Sunday, July 28, 2013

Strange Question

I was asked by the boss at work as to whether I want to take a holiday. Like WTF; an understaffed vineyard and winery behind on tucking, thinning, laterals removals, sucker removals (shoots below the head of the trunk to the ground), and wine filtration and bottling.  And his wife needs back surgery, as she is often a vineyard worker. All of which he is acutely aware.

Maybe he is playing up the financial instability theme again, something that has been going on for at least three months now. Most odd, to make such a suggestion, though Monday morning is about the best time to sort out these longer term issues.

A very hot day, 32C in the shade, and the perps messed with my thermo-regulation and had me fatigued and wasted by 1300h. Lunch revived me some, though I was back in the fatigue zone within an hour. Artfully, the perps had me "forget" to take my hydration electrolytes with me, and so it was filtered water for the day. I find the electrolyte addition to water make a big difference to hot weather survival, though that could be entirely stage managed too. Back before they went overt/berserk on me in 04-2002, I wilted in 26C+ weather.

It was 34C in the shade today, and now back on electrolyte addition to my drinking water I was doing fine. Some vineyards start at 0600h and finish work at 1400h to avoid prolonged heat exposure. I was doing the hedging again, using the electric shears to top prune just above the highest horizontal wire, done from a moving ATV. The perps love to mess with the shears, and have them cut out and intermittently stop and start to make it a hassle. This "happens" after an hour or too, then the vexation plan follows, usually for a couple of more hours. No power tool, electric or gasoline motor, is allowed to function normally for very long in this TI World, before they mess it up and cause frustration in operating it.

Full blown sunny today, save for those odd drifting clouds to put on some dimming, arranged for when I completed a row of tucking grape vines, a major perp moment. That is, I reverse direction and attended to the vines on the opposite side of the trellis wire. Any kind of direction reversal, whether driving, vehicular gangstalking or the loopy sidewalk spins the perps do is just too damn exciting for them.

And a doubling or trebling of vehicular gangstalkers at the regular 0630h commute time; the excitement might of been that I was carrying two 10L jugs of gasoline in my trunk, and made a prior phone call to a business to order a replacement knife. I had two of these knives once; one was stolen from my luggage and about two years later, its replacement "somehow" hopped out of its full body sheath. (No hole in the handle for attaching a lanyard then, unlike the current offering. Or else I got a special version that didn't have a lanyard hole). Anyhow, it has become a minor pissing match issue with the perps, but seeing that I don't have a likeable knife in the 4" blade size, it will be handy to fit between the 7" sankotu and the 2.5" paring knives. Likely related to this, and in part causal as it was about the same size, in the first year of harassment/abuse, (2003), I asked Ms. C to pack up my apartment, and lo, my Buck knife and its sheath went missing. What is it about the perps and their obsession over knives and their sharpening and use and having to steal at least three of them in the recent past?

The old E. Indian male, replete with a 14 inch beard, was hanging back at the vineyard at 1500h when I departed. Normally he departs at 1400h, but for some reason he needed to tail me back to the house at 1500h and lounge around when I departed by vehicle. Later (next day), I found that he had resumed tucking vines on the very row I had finished up on.

And this was the after work day for getting a money order at the bank for the above-mentioned knife payment, to be submitted snail mail. An E. Indian male was ahead of me in the queue at the bank, with his 4 yo. child, ending up at the adjacent wicket. But it was me who got the young male E. Indian teller, he of permanent smirk on his face for some reason. Why he had to ask me three times as to what the money order amount was, when he got it right the first time (he wrote in down), was also equally mysterious. And outside the bank tow truck eruption; it seems that a woman who was standing around had locked her keys in the truck with two dogs, and phone for a tow truck. The preponderance of this particular vehicle type in all its extra steel and dual rear tires since the perps went berserk-overt in 045-2002 hasn't gone unnoticed to say the least. Tow trucks seem to be useful for perp gangstalking when towing a vehicle, meaning it has only two wheels on the ground instead of four.

All of the above E. Indian-brown skin activity preceded me going to get my one new Pirelli P4 tire mounted and installed at the tire shop. And we know how berserk the perps are over tires, in all their configurations, not to mention the litany of tire problems (ahem) that I have had over the years, some of it detailed in the last posting. So now, I have a set of P4 tires of different vintages; now three purchased all together, and one a year younger (F, passenger side). And lo, if there wasn't extra brown dressed scooter drivers on the road, crossing my path.

More insane games on the home front yesterday; the blocked toilet with 24 hours of liquid plumber backed up to the rim while plunging it and then went into vortex mode and cleared. A 15 min. cleaning job followed. Then I had a shower and when putting on my shorts, why, they jabbed my small R toe and caused it to bleed, begetting additional cleaning on the very area that was cleaned. All of it was cleaned up with toilet paper, so I would assume they wanted different bodily fluids/substances to flow down the line in discrete groups for some berserk reason.

