Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Moving Boxes and Household

I finished up two days of helping out at a move; quite the event as the oversized woman owner wasn't packed for crissakes. What might of been a 6 hours worth turned out to be 16 hours over two days. She was a supreme packrat to say the least. And she had a long tale of recent woe; one ex-husband, one deceased husband and finishing up with an ex boyfriend who drained her of her money. Hence the move, as it was a foreclosure situation.

She was to vacate by the 15th, 1200h, and we only started moving her at 1000h and hardly anything was packed. The new owner's realtor came by at 1220h to tell us this, then the owners came a few hours later and were none too pleased. This posturing standoff was escalated by the new owners calling in a locksmith to have the locks changed on all the doors. Though I assume this was booked in advance and wasn't the news that the Fat Girl (230lb) made it out to be. She also had a bad back and yet continued to pack and humpf furniture about to try and expedite matters.

On the second day, she couldn't make it until noon as she was treated at emergency for her bad back for crissakes. And yet she continued on with physical work no less, until 1700h. We weren't done then, but it was down to a few cupboards and the mounting pile of garbage that had to be dealt with.

So was all this a major spoof act; engendering sympathy (some), also found out by the buyer's realtor to be fabricating the facts about garbage disposal (then no sympathy, but instead, wariness if not disdain), then more sympathy again as she had a bad back and was seemingly in more pain in the latter stages of the day, etc. And yours truly, at a property for which ownership was transferred. The perps like to arrange the event of giving and receiving, that is, the transfer of ownership.

Back in 2006 when I gave my daughter my vehicle on her birthday, and was to do the paperwork, why, my out-of-town brother "happened" to phone just then (read, asymmetric EMF signals to the head, even if a landline).

I was obstructed the ATM with a line up of five deep, went to the other one in town, and lo, if the system was down. Similar for the second day, this woman approached the ATM beside me and then backed up from it, then went forward again and then backed up. When I looked at her suspiciously, she "explained" that the ATM was down. If it was down, why the extra back-and-forth? Bizarre public behavior by seeming normal people is nothing new.

At the former boss' winery, and what an absurdity in wine-making (not mine). He insisted on using fixed capacity drums to store his red wine in, post fermentation, and all three of them had an Acerbacter surface contamination. Meaning, 600L of wine is to be dumped. I told him to get variable capacity tanks (floating lids with sealable gasket) on all of them before the wine was made but he didn't want to get more tanks. Regular readers will know the same thing went on two years ago with the cider I made for him. Leaving an airspace in a fixed capacity tank is folly for wine or cider making, and he tried to defy the odds again, thinking that a Acerbacter contamination would not re-occur. At least I don't work for him any more, but what a way to finish up. No doubt every sparrow that falls will be assigned to me now that I don't work there anymore.

Flight from Kelowna to Victoria, nonstop, and lo, if they didn't put an negro male on the flight, after seeing a few en route and at the airport, one being a gross dreadlocks haired woman tailing me a little too often to be random. And she wasn't on the flight. Said negro male on the flight did his posing act, where he stands still, though crouching some under the overhead bins while the rest of us from the back of the aircraft file past the him. An extra yappy male behind me on the flight, also putting on the gut strut, then when we land, he shuts up for crissakes. At least they put on an attractive blonde girl opposite him. A mid-brown Asian girl was opposite me on the other side of the aisle.

I had my ass hair and back hair waxed, the first time in a year for both curiously, as I usually get the latter done before summer. So there I was, just-plucked, and out shopping downtown a few hours later.

And ever more negro gangstalking action in this larger city. After getting a red and white colored gift card at a certain well known chain as a Christmas present for my daughter, and still with the card in hand, why, a red  (same as gift card) shirted oversized negro male comes at me from the other side of the crosswalk. He isn't about to change course, so I have to. And lo, behind him, a Caucasian male in a same red jacket jacket is doing the classic perp thing of running for no particular reason, and isn't dressed as a downtown jogger. The Running Fuckwit: I cannot count how many times a week I see this obvious stupidity, but at least 10x. week in a big city, and they aren't running for a bus as there is no bus route there.

My perp-abetting mother doing the toxic waste act; walking the full sidewalk width distance away from me so all the gangstalking shit could pass between us. We have already done this countless times, but she has now increased the separation distance by another two feet. So much for the dithering dipshit act; if she was genuinely concerned about her footing (as she makes out), and genuinely concerned about finding her way back to the parkade ( a hopeless navigator), then she would be hanging onto me don't you think? But no, this extra gangstalker passing between us stunt has reached new depths of extra obviousness.

Then the next day to visit Lee Valley Tools was crowded, but not too much that I didn't have too long to wait at the checkout. They had the writhing-small-child-on-the-floor act going, just where I "happened" to arrive at the checkout counter. But what a colossal (60 or so) stakeout of gangstalkers. One balding male with a scruffy chin beard put on five reprises. A gut stalk was worth four reprise gangstalkings. And the relentless blocking my intended route to a certain item or location in the store, was about .700.  Nearly three quarters of the time "I" wanted to go somewhere in the store, there was a gangstalker in place or stepping into my path. The perps have a special abusive need to fuck me around Lee Valley Tools; I have been a mail order customer since 1980, and just love leafing through their catalog (item coveting), and now that they have a bricks and motor store in this town, (Victoria BC, the gangstalking capital of Canada), they go freaking berserk. They pulled this shit in greater numbers, (30 in the lineup to purchase, another 60 wandering around on obstruction duty in the aisles), back in the high-abuse days of 2002. I was at their Vancouver store to purchase magnets to protect myself from EMF attacks, (which always worked (unless degaussed by the assholes), especially when varying the magnetic field my moving them close but preventing contact.

