Sunday, January 27, 2013

Banter of the Rummies

The background noise of bantering rummies (slang for vagrants, or semi-vagrants in my closeted world) has started up just after finishing tea and chocolate. Post food consumption brings out the extra perp treatment as they deem fit. Not forgetting last week the said rummies were overheard mentioning the word "roster", an indictment that infers organization and that they all work together, and their work assignment is arranged for them. Not often do I get to hear an individual word, just background banter.

The worst yoga class ever in my limited yoga experiences of some 6 years. A balding and fat male instructor , already at three Unfavored strikes, begins power yoga with a breathing exercise for crissakes, and it never got much better than that. Power yoga is meant to be energetic, for the students at least. Though this Fuckwit was energetic, or more like frenetic in his pacing around the classroom, and even circling me at least once. The perps make sure that I cannot stand someone hovering over me or someone acting in a frenetic way (e.g. senseless pacing around). And not only was this Anemic Yoga, but it was conducted with a Frenetic Instructor, who wasn't anything to look at either. As I see it, a new way to screw with my yoga times, which seems of vital importance to the perps, having an instructor I will avoid at all future classes. There is no question the perps need to govern down my yoga or any other kind of fitness endeavors, as the once/week classes got interrupted with instructor no-shows and other like administrative stunts.

The perps forced a nicked finger with the pruners with one plant/vine left to go in the row, at the far end of course. Band-aids are a very popular perp brown color reference applied to skin, Caucasians and negroes alike, including one who had one hanging off his ear on the bus.

Of all the things to "occur", as in pre-scripted harassment, the perps unblocked my toilet sometime today. This evening, I went to do battle with the backflush of Liquid Plumber and the contents, and nothing was there, save some toilet paper they threw in. I still cannot get over as to why they took it upon themselves, in a never-before event, to undo the mess they created. It is simply astounding that I wasn't treated to another adversity like every time nearly.

Maybe that they ran me out of chocolate has something to do with their extremely rare incidence of cleaning up their own mess, thinking about their brown imperative and all that.

 An 0330h awakening to listen to the barking and howling dog next door (suites, in a motel). The perps put me to sleep for two hours and when I awakened the dog was still barking and howling, and carried on for the next 1.5 hours while I had breakfast, showered, shaved and changed.

Said ball-capped dude/dog owner wasn't there in all likelihood. But when coming back this evening, and being reminded of the early dog noise show, said dude and dog were doing the strut in front of my vehicle as I pulled into a parking stall. Why this Fuckwit had to be paraded in front of me after being reminded of his stunning non-performance immediately beforehand is very common with the perp coincidence games. Think it, and lo, if the word or concept or object isn't mentioned by someone in short order or else appears live.

And it should not go unmentioned that I have had a fair bit of daily dog barking while working on pruning in the vineyard this and the past week. The neighboring vineyard's workers bring their dogs to work and lo, if they don't bark when I am out, some 400' away. And too, barking is often arranged at the instant I am cutting a grape vine.

Another follow-on jerkaround was for the perps to inflict some kind of hip joint pain and sensitivity such that I hobble with an uneven gait and cannot stand on my right leg. I wasn't doing anything strange, it just came on as I was walking in this room I live in. And they have laid this pain and disablement on me the entire day, and as I write this. Another one of those hoping-it-will-go-away inflictions, but if it isn't over tomorrow I will have to see a doctor.

Then a double jerkaround at the tanning salon tonight; the first was sending someone into my booked room, after she had done a parading around the room in typical perp style. I objected and said that I had it booked, and fortuneately the gangstalker relented and I got to go in. All for sending someone immediately in front of me for less than a half minute, as she had only taken off her boots.

That wasn't enough though; the perps can now play with ones' perception of time passing, and so they did while under the tanning lights of the sun bed. Eventually they worked this worry into a full blown concern and I got out of the bed about two minutes early.

And as my watch has gone missing for some mysterious reason, I did not have any way to measure time. Convenient, that.

Other abuse today was the same continuance of messing with my ability to grasp, estimate distance, and otherwise interfere with my fine motor coordination involved in pruning grapevines, what I do for a living now (all viticultural activities).

Another piece of wonderful timing was the son-in-law of the owners arriving at 1625h as I was about the leave, the "dinge onset", as in winter sunset, a very favorite perp time to create more hassle. Not only did I get to  help him load his red truck, but also the perps re-bled the finger wound they inflicted on me two days ago. I did not need a band-aid (brown color adhesive sampling) on it in any way today, but lo, and with no provocation, I saw blood on the cider tank where the son-in-law wanted to extract a sample into three brown bottles.I look at my finger and the assholes had re-bled it for absolutely no conventional physical reason. And we have talked about blood samples and that have we not, and that it is very likely many of the massacres and other such current day tragedies just might be perp driven blood-location interaction samples.

A day of pruning grapevines mostly. Subzero (below 0C), maybe -2C or so, nothing too chilly and 8" of snow on the ground, the snowfall was Jan. 8, and with little thawing, the snow remains. Though the perps did pull a half inch snowfall yesterday to slightly mask what was on the ground on the prior 8" of snow.

I get the usual noisestalking, especially at the moment of cutting a vine. And even the odd phone call, the moment I decided which cane to cut of two good choices, my boss phones. The last two days he had the unerring knack of phoning me as I have just left or entered his house. (The vineyard owners are away in Vancouver BC this week, as the perps seemed to want them totally gone while they noisestalk me pruning).

Strangely, the motel manager phoned me to tell me that the water supply was going to be shutdown again. Like WTF; she didn't tell me that it was shutdown
Wednesday, but she tells me it will be Thursday. No matter, I am away at work when it is shutdown, though regular readers will know that the perps routinely interrupt my water supply no matter where I go. It was 2011 when they crimped the copper supply line at the First Feral Family house, as there was an excavation to look at the perimeter drains. About two years before that, my perp-abetting mother had the plumbers come by to do some upgrade work and lo, if they didn't put some PEX (plastic) pipe for the supply to the washing machine. All this dicking around over water supply spells one thing; the perps are a long way from ending this unrelenting abuse.

Friday, end of the work week. I did winemaking until 1100h, then pruning grape vines for the rest of the day. The son-in-law was back to park his red truck 100' away, barely visible through the brown grape vines. All part of the "browning around" games, adding some red into the picture.

The perps screwed me totally when driving home; I had planned two stops in close proximity but that wasn't allowed and I was near the highway before they let me in on this mind-fuckery. Another level of "never before"; that is, such strightforward plans never got this messed up or forgotten with such rapidity. Thanks a lot assholes.

One of the stops was due to my Rx refill getting screwed with. The phone refill system somehow "failed" after the first Rx, and cut me off. So I phoned in the second Rx and it took it, and so I expected them both to be ready. But no, one Rx wasn't filled for crissakes. Both were put into the Rx telephone refill system over two calls and only one got filled. Not only do we have an errant Rx refill system but the staff compounded it by not processing both.