A short hike today, maybe 4km, though in near alpine elevations of 1728m. It was at a ski hill, so I had plenty of landmarks to go by. I was all by myself (not counting aircraft and one service truck) for one of the few times ever in the last 11 years of this near constant harassment and abuse. But not far from the beamers, as there were two cell towers up there, plus another aerial mast that had those too-familiar loop antennas. And a flat planar antenna too. The chair lift was inoperative, so no short cuts or sudden arrivals of stalkers. Though, I did get one ski-hill pickup truck travel the service road as the trail paralleled it for the most part. Some grand vistas though, as far as the eye could see.

I got my overhead aircraft noisestalking at least three times during the hike; the high altitude jets, but no contrails. Mixed cloud and some deep grey threatening ones too, having been screwed out of taking my raincoat, it made for extra threat assessment even if by myself. Last week I got screwed out of a hike because a sudden onset of panic over the tall grass and possible rattlesnakes at the beginning of the trail. Three weeks earlier, a hike was aborted because of a bovine bull was looking to stand his ground. One can see that even hiking, much like yoga, gets sabotaged now and again, even if once per week. The perps view strenuous and regular activity to be highly governed and any regular activity must be put off schedule if at all possible.

I wasnt free from cattle manifestations; the perps had me step into a cow pie when I stepped out of my vehicle. I was infuriated as the green goo was realtively fresh, and there is absolutely no way I would of done it myself. The perps controlled what I object to, my internal rules as well, and blanked me out so to facilitate their psychopathic stunt. And I see the green goo is on my new Pirelli P4 tire, so I can imagine having it rotate while driving was the funniest thing they did all week.

And the crapper is still blocked, somehow defying four days of sitting in the water filled pipes and liquid plumber as well. This week past marks the first time they have pulled a toilet obstruction at this new residence since June 01. Anyhow, I shall post this and see what this week brings in the way of imposed adversity and harassment.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Government Vehicles in the Yoga Parking Lot

I have seen Penticton Municipal (city) vehicles park at the yoga studio location parking lot, and the presumed employee gets out and starts walking down the road, not bothering with yoga in the least. This is on Monday evenings at 1715h. Strange enough. But a US Government licenced vehicle doing much the same, (though no driver apparent), parked in the lot and next to me for the 1.25 hours of the yoga class. Penticton is NOT a border town, and I cannot conceive why such a vehicle would be parked outside the yoga studio, except for nefarious gangstalk and harassment purposes. [Re-evaluation; a conference center is a half block away, but it still no reason to park their truck at the yoga center].

And for the first time in six months, they deigned to put another male in the yoga class, usually 10 to 15 of us. I don't know why this poor sod got the assignment, but he should take a beginner class first. Totally out of his league, and not a seeming yoga practitioner. Usually they put a male in the lobby standing in front of my coat and shoes when I get out of the class, but this time, for whatever reason, they raised the ante and put this guy in behind me, and backed off on the male lobby stalker.

The venetian blinds were re-installed in my residence after cleaning and two of them were clipped at the ends to be shorter. And for the second time in a week, I find sawdust on clothes and items next to the windows, done by the very persons that were remarking on the sloppy job done by the window installer of last week who managed to get stucco dust from outside in the place. It does make me wonder if anything can be taken at face value.

And as the vineyard work is getting so very repetitive, it was the first listening of music this year while tucking vines. My player was getting spoofed with as same first four songs on multiple albums kept repeating until I forced it into an album play mode. And while this was going on, there were at least four passes by the same helicopter in 20 minutes of play. The perps also broke the phone's belt mounted carrying case tab, so I will now use a rubber band to keep it in place. Last year they had the phone drop from the belt mount "by itself" enough times that I put the same rubber band on it. Why they had to break the plastic tab on the Ballistic belt mount after I had some confidence it after last year is a mystery to me.

Morning and afternoon thunderstorms, causing breaks in work, as the rule is that no vineyard work when a thunderstorm is on. I see the cleaning lady putting on her tattoo show again, though just the one on her calf and covering the ones on her arms. Just to think that part of the tattoo "show" was to keep me from seeing any tattoos on her for the first 14 months that I knew this person, coming once per week.

A two hour nap attack on a weekday, and another hour to recover from feeling so wiped out. I have no idea why they wanted to pull this stunt on a weekday, as they did last week. Normally, nap-attacks have been on weekends in the last year.

The sensation of feeling "stoned" again this morning, as in a slightly derealized headspace, which tells me the assholes are at their temporal lobe takeover games again. I learned at an ADD seminar from the clinical brain scan reasearcher, that the "floatly" feeling is from de-energized temporal lobe activity. Nice to know one's deepest brain regions are accessible in real time by remote means, don't you think?

Many distant light flashes today, some were lightning (and we know who can arrange that too), often arranged to be seen through my L. side glasses lens, which mysteriously got scuzzed in advance. I get many light flashes these days, brief spots of white "from" extraneous reflections (something that suddenly increased in frequency when all this began in 04-2002). I even get them in my residence, no more than 20' away, such as today, when at least three came through a window after I was in the place for a few minutes. All part of the gravitational lensing that they seem so very determined to utilize in their nonconsensual human research agenda.