What is with the scruffy beard thing? the perps know I find a well proportioned angular Caucasian jawline with a full (but not over pronounced) chin to be supremely attractive (think Jackie O), and here they are now pimping/promoting irregular jawlines disguised in part by a scruffy male beard (not a trimmed line). Go fuck yourselves; it is none of your business as to what I find attractive or not in faces. And for the record, quit pumping me with images of  the fat faced, recessed chins, beards of any kind or condition, male ponytails, and wrinkle faces.

A relative immobile day today, but oh so many negroes on TV; and for some reason I had totally "forgot" about the major negro stalking last year in these very same circumstances.

No regular Saturday shaving due to a late get up and my mother wanting to get onto some shopping. funny how these squeeze plays go. I did not need 9 hours of sleep, but somehow it "happened".

A do-squat day, which isn't my style, but in keeping with permitted activity days, they like to contain me to the First Feral Family residence. I got out to do some driving for my perp abetting mother, she putting on the dithering act, now with more impaired hearing than a year ago, and of course that works into the perp plans of "do it again, and again" because we didn't get enough neuro-energetic data the first time, etc.

A string of some six vehicles lead by a white VW Westfalia camper on the way from Gordon Head to Cordova Bay, and lo, one by one they all peeled off except the VW camper which lead me along until I turned off at the shopping center. I park the vehicle, and lo, the VW camper comes by in the parking lot, making the driver identifiable (white haired biddy).  Said biddy also just "happened" to be in the grocery store where my mother was shopping. I met her there after purchasing some wine at the wine store after swapping wine stories with the proprietor. Here we are with one of the perps' favorite gangstalking vehicles, the VW van with its engine behind the rear wheels, a very exceptional design, and they hound me with a coordinated posse while driving, and then when ambulatory with the driver criminal at the wheel "passing by", and then again in the very store I visited. GET THIS; I fucking and totally loathe being gangstalked by any means or vehicle, and 12.5 years of this insane fucking abuse is far too many. All in the cause of nonconsensual human experimentation whereby the experimenter hasn't the balls to show his face. It is all about the measurement problem, that thorny conundrum of  quantum energy research where they wish to eliminate the observer's influence on the event' from physical presence to pyschic bystander.

All torso and arms shaving got done this morning in one session;I see the ass and back waxing attendant  of four days ago missed a two inch strip on my R side, which had to be dead obvious as she waxed the same region on my L side. For the past year, the perps like me to see male leg or arms hair, but only in small amounts, and on me. All aided by having the vigilant spa school instructors move on, and the new ones being too slack with the student's. Though the spa attendant of four days ago is a pro, and has never missed something so freaking obvious before. Lets have all the victim's hair waxing personnel screw the job up, especially where one body region joins another to be done by someone else. Who figures this out in such detail, especially when some body regions are done once per year? That takes considerable planning IMHO.

Shopping at Victoria LD; I am at the checkout and at the pay area, and the fuckwit behind me picks up one of my chocolate bars off the checkout belt. I stare at the asshole and he must know it somehow because he looks the other way for the rest of my time there. And of course the cashier "happened" to be looking the other way the entire time.

My points got cancelled on me at the tanning salon; I bought a batch of points last year that were said to last two years but didn't make it past one year. Maybe it was the bare-faced lie stunt where someone who knows better, tells me an unabashed lie. Usually later when I find out, (this time a year later) the culprit is long gone.The drop-in tanning session cost me nearly $20 including the bronzing agent. "Somehow", I "forgot" to bring my own tanning agent and my goggles too, even if they were in mind when I packed.

These kind of memory "failures" are becoming much more common now; the swear-I-did-it mind fuck stunts where it was in mind two or more times to do something and it doesn't "happen". Then the assholes later remind me that I did have it in mind to do but that I "forgot". In this multiple, but same, intention failure, the memory of the intention to do an activity (in mind) is all the more stronger in retrospect when one realizes they didn't do it. All a big mind-field as far as the perps sick asses go, but I never had these kind of "forget" games occur until the last few months. Now that I am travelling and out of my usual habits makes for a greater number of mental incursions and sabotage as far as the perps see it.

I was doing yard work in the afternoon; always extra noise when cutting boughs, or trimming branches from bad mufflers to aircraft to sirens etc. And they added a new one; grunts from a male neighbor as I cut a shoot with the pruners, not once, but twice and several minutes apart. Hilarious.

The when out front of the house, the interminable parade of ambulatory gangstalkers, also vehicles too. And a lot more action when I had the vacuum cleaner out to clean out my mother's vehicle. Then the noise-scape was enhanced with the neighbor's family came over and a whole lot of male jocularity interspersed with whining child noise from time to time.  The perps just love me to cleaning glass surfaces, and then applying RainX to buff it up into a water replling sheen.

And what is with the 1960's siren noise today; at least a half dozen separate incidents, and even now as I type this at 2210h?

In the evening, and when dark, why, those glass surfaces "happened" to have a sheen on them such that all the street lights had a reflection/aberration such that curvilinear beams came from the street light and onto the windshield. Actually, three or more beams with opposite lane headlights "helping" too in this faux extraneous light show that tracked me all the way downtown and back.

