Sunday, July 31, 2016

Nap Attack and Other Assaults

Rather than detail the games at Monday yoga each week, how about a scintillating tale of my Tuesday evening? Just kidding. A 3 hour nap attack when I got back from work at 1630h just plain killed the evening. I awakened at 1930h to then start dinner for crissakes. The usual proviso applies; at no time was I running a sleep deficit. Talk about punching a hole in one's free time.

What else might of prompted the above nap attack? Why, receipt of an Amazon order, a box with 3 books in it. It was hung on my outside door knob in a plastic bag and I placed it on the table where I usually eat. And there it sat the entire time while I got sent off to saw logs for 3 hours.

First Feral Family youngest brother also chipped into the time wasting by phoning while I was making a salad, and aforementioned box still on the table. It was all about pensions and what I might be able to get, now aged 62.

Other health related adversities are this pelvic pain, now seeming to migrate up into my spine at the small of my back, and sending a shooting pain into my L thigh. This problem erupted in mid June and hasn't let up, though it has morphed often. From seeming pressure on my kidneys, to a hip-pointer, to pain down one leg, pain into my shoulder and even a general feeling of malaise for a day or two. What on earth is the conventional medical diagnosis for this? Never mind the fact that they have got cancer science totally wrong and use the FDA, and presumably Health Canada as a lap dog, as an enforcer goon. There is nothing like a out-of-the-box cancer study or treatment to send the FDA Goons into one's life and thoroughly disrupt it. Here is one current day example of Federal (US) Goons and their illegal campaign related to MMS, Master Mineral Solution, aka sodium chlorite and citric acid that can eliminate cancer.

Another evening time nap attack, this "just" an hour. Like WTF; I am getting plenty of night time sleep and still the assholes attack under this guise. It seems that they wanted to hold me up in cleaning the dinner dishes, as it was all there on the counter when I got up. Which is consistent with what they have had me doing over the past two months; invoking some kind of other activity, e.g. reading a book, to deter me from getting the evening dishes done.

A day off work to visit the big city of Kelowna today. First was my iron IV drip, and then to the passport office to get it submitted. But as the perps screwed me out of getting a passport photo done ahead of time, which was my intention, I had to get a photo while there. I did, and wandered around the trendy shops, and staying away from the cluster fuck crowds who have this unerring knack of stepping in my way without them knowing I am approaching from behind.

Then onto the herbalist for an anti-cancer treatment consult. She is quite wingy, and she did this muscle test as she called it, where my R arm is held horizontal and she applies downward force which I must resist. Then she mentions nutritional elements, e.g. selenium, iron, copper, zinc, etc. and suddenly my arm drops down unbidden by me when she said "iron". And then she did a round of this with the doses for the supplements she figured I needed. Very odd, but  hopefully the $400 bill will be worth it.

Once I got back, why, the perps pulled a two hour nap attack after I had started reading the herbalist's book she had authored. Another evening time hit, and as usual, I did not need the sleep. The most egregious nap attack I had was in 2012 for five hours, and no coincidence, it was a viticulture text book, having just completed a 3 month course in that subject. Ever wonder why there are so many of these tragic massacres at educational institutions? Could it be that the perps have arranged them for blood samples in situ given their consuming need to find out about humans learn and retain and use knowledge. Just a wild assed associative notion.

And 432 page reads on July 23, 2016, quite the increase over the 20 to 40 I typically get. Though I am doubtful as to the veracity of the numbers as I don't see the same increases for individual postings. I will take as I see it for now, though spoofing the numbers would be very much a perp stunt.

It feels like summer has come to this region; two hot days in succession, and the same as the forecast for the next 7 days. Imaging that, summer finally comes weather-wise to the Okanagan Valley in late July.

And just when I figured I might be able to get two sun tannings in successive weekends, why, an offer of short term work comes up via text mail. It is rare that the perps let me tan myself silly in the good summer-time weather, as it seems they like to space out my tannings by more than a week. It was May this year when I got my last tan outdoors tan, and finally, I get a chance to do so last weekend, July 24. And lo, if the assholes didn't burn me some, though it largely dissipated into a tan and didn't flake off.

A rare outing to Walmart, that loathsome perp haven tonight. I needed a blender to start smoothies with specialized herbs as part of my therapy for prostate cancer. And of course they were open the latest. My entrance was muted, in that there was no loafing Fuckwits making moves or hand signals with each other. Even better was that the kitchen appliance section was visible from the entrance, no wandering the aisle thankfully. And no chest butting staff members like one of my prior visits. Once I decided on the model and plucked its box from the shelf and headed to the cashiers, the perp games started. A tattoo heavy woman preceded me to the cashiers with a disgusting arm full on show. Then when at the checkout, and after the cashier moved the box the prior customer, and E. Indian woman with two grandchildren in tow dithered in paying and held me up. Then she loitered while I was paying, as there was another item she had to purchase that somehow missed the cashier. Then in a most ridiculous pose, the E. Indian woman leans one elbow on the box with the blender in it. I say that because it wasn't restful as she had to lean down at least 6", sideways to look as if she was "casually" leaning on this ersatz prop that wasn't even hers to begin with. And so we have a "brown on brown" stalking; while the outside of box depicted the picture of the blender in full color, the box was made of brown corrugated cardboard. Why didn't she just go buy the same blender and do whatever the perps wanted to the same box, even in the "privacy"  of her own home? She said "sorry" when I pointed at the box when I was about to depart so I could pick it up without a personal space intrusion. One of the kids then stepped in my way so I had to take a longer route around. And in perfect timing, the tattoo-ed woman was passing by and in lead-ahead gangstalking mode. Once outside I stepped out to pass her. But the perps weren't done yet; a double pit laming show, with two parked vehicle facing each other, one black, one white, both with headlights on for me to pass between them before I got to my vehicle. Understand why I loathe Walmart shopping?

Working in the vineyard today, and then off to the organic farm to get 3lb of basil that I will convert into frozen pesto cubes for the winter. But, they "forgot" to handle the order and I had to wait 30 minutes while they picked it. During the wait time I conversed with the friendly E. Indian proprietor, she once being scared shitless of me 4 years ago, but is now at ease. Don't ask me what the perp meaning to this is, but it "happens" a lot.

