Saturday, May 13, 2006

Plasma & Masers -No Home Should Be Without Them +03-10-2009 Update

Plasma is said to be the fourth state of matter; a glowing mass of charged gas, all acting as one in response to a magnetic field. It can be associated with high temperature furnaces, but in my experience it occurs at normal room temperature, but likely in a highly magnetized environment.

My past experiences in measuring the magnetic field around me were instructive; it was 200 Gauss in my then apartment in Seattle in late 2002, before my two instruments "crashed" about the same time. (Normal background magnetic field is 0.5 Gauss). A magnetic compass goes silly anywhere near me and the perps like to have me removed from as much ferrous metal as possible. (I will be selling my car in a month as I cannot afford to keep it on Disability benefits.) The perps have degaussed some magnets I had as well as stolen the magnetic healing vest I had bought to deflect the intense pain energies that they put me under then. There is something magnetic about their harassment, but also light and color dependent if you have followed the posts.

Plasma is one visual phenomenon, - another is maser beams; a coherent magnetic beam, like a laser but greyish or black. Both masers and plasma beams are every-minute events in my apartment and are now showing up when hiking, and other places outside. It is likely that when masers are seen end-on (axially) they appear as the myriad point sources of blueish or whitish light. There are also shimmering dense black vibratory blobs that "arrive" in mid-air on occasion. I have no idea why, when or where one is to be used or the other, or both.

Another form of the plasma in a visual sense is a vibratory fog; there is activity but one cannot see the specifics, only this pulsation of the object itself. It appeared first in my apartment, but is now thick in the hallways. And now, when I look to the horizon, this vibratory fog appears (e.g. in front of the Olympic Mountains). Every store that I frequent is also duly prepped with this irradiative fog. Perhaps all of Victoria BC is covered and irradiated. Maybe someone from the "community" (gangstalk city) can fill me in on this strange phenomenon.

Typically the perps will put up a subsecond exposure of a specific colored plasma beam or cloud flash in the color of an adjacent object, one that is in my gaze. It is as if they are testing the color across my visual field, in central vision and peripherial vision. They are constantly testing the difference between them by adding plasma or maser activity in one or the other, and presumably, looking at the neural energetic correlates (IMHO).

Sometimes they put on a cloud of it as if it came from the exhaust of a vehicle, but it is not hard to tell the difference. There has been a huge upswing in the number of vehicles with steam arising from the exhaust pipes, normally meaning that the vehicle hasn't fully warmed up. Trouble is, this is rare on thoroughfares and doesn't increase in significant quantities as it has done wherever I drive. Therefore, my conclusion is that most of these "exhaust steam" events are in fact plasma activity fabbed by the perps. I also have a notion that they prefer the gangstalking drivers to be in their vehicle for longer, say a half hour, like they perfer for ambulatory gangstalkers.

My apartment is where most of the plasma action takes place, sometimes 30 - 60 per minute if I make a dedicated effort to look at one location and see them flit in and out of view. They will also do this in front of my vehicle when driving sometimes; these are 3' x 2' or so, often at the road surface and usually dark green or red, two of the prominent vehicular gangstalker colors. And one time hiking they put a half mile wide blob of green plasma in front of the view of Victoria from this vista location I frequent.

Most of the time, say 90%, the perps seem to emulate a line or edge of an object and have the plasma beam parallel it as if it were a visual anomally. This means that this very LCD panel will often be ringed with orange, purple or red beams, a half inch outboard of the panel edge. They frequently run them over the keyboard and have my fingers move through or beside their beams. From what I can tell, the beams can arise from an object or can be placed in the air with no apparent "source".

Another variation is to have black dots zinging about in my vision, what the optometrist might call "floaters". The difference is that these don't float but jump around quickly, and I will get two or three concurrently with a pair that travels in parallel. These "zingers" will suddenly arrive at key moments, usually the regular events that the perps wish to analyse more, -shaving, showering, eating (especially brown colored foods and drinks) etc.

Often the plasma shows are coordinated with a forced burp, fart or a specific trigger word I may be reading at that very moment. A noise (see Noisescape) may also be simutaneously timed for that very event. The perps are making more excuses for the plasma activity to be more prevelant; never have my glasses been cleaner and yet more and more "flare" and other extraneous light displays "happen" to appear. Same for my vehicle windshield; within a day it has more crud on it which appears from unknown sources.

Sometimes the plasma occurences are pre-emptive; a beam will flash where I am about to sit, place my coffee mug on the counter etc. While hiking today (05-16-2006), I saw a large plasma cloud in the mid-distance (some 300m across), partially behind an island and the rest of it I could see directly.

I am running out of steam in describing the ever present plasma and maser show when I know I have significantly more to say. Which is my usual telltale of being mind-controlled, the premature termination of an activity.

03-10-2009 Update
Those were the days, above. Now, plasma and maser phenomenon are totally constant and in my field of view every waking moment. In my apartment, on the street, and at the part time cleaning job. And they are especially prevalent when I visit my parents place and watch their CRT TV, which itself has a magnetic field. The plasma activity is especially prevalent on my LCD display and is often used to ghost a former image to keep its outline displaying for longer while the new page is assembling. I am constantly dealing with edges of objects, on the LCD display or real objects that project their outline, shapes or edges in a partial presentation, usually offset from the original image. Another stunt of theirs is to do "edge enhancements" where the edge of a counter has a !/4" purple or blue band added to it, a faux shadow of a kind, and a disconcerting one at that. Another favorite edge enhancing color is yellow, adding it to white colored objects and surfaces mainly, as some kind of edge strangeness. They will also add red plasma to a situation if they feel the need to add it in, typically after seeing something red, and they need another recalibration it would seem.

