Thursday, January 31, 2008

Forced Pee, Sirens and then Vision Impariments

All those things in the title followed sequentially and more. A faint sustained whine noise was reason enough to put the dark green hearing protection on, then in about three minutes there was a sudden need to pee, and while in the bathroom I "discovered" there was a post-shaving facial bleed (from a pore, not a nick), an 1/8" spot of blood that had been sitting on my face for the past hour or so, and I then cleaned up. Coming back to my office chair, I get the sirens noise, then the faked neighbor water use noise, then transitory vision impairments, overhead clunking, hallway door closing noise and the usual screen of plasma and fuzzy maser balls hopping about in my vision. Too much fun for sick minds, and they do like to take blood samples, and for the first time, they aren't bothering to attach it to my shaving activity, as if it were causal, which it never has been. More than a noise flurry, more like a designed phenomenon flurry, the new name for these concentrations of activity.

I just got zapped with a simultaneous overhead floor tapping, all the more curious that the apartments have carpeted floors. And I yelled at the assholes for this, and I likely didn't have a choice (read, mind-control). This is my 50 minute break between yoga and setting off for gym class, and they are also making a lot of rumbling noise directly overhead, a noise that followed me from the kitchen to my desk, a distance of 8'. It seems it is more important that the rumbling noises be directly sourced overhead as this will happen in the same way when in the bathroom.

The perps are likely cranked up about the fact that I wore my black fleece pants to yoga, and still have them on in readiness in walking 30 min. to the gym. Last Thursday, I swapped from my thin track pants to the fleece pants immediately before setting off. Changing my weekly routine, and having me wear certain pants for the first time at a regular event, extra harassment favorable fleece especially, is the kind of event that perps get worked up about. Not that they haven't done their usual games of pissing me off and gangstalking me when walking back from yoga.

The perps even posted some furniture outside this apartment block; it had a relocation context as there was a moving van outside and the door was kept open when I left for yoga, but the context is now gone, and the furniture is still outside in the same place. No doubt it will be there when I head off for yoga, offering outside energetics to inside items. Surely they have surveilled enough garage sales for the past 30 years to figure this one out, and don't need to mess with me. But no, they still are fucking (me) around, largely because of their past substantial mistakes and current timidity in declaring themselves. Not my problem.

There were no military dressed gangstalkers on North Park St. post-yoga, while walking back. This is odd, as they were very consistent at one time in planting this kind of gangstalker. Maybe it looked too stupid, these military dudes with white plastic shopping bags strutting around. Though stupid never bothered the perps any.

I got the usual "introductory plasma" at yoga, getting there 10 min. before class. They put on countless 1' to 2' spots of blue, yellow and green in front of me, and the instructor would of seen them too, but the perps buzzed me out so "I" didn't think to look at her expression, but I am assuming she was rehearsed for this. In the yoga classroom, the perps also put up a white board on the wall, and a brown corkboard as well, even if the walls are brown colored. I got my "plastic bag" people (gangstalkers with garbage or shopping bags) when coming back; the operative color was orange colored bags, and lo, if an orange 2' diameter colored plasma beam didn't accompany me for a few seconds while the orange plastic was visible.

It wasn't enough to pound the ceiling overhead to make rumbling noise; I just got a rumbling noise delivered directly to my left ear which was most unsporting. The in-ear pounding noise has continued, and has taken on the habit of most noises, "happening" in concert with routine Windows activities of select, copy, paste, mouseclick; nothing new save the audacity of planting a foreign noise in my ear without a cover story.

I have been to gym and back, and have finished dinner, such as it was, a rare "pate day". I don't know what the perp's fixation is exactly over eating pate, but they tried in on me in 2003 or early 2004, and after one use, they accelerated mold on it to cut their experiment short. Then, just before Christmas 2007 (last month), my mother picks some up while we were shopping, and she gave the majority of it to me afterward, claiming she doesn't eat it. It was duly eaten me in early January, and nearly four weeks later, they had me buy another local specialty brand. It was good too, and no doubt it will be finished off as a mealtime protien source while I am out of chicken.

Another more venturesome dietary change was the perps are allowing me to eat kiwi fruit, something they cut me off of in fall 2006. It was a regular daily item before that, and then it was over when I changed grocery stores. It seems that the perps have a long way to go yet before I am allowed a normally varied cuisine, something they haven't permitted since they mugged me for their overt treatment in 2002.

There were the usual 600 to 1,000 vehicles on vehicular gangstalking duty when walking to the gym and back. Equi-spaced clusters of red, white and silver grey vehicles, and then later, the odd light brown, yellow or red vehicle. They were all over me at the gym, and put on the male jocularity act around me; they like to have me around social males, or more like, the noise thereof. I am not allowed any friendships in this depraved purgatory.

The two regular class freaks that are paraded around me were still on "see me" duty; Mr. Ethnic Gut (stubby, large gut, mid-Eastern skin tone) was in his street clothes today, a light tan brown even. It is very daring for the perps to dress a brownskinned person in brown clothing. Mr. New Bald was also skirting around in my peripherial vision, looking freakish as he now does, head shorn since the New Year. There were at least two more skinheads on duty, and the negro dude from two days ago was back, sans corn row hair which I totally despise. It was a big negro gangstalker day today; some nine of them all told, some doing the dumbshit shill pedestrain act of pretending not to notice me and thereby threatening to get in my way.

At the gym they had two red shirted gangstalkers on atationary equipment, one on either side of me. Both took off their respective red garments and put them on the floor beside them. And when some minutes passed of this arrangement, another (third) red shirted gangstalker arrives to work out beside me. This is getting as tedious as obvious; these red shirted dudes hanging around me.

I also got a biker like gangstalker; the leather vest, shades, unshaven and loitering around and shooting the breeze. He even followed me to another location, putting on the posing act and I kept looking at the floor. He kept inching along, attempting to get into my peripherial vision, and I moved my head away some more. Eventually he gave up on this dumbfuck game and took off. It just shows how detailed the perps are over attempting to recreate scenes from past possible traumatizations. They told me telepathically that there was a biker exposure/traumatization in Quebec (1956-7), and my dislike of vagrant types stems from this as well. No wonder the Quebec biker gangs are in the news so often, its the perps whipping them up and ensuring it gets exposure. Not my problem, why am I being fucked with over someone else's blundering stupidity?

There was more wheelchair gangstalkers, at least three for the day and a few more with those dumbshit walkers. In the latter case, walkers weren't around in 1956-7 for that year I was in Montreal and where the traumatizations were likely created. The perps are jangling me in some way to react to things like wheelchairs when I never did before. It is the same for skinheads, and the perps had three of them on me in the gym today.

The big event for the perps today was likely the big concrete pour on mid-900 View St. pictured in yesterday's blog posting. They poured 2' thick of concrete slurry, street wide (30') for some 100' of street. This is the new street construction style I have learned, or at least around here, as it was done on another adjacent street. Then they will put sand on top of the concrete and pack it down ready for a final 3" or so of asphalt. The perps put on the negro laborer again just for concrete hose handling while the slurry poured out the pipe. This is the only time I see this dude on the job in over four months, when a concrete pour is on. He was on the inside of the street work's separating fence and lo, if the perps didn't put another negro gangstalker coming toward me on the pedestrian throughway, the other side of the fence. They put on at least eight gangstalkers while I walked by this street project, beefing up my usual coverage for this big event.

On another project on my Tuesday and Thursday walking beat, the perps dug out around a two week old poured concrete curb they had put it in, and in recent practice, had a white van parked next to it, as if it were some kind of support vehicle. Yesterday's pictured mid-street sit-there 5 tonne delivery vehicle is an example of using large white surfaces and/or mass to "gangstalk" the immediate locality. On the third street project, now completed, the perps put on a remant of Tuesday's goofy gangstalk, on "stand-there" duty, having him "take notes" (their paper fixation again), in the same dumbshit yellow jacket he had on then. And of course no municipal service vehicle was around to suggest where he might of come from, like Tuesday.

I had two almost-for-sure teleported gangstalkers today; I make one look down, or and intermediary obstructing vehicle passed through, and then I look up and there they are. I sense they are testing these teleported operatives as they would of come from somewhere else, and want to determine the energetics interactions of our respective localities by measuring the energy interaction between me and the gangstalker. As mentioned in past blogs, they have a fixation over geographic location, and this seems like the begining of another long haul of fucking around at my expense.

To end today's outing, a gangstalker was in lead-ahead mode, and with a dolly of brown boxes containing bedding, who "happened" to be traversing the street with this, and "happened" to be delivering this to my apartment block, and got in the elevator ahead of me, and subsequently got off ahead of me. There were also four loitering dudes in the apartment lobby, and this was the arranged gauntlet for me to pass through with this brown box act ahead of me. It doesn't get any more blatant than this, having a homecoming posse, right into the elevator.

Taken 01-31-2008, today. A special arrangement of vehicles for when I had the camera in hand to take the second picture; there it was, a red-green vehicle special formation. A fourth red vehicle was next to the one you see in the foreground parking lot; not visible in this picture, obscured by the balcony.

