overt harassment in 2002.

As part of the moving boxes to the charity or my storage locker exercise, one of the elevators was shut down, and this served as a reason to pack the elevators with more gangstalkers and for longer wait times. Also, the elevator serviceman come by for two gangstalkings, which might relate to the fact that he was at the bottom of one of the elevator shafts for energetics interaction. He was dressed in a "safe" color, navy blue.

The sickos were also trying out less favored colors on me. I mentioned the lady in all red above, but they also packed the elevators with two operatives wearing the same shirt color, burgundy red, appearing to be separate parties. On my last trip outside to donate my belongings, they put a woman in a red leather jacket some 60' ahead of me.

Before that, a blonde man in a varsity like jacket of white leather arms and a navy blue wool torso portion was hanging around on sentry duty outside the apartment building on his cell phone. He then disappeared for one box load into the building, and then "showed" up in the elevator beside me. This may have attempted to leverage their earlier games with white and blue on the earlier trip to the LD store, per above. By my estimation, the perps are sucking wind bigtime in getting their colors, gangstalking genders and the rest of their vile energetics fuckery quantified. This doesn't stop them, they just keep fucking me around all the more; five years of this and counting.

The typo fuckery has been increased of late; sometimes the perps have me go through four attempts to spell a given word, enough to rile me up and vocalize my complaint.

And the overhead hyperactivity has started up; the rumbling noise that purports to be the sliding glass door. Not so, it is directly overhead when it should be 8' away, the constant use belies any normal "resident" behavior, and lastly, it would not come through anywhere as near as loud through concrete floors/ceilings. It is another projected noise from the endless database of the perps and their thankless jerkaround that continues.

Last night they got into unabashed needle like jabbings; while taking a pee, the fuckers jabbed me in the leg for no reason. A few minutes later I changed out of my clothes, and when horizontal in bed, the fuckers jabbed me in the same place on my leg. As best as I know, that is a blatant pain to neural energetics test in the vertical, and then the prone position, a fishing expedition looking for the neural energetics correlates of the two positions, along with correlating that to the urine they would of been assaying also. It never ends; this thankless sadism after being covertly fucked with for 47 years. Now I am getting masered in the eyes again, as they attempt to bring their fuzzy zingers to follow my central vision.

Another outbreak of hyperactive rumbling overhead was started as I was reviewing my journalling above; the fuckers go hyperactive when I am editing my work. Any noise that is vogue will do, no matter the apparent absurdity of the cover story, even if there is one.

I am still pissed the perps won't let me bend down the way I want to, which is always at the knees, and not at the waist as all their fucking operatives and gangstalkers do. Only after three weeks in this apartment did they even let me be aware of my own habits, never mind the clumsy and stupid manner in reaching down that they have imposed upon me. I reckon this planted "awareness" is to create more friction and annoyance more than anything. The trick of letting me in on how I am being fucked with, so to have me vocalize more.

More overhead rumbling as the absurdity of this projected noise without a plausible cover story continues. Now a car alarm has started up, and I get at least one per day now.

There has been an increase in the number of red plasma flashings of late; they will plant them anytime I close my eyes or blink, but of late they have been putting them in my peripherial vision either as an augmentation of the color of an object similarly colored, or else a blatant "in my face" blast of red. Yesterday there were more red flashings sitting in front of me sitting above the sidewalk. In the past, they have bombarded me with red plasma flashings, and it is extremely disorientating. While walking in dappled shade, the perps also put on red flashes in a stroboscopic manner, as if this were "normal" passing through light and shade.

After doing some Bookmarks broken link maintenance, the perps decided to crank up the vision impairment fuckery in both eyes, so that was the end of the noble effort. There is a decided interation of the noise events; the overhead rumbling, the loud motorcycles trailing off into the distance, the bus noises (now louder, and with a turbo whine), glass bashing, and then it repeats again, likely culminating in the vison fucking to end my activity for the day.

