Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Favored and Unfavored; a Summary (02-2008, 08-2009 Updates)

This is intended to be a "trophy" posting; one that details an area of current perp operations intensity and is to be placed in my Essential Introductory Postings at the right as a reference rather than journalling the details of today's slings and arrows.

This blog posting is cobbled together from past postings, but is a more focussed treatise on the peculiar traits of the perps that are designed to present specific situations to trigger my liking, or disliking aka the Favored and Unfavored; objects, beings, demographic groups, colors, noise, situations, personalities, behaviors and whatever else that can be categorized in that manner. Until the preponderance of these staged situations became apparent, I was not consciously aware of most of these dislikes. The perps now regulate my reactions to the Unfavored, and have been escalating them to aid in their own mendacious objectives.

This is the list of populations and circumstances that the perps ensure I get maximal exposure to, and will often sprinkle in the Favored gangstalkers at first, and then waves of the Unfavored gangstalkers (or colors) for the remainder of my excursion. The binary list, based on what I observe from the perp activity, is as follows;

  • young blonde women, deep shiny black hair (women), good looking women,
  • big round "doe" eyes (women),
  • chiselled cheekbones, proportionate but angular faces with full (but not oversized) chin,
  • thoughtful, perceptive and analytical thinkers (presented in writing, radio, televison or in person), male or female, and additionally, where warranted in the context, who exhibit
  • fair minded and merit based decisiveness,
  • competence, individually or organizationally,
  • blue, mid grey, steel blue colors,
  • aesthetic industrial design, e.g. Audis A6, A8 and TT, Nissan Altima, VW Jetta until 2007, certain Volvos; 245, 850, V70 pre-2002., but this also applies to all art and industrial design.
  • UK accents, particularly Scottish ones, though German ones have been planted in my proximity but without any apparent perturbing reaction,
  • red hair, white hair, skin heads (males, shaven pate), curly or frizzy hair (either gender),
  • puffy, jowly faces, e.g. Carl Rove like,
  • males with ponytails or long hair, or any degree of face masking beards and mustaches,
  • biker look in all facets, as well as motorcycles, especially from the 1950's era,
  • sports jacketed or suited (males), uniforms, or even ties and dress shirts,
  • aggressives, belligerents, loudspoken types,and bullshitters (males typically),
  • vagrants and other unkempt individuals,
  • shiftless and/or loitering individuals of no apparent purpose or activity engagement, usually males, though the odd geriatric has been planted in this scenario to the same over obvious effect,
  • geriatrics, and any associated typical behaviors, comportment, gait, voice tone etc., as well as associated objects, e.g. canes, walkers, etc.
  • chinless (recessed chin) individuals,
  • stooped shoulders, or like grovelling body language,
  • obesity,
  • slobs and slovenliness,
  • individuals of races of varying brown skin tone which really includes everyone but Caucasians; even greenish toned Caucasian dialysis patients have been placed in my proximity to some perturbing effect,
  • handicapped individuals (including wheelchairs and any other medical equipment or devices),
  • strangely behaved individuals, (especially the mentally disturbed),
  • individuals who dither about, are inept, won't or cannot make a decision or otherwise ditz around, fuck up or are incompetent, (opposite of the Favored category),
  • syringes, and all other medical materiel,
  • face masking objects; sunglasses, eyeglasses, masks, Islamic face covering garb, breathing masks, e.g. anesthetic treatment,
  • head adornments of any kind, from kercheifs to do-rags, turbans or tight clinical caps, skull caps etc.,
  • hats worn by gangstalkers, from berets to wide brimmed hats, especially on males, which might pertain to
  • military or like clothing or accouterments,
  • white clothing (especially pants),
  • color clashing clothing, reds and oranges especially, reds and yellows,
  • brown colored anything, also reds, oranges, yellows and pastel hospital greens, and
  • vehicle features of blacked-in/tinted windows, black vehicles and blacked-in wheels.
The above Favored and Unfavored demographic group members are being constantly arranged, presented and introduced everywhere I go in public or even predominantly arranged on web pages that I encounter. A common method of the perps is to have a blonde woman gangstalker (Favored) pass by, especially at a new venue, and then later introduce combinations of individuals or objects (garment colors), or even both together, with both Favored and Unfavored aspects. As the lastmost tier of introduced beings and objects on an outing, the perps will arrange gangstalkers/freaks that are entirely Unfavored, say, a chinless male vagrant with stooped shoulders and white hair in white pants, (six Unfavoreds).