The good weather suddenly disappeared today, and it was cloudy with spots of rain. It is rare the perps let me sun tan two days in succession, and most often they plant some notion about "resting", or fear of too much exposure. Today, they decided to change the weather conditions it seems. It was warm enough to wear my spandex shorts all the time though, so I suppose there was some perp technical reason for me to have exposed legs (waxed last weekend), but keeping my shirt on.

They even scripted rain, enough to send me back to my vehicle to put on my raincoat. Which they exploited to cause my headphones to get dumped on the ground, the wire caught up and a number of other topological hassles to infuriate me. Not out loud, but at this point the owner came by to chat about the next rows to tackle. I finally got the phone based music player to find the files, and listened to two of my favorite female vocalists for the entire day. But not without harassment; they had the player jump to Bob Dylan for 10 seconds, and to recover this, I had to replay the selected female vocalist for an extra 40 minutes. The perps also liked to have the headphones drop off my head, or else they slid them an inch or so off my ear so the volume was reduced. I have been through remotely invoked volume changes on nearly all my portable music playing devices, from Discmans (2002) onward.

And now, some 5 hours later, the perps are playing the sensation of the headphones resting on my head. I never had this "happen" before, and now it is a regular event. Go figure, as to why a billion dollar+ budgeted outfit with science fiction technologies outfit needs to engage in such juvenile inanity.

The assholes also forced sleep onto me while driving, not a good thing. And worse yet, my reactions to defeating this now seem muted in that I could not notice it coming on. What really woke me up was when they pointed the vehicle toward the edge of the road, and allowed me to recover just before the R tire ended up on the shoulder. Had they not awakened me, I would of driven into the adjacent lake. They pulled one of these a few weeks ago, except that I was within a foot of contacting these barrels at the edge of the road at a different location.

A long weekend here, BC Day, the first weekend of August. An excuse for more traffic and vehicular trains that have been plaguing me everywhere I go. Now to get this posted for the week just past.

But no, I see that the perps have remapped the buttons in this Blogspot page and the one titled "Publish" invokes a new blog page. Earlier, the "Close" button was doing the same thing. Two remapped keys in the normally reliable Blogspot cannot be a coincidence.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Alternate Cancer Treatment

I got a tip from the fellow at the laundromat who once had an employee who was treated by this alternate health care practitioner. He gave me the name, I emailed her, and she phoned back today. It seems that she has had a number of successes with cancer patients, and I am going to have a consult next week. At least things are progressing on this front instead of the ongoing impasse about sending job applications for the fall harvest season (winery work), and too, the 8 week impasse about making a call to get the 12.5' shelf made. I cannot believe the staunch mind-fuck obstruction over getting these two items attended to. And I cannot believe a billion dollar/year outfit would have any interest in actively obstructing me for 14 years when they were shadowing me for all my prior 47 years. That is how it goes down this rabbit hole; who knew that Alice in Wonderland would be a template for nonstop abuse of innocent citizens? Every one but me it seems.

An intense gangstalk outside this evening after leaving the dirty dishes behind so I could get an organic cooked chicken. But no such luck, I got skunked. That didn't stop the tag team covering at every place I wanted to go, there in advance too, and joining me at the cashier. The checkout was another piece of work; a second one was open but the sign was up saying "closed" (after the present customer I assume). I go to the open one and the gangstalkers arrive behind me, and the aisle obstructer was ahead of me with a big load of groceries. The cashier calls for another checkout to open, and the same cashier comes back inside of a minute of closing it. She gets to come in real close as she needs to get to the cashier station, and asks me to come over to her checkout, and so I do so I can get done shopping sooner. Like WTF; she shuts down the checkout for a whole minute to play some stupid stunt that has her depart, then come back and cruise within few inches of me. Checkout follies are constant now; swapping cashiers when I arrive, moving me over to a just-opened checkout, obstructing checkouts (why I never go to Costco anymore), female-male cashier swaps just as I am about to be served etc.

Then at SOF supermarket they pulled a total rude one (same shopping trip); the self checkout suddenly plugs up with a wait line and so I go to a regular staffed checkout. Again, I get stiffed to follow a major grocery shopper. Then the assholes remind me about something I came to get, and I tell the cashier I will return to the checkout. I get back and need to again come close to get past a shopper who is filling the conveyor belt with shopping. I wait a few more minutes for the prior grocer to finish up and then the cashier calls some one over. A male store clerk arrives with a 2L bottle of brown cola, and she needs to tell him about someone (another staff member) "over there" (behind me). So this fucker starts waving his hand and the cola bottle in my direction, bobbing and weaving to look past me while the two of them determine just who this staff member is behind me. He puts down the cola bottle and still continues pointing at my face and I back off. This pointing and waving stunt goes on for another 20 seconds, and I am wondering why it is that so many assholes do this to me, ever since 04-2002. Anyhow, he finishes up and takes off, no apology of course. The cashier says "sorry" and I say it was nothing to do with her, but I told her it was the guy (staff member seemingly) waving his fingers in my face that I didn't like as I consider it to be highly rude. She goes all contrite and looks down and doesn't look at me any. How Absolutely Fucking Rude that a seeming staff member puts his finger 6" from my face and continues pointing while I was obviously disgusted with this personal space intrusion. This utter fucking bullshit every time I engage in a transaction. So Save on Foods; go fuck yourself and your rude assed SMIB staff. (Staff Members In Black). I am shopping elsewhere.

A daily view count of 234 yesterday according to Google. I don't know why I have spikes like this from a typical average of 20 to 40 per day, and then suddenly 234. I give up; how many people really want to go down this rabbit hole? Only the afflicted in my estimation. And 432 page-views yesterday; most strange as the individual postings page-view count (20 to 50 typically) don't reflect this large increase.

