Sunday, October 26, 2014

Power Washing Sabotage

What is it about power washers that the perps like to sabotage so much? Yesterday, the electric cold water power washer was on the fritz; loosing pressure, then regaining it, only to stutter and repeat the cycle. I was washing winery bins and tanks, and found this continual washing pressure fluctuation to be highly annoying, if not near dysfunctional.

At the vineyard/winery we are on the fourth power washer, and the above mentioned one is the most reliable. The two big box store purchased ones didn't cut it, and one was cannibalized in an attempt to fix the other. The electric power washer came last year and has run for two hours on one job, and not on most others. Then the used Banda/Honda one came a few months ago that has a gasoline engine with a diesel heater to heat the water, and lo, if the thing wasn't plugged up, and once fixed, it won't start because of a solenoid problem. But it has a starter pull cord, and lo, the cord won't retract, and it cannot be manually started either. Today, the electric power washer behaved itself for the most part, save the first 20 minutes of fluctuating pressure.

Power washer sabotage goes back to the early 1990's when I first rented one. It started fine and ran for ten minutes until I had to shut it off for some external reason. After that, it wouldn't start at all. I took it back and they told me it was likely a pump problem. Like WTF; a long running small business that takes excellent care of their rental tools, and lo, it wouldn't work. As mentioned in past blogs, the perps are consumed with the properties of water and it sources; e.g. rain water, lake water, irrigation pipes and colors, faucets, fittings and PVC glue color, valves etc. So I suppose, power washers represent another link in the chain, this being a particular delivery type for pressurized water (and noise). And too, they encourage other proximate neighbors to do power washing too.

Yoga was yesterday, and there were a few unusual events in the gangstalk theme. One UK accented male (seen before) clammed up once I detected the accent and he was in the furthest corner from me. Some ten minutes into the class this fat oaf of a male comes in and sets up beside me. There were plenty of other vacant spots, but no, he made a beeline for this one beside me. Worse yet, he was wearing brown colored shorts (two Unfavored on top of the first two, male over 20yo. and being fat), and was clearly out of his league (wheezing and gasping as he was) as to the yoga poses. I have never seen this Fuckwit before, and it all looked way too obvious as a planted shill. Some yoga snobbery perhaps, but if the gangstalk scene is so highly choreographed as to EVERYTHING, especially at yoga, I get plain annoyed at any diminution or perturbation of this rare respite (somewhat) in any given week.

The darling pixie yoga instructor was her usual perky self, and wore tights that looked almost like batik, with the lurid colors and color mixing. In other words, it wasn't so easy picking out her gorgeous form. Though the pattern and color on her tights was suggestive of tattoos, and I am sure that was deliberate, as the perps know I loathe the sight of tattoos. And yes, there were a few discrete tattoos among the 12 women classmates, unlike last week when one had a 6" diameter tattoo design on her shoulder. Last week was also interesting as it was a Fat Girl instructor, but they put the lithe Star Girl between me and the instructor. That is, one to engage my "attractiveness meter" and the other to engage my Unfavored Feature loathing, or more like, subconscious traumatization/repulsion that was invoked during the "lost years", aged 2 to 5. Not that I was "lost", but nearly all my recall was wiped. Two of those years were in Montreal, a special place for MKULTRA activities at that time, 1956-59. [Rare overhead helicopter noise overhead as I wrote this at 1920h (dark)].

More cleaning at the winery, most of the day. The boss man has gone to Vancouver and the boss lady is gone too. I get to feed the cat in the morning. Which means for the perps, they get to abuse and harass me (like usual), but I get to yell at them out loud (vocalized complaints) instead of using hoarse whispers of the same content; e.g. swearing at them when they flick water in my face, pull the power washer wand from my grasp, kink the hoses for the umpteenth time of the day etc. This pattern of being "abandoned" to be harassed all the more was evident back in 2004 when my  perp abetting brother would give me gardening jobs and then take off to be absent when extra harassment was applied. Nothing new there.

A shooting incident on Parliament Hill, with tragic consequences.... Press the next button up on the world events blender, as in creating more strife, angst and internecine problems. I don't mean to trivialize or be trite about such tragedies, but it just seems that that firearms use and dying perpetrators are just what the perps live so much.

Mail holdups again; my forklift certification was sent Oct. 09 and had to travel from the source (college) to the PO, all of four blocks, and then to me, two blocks from the PO. I don't see why the regular post office snail mail should take so fricking long. Ditto, on my CD order; sent from Portland OR on Oct. 05, and gets here today, along with the above mentioned mail. And did they really need to rip off a corner to find out the contents were exactly as described?  I doubt it, if they can X-ray baggage at airports, X-ray shipping containers etc.

A big day in perp land; visiting the urologist for a prostate exam. Not only that, the paranoia they have inculcated me with over the past two months about having prostate cancer due to increased urination has been dispelled by way of the PSA test result. A 3.5, down from 4.7 six months ago, and I am declared to have a good prostate health, and will need to see the specialist in a year. So... why all the increased urination that began after Labor Day. Stay tuned, another test and who knows. Another Rx in the interim to see if there is a result. Possible spasms of the bladder or ureter or whatever. I know a crowd who can deliver spasms from a distance; back in the early 1970's my eye lid would spasm on me, and I saw the doctor who prescribed a tranquilizer and lo, that fixed it. Now I know how that one got started and ended.

