Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Laundry and Other Gangstalking

It was an 0800h get-up time, at least an hour earlier than the imposed "normal" of the last few months, but still one hour of extra sleep. That was interupted by the all too-usual wakeup to hear the overhead thumping, and the perps had me yell out over one of them. And, as I type this and an unbidden thought comes to mind, the overhead clunking erupted again.

The Ukranian chuch bells sounded for me only minutes before getting up, and then came on again to accompany me in eating chocolate with my breakfast. This is a Wednesday morning, and I don't think the bells were doing anything but cover me with a specific noise in the prone position and when sitting. And more likely, attempting to get comparative neural correlates for the perps favorite fuckover color, that being brown.

It was a perp obsessive activity morning; doing laundry and then writing a check out for the rent. There are no end of stunts and noisestalking that these two activities invoke, and I really don't know why except for some generalized notion of "psi" energies association. The perps even put on a pseudo couple to come in and use the very two washing machines that I used for their three shopping bags worth of laundry, and then they parked their plastic bags next to my black duffle bag which I use for packing laundry. The woman was at least a 350 pounder, and the man, who made it plain that he was only pretending to be her husband, did his back and forths in front of me, in his vile clothing color combination of a crimson red jacket and brown corduroy pants. Then he did the 90 degree offset stalk and stand in front of his putative wife, which is the current signature gangstalk move, and it was time to go, my laundry had dried enough.

I was "coralled" to use the two washing machines I had used until some five weeks ago, and wonder of wonders. One washing machine was the typical almond color most are, but the other one was swapped out for a white color one. All the clothes go into the same dryer, so maybe there are some differences the assholes are still looking for.

The laundromat attendant, Goth Girl wasn't playing her heavy metal rock at the this time, and instead of all black clothing, she had on a grey fur jacket. I call it dog emulation, as I had a black Newfoundland dog for 6 years, and my parents had two before that. And two black large dogs were planted for me to see yesterday, and likewise today, though one was a grey black combination. The perps seem to favor Bouviers, as the Newfoundlands are rare.

The perps have me in a semi-looped state, as they are taking advantage of the fact that I had a half pint of beer with a wild salmon salad at a nearby resturaunt with my mother, perp abettor big time. The almost-asleep state is a favourite of the perps to exploit and have me not fully cognizant. And yes, the waitress was young, cute and blonde, and they made sure I took many glances at her. And a booth away, some kind of song by a staff member burst forth with the pudgy woman recipient standing on a chair. Layering on the bizarre never bothered the perps. This is at a resturaunt that is on my beat, the walking route to the grocery store. It always happens sooner or later that there is a reason to visit these businesses I typically walk past because of income constriction.

Finally, I am allowed to have more of my wits than before, the tea and chocolate having been consumed. But first the perps sabotaged the self draining spout of the new liquid laundry detergent bottle, and arranged for a tablespoon to come out short of the spout and spill onto the counter, down the front of the counter, onto the carpet and onto my shoes. A fucking mess all because of some gutless sickos won't show their faces and admit that they are fucking me over and don't want to stop.

I got the showerstalking to accompany my chocolate consumption; the gangstalker/operative arrives in the bathroom next door and takes a shower for the duration. This has been noted before, and is becoming the new standard practice.

More showerstalking erupted at the tail end of dinner; I timed it to be a 20 minute shower, covering me finishing the dishes and then getting onto this PC and web browsing.

Now a noise flurry has erupted, and this time one of key components of the mix are vehicles idling in the next door parking lot. This is not unexpected as not only to they offer noise and vibration, but their white and red tail lights are an endless fascination for the perps, especially moving them about when dark, as it is now. When taking the bus two days ago, they put a white van with its right turn signal on, driving past and then parking at the side of the road (on it mostly) and it sat there for about ten minutes, some 150' away, with the right rear tail light continuing to blink. Then it moved another 50' and tried it again. Bizarre driving behavior for anyone but a perp to do.

And I read that other Targetted Individuals are getting vehicularly stalked with red and white vehicles. Though it seems, not meaning to brag, that I am one of the hotter harassment prospects as the activity is so intense around me. Walking some 3 blocks (10 minutes maximum) to the laundromat today was worth some 200 vehicles in each direction, over normal traffic volumes, and as always, there are the clustered formations and within them, the collections of specific color combinations and also of vehicle type (e.g. SUV, mini vans, pickup trucks, two doors, four doors, and other variants of body design).

The perps even put on a navy blue colored tractor trailer unit and parked it on a side street, on the wrong side of the road, across the entrance to a hardware builing supply store, and once I had walked past the street, they then drove it out to the main thoroughfare I was walking on so to drive the tractor trailer unit past me. It was absurd, the amount of detail that went into positioning this vehicle, on top of its color choice, and to have it gangstalk me in two orientations, facing E. (parked) and then N. bound, mobile. That takes some planning, blocking the main entrance to a building supply store, but that is at least the fifth time the perps have parked a tractor trailer unit across the entrance, and not positioned to be making a delivery.

More and more smells are being jammed up my nose, and then coincident loud vehicle noise is scripted in at the same moment. And the overhead clunking and squeaking has made its evening debut at the same time. And, as always, exciting moments like bookmarking a website gets coughstalked from the "never get better" perp club. It is more of the absurd.

And as I read about Urantia, one of those "happenchance" topics that "I" encounter, the overhead pounding has started up, and has taken great interest as I read about the strange racial outlooks of the authors. End of that topic, as the fuckers seem to be adding a coincident zap into the mix, and start the chain of being perturbed to greater degree over the evening.

Some operative herd action in the way of building egress and exercising the new front door noise, now a squeak and thunk, with less room shaking. When I was about to exit earlier, the door knob squeaked on its own before I had turned it. Then to maintain the absurdity, when I unlocked the front door, the unlocking was attributed the same squeaking noise.

I learned that my mother's computer was taken to the very same business location where mine was rebuilt in September, 2006. My ex-wife "happened" to visit her this morning, and volunteered her services to take it in for service as it is out of the way . This is getting absurd; feeding me knowledge of the improbability of the timing of these events, never mind the "follow me" aspect of it. Perhaps all those ex-rebuild PC parts that weren't returned to me, including that $40 aftermarket CPU fan that was supposed to be dead quiet, can be loaded into my mother's PC, if they are compatible. More of the silliness that goes on per normal.

Noisestalked words du jour;
clone or cloning; this is interesting why they want to know more energetics association to this

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dropping In

The hallway "air freshener" spraying has erupted, this curious habit of putative housework that occurs outside my room and always (somehow) leaks into my room and up my nose.

This is the post lunch surveillance period and a unique one at that. I went to the "drop in" center as part of my requirements for subsidized housing, and had a lunch after the outing that I went on before that. As a consequence, I am getting a heavier dose of irradiation of this LCD display, akin to the post-hiking sessions before 06-2006

I went with the Government House landscape restoration group, who volunteer to pull invasive weed species from the wildland areas, the Garry Oak (aka Oregon White Oak) meadow areas. As this 20 acre property lies in the heart of a residential area, it is prone to infill from invasive exotic species. So this morning, I joined the crew of 10 or so to participate in the activity. For the most part I got a informative history of the wildland restoration activity, and that of the ecology of this area. Next time, I suspect, I will get to pull weed species. But of course it was an exalted gangstalking event, and with the "mental illness" label attached to this center, it is a continuation of the cast of strange characters that packed around me when I was incarcerated at the hospital.

There were the usual feints and games of walk ahead, then behind, walk between operatives, switch positions, and the background chatter while I was speaking and listening to the group leader, who has an impressive knowledge of the project. And too, there was the color of clothing games, one operative/patient in a crimson red that was kept in constant proximity, the hat show (e.g. bright colors through the glass, then directly, and then hat is taken off for another troll by for each of those two instances.) Other examples were the red hat, the black hat, the day-glo rainbow hat, the plum-pink on a native Indian variation, and a few other combinations that were evident. A blue-grey dressed gangstalker got ahead of us and put on the distance dependent color test for the 10 minute walk back to the drop-in center.

One of the more obvious stalking method changes is that they like to get more stalking time in, and also have them move inside a building, then outside and even through a doorway. The manager of the facility who I met last week in his office was adroitly positioned some 30' away, through the open door, visible from my inside table to him, outside in the gazebo. And the door was partially closed, so I would only see a narrow window of him. All part of the fuckery, and all the time.

Another feint/method was to have the ever present city streetsweeper out again, this time on the walking route to Government House. As mentioned before, it is normal early morning activity, when the streets are free of parked vehicles, and is now "showing" up in the residental areas that I inhabit, and now, those that I walk through.

And more joggers than ever before today; one each of the four legs of my perambulating to the drop-in center and then again, to/from Government House.

Aftwerward, I had lunch there, which is about the only way the perps can get eggs into me, as they have their food/color testing regimen, and they are resuming where they left off about three years ago when I last had egg as a protein source. One sandwich in white bread, the other with brown bread. Lunch time was a real crush, there had to be at least 40 of the "drop-in" patients/operatives when we got back, and this is in a old house living room and dining room area. And I got to aquaint myself with the "weirds", the ones who have half an excuse to stare at me, blabber on without consequence, and the rest of the strange behavoirs that the perps introduced me into early in this 4.5 year and running fuckover.

All to keep me circulating, especially in tight quarters where the "inadvertent" bumping is erupting with an ostensible reason. Though, it seemed to be especially prevalent at lunch, and why the lunch server had a leather backpack on has yet to pass some rationality test. All jolly fun for the perps and their games, and their aerialed highrise HQ (they tell me via thought planting) wasn't very far away in this location. It looks more like a military operation if the rooftop were the only criteria to judge it by.