Time to call this a posting and blog off, and pardon the typos and other syntax problems, as I am being mind-fucked out of editing my work.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Brown and Yellow

It was a well coordinated "yellow experience" this morning, or more like, yellow and brown. I had my "usual" (read mind-fucked) 100g of chocolate for breakfast following peanut butter and jam on gluten free bread, all with coffee. After my shower and another incident with red goo "arriving" on my towel, I shaved and did my dental routine. The final act of this daily event is to ingest the omega 3 supplements and my medications, one of which is in the form of yellow and white capsules. Following that, "I" decided to undertake laundry by first checking that the one washer and dryer on this floor was availible. And as I turned the corner to go by the elevators, out "pops" an East Indian man and his toddler age son, the latter wearing a bright yellow jacket. For me, this was another color combination event, the supply of two predominant colors similar to those I had just ingested, brown (East Indian skin color comparable to chocolate) and yellow (son's jacket similarity to Rx). There are at least 10 to 20 of these events in any given day, even if I am apartment bound, and this is just one more.

When the Rx for the yellow and white pills expired a few weeks ago and there was a mind-fucked lapse in getting the new Rx, the perps got serious about exposing me to a whole lot more yellow props, clothing and the like than they ever had before. Every day I take this medication I get noisestalked at that moment of ingesting them, so the above color combinations and coincidences are not unexpected.

Another round of "forgets" in making my lunch again, the same kind and method for over four years now. This is to interrupt my lunch, and have me attend to the broiler being left on, something that is "happening" 80% of the time, up from zero when I last had a full oven.

A exercise afternoon, yoga and then strength training. At present I have clunking and tapping from the apartment above, and that does sound like a familiar complaint about the last residence location, the putative rooming house. To legitimately pull off that noise in this building the floors would have to be tiled and not carpeted, and that isn't the case. This same bullshit scenario unfolded at my last concrete apartment building, where no end of overhead floor whackings, clunkings and other noise erupted. And funny how this keeps happening to me; the same overhead noises in at least five previous buildings since this harassment began in 2002.

And a mysterious source of late evening light came through the window and brightened up the apartment while eating dinner. As this is a East facing apartment, it is in the shade at this time of day, and there was no accounting for how this apartment was lit so brightly. Even more mysterious was the flickering of the light; as is how is this possible that a mysterious source of light to be manipulated even more? Again, I suspect the perp's fixation with me eating brown colored food is the attractant, and their noise and light games are being continued overhead as I type this. There is plenty of the regular street noise and even a siren cascade has erupted.

Earlier in the afternoon I had my yoga, which was populated by the usual cast of characters, one of whom was decidedly obese, and the perps made sure I saw that. One forced look, and I looked away from her for the rest of the session. There was the usual maser and plasma flitting about; overhead, behind the others, across the floor etc. In fact, my mat was seething with this vibratory energy. All of us had variants of blue mats, mine was navy blue, one of the perp's preferred colors after the white, black and silver grey lineup. And lo, if some brown crumbs didn't arrive ahead of me, nicely arranged on the mat. And I also noticed that the black garbage bag, (a frequent accouterment to the "plastic bag people" (gangstalkers)), used for carrying the yoga mats has now been replaced with a plastic coated fabric bag of the same material as my laundry toting duffel bag I used for the past seven months at my last residence location.

And the others closed in on me while I was taking my shoes and socks off, as well as my teal blue wind blocking vest. Midway in the session, someone's red coat was moved onto my vest, one of those "errant" color mixing moments again.

I went onto strength training, and lo, if the bus and locker fare (coins) I took with me didn't all disappear, and I was fucked out of getting a locker, and instead, I had to trust the perps to not steal my vest, and place it in the cubbies near the exit. But as it happened, the vest did not get stolen, and the planned stunt was that I had to put on the vest in the proximity of the gangstalking negro dude who "just happened" to be on his cell phone only 6' away. He was lifting weight earlier, ans as regular readers know, skin color is a consistent fixation of the perps in their brown color games that they are obsessed over. He was part of my honor guard, at every entrance and exit I use now, especially this apartment building.