The most zaniest plasma/light modification stunt was arranging my brother and I to be moving my furniture across the lawn (08-2006) at my parents' place and they made all the green grass, as far as one could see (60') into a red color. I just about puked my guts out, and my brother adds a hippie spin to it, saying "wasn't that a rush". No, it was an outrage to say the least. This, the edge enhancement games and the perps themselves all lead me to believe that I was fed LSD in the 1956 to 1959 time frame when living in Montreal, and having been taken to the clinic run by the infamous Dr. Cameron. (The perps often set up Scottish accent acts, and he had a very broad Scots accent). I have no knowledge of this as it seems that the assholes depleted my recollection at the time, but could not fuck with my subconscious memory. Hence, this ongoing re-enactment of the images that I saw while under this "care", har, har. Again, this is speculative, but the consistent perp fuckery does seem to support this.

Other common plasma shapes/presentation are striated parallel lines, often sitting beside the LCD and acting as some kind of generalized surrogate replicate. Then, they will tilt this grouping of parallel lines by 5 degrees off horizontal to get my attention, and then flip it back the other way for a mirror image. Very often, the edges of Windows dialog boxes get replicated in other colors on the LCD display, often in yellow. As a rule, they are most cautious about presenting red and brown colors as these are the most disturbing to me. Or, more like, they create my "reaction", and it is greatest for these two colors.

The masers in the form of the fuzzy blackish balls (zingers), filamentous drifting shapes and sometimes small circles are totally constant and in my vision all the time. The pre-emptive nature has increased to be 100% now; occuring where I am to reach, where I have removed something, and also travelling in parallel with the object that I am pulling in close with my hand. When I put the plastic earmuffs on I get the fuzzy ball zinger masers coming in close, travelling in formation and zigzagging toward me. Only once did I see two zinger masers not travel in parallel; they swirled and and tumbled as if in am aerial dogfight, but it was memorable for the few seconds that it lasted.

Because everything around me, and including me and this city is energized in some way, I am not too surprised to see that there are sometime maser beams coming off the gangstalkers. I saw this once at the theater where the some eight gangstalkers in front of me, before the show started, had a plasma emanating off the backs of their heads, in a 7" patch that would be directed toward me. Other plasma games have been to have them come off the shin bone of a gangstalker, and once in yoga class, off the bra or chest of the female yoga instructor, with two cutouts for her nipples. Very interesting that one.

Another use for the plasma beams is to present the color and shape of an object that I cannot see, but that they need a reading for in advance. So, the plasma flash is a way to present an transitory alternative at the outset. An example of this was when I was in a gym class, and the instructor had a bright green lanyard around her neck and front. Her back was facing me, and I could not see it, but a same green flash came on as she was leaning backward (seated on the floor). It was only later that I saw the green flash was a representation of her lanyard. If this were a clinical situation, there would be no way someone could imagine something that came out to be 100% accurate in color, shape and proximity.

Another use of the plasma is to "thought stalk" me; that is, should an uncontrolled thought come to mind (before 2008), a sudden short whitish burst would erupt in front of me, likely an attempt to magnetically interfere with the thought energies so that the assholes could remotely detect it, and then be able to subvert it, which they do all the time now (03-2009).

On the maser beam front, I have seen the blackish beams emanate from the strangest of places. Off chocolate once, a 2" long black narrow sub-millimeter wide beam, and once off my dick, very similar in shape. Mostly, the perps will let me see the maser beams axially, end on, which is a bright white point source, often originating from a scuff on the wall or furniture. When at the gym I saw a 40' maser beam (1" wide) come through the wall and threaded itself past some three gangstalkers and then right past my nose. It seems they need to do this sometimes to get a same time reading off all the players of interest.

I sometimes see blackish broad maser beams in the distance, say a convergence of them from the hill tops to the clouds for a second or two. It seems that another use of the masers is to have them temporarily alter the shade/lighting conditons, and provide that striated look they so much covet.


dawawa said...

Since so much information is on the internet about GANGSTALKING/REMOTE WEAPONS TESTINGS ON HUMANS, how come LAW ENFORCEMENT IS NOT PAYING ATTENTION? Aren't we all HUMANS?

scottie said...

Hello...Law Enforcement is involved!

Those who have reported the attacks on them, usually find that the attacks increase after they file a complaint.

Is there anywhere on the net that there are pictues of these weapons?

Under HEAVY attack in NYC, but have everything under control!

Stay strong, and keep fighting...Scott

Rick said...

This stuff is really well put, I too deal with the LCD( yellow, blue ) stuff and vibrational cloud stuff.

I too have a black dot besides the floaters( these are transparent and often move when I focus on them like they string together) I often take notice of, I learn to deal with this stuff, I am not that much involved with this stuff as you are.

Off-topic question, which I too this day still are dealing with:

When I lay on bed, I get this floaty bubble under me, which gives me a feeling of laying in the ocean, you ever had something like this ?

Take Care.

AJH said...

Answer to: This stuff is really well put...

I have never had the floaty bed mattress sensation to my recollection. The strangest bed time experience I had was when they would mess with my proprioception (one's knowledge of where one's limbs and body are at any given moment), and it felt like my legs didn't belong to me! I shook my leg and it was over, but then they would do the same to the other leg, and would alternate. This was way back in 2004-05, and I don't get that any more. Thanks for the commenbts.