Saturday, January 31, 2009

Grey Faces

I had a short outing to get my meagre paycheck from the boss man at a local coffee shop. And in a seeming reprise event, he was eating eggs and bacon. Same thing as me yesterday; my first permitted egg feed since 2004 was at lunchtime at my parent's place. Again, I was treated to the ambulatory freakshow through the window on the street outside, and of course, one yellow jacketed Fuckwit meandering around, as "private security" on the public sidewalks.

And I was introduced to my predecessor on the job, a man by the name Billy. As it so happens, he was fired from his lot boy job at the car dealership, as he moved up from cleaner assistant (my job) to the car dealership staff. And he has been mentioned as a substitute cleaner when the boss man goes away on holiday. And Billy makes himself first known as a stranger by first sitting behind the boss man while on his cell phone. Some five minutes later he gets up and joins us at the next booth, in his ballcap and his strangely grey colored face. The excuse was that the ball cap reduced the availible lighting, but suffice to say it was unnatural and strange.

Billy also had an ostensible girlfriend on the go, and he phoned her and she arrived about 5 minutes later. Amazingly convenient it seemed. After some getting up, going elsewhere, coming back, it seemed that she was to join us, but by then, the perps had me cranked up to leave, and so in the current tradition of gangstalking, I had all three of them around me (two standing, one seated) while I put my jacket on. The perps cannot get enough gangstalkers on the job to loiter in my proximity while putting clothing off or on. Most clothing changes in my apartment are noisestalked, and have been since 2003.

Then onto the LD store where it is gangstalker hell, as the perps reminded me that I was low on bath soap, something they could of let me know earlier when I was there two days ago. And finally, they had something other than Ivory which I don't like for whatever reason. They weren't done with grey faces yet; another customer/gangstalker male had a greyed-in face without benefit of a ballcap, looking horrible, besides a fugly mug. I also got a national Saturday newspaper, and in the rarest of events there was a vacant cashier, with the catch it was next to the main entranceway. Having been through this checkout before, I predicted a flush of gangstalkers before the completion of my transaction. And lo, when it came time to pay with a debit card, there was a flush of at least 6 males and another 15 or so who just "happened" to arrive somehow and be hanging around. I cannot figure out what the association is for the shiftless male Fuckwit gangstalkers while making a financial transaction, but here it was, and no introductory blonde woman this time, just the freakshow. Regular readers will know that I am gangstalked and noisestalked every time I make a financial transaction whether by mailed check, debit card, online credit card, ATM transactions, given a check etc.

I am just back from a unexpected TI meeting; one from Nanaimo, and the local one who I converse with. If they aren't shills, then they must be run, as the usual follies of three people in a vehicle who don't know each other well and the driver not knowing where to go. As it "happened", we ended up across the street from the place where I got my paycheck this morning, per above mention. I won't got into all the details of how it seemed to have harassment games written all over it, such as going to one resturant where the woman who was seating us mentioned they were still on a breakfast menu, this being at 1500h in the afternoon. Unbelievable, but one of our party decided that wasn't good enough and walked out, leaving me with my coat off, and then having to put it on again. Then she split off for no seeming reason, and somehow ended on the other side of the street ahead of us, as if she had been teleported. After some meandering we got parked and went to the restaraunt that is local. Another yellow food test (IMHO) as one of the party had a yellow colored curry soup, and other color games that were consistent with what has gone on. And the sun was at a low angle and shone directly in my face, and the perps used this to reduce the lighting on everyone's face, putting everyone in deep shadow. Later, one of the wait staff put up a menu to block the sunlight beaming through. The "featured dude" (wait staff member) was a ridiculous dude in a light blue Argyle sweater with brown diamond shapes on it and white shoes that he made sure I saw once. There were some blonde wait staff who were working, and it seems that the dudes are getting tagged with more brown colored clothing of late.

I noticed that the visiting TI spent a while waving some money around, making her point with a purple ten, two green 20's and a blue five dollar bill in hand. Then she did something similar with the brown sugar package for a while, and I was even allowed to note these perp colors being waved around in my immediate proximity.

I am hoping that one of the readership, if there is one, can enlighten me on the bullshit/WTF "law of attraction" that the visiting TI went on about. She says that if you focus on something, it will happen. I said that I merely report on the strange goings on around me, and that I don't focus on it because if it didn't happen, I wouldn't even think about it. This is a journal of all things anomalous, but she said that I focus on it if I write about it. I don't get it, to say the least, this "positive thought" bullshit when every instant of my existence is under perp control as it seems. More bullshit/disinformation, or another topic that the perps want to be aired? Anyhow, how can reporting on anomalous and vituperative fuckery beget more of it when it is the perps most consistent method of enraging their victims?

As one could discern, the experience with the visiting TI wasn't really a helpful one, and it does make me wonder what the whole game is about. As in being more gamed than I could possibly imagine, even by real TI's. Who knows, me least of all.

I am off to the car dealership to do my one hour job, and I suppose taking the same route and walking by the above mentioned resturant is all in today's grand plan. Visit the same neighborhood three times in one day, part of the inane bullshit that is the grist of this imprisoned existence.

An evening of putzing on the internet, aka web surfing. Nothing too involved as I got cognitively dithered if I spent more than 20 minutes on a topic. I see that the lawyer who helped out the TI activism group, FFCHS is getting leveled. The lawyer racked up some big fees, seemingly without direct authorization/control, and the group couldn't pay the bill. (Sample letter here). So the lawyer indicated that he wouldn't work on the file any more, and that is where it sits. Then in later communication the lawyer reveals that his life has taken a substantial turn for the worse, and who knows, it could be "one of those things". Names taken out by me.

I'm sorry but I must withdraw my representation at this time, for the financial and other reasons I've given. I am open to representing FFCHS again in the future if we can work out the funding. I enjoyed working with you and the others, and wish you the best. My file is huge, so I would need payment for several hours in order to make copies and go through everything. I believe most of the information I have is in your possession or you can obtain it. Again, I'm sorry it ends like this, and I hope the targeting is addressed and stopped.

Then in a later correspondence...


I'm dealing with some shit now. I'm struggling for income as I wind down the firm, I've been diagnosed with an illness that changes things, a baby is coming in a month.

So, I have to do what I can for income. If FFCHS can pay off a significant amount of the outstanding bill, I can devote time and attention to you all.
It doesn't seem good at all, and I cannot believe the perps would be so sick as to dish out this kind of punishment, if that is what it is, for the lawyer's relatively formative work he did on behalf of FFCHS, no matter if it was authorized or not. (A moot point). It is not like the lawyer got into comittee level representation and long tern association, but I don't know what to make of it all the same. Perhaps its an angst play, cranking up everyone's angst, especially that of the lawyer and his family, and then it will subside. There is nothing the perps like better than their subjects in duress; all the better for the psychic energies to be exposed to remote detection and assessment means.

This is enough for today, and hopefully they will let me get to sleep tonight, unlike last night where they kept me awake for head tossing and then in a light REM sleep, with some fugly gangstalk dreams just before I was awakened.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Are We Done Yet?

We are never done, that being the relentless harassment and gangstalking. And yet they keep planting and sustaining notions that they will cease hostilities at the end of Febuary, 2009, one month hence. I have a doctor's appointment that day that was originally two weeks earlier, but I was phoned two weeks ago to rebook it for the later date. All day today, and they haven't let up, they suggest it will be all over then. Wrongo; they pull this stunt about every three months and it never happens. I don't believe that they will for the reason for that they have a long way to go yet unless the deception plan has been so adroit and sublime that it is the only thing that gets revealed. But as they have being playing this prank since 2003, "only" the first year of this unbridled life rape, I have resisted all such notions and have been correct every time. There is still way too much that they need to figure out. I reckon that they will have succeeded in 100% mind control by end of Febuary, and I have been always totally wrong in estimating this (by design), but there is no way they have finished with me by then as the mindcontrol component is only a partial attainment of what they wish to attain. See my blog on Pondering the Perps Objectives to get a reminder of what the perps are doing as seen from this victim's perspective.

But as I was due for a trip to my parent's place today, the perp activity was frenetic if not blatant. I was sitting at the bus stop for the outbound trip, and three Fuckwits in a file were walking toward me, all lined up. The first dude was this grim looking Fuckwit in shades (overcast today) who stood on the outside of the bus shelter visible through the glass to my left. The 50+ y.o. woman behind him then revealed herself to be pushing a baby stroller with no child in it (makes no sense), just a deep red colored stroller and she in this fugly light yellow colored jacket. She proceeds in front of me to stand under the shelter to my right. Then the third one, a male in a forest green jacket stands back from all of us futher to my left. Fine, the Fuckwits have figured out where to gangstalk, and none of them want to sit on the 8' of bench at the bus shelter where I was.

After two minutes or so, the first one "decides" to come into the bus shelter and just stands there, ass facing the bench, 2' from me and doesn't sit down. Fuck it, I cannot fucking stand any asshole perched over top of me, and this went on all the time at the fucking gym last year. I get up move uphill outside the bus shelter and then the green coated asshole follows me there when there was a full 8' bench to sit on. Talk about fucking obvious stalking. Enough "thinks" the mindfucked me, and I head off to another bus stop. And lo, if the traffic light didn't hold me up, and then the sidewalk was closed further down, and then the redi-mix trucks were parked in mid-street participating in a big pour. Then the bus was sighted and it was early, so I backtracked (like the Fuckwits do all the time), managed to catch the traffic light in time, and then the bus came in and I ran to get it. None of the stand-around-meFuckwits wanted to take it, but only be proximate as I ran up the side of the bus and into the open door. And the woman with the empty stroller had taken off and she was on the opposite side of the street, now walking and still pushing the stroller. What kind of person stops at a bus shelter, seemingly for a bus, and then takes off after a few minutes? I see a couple of these particular stunts every month.