All to keep me at the counter for longer it seemed and give the Rx tech an excuse to vacate the counter to go look at a LCD system 10' away, and then come back. The setup was already in place with a much delayed customer, then two native Indian girls with a young child were ahead of me, and then these adjacent loafing Fuckwits with child decided to get up and tail me in the queue after a fat Fuckwit vacated his spot in the lineup for no apparent reason. In other words, I had child gangstalkers (less than 2 y.o., in strollers) and caregivers either side of me, one native Indian, one Caucasian, even if the latter looked like they came from the Osarks, replete with pacing around behavior with cell phone in hand.

And I see the perps have just polluted yoga again, twice in succession now. Above mentioned male yoga instructor with large gut teaches tonight and Sunday morning when I wanted to go both times. This Fuckwit had never been instructing before, and now he shows up twice more after distinguishing himself as the worst yoga instructor. Not to mention the biggest eyesore as well.

The toilet blocking count these past five working days was three evening in succession and a fourth with no obstruction stunt. This is a huge increase in needing to go, as 2x/week has been the imposed norm for years.

A shut-in day, as a new music management and player software was installed and tested. And after spending some 6 hours fixing metadata, why, 95 Gb of compressed music files just plain disappeared. As in poof, all gone and no Windows backups.

Not entirely without backups as it turned out, as I had made a manual backup in 11-2011, which might seem a long time ago, but as it was the last backup before I left Victoria, I have all the CD's I have ripped since then. A constant perp theme is to do things over again; no wonder wherever I worked there seemed to be inherent organizational problems where re-work was the order of the day.

Though the system mysteries continue; a backup is twice the size of the source files.

The errant wall whacking noise continues, at least 1x/minute, and of no discernible conventional cause. I also get masers at every turn, especially where I am looking, these small circular ones have an unerring habit of appearing just where I am going to look, and then stay there until at least I swear at them or else flick my head or otherwise change my gaze. That is true; looking at anything is a highly governed and interfered with activity, and it only gets worse from there.

I got out to the bank, LD for Rx and a grocery store and to fill up the tank in the vehicle. As in keeping with past practice, gangstalking is much heavier after shut-in days. These Fuckwits at the ATM malingering, and again at the grocery store, who then all lined up behind me, save one who was ahead, at the checkout. The one ahead was in checkout-malingering mode, taking her time to sign a pentition that happened to be there. And they were big on hindering today, having Fuckwits arrive just ahead of where I planned to go.

And plenty of oil spots on the parking lots; these small slicks of yellow, purple and blue coloring dogged my path each location. As mentioned many times, the perps have an obsession/harassment and abuse agenda that includes petroleum and its many products/refinement forms. Which, I suspect, relates to their seeming need to determine "earth energies" and that includes flicking mud onto gangstalking vehicles and public transportation. And it might go back to 29 September 1913 when Rudolph Diesel somehow flipped overboard and drowned on his way to the UK to make contracts with oil seed suppliers.

And I stopped at the yoga center to see if my watch had been turned in. And lo, it had; someone found it in the parking lot, which makes some sense as I recall pulling out of my boot after class. As to how it came off my wrist, that would be another mystery. This watch has gone missing before, and that was a highly improbable find as it was at at the farm where I worked. Given that the perps started in earnest in 04-2002, and one of their first tasks was to sabotage my steel mesh banded watch, I am not too surprised. And too, I have two watchbands to replace the present one, both with some orange detail on the black vinyl watchband. Somehow, (har, har) the parcel went missing and the online dealer supplied another. After I came back from Christmas break, both had been delivered.

I don't know what the deal is about the color orange, but suffice to say it gets plenty of gangstalking and harassment attention. It appears to be an Unfavored color of sufficient impact that the perps had me pull the orange colored zipper out of a black and grey pack they had me purchase. And it was a useless purchase, as I already have a pack of the same size. Even though the recently purchased pack offered more room inside, it really didn't amount to a hill of beans. More perp games; buy the wrong thing, do the wrong thing and everything else associated with human ineptitude and folly, even if instigated by them.

Enough of this week's travails and onto posting this.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Email Replies Banned

And still the incomprehensible problems with Yahoo continue; I cannot reply to emails. Either the To; box in Compose gets nullified (doesn't accept text input) or else the Paste command is inoperative even when I just copied something into it and can copy it to Notepad no problem.

Games with where I put the cell phone aerial so to block the only jack for the headphones. The perps take turns in crashing the two front USB ports to have me move the cell phone aerial and thereby block the jack for audio.

I bought my very first high resolution audio files yesterday, and am playing them tonight. Presumably the 96Hz/24bit files have some different effects as detectable by the perps. Not forgetting all those CD's since 1985 or so, had a lesser resolution, 44hz/16 bit AND they cut off the music beyond 20kHz. Beyond 15Hz is inaudible, but there are harmonics we can pick up and detect if missing. I don't know what the perp agenda is over audio files, but I do find it interesting that the lossy (meaning some music has been stripped out for compressed file size), MP3 files are so popular.

Mostly vineyard pruning today, though some morning interaction to determine that the pH meter's probe was inaccurate, and it wasn't the buffer solution.

The perps caused my pruners to disappear just before lunch, as they were in the holster which hasn't lost the pruners to date. As there was 8" of snow on the ground, there was no way I could find them, and so I went in for lunch. I came back with a yellow handled rake to paw though the snow on my limited range where they went missing, and found them. I reckon the exercise was all about getting a yellow handled object to "join me", that is, serve as a color reference. The rake and my red handled oversized lopers were kept near (10') me as I didn't need the latter often and would move them along the row as I pruned the vines. And we have done yellow and red colors together, haven't we?

I could tell it was parcel arrival day this morning; the parking lot of this motel where I am staying over-winter was plugged up with a Fedex van and the driver was making transfers of boxes (think brown) to a silver grey minivan with the owner present. I assume this was some kind of sub-route delivery arrangement, but give me a break; in a motel parking lot to block my egress for five minutes? Given the high strangeness that goes on with the perps and their brown cardboard box-stalking gaves, this one takes the cake. And yes, a UPS parcel did arrive today, and the motel manager kindly put it in my room.

A day of mostly pruning grape vines, though I had to tend to the owner's pet, wood pellet stove and feed the outside wild birds. They departed for a week away, leaving by bus this morning.

