Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Cancer in all its Manifestations

To dispose of the trivial first off; yes, I am born under the sign of Cancer, the Crab.

And yes, there has been an arranged confluence of cancer related reading; not only the prostate cancer ones, but "Me and Lee", "Dr. Mary's Monkey", "David Ferrie", "The Cancer Cure that Worked" and just arrived, "Cancer; Cause, Cure and Cover-up".

As of 06-07-2016, the Psychopaths, with the dispassionate urologist as front man, let me know I had prostate cancer, per biopsy. For someone kept in a densified magnetic field, some 1600 Gauss about in 2008, why am I surprised. I am surprised as the assholes seem to control everything in my life, down to fleeting microsecond thoughts, so why drag me into this wretched mire?

I say "wretched mire", because my preliminary investigations indicate that cancer is virus or fungi caused in the main, and the NIH and American Cancer Society steadfastly refuse to accept this, even if their own researchers were telling them this in the early 1960's. And numerable other researchers back to the 1920's.  And it seems that to maintain this mega-deceit for so long, the Cancer Criminals must have had perp help, either by having the FBI unconstitutionally trash cancer research, (e.g. Royal Rifes's) labs, having the defendants (researchers with a different and successful methods) unable to sustain a viable defense in court (mind control perhaps?), or various other methods of effecting a shutdown of promising research. Not just in the USA, but in France (Priore) and Canada (Gaeten Nassens). Shutting down promising cancer research for so long and over such a wide geographic range takes studious attention to the field in many languages and in many organizations, publications and conferences.

Then take the 20 years of research of Dr. Jerry McLaughlin, an Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology (?) who discovered that the twigs of Aisimia triloba, (Indian Banana, or Paw Paw), contain a potent anticancer compound group called acetogenins.  Since 1993 he he tried to to turn all his research studies on Paw Paw over to the National Cancer Institute, but to no avail. They refused. It seems plain to me they did not want to know. Call it egregious and wilful ignorance.

Meanwhile, due to the polio "crisis" of the 1950's, the vaccines first developed were infected with SV-40 virus, from simians and a seeming parent of HIV. That is 197 million doses, from 1957 to 1963. They were warned by Bernice Eddy giving an NIH (her employer) unauthorized presentation at the New York in October 1960 that the SV-40 (and other viruses) infected polio vaccine would likely cause cancer in future years. Instead, the vaccine and health authorities refused and kept it secret and allowed 197 million people be infected by a potential cancer causing polio vaccine in North America. And now they wonder why breast cancer, prostate cancer and other soft tissue cancers are epidemic, far more than polio. [From "Dr. Mary's Monkey", pp193-225, by Edward T. Haslam.] And too, Bernice Eddy's professional career was trashed by her employer.

IMHO, it is an atrocity of astronomical proportions right here on plant Earth, and manifested and sustained by a Psychopathic agency, dressed up with august institutional fronts. Essentially humans are deemed to be nonconsensual fodder for disease, suffering and death in epic proportions, never mind the buck suck.

And did I want to discover any of the above? No. And did I have a choice? No. And so the cancer reading has taken over me since 07-2016. Not just prostate cancer, where leading authors such as Scardino, "Dr. Peter Scardino's Prostate Book" have it totally wrong, saying that testosterone causes prostate cancer. Never mind the obvious that young guys rarely get it, but us older male duckies do, and that testosterone production in males goes down 1%/year after age 40.

And if that weren't enough, I discover (per mind control script) that cancer is often, if not always, caused by a microbe or virus that takes over the cellular reproductive mechanisms., per above. And usually in local organ low oxygen conditions, where the microbe goes into a fermentation cycle and reproduces without normal functional controls, and also fooling the host immune system.No doctor will tell you this, and don't expect conventional medical practice to follow either. Instead, be prepared to be irradiated or have radical surgery. Or else wiped by chemo-therapy that compromises your immune system which should be your first line of defence.

So what is the cancer epidemic about and the state of intense management of its grossly inadequate cures? The short answer is that I don't know, but the Thems not only like us to blunder about in the research realm but also like to remove millions of people (and dollars) in the process.