And with some old house stained glass, there is a cover story to have a reddish splash of light on the floor, not far from me, one of the constant games that goes on, as anytime I close my eyes momentarily, the perps usually introduce a red flash as if it were from the underside of my eyelids.

As I write this the noise flurries have begun; and another fuckover in taking a shit, a three-fer; blocking the toilet, removing the plunger and forcing a shower to clean up. This time, and it is not any consolation, only one plunging was needed, not the 20 minutes or so of the last two times. And I had my noise flurries going on while on the crapper, the same ones that they had on me when in my room beforehand. Seemingly, some kind of noise to neural correlates mapping over two locations and activites. And as "I" typoed that last phrase, the"n" word, the overhead noise maker laid on a few clunks to piss me off and end this under-the-microscope session.

I am getting the post-mealtime gangstalk, overhead clunking and coincident zapping. And the perps make sure to piss me off enough to program my vocalized complaints about this fuckery. And more clunking as I write this.

The operatives are on the move again; egressing in serial fashion, 1/3 minutes, and now adding a squeak into the front door slamming which also "incurs" a room shake (mine), and for an extra bonus, they shake this LCD display for a few seconds longer than the furniture and room. Meanwhile, the overhead clunking thoughtstalks me at any uncontrolled thinking, as well as the tried and true intervals when I bookmark a web page, select a new web page display, decide to mouseclick etc. More of being under the microscope, and they want me to know that. And the typo sabotage is getting intense.

A more recent jerkaround that is incrementally gaining prominence is the touches and/or tickles as if my hand, or other, is touching something when it is not. And when I look to see if there is a real world source of the problem, the perps start slamming a nearby wall. Endless variations on noise and vibrations, all over any minutia that they deem noisestalkable.

More coughing and more ass jabbing plus a few other noises, the regular ones.

Another noise flurry; the pop can bashing and feet scuffing in the hallway have been added to the noise mix with the overhead pounding in there too. Masers are flitting about, especially if I vocalize my annoyance with mind-fuck typos that are dogging every word. One more thought, and another clunk. Time to stop encouraging this idiotic act.

A dull roar of the above mentioned noise flurries and some respite, though with at least two vocalizations over the hammering noise above me. All too repetitive. Time to blog off.

Monday, January 29, 2007

The Home Front

This is the post parent visit/stay-over day, and today I was allowed to take the bus back to my place and view the perp inanity first hand and all their color and racial games. They even put my old boss on the street in a brown coat to be recognized out the window. And about one third into the trip, they put an outrageously loud orange colored anorak act in front of me after the MIB got off. And one of my regular in-town gangstalkers came to sit behind me again. It is simply amazing how this fucker keeps "popping up", second only to Mr Passport Tosser. (See past blogs for how often he resurfaces).

The above MIB came with an unusual accouterment, something he chose to show me by turning his head toward me for > 5 seconds; it is the second such event, the Elastoplast band-aid stalk. In simple terms, the operatives are putting an band-aid in their skin for me to see at some point in the exchange. His was across his ear, and a portion was folded on itself that projected beyond the ear. It is fucking hilarious to think that anyone could possibly cut their ear like that; it was simply a device to get some kind of brown color reference between me and him, as the assholes have caused many a cut, and have me use this same kind of band-aid (fabric, skin toned). I must take my camera with me more often, though I suspect I would not have got the picture as they lay on the finger fumbling real bad if they want to foil me from taking a photograph.

The last known person to sport the "band-aid stalk" was the black woman whom I met at the bus stop, who laid on the patient story even though she said she wasn't one when I met her in hospital, and a physician also verified it. I believe it was a December blog post, but I am lacking my usual abilities to search for it and link it.

And the bus aisle jamming trick again; one from each side jointly plugging through passage and pretending not to be aware of the other, and then both of them not moving when I asked them to. All to create more voice interaction when I was departing the bus, normally a highly gangstalked situation. There is something fundamental the perps don't understand about vehicle travel and the respective energetics. But they want to harass the living hell out of my life to find out.

It was the usual parental visitation drudgery last night (Sunday), and the dubious honor of having the fuckers gangstalk me, this time with coordinated leg crossings and uncrossings as well as projecting their feet together, symetrically. The masers were almost thick, and the Cathode Ray Tube TV serves as a useful magnetism source for all the beams and "spray" (as I call these vision distorting emanations from a single source).

And a First Feral Family event to witness a frozen Windows crash of an application mashup, all of us together. This is routine for me; seeing an application graphically interleaved with the next requested application; dialog boxes and lines from one are interlaced with the other for 1 to 5 seconds. This time the interlaced applications were frozen in this manner so all three of us could get a good long look at it. Even my demented (or facsimilie thereof) father was in on the act, standing even closer though he had nothing to do with the event. So no internet access which is expectable as the assholes have degraded the mouse to the level of total vexation, and not too unexpectedly, my mother does nothing about it.

And I noted that the perps have put a brown covered armchair on the front porch of this house; they must of been tired of chasing me with brown vehicles in the street and posting their operatives to "lounge around" the doorway when I am coming in. This chair then serves as some kind of brown reference upon exit from this house, as the perps are still doing their shit chasing games. Parking a green haired operative to sit on the sidewalk waiting for me to exit and then return an half hour later wasn't enough "brown action" I surmise. It always gets stupider. Now chirping water pipes are coming on.

The perps were putting on a big noise flurry while I was making lunch today, the same fucking food I eat (am allowed to eat, that is) every day. They put on a succession of loud mufflered vehicles and then followed with hallway conversations that tended to be on the loud side, especially to cover me when I was cutting up the cooked chicken meat, slicing cheese, pouring olive oil into the pan, spreading a red-brown tapenade on the brown tortilla, spreading the chicken meat on the tapenade, and when cutting the cooked tortilla. It fucking nuts to be under this microscope for all this minutia all the time. Then to top it off, they applied an extra round of soap bubbles on my work surface after I had cleaned it in a blatant show of fuckery.

I had thought of doing my laundry this afternoon, but "I" have slid into a demotivated slump in front of my computer, and I sense this will be my big achievement of the day. Earlier, they delayed the bus to thwart timely arrival to Qi Gong, so they benefited from me wearing my black workout pants and having my jeans in the backpack. Maybe this was why they stacked the bus with a full suite of the weirds and other gangstalking demographic members.

As far as parked vehicle gangstalking goes, they are laying on a lot more "grey scale" color vehicles and then insert only a few red vehicles in at a time. Instead of the black, white and silver grey lineup, they are creating at least a five level greyness range in each of the cardinal directions as the bus turned. Similarly for the ambulatory gangstalkers on the bus, they put on a fat sucker in a deep red wool and leather combination jacket, the same one I exchanged words with about blocking the aisle.

And next to the outrageous orange jacket in front of me, they put a black and white checked jacket woman with ugly thin brown hair. Another evident method was to rotate the gangstalkers around me; the gangstalker behind me would get off and then the one two rows ahead would replace him, and then they introduce another one two rows ahead. I have never seen so many shuffling bus passengers than today, with me in the middle of this arrangement.

Now zappings are being administered simultaneously with the vehicle door closure noise, which is desinged to piss me off, and have me vocalize just that. Modays must be days of significant progress opportunity as the perps put on more noise, louder noise, more harassment combinations (above), hours of sleeplessness (before on on Mondays), brown vehicles under my window (routinely the same one, a very light metallic tan color) and other harassment to rile me op and continue to swear at them

A quieter time over the last 3 hour period, save the odd loud mufflered vehicle throbbing in a protracted sound decay. The coughstalking is ongoing, though not as frequent. These quieter times make me suspicious in some way, though that too could be a planted notion that the perps like to pull. The vision assaults have been continuous, as the perps like me to read in a disjunct fashion, skipping paragraphs, reading the conclusion and various othere redirections of my attention along with degrading my vision temporarily to prod me to move to other locations in an article.

I cannot recall what the noisestalked word is now, but earlier they noisestalked me over a simple word, probably and adjective, and it seems clear that every utterance I make, and that might be all planted ones now, is fair game to be noisestalked. The perps seem to want a full life experience energetics inventory, at least that of the present. I have no idea if they can retroactively decode my energetic past, especially before overt harassment when the irradiation was contained. Now, it is irradiation all over, and anywhere I look there is this hashed and/or vibratory look to anything. If I stop long enough, more than a few seconds, I can see pulses, masers, plasma or other visual perturbations emanating from any quarter, even off the gangstalker operatives.

A withering assault on my right eye as I was about to read an article on Steve Earle; this is the post meal perp activity time, so I reallly don't know why they started this new attack style up. It was the first article to be read since logging on as well. In the process, they also clashed my teeth together a few times, a very common jerkaround, though relatively benign. And they like it when "I" shake my head as well to attempt to avoid the harassment; they start up noisestalking with this, and they also have any gangstalking parents (yesterday) move about more, though pretending not to notice me.

the overhead pounding and squeaking has arrived overhead; there was none until after dinner, and it is intermittent, geared to the thoughtstalking level. Any unbidden notions immediately beget some kind of overhead ructions. The front door closure noise, the "commensurate" room shaking and the dog bark noise are also in the noise mix presently, and are more often keyed to reading specific words. Smells up the nose are becoming persistent too.

The overhead thumping continues, and now a zapping is added in. And the perps make sure that I get intensely cranky at every intrusion. Most times I haven't been made as irate as tonight, but when they control one's reactions, this is the outcome. More intense intrusion and response.