All to meet my farmer friend for dinner and then a later hang-there chin wag at a nearby St*rbucks. There, another parade of wierds came by, from either of two directions; skinhead, waddling oversized males in shorts, Fat People, three in succession no less, apparently independently heading for the washroom, har, har.

My farm-worker friend is in some kind of psychiatric pain and I helped as best as I could, which isn't very much. And she is a little scattered to say the least. And is getting the blow-f from the shrinks no less. And it seemed she had helped a friend move recently, and lo, if it wasn't like my own, where the tenant was two days late getting out, and is totally out of it as to planning the move.

Which leads me to ponder yet again; almost all of those who interact with me finish up with new vehicles, houses or extensive renovations or some kind of major financial gain, and yet she is mired in a two steps forward and then two steps backward pattern for the last three years. So what is her pay off, or is she another face of the ML Fat Girl, the regular one that shows up all too often? Re-read the above household moving experience as another possible ML Fat Girl facade/orchestrated act. All three do knitting, hmm....

When a babbling wacko act came into St*bucks, and I was sufficiently alerted/alarmed/abreacting she suddenly said it was time to go, to which I agreed.

What is with the TV at the First Feral Family residence suddenly dimming down to a third of its normal illumination for two minutes or so of late? The TV is only two years old, and it isn't a "feature" like online when a dialog box/promo comes up and causes the display one was reading to suddenly dim down. It must be that criminal cable TV outfit that supplies gangstalking vans even on Sundays no less. The same outfit that has been promoting the Stick Men for the last two years as their advertising motif/mascot. And of course the usual proviso; what exposure did I have to the Stick Men in the three missing years, (applied retrograde amnesia) aged 2 to 5 y.o., for which I need to be hounded with this imagery? (Needed by the Psychopathic Confederacy, not by me I hasten to add).

Time to call this one done for the week and onto The First Feral Family Faking Christmas Cheer.

Friday, December 12, 2014

To-Do List Machinations

What is it about getting things done, especially when working from a list, that so interests the perps that they cause delays and other games I will explain below? For over a week I had been intending to get at least three things done, none screamingly important, but all the same level of urgency as three pebbles in my shoes. And of course I had all the time to get them done, as well as "forgetting" when online as well. Then a fourth item comes on, and then today, in a burst of unexpected motivation, I attend to them all as much as I can. (An unreturned phone call and awaiting an email is as far as I can go on one of them). And at the conclusion of getting this done, either by phone or email, why, a sudden urge to defecate comes on, so I shut the PC down and attend to that. And lo, for the first time in over 6 months, they pull one of their shit plastering games, and I have come to know that it is easier to clean up to take a short shower. It all got done without any further ado, but it leaves the question as to what was so important about getting onto a perp delayed list of items that they just had to arrange a messy crap and a shower clean up to conclude getting my list items done? And if that is important for the perps, which it seems to be, then this insane abusive insanity (theirs) has a long way to go.

Two days ago it was yoga, and the usual women where there with a maybe four visiting women as well. The all cleverly left an a free mat location on my L, as I was about the fifth person of 12 or so to arrive, and lo, if the gasping wheezing out-of-shape male didn't slip into that spot just before class began, and yet again, put on this pathetic act of making a whole lot of noise about a whole lot of nothing. As in being so out of shape, and so fat (two Unfavoreds) and wearing awful baggy brown shorts to his knees (two more Unfavoreds). Plus, being male over 20 y.o. is another Unfavored. I say "nothing" as I am relatively flexible and the yoga poses, save a few, are not terribly challenging to me. Clearly this oaf is way out of his league, so why doesn't he take a more fundamental level class? There is no reason except that he is placed there by his controllers for the very reason to make a whole lot of disgusting noise, never mind looking disgusting in all his blubber. Perturb the TI victim (some more) must be the perp edict/objective.

As I mentioned two or more weeks ago, the perps sent me a seeming explanatory message that this oaf's heavy breathing and gasping is to emulate a sexual abuser in full form. Well maybe it is, and maybe such an abuse was done to me when aged 2 y.o. to 5 y.o., the period for which the perps wiped my memory. And it isn't any stretch of imagination that the child abuse agenda is part and parcel of the wider nonconsensual human experimentation agenda that TI's have to come so well. Look up Brice Taylor, Cathy O'Brien, Kathrine Sullivan

A trip to the gym; or should I call it the grim-gym, as these shiftless males always surface, have "stun-outs" on the equipment, scoop the machine just ahead of me, and arrange themselves jointly to slowly move in closer. Six of the mofos lined themselves up when I was doing my final warm down, abbreviated due to them slowly closing in en masse. I decide to split, and lo, one of the mofos breaks off his work out to precede me down the stairs, the identical move of the babe gangstalker at the gym two visits ago. That is, six of seven males in the gym to slowly close in on me for crissakes. The major Fat Boy (260lbs) was left out of the final gangstalking fray/formation, and the two women were off to the side and seemed to be minding their own business.

They even added two dudes dressed in the same T-shirts, as some kind of equipment inspectors, loitering at one machine and then walking the length of the gym side-by-side. The perps seem to like amp-ing up the male factor of late; start with a proximate woman (even if she was doing extra high arm flings on the treadmill), then add in the males one by one, move the women out, have the males banter, and then add a uniformed male pair just to see how much I like that. And of course, vary the males with Unfavored features; hats, skinheads, fugly shorts below the knee, large guts, faux military clothing, brown clothing etc.