And a virulent form of cancer has been developed as a bioweapon since 1963. If you read the astounding (but true) book, "Lee and Me", (by Judyth Vary Baker) you will find that the JFK putative assassin and his colleagues were developing such in a secret lab in New Orleans that year, prior to the JFK assassination. And that its purported need was to eliminate Castro in the service of US covert policy objectives. But, the hand-off of the live virus/cancer in Mexico City never happened, and Lee Harvey Oswald was re-assigned to the assassination project, of which he seemed to be a bit player. And of course they didn't want him to reveal all of this, so he was rubbed out courtesy of the Dallas Police Department and the FBI covering all his tracks. Besides, they didn't have a case against LHO anyhow, not even a hope.

The above is my conspiratorial rant on the cancer biz, but probably won't be the last one as I have just received a new book, "Cancer: Cause, Cure and Cover-up", by Ron Gdanski, 2000. He does a far better explanation of the root causes of cancer, and as far as I have read, it makes the medical establishment seem like the Health Care Gestapo. And what will become of all of this when the lid is blown off? Can we ever trust conventional medicine again? I came to distrust the fuckers when exceptional and unconventional circumstances were imposed on me in 2002, but for those whom have been touched by cancer there will be a resounding outcry, unless squelched by some covert means. Maybe this is why they want me to "discover" the real causes of cancer and then apply this topic-specific mind control to the masses to keep the lid on.

Slipping into bad habits again; not doing much daily blogging and attempting to pull this all together Sunday night. Which means a whole lot of perp fuckery reportage goes without mention as the memory fuck games come on just when I want wrap up the week.

I worked the weekend at the former full time vineyard employer, mainly doing leaf plucking. Late August and he has only got the shady side done. He is at least 3 weeks behind on this one, and the sunny side leaf plucking has yet to be done. At least it pays for rash of spending of late.

The latest forced squandering was a dedicated audio player, having been messed with over version contingencies and app software licence crashes on my Android phone for no apparent reason. Then one problem sets the other off, like a senseless merry-go-round of infuriating contingent inconveniences. No need to wonder who manages that. Especially that they have already done this once a few months ago.

So the DAP (digital audio player) arrived this week, and strangely I wasn't hit for extra taxes, border crossing fees and other import ransom demands. Though the final word isn't over as they sometimes send a demand letter a week or so later. And this device actually worked, even if it was missing a physical back button. It was a touch screen control for the most part, with a dedicated physical volume, forward, backward and play/pause button. Thank goodness for that, as the touch screen interface is such a blunder prone prospect in the first place, and then the perps routinely exploit it; e.g. wrong selection, touch screen button goes inoperative, or conversely, it fires off at random, or even the time worn harassment game of sending my fingers to the wrong button, touchscreen or physical. Back in the day, when handheld calculators were vogue, I could never figure out how I managed to press the wrong button so often; I would look at the key I wanted to press and my finger went to the adjacent key. I thought I was dyslexic, though I have no problem reading. Now I know; I am  neurally invaded and dithered with just to piss me off. And here we are some 40 years later and the assholes are still at it, just different forms of buttons and devices.

The perps are still hacking my anticancer herbal treatments. Today they screwed me out of taking the requisite tablets after making and taking the two alternate solutions that go with the supplements, every two hours. And to add insult to injury, they screwed me out of taking my regular lunch time supplements with me. And so it has come to mind that perhaps the reason for this whole prostate cancer attack (IMHO) is for the perps to continue with their games over what supplements I take, when, and what color they are. Seeing that I am adopting an herbal anticancer regimen, it means yet more combinations and permutations of supplements. I am taking three courses at present, and a fourth one to be added soon. and besides, I am on a decided tear about not wanting surgery or radioactive treatment due to the possible long term collateral damage. How I came by this strong conviction instead of grovelling for treatment from the conventional medical system is most curious.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Hot Times in Preparing Foods

Friday, and I have missed blogging these weekdays until now as I have been busy rendering 30lb of tomatoes into pulp for freezer storage, and too, rendering 4lb of basil into frozen pesto cubes. All in the good cause of having a winter storage of some foods, though as always, it is part of the great experiment that is my tortured existence. On Monday I went to yoga, and then began the basil/pesto preparations, utilizing a food processor and chopping it up with the addition of olive oil to make a thick fine paste that I freeze into ice cubes. The cubes are then transferred into plastic boxes for freezer storage. I am still finishing up last year's basil/pesto batch, so a combination of this and last year's is in my fridge freezer.