One common combination of Favored and Unfavored is a blonde woman (Favored) wearing brown (Unfavored), or even a two tone brown garment or suit, sometimes to the point of absurd by overdoing it. My gym class seems to be in a rotation to bring in various Favored and Unfavored individuals in combinations and testing them in my proximity for longer than a street encounter would. An example playing in my gym class are three blonde women who are all obese to varying degrees aligned together, side by side. The vilest example in the gym class to date (12-2007) of mixing of Favored and Unfavored characteristics is a slim young blonde woman in the class who has a terribly recessed chin and has partially dyed her hair green. She showed up once and has now been pulled (to 10-03-2008 so far).

An variation of the Favored demographic group membership has been for the perps to stage gangstalkers who resemble people who I admire; there was a Helen Mirren lookalike in the grocery store last week, and and a few days before that, a Richard Branson lookalike replete with white hair posing in my apartment lobby.

It would seem that the perps are attempting to elicit deep neural (subconscious) reactions to the above listed beings/personalities/items/colors, and are attempting to leverage the Favored to evaluate the Unfavored in some way. I call this "auric goodness co-option" or "bathing in the auric penumbra (shadow)"; where an Favored demographic group member is often engaged in conversation with me, say a gym class coordinator babe, and then some of the Unfavored demographic group members plant themselves in a proximate location, or even move in by interjecting themselves into the conversation. Often, the perps will align an Unfavored demographic group gangstalker (e.g skinheaded male luggy thug) directly in front of or behind a Favored demographic group gangstalker (e.g blonde babe).

This dynamic blending of the respective Favored and Unfavored "auras" (aka bioenergetic fields) is my interpretation to explain why the perps keep this constant parade going. There is the intermingling and criss-crossing of one gangstalker in front of the other, and then in reverse order and differing directions and orientations, as well as the above mentioned combinations in the form of a Favored person in fugly colored clothing. There must be a constant energetic interaction going on that we mortals are unable to consciously detect, and one's internal cognitive valence comparisons of all the arranged beings/personalities/items/colors between Favored and Unfavored categories has a direct bearing on these bioenergetic interactions which appear to be remotely detectable in realtime.

We all create a subconscious list of Favored and Unfavored characteristics, though in my case I am reminded of this all the time, and not out of choice. It has become apparent, likely through planted thoughts, that there is reason to suspect that I may have been taken to the infamous Dr. Ewan Cameron of McGill University when I was in Montreal for my father's academic years in 1956-57, 1958-59 at the ages of two and four. (This is the updated (08-08-2009) portion as I did not know that I spent two years in Montreal before beginning primary school at age 6. I found a family photo which showed me in Montreal for the 1958-59 winter and no one in the family ever mentioned this). There are other extensive lapses in recall that I cannot account for from the age of two, when permanent memories are formed, to age six. And it would seem there are fragments of recall, mostly associations of specific beings/personalities/objects/colors and combinations thereof, that are likely stored at a deep neural level the perps did not anticipate or could not then delete. It is most likely that the ongoing perp's relentless presentation of Favored and Unfavored subjects is likely to elicit deep neural subconscious reactions of these long past traumatization associations, which are thereby revealed in some bioenergetic way and remotely assayed in realtime. They also tell me that the relative size of persons and objects at the time of traumatization is important, hence the huge variance in vehicle sizes, as well as distance dependent games they put on.

It appears that my current existence, and it is not a life, is to be harassed and abused in the perp's attempt to resolve the traumatizations they inadvertently incurred. This blithering fuck-up in attempting to delete my recall of their illegal medical intrusions from age two to six now begets a daily litany of abusive harassment in the form of;
  • hundreds of planted and swarming persons around me anytime I go outside (gangstalkers),
  • thousands of arranged vehicles, by color, type and design features anytime I am out walking on city thoroughfares or driving in a vehicle,
  • incessant planted noises in concert with my activities, right down as to exactly when I scratch my nose, read a specific word, make a typo correction, turn a light switch on etc. and
  • extra-conventional application of gravitic control to constantly abuse me in the form of faked touchings, vision impairments, imbalance, flashes of plasma and maser beams, pulling objects from my grasp, interfering with my normal perceptions, recall and vocabulary and entire daily function
  • planted thoughts and notions entirely unlike before this all began in 04-2002.
There has been a seven year long intense overt harassment campaign (as of mid-2009), aka "total harassment theater", by means of the the above mentioned seeming re-enactment of the past traumatization associations. If the deep traumatizations theory is true, these appear to be an impasse to whatever future plans the perps think they have for me. What that is exactly I don't know, but one can be certain that these ruthless and depraved cretins aren't undertaking remediation out of charity or "concern" for the victim, no matter how much of this is borne of their past incompetence.

They could actually leave me alone, as I was doing fine until they intervened with the current overt harassment methods in 2002, along with the cock and bull story of making it seem as if there was a clinical cause, which there isn't. Naturally, a forced and illegal stay in a hospital, which is what they did for six months over 2002 and 2003, would serve their purposes for exposing me to this aspect of traumatization re-enactment, aka Unfavored events, beings and objects of a clinical nature, mentioned above.

