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Dear Senator/Congressman ... - a copy of a very descriptive letter

This posting is a copy of a letter with permission from the author who wishes to remain anonymous. This is an excellent desription of the TI world, covering not only the current harassment profile, but accurately depicting past harassment and the temporal progression of varying tactics. Can I please get an explanation from the clinical community why someone whom I don't know can describe what I have suffered with a 95% concurrence? AJH

Chairmen of Committees/Sub-Committees
Unites States Congress

Dear Senator/Representative,

Last Fall, our group faxed a letter to almost every member of
Congress describing an insidious situation involving the secret use
of "non-lethal" weapons and organized stalking.

At that time, we were at a loss to explain why we were being targeted in such a manner. Why would someone or organization use so much man-power and resources of money and cutting-edge technology to disrupt the lives of ordinary citizens?

One answer that we have been forced to consider stems primarily from
our own personal experiences. We hope that you, as this nation's
lawmakers, have access to or may already possess information which
can verify our suspicions. It is with a heavy heart that we write
to you. No one wants to describe being subjected to appalling
experiences, but we feel that we must because it has ominous
implications beyond just our suffering. If what we think is true,
there are individuals in positions of power to whom the principles
of democracy mean nothing, whose fundamental goal is more power and
control over people, and who hold nothing sacred.

Like anybody else, we want to believe that we live in a free and
open society. We want to believe that we can exercise our rights to
pursue our dreams, and that as long as we abide by the law, we are
protected and have little to fear. Unfortunately, what we are
experiencing suggests that the reality by which most people live is
only a fa├žade, and that there are dark machinations at work we know
nothing about but which is slowly creeping outwards, making its
power felt. We fear for what is to come – that every person, in one
way or another, will be hurt by this insidiousness.

We hope that you will read the following material carefully and
determine for yourself if our theory has any merit. We hope that
despite the lack of hard evidence, you will at least entertain its
possibility, so that should an opportunity arise where you can make
a difference in counteracting its effects, you will choose to do
so. For if we choose to not act on what we know to be wrong, then
we will surely have allowed evil such as this to deceive us into
believing such untruth as, "the end justifies the means."


Citizens Against Directed-Energy Weapons and Covert Harassment

CC: All U.S. Senators and Representatives

Section I: Our Experience and Observation

Our previous letter (which we can re-fax should you request it)
described two categories that illustrate the way in which we are
being harassed. The first category described symptoms or effects
which we believe are the result of having "less-than-lethal" or
directed-energy (electromagnetic and acoustic) weapons being used
against us. The second category described our being victims of
stalking by strangers who work in groups to achieve their ends, one
of which is to keep close surveillance on our whereabouts.

We used the term "targeted individuals" (TIs) to refer to people
like ourselves who are being intentionally harassed in this way. We
will refer to those perpetrating these crimes as "perpetrators."

We write to you again as a group of ordinary citizens who were
fortunate enough to find and share our experiences with each other.
We agree that what we are experiencing is none other than torture,
because of its relentless nature and because it attempts and often
succeeds in disturbing our peace in so many different ways.

Before we became aware of being targeted in this way, we led an
ordinary life, working to realize our goals and dreams, believing
that as long as we acted as responsible citizens, we would be free
to take advantage of all that our democratic society offers.
Unfortunately, this perception of reality is one which is becoming
more and more difficult for us to accept.

When we look back on how our predicament started, some describe a
situation where intense emotional stress was felt due to
traumatizing events occurring in important personal or business
relationships. Others describe a gradual awareness of odd and
perplexing events, which became a daily occurrence.

In all instances, there is a crescendo of physically and
psychologically painful incidences that forces us to reach the
conclusion, however unwelcome, that this cannot be occurring purely
by chance, and that for some inexplicable reason, we are being
intentionally targeted. For instance, one targeted individual
recounts being sleep deprived because of walls and furniture near
him vibrating whenever he retired for the night, and that this
vibration "followed" him around the house during the day. It is
this kind of event, along with many others, pointedly directed at
the TI that compels him to conclude, however improbable, that it is
a deliberate act.