Anyhow, I suffered through another day at the house of the First Feral Family, doing the babysit on the supposedly demented father, which is an act as best as I can tell. He seems to know how to gangstalk and be in place where I am to go next. There isn't a fucking minute that he isn't placed exactly where I am to go, or else doing his parallel walking act.

My mother had made out that she was leaving at noon, but as it "happened", it was 1300h instead,- just the usual way of informing me about changes in plan,- pretend otherwise. And so she made lunch, claiming that she was short on lunch food, and so she cooked me an omelette and some bacon. And lo, if the perps hadn't planned this yellow food item on me, as this was the first allowed egg consumption since 2004 when my then hiking pal served me up an egg lunch. The perps have run me off eating eggs going back to 2000 when they made me feel rather unwell and dithered afterward, and ever since I have been reluctant to eat eggs, and of course I don't buy them. The only way to meter out cooked eggs is to have someone make it for lunch, which was the case today, and the one instance (above) mentioned. Call it "egg testing", "yellow color monitoring" or whatever, but this was the first in a long time needless to say, and a big perp deal.

I was assigned to prune the hydrangea bushes after lunch, which gave me some outside time and free from my gangstalking father who didn't come out, but probably did his required skulking all the same. Then the perps planted a panic as to what I was to do; cut all the flower heads off as they had me understand (planted notion), or selectively prune the branches of the bush. So...., what to do but to go online while in my gardening boots (that I leave there), and look it up with my old 15" LCD display that I had given my mother after I bought this monster 22" LCD monitor a six weeks ago. I thought it was interesting that the perps had to send me to visit my old LCD monitor after working outside for some 10 minutes.

Anyhow, I found out that one lops off the heads of the flowers each season, and that is what I proceeded to go. The weather got cold and damp and I packed up the task, and put the flower heads on the compost which had to be dug up with great effort. The perps have a fixation over composting and here I was standing in this pile attempting to bury these flower heads that by then had started to roll about in the wind that had just come on. The compost digging became a great chore with the extra-conventional gravitic fuckery of the objects moving uncharacteristically, and I was plenty glad when it was done. I used Rot-it, as I had done at my in-town brother's place, to help promote composting action. In other words, the gardening activity was pretty much a repeat of the last two week's gardening at my brother's place, all in an hour or so. The perps cannot get enough of me doing pruning, and like before, the dog barking, aircraft noise, tire chirping, loud mufflered vehicles all chimed in at the same time.

On my way back on the bus, the perps were out in extreme numbers of vehicles. There was no end of red colored clusters of 2 to 4 vehicles, then silver-greys with white ones, then mid-greys with black colored vehicles. They also put in some navy blue colored vehicles, often in pairs, and every once in a while, they put in a yellow colored vehicle. As indicated above, I had previouslyeaten eggs for the first time in 4.5 years, and I suppose this was a way of testing my yellow color "reaction" or whatever the fuck they are chasing me all over for. Also of interest, no chocolate was allowed this morning, and most uncharacteristically, there was no chocolate at my parent's place. I suppose they wanted "yellow testing" to be done with minimal interference from brown colored food.

The inbound city bus trip wasn't nearly so freakish as it usually is, but I did note that there were many ( five proximately) passengers wearing the same deep brown colors, often mixed with a light blue color. It seems that light blue is a non-greyscale color of first resort, and perhaps the perps are putting them together, fugly as it is, so to get some kind of blended "reaction", or whatever it is. They also put on one woman who was a light brown skinned negro, and whom they didn't have leave the bus in short order as they usually do. (Which was the case on the outbound bus trip).

01-31-2009, 1100h
I got screwed out of posting this last night.

A final story on yesterday's cleaning job and the boss man. At the end of the job, he sends me out to the sales area from the service garage to tell the one remaining staff member that we are leaving and that he has to set both alarm systems. Another departure runaround venture, but whatever. When I come back, I see that some lights have been turned off in my working area, the last thing I do, and the boss man is leaning against the open garage door in some kind of wall squat mode with his motorcycle helmet on. Then he tells me to turn off the remaining lights, effectively replicating his immediate prior journey to turn some of them off but not others. Fucking bizarre to say the least, especially when one switch of two on a switch panel was turned off but not the other. Assuming of course that he turned them off and it wasn't the Fuckover Force with their extra-gravitic games, which is more likely what really happened as the boss man isn't exceptionally energetic.

Anyhow, time to launch this one and free myself from the typo sabotage as well as the overhead thumping, clunking and other opportune noises that erupt at the perp's obsession moments.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Everything Starts For Tea

The title is a play on the title of the John Baldry album, Everything Stops for Tea. The association being that the title is a description of what has just happened in my imposed reality; I just finished having tea and chocolate, and my tormentors (cum nonconsensual human experimentalists) have started up a noise ruckus.They have revealed their interest, for the first time today, by way of intense pounding of the floor/ceiling above, 12" of concrete and steel no less, and also started up the jackhammering noise from across the street. And in doing so, they are also suggesting that this two week jackhammering job at the opposite residential tower underground parkade is very likely a noise job only, no actual work or activity, just projected noise. There hasn't been any compressors or service vehicles outside either, and that would be required if they were truly breaking up the concrete floor.

And as tea was consumed with chocolate, the brown colored food they have me near-addicted to, another change in "habit" since they first made themselves plain and presented overt harassment by uncommon means and technologies. The chocolate "habit" is now at three 100g bars per day, and once upon a time in the early days they had me loathing chocolate, even the smell of it. Which suggests that my predilections can be altered by remote means by a malevolent party, still working the experimentation games, but won't out themselves. And that is why the harassment continues nearly seven years later, all because they lack the gumption to declare themselves and their agenda. Imagine the corporate tenacity to arrange and fuck with someone's life for 47 years and then decide to expedite this nonconsensual research/surveillance by taking the most adverse route possible; outwardly covert, but to me, and like victims, overt and traumatizing.

Still the thundering overhead noise continues, as if they were flipping a 5 tonne safe around. I suspect the noise and vibrations are also projected as they have reduced the neighbors to nil, ever since 2004 when I was in the top floor of an apartment building and there was no one around me in the adjacent apartments. And also, they still made up excuses to pound the ceiling (roof) overhead but putting "workers" overhead. At that location they had me watching their spoofed TV, repeating programs but with color changes to objects and skin tones. And on one occasion there was some obnoxious flickering coming off an object on the TV, and as soon as I noticed it they had what seemed like personnel clunking overhead (on the roof). I changed the channel and that was the end of it, as well as the clunking in short order. And here we are, some nearly five years later, and they are still at, three residence locations later with a possible move coming up owing to another rent increase that will begin in three months. It is one of their favorite tactics to move their victims around, creating "rent issues".

This is a rare Thursday that I didn't go to yoga, and it seems that loafing around and web surfing is the prescribed activity until I set off for my one hour job at 1715h, which doubtless will be mobbed with gangstalkers up the asshole like yesterday. And also, they will likely pack gangstalkers around my coat where it is hung up at this job site, and ensure it also gets exposed to the outside, (it is 8' from the building perimeter on a hoist operating handle), by raising the garage door for an extended duration, say 5 or more minutes. At first they wanted me to arrive to work via this garage door, and now they want me to take the front door, past the sentries and/or greeters, say hello to the responsible individuals to let them know I am there to "avoid" alarm setting follies they set up a month ago, and then get some of the cleaning equipment out, all to have the greeters pass by again in close proximity. And if I am particularly attractive bait that day, they will have the same greeters go past me one more time while filling the brown plastic mop bucket in the Service bay area.

I don't know what is so fascinating about my coats, but sometimes they will rearrange them in the closet, and select the one that I am to wear to be separated from the rest, all on their respective hangers. Like having a valet sometimes, but rarely for any positive endeavor. My in-brother has also been making moves to open the basement door when I am working at his place while I am putting on my coat before heading out to do garden maintenance. He is also standing nearby, and doing essentially the same thing; gangstalking me while putting on or taking off my coat but exposing me to the outside through an open door. With the chilly weather they also have me with a blue scarf, brown leather gloves and a black colored toque much like their own sunglasses wearing thuggy boy MIBs they like me to witness in their scurrying choreography. And the perps are also coming at me with the long black coats again; yesterday they planted a Fuckwit male in a long coat to pop from behind the building at the nearby street corner, less than 100' of exiting this apartment building, and walking W. bound at 1715h toward downtown which is absurd in this town. And he made sure to take the corner wide, and even spread out his coat with the hand in this pocket. Who in the fuck does this in a public location except some grovelling shill or quisling? And all to get a few feet closer than would be socially acceptable. (And the operative turning at an orthogonal angle at the street corner). They did something similar to this stunt with a negro dude a few months back; the negro Fuckwit popped out from the box of a cube van and onto the street 8' in front of me. Other Fuckwits have done similar stunts, walking out of a business onto the sidewalk and 2' in front of me pretending that they "didn't notice". Again, who would be so fucking stupid as to not to evaluate the terrain when stepping out into a public location?

