Thursday, November 30, 2006

Slush Time

I had an appointment with my case counsellor earlier today; an opportunity for the gangstalking community to run their latest combination and permutations of colors, orientation, objects etc. on me, as well as the object/person in front or behind another object/person or "stacking" games. And the lulus were out again; someone toting a seeming ski bag broadside for three blocks on the opposite side of the road, in parallel. Another with an umbrella when there is no hint of precipitation out. A plastic-bag person act chose to run with his bags, one in each hand for 30' toward me on the only section of narrow sidewalk that was clear of snow and ice. On a day when everyone is bundled up, the perps put a black male gangstalker 60' away in a light blue business shirt with black colored pants and no coat. And I had six males of working age around me on the bus when outbound, with the skinhead and over-sized ones getting representation as well as the nit with his arms splayed out Christ-like (horizontally) on the nearby bench seat at the back. They also like to do back flexing and stretching, back twisting, and the ubiquitous coordinated coughing act. They also do ear touches, nose touches, and sit with their legs wide apart, as if ready to give birth, even if males. Fucking absurd.

The appointment was all about finding another place, not one of my favorite topics as I am so pissed with the perps that hang about me all the time and the rest of this infernal torment, that moving is secondary. All that tells me is that the perps have more long range plans for me, and want to back test all the games and scenarios they have invested in for over 4.5 years, never mind the ones before that. This is fucking depressing to say the least. Again, the perps had me misfiring on pronouncing normal usage words when there, and it happens at no other time.

The perps got the brown out in a marked flush of clothing and headwear color, and deep browns even, not just on blondes, but male gangstalkers hard on my tail, the least liked scenario going. And they also allowed me to visit one of my old haunts, the Jubilee Pharmacy where they were all over me, at least three around me as I picked through the chocolate and marzipan; some for me, and some for my daughter as stocking stuffers. It did attract two blonde women gangstalkers who made a point of jaywalking to the opposite side of the road from where I was waiting for the bus.

With a white plastic bag of brown chocolate in hand, they perps had me covered at the bus stop with six gangstalkers, plus three getting off who joined the fray temporarily (it would be unusual for anyone to get off there), and more throngs on the bus, with a space case beside me who made sure to expose his arm by idiotically hanging on the the vertical bar in front of him. When getting off the perps just about threw me onto the bus floor, when I was avoiding the in-aisle coats and other projections. When I was outbound, the perps planted a paper coffee cup on the floor of the bus and had me kick it twice while headed for the back of the bus, and naturally brown coffee sprayed out from it. That would be another first in my life; a coffee cup lying on the bus' floor, never mind controlling me in "managing" to kick it twice especially when I had every intention of not repeating the event for the second time. Fucking obscene that I cannot be left alone to get on a bus, never mind the thug show planted around me.

Tea and chocolate time is finished, and a scarlet red vehicle came to join me, parked underneath my window, and to hell with the visible painted lines (stalls) in the parking lot. Maybe it is because I am wearing a yellow green shirt today, as this color does bring out the more blatant stunts and feints that "happen" around me. The chocolate was the Porta brand, $1 per 100g for Euro chocolate, which is a good price. But lo, if the perps haven't changed the content and taste since I first bought it, and now it has all the attributes of Cadbury's junk chocolate. And of course I wasn't allowed to remember that at the time of acquisition, so "I" loaded up, and am now reminded of its new found inferiority.

More perception fuckery has been going on to get me enraged. They started this in the morning, and like to do this immediately before and after meals. Even the most basic actions get fucked with; the perps plant the notion to turn the tap off when it is already off, and allow me to catch the error halfway there. Then ditto on turning the PC on; another attempt by way of mind fucking to turn the computer on when it was already on. These stunts are so exasperating and began some time in early 2005 when they were able to manufacture and plant perceptions without me being able to correct the error. And in late 2004 they were able to take over and subvert my monitoring of what I was doing; ever since then I have not been able to stop myself from making these (above) erroneous actions. Put that in the clinical camp and explain it. This kind of abuse is fucking obscene, and yet they don't stop, and have learned it by fucking me over and enraging me with their stunts. Thankless cowards, the lot.