Another battle as to what I am allowed to read, all in the form of a confluence of overhead thunping, zapping, smells jammed up my nose, and the assholes giving me fluctuating vision impairments. Such is life as an object of the World Gestapo, constant typo assault all the time, no questions answered.

More on/off overhead pounding, over-revving-loud mufflered vehicles, (noisestalking as I type this) and vision impairments that the assholes keep plugging me with.

The ear-ringing has been on a screamingly high setting tonight; this is the condition the perps plant as a lifetime constant, except turning up the volume these past months. Occasionally they will pull an abrupt frequency change, sometimes in concert with additional noise or their sunshine games.
Time to blog off, as I am sure there will be no interesting news for the remainder of today.
Noisestalked Words du Jour;
sucked (as in the physical action) got me a noisestalking and a coincident zapping,
Sweden (overhead pounding and "my" mind-fucked irate reaction),

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Streetsweeping Sundays

At least two passes by the street sweeper this morning, and it is becoming a perp favorite. Normally not seen as it is an early morning activity, it has become clear that they plant it on my laundry days, which are never consistent week to week, and are now bringing it out when no municipal maintenance workers ordinarily work. One of the more benign activities.

I got my vertical/horizontal repose transition noisestalking again last night, and similarly this morning. Last night, 10 minutes before bedtime, the revelling yobos came back, louder and with a guitar. Theri noise covered me from the sitting position to being in bed and falling asleep. The also saw fit to lob two unopened cans of Coca Cola across the parking lot outside my window, and that would constitute more brown (liquid) games, after I had turned out the light, but was changing out of my clothes, and then another when prone in bed. Later, the yobos came back for a reprise gangstalk and revelry noise, although decidedly quieter.

Likewise this morning, the overhead clunking started up before I got up, and put on extra loud and longer clunking the moment "sidereal radiation" came to mind, and then this noise tracked me over my morning routine of breakfast, shaving, and dental hygeine.

The protracted and forced coughing act has been running, and the front door slammings are 3 for 3; the last 3 web page display changes, even if text blocks, have been noisestalked at the very instant they change. Amazing timing for the "roomies" of this putative rooming house.

And here is a news story, and I have no idea if it has any perp significance vis a vis me, but they do like me to read on the topic of torture, and that is one of their favorite topics to noisestalk. An unfortuneate Canadian citizen, Maher Arar, was shipped to Syria from the US and tortured there, and eventually sanity prevailed and he was freed. This is the story, and it is current in reporting that he was paid out some $11.0 million dollars, and the Canadian government even apologized. Meanwhile, the US government keeps him on their no-fly list to continue the beligerence they began this story with.

A good deal, almost a "happily ever after" story; but there are other covert torture victims that don't get any compensation, and won't ever get any apology by my reckoning, and I am one. Others are here.

Back to room shaking and the overhead tromping noise of yesterday; all to get me cranked up before lunch if the pattern is going to repeat again.

More crumbs in the night arrived to encircle my office chair that I am sitting on, a mashed in brownish substance. And someone applied goo on my glasses in the night, and was likely the same party that was flipping the temple piece against gravity and with no means of conventional impetus, to interfere with the cleaning and to get me riled up over it.

And an all-quiet order has gone out while I bookmark various mind-control sites, some of them being researched books, some which may find their way into this blog. And this does seem to be a perp strategy, pumping me with legit references to their own nefarious methods and technologies. And also, having me put these in as links into this blog. The stuff of their own creation is getting noisestalked, or is under intense scrutiny in the absence of the noise.

This is the post-mealtime noisestalking flurry, and for good measure, they added an operative doing plastic bag flicking and rummaging outside my door in the hallway in concert with the noise of running water in the pipes, one of the most used introduced noises going. On top of that, an operative is taking a shower in the next door bathroom as part of the "clean drive" (read water noise and energetics interaction) that has suddenly sprung forth in the last few days. The term, "taking a bath" for the perps has a whole new meaning.

The herd of operatives has cranked up the noise activity; pacing back and forth in flip flops in the hallway outside my room, the on-cue coughing or front door slamming when I change a web page or scroll down, the motorcycle noise is ramping up, three events in the last five minutes, and the PC has taken on a new noise. This is the current big time for the perps, determining the energetics of food digestion, and in this case, it is a red-brown tapenade on brown tortillas with white cheddar cheese and chicken meat inside. Quite the daunting collection of colors given their purposeful gradual introduction of vehicle colors when I am outside.

And in conjunction with the noise, though less than the last journal entry, the perps are persistently planting smell up my nose, the so-called air freshener, even if no spraying was conducted in the hallway.

Then a zap on my right thumb as I detected an cognition error, which was no doubt enhanced by some fuckery in making the article difficult to keep track of the threads. And, in journalling this, the zinger maser has come to visit and hang about in front of me. There are no end of them today, and they usually sweep ahead of any location I am about to utilize. No onto senseless vehicle engine over revving. This sounds like yesterday all over again.

More sonorous vehicle noise; this is the city with a 50% bad muffler problem if the frequency of such vehicles is to believed from the noise continuance.

Enough dulldom for anyone, even for the assholes who are running me.
Today's Top Noisestalked Words:
gallium-arsenide (GaAs), immune cells

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Some Science, and Some Proof

These two news items became known to me recently and on the same day. Never mind the coincidence factor, although curious, it is the content that is important. In the first instance it is this link, to a paper titled:
On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology
by Carole Smith. It is an article in the Journal of Psycho-Social Studies. (Anytime I put something in quotes, I get 10 minutes worth of screwing around with embedded characters that cannot be seen or deleted. A no option imposition.)

Anyhow, I am going to cheat a little and excerpt some passages, and then use them as a point to sound off about. The second item, referenced in the blog title as "Some Proof", is a part of what Carole Smith is talking about, and by extension me in this blog. The article's title is US military unveils heat-ray gun; that is, remotely applied beams can be applied to someone, without leaving any physical evidence, and it is now "out of the closet", and operational. The article states that it is for applying to the skin as a tingling sensation, but it should not be any stretch to envision behavorial changes vis a vis control or redirection of one's thoughts. This is the future, and there will be more of it.

Smith states:
A doubly cruel sentence is being imposed on people who are the victims of the most appalling abuse by scientific-military experiments, and a totally uncomprehending society is indifferent to their evidence. For the development of a new class of weaponry now has the capability of entering the brain and mind and body of another person by technological means
That is absolutely correct, and the reference to "uncomprehending" in my case could be changed to "collaborating". It is my belief that I was born into this invasive technology application, and the documented learning diabilities on my school record in 1960 are corroborative.

And another quote that adroitly elucidates the Targeted Individual's (TI) world;
Unannounced, undebated and largely unacknowledged by scientists or by the governments who employ them – technology to enter and control minds from a distance has been unleashed upon us. The only witnesses who are speaking about this terrible technology with its appalling implications for the future, are the victims themselves and those who are given the task of diagnosing mental illness are attempting to silence them by classifying their evidence and accounts as the symptoms of schizophrenia, while the dispensers of psychic mutilation and programmed pain continue with their work, aided and unopposed.
And that, in a nutshell (pardon the pun), is what is exactly going on. The depraved assholes continue to make their victims' lives to be hell on earth. Tell me if that hasn't been conveyed in past blog postings.
Part of the effort is to remind the victim that they are constantly under control or surveillance. Programmes vary, but common forms of reminders are electronic prods and nudges, body noises, twinges and cramps to all parts of the body, increasing heart beats, applying pressures to internal organs – all with a personally codified system of comments on thoughts and events, designed to create stress, panic and desperation. This is mind control at its most benign.
And I do believe that I have also conveyed how often the perps like to let me know I am being followed. Today, "I" took an alternate route to avoid obvious gangstalking, and as it turned out, the gangstalker paralleled me and arrived at the same corner one block away. This is the fourth time this identical stalking and routing has occured in the same circumstances (obvious stalking).
To borrow Her Majesty the Queen’s recent observation: “There are forces at work of which we are not aware.”
And did I mention that the only time I saw the Queen was in this city (~1970), and my mother took all us kids, and as the Queen passed by in her vehicle, she stared right at me for about a second or so, which I took then to be and inordinately long stare, especially for someone in a vehicle travelling at ~15mph doing a public waving show.

The above quote was made in the context of Princess Diana's former butler (?) writing a biography of his life with the Princess, and the Queen retorting, if not warning, that there are "useen forces" afoot. Indeed there are, though I suspect the Queen and Royal Family has been shafted by some of these if one considers the royal debacles and tragedies of the past three decades.

And another riposte that hits the mark in my experience;
Since the presence of a permanent ‘other’ in one’s mind and body is by definition an act of the most intolerable cruelty, people who are forced to bear it but who refuse to be broken by it, have no other option than to turn themselves into activists, their lives consumed by the battle against such atrocities, their energies directed to alerting and informing the public of things they don’t want to hear or understand about evil forces at work in their society.
Yessir, and they don't care either, even if they have been hammering someone for 52 years over taking a crap, never mind anything more complex.

And another resonant mention:
Meanwhile the object, the prey, in a bid for not only for survival but also in a desperate effort to warn his or her fellows about what is going on, attempts to turn himself into a quantum physicist, a political researcher, a legal sleuth, an activist, a neurologist, a psychologist, a physiologist – his own doctor, since he cannot know what effects this freakish treatment might have on his body, let alone his mind.
That is absolutely true if not detectable by the flavor of these blog postings. I can also add that the perps took on unrequested remedial work; they straighted out my spine, added abdominal strength, made my facial features assymetric and decreased my age appearence by some 20 years in my estimation.

