Sunday, January 25, 2015

Food Flicking

And what is it about flicking food around that is so important to the perps in their extra-conventional/kinetic fuckery games? This all began in 04-2002 like so many other forms of harassment and high strangeness, and continues to this day. They just love to flick food around; in preparation, while cooking, while eating, while putting food away in the fridge, and if there are any scraps around, them too after the meal is done and the dishes are being cleaned up. Sometimes a chocolate crumb will show up two days later, haven't not had any since then. And the table, counter and stovetop have all been cleaned at least once.

Three times I had to scream at the assholes while eating up the tortilla chip crumbs on my plate, another Fuckover stunt to beget the hyperactive crumb stunts. They had them fly laterally out of the bag even if I had blocked such a trajectory while emptying the bag. Then twice at the dinner table, and again afterward. Even some mushroom fragments were blatantly teleported to land on the counter and not the cutting board that was in use.

The tortilla chip battles go like this; I buy them for unknown reasons as I am on a Paleo diet and eat as few carbos as possible. But they are never mashed or crushed when in the bag, and yet at the bottom of the bag these crumbs of tortilla chips somehow arrive and are made out to be the biggest pain in the ass. One cannot grasp them as they are too small, and so how does one eat them? I mix them with my gumbo dinner to dampen down the extra kinetic activity, but this still didn't stop the assholes from blatantly ejecting crumbs off the plate, twice tonight.

I suppose it is all about the key moments of starting or ending a food item; as packaging seems to be all important to the perps, begining or ending a package of food is a key Fuckover moment. As an example tonight, the end of the olive oil in the present bottle was drizzled into the cooking pan, and I started a new jar of coconut oil to complete the need for frying the onions in adequate cooking oil. And I suppose this too was a key Fuckover moment along with finishing the tortilla chips. And that being so, why then, it is a golden moment in the minds of the perps to enrage the victim yet again. We have done all this before, for 12.5 years for crissakes, never mind what happened the prior 47 years which was when they were in covert mode. Covert to me, though it seems everyone else was in on it after age 9 y.o. or so.

A focussed public gangstalking of a kind; a workshop on pruning for the viticultural community. About 30 chairs in the middle, and I was the first to arrive at ten to 0900h, when the workshop was to start then. I had some donuts and sat down, and over the next 30 minutes at least 50 others arrived and ringed the chairs with only me and one other Fuckwit in the same row. Here we have chairs for everyone to sit in, and lo, no one else sits down. That the chairs were made of brown colored plastic didn't go unoticed.

And the designated "hound dog" stalker was also dressed in the same color of brown, from head to toe. And too, he "somehow" bumped into me twice while the demonstrations were on. He and the orange dayglo (high visibility) coated dude tag teamed me it would seem, managing to coordinate themselves to be around me in four different locations.

And then the closing in behavior again. Two standing stalkers in front of me move slowly backwards over the 30 minute duration of a presentation. Like WTF; they appear to be acting independently and yet both are doing the same thing at the same time. And both at a very small incremental rate. the perps just love for me to detect the moment this is occurring, and once I do, why, some other stalker clears his throat at that same instant. Can we say coordinated personal space encroachment with feigned obliviousness?

I got kept from sleeping for 4 hours in the night, being plied with notions over guitar building, then finally got to sleep, only to be stiffed with dreams about running a cruise ship of all things. Maybe they wanted me to be channeling Schettino of Costa Concordia infamy.

Then I got hit for a 3.5 nap attack this afternoon; felt clogged, fogged and a little stoned (de-realized) for an hour or two afterward. The perps like to put me into this cognitively impaired state for whatever reason.

Friday, and always big excitement for the perps when I do a regular Saturday thing (the much harassed laundry) on a different day of the week. So exciting in fact they hit me for a 10 hour sleep for a get-up time of 1100h. Which meant, screw breakfast, have brunch. Better yet, have two eggs for "brunch". Then have the whole town go into silly gangstalking mode, not to mention keeping me in some kind of semi-stoned/de-realized state for the time I was out and about doing laundry.

Another set-up was to have me go to a specialty store to get peppercorns, and then fuck me around by the store not having any, despite the "help" saying that they carried such an item. I don't know what it is about sending me to get something and get skunked, but the perps just love doing it. Another variation is have me pulling on a locked door, having screwed me into thinking it wasn't locked, or else the assholes locking it by unconventional means just ahead of me attempting to open the door. I call these the "dashed expectations" events, but this covers a whole lot more ground than just locking doors and depleting the store stock ahead of me coming round to get that very item.

More gym games yesterday; about a third or more of the seeming visitors are sitting around doing utterly nothing, or else moving to another station to do the same. Another trick is for them to set up near me, and then abandon their efforts within a minute or two.

The designated "hound dog" gangstalker was the muscle dude in pajama shorts who just had to pound the floor umpteen times by dropping his weights on the floor. Then for some reason he had to bring this to the station next to me while I was working with the kettle ball. Once I got in 12 reps each side I departed.

A leg wax and haircut yesterday, always a special harassment event for whatever reason, cutting or pulling hair is a big deal. I had the pink haired girl of two visits ago who made a point of being prominent but avoiding my gaze. This time she was reserved, but at least she chatted. Then the leg wax followed; a cute young blonde girl on one side, and the instructor on the other. I nattered to the instructor for the most part, largely because we have a year of history and have similar interests, save her preoccupation with a TV fish boat show, forgetting the name.