This is the top end of today's street concrete pouring; the concrete being the reflective surface for some strange reason, likely plasma games fuckery. Note the excavator boom has been relocated from yesterday's pictures, even when it was not used as the concrete pouring job was on. My only guess is the perps wanted to frame some of the concrete job with the boom. They sometimes put gangstalkers close in, but apart enough to frame a "featured" gangstalker sitting further back and only visible in the space between the close-in pair. The two lights seen against the brick backdrop have been "arranged" to be particularly bright and are on all day long. This is likely for the same reasons they like to "pit-lamp" me; having me in the headlights of a stationary vehicle. Today, they even had me double "pit-lamped", in two street side vehicles, both with headlights on in the daytime.

More reading from the early stage chapters of a developing book on Thomas Townsend Brown. A fascinating story. Of interest is the minor shop talk; the term "arrested" means all body systems have stopped, but the person can still be derived in some way. Another term is the "concrete world", meaning what we know as our physical universe, the term suggesting that there are others we don't know about. And that one real life character gets transported by black helicopter with another to provide support. Interesting stuff, and who knows, it may have connection to the present circumstances in some way, like so many past events.

It is time to blog off and comtemplate a Chicken Run tomorrow, always a big gangstalk event. The perps are constraining me to half cooked chickens now, and thereby increasing my shopping frequency.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hissing and Rumbling

The simultaneous hissing and rumbling noises are from the recycling garbage truck that arrived below, some 20 minutes after having lunch. I am now allowed to eat fruit again, and picked up a small bag of local kiwi fruit. This added "dimension" might be what all the post-mealtime digestion period noise is all about. The perps have had me off fruit since 01-2007 or so, and have only supplied it judiciously when I have visited family. They tell me there are reverse electron spins on the fructose molecules, and I have no idea if this is true or not. I was a regular kiwi fruit eater for all of 2003 to mid 2006 when I switched grocery stores when I gave up my vehicle. I even owned a farm for two years or so which had an acre in a mature kiwi plantation. Still it wasn't enough for the sadists running and ruining me, as they have experimented with taking me off fruit altogether, and are only allowing selective introductions. I was allowed to purchase kiwi fruit about three weeks ago, and then they shut it down until yesterday.

The perps had about 20 gangstalkers in the produce section when I picked up a small bag of local kiwi fruit. Immediately before that, they had some four gangstalkers around me when picking up goat's milk, about the usual number for that latter food item. One gangstalker was in a horrendous yellow jacket, and given the games that go on with that color, it wasn't a big surprise. They have likely done red gangstalkers when I pick up the goat's milk, and will likely script a brown dressed gangstalker next. All these Favored and Unfavored demographic groups (aka freakshow) are also connected in some way to the colors and patterns that I loathe, which I find out about from the "reaction" the perps plant, or else governed down my more reasonable adaptations since their possible traumatization asssociations in my developmental years. Another "who knows" supposition, as it has come from the very assholes who harass me.

More forced yawning with noise add-ons from the hallway (right side) and outside heavy duty vehicles (left side). I also get plenty of noisestalking when flossing and rubber tipping my teeth (mouth is open). On this theme of remote assay of my mouth's energetics (because it is next door to part of the brain that is behind one's forehead), the perps dried out my mouth plenty often when doing the 40 minute phone interview two days ago. They like to schedule a sustained mouth dry-out every so often, and to do this, they need to divert my attention from me and have me open my mouth. In mid-December I gave a 1 hour rundown of my helping to a newly hired paid staff member as a "brain dump" to convey what I had learned about the Excel scheduling activity I undertook. Funny how they don't ask me back anymore, even if I was an exemplary volunteer IMHO. Perhaps the perps are still evaluating my furniture interaction energetics and don't want it crossed up with me coming back too soon.

I noticed that the carpet sale helping was also modified in a similar way; for unloading the carpets the owner parked the van at the front doors that were closest to the display room, and when packing the carpets back into his van, he parked further away at the front doors some 12' distant which made no logistical sense at all. But it aided the perps to look at each activity, loading and unloading at separate, but parallel locations. The local library strike might be all about some "de-energizing break" so these sites can be remotely assayed for bioelectromagnetic interactions while dormant, and not get crossed up with continual ongoing interactions. Hence some significant road closures in the past 12 months; a ramp entrance collapsed in Oakland, and the main I-5 corridor was closed in S. California as two examples in this W. North America region. The recent snows in Vancouver could be another perp enforced respite in concrete and asphalt surface use. They have some major problems with these two substances and are totally squirrely over getting me exposed, yesterday's dumbshit jackhammering of 1 week old asphalt with a concrete curb on it was an example.

Here is what the perps did to my pillows; they dyed them some way, and this has occured progressively since I bouth them three years ago. They are basic $10 polyester fill pillows, and this seeming inert color has gradually accumulated on them. This is happening at my head, and isn't what it might look like, and doesn't smell either, nor does it wash out.

Taken 01-23-2008, 10:34:17, a week ago from my apartment and is zoomed in some. At the bottom of the photo are one white colored van, two white pickup trucks and a white SUV, all lined up together, one facing N. (bottom most vehicle, the van), and three facing S. The top two white vehicles of this cluster are parked on grass and not the parking lot, even if there is no actual access to the grassy area, and no tracks in the grass either. Simply amazing how two vehicles "arrived" on a wet grassy inaccessible surface to pair up with the regular two that frequent this small parking lot for some mysterious reason. (No tradesmen accessing them or "looking busy").

On the street portion, viewable if zoomed in, the closest side (N.), are a file of five silver grey parked vehicles with one black colored vehicle in the file, second from last. The front most vehicle of this file has the rear hatchback open with a red colored object sitting in the cargo area. On the opposite side of the one-way street is one parked white colored vehicle, and a red parked vehicle ahead and through the tree branches. One same red vehicle is proceeding on the E. bound street. And one red coated gangstalker next to a burgundy red sign is in the photo next to the last mentioned white vehicle. Another red and pink dressed gangstalker is visible through the tree branches on the upper left corner of the street. How can any of this be construed as random and normal public vehicular activity?

Taken 01-23-2008, 10:34:46, same scene as above, with a slightly different angle, revealing another white color parked car on the far side of the street, this time with a mobile white colored vehicle passing between the street parked vehicles. Did I mention that white and red colors are commonly used in association? In all, four vehicle colors; white, silver grey, black (one) and red of parked 13 vehicles total. And one one of the silver grey vehicles, in some kind of partial blend of the colors, has a large red object or blanketed object in the rear open hatchback. The only two "pedestrians" are predominantly dressed in red colors. What will my new shrink think of this, and what will be the denial script?

Taken 01-30-2008:12:01:09 (today) of the same view above. The closest street parked (N. Fort); from right to left, two black vehicles, one mid gray colored vehicle, one black vehicle and one white vehicle. On the S. side, parked vehicles from right to left and partially obscured by transiting sewage services truck and school bus are; navy blue (partially obsured by the blue-white truck), red, black and a silver grey vehicle partially obscured by the tree, left most parked vehicle. In this case, the transiting vehicles are a yellow school bus and a septic services vehicle (truck). Is there a familiar pattern, here? Read on about the PVC sewer line installation below. One white pickup truck is following the sewer services truck.

Taken 01-30-2008:12:01:16 (today). Now that the S. side street side parking is visible, there is an additional white and silver grey vehicle parked. In transit, a red pickup truck and two blued colored vehicles. For all parked vehicles there are five black colored vehicles, three white colored vehicles, and one of silver grey, mid-grey and navy blue. The transiting vehicles, apart from the two trucks, are white, red and navy blue. Funny how that works out, the transiting vehicle colors are drawn from the same colors as those of the parked vehicles, large vehicles excepted again.

Taken 01-30-2008:12:01:19 (today). A final photo from this same vantage point series; a mid-grey vehicle is transiting between the parked vehicles.

Taken 01-23-2008: 10:17:56 A general progress photo of the View St. rip up job, moving toward me from a block away and putting in new septic sewer lines, two parallel 30" buried PVC green pipe. The smaller section of 12" green PVC pipe poking out from behind the sand pile seems to be left out and turned 90 degrees from the sand buried pipe; Turning objects or facsimilies thereof orthogonally is a long noticed perp practice. Placing the sand pile partially in front of the visible pipe also emulates the buried pipe conditions. The two runs of 30" PVC green pipe are buried in the imported sand, connected to the concrete caission, under the surface of the trench (foreground, closest sunlit area). My suspicious mind, or possibly by planted thought, tells me that the perps are going to connect this pipe up to my apartment building and be the sole first user so to speak, to continue with the perps' quest of incrementally attempting to understand how brown colored things (you guess) interact with green colored things (PVC).

Taken 01-28-2008: 1425h:52 another generalized street shot of the View St. rip up, this time with the green PVC broken up and moved down street some. A wood crate has been added beside the excavator for the usual reasons the perp like to "woodstalk" me everywhere I go. Sometimes they put on a pallete carrying truck to pass by. The temporary wood retaining wall has begun to take shape in the far end of the ditch, where the recently installed 30" green PVC pipe has been installed and burried. I figure the small diameter broken PVC is a non-buried surrogate for the buried pipe. There are four seeming gangstalkers on the sidewalk, a sudden cluster IMHO.

