Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A New Year; Same Old Harassment; 01-08-2007 updates


2006 Harassment Accomplishments
A 2006 in review section is in order, if not in keeping with what everyone else does, though this perspective of constant harassment is particularly unique, never mind the unusual associations that "occur" between the harassment and some world and local events.

In no particular order, the big perp accomplishments of 2006 were:
  • attainment of access to my recall. That is, they can access long and short term recall and plant "new events" and have me convey it without full access to all details that I do know. And they also can access and delete my meta-knowledge; what I know about the facts that I have in recall. My knowledge has become mutable to another agency from a remote location who will not identify themselves.
  • control of my fact checking and error trapping ability. More than once they have me answer a Yes/No question incorrectly, and I immediately wonder why the hell "I" gave the answer I did. I now know why of course, but that capacity to mentally trap an planted erroneous response is now controllable/ditherable from a remote location.
  • ability to corrupt and dither my visual system; for specific objects so "I" don't "see them (they don't cognitively register), and so I cannot pick out a specific word or phrase that I am looking for even if it is in the list. Think of this as line item control of one's visual field; they can block out a specific word or sentance, and "I" won't see it, even if in an alphabetical list until they relent the dithering energies they target at my mind.
  • related to the item above, as of 2006 they can dither my spelling such that "I" won't know that I am looking at a mispelled word until they relent.
  • again, related, they can dither my grammer, even when writing, and plant the wrong words altogether in the middle of a sentence that just doesn't make sense, As above, my error trapping for this is also corruptible, and "I" don't catch it until permitted.
  • they are now able to confuse me with selecting tabs instead of new windows and otherwise freely direct me to click on the wrong link, tab, session, window etc. when I intended something else, or not at all.
  • there was a "firework event" in the spring of 2006, where they seem to have accomplished a specific goal, knowable in advance, that signifies the immediate completion of a particular brain pathway or structure that can be entirely controlled from a remote location. The event is to have plasmic sparklers go off in front of me in a pattern that repeats, usually lasting 5 seconds or so. Any incremental gains are not usually accorded this milestone celebration. All it means to me is more harassment and mindcontrol games to infuriate me all the more.
As far as I know, there is no clinical explanation for any of the above, especially when there is a constant and unrelenting harassment going on and it is making progressive steps in
changing my brain function that never, ever happpened before, and fits no pattern of any condition that I know of. Nor will my doctor enlighten me as to what the diagnosis is nor educate me on what he thinks it may be.

In 2006 the perps have made significant advances in applying this mind-control research to develop more harassment routines. Speaking from experience; they can now screw me over in ways that I didn't think were possible. The most current infuriating stunt is to have me head across the room to get something in mind (at the outset), and then delete it from memory while headed for it, and even when I get there. Then perps have me stand there attempting to think what the original intention was. Then the assholes let me in on what my retrieval objective was 2 seconds later. And to boot, I have no choice as to how I react, which is uniformly hostile to this kind of incursion.

2006 TI Community Events
The biggest news is the saddest, or most sadistic in fact. Three TI's were killed by the perps in 2006. It is fucking sick to make someone's utter fucking hell, like hell on earth driving them to homelessness even, and then go suck them down to cause suicide or otherwise bump them off. I had never communicated with any of them, but hearing about their stories, and knowing acutely of what they experienced, makes the perps the sickest and most depraved assholes going. And I don't know even one percent of all the crimes against persons they are up to, though the above mentioned news "associations" brings a certain amount of suspicion, but not proof.

And as I am typing this and getting coughstalked and masered, while an all-quiet order is on, I should give these individuals their due;

Clare Werhle
Gail Whittaker

THURSDAY, MAY 25, 2006 TI Mass on Memorial Day

Elizabeth Navarro is having a mass said On Monday, May 29 for Clare Wehrle and Gail Whittaker. It will be held from 12 - 1 pm Central Time at the San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio, Texas. Elizabeth says this is the oldest cathedral in the United States. For more information, contact Elizabeth
(from http://freedomfchs.com/page2.html)

plus another that I cannot find, though was mentioned in the Yahoo Groups related to enduring this sick minded depravity.