The cleaning lady came today and was in the house until about 1300h, timing her departure to when I was inside having my lunch. I left lunch until 1245h and she was still there, as normally she clears out by 1230h. Again, I don't know what the significance of this person is to the whole harassment scenario, but I consider last Wednesday was a "warm up". I was inside and tending to winery activity and she was there and the owner went out for some two hours in the morning to leave us two there in different parts of the house. Then cleaning lady came downstairs, seemingly to scare me as I entered the building from outside, having been temporarily outside to my vehicle. (And have I mentioned how often the perps like gangstalkers and stunts to erupt as I enter or leave buildings?) I was lead to overhear the cleaning lady recounting this tale to the owners for whatever reason when they came back. Why the perps wanted me to hear someone tell someone else about me is another fascinating side story I won't get into for now.

I did my year end accounting tonight and ran a report for 2012; there was close to $1,800 in in the Adjustment category, meaning I have no idea whatsoever as to where this money went. I keep on top of my accounting each month (to great perp harassment) and all my receipts are kept and I still cannot understand why this is "leaking". Mostly in cash of course. And of course it is always in the negative direction, as I have never had an unexpected surplus of cash. It is too big of a number to be forgetful about something.

And I see that I am now getting emails that I should reply to, two tonight, and the first in three weeks. And still the Yahoo email won't let me reply. How long is this bullshit going to go on?

And some 4 weeks after I ordered a tool from a Seattle outfit I still haven't heard, so I phoned them up today. After all the preliminaries of getting my name, address etc., when the phone representative would of had it in hand as I gave him the Order Number first, he puts me on hold for a minute or so. Then he comes back on the phone and says, "it will be shipped today". Fine I say, but why wasn't it shipped earlier. He said it was back-ordered. Like WTF; the day that I phone they suddenly have stock and are going to ship it? Another fine coincidence and one more example of the games that go on for ordering alone, never mind the delivery capers that have been long recounted in this blog.

Finally, online Yahoo help offered something of value; try another browser if one has email send problems. I suspect this started with Firefox 18.0 which was delivered a few weeks ago, though they never tell me when they upgrade. The live support chat for Yahoo wanted $38 to provide a solution to the problem. Go fuck yourself Yahoo; I cannot be the only one with this problem, assuming it is of conventional origin and not by some covert harassment/abuse agency that can remotely read any computer they want anytime.

The ear ringing noise is on high at this 1750h dusk time. The light was dimming strangely at 1530h as I was working in the vineyard. This near-sudden dinginess and if that wasn't enough, they started playing games in making the snow appear green and then yellow as I was walking in for the day.

A tanning salon visit tonight, replete with all those vehicles that have me lined up at every turn, stop, etc. with their headlights aimed at me, aka pitlamping. There are many more vehicles sitting on the roadside parked, and of course, their headlights trained on me. And some dude arrived noiselessly behind me at the tanning salon. I didn't know he was there until I was done with the full cleavage assistant. He was no wher around when I entered and didn't appear to come through the door either, as I would of heard it. Either my hearing was blocked or he teleported in behind me. No difference, just more strange events either way.

Another phone card goes missing; I am two for two in the past year. The $20 card disappeared within days of purchasing it and was never found even after I moved out of the place Mar.-Apr. 2012. This time I took the card on the road and to the First Feral Family house so there is a legitimate case that it was misplaced, but we all knows who looks after that too. Have the victim blame himself seems to be a perp methodology, though that all changed for me back in 04-2002 when they put on a shock and awe show in my apartment after bringing me back from somewhere as I had gone to sleep. The perps rountine script noise and light flashes anytime I assign blame to them as I always do now.

Even making a call on a new phone card had to be sabotaged; next to no pause time between entry of numbers, then the book with the phone number flew out from my grasp, then the phone card flipped out of my hand to mysteriously land under the couch just outside of my finger reach on two sides. I had to get a slender piece of metal to retrieve it. Then adjacent lamp's switch got buggered last night so I had to plug the lamp unit in at the wall to provide sufficient light near the phone. It never fucking ends; endless hassle to do the simplest of things.

Now dude banter has started up next door, to accompany his dog that takes to barking as well. I didn't know that pets were allowed in this motel complex, but hey, the perps make the rules everywhere they need to. I suspect that next door dog barking is to continue that same infernal racket that went on much of the day while I was outside pruning grape vines. The adjacent property seems to be truly perp managed, so I get to overhear the dude banter as it carries some 300', and their dogs have the unerring knack of starting to bark as I make my pruning cuts. And as any kind of vegetative pruning or cutting nearly always gets some kind of perp noise or light flashes, why am I surprised? Just for the record, that is all.

The outside babbling dudes/noise again; aka male banter. I don't know why this is important to the perps, as they often will start with mixed gender banter and then have the females drop out to leave male only banter. And they add in the odd coughing and wheezing too, all these soldiers of the Fourth Reich on this ten+ year long stake out of scripted noise.

I got screwed every which way today. They fucked with the alarm clock in the night so it didn't ring and woke me up three hours later. I didn't need ten hours sleep, seven is perfectly adequate. An abbreviated morning routine, this time no shaving anywhere, but they did have me make coffee which is one function that I could of dropped to save time as I did last week in the same scenario. Then they had me stop in town for a part for my hand pruners, as if I needed to as I am supposed to be hurrying to work, being a Friday of a five day work week. They they had a lead-ahead vehicle packing steel to slow up my trip to the vineyard. As the owners are away, there wasn't work repercussions of being two hours late for work. Or at least, they won't find out until they read the daily check-in log to see my later start time. This has been the third alarm clock sabotage in the past 8 working days and I am getting intensely pissed about this new incursion.

They had me phone the wrong office for the above mentioned pruner part, and then had me "forget" to take my phone to work as I had been faithfully doing. After doing the feeding duties, (cat, inside plants with water, pellet stove, birds outside) they then had my vehicle get stuck in the snow, and that was worth 20 minutes of grief before I got the vehicle unstuck. That made the grape vine pruning work begin at 1100h, so in other words, three hours got shaved off the expected work activity.

The vineyard where I work is bounded on two sides by roads, and it isn't any surprise that hot-rod muffler noise abounds, and is arranged just at the moment when I am pruning a vine. Add in the odd unmarked aircraft flying low, one of my regulars from last year going by the engine sound. Then there is the incessant dog barking noise from the vineyard next door. Though today the male banter of the male workers wasn't to be heard, just the dog barking. It seems they needed to remove the male banter from the noisescape and have dog barking only. I shouldn't of been too surprised to hear yet more dog barking from the adjacent room in this motel where I am staying over the winter.