Taken 01-30-2008, 1206h 53s. The excavator has been turned around, and the plywood retaining wall has been extended. They don't appear to be doing anything today, except put on a 5 tonne delivery truck in mid-street to "gangstalk" the adjacent excavator for 30 minutes or so until it dissapeared. I cannot think of any reason why a delivery truck with its tailgate lowered to the road surface "needs" to stop by a dormant excavator. (The excavator has been dormant for the remainder of today).

I check out MySpace for the first time, without linking from somewhere else. I look up musicians and find a favorite, Jan Arden, and the perps have greyed out her webpage there, or at least the one that I am allowed to see. Just looking up a web page of a known performer is cause enough for the absurd sabotage that keeps going on. It is no doubt their method of gradually introducing the webpage, a greyed down image because, in their depraved estimation, seeing a full color picture all at once is too much for them to cope with. Not my problem; why am I being screwed over as to what I see, and why can't you get your sick asses in front of me and explain this fucking nonconsensual human experimentation?

And that got answered with the squeak noise I routinely get from outside, and then some throat clearing from the hallway. This must be a big moment after my tea and chocolate. And it is, the manager has made his first trip up today as I write this, putting on the cellphone and voiceover from the hallway. This is the third day in succession he has made at least one "voiceover" show. So, no, that standard phrase I use to berate the perps with was typed out, and for them, that is an exciting moment.

Then I use the mouse to insert a new word into the above paragraph, and then the perps have this Blogspot application flip to a new page view, all to have me swear out loud to them, and a simultaneous smacking noise goes off inside my mouth, not related to any jaw discomfort as I don't have any. It never ends, this senseless merrygoround of being antagonized merely for their deranged notions of sport. As in fuck the victim again, as 5.5 years isn't long enough.

I just got a mild thud overhead and a simultaneous zapping at the very moment of a web page change, where there was an alien picture scrolling by. What is the perp's problem that they need to keep zapping me, as they can tell better than I can as to how much I loathe this particular form of abuse.

The hallway sneezing has started up at this post-mealtime juncture; at least four spaced about a minute apart. I had the cheese flicking again when making dinner tonight; this is the first block of cheddar that is 3 year old, as I was "forced" to buy it when there was a "shortage" of the one year old cheddar, cheaper by far. I have also suffered "shortages" to end up buying the five year old cheddar cheese, all in the same line, which I am not allowed to know at the moment. There was a time when I knew precisely the manufacturers of all my grocery products and price of every item. That capability got purged from me long ago, keeping me in the clueless court has always been a perp objective. And I am sure the colored label is also important for them too; so far, black (one year), green (three year) and navy blue (five year old) cheddar cheese. And for the perps, that is exciting stuff, having arranged these cheeses and the packaging a few years ago in readiness for my harassment visitation, still going on. As they are so obsessed over cheese, and me eating it, surely they could also drop the price of it by half, and save me money to afford the chocolate they make me purchase every month. Bizarre, and not of my doing.

A forced scratch my nose and then a loud mufflered vehicle noise followed. I am still under the microscope, and made sure that I know it. I was reading an article about "milabs", (pdf file) or military abducted individuals who are often trained in military exercises and survival training. I am not one of those, and that might be a better existence that to be constantly riled up all the time. Who knows how all this covert activity fits together at the upper reaches; there has to be more than one faction it seems, though no one has guarded me all these years like they did with Thomas Townsend Brown.

I see the above book in progress on TT Brown has advanced since I last read it, and it is fascinating. And it does point to a mysterious hidden big picture that TT Brown was aware of, and it also being outside his regular duties. And so it is time to blog off for the day, as one who is also involved in a bigger picture, but is not in any way informed as to what is going on and why am I being dragged into someone else's problem without my consent.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sirens for Bookmarking

The sirens were on for when I was bookmarking a web page, and continuance of the noisestalking, jabbing and vision impairments of past bookmarkings, one of the most frequent events that I partake in. My bookmarks are my database of all my interests and apirations, even if on hold which they mostly are due to overt control of all my activities. In 2002 the perps mind-controlled me to dispose of the disk drive they were on in a scenario of panic they created over there being some illicit content on my PC. There wasn't, it was the introduction to the perps who operate totally illicitly, 24x7, in constant criminality every operational moment of their organization. It just astounds me that this exists, but they are on me all the time.

This morning's jerkarounds so far have been reading "misperceptions", plasma beams on or in front of this LCD display, constant filamentous masers in my vision, putting on extra red and extra aversion "reaction" to their planted web page graphics, especially mottled red colors of late, and giving me a $24/month rent increase beginning in May. This notice "magically" arrived under my door, and the hallway light was turned on overhead at the same time, likely while I was doing the dishes. And they are making sure that I am extremely bothered with the red plasma beams that they are placing in front of me, it is still a color of intense interest to the assholes, as is the typo sabotage that is going on, also "causing" me to vocalize my complaints to put it in perpspeak. (Really meaning yelling at the assholes, what they really like me to do).

The rent increase notice must mean the perps want me to stay at this residence location for another year and not move me on like in past locations. This is the 10th location since 1999 when I moved to Everett, Washington for a new job. Little did I know that this was a means to get me out of town while they groomed this city, Victoria, for 3.5 years for my return. And the perps like TI's to move, and be able to separate the geographic location's energies from that of the victim. This is very common, and even the abettors like Thomas Townsend Brown moved an extraordinary amount, as noted in this blog posting.

It was supposed to snow here last night, but we got rain instead. This is a long extended above/below freezing spell, meaning icy roads in the morning, and wet streets in the afternoon. The perps like to play with extra normal temperatures as part of their remote energetics assay work, and having a hot chicken or a frozen loaf of gluten free bread in my grocery shopping basket is just fine by them. And invariably, they like to have a heater over the checkout area at this time of year, provinding plenty of infrared radiation just for more of their fucking games.

The new practice of scripting quiet in advance of a noisestalked lunchtime was in place again today, and may become the new "noise order". No bus noise all morning, and then one came while eating brown colored tortillas, the only thing I am allowed to eat at lunch and breakfast save the odd exception. Normally the bus noise is all morning, and in considerable excess than the schedule suggests. The perps like me to eat brown colored foods as they seem to have a bearing on whatever it is that they are hounding for me, now 5.5 years of overt harassment. Chocolate is the other brown colored food they like me to have in great quantity, 200g per day is typical. And it is the food item that breaks the budget every month, all for the assholes who created the problem in the first place, whatever it is, as will be the last to know.

And in true form, the operatives that break out in a run on the street now pulled the same stunt in the hallway outside my door. I assume this creates extra electromagnetic interaction, just as a magneto does, flipping a magnet past a coil of wire.

There has been constant ambient light changing games going on this morning, sometimes markedly within 10 seconds of previous major change in light conditions. I don't get much direct sunlight as this apartment faces east, so I cannot be sure what the cloud cover condition is, but based on my observations, the nature of the grayness of cloud cover is of extreme interest to the perps.

The perps are getting me "ready" for my outing to the gym later today; these colder temperatures mean that I wear my fleece tights instead of my track pants, and that seems to be important as well. Considering that the modern day MIB (Men In Black) wears black fleece, it is really all about wearing the same clothes as them. After my gym wear was stolen from the laundry room at my apartment when in Seattle in 2002, the perps had me "screw up" and purchase various replacement garments in 2003. And I would not of ordered fleece clothing myself, but from this order I got sucked into inadvertently purchasing fleece workout tights. I like them even, but it shows how far ahead the perps are thinking when I first wear them in late 2007.

I have returned from my gym workout, a 30 minute walk each way. I got my usual freakshow as well as 600 to 1,000 mobile gangstalking vehicles. After getting a heavy amout of red color exposure today from my web surfing, the perps were all over me with red vehicles. There were clusters of four same deep red metallic finish vehicles, and there was also a file of the same color, four vehicles long with the usual attendant white, silver grey and black colored vehicles ahead and behind. I also got my ears blasted with a four siren-ade, the entire Victoria fire department on a "call out" in yellow vehicles, and then an additonal backup "call out" from the municipality of Oak Bay with two more emergency vehicles, red colored. I noticed that on my return all the Victoria fire department vehicles were in their respective garage bays, so it likely wasn't a real emergency. They also pulled this on 01-24-2008, five days ago in the night at the highrise residential tower opposite. My mother said there was a fire there, as it had made the newspaper. I did not get up to see the action, and they may have had their ladder truck there for more games, as there are a huge number of ladder bearing trades vans that pass me by as part of the vehicular gangstalking swarm.