A Saturday, and a later start to the Penticton Farmers Market, as it gets to be a total ambulatory cluster fuck, and it was. More Fuckwits stepping in my path, more Fuckwits in "just stand there" to then present an obstacle, and even a Fuckwit making a beeline at me and causing me to divert. Thanks a bunch assholes. And to add to this fuckery, the display that I went to, same as last week, the woman was off attending to something for a full minute before "noticing" me. I stopped at another display, and got the same "ignore the customer/victim" routine. So with two purchases like that I got the out of there.

Later, a full leg wax at my usual location. New staff often, as it is a school. One worked on one leg, then another student came in for 10 minutes on the other leg and then had to leave for another service, and so the first one carried on on both sides. And then did all of the other side. The instructor, came by, she being a consistent player, and friendly, inspected the work, chatted with me and then left to meet me later at the till. On the way to the till, the student who took part in my prior two leg waxings "happened" to be coming the opposite direction and gave me a friendly hello. (This is not always the case as some students are friendly at the first service and then later give me the brush-off, aka "look away" treatment).

I was later sacked with an unneeded two hour nap attack, the perps wanting me to lie on the bed, not in it, with my just waxed legs exposed. And they hit me with more vivid dreams, something they now do every night since I started with the melatonin two weeks ago.

07-24-2016, Sunday
A hike today, with the usual high angst over getting a late start. (The perps constantly sabotage me so I don't get started on my hike, the latest time that I am comfortable is with a 1000h start for a short hike). This has been the first full sunny weekend for over two months, and for this region, that is highly anomalous. They allowed me to get up at 0730h, and didn't pull their oft-used stunt of having me sleep until 1000h, something which just infuriates me on a weekend, never mind the hiking consideration. Matters moved along reasonably well, and then within 20 seconds of leaving I get a text from my former weekend employer that he is passing by, and can he drop by to pay me. (This ridiculous scenario erupted as I had 18 unpaid hours with this on-off-on-off direct payroll deposit arrangement, and then they laid off much of their vineyard labor crew, so they had to pay me out. As to why a respectable large (250k cases/yr) outfit needs to pay me in cash instead of through their payroll system and mailing me a check is totally beyond me). So.... I texted him back saying I would be around for 30 minutes only. And with that, I drove around the block, parked again, leaving the pack in the car, and got onto vacuuming the place. It was a chore I decided not to do this morning when I was about to depart as I was sick and fed up about orchestrated delays in setting off for a hike, per above. And lo, I ended up doing just that. The guy came in 20 minutes, gave me the envelope with the cash, and we chatted briefly, and he left.

I finished vacuuming (always an event of high perp interest), and then set off to deposit the money at the ATM. And lo, if the thing didn't spit out the stack of bills and declare them as unreadable. The ATM didn't even count through the stack, and rejected the bills inside of a second or two. Another arranged delay IMHO, replete with malingering gangstalkers ahead of me and behind me, not bad for Sunday at 1030h. Both were elder-ducky males with the ridiculous big shorts and putting on the dumbstruck act and the one ahead of me standing around for no genuine purpose. And how many times have I complained about gangstalking and arranged jerkarounds (e.g. ATM on the fritz) when performing financial transactions? Too many to list here, and you can be sure to multiply that by 10x in the course of my daily doings.

Finally, I got to the trailhead at 1100h, not bad, but not what I had intended. Just more insane hike start time obstruction, consistent with nearly every time I have done this hike for the past 4 years IMHO. I got hiking, and then got to my off-trail tanning spot, and went skyclad for two hours, one hour per side. Then I was done, and then got back on the trail to return. I stopped at the farm store and met the friendly store keeper. I have met her some three years ago, and after the first year when she seemed unusually tense, she relaxed thereafter, and today, even came out to greet me as this was my first stop there this year. And she remembers my name no less, very unsual given the long standing perp games over people getting my name wrong, if the have any recollection at all. Last year, about 09-2015, she looked decidedly pregnant, not from one visit, but from many (3 or more). And so I asked her about her baby, and things got all confused as she has a 3 year boy, and she said she wasn't pregnant last year. I did the usual apology thing and said I got things "terribly wrong". So was this some kind of elaborate set up where she wore a prosthesis, or did she lose the baby? The latter instance I would dismiss as she seem very relaxed when the confusion came up, so I assume this was some kind of fake-out. So chalk it down to the "don't know" column, as I have definite memories of her with a progressive bulge on her front and the typical facial changes that go with it. (It was far more than possible weight gain, as I always allow for this possibility).

Anyhow, by the time I went to pay for my farm groceries she was on the phone and then two parties of U-pick blueberry pickers arrived and with appropriate visual apologies to me, the store keeper took the money for the just-arrived blueberry pickers. One giving me extra stare time for no seeming reason. At least I didn't get the rude-assed brush off which is what often happens when a Fuckwit intervenes to get ahead of me like at the Penticton Farmers Market when I go there. (Yesterday, per above, being a case in point).

Anyhow, the blueberry pickers preceded me to the same parking lot, and one party of two women split and then went to their respective vehicles, one each side of mine. One of them malingered on the passenger side of her vehicle like she was waiting, and then she moved 10' behind me to stand near the front of her vehicle, about 4' behind, me, and I didn't hear a thing. I looked at her in WTF mode, and true to stalker form, she was looking away. I was putting on a light jacket at this moment, always a high perp interest moment, any clothing changes for that mater. I then proceeded to the wine store, but from 20' away I looked back at her, now in pointless dumbstruck mode, shooting her the look of "are you crazy", and she looked away suddenly. I spend 10 minutes in the wine store and return, and there she is still pointlessly standing between our vehicles. Like WTF; why hasn't she departed? I get into my vehicle, and lo, if she doesn't do that too, and then proceeds ahead of me and down the access road and continues to lead ahead of me on the highway at the T intersection. Like WTF; she finished picking blueberries with her pal, puts them in the pal's vehicle, (odd, why didn't' they have one vehicle?) and then loiters around on the passenger side of her vehicle for no seeming reason (odd, why didn't she just get in?), waits there in dumbstruck mode for 10 minutes (odd, why didn't she just depart?), and then gets into her vehicle so to lead-ahead gangstalk me (odd, why did she time her departure with mine?). That is, stalk me in ambulatory mode near my vehicle after sneaking in behind me, and then in vehicular mode. I passed this wretch some 10 minutes later on a two lane section of the road, where a pickup also "happened" to be tailing her, and then passed her after I did. Go figure out all that.