It is back to the ambient coughing and hacking as I type, and the trail of the gangstalkers going up the stairs 12' outside my window. This is a stairway to a night club, which has already started with a drumming noise, one of the perps favorites.

More overhead floor noises as if someone is dropping weights, and likely zapping me at the same time. It is extremely irritating and exasperating and I have no understanding why the current "tenant" upstairs engages in the identical noise making activity as the predecessor "tenant".

All that harassment noise was prompted by picking up on the perps' spoofing of web pages where they drop inconsistencies and errors; should I detect them, the noise overhead goes off, along with the zapping. The assholes are making more annoying and invasive incursions all the time, and also to keep fuelling enragement as well. It is time for these fuckers to go, as I have been violated enough. And as I write this they are shifting my feet into different position, rekindling their foot fetish of a kind.

The perps have me cranked up to be highly irritated; their game is to keep the communal coughing and hacking going, no matter if the "residents" don't seem to get better. The usual strong emanations from my LCD display are spewing forth, and the maser and plasma games are constant. They have also resorted to making a background noise of water running through the pipes, a noise game I was very familiar with at my last residence. And it so happens that it has followed me here as well.

Now the knee torquing torture has been arranged to annoy me some more; this is when they manipulate my lower leg by turning it and having the knee joint ache at a certain point. Today they are on left leg torquing and usually stick with one side per day. The hallway egress and next door bathroom noise in coincident at this time. Another fucking annoyance from the gutless assholes who keep this up from a distance and won't declare themselves. Why does this torture continue to happen?

More wall rapping noise and vibratory pounding from somewhere; this is getting so tired and sick. Now outside banter has erupted from some dudes who have gathered in the dark. The perps must be eager for right side voices to be processed in my brain.

Time to blog off; another crapped-upon day, more than I have conveyed here as "somehow" it doesn't come to mind when blogging.
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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Out and About in the Snow

I have had a "demotivated" time today getting on with a blog posting. This sudden change in habit does suggest some unusual cause. But because the perps like to test almost everything they can at nearly any time of the day, this is not surprising. Especially as this is dusk, one of go-their weird times.

But the big event today was my brother bringing some of my cold weather clothing and footwear; he phoned this morning and agreed that it was impossible to find the right things in the boxes of my belongings stored at his place. But, he surprised me by coming here, claiming that he took the bus to his massage appointment, and then walked on from there, at least 10 blocks worth. It isn't like him to be so "concerned", let alone motivated to do so, when I have seen him drop a massage appointment at the drop of a hat.

So that made the trip to the grocery store doable, and it was a big time gangstalk day, like a weekend day for all the working age gangstalkers that happened to be grocery shopping on an early afternoon Tuesday. And the weather conditions facilitated more weird getups; e.g. walking around in a bicycle helmet over a hood with the straps done up. And there were at least one gangstalker at every location in the store I needed to go, sometimes two of them loitering and rarely picking anything up.

And it was an opportunity for the perps to test me out for more layered clothing, each in different colors. My winter coat couldn't be found, so it was a rain coat to break the wind over a blue fleece sweat top itself over a black baggy shirt. And to no surprise, there were more blue clothed gangstalkers, and once back, a blue vehicle outside my room in the adjacent parking lot, even if not swept of snow. Back to the usual musical gangstalk parked vehicle rotations.

But the perps made sure to dump my ass at least once while walking; a "slip' and I was resting on my hand which was placed on the snow. Anyhow, it wasn't with the groceries. But still no red onions are allowed; they had that section well sentried with gangstalkers and fucked me out of remembering later. Just the usual. All the major vehicular arteries are sanded and salted, and not too unexpected, the perps had rush hour like traffic in formations to pass by me. And more ditzy driving; making a right hand turn on a red light without looking for any pedestrians; fucking absurd in these conditions. And it was also an excuse to park a vehicle in the middle of the sidewalk. The car dealership had swept their lot, but somehow "failed" to notice where the sidewalk was and parked a vehicle there, silver-grey in color no less. And it is also an excuse to flick mud and grit on the sides of vehicles, one of their favoite ploys to attain more variation and color layering. Goin outside in the snow was not the big deal I thought it would be, having some serious boots on to cover that distance and back.