And home accountlng fuckery today; it has been put off for months, finally getting November and December reciepts in and reconciled with the online bank statement. I was listening to music on the PC and about 20 minutes into it, I got a phone call for stupid reason; "if the order is delivered with damage you can send it back". I haven't got it yet, and I am expecting that it not be damaged. The second time in two days I got a phone call about 20 minutes into music listening.

At least 10 screw-ups in my accounting update, and a few of them at screaming (at them) proportions. Their latest game is to have the totals a penny different between the online bank balance and the local Quicken copy. I change the totals to get it to balance and it doesn't. Then I change them back and they still won't balance, all to drive me squirelly over a penny difference. Eventually I had to put an adjustment transaction of a whole penny to get it to balance.

Later; not enough screaming at the assholes it seems, because they then took out the player from Media Center so I could not play any files there. Another round of screaming at the assholes and flipping the player on/off and closing/opening Media Center  and as if by magic, the configuration came back, but lost the position in the play list. They deleted the playlist from view without so much as scheduling a "causal" keyboard finger fumble, it just changed it before my very eyes without any input from me. Talk about blatant sabotage.

 Later they took out the playing position of the music server and caused the Media Center to abort. Just too funny, as in NOT.

And it is always funny for the perps to have me broke, and so it was thus. The recent spate of CD acquisitions and sabotage puts me some $800 in the hole. Their way of saying "Happy New Year", and it isn't the first time that this particular timing and indebtedness has "happened".

 Anyhow, not a stellar effort for a week of doing nothing, and tomorrow I start my new job and finally get some income to keep this show barely afloat.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Review of 2014 Perp Harassment Antics and Themes

Where are they on the mind control and total body function control games? After 12.5 years of this abuse, I have a reasonably good idea. I still think they are attempting to get a handle on my attention shifting, though are making progress I suspect. The  number of noises or events that coincide has decreased, but not to zero.

 Other interesting developments (changes and escalations in perp harassment) in the past year are listed briefly below,
administered remotely;

  • the facial air plucking has increased, as has the incidences of hair on my cheeks. Until late 2012 I had three to five hairs on my cheeks (not the beard region) per side, now it is at least 15 to 20, and about that each day that get removed by plucking.

  • started eating eggs, third dozen in one years; see below for the harassment over the last dozen, but most decidedly the yellow color games (e.g. Fuckwit shirts, and vehicles) has increased.
  • speaking of more yellow, they have me eating turmeric (good brain food, per Grain Brain), while relatively tasteless is good for a near dayglo yellow coloration for my food
  • escalated extra-kinetic fuckery; objects spinning, flipping, snagging in concert with extra imposed fine motor control limitation; water or liquid drops can leap sideways where there was no apparent directed force
  • teleportations fuckery; liquid drops coming in from nowhere, and the respective count for crumbs and hair arrivals has increased to blatant levels; (the hairs aren't mine going by color or length or source e.g. eyelashes, pubic hair etc).
  • in both of the above cases the perps like me to distinguish "conventional/normal" versus imposed, or even the likelihood, as I am not always 100% certain how a crumb or hair arrived.
  • skin cremes testing/games; from zinc oxide, polysporin, to exotic skin oil reduction cremes, the perps like to have me indulge in this, and sometimes follow up with a visit to the tanning salon
  • browning around; they nixed coffee in the morning for three months with their elevated PSA stunt, introduced other brown foods; e.g. flax, cinnamon, in addition to chocolate, their mainstay brown food item these past nearly 13 years of this insane abuse.
  • continued fuckery over getting the wrong key, wrong lock, wrong drawer, wrong switch (e.g. light switches), or otherwise  having me flub it as if I didn't know, when I have a 50+ year history of getting these kind of things right from the get-go
  • music source variations; heard the CD, then from the PC hard drive, and of late, some from a USB stick; all flac files as this infinite pissing match of music file formats carries on; lossless (flac) versus everyone else it seems, going for lost file formats, e.g. MP3. Which leaves me still tracking down CD's from all over the place, the used ones on Amazon. Said vendor exacerbated the problem by only supplying MP3 files only. I expect this perp research prerogative will persist for some time, whatever they need music for in their deep brain research. All automotive players will only play MP3 files for crissakes; how long will it take to remedy this one?
Mostly a shut-in day, but I did get out to send a parcel to the PO, as the item arrived mail order and wasn't suitable. The perps like to pull these "send back" games, in the same brown cardboard box and in this case, within 24 hours of receipt.

The PO got obstructed with extra stalkers ahead of me again, though nowhere as bad as two days ago when I was forced to leave the line there as the customer had a huge quantity of mail to send via the front counter.

The walk-at-me-while-looking-sideways stunt again, this time I was obliged to get out of the way, this Korean woman in a fugly brown down quilted coat. She was part of the Korean couple, aged 40-ish or more, who somehow needed to go together and mail a parcel to Korea. They went through the quasi-interview process to mail an international parcel at the PO as I went through three days ago when mailing the dead ni-cad batteries to WA state. How anyone can rationally explain as to why someone (in public) turns, avoids looking ahead as they set off  in a public place (like a PO) can only be explained by the Gangstalker Training Corps. I never seen so many oblivious Fuckwits about to collide with me since 1989-90 while at BCIT, which featured seeming students, going backwards through the glass main building doors. That is, they leaned their back against the door slowly stepping backwards, making out that they didn't have a frigging clue that the door might be needed in short order by students during class change times, and that they would be arriving from outside the building, opposite to the direction they were looking.