And what is it about meal preparation that the perps launch into rage-ification attacks on me? At least 20x per meal preparation event, lunch and dinner. And even breakfast today, always the same, day after day.

A barbed phone exchange with the First Feral Family mother tonight, after my regular call with a TI. She thinks I should get a new urologist; true, but am I going to get anything different? Cut the prostate out, or else get it inserted with radioactive pellets, both with possible collateral damage of incontinence and impotence. (And we know who will exploit that problem don't we? All in keeping with the general theme I have been kept in for 14 years of having a lot of luck, but it has all been bad. A nod to HW). I told her I was going to see a herbalist and then she launched into automatic assignment of this person being a quack. I told her that this person (per above) has a lot of successes with cancer treatments and that it was worth a first try. And I added that mainstream medicine has got the science of cancer totally wrong, so no wonder urologists think of butchery solutions and call it a cure to cover their collective asses. And that they are like parrots, and one urologist would say the same as the next.

And then I tell the First Feral Family mother that how would I know that the cancer would be curable anyhow when I am kept in a densified magnetic field measured 4x with 4 different instruments? (Over 1800Gauss in 2008). Adding to that (rare) riposte, I said, "maybe the harassment personnel are causing the cancer and there is no hope of a cure anyhow?". She mumbled something about she didn't know anything about a magnetic field, and I said "yes you do and you knew this was going to happen 6 years before it did". Then she said  nothing, in keeping with her usual dialog format of dropping out on these matters. (A topic that I had mentioned in the prior phone conversation with a TI). And I added, "if two psychiatrists say that I am being harassed then it is highly likely that I am". Again no response. Anyhow, she reiterated that I should get another urologist, and to end the call early, I said it was a good idea.

It is late, and I am to start extra early, and lo, the usual Sunday to Monday time crunch has begun for the week.

PS: Rachael O is back blogging after a four month enforced absence, a seeming frame up for a hearsay rap from a LEO or two. And it is not me sending her strange comments, as I don't send her comments any more, as it seems things just go plain wrong somehow.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Ironman +update

That is me, after my second IV iron treatment today. I drove up to the big city for this, the second of three. Not much difference after the first one, so I am still optimistically waiting for a positive outcome. Ideally that would be a significantly improvement to dopamine genesis as it is moderated by iron. And hence, a reduction of those ADD comorbidities, the ridiculous clinical term to describe conditions that "happen" to exist with ADD (or other). That it is a brown colored solution, Venofer in saline would also be of significant interest to the "brown tyranny gang" that runs/ruins my life to the microsecond level of coordination. It is of course the same gang that sponsors gangstalking me wherever I go, and too, the relentless toilet blocking from 2002 to 2012, having the brown, no matter the volume, block the toilet time without fail. Once, they even blocked the toilet when all I did was pee in it. Yes, they are that fucking insane. And just as ruthless.

Another one of their insane preoccupations is rubber, the kind derived from rubber trees and in every automotive tire ever made. On that front, they may have had a hand in my car tires prematurely wearing, as they have 52k km on them and are nearly at the wear bars when the tires have a 135k km warranty on them. If that weren't enough, the local supplier who would of backed the warranty from the tire manufacturer switched to another commercial allegiance and is not backing the warranty since July 01. Adding insult to injury, I was going to stop at the remaining tire store in the vicinity on the way back, and took my bearings and note of my landmarks when passing by the tire store. (One who would back the warranty). And lo, if they didn't box me in among tractor trailers and other tall transport trucks and I "missed" the landmarks and didn't get to figure it out until I was well past the turn off. Thanks a bunch assholes. Though, they could of added some real time remotely applied mind fuckery as part of it too. Hard to tell any more. I had been planning this stop off for a week, and even researching the store location and available replacement tires online. And poof, the assholes have me miss it altogether.

And as part of the above mentioned tire wear stunt, I "happened" to have two small tires for a hand truck (dolly) in my vehicle as I purchased a replacement yesterday. This was for work, as the dolly tire was ripped and needed replacement. After work I went to a tire store but they suggested a major Canadian hardware retailer, a store I loathe for the staff's red shirts and never finding the item I want. And in a rare instance, I did not get skunked (that is, not find the item, and come up empty), but found the very substitute I was looking for. So, I had the old dolly tire and the new one in my vehicle when visiting the big city and returning, and when "somehow" missing the turn to the tire store to have my vehicle tires examined for a warranty claim, per above.

Back to the IV iron drip; this was at the offices of the "good doctor", though it hasn't always been so. She did good today though, she offered to get my bone scan and CT scan results, and she did. (The requesting doctor, the urologist, has yet to tell me). She said it was good news; no metastasis of prostate cancer evident. Well sort of good news; for the last three weeks the assholes have been giving me pelvic stiffness and some minor pain which was VERY suggestive of metastatic prostate cancer spread. And as noted in prior postings, they also pummeled me with notions that it was metastasized cancer and had me imagining my own departure from this wretched planet. No such luck; I have to deal with just prostate cancer now and don't have a ticket out of here. And in case you are wondering why I would think that way, it would be normal for anyone in my circumstances to do so. Imagine your life governed down to your every last thought, fleeting ones even, not to mention one's actions, outcomes and one's entire environmental sensors; hearing, touch and sight. Not to mention that everywhere I go seems to be scripted ahead of time, with the usual doleful or contrite countenances. There is absolutely no quality of life; it is worse than being an incapacitated cancer patient. Having a ticket to check out of this mortal plane would be a godsend, and we know who plays god here don't we?