A Saturday, and a weekend day off. Viticulture is relatively civilized unlike multi-crop farms. I got sacked for a nap attack this afternoon after reading a book, the same one that I got nailed for a three hour nap-attack last weekend. This seems to be a common perp trait of the past year; last summer I got hit with a long nap attack after starting into a book for only 10 minutes or so. Also, the type of book is important to the perps; this one is titled "I Swear by Apollo; Dr. Ewen Cameron and the CIA Brainwashing Experiments" by Don Gilmour. I recommend it if you think you might have been part of it as I might of been. I was 2 to 5 y.o. (1956-60) when in Montreal when he was there. No mention in the book that he was testing children though, per Carol Rutz in A Nation Betrayed. The book is uncertain as to whether Cameron knew he was doing work for the CIA. I found it ironic that Cameron, who was intensely ambitious and trying for a breakthrough in treatment of mental illness was shown up by a contemporary psychiatrist named Heinz Lehmann in nearby Verdun, Quebec, who discovered chlorpromazine for clinical use, the single greatest advance in psychiatric care, dramatically improving the prognosis of patients in psychiatric hospitals worldwide.

Anyhow, more male background banter has been arranged as I type this up, especially when making the links you see in the above paragraph. Yet another perp consistent event they have noisestalked all these 10+ years of abuse. I recall in late 2002 they had me at my work site on a Saturday and noisetalked me with an overhead thump each time I bookmarked a page, as I was heavily into research of the nature of this abuse and all its manifestations. Little did I know then that they had been tailing me, and pre-scripting my existence since birth, and that my entire family was in on it, along with the very antagonistic spouse of the prior 20 years.

The hot-rod muffler noise erupted again just now, and I plugged my ears. And lo, if then the dog barking noise from next door didn't erupt. I hadn't heard the latter noise all evening and then it erupts as soon as I plug my ears.

Sunday, and a shut-in one at that, as yoga has been upped to twice a week, Mon. and Fri. Not without a full-on posse around me, replete with fugly tattoos.

And quiet around here too; no bantering dudes until I started using the diamond hones to sharpen my pruners. Then I replaced the nut that the perps had trashed, and that brought on louder dude banter from outside. As did the next door neighbor who arrived and started up his protracted phone conversation. Imagine that; ten+ years of hounding and harassing an innocent citizen and there they are, showing up with the arranged background male banter as some kind of noise carrier.

I suppose the diamonds on the honing stones, some of which wash down the sink, have some kind of petro-voltaic signature that the perps want to capture, and that means interacting with me in some way. Another way of saying "earth energies". Which means that everyone who wears a ring, metal, stone or both, is in some way a prospective subject as the perps would be looking for petro-voltaic reactions as well. Then add in the component of ring stones having color, and the perps are in experimental heaven. Diamonds are the perps' best friends.

Another aspect to their extreme 2002 life rape antics was to trash my watch which had a stainless steel mesh watchband. The replacement watch also had a metal watchband and that got trashed too within a week. Every since then, a plastic watchband has been their required specification, though metal backed. I suppose I will know that they are near done when they somehow convince me to wear a ring again, heaven forbid.

Enough said for the week, and to post this.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nix That

This is the second version as the first one accidentally deleted itself and I wasn't allowed to recover. And why are current age computers so edit adverse? I was recovering crashed edit files in 1985 up to the second to last keystroke. The command was; edit filename/recover and it brought the file back and all but the last keystroke when the system crashed. Almost 20 years later this feature is still missing on PC's (in this web-Google environment)

I arrived back from Kelowna today, having seen the liposuction doctor for an assessment. I would make a good candidate he said, but it would be a general anesthetic operation. That means a conventional means to  knock me out and have me wake up as who knows what. Screw that. And too, when I got the quote as the last item at the medical office assistant's desk, why, it was $1k over my expected worst case number, as in $6k. Screw that.

But as the perps have continously pummelled me with this liposuction for at least 8 years, and puffed me up by some 10lb in the past year to aid their ambitions, I would not be surprised if the liposuction theme doesn't resurface. In concert, while at the First Feral Family house over the prior four weeks, my perp-abetting mother was talking up giving me and my two brothers each a significant financial disbursement. No liposuction in the immediate future, but don't be surprised if it resurfaces.

The obvious gimme was after seeing the video at the doctor's office, inserting a blunt suction needle with the suction hole behind the blunt tip and moving it around under the skin. A normal procedure for sure, but as the perps just love to play games with skin lesions, cuts, nicks etc., this too could be right up the perp agenda.

A flight to Kelowna yesterday, and it was held up for two hours due to snow clearing conditions at the destination runway. We were all gathered at Gate 9, and about the time the flight should of arrived, at least 100 disembarking passengers passed by from elsewhere. The announcements repeatedly made reference tio the aircraft being delayed, as in that it hadn't arrived. And when it was time to board 1.25 hours later, we walked through to Gate 10. Like WTF; the aircraft had been sitting there all the time but not within sight. I learned later on the news that an earlier flight out of Kelowna had taxied off the runway, and after two hours of attempting to move the aircraft, the passengers had to disembark and get a later flight or else stay overnight and catch a flight the next day.

An unsolicited phone call from the manager this evening, telling me that the internet was down everywhere and it wasn't just a Wifi problem. I hadn't spoke with her at all, and haven't been here for four weeks, and this comes out of the blue. I had told her back in early December that I had my own cell-phone ISP and didn't need the WifFi.

And yelling outside; some rude tenants, har, har, arrived in my absence. The outside banter and voice noise has been amped up for some reason. Getting back from a flight yesterday, and another town today, is reason enough for the perps.

Tonight I did bookmarking from the links in the emails I sent myself so I could get to them from a different location and into a bookmarks on this PC. This might of been the reason for the amped up outside banter, switching to male only banter after the loud woman had finished her monologue.

And I see that I am not allowed to compose any email; anew or replies -tried another and it wouldn't let me type in the To box.

And what would be a perp welcome home without a toilet being blocked? They pulled it within an hour or so of arriving here, though they did let it self-clear after a few hours. Same yesterday at the motel; They pulled a need to crap and blocked the toilet within one minute of arriving in my room. And no blocked toilets at the FFF house for over four weeks.

First day at work since early December, and I am unpacking boxes (think brown) as a big order went in to get the wine lab side of things wholly functional. Kind of like Christmas, save the items I didn't order, the items that came by mistake, and other ordering glitches like certain stock not available.

I also learned that the vineyard owner's elderly dog died and was buried in a shallow grave, and to be reburied in the spring as they could not dig the frozen ground deep enough. And as it was a Wednesday, the cleaning lady was there,  and it seemed that it was the perp agenda to have the owners depart and leave me there with her in the house, upstairs mostly and running the vacuum cleaner overhead for a time. And at one point she came downstairs to the garage while I "happened" to be out at my vehicle, and as I stepped into the garage/winery she said something. Which scared the shit out of me as there had been no one else around downstairs and she somehow timed her entrance perfectly as I came in the door. Later she was recounting the story to the owners when they came back. And she modified her routine for the event it seemed, cleaning the downstairs first when it was always the last room to do.