Let me be unequivocal, I don't need any intrusive psychopathic or otherwise deranged white knight to play juvenile stunts with extra-conventional gravity tricks to make "restitution". I am the one who to defines that for me. Being contained in a depraved nonconsensual human experimentation is not it. I have been abused and fucked with enough; pass the dough and stay out of my life, as it has been trashed plenty, the little that I know.


Apocalypto said...

Hi. I linked to your blog from your short comment on mine.

Sounds like you're getting the full course treatment.

I suggest you move to Florida and arm yourself, if you record allows it. Rent a free standing house. That is some defense.

Then get a concealed weapons permit, buy a .45, spend a lot of time at the range, buy an AR 15 or an AK, spend a lot of time at the range, and then hunt them down. When they appear, confront them and advise them on no uncertain terms tht you will kill them if you see them again. Works for me.

As I've mentioned on my blog, simple harassment is a felony, and aggravated stalking, where you fear for your life, is a forceable felony, authorizing the use of deadly force. Become agressive and proactive. The more you hide or remain submissive,the worse it will get. Put the fear of death in their hearts and you may find some relief.

AJH said...

I wish that I could follow your advice, but I have been stopped at the border three times within two months. The last time I wanted to clean out my apartment in Seattle and the Border Guards wouldn't let me.

Being under the microscope means all that my interactions are monitored, if not arranged in advance. It would be nice to have a component of dangerousness, a wild card option such as a firearm, but they are very difficult to come by in Canada.

Take care, and keep up the agressive posture toward the sick minded gangstalkers.


eagledove9 said...

This isn't directly related to the stalking or harassment, it's about people's facial structures, such as a weak chin.

Warning: some of the pictures are a little bit disturbing or disgusting. I got attacked with people putting those images into my head several days after reading those articles for the first time. It's pictures of people and animals with strangely shaped faces, teeth, and mouths.



The Weston Price website is about how nutrition affects development, especially development of the teeth, jaws, and face. It's not just nutrition, it's also chemicals such as pesticides that can cause people to have poorly developed faces. I am interested in this because I've had a lot of teeth removed and had braces when I was a kid, and my jaw is very small. It makes me feel hopeful to think that maybe these things are preventable.

anyway, not directly relevant to stalking, just interesting.

AJH said...

I don't know the roots of the "chinless look" and why the gangstalkers feature it so often, and even go out of their way to present their chin in profile for maximum effect. The perps tell me I was witness to aliens during the recall deleted "lost years" from age 2 to 5 years old, but that is about the most unreliable source one can have. Seeding FUD, Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt is their stock in trade. But at any rate, they make sure I am totally repulsed by this facial look, no matter their rationale.

Anonymous said...

In my most extreme and stressful gang stalking episodes, I could always tell who the perps were because they looked like nobody I'd ever encountered before. I was wondering what rock they'd found these people under.

Negative associations will be formed with certain looks (the look of unhealthy people) and I'm not sure these associations are entirely unfair. Bad nutrition (often the product of bad parenting, here in the US) will lead to a bad adult appearance. If you learned bad nutritional habits from your parents, you will probably pass them on to your kids. People have an instinctual aversion to unhealthy features in potential partners, probably for reasons like these. Of course our preferences for certain appearances in our sex partners bleed over into other aspects of life, and thus the ugliest perps are probably ostracized from an early age. The prophecy of failure told by your appearance becomes reality.

It's just not a pretty picture. It's Biblical ("the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the children") and not in a friendly way.

I can understand the Biblical aspect, and I think that even if you get a raw deal in life, you may not be able to succeed but at least your children can, if you learned from your parents' mistakes and raise them right.

What we're coming up against is something extremely unfair - now it's not good enough to be raised properly by your parents. Now you have to live up to some totalitarian standard or be destroyed.

I have a perfectly healthy body and mind and these bastards are destroying them.

AJH said...

Answer to: In my most extreme and...

I often call the procession of weirds/Unfavoreds the "freakshow", as that is what it is. It is likely that not all my learned determinations of threatening or strange features are from subconscious traumatizations, but in fact represent those that are quite often in the population at large. Most people don't like to see deformities in others, and I am just like most, but it is something the perps manage for, wanting to me to see and react to these class of freaks, as well as ones that seem more specific to me, e.g. Scottish accents. How such strange/Unfavored appearances were passed on or inherited is unfair, but there are even animal studies that show the same thing, such as the innate need to hide an injury so not to seem vulnerable. This is important in the animal kingdom so they can keep their place in the pecking order and not be challenged.