Noise games at the vineyard, per usual, and helicopter coverage with a nice sleek retractable landing gear Bell ? in the same mid grey as my vehicle. It did a hover over the lake for a minute, at least 1.5km away, and then climbed and banked to make a W turn, having arrived from the N, and the airport.

A weekend changing jerkaround. I drove too close the the fence at this place and "inadvertently"snagged the tire on an over-length stud that was projecting from it 4" above the ground. The one tire shop I know "happened" to be busy when I phoned, so I will have to deal with getting the wheel off with the standard Toyota jack and tire wrench. Lucky me.

[Later] I got the vehicle jacked up, and can thank the ever diligent Toyota Camry manual to ensure that all was safe; e.g. blocking the diagonal wheel so the vehicle woudn't move on me. And I can thank Toyota for putting a full size Michelin tire in the spare compartment and having the tools there too. The whole spare tire replacement went relatively well, an exception to most everything else.

As an example, I make many 100's of pruning cuts in a day on the vineyard. And nearly every time the perps have me put the pruners in the wrong and unintended location, e.g. touching the pruner's jaw underside to the area where the cut it to be made, instead of inside the jaw to make the cut. I earn my living making pruning cuts and yet nearly every one is sabotaged or interfered with. All of which is accompanied by a relatively new (imposed) cognitive deficit, having my depth perception fucked with momentarily, at least 500+ per day when on pruning work. I don't know what the shrinks would say about this, should they be still hiding behind the DSM-4.

Back to the spare tire installation tonight; the tire is punctured at the wall-tread corner so I don't think it is salvageable, so it will be a $150 or so to get a new Pirelli P4. And too, the perps filled me with ideations of taking off the tire and taking it by taxi to the tire shop tomorrow. These notions went on for at least an hour while making and eating dinner. Then when looking at the above mentioned Toyota manual, I "learned" that I had a spare tire compartment, and only then did it dawn on me that I could use it. It is like every possible thing that I know, all my knowledge, is replaced by the perps, and not to to the level that it was. They want to put me through a total re-learning of everything I know, and they know exactly what that is. Back in 2005-2006 they screwed with my spelling, and freaked me out that I couldn't spell any more. That might of been them having me re-learn how to spell with remote influencing interference/governance. Ever since, the odd time when I use a rarely used word, I cannot spell it, and need to go to a dictionary. My spelling was nearly infallible until they messed me around. (I don't normally use a spelling checker, but need to now).

Just when your (TI) reality adjustment to all and sundry is at it limits, here is another corker, the "alternate" and entirely believable version of the Madelaine McCann (an e-book, and an hour to read it all) kidnapping which occurred in 2007 to great press coverage, and still the story gets the headlines due to recent police statements about new lists of persons of interest. Which begs the question, who is it that is stage managing all of this, including stories, retractions, inconsistencies etc. I just don't get it, though it seems that all clinical doctors are in on the TI/harassment picture, though not to the level of an operative, say. In fact, Kate McCann was overheard to exclaim, "they stole my child", which if nothing else, demonstrates that this particular doctor (mother of the abducted child) does indeed know about a secret and pervasive force/experimentation/harassment initiative. I wonder how the perps deliver the news to them; at university, or later residence locations.

Saturday, no alarm, and a 9 hour sleep. Plenty I thought, but no, I got taken out with a two hour nap attack in the afternoon. Plus the usual hour of recovery time, feeling wasted and limp.

My tire is unrepairable, so a new one is ordered. The Michelin spare would be of intense interest to the perps due to their long running automotive tire fixation and sabotage record that goes back 20 years or more. When I had a forestry job and drove company trucks, I could count on a flat tire once per week. I could never figure it out, but added into the mix was a different vehicle every few weeks. When I had my Volvo in about 2000 and put on a full set of Michelin tires, it seems the perps could not abide by that. I had a front end wheel alignment done by the Volvo dealer after the tire installation, and they screwed it up as the front tires prematurely wore out. The other potential culprit could of been the tie rod ends and ball joints, but they were all relatively new as well. Again, the perps could not handle the fact that I had a full set of the same tire model, and arranged the tires to wear and a replacement set was installed. In mid-2006 the front pair wore out (again) so I got a replacement pair installed before I gave the vehicle to my daughter as the financial crunch was coming down. So what is it about having a full set of tires on one's vehicle that the perps cannot allow after 14 months? I don't know, but as tires and all things automotive are important to them, it is all part of the sabotage scene. I cannot count the number of times the perps clustered around the wheel wells on the low-floor public buses I took for the six automobile-less years in Victoria. The wheel well is significantly more exposed and time without fail, they would have a Fuckwit with their ass backed onto the wheel well. Every so often they would put on a high floor bus to change up the passenger-wheel juxtaposition.