Friday, and a special one for the perps, having me into get my legs waxed and my haircut at this particular place I regularly go to. This, after yesterday's shut-in day when I didn't go out at all. (Not working again until late January). And as mentioned in past posts, the perps go gangstalking and harassment silly after a shut-in day.

They even put on a small private yellow helicopter making two passes as I exited the gate outside my place. And today is also refuse pickup day, and although it was picked up at 0800h, they still put on a garbage truck at 1015h on my way to get my head hair cut and my leg hair pulled. Exciting times in perp-landia for sure. Not only that, but the elder male (geezer) gangstalk was on at the parking lot; one ahead and one behind me in driving in and at the ticket machine. The first one also "happened" to be seen at a suite above the hair salon. A geezer inside too, getting his hair cut, and lo, if the male haircut supervisor (about 45 y/o/) didn't do his best to be one too, not shaving for two days so to strut his beard stubble and then to wear a matching grey sweater. Not only did he come by with chocolates to offer me while getting my haircut from a brown skinned Asian girl, but made sure to be passing by when I was about to enter the area for leg waxing. And in keeping with the strange "don't know you now" behaviors, the fuchsia-on-blonde woman who cut my hair some six weeks ago was very visible but wasn't about to say hello or anything so friendly as that. No sir... normal human North American small town friendliness is not accorded for perp victims, even if they have mercilessly harassed the victim for 12.5 years every day, all day. And face it, NO ONE would forget me and the prior training and walk-throughs they must go through before the Potemkin Village is arranged for this TI.

And I see the surrounding hills are bereft of snow now, as they had plenty over the past three weeks. A warm spell came on in the last week, and with a whole lot of rain yesterday, why, I get to see the green (treed) hills again. Such things are important to the perps, these ever changing landscape colors, and sky colors too.

Miscellaneous other stuff of minor note:
the perps have me dry the dishes with a tea towel now, or mostly; (cutlery, knives, bowls, -plates dry themselves). Until recent months (since 2002), the dishes would dry in the dishes rack often much sooner than I expected from prior experience. I came to know in 2002 that they were berserk over towels, drying wet objects and myself too, and it was a given. But in mid-2014 I found I was using the tea towels much more and the dishes weren't as dry as they were formerly (2002 to 06-20214). I suppose one could call this progress, but I will know for sure when I have many different colored bathroom towels and I use a new one each day. Currently, I have a set of three I rotate over the week, all the same set. I don't how they are going to accomplish that one, as I usually get a set. I am sure they have the plans already made up, as I have come to know that some objects are acquired over five years in advance of using them.

A two hour nap attack this afternoon; and for once they didn't render me useless for the next hour "recovering" from it. They pulled that stunt about four days ago when they nailed me with a 2.5 hour nap attack in the afternoon, and I spent the next 1.5 hours feeling very groggy. And in both cases I was not short of sleep and had adequate sleep over the previous night.

They are having me wake up at 0900h or so these days, apart from today when I had the hair and waxing appointment. These non-alarm get-ups are taking up more morning time as it takes me 1.5 hours of breakfast, shower etc. to be ready for the day. I don't what it his about these winter short daylight days, but later get-up times has been a near constant since they went berserk/overt in 2002. I go to bed at 2200h or so, and then they keep me awake for an hour or two and then let me get 9 hours sleep, at least one more than I need.

A 10 hour sleep last night, as if I needed the extra two hours, which I didn't. I suspect they want to start me later with the low direct sunlight beaming in.

Back to mild winter temperatures again, no more frozen ground of the last two weeks. And yes, temperature is very much part of the mix of variables the perps work with. The checkout-stalking with either frozen or hot goods, or both, fore and after hasn't gone unnoticed since all this bersekness began in 04-2002.

Laundry day, and the freaks are finding me there, same as the last laundromat. It was the dude with a blue toque with a summer hat on top, and sunglasses on the latter that upped the freak factor. Later, when outside, he was talking to himself to complete his freak credentials. A waddling male came from 12' away toward me as I was exiting the building (always a big stunt/harassment situation), the sun at his back so I got to see limited detail, but the mirror sunglasses was the crowning touch as to being yet another gangstalker in abreaction elicitation mode, as in posing as a threat to my subconscious memory.

I dropped in on the tanning salon today, being in the neighborhood as I took all my recycle material to the nearby depot. I hadn't seen this attendant before, she blonde with fuchsia and green streaks in her hair. And a pissy countenance and manner for no reason related to me. As mentioned many times, I have no idea why I get so many pissy or scared shitless looks, but I do, and it went up by an order of magnitude after 04-2002 when the perps went berserk/overt on me.

Sunday, and a 0900h get up, another 10 hour sleep, meaning two hours of extra sleep I did not need.

An upgrade from Adobe for their Flashplayer turned into a full blown rage-ification caper. The upgrade also loaded that trojan horse called MacAfee (anti-virus software), and lo, if Eraser somehow couldn't get rid of it. And lo, if Eraser didn't also disappear off the task bar. And lo, if the infernal MacAfee software did NOT have an uninstall option. Plenty of screaming at the assholes unfolded before I got that most-loathed software purged. For the record, and it may not be true any more, but MacAfee was one of the most invasive commercial self-advertising applications I have ever known, and ever since, (10 years at least), I refuse all options to add it on. This time that infernal Adobe outfit did not give me an option, it just "installed itself" from the same file as the Adobe upgrade. Cute trick that.