More overhead pounding while reading some compelling blog postings of another TI, and the perps making sure to vibrate me in my chair with the overhead noise getting through the hearing protection I am wearing. It is interesting that the author describes the same kind of dociled reactions that I do currently; those who you expect to be responsible just welch out, and are numb at best, or a goofy grin an worst.

I did my cleaning job tonight with the expected plethora of gangstalkers out in all their absurd numbers, at least 150 ambulatory gangstalkers in one block, plus vehicular configurations. Tonight's big event at the job was fucking me around while loading a paper towel dispenser that was up against a TV and presented limited access to the feed roller. This sabotage went through three iterations of jamming paper, mangling the paper and various paper tearings to free the scraps that got "stuck". Adversity at every turn, now is escalated. This fucking sick sabotage stunt cost me at least five minutes and a forced rage-ification "response" (by myself again). Later, the boss man got some mileage out of it by staring at me more, as if to communicate the feigned look of displeasure that I wasn't able to help him out with the extra time. So how did he know, and why isn't he more investigative as to what took up my time? The answer is that it is a staged show; every glance, wink, flicker of light, right down to the animated dust bunnies that frequently zip about while defying gravity in its conventionally understood properties.

True to expectation, my coat did get plenty more outside exposure time as one of the shop personnel left the main garage door open for the entire working time of 1.5 hours, and no one did anything about it. He also parked a mid-grey rotary engined sports car next to it. I suspect the perps like rotary engines for some reason, but not for many models, only a few.

I also see that the perps are arranging used body parts to be along my route for the cleaning job. Yesterday I had to clean up some strange grey mud on the floor, and today, it seems that two body panels near my cleaning tray storage have this same strange grey dust on them. I suspect the parts and the mud come from some distance, and aren't local. There is a significant geographic component to the harassment, and after two months of digging local farmland last summer, I am sure that the perps might be ready to increase the varieties, colors and sources of soils. The top soil hauling and dispersement at my in-town brother's place last weekend might also be connected to the assholes' soil research agenda.

And I got more of the usual jerkarounds from the boss man; he needs me for mopping and so, after dealing with the garbage for three minutes, he then doesn't need me after the mop is wetted but not used. Then he wants me to do vacuuming at the main sales area doors, and I also ask him if he wants the central hallway also vacuumed as he usually does. No, he says it is fine. Then at the end of the job, he asks me why I didn't vacuum the central hallway and I tell him that I asked, and he said no. Then he says, something like. "thats OK". WTF; conflicting demands, only about seven minutes apart.

One of my confreres of the TI community put an exceptional blog posting up today. Rachael O's lament and her story are profoundly moving, and it seems that the perps have treated her to another order of magnitude of adversity than I got in my formative years. So why are the perps keeping us alive, and what are they after that is so elusive that they undertake escalated (since 2002-03 for most TI's) nonconsensual research by way of outwardly covert means? One oblique answer was, "if you only knew", from my supposedly demented father after I ragged his ass for standing in front of the TV for the umpteenth time. So I asked him to tell me what I didn't know, but he scuttled off, the fucking quisling. This was the most sensical and context appropriate statement he said in at least four years, totally out of character, and then he takes off. And I get to "babysit" him for tomorrow afternoon. I wonder what the deal is, and if it is some kind of forced proximity games, just him and I. My answer to that is, been there, done that. Not only in the past year, but when he was in his abusive prime, going back a few decades. I was his helper in his geological prospecting of a coal lease area for 10 days. I should of got additional danger pay for traumatization, even then at age 20.

Time to call this one done, and hope that I don't get 30 minutes of head tossing on each side before sleep is allowed. No recalled dreams or other activity in the night though, a rarity.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back to Jackhammering + minor updates, 01-28-2009

A heavy noisescape today, the jackhammering noise has erupted for most of the day so far, and has been progressively getting louder over the past hour. Too loud to be blocked by earmuffs. As always, it is a moment to ponder what other events are worthy of this added attention/noise. Could it be the long running interest in laundry the perps have? Hard to know for sure, but it was a sheets laundering day, and the assholes continue their sustained interest in this activity. No doubt bedsheets have plenty of bearing on one's bioenergetic signature, and as I haven't slept in the newly laundered sheets yet, this noise might be a "warm up", aka, prepatory barrage. See a Summary of Perp Obsessions for a list of known fixations they have.

Other possible perp excitement factors might be that I cut my fingernails this morning, trimmed my eybrows with a shaving razor (the stylist of two weeks ago had "forgotten"), and began a new supply of the regular medications today, the assholes flipping one capsule out of my hand and onto the edge of the enamelled sink. Funny how some things can roll and flip long distances and at other times they just stop where they fall. There is nothing conventional in the behavior of gravity in my circumstances I learned when they first struck in 2002.

And they have arranged for me to miss eating chocolate this afternoon, so perhaps the absence of this brown colored food has also heightened the perp's experimentation angst. And it seems to be another shut-in day until 1715h when I head off to the car dealership to do my one hour cleaning job. I suppose that the perps know I have never been able to afford a new vehicle, and this is their way of getting me close to this item, and the rotational color games that go with the exercise. Vehicles are a huge part of the gangstalking, and the perps still devote much gangstalk time to having the vehicles parked and the driver and other passengers loitering with the doors and trunk open. And I suppose that might be the reason they place new interior door panels in my proximity at the car dealership, isolating them from the vehicle entirely. Since 2006 they have had me with no vehicle, ensuring there are no monies to even consider it.

Other action today was a notice from the landlord to up the rent by $24/mo. in three months, which might be the impetus to move once again to a well prepped location, one where they have replaced all the pipes and other supplies and connections. (They put in a new 400' connecting twinned sewerline after I moved in here, and still connect to that pipe via manholes and associated working staff and equipment). The next housing situation would be a "disability" situation, and I might come out of it with substantial savings in rent. Though, I am sure they have other spending plans for me to keep me using up my line of credit.

The jackhammer noise finally abated after a few attempts to block it out with earmuffs and then had it go louder so it could get through again. Now the voice noise; street shouters, hallway talkers, and the seagulls mewing and squealing. And I see that the perps also "force grew" my beard; I shaved this morning and I have stubble as I type this, something that doesn't ordinarily occur until over 24 hours later. Again, this is not new, and the perps have this ability to grow hair wherever, in various colors and at a prescribed rate.

Another confluence/swarm of males around me, this time at the cleaning job. I was drawn back to where my coat was hanging up to let the boss man in with his scooter, and lo, there was something to talk about, and he stood in front of my coat, and when the conversation ended he stayed put while I attempted to get past him with a vehicle parked behind us. There were two other individuals circulating nearby, and were arranged to be around me as I headed to go back to fill the mop bucket. And lo if the blonde saleswoman appears at the place I had been standing, wallking through my tracks. And if you are wondering what this is about, the details are in the posting, the Favored and Unfavored.

And after work, also a prime gangstalking time, I stopped at the supermarket to get some chocolate. And lo, if they didn't have two male gangstalkers arranged there, one on the stocking/stalking duty with a stack of flattened (brown colored) cardboard boxes, the lingua franca of reference color objects after envelopes in yellow or white.

Then they had me covered elsewhere in the store, and when I got outside they had a pair of drunken (seeming) native Indians outside at the closest side of the driveway walking route, and a pair of blonde women doing the "street debate" stunt of stopping and talking at the other side of the driveway. So I was made to walk between these two clusters, one Unfavored, and the other Favored respectively in the dimmed down lighting conditions. And one native Indian had a guitar with him, and regular readers will know that I get "guitar stalking" often, at least twice per week.

A listen to Karla Anderson tonight, easily a repeat play for the kind of music I like (usually not rock, but melodic). This has distracted me tonight, and perhaps that is a good thing when being fucked with when dotting "i"s and crossing "t"s, turning on light switches and everything else that normals are allowed to do without hindrance.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Post Lunch Dinge

It is shaping up to be a near shut-in day, though I will be out later to do my one hour cleaning job at the car dealership with the purported staff doing their gangstalking bit, like following right behind me like yesterday. (After buzzing around me while I was vacuuming the floor). Funny how extra gangstalking action is centered around vacuum cleaning, domestic or industrial. It is now three times that they arranged a pitlamping vehicle to be shining its headlights on me through the glass door while vacuuming the Service area.

I am presently getting a heavy dose of dimmed ambient lighting conditions, immediately following lunch. That the perps constantly manipulate light conditions is nothing new, but they have brought it forward by two hours from their usual 1500h dimming games. And they even added some extra vehicular gangstalking outside by running a tractor trailer flatbed truck with a full load of reinforcement bar stock, aka, rebar. I often get these varying loads of metals driving by, the more common being aluminum ladders, but also copper pipe and galvanized steel studs.

The jackhammer noise has been going most of the morning, but stopped before lunch. I still haven't seen any supporting activity to be convinced it is nothing more that a noise job, and the jackhammering does also have a curious coincidence rate of coming on or off when I get up or otherwise begin a new actiivity. I had three separate siren cascades for breakfast, covering me when making coffee, eating cereal and then when eating toast with peanut butter and jam on it (think, brown color games). As usual, the perps had me rage-ified over the application of peanut butter and jam on my toast, this is a nearly 99% probability event. They cannot get enough of jerking me around with their imposed extra-conventional behavior and properties of these substances and it suggests that they have a long way to go before they have figured this one out. It is 5.5 years of eating the same breakfast every morning, and the Fuckwits are still pissing around with me as well as adding the sirens and other noises at the same time.