Back to the "stoned" sensation again, the perps keeping me inside and online for two hours of color calibration games it would seem, and finally letting me out at 1100h. A little late for hiking, but that is what they wanted, and the whole deal was about me purchasing a just-released hiking book of this area at a downtown runner's shop, looking it over and selecting a hike while parked and this large-gutted coffee bearing Fuckwit walked down the middle of the street, past my vehicle. And so, after some more cognitive FUD, I set off to a trail-head, which could not be found, though it did have a parking lot nearby. I hadn't gone more than a kilometer when the perps spooked me over snakes in the grass, and had lunch and turned around. It is most common that the perps have me only travel part-way on a new hiking trail, only to return to it later and do it all. Last year I was deterred by thunderstorms on my first hike attempt up MacIntyre Bluff. Ditto for another trail.

Anyhow, it now late in the day, and after the perps screwed me senseless over my month end accounting (June) for two hours, I was finally allowed to finish it. All the while kiddies-at-play noise was outside as the owners have a pool outside their house. The perps do things like adding or removing transactions from the web page after I have found a discrepancy, even it is seeming to come from the bank. As well, Quicken transactions are routinely sabotaged. It is a brutal grind, aka full blown rage-ifcation event, to do one's finances on a PC as a TI owing to the perps' relentless in all things financial. Onto another weeks and pondering what is coming next.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Overnight Port Wine Stain Arrival

I see that the windows of this stand-alone suite were replaced today, just as I was notified in advance. The owners indicated that this might be planned a month ago, but wasn't sure when it might happen. But the window installers did it in true perp style by making a mess. That is to say, there was a fine layer of pink dust from the stucco on the outside had "somehow "got inside and came down around each of the four window locations. That is, on furniture, the kitchen counter, clothes etc. Make my day assholes; I loathe messes, and this time they put the Windows Gang on me to make a mess in four locations.The installer said the old windows were leaky and making out he couldn't do anything about it. Was I allowed to ask him if he had a vacuum attachment on his saw, or if he taped the windows up before he started. No..sirr, putting Fuckwits on the spot and calling them on their BS is not allowed.

I thought that port wine stains on skin, usually Caucasian skin I would think, were determined at birth, a la Gorbachev. Not only did I get two red wine moles arranged vertically on my chest and within an inch of each other back in 2005 or so, but I got a new one last night on my face. Yes...sirr, these strange and persistent things/abuses can arrive overnight, and on my R. cheekbone, where there is minimal flesh covering the location. Not directly visible face on, but evident on my R. side profile. I am infuriated that this bullshit is done to me after 11 years of this sustained abuse. Seems the perps need a dark red mark to go with the present spate of cherry picking I have been assigned to. And I see the pics of it did not turn out.

On the general abuse front, there are plasma spots, flashes in my field of view lately, often the persistent kind that stay in my vision from outside to inside and then up the stairs to the next floor. These are important transition points for the perps, who put on no end jerkarounds over egress over these critical locations. I cannot shake these light flashes from my view, and sometimes they will change color and then revert back to the first color, often green, light and dark at different events. Often the shapes are segmented lines straight or arced.

And at least six ponytail male eruptions/stalkings after work today, when driving into town. Even a "greeter" at the parking lot pay machine was part of this freakshow.

Day 2 of the window installers' mess; I put sheets over all the things I could, so guess what, I get to launder them later this week. One of the Windows Gang put an ice cream cone in my freezer using my bowl, and the asshole didn't even clean it retrieving it. And no less, "somehow" I didn't see that it was in a bowl, as the perps wiped this particular object from my visual/cognitive field when I first saw it in the freezer. I spend over an hour doing vacuming the entire floor area of the place, cleaned the counters, top of fridge etc.

And I have yet to read Dean Radin's book, The Conscious Universe, which I can rightfully blame the perps as I bought it at least two years ago and haven't turned a page. But I see Supernormal: Science, Yoga, and the Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilities in the same theme, and directly addresses yoga. I have often wondered what the perp's yoga fixation is about, and this new book might provide some insight. Based on the advertising copy, I would say he is on the right track, and should be thankful he doesn't get cancered or otherwise whacked like some of the leading physics thinkers.

A two hour nap attack, (though I got FUD-ed, so it might have been three hours), tea time at beginning and afterward, no dinner. I still feel wasted after the nap, a perp trademark I have come to know. Perhaps it relates to what follows; read on.

I am listening to a Bonnie Raitt CD, the re-master of Give It Up, one of my very favorite albums. To do so, the perps put me through three PC players after obstructing Windows Media Player and increasing my annoyance before the CD would finally play. And lo, if it didn't play from two sources (different software), one on top of the other. This is my fourth copy of the album; the first LP in 1973 got warped on the turntable in the sun, and the second LP seemed served me well until a generic "LP-disease" came on and caused localized warps on many of my LP's to have me replace them all in 1993 or so. (Yes, I looked after my LP's, and kept them from sun, heat, cold etc.). Then a CD was next, and now this re-master version. I first bought Give It Up in 1974, and turned a number of friends on to Bonnie Raitt's distinct talents. Back in 1990, by "fluke", I saw her win her first and fourth Grammy on TV, as I was studying at the time, and the house owner controlled the TV. It is one of my favorite albums, and perhaps that is the reason the perps put me through a long and unneeded nap in advance of playing the CD.