When a person is in a stressful situation and which is a daily
occurrence, he cannot help but ask why he is in such a situation.
Through networking with others and researching the available
literature, we are forming an answer which, if true, could hold dire
consequences for and adversely affect all peoples.

What we are fairly certain of is that we are non-consensual subjects
in involuntary human experiments, possibly conducted by contractors
hired by U.S. government agencies, operating under ultra secrecy and
funded by a "black" budget.

These experiments involve using the latest advances in weapons
technology, notably those in the "less-than-lethal" or directed-
energy weapons area, to cause physical pain in as many ways as is
possible. In addition, psychological methods are used to inflict
emotional pain.

What we have discovered is that no one person is targeted in exactly
the same way as another person. After the initial crescendo of
induced pain (which is a deliberate component of this torture
process to force the targeted individual to arrive at the conclusion
that he is being intentionally targeted,) most TIs torture decreases
to a level that is just below the point of acting on suicidal or
other violent thoughts but where fear and anxiety are encouraged.
This leveling-out state consists of different mix of harassment
tactics for each TI. Some TIs experience more physical pain than
others. Some report being stalked as the primary form of
harassment. Others experience subtle sabotage of personal
belongings and other psychologically-damaging tricks. Below is a
comprehensive listing of ways in which we are being tortured, with a
short description of each.

Many of you will be unprepared or unwilling to read what follows.
The comprehensiveness of these offensive and loathsome tactics is
such that no decent person would willingly want to contemplate such
evil. We also know that by giving you such a detailed description,
we run the risk of being seen as delusional and paranoid.
Nevertheless, we feel that we would rather be judged as mentally
unbalanced than keep silent for fear of what this judgment may bring.

We believe that there is still hope – that there are those of you
who will be open to what we have to say, that someone with knowledge
about this evil will take action to oppose it, and that democratic
principles for the protection of the weak, the oppressed, and the
disenfranchised are still alive and well.

List of harassment/torture methods:

1. Sleep disturbance/deprivation: A focal component of the
harassment, its effects are mental and physical fatigue, lack of
mindfulness and concentration, physical clumsiness and decreased

2. Physical pain or effects: There seems to be an unlimited
number of ways in which targeted individuals are made to feel pain.
A partial list includes headaches/migraines, stomach cramps and
nausea, burning sensation on skin, sensation of being hit on the
head or concussed, chest pain akin to heart attacks, choking
sensation, sneezing fits, jaw ache, and joint pain similar to
tendonitis or arthritis. We believe that the perpetrators are able
to create some of these effects through direct brain stimulation.

3. Sexual targeting: Both men and women have reported what
they believe to be artificially induced sexual arousal. There is
also a vibrating sensation that is felt in the genital area which,
when intensified, could feel as if the penis or the clitoris has
been electrically shocked. There are reports of sharp or burning
sensation on the anus. Some female TIs have reported hemorrhaging
in the cervical cavity from an energy directed at their abdomen.
Also, we strongly suspect their having the ability to tamper with a
woman's menstrual cycle.
4. Voice-to-skull (V2K): Many targeted individuals report
hearing voices in their head which they believe are those of the
perpetrators. These voices will provide commentary on what the TI
is doing throughout the day and often dispense derogatory remarks.

Of note is that at some point in the beginning of this ordeal, TIs
noticed a sudden loudness of their thoughts whether or not they have
V2K, as if someone had turned up the volume inside their heads.
This was accompanied by a noticeable increase in "self-talk" or
verbal articulation of thoughts inside one's head, and a state of
mind that led away from visual imagery, reflection and contemplation.

5. Being stalked by strangers (e.g., organized stalking,
community vigilantism, group stalking, gang-stalking,)
Stalking occurs in the traditional sense where the targeted
individual feels his movements or whereabouts are being monitored.
Thus, the TI notices being followed wherever he or she goes. If
taking a walk in the neighborhood, for instance, there will be a
noticeable increase in foot and/or motor traffic. If a TI goes for
a hike in a seldom-attended park during a weekday, a group or groups
of people will inevitably happen on the scene. Bright lights
directed at a TI is common and sometimes, antagonistic behaviors
from strangers.

