Saturday, February 25, 2012

Face Cloth on Face

A new light grey color face cloth started on face only yesterday, a torso and face shave today. It is always a big event for the perps, screwing me over as to anything, including not allowing me to replace the ailing light almond colored face cloths, the third iteration in ten years of abuse, as I "somehow" could never find them on Sierra Trading Post (STP) in the last five months of shopping there, except for this last time. And also of intense perp interest is that the fabric, like any other, turns a much darker color when wetted, and this darker color transformation is also terribly exciting for them to monitor and fuck me over with.

Other new-today events this morning; a just purchased new pair of underwear, also a recent STP  acquisition, as the last set is somehow getting constantly pilled and has smeared lint attatched to after getting laundered. But of course they wouldn't start up the abiding underwear sabotage right away and deter me, would they now? Better to keep me guessing as to where the next set is going to come from and what it will look like. Such are the perp games, and underwear fabric and color is a big deal for them.

And for breakfast, a new product of ground chia meal to add to my yogurt. I had attempted to get chia meal, rather than seeds, a year ago or so, seeing an ad in the paper. When I got to the store, the doofus staff member totally ignored my request for chia meal, and showed me the seeds instead. Like WTF; I made it so fucking plain, and yet he ignored me. The chia seeds are impossible to deal with in TI World, as the perp make them extra kinetic and they fly and bounce around like minature ball bearings. End of chia seeds for me, but of course they let me find out the hard way.

An hour quiz this morning, also a big deal for the perps.

Why is it I get my classmates planting their red colored drinks next to me at lunch time? First one, in his scarlet red ballcap instead of his usual burgundy colored ballcap today, getting extra food for lunch when he had an ample lunch from home. And he gets a red colored vitamin drink and puts it next to me. Two minutes later, the skinhead classmate comes, needs a spot at the table and so I move some. But no, strangely, he wants to stand there, and puts his red plastic jacketed steel mug next to me. I see plenty of extra arranged red around me all the time, so why this bullshit now?

And too, the babe at the table, telling a story as to how she and her husband went to KFC last night for dinner, (gauche indeed), and between the vehicle outside and the KFC counter, all of 12' distance, he totally lost the car keys, and lo, if neither didn't have their cellphones with them. Yes, I have had many teleportation disappearences and harassment in the last ten years of this insane abuse, and I don't need to hear about anyone else's oblique reference to this fucking abuse.

The retards weren't driven in and clustered around us at lunch today, unlike yesterday and most of last week. But instead, one of their regular motorized wheelchair freaks was driven by at close quarters, with a red blanket on him instead of his brown. Recall, two weeks ago this same act tailed me out of the double doors and held me up and forcing me to hold the door open for this particular ghastly freakshow.

A force play to send me to the library tonight, taking down my internet connection at this suite earlier. Soo..., in the dark I set off and go there, and at first I seemed to be the only one there, save the cute librarian babe. But no, someone is rustling in the corner, who later reveals himself to be a fugly fat native indian with a faux mohawk strip on the top of his head. Within 10 minutes this fugly negro dude in this black and white checkered outfit arrives and starts eating in the library for crissakes. Just me and them for an hour before I bailed out of there. It is a reading break for the regular students, so the campus is extra quite, daytime and nightime.

Some astounding driving when I was walking on my way to the library; a red vehicle making a left turn from the center-straight through (only) lane, and the doofus in the left lane, also a red vehicle, let him move ahead, and waited there until the through lane driver to make his left turn in front of him. Both of them crossing my tracks as I had just walked on the crosswalk at the highway, and witness this amazing stunt of red vehicle intercooperation/choreography that was simply astounding.

Some arrange frisson in class today with the instructor and him arbitrarily screwing me out of 3 of 5  marks on one question on the quiz when I answered it completely and consisely with a far better answer than the shitty course material provided. I had to do some research on "balanced pruning", but arrived at a better definition, and yet I didn't include the answers to the hidden spec on name dropping "crop yield" and "crop level" into the answer. Like if one wants to have qualifications as well as the definition, then why in the fuck doesn't the quiz ask for it? Everyone else hung back and didn't join in my animated disagreement with the instructor, and he seemed to be spinning it out for all it was worth.

The freak wasn't in class today, normally seated beside me. So it would seem the perps wanted to crank up my annoyance and angst in the class without him there. The babe was two seats to my left, and it seems the perps want to have me proximate with her more often than not. 

The class freak was onto stretching fuckery for at least 15x today, this being the freak with dreads covered up by a rear-head sagging hat, BOTH highly Unfavored, and who ended up sitting next to me at the same table when one table mysteriously disappeared in the night. The stretch games have him putting his arms up and making out that he is tired, ensuring his arms get unusually close to me, the accidently-on-purpose-personal-space-violation fuckery again. He already owes for for that book-snatching stunt last week, and he just might get pasted before long.

Later, the class freak snagged my water bottle on the floor by suddenly pushing back his chair for no sane reason, and made out he didn't know about it as it was clanging under his chair for crissakes. No dents this time, but both of the new stainless steel bottles have been dented, in keeping with the previous two, both getting dented in the first few months of ownership in 2008.

Back to strange events on the job search front, one class member with no recent farm experience getting an interview at a nearby winery and I never heard a thing. Like WTF; I cannot even buy a peasant level job, all I am allowed to have given the perps insane agenda over me handling plant material.