And still not allowed to send email; the compose button in yahoo won't work. Online, I had spent many hours looking and looking for a certain plumbing part and finally got through all the online debris and got the part via Amazon. They have an awesome search engine, and I have found it to be the perfect antidote to being mired in info overflow. Though I am sure there are perp machinations behind that.

At work and winemaking; like so often, sucked into thinking that I was going to go outside pruning but the owner was too busy and no going outside in the snow. I am prepared for it with the clothes, boots and gloves. The perps like these dashed expectation games as I call them.

Lots of things go wrong; when unpacking the grocery shopping an apple self erupted outside of the bag when it wasn't open. Other items pulled from my grasp by unconventional means. I also inadvertently stepped on cat's paw while cutting plastic packing off Dremel diamond cutting wheelI had purchased a few days earlier. I didn't know it was behind me and stepped back an inch to get this pained yowl.

I see some mystery use of my internet connection Dec. 28 when I wasn't here, having returned Jan. 08. The log file has a record of it, having looked due to some strange internet access problems tonight.

Another perp stunt has also increased; plenty of door slamming and outside vibrations going through this room these past three days of being back from a flight.

Today, the Compose button wasn't working in Yahoo Email, and after reloading the page, why, it did. I attempt to type an email address and then my keystrokes are blocked. Bizarre.

The babbling dudes were going on outside, background level, akin to the background babble they would inject into my earmuffs over the past nine years. I haven't had much call for wearing the earmuffs inside any more, so I suppose they are transitioning to live dudes in some kind of communal and orchestrated banter. I did specifically overhear them in early December, and one mentioned "roster" a term that certainly connotes organization and an assigned role. Very curious, though it has to be a straight gimme.

After a year of planted "demand", I finally got a multi-oscillating tool, as it "happened"
 to be discounted when I was in the tool store three days ago. Along with it came a DVD, and I went to play it, and there was no response to the menu selections. Back in 2003 I had to give up on CD-ROMs for the same reason, playing them was obstructed and the commands unresponsive. Why is something so trivial as watching an instructional DVD, 20 min. at most, for a power tool so important to a multi-billion dollar annual budget covert agency?

And why is cutting a CD or DVD disc such a consecrated harassment exercise as occured three weeks ago when visiting First Feral Family members in Kamloops? The Fourth Reich obstructed that exercise big time, and then had me "forget" about the USB stick I had in my briefcase. So in other words, they specifically blocked cutting a DVD data disk and didn't want me to have the files as they also blocked me from knowing about the USB stick I had. And why this relentless stupid juvenile insanity and why is it so consistent over ten years of this fucking abuse?

Mostly vineyard work today, pruning the vines. A clear blue sky, maybe 1 or 2C and with the magnificent view, a rare beautiful day.

Back to this hassle/abuse; my digital cell network to the internet suddenly stopped working as I restarted after tea and chocolate break. So... same as the last place, I get to switch ISP providers to a local WiFi and the perps get to play their games as to how my internet supplier can change things or whatever they are doing/testing/researching with different ISP lines, EMF signals.

And I see my log of the cell network connections, mentioned above with the most odd Dec. 28 entry for an internet connection event when I wasn't here, has been cleaned out by someone. I didn't, as I wanted to print it out, but "somehow" I didn't get it done yesterday when every unfettered instinct and knowledge meme about this harassment would of said, "print it now, glitches happen overnight".

Brutal and ugly dreams last night, though I cannot recall the details. The perps DID NOT screw me over my waking up routine like they had the prior two mornings. Jan. 09 they had me "forget" to set the alarm, and I woke up an hour ahead of work time, and had to not do a torso shave or have coffee to save time. Yesterday morning the alarm was set, but some skittered on the bedside table and shut itself off. They got me up a 0700h and planted the notion I had two hours to get ready, and sometime around 0730h they let me know that work starts at 0800 for crissakes. I never get my morning routine muddled up like they pulled on me yesterday. Then to top it off, they wouldn't let me get to sleep for three hours while they played some kind of radio-like male background banter from the next suite.

I got sacked for a 2.75 hour nap after lunch. There was no intrinsic need for the sleep as I had a full 7 hours. I call them "nap attacks", unwarranted naps that strike, usually for extended lengths. My determination is that one's brain is more accessible by external means, using unconventional technologies that is. Another use of nap attacks, especially in the early harassment years, 2002 to 2003, is to get me out of the way while they go and mess with something. And example would be when I got my PC back from the shop, got it set up, but not switched on, and a sudden "need" to nap came on strong just then. I didn't get to run the PC until at least two hours later after the nap ended. My theory on that was they wanted to access the shutdown  PC there and then and didn't want me around it. Given that it happened at the First Feral Family house makes it more suspicious. Later PC invasion activities made in very clear that they didn't want me using the PC unless they had total control of it. I had pulled the side panel off and ran it, then shut it down, put the side panel on again, and within 10 seconds of boot up the PC just flat out stopped. Only the next day did it run OK, and the re-installation of the side panel seemed to be the reason. It had some energetic properties they could not remotely govern, so down in went, never mind making up any technical excuses.

The post lunch nap attack may have been over the fact that I added two new items to my standard quesadilla fare; shallots and mushrooms were cooked ahead of time and then added into the mix between the tortillas. And as the prefered model of perp testing is to take something more complex at first, and then perform later energetic studies on a simpler subset, one can be sure over the next few weeks that I will be using onions/shallots alone and the same for mushrooms, so they can test each dietary component separately Exciting times in perp land.

And it was from 2003 to 2006 that I always had cooked onions in my quesadilla, but suddenly stopped when I moved to a new residence, and haven't had them since, save them once. On the mushroom side, my perp-abetting mother would cook a large mushroom each Sunday night when I would visit, and she stopped this practice at least four years ago.So it would seem that the perps did not want me ingesting either item, no matter what until today. You read that right; a remotely located and undeclared foreign mind-invasive entity did not want me eating onions or mushrooms until today. And to aid in their research, why they pulled a 3 hour long "nap attack"

I had tea and chocolate after getting up from the nap to help me wake up and then made a tanning salon visit, and then a LD store visit for more chocolate. I had the said chocolate in me while tanning, and subsequently when at the LD store which came with a heavy gangstalker presence. That included threesome of Fat Folk who looked totally stunned, arriving noiselessly some 4' away from the chocolate section and then blocking my egress to get out of there.

The Fat Folk threesome then stood over my former location in the aisle and remained there some 5 minutes later when I crossed the store to look at USB cords. And plenty more hinderers along the way while getting in there and out, and as it was dusk onset, (earlier when in the mountains), I shouldn't have been too surprised. Add in the vehicular dipshits in front of me and making every red light on the way there after taking a route that was to be a relief from an unexpected surge of road traffic.