At the freakshow at the gym, I got the negro with the disgusting corn row hair hanging over me, that caused me to end my exercise, and as soon as I got up to end it, there were an additional four male gangstalkers around me. And that was the last I saw of hime. There were some blonde games goint on; the Large Blonde class member was standing around doing nothing but setry duty where all the rest of them also pose, and a younger blonde in a navy blue outfit was working out in front of the Large Blonde, and then behind her. This is the game where the more attractive blonde seems to confer some kind of "auric goodness" that the Unfavored individual can somehow be compared to a Favored demographic group member as long as they are close to each other or aligned.

The rest of the class somehow slithered into the floor exercise room without me noticing, and without the coordinators telling me, and finished one exercise before I got there. This is the second time this has happened, and it takes coordination and planning to get 15 people in a room without one person noticing. Being the first or the last into the classroom is nearly always arranged and it was similar in my last working environment.

Other freakshow members on display were at least three Caucasian bald males, one negro bald male, various grannies, a walker act, and a fair number or waddling and/or large gutted males with white hair. These are all Unfavored demographics, and they are routinely placed in my vision for me to at least see once, some more often. Another ambulatory gangstalking show was a lead-ahead pair of males wearing identical hoodies, a soft orange yellow color. One had a jacket over his hoodie and one had the hood up. I got this gangstalk show for over twn minutes in a location where there are very few pedestrians. I passed them at the location where there had been street works, and where three MIO's (Men In Orange) were standing having a conversation with a yellow coated dude, pretending to give them instruction by waving his arms around. Here they were at a location where there is recent new asphalt and concrete paving, and where there has been groups up to 15 members all in "pose mode", and there was no vehicle from which they came or even any work to do, as it has all been finished.

At the fuel station rebuild the perps have been sponsoring for the past 4 months they were putting in PVC irrigation lines for the eventual boulevard that they will be rebuilding. Another of their kind was using an electric jackhammer to remove "excess" asphalt from the edge of the paving they did last week. Talk about a useless exercise, and this was ongoing in both directions. Regular readers will know about the perps fixation over concrete and asphalt and my energetic interaction, and that they have been totally relentless in exposing me to these and like projects, which even includes a downtown Seattle office tower that was build next to my building in 2001 through 2003. I put in over 2,000' of irrigation and PVC pipe when I owned this wretched farm in 1999 to 2001, and here the perps are still chasing me down with this material and activity.

At the gym the perps choked off use of the stationary bicycles, the aerobic exercise that they wanted me to use, and I was returned to the treadmill for the first time since June, 2007. But I was only allowed a 7 minute run, and I was obviously placed there to look out the windows in front to see red dressed ambulatory gangstalkers as well as red tail lights of a vehicle that sat on the downhill ramp access to the apartment building opposite. And the perps like to direct strong light at me from below, and they arrange this by having downward sloping ramps at specific locations, and then have the vehicle just sit there for no outward reason.

On the street when walking to the gym and back, they had plenty of red dressed gangstalkers, one who reprised at the same bus stop, when I was headed to the gym, was still there 1.5 hours later when returning. She was dressed in a particular red that I found irksome, and that one of the gym class members wore most of the time. It is fucking bizarre that anyone would stay at the same bus stop for that duration when it was threatening rain and gusting. (Or more like, gusting around me in my customized wind the perps create for me almost anytime I go outside).

And as I write this the overhead pounding has started up, as has someone tinkling glass of some kind. This is the silly hour for the perps, the dusk onset, and hence this renewed noise flurry.

More ceiling pounding and yelling at them didn't help. Time to make dinner.

And making and eating dinner turned out to be another rage-ified jerkaround which extended into doing the dishes, another perp fixation. And while vocalizing my annoyance, the euphemistic term, the perps kept changing my voice. One rage event after the other. Provocations included flicking guacamole around, flicking olive oil on the counter, flicking the cheese around from the new package, one with a green label, from the usual line, flicking soap suds around, brown crumb inundation from the tortillas, cheese crumb placement under my fingers while I was grating it, making the cling wrap not cling, creating a dark olive green color on the partially usued guacamole sealed in its container in the fridge, jumping the cut chicken pieces around when being diced, and a few more that I cannot recall. Anytime I vocalized my complaints the assholes put on clunking noise, overhead pounding, loud mufflered vehicle outside, and a few other noise flurries while I was venting my annoyance at the sick assholes playing these games with my life for over five years now. All they seem to do is escalate the vexation as their one big play. How about the sick idiots showing up, especially when the entire issue of creating the problems they have with remotely reading my bioenergetics was created by the very same asshole organization.

No doubt they haven't finished pissing me off for the day, and the mealtime digestion is also noisestalked as regular readers will know.

And the continuing games with hanging my PC when attempting to get to the Mindcontrol Forums website (caution, it could happen to you too by linking to it) . The perps did this at least five times last night, and really like to put me through this same jerkaround. They are on a sick streak today, especially tonight. I want to add some more stories from this website as links in the template and the assholes won't let me. Which suggests that there must be a reason for this sabotage, perhaps it is too close to the truth.

And while my two hands were busy so I couldn't plug my ears, the perps kept running this loud mufflered vehicle noise, almost serially, as if every vehicle had a performance muffler attached. And the trail-off time (noise decay duration) is increasing of late, running on longer than "usual".

This is an enforced boredom night; I am being made to be doing nothing. I always wondered why there were such lapses of my employers who had nothing for us to do for short spells, up to a week.

Some "getting lost", meaning harassment free like moments in YouTube, even if the headphones make squeaking noise, per imposed regimen. Time to call this day done and blog off, and do battle with the assholes yet again. They can't handle me using soap products as well as shaving; hence the bathroom rage-ification games that go on.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Brain Pressure

The perps have me on a head hurting regimen it seems; they are creating some kind of internal pressure on my forehead which is temporarily relievable by running my hand over it. Within 10 seconds or so, they are right back at it. This particular fuckery, now the new "normal", has been going on for a week or so, as has the instant on jaw left pain that is also a recent perp favorite. Just what they are doing in the name of realtime brain energetics research I don't know, but they had me covered with ambulatory gangstalkers in a full out freakshow for a ten minute outing to the mailbox and the supermarket.

They even put on faux elevator dude to accompany me down from the sixth floor to the lobby. I got the stare from him when I got in the elevator, and then when I returned, he was also on stare-at-me duty while on his cell phone, presumably his "buddy" that somehow managed to continue the tapping noise while travelling with him on my way down.

This absurd tapping noise started up about 10 minutes before I left my apartment, and continued while making an online payment, and then when the PC was shut down, it continued while I was writing out a check and putting it in the envelope. I was noisetracked with this same tapping noise from my apartment, to the elevetor area on my floor, and all the way down the elevator with my accompanying gangstalker, aka "elevator repairman".

What is seems is that the perps want to track the same brain region across differing venues; it is a wonder that the noise didn't continue outside as well. It was a full on freakshow when I got out; the Man in Brown, the wheelchair act, the vagrants, the swarm of about 10 of them coming toward me, and I was the only one E. bound, and one who was determined to get in my line of sight on seeing the mailbox. Immediately after mailing the letter, a large glass bashing and breaking noise went off from an nearby recycle garbage truck. That noise, or something like it, continues to "erupt" anytime I do something.

And it should be noted that the perps won't let me pay one bill online; the Mastercard account cannot be found on my online banking payee list, another forced imposition. All other bills are now allowed online payment except for that one. It is rare that I pay anything with my charge card, and the perps are all over me when I write the check, stuff the envelope and put a stamp on it. The plan, it seems, was to have me pay three different ways in close succession; online, by mailed check and then with my debit card in the supermarket. Just another day of being under the microscope, dealing with this depraved entity focussed on the functional decomposition of my every thought and action.

I am also getting more deliberate external control of my scroll bar in Windows of late; the perps "freeze it" to keep me looking at what I find odious and/or ugly, which would of been planted by them in the first place. The same goes for the Page Down, and mouse clickings; the perps will even re-display a webpage if they see fit with no mind-controlled manipulations from me. And they do like me to see bald heads with a reflective sheen, and anything that replicates this, say a picture of a smooth ball, a picture of the moon etc. is often used as a surrogate. This continues their games in showing me Unfavored subjects and appearances, as they keep drilling dow on showing me select pieces of these objects/beings.

The perps also like me to encounter new expressions and terms I learned earlier. When reading the term "bed hair", relating to just out of bed hair appearances, they put on extra plasma beams on and off this LCD display in white horizontal lines 1/4" apart. To them, that is exciting. To me, it is another sign that they are totally deranged and obsessive over everthing I do.

I had a teabreak with chocolate; instead of the all-quiet for chocolate, I got a left and right side noise assault. From the left was the faked "neighbor water use" noise, and from the right, voices and door pounding from the hallway. Mind you, it was quiet for the preceding half hour before taking a tea break, effectively reversing the usual order of arranged events. I figure that eating chocolate is one of the perp's big moments of the day; a pleasureable brown colored substance in my mouth, the one region the perps cannot fully model, and it would have a direct energetic interaction with my brain, less than an inch away. And as the perps traumatized me long ago into me loathing the sight of the color brown, they have an even more problematic issue in their realtime neural research they are conducting on me. Not my problem, I am fine as I am and do not require some psychopathic party to effect amelioration.