Other aspects of stalking include being followed while driving and
subjected to risky driving behaviors such as being cut-off suddenly
or tailgated. One common practice is to surround a TI's car on the
road in an attempt to control his speed, usually at a speed that is
lower than the speed limit.

Crowding is a form of stalking that can occur in any closed setting
as in an exercise class where strangers will crowd a TI
unnecessarily, positioning themselves close to the TI and repeatedly
walking close by her on one pretext or another.

6. Vandalism: Subtle acts of vandalism on his property or
possessions are committed. The TI will notice stains on carpets or
walls, chips on dishes or pottery, and scrapes on wood surfaces.
Inflicting damage on personal possessions seem akin to attacks on
the psychological person of the TI. Other acts of vandalism involve
appliances not working right, adversely affecting TIs lawns and
gardens, garbage or pet waste being strewn on the TI's yard, having
to spend hundreds of dollars periodically to fix damaged cars, and
pets getting sick or dying of unknown causes.

7. Sabotaging means of communication: TIs may notice a lot of
static or other noise on the phone line as well as intermittent
silences that make holding a conversation difficult. In addition,
the connection to the Internet may be impeded for days or the
computer will break down suddenly and need a part replaced or the
computer replaced altogether. Emails never arrive at their
destination, creating misunderstandings.

8. Sabotaging personal relationships: Many victims have
experienced damage to personal relationships which previously were a
source of love and support. TI's relationships with his parents and
siblings are strained or severed, and divorce is not uncommon for a
TI whose spouse is not overtly targeted. Relationships with grown
children are taxed. For example, a TI who has not disclosed to her
family (i.e., parents and siblings) about being targeted may
nevertheless repeatedly experience perplexing and hurtful situations
that arise from family members behaving negatively towards the TI.

9. Workplace sabotage: Many TIs have lost well-paying
positions and are forced to work in menial jobs with huge decreases
in pay. In either situation, but especially in the former, work
sabotage can occur where a TI's reputation is increasingly under
attack for no apparent reason, the TI is bullied daily by a group of
co-workers, or the work he produces is sabotaged in some way.

10. Memory of strangers in the house: Some targeted individuals
remember becoming conscious in the middle of the night to witness
strangers in the bedroom performing bizarre acts, such as shoving a
small object into the TI's nasal cavity. A TI may recall snippets
of memory such as standing next to his bed in the middle of the
night and being aware of a stranger observing him. These memories
are similar to alien abduction stories except that in our case, it
is other people, not aliens, who are treating us as if we are
nothing more than guinea pigs.

11. Possibility of medicines or chemicals such as psychotropic
drugs, steroids or dioxin (PCBs) being added to TIs foods: A TI may
notice that he is feeling physically and psychologically "not
himself" after eating a certain food – he may feel unusually hyper,
aggressive or irritable. Physical symptoms may include headaches,
accelerated heartbeat or chloracne. Some TIs suspect being drugged
with anti-depressants to keep suicidal thoughts at bay.

12. Directly affecting a TI's brain with acoustic or microwave
weapon: Severs synaptic connections, promotes forgetfulness, lowers

13. Other odd occurrences:
One type involves unexpected "behavior" from electronics in the
house. For example, the TV turning off or switching to another
channel by itself. This may be a demonstration of a weapon that is
able to control electronic devices via radio waves from a distance.

Another type involves food behaving in odd ways when cooked. For
example, soup can suddenly come to a boil to an extreme degree so
that half of the soup boils over the rim of the pot. Another
example is when foods erupt or burst in the oven or the microwave,
such as cake batter bursting when being baked. This may be a
demonstration of a weapon that can rapidly heat up objects from a

Other incidences involve bizarre but true events such as a car
turning completely over upside down while the driver is trying to
parallel park. This may indicate a weapon that is able to "grab"
physical objects and move them, similar to the "tractor beam" in the
science-fiction series, Star Trek.

Despite the hateful nature of this torture, many of us strive to act
responsibly – by holding a job to support ourselves although it is
difficult under the circumstances, raising our children to be
compassionate toward others, nurturing relationships that sustain
us, trying to be patient and not acting on the frustration and the
anger that we feel daily, and by doing what else we can to
counteract the powerlessness we feel in our situation.

