Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Returns, Exchanges and Refunds

One part of my life that has radically changed since full-on overt harassment is the game of having recently acquired goods "fail", fall apart, not as advertised or otherwise malfunction. So.... the game is to take these items back to where they came from and seek redress in some way. This allows the perps to re-evaluate the item after some weeks in your posession in its original environment. What they get out of that is total conjecture, and so it wasn't too much of a surprise that my very expensive progressive lens eyeglasses had to be returned because they weren't edge polished as ordered.

As part of this created perp obsession, I wasn't offered the option, and did not know it had been specified in the first place. And so, after one round of visiting the store on the weekend and coming up against a clueless store assistant, I took the glasses back and asked the very attractive blonde woman in charge if in fact the glasses were edge polished or not, as I wasn't 100% sure of the term yet, and was going by others, including Sarah Palin, who had exposed edges that were smooth and transparent. The edges of my eyeglasses were a whitish appearence and almost opaque. And lo, if the blonde woman didn't declare that she "missed" noticing this from the work order, and asked if I wouldn't mind sending them back to the lab. I told her that was fine, and that I had my old eyeglasses in place for such an eventuality. The deal was done, and so I am back to my old pair that correct for distance viewing only.

And this was the perp's entre to repeated vision fucking all day so far, and likely until I get the new eyeglasses back, hopefully tomorrow. And I suppose it gives the perps an respite to analyse the new glasses for whatever energetic signatures that they took on when on my face for a month, as they seemed well prepared for this one block excursion. They had the elevator floor wet, as if recently mopped, and the elevator lobby too. They even put on the mop bucket, near identical in form and material to the one that I use at the car dealership for my one hour per day job.

On the way to the optician I dropped off a bag full of Christmas presents I didn't want, and I suspect that the givers knew exactly what they were doing as they know what kind of garments I like, and they are constantly exposed to this when I visit them. I also "remembered" to throw in the brown raincoat I never use and got fucked in purchasing when in Seattle in 2000, as all the black, grey and navy blue ones were gone. A partially consumed marzipan loaf was also put in the bag as the perps arranged it such that I didn't have any gift giving occasions and that I was suitably faked out by my mother's specious talk. And the polycarbonate bisphenol A leaching water bottle was also put in the charity giveaway bag, an item the perps had me use last summer and have since spooked me with pollutant "concerns". Though the real fact is that they likely knew all about it years ago and as ingested pollutants seem to be creating more problems for them in remotely assaying/applying energetic intrusions like mind control, they seem to be moving on. I have no idea as to what the fuckers are up to; remediating my ingested pollutants or working around them by appropriate modelling of their behavior in one's physiological system. The perps tell me that the pollutant traces have inconsistent properties at the quantum level; the usual caveat applies, though they have been very consistent in chasing me down with all manner and types of plastics, especially the PVC pipe bearing irrigation services trucks that buzz about me, even if there is no jobsite nearby.

After dropping off the donations at the local charity, and back on the sidewalk, the perps arranged a swarm of at least five dudes in an confluence with me in the center beside the vagrant act with the shopping cart that was stopped in mid-sidewalk for no apparent reason. It was simply amazing as to how all these Fuckwits could come from nowhere, and assemble as a swarm with such amazing choreography. I don't know quite what so compelling at that moment; I had walked some 50' N. to the charity donations bay, and then walked the same path back, and then turned W. and had only gone some 15' when the dude swarm came from across the street, the adjacent parking lot, and the vagrang Fuckwit stopped in mid-street. Then some more gangstalking action until I got the opticians where they re-installed the E. Indian dude to pose briefy as seen through the storefront glass and who had scooted by the time I had entered the building only two seconds later. This business has always been a babe show, but the perps seem determined to introduce some males into the mix, but are doing it in a very incremental way. The dude gangstalkers in the opticians are for very short, no more than five seconds, durations to be seen by me. Hence the last time when there, two males arrived at the front door as I was about to depart with my new eyeglasses, one of whom was wearing a fedora and they jointly appeared as if they were some noir B movie. Fucking hilarious, or at least, as much as it gets.

Today's other dude in the optical store was a supposed customer with his wife and I heard him, and those he was talking to, while dealing with the blonde woman who was making a fuss that she "missed" noticing that my then new glasses weren't edge polished. And it would seem that the perps just wanted me to hear a male voice in the background, and once I got up to leave, he was doing his pose for me to see, and my attention was momentarily directed to see him. This seems to be the perps' way of metered incremental introductions of males into my enviroment as they are of the Unfavored demographic groups, seemingly because of past inflicted subconscious traumatizations the assholes are now attempting to elicit. Regular readers might recall a similar event in the summer when one of my daffodil farmworkers, who had been regularly into the sauce, arrived late a work on the conveyor line, and then the perps wafted his pungent odour toward me, such that I smelled him first before I saw him. An interesting variation of the perps and their incremental introduction games.

And while at the opticians there was the usual array of "service" and "delivery" vehicles clustered outside, often with the dude/driver sitting there in the cab, present for both my inbound and outbound legs of my return journey. They put on some white colored vans and 5 tonne delivery trucks and then injected about a quarter of them as glossy black colored vehicles, an opposite greyscale tone, and a very frequent gangstalk vehicle configuration color. Wearing the old eyeglasses for a day will likely also attract some more Fuckwit/gangstalker shenanigans tonight when on the cleaning job or afterward. I don't want to consider what the Fuckover games are going to be as I am still royally pissed with the three forced "forgets" last night.

