Sunday, January 18, 2009

Overhead Rumbling Arrives For Pee Time

It is no surprise that the imposed need for taking a pee "happens" at a high perp interest moment; that is, when bookmarking websites, reading specific theme contents of abiding interest to them, or even something so dull as switching between web pages. But this "pee intrusion" stunt isn't enough anymore; now, the overhead rumbling noise of no rational origin has started up in conjunction with pee intrusions and even follows me to the bathroom and then arrives back overhead of my desk some 10' away. Imagine that, overhead neighbors who know exactly where I am to have their noise detectable directly overhead and not from one side or the other. It all seems to calculated to me, and I would think anyone else if objective.

And for additional noise variation, the improbable overhead rumbling now has a squeaking noise to it. The ever mutable variations of noise from objects that don't make any sense in the first place.

And the perps are pushing the extra-conventional silliness today; gobbing up the back of the knife as I was applying peanut butter to toast, crumb inundation from nowhere, water leaping 4" out of the drain, and a few others that aren't allowed to be recalled. Now I get to do the Chicken Run, the full-on gangstalking show when I purchase hot cooked chicken, my protein supply for the next three weeks if the meat spoiling games aren't imposed.

Only half chickens were allowed today, which always begs the question as to who among the Fuckwits and shills will be eating the other half? And three dude confluences were arranged for a 10 minute round trip to the supermarket. Some coming from nowhere again, a repeating pattern of late.

More variations on the overhead rumbling have erupted. Not only an associated squeaking, as if it were some 5 ton safe being moved back and forth, but added vibrational like noises, as if something in this apartment were vibrating "from" the rumbling. Talk about tenuous, as there isn't anything that would shake like this, and then they decide to reduce the cycling time of the rumbling. The imposed "normal" it to have the rumble noise come on and trail off over 3 to 5 seconds, but now that isn't good enough, so they the noises cycles every 2 seconds or so in a more frenetic back and forth like simulation. And of course I haven't mentioned the likelihood of this noise source being even possible with carpeted floors, and besides, who has a 5 ton safe on squeaky wheels that can find me and start getting the simulated back and forth noise exactly overhead of where I am, kitchen, desk, bathroom and when in bed at nightime. Very curious this, and just more examples of the cover story not being that important. Just more stupid noise shit, the usual harassment activity besides pissing me off all day long.

The tea and chocolate time was accorded an eerie all-quiet spell; one cannot get familiar with no noise when one is inundated with it all day. I think I have remarked on all-quiets for chocolate eating, and this had some extra perp action. My perp abetting mother called to say she is coming to pick me up, phoning just after I had placed a chunk of chocolate in my mouth. Then three "hellos" later, she finally answers, and gets into FUD-speak, saying she will be "leaving soon". Just another jerkaround on top of being on the phone with a mouthful of chocolate, the perps main brown colored food item they arrange for me, having somehow causes long ago traumatizations associated with this color. That they block 90% of my crappings in the toilet is also part of the fucking game, and plenty of other associated stunts that I won't get into.

(FUD, means Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, said to be the credo of IBM salesmen as a theme to present to their customers).

Time to call this one done for the day, and enjoin the perp supporting parents in a game of family gangstalking. I also call this First Feral Family events for those of you who are new here.

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