The next section explains further what we are coming to believe is
the purpose of this torture. Some of you may have already
concluded, without considering any other alternative explanations,
that what all this is describing is nothing more than mental
illness, and perhaps you will have done so by emphasizing some
particulars we have described that fit this explanation while
minimizing or discounting others that do not.

We implore you to read on, whether or not you have already made your
judgment, so that you can at least base your final assessment of the
situation after reading the complete information that is provided.

Section II: An Explanation for Our Torture

All throughout this experience which tortuously continues, the
overriding question each one of us had was "WHY?" Why would anybody
want to do something like this to other human beings? We had come
across, in the course of researching any information that could shed
light on our predicament, the subject of mind control.

Most of us initially discounted mind control as a reason for why we
were harassed. As rational individuals, it seemed rather far-
fetched and to belong in the realm of science-fiction, conspiracy
theories, and the like. Quite simply, our experience did not at
first strike us in any way as related to being mind-controlled. We
were only concerned with how to minimize the physical pain we were
suffering from; to get enough sleep to get through the next day; or
being deeply anguished about an important relationship gone astray;
or trying to understand how our furniture and other possessions
could incur so much damage; or why strangers seemed intent on
ruining our peace; or trying to juggle a number of these problems at
once and stay afloat physically and emotionally, all the time being
more and more suspicious that this was being done intentionally.

Then, we "settled down" into a routine of physical and emotional
discomforts after reluctantly reaching the conclusion that our
suffering is being intentionally perpetrated by unknown persons and
realizing that there was nothing we could do about it. When we
shared our stories with other individuals in similar situations, and
read literature pertaining to our predicament including stories of
prisoner abuse at Abu Grabe, the grim possibility of serving as
involuntary experimental subjects, especially in the field of mind
control, became less implausible.

One observation we noted which supported this idea was the way in
which we were being harassed: There was an almost systematic
attempt by the perpetrators to test every way in which a human being
can be disturbed or agitated. In addition to the harassment tactics
already listed, we were also being affected on all levels of
perception, of vision, touch, hearing, smell and taste. Here are a
few examples from each category:

Vision: Eye aches and blurriness in vision that comes and
goes, whether or not the TI wears glasses. One TI has observed her
right eye being "dragged" to the outer edge of her eye.
Touch: Severe skin itch that is similar to an allergic reaction to
poison ivy. Sensations on the skin that can be prickish like small
bug bites or sharp pains as if pierced by a needle.
Hearing: Apart from V2K, virtually all TIs report hearing
some kind of noise inside one or both ears. Many hear a shooshing
or buzzing noise that is believed to be related to microwave
induction hearing. Others hear an electronic tone that can have a
Morse code-like pattern and which at times is synchronized with
breathing or physical movements.
Smell: Some TIs experience smelling an unpleasant odor that other
people around them do not detect. Others detect an unpleasant odor
on themselves despite impeccable hygiene which offends people around
Taste: A particular dish that tasted good in the past may no longer
taste good despite being told that it has not changed.

Sense of balance: Another notable symptom is reports of being
temporarily debilitated by vertigo or the sensation of being
unbalanced, as if from an inner ear infection.

We do not know how most of these effects are created but we have
surmised, from perusing the literature on brain research and
behavior modification, and from our personal experience, that our
brains are somehow being directly stimulated to produce many of
these effects. (Please refer to the list of articles on the last

It is not uncommon for targeted individuals to have moles or other
bumps or growths on the skin that suddenly appear one day. TIs have
noticed these on various parts of the body including the back of the
neck and on the roof of the mouth. We believe that these could be
an indication of tiny electronic devices that have been implanted
which are used to facilitate the transfer of information to and from
our brain and the perpetrators' monitoring equipment.

If, as we believe, this is all part of involuntary human
experimentation, the scope of the research is massive. Furthermore,
the perpetrators' conduct encompasses not only what is ethically
disallowed under the rules governing human experimentation, but that
which completely violates basic human rights.