The perps gave me some strange dreams in the night, and somewhere, or somehow, they introduced Hilary Clinton into them. I don't have any particular interest in her political accomplishments or ambitions, and "for some reason", she was featured, as in planted dream content. And more meat aerial games in the night, an ongoing event now. They had me in for a 9 hour sleep, one hour more than normal, but better than the recent skein of 10 and 11 hour sleeps of late. It is a mystery as to what they are doing then, and why they script so much extra sleep at this time of year, something they have always done under the cover of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

The dingey light conditions were lifted when I was reading another TI's blog posting, and some overhead rumbling noise was added to the noisescape at that time.

And now another round of dingeyness has arrived, the later afternoon version, nearly always arranged after a pee break as it was today.

And I note that they have been riling me up while online by messing with the mouse movement and slowing it down and making it less responsive. Yelling at the assholes helps some, but the assigned "solution" last time was to take the mouse apart and put it back together again, and lo, it worked like new. There was no grunge or debris to even cause any mouse action problem, but those kinds of details don't matter to the perps these days. In fact, they like to plant extended noises to activities when there would be no actual causal as there is no contact, say, between objects. Back to this juvenility again.

I got the fedora hat stalking tonight, a most unusual perp set up and prop. I was in the LD store at the Rx counter and there was one person ahead of me and the staff were doing the "ignore the customer" routine for at least five minutes. Some 10' away they had a grey haired woman with a black fedora hat, pretending to be shopping, and it was my cue to look elsewhere than this typical set up. Lo, if I didn't "forget" where she was and happen to see her again, still pretending to shop, now some 7' away. Then it was my turn at the Rx counter with another delay as to the dosage that was strangely changed, so I had to speak to the pharmacist about it. (Caucasian female to Asian male transfer). Naturally I wasn't looking around, but as I departed, the woman in the fedora was right on my tail, 12" away, swooping in and not doing what anyone else would do at the Rx queue, comfortably wait until the previous customer had vacated and respect their personal space. In fact, she was in the RX queue, and not going to the Rx counter, but on my tail. No sir, we can't have normality intrude upon a Life Rape in progress, so we have specially arranged wackos (grey haired woman in black fedora) make two iterative encroachments of getting closer, but respecting personal space, and then have the operative run up my asshole the third time. And of course the perps made my "reaction" to be much greater than it would of been otherwise, all to jangle my nerves and add stress to the situation. All that suggests itself is that the fedora act, a man's hat on a woman in order, is to obtain some kind of "auric blend" of male headwear on a woman. Regular readers will know that hats are a big Unfavored demographic group feature, and that the perps often juxtaspose Unfavored objects on Favored personnel. Last month's two males in fedoras and long coats at the door of the optician, as if they stepped out of a film noir movie, when I wanted to depart with my new glasses, holds the current fedora ridiculousness award, though tonight's distance dependent iterative fedora act came close. As part of the background show, I also had at least three males, all in long black coats, in an arranged confluence around me at the Rx counter, but it dissipated in short order as I was waiting for the next pharmacy assistant. I have no idea why the perps are on this jag over long black coats and fedora hats, and then separating the two clothing items to have the hat on a woman instead. Fucking wacko.

Other abuse tonight was rage-ifying me at the car dealership cleaning job, not allowing the coffee bar waste bin to sit under the short feeder shute in the counter. They nearly always ensure that no one else is around, when they have me in a screaming fit, all to keep the show going. But at least they didn't demotivate me like last night, as it was getting to be a chore when it never has been.

Then they resumed rage-ifying me when I was back at my place by the usual stream of insults; creating touching sensations on me when there was no contact, creating extra noise of objects clattering when there was no contact, making me go to the wrong cupboard, making me about to turn the wrong light switch off, and a few more to rile me up. And more often, they change my voice, sometimes within five seconds of saying something else in a different voice. They also do less air depletion from my lungs to allow me to have a louder voice. No neighbor complaints so far, and it doesn't matter if they are faux neighbors either, as they will proceed with the notion that there are neighbors when there isn't.

Other action that I didn't mention yesterday was having a doppelganger of an actress named Katherine Parkinson of the TV series, Doc Martin, in the grocery store. The perps also fucked with my recognition recall and my context awareness, making me "think" that I knew the person when I obviously don't. After a minute or so they finally let me in on what my normal thoughts would be; the person looks like the actress that I have seen in the TV series and would not possibly know me, or the converse. It is hard to explain, but I was totally mindfucked with as to my "response", and I am fucking pissed about this and don't know what the next escalation will be from their next like stunt.

Some web troving of recent bookmarks and this three part video piece on "new physics" as well as the written material of Norberto Keppe. I thought it was interesting that the motor inventors refer to the scalar energy as "colors", which might explain why the Fuckwits are hounding me with various colors, combinations and order. The history of inventors creating new and wonderful cheaper energy devices is a long checkered road, usually one of ruination, and by covert sabotatge IMHO. Anyhow, if there are any followers of my recent energy finds, here are some new ones.

Another "new physics" link is The Physics of Alice’s Looking Glass. I cannot follow it, per usual learning disability (or imposed cognitive limitations, I am not sure which it is these days), but suffice to say, we have a compromised electromagnetic theory, and are at a stalemate in understanding the physical world, which includes conscious thought.

And some interesting klezmer in audio only, borrowing from some classical composers, from the North End Klezmer Project, on CBC.

This one is done for the day, and this week seems to be all about shut-in time, where last week I was out most days. Interesting that they have to keep me cooped up and then spring the gangstalkers en masse when I first emerge.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Leg Torquing

My right leg is getting a work over, and not in a good way. Remotely applied twisting is being applied, and not just at the knee this time. The whole leg is getting torqued, and I feel it in the hip. Some knee jabbing pain is also being added to increase the annoyance factor.

I don't know how long I will be blogging tonight, as I may have to go for a walk just to prevent his abusive fuckery from continuing. That is how it goes much of the time; one cannot plan for much if the hounds of hell have another agenda, and it includes physical discomfort.

It is a Monday, their most active fuckover day of the week, but I did not visit my parent's place yesterday as I had an early morning appointment over this psychological vocation testing bullshit that I have been put through in order to substantiate my grovelling for training monies to get my skills updated, and put me back where I was before the assholes drove me out of work. Said training, if approved, wouldn't start until the fall in any event. Another whole summer of life rape ahead, and that includes plenty of rage-fication abuse as they seem to increasing the intensity of my "reactions" to the increased provocations. Just the usual provocations; transitory vision impairment, stuttering speech, incorrect syntax, fake touches applied where there is no causal object, jabbings to my fingers and hands with no causal object, pulling objects from my grasp, preventing me from accomplishing simple tasks such as folding papers, dithering my fine motor control so my fingers "slip" even for routine actions like turning on a light switch, fucking me around with my scarf tassels getting trapped in my coat zipper, and on and on. Even standing on one foot while changing my clothes is an open invitation to be wobbled and my supporting foot being turned on me. More senseless and insane replications of depraved and abusive fuckery at anytime and place. Just another day of harassment, and a day at the office for the SS (Surrepticious Sickos).

thankfully the leg torquing torture ended, and now I have the overhead rumbling noise as I type this up. Even the most simplest of concepts or nouns can become a major noisestalk theme for a day, or several days. Regular readers will know that the overhead rumbling noise will follow me to where ever I am in my apartment and be applied as needed, presumably to neurally map the seated me (desk) to the standing me, (kitchen and bathroom) to the prone me (bed). The perps cannot get enough of these variables, hence the wheelchair use in gangstalking. Though, it does also seem that the assholes use them as Unfavored demographic specimens, meaning that there are some deep subconcious traumatization associations with wheelchairs. That it the putative rationale for incorporating large numbers of wheelchair sightings in my public activities, and it comes from the perps themselves. Normally they are not reliable, but they have been consistent with this "gangstalker format". My in-town brother felt compelled to tell me that former VP Dick Cheney was in a wheelchair at Pres. Obama's inauguration, as I had not seen it on TV. There maybe two parallel objectives in the wheelchair gangstalkers; Unfavored demographic representatives and as portable seated gangstalkers. I don't really give a fuck, I don't want to see another fucking wheelchair gangstalker ever again.

And of course I got plenty of action in that department today, as I was obliged to meet with the psychologist about the vocational testing scores and determinations. Not only is she wheelchair bound but is also deformed in some curious and hideous ways. The perps seemed to want to mask her deformed hands some by having her in a fleshtoned shirt so there was little color or contrast difference between her hands and her shirt and I couldn't visually key off of the shirt cuff edge. Then at the second meeting with the vocational advisor who was also wheelchair bound, but of normal torso configuration, the perps had me overfocussed on her very normal looking hands. I have been getting more of this mindfuck bullshit where they want me to look at someone's hands all the time, and I am fucking fed up with having my attention fucked with and no choice as to where it is directed.

Other action today was doing gardening at my in-town brother's place, and taking the city bus in each direction with my travelling gangstalking freakshow, mainly shiftless dudes, all of Unfavored demographic groups. I don't know why they are hounding me with males all the time of late, but it is getting fucking stupid. Since when did one find a "construction worker" on a city bus at 1030h leaving downtown where the work is? Why, today of course, all to "show me" his white plastic hardhat on the back of his backpack, and to then stand in front of me when there were plenty of seats, and some five minutes later, he actually does sit down. I have had the hardhat stalking dudes before, and invariably they are packing their hardhats in their hands, or now, on their backpacks. Having their Fuckwits wearing them is too complex for all the color and energy games/research that is going on.