All that to deaf ears of course, and it is likely a perp planted rant they have me go through, not unlike their verbal plantings, swearing the same way with a few stock phrases. And as I type this, more hallway ructions are erupting outside my door. Funny how that happens, though not to the degree the putative rooming house of my former residence. I suppose I should be fortunate for my rent subsidy to stay in a self contained apartment downtown.

Now squeaking noise from the right side.

Now an overhead vacuum cleaner noise, except that the noise is coming from only one location, as if it were running in place. That takes talent or else fuckery to pull that off.

I had an phone interview with Gina Romano of The earlier. I thought it went well, and she is planning to have a follow up interview three months from now. The perps kept me in a "detail space", not appropriately allowing me to summarize some of the story. This has been done before, and I was even polished at making better summarizations when the perps let me before going into overt harassment when one cannot plan on being one's self over the day, never mind day to day. This interview should air in March she says.

And her story is quite incredible as per the link above, as she is a TI herself. The abuse that is going on in the name of perp research is astonishing, never mind the disasters and catastrophes that happen where there seems to be a perp hand behind it, albeit speculation on my part.

A four time repeated hang of my Firefox session; the perps like to pull this stunt for the Mindcontrolforums website which they frequently block to have my PC hang. I have never ever had this problem before, and it is some strange ritual they like to put me through. This time I was allowed to recover the session without losing my open tabs, and not re-hanging itself. Imagine, a webpage that can hang a PC.

The perps just blocked a in-blog search I wanted to do, to find the Indian Point Project posting and the links to put this on the template for the links you see at the right. And what was the purpose of that bullshit besides having me rant at the assholes over such a petty prank.

Some more template work and troving to find the Indian Lake Project, largely because of a planted mind-fuck into "thinking" it was the Indian Point Project. Even the lastmost word of "Project" took a few minutes to "arrive" into memory, the perps only letting me on a partial name first. Nothing new there; they really like me to get names wrong, or not even know a person's name at first when speaking with them.

I am getting the impression that I am a pariah amongst the outcasts, the TI community. I submit more links on nonconsensual experimentation and wonder why no one mentioned anything in Mindcontrol Activism. Just part of the social isolation, and it can be easily accomplished when the entire community is scripted, or close to it. Then after my interview I get a disparaging email from a TI. It is strange company to say the least.

Time to blog off after making some changes to the template for this blog, tediously separating out the books into their own section to the right.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Carpet Day

I did some helping at a carpet auction today. A hour's bus ride out to the rural area to the fairgrounds, and then handling carpets for an auction. There was plenty of coughing and hacking, following, "inadvertent" touching and all the other perp feints, not to mention plasma beams sitting in my vision for a half minute or so. All the carpets were of Persian or Asian origin; I got a quick geography lesson in the hand knotted carpet business; Afganistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Kurgistan and a few others. My once friends before the overt harassment began went to Turkey twice, and brought home a carpet once. What floored me besides the beauty of the carpets and astonishing craftmanship is how long these carpets take to make. A 6'x9' carpet, with 20 or more colors, would take a master carpet weaver four years to make. There are no synthetic fibres in these carpets, and no chemical dyes. The auction turnout was sad; only 5 bidders after 30 minutes, and it was ended after 60 minutes.

For all the multitudes of gangstalking vehicles out there today, I thought the perps would of stacked the room with the usual detritus of ambulatory gangstalkers. There was one woman I sort-of recognized from the early 1990's, as she was the mother of my daughter's friend. Another gangstalker was big on the UK accent, and curiously, coming some 30 minutes early. Later, in the public seating area, she sat down exactly where I had sat, also scarfing the newspaper I was reading. With all the availible seating, that was a bullseye, and not random action. The same "warm seat stalking" has also been happening at the gym too.

The event was a perp orchestration of huge proportions; not only did I get my bus "traveller" sitting in front of me, and the same operative later moving behind me, but also the bus travelled on the rare concrete roadway in this region. It was an old quarry truck road, and is still used to access the famous Buchart Gardens. It was at this transition that my open mouthed gangstalker in front of me changed seats to sit behind me. There was at least 2,000 vehicles on mobile gangstalking duty; four deep metallic reds clustered together with two white vehicles in front, and another white pair behind as one example of the relentless perp obsession in planting specific colored objects around me. The high incidence of vehicular gangstalking was aided by a 20 minute wait at the bus stop, all so the aforementioned gangstalker could present himself in side, back and front profiles, and also "meeting up" (aka Cheersing) with a long lost buddy to do the chat together stunt. Funny how their chumminess ended once they got on board the bus and split ambulatory gangstalking duties.

The inbound bus was also near full, and I got the sitting backwards seat again, the same as two weeks ago, also with a sleeping Asian girl, also with mouth hanging open. That she had a brown suitcase tucked under her legs wasn't too much of a surprise. The brown behind brown objects and beings has been a perp color stunt for months now, (brown suitcase behind brown skin). Another Asian girl also arrived across the aisle, sitting between my helping buddy and me. The number of pedestrians downtown today, a Sunday, was totally absurd; more than a weekday in tourist season.

And we had a skiff of snow in various locations, which somehow missed the area where the carpet auction was, but hit the area where the inbound bus was travelling through. There are uncountable numbers of microclimates in this area, but with the perps on top of every aspect of my existence, I wonder how many are due to them. Regular readers will know there have been some astonishing coincidences with my activities and the weather, and it only gets more coordinated. The basic rule about the perp ordered weather seems to be creating more temperature differences between me and the road. Or else, sprinkling a little rain as I set off driving my parent's vehicle is at a 50% coincidence rate of late. The perps don't like me to be in billowing rain spray for whatever reason. Other weather games relate to degree of permitted direct sunlight and darkening the clouds to get more grey scale ranges. There were at least two intensely grey cloud banks this morning, one at my place before I set off, and again when I was taking a lunch break outside the building where the carpet auction took place. But no rain, hail or even snow from these clouds today. The snow fell last night, and it was interesting to see all the perp organized parked vehicles that retained snow on them; there were many parked vehicles in public parking lots that seemed to have been left there overnight.

Other perp weirdness was having a city bus disappear as soon as my back was turned. Nothing new there, or the dude who kept on hanging around me at the bus exchange, and even gave me the stare for absolutely no reason. Then he never got on the bus that I took. Other perp annoyances were to re-bleed my healing right thumb knuckle injury they stiffed me with some four days ago; they pulled this twice, having me bleed onto the bedspread when making the bed, and then later when hauling carpets back into the white van the auctioneer had.

The first PC/ web access of today was about 1800h; no morning pre-departure web time was allowed. This was accomplished by the perps setting my clock an hour back in the night, and waking me up at 0830h instead of 0800h of my alarm clock setting. One cannot win in making any arrangement, as it can be compormised in so many ways. Sabotaging my alarm clock goes back to the days of 2002 when they woke me up in the afternoon once. That was to sabotage my flight arrangements and make them for a day later.

I also got screwed over for making the bus this morning; a planted "brain fart"/misperception and then I was scrambling to get going as I thought I had 10 more minutes before heading off. By creating this intensified panic, the perp had me in my coat, attending to getting lunch ready and placed in my pack. There were other routines that were messed with today, and I cannot recall them all. Just another day in the life of being a TI, likely one of the most significant nonconsensual human experimentation assets the perps have; I don't know of anyone who gets this second-by-second battle with the assholes 24x7. I would not be surprised if there were other like treated TI's in this city, as I cannot see that this substantial effort would be devoted to one individual. And one can be sure, in meeting the perp's objectives related to geography, they aren't going to send me anywhere, but instead, have proxies; that is shills who know me well who go to Turkey or the "stans" per above carpet sources.

Time to blog off today, and call it done; with today's major all day outing, the perps will want to give me shut-in time to acclimate again, if I read their machinations correctly.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Sand Theme

I finally "got it", really meaning that I was allowed to understand this new perp sponsored theme. It is about sand almost unbelievably. Today, there was sand "leftover" in the washing machine after extricating someone else's clothes, and sand placed on the dryer door sill. I did my best to remove it with my fingers, and then got on with laundry. Then, back at my apartment, I read about the tar sands of Alberta in the news. There was another lengthy piece about the tar sands yesterday from another source. And what does it mean? I don't really know, except to offer that the perps love to place fresh poured and curing concrete in my proximity, or to even walk upon, as well as grinding down high sidewalk slab edges in other locations. And sand is a big constituent of concrete. And the public works projects that I pass by twice per week on my way to the gym also use plenty of sand and gravel to serve as the road base before asphalt paving. And the new thuggy boy at yoga this week gave his surname as "Sanderson". Anyhow, I am sure there is more to all this, and it is curious that sand was adroitly placed for me to touch on the laundry equipment and dispense with today.

Onto other trivia and minutae. I might be an interview subject on the Edge Radio; there isn't a whole lot of mystery to reveal that cannot be discerned by diligent readers of this blog, but it is always interesting to evaluate someone from a differing perspective. It does make me wonder if this is part of the plan to create more "exposure", having me go public in a limited way, this blog being the first such venture. And that brings the thought that maybe I will make it to TV one day, though I am not too worked up about "getting the message out", as I see myself being totally contained 24x7, and I am not the type that seeks public attention.