On the larger scale, this excerpt;
More alarmingly, they [governments] are leaving their citizens exposed to their deployment by ruthless organisations whose concerns are exactly the opposite of democracy and human rights.
The reality of this is that governments are actively participating in this depravity as I have come to know it. From the Law Enforcement Organizations (LEO's) on up to MLA's (provincial representative) to cabinet ministers of the province, MP's (member of parliament (area representative at the federal level), clerk of the Privy Council (federal government prime minister's office) and likely all the way to the top. This I state from personal experience in having had the honor of being gangstalked by these very assholes before overt harassment, BOH.
The calculated and technological entry into another person’s mind is an act of monumental barbarism which obliterates– perhaps with the twiddling of a dial – the history and civilisation of man’s mental development. It is more than an abuse of human rights, it is the destruction of meaning. For any one who is forced into the hell of living with an unseen mental rapist, the effort to stay sane is beyond the scope of tolerable endurance. The imaginative capacity of the ordinary mind cannot encompass the horror of it. We have attempted to come to terms with the experiments of the Nazis in concentration camps.
And that "monumental barbarism" takes place every second in my case; from the freedom to select a window session or a Firefox (browser) tab on up, or the selection of the correct keyboard key, I am reminded of this while I type, as the overhead clunking has returned. Coincident coughstalking is also not optional.
Although forced entry into a mind is by definition obscene, an abbreviated assessment of the effects that mind-invaded people describe testifies to the perverted nature of the experiments. Bizarre noises are emitted from the body, a body known well enough by its owner to recognise the noises as extrinsic; air is pumped in and out of orifices as if by a bicycle pump. Gradually the repertoire is augmented - twinges and spasms to the eyes, nose, lips, strange tics, pains in the head, ringing in the ears, obstructions in the throat, pressure on the bowel and bladder causing incontinence; tingling in the fingers, feet, pressures on the heart, on breathing, dizziness, eye problems leading to cataracts; running eyes, running nose; speeding up of heart beats and the raising of pressure in the heart and chest; breathing and chest complaints leading to bronchitis and deterioration of the lungs; agonizing migraines; being woken up at night, sometimes with terrifying jolts ; insomnia; intolerable levels of stress from the loss of one’s privacy. This collection of assorted symptoms is a challenge to any medical practitioner to diagnose.
And have many of those very "symptoms" been aired on this blog to tiresome levels? Even by other authors that I have quoted on included? I hope so.

And the above mention of a "Active Denial System" suggests that all of these "symptoms" can be delivered today, and we now have the knowledge as to the delivery system.

It is time to call this a blog posting, as the above excerpts seem complete in skewering the clinical collaborators in sufficient detail and with references.

Wakeup for Orchestrated Thumping

Another nightime awakening only to hear, and be thoughtstalked by, the overhead thumping that also returned for my morning routine of breakfast, showering, shaving and dental hygeine. The perps especially like to put on overhead clunking during shaving, one of their current obsessions, still. I had a crimson shirted gangstalker/operative waiting for me as I exited the bathroom, just standing in the hallway waiting for me when I exited the bathroom. He went in, and didn't make a noise while there, which I would of heard as the bathroom is next door. And how did he know I was to exit then; can we say blatant gangstalking in a prime color?

And the perps are parking most of their gangstalker vehicles outside in the shade, and selectively introducing one that is sunlit. This is the same as what they are doing with human faces and figures; placing them in shade, or playing backlit/plasma games, and minimizing the degree of contrast and lighting at fist sight. They even do this for photographs of faces on the online news I read.

The coughing and hacking gang is hard at it; putting on the show and protracting every jag to maximize the duration and noise level.

The gangstalking/noise flurry level is building up in expectation of me doing the chicken run; acquiring a cooked chicken from the grocery store. And I note that masers have been flying in from outside and through the plexiglas window, so I am assuming they are getting better inside and outside correlation as to the energetics of the two environments. I also had the honor of seeing some brown skinned 6 y.o. chirping like a crow outside my window on the facing stairwell. Dressed in a purple jacket and doing this for no discernable reason, but this is not the first time the perps have put kids on for doing totally absurd acts. Once I asked them what they earned, and they told me it was $20. True or not, who knows, as they seemed ready for the question.

Last night I got the revelous yobos outside this building as my nightime serenade; about a half hour before bedtime, and it was continuous until I fell asleep. The vertical to horizontal transition time is another obsession of the assholes.

The overhead tromping has erupted, some six continuous "persons" pacing back and forth overhead in a slow decay beat. It beggars belief that anyone would actually function in that way.

The Harley Davidson like motorcycle noise has been ongoing all afternoon since I returned from the chicken run and was allowed to read the newspaper. Normally the paper that I like to read for Saturdays is sold out by the time I get to the grocery store. This time there was a corner-bent copy remaining, and so I became the substantial focus of ongoing vehicular noise for the 1.5 hours that I was reading it. This activity followed eating chicken meat off the carcass, the usual pattern when I take a cooked and hot chicken home. The perps cannot get enough excitement from this, and regularly interfere with me de-fatting it (skin removal) before I eat some off the bird and put the remainder in the fridge.

A new definition for "binder minders" has arisen. Some of the gangstalkers are walking about holding 3 ring binders as if on some business mission. (On a Saturday in this town,- absurd save retail). From what I can tell, they are using these as colored plastic flat reference surfaces for their energy assay activity. They have packed dinner plates in the past (once), but seem to have settled on packing binders around as a plastic equivalent with a plausible cover story. The perps had their operatives dressed up as Amnesty International reps doing a membership drive in some kind of twisted irony, and this was white colored binders. It may well be that they have moved on to other colors, as green was one of them today.

Now the sniffling act from the next door bathroom has started up, and more motorcycle noise. It seems the perps are up to more noise blending; start one noise while the first one is fading out. More joy for small minds. And plenty of in-my-face plasma action today; normally they like to create a more persistent plasma display in my vision under the pretense of a retina burn from an "inadvertent" look at a bright sunlight reflection. Not today, just plant this in my vision and let it fade over a few minutes. Blue and red are the colors of choice today.

The serial egress of operatives to create more front door closure noise is simultaneously arranged with my mouse clicks and new web page display. The overhead tromping beat also continues in its absurdity. And it is a noise flurry, as the front door closure noise is at frat house levels. 3/5 minutes.

The annoying, or mind-controlled to be annoying more like, overhead hallway tromping continues. From the noise occurence frequency, it has the level of that of a public library, and more is laid on as I type this. The absurdity level is of lesser importance it seems, and is now all about riling me up, and that only needs to be scripted into my activities with the noise serving as the excuse.

Back to the same noises after a 10 minute break, and it seems that and brake squealing are "in", with no options but to bear it.

I had the green hair act doing street loitering today; a male in bright green hair was sitting on the concrete sidewalk and leaning against the yellow painted plywood bins that contain clothes in black plastic bags. This the storage "facility" for the used clothing store, where all the action takes place and serves as a cover story for much of the neighborhood noise. The green hair act was at the same location when I departed, and when I returned. Not bad for a 30 minute grocery store visitation (aka chicken run), and this dude marks the first time the perps have planted anyone doing nothing for that length of time. The "just-stand-there" shills and operatives usually dissipate in short order not to be seen again.

And I got the cat act; two bums sitting on a bus stop bench with two cats on a leash; one was all grey, the other all black. I assumed this was part of the colorstalking viewscape, as the perps have been big on their greyscale shades between black and white. This includes vehicle colors and clothing colors.

And in a new gangstalk arrangement, I got the dual couple-stalk; one couple holding hands who "happened" to be near another, and "somehow" configured themselves for me to pass between them. This is an upgrade of the "split couple" stunt where they split apart for me to walk between them.

This is the post-dinner digestion period and the overhead clunking has just arrived, and the idling diesel truck in the adjacent parking lot has been there for five minutes. Now the church bells of the Ukrainian church have re-started, as they also rung while eating my dinner. This might be an attempt to correlate the noises and their energetic associations. But the number of post-dinner overhead clunkings has been totally consistent. And this is an earlier dinner, when there was still natural light out, and lapsing into dusk as it is now.

So it would seem that there is a connection between the perp's dusk problem and their post-dinner digestion time. Not my problem, why am I being noisestalked in the same way every day over this?

More diesel engine idling, this time it is revved up, and more vehicles on top of that. The overhead clunking and coincident coughing has also returned. Back to basic noise assault.

I or the invaded "I", finished my second blog posting of the day in an unfamiliar burst of motivation. And this seems to be a big lead up to being cough stalked, loud muffler vehicles sounding off and yet more plasma games on this LCD display. And in all likelihood, the posting was entirely scripted and arranged totally by mind control. That two confirming sources erupt on one day is unheard of. Anyhow, this posting is coherent and outward looking, rather than the blow by blow journaling that you see here.

Another oddity noise that is getting more airplay these days is the one note dog bark. It sounds like a mid sized dog, but only for one bark, then silence. In the past, more authentic sounding dog barking noise has erupted as a member of the noisescape, but this one has no cover story. There is the similare one note clap sound as well, another truncated noise type with no attributable cause.

The herd of operatives and the noisescape have been muted for the past hour or so, and are now having a minor resurgence. And of course, timing the noise to web page display changes, and even blinking of my eyes as I refocus through the veil of maser trails they erect in front of the LCD display. Even the overhead clunking has "woken up" to join this mini barrage.