When I got back from the opticians the apartment lobby floor mopping action was still in progress, just with no cleaning person or mop bucket around. When the perps put on wet floors and wetted parking lots (with no other adjacent road surfaces wet), they are going all out to expedite whatever fuckery they are doing, which as regular readers will know, it is the remote assay of one's total bioenergetic signature (or, bioelectromagnetics if you prefer, but I think this is only part of it all, hence I use the term, bioenergetics) for the purposes of 100% mind control as well as other bioenergetic states that have to do with color, conscious and subconscious recall (per above), as well as likely psychic energies. Hence the ongoing kiddie and dog show as an inordinant part of the ongoing gangstalking population as they are more sensitive to psychic energies.

Anyhow, that is a whole lot to take in, but I don't come to those speculations without a whole lot of experiences and observation. I have had 6.5 years of this fucking abuse, and there is a plenty of consistency the perps are presenting and reiterating, and it would seem that they are on a campaign to continue their quest that has been very consistent around their objectives as noted in my blog posting to the right under Introductory Postings, Pondering the Perps Objectives.

And lo, if the perps didn't pull a major toilet blockage and overflow stunt that had to be cleaned up with towels. And of course it it too late to put them in the laundry tonight so they get to sit in the bathtub for the night until I get to them tomorrow morning, just after breakfast when I will be reminded of them sitting there. One is not allowed to be proactive and get onto matters right away, but is kept constantly clueless by "remembering" only on sight. I will spare the details, but this has to be at least the eighth time in this apartment, and as far as I can recollect, they have been the most aggressive on toilet overflow stunts here. Though the assholes have always been obsessed over me taking a shit right from the start when they became overt in 04-2002 and I saw one of the male invader crew put a balloon in the toilet and flushed it as he placed the balloon in to get it out just out of sight and into the pipe. And ever since then, the assholes have sabotaged just about every crap I have taken. Not to mention that they also parade brown colored vehicles and brown dressed gangstalkers around too. I suspect they could of figured out their fucking brown color problem years ago with cooperation instead of a 6.5 year long game of peekaboo color exposures and the toilet fucking games.

One is tempted to associate the fact that I am wearing my old eyeglasses tonight with tonight's shit stunt, but I have no idea why. As always, there are no true coincidences in my life, it is all a matter of figuring out what the Shit SS want from their deranged experimentation games. All this description is too interesting for the assholes as they have brought in the rumbling noise overhead, that portable one that "arrives" overhead no matter where I am in the apartment; desk, kitchen, bathroom, and bed.

I have an 1000h employment appointment tomorrow as part of the grovelling process for training monies to upgrade my computer skills to current levels after this criminally enforced hiatus. I wonder what the real agenda is in getting me to an outside appointment on the heels of tonight's shit stunt and the cleanup. No doubt there will be serious gangstalking and perhaps someone will be wearing my brown raincoat that I put into the charity today. The usual deal for appointments is that even if I am on time the meeting it starts 15 to 20 minutes late while the parade of Fuckwits with their coffees (think brown color stalking), passes by along with the plasma and maser beams flitting about. Yesterday's appointment was an example with even the yellow envelope stalking as some kind of color reference for the person who "needed" to pick up brochures from the rack near me.

Tonight's one hour car dealership cleaning was less eventful thankfully; I see that the two week "tour" of the deep red metallic Mazda Tribute with the yellow fiberglass stringered ladders finally ended. This vehicle had been rotated to all the hoists (four), one in each corner and in the center as some kind of color reference "bait". The perps routinely have ladder bearing gangstalking vehicles in my proximity, and it would seem that having this vehicle there in differing positions and elevations (on the hoists) was of prime importance. The used vehicles that they had arranged in the Service Shop tonight were red, copper color and black, all straight from the gangstalking playbook.

I noticed today when dropping off the charity stuff I passed a copper colored Volvo 850 wagon, the pre-2002 version that looks the best before they "jelly beaned" the body panels. This vehicle parks in that closest parking lot corner anytime I pass by on that side of the street, and I suppose it represents a Favored design with a color the perps are obsessed over, but only selectively present, that being a copper color. And it is no surprise how many shiny pennies "erupt" around me when out in public as some kind of reference color and material (metal). The perps are putting on the more reddish copper colors of late, the ones that I find ugly. This Volvo is a more bronze colored copper and might have been the reason the fuckers swarmed on me in mid street, detailed above. This same Volvo was arranged in the Volvo car dealership lot when I was in my former residence (2007 to 2007)and I would pass it by when on my shopping trips. I must of seen it at least 10x or more, and it was often parked near the tree that was overhanging the lot and the sidewalk. What the copper color means for the perps isn't clear to me, but it is interesting that today's pants "uniform", jeans, have copper studs in them.

That should be enough of a blog posting for today, having an outing this morning and then the lastmost toilet stunt to ensure there is another round of loathing and angst created. The perps feed on emotional tumult and duress, and I often wonder how much of the news is fomented by these assholes in order to create more of these seeming optimal harassment/nonconsensual human experimentation events. Enough of the conspiracies for now, but many TI's find there is more commonality of world events than they want to publically divulge. Even here, I don't go into all these possible connections as I don't always know the premise behind them, and don't want to engage in long chains of unsubstantiated conjecture.

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