Continuing resume/job application submission obstructions; a faxed job application only to a certain vineyard, no email. And no printer here, as I print at the college library. There, 2 PC's wouldn't boot up, then next day, the USB drive not recognized, and then "forgot" for 1.5 weeks.  Then I updated the resume and cover letter and print a new copy in the library, when a fax machine is found at the nearby student's lounge. But lo, if the toner is out they say, two days later, they have toner, but in the interim the resume got scuzzed up by some mysterious means when it was tucked in a binder pocket the whole time. So I update and reprint the resume again, and then take to the faxing location. The guy sends it, but the usual response confirmation beeps don't sound, but he is sure that it was sent. Double the vehicular and ambulatory gangstalking show on my way back. Like WTF; why this insane senseless obstruction over such trivial event, sending a resume by fax, and the PC boot-up and USB drive hassle followed by  having me make new copies to fax?

Frisson (as in arranged contention) again with the ex running interference for my mother regarding re-borrowing her vehicle, and a 40 minute phone call (read EMF stalking at one's head) from the farmworker colleague just before answering the latest delusional missive from the ex. (Before that, my internet session was choked down, causing me to hold off on the email).  It looks like I will be looking for a cheapo vehicle and crossing my fingers that it is reliable, as both parties are getting their stories crossed up and I have no idea what is going on. Financial freedom, if allowed by the perps, (NOT in my case), would allow me to bozo-proof my life, a long-time goal of mine. (Expecially when married to a sociopathic and perp-serving bozo for 20 years). But as the perps like to create bad scenes, rows, jerkarounds, angst and the rest of human contention, they aren't going to let me bozo-proof my life anytime soon.)

The class freak decided to chill down today, and didn't show up for class. Somehow, everyone seems to know if their lack of curiousity is a guide.

A lunch time negro outside putting on the act today, while seated in the lunch room across from the class babe. This dude came from off the street, walked behind the building corner, made himself seen when doing senseless back and forths outside on his cell phone, and then walked past the window, still outside, where we were seated. This is reading break for the regular students, so there isn't many around, but this fugly negro dude came off the street, did his peculiar back and forths, some 60' behind the babe and outside, and then walked away from the campus. In other words, he made sure he was seen doing the Gangstalk Strut, and that he wasn't a student at all. (Only three buidlings at this campus, so it isn't too hard to figure out where someone is headed).

Monday, February 20, 2012

Walking the Town

I got to walk about this new-to-me town, Penticton, take the bus to the tanning salon, get tanned, and then walk back. Not as bad as I imagined, though a considerable number of gangstalking vehicle clusters, with the red ones in the middle of a grey-scale colored phalanx; white, silver-grey, mid-grey and black. I suppose this vehicleless state has at least a few more weeks to run. No one has told me how to deal with the practicum in March when I will be working on a remotely sited vineyard somewhere in a 100 mile range. My mother makes out that she didn't need the vehicle all that much, no complaining from her. The ex was the one who was leading the charge, and who eventually came out to retrieve my mother's vehicle. All too curious to me, never mind the fact that my perp-abetting mother reneged on her commitment, though nothing new there.

Other perp exitement today might be over that I shaved my legs last night, and then a torso shave, the first in three days, this morning. They cannot get enough mileage out of using different razors in different places and at different intervals. Typically the torso shave is each day, but I stopped to make more time for exam study. Any alteration in my shaving cycles is such a big deal for the perps. And too, switching to a new razor blade insert is a big deal, always extra harassment and gangstalking over that too. The ambulatory gangstalking scene was muted compared to Victoria, but it just maybe representative of this town where vehicles seem to be the predominant mode of getting about.

More hijinx in the night. the perps woke me up to hear a nearby couple talking in normal tones, my N. neighbors, and every few minutes they pounded the wall and shook the place. Then back to normal talking again. Yelling at at them didn't make any difference, just like always. But as I have been through minor earthquakes since I moved here in early January, I didn't ever think that shaking the building wasn't going to stop. But at 0400h? Absurd. I am also getting zapped at the same instant the poundings occur, so it would seem the perps need more electromagnetic signature/interference from me at this same instant. Lucky me, getting zapped again.

Back to the no response job games; at least 15 vineyards have advertised and I haven't heard from any, save one, who said they hired someone else. First they sent me an email with no message in it, so I replied a day later saying that there was no message. They replied later in the day with the message about hiring someone else and that they passed my name onto another vineyard. Here we go again, these incremental games of even sending an email response with any content. First no message to then have me reply, and then again with the message. And where have I encountered this before? The last blog posting maybe?

Now the perps are ramping up their pounding and fake water-in-pipes running noises as I read of Whitney Houston's unfortunate demise a few hours ago. Now the siren noises are starting up, a big deal for a small town, and thankfully less of them than the last place. What is it about reading about someone's earthly departure that so interests the perps, and who knows, they could of arranged it.

A shut-in day today (Sunday) all day. I have no idea why they force them on me, but the uncharacteristic imposed fugue is unmistakable. Saw the film, Eternal Sunshine  of the Spotless Mind, a rather irksome film for those who have had their recall deleted for real back in 1956-59. I saw the film in 2004, and didn't like the theme, and got it in a Blu-ray bulk buy two years ago. What the film doesn't go into is that one's subconscious memories are stored in other locations than the mind. And too, mentions "stalking", but not gangstalking, though does portray a white trades van with roof racks sitting outside in the street. And have I seen a lot of them in the past ten years of this insane abuse. Funny how the perps like to drop hints of their practices in films that are classed as fictional. And of course the film doesn't mention the gangstalker and harassment themes that are intended for subconcious memory evocations, in my case covered by the Unfavored and the Favored. If you don't want to read that posting, it covers military, clerical and clinical abusers of the day, and now part of the Unfavored panoply (a wide-ranging and impressive array or display) of Insane Fuckwit Gangstalkers and Abusers I get all day long.