These perpetrators, who we believe are trained in behavioral
sciences such as psychology, psychiatry and sociology, want to
observe the effect of a particular stimulus (i.e., from a non-lethal
weapon or from direct brain stimulation) and to determine the
difference in response among individuals. But because of the ultra
secrecy under which they are allowed to operate, there is no line
they will not cross and there is nothing that prevents them from
testing all that can be imagined. Thus, targeted individuals have
reported everything from a sudden loss of muscle control of the hand
which causes the TI to drop whatever he is carrying, to having their
jaw clamp shut suddenly so that the tongue is inadvertently bitten,
to an electrical jolt to the clitoris or penis.

There appears to be no persons who are spared. In our group, there
are individuals from all socio-economic strata, education level,
ethnic background, age and political affiliation. TIs have observed
their own small children being targeted. The perpetrators
conducting these experiments seem not to have a conscience, although
they must know that what they are doing is wrong.

We believe that we are just one group of involuntary experimental
subjects and that there are many more people who are as yet unaware
of serving as human guinea pigs. Since we are aware of our
predicament, we cannot but be attentive when people tell us stories
of perplexing physical ailments or strange happenings. For example,
a TI's friend may describe unexpected behaviors from electronic
devices such as the radio or the television turning on or off by
itself. Or he may hear from an otherwise healthy sister who is
suffering from dizzy spells for no apparent reason. Or a church
acquaintance may relate a story about her elderly father who had a
sudden onset of sneezing fits for which the doctor could find no

In many of these instances, it appears that the perpetrators want to
gauge the response to a new effect that a person has never
experienced before. So a TI may feel an inexplicable burning
sensation on his skin that comes and goes for a few days, never to

However, we believe that these experimenters want to do more than
just observe and record the response of an individual undergoing a
stressful experience due to a new effect being tested. There
appears to be, at least in a segment of the TI population, a
systematic, albeit despicable, methodology that is being used to
bring about a specific psychological state.

Going down the list of ways we are tortured, the following specific
physical and psychological states are evoked:

1. Sleep disturbance/deprivation: Feel mentally and physically
2. Physical pain: Feel powerless, discouraged and distracted.
3. Sexual targeting: Akin to being raped which evokes feelings
of shame and humiliation.
4. Voice-to-skull (V2K): Another way to distract TIs and make
them feel violated, as well as to manipulate their mood in a more
direct way, through verbal input/feedback.
5. Being stalked: Elicits fear, anxiety, paranoia and anger.
6. Vandalism: Confusion (when and how did that happen?),
damaging TIs personal belongings as another way to inflict
psychological damage.
7. Communication sabotage: Deepens sense of isolation and
8. Personal relationship sabotage: Evokes anguish, feeling
abandoned and being utterly alone.
9. Workplace sabotage: Encourage the false belief that one
is "a loser," an outcast, a failure.

What we begin to see when we become aware of the specific
psychological responses to the above tactics is that they serve to
destabilize a person by upsetting any previously established
psychological equilibrium. They do this by,

• Increasing a person's physical stress when they cause pain
or sleep deprivation.

• Increasing psychological stress using tactics such as
stalking and vandalism which evoke anxiety, anger, powerlessness,
and the like.

• Weakening any previously held positive self-image and
fostering a negative one.

• Violating all physical and psychological boundaries, and
intentionally disregarding any right to privacy to foster the
feeling of being uncentered.

What would be the purpose of destabilizing a person
psychologically? It appears that what the perpetrators are trying
to do is to create a "depatterned" mental state. Depatterning a
person is to disassemble his usual way of thinking and perceiving
his environment.

An extreme method of depatterning uses a combination of complete
sensory deprivation (such as being kept in total darkness for an
extended period) and/or overload (being exposed to intense heat and
cold in alternating cycles) plus physical stress (electric shock,
sleep deprivation, etc.) to "break" the person and to induce a state
of total incapacitation, physically and mentally. This process, in
effect, causes the individual to suffer an extreme psychosis. The
purpose of inducing this state is to make the person a "blank slate"
from which point his personality can be "built-up" again. This is
the technique that was purportedly tested by intelligence agencies
to brain-wash those considered expendable, such as suspected double

In our situation, the perpetrators are using a less extreme
methodology, although still in the realm of torture, to create a
mental state that is sufficiently depatterned and which is amenable
to control by an external source. Their intention is to generate
enough psychological turmoil to influence a person's conscious
decision-making process and to make their manipulations
unnoticeable. We believe that they tailor the depatterning method
to fit each specific TI, to find the optimal combination of tactics
at levels of intensity which "works" for that individual. That is
why no one TI's pattern of torture is the same as another's.