Sounds so humdrum, and it would be, except that the perps harassed me mercilessly; flipping basil or pesto off spoons and onto the floor (10x +), making other messes to clean up, confusing me as to what I am doing while in the middle of doing a repetitive task, sending me to the wrong cupboard, re-assembling the food processor incorrectly and countless other mind fuckery, and object fuckery delivered by remote means in real time, and soley designed to enrage me. Some 30+ rage-ifications stunts inside 1.5 hours no less, pouring it on. And likely because I had yoga a short time earlier, and the perps do love to have me prior energized from all those stretches and poses along with my fellow yogi stalkers.

The basil pesto done Monday, so I got onto the tomatoes Tuesday (no prior yoga), and lo, if the assholes didn't turn down the "heat", as in harassment. There were just as many things that could go wrong, but somehow they didn't. Ditto two days later when the latter half of the tomatoes got rendered down.

And so these imposed rage-fication episodes continue, especially at meal preparation time, usually when making dinner. (Which is often made in double quantity for lunch the next day).

All of the above is a comparative poor do for a posting, but as over a week has transpired, I shall post rather than procrastinate. But here is a summary of my recent reading and possible associative threads.

Following the blockbuster of a book, "Me and Lee", I read "David Ferrie; Mafia Pilot... " both by Judyth Vary Baker, someone who was there, and no less, Lee Harvey Oswald's lover when he was estranged with Marina. I would say that it is an important book, but as her interaction with David Ferrie was limited, it wasn't quite the same impact as "Me and Lee". But that is not meant to discredit the book or the author in any way. The author has contributed a significant component to the JFK saga, and too, straightened out those idiotic fanatics that populate the internet nowadays. Both are highly recommended as essential reads to understanding the background of the JFK assassination and who didn't kill JFK. And it is abundantly clear that it was neither Oswald or Ferrie, though both had some connection to the plotters, a seeming the covert action arm of the CIA.

And no less, Judyth Vary Baker, on account of her brave and commendable stance in writing these books has become a refugee from America. That is correct; she gets death threats and sidewalk pushing and now lives in multiple countries in Europe in lieu of getting permanent refugee status. With all the premature deaths of JFK assassination witnesses, the chances of which are one in a trillion, it is most remarkable she was allowed to survive and write these fantastic books. (As I said many times in this here blog, Canada and the USA are not free countries as one might be lead to believe).

BUT what is most interesting is that she saw research papers at David Ferrie's residence that were part of the MKULTRA files in 1963. Back then it was highly classified and very few would of known of this covert CIA sponsored nonconsensual human research program, or worse yet, illegal detainment of US and Canadian citizens whose minds where trashed in an unresearched protocol. The atrocities of Dr. Ewan Cameron of McGill University in Montreal, Canada come to mind as part of the Canadian connection. In the author's opinion, to which I agree, David Ferrie was a peripheral player, not an assassin, and had enough perspicacity to tell the then Judyth Vary to "head for the catacombs", post JFK assassination and to never go public. She heeded his advice (until recently) and is still alive as a direct result. So... how did a curious player such as David Ferrie come to possess MKULTRA documents in 1963? The book doesn't answer that question as MKULTRA isn't the central theme. But it does tie that CIA sponsored atrocity with the JFK assassination in a way that begets my considerable curiosity. (And keep in mind that the CIA disposed of all the MKULTRA files, except for the few accounting related ones that were later found filed somewhere else and currently provide the limited knowledge of its existence).

As a possible MKULTRA victim when young, I find this thread of association most remarkable. Yes, I was there in Montreal for two years, 1956-57, and 1958-59, (during Dr. Ewan Cameron's CIA sponsored mind/knowlege purging atrocities), but I had my recall wiped out by some means. And the ongoing gangstalk freak show, and other media manipulations like to portray Scottish accented speech, particularly males. And that all-time butcher-in-the-name-of-psychiatry, Dr. Ewen Cameron, had a heavy Scottish accent and syntax. And he was also known to perform experiments on children, and I was aged 2 to 4 y.o. then.