And of course extra games going on before and after the momentous day (for the perps). I drove to Naramata to get a food order, my nuts and seeds thing. And of course I get brazil nuts as they have lots of selenium in them, good for prostate health. All to find out that I could of got the usual pecans. But as these brazil nuts are from Peru, and possibly the S hemisphere, that just might be the real reason the perps cooked this one up in the sequence they did. They like me to interact with Australians and others S of the equator.

A very gusty day, and lo, if the last time I drove to Naramata about a month ago, why, it was very gusty too.

Other bullshit tonight was that a mug hanging from a securely fastened cup hook fell down and smashed my glass teapot. Yes, you read it right; the mug was hanging, like it always does (18 months worth here) and then this horrific crash noise erupted, but I could not see what happened by looking at the kitchen counter where the noise came from. I am inured to loud noises coming from nowhere, and thought it was all about scaring me shitless. A few minutes later I visit the cupboard and there is all the glass shards on plates and bowls below. The assholes broke a glass coffee carafe back in 2003, and they let me see it cleave apart from some unbidden force. Within a month, they broke the Bodum glass teapot, the variant with the plastic handle attached to the glass. I bought the same teapot, though this time it came with a glass handle, which looked more classy. About 2009 the teapot was still important enough that the perps had me replace the plastic infusion basket with a stainless steel one. I fear that this model might not be findable again and I am going to get stiffed with a inferior substitute. They plan such details well in advance.

And will this carnage ever end? Yet another school shooting, not at the begging or end of term, but tragic all the same. And why do the perps want blood, gore and dying students/victims in educational contexts. In April of this year, there was five Univiersity of Calgary students knifed by a rampaging student, though off campus.

And to add my piece of possible related speculation into why massacres are so frequent at schools and among students; it just might relate to the Perps' Objectives, as they like to hound my ass whenever I learn something, reject knowledge that is erroneous, and by extension, the whole of epistemological theory. That is, the perps are also consumed by the theory of knowledge, and where it may come from, how it was formed, used etc. Way back in about 1988 I went to a GIS (Geographic Information System) conference in San Antonio. I found a seat at one presentation, and like now, the seats beside me remained unfilled until the lecture started, and at the end the fellow who took the seat mentioned something to me, and I replied, and he said something to the effect of the difficulty of defining knowledge. I agreed it was loose concept, and that was the end of that. In hindsight, that person was probably a perp operative and was instructed to drop the concept in my mind. I am presently reading "The Fabric of Reality" and one of the four main quantum world pillars is epistemology. Anyhow, just conjecture, but what I know from where, whom, in what context and all possible facets is of extreme interest to the perps.

Saturday, and off to the vineyard/winery to check on the five fermentations going on. Only for two hours or so, as the boss man is back from Vancouver and will likely not want me working any extra time. He had me take two days off in advance to negate extra hours.

And lo, if the same kind of vehicle trains, (single lane vehicular gangstalking formations) of red, white with escorting grey scale colors weren't in place, going the opposite direction. It was 0900h on a Saturday, and the excuse, aka cover story, of weekday commuters is now blown, if it ever was credible in the first place.

Laundry in the afternoon, different than the usual weekend morning. No half dressed Frenchie wackos this time, but extra laundromat patrons to be sure. Even the owner couple/wife got into it, not staring at me this time, but dressing in mid-brown pants and a fuschia colored top. Way fugly.

The nearby green grocery store was the prime clusterfuck venue of the day; one tubby dude got in way too close at the mushroom section and then went around me to the other side. Within 10 seconds of him vacating my presence, another dude arrived beside me unannounced, one of the store stocker/stalkers. No manners in this town it seems (Penticton). And they know exactly when to close in, as I was loading a paper bag full of mushrooms for the week ahead. Said tubby dude later reprised gangstalking around the corner of an aisle, "happened" to be ahead of me at the checkout, and was in the parking lot too when I exited.

Shopping for a replacement teapot last night turned out to be pointless; I met the elder blonde woman at the kitchen section who didn't know what Bodum was, even if that particular department store is listed as retailer. Ditto for the iconic Seattle coffee chain; though she was young, her nose seemed to be featured with her forward facing nostrils that were plenty visible. (Hmmm, I wonder if this another Unfavored feature as two prior stalkers this year had very similar nostrils?)

Besides the teapot smashing yesterday, many things have become extra kinetic over and above the extra kinetic objects I experience every day. If two items are side my side, and apart, and I reach to grasp one of them, why, the other will vibrate and move by itself, with no contact from me or the grasped object. This escalation of extra kinetics has crossed the line from barely plausible and statistically untenable to totally implausible for every instance of such an event.

Ditto this morning when I finished my shower after shaving; one look in the mirror and lo, a black pubic hair (very bent and contorted) was on my face.  I don't have any such colored pubic hairs whatsoever; so how did it get there and from whom? This hair placement prank/harassment has also been escalated in the past month or so, and at the most improbable moments; long (5+") blonde hairs, ditto for black ones, and often timed during when I am plucking my own hairs from my cheeks. Cheek and chest hair plucking is almost always accompanied my blackish masers following the extracted hair as I flick it into the sink, or else following my fingers in cleaning off the tweezers. Often, the same hair is teleported back near the facial location it was extracted from during a moment's inattention. So what is it about hair that the perps find so intensely vital? Do they have certain properties as they grow, and do they need to have my hairs energetically interact with those of others in my presence? And of course, like anything else that goes down the drain, the perps find that fascinating too.