All persons strive to reach and maintain a state of physical and
psychological equilibrium. If peace, love, reflection, hope and
self-acceptance can be described as stable and organizing forces,
then distraction, fear, confusion, anger, shame and alienation would
be unstable and disorganizing. These disorganizing and
destabilizing forces are the very ones that the experimenters are
attempting to produce in a targeted individual.

A person whose physical and psychological stress is at a high level
and thus suffering from these destabilizing internal states are more
likely to do the following:

• Be prone to hasty decision-making behavior and less able to
solve problems calmly and rationally.

• Develop a mental state that withdraws from contemplation,
reflection and self-awareness to one that is preoccupied, distracted
and forgetful.

• Be more easily swayed by other peoples' viewpoints and less
able to focus on one's own.

• Fall victim to faulty or misguided thinking on social,
ethical and moral issues.

The perpetrators, then, seek to exploit the above conditions due to
an individual's depatterned mental state, to shape his thoughts,
feelings and other dimensions of his personality that will result in
behavior they want to see. In this way, it appears that they are
trying to change not only surface behavior but to control its
foundation, of beliefs and attitudes.

Section III: Mind Control Effects and a Possible Future Society

There are so many questions that we have yet to find answers for,
such as the specific technology that is used to create certain
physical and psychological symptoms, how they "communicate" with
their subjects, how they are able to recruit so many people to
participate in tactics such as organized stalking, and whether
implants are involved. What we do believe, however, is that the
perpetrators possess technology that far out-strips any that is
currently known by the public and on which the media has reported.
For instance, it appears that they are not only capable of
monitoring our brain and nervous system functions remotely but are
able to "download" a person's memories to a computer to be used as
an aid in predicting and manipulating behavior. Also, as incredible
as this sounds, we strongly suspect that the perpetrators have
technology which enables them to access or "tap into" the conscious
mind of another person.

As we contemplate these issues, we have already observed and can
describe instances of what appears to be "mind control" effects
(intentionally manipulated psychological events). Below is a list
of types of these effects with an example or two of each effect:

1. Being made to feel an unpleasant emotion: A targeted
individual may notice that a neutral or slightly unpleasant
situation triggers an emotional response, such as extreme anger or
sadness, that is disproportionate to the situation. For example,
when waiting to be served at a busy restaurant, a TI may experience
a feeling of outrage after waiting for just five minutes.

2. Impulse manipulation: Having decided on a course of action,
then suddenly thinking of doing something else and acting on it.

3. Creating a psychological bind: For example, taking much
longer than necessary when choosing between two products because of
competing thoughts which make each product more desirable than the
other in alternating cycle – a cycle that keeps repeating so that
the TI is caught in a psychological bind.

4. Acting on an erroneous assumption: Taking the wrong subway
train, for instance, convinced that it is the right one and feeling
acutely surprised to find that it isn't, and wondering how such a
simple mistake could have been made.

5. Being made to forget a spontaneous thought: A thought
occurs and it "disappears" immediately, even though it had occurred
only a second or two ago, and it is difficult to recall it again.

6. Having words or phrases be substituted: While reciting the
Lord's Prayer, for example, observing oneself "inadvertently"
substituting a word or a phrase in the Prayer with either random
words or words that have a negative meaning.

7. Recalling an action that the TI initially does not remember
doing: Being perplexed by noticing something that one does not
remember doing, only to remember later that it was done by the TI

8. Being made to re-experience a memory repeatedly: For
example, an unpleasant episode keeps coming back to mind despite
consciously making an effort to not dwell on it. Or a song heard on
the radio will be played over and over in one's head to the point
that it becomes mentally tiring.

9. Dream tampering: A dream that is tampered with could be
about a frustrating situation where a certain objective that the
dreamer is trying to reach is thwarted again and again. Another
type of tampered dream could be a situation involving family members
whose behavior in the dream angers or saddens the TI.