[added, one day after first posting as I missed this stub]

I just finished an epic book this week, and it took at least four days of processing for me after I finished it. It is titled "Me and Lee; how I came to know, love and lose Lee Harvey Oswald". If you have just a passing interest in JFK's assassination it is a definite must read. I am by no means a scholar on this subject, though I have read at most, 20 books. And without a doubt, "Me and Lee" is a substantial piece of work to fill in the missing background story. How the author, Judyth Vary, did not get nixed in the Great Witness Killings, as have so many in highly improbable circumstances (and odds) is a mystery in itself. And too, getting this work published when the mainstream press are such fawning sycophants of the hand that feeds them is another astonishing accomplishment. And it is a love story too, something I found myself strangely emotionally connected with. If you want a short study of the JFK assassination, get the director's cut of "JFK" by film director Oliver Stone. Yes, it is 3 hours long, but it is very accurate and informative of the labyrinth of lies that forms the conspiracy.

Saturday, and no work at the casual employer today, two weeks in succession. I got word from my phone call that they laid more vineyard workers off and that they don't work Saturdays any more. Hard to believe that, as last year they worked all Saturdays through the summer and the Mexican crew worked Sundays too. Anyhow, the gig is done, and I will miss the $90 per worked day.

And why are the perps pumping me so hard about feeling fat of late? It has been going on for three weeks now, and yes, I am 20 to 30lb overweight per BMI, (200lb) but nowhere near as bad as the gangstalking gut show arranged around me everywhere I go.

Sunday, and a few hours of paid work. Not too many that I couldn't get more more prostate cancer research done. In the mid afternoon I went to the gym and began my treadmill test. That is, how long can I run for. The reason for doing this test was that the recent iron IV's of the past two weeks may be helping me and I needed to find out. I was pleasantly surprised that I ran 14 min. at 6 mph after a six minute warm up. Past performance, pre-iron IV's were like 3 minutes. Soo... it seems that the iron IV's are giving me more physical stamina. Or else the perps are allowing me to run. Back in 2003 they hacked me by making me so floppy and so tired that I gave up after 3 blocks, say 10 minutes. They just did not want me doing aerobic exercise, probably because it generates more dopamine, something they have long governed with significant levels of intrusion. (E.g, taking me off my very successful ADD stimulant medications twice in 2002). And swimming was verboten too, as I had been a swimmer of 14 years since 1986, and swam 2500m per workout, 3x per week, every week.

Said iron IV's don't appear to be helping me on the dopamine genesis front as I was hoping, or at least not so far. One more to go in two weeks. I can tell as my mood improves, I get onto finishing all kinds of loose ends and am much more organized. And too, libido improvement would be nice too, but hey, the greater the expectations the greater the disappointment especially when some Psychopathic agency can, and will, down regulate any mind/body function improvement they so choose. And they do; a lifetime of being ADD and therefore being dopamine deficient counts for squat. Or else any improvements are then down regulated, as in dampened and/or decreased no matter the efforts devoted to improving such.

And prostate cancer research is becoming a major rabbit hole; the current medical orthodoxy is that testosterone causes prostate cancer. This is absolutely ridiculous, as young dudes would be getting prostate cancer all the time. But as testosterone, (and dopamine for that matter), decrease by 1% a year after age 40, then might it not be a testosterone deficiency that is the problem? Well, it is a little more complicated than that as it is more about the testosterone:estrogen ratio, and well as testosterone:progesterone ratio. This is what I learned from two sources, one written by an MD. But no, two prostate doctors say testosterone is the problem, but of course they don't have any explanation as to why young males rarely get it.

Even the whole cancer genesis model is fraught with controversy. The orthodox doctors, and the FDA and other organizations of the same ilk say it is disorganized DNA growth. The alternate medicine crowd say it is viral or microbial invasion of the cells should cellular conditions permit such growth. I am siding with the alternates; as soon as the FDA and the national cancer agencies provide their orthodoxy, the doctors line up or else get pilloried. And then this ridiculous travesty called "chemotherapy", where these drugs hammer the shit out of the immune system, the one last defence, is maintained as "treatment" is just absurd. Into this netherworld of fanatic idiocy, then proscribed as orthodoxy, all in the name of objective science, (ahem) the perps launch me with their kiss of death, prostate cancer. None of the usual options look good: cut out the prostate, irradiate it from outside, or else put radioactive seeds in the prostate. Incontinence and/or impotence are the usual collateral damage. And they call this a "cure" for crissakes. I will take the cancer over the diapers and the rest of it anytime. There is no question that cancer research is highly contained, with the FDA acting as the lead bully should any one stray from the fold.

Only the proton beam therapy (PBT) seems to offer efficacious treatment with next to no permanent side effects/collateral damage. At $250k a pop, it isn't going to happen for this broke-ass seasonal farm worker. BUT that did not stop the perps from harassing the living shit out of me, as in pummeling me with the possibility of this treatment and what it would be like at Loma Linda hospital. I was reading about it yesterday, and the perps followed last night by awakening me twice so they could then run this treatment scenario in mind as if it were possible. And too, all day today, they planted notions of being treated with PBT at Loma Linda hospital where the book author was treated. (And who are the pioneers of this therapy method). Added to that ridiculousness they had me meeting ML while there. These planted notions are absolutely utter bullshit and yet it has gone on all day, and it is patently absurd, something I determined two weeks ago when reading about it online. Then I get a book on this two days ago, and read it, and now the perps again erupt in planting this treatment as an option last night in my sleep and all day today. Unless I win the lotto, and I never buy tickets, it isn't ever going to happen. Yet another example of perp mind invasion with absurd or unrealistic notions, and keeping it up all day no less.

Time to launch this for the week so I can get other things done.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pelvic Pain Possibilities

The US holiday, something I came to enjoy when I lived in Seattle, 1999 to 2002. And even with a girlfriend at the time, Ms. L. She bailed on me when the harassment began and I never heard from her again. Rather strange from someone so considerate and sensitive, and we had a good vibe (humor, intellect, curiosity, films, ADD research conversations), when together. Such is the weirdness I live in; I have only thought-to-be friends in objective retrospect. I have seen her likeness a few times when the gangstalking scene was on when back in Victoria. I still wonder if she was an operative or a shill they trained up/controlled. There were a few tells in retrospect; the odd blinks and staring away into the distance, or looking up at odd moments. Plus, the more obvious sudden behavior change in the four months leading up to when the perps went berserk/overt in my apartment and have never let up since.