My brother also began to tell me about his cell phone woes which was a segue for me to offer mine as I didn't use it, owing to the network "hassles" (read, deliberate sabotage) and that I have a landline through the cablevision cable. So, after all the hand waving and battery flipping was done, "I" loaned him my phone on a consignment basis; if he liked it, he was prepared to buy it. With that gimme fed to him, it was time for him to go all of a sudden, in his panicked mindset even if there are no excuses, as his vehicles aren't operative in the current snow conditions.

The perps ensured "I" was too indolent to finish blogging yesterday, and have turned this into a two day reportage. Such things are immensely important to them, as is disrupting any routine, even if established for three decades, e.g. shaving.

The perps have been hammering my vision this morning, alternate left side then right side fogging that immediately disappears should I move my head to shake it off. Find a clinical reason for that. And presently the overhead clunking and squeaking has arrived to noisestalk me as I blog; it wasn't occuring anytime earlier save something like 0600h when partially awake.

The front end loader came for breakfast to clear the snow from the adjacent parking lot; but first the operator "had to" move the light blue matress and box spring from his intended push zone, and prop it up against the wall as it was before. This time it is sodden, now frozen, and has some weeks worth of ground energies that are pointed at my room. Or at least that is how I see it, because I cannot understand why he didn't push the matress further back along with the snow from the comfort of his warm cab. Not your average front end loader operator.

And the bag of garbage that arrived in the snowstorm was removed from the same area yesterday, and thereby saving it from being trashed by the loader. This time, there were footprints in the snow from the supposed person who retrieved it. Just amazing how anyone knew it was there, as no one has passed by there for all the accumulated snow.

Anyhow, the in house "residents" were up to their usual noises, building up to the overhead clunking and squeaking which is the only noise source at present. It seems that the perps are attempting to use these sounds to map early morning pre-sunrise neural energetics activity to the current time, via innudating me with the same sounds. And also, the masers and plasma beams have an unerring knack of "happening" when the noises occur, or when fixing the typos that are imposed by way of this insidious mind control and related sick minded fuckery.

And more racial exposure moments while the snow is on the ground; two school age black girls happened to be in the parking lot after it was cleared, being let out of the regular silver grey pickup before it parked, and when I happened to be standing at the counter with a window view of the parking lot.

And the perps had two in-house gangstalkers on me when I got out of the shower; one friendly one who "happened" to be at a "friend's" door only 8' away, and another coming down the stairs beside him, who went in the bathroom only 5 seconds after I had vacated it. And it is most odd that there is a bathroom upstairs and yet they come down the stairs to use the one next door to my room. Then they jack with the in-wall shared heating vent to create more noise in here, when no one did this before the past week. Fucking bizzare as the bathroom is warm enough.

The post-meal time is becoming a busy time for noisestalking; the frantic exits and entrances of the operatives through the front door and the hallway talking and egress noises with a background of coughing and hacking also. The overhead clunking and squeaking is going on as well as typo fuckery. Anytime I repair typos, coinicident noises erupt. And too, masers in zinger form, the fuzzy greyish dots that zip about in my visual field between me and the LCD panel as I type.

More snow has been scripted presently, although small and hopefully not a significant blanket that came down on Sunday, 11-26-2006.

The perps are hammering me with perceptual fuckery; I read a word and they plant another word's meaning in mind. I don't think there is any clinical illness for which this condition is a symptom. I may be wrong, but in all my readings about ADD this has never occured. That is truly significant in clinical terms to have a new symptom that is never been documented.