The perps' hair obsession goes way back I suspect. Three Newfoundland dogs, serially owned, had long black coats. The last Newfie was when my ex and I were together. I could never figure out why the ex would not ever comb the dog's coat and leave it to me to do. It was combed every  8 weeks or so, probably not often enough, and it was plenty obvious that the dog's hair needed maintenance by the time I got to it. And it isn't too much of a surprise that some of the female gangstalkers have long black gorgeous manes, the most noticeable recent occurrence being at yoga. She "happened" to be driving by when I was on my way there, and effectively vehicularly (in lead ahead mode) gangstalked me to the parking lot outside yoga, and then inside the practice studio. I hadn't seen her before, and perhaps she was there just for that. As mentioned above, I was distracted by this late arriving male oaf for much of the class. Anyone else out there in TI hell get these hairs of foreign origin dropping in on them?

A hike today, after working on wine fermenting at the vineyard. I was to pick up 25lb of onions at the farm where the trailhead is, and dutifully phoned ahead per instructions, but no one responded to the messages on the answering machine. So.... another visit there sometime soon to get this one squared away. A hike in some rain, cloud and both females of the gangstalking hiking couples wore deep red tops, not unlike the red wine I was working with. And too, my vehicular escort on the way there had me covered with a deep red colored vehicle, swapping one out for another, three different vehicles the same color in all, plus others coming the opposite direction.

And it is late October, and still the motorcycle presentation "offensive" is still on. I am talking about them being parked on the streets as visible props; there are now ten regularly parked within two blocks of me along all my access routes to my residence. Yet again, in the pre-harassment days, it was a given that displaying parked motorcycles in front of one's house was an invitation to certain motorcycle gangs to steal it. But now, for some reason, the perps need to populate my locale with them, and no thefts whatsoever. Funny how that happens. And for all the MKULTRA and contemporaneous stories of organized child abuse, I still don't have a handle on why motorcycles could be part of the perp's abreaction baiting games.

Late Sunday evening, and I am not feeling too inspired for any more reportage, read, remotely applied invasive mind dithering. Nothing new there.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Thwarted Intentions Again, and Again

Working at the vineyard,  and I wanted to start fermentations, but the boss kept me busy all day on crushing more grapes, and still more to go. Why he had to crush three batches of red yesterday, and then have them sit for today, and likely tomorrow is beyond me. One of them was Cab. Sauv, and it got picked way too early, still with a high acid that I will need to reduce somehow. Another make work project no doubt, the perps' specialty

A formal blood sample this morning, and I got to likely view one of the Psychopathic operatives, this 60 y.o. fucker was giving me the stare across the waiting room, and again when I was exiting. And crossing the room from his chair to look at the magazines beside me to shuffle through them and then not select anything. That spells Perp Asshole to me. Bringing in operatives to stare at me no less, while the ten or so "locals", many dressed in red, all had their heads down, per usual. And lo, if they didn't come in red vehicles, a copper colored vehicle, and maybe a brown one too. They take  your health care card as part of their new procedure. Good trick that, having someone's wallet contents while they are in the room.

Yesterday, a job interview at a winery in the Naramata area, and all seemed to go OK, if not leading me to understand that I had the job no less. The job is winery work, called a cellar hand in the jargon of the business. Just before I departed from the current job, a mighty wind sets up in the valley to cover me on my way, while at the interview and on the way back. This being Thanksgiving Day in Canada, about a month earlier than in the US.

I told the boss that I had the job and he seemed all happy about that, as he prompted me to look for cellar hand jobs two weeks ago.

And what is it about the Mexican connection in all of this reign of abuse? I saw Frida, 2x in the severe abuse Fuckover days of 2002, I worked with visa Mexican farm workers in 2009, 2010, 2011 and have a new found interest in Mexican music (at least three different artists, plus LR of last weeks' posting),

Today, the boss goes pissy on me, I am to turn down the job or I won't be allowed on the property again. I have 24 hours to "think" about it.I know I have mentioned this theme before, but what was the boss thinking if he didn't have a back up plan for my absence? Bizarre.

This morning, the boss asked me what my decision was, and I said I would go with the job offer, though he somehow "forgot" about his threat.

A total setup/jerkaound over the job offer as a cellar worker at a larger commercial winery this afternoon. Earlier in the week I told the boss that today, a Thursday, would be my last day. And at the 11th hour and about ready to leave for good, why, I check my now (as of this week) functional email via my phone, and lo, there is the fateful email to say that they hired someone else with a whole lot more experience. (When the job ad said high school graduation was sufficient). In other words, I was gamed; a job that I thought I had was withdrawn, never mind the long stream of plantedcognitive notions that supported it all work week. (For example, "what would my first day be like", "will I work morning or afternoon shift", "what gangstalking will be going on there", etc.)

And the mystery of the boss' behavior of promoting a job two weeks ago and then having no apparent back up plan in my absence is now solved. The whole thing was a setup from the get go. I had no intention of applying for a cellar hand job after early September because I didn't want to leave him high and dry. But he suggests that I look into cellar hand jobs two weeks ago, and then puts on this act about needing me when he must of known it was a total setup and jerkaround stunt.