At least four zappings so far today, always with a noise at the exact same moment, and different noises. The putative excuse is that doors are being closed, and it "somehow" creates a vibration as well as the noise and zapping. A three-way Fuckover at the same instant; EMF zapping, noise, and vibrating this suite. Their favorite moment to zap/vibrate/noise me is when they have planted some notion in mind, perhaps for the 20th time in the day, and then all of a sudden my attention is re-directed to this whole body numbing/outrage. This kind of fuckery has increased over the past month or so when I moved in, and in all likelihood will continue until the next residence is arranged, hopefully near whatever work I get.

But as this suite sits on a span over the parking lot and driveway underneath, there is boundless more fuckery in that they like to run vehicles underneath, especially loud mufflered ones. Yep, this town has about the same level of chronic and abundant poorly maintained mufflers as the last town, 10x larger. Either that, or the gurgling hot-rod/performance mufflers they like to run back and forth outside, same as the last town too.

A Monday, and plenty of jerkarounds to start my day. These are often in the form of extra noise attched to what I do, the ceramic plates clattering long after I pulled one from the stack and it is not contacting anything except my hand. Other "regular" morning hassle is pulling items from my grasp, in particular the myriad crumbs that arrive the instant my back is turned.

Plus, the instructor ragging me much more than he usually does for anyone.

A vehicular rundown attempt at the hightway intersection, a tow truck coming at me, and the two finger salute didn't seem to change this sicko.

Then I was sacked when on the running treadmill at the college gym, they wouldn't let me do one mile this time, they make me physically tired and unable to continue, another never-before behavior they have imposed in the past. The dudes in the ridiculously baggy shorts were clustering around me, herding me to workout stations I wasn't intending to use. This is how it went twice per week from 2007 to 2008 as regular readers will recall. To the perps, a habit or a routine is to be fucked with and messed up, such that it isn't one any more.

Building pounding and vibrational events tonight, at least 15, and most with a simultaneous zapping.

A field trip day, whole class doing two hours of pruning. Most of us had Felcos, though there were a few others. Mine had been recently sharpened with a diamond hone, and we know how exciting the perps find knife sharpening is.

I wore my two week old plastic safety glasses, ones that go over glasses. No doubt of great interest too, as to what substance I am viewing things through. In this case, plastic Rx lenses, and the polycarbonate plastic safety glasses. Exciting developments indeed, and they only got this far in ten freaking years of this insane relentless abuse.

And I got screwed on my LVT online customer account, rendered unable to update it, a long running hassle they have imposed. Back in 2002 in Seattle when the abuse was on, I would purchase magnets there, online, and have them delivered. Some came with significantly less magnetism than they should of, while others were degaussed later, after I had used them enough for perp purposes. I was assigned a customer account number then.

In 2005 I wanted to order Christmas presents for my daughter from LVT, and I couldn't update my US address to my Canadian one after the perps driving me back and jerking me out of my job in late 2002. I ended up with a new customer number. Since then, at least 5x, I have attempted to update my customer number but the online web app kept crashing or the Save wasn't working. Eventually I gave up, and as LVT had opened a then local store in 2011, and used my mother's customer's number. A few months ago, I ordered online from LVT with an express method where one doesn't need a customer number, and I didn't think anything of it. But I get a catalog in the mail with my old address and a new assigned customer number. I attempt to update my address and yet again, another glitch in online updating, the apparent cause was changing my email address and physical address at the same time, (thanks to ongoing perp fuckery detailed in this blog). After getting screwed around and not making the call for a week, I phoned LVT and got my address updated. But the real question is why is this insane abusive fuckery going on for nearly ten years and why do they keep hammering me over my customer number with LVT with such relentless bone-headed beligerence?

In viticulture class, the Freak was tapping and rapping, finger flicking, head down on table surface, stank of garlic, departed for the afternoon, likely because he is getting more obnoxious, though discretely. He place a coffee between us. His bag-hat was unsightly enough, a loose toque drawn backwards and containing his even more fugly dreadlocks. But now, the perps have him removing the bag-hat for a half day at a time, and now he flicks his dreads about.

Am I the only one in the class that answers the instructor's questions; another nine classmembers  just hanging back for no seeming reason.

Parcel convergence; both at the same delivery day from differing locations/businesses. And "for some reason", there was no one at the motel office at 1300h, the delivery time, so I have to go to the PO and pickup in person. The usual scared shitless store/counter assistant was bugging me about my ID not showing the current address. Then a tail from the street came into the PO, and then out again for a block along my planned route. Brazen gangstalking in this town for some reason.

And too, it was mesh fabric day today, as there was mesh fabric items in both parcels. One mesh item was a carry bag ordered for reasons that only the perps would know, as they made me do it when I had no need for it, and another first, no planted rationalizations this time.

An unexpected snowfall this morning, some 3" on the ground. No one knew it was coming as it wasn't on the weather forecast. It was a short field trip day, all 11 of us in three vehicles, and driving around to eventually find a lyre trellis system for grape vines. The tour guide wasn't there, so the instructor led a brief explanation. Everyone but me was clustered around him while I was investigating the construction, counting the catch wire pairs and the like. [I didn't hear this, but apparently the Freak asked the class at large if there was any unicorns there, in this orchard. Everyone stopped dead to ponder this, and then the Freak answered his question by saying that "there might of been unicorns there a long time ago]. Can we make the Freak out to be more idiotic than that?