One July 4 in Seattle I will never forget was the night time lighted parade of boats viewed from her apartment through the Union Canal. And too, a US Forces helicopter a.... came over low with a large flag suspended below while we were at Gasworks Park and before the impressive fireworks began.

Back to reality; today, the perps laid on pelvic pain and aches on my L side and into my L leg. Last week it was the R side and it suddenly stopped two days before my bone density scan, though it was more aches rather than pain. And "somehow" I "forgot" to mention it when they asked me about any pain at patient intake time. Perhaps the whole deal was about the technetium injection, that radioactive substance still coursing in my system since, and for another week yet before it is undetectable by a Geiger counter. One more scan to go, this coming weekend, a CT scan. Perhaps I will be allowed to 'fess up this time.

All of the pelvic aches and pains plays to the notion that my prostate cancer has metastasized into my bones and other pelvic structures. We shall see. And of course all day long, just like last week with the R side aches, the perps played notions of how I would live out my last days, to whom I would bewqueath my belongings to, and what my will might say;

"You Fucking Assholes, consigning me to a lifetime of learning disabilities, anxiety, and constant low grade depression, (caused by dopamine and iron deficiency) and never once did you let me know I was a human nonconsensual mind controlled subject with yet further abusive and adverse "coincidences" arranged for me at every turn. And never mind the vexatious liar-wife I got stiffed with..." 

Something like that. Right now it is wait time; when the results come in I will know. Otherwise, anything else is premature to say the least.

And what is my perspective on having a major invasive cancer? Bring it on and get me out of here ASAP. My quality of life has been hell on earth for the last 14 years and I want out. Make it comfortable and painless and final. No lingering incapacitation thanks. But owing to Canada's Prime Snowboard Instructor, aka Prime Minister, he and his cabinet refuted the will of the Supremes (Court) and the Committee recommendations, all to table a weak-kneed bill for doctor assisted suicide. He seized minimal compliance (if that) from the jaws of substantive social progress. And no less, earned a Constitutional (Charter of Rights here) challenge within two months of the bill passing as so many other medically suffering categories were excluded. The Health Minister had some feeble excuses in Parliament, which to my jaundiced eye spells Perp Intervention big time.

I read somewhere that someone said that once politicians were elected and had gone to the capital city,Ottawa, to serve Parliament they seemed to all have their spines removed once there. Meaning that they suddenly lost their convictions and resolve and subsumed them to political purposes, if not actively obstructing progress. My interpretation is that they get a lesson from the perps in some kind of guise, ("secret government", per Bill Clinton's comment recorded once) and that they run the show and they had better toe the line, including playing up the theater that is politics.

A rainy day in the vineyard, and eventually I took on an indoors job to pack a pallet load of wine cases for shipment. And more pelvic pain and twinges, and too, seeming weakness in being able to lift something heavy. I find this latter event most curious as I took my testosterone injection this morning before work and should of been feeling stronger and without making much effort. More weirdness, and a CT scan this coming Sunday. Perhaps this will end the speculation that is planted upon me, metastasized prostate cancer. And in keeping with yesterday, all manner of impending death scenarios; who will receive what items I possess, how do I keep this TI World going (if at all), and what it would like to be sitting around in a hospice and for how long. Any time I have a free thought, it is along the lines of: "I don't know squat and won't know until the test results come back".

I got my muffler/head pipe fixed today; a $644 hit, and one I did not need in the least, and am still recovering from a $550 vehicle repair hit from last month. And still, new tires are needed as the P4's with a 135,000km warranty have only lasted 52,000km. And we know who has a fixation over rubber and also who can sabotage anything at will don't we?

And I got screwed into making a 20 min. walk to the vehicle repair shop as the assholes had me "forget" to look into my voice mail. I would of found a message that the repair was done at 1000h, and I was dropped off at my place at 1430h. I could of been dropped off at the repair shop had I been allowed to access my own mind and voice mail. Needless to say, huge volumes of road traffic were out on a Tuesday afternoon, this rainy day while walking there. Though, they turned on the sunlight for my 20 min. walk for some curious reason. Then they followed with more rain after I picked the vehicle up and drove to the ATM downtown. That was a skunk with Fuckwits backed up at the ATM and tellers. So I drove 10 min. to the other branch, and lo, if it wasn't backed up too. A double skunk all over obstructing me from depositing my paycheck for crissakes. How stupid and boneheaded is that?

Went out in the evening and deposited my paychecks. And no stalkers at the next ATM, a rarity.

I am 62 today, and still look about 35 or so. Back in 2004 they age regressed me and I haven't aged a bit since. What I find curious is that no one mentions it, save one doctor, and one supervisor in 12 years of this abusive fuckery. And not the First Feral Family, no sirree, not allowed.

My daughter is born on the 06-07-year, flipping the month and day digits. How is that for synchronicity?

Still more pelvic pain and twinges, even running down my leg and up my L side. Most curious, as prostate cancer is slow growing, and this has come on in the month I had my biopsy. A CT scan on Sunday should be the last word on these tests. Yesterday's pelvic aches and pains might have been from taking my testosterone injection yesterday, though this flys in the face as to its usual beneficial effects.

Plenty of gangstalking by the fat people of late, and dressing them up in red tops and white pants, usually women in this color scheme. What is with that? Even at the recycle/dump they put one on to wander into my view as I approached the scale, she some 40' from any recycle bin.

Tonight the Seniors Helpers (made up the last name), some kind of outfit to help seniors get around and do errands, was on the stalk. The large woman in a red/white top and white pants was in the LD store, then in the parking lot when I was and then by vehicle, stalked me to the other end of the mall to the supermarket. And lo, if she didn't lead me into the supermarket. And lo, if she didn't show up behind me at the checkout. What is with this shit, now 14 years of it and untold times in the preceding 47 years.