A two and a half hour nap attack this afternoon, and I felt groggy for at least an hour after that. I slept an extra two hours this morning, so I did not need the sleep. (Plus, some vile dreams in progress before I awakened). The associated deal seemed to be the post nap activity of cutting up the cooked chicken in the fridge. It was the first time I cut into it, though I pulled a leg off it four days ago when the Window Gang (per above) were here. As I had the last of the prior chicken until two days ago, one could say there was chicken-overlap, having both in the fridge for three days (until yesterday), and this one was begun today. As the perps routinely noisestalk me over cutting of chicken meat, or any food item for that matter, it doesn't suprise me that they hit me with an advance nap attack.

Earlier, the laundromat stalkathon, with the parking lot duly arranged with vehicles and trailers. This time a 20' boat and trailer behind a pickup truck dominated the parking, and stayed there for the entire time, some 1.5 hours. After I returned from errands while the load was washing, a pickup with a 20' flat deck trailer pulled in beside the boat and trailer. Call it trailer-on-trailer action, for whatever reason the perps find in this particular vehicle. A few weeks ago, for two visits a week apart, they put on a camper-trailer in the same parking lot. The owner was one of the stalkers at the motel (until May 31) and didn't have either the trailer or the pickup towing vehicle then. Funny how these shiftless males can come up spades in such a short span.

They put on a negro at the laundromat this morning, he first came to stand by his active washing machine and then feign putting more money it, an absurd proposition as it didn't need money. There is nothing one can do once the load has begun to launder. Said negro returned for my return when the drying cycle was done. Not only was he looking at his laptop, a very common perp prop, he then got up to cross my path after I came by. And lo, if he didn't have his laundry in the dryer next to mine, just like his washing. Way back in 2004-2005 the perps put a negro woman on my ass, as in stalking me, at a laundromat. A car from the state of Georgia was parked outside, and she "happened" to have her laundry in the next machine. She gives me this sneering look for no reason that I could discern, and I stare back, and she then departs. Fucking weird then, and thankfully today's laundromat negro kept his head down and staring at his laptop.

I see the above mentioned port wine stain has mostly disappeared, so some reprieve from the Fourth Reich on the facial flaws front.

Sunday, and a "need" to get a hike came on. I did my usual MacIntyre Bluff early enough that there wasn't hordes and herds of faux hikers to navigate past.

But no rest for tanning, as the forest ants kept crawling over me, and the bee "happened" to buzz me when I had both hands busy.

Another forced nap attack after the hike, a good two hours and the third in a week. As above, note the prior or subsequent events for a perp connection. And lo, if they didn't pull another ant invasion in the kitchen, in two places it turned out. Another freak-out from the ants, juvenile ants they are, and another clean up job, and then putting liner in the drawers so ant-like scuffs won't be mistaken for the them. I must of spent 50% or more of my free time this past week in the direct service of the perps; nap attacks, stucco dust cleanup, and ants-in-kitchen cleanup.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Cell Phone Without Case

My cellphone crapped out on the weekend, and no matter how many reboots with battery pulling, it would not connect to the network. it was charged up, as the LG graphic came up followed by a full battery graphic. Soo.... I had it out of its protective case while attempting to reboot it, and in the cargo pocket of my pants all day. Once done at the vineyard, I went to my waxing appointment, and lo, if a moped wasn't putzing ahead of me for all of the 15 min. trip. Then ditto when in town, and then the Fuckwit was in the same hair salon as me, in front of me. And lo, if the staff didn't point out the parked moped to me, making it seem I might have something to do with it "because" I had cargo pants. All to show me the same gangstalking moped, which I did not notice when I got to the hair/spa salon, but there it was, directly outside. And what was the point of that? To confirm it was the same gangstalking vehicle that led me for 95% of my just completed vehicle trip?

Anyhow, the waxing appointment was done, with extra redness for reasons I won't get into. Then I retrace some of my trip to go take the infernal cell phone back, and lo, if the blonde woman with serious cleavage wasn't there again. Her "magic touch" caused the cell phone to connect to the network, and all was solved. She does this every time; she sinks low and leans forward for me to see down her front, and then attends to whatever it is that I am asking for. Again, what was the point of that; having me redouble some of my tracks (2km) with an extra red chest from a prior waxing appointment and then look down Ms. Cleavage's chest while my uncased phone springs to life in her deft fingers? It is all too stupid for words, being kept as a lab rat in a Potemkin Village Maze for 11 years to perform/view major cleavage presentations.

