Monday, January 26, 2009

Leg Torquing

My right leg is getting a work over, and not in a good way. Remotely applied twisting is being applied, and not just at the knee this time. The whole leg is getting torqued, and I feel it in the hip. Some knee jabbing pain is also being added to increase the annoyance factor.

I don't know how long I will be blogging tonight, as I may have to go for a walk just to prevent his abusive fuckery from continuing. That is how it goes much of the time; one cannot plan for much if the hounds of hell have another agenda, and it includes physical discomfort.

It is a Monday, their most active fuckover day of the week, but I did not visit my parent's place yesterday as I had an early morning appointment over this psychological vocation testing bullshit that I have been put through in order to substantiate my grovelling for training monies to get my skills updated, and put me back where I was before the assholes drove me out of work. Said training, if approved, wouldn't start until the fall in any event. Another whole summer of life rape ahead, and that includes plenty of rage-fication abuse as they seem to increasing the intensity of my "reactions" to the increased provocations. Just the usual provocations; transitory vision impairment, stuttering speech, incorrect syntax, fake touches applied where there is no causal object, jabbings to my fingers and hands with no causal object, pulling objects from my grasp, preventing me from accomplishing simple tasks such as folding papers, dithering my fine motor control so my fingers "slip" even for routine actions like turning on a light switch, fucking me around with my scarf tassels getting trapped in my coat zipper, and on and on. Even standing on one foot while changing my clothes is an open invitation to be wobbled and my supporting foot being turned on me. More senseless and insane replications of depraved and abusive fuckery at anytime and place. Just another day of harassment, and a day at the office for the SS (Surrepticious Sickos).

thankfully the leg torquing torture ended, and now I have the overhead rumbling noise as I type this up. Even the most simplest of concepts or nouns can become a major noisestalk theme for a day, or several days. Regular readers will know that the overhead rumbling noise will follow me to where ever I am in my apartment and be applied as needed, presumably to neurally map the seated me (desk) to the standing me, (kitchen and bathroom) to the prone me (bed). The perps cannot get enough of these variables, hence the wheelchair use in gangstalking. Though, it does also seem that the assholes use them as Unfavored demographic specimens, meaning that there are some deep subconcious traumatization associations with wheelchairs. That it the putative rationale for incorporating large numbers of wheelchair sightings in my public activities, and it comes from the perps themselves. Normally they are not reliable, but they have been consistent with this "gangstalker format". My in-town brother felt compelled to tell me that former VP Dick Cheney was in a wheelchair at Pres. Obama's inauguration, as I had not seen it on TV. There maybe two parallel objectives in the wheelchair gangstalkers; Unfavored demographic representatives and as portable seated gangstalkers. I don't really give a fuck, I don't want to see another fucking wheelchair gangstalker ever again.

And of course I got plenty of action in that department today, as I was obliged to meet with the psychologist about the vocational testing scores and determinations. Not only is she wheelchair bound but is also deformed in some curious and hideous ways. The perps seemed to want to mask her deformed hands some by having her in a fleshtoned shirt so there was little color or contrast difference between her hands and her shirt and I couldn't visually key off of the shirt cuff edge. Then at the second meeting with the vocational advisor who was also wheelchair bound, but of normal torso configuration, the perps had me overfocussed on her very normal looking hands. I have been getting more of this mindfuck bullshit where they want me to look at someone's hands all the time, and I am fucking fed up with having my attention fucked with and no choice as to where it is directed.

Other action today was doing gardening at my in-town brother's place, and taking the city bus in each direction with my travelling gangstalking freakshow, mainly shiftless dudes, all of Unfavored demographic groups. I don't know why they are hounding me with males all the time of late, but it is getting fucking stupid. Since when did one find a "construction worker" on a city bus at 1030h leaving downtown where the work is? Why, today of course, all to "show me" his white plastic hardhat on the back of his backpack, and to then stand in front of me when there were plenty of seats, and some five minutes later, he actually does sit down. I have had the hardhat stalking dudes before, and invariably they are packing their hardhats in their hands, or now, on their backpacks. Having their Fuckwits wearing them is too complex for all the color and energy games/research that is going on.

The outbound city bus trip also had some strange dudes doing the muttering and talking act, and the bus driver kicked them off as part of the street theater. I hadn't experienced this outcome before as the "normal" script is to have everyone suffer the Fuckwit's rambling dissertations.

I was dealing with peat moss at my brother's place, and I suppose that was the big excitement for the perps as they would send down a vehicle to turn in the cul de sac in front of his place the two times I was leaning over the peat moss bag and extracting it into the wheelbarrow. For those infrequent readers, the perps have a total obsession over the color brown, and the peat moss is that color of course. And, I was wearing my brother's light brown colored jacket for gardening, and I suppose the set up was too good to ignore.

After lunch, there was one project to do, and the perps let me undertake it with the usual extra-conventional gravitic fuckery of objects having highly irregular trajectories and applications of forces. Nothing too substantive or vexing thankfully. Once my brother left for work then they had me wrap it up very fast as they had me take a crap in short order. And this too is a high priority brown substance interest of the perps, and I will spare you most of the details, but it was pretty ugly and they even flicked it onto the vertical side of the bathtub some 2' away. And a shower to clean up, and no plunger with blatant blocking. Bad scene, and nothing too unexpected as they keep this up nearly everytime and have since they first (04-2003) blocked my toilet when they actually visited me in person at the very onset of overt harassment and abuse as it became. Little did I know that so many were interested in something so disusting and were so relentless in pursuing this for so obscure reasons. Paraphrasing someone here.

I had the shiftless dude crush around me on the city bus back to downtown where I live, the last one doing his mandatory "lean forwards", no matter how uncomfortable it looked, as if on the edge of his seat. Then they had a "dude train" of ambulatory male gangstalkers all walking about 10' apart in the same track on the same side of the sidewalk, and for me to insert myself after crossing the street. And was it any surprise that many of them were wearing brown clothes? Of course not, especially after the above mentioned bathroom scene. I have not seen an ordered and equi-spaced string of dudes, or any demographic theme of gangstalkers before, though the vehicular gangstalking is usually orchestrated in this way.

This one is done for the day, and now to ponder how long the Monday night scheduled sleep deprivation games will go for. An overhead rumbling answer to that, nothing too articulate.

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