The financial follies have begun for 2015;give with one hand and take with the other. I am now off a medical plan and the former government subsidy, so head meds are now a $100/month. And the piss/bladder medication is $70. That is what one gets with a pay increase. Fuck the victim some more just when he thinks he can finally save something.

Yoga; a rare late Thursday class visit to try the long pose version called Yin yoga. Not many poses get done in an hour, and I found I was only getting into it when the class was over. I got the split-couple treatment; he on the L, she on the R at a diagonal. I have seen this gangstalk stunt a few hundred times in the street, and why am I so surprised that it finally shows up in yoga too?

And the one class participant who has ever said anything to me going back at least 18 months, was there. I don't usually see her in my usual Monday evening class, but all the same, she asked me if I had been away. How would she know, I haven't seen her in at least 6 months. Then she seemed to know about a couple of other things going on for me. All too curious IMHO.

A 9.5 hour sleep, with a jerkaround in not letting me sleep for the first three hours. Normally they don't put on extra sleep with extra in-bed time, but for some reason they did.

And a screaming rage-ification over harassment in making breakfast, eggs again. I know how to do omelettes from decades ago, but "somehow" I forgot the rudiments of even having the pan warm enough. Add in sucessive finger fumbling jerkarounds, and it was quite the rage-ification over what I consider to be nothing at all. But that is how it goes; the most trivial of events, like scratching one's nose (after the itch was planted there) and then having one's fingers somehow "miss" the itch location is now a regular event in any given day.

The perps had me re-start this carton of eggs after three days of having the regular hemp seed breakfast, and perhaps it was all about the omelet being brown on the underside for the first time in the three dozen egg purchases they have permitted me since 2000. Back then, before the assholes outed themselves in 04-2002, I felt a little ill after having an egg one morning and then backed off on them altogether "thinking" it was some kind of food allergy that had come on. Little did I know it was the opening shot in a long running life trashing and harassment show around what I eat and what color the food is, and unknown (to me then) abreactions over certain colors.

Saturday, laundry day, and lo, if a snow didn't come on while I was out, and will likely continue for a few hours, until the dryer is unloaded. The lint saturation games continue; my fleece (on the inside) tights which I have taken to live in, from everyday use to yoga now, needed an extra laundering to deal with the lint that somehow accumulates on them. It seems they needed to be laundered inside out at first, then outside out in a dedicated single item laundering while the towels and bedsheets are in the adjacent dryer.

After starting the laundry at the laundromat I stopped in a local grocery store which seemed like it wasn't a gangstalk nightmare judging from the parking lot. But instead of them all being in place ahead of me, they slowly filtered in while they sent me from one end of the store and back again, "forgetting" what I came for and the Fuckwits posted with their ass pointed at exactly where I needed to go. Then more obstructions in not having the deli counter adequately staffed while yet more Fuckwits clustered around me, and then the ubiquitious stalker dude coming into my peripheral vision just to get my attention, very much in keeping with last week's games at the gym.

And if that wasn't enough, the major Fat Girl that I helped move two weeks before Christmas "happened" to be in the store. At first I got the ignore-me stalk, and lo, if they didn't arrange a face-to-face event where I was obliged to chat with her. As it "happens", she is staying at the very same winter-time low rate motel I stayed at two years ago. Anyhow, she crossed my path a few more times and also "happened" to be ahead of me at the checkout where we said goodbyes.

This particular woman whom I did not know before responding to a moving job on Craigslist, has been highly featured by planted ideations since then, for the last 5 weeks. There was nothing flirtatious or even leading about her, as she seemed to be in dire straits due to the move, relationship and financial woes and she had a  very sore back. I have no idea why the perps are "featuring" this Fat Girl so much, as they don't normally do this for more than a day or two in the case with most freaks. There was nothing about her that was attractive (then or today), and the more I learned about her from moving her belongings with the guy that hired me, the more it seemed she was a mountain of trouble. (And not referencing how big she is). I hope this whole episode evaporates and I don't see this person again, if only from the extra promotion the perps are laying on me.

Back in 2000 to 2002, they arranged a Fat Girl off-on-off girlfriend who was obviously abetting the perps once all hell came down in 04-2002. I have no idea why, but it was interesting that she did not have any children, just as the above mentioned Fat Girl doesn't. She has two Yorkshire terriers, and they look like rats. Anyhow, I suspect this particular line of Fat Girl stalking has some legs to it, but I am not looking forward to any more contact. Just leave me the fuck alone is all I have ever asked since this reign of abusive tyranny came down on me.

On the way from the grocery store they put on a fire truck emergency that stopped in the middle of the intersection for some reason when it was perfectly clear that all traffic had stopped. The red and white fire truck with the flashing red lights stunt again, as tiresome as always. Then to another grocery store where they put on a cute blonde girl in a red apron to hang around me when I made my purchase of olive oil. It seems the perps have a huge amount of interest in food oils and their provenance and I suppose the prior Fat Girl stalking was part of it. (And the sequential financial transactions at the same checkout, per above).