The Texan has departed the vineyard, and I am holding the fort alone. Not that I stay there, but the watering and animal feeding must be done. The boss phoned me for the first time in three weeks, and is getting out of hospital today. He didn't sound too good, but I am sure he is much better than he was. Still no word on what was the matter; the symptom of total renal failure doesn't explain much. Sounds like a perp job to me, and they did it to someone who is aiding them all the time I am there. I quite haven't figured out why some abettors come up roses with a new vehicle, house, business start etc. and some get totally shafted. And how do the perps assign worth to that in order to compensate the witting subject who unwittingly gets a three week health scare of unknown cause?

I see my browser has suddenly gone to larger and bolder print with the "upgrade" today, and as text size is also of consuming perp interest, it would be more of the same.

A two hour nap attack in the evening for no seeming cause. Very often a nap attack is either a preparation for when I go to get a specific item (especially if it has been a burning "need" for months), or else serves as an interuption when I embark on something interesting. In the latter case, they pulled a five hour nap attack after beginning to read a new (to me, though used) viticulture book this time last year.

At the vineyard I was building some 4" diameter PVC tubes to hold filter cartridges so they can be re-used if back-flushed. Some have a bell end and others don't and as I found out the hard way, one can get fittings to fit the bell end and not the normal pipe diameter. Of course they didn't tell me that at the supplier when I bought them, as I had never heard of special fittings for the flared bell ends before, in any size. I wanted to put these together but the perps totally scrambled me over which size gets what fitting. I never have a problem keeping pipe fittings organized, but for some reason I had a massive cognitive "failure" to the point that I abandoned the planned PVC gluing. Which would be the second time this project has been sabotaged, the aforementioned fitting problem caused the glue to set up over the indigo primer. Normally one doesn't see glued up ends as they are inside the fitting pieces. But for some reason the perps wanted glue and primer to congeal on the PVC pipe and have it sit there for two weeks now.

And pointless hours looking online for server racks; I could use one to vertically stack the printer, modem, NAS server (if I get one), stereo component (if I get one). They are not exactly cheap so I got to wonder why am I spending hours on this if I am indifferent to its cost/benefit ratio? This hasn't been the only futile product search that I have been put through.

The vehicular gangstalking remains heavy, and with more oncoming vehicles straddling the centerline, as in encroaching into my lane. What is with this bullshit? Another stunt I now see is to have oncoming vehicles (with headlights on in the daytime, as all vehicles are) staggered to add more light sources at once. The oncoming vehicle will be close to the centerline, at a respectable offset, but the vehicle behind is way wide, straddling the shoulder line so one extrat headlight is directed at me. This creates an illusion of three headlights abreast coming toward me, when in fact it is two vehicles playing games for more pit-lamping exposure time.

My birthday, and a Saturday, but no reprieve from the abusive assholes. They let me wax my vehicle this morning, beginning at 0700h as it gets too hot by 0900h. And they let me finish the job and even cooled it down by arranging some cloud cover until nearly finished. Which is about all they did for me today, assuming it was for me in the first place.

I assembled my laundry into one pile in a steel basket, just ahead of placing it into a olive green duffel bag. And lo, if I didn't "need" a break because of a sudden tiredness onset, and lo, if I didn't get sacked for a two hour nap attack, beginning at 1015h. I don't need naps, and NEVER need them or had them some five hours after awakening, but it would seem someone wanted my laundry to be piled but not packed while I slept. (And the just-waxed and polished vehicle 30' away, on the other side of the fence). By then it was lunch, still feeling wiped out from the nap, and so I got onto laundry then. The much gangstalked and fucked-with event of doing laundry was after lunch, as it seems they wanted this to occur, as it had always been done first thing Saturday mornings. The laundromat had tattoo shows, the oversized males, the shiftless backpacker who didn't appear to have any laundry but needed to run the faucet all the same, and a few other Unfavoreds, e.g. dreadlock hair.

Both washing machines at the laundromat fucked me out of an extra dollar coin. Then the tattoos and shiftless males arrived to loiter around. And the perps even arranged one of my face cloths, the one they dyed with pink spatters, to "fall" to the ground and have me pick it up just ahead of a Fuckwit Redshirt walking over that identical location of the face cloth. Funny how those things "happen", and keep "happening".

Later when back, I see the perps fucked the heat-AC pump to make it appear 10C, way down from the 26C I have it set for. Said remote control wouldn't work from 15' away, so I had to walk up to the machine to turn it off, then on, all to have it reset at 26C. And how many times have I had to do the same for TV remote controls? Hundreds in the past 11 years of this insane abuse, and my TV exposure/availibility is limited as I don't own one.

A bicycle road race to re-arrange vehicular traffic so that it was one lane in both directions and the N bound lane was using the L lane of the S bound lane. The perps just love these road traffic games, mixing up lanes, road works, L-hand Japanese vehicles and on and on.