The outbound city bus trip also had some strange dudes doing the muttering and talking act, and the bus driver kicked them off as part of the street theater. I hadn't experienced this outcome before as the "normal" script is to have everyone suffer the Fuckwit's rambling dissertations.

I was dealing with peat moss at my brother's place, and I suppose that was the big excitement for the perps as they would send down a vehicle to turn in the cul de sac in front of his place the two times I was leaning over the peat moss bag and extracting it into the wheelbarrow. For those infrequent readers, the perps have a total obsession over the color brown, and the peat moss is that color of course. And, I was wearing my brother's light brown colored jacket for gardening, and I suppose the set up was too good to ignore.

After lunch, there was one project to do, and the perps let me undertake it with the usual extra-conventional gravitic fuckery of objects having highly irregular trajectories and applications of forces. Nothing too substantive or vexing thankfully. Once my brother left for work then they had me wrap it up very fast as they had me take a crap in short order. And this too is a high priority brown substance interest of the perps, and I will spare you most of the details, but it was pretty ugly and they even flicked it onto the vertical side of the bathtub some 2' away. And a shower to clean up, and no plunger with blatant blocking. Bad scene, and nothing too unexpected as they keep this up nearly everytime and have since they first (04-2003) blocked my toilet when they actually visited me in person at the very onset of overt harassment and abuse as it became. Little did I know that so many were interested in something so disusting and were so relentless in pursuing this for so obscure reasons. Paraphrasing someone here.

I had the shiftless dude crush around me on the city bus back to downtown where I live, the last one doing his mandatory "lean forwards", no matter how uncomfortable it looked, as if on the edge of his seat. Then they had a "dude train" of ambulatory male gangstalkers all walking about 10' apart in the same track on the same side of the sidewalk, and for me to insert myself after crossing the street. And was it any surprise that many of them were wearing brown clothes? Of course not, especially after the above mentioned bathroom scene. I have not seen an ordered and equi-spaced string of dudes, or any demographic theme of gangstalkers before, though the vehicular gangstalking is usually orchestrated in this way.

This one is done for the day, and now to ponder how long the Monday night scheduled sleep deprivation games will go for. An overhead rumbling answer to that, nothing too articulate.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Digging Dirt

It was a gardening day today; doing it for pay for my in-town brother at his place, and his harangues about how much time and money it takes to run a house on a residential city lot. And to some surprise he didn't take off and do his garage sale activity, as Sunday is a prime day for him. Normally he takes off once I am started on a project at his place.

Today, it was a cubic yard of top soil that he had delivered, and he was cranked up about how he wanted to get the soil dispersed to the intended garden beds and have it removed from his driveway. So........ that meant both of us working together of all things, quite a rarity as the perps like me to be kept working on my own. Nothing collaborative or team based is normally allowed I have come to realize. But we both did some major humphing and dirt shoveling to repair the various parts of his backyard.

There was a lilac bush encased in a tire that was inverted and used as an ersatz planter, and that had to be taken out in my view as it was so freaking ugly, and that the lilac, could be incorporated into an adjacent garden bed, sans tire. We pulled and tugged, cut it some more, used pry bars and matticks, and finally got the tire pulled out from the encased lilac bush. Given the perps obsession over tires, rubber and road surfaces I am sure there was plenty of their agenda in all of it, and it may have been set up for such an event a long time ago.

What the perps get from this isn't clear to me, but they wanted me to around for the "action", this old car tire being removed from a garden bed and freed from the plant in the center of it. Anyhow, the work to get the top soil spread to needed parts of his garden was demanding, but by 1700h the cubic yard had been sensibly dispersed to locations that would most benefit. He could then drive his truck over top of where the soil had been and have it in his driveway again.

I am a little tired after a full day of gardening effort, and perhaps I am getting sucked down for whatever reason.

More web surfing tonight, with earmuffs on for all the bothersome noises they add in, and even some outside noises somehow get through the hearing protection. In this case, I take the earmuffs off and plug my ears with my fingers which then allows me to hear internal head noise, and it is like a ship's radio room with all the static and morse code like chirpings, pingings and the like. I don't know what to make of this, and what this is telling me.

I have been rendered to be a demotivated slackass tonight; I have plans to update past "trophy blogs" and haven't lifted a finger, and also the job searching hasn't been very active. The perps are also planting the notions of an upcoming cessation of hostilities, but I have been there many times before, going back even four years or more, and it has been as tiresome as it has been fatuous.

It is time to call this one done for the day, only the evening time here at my place.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hold This Battery, Then Tell Me Your Phone Number

A strange combination today of the apartment manager and his sidekick du jour; first the over-prolonged door knocking sequence and then him not being at the door when I opened it, and then his supposed sidekick (seen before, context removed from recall) was taking tenant's phone number, email address and contact number. All this information they already have. The apartment manager returned from his absence at the front door with a 9v battery in hand, telling me that it needed to be put in the smoke alarm. Then he tells me about the "need" to gather the important information from his helper, who also was absent at first. So with 9v battery in hand, I tell him this same information they already had by my recollection (caveat there).

But since the perps just love to put batteries in my proximity, why, could it be yet another dodge of the gangstalkers? And if you have followed this blog in the past, you will note that I believe there is nothing but scripted events for me to be "included", not by choise but by remotely applied mind control. Anyhow, this little scam was all over soon enough, but it does suggest the perps are so fucking desperate that they do something so seedy and blatant.

More of today's dulldom stories were planned, but "somehow" that thought thread just evaporated. But it has been mostly dull today, and they didn't even let me out for a Saturday national newspaper, something that I often read as my only purchased paper of the week. The perps don't like me to know what is happening locally, and a local newspaper just isn't permitted. And lo, if the web access to this same local newspaper is messed up, and I never visit the site for all the hassle it has become.

I did my cleaning job at the car dealership tonight, at 1700h which was near daylight conditions. As the perps find the daylight to dusk transition so fascinating, it is always interesting to see their games at that time of day. It was the usual heavy mix of ambulatory gangstalkers and clusters of vehicles arranged by color.

And it would seem that they cannot get enough red near me at the cleaning job as I am doing it by myself for the most part, and there is no one else around. So... what do they do? Why, an operative/staff member arrives in his red and black panelled anorak and "needs" a teabag when I have just finished up cleaning the coffee station in the Service area, and he came in behind me and needed to lean over my good work to get the teabag. Then he takes off. And was there enough teabags at the other station in the Sales area where he seemingly came from? Yes, so why did this character come halfway across the building for a teabag and then take off? Just another day at the office, facilitating life rape as I call this insane and abusive targetted fuckery.

And I notice that the vision impairment fuckery is still going on; they won't let me look with full focus, and this seems to be a recent change, and not from the glasses that were acquired early12-2008. I reckon they spent all that time learning how to fuck my vision, and are now applying it as they see fit. So far, they apply this vision fucking when I am sweeping my field of view across into the distance, and reinstate focus when my eyes rest on an object. They also noisestalk me anytime I notice the vision impairment, and this would be the precursor activities to be able to jerk with my vision without me "noticing". That is, they are getting ready to be able to impair my vision and cognition without me knowing that it is abnormal. Hence other games of late such as moving something behind venetian blinds, and isolating the seen object/movement.

And also double vision games, and then repeating the double vision while I am bitching about the intrusion with a modified version where only the brightest parts of the doubled image are shown.

More web surfing and bookmarking, the latter activity drawing much noisestalking, especially since I have the earmuffs on. They can somehow drive the noise through hearing protection, even if the outside noise isn't louder than it usually is without it. And also, the strange whistling noise that they have tagged some of the buses with can now not only penetrate earmuffs, but also fingers or even my hands placed over my ears. Before this, I could always count on physically blocking my ears to shut out unwanted noise, but no more. Another corner in the abuse cycle has been turned.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Plasma With Tea

The latest game of the perps is to plant double images in my vision under the tenuous cover story that it is "from" looking through the edges of these new edge polished glasses. No, I cannot look through the edges even if I tried as long as they are on my face. And then they replicate the false image again by showing another plasma display, but only the brightest spots of the false image. This accompaniment was with tea and chocolate, and it might be the the brown color obsessed perps are cranked up over the fact that the chocolate had red paper packaging and a metal foil wrapper on the inside. Similarly, the perps go beserk and harass the living hell out of me when at breakfast and applying red colored jam over peanut butter on my toast. Two of their most problematic colors are brown and red, and then the combination too.

And more visual perturbations or else these new glasses need to be taken back. I am getting fucking tired of seeing so many fuzzy images when I look around, when the glasses were fine until recently. I have had them seven weeks, and I suspect the perps are running my vision, but quite haven't mastered it all yet.

Earlier, I was doing more gardening work at my in-town brother's place. I was pruning and then digging soil into the plant beds in an attempt to get the leaves to rot down instead of remaining there as they seem to do. I had the usual chainsaw noise from the W., and lo, if one from the E. didn't start up too. There was the usual hot rod, Harley, and siren noise in the background, very often timed to when I was making the pruning cut. The perps cannot get enough of that action. I had my freakshow city bus ride home from his place and I see that they put on two negros again at this stop, plus about eight others all "happening" to be going downtown at 1500h. That is an absurd number of passengers for a route that runs every 10 minutes or less, and too, the majority were shiftless males hanging around like they don't have a job. This time they let the negroes stay on the bus and didn't pull them off inside of three or less minutes. (A 15 minute bus trip in all). In case you are wondering about why I mention these various demographic groups, e.g., negroes, shiftless males, freaks and the like, they are from the Unfavored demographic groups.

