Wednesday, May 31, 2006

All Things Brown and Beautiful

Why the perps are so fixated on the proximity of all things colored brown isn't totally clear to me. That they routinely interfere with taking a crap with countless toilet blockings (and other related stunts I will refrain from detailing) is just another facet of this persistent obsession they have. And, it would seem, that includes all brown skinned races that are regularly "featured" near me in gangstalking activity. (The perps will even send the same individual to differing locations and lighting conditions or else have them transit from daylight to hallway incandescent lighting while I am proximate.)

The perps put on extra plasma activity when I am taking a crap as well. Various white, blue, green flashes and no, I don't look underneath to see what they are doing there. On the bathroom tiles facing me on the loo, there is an 1/4" hole that emanates blackish toroidal pulsations while doing my business, and from what I have observed, the hole is made to focus the residual (and substantially augmented over normal) energies in a focussed beam that emante toward (a captive) me.

And they like me to eat chocolate, or put it this way, they are able to remotely control chocolate cravings, as they once turned it off to the extent I didn't want to even smell it. But now, they want me to eat $3/100 g of European chocolate in blue wrapping twice per day, and won't let me acquire the $1/100 g kind which is almost as good (white wrapping). This is done by scripting chocolate "shortages" at the stores I visit in advance. The perps appear to have a "problem" with chocolate inside me correlating to the chocolate proximate to me. That they monitor every last crumb of it in my apartment is undoubted, as they are constantly causing them to "appear" (from nowhere in their sorceric methods). What exactly their brown color problems are I don't know, but the term "color resonance" is one that has been mind-planted, though it doesn't explain anything to me.

And the perps like to place what I term "brownies" at strategic places and occasions; these are 1/8" or so crumbs in various shades of brown on the floor, kitchen counter, bathtub, on clothing, towels etc. Again, sorceric methods are employed to cause these to "arrive" where and when they want. Sometimes they will create extra tortilla "flakiness" and pull off a larger but translucent flake that "happens" to attach itself to inconvenient locations, e.g. my face, clothes.

Once they set me up with a mid-afternoon tea and chocolate and then plastered a perfect 1/2" x 1/8" vertical stripe of brown chocolate to my face, which I was not allowed to notice before I went out for repair to my glasses (also perp caused). This did not come from sloppy eating habits, as it has never happened before, especially with such alignment and placement precision. Nobody said anything about this precision chocolate stripe on my face including the optician assistant (brown skinned) who was helping me. I was extremenly pissed when I found out afterward, and had an extreme screaming event. (And likely it was a totally mind-controlled "reaction" as well). This was at dusk, another seeming problem time for the perps.

And by no fluke, my sick-minded perp helper mother had a brown phillo flakestuck to the same location of her face while eating baclava a few days ago. This was a consequence of an ethnic days event, and my parents and I ate baclava (brown baked color) at the same time, in the same location (their house) with brown tea. No doubt this was prime Feral Family brown color analysis time, both pre and post consumption.

I consider the events of Hurrican Katrina a tragedy of first proportions, including the so-called cleanup. But what it seems to me is that they, the federal authorities, wanted it to happen, and then persisted it in making it worse through slow or discouraging remediation and rescue operations. Anyhow, that is tangential for the most part except for Pres. Bush's comment to the FEMA director, named Brown, by saying "you are doing a heck of a job Brownie". That comment has stuck with me, partly because I am predisposed to all the brown color harassment stunts that go on 24x7, but also because of the term used in the context of the myriad of same colored crumbs from nowhere (above). I don't have a TV, but a question I would like to have answered, did Pres. Bush have a huge smirk on his face when he said that? And it so happens that my mother's maiden surname is Brown. There are no coincidences in the TI's life, but I have no idea as to what they may confer or the perp's respective intentions.

The perps like to place individual brown skinned races near me as gangstalkers, and will organize bleached faced Asians, brown Caucasians, East Indians in various colors of garments etc. Yesterday they even had a native Indian girl ride her bicycle through the driveway portion that I was about to drive onto. This sweeping of my parking location in advance or drive-over locations with cyclists, jaywalkers and motorists has been nothing but consistent and continuous. They will also have an ambulatory gangstalker walk through my parking location within 10 seconds of me vacating it. The gangstalker "appears" from nowhere with perfect timing and walks through deliberately not disguising their intention.

Both my brothers have associations with brown skinned races; one married an East Indian, a very nice person, the other has had on/off arrangements with native Indians. It is just too bizarre.

The vehicular gangstalking drivers have also taken to hanging their arms outside the door, on the roof, on on the door itself, often in a brown colored garment and in all weathers. It is hilarious to a point, as this never happened in such quantity before. And no matter how uncomfortable it looks, they still persist in doing it. They also like showing off their forearms which seem to be universally blessed with a single prominient vein that runs its length, male gangstalkers/operatives that is. It is my understanding that dark green veins and red blood colors are also giving them them problems besides the rest of the body's contained organs and substances, one being brown colored of course.

I cleaned my vehicle today at the commercial cleaning bays and while my car is relatively clean, despite perp planted extra wheel blackening (more than usual), and unusual striated dripping streaks on the tailgate, I wanted to tidy it up for turnover to my daughter. I don't travel on dirt roads, but when I was cleaning with the foam brush, there was a huge flush of brown tinted foam that was made to look as if it came from a specific location on my vehicle. It was another perp stunt to expose me to their favorite problem color amidst the neutral white foam color. I have travelled many 1000's of miles on dirt roads in my working life in forestry, and I cannot understand the idiotic mentality of the perps who insist on harassing me yet more over the color of brown. Everything that happens in the current perp-land/netherworld has been attempted before under the guise of normality and yet they still won't come out of the closet and identify themselves.

Any organization that is this venal, this relentless and this thankless for all the mind-control research gains they have attained from their covert monitoring of me, and yet persists in psychtorturing innocent citizens, is truly the most sick minded psychopaths organizationally extant. And I am positive their track record is at least two orders of magnitude worse than this, given the astonishing number of news events that either repeat or coincide with facets of this continuing depravity.

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mhughes said...

The cosmological aspect and significance of all that happens to TIs makes me think of some dark magic in the works (torture and stealing of spirits through casting of spells, etc.) or alien invasion that can plant ideas and visuals, making them manifest in strange ways.