Anyhow, another snippet of information was in the 1990's when I heard on the radio  morning news that a newly published book concluded that the JFK associated Zapruder film was considered to be altered after the fact. (It disappeared from public view awfully fast, like within a day). I mentioned this to my then wife, surely part of this then covert harassment, that this story was of considerable significance (if true) as many of the assassination theories were built on the sequence of this film. She went awful quiet and didn't have anything to say. I thought it most curious at the time she had nothing to offer on this seminal finding.

Anyhow, enough conspiracy talk for now, even if it is largely true, as most people have a limited capacity for major paradigm changes, aka, "game (knowledge) changers".

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Give the Victim Cancer, Then Obstruct His Treatment

These herbal concoctions cost a fortune, all in the cause of ending the prostate cancer the assholes gave me in June. I put an order together to get the next round of items, and on completion of the order I see the assholes fucked me out of seeing one item on the prescription list that I need for the kidney flush. I was screamingly infuriated, as I had read that section at least twice, and "somehow" I missed the chlorophyll line item. I was pissed beyond compare to say the least. This cognitive and/or visual dithering is just another example of the relentless and insane fuckery that I get stiffed with at anytime, anywhere.

A hacked up day, interspersed with forced "forgets". I worked for 1.5 hours, then went to the dentist, and then to the warehouse to make up two orders for shipping. And so when I got to the dentist, they had me discover that I forgot my wallet. After treatment I went back to my residence returned to the dentist's office and paid my bill, and then onto the warehouse to make up shipping orders.

While at the warehouse I was obliged to use the common-use forklift to take a pallet off the one I wanted to get at. I am certified, but my employer doesn't want me to use the forklift anywhere for reasons that make absolutely no sense. So what am I supposed to do? Wait an hour for the sanctioned employee to come for a one minute forklift job? It was too ridiculous to contemplate, so I used the forklift and got the pallet off. And as soon as drove it to the parking stall, why, the neighboring warehouse tenant "happened" to need the forklift, so without turning it off even, and only setting the parking brake and shifting it into neutral, I got off and he got on. Can we say (yet again), the perps cannot get someone into/onto my just-vacated place (seated, standing, or walking) fast enough?

When I returned to the winery, the assholes had me "forget" the warehouse key set I was to return. I knew I used it to get in and then put in my pocket, as the first rule of keys is "don't fuss with them", just put them away on one's person in a reliable location, e.g. pocket. A 10 minute walk back to my car to look for them seemed to be what the perps were suggesting in mind, and having no choice I went to my vehicle and found the keys. I had absolutely no need to pull them out of my pocket and put them in my vehicle after first using them, so I assume this was one of their teleportational jerkarounds. And given the increase of doubling back games of late, this latest stunt of having me "lose" the keys is in keeping with this harassment method.

And dental work is oh-so expensive, all in consideration of the herbalist who wants me to have root canal teeth removed. The herbalist considers such teeth to be a source of infection, and hence, a stimulant for cancer. Implanted teeth are $4k each, and bridge work is half that. Having a gap isn't recommended either, as surrounding teeth will move in. Besides, one adjacent tooth would need a crown to then support a bridge, and that would be another $1200. And too, healthy teeth would need to be drilled to support the bridge.

And to remove my last two metal amalgam fillings, I would still need that aforementioned crown. The dental hygienist made a point of scraping the very fillings we were talking about, and isn't that how one creates more mercury poisoning? I am going to think long and hard about this root canal removal "need", as it will get very expensive.

I spent most of the day operating the weed whacker, though the power head can be detached from the string trimmer end and substitute a hedger.

The increase in pit-lamping events is sustained so far this week; these assholes with headlights pointed at me, typically when I am getting into or out of my vehicle, or arriving or leaving a parking lot.

a three dude posse on skateboards to cover me at the corner, looking all the more ridiculous as one had crutches. This while on the way to the bottled water station. Then onto the neighboring gasoline station, where the fire truck was sitting across three lanes of pumps. No apparent emergency, this at 1900h or so, so why would they be doing a "social visit" to the gasoline station in their fire truck. As has been long reported here, the fire department does lots of "emergencies" and gangstalking cruise-bys for the perps, and so it would seem they were called out to sit in the gasoline station property. They pulled away before I got there, and lo, if the pump use (other "customers") wasn't configured to have me drive over the very location where the fire truck had been parked. Normally I avoid that particular pump as there is too much busy action there, but as "chance" would have it, my preferred pump locations were tied up.