We shall see how this one goes. She will be known as the Fat Girl with Yorkshire Terriers if I am allowed to recall this particular name for future postings.

A near shut-in Sunday, as the perps finally let me out for a visit to the gym an hour before it closed. For the third successive last-hour visit, the treadmills were occupied by these sweating Fat Dudes, doing their male banter thing again. The perps often like to move me off treadmills (or outside jogging) during an hour of workout. Tonight they posted a couple at the ticket counter needing excessive attention, and was obliged to do the "excuse me" thing, as one of them was crowding the card reader. Can they not get enough Fuckwits to dwell everywhere I go and incur transactions?

They even put a motor-home in the parking lot of the recreation center for crissakes. Here it is winter, and some 6" of snow still remaining on the ground, and here they are placing motor-homes and campers around me, either stationary or mobile in traffic.

Speaking of which, the back alley neighbor has a silver grey pickup with a camper in the box and it has been sitting immobile for at least four months, save reversing the parking direction twice. About every Saturday he comes to park his black pickup next to the silver grey pickup. There are no lights on nearly every night, so it would seem that these residents are living elsewhere, save the odd visit.

This "habit" of neighbors living elsewhere has been consistent even before this harassment began. Even the apartment block owner next door was absent nearly all evenings after the first weeks of me moving in. The owners of this nanny suite have also been absent for the last two months; no vehicles most evenings and no change in the lighting in the evenings. Even large 20 story buildings in the proximity of my residence have been strangely vacated for the most part.

I am reading a book, "Stalin's Last Crime", about the concocted rationale to round up high ranking Jews in the military and government services 1948-53. Why the perps want me to read about this Machiavellian intrigue is beyond me, but he was a considerable strategist in his endeavors, good or bad. Enough bantering, and off to post this.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Another Flight cum Freakshow

It took a commercial passenger flight from Victoria to Kelowna nonstop, about an hour of flightime.  The perps had it delayed an hour due to fog apparently. Which meant more time in the departure lounge with the freakshow of gangstalkers and their choreographed show. Another hide-the-negro stunt again, arranging for him to be sitting behind a granny, both wearing red, though differing reds. The dude across from me was on ants-in-the-pants duty, opening his legs up for a crotch shot, closing them for less than a minute, and repeatedly. He was also on leg extension duty, stretching his leg out as far as he could, soles presented to me. Then anoher dude opposite the aisle started doing it. Which made me wonder why don't they relocate directly opposite each other and play footsies across the intervening aisle, as they both had long legs.

Once the crotch-shot presentation dude exited, they put on an Asian male in a blue ski jacket who seemed totally spaced. He started doing the same leg stretching thing too. Then he departs his seat for an announcement of boarding, and I figured that was the last of him. A long red  leather coated woman arrives to his warm seat, and within two minutes the Asian male is back and then standing around on the ruse that she took his spot, (when he didn't leave anything behind). Then the Asian males goes again, and within another minute he comes by to loiter in my immediate view.

At least two other Fuckwits come to do "just-standing-there" duty in mid aisle and then do a 180degree turn to retrace their steps. What am I supposed to do when I get these freaks on protracted stand-arounds/turnarounds? Are they paying homage to me, am I to wave at them like royalty or what?" And of course the trademark expression is that they looked stunned and are decidedly NOT looking at me, not even a glance. I am looking at them to see if they are deranged, which I suppose that is what the perps want. They plant enough proximate retards and cretin gangstalkers for me to determine what they are all about, so it would seem they are also planting normals doing abnormal things and attempting to know how I can determine the difference between them and the aforementioned mentally unsound. No doubt another facet of their abreaction research from when they deleted my recall aged 2 to 5 but the perps just don't get it; leave me the fuck alone.

And lo, if the perps didn't pull a massacre on the day that I travelled, this being today's event in Paris where some rather thin skinned individuals took exception to be depicted in a satire magazine headquartered in Paris.. This "coincidence" has happened way too often, and can be included with similar events of celebriteis getting whacked on travel days or when I am relocating my residence. I only learned of this Paris newsjournal massacre from the shuttle bus driver while he was driving me back to Penticton. Funny how these "happen" when travelling or relocating, and I am not going to bore you with a list of these coincidences unless someone asks me to. I would not be surprised that other TI's experience this same kind of heightened coincidence with travel and/or relocation.

Yes, I know all the above sounds like conspiratorial rant, but given the number of coincidences over these events, including weather, which I have detailed in past blogs, I am going to pass on the details.

The perps have also been busy arranging negro passengers on three of my last flights on this route, about the only air travel I do, and my first in a year. Regular readers might recall that my perp-abetting mother nearly caused me to miss the flight, and I was getting paged as they were about to remove my luggage. I was the last person on the aircraft, and once I found my seat, why, an oversized negro woman was seated directly across from me with no intervening passengers. Today's in-flight negro gangstalker was one of the flight attendants which gave him plenty of freedom to parade up and down the aisle, and even getting into a full five minute dude-yap session with the dude behind me.

And a blonde woman in the seat directly in front of me, and she spent at least 2/3 of the flight with her head turned facing the window for me to see her gorgeous blonde mane. And she must be in shape to do that as her head was turned a full 90 degrees, looking off to her left. Every so often she would sit square in her seat and the perps would force me to look, and lo, if her blonde mane wasn't exactly lined up with a tight curly grey head in the seat in front of her, both lined up exactly. This momentarily presented the most odd hair scene; straight blonde female hair (highly Favored) with a 1.5" fringe of grey curly hair (highly Unfavored, grey, curly) projecting beyond the blonde hair.