I have already got my combination of zapping and thudding today; the simultaneous application of both, and of significance to the perps who seem to be fishing for having me not react to the zapping. It may well be if I read the past ECT promotions/planted themes of 4 years ago as "reminders" that I may have had my recall zapped in my early childhood years to attempt recall deletion of medical testing and other procedures. It is just that the perps fucked up as I can recall these in some unconscious way, and from what I read of the freakshow parade I get each time I go outside, this also is to serve the same purpose; instignate and reveal deep conscious recall of all adverse events, objects, colors and beings when being traumatized by the perps who were conducting experiments and procedures between ages 2 to 6 years old.

The latest games in freakshows has been to alter the color of someone's face; they did this in some way yesterday when at the social worker's office, possibly by plasma and light manipulation games, and then online when they presented pictures of rabid soccer fans who painted their faces with the team colors. Yesterday's YouTubing of musicians was fraught with ill lit faces, and in one instance, they graphically garbled up the face of one performer, making it look like a pixel manipulation error.

It is time for some blog posting speculations; given that I am hounded anytime I am outside, and that there frequent gangstallking/exposure events scripted for me in the following scenarios:
  • proximity or contact with concrete (all levels of curedness and age),
  • and similarly with ashphalt,
  • some 600 to 1,000 mobile vehicles in coordinated configurations passing by when I walk on main throughfares, and
  • many instances of (needless, IMHO) public work projects to relocate traffic lane lines, often reducing the lane count from two per side to only one lane per side, or else adding traffic "calming" islands, curbed with concrete,
it does not surprise me too much when supporting similar themed events "happen" in real life. If the perps have an "problem" with their remote bioenergetics assay work in detecting the difference between concrete and bone contents as I think they do, whether the victim is in a vehicle or walking, then it may be helpful for the perps to then try an experiment. Have an aircraft lose power and make a crash landing on the concrete runway, (British Airways recent event). In another experiment, have some raucous dudes drive a vehicle on a runway and then have them drive past the end and fly through the air and then analyze their bodies after the crash. All pure and idle speculation on my part, and I do not mean to be disrespectful toward either event in any way. Perhaps the theme of concrete is too broad for these to be considered as orchestrated. But what about the above mentioned sand games today? Hmmm.

I don't like to get into extrapolations and speculations, but judging from the sudden amount of noisestalking that arose while I was composing the above paragraph, I don't think I had much choice in writing it, read mind-controlled direction as to blog content. I get especially noisestalked when I put in the links.

Time to call this day done and blog off.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Pound Ceiling When Victim's Online Image is Changes

The title is a putative instruction I concocted that could be in the harassment procedures manual. Have a web image of two attractive women, have me mouse click on it, and then swap the image for a bald headed negro male, a three times Unfavored image (bald, negro, male). And while conducting this illegal computer intrusion, pound the ceiling at the same time. Obviously the perps are attempting to link my reaction to the imagery swap to the ongoing noise imposition, ceiling pounding (of concrete no less), being a standardized noise. Anyhow, it is a small example of the detail the perps go through in evaluating my reaction to the Favored, and then immediately thereafter, the Unfavored, details availible at the link.

I had another example of this stunt, and it was blanked out of mind.

I am getting a persistent pain in my left jaw joint region, which might be a perps continuation of the left side temple pains they laid on me yesterday. And along with that, they are also persisting in placing a fuzzy maser ball in my central vision that tracks exactly where I am reading. More fuckery from sick minds.

More painful left jaw hits; one pain burst was timed for when I was reading the word "magnetic", one of the core technologies that the perps use to apply their extra-conventional gravitic fuckery as well as localized pain and noise.

Yesterday evening, the perps hit me with some head pain for which they had me ranting about, and while doing so, they directed my attention to the picture of an attractive blonde woman who was the web author. This is a new combination of harassments, directed attention while enraged after being provoked. It never ends, the combinations and permutaions of being totally fucked with.

Back at my desk, and getting a steady stream of vehicles with loud muffler noise of the unmaintained kind. These hoarse muffler noises seem to be "in" of late, and the two cycle motorcycle noises of lesser importance, though I cannot stand either of them.

I was out at the doctor's office today, doing a 30 minute walk to get there, and had the usual 600 to 1,000 vehicles on gangstalking duty, perhaps more, as I took a different route as I had come from a social workers' office.

My prior short in-town walk to that office was gangstalked in the extreme; it was about 1250h, and the cover story would of been that these folks were on their lunch break. I had two ambulatory male oversized waddlers on the sidewalk who then "showed up" some 20 minutes later on my walk to the doctors. An obvious planting of the same operatives, as no one walks as fast I as do nowadays. As always, the surfeit of waddling males is nothing new. It was a worse freakshow at the social workers' office; one male came at me from across the office to the office door, and then returned to a seat. This strange behavior was all about getting me to see the ugliest hairdo yet; green corded hair like some kind of clown. I got another corded hair job yesterday, this one with natural colored brown hair, on "door duty", keeping the apartment door open for me when I arrived as she "happened" to be departing. I have met this same woman three times in the apartment lobby, passing by each time, and getting her ugly hairdo seen when I enter the building. This must still be a large energetic transition moment for which the perps cannot yet figure out.

For today's outing I got the four gangstalkers in the elevator again, one a child in a transparent plastic covered stroller. I have seen a number of these plastic rain covers over strollers in the past few days, and it does not make any conventional sense, as there is no threat of rain. My assumption this is an emulation of the plastic pollutants in my system, and having the child as a gangstalker and behind plastic just might help the perps in their remote assay games. Regular readers will know of the perps' obsessions over placing plastics around me and the various games that go on to flick and otherwise accelerate the movement of said plastic props in my proximity.

I got more brown color treatment when out; after making a 90 degree turn, there was a brown colored Volvo at the curb, and the brown dressed owner had just opened the door with more brown colored trim, and only 10' distant was a male brown dressed gangstalker standing still in mid sidewalk on his cell phone, typically used for creating extra electromagnetic field around in the local area. And lo, if there weren't countless brown colored soil-like dust clots on the sidewalk, "browning in" more of the immediate scene. This was a big deal I suppose, as this little scene was set up and timed to the fraction of a second.

Today's vehicular gangstalking was full of Volvos (l like them, and owned them for 20 years) and BMW 3 series, especially the wagon version. The perps even put the BMW's in clusters of two's and threes, something I hadn't seen before. And then come similarly shaped models from other vehicle manufacturers, and often these are scaled down versions, such as the Mazda three door model, the name escaping me for the time being, even if I pass a Mazda dealership often.

And my doctor is moving on he stated; no difference there for me, I was talking to a wall anyhow. He is Asian, and I considered this to be Asian male "face time", my once per month session at the behest of my mind-keepers. Interestingly, the perps are moving me up the brown (skin) scale, as the next doctor will be and East Indian; this is a repeat of their doctor visit stunts of 1997 to 1999 games when I had an obdurate East Indian woman doctor who kept blowing me off about my complaints. I always wondered why she was often looking at the ceiling each time she spoke with me, and it confirms what I have noticed about other shills; they must be getting a text script feed on the retina of their upper eye. Now, it is going to be a deeper shade of brown skin color, and a male doctor. That is likely to serve for another 18 months if the current doctor's duration is a guide. Then who knows, a deep dark skinned African doctor after that, and by then, the perps' brown fixation should be over. Lucky me, only another three years of unmitigated hell from the sickos that created these problems in the first place, and then have trashed the hell out of my existence while they attempt to figure out the pychic damage. Not my problem, and why am I being involved in it?

That stock rejoinder of the above paragraph gets routinely trotted out by way of planted thoughts, and today, I got special noisestalking while keying it in, so there must be something more that the perps want other than controlling me as to what they are scripting me to type.

I told my doctor about various financial needs, most related to the harassment; the frypan with the self-popping spot welds, the self-shredding sheets and the accelerated wear down of my last pair of runners, all perp invoked by remote means. He didn't even blink as to these incredible oddities, indicating to me this was all scripted, as the perps would choke me down if I got into unscripted revelations. The doctor was also doing his best to put his head in front of his LCD display on his PC, moving it back and forth with partial overlaps of the blue colored screen. My perp abetting mother does similar actions; "explaining a problem" with her PC, and flicking her hands in front of the CRT display in an over-obvious attempt to do the perp's bidding. The obvious incidence of hand waving and flicking behavior began when this harassment began.

I got more "blonde stalking" today; one on lead-ahead duty was tailing me for 10 minutes, counting the alternate routes we took around the same block, "showing up" again, aka reprising herself on an unlikely route by anyone's standards who knows this town. They are now appearing as the lastmost gangstalker before my apartment block it seems. After the above mentioned blonde crossed paths with me some 100' from my apartment building, a clip clopping (footwear noise) blonde woman in light brown, red shoes and red lipstick followed me into the building and into the elevator, carrying a Starbuck's coffee (brown color reference) in a grey tray, making her as a member of the Coffe Corps. She looked way overdone for this building; in her late 50's, nice clothes, and coming into a predominantly studio suite building. Anyhow, strange behavior of others in my proximity is nothing new.