And minor weirdness at the next bay, opposite mine; two vehicles backed up together and the "customers" seemed to be filling both from the same pump, engaging in one fill up for two vehicles. This was made apparent as the dude placed the nozzle end on top of the shared surface between the adjacent bays. I had never seen a two vehicle-single fill act before, and I suppose getting the nozzle that bit closer to me in an unusual juxtaposition and having it sit there for a minute or so was just too exciting in the perp's human nonconsensual human experimentation (read, nonstop abuse-athon) agenda.

A surge of gangstalkers of the populations subtype of the doddering duckies, mostly males, in their ridiculous plaid shorts.

Friday, but one with a different start, so to speak. I go to the warehouse to make up a pallet order, and enter via the keyed door, and I open it up, and here is this 65+ y.o. man standing there, shirtless no less, looking straight ahead like a zombie. I say "hello", and I think he said something, and I proceed through the door and he closes in, attempting to get through the doorway at the same time. Ergo, yet another, personal space intrusion from this utter freak, there for no seeming reason but as some kind of doorway stalking stunt. I have seen most of the personnel at this warehouse and we are on at least nodding terms when we recognize each other. But this mofo, I had never been seen before, and I hope never again. Later in the day, the perps planted the notion that he and his family own the whole warehouse and the adjacent steel fabrication plant and the attendant large yard of construction materiel (and materials).

And what is it about me making work progress that so interests the perps that they have three people sending texts, or in person afterward, wondering "if I had finished yet", or latterly, "why did it the order take so long?". I bust my butt to get everything done efficiently and promptly, but as some 60 cases of wine needed new labels (two per case), and 14 of them had to be split into half cases and labeled too, it takes time. As mentioned many times in these blog postings, the perps have a work productivity theme as a component of their insane abuse/human consensual experimentation agenda.

And you thought it was all about remotely applied mind control, what I ate, and all my energetic interactions with foods, others, materials, colors, and their proximity and juxtaposition with respect to me. So did I once, but when the Psychopathic operatives were clustering around me anytime I paid for something back in the intense abuse days of 2002-2003, it clued me into there being much more to their objectives. Themes like

  • financial transactions, 
  • work productivity/efficiency, 
  • business owners stalkings (possibly per above), 
  • having me repeat names unnecessarily, 
  • foiling me anytime I would type "the" that went on for years, 
  • screwing me out of pressing my intended keyboard key, 
  • arranging coincidences,  
  • arranging sudden shortages (e.g., skunking me when intending to obtain an item at a store), and 
  • arranging dashed expectations,
  • noise stalking or other harrassment when measuring something, 

plus a few other concept themes that don't come to mind; all these are very much part of the perp/Psychopathic Confederacy agenda, and to me, all the more mysterious as to what is so important about arranging them.
Saturday, and some free time to attend to the equipment rack, where I have my PC and stereo gear stored. The assholes screwed me right and left as to getting the correct mount holes for the cage nut's placement. Then onto a haircut, this time a new student who had purple hair, a light tinged touch, and not one that was bold or garish.

Then onto Kelowna for purchasing used snow tires and then used rims, and then dropping all off at the tire shop there who is dealing with my Pirelli warranty claim, and whom I expect to deal with next week to get replacement tires. Why all this tire "action" is taking place some 63km from here is utterly bizarre. But as the perps are obsessed over tires, and the tree rubber they come from, and whatever else related to this, I should not be surprised

Sunday, spent mostly doing vineyard work at the former full time employer. He is behind in getting vineyard work done, and asked me to help him out. I said I would, even if he reduced my pay for vineyard work versus winery work. Which explains why he laid me off in 2014; he wanted to pay his vineyard workers less. (I was doing both jobs from 2012 to 2014, and he paid me the higher rate for all duties once I became his winemaker). The perps are still at it; they will not let me use my hand pruners (secateurs) efficiently, but have me place the jaw above or below the intended cut line, or else have me pause and have the jaw rest on the outside of the intended cut line. Fourteen years of insane abuse and harassment, including being made a laborer from an IT job in 2002, and they still won't let me use the tool of the trade efficiently. Utterly bizarre.