I got to hike with my new black colored Kelty pack, that has reasonable room. I still haven't figured out pack sizes and how they can claim 28L goes in my small pack. The hike was aborted with cattle/bull going aggressive by standing his ground and then going to stand in the way when I wanted to take an alternative trail section. The cows didn't seem to mind me taking the hiking trail, though they kept a wary eye on me to make sure I was passing through. But this bull wasn't going to passively watch me, and stood his ground from 60' away. The adjacent forest was full of slash (downed tree fragments and I would of likely broke an ankle if having to move through it at any speed.

I took a lunch break at a lake near the parking lot, and somehow, some pitch arrived on my pants when I wasn't under any trees, or on any pitch bearing objects. It makes a major cleanup problems as it will stick to other clothes. So.. an unplanned clean-up, and a forced trip to the laundromat, and lo, if the pitch didn't re-arrive on my pants after laundering.

Vineyard work was detailed to cherry picking and pitting -with plenty of perp stunts of opening up my fingers and having cherries drop to the ground/floor; about 30x over the day. Other finger manipulations to impair my intention to grasp or let go, about 40x over the day. And two cherry juice messes that erupted when the zip lock bag gave out. The perps just love screwing with zip lock bags and and having them separate after being zipped lightly together. So it goes; one insult/assault follows another.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Switch in the Dude Instructor

For the second week in succession, the dude yoga instructor, as in skinhead and large gut, was put in place of the pixie girl. And of course I didn't look at the schedule in advance. All those prudent habits can be defeated anytime, including remembering one had them in the first place. The svelte dancer girl next to me served as the eye candy distraction instead. But as this male instructor is vague at times, and not always demonstrating, it increases the FUD as to what one is to do. And guess who likes to create FUD?

More rain today at the vineyard, but as the first round tucking was completed yesterday, I was working on the filter fittings to get them between pressure gauges, valves and T's so they could be mounted in a series. As mentioned many times, the perps have a particular focus on beverages and water flowing through plastic hoses, fittings, filters etc. Just to think, those fortunate enough to travel to warm regions and drinking out of a just-harvested coconut with a plastic straw would likely be part of this grand experiment.

The cashier at a big box home improvement store gave me a lingering stare after offering me the till tape and then taking it back to do their finger scratch on the till tape. (Why, I don't know, but the store name begins with R and ends with A, and are a Canada-only chain).  Bizarre behavior to say the least, even if she was an attractive blonde of age 40 or so. This was also exceptional as this store's cashiers nearly always have their head down and not looking at me, even to the level of being avoidant.

I got totally mind whacked, partly as a setup, "thinking" this was a Friday payday when it is a Tuesday. The Texan got my check ready today, when normally it is done on Thursday or Friday. That was the set-up part, and the invasive mind games started from there, first with noting the date was wrong and still not having a clue why. At least they terminated this game before I got to the bank and made it problematic all the more.

More vineyard tucking, catching up with the rows that were tucked three weeks ago. An afternoon thunderstorm was coming up the lake and ended my day. I got to drive through it, and it was intense, though short, ten minutes or so. The perps pulled a changing vehicle color during the rainstorm; an oncoming vehicle appeared to be the same grey as mine, but with a teal patch on the hood and bumper. In the next glance, why, it was all teal colored. The perps have pulled this with faux negroes before; making an ambulatory umbrella bearing Caucasian appear to be a negro from further away, and then when closer, why they somehow changed races. Interesting that the perps pulled this vehicular color change, (or, manipulated my color receiving at the neural level) in a thunderstorm, though I don't know why, apart from the electrical disturbances.

A rare visit to Walmart, and after a freak show of four (two retards giving each other hand signals, and two tattoos) within 30' of the entrance, I made a quick exit, all to be obstructed by a shopping cart act on the way out. And how did I forget how much I loathe the store and why?

A Thursday, but a day off to deal with two dental appointments in two cities; locally for a cleaning from the dental hygienist, and then a CT scan on a tooth in Kelowna , strip mall city this afternoon.

The chocolate "need" came on for the first time in a month last evening, so two 100g bars afterward (for a bigger brown color signature) and one at breakfast with coffee, for that melt-in-the-mouth sensation.

Post dental cleaning, and when online (color calibrated) the perps pull a vomit stunt. Ergo, they had me puke brown chocolate "remnants" into the toilet some two hours after my appointment. And lo, if some didn't "splash" (read, telekinetic manipulations) right back at me and onto the toilet seat and lid too. I haven't had a vomit attack since the early days of when all this came down, 04-2002. It would seem if the perps were looking for the effects (read, color energetics) of brown substances in the toilet, depending on where they came from.

Not forgetting the perps have me cycle/digest my food at significantly faster than the average; in 30 min.or less, and "somehow" I had the chocolate "remnants" last 3.5 hours. Seems like brown color testing to me.

And for the first time ever, a pending root canal-like pain dissipated to an almost nothing sensation over the past three weeks. A visit to the endodontic specialist and a CT scan of my teeth revealed no tooth breakage or assignable source. The pain was barely detectable today, where three days ago I couldn't chew soft gum on my L side. All in time for the endodontic dentist to find almost nothing. So what was that all about? Getting more X-rays to the head in another town, Kelowna?