Back in the class room again, the Freak suddenly reaches over and grabs my book to see if he has the pages that I do. Left to my own devices, and not being an mind-controlled slave, they would still be scraping his dreads off the ceiling

A virus invasion my my PC, when I am totally protected by the Microsoft software. oddly, it erupted immediately following an Amazon order, and we know how much the perps like to fuck my existence just before, during and after making a financial transaction, no matter if a coin operated machine, bus fare, and all the way up to writing checks and debit cards at the checkouts.

Workout room gangstalking, aka "herding" me, and planting themselves where I next intended to go.
Same as that gruesome nonstop herding at the Oak Bay Recreation center, 2007 to 2008.

Just as I want to get job applications done tonight after a near two week lull in jobs, and in advance of the weekend, why the essential Job Bank website is unavailable.

A UPS delivery notice recieved yesterday, and it said the parcel would be availible for customer pickup after 1000h the next day. Next day, I walk to the office at 1600h, and the counter person said it wasn't there, and didn't seem too moved about what a fucking hassle it was. I asked for a phone number for their office and she gives me a UPS 1-800 number. I ask again so I can phone in advance and then she gives a card for their office like I asked in the first place. Why are this fucking jerkarounds going on? An operative-looking criminal was making his exit as I was looking at the exit, and there wasn't any noise of his arrival. I have seen this pose before, full stride, momentarily stopped, head down. So... a 40 minute round trip of walking totally wasted. Not to mention how this intrigue started in the first place; this is a motel and surely someone was at the front desk, as they always answer the bell when I ring it during working hours.

Another rundown attempt at the last intersection on the way back. A red trades van was coming at me while I was on the crosswalk, and the driver didnt seem too moved to either apply his brakes, or that I swore at him and gave him the finger.

More somehow-extra sensory knowledge; we went on a short local field trip that happened to border another vineyard, one at which a class member (JG) applied for a job and had an interview.
The classmate had another interview as far as I knew. As we were driving past the vineyard In the truck, the instructor pointed out to us the vineyard, and said JG had a job there. I asked if JG had done the second interview and he said yes. When back in class, the topic of JG's second interview "happened" to come up, and JG said his second interview was after class. The next day, today, JG said he got the job. Congratulations all round. Like WTF; why did the instructor say prematurely that JG go the job when he hadn't had a second interview? It must be that the whole deal was fixed, and these intrigues are shown to be what they are, pre-scripted events.

At the college workout room; I had a "need" is ask if the access cards could be drilled in the corner, and the attendant with ample cleavage was sitting at a desk while I am standing, and lo, if she didn't have a 4"x3/4" tattoo on her arm. And so while providing an over-long explanation as to where I should take my card and fo me to ask the administration, while also mentioning that one of her colleagues had drilled out a corner for a lanyard, she is waving her arm about and crossing her arm tattoo in front of her cleavage, back and forth. In other words, juxtapositioning her Favored cleavage with an very Unfavored tattoo. Who writes these dumbshit cheescake games?

A Saturday. and I take the bus, the first one of the day to a mall where I get my Rx filled at the LD store. Two separate dudes were on board, one a "triple browner"; pants, jacket and hat, all differing brown shades. And lo, if the asshole doesn't tail me to locked door, and then down the length of the mall to the LD store, and into the Rx line, and when I am done, he makes conversation at the counter. Blatant tailing for sure, and all the more as most of the mall stores were closed, something the locals would of known, but not this non-local, and one who isn't getting fucked by mind-fuck emanations all the time. And how did they get on the bus in the first place when it was from the depot as the first one of the day, and I was at the first stop on its route?

A tanning session again, once per week now in this vehicle-less state. A seeming discount day, with brown cookies at the table, and a five minute "hold-up" for the one customer ahead of me. And a forced piss while there, in the washroom that is. before tanning. Once again I got ripped off for tanning cream, or are they always that expensive, $45, as I can never find them at the discount drug stores.

On my walk back I retrieved the parcel from UPS, this time they had it. But most strangely, they didn't hit me up for paying duties and taxes, something that the Victoria UPS store did faithfully. No mention of the hassles the day before though. And so, a 20 minute walk with a large brown cardboard box, a prime harassment/jerkaround event, given the perps need to get brown colors around me, not still not allowing the wearing of brown clothing after nearly ten years of this insane abusive tyranny. Inside the box from Sierra Trading Post were the snowboots I ordered, ones I really didn't need, as I was going to get them next year and had put them out of mind until an imposed "need" to score a great deal suddenly and inexplicably came over me.

A viticulture quiz tomorrow, so I am in deep study mode, I won't post this until late Feb. 20, 2012
A lot of harassment first thing; could it be that I was about to use the "new" gluten-free shampoo and conditioner that has been sitting around for some five months until the old stuff ran out? Or is it that I am using the chia meal for the first time, purchased yesterday?  Or was it that I did a leg shave wtih a new razor last night? Exiciting moments in perp-world don't convey rationality by the standards of this victim or anyone else who peeks in on these ongoing atrocities.

Laundry done today; the new face clothes got laundered, and the old one too, now retired. The new ones are a faint blue-grey, so after ten years of insane abuse, the perps are moving up the color ladder, and allowing me to apply a new color to my face, and the rest of me that is usually shaved each day. The room cleaning person took one of the old face clothes "by mistake", thinking that it belonged to this motel when in fact there would be no mistaking the border on the face cloth versus the all-terry cloth and color of the standard motel issue. And I see the room cleaning person has increased their visit frequency from once per two weeks, to each week. Funny how these things change for no apparent reason, save commonality with past perp events.