10. Dyslexic symptoms: An example of this is transposing
letters or leaving out words when typing or handwriting. This may
not be an effect that is mind-controlled but could be the result of
being bombarded with electromagnetic energy used in "mind-reading"
technology that causes damage to the brain.

Although many of these examples appear to describe ordinary
occurrences, we nevertheless posit that we experienced them as the
result of artificial manipulations. We believe that it is these
kinds of small manipulations which, if the perpetrators are
successful in controlling, increase their success of controlling
more complex decision-making processes and thwarting entrenched
thinking patterns, such as blurring the lines of what one knows is
right and wrong.

There are certain indications or changes that the TI observes about
himself which suggest that the above effects are the result of an
externally-controlled event:

• The targeted individual notices that he is having far more
difficulty staying on and completing a task than before he became a

• He can no longer count on his personal discipline to reach a
goal he has set for himself.

• He notices that, quite often, his train of thought leads to
unpleasant memories.

• It occurs to the TI that a behavior or thought seems
inconsistent with his past behavior or attitude.

• Being surprised to find himself making simple mistakes, or
being perplexed as to how he could have believed an assumption that
in hindsight is plainly erroneous.

• Observing that sometimes the behavior or thinking is
accompanied by an almost dream-like state of mind.

There may be other effects we have not noticed but which are
nevertheless manipulated. The idea that human behavior, through
mind control, can be or should be controlled is not new.
Scientists, many funded by the U.S. military, have been working on
this issue for decades. What is frightening is that this ominous
persistence has produced the technology and a methodology that is
currently being tested on the general population. Mind control,
the "final frontier" of horribly misguided individuals who seek
domination over others for their own benefit, may be at our doorstep.

One question that arises is how the perpetrators are able to recruit
so many people to do their bidding. We have observed all segments
of the population participating in this unjustified harassment of
people: From middle-class White Americans, to Blacks, Hispanics,
Asians and even Native-Americans; from teenagers to the elderly,
from criminals to law-enforcement personnel.

We believe that the perpetrators use whatever justification that
works for a particular group to convince them that the targeted
individual deserves such treatment. For instance, they may approach
a "community watch" group and play a tape that has visual or audio
information, taken out of context, portraying the target as a threat
to the community in some way. Or college students who sign up
for "secret service" training may become involved in "surveillance
exercises" and get caught up in the excitement of working undercover
without giving thought to whether or not their actions violate the
civil liberties of their targets.

We also believe that the creation of a secret police force as
provided by the Patriot Act is yet another source that contribute to
community vigilantism activities. Although we have not committed
any crimes nor have any designs to be unlawful, we may have been
designated "adversaries" of the United States just by the mere fact
that we are trying to expose this evil.

We do not know if the state of affairs have reached the point of no
return, and we can only guess where all this is leading to. Some
experts envision a society in the not-too-distant future where all
human brains will be linked to super-computers and monitored. The
current experimentation phase may be a key as to how this future
society will be controlled. For all we know, this diabolical
scheme, if true, may have already progressed to a point where
targeted individuals are just the "training ground" on which the
perpetrators can practice their mind control and behavior
manipulation skills before moving on to more "important" targets.
If they succeed and are able to "roboticise" human beings, it will
be a society where the true culprits will never be accountable.

We hope, however, that it is not too late. We hope that those of
you who are in the position to change the course toward which this
evil is headed will choose to do so. The temptation to justify the
use of abhorrent methods may be easier in this uncertain world full
of violent conflicts. However, we hope you will realize that "peace
and security" achieved through the enslavement of human free will is
a violation of the highest order, and we pray that you will not be
blinded by reasons that falsely justify the "necessity" of this evil.

Section IV: What you can do NOW to counteract a "roboticised"
future society

Safeguard individual, privacy and civil rights:

1. Endeavor to find out and expose any secret research
conducted by the U.S. government and its contractors, particulalrly
those involving involuntary human subjects.

2. Pass legislation to safeguard the rights of individuals
suffering from avian flu in a nationwide pandemic. Investigate
rumors of detention facilities being built to house flu victims and
determine the necessity of such a drastic measure.