The natterers below my window have departed, but the big truck fuck is on schedule; two pickup trucks, one in close and another a half block away are both over revving their engines and sitting in one place, not moving on like most would do. And the last of the motorcycle noise I hope; there had to be at least 40 motorcyle noise events today, a significant increase on the last residence.

Time to blog off and call it another dull day under the microscope of the sickos.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Laundry and Chicken

It was a laundry day this morning, and that coincides with a chicken run, the acquisistion of a cooked chicken that will serve as my major protein source for the next 3 weeks. And this is no big deal to me, but the perps are already going beserk with greater noise assaults, and their highly artful placement of specific vehicle colors around me, as well as extra maser and plasma action. And the latter chicken run event hasn't been attempted yet. I fear the outcome, as they could plant more arm grabbers and obstructionist fuckery.

The laundromat visit had its usual share of coughing and hacking, alignment of gangtstalkers, one operative in front of the other, MIBs with a minor stare-at-me play, extra window pane rattling, and more (amplified) outside vehicular traffic noise.

As this is the post lunch period, the noisestalking has ramped up, along with recall dithering games to piss me off and rile me all the more. It is just another day. And the third shower, or noise emulation thereof, has just erupted next door, when one shower is about normal, assuming this is even a rooming house and not just a stalking arrangement. And only 5 minutes after lunch, a major fart attack has erupted, another specialty of the assholes who manage every last crumb and its placement in this cell (room) they have thoughtfully arranged for me. My mother took me to this neighborhood to make a donation to the nearby charity, Women in Need (WIN) in 2002, so the perps had this place lined up then I suspect.

The nearby plastic rustling has begun with coincident room shakings, voice noise in the hallway and serial front door slammings. This was predicted (per above) and is getting to be routine.

Back to forced sneezing and a background of chattering voices. This is a decided upgrade to the "coincidence" factor, and may become the working model. As I typed that, a rare backup beeper noise has erupted from outside, and is at least the fourth today. This was a regular feature of the last residence, so perhaps the assholes are attempting to correlate the noise/neural energetics signatures of the last location, four stories from grade. More of who knows, but all this is very important to the perp sickos, as they even expend effort on arranging the lie of my cornflakes every morning. That is no joke, as the cornflakes all do backflips, spins and bizarre cantilevers and move together as if they were connected by a gel matrix (it is soy milk only). More go figure, and contemplate how much they have invested in me.

The first sunny day of this year has "brought out" the Harley Davidson type motorcycles, those that make considerable noise. This was routine at my last place, there were at leat 10 per day, and this does support the above notion of the perps correlating the noise to neural energetics correlates of the last residence location to this. And again, two more signature noises erupted as I typed that. Or, this could be the wind up for the chicken run, getting me noise tracked more than usual, and with one outing in the day already, this could be a big event for the small minds that stay in the closet and harass innocent citizens from their control room.

An all-quiet order has gone out, and only selectively planted noises are permitted. Getting back to extra complexity on the noise front, the perps have begun the knee twisting torture at the same moment their jusiciously applied noise goes off. It is never dull around here, only tedious.

The big event of me eating chocolate with tea is over; I sensed (or it was a planted notion) that this is an event they spend most of the time building up to. Presently I have maser zingers flitting about in a paired formation in my vision, plus trails too.

And they have been building toward have a slender ray of sunshine coming through at this time, and there must be some connection to their objectives. This time, in the adjacent parking lot, the perps have arranged side by side vehicles in silver grey, mid-grey, black and white, and were backlit to remove the contrast and put more of them in a shadow and limit ready discernment of colors and features. (And for that observation, I just got the overhead pounding noise).

The herd of operatives is moving in serial frat house style (2/5 minutes), slamming the door, which then gets translated into shaking my room by way of the unconventional physics application of the perps. And to remind me that I am under the microscope, they pound the overhead floor every few minutes.

Web page changes, typo repairs, my swearing at the sabotage of the preceding, reading of specific words, cut, paste, bookmark and select actions are duly noisestalked with regularity, in this post-brown food comsumption period.

No chicken run today; I got sucked into a slothful time here at the computer and ate some cashews for dinner. This was my normal lunch food when I went hiking, and it seems likely that the perps are wanting to retest this food item for its digestion energetics. Going by the noise flurries currently erupting, it seems to be the case.

I always wondered why my daughter never liked nuts from the get-go, and I have a suspicion that the perps planted this one on her to continue their nut digestion research. Some 16 years later, she is still like this, marzipan excepted. (An almond and sugar mixture).

I am looking at pictures of aircraft, and have the running water noise and the cougher next door in the bathroom as my gang/noisestalkers. What is so important about me doing this?

Relative quiet for the last hour, very strange. This is while I am looking at pictures of aircraft, and seems to be of extreme interest to the assholes. And they did send me/set me up to an commercial airframe maintainance facility for a job in 1999 to 2000 for a year or so. (That is, Boeings 737, 727, 757, 767 and 747 parked all about, with the odd tour from the technicians on modification jobs.) How is all this connected, as it surely must be?

Time to blog off, even if the knee torquing torture is going on, at barely bearable levels.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Nothing in Particular

I had a two appointments morning, both at the same building. I met my caseworker and then did Qi Gong afterward. And it was my turn to be scheduled late for the latter, though two more Qi Gong attendees came after me. And as I predicted, the perps began filtering in brown skinned race members, an Asian woman was there for the first time. And the red hat act of last time was dressed in a 3/4 length black leather jacket with black gloves, and kept these outside clothes on for all of the Qi Gong class. Fucking ridiculous, though it is no secret that the perps favor black leather jackets, and even have their operatives wearing them on warm summer days.

And my "pals" of Qi Gong were all arranged for a 3/4 encirclement, and then further encroached upon my space as the class went on. One woman, a blonde, who was wearing a mid-blue track suit the last twice when I was there, arrived after me in this grotesque orange colored track suit. Talk about an affront to the eyes, and she placed herself beside the instructor where I couldn't miss this visual barrage. Anyhow, it was all over in 30 minutes. Fucking bizarre, and more to follow I assume.

I walked there and back, 25 minutes each way on a major thoroughfare, and there was plenty of color coordinated vehicle formations, and yesterday on that route, they put on a boom truck. (And arranged for me to walk underneath it as they were trimming tree branches). And plenty of vehicular traffic, and more than 3 times the normal flow, and there was also coordinated (same) colors of pedestrian gangstalkers as the vehicles that passed by them. I reckon the perps put at least 500 vehicles on gangstalk duty, over and above normal traffic flow today, for my 50 minutes of walking.

At one intersection corner where I make a right turn, the perps arranged for a Coca Cola delivery truck in red and metallic aluminum colors to be paralleled with a white 5 tonne delivery truck (6' apart) in a convenience store parking lot, and thereby monopolizing all of it to prevent any other vehicle egress. There is something about the Pandora and Cook Street intersection that the perps want to get a handle on, and this was evident long before today's large vehicular gangstalk at that corner. Not my problem, why am I constantly gangstalked there?

And the curse of the bad whistling continues to follow me; this time the waiting room had someone who was on duty for that number, and this is a regular event somewhere on my beat; checkouts, stores etc.

The case worker appointment was a wash, there was nothing vital going on, except that the perps "lowered the boom" again, and had me stumbling to find my words. They had me "turned on" last time for the nursing students, which my case worker praised me for today. And "somehow" the notion of asking her if this brilliance was me, or the mind-controlled me was dispensed with. The act of self-censorship is now mind-controllable in case one thinks there is any form of volition given to me.

Toward the end of the session with the case worker, she leaned in, and a maser shone only 1/4" from her right temple, and a hallway sourced noise erupted simultaneously. Another one of those signature magnetic field events that erupts beside or from the health care worker. I have no idea what is going on behind me, as they make sure there are no mirrors around. Qi Gong had plenty of furtive plasma beams in class, as well as odd reflections off surfaces, and of course, no one made any mention about it.

Another "TV" antenna was erected on a building opposite 100 yards away, they are the new growth industry in this city. And it should be noted, that this city has been on cablevision for over four decades, and the once forest of suburban TV antennae has long gone, but "happens" to be coming back now.

At least two awakenings last night; another round in the time series of listening to the coughing and hacking noise/act, and a mandated look at the bedding in this grainy contrasty look that the perps can bring about.

This is the post-dinner period where the perps lay on extra noise, but they were very busy while I was making dinner, and especially so when I was taking the cling wrap off the cheese. There have been many cling-wrap wars, and also, cheese is a major fetish for the assholes who flick chunks of it about, and who forced me into getting a slicer instead of the grater. (The latter couldn't be found in the last move). And they are still fucking with the lie of the slices, and always flip them about, usually at a 90 degrees offset between slices. It is simply amazing the amount of effort they devote to this banality, and won't summon the gumption to come out of the closet.

Anyhow, the entire objective of the constant annoyances is to keep me talking away, as in swearing in complaining about these gutless juvies that continue to keep me in this undeserved purgatory.

The front door and room shaking has ramped up to 2/minute as the putative residents depart in serial form, as if in a frat house. And while reading the name of an actress, not to be repeated here, the coughing was precisely time for that very moment of cognition. Similarly, yesterday, while reading the name of someone I know, the perps zoned me out so "I" didn't recognize the name, and kept reading. It was only upon re-reading was I allowed to recognize the name. And now, the distant loud mufflered vehicles are making their noise, as if I had the window open and I don't. More of the projected sound games IMHO.

The overhead pounding and squeaking has started up; I had been reading about the Boeing 787 aircraft, and the perps decided to get into noisestalking this with their most intrusive noise. The in-house "activities" had been minimal for the past hour or so, a welcome relief.