This, and the crotch shot dude mentioned above, and the many public crotch grabs, or like feints, over the 12.5 years of this orchestrated nightmare lead me to ponder if the perps didn't force sexual abuse on me in the "lost" years, when aged 2 to 5. Why I absolutely loathe the sight of curly head hair isn't known to me, but we do know where such hair is likely to be found on any adult male. All accounts of organized pedophile abuse in the government and military  that I know of, e.g. "Thanks for the Memories" by Brice Taylor, are done by males. No surprise there, and no surprise that it is male gangstalkers that have performed 99% of the crotch grabs (and feints) and crotch shots.

A relative rarity nowadays, but lets start the new year with one of those full blown sleepless nights. The assholes pulled a true no-sleep night for whatever reason. (None of the often used substitue of giving me two to three hours with the following planted notion that I didn't get any sleep when I did.) As mentioned in some posts, the days following a flight are always high gangstalk and harassment events, and it was no exception today.

Off to the recycle station to get rid of glass (not handled at curside recycling in this town). And lo, if some fat woman in shades on a heavy overcast day didn't go to the second bin beside the one I was at, and then "somehow" end up less than 2' behind me when she could of used 4' and still made the bin. I jumped once I detected this stalker in my R peripherial vision, and as I was done, I moved onto the ewaste section. And lo, if she doesn't step onto the very spot I was standing on, moving needlessly to the next bin.

Yesterday, the same deal at the green grocers. Seemingly, no one around once I parked the car and headed to the front door, and inside two seconds of inattention and lo, if this woman in a black and white top and black pants wasn't tight on my ass at the entry way. I diverged to get away from this stalker, and then she stood stock still inside, obstructing my next plan to get a grocery basket. Later, a strange woman in a deep brown ski coat cruised in close while I was at the apples section for no reason. She didnt' need to come in close as there was no aisle blocking displays or gangstalkers. What is the matter with this town; ruder than the predominant immigrant group in Vancouver or all of the gangstalking sots in Victoria.

Onto tanning; having only one visit in the prior three weeks due to that screw-around over my points getting zero-ed out. And lo, if there wasn't a seeming electrical repair dude on a ladder pushing cables through overhead. There is at least a 6' gap between the top of the rooms and the ceiling, and there he was with a perfect perch to look in on the tanning room where I was headed as it has the only bed. Not only that, after checking in, the attendant "somehow" forgets to turn on the bed from the central switch, and after rubbing myself down with tanning accelerant, why, I had to put some clothes on again and come out and tell her. I didn't get the usually apology for some reason, as this was the third time this bullshit has erupted in the last half year, the second time in two months. A couple had arrived by then and were talking to the attendant as well, and by then the repair dude had moved to the opposite side of the tanning room (on the outside), having a perfect view of me as I thoiught he was on the original side.

I finish up at the tanning room and when I exited the gabbing couple were there for some reason, arranging a great moment of hilarity as I was passing by and a second couple had just arrived to block the doorway momentarily. I have never got this nonsense over couples going for a tan together as it is a solitary experience, so why is it erupting so much now?

I went to yoga on a rare Friday visit, feeling like sludge, and lo, if the heavy breather huffing and puffing lard-assed male stalker didn't arrive beside me just as class was about to begin. He has become far too regular of a stalker on my usual Monday evening yoga, but somehow knew to find me on a Friday this time. As the class was about to start it was not the time to bail, or at least, that was the mind-fuck notion.

The things that I dropped off at this residence before Chrismas had to be attended to, but it wasn't as smooth as planned. And with a number of new things to place in this residence, why, the portable drill batteries, two of them, suddenly became unchargeable. Like WTF; they are from the same set, and have been used much the same, but this is absurd. Both ni-cad batteries became unchargeable when I have at least 20 holes to drill to hang up new cup-hooks, mirrors, broom hanger, pictures etc. All to hold up progress so it goes slower, at perp pace.

And I see a power tool battery re-builder is in WA state, 150miles down the road on Hwy 97, but I will be fucked if I am crossing the border to take them there. The last time I attempted to cross to border to clean out my Seattle apartment (exactly what I told them) in 2003, the Border Patrol pulled their guns on me for no reason whatsoever. I had to get my perp-abetting parents to oversee the moving to storage, and get a "happenchance helper" friend three months later to retrieve my belongings from the storage locker. Both those were coordinated and arranged by me, with the putative diagnosis of "delusional.", later repudiated by the same doctor who hung that bullshit on me. Lets see; if a delusional person can arrange all the details for two parties to oversee, or move, my belongings, down to route and timing with the ferry sailings, and all got accomplished per plan, then perhaps the shrink had the real problem. Or were they cooperating with someone else who set the whole thing up with the border crossing stick-me up?

I got nailed for a 10.5 hour sleep, and I was pissed to say the least. All to play extra vivid dream games for longer it would seem. No, the longer sleep was not "recovery" from the previous night's no sleep, the more obvious assumption. At no time was I tired yesterday, right up to a delayed bedtime of midnight.