I see that Yahoo still will not let me create an email, the To; box not accepting key-in or copy/paste input. Funny how there has also been a stop in incoming emails needing a response during this email sending obstruction episode. I await an upgrade from Yahoo to "solve" the problem.

And I now see that the very essential and long used add-on to Firefox, Ad-Block Plus, has been spoofed and disabled. I cannot block images now as Ad-Block doesn't come up in the mouse right click list. I routinely disable all manner of wierd or disturbing images or other page components and now this fundamental (to me) browser component has disabled itself.

A 0900h get-up without setting the alarm, and lo, if they didn't screw me out of going to yoga at 0930h as there wasn't sufficient time to get it all together. And after yesterday's near three hour nap in mid-day, I didn't need another nine hours of sleep. But as they like to screw me out of yoga repeatedly over the years, why am I surprised? And in knowing that, why didn't I set the alarm for 0800h?

And more mind-fuck games, this time over laundry, a long running perp obsession. They screwed me out of taking the detergent, something that has never been forgotten before, to force an extra trip the length of this motel complex, say, 120' or so. No in-suite laundry here in these too-tight rooms, but at least the price is right. I walked through to the laundry (twice) at about 1045h and no one was out, and there are at least 35 vehicles parked here in specific color order of course. And as it is cold out, and my shirt proved to be inadequate after the the first outing(s), I changed into a warmer shirt and put on the same jacket (after getting mind-fucked into putting the wrong jacket on first). On my way there and back to transfer the laundry from washing machine to dryer, why at least four Fuckwits had emerged. The stand-around-and-stare dude who was in place twice in the past two days each time I arrived back from work, a red and black jacketed walk-by male, a fat female in a round hat, poncho and a leopard skin collar in a just-stand-there-and-look-stupid role next to the building corner and a blonde on butt-sucking (cigarette smoking) duty. All because I changed my shirt ahead of going outside I reckon. Exciting times indeed in perpville.

Enough details of everything perp directed, and now to post this

[Later this evening; outside hot-rod noise running for ten minutes while I had headphones on. More male background banter, wall bangings, dog barkings and like noise eruptions. They got especially frequent and louder and varied after I had used my diamond honing stones.]

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Email Chase

What is with the non-response, or incommunicado games of late? On Dec. 20 (2012) I sent my boss an email, as I am at the First Feral Family house in another city and won't be at work until Jan. 08. All I wanted was some measurements off a flask so I can get the right sized bung for it while in this gangstalk city. No response, and today I was about to send him an email and he sends me one on another topic. I reply and mention I am also looking for the two measurements, per last email. That was this morning, and with no response in the early evening I phone him and leave a message on his answering machine. Still no response. Like WTF; why is it that certain persons go into a state of non-response all of a sudden?

Two other entities to whom I sent emails about a week before Christmas also didn't reply, though one did say that they were shut down for the holidays. Another outfit from whom I ordered an item, confirmed the order but haven't shipped it for whatever reason, now two weeks later. I suppose the "holiday season" is a great excuse for the perps to disrupt all communications, especially if they have anything to do with online ordering and parcel delivery.

The ear ringing noise seems to have been increased today for whatever reason; I have had it all my life, but when the perps went berserk/overt on me in 04-2002 it suddenly increased in volume and has stayed there ever since. In the pre-berserk/overt years I wondered why I would get this change of ear ringing pitch, maybe 4x/year, and now I know; targeted abuse, For My Brain Only.

Per above, another email from my boss unrelated to the threads/themes that are topical. Either he is not getting my emails and phone messages or is just plain ignoring me for whatever reason. Will phone tomorrow and see if there is another reason.

More First Feral Family backyard digging up weeds with the neighborhood noise ramping up; hotrod muffler noise, diesel engine noise, and the STRATCOM B-52 noise overhead. No yapping dogs or neighbor powersaw noise strangely, two of their favorites of late.

Then to the local LD store with the Fuckwits in all the aisle posted as faux shoppers. One blonde woman was texting another 3' away, per their discussion just ahead of me in one aisle. They put on a negro at the computer section, just where I needed to go and get a USB stick since making a DVD disk has become a fraught and consecrated hassle. (Like 90% of the time I copy data to a disk, CD or DVD). Funny, the USB stick worked just fine, no problems. As this was the dusk onset time, 1630h at this time of year, it was no surprise the red vehicles were out in numbers, in the parkade and outside on the street. Plus at least four of them crossing my path as I emerged from the downstairs parkade.

Then there is the keep-it-unavailible games that are in progress. The perps wore a hole in my hiking/working boots about two months ago and as they are 22 y.o. and have "somehow" stretched to fit sloppily, it is time for new ones. A certain discount website, STP for now, has them on for $100 less, and keeps sending me email flyers for substantially more discounts. But "for some reason" men's goretex and a number of other products are exempt from further discounting. Like WTF; I know that gortex is proprietary, but it is ubiquitous, and why just for men? And as so many hiking boots have goretex in them it effectively limits my choices. Shipping will cost me $40 and the border/duty/tax gouge will cost me a further $70, so I am no further ahead. And can I find anywhere that sells them retail? No to that. Anyhow, this freaking nonsense over where and how and at what price/discount is playing out big time as it has been going on for six weeks of perusing STP "deals" and other sources. STP sent me an email on how their service was, and I explained that the email discount "deals" had items in them that weren't discounted (a new development) which was impugning their credibility as to the worth of their statements. I never did hear back, -to no surprise.

And as the perps like to use goretex coated gangstalkers it occurred to me that this product, a form of teflon, must have some perp-aiding properties. All that flexing plastic must kick off some kind of EMF (or other) emanations. But as the perps have blithely allowed, if not actively encouraged, us mortals to pollute the earth with teflon manufacturing products called PFOA's, I can only assume this was their plan. Though, the perps do tell me that it was a fuck-up, as the ingested PFOA's, detectable in polar bears for crissakes, interferes with one's EMF signature, especially in brain regions under study. Not my problem, and while it might be believable, I don't give a shit and want to be left alone. Which includes this year's 10kg weight gain that no one has mentioned to me.

A morning of doing backyard landscape maintenance with the noise parade; hot-rod muffler noise, yappy dogs, neighbor throat clearing and a few assorted others. At least a semblance of normality on this statutory holiday.
Though one wouldn't know it from the gangstalking vehicle cavalcade once I went driving to visit my farm colleague for the afternoon. They even put on a HD motorcycle, with the rider making a turn with an unlit cigarette hanging from his chops. Hilarious. I also got a Japanese motorcycle escort for much the 25 min. cross town journey, and a doddering slow driver ahead of me to keep my speed to where they wanted it. The farm worker friend gave me a turquoise blue and grey jacket because it was spare from a find in a thrift store (apparently), perfect perp colors of course.