Then another round of planned infuriation erupted as I looked at my charge card bill online and I discovered a charge from a supplements outfit that I did not incur. True, about a month ago I took on a $5 charge for a free sample and I expected that to be the end of it. But no, the assholes laid on a $75 charge three days ago that I did not authorize or otherwise solicit. The least they could of done was phone me to ask if the supplement did anything positive (or otherwise), and they would of found out I didn't want any more, never mind it not doing anything anyhow. So much for "free" products and all that. Unsolicited billing is totally outrageous. And lo, if my email didn't crap out (Firefox and IE show the text only crammed up on the L side with no apparent functionality), and I had to use the supplement outfit's  website to send an email. The charge statement was emailed yesterday and "for some reason" I didn't look at it, only to find out today that their call center is not open today, but was yesterday. The number of coincident inconveniences went up at least ten -fold since 04-2002.

As if I don't get enough conspiratorial information; here is a corker (meaning total paradigm shift). Opiate drug addiction is totally curable by large doses of Vitamin C. Thanks to Whale.to for all this excellent information. And yet this is rarely heard of in these parts (Canada), which is, I assume, much like the USA with respect to illegal drugs use. Not only does a megadose of vitamin C stop craving immediately, but if continued (for a week or so) it stops the opiate from even having an effect! Furthermore, the paper details the limbic brain system where the opiate receptors are, and provides research on the fact that Vitamin C displaces opiates altogether, and these receptors should be called "ascorbate" receptors.

This begins a meta-pondering as to what is The Powers That Be (TPTB) interest in having opiate addicted humans. Is it that the opiates (usually) are grown in another part of the world, and in the case of illegal opiates, change provenance frequently, so TPTB are looking for some kind of energetic signature depending on where the opiate was sourced? And too, making massive amounts of money on illegal importation and distribution is a plain good money spinner. It seems that no one responsible wants to do the right thing and make it legal and of a consistent quality (usually from a single source). The major pissing matches over safe injection site's in Vancouver BC would be another example of TPTB ensuring the clinically unconscionable status quo continues. Ditto for the so-called chemotherapy medications for cancer, and too, Vitamin C in large doses can help here. The more I travel down this road of nonconsensual human experimentation, the more I realize that TI's are not alone. Whole other populations of humans are being experimented upon, e.g. illegal drug usage, cancer patients, but they don't realize it.

An evening reading about the real NSA and what they do to psychic children. If you thought that the Brice Taylor story and a few others were experimentation one-offs, think again. The NSA systematizes child abuse to create alternate personalities in young children to later use them for psychic spying and sabotage, also systematically applied. I don't know where Steve Smith gets his information from, but I haven't read anything quite like it in such graphic detail. I would suggest caution if the reader has past abuse and/or DID (mulitple personalities). 

On that grim note, time to call this done for the week and to post this.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Cold and House Bound

About -8C outside, and supposedly 20C inside, but I sure feel the cold. And the perps wouldn't let me outside to check the physical job board, even if two blocks away. I have no idea why they put on these "shut-in" days, and yesterday was much the same with the exception of yoga. A new dude was placed behind me, his distinguishing feature was that he was he was bare assed bald, save the fringe around his head. Have I not noted the prevalence of skin-heads (bald males) in past blog postings? Way too often, but no nearly as much as they are arranged for me to see in the view-scape.

The darling pixie was instructing yoga again yesterday, replete with a few adjustments, as in contact. The ever competent Ms. T was on my L side, displacing the regular lady there. It seems they traded locations for this time. The most interesting thing was outside the practice room; the lady who runs the place was moving things about, and she had moved the coat rack when I arrived. And she moved it again, when I emerged from the practice room. That was the place where I put my boots on, and lo, a dude arranged to stand in front of me showing off his hairy legs, wearing shorts as he was. I turned to my L to avoid this male feature the perps so want me to see, and lo, if he didn't move in the same direction so to give me another eye-full. I turned again and as there was a wall there, he couldn't move any more. I cannot stand having a passel of Fuckwits standing over me, and somehow I "forgot" there was alternative change room I always used until getting screwed around over the moving coat rack yesterday.

Another screw-over in paying my bills, and I am so tired of this one. I have three bills to pay every month, and I attend to them at month end. I have been doing this consistently for years with the odd jerk-around. This time they totally blanked me out until last night after I shut down my PC. Then had me ignore the note I made for myself until this afternoon, and yes, they had screwed me around in not paying any of them. One was a day past due, another was due in two days, and the other due in ten days. Back in 2002 when they first attacked, they held up my mail for three weeks after I had paid my bills. Like WTF; why are they doing this, and why for 12.5 years?

I came across something interesting in one of the more readable advanced physics books (The Matter Myth by John Gribben) I purchased a while back, but somehow never got around to reading until this forced unemployment spell. It mentions a parallel reality based on the subatomic particle flux that exists everywhere, same as the energetic ether concept. And one could construct a quantum brain that has connection with this etheric world, and has a brain that can see both. This also fits with the Many Worlds concept, but being able to see another world. It did give me cause to ponder if that is what the perps are doing to me. This concept was filled out with the notion of the dichotomy of having an event happen with its own quantum energies, and again, where the same event intention is in place, but it doesn't happen. Hmmm... perhaps that is what the perps are doing with their sabotage, per above bill paying obstruction games.