I have my yoga mat on the floor from yesterday's practice, meaning to clean it. I attempted a single pose which seems to be a problem, but the assholes would not let me do it, creating intolerable pain in my feet. My forefoot was on the mat and my sole was compressed some, but for whatever reason, they have never allowed me to do this pose comfortably. Now, it is not at all.

The Chrome browser continues its strange ways. I am happy with Firefox, but for some reason, it and IE mangle my email, removing the spacing and layout with unusable text crammed to the L side of the display. No setting in Firefox seems to work. So I am forced to use Chrome, which has the habit of being unaccessible after reading a few emails. It plain shuts down for 24 hours for some reason.

A trip to the gym last night, with one of my special loitering gangstalkers arriving two seconds ahead of me. This idiotic shit in a do-rag and a tattoo on his hairy calf hung around me for at least the first 20 minutes, sometimes doing a 270degree arc around me for no seeming reason but to hang in my peripherial vision. It was like he was on speed; going to a machine and then wandering off about a half minute later. He even hauled a bench to go under a machine, and then didn't use it for more than a minute. Then he tag-teamed with a dude in lime green shorts, and then it was his turn to buzz around me, taking pains to get into my peripherial vision. I kept my head down while on the stationary cycle, and lo, if the Fuckwit didn't show up in my peripherial vision from low down. (His feet "happened" to be seen from a very narrow angle when I thought all angles of my peripheral vision were obstructed; that takes extreme monitoring to know all angles of a victim's vision in real time and arrange a Fuckwit stalker to be seen.)

Another 1030h whack in getting up then, again with ridiculous vivid dreams before getting up. All to set me up in the early afternoon to go out and get an appropriate sized cardboard box to send the Ni-cad batteries to the re-builder. And what a holy vehicular and ambulatory gangstalking scene it was; trains of traffic at this time of day in a small town in winter spells one thing; insane gangatalking arrangements. Note that the box was brown cardboard, and white on the outside, and was the only one at this small stationary store. I get back and put the batteries in with some extra newspaper, seal it up with tape and apply the adhesive address labels with an undue amount of forced fumbling, and set off to the PO. And lo, unlike 10 minutes before when I drove past, it was full of customers.  And lo, if the dude at the counter didn't have a bin of mail that wasn't immediately apparent, and once I was allowed to figure that out I bailed and went to the LD store PO.

Another vehicular fleet arrived to accompany me to the LD store, and lo, if they didn't post a camel brown colored coated gangstalker in grey hair standing for no seeming reason at the entrance. Then a parade of dudes and fugly stalkers hounded me through the store to the PO, the last one leading me there and then turning off and making a nonsensical circular trip.. No one ahead of me, though at least four parties arrived behind me, slipping in so quiet that I didn't hear them. And lo, if the peripheral vision-arriving dude didn't appear to be interested in some stamps at the counter for no seeming reason. Like WTF; why do all these male assholes need to get into my peripheral vision so often of late? All this insane shit over purchasing a brown box, packing two dead Ni-cad batteries in it, and then mailing it off at the PO. Can we now unequivocally state that the perps are deranged beyond all clinical categorization?

Anyhow, more light games as I type this up; the sunlight sneaking on low through a window with this lighted display facing me. As mentioned, the perps just love to mix up lighting sources, last year's facial tanning from the snow on the ground while outside pruning the grape vines being a more extreme example of many. And as it so "happened", my perp abetting mother bought a daylight balanced fluorescent reading lamp for me for Christmas.

Onto posting this for another week of organized abusive fuckery.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Christmas and the First Feral Family

Last week, Christmas and the faux cheer from the First Feral Family, presently at my perp abetting mother's residence in Victoria, BC. This is a travel trip from Penticton where I reside, but as it "happened", it was arranged to spend Christmas in Kamloops with my brother and family. I did the driving in each direction, and even was allowed the foresight to pack a few of my belongings and drop them off at my place in Penticton, adding some three hours onto the drive. Call it a 5 day road trip within the confines of a three week road trip. This has been done before, two years ago with all the same players, vehicle etc. One notable difference was there was a new highway 17 that cut out some 40 min. of  stop-start driving, and thank goodness for that. They were at least 30 years in behind in getting highway from the Tsawwassen ferry terminal to Hwy 1.

And my mother is in her ditz mode again, pretending to be unaware and then being very sharp or else run to be so. Her hearing is worse, and so things must be repeated at loud volume. Perfect perp fodder, who seem to revel in causing events to occur twice or more.

My farm worker friend came by yesterday, now in the horticulture business, and coincidentally (har, har) does work on my mother's suburban property. This was after I cut a 3" bough from a pine tree in the backyard that was drooping into the area where my mother wants the compost pile rebuilt. She had the tree climbers/arborist outfit working in the backyard in the summer, but they all somehow missed dealing with the most problematic branch of all. I don't know what it is that the perps are so nuts about when it comes to trees and plants, but clearly they wanted me to work on the offending branch and to be then taken on a walk in a wooded trail. I wanted to do a backwoods hike but she jammed out on me. Before she arrived, the perps made sure I had my lunch, paced around, and then ate a 100g chocolate bar, just barely finishing it when the doorbell rang. Funny how they want me out and about post-chocolate bar ingestion.

To finish of my walk yesterday, the perps put on two Caucasian families with children, and lo, if there wasn't an adopted negro child too who tailed me on his bicycle and even got in the way a couple of times too. Just what I love, child gangstalkers. How do they know to stalk me?