I took my perp abetting mother's Ipad along to attempt to learn how to use this impossible device. I have been messing with computers since 1974 and have yet to find a computer so fucking useless; they have pared it down to being totally dysfunctional. Even my colleague agreed, and she has had one for a year or so. All that Apple love and hubris and here it is live; the Ipad, (as far as I know, using the blunder-upon learning model), is the most ridiculous excuse for enraging humans, save those jumping into the whole Apple fold. And it won't pick up my music files, in FLAC format. I cannot get photos on it from Windows Picasa via ITunes, sometimes a connection app, sometimes a music app.

Lots of viewing the Ipad, hers, my mother's, passing them back and forth, then onto 4G cell phones and a ruse to have me get mine from my jacket pocket to show off the Ballistic case as well. Then onto viewing a doc on her 24" LCD screen via Netflix. All those comparisons of the various LCD devices (five in all) is just so exciting for the perps to calibrate me to the colors and whatever other noxious emanations are coming off them. The road to human enslavement is through the display devices each one of us uses, especially if they are in color and are mobile.

While driving there, a way fugly light colored yellow vehicle tailed me, and lo, if it wasn't the same yellow as the background of an old viticulture document I had been reading online, only minutes ago before setting off. 

We watched a doc on Netflix about the life of bees and their current plight as to Colony Collapse Disorder, and it was padded with plenty of batty beekeepers and their delusional comparative conflations. This doc instead of another that I had in mind, mentioned to my friend in a prior email which she forgot (she said).

I finally got in touch by phone with my vineyard/winery owner boss; he apparently did get my two emails and single phone message, and explained his non-replies by saying he didn't want to be nagged. How about an acknowledgement that the communication had been received? And the 4 minute task that I requested hasn't been done because he hasn't got around to it, ten days later. I knew he was slack about emails, but as I would see him every day or two it wasn't a big deal. But now that I am hundreds of miles away and in a city where I can get the part I need, why not get this over with? Beats me.

Much perp dithering to have me to "forget" and to send me back to retrace my steps; some 4x at breakfast when it is the same dog simple food I eat. Then the "stand there" games to have me stand at the open fridge door having been mindfucked out of knowing the one thing I went there for.

All manner of jerkarounds yesterday, cranking up the vexation prior to visiting the ex and daughter at their new residence, they having moved some two months ago. As mentioned many times, there is a geographic component to this insane harassment, and with me visiting those I know at a new residence location is a HUGE deal for the assholes. Maybe that was the main reason they cranked up the annoyance and the constant ear-ringing yesterday.

And back to the blood letting games too; at least 7 shaving "nicks", which aren't from the safety razor at all, these ovoid skin removals that appear just after the razor has passed over the designated location and suddenly erupt and go at least three rounds of steptic pen application before they are staunched. And it really doesn't matter if the razor is just new, or a week old, it has no true causation from anything that I am doing. And extra red colored vehicle gangstalking to accomodate, or somehow resonate with their blood letting games. As predictable as it is tiresome.

Much leaf raking yesterday, the E neighbor of the First Feral Family house continuing his new habit of not raking his leaves so they can run riot in the wind and yet again land upon where I had raked earlier. This is the second year in succession where he suddenly started this new irresponsible habit, so I can only assume he was asked to do it.

Three errands this morning, and all were fulfilled as planned, a very rare event as normally they will fuck me over so at least one was foiled. The parking was plenty gangstalked, and the one store visitation's aisles were fraught with dithering dipshits that made a point of stepping into my planned route just ahead of me. The boom trucks were out too, in keeping with this particular gangstalking need to have me pass by this particular vehicle mass, usually painted yellow.

More eruptions of errant driving now; drive-down-the-wrong-side-of-the-road games have ramped up, at least in the First Feral Family subdivision neighborhood of Gordon Head. The ostensible rationale is that they are going wide to accomodate a cyclist but in fact they pull so wide that they are in the opposite lane and there is at least a car width between them and the cyclist. If that stupid act wasn't enough, they then tarry in the opposite lane for at least 40' past the cyclist, still in the opposing lane. All the one-way alternating traffic roadworks to date, and there has been a considerable amount, still hasn't been enough.

This over-polite allowance for cyclists is then matched with blowing through 4-way stops, twice in one trip, same intersection, there and back. And add up the ten year long skein of belligerent late-yellow and early-red traffic light blow-throughs (at full speed, not looking for a potential collision, -even bus drivers and cyclists) and one can discern that this entire choreography of vehicular gangstalking is arranged to the microsecond.

The mud splattered vehicle games have also ramped up; they cannot get enough of having road grime plastered on vehicles in my proximity. The vehicle color seems to be an important part of this particular nonsense. Yesterday, a 2" diam. patch of garden dirt arrived by itself in the hallway from the kitchen and entrance. I walked over or past it a number of times, but just prior to heading out to dinner I got "motivated" to clean it up with a broom and dustpan, and that was the very instant my perp-abetting mother arrived to stand and wait for me to finish cleaning  up the dirt that arrived by no conventional means. And of course the adjacent garbage can wasn't lined with a plastic bag so I had to dump it in a kitchen counter garbage pail some 8' away, just to make this in-house soil removal exercise a bigger hassle than it already was.

A visit to the LVT tool store today with not only a gangstalker infestation, but one wacko stunt; an olive green dressed male looking as if he came off a landscape job in muddy gumboots with a soil mucked shovel in hand. This Fuckwit was holding the shovel vertically, spade end to the floor. First he was posing at my first stop in the store, then I moved by the other obstructing Fuckwits to a second part, and lo, if he hadn't moved again to "be with me", some 10' away again. At no time was I in or near the garden section which would of provided a semblance of a cover story for this dumbshit act, and he was standing stock still both times and not even pretending to be shopping. Totally absurd, and yet again, a seeming emulation of many of my activities of the past three weeks, shovelling soil and digging weeds. He gets an all-time dumbshit label for this heroic stupidity.

After that, I decided to get to the express pickup and get out. And lo, if they didn't place a god-awful dreadlocks woman with two children at the pickup desk. I decided I couldn't look at this freak. She departed after a minute or so, and then this chinless dude in an orange shirt and a red and white checkered jacket comes along from a second entry way. He files in behind me, and in short order I finish up. I go the parking lot, and am about to start the vehicle, and this same chinless Fuckwit comes from the building, taking the longer route through this side door I hadn't noticed before. As he was walking in the parking lot he stares at me for about five seconds while headed to his vehicle. Like WTF; this awful color combination dressed Fuckwit takes the long route both in and out, (and partically crossing my route) and then somehow knows where I am and then casts a stare. If his view of the world is like mine, there is no way he could of picked me out as glass, and vehicle glass in particular, has so many extra reflections off of it that it makes seeing into any vehicle most problematic. I suppose the perps thought his chinlessness in side profile wasn't enough, so I was obliged to see the Fuckwit's face in full, sans chin. And have I mentioned how much I loathe the sight of chinless males, not to mention the dreaded dreads? At least once/month.