The essential job website for Canada, Job Bank, has been messed up for three days. I don't know if they are going to make a clunky site into a unusable site, but one would of thought they would keep them running in parallel until the bugs were worked out. Interupting my, and others', routines is also exciting for the perps, especially with respect to work and jobs. They cannot get enough of that theme.

Exam over, and not too confident of my results. A new imposed behavior has been installed; somehow becoming bored with studying, another never-before behavior. There has never been a time in my life where I studied something to the level of knowing it backwards and sideways, but given that I was still working on learning the material, and then getting bored from it, is a new and imposed behavior. Formerly, not knowing the material was sufficient incentive to keep studying, but now this level of motivation has been taken from me. Woo-ho, lower and dumber seems to be the capability trajectory my sick mind-keepers have prescribed for me.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Burn it Down

The nonsense/wanton damage has begun here too, a fire at a nightclub downtown in this town of pop. 35,000. While I cannot legitimately claim that the fire is related to the perp's doing, nothing in my life is a coincidence, and this might be another. A whole lot of fires this winter all over the northern hemisphere. But at least we had above freezing weather so no icing issues. I have come to learn the perps like a good fire, and like to have me "encounter" them, once when I driving back from hiking was memorable, as the yellow Victoria firetruck was crossing the highway median as was driving nearby, when the red firetrucks of Saanich were all dispatched and visibly engaged with firefighting duties. However, that "coincidence", isn't going to make headlines anywhere. Nor is the perp propensity to have a Fuckwit flick on their lighter when on board the city bus, as a lightsource "need" for said Fuckwit to look inside a dark bag. Fucking absurd, and so was the phalanx of the Fuckwits around him, pretending that nothing out of order. But as JK Harms says (parent link here), a fire is a "time space ripper", whatever that is and whatever that buys for the psychopathically insane perp agenda.
Sparks are a differential of electric forces (charge), whereas flames are a differential of heat. In both cases, the sparks or flames are attempts by nature to seek equilibrium (seeking a zero curvature) by maximizing entropy. It follows that since flames increase entropy, so also must sparks. A spark, therefore, also decreases the Universe's local curvature. In addition, if one didn't already know that a spark can cause a flame, one might predict (knowing their relationship) that this true. Indeed, conversely, flames also occasionally may shoot sparks....

A flame is a "tear" in the fabric of space-time and closely related to a spark which is pictured as a "crack" in space-time. Both are physical separations of the grid-like quantum foam structure, revealing hyperspace.
And too, he mentions explosions in the above link, and my, we have had plenty of those worldwide since my overt harssment began in 04-2002. And all those Fuckwits (ostensibly patients) were doing strange slow walking backwards from the TV (read magnetic field from a CRT TV), when I was illegally incarcerated at the hospital back then too. The topical content at the time was the Iraq war onset and it just might be that the two events were timed together. If they had been covertly surveillling and scripting my life for 47 years as it was then, and overtly abusing me for another ten so far, they aren't going to let this fish go until the abuse agenda has run to the max.

What is with the college library that they cannot give me the usual courtesy notices for everyone else. I am talking about the till-tape like piece of paper that lists the books I just signed out. The first four times I didn`t get any till-tape and no explanation as to why not, and then the fifth time I didn`t, but when moving the borrowed books on my desk back in my suite, why, there it is. Not only listing the books I just took out, but a current update on all my borrowed books from prior visitations. These incremental notices or procedures of finding out the basics just astounds me as to who would arrange this level of micro-managed hell, let alone get the library staff in on the gig.

The ex on my mother's behalf (though, she didn`t indicate as much) was to arrive at 0930h today, get the keys hidden on the vehicle and drive it back to my mothers`to Victoria, BC. But the vehicle was still here when I finished classes and no phone message or email to tell me what is going on. So... the perps wanted the keys to sit over the filler cap for all day, have me pick them up in the afternoon and then keep them in my pocket, where they are now. And how many times have I mentioned the perp imperative over petroleum fuels, gangstalking me with fuel tankers no less, over 3x/week or more. and it just might be that oil spills have their fingerprints on them too. A local watershed suffered a fuel tanker spill last year, and one can be sure that anything doesn't move in Victoria, BC unless is is sanctioned by the Psychopathic Confederacy. And likely here too, with another run of retards around me at the lunch table, bringing them in just for the event, and then a second one came in just as I was leaving, the building egress gangstalking games again.

AS it happened (har, har), the ex finally sent me an email, and she couldn't get into Pentiction.
An later attempt was coming later via Kelowna, but the flight couldn't make it there, so now back in Vancouver. Someone wants her winging overhead while I am here on the ground. Surely they could have her sent in a private airplane and try all of this without my knowledge?

Then this nonsense over the gym-weight room key access card was too strange. I retrieve it from the person at the weight room counter who doesn`t inform as to how to use it. So when I wave it in front of the lock and it doesn`t work. I go back to the dude who gave it to me, and he explains it has to be initialized on a card reader some 30`away on the outside of the doors to outside the building. I attempt to do this and it still doesn`t work, so I tell the dude who now deigns to get off his butt and outside of the room with the counter. At this point a woman comes along with the same problem and the three of us go to the card reader. Her card works, mine doesn`t and the dude tells me he will let me in and will try to `fix the card` himself. No problem, he puts it back in the box of cards that are to be picked up.