Regular readers and many Ti's will know that the perps have an obsession over presenting petroleum products in some way. While gardening at my in-town brother's place today, the third instance this week, he had a shortage of heating oil as he could lift the tank with one hand. And so they came out on his request to put some 500 liters of heating oil in his outside tank. I find this interesting as they generally plan a route out for the day, and don't cater to on-demand requests unless one pays extra money. Anyhow, perhaps the delivery service was legit, but it is always interesting to note what the perps are up to along these very consistent themes.

I also got the gangstalker confluence at the supermarket on the way back from my car dealership cleaning job. The ambulatory street gangstalking scene hasn't let up since Christmas, and they had me in a confluence of four at the checkout, three of them staff, and the one behind me was a skinheaded male in a brown coat. As it "happened", the boss man from the cleaning job was in the same checkout ahead of me, a short Asian woman between us. The usual "no acknowledgement" scenario, just like last week when he "happened" to be in the next door LD store when I was there. I wonder about these characters; are they an operative or a shill trained and rehearsed for the job? When there is too many oddities about a person it tells me that they are likely a morphed over operative and in some kind of mind control character. When you can spy on anyone anywhere, which I believe is the case, it isn't hard to come up with ideas as to character behavior. The mercurial gruffness and then pals again act is tedious as well, as one never knows what to expect.

Anyhow, the cleaning job is only an hour and a half a day, and keeps me busy the entire time. And I am sure it has profound perp utility, all those new and used vehicles, parts of vehicles, and having some up on the hoist for elevation games that they so like to play. It is interesting to see car parts being circulated around in differing locations, orientations and cardinalities. They have been placing inside door panels, inside hatchback panels, wheels, transmissions, oil filters and other parts, new and used, on a regular rotation until they have deemed themselves to be done. That is, having me pass by the part each day, having moved it some, often at orthogonal angles.

Another perp stunt is to present the gangstalking males as if they are, or even are, grabbing their crotch. Either from behind, or else front on, at least six times per week, there is some simulated male crotch grabbing. I don't know what the deal is, but obviously the perps know far more about it than I do, having deleted my conscious recollections that might be associated with such activity. Seemingly, they haven't been able to delete my subconscious recollections. About two months ago they had one ambulatory Fuckwit grabbing his crotch while walking on the sidewalk, about 8' away and coming toward me, and then he turned 90 degrees onto the crossing street, still grabbing his crotch while rounding the corner, and continuing. I have no idea why making the corner in this compromised state was so important, but there it was, gangstalking while crotch grabbing. I read somewhere that this was a secret signal of Masons, but there would be no reason for them to hound me as they know I am not a member, and won't be, ever. Freaking bizarre in any event.

I am getting cast into a malaise of sorts these days; no effort to initiate the required interviews for this grant groveling I am required to do for obtaining training funds this fall and spring 2010. Also, the job applications efforts I have made in the past has dropped out. I don't know what the deal is, but like most endeavors, the perps like me to sustain some effort and then jerk me around to then back off, and restart at a later time. Or, they slow me down and then have me get into a panic over completion. It is tiresome when this amount of interference is going on and the agenda is so broad, elemental, and yet unknown to me.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Insane Abuse

The perps are on a major sick streak today, and cancelling yoga without advance notice was the least of it. They seem to have a confluence of laundry sabotage, temporarily wearing yoga clothes while attending to laundry, and many other related provocations to keep me in a near constant rage state. Just the usual unusual provocations; dithering my speech syntax, preventing me from pressing buttons on the phone and LCD monitor, arranging past phone calls to list on my call display when the party never phoned, arranging things to drop out of my hands, flicking crumbs around so that they "come back" after sending them down the drain of the sink, typo sabotage, flicking grated cheese around the kitchen when making lunch, spraying my left hand, 2.5' from the frypan and shielded behind me, with hot olive oil while my right hand, holding the frypan, didn't get sprayed, and a few other insults along the way, all to crank me up into an immediate rage. I am being kept on a short fuse today, worse than usual. I suppose all the elaborate plans feed into it, as the level of rage-ification is commensurate with the intensity of the perp interest and prepatory planning. So it would seem that wearing yoga clothes, some blocks from yoga but at the same time normal yoga classes are held, is a big deal for the sick assholes who continue to trash my existence every possible moment. It is totally fucking sick and as depraved as it is relentless. And they are more beserk today than usual. I can hardly wait to go out to the dayjob tonight, the one hour activity so the perps can get me in close to new and used vehicles, never mind the brown boxes and packaging of autobody parts.

On the way to yoga and back, an near immediate turnaround event, the assholes had arranged two Fuckwit gangstalkers to be sitting in mid sidewalk with small furniture made from brown corrugated cardboard. There was no sensible rationale for this colossal stunt, but there they were, one sitting inside a chair of extra thick cardboard, of at least 1.5" panels. So it would seem that the assholes needed to test me out on thicker-than-normal cardboard, hence this abusrd bone-headed stunt. I also had a few cardboard box packing Fuckwits before and after, seeming to support the brown color games they were up to.

Or maybe, they were cranked about my laundry today, having had three bright green microfiber cleaning clothes in the laundry hamper for ten days, abetted by the coincident shutdown of the hot water system until today. More "repairs" of course; and name me one location in the past 10 years when they haven't shut down the water or hot water supply. Every residence that I owned "needed" a new hot water tank within a year, one within weeks of purchase after the building inspector said it was OK. It is fucking insane for any asshole to sabotage one's life, never mind making it a constant mode of living for someone they have already hounded for 47 years before outing their sick asses in 2002. Justice won't be served until I get to take a baseball bat to the heads who decided to inflict this depraved abuse on me.

Finally some respite from the abuse today; it has been nearly nonstop rage-ification (provocation and "reaction") anytime I am functioning today, save when online. Though, I have been getting plenty of typo sabotage, even while blogging. A total perp beserk day today.

Anytime the sickos go beserk is an opportunity to observe what else is going on, and how it maybe connected. The above jerkaround over today's cancelled yoga is an example. Today also marks a return to having hot water again after two weeks of the system not working. So who knows what drives them, except to know that every obsession of theirs is related to another obsession. An example is the "bread stalking", hounding me with gangstalkers packing bread into incongrous circumstances or just positioning bread at street corners. As regular readers know, I also get hounded when egressing in/out of buildings. And lo, if not two months back they had a bread packing gangstalker loitering at the building entrance one day.

Other strange goings on were the supposed staff at the car dealership where I was begining the cleaning job. A white Ford F250 was in the Mazda shop near the faucet I use for filling the brown plastic mop bucket each night. The supposed mechanic dude wasn't doing any work on it, just hauling stuff in and out of the plastic lined box, he was almost draped on the tailgate and the box. He raised it up with a floor jack for reasons I didn't track, this in the bay of a hoist at his disposal. Anyhow, I didn't get into checking out the whole story, but it didn't add up. That I owned a Ford F250 pickup, albeit in red, might have something to do with it, and I didn't get around to asking what the engine and transmission configuration was to see if it was the same as mine old pick up truck.

I am troving through saved links and found this one on teleportation of atoms, a big advance apparently, as this has only been done with photons before. This must be some kind of planted joke, even if legit; I deal with teleportation fuckery every day. My toothpaste moved on me and swapped places with the razor a few days ago, only 8" apart. Other times, the gangstalkers arrive from nowhere, and are telported. They even showed me this capability when they first invaded my apartment in 2002. There has been at least 15 incidents when the fuckers arrived all around me and I never heard them coming. Most mornings at breakfast, I deal with 30 to 100 crumbs that come flying in from nowhere, as if the bread had been shaken or scraped while I wasn't looking, only a few seconds or so. Anyhow, don't let anyone tell you that teleportation hasn't been proven, as it has, going by this article.

A novel about recall, something near and dear to TI's; Remainder by Tom McCarthy. I haven't read it, but it might be an interesting diversion for TI's if they are allowed to read books. For the most part, they don't let me read much, possibly due to the fact that they cannot pump enough irradiative energy at me from a book as they can an LCD panel. Or at least, that is the way it seems with all the maser and plasma phenonemon floating around and coming off the monitor, even as I type this.

Here is a Marcia Ball concert from the CBC, audio only, but she is in good form. For blues afficionados.

Time to call this very ragged day done and hope that today's elevated fuckery will have abated.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pruning, Take Two

A late start to blogging today's events, but I was pruning more bushes and trees at my in-town brother's place. This is the second day in succession for this activity, and I will get some more gardening work time in on Friday, two days from today. The perps arranged the usual noisescape of distant chain saws, hotrods, ill-maintained mufflered vehicles, loud bird chirping, overhead aircraft, children at play and the standby, barking dogs. Apart from the background din, the noises were coordinated at the moment of cutting a branch or otherwise weilding the lopers to cut the branch or twig. The perps have a total obsession over this activity, and have been relatively consistent in having me do gardening for the First Feral Family over the past three years.

And of course, they pour on the gangstalkers for the city bus freakshow on the way back. The big deal was for them to have at least seven dudes around me, have me facing backwards to the direction of travel, (the only availible seat), and having armed forces personnel on board the bus, three Fuckwits in their berets, one doing the twitchy act near me.