A major tail-me job on the way to the auto glass shop as my mother's vehicle got a cracked windshield from last week's road trip. Then the story changes; it takes 3 to 4 hours instead of 2 to 3 hours, this from the same person, though the first time was on the phone. Sometimes I wonder if the regular folk abettors, unlike the operatives, are stressed from telling lies on behalf of the Psychopathic Confederacy. No sorry or anything like that, no-sir, not allowed, and it was the same person.

A major tail-me and gangstalking scene once I got into my mother's vehicle at the auto glass shop. Though, I had travelled there in a Yellow Cab, and the perps have never let me ride in a yellow colored vehicle in the ten years of this insane abuse until today. Yellow colors are selectively added into the gangstalking mix, usually after a "warm up" of white, silver-grey, grey and black colors, usually vehicles. Not only was there a white fabric paneled 5 ton commercial delivery truck parked in the bays and keeping me from going anywhere for the first minute or so, but they also put on a major human gangstalk at my first stop, only a minute away in the next block. The store had hiking boots, among many other outdoor themed products, and the boot section was so plugged up with stocking/stalking carts, apparent store personnel and faux shoppers/obstructors that I gave up and never tried a single boot on. Some three weeks ago, when checking out boots at a different store, there was rampant surges of gangstalkers making every effort to stand over me before I gave it up. The boot aquisition fuckery is still on full; blocking or obstructing in retail stores and web site manipulations for deterring any online transactions. That the perps are totally nuts about footwear, mine, and wherever I stand, is an understatement, but I don't know why they are so fucking nuts over me getting new hiking boots.

And seeing through a new pane of autoglass (windshield) is also a major new event for the perps. One design feature of windshields is that they have a layer of plastic in it to keep the pieces together should it break. And this seems to be a very big deal for them. Not only do they likely have the old glass in their possession, but they get to monitor me viewing through new glass, and the type of glass or transparent pane is of intense interest too. And they ensured my perp-abetting mother was out of the house when I came back from the autoglass shop, and had me hang around for two hours in the FFF house before picking my mother up at friend's place some 10 min. away. All these choreographed entrances and exits, akin to a farce, though protracted, grievous and abusive and well as in full. No walking out of a theatre on this gig.

The morning was spent on landscape work, re-potting some 8 pots, and usually splitting the potted ornamental grasses into two, and then re-potting one, and out-planting the other half in a permanent bed. No end of accompanying neighborhood noise; hot-rod noise, table saw noise, yapping dogs and even street yappers that would come on just when extracting the plant, touching and splitting the root bunches. No aircraft circling for four passes like two days ago. Exciting advances in perp-land indeed.

Some outside time this morning; Home Depot should be renamed Gangstalk Depot, or if not, Hopeless Depot. They are getting close to be the same as a Canadian store chain, CT, where I get skunked some 95% of my visits. As in not finding what I was looking for. Never mind the staff gangstalking in all those red shirts.

This town, the Gangstalk Capital of Canada (Victoria, BC) is even getting worse for running late yellow and early red traffic lights than a year ago when I last lived here, and the three prior visitations I made. No hesitation, no looking around, they come barreling through at 35mph as if the light were green. Perhaps the perps are going to treat me to a crash sometime, though they haven't since the abusive insanity began its berserk/overt phase in 04-2002. I did see a vehicle leave the I-5 at 60mph in 2001, surely something they arranged for me, as it seems my entire existence has been scripted and choreographed with unerring precision.

Then in-town brother arrived for dinner, sans sort-of girlfriend. She is a Thai woman, and no one can figure out what is going on, as they live in separate parts of his house and she stays up late and sleeps much of the day and doesn't work. I suppose she would be part of the brown games, as each brother has a brown skinned girlfriend, and the perps are absolutely berserk over introducing brown colors into my existence, usually after a run of other colors, e.g. vehicles.

Another gangstalking set-up; having me stand in front of the cathode ray TV, formerly of the living room until a week ago, and then my perp abetting mother and brother fuss and putz to get it going, "happening" to stand over where I was standing a minute before hand. Both of them are getting worse as technical retards, or else are putting on this act. Given the countless dumbshit acts the perps like to hound me with, all to raise more angst, ire and repetition of instructions, it is a central theme in their fuckery. Sandbag me with dolts, idiots, boneheads and create a situation where their input may become germane, all to crank me up and sabotage my efforts to have the impending disaster averted. Such was life with the ex, someone who was decidedly part of this insane fuckery.

The in-town brother takes four servings of turkey meat and then goes into long soliloquies about his garage sale exploits. All to protract his dining time while my mother and me wait on and on.

Said brother brings over 8 five gallon buckets for me to transfer the garden waste from this First Feral Family house when he had turned down my assistance to remove the same garden waste in larger bins. No mention why he couldn't of made it here earlier to get the same help today.

The perps slopped a tablespoon of red wine onto my lap during dinner, the wine magically launched itself out of the glass while it was in transit, skipping over my hand and somehow going straight down on my pants. Past FFF events have had the quisling father in his supposed dementia state, when he resided here, somehow send a full wine glass 6' up the wall, 3' behind him. No one actually saw it happen, and only knew about it when he started to apologize.

And other teleportational ructions earlier today. I went outside to harvest sage and rosemary and after bringing it in the kitchen, and was cutting off the leaves of the rosemary while my mother attended to the sage, why, somehow, the remaining rosemary spring ended up in my mother's hand and it was replaced with a sprig of sage. Like WTF; we were 5' apart, each attending to a different and discrete portion, and somehow, when my vision was diverted, a sprig of sage arrived in place of the rosemary. My mother was ditzing around just then, and that is when I saw the rosemary sprig that had disappeared from being 4" away from where I was cutting up the first rosemary sprig. She made out that she didn't know she had it, so I had to retrieve it from her hand. Fucking hilarious. A minute later, she gave up cutting the sage and I had to finish the job. And how many times have I mentioned that the perps love to gangstalk me whenever I am cutting meat or vegetation, which has included grass cutting, pruning, food prep, crop harvesting etc?  At least 50 to 100 times per year. And too, I was the one to cut the turkey meat up as well, always a big perp moment and my perp-abetting mother making excuses to close in on me. How about leaving me the fuck alone?

I will post this now, a Saturday, with one last day in the First Feral Family house tomorrow. On Monday, I fly to Kelowna to get back to some sanity (more than here, but not without its lapses- theirs that is), and I should be good for a round of more nonsense, having just flown. The perps have considerable interest in my elevation from the ground, from apartment towers, constant elevator accompaniment and the rest of the senseless perversity and abusive goings on you read here.