The all-quiet order has gone out, save vocalizing my complaints about ongoing typo sabotage, and not allowing me to look at the display while typing. Masers are popping up in formation pairs and arcing toward me as the only outward sign of harassment. A classic fuckover; I have been keyboarding for 35 years, an they won't let me type unless there is a 30% typo rate. Something is wrong on this one too, and no one will give me a straight answer as to why, nor will they add up all the evidence. As expected, no responsible clinical workers will read this anyhow.

My case worker appointment was postponed until tomorrow, and I wasn't allowed to get to my voice mail all morning, the notion didn't "happen" when in fact I am quite diligent about any messages I get. Naturally the phone rang when I was ill disposed to getting it, this while in a semi-sleep state at 0800h, going for 10 hours of sleep when 8 is the norm for me. Or at least, that is what the perps managed me for, and was the established norm.

Had the perps allowed me to get my voice mail first thing this morning, I would have gone to the laundromat instead, as that activity is due. There is a long history of them delaying laundry, especially bedding, going back to university residence days, and it seems they like to keep it around longer than I would normally do. It wasn't enough for them to squeeze me down to less clothes in this one room "residence", and they are also monitoring if not directing my father to wear his clothes for longer too, under the dementia rationale. The perps cannot get enough laundry and clothing fucking it seems.

They have a used clothing operation happening opposite the parking lot, some 40' away, and each weekday, a truck and three operatives play about (read, appearance of loading activity) with used clothing and furniture for the morning at least. They run racks of used clothing across the street as well, as there is a seeming overflow storage area there. And it never hurts to have empty steel rack also being moved, especially if framing a blonde woman in a lime green fleece vest while it being pushed along. The male operatives/loading activity helpers are also big on wearing green. One of them was a white haired stalker for a few months, then he stopped after making a debut on the same bus I was on some three weeks ago. The perps seem to have an blow-out for their staff gangstalkers; they do an over the top stunt and are then morphed into some other look or possibly another operation.

The exception would be Mr Passport Tosser who went over the top on the very first gangstalking, and has kept a lower profile since, going from street nutter to respectable on top of his business executive act when he first showed up on a rare helicopter commute..

An afternoon of vision impairment harassment; it comes on especially when going to a new web page or attempting to read longer than the allowable 10 seconds. Invariably I shake my head and the impairment dissipates, only to come back on me. Another related stunt is to script a grey-out, an all grey LCD display that "happens" when navigating from one web site to another.

And it is not too surprising that the perps are hassling others like this; one TI I know is getting vision impairments as well. And they are disrupting him severely it seems. Been there, done that, why is it happening to so many people who are totally innocent? Another game is to stun me out, leave me totally blank and unable to think of anything to write. That would be right about now, time to log off for a while and do some chocolate duty.

The very first brown vehicle showed up in the gangstalked parked vehicle musical stalls game outside my room today. A mid-brown pickup truck, partially obstructed by the building, some 50' away and parked on the street is the very first one near my residence. At the time I was eating brown colored tortillas, and there is a good chance that was no coincidence. There is the background of snow, and the black and silver grey regulars are in closer, in the parking lot itself.

The reading impairments are getting more intense and are likely directed to stop me from reading any more on assassination conspiracies. Back to reviewing lunar landscapes as my programmed "interest". The infrared images of the moon are very striking, the few that are availible; there seems to be huge bodies of structures underneath the surface, and are all the more visible because they are heated. What a coincicence that I couldn't find my way back to the web site for a link. And it doesn't take long to wrap the moonscape images into one of conspiracy as well. This is only a side issue, but if one takes the stance that there are no coinicidences in my life, then it seems most odd that they have me trove through this material when I had no idea of its existence before last year.

It is post dinner and the overhead clunking has started up to be superseded by the serial bathroom vistations with all of the operatives making extra noise in hallway egress and closing the door. And the operatives just hang about in the bathroom, sometimes flushing the toilet and then taking off. With all the snow outside one would think that building egress would diminish to keep the cover story viable. Not so, the arrival of snow has them slamming the front door and shaking this room some 20' away in a serial procession, frat house style, about every five minutes. I have predicted more perp inanity with the snow, and it has been the case for the most part. Even the 2" snowfall today didn't stop the parking lot games and the specially colored vehicular lineup. A mid-grey colored convertible Pontiac sports car arrived this afternoon and is still there.