Pyrrhic progress, sabotaging the victim's pillow and pillow case in 2014.
June 07, 2014

June 14, 2014

October 25, 2014
I NEVER use any bleach agent in my laundry (or my hair!), and these are high quality color fast sheets, and somehow, the color got sucked out of them.

Hours spent reading about the Sandy Hook school massacre, or even if there was one. The video on a suggested actor as a faux parent seemed convincing among other oddities. Three shooters or none; nothing can be taken at face value any more.

Removing apparent victims to who knows where is a common theme in the realm of perp managed events and stunts. For example, there were many credible reports of US military personnel alive in N Vietnam prison camps long after that debacle was over. Then KAL 007 was supposedly hit with a missile, but the only thing the authorities could present were the shoes of the victims to their families. Then in 09-11-2001 (911) most improbably, Flight 77 flew into the Pentagon, somehow finding the section that had been recently renovated, and where there were left over spools of cable. I say improbably, because there are anti-aircraft batteries at the Pentagon and they were not activated. The reporters asked where the wings and tail were, and were told "no comment". And the question remains; where are all these captive people, purported victims? And even more critical thought devoted to the improbability of an aircraft at high speed capable of flying close to the ground is here (an extensive dissertation of lift and ground effect).

I got screwed for two hours of extra sleep and a 0930h get up time. Every winter they pull this shit, and into February before they back off.

A visit to the physical job board without the droogie count, so I could actually see it this time. After I departed, and making a rare visit by actually walking there, a native Indian in a light blue jacket and with his hood up asked some kind of rambling (drunken?) question outside, mentioning "if I was in Montreal". I said no, then he said "better not have been". Like WTF; the very city of possible horrors where I lived for two of my first five years, purged from my recall at the time, and I know I was beginning to form long term memories then, but so did someone else and didn't want me to have them.

Another delayed get up time; I set the alarm this time, but got screwed into another 1.5 hours sleep, turning it off. I have a work trial tomorrow, and am suspicious that they will pull this stunt tomorrow and poof, there goes the job opportunity that has been keeping me bound for the last three weeks.

At the tanning salon, and lo, a male sicko there when I arrived, the "constant companions" thing again on chatting duty with the female attendant. He departed, the tanning was arranged and I go into the room and get ready, and lo, if the bed would not go on. I get dressed (with some lotion on me) and ask the attendant to turn on the bed from her location. She says sorry, she "forgot" and said I should of yelled through the door. Like WTF; she seemed to know about it, so why didn't she come to my door. I was the only customer there and "somehow" she screwed it up. Long time readers will know that this "happened" at the end of the spring tanning I did (1x/week, max), again when I was the only customer and some loafing cheersing male was there too.

And what is it about skin exposure to UV (or other light wavelengths), Vitamin D (forms under the skin), skin color (tones of white, brown and negroid colors) that so interests the senseless assholes who literally hound the living shit out of me for 12.5 years now, after 47 years of covert and orchestrated surveillance? I reckon the answer lies at the heart of what they are looking for, whatever cosmological constant/effect they are looking to define or quantify.

I went to the gym for the first time in 6 months; a sudden "urge" along with feeling fat (planted ideations and notions). As in keeping with the gangstalking scene at fitness centers, there were plenty of loafers and "stun outs" (gangstalkers in some kind of vacant torpor) around me; red or orange shirts seemed to be vogue. The trim and cute babe also made sure to dither at the entry area of the room to ensure she proceeded me down the stairs and to the door, though she went straight ahead.

And it so "happened" the regular entry door set wasn't working, and a second door, some 40' W had to be used. They arranged a cluster of at least 12 retards when I entered the building as this same door, seemingly on a outing and waiting for their bus. I am not sure their story adds up, but maybe there was some adult supervision. Last week they hounded me with a red shirted retard in the aisles of LD for at least 3 reprise gangstalkings.

Today, they crammed the parking lot at the LD store to the point that I gave up and didn't go there. This is at least the third time they have pulled this stunt in the last two months.

A return to the LD store tonight, with the brown (skinned) people hanging around for no seeming reason, save to provide a brown skin tone next to the chocolates with two of then lined up about 5' apart.

A whole loaf around day, then finding out I "forgot" to attend grocery shopping until it was dark at 1700h. Major vehicular gangstalking on the way to the specialty grocery store, and once inside, a minor parade of two shop assistants turning a corner in front of me, each holding an item close their torso. Most strange IMHO.

Sunday, and I got it together to go the fitness/gym again. A long haired blonde male mid 50's gangstalker was doing this strange routine of walking the breadth of the room and then stopping at each end for a minute or two and then (senselessly) retracing his steps. First I thought he was in recovery mode from working out, but no, it seemed that was his assigned berserk beat. Then he interrupted his strangeness to place himself at a workout machine next to me, and as soon as I finished my repetition, I moved onto another machine. I watched him off and on from this new vantage point and all he did was stand at the machine for four minutes. Like WTF; why all this strangeness at gyms?

But he wasn't done yet; after  a five minutes I went to the treadmill and then he breaks his pacing/torpor routine to arrive next to me on another treadmill. I hadn't started mine up at that moment, so I bailed out and lo, if he doesn't do the same thing and goes back to his pacing and torpor routine. Later, he puts on a black wool toque and keeps this routine up for crissakes. His blonde hair sweeping out from the front of the toque in some kind of blonde cuteness emulation it would seem.