A trip to the bigger city to get an IV iron feed today. I cannot say so far it has done anything, now 2115h as I write this. And ongoing L side pelvic pain today. The "good doctor" wasn't too moved to look into the pelvic sensations today, instead it was all about the IV drip. I told her I was awaiting a  CT scan in 4 days time, so perhaps that was what she took to be as "care", in a health context. Later tonight I read that CT scans aren't that useful for finding metastasized cancer.

Said IV drip was a deep brown color, so no doubt having a new brown color "signature" from the inside was of intense interest to the Psychopaths.Though to be fair, I did not notice any brown colored vehicles on the way back. I sure there must of been something they would like to register to. Perhaps it was a Coke or Pepsi truck.

Saturday, and no work today, an exception as I usually go to another vineyard that takes on casual labor. I phoned the foreman last night, and he said there was no work. Hard to believe at there hasn't been a Saturday they haven't worked, this year and last. Not a big deal, and an extra day off is OK sometimes.

Not that the weather is cooperating; on-off rain and some sun thrown in. Warm though.

And doing my laundry early, 1030h, (instead of the usual 1900h) on a Saturday seems to be a big deal. Major vehicular cluster fucks and trains at every corner/traffic control....

A new Asian girl cashier at the specialty grocery today; it seems they gave up on the fugly negro woman cashier, and haven't put back the male cashier either. And too, a major gangstalk show while in there. The assholes forced me to drop my debit card and the too-close next customer "happened" to step on where it fell, after I picked it up. And what is with all these dudes sitting in their vehicle in parking lots? One next to my vehicle once I returned to it. Usually I avoid these set-ups when I am about to park my vehicle, but this Fuckwit rolled in after I parked.

Why do I often (20x/week) get web access blocked with these kind of messages:
Server not found
Firefox can't find the server at

    Check the address for typing errors such as instead of
    If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection.
    If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.
 This the exact message, nothing altered or messed with. I am supposed to have a high speed internet service and I cannot have this if this PC/Firefox gets these kinds of (bogus IMHO) messages.

And a slightly new ailment today, pressure on my lower back, just at my kidneys all day today. Pelvic flexibility and all other sensations seem normal. Once in the early harassment days of 2003, while I was standing up and taking a pee at the toilet, a pulse was fired directly into each kidney simultaneously. It made me realize yet again, that they had me mapped out to very precise degree.

I got my CT scan today of my abdomen and pelvic region. It was a 20 min. session, and not the first time I have been in a scanner. On June 29 it was a bone density scan. Back in 2014 or so my jaw was scanned for a root canal problem that erupted. A SPECT scan in 2001 for ADD became my trump card at the Liars Club, aka, the shrinks then and later. (Or is it the Liar's Cabal?) Prior to that, my doctor in Seattle had me scanned for a thyroid problem, neck and brain both for reasons that never added up. So the perps must get something from me when being immersed in electromagnetic beams, from magnetic beams (MRI) to X-rays (CT). I don't have the scientific know-how to make the associations with their methods, so I will leave it at that. And post this for another week.

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Yogic Man Bun and His Mudded Vehicle

The yoga-stalk gets extra blog coverage on tis blog as it is on Monday, the first day of the week I start a new post. There was a visiting Man Bun, that is, a male wearing his long hair as a bun on his head, about the most ridiculous male hair style I have come to witness. A man bun is even more ridiculous than a 8" diameter afro IMHO of male hairstyles. But his real guise was revealed after class when he hung around to then lead me out into the parking lot where he got into his mud splattered vehicle. It has been long noted that the perps just love to put on mud splattered vehicles around me, and having a yogi arrive and then depart from such a perp prop takes the cake.

And if that strange male look wasn't enough, they put on another long haired dude in sloppy shorts to his kness with a do-rag to contain his hair. How ridiculous. Call me a fusty fart if you want, but all these strange male hairdos have been grist in the stalking retinue for a decade or longer, and now they are erupting in my yoga class. Nothing is sacred or free from perp invasion.

Earlier in the day I got messed around at work; I had a text message Sunday evening that I was to be doing winery work the next day, and dressed with shorts for the occasion. On Monday morning I get a text message that I was to be doing weed eating work, which pissed me off considerably as my bare legs get thrashed with flying gravel and other debris. So yet again, my preventive measures, for when I am allowed to recall them, get defeated my last minute fuckery.

The perps had me "forget" my testosterone injection last night, and just like supplements, it seems they like to experiment with delayed or forgone medication intake. Or perhaps, having me go off schedule for whatever reason, as they get a charge out that too; e.g. delaying buses, changing work start times etc.

And the perps decided to rub it in and use it as an excuse for making me feel fragile today for some reason.

Some 20 screamings at the assholes while making dinner, same for each of the last three evenings. Besides finger fumbling, picking up the wrong item, sending me to the wrong cupboard or drawer, etc. they like to flick food and liquids. I cannot count the number of strange hops and bounces that these items take in a given day. Food preparation is under heavy assault of late, which means they like to infuriate me all the more.

I worked two jobs today, the first one with lots of interuptions. Not only do interuptions serve the perps, but getting direction from different individuals seems to be part of the scope. Then onto my second job, replete with my vehicular gangstalker leading me on this obscure route from one vineyard to the next, where he "happened" to be going next door to my target destination. Not bad for being in the country, and I was vehicularly stalked going the opposite direction on the same road last week. Why am I not surprised?

I finished dishes etc at 2000h and was to head to the supermarket but the assholes blatantly re-directed me to bed for a one hour nap attack.Talk about thwarted will. And when at the supermarket, why, they were out of the very thing I wanted, cooked chicken. I had to settle for cold breaded chicken. And did I mention I avoid bread and gluten like the plague, and this was the only cooked chicken available. Thanks a bunch assholes.

The cute supermarket cashier "happened" to be passing through and crossing my path on my way in, and even gave me a "hello" in passing as I entered the store. To which I politely responded. (Some 99% of the time they ignore my entry into the store). Then there she was at the chicken counter too when I got skunked per above. I had my usual "repeat freaks", aka, gangstalkers in the store, and when finished at that nagging self checkout voice over, why, the cute one "happened" to be standing around and bid me farewell. Again, I returned with a polite reply and headed out the door.