The adjacent parking lot action is heating up; they are supplying voice noise (as I call it) from my right side, even if there isn't a cover story for them to hang around in an ill-lit corner of the lot. About 10 minutes earlier, the perps created the noise of dinner plates slamming all by themselves, something they wouldn't do as they are lying flat. And they may have added a zap in there as "I" jumped some, and ordinarily I wouldn't have. I cannot trust any reaction to be my own.

Time to blog off, and call this another dull day in hell in the service on nonconsensual human experimentation.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Windup for an Interview

The overhead clicking and clunking has begun, and a new round of coughing and hacking too. The perps woke me up for an 0500h time to hear the serial show of at least seven gangstalkers coming through the bathroom next door, and a background of coughing and hacking, likely the theme noise of the day, as they have put the fucker next door twice already. And three siren shows so far, and about ten brake squealings when one per day was the original norm. Even the church bells were put on for the extra crunchy cereals this morning, and there was a before and after nose running for chocolate consumption.

The perps got me riled up big time by imposing vision impairments; they have taken to blocking vision when an item is first sighted in the day, the peanut butter being the most obvious example. And if "I" shake my head to relieve the problem, that too is all for the good. I noted at my parents' (perp abettors) that they would coordinate their arm and leg movements at the precise moment of my head shaking (not having seen it) when watching TV.

And more yobos in the street last night before going to sleep; they were calling out and talking, and this is highly unusual for this neighborhood as it is primarily residential. And they have put more outside my room as I type (or because this is being typed) currently, though I have no idea what the cover story would be for this time of day.

Now that I have been online for a time, the perps are playing their plasma games with the LCD display; shading in blocks of text, moving yellowish blocks around and moving them off horizontal, and endless games that I am not aware of when they put these in my peripherial vision. It is fucking sick, and I suspect this and the smell jamming is getting me "ready" for my 1100h appointment for volunteering.

The noisestalking flavor has moved onto room shaking (3/ five minutes), overhead squeaking, hallway farting (a first) and that old standby from 0500h , coughing and hacking. This applies to mouse clicking actions, web page display onset, uncontrolled thoughts I might have (less and less these days), and are sometimes coordinated with transitory vision impairments.

Another round of intensified room shaking, and the nattering outside my door noisestalking was added in just when I was logging onto Yahoo for my email. Logins are one of the most noisestalked events going, and it seems that this was upping the ante some more. The seeming "gold standard" of noisestalking is to have human voice as a background noise, usually after a buildup over weeks or months of other coincident noises. Yesterday's male-male confrontation setup outside my window while eating chocolate comes to mind as an example.

I am off to my interview at a drop-in center as a possible volunteer, and no doubt a whole host of gangstalking interaction is planned. Who knows, this could be an entire perp operation, just as they stuffed the hospital with "patients", all of whom knew how to gangstalk. Nothing can be taken at face value, especially when one sees the amount of planning that has gone on, all while I was away and living in Seattle.

Onto siren noise again; it has been busier than Seattle for siren events today, which has been routine since I moved into the downtown Victoria region, now almost two years.

And more vision impairments timed with the internal head noises the perps plant.

I had my interview for volunteering at a drop-in center, though in fact, the whole drift of it changed, as they already have staff to lead the activities, and therefore, I can participate instead. Free swimming, yoga and Qi Gong is a good start and so is $1 for lunch. It may well become my routine, to hang out there and partake of the activities. Anyhow, the scene needs to be evaluated when open, as it was closed for cleaning today. This incremental increase of participants is often a perp managed means of slowly integrating me into a specific site. I can't complain yet.

Today's smells in the nose are skunk cabbage, of no discernable origin, and not the first time this particular one has erupted. So it would seem there is a smell series on today, to go with the above room shaking and hallway tromping that is continuing.

I walked much of yesterday's route, changing only the returning side of the road, and the vehicular and ambulatory gangstalk action was as busy as ever, especially in the store where three biddies lead ahead of me and then dithered at entrance where the black plastic shopping baskets are. The lead gangstalker met up with someone already in the store, strangely I thought, but the perps have been working this inside/outside energetics for 4 years, and are totally consistent in trying all possibilities. Another variant on the way out was the huggies between the cashiers as one is supposedly leaving. Any excuse will do, and the perps like to plant this bullshit around me everywhere, in pictures and live. Now a car alarm is set off, and there is at least one per day.

And more of the "just-stand-there" gangstalkers outside today. There were at least three, and one made a point of "drifting" across the sidewalk, and made sure to stick themselves behind me with the looking in the distance gag that has become laughable at times. She was dressed in black and grey with grey hair. There is some hangup the perps have about hair color, and I cannot fathom what it is.

And another consulting-forester-turned-perp-operative made sure to drive over the crosswalk I was walking on, and partake in the simultaneous two vehicle left hand turn. And when walking past the adjacent car dealership, with some 50 vehicles lined up, all the navy blue colored vehicles (~6) had their engines running and headlights on, projecting towars the sidewalk I was transiting. Another go-figure.

The tea and chocolate time has passed, so I expect another iteration of room shaking and other noise to follow.

More jerkarounds; the mental intrusion of facts swapping. A specific title and my knowlegde about it was fucked with by tying that knowlegde to another title. This has never happened before in my life and I am getting supremely vexed by this latest depraved intrusion. The perps are on a sick streak, and in saying that, the assholes noisestalked me with outside coughing.

The overhead pounding with mild zapping has started up again, another post teatime consistency the perps have brought on. It sounds like someone is wrestling with firewood upstairs. The event that seems to instignate the timing of the noise is the usual Windows activities of selecting, cutting, pasting text and bookmarking. I have some 30,000 links that are bookmarked over the past two years, and they are still gunning on this. Another go-figure.

Another harassed crap; a double. They blocked the toilet and forced a shower to clean up. Fucking sick; this is the fourth crap over two locations where they have sabotaged the toilet. Juvenility run amok.

It is the post mealtime period and I am sure there are plenty of noise games lined up, but it was interesting that they put the overhead clunking on when I was making dinner.

As I type this the noise started up. I had the earmuffs on to block the coughing cacaphony until an overhead clunk and a zap arrived, and then took them off. As soon as I did, at least two operatives in the hallway were in motion, talking and finally exiting the building. The "air freshener" spray was used twice in the hallway, per usual spray from the suite next to mine (not bothering with the pretense of "deciding" where to place it per cover story). And I got the smell jammed up my nose even if it wouldn't waft in through the closed door.

And I see in the news that a private Blackwater army helicopter went down in Iraq yesterday with the loss of five lives. Past consistency of perp activities in frequently exposing me to helicopter stories in the news has been noted. Of interest, I (assuming it was not a scripted mind-control insertion), came across an interesting blog site that mentioned the Blackwater operation only a few days before. This could be a coincidence, or yet another staged event that is similar to those in the past where helicopters have strangely crashed. I won't make a call on this as I am not privy to all the particulars, but as I see my life, there are no coincidences... It truly makes me wonder how much of what goes on is really what it seems.

No word yet from an inquest into the Canadian Coast Guard helicopter on a routine training mission that went down with the loss of the crew of three.

The overhead squeaking and creaking has started up; it is as if there were loose floorboards overhead and someone was purposely flexing them to purposely continue the noise. As mentioned in past blogs, it is very likely that this is created from a control room somewhere using their projected sound capabilities which I have known firsthand for over four years now. This same routine would erupt in a past residence location where I knew there was a table overhead, and yet the sound was directly from that location, as I first thought I would get a reprieve from it. No chance.

I get many knocks, chirps and clicks in this room, not attributable to anything, most nights when I first go to bed. They are simply the new norm, and for some reason, they don't need a cover story.

Noisy vehicles are now coming with other vehicle maintenance combination "sources"; a squeaking fanbelt and the hoarse muffler with the over-revving nonsense "driving style" that has erupted locally.

And I don't get any freedom from the noise as the assholes replicate it inside of my earmuffs when I put them on. It seems that the earmuffs are only for perp research purposes, being dark metallic green plastic. The hoarse mufflered vehicle has come back and is idling outside my window in the adjacent parking lot. All for me to hear, as the perps to determine the neural correlates to the noise and vibration.

A new term has evolved; "air freshener stalking". This is the event of the putative building manager leaning out of his room, spraying air freshener, and then bolting back inside again. No assessement if needed, just some kind of direction he must get, unless deranged which he isn't. This time, the stalking event was when I was bookmarking, one of the most noise/spray/vibration/plasma beamed/masered events that occurs, now running for the fifth year in sucession, even my latter days in Seattle. Fucking absurd. And today's ari freshener stalking may have been particular targeted for the bookmarking of an alien autopsy site. More inanity and unbelievable studpidity that the sick juvenile fucks won't come out of the closet.

The lock clatter and the simultaneous zapping harassment is back. It seems that the perps go through the noises each evening, adding a zapping to each unique occurence. Then the follow-on was to rustle some plastic in the hallway (left side) and over-rev an vehicle engine on the right side. It is like being at my parent's place with these these two widely spaced concurrent noises. My mother is always rustling plastic of various colors, often ass in the air, one of the high energetics readability poses.

And related to plastic rustling activity, a nylon coil zipper pulling gangstalker has arrived outside my door and is continuing this act of creating simultaneous noise and stressing plastic. Whatever the pollution/plastic problem the perps have is NOT MY PROBLEM, so why am I being pursued for someone else's research and very possibly, a total fuck up, especially when one considers how much authority they have.