The kerchunk noises are coming on; this particular back beat sound is like no other, and has followed me from Seattle in 2002, to every residence (now seven) since to the present. It is truly amazing that my "neighbors" can make the same sounds with the same coordination with other events, e.g. web page changes, an uncontrolled thought, a pain twinge, reading specific "hot" words, and so it goes. I might as well as be talking to the wall, just like the above mentioned doctor, as none of this makes sense in any scenario except persecutorial harassment in the service of nonconsensual human experimentation and no one wants to hear about it.

The left jaw pain has been coming and going all day, and it often gets invoked in similar circumstances as per above mentioned kerchunk sounds.

And here is James Henry Graf, the eloquent activist that I know of describing the same pit of hell that I am in Your Brain Is the Battleground;
Imagine being exposed all day every day to the twenty most vicious, sleaziest, most obnoxious persons you have ever met. Imagine not being able to get away from them, having them monitor your thoughts, impulses, physiological processes, dreams, fantasies, memories, and all the events of your daily life. Imagine that they confront, interrogate, threaten, degrade, and torment you day and night. Imagine their contemptuous jibes as they obstruct your every earnest effort. Imagine the humiliation, the frustration, the fury. The closest parallel is that of demonic possession. These are not demons, however. They are real human criminals whom no-one will arrest or prosecute.
Literally, invaded up the asshole, and to all thoughts, no matter how fleeting. Ever wonder why so many whistleblowers get nixed before they divulge the goods, Karen Silkwood for example? It is because one's thoughts are surrepticiously read, all the time, though I have no idea as to how widespread this is. Who gets selected for being surveilled and monitored down to every last thought, never mind being guided, directed or controlled?

More of James Henry Graf's pithy and eloquent treatise is at this link as well, Virtual America. Make that Virtual Canada as too, as I have been equally harassed in both countires. Here is a particularly resonant quote from the linked page; based on my experience, he does not exaggerate in the least;
The mock democracy that has cheated, persecuted, humiliated, terrorized, and tortured me is really a "national security" dictatorship, a land surreptitiously controlled by an insolent overclass contemptuous of Law and Constitution, using astounding technology to advance an essentially fascist agenda. It is a vicious, capricious empire, the domain of drooling Caligulas and snarling Torquemadas whose unchecked malevolence enlists the aid of legions of cowards, crooks, liars, and fools. It is a culture of contempt, where personal attack supplants rational debate, where artificial distinctions abound while valid ones are ignored. All is arbitrary here. Everything is relative. Law, ethics, and very reality are defined to suit the nefarious purposes of those in power.
I do not know if he has been subject to harassment and abuse from extra-conventional technologies as I experience all time, but he has been hit with physical ailments that can be delivered by action-at-a-distance methods or by X-rays as his T-cell count was abnormally low. I could quote nearly all of his treatise, but if one wants a resounding fact based call to arms over the plight of harassed, tortured, monitored and surveilled citizens, check out Virtual America. He attempted to get refugee status in three European countries and they all repatriated him. I don't think any TI has worked as hard to get official help and been spurned at every turn.

Time to call this done; my YouTubing is getting hacked more often now. I get audio and vison desybchronization, darkened down stage shots and smeared over personages. All part of the functional decomposition of my bioenergetic being, down to everything I see, hear, think or conclude.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ear Pops with Simultaneous Mouse Clicks

The overhead tapping has started up for the first time today as I begin this blog posting. It is a Thursday, meaning yoga with a later gym class, and this is the short interval between them. And what I note as I websurf is that the infernal planted ear popping noises of no ostensible cause (cue more overhead noise), is happening at the precise moment my mouse clicks are. And who is going to call that a coincidence?

Yoga was a little more energetic today thankfully; there was the usual strong complement of maser and plasma beams flitting about, and the perps put on some blatant ones when I shifted my attention, something they cannot yet totally fuck with yet, only partially. I got my parking lot hang-around dude "showing up" via and internal building door for the yoga class; somehow he delayed his arrival about 10 minutes after I saw him hanging around. The usual entrance door is directly from outside, so this must of been an alternate route/room entry test. And I notice that someone sprayed black ink, or something like it on the white ceiling in the yoga classroom, matching the pepper like markings on by brown colored cereal flakes. (Except that my cereal also comes with both black and white flecks when it didn't before).

I had my usual posse of gangstalkers when walking there and back, the dynamic freakshow, though nothing too strange except for a blind person, something else that the perps like to plant around me. I thought it was interesting that the Indian Lake Project detailed and linked in yesterday's blog, also had blind children as subjects. This would eliminate the visual cortex energies, and make the perp's comparative energetic assay work easier. It is interesting to note that my in-town brother lost an eye when he was two years old, and regular readers will know that I accept nothing as a coincidence. And just to think, he is a shill for them, as are my parents, who likely didn't know this was coming, and still shill for the asssholes.

I even got my blondes gangstalking me; two young woman trolling along in front of me, one in a brown down coat (no one really needs one here), and one in black with the band of her red sweater hanging out below the coat, standard gangstalking dress; layered, with all layers hanging out for direct visual cognizance.

At yoga, the perps put on a 6'x5' flattened cardboard box facing the class, as if there wasn't enough brown color in the room, as the walls are painted brown. And lo, if there isn't two large cardboard boxes with black print on them outside, in view, on the street rip-up job site, about 120' away.

I also noticed that the above mentioned infernal clicking noise that the perps introduced while seated at my desk is now being applied to me when I am walking, especially when setting off. This clicking is not related to jaw movement, and usually starts up in my right ear area and is coordinated to occur just as I put my right foot down when walking. This is similar to the faux shoulder joint cracking noise that has gone on for some 6 months or more, that has now been introduced at gym class, where it had not "happened" before.

I had my gym class earlier, and was duly given the freakshow parade, in a muted version. The two central freaks are Mr. Ethnic Gut and Mr. New Bald. The first is a short male with a large disgusting gut of unknown ethnic origin, a green-brown cast to his skin. He was back in his loud yellow shirt, and even made a pointless back and forth sweep all to lead me into the floor exercise room. His gangstalking role was limited today, but he put in at least 6 "features", where he ends up in my gaze. Mr. New Bald put himself in view at the outset, standing at the far end of the central aisle, and I had no choice but to walk toward him. His new bald pate is as shiny as ever, and he makes a point of "featuring" in my view. As well, there were two other skinheads to ensure that if my gaze missed one, I would surely see another. There were the usual "stand arounds", sitting about with gaping mouths, and other loitering dudes who were decidedly slack in wanting to exercise. It was just another gym class, and relatively low key in terms of annoying me.

Other freakshow games were planting more chinless males; at the gym and then the lobby of this apartment block, the latter on "stand there" duty, faking interest in his mail as a ruse to miss the elevator. Though the perps were all over me when I headed out to the gym; a pair of conversing Asian males were in place for "voice noise" at the elevator area on this floor, and then two more arrived one floor down, one of the fuckers parking himself 6" from me when there was more room. That he was in a black suede (flat, non reflective) jacket told me he was ready for his gangstalking role. Leather jackets are very common with the gangstalkers as these garments have metal salts in them as part of the tanning process, and appear to be extra energy reflective in some way. Perhaps I should get a leather jacket, and it is interesting to muse that I never had one, something that tells me it might be effective in foiling their light and electromagnetic games.

Another freakshow member is the Chinless Blonde from my gym class. As with Tuesday (01-22-2008), she reprised at the same location, about halfway back after gym class, and with her same posse of three dudes. Today, her hair had red streaks in it, rather than the green streaks of two days ago. She was so fugly in gym class that she was pulled after a week and never came back, and appears to do "special assignments" currently. The perps planted my reaction to seeing her today as an abortive barf sensation, too small to be seen or heard by anyone thankfully. I have never had any such reaction to anyone, no matter how unpleasant they look at anytime in my life, save today. Another imposed never-before behavior that comes from somewhere else.

Other freakshow enhancements have been a sudden eruption of ambulatory gangstalkers reading books while walking, seated at a bus stop (two at the same bench today), or at the gym where at least has a cover story. Related to this is the eruption of gangstalkers packing paper in their hands, as standard envelope, and the larger envelopes that are light brown or yellowish. I reckon the above mentioned cardboard box games fit into this scheme in some way as well.

Other action in the afternoon was that the usual 600 to 1,000 mobile gangstalking vehicles were in place for my 30 min. walk each way. The parked vehicle contingent is likely as many because there are some large parking lots on my walking beat. At one point the perps put on two white vehicles, followed by two silver grey vehicles, then followed by two same red vehicles, which were finally followed by two more white vehicles. All these were in file, and equispaced. Anyhow, I don't ever "remember" (read perp manipulated recall) to take the camera anymore, so no pictures.