Tonight's call with a TI got seriously hacked; fading voice, then slowing the voice like one of those old cinematic films that would slow down, and after four attempts to communicate became unlistenable, it was time to call it done.

Anyhow, enough to get this done for Sunday evening and posted for the Russians to read. All those readers from that part of the world does make me suspicious as to another spoofing of the victim (me).

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Some Summer

Three weekends of tanning quality weather so far this summer. One was in May, and the last two weekends. The coming weekend does not look promising either. Weekdays haven't been that sunny either for the last two months. Now we are into August and had a big rainstorm last evening. The earliest bud break (for vines) on record this year, and yet the growing season hasn't been terribly sunny, though warm. All of this just an observation, and I won't ascribe it to perp pranks and their nonconsensual human experimentation agenda. I try not to go conspiratorial on everything, even if it is the dominant bias while being kept in this rabbit hole.

Some of the First Feral Family is coming to visit me for dinner tomorrow, driving over from Kamloops. That would be my mother, and brother and his family. No doubt this will become a "persuasion" session, to talk me out of starting on a herbal program to treat my prostate cancer instead of the conventional barbarity of surgery or irradiation in all its collateral damage. No thanks; I don't want to be wearing diapers for the next 20 years, I rather be in the ground. Especially with the hounds of hell on my ass at every turn, who will exploit every opportunity to make matters worse. Fuck that; my quality of life is abysmal anyhow, so why make it worse?

Fruit thinning in the vineyard today and yesterday, with the vehicular noise train going on all day. Such fun, especially the awful HD motorcycle noise. And adding to it, passing N bound, and five minutes later, S bound. There is no rational reason for this driving behavior.

The vines were soaking wet from last evening's rain until noon today when they finally dried out. I had my raincoat on all morning as copious amounts of rain water would flick onto me. My hands were soaked through my gloves all morning. No doubt the perps need to do more rain water testing on me, as it seems they need to test me with many sources of water on me; rain, from irrigation pipe of various materials (polyethylene, PVC), from city water etc. They haven't let me go swimming much since 1999, when beforehand I was swimming 3x/week, 7,500m in an organized practice for 14 prior years. Maybe 6x in pools since then and once in a lake. Obviously they need to build a water infusion energetic model (through skin) for me. Which would follow the water ingestion model they are working on with such diligence. On that count, they have me leave my steel water bottle all over the place, sometimes overnight in the vineyard or on other surfaces like concrete. And not just standing on it base, but tipped over on its side. Exciting times indeed.

I did a trip out to see the urologist today, he finally deigning to let me know what my CT and bone scan results were four weeks later; no metastasis. Which is what my "good" Kelowna doctor told me three weeks ago, as she got the results off the health care system and gave me a copy. She also gave me the results of yesterday's blood test today; my iron is now normal after three IV drips over the past three weeks. Between that and the herbal treatments I started last week, I feel much better.

I see all the fine TI activism work by Deb Newhook (OSNanaimo) is going to slide into electronic oblivion soon as she is moving to Facebook without keeping any TI references that I can see. Too bad that all this material is going to go poof soon (this month, 08-2016) as she has been active in getting the TI message out there. That is, from radio interviews, to detailing statistics on organized stalking as well as her other work related to covert agendas. I have met her a few times, and she even organized a TI weekend meeting at her place in 2010. All of us TI's were perfectly sane and roundly perplexed as to why we were being so abused for no seeming reason. And of course, all were disabused of the notion that Canada, and like "civilized" countries, represent freedom. When she asked me about activism in our first phone call in 2006 I said that I would be available for testimony, but no public demonstrations or picketing. She never called me up for any of her radio interviews, but that is OK, as she was amply supported by other TI's, some of whom I met that weekend we converged at her place in 2010.