I come back to the gym-weight room two days later and a woman is there, and I ask her for my card, and she gives it to me. After dressing for the weight room, I find the card does not open the door again. I tell her that the card had already been initialized, but she said it has to be done each day I want to use it. A first in my experience, updating an access card every day. I go to the card scanner outside the building doors, and it beeps and cheeps with green flashing lights to tell me the card had been initialized. So I use it, and it works. Like WTF; the dude doesn`t tell me that the card needs to be initialized, and when it doesn`t work he makes some BS up about ``fixing it`, when in fact it has to be scanned each day that I want to use it, there is no semester-long access settings on this type of access card. So this fucking dude not only witheld vital information on how to first use the card, but made some patent BS up as to how or when to scan it, saying that he could fix it. Yet again, this incremental exposure to the gym card functionality along with prevarications as to how to use it. And also having me handle the card and then surrender it for a few days. Exciting moments in perp research, now nearly ten years long.

My turn to get testy in class so to speak; getting docked marks for using big words (microfauna and macrofauna) that weren't in the course book. Well, they were, someone looked for me and so I got the marks. Seeing the near exact same thing happened in the other course, I cannot imagine it to be anything less than arranged. Especially when everyone else goes quiet, pretending not to have the same problem. But on the previous quiz two others near me, and whom I regularly see at lunch, they got burned by misinterpreted questions that the instructor wasn`t being fair about.

A negro male at the next lunch table, doing his converstation standing up for some curious reason when he was beside an empty chair. Also, the retards were busy fluxing around according to some unseen command. All the Unfavoreds, from them to the shiftless dudes like to hang behind the babe in the course who I regularly share lunch with, and two more males arrive thereafter. The same drill, just different males, but not the freaks.

And what is with the MEC site? Down on the day I was to execute my order that was sitting in the Shopping Cart (yesterday), but up today, and after re-jigging the order (and finding a lower priced substitute item that somehow didn't show up the first time), why, the Proceed to Checkout button is missing and another one not working. Eventually, as I waved the mouse over the bottom corner of the dialog box, why, the mouse pointer hand symbol pops up, signifying a missing button/selection on the screen, which turns out to be the checkout. Just like the Amazon site as I get to see it; hidden functionality by way of unseen buttons

A half day presentation from FARSHA,, the Farm And Ranch Safety Association. Only in my fourth year of farming work (2011) did I know that they existed. Even then, they spoke with the Mexicans with a translator, and didn't speak to us locals. Today, I got to find out what they do for farmworker safety, and wasn't allowed to mention this lapse in class. Funny how this bullshit happens, these incremental exposures to persons, agencies or even the gym.

On the heels of making an online order, I then was ten minutes into studying, then a two hour forced nap when I wasn't tired. The phone awakened me and a 20 minute call from the farmworker colleague who won't go away (lives in Victoria and is taking a horticulture course). And too, she dropping the "John, dear" line was too cute. Get it; John Deere tractors are topical for me these days, when in the viticulture class. I felt totally out of it, coming off a major nap, then into a phone call at some length. And of course, she hitting on the usual perp interest topics-themes, like getting work (or not), who to apply to, would I consider working in other countries (what a joke, for a farmworker), then more useless suggestions as to who I could phone, etc. Fucking tiresome this obviously feigned friendliness.

No more vehicle at my disposal; the ex flew up and retrieved it today. In-town brother with his unused and reliable vehicle at his disposal with access to two more that he prefers, didn't change his tune any, even if he did return from five weeks away in Thailand with his sort-of girlfriend who lives in his house.

The final vitculture exam tomorrow morning, so I must get on with studying after last evening`s two lost hours. I saw that yet more retards were populated around me at lunch, and one dogging me on my way to the can, arranged to be in my way. What is with is bullshit. And why the Greyhound buses and a van hounding my ass? Was it because the ex took the Greyhound from Kelowna to Penticton when she picked up the car yesterday? No idea.

What's with my classmate`s coordinated males arriving together from an unusual direction at lunch time? I was seated at the table and the class babe (40-ish, married) was opposite, with the usual parade of freaks, Unfavoreds and aforementioned retards coursing around behind her, when the two male classmates both decided (har, har) to take he long way around together and immediately arrive at the same instant, one on my right, the other on my left. I could swear they teleported in from 100' away, or else had incredible coordination to arrive simultaneously. I didn`t see them coming through the normal shorter route where I was looking, nor did I hear them coming, they each arrived at the same instant, one on each side of me. Like WTF; I have never seen something so casual be so contrived before, so either someone fucked me out of seeing or hearing them arrive, even if it was from behind me, or else they teleported in. But as the perps routinely arrange seeming diparate males (sometimes injecting a woman into the mix), to be converging on me when in public areas, or have them four and five abreast for some curious reason, I shouldn`t be so surprised at this unusual arrival behavior of my male classmates.

Plenty of plasmic spatter today, often yellow colored between me and the instructor, he not letting on that he saw any, ditto for everyone else. And more beserk road traffic congestion today, like yesterday, when returning to find aforesaid vehicle gone.

The viticulture final exam was duly written, 1.5 hours, but not the first to leave by any means as the perps were busy screwing me around as to what I recalled, study, or rarely, didn't. The instructor indicated a pub meet/lunch afterwards, and I first did a 30 min. workout at the college weight room, and then walked it to the pub. I asked the instructor if the pub was on Westminister, as I am walking everywhere now, and he said it was. So I walked there, and no it wasn't, but not very far away on Eckhardt/Hwy 97. Why is it that I ask the most direct questions and get fucked around so often, as in getting a totally wrong answer. He has lived here for two years, and I for one month, and he cannot tell me where the KVR pub is; like WTF?