I busted my ass all day today, and the perps kept hitting me with forced "forgets" over switching pump valves, the same fucking one each time when I swore I had done it.

A screaming rage show tonight; the chocolate bars somehow got wet in the shopping bag, and lo, if the gold painted wrapper didn't disintegrate into micro-sized gold flakes that had to be cleaned up. That was on the kitchen counter and stovetop, but they also mysteriously got onto my sweater arm, and so that had to be taken off and put into the laundry. I did a rare mid-week laundering again as the grape juice is so sticky and all over me each day. I am doing wine-making duties now, and making wine for the owner.

Payday today, and the bank/ATM parking lot stalkers were there in advance, one parking transverse to the parking stall lines and more perversely, said light grey monster Ford sedan was 100' away under an lamp standard. The vehicle wasn't near any business or other vehicles and the driver was sitting in the driver's seat. Don't these assholes have a day job?

And the follow-me dude at the ATM arrived in mid-transaction, and the perps made sure I took longer by dithering me in my command of the controls/buttons. And I see the assholes ran my account down to my last $15, and this is the paycheck I need to save for my rent in two weeks. No wonder my perp-abetting mother asked about financial help on the phone a few days ago. And how is it I am supposed to make ends meet? A wage of $14.50/hour doesn't cut it in this town when the Living Wage is $18/hour, (each, for two wage earners in a household). And what is the reason for the perps to grind me down to a paycheck-to-paycheck existence? This is agriculture for crissakes, the bottom of the pay scale, as affirmed by hiring Mexicans from Mexico on annual visas and paying them $10.33/hr. Long time readers will know that the perps have ground me into overdraft situations in 2007, 2008 and 2009, and only the farm work saved my ass from my meagre disability (har, har) income. This time it is full time farm work, and the expenses to go with it.

After rent and food, the biggest expense is a vehicle of course, and one needs it to get to work on farms and vineyards. So where is all this forced penury going? Perhaps it is to seed Fear, as in the perps's FUD mandate. (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt; said to be the unofficial customer treatment credo of IBM salesmen).

Winery work today; plenty more forced "forgets" and dithering of my fine motor control today, though not as bad as yesterday. Plenty of snaggings of wires and hoses, and they did allow the pressure washer to run for the most part. I finally got the white wine juice clarified and then the pump jammed up. Another dismantle job, and surely most TI's know that the perps are obsessed with liquid transfers, e.g. hoses, pumps, pipes, connection fittings etc.?  I finally got all five fermentations started, two completed today. I have a mountain of cleaning to do, and it will likely be there next week as the boss man won't deign to get his hands wet.

And a de-acidification job on the wine crush today, the perps making sure web-based sources were either vague or in imperial units. The perps often put up barriers to information access, and this was no exception. I am sure they got great mileage from forcing me to go online before going to work, and then viewing the same websites at work as well. I needed to find out how to de-acidify grape crush, as the boss senselessly picked one variety too early when he could of left it on the vine for two more weeks. He gets into self-induced panics and then applies the same mentality, i.e. grape picking, to all varieties. The boss is on a highly restrictive campaign to limit winery supplies, and it just "happened" that de-acidification supplies were on hand these three vintages, having being left from the former owner five years ago, and there when I first organized the winery, cum garage, in 2012. It amply demonstrates the perps are well organized and have a considerable planning horizon.

Saturday, and I drove to my workplace to do wine making work. Only for an hour as the owner is very expense conscious and wants the minimum extra working hours. That was "punchdowns" and measuring temperature and sugar levels (in Brix). Punchdown is the task of stirring the skins back into the juice as they get lifted up into a cap with active fermentation. Now that I finally got all five fermentations going, it requires regular attention. Besides, the perps just love it when I measure things, and put on extra noisestalking when I do so. That would be hot-rod muffler noise at the vineyard, being outside the city.

At the vineyard I was forced to park under a foliated cherry tree, as the sprinklers had been on when I arrived. It is perfectly normal to do so, as the vines have been without supplied irrigation for nearly two months. I did my winery work, and headed back to an extra vehicular gangstalking contingent; motorcycles, one flashing his headlight at me, to tell me that the police were ahead, which they were. The RCMP was parked on the side of the road, and lo, if he didn't do a 180 degree turn behind me with an intervening silver-grey vehicle in between. I suspect the perps were interested in the results, in whatever form that is, of my vehicle formerly parked under a tree. They often put on extra gangstalking when I pass under trees, and too, when hiking and transitioning from a treed area to an open one. The back-lane neighbor was also in on this, as he had the lane blocked with two vehicles, one towing a white trailer. He parked one pickup with a camper on it outside my residence, and the other pickup with trailer blocked any through access. I backed up and went around the opposite direction and got to park  in the opposite direction, something the perps find interesting in their all consuming study of all things anisotropic. [Different properties in different directions].

I had lunch, read some of the Fabric of Reality, and then got hit for a two hour nap attack in the afternoon. I had nine hours sleep last night to begin with, but someone figured I needed some more. And then onto laundry, which has been quite disrupted this past week as I have laundered twice in mid-week to deal with grape juice covered clothing. And lo, at the laundromat, they had a person (freak) wearing only their underwear there. presumably doing a total load.