After reading Rachael O's recent blog about a surge of page views from Russia, I checked my geographic statistics, and lo, if the recent increase (more than 2x normal) is also from Russia. I cannot imagine the regular Russian folk reading this blog even if correctly translated, and so it would be more likely IMHO that it is the Russian IT Gestapo that is doing the viewing, if it amounts to that. You know, the same 9-5 crowd that breaks into Hilary Clinton's emails, and other embarrassing hacking over the past 10 years. The US government has identified a source of hacking from Russia, and they do all their work 9-5 on weekdays, no weekend activity. Let me call it now; get ready for a major Blogspot hack and us TI's and our many postings, (over 1700 here) and comments will go poof, as in gone for good.

And why is it that the perps constantly hack Blogspot statistics? First the activity (page views) graph won't show, and then after a few minutes it does, but the pointer based counts don't show each day's actual total. Later in my session, they progressively allow this latter feature to show. This progressive feature restoration, after their initial obstruction, has been going on for months.

A day in the vineyard after a job at the warehouse first thing this morning. And talk about a total cluster fuck gangstalk at every move I made in my vehicle after that. I stopped at a store as it was nearby, and three vehicles were on me in the parking lot entrance (stores were just open), and then again when I parked with the extra obvious pick up pulling up next to me when the lot was 90% empty, and then again when walking to the store, then again crisscrossing traffic in the parking lot when exiting the store, and when back to vehicular gangstalking, they were all over me with vehicular trains at 0930h, and clusterfucking me at every turn.

Family rolled into town for a early dinner at a restaurant. As it "happened" it was only my brother and my mother, as his child got sick today and his wife stayed to take care. My, or more like, my planted notions about getting grilled over herbal treatment of the prostate cancer became a big nothing. The only voiced concern was about me being looked after by a specialist. I assured them that I was, and I would be tested for the all important (though with caveats), PSA test every four months. Hopefully this herbal stuff should be showing results by my next test in November.

And of course being in a public restaurant, with a full Okanagan lakeside view the entire time, brought on some gangstalking silliness. A 30' black painted boat was attempting to dock on the wood breakwater until some one from the restaurant staff shouted to them that they couldn't tie up. So they backed up and went elsewhere. The next door table had a E Indian (male) and Caucasian (female) couple and their two boys arrive halfway through our meal. Said party then tailed us out of the restaurant in a might curious coincidence. As part of this "coincidence", it should be noted that my brother is married to an E Indian woman, but as mentioned above, she wasn't with us. So it would seem the perps are doing multi-racial couple testing, with me as some kind of human test (read, abuse) subject.

Sunday, and a near useless one at that. I worked for 4 hours this morning, and came home to clean up and then go the Psychic Fair to do a regression on my life, looking to find what happened to me during those three years the blanked out, aged 2 to 5. No such luck; I got hit with a nap attack for two hours, and then felt so wasted it took another hour to get moving to any extent. And too, the perps had me "forget" about it for the prior two days in was on in town.

And what is it about boats the perps like me to view, or more accurately, parade around me. These would be as big as vehicle trailerable boats, up to 24' or so, usually made of fiberglass. Though kayaks, 12' aluminum boats, inflatables and aluminum hulled boats are also part of the "boat show".

More bizareness from what seems to be sane people. I was at the vineyard and had finished up at 1100h and decided to have lunch there at the end of the row where a driveway is. Along comes a red sedan down the driveway (typical gangstalking circumstances), and then the driver stops some 10' from me, backs up some 60', and then proceeds forward again. This time a kid of 15 y.o., presumably a passenger, is running along side the vehicle. The vehicle drives past me and then pulls into the adjacent house parking area, and from what I could tell, they were residents of the property. Like WTF; what is the rational reason for this high strangeness about driving a vehicle to their own property, something they would of done hundreds of times or more. Instead they back up, let the kid out of the car, and he runs beside it. Just plain frigging berserk  IMHO.

This was adjacent to the vineyard of 6 weeks ago where the workers were kicking a soccer ball between them while doing their vine tending. I found this utterly bizarre too, as there was no way they could contain the ball in the aisles between the rows, and besides, attending to an incoming soccer ball every half minute or less is highly distracting. More high strangeness in the same location.

Enough for a post, and I am being kept in a wasted state here, de-energized and demotivated since the nap attack of some 8 hours earlier.