Back in 1986-89 I was living in a small mountain town called Nelson. I had two root canals there, and both caused pain for months afterward. I was sent to the endodontic specialist in Kelowna to have a look, and after much paper filling and sitting around, he got to work tapping on all my teeth, only to find no conventional cause. At the end of the appointment he asks me what I think the problem might be. Like WTF; a dental specialist asks me after his inconclusive exam about a part of me that I can't readily see. So here we are again (2013), driving to the Endodontic City, this time armed with CT scanners and getting some, not all, teeth tapped to arrive at no evident (conventional) cause. And no WTF moment either; everything was professional, even if masers were floating off some of the equipment or coming in through the building glass from outside and into the exam room.

As always, I had my color coordinated posse of vehicles around me, and also for the oncoming traffic. Putting a tractor and (full height) trailer to block off my sight line of road signs was a good trick to raise my angst as well as recall this particular stunt for other new cities of the past.

I also had my male/dude force of gangstalking when ambulatory; two tool stores (good cover for shiftless males), and one used bookstore. In the latter case it was plain that the mofo's were herding me and attempting to get a Fuckwit parked over the very ground I had vacated. Also, to stand over me as I was crouched down to look at the bottom shelves. As soon as that bullshit erupted, I got myself to the cashier and got the fuck out. Last time I was there, and during (same) weekday hours, why, hardly anyone was there. This time, at least five males inside of three minutes, some doing reprise gangstalkings; coming by and feigning another look all to reverse their tracks and then come back again. Bad enough to have these sick shits keeping popping out to block my egress or intended path, never mind twice in one store visit. And one in a bright red shirt "happened" to walk the very street I was driving after I had finished in the bookstore.

A Saturday, which means laundry, which means laundromat gangstalker stakeout. Though not many (15 or so) And I was stirred to get a portable clothesline, and couldn't find one at one store, and then when directed to the correct aisle, why three males were clustered there doing their faux shopping act. Onto the next store, skunked there too, though stalked by two longhaired males in the parking lot who departed only 5 seconds ahead of me. And lo, if they weren't in the parking lot of the next location I went to, heading in, a whole 5 seconds ahead of me. Funny how I "forgot" to track their vehicle, something that I routinely do. And the vehicular copycatting was also on full; vehicles turning out at the same time as me, and otherwise emulating my vehicular movements.

The HD motorcycle noise was cranked up to noise-track me from laundromat to my residence and while hanging up my laundry on my inadequate drying rack. Then the EC-120 helicopter flew overhead while hanging up my clothing, all to assure me that all was "normal" in TI World, aka Potemkin Village of the Harassed and Abused.

A shut-in afternoon, not wanting to go outside for whatever reason, even if sunny or warm. I get a three day weekend, as it is a Canada Day long weekend. It was to be a heat wave weekend, but so far, warm and mostly sunny. With some momentary rain thrown in too.

Some file manipulations, cut-paste etc. brought on a long round of dog barking for some reason this afternoon. As I have been repeatedly noisestalked and/or harassed for these events, why is it that this begets such activity now? And the hot-rod muffler noise came on when copying a CD to disc, with compression to a FLAC file.

And I see that my internet access has been nixed after the perps screwed me out of saving my session history, my "reminder" of what I was following and interested in when online. They like to take down my browse history, as it shows up in the tabs, every week or so. I don't know what they would get from this, apart from satisfying their excessive juvenility.

One interesting vignette at the vineyard yesterday; the Texan family member was lamenting that his email wasn't showing on his iPhone, and was waiting for an email from his wife to confirm the changed settings. I said I could send him one via the PC in the office, and so I did while he was hanging around. He kept looking for it, but gave up at first, and then came back some ten minutes later to show me that it had, putting the iPhone in front of me to see the message I had sent him. So what was that about, having me see the message I sent and then received on another computer display platform (his iPhone)? There must be something psychically intrinsic about what I composed, and who to, and what display device it shows up on. Not forgetting that the LCD screen serves as some kind of energy emitting device as well as a color reaction calibration device. Only 11 years of this abusive harassment so far, and I suspect there is a long way to go yet.

Finally, I am allowed (such is my vocabulary) to get on with cleaning the bathroom of the plentiful grunge. It has been a month since I moved in, and this pressing matter did not get attended to because of other pressures. I have at least five hours spent on it and I still haven't finished.

A lamentable Canada Day; I got to finally check the oil in my Camry, all to find I was two quarts down. Not any dashboard idiot lights conveyed this, nor did the engine temperature gauge. And for the record, I was absolutely on top of vehicle maintenance with my former Volvo 240 series vehicle, but "somehow" I never bothered to look for far too long. That is totally uncharacteristic and certain sign that my normal behaviors are getting remotely dithered. Apart from infuriating me, I don't know what the perps would get from this insane juvenility.

Onto posting this and starting a new week.