Said freak (male, long hair in dreadlocks (three Unfavoreds)) in underwear, "happened" to have his laundry in the dryer below mine, and "happened" to cruise in close when I was about to depart. And my load somehow was unbalanced, which kept me there for an extra five minutes until the cycle could complete. Sabotaged washing machines are nothing new since the my TI world began in 04-2002, and there have been a number of laundry thefts along the way. Once, a Fuckwit stole my laundry and then was wearing one item of it when I happened to come by.

Upon my return to the laundromat, why, the freak and freakish girlfriend unloaded their dryer onto the floor and blocked access to my dryer above. Not only that, but a coffee slinging ball capped dude arrived and was chatting to them in French to slow the process down. Ergo, another ten minutes watching the TV in the corner until the laundry cum freakshow was over. A Fat Girl also came to grace the place for a few minutes, and worse yet, she had red hair (Unfavored).

I exited the laundromat and was about to back up my vehicle and lo, if a white pickup hauling a white trailer didn't "happen" to arrive and out pops a dude for whatever reason. The truck stayed put and there was enough room to exit, and lo, if the truck's headlights weren't on to illuminate me, aka, pit-lamping me when making my vehicular exit. To the perps, this would be "gravitational lensing", where, "According to general relativity, mass "warps" space–time to create gravitational fields and therefore bend light as a result." And no doubt it perturbs the etheric energy field, and too, the extra magnetic radiation they stream at me all day and night. With reference to the latter, I have measured a magnetic field of 200 Gauss, in 2002 when all this insane abuse began, and sometime in 2009 or so when a purported local TI showed me her equipment she used to detect anomalous radiation. In the latter instance, the meter registered some 1600 Gauss; one could deduce that I am constantly kept in a densified energy field of multiple origins.

Back in the perps' pre-overt/berserk days when I lived in Seattle (year 2000) I had a SPECT scan on my brain to determine if I had Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), which I did. Also showing up on the surface of the cortex was this wavy look, called "scalloping" in the clinical term, and the report suggested that possible reasons were drug abuse, heavy smoking or toxic chemical exposures. Since none of those applied in my case, it left me mystified as to what would cause it. Well, now that I know I have been harassed and have lived in a Potemkin Village all my life, (as in totally arranged), such brain anomalies might well be from being irradiated all my life. I shall put the scan here sometime when I get my records from Victoria, assuming someone hasn't pilfered them, which has happened in the past.

Sunday, and a trip to the vineyard/winery to set things right and do punchdowns. Nowhere near the level of vehicular gangstalking there was on this same short visitation yesterday, not having parked under a tree.

Afterward, a shut-in day, and doing my September month end accounting, as the Assholes won't let me get this done daily.

Anyhow, nothing too exciting to report and so to post this one.

Monday, October 06, 2014

What Was the Boss Thinking

Monday, and always tempered by perp hi-jinx and yoga at the end of the day, which make my week bearable. In the latter instance the darling pixie instructor, so chipper and happy, makes "adjustments" of my (and all others in the class), yoga poses, and has admirable form herself. The lithesome blonde Star Girl, with three ridiculous tattoo stars on her left wrist was on my immediate L again, after been a regular on my R and four mats away at the opposite wall for the prior year. Her lanky and limby form is also something to behold, and there she was in a red tight top and black capris at the counter when I walked in. I see a new ring on her L hand, ring finger, and she did mention a guy's name to the lady at the desk when I came in, so I can figure that out easy enough. Anyhow, besides being a second looker in the class, I really don't find her that interesting, or at least, as the darling pixie instructor. The perps hammer me with imagery and name mention scenarios of the instructor all week, but as mentioned before, she is married and has a family and is not in any way entertained as any romantic interest. I find it interesting that the perps will name and image drop a certain attractive person in mind all week, but not others, say, Star Girl. At least they have my native preferences right.

Seven other women class members in all tonight, three new ones for some reason. No males for whatever reason, though they do arrive for the second class and as usual, like to cluster around my coat and shoes at the coat rack. Full moon tonight, maybe that is what got the perps going silly.

The boss and I pulled the forklift out of the soft ground today, but what a performance. It was stuck at an oblique angle to the driveway direction, and I thought it would be normal to pull it straight back and have me in the forklift to steer it into the middle of the road. But no, he seemed to think that pulling it sideways (90 degrees between the two vehicles) in the opposite direction would do. The tow line was short, and he got the the rear (pulling) tractor forks jammed into the forklift and the tow line tensioned exactly at the same time. So the tow line couldn't be undone, and he didn't have the freedom to move the tractor much. Another one of those, "what was he thinking" moments. Eventually, after doing this sideways shuffle, as in "pull and see what happens", the towline got some slack in it. I took it off and indicated that pulling it straight back would be best and he didn't appreciate that, nor did he seem to have any idea why I would want to add a second length of towline so his tractor forks could clear the towed forklift. I added the second towline anyhow, and lo, if the forklift didn't come free after a tow from the direction the wheels were pointed. Like I said before, I have never met someone so contrary and full of so many self-defeating behaviors/actions as he. I just don't know where he is coming from more often than not.