Eventually this Fuckwit filtered out and then my assigned "dog-me" gangstalker was this obese native Indian in fugly oversized camo shorts. While not so frenetic as the blonde Fuckwit, he too did pointless pacing around in front of me. Later he made sure he was front and center in my vision field while I was captive on another machine. Then a blonde Fat Girl came into the picture, doing some kind of bend-overs 10' from me, and another later reprise gangstalking when I was doing my final stretches. And while all of the above was transpiring, a pair of extra chatty dudes came to pollute the place with their constant banter, one following me on the treadmill beside me, and the other using the same treadmill I had used. Funny how all that "happens" to me at the gym every visit.

Anyhow; more hours of online time wasted on researching skin conditions, as the perps have me with oily skin (sebaceous hyperplasia), the only member of my family with this condition.

Monday, December 01, 2014

Geriatric Duckie Gangstallk Event

Following yesterday's shut-in day, I didn't get out today until 1400h to do a few errands, one being taking my moldy jacket to the dry cleaners (again). Then to LD, and what a mighty gangstalk it was, in keeping with most post-shut-in situations. Almost all old folks in various stages of major face wrinkles, some popping out from aisle ends, doing the oblivious act, per usual. And four of them lined up behind me at the checkout, replete in red coats. I don't why the perps like to immerse me in geriatric gangstalkers, even ones standing at the end of store aisle doing nothing.

At LD, and needing a replacement glass pitcher for the one that broke from use as a teapot, why, three old duckies and a shopping cart were lined up beside the glass pitchers for crissakes. Take the most obscure kitchen item owned by the victim, break it, and then have the victim get a replacement with a gangstalking troupe standing by, and charge $2 more than it was four years ago. They finally departed after I shopped elsewhere first.

Yoga tonight; and lo if the Wheezer & Gasper Fat Boy didn't come at the last minute and sat beside me on my R side. Like WTF; this disgusting oaf pollutes my visual field and puts on the sound effects I could do without. If I don't like the sight of Fat People, why is an insane agency planting these shills around me all the time?

And why is Chrome not working, effectively blocking my access to email as Firefox and IE are messed up and shove the text to the left side and are bereft of graphics and buttons? This is how it has been for over six months now, and what "happens" is that Chrome works at first, I get to see and interact with my email, and then it shuts down for good for the rest of the day/evening. That, added to the selective display of graphics on Amazon, suggests that the perps need to crimp down on me seeing screen elements. For years, like ten, Amazon's wishlist button wasn't visible, but I would click on the blank location where it was supposed to be, and voila, the book (usually) was wish-listed, with the normal response displayed. Go figure, and perhaps it is part of the scheme on the streets and buses where someone plants themselves in front of me to obstruct my vision.

My fourth trip to West Kelowna in the last two weeks, beginning with that asinine performance from an unnamed mid-sized winery. As in the interviewers performance, that extra-mushy farewell handshake was such a classy send-off. As in NOT. The other three visits, including today, were with the brown people. Regular readers will know that skin color is a huge factor in all this abuse, along with vitamin D physiology (just under the skin). And as expected, the winery interviewer didn't need anyone for two months, due to expected constraints I won't get into for fear of jinxing it. (That is, trying to avoid a dashed expectations jerk-around).

A petition on Change.org I signed to investigate gangstalking, with the links below;
From Abby Mcgray:
Thanks for signing my petition, "Investigation into gangstalking."
Thanks again -- together we're making change happen, 

A Note to forward to your friends:
I just signed the petition "Investigation into gangstalking" on Change.org.
It's important. Will you sign it too? Here's the link:


I have my doubts that this will change much, as the Canadian federal government is dragging their heels on the deaths of native women all across Canada. (Though, this particular issue has a reached the political level, meaning irrational machinations with a large dose of group-think). And besides, based on personal experience, and also reading into the prior events and games before the perps went berserk/overt on me (with family complicity) in 04-2002, the perps have the government officials contained and trained. I often wondered why and when politicians get put on the spot by a direct question (in video form) they often blink, stumble/mumble or otherwise engage in deceit, per Liespotting, and now I know. Having a patsy media also greases the Greater Potemkin Village we all live in, should the odd video segment get too close to the truth. This notion is partially based on viewing a regular TV reporter and one of my forestry classmates on TV, both hamming it up about "mother nature" with respect to the damaged trees in Stanley Park in Vancouver BC. It was very clear in retrospect that they were both in on the conspiratorial agenda, and thought it just too funny to ignore the real reason as to why that storm decimated so many trees. (It is my contention, based on evidence/behaviors that my existence has been orchestrated and skit-ted with all interacting parties knowing what was going on, since birth. Hence, my forestry class members being in the know as one example). Yes, I am cynical, but I came by this state with a long list of experiences and retrospect in light of all what has gone on since 04-2002.

Some 4" of snow on the ground this morning, though it looks like it is warming up, and will be slushy fun when I finally emerge into the great outdoors.

A drive in the snow cleared streets, save the back alley where my car is parked. Not a big deal to clear it off, but enough of a deal for the perps to send a helicopter overhead, two white 5 ton delivery trucks, one with a load of lumber. Like WTF; what are they doing in the back alley, coming FROM a location along the back lane where they are building a garage. (The truck also had a load of trusses on, and the aforementioned construction project is long past needing trusses). And so I got my white vehicle gangstalking in the snow, and while removing it from my grey colored vehicle.