As an example of their authority to change matters, they caused a constriction of the Canadian - US border by reducing the inspection officers when I was crossing N. bound into Canada to cause me to miss the last ferry and stay in a hotel room where they irradiated me from rooms on either side of mine (no sleep that night).

More off-screen emulatory displays of plasma; the assholes put on a plasma beam that is near identically colored as the web page display, and offset it some 4" to the left. Big fun and games for depraved juvies.

The moon is trained on me through a narrow window portion; I will not say this was arranged this time, but who knows, as my entire visual field is accessible and manipulable as I learned last year, by way of the perp's accomplishments. Time to blog off, and listen to the patter from whomever shows up in the adjacent parking lot.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Qi Gong Gang(stalk)

The perps had me scripted for Qi Gong and the gang was all there, three of them clustered behind my back and a fourth slowly encroaching as the half hour class went on. The usual shuffling to accomodate latecomers, and then the incremental approach of the red ballcapped dude, who then found cause to take it off halfway through. Meanwhile there were undeniable plasma events, and even the odd blackish maser wave. The on-cue coughers again, e.g. when I bring my hands together to touch them, and a nonattributable whistling sound that the instructor saw fit to comment on. Of course none of the participants volunteered any notion of knowing where it came from, this being the first instance of it.

About 20 "participants"/gangstalkers, and they represented some demographics besides the colors of clothing that they wore. And should I have mentally noted the reason for a particular clothing combination, the throat clearing would immediately begin. Call it throat-clearing-stalking just to be obscure. Represented demographics were; obesity, grey hair, both male and female, and dufuses. I expect other gangstalking demographics will show up in time, and be incrementally inserted; e.g. brown skinned races, skinheads, chinless ones, UK accents and maybe a few others that don't come to mind.

Before the class started, I got my dishy blonde girl gangstalk in the elevator on the way up, and she even deigned to make small chat. And as soon as I stepped out of the elevator, why the Qi Gong Gang was all lined up in the hallway for me to pass through the gauntlet, as the classroom door was locked and it was a few minutes before class.

And I note that the building where I take my Qi Gong has two new antennae masts on it, the oft-seen vertical cell phone repeater towers, which are either co-opted for harassment reasons, or else solely devoted for harassment signals and communications. Unusually, these are a dark grey color where the are normally white in this city.

Anyhow, I walked 25 minutes there and back again, picking up my Rx at the London Drugs store, where I get head meds for free because I am "low income". A prudent social policy it would seem, my own gratitude aside. And the perps have me in for faux coughing; a simulated throat tickle, and "I" must cough. Now at least three of these events per day, up from none.

Even with the window open, the perps are cranking smells into my nose, in lieu of making noise, as an all-quiet order has gone out currently. This is very unusual for a post-mealtime period, as they usually go nuts on room shaking then. This must be part of their interations of noisem and then backing off, the "vacuum structuring", mentioned in yesterday's blog.

This is post teatime with chocolate, and usually chocolate consumption activity gets the all-quiet order, this time it was different. A vagrant in a bright red Santa Claus like jacket and my building manager saw fit to get into a jawing match outside while opening and eating chocolate with my tea. Or perhaps, a male-to-male confrontation as a background noise for the perp obsessive event of eating chocolate, a brown food substance. I often wondered why other husband and wife "disagreements" would erupt near me when taking my daughter to daycare, now over a decade ago, but it is clear that it is a perp arranged event to exercise my emotional part of the brain, the hippocamus deep in the temporal lobes.

And I noticed that the former Volvo car corner lot that I walk by to the store has its second instance of travel trailers and film crew accomodation parked on it, with some 10 vehicles, either in grey, white, black or dark metallic green. No filming was evident this time either. It is my theory that there is plenty of Volvo energetics stored in the asphalt, and they are putting a platoon of operatives to sleep over top of the lot in an attempt to detect them. The perps would often have operatives sleeping over top of me at one of my former residences, and they moved the dining room table to do so.

Opposite the above location, and some 50' toward mid block they are ripping up the asphalt and sidewalk (concrete) for no seeming need. It is at the precise location where the perps parked that septic services trailer, some 10,000 gallons of it a few months ago. The tractor unit was not attached, and it was parked over some three or four stalls at the side of the road outside a car dealership. I walked by only once, but it is likely that it was parked there for a few days. Digging in the brown soil for some brown septic energies; my speculation in any event.

More zapping to accompany the rattling of the in-wall heater vent which sits between my room and the bathroom next door. The assholes had dropped this fuckery for a few days, and appear to now be going through another iteration of noise brought close in as possible, never minding the absurdity of anyone adjusting it when there. (The bathroom is always warm). Though, when in there myself, I have seen the heat vent adjusting lever move all by itself, creating noise of course. And this is also a return of this infernal zapping which pisses me off in the extreme.

Normally when the perps script me for eating chocolate they put out an all-quiet order, and focus on the noise they make in my mouth while eating it. (Way louder than normal, like all food eating). But today, as background noise, they put on a male-male confrontation of jawing outside my window for the duration of eating the 100g of chocolate. It never ends, it only varies.

More click and simultaneous zappings; even the simplest noise gets some kind of energized "fuck me" added to it. Fucking sick that I cannot be left alone, even to type without major typos.

The water in pipes noise has started up again, and is one of my most longest noisestalking noises. And this will come from apartments where no one is living.

As I adjust the infernal horizontal slider the perps inflict upon me, "splaying" the presentation, someone lurking outside my room starts coughing. This is from the outside parking lot, and I surmise, done to have my right side be exposed to that particular noise. All in-house coughing and hacking comes to my left ear predominantly.

And now it is back to serial room shaking, hallway tromping and front door slamming. A partial reprieve for the past few days is over, and another iteration of the noise cycle continues.

To no great surprise, the front door slamming and the managed "consequent" room shaking is accompanied by a simultaneous maser wave from this very LCD display. It is a transient blackish trail that wavers and moves forward, toward me, and then disapates in a second or so.

Not one's typical complaint about taking a piss, but as soon as I come back to this LCD display, the perps have cranked up the irradiation that is coming off it. An instant pummeling of my eyes when I go back to reading. Sounds like another iteration of reading and vision impairment again, just when I got a few days reprieve from it. (Or, my eyes had compensated for this fuckery, which is what I suspect).

More complexity from the sicko's perspective; a squeaking brake noise, and then they simultaneously forced me to cough for no reason.

More smells are being jammed up my nose. Today it is cleaning agents, as the bathroom was cleaned earlier. But, having been in the bathroom since then, it really doesn't smell all that much, so it must be another case of the perps playing their infernal games. Yesterday, it was a fuel oil smell from the furnace each time the fan went on. And the latest noise in their repetoire is key jingling; about 6 events per day, up from zero two weeks ago.

White light flarings in my right side peripherial vision. The assholes were doing this same stunt on my left side vision when making dinner earlier. More jacking around.

More next door bathroom visitations by an operative and simultaneous smell jammed up my nose. Then a kick to the intervening metal vent in the shared wall for good measure. How is it that every bathroom visitor now slams the heating vent at the floor when they are in there save me? Fucking bizarre. Now coughstalking has erupted while I typed that missive.

Now, zapping and nonattributable squeaking simultaneously, and now the perpetrator/fall guy comes into the next door bathroom to putz about (read, gangstalk through the wall) and flush the toilet. This endless loop of sick minded operatives shuffling their act around me with the addition of highly invasive fuckery to supremely piss me off.

The herd is on the move again; slamming the front door and shaking this room 20' away. Now at two per minute, frat house style. The perps have also been scripting a vision impairment simultaneously with the room shaking. But the trend is clear, they are adding more events/noises/vibrations simultaneously to get more brain energetics activity. How about coming in here and telling me why I am a prisoner of this constant harassment?

Another day is almost done; that is how I look at this existence, just surviving. And the operatives are a clean bunch tonight. They put on four showers/baths in the nextdoor bathroom this evening, quite a record when it is maximum of two showers per day, one them being me. More typo sabotage.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Retro Sirens

Back at the cell (my room) to go online. The perps arranged for no shampoo at my parents' place and fucked me out of bringing my own supply. A water rinse only, which they have exploited to have my hair angled every which way.

And as I was walking northward to the front door, a brown vehicle 30' away was travelling that same direction at about the same speed, paralleling me, and then backing up. This being yet another mid-street turnaround, and there has to be over 50 per day here.

And now, for something silly from the perps, they are putting on the emergency vehicle sirens of the same kind as that of the 1960's. This is not the first time, but to make sure I caught it, they put it on twice, or putatively, two separate vehicles.

And a note on the toilet blocking fuckery that went on last night, and the steaming rage the fuckers put me into. There are two bathrooms at my parents' house with identical toilet models, though the downstairs toilet seemed to work better and never got plugged like the one upstairs (since 1967). And so, the perps pull a "need" for me to shit at 2330h, way too late for normal, when I was in the downstairs bathroom attending to dental hygiene. And to no surprise, except this mind-fucked self that isn't allowed to recall anything relevant to the current fuckaround, the perps plugged this toilet on me. This is a 1960's toilet model, totally water inefficient, probably 5 gallons per flush, and a full bowl vortex of water as well.

And the plunger was at hand, a black rubber one with an orange painted wooden handle. So..., after twenty minutes of plunging to play this fucking game, and the toilet having "regurgitations", I was finally allowed to clear the supposed blockage. Essentially, it was a repeat as per this blog (2210h); extreme blatant fuckery when there was no reason for the toilet blockage except malevolent acts from a distance by a depraved Gestapo with their shit/brown obsession that they continue to inflict upon me. Their problem is NOT my problem. What is the matter with these assholes that they haven't finished hounding their victims for 50 years over taking a crap? It is totally fucking sick.

