Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pruning, Take Two

A late start to blogging today's events, but I was pruning more bushes and trees at my in-town brother's place. This is the second day in succession for this activity, and I will get some more gardening work time in on Friday, two days from today. The perps arranged the usual noisescape of distant chain saws, hotrods, ill-maintained mufflered vehicles, loud bird chirping, overhead aircraft, children at play and the standby, barking dogs. Apart from the background din, the noises were coordinated at the moment of cutting a branch or otherwise weilding the lopers to cut the branch or twig. The perps have a total obsession over this activity, and have been relatively consistent in having me do gardening for the First Feral Family over the past three years.

And of course, they pour on the gangstalkers for the city bus freakshow on the way back. The big deal was for them to have at least seven dudes around me, have me facing backwards to the direction of travel, (the only availible seat), and having armed forces personnel on board the bus, three Fuckwits in their berets, one doing the twitchy act near me.

And again, when I was out heading to, or heading back from the local one hour cleaning job I do six days a week, I had plenty of extra ambulatory and vehicular gangstalker action. The perps seem to be looking for something about me after a day's work doing gardening, pruning, cutting lawns and like foliage handling activities. They even had the hoodie dudes tail me into the building and into the elevator. And well mannered ones too, so perhaps they are attempting some kind of restitution of my subconscious thoughts as to young males and their proclivities at the time of abuse, if that is in fact what happened some 50 years ago during the "lost years" when it seems my recall was deleted for the most part.

I had a call from a local TI after I got back, timed for dusk onset, the silly time of day for the perps. There is something about one's vision that changes according to light levels, and the perps are still working on this after 6.5 years of overt harassment. She wants me to put an add in the paper for her about getting someone to sweep for hidden microphones, aka, "bugs". Fucking absurd, and I have intimated that the perps can eavesdrop on one's thoughts, assuming they didn't plant them in the first place. And that they can control the ether, or "omniplasma continuum", and can see and hear everything they chose to look at. They don't need hidden microphones. Now that I straightened out my luddite brother on how to use Craigslist and his email, instead of sending emails for him, it seems that this purported TI's need for me to email and advertise on her behalf is an extension of doing this for my brother. And I will be duly apprised of their interest when I actually do this, as the noisestalking is bound to increase at that moment, and then reach a crescendo when the message is sent.

And I notice that the perps are giving me extra jabs, pokes and pinches of late; not coming from any seen physical cause of course, just these force fields that are manipulated all around me. When I mentioned the term "force field" to the hair stylist last week, (discussing Fortean experiences, har, har), he burst into a coughing fit. So it would seem that this term is of vital importance in some energetic way, apart from applying it to me that is. And what is with the nipple pinching or brushing by sensations? All the time, and even both nipples at once just to heighten the gratuitous nature of the abuse.

And I see that the hot water situation in this apartment block is still not fixed as promised on the posters in the elevators and front doors. It was to be completed today, and still the lukewarm water games, especially for the kitchen sink faucet when cleaning the dishes. After the breakfast dishes I go to the bathroom for a shower and the water is much warmer, though variable, and often getting warmer at the moment before applying shampoo and conditioner. Then, the bathroom sink faucet is cooler, which has meant that I shave my face only, and not do the customary full frontal torso shave. That was the routine this morning, readying me for a face-only shave, and presumably, pick out some essential energetic differences between me doing the pruning with a full frontal shave (yesterday), and without (today). And too, the perps have an obsession over the use of knives to cut things; food, body hairs, plants (pruning), and even spreading peanut butter on toast. Though the latter item could also be part of the perps's obsession over plant oils of various kinds.

And on the latter topic, I note that my in-town brother has four different cooking oils that are clumped together on his kitchen counter; corn oil, olive oil, cocoanut oil and one other. He never seems to use the olive oil, and it does make me wonder why he has all these, and he wasn't even clear about why he just purchased the cocoanut oil. I have remarked in past blog postings on the perp's obsessions over essential fatty acids, plant oils, cooking oils and various like substances, and they still seem to be intensely focussed on researching this topic. And also, the nature of the container is important too; glass, black plastic etc. They have a long way to go on this one, and it seems they have all the time to do it.

The topic of plant oils seems to be separate from their obsession over petroleum products and my energetic interaction with it; vehicular gangstalking me with large heating oil tanker trucks is ongoing, and true to form, they put them into situations of them turning corners, or even having two of them at differing orthogonal angles in my proximity. And for good measure, the First Feral Family has a jar of vasoline on their window sill that seems to be a permanent object for no seeming reason.

I suspect the cleaning job at the car dealership is a way to expose me to components of vehicles, especially those wrapped up in brown paper or cardboard. (Brown color being a perp fixation). At the car dealership there are also plenty of used parts in piles as well; exhaust systems, intake manifolds, wheel rims, steering parts, interior door panels and the like. This too looks like a long term study they are only getting serious about after 6.5 years of abuse, never mind the extra vehicle repairs they created over my past three decades of vehicle ownership. (No vehicle since 2006).

Calling this one done for today, and I don't seem to be in a newsy mood tonight, "for some reason".

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