Both grocery store locations I was to go were chock full of parked vehicles, which has always turned out to be an insane gangstalk scene inside. Given the road conditions, even if the parking lots are wonderfully cleared, why would an excess of vehicular traffic be outside in snowy conditions? Because the perps are nuts about all forms of water and the white blanket that envelopes all the usual objects.

And I see the winery I interviewed at yesterday, has posted two job openings today, one of them being the same job I applied for. And of course the interviewer, the man that runs the whole show, didn't mention this. Though to be fair, he upped the ante by asking for two years of winery experience, and to be fair, only one of them would a prospective job given my experience level.

And I see that the cellar assistant job I interviewed for two weeks ago is also re-posted. They of the extra-mushy farewell handshake. What I don't get is that most of the wineries have two shifts running to process the grapes coming in, and begin to lay off staff at the end of November. Surely this is a large pool of experience to draw from for permanent cellar assistant jobs. I have come to the conclusion that job postings are nothing what they seem, especially if I am a potential applicant or it has relevance to my interests.

An evening time shopping, at 2000h, instead of the choked parking lots of daytime of late. It was dark, and 3" of slush everywhere except the street surfaces and the parking lots. The assholes stole my flashlight that I took, as I need it to see the gate lock to get to my vehicle. Of course I only find that out when I got back, and that served as a rage-ification (doors closed) reason as I am so fucking fed up with my belongings going missing all the time. I used the flashlight, actually a head lamp, in the bedroom and it was my only flashlight in the house. After my vehicle flashlight was stolen from my vehicle a month ago when I had a seeming break-in, I replaced it, and it was needed to get back in and through the gate. All this arranged fuckery to ensure that I departed using one flashlight and arrived with a different one, both LED's. Thanks a bunch assholes.

And before I headed out a forced crap of significant proportions, and miraculously, no blocked toilet. That was my last brown registration object/subject until I got inside the supermarket when there was a brown skinned man backed up to the groceries behind him, making it appear that he was doing his shopping with a full aisle width look at the groceries on the opposite side. Like WTF; who but some ignoramus or paid-for-shill shops at a distance so they cannot read the text on the packaging? All for more loiter time in my proximity while picking up the chocolate bars (read, brown) they have me buy all the time. And an increasing sore point as I cannot afford them and I don't want the sugar in them either, more so than the milk casein of the milk chocolate. And while stevia sweetened chocolate is available online, it hasn't made it here yet, and one can be sure that was perp arranged too. This sugar intake also seems highly controlled as well, as they have me loathe sugar, and expunge it from my diet, and then sneak it back in through eating jerky, and their long standing chocolate fixation they planted on me. For the record, they were changing up my medications in late 2002, and they used this as an excuse to have me loathe chocolate to the point I could not stand the smell of it. A week later that noble habit was expunged (or else not planted on me), and they have kept up this chocolate fixation ever since, sometimes off for a week of late, but not usually longer than that.

An early morning get-up to attend to getting the garbage to the curb; the assholes screwed me out of doing this last week for some reason, the first time in two+ years I have been here. Regular readers will know that the perps are highly interested in garbage in all its form, refuse to recycle, and just love to parade garbage trucks around, and over where I have driven or parked.

Rain, snow and then mild today, though the snow has come within 200' of elevation; getting the hills covered, but not the town- did that earlier this week.

Subzero (i.e. 0C) cold, but with minimal snow on the ground. -15C tonight. And I was out there, until 1900h or so. Another ice wine pick, this time at a different vineyard in... W Kelowna. We started at 1400h and worked into the dark, perfect perp timing to have all these folks, some 40 in all, buzzing around doing picking over the dusk onset into the dark. Instead of headlamps, they had an ATV with a generator running a bank of lights for four rows of pickers. The tractor had its lights too. A Punjabi influence this time; they were the regular vineyard workers running the tractor and swamping to move the full buckets to the bin on the forks on back of the tractor. And brown cocoa beverage to drink for a 15 min. break, with brown glazed donuts too, this when dark about 1900h. And several brown skinned race stalker-pickers in my proximity, going especially close and silly on the last row of the evening. The odd scarlet red coated pickers too, one leaning on my shoulder momentarily as it seemed she tripped on a chunk of nearby vine wood. I was wearing my bright blue ski jacket for the very first time outside, and I am sure that was a big deal for the perps too, though I have long given up on what drives them to greater frenetic/absurd heights when it comes to clothing; if it has been laundered, or if it got laundered separately from the the other clothes I am wearing.

A dull and boring day, and a full on vehicular gangstalking event when I headed out on this Sunday Grey Cup day. Full parking lots at the mall even just as the game was to begin. Hard to fathom as to why someone would arrange all of this when most everyone is at home watching the TV, but strange public behaviors on special event days are nothing new to the perps.

I learned from my perp-abetting mother, via phone call, that my daughter is out of work too. Imagine that, the perps arranging a father-daughter coincident unemployment in keeping with their machinations of who works where and if they work at all. Said daughter rarely emails, calls or otherwise keeps in contact, no matter how many efforts I have made to have greater communication. This all began in 04-2002 when the perp-abetting ex was making excuses for her because of my "disability" that was later refuted by two shrinks, one of whom was the original perp-abettor to cause much of the dislocation and harassment that was plainly evident in the perps' inaugural all-out abuse year of 2002 to mid-2003.

I should get this posted for the week now, as the unemployment slackness is beginning to erode my motivational side for some strange reason.