And it wasn't enough to have a skinhead in the class at the table, a nice guy for the little that I know him. But no, there he was at the table with my classmates, and lo, if two more skinhead males weren't stationed around this table, one in direct line of sight. Then a babe with a leg in a plastic cast was at the next table with a dude, and later they added a younger woman with puffy cheeks and forehead to sit behind someone else at the table. She had jet black hair, and wasn't terribly attractive, but sure enough, the perps made sure that I viewed her plenty more than I would of done myself, effectively bounded between two males from my class, though she was 10' further back. And how often have I mentioned these "boundings", putting the featured person, babe (Favored) or freak (Unfavored), between two other persons who are much closer, (this time two that I know), and have a narrow viewing window between them. (Question marks are screwed up still). More times than I recall, though I don`t see a convenient label for this long running perp arrangement stunt.

I shall post this now (Friday, Feb. 10, 2012), even if a weekend to go, as I cannot predict if I will get to it. Nothing too exciting is planned, and that includes decoding the bus routes and taking one to the tanning salon. Vanity was never my thing, but is now.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Walking Straight

A nothing-much-happening weekend, as my big plans were to take up the offer of a vineyard to come by and do pruning. And lo, if the owners weren't out of town this weekend. Back to hanging around and reading viticulture books.

But I did get out to purchase an inexpensive Blu-Ray player, replete with the dude-force arriving on my heels, some six of them, when I was at the cashier. I have no idea why so many strange dudes need to keep arriving everytime I purchase something, but this has been consistent since 2002 when the assholes first struck. If I don't like the look of someone, particularly shiftless males who seem at a loose end for no apparent reason, (or, alternatively, in ridiculous public poses), I don't understand why this near-ten year long insane and abusive pogrom has been inflicted on me.

But progress is measured in baby steps, as they have now allowed me to watch movies on DVD or video in my own place no less, something they have been managing me for over 15 years. Though I have watched movies at other person's places until the Day of Abusive Infamy struck, when all my supposed friends scattered. Though they did allow me to purchase some 15 movies in DVD or Blu-ray over two years ago, and with the exception of one of them, they did not allow me to view them. Most of them are unopened, as it was clear that the assholes weren't going to let me watch them, sabotaging the drive, Windows Media Player and anything else along the technological chain. Even this player I purchased today was on the heels of them fucking the PC drive two days ago and defeating the sound. So..., back to the sensible way of skipping the wretched sabotage-prone PC altogether and getting a dedicated device to play discs through the 40" TV I have in this suite.

A series of phone calls tonight, one being the ex, saying she is coming up next week to reclaim the vehicle and return it to my mother. Well, my mother didn't say that she needed the vehicle, and she was on the phone only 30 minutes beforehand. And neither of them has asked me how I am going to get around and do shopping, let alone job searching and getting to my vineyard practicum site in March. Just more stupid shit from the FUDsters.

But the perps weren't letting me walk straight today when in my suite; often making me pivot to regain my balance and torquing my knee. And we know about that particular torture don't we, usually applied when I am seated or else in bed. Now they have re-started it, now when I am walking. Fucking insane that they have re-instated this particular torture.

A strange turn of events; the class registration listed the VIT 22 course restarting on Feb. 01 (Wednesday), the the WINE 21 course ending on Jan. 27 (Friday). Ergo, no seeming class on the following Monday, Jan. 30. I "decided" (read, mind fuck) to go to the College about 30 min. before class start time to return a library book just to make sure there was no class. One of the classmates "happened" to be coming past, and I asked him, and he said he was sure there was, and looked in his course binder and Jan. 30 was written in. So there was a class then.

At the time the class schedule was reviewed by the instructor, he seemed to be confusing events, a quiz on Jan. 31, and some mention of Jan. 30, but nothing that I took in at the time. So.. I ended up in class when I didn't expect to, planning tanning and studying next for the quiz on Jan. 31.

As it happened, one of the students was there all day today, and the instructor mentioned it out loud. I wondered if he got his wires crossed like I did. Of course I am not allowed the more conspiratorial take I have in retrospect, as I write this. And as it "happened", one of the class went to the library at lunch time and saw the missing student, but didn't tell him that he was missing a class. (Classes are all day long). Like WTF; he totally spaced out, not realizing the context, and not even having the notion of aiding a fellow student, even if the instructor did ponder out loud as to where the missing student was. So it would seem, this being the conspiratorial/perp perspective, that they wanted one student to be in an adjacent building (a 60' direct line) for the entire day of the class he would normally be in.

More financial transaction fuckery; an online order had a server "problem" last night As it "happened", I had a debit card reader problem earlier in the day; it didn't work at the food market, so the transaction took two attempts. And have I mentioned that the act of making a financial transaction of any kind, from coin machines on up, is totally gangstalked and fucked with almost 50% of the time? Often, I am sure.

The college gym with posted hours of M-F, 9 to 5, was closed  at 3 when I went there to work out. But no, instead, they posted two dudes lounging around doing squat as they usually like to do when I get skunked on these set ups. (Sending me to get an item at a store and not finding it is another game, and always gangstalked, more often the dudes in the past few years.

I got onto major shopping to stock up on groceries as I will be without a vehicle after Feb. 07 when the ex arrives on behalf of my mother - of course no one asks me how I am to make it to interviews and a week long practicum.

The shopping ended at this quasi-Wholesale store where they were all over me with vehicular and ambulatory cluster fuck games, including one giant male freak with 2' hair who aims his vehicle at me and then averts at the last moment all in the putative cause of making a pointless wide arc to get into a parking stall that he hadn't looked at in advance. What is it that the perps need to aim their ambulatory and vehicular Fuckwits at me to get my attention and then avert at the last moment, also getting me to stare at them like they are fucking nuts (which they are), while they pretend not to have noticed being such a boorish asshole?