Suddenly the grape picking, five acres worth, is on just when I thought it would be next week at least. So.. I was dispatched to pick the Botrytis affected grape bunches, the ones the buyer doesn't want. It was very warm today, and the perps went berserk with harassment fuckery They had me:

  •  drop grapes at least 30x today, 
  • scrambled me as to what row I was on, 
  • invoke other perceptual reverses
  • run over a plastic picking bucket by "mistake"
  • put my pruners into the trellis wire, attempting to cut the steel wire at least 20x on the day, and
  • made me a fumbling wreck for the first two hours, like I never handled pruners before.
And a few vocalized rage-ifications to go with the above. And arranging noise all the time; single engine aircraft, motorcycles, loud mufflers, etc.

I was totally frazzed over the day, not to mention them delaying lunch until 1300h, no mid morning break (as in food intake fuckery), no water intake until the delayed lunch and a colossal crap, non-toilet blocking thankfully, at the end of the day.

And why is it I am only allowed a one time access to my email each of the last two nights? I want to print an attachment to an email and it blows up, dumps me out out of Chrome (the only browser that will display my Yahoo email correctly now), and then Chrome won't restart until the next day.

I was getting back to teenage boy infatuations of a certain female singer with the initials of LR on YouTube, and she was doing a show with an orchestra with three other female singers beside her, and for a particular number, the bubble machine starts up. And just as the singers are beginning the song, LR starts laughing and doubles over and looses all her composure and cannot resume. The orchestra is stopped, and LR mentions "killer bubbles", and the bubble machine gets turned off or moved. They restart the song with the orchestra, and no mention is made as to what was the source of LR's mirth. I didn't think anything more about it, though I wondered why they didn't edit it out. I never thought about this peculiar episode for the rest of the evening. But, it wasn't over; as part of the perturbed sleep pattern running for the last few days, why, the perps wake me up at about 0400h the next morning, and tell me that bubbles had floated up LR's dress, hence her hilarity and the remark. Like WTF; I hadn't thought anything more about it that evening, and would never of done so the next day, but the perps seemed to think I needed to "know" (very possible that it did happen, but how would I know). Just a fleeting example of what passes for "normal" mind abuse, in all its absurdities.

Alarm clock sabotage in the night, and I checked it twice before going to bed. I got up an hour later, and had no time to do a chest and torso shave this am. It is the day (Wednesday) the cleaning lady comes to clean the vineyard owners house, and as it "happens" 90% of all alarm clock fuckovers are on Wednesdays. Something about those teflon rub strips on the razor insert seems to cause the perps problems.

More picking grapes today, but at least the assholes didn't render me into such a klutz. Maybe only 20 dropped bunches or my pruners. And at least 50% less rage-fications during the day, though they made up for at during dinner preparation when a quarter cup of water suddenly ejected from a plastic bag in the fridge; it was keeping the basil moist and I had no idea that there was that much in there. After that, a few more water messes erupted, and some cooking oil flickings and spillings. The latest perp stunt is to hide a piece of prepared food under the rim of the frypan on the stovetop while the pan is on the burner and cooking the rest of the same food item. This has "happened" at least 10x in the last two weeks, and I am fanatic about crumbs and morsels and not having any around, but somehow they arrive under the frypans' rim.

A vehicle break-in overnight; a flashlight and two pens were the only apparent stolen item. They put three albums on my seat after finding them in the center console, with the CD's in them no less. It seems they didn't like Basia Bulat, as that was the only artist for all three albums. My player deck was intact, not even touched it would seem, and they didn't even pop the trunk lever to rummage around there. This ruined my timing to visit the blood lab at 0730h, and I had even forgot about it until it was too late.

I had a new swamper/helper at work today, he from Quebec originally, and with major fugly tattoos all over his forearms. Having a do-rag on his head didn't help either in the Unfavored Features department. The perps put on a Sea King helicopter pass today, a Canadian military aircraft that they must of flown from Sidney, near Victoria, where they have a squadron. Like WTF; they fly in a marine aircraft 400 miles inland to "visit" me. I had countless Sea King flypasts when I lived in Victoria from 2003 to 2011.

After work, my swamper needed a lift, so I drove him to Okanagan Falls and dropped him off there. I took Hwy 97 and had an RCMP tail ahead of me, doing the ususal deranged civilian motorist behavior of travelling over the shoulder line, tailgating the vehicle in front (silver grey Honda sedan), and excessive and pointless brakings, presumably to show me his red tail lights.

Tonight, screaming rage shows over Excel and formats blowing up, printing blowing up etc.

A freakshow at the laundry on a rare Thursday evening laundering to prepare for the weekend work.

My email was shut down again on three different browsers, couldn't email the boss' spreadsheet I had spent two hours on.

The boss took over the "shopping" for winery supplies, and to no surprise as he has been totally avoidant on this topic for the last three weeks when I first put the list together for him. And lo, if he didn't disregard the stated supplier in the list and get "substitute" supplies at the local winery supplies discounter, though I haven't yet seen the wreckage yet to know exactly what he got. Earlier this year he got generic bentonite for fining the wine over my strenuous objections, and lo, if it didn't cost him 80L in wine as it didn't settle fast enough. Besides, he saved himself a whole $10 I reckon. And why do I get afflicted with such short term thinkers time after time, job after job? Never, ever, have I been allowed to work with a disposition-for-action high accomplishment employer, when it is my native workplace disposition and synergistic niche?

The last day of the major part of the grape harvest today. Plus some of the red grape vines were picked today. The boss pulled another pissy fit over fuck all, but that is not unusual.