The perps put on a plastic show for me, putting their dudes on the marquee sign for the OB Rec. Center, and having the 6'x5' plexiglass down and facing the sidewalk portion that I use. As the perps appear to be modelling the electromagnetic effects of plastics as pollutants in me, this large scale and distance dependent plastic testing is not new. The dumbest thing was that they put their red-orange stringer colored ladder in the middle of the sidewalk and blocked all pedestrian egress. I had to go on the street and walk beside their white trades van.

The "neighbor noise" from at least two suites has started up as I detail today's freakshow sightings above; I had at least one male sentry standing at the intersection corner for no reason whatsoever when I first set off to yoga, before gym. I assume these operatives are placed to look so totally stupid and orchestrated for distance dependent energetics testing. The geriatrics had their turn on "stand there" duty, now the dudes are on display.

There was a minor concrete pouring activity en route; the fuelling station upgrade poured the curbs on the ashphalt today, and they were all in place by the time I walked by, no redi-mix truck gangstalking today, oddly.

I noticed that there was a new display of masers firing at me today; I was walking down hill, and these magnetic black colored beams would originate from the sidewalk some 180' distant, and fire at me, parallel to the sidewalk. I don't usually feel anything in this situation, and today was no exception. I see maser beams where I spend time; yoga, gym class, and my apartment, but until now, rarely as I was walking between venues. There are many maser or plasma sightings when I am outside, but usually nothing so obviously directed at me.

More overhead pounding erupts when the perps force a word "misperception" while reading, occured exactly when I detected the error. Just a normal day in psychic hell.

A steady and soft pounding is taking place, ostensibly from upstairs. I haven't been exposed to this kind of annoyance, though many of the regular noises have been reduced in volume of late, some to very faint levels, especially toward the end of a harassment run-up, just before mealtime as an example.

A sudden dash to post this for today, excuse the unedited form of this blog posting.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Face and Head Parts

This looks to be a shut-in Wednesday, as all shopping and errands have been dealt with yesterday, or Monday. This is normal for the perps to impose stay-at-home days where there is little inclination to go anywhere, despite the boredom of it all. And the perps do like to manage for boredom; there has been a long history of time expended in this way, including employer involvement, but with the imposition of financial constraints, it is a whole lot more easier for them to arrange.

Onto the title; that refers to the perps arranging for me to see heads, especially bald ones or facsimilies thereof, and face parts alone in my LCD display when websurfing, in printed material or any other sources. There has been an increase on lips only displaying, a new (01-20-2008) TV advertisement being a recent example. Again, I have no idea why they want me to see head and face parts, or why they also substitute proxies for shiny bald head such as explosive balls of fire, pictures of shiny apples and other emulations. As their forced display games have been increasing of late, I thought I would bring this into the record and have it mentioned. It could be of significance to other harassees as well, and may even be reason for some communication over the basic question; "what is it that the perps want and when will this enforced purgatory ever end?" I know that the perps want 100% mind control, and have either attained it, or are only a few months away, if the noisestalking eruptions can be relied upon as a clue as to an unscripted thought or visual image. But there is considerably more than that to the sick asshole's agenda, and I put the book, "The Dimensional Structure of Consciousness" in the column to the right as a very likely treatise on other perp objectives. I am managed to lack the ability to understand what the author is saying for the most part, though he does mention that there being conscious energy related to aggregation and de-aggregation, giving the example of cutting a pie up into slices. And it "so happens" that I am routinely noisestalked each time I cut up my everday tortillas into quarters, so there must be something significant about this rather prosaic deed that transfixes the perps.

I have been getting faint beeping noises for most of today so far, and other noise is layered on top. The local street dig and the pipe laying job has been the putative source, though most noises are projected, and don't have an authentic source. I have been getting the all-quiets at various times today as well, and not just when eating chocolate. It is always interesting what is happening around me when the perps have me eat brown colored food, or what other food colorsare in my mouth. My brown colored tortillas for lunch have a tapenade that has tomatoes in it, and has an orange colored olive oil that "seeps out". After I had lunch, and sat in my office chair, lo, if there wasn't a flatbed truck outside with some orange stained wood, ostensibly for the digging project. This is not a coincidence of course, even if 150' away. The perps have been having me see and be exposed to strong orange color for the last few weeks, but it seems that they are going to rotate to light avocado green. I say this because they choked down the availibility of the above mentioned line of tapenade, and have made guacamole availible as a base for my tortillas, as of two days ago when I went grocery shopping. (Other tapenade can be a green color; it all depends on the olive combinations and other ingredients).

And I notice in the outside street dig that the section of "loose" pipe that was arranged at a 90 degree offset to the street trench pipe of the same PVC material and color has been partially hid by a pile of soil. (Photo planned for tomorrow). This section of pipe seems to be arranged for my visual exposure, and has been plainly lying on the street surfacefor about a week for no genuine construction project reason. Anyhow, it isn't a big deal, and it will likely play out when they progresss on the street dig. I asked my brother about the purpose of these new sewer lines going in, and he effectively blew me off, saying it was related to the road elevation improvements. I mentioned to him, what I mentioned yesterday, that this two block project is all about putting new pipe in the ground for me to flush my toilet contents into, as I seem to be the only tenant in this building. He demurred, and evaded my "perceptions" (as planted by the perps IMHO), though I cannot think of another reason. Yesterday's post has more details, and the analogy of the petroleum storage tank and fuelling station re-build on my regular walking beat.

I was given a 10 hour sleep againg last night, two hours more than needed; I had at least one awakening to hear the managed noise outside. When it came time to get up, there were two maser balls zinging around in my vision, and I got up to avoid this annoyance. I also got jabbed in the ass twice last night, and it seemed to be arranged for me to vocalize my annoyance, and using the supplied words. There is more conforming of my syntax to specific words and phrases of late, and as always, it fits some plan of the perps. And of course, the perps like to have me vocalize often, also called ranting at the impositions and incursions. This is their most successful play, riling me up and having me speak, now playing for over 5.5 years of this sick minded abuse.

The overhead pounding has started up while I was using AdBlock Plus to eliminate the display of the frenetic ads on my regular web sites. Again, I have no idea why the perps find this fascinating, starting up this noise for the first time today all for the prosaic activity of blocking the visual display they arrange for me to see. And they have also stopped me from doing this for a time, so "I didn't know" to invoke it. They have me screwed over bigtime, and are still hounding the shit of me, literally even. That takes a particular depravity to keep this harassment up after creating all the problems for themselves; past traumatizations and ingested pollutants which both interfere with their remote bioenergetics assay games I have come to know.

A sudden eruption of localized and driving head pain my left side, temple region, the one the perps are most "needing" to access going by their history. At the time, I was reading about the Duplessis Orphans and the assholes decided that was the essential reason to fuck me with head pain and have me scream in rage about it, more than once. And this would be just like treatment of the Duplessis Orphans, served up for nonconsensual human experimentation.

More web troving; the Duplessis Orphans links were interesting, though I cannot even find a book or dedicated website on it. Perhaps my Google searches are being constrained. Then an interesting find called the Indian Lake Project, where a buried box was found with photographs, probably from the 1950's, and the area has some strange abandoned 3 story structures there. I thought it was interesting that the siren noise went off when looking at the photo in this posting of the Indian Lake Project, though I have no recall of such an medical testing device. Regular readers will know that I have a Unfavored view of medical devices and materiel, making the noise coincidence interesting.

I also thought the picture of the buildings in the woods (at the end of this long blog posting) to be of coincidence interest as well; the perps often plant pictures of modern cabins and houses among the trees, but again, I have no recall of any place such as pictured in the Indian Lake Project. Though, given that my every breath is arranged, it would be highly likely that the perps have a specific objective in me "finding" the Indian Lake Project blog. The blog site's author even gets the black helicopter visitations.

Another of my Unfavoreds is uniforms, especially military ones, though to be fair, I don't know if this is from past traumatizations or is something that the perps routinely do for most TI's as it is a widespread tactic, gangstalking with military or LEO personnel . Again, in the above link, there is a picture of a military officer with three boys standing in front of them.

More siren noise after an all-quiet while assembling above paragraph and re-visiting the Indian Lake Project link, above. Perhaps the perps are telling me there is more to this than I am willing to venture. Or, it could be a big diversion game for them, as there is nothing as much fun for the sickos as planting wrong beliefs.

Before I wrap this one up, here is another link, that of whistleblower James Henry Graf, who has been suffering directed harassment and abuse since 1984, some coincidence that. He has much documentation of his efforts to obtain the services of human rights and civil liberties groups, but they all slammed the door on him, and even seemed to be prepared to rebuff him. It is absolutely horrendous what he has experienced, and he articulates this invasion of one's mind in the most direct and lucid prose that I have read among TI's, me included. (Thanks to James Marino for this compelling story, link at the right).

It is time to call this dull day done, and blog off; one shut-in day is plenty enough, but then I don't get to decide that.

No, I edited the above instead, only to have vehicle horns sound off at length when certain letters, words, or phrases changed or spelled correctly. There isn't any relief.