I get out of the store after a major hold up at the checkout, with both toilet paper and paper towels in hand, and lo, if they didn't set up a boom truck behind my vehicle and raise it 30' to attend (har, har) to an overhead parking lot (night time) light. I have had many hundreds of boom trucks and scissor jacks arranged as I pass by, or even overhead of me as I walk on the sidewalk, pretending to attend to the signal lights or some such, but never have I had the Fuckwits specifically target my vehicle and have a Fuckwit crew on an aerial platform over my parked vehicle before. That takes the cake as  far as extra-obvious boom truck stalking goes. Next comes the aircraft when I am next in the same parking lot.

And the perps were sleep sacking me in the class for the second day in a row; almost making me nap in class when I hadn't before, and had plenty of sleep the night before. It seems to be about taking me down and reducing brain function. And as I am about to nod off, why, they put multiple ghosted and projected images in my vision, say, three versions of the instructor. That gets my attention real fast, and within a minute they suck me down again to a near-nap state to repeat the exercise.

I class, after lunch, and lo, if there wasn't tromping on roof; the faux repairmen attending to the cooling-HVAC equipment on the roof, with 6" os snow there too. In class, the freak had some cacao beans, apparently from the jungle, and not plantation grown, and passed them around. I had one, even if he somehow "forgot" to offer me one. More almost sleep games in class, not at bad as yesterday though. When I got back to my place, it was hot and humid. The heater/cooler unit wasn't on but somehow, it had kicked off by itself in the morning, and was apparently cranking out the heat without the fan. How it did that when the unit wasn't warm itself is a total mystery. The perps simply wanted hot and humid and made it so, with the heater/cooler switches dithered to make it look like it was the culprit.

And why is it when this place was dead quiet, the supposed neighbors are now getting rowdy on a Thursday night and somehow end up pounding the outside wall at the back of my head while I was in the bed? An unerring knack to pound the wall from outside for no reason just where I happened to be. That the perps like to pound this place with vibration, with the putative cause being a neighbor exiting his/her unit hasn't gone unnoticed. But now it is "happening" some 15 times an evening. And too, I get a simultaneous body zapping the instant the room shakes.

And this morning, male banter and calling starts up outside my room just at I was starting yoga, so end of that, and lo, once done, the male voices subsided.

A major mindfuck this morning; the assholes had me putting fresh coffee grounds in the teapot and pouring kettle water into it before they let me in on the fact that it was totally the wrong pot. They also dociled my "reaction", as normally I would of been screaming infuriated at full volume, but instead, was kept down from really letting them have it. Another never-before Fuckover stunt, and they weren't able to do this until late 2004, when my abilities to monitor incongrous actions was first compromised by the remote influencing technology they apply.

A tan first thing, and then they fucked me out of bringing the address with me for the hair salon, and also fucked me out of seeing itthree times as I drove by. Needless to say, the vehicular clusters were out in number, and it seems, all the more so when I am lost or getting jerked around in new territory. When I started tanning they had four vehicles crisscrossing my path from the vehicle to the salon, some 20' of pavement. And then again when I got out. Now they backed off to one or two each time I enter and exit the tanning salon.

At the hair salon they totally fucked me by putting a Down's Syndrome retard in the adjacent chair, making gurgling and incomprehensible noise all the while. Worse yet, they put on this overweight woman stylist with huge tattoos down her exposed arms. This seems to be part the Welcome-to-Penticton plan; putting retards and the mentally handicapped around me. I can hardly wait to take the city bus, when they often put on this Unfavored demographic group.

They also do this at the college at lunch time when these same people have no essential reason to be there. And yet, they are getting out of their bus and coming into the lunch area for no seeming reason to parade back and forth while I am talking to the babe-class mate. Other freaks and Fuckwits regularly parade back and forth when I am with this woman, as she is the only one of ten in the class. And yet, historically, over 11 years, the class is about 50-50 men-women, and this year, "for some reason", it is 90-10. What are the odds of that? In a former time I could of worked it out, but owing to the mindfuck games, one being keeping me stupid, it is no longer possible.

I got the film, Mulholland Drive from the college library when out and about earlier. I finished viewing the film an hour ago, and concluded (again) it was a discordant or disjunct events juxtaposition trip, not unlike a Fellini movie. I saw the film back in 2001 when living in Seattle. Ms. L was with me, and introduced me to the Lynch film. I couldn't make much of it then, and the internet banter at the time suggested the film was salvaged from excerpts from a TV show that was rejected. Perhaps, but there was one thing I missed at the time, and it was the vignettes of the overseeing entity, calling the shots, even to the extent of instructing a film director as to who to accept in the title role. That was the cowboy scenario, and there were a few others that suggested a higher authority who was pulling the strings. Little did I know in 2001 it is indeed true, missing the film references at the time, and only seeing them anew today.

A nap-attack earlier today; I started stuying about vineyard soils, and the dude banter and the heavy footpounding started up. Then a yawning attack for five minutes with concurrent loud mufflered vehicles outside. Then a forced piss, followed by ten minutes of studying and then nap attack; 1.5 hours of sleep in the afternoon when I had sufficient sleep last night. There is something about studying, and cognition about learning that the perps really want to know about. Coordinating room shaking and vibration is another "coincident" event. And if you accept the greater theory, arranging a minor earthquake on the evening of the first quiz the class had some two weeks ago. Funny how it happens.

I will get this posted lest it drag on for another week.