Another "whoop-de-do" stunt earlier; while keying in something into Yahoo, the perps switched the application so the latter part of the word I was typing ended up in Google instead. What fucking asshole has to piss me around by playing this juvenility? It is time the perps checked themselves in somewhere, and NOT buy the doctor or the hospital this time.

It is post tea and chocolate; the perps put on a yellow and orange coated gangstalker on the outside stairway for three passbys while I was eating chocolate. And by no coincidence, he had a brown hat on. He was the only person on the stairwell for the entire afternoon.

Last night the perps arranged for my mother to pass out chocolates, and me eat them, when there was a black woman portrayed on the television show we were watching. Another fine coincidence. And a glass bashing in stereo as I type that; one source from in-house (when he had earlier packed his recycling booty out of the house) and one from a mysterious source outside. There isn't a second of my life that isn't managed by these assholes.

And they were pulling more temporal lobe disassociative mind-fuck games last night while at my parents'. The "where am I", "what show is this", and the like. And it should be noted, they have been fucking me with this since I was 7 years old, and I recall the incident very clearly. I was at home with a cold, the perps pulled this "where am I" disassociative fuckaround, and then my mother cruised in to "see how I was" and I told her about the very unsettling sensation. She wasn't too concerned and didn't say anything. Obviously she was on script to ask following a remotely applied disconcerting mind-fuck stunt and knew it was under control by the assholes who created it.

And while at my parents' we shared some Zinfandel wine last night with dinner. The week before, my brother, sister-in-law and niece were visiting and we had dinner together. Then, the perps/Feral Family arranged for four different kinds of red wine then, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Merlot. I suppose last night, they were continuing where they left off, though the wine was disappointing. This could of been the perps' dithering my taste perceptions as they routinely govern them down for chocolate. I am not allowed to enjoy what I normally do, especially favorites like Zinfandel.

The dinginess came on about 1600h, and now it is nightfall. The perps were especially quiet during this period of intense interest, so that might mean they have advanced their assay capability to the level of not needing supporting noise. They had farted me with a simutaneous armrest squeaking, and that might have been all they needed. Most times I don't care as long as I can type and be left alone. And with that, enough typos to cease this present journal entry.

Another sabotaged crap; the perps sprung one on me after I shut the PC down, and then proceeded to fuck with the toilet for 20 minutes while I plunged the blue dyed water at least that many times, and they had me in a calm, even dociled, mind state this time. The plunger has a bare wood handle, and that may have been the attraction for the assholes,- having me hold a brown colored object for a longer duration. And how many man years have I wielded gardening tools, rakes, shovels and on and on, as well as sports equipment such as hockey sticks, all with brown, or painted, wood handles? The perps are supremely nuts that they won't come out of the closet and fess up to nonconsensual human experimentation.

The overhead pounding is back in this post dinner time. Any random thoughts get immediately noisestalked with an overhead clunking.

A burst of coughing and hacking from a neighbor "resident". Anytime I say anything I have a new voice, the voice-morphing is back again. This might be as a recall test, for the perps to learn how I know this. And as that was typed, a room shake, which has been at a lower frequency today, thankfully.

And now, the coughing comes in closer as the occupant of the nextdoor bathroom started up when I wanted to link to a webpage that I had linked to only 5 minutes earlier. And, to up the ante, on the heels of the cougher, the crockery washer came in right afterward in an adroit sense of timing, and is bashing crockery. Both these methods, belong to what I suspect is "vacuum structuring", where they build up degrees of energetics assay resolution by repeating their favorite games close in, and then farther away. The month long cell phone use when I first moved here, and then was sabotaged frequently to be unreliable, is a likely example of this from the electromagnetic spectrum.

A three way simultaneity; a zap in the left knee, hallway lock clatter (amplified) and a vibration of the mouse button, all by itself. Are we scratching for results assholes?

And a perp fuckover realization; that "I" have been mispelling
simultaneous incorrectly, dropping the 'l', for the last year, and I have them to thank for that. I was an ace speller once, and now it is hit or miss; another thankless jerkaround from the assholes who need to interfere with every mouse click, letter that I type and every word I say (usually planted). It is long past due that these fucking juveniles must exit my life now.

Now, as if I don't experience enough of this, someone outside my window just finished spitting on the ground.

Enough dulldom for a post, and plenty of furnace smells have been crammed up my nose all day.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Volvo Day

A 10 hour "sleep", only two hours more than the nominal normal (Before Overt Harassment, BOH). And an awakening to hear the putative neighbor coughing away, which will no doubt turn into a series for each hour of the night. I don't know when it was, but someone made sure I was to hear it when in BOH days I would of slept through it no problem. And as I stumble through that, at least three loud mufflered vehicles transited by for extra noisestalking.

After two shut-in days, I was allowed out to get groceries, and of course, walk the gangstalk gauntlet. Only two deep metallic red vehicles with one white one was lined up on the first leg, and darned if they didn't put a mobile red and white vehicle between them and me when out on the street. The gangstalk action was moderate, and this was unexpected, but I don't really care all that much.

The perps are still into their games of darkening down faces; if the gangstalker has a peaked hat, or unbrella, they will darken the shadows substanially. This might be part of the black and brown skinned races members they selectively place near me on most gangstalking sorties. Today, I only got an native Indian woman, only one block from my place. What that means I don't know, perhaps a last desperation move.

No Globe and Mail newspaper was allowed today, all sold out again. There is this on-off obsession the perps have with me reading the newspaper; sometimes once a week for a few weeks, then no more for a while, Though I am allowed to read them at my parents when I visit, usually Sundays (later today). Go figure.

More room shaking, hallway tromping.

The tin can rattling act has started up in the hallway, almost as good as a recycling depot in one's neighborhood. (Been there, done that).

The drummer's group has also started up nearby for this pre-tea and chocolate time, one of the perps' obsessions as to why I don't mind chocolate, but cannot stand the color brown. Not my problem, why am I being harassed over it?

No power washing today; most strange. But more room shaking and front door noise; an operative herd is on the move again.

The tea and chocolate event is over; a Volvo 245 in an inky metallic blue came beneath my window for the event. A dark brown Volvo 245 also came for a short turnaround visit. A herd of at least four gangstalkers went up and down the stairs, and were surely dressed like clowns in yellow, purple and red. A male pony hair act was also running up and down the stairs on the opposite building outside. It seems this was all over loading up the Volvo wagon as it was gone by the time that I had a look again. The glass bottle bashing act erupted the second I put the first piece of chocolate in my mouth, and continued for the duration of eating that first piece. And the only time it has been busy outside was earlier with the two pickup truck acts, one being brown. More go figure.

The perps planted two parked Volvo wagons on my route this morning, a V70 and a 850 predecessor model, both station wagons. On the Volvo design front, the 850 (1993 to 2000) became the V (2001 and on) series, and then, they decided that this wasn't "interesting" enough and then in 2002 they "jelly-beaned" them with recessed side panels and other swoopy styling. The Volvo V70's then looked as if someone had booted the side doors in; not what I would pay for in a new car. And so it seems that the perps planted the two Volvo 245 successor models (above) without the booted in side panel look. Call it the vehicular equivalent to the blonde's "auric goodness".

But it follows the pattern of having something of aesthetic interest, and then fucking it up, almost purposely. It seems that the Audis are having a turn at this, another vehicle lineup I think are mostly attractive until 2007 model year. They created a gaping big hole where the front grille is to make it look more aggressive. And so, it is the 2007 Audi model year that looks as if it were purposely fucked with to look ugly from the front. Which really makes me wonder how the perps pull off messing with automotive design which takes a lead time of at least three years and access to the design studios and the executives that make the decisions. I have no idea, and it just maybe a genuine happenchance event, though based on my experience/trials, there is no such word.

The glass bashing act has returned, and has lasted (so far) for 20 minutes. All those past crockery smashing events at resturants comes to mind as likely planted events for creating torsional energies. Why anyone would play with glass bottles for that long is a total mystery. The story of returning them is getting a little thin, as he never takes them in for money, curiously.

I am back from a night at my parents' and the usual Feral Family gangstalking fuckery that goes on. It isn't all them though, the TV is plenty glitchy and extra pixellated with a few blackouts with sound only.

My parents came by at ~1600h, and I met them in the adjacent parking lot outside. When I got out there, a light metallic brown Volvo 245 was pulling a U turn in the middle of the road and parking on the curb closest to my parents' vehicle at the parking lot driveway. And it so happens their Ford Escape is a similar light metallic brown, though with a darker tone than the Volvo. And I usually drive my parents' vehicle for them, which I did. As I was turning onto the street, exiting the parking lot, the driver of the light brown Volvo 745 was standing at her vehicle, door open, and was precisely aligned with another driver, two car lengths ahead, also standing at his vehicle with the door open as well. And his vehicle? Why, a deep metallic red Volvo V70 station wagon. (I formerly owned a silver grey Volvo 245 until 06-2006 when I gave it to my daughter)

So here we have two Volvo station wagon drivers doing the identical activity, standing at their vehicles, and where I "happened" to stop before entering the street, they were lined up one in front of the other. Which suggests some kind of chromatic glow must be visible to the perps, and they wanted to see their combined effect (aligned) and separately, as I drove past them having just got into the driver's seat of a light brown metallic Ford Escape . Fucking amazing.

Later, going back to my parents' place, there were two Volvos side by side at the lead of the stopped vehicles at an intersection where I turned in front of them.

I am getting extreme typing sabotage, time to post.