Onto 2007
What a coup to be a perp operative and have operational access to a significant component of the physics of matter that the conventional world has not yet understood or adopted. In other words, all this action at a distance harassment, e.g. causing two pages of a book to stick together and remain inseparable (along with mind-control methods to counter my finger actions) just to piss me off, cannot be explained to anyone who would believe me, save other TI's and those in the know but who won't say. Any wonder why some advanced thinking physists are getting bumped off?

And access to matter means the air, or the "vacuum", and it can be fucked with at will, causing objects, including operatives, to materialize or dematerialize as commanded. And not only fucked with in the form of planting masers and plasma beams wherever they like, but messing with every facet of someone's life, by accessing the vacuum for surveillance purposes. It boggles the mind, and all the more so when one realizes that 100% mind control isn't sufficient.

And I am glad to be back from staying at my parents' place, the blatant gangstalking and related feints going on constantly. As I have said before, I don't have conversations with people, I have elicitations from perps and their shills. So I never know what the real reason is for any given topic, though I assume it is harassment related. And my mother is becoming more brilliant in her old age (80 y.o.); she and my father are immigrants from the UK and have never culturally acclimatized to North American culture. But when a TV commercial came on advertising a compilation of country and western music, she positively identified Hank Williams from either his picture or song clip. And I know that my appreciation of his music began long after I flew the coop, and neither of my brothers know his music or even country and western. So...how did she know who Hank Williams was from his music when she never listens to the radio or plays CD's? As always, I suspect she is being fed this dynamically and has also rehearsed for this seeming idle family time around the TV.

And there are more signs of carrying on the "harassment flame" while at my parents' place. The amount of crockery clanging was nearly doubled since a month ago, and their propensity to rustle plastic bags of various colors has also. They get the noise along with the plastic and color interaction energetics, and I assume from past activity, are attempting to identify the plastic based pollutants in my body, and very likely those in my neural cells in order to understand the full energetic complement. That is my theory, and it could be well wrong, but I have deliberated on it before, and I get a small but regular trickle of "found' news items that seem to relate to the problem, vis a vis body chemistry and even the quantum effects of pollutants that differ from molecular level effects.

And there were plenty of plasma and maser balls zinging around in the living room while watching TV, and at times, the TV image seemed to jump forward. And of course no one said anything. There were at least 10 incidents of white fluff or down "arriving" beside me and slowly climbing or falling as I stood and watched it. It is most peculiar that the assholes are deliberately changing the gravitational characteristics of such an object for such a short term prospect.

Nothing new about the year of course; the harassment is the same, and the games, stunts, feints and gambits are all familiar. Though the perps have taken to plugging me with red lights as much as they can, on some kind of limited schedule. The "binder-minders", the term I apply to those all-to-frequent drivers I encounter who ride their brakes in this city, or similarly, jam on the brakes without any successor action in turning or parking. A "just for laughs" mid-street braking for no seeming reason.

And the particular vehicle that was doing this was a 4 door sedan with a bare pine wood book case lashed on top of the trunk, and putzing in the driving rain. This stunt went for two city blocks before turning off, and no doubt the wood (light brown color) and the red brake lights mixture was something important, as I had my parents in the vehicle with me, and the perp sickos often pull the most bizarre stunts then.

The clicking noise has been introduced along with the overhead tromping noise, usually the "big gun" for new neural mind control study adventures along with closing the window to prevent a new round of rain from flying in on an improbable trajectory.

The perps have me in a state of semi-incapacitation; the Irittable Bowel (Like) Syndrome has been playing. That is what understand as the nagging need to take a crap that runs on for hours, even most of a day, and sometimes over two days.

What a way to start the new year; a total fuckover in taking a crap;

-planted the notion that I needed to take a piss when it was a crap
-and consequently faked me out by me not arming myself with a towel and soap "just in case"
-planted shit in my underpants
-plastered it all over and needed a shower to clean up
-broke my finger nail
-ensured that my finger nail scratched my ass in "cleaning up" (in shower)
-blocked the toilet
-took the plunger from the bathroom in advance
-caused me to look for the plunger upstairs to no avail
-then had the manager look upstairs for the plunger, walking ahead of me (gangstalking)
-put on another gangstalker on the stairs, one of the regulars
-then the plunger "magically appears" for the manager to find in the upstairs

All of the above was planned in the middle of doing research on who the unfortuneate 2006 TI victims were, as mentioned above. In essence, the perps planned this "shit storm" in the middle of blogging on the topic of being harassed. (I am routinely noisestalked whenever I get onto this topic, being the unfortuneate mainstay of my existence).