And again, when I was out heading to, or heading back from the local one hour cleaning job I do six days a week, I had plenty of extra ambulatory and vehicular gangstalker action. The perps seem to be looking for something about me after a day's work doing gardening, pruning, cutting lawns and like foliage handling activities. They even had the hoodie dudes tail me into the building and into the elevator. And well mannered ones too, so perhaps they are attempting some kind of restitution of my subconscious thoughts as to young males and their proclivities at the time of abuse, if that is in fact what happened some 50 years ago during the "lost years" when it seems my recall was deleted for the most part.

I had a call from a local TI after I got back, timed for dusk onset, the silly time of day for the perps. There is something about one's vision that changes according to light levels, and the perps are still working on this after 6.5 years of overt harassment. She wants me to put an add in the paper for her about getting someone to sweep for hidden microphones, aka, "bugs". Fucking absurd, and I have intimated that the perps can eavesdrop on one's thoughts, assuming they didn't plant them in the first place. And that they can control the ether, or "omniplasma continuum", and can see and hear everything they chose to look at. They don't need hidden microphones. Now that I straightened out my luddite brother on how to use Craigslist and his email, instead of sending emails for him, it seems that this purported TI's need for me to email and advertise on her behalf is an extension of doing this for my brother. And I will be duly apprised of their interest when I actually do this, as the noisestalking is bound to increase at that moment, and then reach a crescendo when the message is sent.

And I notice that the perps are giving me extra jabs, pokes and pinches of late; not coming from any seen physical cause of course, just these force fields that are manipulated all around me. When I mentioned the term "force field" to the hair stylist last week, (discussing Fortean experiences, har, har), he burst into a coughing fit. So it would seem that this term is of vital importance in some energetic way, apart from applying it to me that is. And what is with the nipple pinching or brushing by sensations? All the time, and even both nipples at once just to heighten the gratuitous nature of the abuse.

And I see that the hot water situation in this apartment block is still not fixed as promised on the posters in the elevators and front doors. It was to be completed today, and still the lukewarm water games, especially for the kitchen sink faucet when cleaning the dishes. After the breakfast dishes I go to the bathroom for a shower and the water is much warmer, though variable, and often getting warmer at the moment before applying shampoo and conditioner. Then, the bathroom sink faucet is cooler, which has meant that I shave my face only, and not do the customary full frontal torso shave. That was the routine this morning, readying me for a face-only shave, and presumably, pick out some essential energetic differences between me doing the pruning with a full frontal shave (yesterday), and without (today). And too, the perps have an obsession over the use of knives to cut things; food, body hairs, plants (pruning), and even spreading peanut butter on toast. Though the latter item could also be part of the perps's obsession over plant oils of various kinds.

And on the latter topic, I note that my in-town brother has four different cooking oils that are clumped together on his kitchen counter; corn oil, olive oil, cocoanut oil and one other. He never seems to use the olive oil, and it does make me wonder why he has all these, and he wasn't even clear about why he just purchased the cocoanut oil. I have remarked in past blog postings on the perp's obsessions over essential fatty acids, plant oils, cooking oils and various like substances, and they still seem to be intensely focussed on researching this topic. And also, the nature of the container is important too; glass, black plastic etc. They have a long way to go on this one, and it seems they have all the time to do it.

The topic of plant oils seems to be separate from their obsession over petroleum products and my energetic interaction with it; vehicular gangstalking me with large heating oil tanker trucks is ongoing, and true to form, they put them into situations of them turning corners, or even having two of them at differing orthogonal angles in my proximity. And for good measure, the First Feral Family has a jar of vasoline on their window sill that seems to be a permanent object for no seeming reason.

I suspect the cleaning job at the car dealership is a way to expose me to components of vehicles, especially those wrapped up in brown paper or cardboard. (Brown color being a perp fixation). At the car dealership there are also plenty of used parts in piles as well; exhaust systems, intake manifolds, wheel rims, steering parts, interior door panels and the like. This too looks like a long term study they are only getting serious about after 6.5 years of abuse, never mind the extra vehicle repairs they created over my past three decades of vehicle ownership. (No vehicle since 2006).

Calling this one done for today, and I don't seem to be in a newsy mood tonight, "for some reason".

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Continuing Monday's Theme

If Mondays are all about added noise and rage-ifying me for much of the day, I could always expect a reprieve the next day. Not true any more; the assholes kept jabbing me with unseen force fields, creating extraneous noise of no apparent cause, flicking water around, skunking me from doing the laundry from last night's toilet overflow at 0745h, and a few other fuckarounds to keep me intensely pissed off.

Now that relative calm has been permitted while online, the tapping and drilling noise has started up, just like yesterday's. And all for no seeming cause, except to play noise games. That the tapping noise got slowly fainter and fainter wasn't too surprising, as they like to pull these long noise decay games all the time, the outside traffic noise, artificially created, is another example. For now, it is a continued Monday abuse day. The only major difference is that I will be doing more gardening work for my brother later, given the good weather of late. Other hijinx are also unfolding; the three weeks of impaired hot water supply are to be "fixed" today and tomorrow, with an expected overnight shutdown of the hotwater. As the water supply in all my past five residence locations has been jerked with, this is no surprise, but it does take the cake as the most intrusive yet.

A throught-the-earmuffs overhead rumbling arrived while I was looking at interior design, and casting an opinion on it. Anytime I make decisons or judgements, the perp noisestalking starts up, if it hasn't already preceded the event.

The hot water system is down in this apartment block; the posted notice suggested that it might be unavailible overnight, before the final "fix" tomorrow, and lo, if it didn't "happen". Onto other things.

I did some pruning at my in-town-brother's place today, and it was the usual walk around the garden introduction, a requirement it seems, to have me tour outside and all the way round his house before going in. And it was also interesting the timing of certain events there. Not only did I have my mandatory noise program while pruning, chain saws, motorcycles, hot rods, helicopters, and like noise sources, but also an interesting adjunct. My brother had trapped a squirrel in his trap, and then while I wasn't looking, drowned it while I was pruning his forsythia bush. Interesting that the perps had two simultaneous activities related to life, and some measure of inflicting some kind of duress upon it (pruning branches, dispatching a squirrel), and that this was going on simultaneously, and proximately, within 12' of each other. There must be a common thread in these two events, and the perps have had each of us do the similar previous activities, though independently. Today, it was a joint plant-animal duress moment. I wonder what the sickos get from that, given the rousing noise and rage-ification fuckery that went on before my brother called and picked me up.

I had the usual city bus freakshow when returning from my brother's place; some seven Fuckwits in place at the shelter, and then one tailing and standing behind me until I went and stood further away from the bus stop. I have no idea why so many weirds are on the bus each time, heading into downtown at 1540h. It just doesn't add up. And today's bus gangstalker action was "dude encroachment"; planting dudes all around me, seven in all, one by one, filling in from the three women, one being particularly large, over 240 lb. As each dude came by and sat down, they each took a piece of availible view, attempting to limit my view down the spread legged fat woman opposite. And a few hold ups waiting for the wheelchair cases to be secured as well to make the trip last longer. And the usual parade of Fuckwits in the way of the rear exit doors of the bus when it was time to depart, and lo, if they didn't plant a negro woman in a bright green outfit for all of us to file by. Fucking insane, the perps and their preoccuplation with planting all these fucking gangstalking assholes in my face, no matter their race or gender.

The glass bottle bashing is going on as I am blogging here; I don't know quite why this would be happening as the garbage chutes are shut down, and it all goes downstairs to the bins on the ground floor. Or at least, nominally, as the dumpsters are locked up and the done thing is to leave the garbage at the doors.

I did the car dealership cleaning job tonight, and the new strategy seems to be having staff member's kids run around in the Service bay, and tonight, one little fucker was tailing me for absolutely no fucking reason but to piss me off. Parents who put their kids into these mindfuck victim abuse games should also be given a couple years of this fucking treatment as penance for being so fucking sick as to involve their children in this ongoing abuse and harassment. And the perps make sure I get truly pissed at this facet of the fuckover scene.

Listening to an Walter Bowart interview in audio for the past hour or so. A very interesting person, he being the author of "The Mind Controllers", which involved much research into government research, and that this was only the tip of the iceberg. If you have the time, it is worth a listen.

No hot water tomorrow morning at least, so I will have to make the best of it and ponder what perp associations it will bring. The perps have an obsession about soap, water and their respective interactions, and it would seem that jerking with the water supply in my past five residence locations all points in the same direction.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday is for Tapping, Sirens and Freeway Noise

I am getting the tapping noise, as if the upstairs neighbor is tapping at something on an uncarpeted floor. Regular readers will know that both neighbors and uncarpeted floors are unlikely scenarios for differring reasons; there seems to be a dearth of authentic neighbors in any location I have lived in since 2000, even before the harassment began in 2002, and that most apartments have the same vertical configuration and furnishings floor to floor. Which doesn't answer the question, why would it be happening anyway? And this is at least the 20th time this has "happened" since being here, so could it be just more arranged noise and vibration from the assholes who inundate me with it all day long?

We have done two siren cascades since I got back from my parents place at 1130h, which is a bit much for a Monday, usually a slack day for emergencies. One siren cascade was even modified to have a 1960's style sound to it, blended with the current siren sound that we are all so familiar with. And the noise of a freeway outside is another absurdity as it is a bidirectional secondary artery below, and with traffic controls at every intersection. No one dares go fast as visibility is limited for the buildings being close to the street. Unless of course, they are confident that all traffic has been arranged and controlled, hence the odd Fuckwit bombing along in a filled dump truck, though rare.