And more emanations from the LCD display as I write; and in writing this more masers zingers have burst forth in triplets, as a formation of fuzzy grey dots, covering the display in a horizontal line.

Another game is to deny me seeing photographs on web pages; the perps simply supply a bounded rectangle in a thin line, and if this is like past occurences, they eventually allow some to be filled in toward the end of my session.
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Monday, November 27, 2006

A Ten Year Test

This is the first serious snow Victoria and the Pacific Northwest has had in ten years. A whole 12" came down overnight on top of the slush that initially formed, and in the netherworld of constant harassment, where every keystroke is governed as to correctness, noise, speed of placement etc., the snow job the perps pulled is significant. Either this dawned on me or else they let me in on this insight.

They started last night by their head flipping games for 1.5 hours before they let me get to sleep, and started the "residents" noise up about 0600h, culminating in the overhead clunking which was the ostensible impetus to get me up at 0645h. And they even added more trash outside my window, a black garbage bag "arrived" late last night, no footprints near it, and is duly buried by snow at present.

The operatives began to arrive from outside about the time I got up. These are the "residents" of this seeming rooming house, and the snow conditions put that cover story to the test, and found it to be the bullshit it really is. So if it was snowing all day yesterday, that is, giving plenty of warning, why would "residents" be arriving at the front door, and duly shaking the building, and this room in particular, at 0630h? Theoretically, they are shut-ins like me; no vehicles, and no place to go at that time. Fucking absurd.

And presently there is another flush of operatives entering and exiting the building; the frat house model of intensified busyness again, even with this city largely shut down for the snow conditions. Anyhow, it is a tiresome joke to think this is anything but a perp prison, and the irradiations are any less annoying. There have been more masers, more plasma beams and more vision impairment going on, and I expect the snow conditions are a big push to gain some kind of energetic assay results they wish to acquire to have 100% mind control over the 99.99% they already do.

And also, they have been keeping me reading on JFK, civil rights, covert operations and conspiracy stories all yesterday evening and resuming today. More mind-fuck games are being planted; I was reading a US based web site's book review and they were planting the notion that it was a repeat read of a UK based book review, same book. And the book is titled "Bad Faith" and about the despotic and tragic events and figures of Vichy France, a puppet regime of WWII. Another coincidence topic to feed the perps' continued noise and gangstalking that is going on. They like me to know all about traitorous behavior, and concurrently hammer my reading ability with some kind of noxious emanations from the LCD display.

And they decided in the night that the dark brown work surface was too brown, and drilled some 20 partial 1/4" holes through the Formica surface and into the lighter color brown particleboard to read the color underneath the Formica directly. No sawdust was left behind, but the partial drillings were not there yesterday. This is true of most surfaces and especially walls; they like to have a hole in it to reveal the inner content's colors and related energetics. The bathroom has two large panels taken out of the drywall beside the toilet; one to reveal the plumbing, and another to reveal a wood stud.

And by way of squeezing me into this single room and the moving disarray of 09-2006, the perps have succeeded in parting me from my cold weather clothing of coats, footwear, gloves and socks. Another adroit piece of planning, as it makes this weather a whole lot more problematic than it would be otherwise. The ear-ringing noise that goes on constantly has been increased in the past few days, and I am sure there are significantly more stunts and jerkarounds to follow. The snow job is a big event for fucking someone all the more when they manage my every breath and move.

The overhead pounding has started up again; the judicious application of a sudden noise following the frat house activities of the operatives suggests that this intrusion type is all about digging into deeper neural structures in real time. And the perps make sure I complain loudly about it. This sick farce continues, and it will be a long day owing to the early get-up time they scripted for me.

The perps were nailing me in the top of the head with some kind of painful irradiation until I yelled at them, and then they backed off. The coordinated coughing is running at full level; as before, they just never seem to recover anywhere I live.