3. Anticipate the ways in which surveillance and monitoring
technology, such as implants and radio signal microchips, can
violate privacy and civil rights. Start a dialogue within Congress,
the media and the public how best to protect these rights that is a
legacy and a hallmark of our democratic society.

4. Pass legislation to reaffirm the Geneva Conventions
Provisions and Protocols on the humane treatment of prisoners.

5. Strive to maintain a strict separation of Church and State,
and beware of efforts to blur this line which will endanger our
religious freedom to choose who, how and whether to worship.

6. Vigorously defend individual rights and oppose legislation
that curtail these rights under the perceived threat of terrorism or
in the guise of national security.

Investigate weapons technology and how they are being used:

7. Investigate how satellites may be used to spy on average
Americans and if they are being utilized in other ways that pose
danger to people.

8. Determine current weapons capability related to
electromagnetic, acoustic or psychotronic weapons and to what
extent, if any, should they be used in controlling the U.S. civilian

Related concerns:

9. Investigate technology that uses electromagnetic waves to
change weather patterns, create hurricanes and earthquakes, and to
stimulate volcanoes.

10. Investigate rumors of underground facilities being built
around the country and determine their existence and purpose.

Articles on Electronic Harassment, Organized Stalking, and Mind

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5. Star Wars, Star Trek and Killing Politely, Dr. Nick Begich

6. Are You Really Crazy, or Are You Being Gang-Stalked? Lynn
Stuter,, January 10, 2005 - 20k

7. Book review of Terrorist Stalking in America, David Lawson,
Scrambling News, 2001 (book review by Eleanor White)


Anonymous said...

My goodness..I just found your site..I've experienced these things for years starting long ago while in the military and was diagnosed as schizophrenic..have been on all the anti psychotic meds and have always felt that "i am not crazy" 2002 I had to leave my job and have been a virtual recluse since due to continuous vioces and aggressive crowding sometimes overtly by unknown persons..any direction or assistance for resources to lean about this affliction we seem to share would be appreciated..J Moore

AJH said...

Briefly, do as much research as you can about the definitions of schizophrenia, psychosis, delusional and related conditions. Then your are in a position to discuss the facts in detail to debate the details with the doctor. See my posting of today, 04-14-2008, for a short precis of my recent approach to dealing with a new doctor. Essentially, I told him that it is up to him to prove to me that these things aren't happening, pre-empting a suggestion of being "delusional".

All the best.

Anonymous said...

have you received any reply/response or assistance from senators & congress? did your local "authorities" and "investigative agencies" respond to your reports of stalking and harassment? has your unethical medical practitioner explained the technologies/devices used by these career criminals to commit these crimes? ask your self WHY they have not.

these criminals have a LOT to gain AND a lot to lose. these are serious crimes, and they have been been covering them up for decades by discrediting the victims and snuffing them out.

these crimes are human rights violations. fortunately, not everyone in this world is on the take. this is the information age, and these crimes are being documented. as the public learns about these crimes, they will take action to stop them. There will be no mercy for those involved with these crimes...DOCUMENT EVERYTHING.

advice for ti's: work for a peace leader w/no ties to lying military/government

Victor said...

I have experienced all of these things after starting a relationship with with someone and I actually started to figure out what the cause was without finding any information about it until now. It can be stopped. The key to making the attacks stop is being aware of them. Believe it or not, if one resists all artificial impulses, they stop. They might start again after some time and be stronger, however, if one continues to resist and even focus attention on the attacker, they will stop. As in the case of implants and pain, if one concentrates on knowing they are being artificially tampered with every time it happens, they give up. There is definitely an agenda but being conscious of it thwarts their purpose. It has taken me 5 years to get ahead of them but my life is being restored slowly to normal and relationships are healing. There is no outside help needed, it is all within yourself. If you don't give up, they will.

AJH said...

Answer to: I have experienced all of these things...

Every TI's experiences are a little different, and every TI has a prescribed suite of objectives that the perps want to inflict and attain. When in the 2002 debilitating head pain rays there was no way whatsoewver of stopping them except by running away or driving in my vehicle. I don't buy the "positive thinking" when all of one's neural pathways have been hijacked. Thanks for the comment.