And of course the negro viewing has increased here in the bigger city, as well as on TV, which I see often while at the First Feral Family residence, as I don't have TV service where I live. Today they even put on a negro just-stand-there stalker at the road side while I was driving my mother past. In a red and olive green hoodie busy staring up at absolutely nothing, in keeping with many of the roadside gangstalk Fuckwits.

The perps have also given me a cold, which necessitated a trip to the local LD store to load up on supplements to combat this biological incursion. And I see today they added on a cold sore, though I don't think they are biologically related, as I have never had both at once before.

And the world tragedies seem to erupt with uncommon coincidences when I relocate to the FFF residence; it was Dec. 17 when I flew down, and that evening on TV there was video clips from a commercial passenger aircraft that hit 40 minutes of severe turbulence with some passengers getting hurt. A day after taking the ferry back to Victoria on Dec. 27, why, an Italian ferry headed to Greece in the Adriatic Sea had a fire below on the car deck and all living passengers were airlifted amidst a howling gale and through the night. And too, an Air Asia flight, QZ8501 has gone missing in the Java Sea....

The news had it that it was a tragic coincidence that three S Asian flights suffered tragedy all in one year. Coincidence my ass; the perps just love to dump aircraft into the ground or ocean, and seem to have an unerring knack of pulling this stunt in concert with me relocating/traveling. Flight TWA800 "happened" within two days of me traveling to France and staying at a village house for a week. As it was Paris bound it was all over the TV news in France, and I didn't need any translation upon seeing the imagery. My then wife, part of this insane orchestrated abuse when I was kept as a naive victim, was quite (extra) pissy over the TWA800 tragedy when on the TV news, and busied herself by working in the kitchen out of viewing range of the TV. I thought her behavior was a little odd then, and as this insane life orchestration and relentless abuse erupted in 04-2002, and all its managed coincidences came to be known, it fitted the pattern I have come to know, and have just articulated

Another late get-up at 0930h and not really getting going until 1100h. And imposed hijinx on the small amount of mortar (cement) I needed to make up. My brother gave me the full 20kg paper bag which somehow got a hole in it so he put it in a cardboard box. And lo, if the box didn't have a hole in it once I began to handle it, and so I put it in another cardboard box. But that didn't work as the split bag spilled some more, so I put the bag into a plastic garbage bag. And lo, despite my careful efforts, the garbager bag split and so I put it into a second plastic bag that finally contained the leaking mortar mix. At each transition I had to clean it up of course, so these streaks of grey cement powder remained no matter how much I swept it with the broom.

All that pissing around to put two cup fulls in this door in the wall which seems to get successively invaded by ants, and now some animal that likes to dump gravel in it.  This door in the wall is where the municipal water supply feeds the house, and we know who likes to study water supplies via this victim, don't we?

Compost sifting this afternoon, and lo, if the hacking neighbor didn't come out to attend to his compost next to the fence. Then the steel grinding neighbor chipped in with more noise, as did the table saw noise act. Oddly, no lawnmower noise. Then the S-76 Sikorsky air ambulance did two low passes, presumably to give me ambulance coverage from above as we haven't had enough of the vehicular kind this FFF visitation, have we? As in not; about every hour or two of driving one would "happen" to be on the highways per above road trip.

No excitement in bringing on the new year; my perp-abetting mother stayed up as we watched something that counted the minutes and seconds. Before that it was PBS and a tedious Gershwin suite of the NY Philharmonic Orchestra. It was New Year themed, but was mistimed so to not coincide with the New year in the PST zone. Besides, the guest negro vocalists, both in great voice, were no doubt arranged for both of us to see. As mentioned many times, if one has been locked in cages with negro children, (see here), then one has quite a different perspective and abreaction profile to various skin colors.

About a week ago the CBC news put on a substitute negro male anchorman, and I bailed on it, seeing yet another perp rouse to have me get more negro exposures. I turned the TV off and went to bed, but for some strange reason my perp-abetting mother "needed" to see the news and turned the TV on and watched this same newscast for a whole two minutes and then turned it off. Can we say emulation games again?

The laundry fuckery continues; my mother's washing machine puts on more lint thatn the clothes had when they were put in. And she puts on the ditz act when I bring it to her attention, just like last year at this time. So... I decided to beat this by taking my laundry to a laundromat instead. And lo, if my laundry didn't get fucked with again, as there were (non-lint) whitish streaks on my clothes, ostensibly "from" the powdered detergent I used. And why is laundry sabotage so important to the sickos? Regular readers will know that other forms of laundry sabotage are;

  • stealing it and having the E. Indian thief wear my clothes, 
  • stealing it for good, having the load stop due to imbalance problem when I am totally fastidious about loading the washing machine evenly, 
  • having abetting shills, Ms. C as one example, volunteering to do my laundry,
  • stiffing me with detergent with unwanted perfume smell, 
  • having fabrics pill in odd places, 
  • pulling threads even on synthetic clothes, 
  • linting "from" the washing machine, 
  • having two loads in side by side identical washing machines, one with a black colored vane, the other a white colored vane, and of course the
  • parade of Fuckwits and dither-ditz's loiter around me for no seeming reason.

And when will this insane mania over my laundry ever end?