And I see that due to email access obstructions, last night and today at work when I had a chance to get online, caused an missed job interview fuck-up. I gave the prospective employer my cell phone number and told them it was the best way to get in contact as I was very busy, and what do they do? Send me two emails that I could not get access to. Funny how that keeps happening, these constant miscues over meeting someone, and in this case it might be the end of my new job prospects.

And of course, all day today, the perps kept feeding me notions of new job possibilities and exiting the present liars/fools/per-worsity-club. And as of this evening, I don't know if that possibility is open, as they seem not to be responding in the evenings and won't phone me, when I had my phone on me all day and the carrier did NOT take down the network like they did two years ago at harvest time.

To keep this as a regular weekly event, I will post this tonight, and detail the follow-on events in the next posting.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Monday Antics

The perps had me drive the forklift into a bit of a hole on the gravel driveway, and lo, if one wheel didn't come up and it was stuck. It is not the first time this has happened here with forklifts, but a first for me to have done it. And LOL, I just got my forklift certification two days ago.

Yoga today, two males, and some 10 females. One dude was placed in ahead of me which is the first time they have pulled this variation in two years of yoga at this location. And lo, one came later just before class start. The darling pixie instructor was her usual chipper self and doing lots of adjustments on everyone, that is, touches while doing various aspects of poses. At one point she was "adjusting" me by holding my raised heel, and I cannot count the number of times in yoga that I have heard about chi energies emanating from one's heel.

I was one mat space removed from my usual spot in the yoga class which stayed vacated the whole time so the instructor could walk on it, through or stand there. It would seem the perps are looking for area-area energetic correlations between female yoga instructors, as the substitute instructor of five weeks ago did the same thing in identical circumstances.

I left work two hours early as there was a unforecasted rain squall sitting over Skaha Lake and it didn't want to move on. It was one of those with sunlit patches in it, and every so often I would drive through a sunlit patch while it continued to rain. I had my gangstalking consort ahead of me, four greyscale colors and a light tan brown in the middle of the pack. The three immediately in front of me took the same L turn as I did, to cover me for a three more minutes.

And the boss man said he wouldn't have any need for me past the end of the year. And then proceeded to tell me about a job posting that was two weeks old at another vineyard. (They would want to hire immediately, so I get it; feel free to leave anytime.
And why didn't he tell me this 8 weeks ago when there was a number of cellar hand jobs for crissakes?) He speaks in codes does my boss, and one can readily figure that perhaps he doesn't want me there at all as we approach annual commercial wine making.

His stated plans to keep 8 tons of grapes for his own winery seem to be mushy. He told his daughter over the phone that he would be selling all the grapes he could. I cannot believe anything coming from him I have learned in the past 2.5 years, though telling me to look for work elsewhere is a hint I can take for sure.

Vegetable garden digging, some weeding, netting set up, and other miscellaneous chores at the vineyard. But at least it got warm today.

Another mandated non-work Friday. That is, the boss said that when the grape harvest and winemaking begins, I will have plenty of extra hours and I must take four days off in advance, this being the second. Just when I thought I could get some extra hours, why, I get shut down. As in the long familiar perp stunt, the "dashed expectations" jerkaround. Though most likely they planted the expectations in the first place, and arranged this scripted scenario to support another planted notion of the boss' financial affairs are headed south, which I don't believe for a second. The reason being that nearly all employers come up roses after having me work there; new buildings, tractors, etc. Which also applies to most workplace colleagues too; new jobs, new businesses, vehicle, major house renovations etc. Funny how that "happens", though there is one apparent exception among employers.

The post-victim harassment involvement compensation plan for employers has one notable exception if the news feed has it correctly, always a moot point as to the reality for this kept Potemkin Villager (me). That would be Vantrieght Farms, where I worked summers, one fall, and two spring time daffodil pickings from 2008 to 2011 with the swarming (gangstalking)  co-workers. The farm seems to have come up short financially, as they couldn't meet their debts and taxes, the latter triggering their bankruptcy. At one time they had over 200 farm worker employees, though I wasn't there then, as they had some 10-30 in the summers I worked, and a regular crew of 6 Mexicans. Their residential real estate ambitions got held up for at least four years, all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada, and that might of been their saving ticket had it come to be. So yes, there are apparent exceptions to the trail of rewards which follows me, but is not permitted in my instance. For the record, the perps have taken me down financially twice with the then-wife, and one more time this year since she became the ex. And may I say it is just so much fun to live paycheck to paycheck for the first time in my 40 year employment history. As in NOT, and then they throw the above mentioned impending employment termination just to make it worse. Though to put this in perspective, I haven't done the homeless gig like other TI's, but who knows.

And why did my CDBaby online transaction get screwed up again? First, the name and address data didn't get saved from my account update and had to be re-keyed, then the assholes caused the transaction to go into an infinite loop, and presumably it didn't go through. I can count on at least 30% of my online transactions "barfing" in some technical, read sabotaged, manner.

A second attempt got me through the above CD/download purchase, but gosh darn if the download part of it didn't malfunction. Soo... I will try again later today, all in keeping with the perps' mandate to delay, sabotage, obstruct all matters, especially related to financial transactions, though downloads, emails, digital transfers count too. And this particular artist had only four CDS showing on the first attempt, and then six on the second attempt, but I only ordered the original four. And what is the point of that fuckery?

