My Essential Introductory Postings

Orignally published, 01-08-2009, later in the Consolidated Link List, now just a page of the self published blogs that I deem essential to understanding the full picture instead of my (usual) daily travails.

Essential Introductory Postings (mine); aka Harassment Basics
FAQ/Answering Anonymous This was some gimme questions that I turned into a trophy posting intended for TI newcomers and the inquisitive. I have long since got past all these thoughts of wondering what it was all about and now function in a more grim and embattled existence of dealing with the daily contention of mind invasive technologies at the hand of depraved assholes and the "script show" that I am put through everyday.

Did some site maintenance and found my story online on the WWW.  And lots of other victims here. But owing to some adverse web site management, or else totally blocked emails, this one stayed up on the on Way Back Machine, 05-2015

My Story; 2003 version, 27pp. on Blogspot Pages, much the same at the above version. This was the first version that offered a complete picture at the time, and was updated with a 2005 version of 41pp. . This version references Directed Energy Weapons extensively, though they haven't been applied at this instantaneous crippling level since 2004. I have a 2005 version and I cannot find it, but here is the 2003 version on my Blogspot Pages.

My Story; one page summary version This is the version I supply to those doing activism work or want a short summation. It doesn't supply the day to day details, but is intended for the quick read crowd, most of us in fact.

My Story; 15pp Allegorical References/Film Script This was for telling my story via a local film project; I excerpted from the Air Loom Gang book by Mike Jay for the introduction and then told my story, borrowing common harassment examples and providing a more descriptive story. This was in 2008, and serves as an intermediate sized version of my story. Again, no one is beating me down for updates; silence is deafening in a TI's World.

A Summary of Perp Obsessions and Methods This is a regular posting, and and is detailing the litany of berserk specialization interests that the perps have. These are known by the unabashed consistency of their games and positioning of their operatives. A 02-28-2009 update was added.

Getting Started An introductory blog posting on the nature of being targeted with extra-conventional technologies and swarms of gangstalkers.

Plasma and Masers These are the magnetic phenomenon the perps use on me and around me every instant of the day, and which I can see some short subsecond exposures in my vision all the time. They are used to get some localized magnetic readings and interference, and can often be seen where I am about to reach or just where I have removed an object, say dinner plates. The masers will also emanate from me while shaving, again, in the location of the next razor stroke, lingering some 3" off of me until I complete the stroke, and then still remaining for a second or two longer. Call it micro-localized magnetic interference games. I have also seen plasma beams coming off the back of the heads of operatives in front of me at the theater, off their shin on the bus and off their chest while in yoga as only three public examples.

A Vehicular Gangstalking Primer Vehicular gangstalking is a huge component of the harassment, though relatively benign, but they do take great pains to get proximate vehicle colors arranged around me when driving. As of mid-2006 I don't own a vehicle, but anytime when I am out on public roads, as a passenger or walking alongside them, this same fantastical real life idiot show is put on around me. Of late (01-2009), the driving is getting more belligerent and I need to update this one.

An Ambulatory Gangstalking Primer Walking is a means to get the gangstalkers closer to me, and they will do this with swarms and confluences that are specifically aimed at getting me in the center of their operatives.

A Thoughtstalking Primer This is what it is all about; unopposed mind control from a distance and for neural functions where they cannot yet control, they typically create noise, phenomenon (masers and plasma beams), forced farts, itches, vibration of feet or fingers, noises inside my mouth of no organic origin etc. As of 01-2009 it seems that the perps are now moving these transient coincident events to where I might recognize the start or end of an activity or when I might accept one of their planted notions as relevant and legitimate, (i.e., something that I would of thought of myself).

Other Regular Incursional Impositions These are the extra-conventional gravitic harassments and their frequencies. Not complete, but a brief list.

The Favored and the Unfavored; demographic groups, colors, clothing, behaviors and objects the gangstalkers are arranged to demonstrate or display. from This is the explanation for the freakshow of Fuckwits that parades around me, or like visual subjects that seem to "happen" with considerably greater frequency than normal when I am online, watching TV or reading newspapers. Invariably, when I notice a freakshow demographic member gangstalking, there is a noise or other phenomenon that will occur.

Who is Running My Hands and Fingers? This explains why I could never press a key on a keyboard that I intended, and instead, my finger ends up on another. I have seen them move my thumb and slice it on a metal edge that I was holding in my hand. Totally unbidden by me and I was mind-fucked into watching it instead of attempting to prevent it.

An Open Letter to Clinicians This is a writeup I did when starting with a new doctor, and to no avail whatsoever. And of course, none of these complaints can be described in clinical terms, hence ignoring me and this letter.

The Perp's Brown Color Fixation Brown isn't the only color of intense perp fixation, as they also like to add dark greens, dark blues and red colors and place one in front of the other, and vice versa. Endless combinations an permutations of color exposure and juxtapositions all the time whenever I go out in public. But brown seems to be the thorniest color for them, is usually introduced after a preparatory lineup of greyscale colors, white, silver-grey, mid-greys and black.

Noisescape Natterings This describes the noises that are arranged for me, many of which are coincident with cognitive events, turning a page, finishing reading, bookmarking websites etc. (Updated 03-17-2009).

Perp 2008 Accomplishments The progress they made in their mind-fuck games in this calendar year.

Perp 2007 Accomplishments The progress they made in their mind-fuck games in this calendar year.

Perp 2006 Accomplishments The progress they made in their mind-fuck games in this calendar year.

On Blondes Attractive blonde women are the single most used demographic group the perps draw from to present a gangstalker with the most "auric glow"/elevated status. They are the entre to subsequently populating the gangstalker scene with less desirable looking Fuckwits (operatives and shills); large gutted males, vagrants and others described in the Favored and Unfavored posting.

Gravitic Musings My little piece on the stalemate that physics is in and how it is failing to explain our world. And too, how the perps are exploiting this to then harass the living shit out of their victims, ensuring that there is a medical cover story (even if tattered and tenuous) to tar their victims with.

Pondering the Perp's Objectives, Part 1. This is my write up of what the perps are arranging in addition to their mind control research. This latter objective is a small part of what they are after, and this posting reveals this, but cannot offer any wisdom as to what this is all about.

Pondering the Perp's Objectives, Part 2. This is my write up of what the perps are arranging in addition to their mind control research. This latter objective is a small part of what they are after, and this posting reveals this, but cannot offer any wisdom as to what this is all about.

Dear Congressman; another TI's descriptive letter If another TI whom I have never met can cover 95% of my harassment in detail, then how in the fuck can this be considered to be a clinical condition? This is here for rebuttal purposes, and the fact that I didn't write it, but is detailed enough that an objective person can make their own conclusions.

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