The strength training class had its swarming moments, and at least once, had themselves communally blocking egress, while pretending to be unaware of their aisle blocking asses. This fucking act also repeats itself in every visit to the grocery store. The perps let me run on the tread mill for 14 minutes today, and put on their show of gangstalkers and other detritus parading about outside (through the glass windows), retracing their steps, standing over their bicycles doing nothing etc. In the floor exercise workout room I got to see myself in the mirrors, and I could not believe all the white plasma flashes coming off me. I am like a plasma beacon. Perhaps as a result of that, there were no more standing up exercises, as the weight workout seemed truncated.

As I walked to the strength training and back on two major thoroughfares, I got the full-on vehicular gangstalking. My estimate was 500 to 800 vehicles in formation by vehicle type, size, color and make. The usual marker for the intensity of vehicular gangstalking is the one glance count of red colored vehicles. Today, it was five at a glance including parked vehicles, but there were at least a dozen clusters of three red color vehicles together, often crossing paths in the intersection. The current record for red vehicles in one glance is eight, and the current record for red vehicles in an intersection at once is five. There are a few other variants of this game, as white and silver grey vehicles are usually clustered together.

And there was also a high obesity count today; about every five minutes of walking there was a planted obese gangstalker sucking on a cigarette. The usual cover story is that they are taking a break from the proximate business as a cashier or like, but I have never had so many "obesers" in a half hour walk, and to have them at such regular intervals. Simply amazing.

Another demographic that was featured at the recreation center and the walk home was red haired gangstalkers. There was about 12 in total, finishing up with the cashier at the grocery store and then a woman in the apartment lobby as my final two red haired gangstalkers. I don't know why the perps are constantly fixated on creating exposure to this demographic by planting this hair color in my proximity, but as I have said before; it is not my problem, so why am I being fucked over about it?

A variant on the red hair color is the brunette hair with a reddish tinge to it from hair dying. I can pick out such a hair dye job a mile away, and again, I don't know the perps have planted this on me. The last significant exposure to this was my daughter who had her hair dyed brown with the resultant reddish (and loathsome) iridescence. My expectation was that meeting her for an hour or so two weeks ago was sufficient exposure to this, but apparently not by the perp's reckoning, as they are monitoring my realtime brain function at a deeper level than I am aware of.

And that is the part I don't get; all these long past events, features and colors are being replayed for me in their attempt to obtain some kind of neural energetic response at levels that I am unaware of and don't care to know. Now, they make me aware of their entire suite of fixations over what I like and don't like, when I really don't care, e.g. blog on demographics. It is plain fucking nuts to have a party that won't front for itself, remotely accessing and assaying my brain energetics over long past events/features/colors.

The church bells are ringing to improve the noise and vibration energies, which is a block away, as this appears to be their regular practice night. And concurrently in the hallway, there is some kind of maintenance act going on, which involves smashing glass together. And could it be that this serves the same purpose as the bottle bashing noise that went on in the putative rooming house that I lived in for the previous seven months (last residence location)? I suspect so, as there is a long trail of glass smashing activity over the last five years of harassment, and it always "happens" to me. Once, when I kicked a planter on a window sill, the glass in the window self-broke, as nothing contacted the glass. Another repair I was obliged to pay for that was not my doing.

This has been a very noisy evening, and it has only just started. Could it be that today's out and about activities offered the perps more opportunity to dig into deeper brain functioning, especially with the spinal twisting of yoga, and the too-eager gangstalkers to jump on the same exercise equipment I was working on at the rec center?

I am getting the knee torquing torture tonight; the twisting of my lower leg by remote means, and usually in conjunction with a noise, and very often, the picture of someone on a web page, often at the very first instant of display. That spells acute timing, to put a pain, noise and a display item altogether for a specific moment.

I am getting severe vision assaults; in both eyes simultaneously as I am scanning a list of musicians and groups to find album reviews of interest. This kind of activity gets the sickos cranked up bigtime, as they jump on me with noise, knee twisting or more vision assaults if I find a musician name I am familiar with. Perhaps this is the tail end of the fuckers attempting to master how I recall specific items. I don't know for sure if they can trash my recall, but they can certainly fuck with most of it.

My later evening was messed with by continuing vision assaults which made online reading impossible. Once I shutdown the PC and picked up a book, why, the vision assaults just plain stopped.

I will call this a blog for the day, and start one later for more travails of the harassment sickos.