And what is it about large waddling males in baggy shorts the perps so love to put on for me to see? Those big guts and fat legs are quite disgusting.

The Psychopaths foiled my intended music listening in the vineyard two days ago, Sunday. The Power Amp app couldn't find the files even if it could find all the albums, songs and artists no problem. It just wouldn't play music. The default Android music player app was a total piece of shit and had no visible means to select or unselect music. And why is it the perps continually sabotage music players, from Discmen, to CD players (of the past at least), to digital players, e.g. Android phones. And add on the relentless sabotage of headphones and I'm lucky if anything can play, outside of my home system. Add to that, my co-worker, constantly "forgets" to bring his portable speaker that plugs into his phone. It is totally fucking insane that I am not allowed to listen to music when and where I want.

Got my bone scan done today, driving to the bigger city. They inject radioactive technetium and then have wait three hours when it is taken up into one's bones. So three hours to kick around Kelowna, visiting my favorite used book store for used CD's and even two books. Both of which were biographies of males, Putin (The Man Without a Face) and Keith Richards (Life). The perps like me to read biographies for whatever reason, and keep me away from fiction as a rule. Though lately my reading is about prostate cancer, learning all I can as the urologist is such a pill, the information disclosure avoidant kind.

And interestingly, it takes two weeks for the technetium's radioactivity to subside to undetectable levels; one needs a letter from the hospital if one is to cross borders. Not that it is a concern, see below.

Friday, and a national holiday here, akin to July 4 in the US. A "double" long weekend if one flits between borders; Friday July 1 in Canada, and then Monday July 4 in USA. Not that I do cross borders, in good measure due to an unprovoked gun pulling event by the INS in 2002, the first year the perps went berserk/overt on me. Besides, I don't have whole lot of dough to go spendy on holidays anyhow.

A 3.5 hour nap attack this afternoon, though one of the rare times that it may have had some basis in real sleep demand. I was sleep deprived over the prior two days, and finished work an hour early as the rain came in on the vineyard. I put my head down at 1530h and got up at 1900h. Then an hour of recovering from this long nap when on my feet and then back to bed. No wonder so many things aren't getting done. I tried to make a list of these items and they shut me down after ten items when there was many more.

An early start to the day, working for the casual labor vineyard employer. Most strange crew make up today, though it is on the heels of Canada Day and on a long weekend to boot. At first only two other E. Indian workers, an older woman and a young one and the foreman. Both doing the shawls and the older woman with this large bill cap as well, a seeming favorite get up for the older female E. Indian women. We went into the wrong vineyard section at first, and the foreman didn't seem to need to enure that we started in the right place, he being preoccupied with something else. (As most of the direction is in Punjabi, I just follow them). This was through a trellis wire vineyard, the normal kind one sees in the dreamy PR photos that promote wine. Anyhow, at some point he figured it out and redirected us to the high density "post" vineyard, where a single vine grows next to a sturdy post and the vines are wrapped around it to contain the sprawl of canes As it turned out, this was quite different from the stalking perspective as there were no wires and anyone can freely cross rows or get into other's rows. This particular kind of vine training system seems to be experimental more than anything else, but the rows are only 4' wide.

At this point, the "four turbans" arrived, that is, male E. Indians, and they stayed with the crew for the rest of the day. About two hours later, another E. Indian arrived, the same one as last year who looks suspiciously like my brother; the same build and height and similar facial features though with much darkened skin and in a ball cap, jeans (instead of the pajama outfits) and clean shaven. I find it most odd that this particular individual needs to be inserted a few hours later than anyone else, and this has been his consistent arrival pattern. Yes, he speaks Punjabi, but in past perp operative stalking experience this is another mutable feature; having an operative Fuckwit speak another language or with an prominent accent is nothing new to me.

It was me and 7 Punjabis on this crew today, and not a big deal, and I am very used to being ignored as I am not one of them. Besides, apart from the foreman, none seem to speak much English. Welcome to farm work.

But, the perps pulled an asshole move; they sabotaged my vehicle by separating the exhaust head pipe from the rest of it so that the vehicle now makes this awful loud hoarse noise, not unlike the plethora of loud mufflered vehicles I get from vehicular gangstalking. It was the last thing I needed; not only the infernal noise but also the upcoming expense. And the perps decided to make it obvious, as when I pulled into park there was no noise. And when I relocated, why, the exhaust/no muffler noise erupted for the first time. In other words, unprovoked vehicle sabotage of no seeming origin.

Needless to say I was not amused that I had to drive 40 minutes back on the highway with this extra loud exhaust noise.

Sunday, and a rare day off for this vineyard worker. But I need it, if nothing else to normalize my sleep habits. No major vehicle outings, say, for a hike, as I cannot bear the noisy muffler. And on my one outing today for the "forgets" from yesterday, why, the vehicular gangstalk trains were in place and for my every turn. Go figure.

I cleaned up the bathroom of all the hairs that seem to be teleported, a good percentage (over 80%) are obviously not mine. For example, eye lashes that are much longer than mine and are all black. Like WTF; mine are brown with blonde tips, so where do these thicker, longer and all-black eyelashes come from? And believe me, there are no others, or more accurately, no women, venturing into my existence let alone visiting me. I am a pariah to say the least, and possibly among my own crowd, TI's to be specific.

Much reading on prostate cancer today, the latest and most invasive medical condition I have had to deal with. I keep getting the telepathic notion that "no invasive surgery or radiation is needed", but as the perps are liars as much as Psychopaths, I must dismiss this banter and carry on in a conventional way. That is, more doctors, more vexation, more futility, more weirdness and maybe a positive outcome. If cancer weren't such a protracted takedown of bodily function, i.e. bladder, bowels etc. in this case, I would tell them to bring it on, I have had enough. That was my perspective of the last two weeks, but now I am formulating a "survival" plan. The word "survival" is in quotes as I don't really have much say in the outcome, but running this here rat (me) through the imposed maze (aka, the human experience) is just too funny for the Psychopathic Imperative, (aka, nonconsensual human experimentation).