At least 10 siren cascades today, and that makes it about 10x more often than when I lived in Seattle, a city that is 4x as large. But as this is the usual high harassment day, replete with at least four rage-ification stunts to keep me at the highly vexed state, it fits the pattern that Mondays are hell days.

I also got more disruption for the one hour cleaning job at the car dealership; even lingering "customers" and then their young children using the washrooms on the heels of me doing the garbage. And more dude confluences around me when attending to the brown plastic mop bucket filling; they love to arrive at this event and buzz around me, and this time they put on two of them, doing a tag team thing, one of them reprising as he was doing his overalls removing while sitting on the concrete floor while I was on my way to get the bucket. And while placing a stack of new plastic garbage bags on the counter at the Parts section, a gangstalking mechanic was copying me in placing a plastic licence plate hold on the counter some 10' away, walking the same direction as me, and then placing his plastic item down at exactly the same moment that I did. Naturally I don't get to see this in time to prevent it and foil the timing, as those kinds of thoughts are not allowed anymore.

Other events were a city bus freakshow, taking the bus in from my parent's place to downtown. The "least likely character to be found on public transportation" was my gangstalking seatmate for most of the trip. The dude in the black jacket, the black fine knitted toque with it pulled down to this black wraparound shades was the specimen in question. First I had a woman with wheeled tote beside me, and then this MIB dude who was sitting at the back, previously noticed by me, slithers up from behind and then sits beside me, within 30 seconds of the seat being free. These strange black hatted and shaded dude gangstalkers are becoming more common, but they still make me puke to look at them, so I looked outside for the duration to eliminate his visage from my peripherial vision. But this wasn't good enough, so he leaned forward, no matter how stupid or uncomfortable it looked, and then I turned my head a little more to ensure this Fuckwit wasn't seen at all. Anyhow, there were a few other freaks on board, and the bus was absurdly full for a 10 minute service at 1100h on a weekday morning. Like always, the perps are caring less about their cover story, and get right down to gangstalking without the pretense of normality. I also had at least six vagrants lined up when I got off the bus, so the bullshit of keeping the Unfavored demographic group representation in my proximity was duly maintained.

And I note that the perps are also putting on dudes in long black coats of late; having them hang around while I am doing the cleaning job, towering over me while attending to garbage cans and placing new plastic bags in them, and other fleeting looks/juxtapositons. My assigned task at the start of the cleaning job is to present myself to one of two staff at the car dealership when I arrive to let them know the cleaning staff has arrived and will take care of the alarm setting. This all came about when one of the staff, purportedly, didn't know we were there and put on the alarm which went off while I was working in the building. So today, the first day of this new protocol, I see the sales manager in his office, but he is not looking at me, and I am about to say something when another MIB-like dressed dude, albeit on the tubby side, comes swooping into the manager's office and places himself between us, to intervene in the visual contact. Then he steps aside after two seconds or so, and I get to fulfil my intent to make visual contact with the manager. So what was that all about? The first instance of this "requirement" of visual contact, and this tubby Fuckwit MIB in the long black coat steps between us before contact could be confirmed. I hadn't seen this dude before, and I am getting the suspicion this car dealership "staff" seems to be a perp dude parade show, somehow inculcating me with various Unfavored dude profiles, much like they appeared when they supposedly laid down the traumatic subconscious memory associations some 50 years ago. (Sometimes the male perps present themselves in fedoras, looking like they stepped out of a 1950's movie). Not my problem, so why am I being placed in confluences of strange dudes all the time?

The strangest dude today was the 6'8" negro dude with the funny hairnet type of hat and the loud yellow and orange clothing as he exited the elevator when I had summoned it to depart. Out walks this way fugly negro dude, now the third one to be featured on this floor, and in this loud colored clothing. Quite the show. I recall when in Seattle and walking with my negro boss, (with whom I got on well with), on the street and this tall negro was at at least 7' in front of us, and many of the passersby seemed to know him, as if he was some kind of basketball star. I asked my boss who he was, and he didn't know, he said. I don't get it; where were so many people engaged in making out as if this person was famous? That was before the perps overtly struck and made themselves apparent, so I shouldn't be too surprised that the assholes are replaying all their featured gangstalkers from before.

It was last Monday when the perps put on three negro gangstalkers in one block; one at each end and one oncoming in the middle who did a head down, hat (black) visible only walk toward me for 40' and then looks up when 6' in front of me, and is wearing shades when it is dark out. Mondays are high negro content days it would seem. And for the record, there are very few negros in this city, but one wouldn't know that from the number that I see, usually in strange situations and presentations. The perps would take the negros off the bus after three or so stops, though of late, they seem to be keeping them on for longer.

I haven't figured out why the perps continue with this "racial integration" gangstalking, but suffice to say, they had me lined up long before they struck with this current abusive tyranny. I had two negro employees of three at my last work site in this city, and I had a negro co-worker, and later boss when I worked in Seattle and Everett. What this is all about, and how they became one of the Unfavored isn't clear, save that the perps have suggested in their subliminal (almost like slimey) way, that they had young children of varying races in cages in some kind of military sponsored camp as shown in the Indian Lake Project. Their suggestion is that I was there, and retain subconscious recollections from this era that they are still attempting to emulate and thereby evoke the subconscious recollection they are desirous of purging. I say, leave me fucking alone, I am fine without the fucking help, and was finally getting my near-nutter ex out of my life when the assholes unloaded on me, bring Hell to every moment of my existence. And guess what; I get more exposure to nutters now. Fucking sick.

And in one of the more obvious tailings tonight, I had this Asian man walking toward me outside this apartment building, and then I cross his path after he walked by to get to the front door, some 20' set back from the sidewalk, and then this fucker reverses direction and arrives behind me, and even getting into the same elevator. He only "needed" to go to the second floor, so why didn't he take the stairs. This is as blatant as the Fuckwits who arrive in the doctor's office waiting room, don't see any doctor, and then follow me out to take the same bus back to downtown and even get off at the same bus stop. Fucking outrageous, if not, unsporting.

No doubt I am due for a few hours of wakefulness before being allowed to sleep, like most Mondays, and I expect that there might be some associated pounding noise overhead that will "follow: me there. Such is this existence, where even turning on a lightswitch can be made into an adverse experience. Another siren cascade follows that revelation. Time to call this one done.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Overhead Rumbling Arrives For Pee Time

It is no surprise that the imposed need for taking a pee "happens" at a high perp interest moment; that is, when bookmarking websites, reading specific theme contents of abiding interest to them, or even something so dull as switching between web pages. But this "pee intrusion" stunt isn't enough anymore; now, the overhead rumbling noise of no rational origin has started up in conjunction with pee intrusions and even follows me to the bathroom and then arrives back overhead of my desk some 10' away. Imagine that, overhead neighbors who know exactly where I am to have their noise detectable directly overhead and not from one side or the other. It all seems to calculated to me, and I would think anyone else if objective.

And for additional noise variation, the improbable overhead rumbling now has a squeaking noise to it. The ever mutable variations of noise from objects that don't make any sense in the first place.

And the perps are pushing the extra-conventional silliness today; gobbing up the back of the knife as I was applying peanut butter to toast, crumb inundation from nowhere, water leaping 4" out of the drain, and a few others that aren't allowed to be recalled. Now I get to do the Chicken Run, the full-on gangstalking show when I purchase hot cooked chicken, my protein supply for the next three weeks if the meat spoiling games aren't imposed.

Only half chickens were allowed today, which always begs the question as to who among the Fuckwits and shills will be eating the other half? And three dude confluences were arranged for a 10 minute round trip to the supermarket. Some coming from nowhere again, a repeating pattern of late.

More variations on the overhead rumbling have erupted. Not only an associated squeaking, as if it were some 5 ton safe being moved back and forth, but added vibrational like noises, as if something in this apartment were vibrating "from" the rumbling. Talk about tenuous, as there isn't anything that would shake like this, and then they decide to reduce the cycling time of the rumbling. The imposed "normal" it to have the rumble noise come on and trail off over 3 to 5 seconds, but now that isn't good enough, so they the noises cycles every 2 seconds or so in a more frenetic back and forth like simulation. And of course I haven't mentioned the likelihood of this noise source being even possible with carpeted floors, and besides, who has a 5 ton safe on squeaky wheels that can find me and start getting the simulated back and forth noise exactly overhead of where I am, kitchen, desk, bathroom and when in bed at nightime. Very curious this, and just more examples of the cover story not being that important. Just more stupid noise shit, the usual harassment activity besides pissing me off all day long.

The tea and chocolate time was accorded an eerie all-quiet spell; one cannot get familiar with no noise when one is inundated with it all day. I think I have remarked on all-quiets for chocolate eating, and this had some extra perp action. My perp abetting mother called to say she is coming to pick me up, phoning just after I had placed a chunk of chocolate in my mouth. Then three "hellos" later, she finally answers, and gets into FUD-speak, saying she will be "leaving soon". Just another jerkaround on top of being on the phone with a mouthful of chocolate, the perps main brown colored food item they arrange for me, having somehow causes long ago traumatizations associated with this color. That they block 90% of my crappings in the toilet is also part of the fucking game, and plenty of other associated stunts that I won't get into.

(FUD, means Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, said to be the credo of IBM salesmen as a theme to present to their customers).

Time to call this one done for the day, and enjoin the perp supporting parents in a game of family gangstalking. I also call this First Feral Family events for those of you who are new here.