I made 9 liters of salsa this morning, a four hour job once the cleaning got done. The tomatoes came from my employer's vegetable garden, the mystery remaining as to why they have one when they don't even eat the produce. The salsa making, replete with food processor was quite a messy event, and all the more so for parboiling to remove the skins. Having red mess, red food splatter and red salsa mess was way too much red color games for the perps. And I should not of been too surprised at the extra red colored vehicles about me on this Friday in early October, with intense road traffic congestion for some reason. (Tourist season is over).

Though I was surprised to find my Rx refill at LD was not made up. After taking the same generic (yellow and white colored capsule) tricyclic medication for the past 12 years, why, they aren't making this particular one in generic form any more. But of course, the Great Food, Beverage and Rx Controller, especially when it comes to the color of all such substances, has now decided that they need me to take the same medication but in a different colored capsule. Twelve years of intensive abuse and nonconsensual human subject research, aka relentless harassment, and here they are putzing with medication color. Ditto for the forced and increased urination fuckery earlier this year, which forced me off coffee for the first time in my adult life. Are they getting anywhere or are they just being stupid again? Interesting that both reasons/excuses are reasonably permanent, and would be less likely to be reversed in the conventional world.

And as it "happened", the pharmacy's access to their Rx network was down, and I had to go back to the LD store 30 minutes later to find out how much the cost of the replacement Rx would be. Then as it "happened" they had to order it in, so that will take a few days more. Which runs me out of medication altogether, another long standing perp stunt. Long time readers will note the theme label of "yellow color gangstalking on no yellow medication days, ", which references this same state; orchestrated "forgets" or lapses in taking this particular tricyclic medication, and the unerring increased exposure to same yellow colored vehicles and gangstalker clothing. It will be interesting to find out what color the replacement medication will be and if there is another color coincidence among the vehicular gangstalking population. (I looked it up online; white with black and orange bands and print).

As expected, no contact for the cellar hand job I replied to yesterday, via fax. And who does faxing these days, save lawyers? In the realm of online job boards and employment print ads, if the prospective employer requests responses by snail mail and/or fax, it is code for "don't bother to reply, as we have a foreign worker(s) lined up and by using non-traceable replies (mail and fax) is how to ensure no apparent local replies". That is how it goes in Canada; government run online employment/job boards are nothing but a prior obligatory requirement for a foreign worker hiring exercise. Yes, I have reason to be cynical about such, as I get so few responses in the agricultural employment realm, and have come to know of instances of job postings that are filled entirely by visa-ed Mexicans arranged six months in advance.

That said, the event of faxing from the vineyard got obstructed by the fax machine not working twice and an file protection problem that had to be fixed. I gave up and faxed it later from Staples, replete with extra gangstalking coverage and the ubiquitous coffee cup that got left nearby, and the copy assistant moving it to ask me if it was mine. No, and of course I don't need a brown color reference nearby when I fax, but someone else thinks I do. And I won't talk about the prior mega-crap the perps pulled on me either.

A real Saturday, unlike yesterday and not working. I reflected on above CD purchase and by the time it crosses the border and I pay taxes and shipping, it will be $100. Like WTF; I know I have to save every penny and limit expenditures such as music purchases, which is what I had been doing. Then suddenly this blatant mind-fuck "lapse". All to "exercise" my new credit card, the replacement of the one in the stolen wallet, since found. Or perphaps, to have me order CD's via a new found artist.

Sunday, and first starting with the red salsa I froze a few days ago, and has now thawed. I put it through a fine mesh sieve, a woven stainless steel mesh, and it passes the watery component through and retains a concentrated form. All to render 9L of salsa down to 3L, though chunkier. If I had room in my fridge to store all the watery component for stocks and the like I would of, but alas, limited freezer room at the tail end of the harvest. Besides, the perps just love sending all manner of things down the drain, and a "pre-sample" of this salsa that will be slowly consumed over the winter suits them just fine.

A hike back to McIntyre Bluff like last week, sans company. And what a glorious warm day, finally getting some September weather in October. Plenty of motorcycles on the road, one who was S bound while I was N bound, and distinguished himself by riding 8' from the bumper of the vehicle in front at highway speeds. And on the driver's side, close to the centerline. And not 10 minutes later this same mofo is riding my bumper while still headed N. Like WTF; can we get any more blatant vehicular gangstalking coverage than this; motorcycles, a fave gangstalking vehicle, doing 180 degree turns in the highway to then ride my ass? I pulled off at a pull out that was conveniently just ahead when I noticed the asshole and the mofo went ahead to then hound the blue Impreza ahead. One particular year looks sweet from the back, and it just "happened" to be this one in a fave color. Don't ask me what it all means to the Psychopathic Confederacy.

Then in the afternoon, a session of making green salsa from tomatoes, but I only got part way through the 20lb. I froze them, and in a few days I will strain them too. I suppose my hike in the wood today was a "green color setup", as it seemed there were plenty of green vehicles on the way back. One particularly odd vehicular gangstalker stood out; a dude in green camo with a light (and obvious) green helmet on, not in camo on a moped. It looked ridiculous to say the least, but little did I know it was a harbinger of my green salsa making. The verdant green tomatoes turn a olive green after boiling for 5 or 10 minutes as they become soft. In other words, a green transition, and boy do the perps love testing me on slow color transitions, e.g. steeping tea in a glass teapot. The greens of the motorcyclist didn't quite line up with the salsa, but there were other greens enroute.