That about covers the essentials without the gory detail, and that it was. It is fucking depraved that a billion dollar budget World Gestapo organization won't let me take a shit in undisturbed peace. Not now, and not since they created some very deep traumatizations related to this over 50 years ago that they are attempting to dig themselves out of. Not my problem, so why am I being surveilled and harassed over this?

An interesting aside; during the scripted and rehearsed dinner at my brother's place on New Year's Eve, he got into a discussion about engines, and related aviation industry innovations. At some point in the latter part of this conversation, at the mention of the word "engine", I got a nerve twinge that went from my right index finger all the way up my arm to my spine. It wasn't a zap thankfully, and I was doing nothing with my hand that this invoked twinge could be associated with. Interesting; a new kind of harassment; nerve twingestalking.

The room shaking routine has started up again, and a number of simutaneous plasma bursts as well, sometimes on the LCD display as I type. Another noise that is favored today is the snapping and clicking of locks; extra loud, and a more sudden onset. The unattributable sudden onset squeaking noise from the hallway was emulated at my parents place over the last two days when staying there. In this case the putative source was the closet door. (As I re-read this, it sounded again, 01-08-2007)

There has been more sound homogenization all round; all vehicle door closures outside as heard from this room are almost identical in frequency and volume. The sudden onset one clap noise from the hallway (of no attributable cause) is near identical to that of the managed noise of opening my shampoo and hair conditioner bottles.

And now, in the ever increasing combinations of harassment, lock clicking and a simutaneous zapping were combined. Then a room shake to follow up as I completed (and was momentarily restrained from) typing a zero (above). It seems that the perps are getting very specific in targetting the noise and soom shaking moment in time with what I am typing.

The no-purpose bathroom visitations next door are back on script; now they begin with a sudden and loud click of a lock or deadbolt and then the stalker walks past my room, sometimes erupting in a sudden hacking, and then visits the bathroom and stands in there only to flush the toilet and then exit. Invariably the time difference between flushing the toolet and undoing the deadbolt is so small, that nobody could rightfully claim to be able to do this by any conventional means.

And another add-on is the glass bottle bashing, now resuming after my hiatus from this constant harassment cell. Crockery crashing was the equivalent when at my parents' place.

More "raging disagreements" from the hallway for me to overhear; the planted emotional content talk thing again. And then a wall whacking with a simutaneous zapping to add insult to injury and piss me off. And a noise flurry is on; added glass bottle bashing again, next door bathroom visitation noise and so it goes. Fucking tedious and predictable.

Another lock clicking and a simutaneous zapping with a following hallway gangstalk and next door bathroom visitation for the usual purposes of standing there and doing nothing but flushing the toilet and departing after a few minutes. And sweeping ahead of me using the bathroom at the end of the day in all likelihood.

Time to blog off and call it a day. As one can tell, it is back to the tedium of room shaking, zapping me, and noisestalking.


James F. Marino said...

The third TI who died in 2006 was Nadine. Her obituary is below and if you would like to pay your respects to her family you can sign in at that site and say a few words of condolence.

May 16, 1938 - August 5, 2006

Last Saturday, August 5, 2006, a fellow-target passed away due to her injuries rendered physically and psychologically via covert harassment. In speaking to those that were close to her, she suffered greatly, especially in her last days because of the cancer, directed energy weapons and non-stop group stalking activity. Here is a link to her online obituary:


AJH said...

Thanks for the update, but I had recalled from the mcactivism group that there was a male who suicided, but haven't been able to find out the particulars.

With your addition of Nadine, that makes four TI's who died in 2006. A sad event indeed, though it is my strong suspicion that many others also succumbed to "natural" and other orchestrated disasters and were none the wiser.