Other normal-peculiar FFF perp abetting behavior on this trip is to have them flex their foot and wave it about while seated and watching TV, all to have it "happen" in my peripheral vision for the most part. Both my mother did this, and my brother when visiting them in Kamloops. Once noticed, I shift myself or the TV tray to obstruct this stupid shit that has gone on for every extended visit since 04-2002 when this abusive insanity began and hasn't let up.

The perps even went extra silly yesterday on this theme/foot-waving stalking. I moved the TV tray to block the sight of my mother's foot waving, but wasn't thorough enough as there was a small sliver remaining. She then placed her foot such that it was in this small window, and so I moved the TV tray some more to obstruct it again. This time she moved her foot higher to be seen above the TV tray, not below. So then I shifted my position in my chair to turn away from this idiotic pursuit of my peripheral vision and finally it was over. Three attempts to rid her waving foot in my peripheral vision, which suggests that my vision is totally monitored and that every possible angle of visibility is known, and that she gets immediate direction where to place her foot. If someone can explain that in a conventional context I would surely like to know.

Another late get-up, 0930h, for 9.5 hours of sleep, with 8.0 being my usual. Nearly every day they have screwed me into 9+ hours of sleep. Long ago, before the Day Of  Infamy (04-2002) when they began with a high tech apartment invasion, I could never figure out why January was such a doggy month and was doing 9+ hours of sleep each day. Now I know, it was the Fuckwits, and for "some reason" they like to run me with extra sleep this month of the year.

I was slinging compost in the backyard of the FFF house here, as the gardener and my brother couldn't get it together to do this for the last three months. And as it "happened" they didn't dig out the 2014 compost in the summer and piled leaves and debris on it. And so I had to combine the two very different piles and make them one consistent compost pile, which I did.

And so the neighbor noises sprang to life again; lawnmowers (yup, in early January), house tapping/faux construction, neighbor throat clearing and hacking, hot-rod muffler noise, neighborhood vacuum cleaners, overhead aircraft etc. When the 1530h afternoon dusk onset dinginess came on, the leaf blower whine started up for the last hour until I got it into one big pile. And even my perp-abetting mother got into digging some sieved soil/compost that was available. Then she came out again for a pointless question, no doubt doing the house-to-compost pile gangstalk walk and back again. (She never asks me about when I want tea for crissakes, and the answer is always the same, when I am done (the current job)).

Before that, major gangstalking at the public library, with the cough stalking stunt the highlight. I was looking at the DVD's and this Fat Woman with a kid sneaks in within 3' of me and lets go of a mighty cough which scared the shit out of me. And after 12.5 years of insane and relentless gangstalking, how would it be possible to sneak up on a victim (me) who is in a total alert state everywhere in public? Why, mind control, aka remotely applied cognitive manipulation/obstruction. This shit who cough-stalked me was not coughing beforehand or afterwards; in other words, it was a just-for-me cough-stalk

But she wasn't the only wacko Fuckwit in the library; this dude was on just-stand-there (sentry mode) duty, and while he moved his head or his arms, he was planted in the same spot, not anywhere near a bookshelf or plausible cover story, for at least 10 minutes. Like WTF; he wasn't in any lineup and wasn't at a table or catalog, just staring away for crissakes. I did a pass near the Fuckwit to make sure he was all there, and he was looking away and shaking his head with a smirk on it for crissakes. Like he wasn't all there, as in mentally deranged.

Then onto H* D* that big box store with the orange smocked staff, and lo, if their greeter wasn't in a freaking wheelchair. Someone knows how much I loathe these particular objects, and then had me look to the side, and lo, if there wasn't an empty wheelchair there. My lucky day, and perhaps the last all-out gangstalk before I leave this freaking town (Victoria, BC) in five days.

Some TV watching last night, and my mother doing her foot-waving bullshit from her chair. And me, I turn away and block it from my vision with a TV table and my hand at my head. Then she asks a dumb question to break up my repose. And she has started a new obnoxious habit of banging the floor with her foot which nicely sends a vibration through me as I am seated some 6' away. And too, having the unerring knack of banging the floor when a negro is portrayed on TV, or even East Indians (from India) now too.

Three days ago the Fuckwits gave me a dime sized cold sore at  L end my my mouth, next to my lips. The next day I see an ad on TV at LD for Ab*a that was advertised for cold sores. After running the gangstalk gauntlet at LD, I find the product at $22 for a whole 2 grams (not much). I use it, and it begins to work, and now today, I see another product called lysine (an amino acid) also advertised to help get rid of cold sores. I haven't bought any of the latter product, but could this "activity" over cold sores be too much of a coincidence? And we know who manages coincidences don't we?

My daughter came over from Vancouver for the day, all (seemingly) for a post-Christmas lunch put on my perp-abetting mother. Most curious as to why she would do that, travel on the ferry and return in one day. I can only assume it was some kind of perp inspired event, bringing the Vancouver energetics to this gangstalk town of Victoria.

My brother also came along with his obsessional nature over garage sales and picking up bargains etc. He put all my landscape prunings in his white van beforehand, so presumably the van was on gangstalk duty too. My daughter used the PC for a few minutes, and afterward I find she left her employment letter for me to see. What was that all about anyhow?

As it "happens", she starts work the same day I fly back to Penticton, so perhaps there is some perp cosmic energetics/synchrony in that for whatever they are looking for.

Onto posting this today (Monday) as I got sucked into Downton Abbey last night.