The desparate faux "neighbor" coughing erupted while reading about US election vote fraud. The perps like me on these stories and it does make me think about what is the significance. So to mind-control greater numbers that there wasn't election fraud? The US voting system is getting to be third world level, and no one seems to be doing anything about it federally.

The tongue drying-out games have been going on for some four weeks now, but lately the perps have begun noisestalking the very event of me rewetting it. This ceaseless banality that is their trademark.

More conspiracy reading and more noisestalking as I encounter certain words. And the perps are also zapping me harder; a small noise will be accompanied by a significant reaction. The reading impairment is bad too; constant maser trails and zingers, like a veil flapping about.

More washing of glassware next door in the bathroom sink; talk about stupid, as it hasn't been done before except for a few days ago when five serial sessions continued, with another the next day.

More wall banging and simutaneous zapping which is pissing me off all the more; it may come time to confront one of those assholes pulling this ugly shit. The coughing show has continued through the day; everyone has it but me, and they never get better, even if it sounds so forced.

The latest perp juvenility strike is the modification of the edge borders of my windows on the PC. They have made them fatter, and when I attempt to trim them down to normal, they will often create a simutaneous noise. Or else, they use this as an opportunity to turn the entire display into a blue selection, as if for copy & past. This goes on all the time, and it is tiresome. Anyhow, they have me strung out and bored as they woke me so early today, and of course contained as there is nowhere to go in this snow. But I should be at least thankful that I have electrical power; some 50,000 homes in Victoria are without power for over 24 hours. Being ever so suspicious as a consequence of this harassment, I wonder if the perps didn't arrange that so they can play some more games. They have pulled power outages before, and artfully time them for their assay objectives. And one time in this region (Olympic Peninsula), a large area blackout occured and a streaking red meteor was seen during the blackout. When I noted that coincidence to my perp planted friend in Everett, she didn't respond. My ex-wife also had a red meteor pass by some 100m from her vehicle as she was driving 10 years or so ago.

At my regular cooked chicken source supermarket and I had acquired a cooked chicken, then got my Rx, and then the power went down and so the Rx cashier rang the chicken through the Rx till instead of me going to a checkout. (While on standby power). A few days later there was another power outage related to my cooked chicken, this in the fridge then. Anyhow, to make a dull tale brief, the perps have devoted considerable effort in gangstalking me proximate to the cooked chickens and still cannot figure out how I react to them in energetic terms. Each time I go to the grocery store they have at least one gangstalker on duty as I walk by to go to other store locations. They have had uncooked chickens out while I am waiting and once had former co-worker from Seattle buy a chicken ahead of me. Lately harassment over the chicken is at a dull roar, nothing too infuriating like they used to do. The harassment they have pulled over this one food item would take many blogs to fill, but one thing is for sure, they don't want me to cook them, but buy them cooked. But it is very economical as a protein source, $12 worth goes for 3 weeks. All this is given more detail in the Chicken Run blogs, this first one being here.
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Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Snow Job

In the realm of this netherworld where nothing is a coincidence, it is snowing after raining all night. And that has me totally faked out as "I" (read, mind controlled me) figured that with the day warming up that it would revert back to rain. Wrongo, but that is a consistent perp managed trend in all this harassment; the wrong notion, or dashed expectations.

Anyhow, the noise flurries have been busy since about 0600h when they had me in a semi-awake state for 2.5 hours until they let me get up. And all that time there were the serial bathroom visitors next door, who arrive from upstairs every 20 min. or so and come down the nearby stairs to use the bathroom next door when there is one availible upstairs. And of course that infernal overhead clunking started up again while prone in bed, and is always keyed to my retrospective thoughts as to getting harassed and stalked by who, when and in what manner. Much more of my past makes sense with the harassment model than it ever did before.

And the snow hasn't stopped the accretion of vehicular gangstalking vehicles in the parking lot adjacent to my room (this building), but interestingly, they left a red pickup with a black fiberglas canopy in the lot all night through the rain, and have augmented it with the "best result" colors of silver-grey, a mid-grey and black vehicles, even coming in the snow to arrive below my window. How thoughtful.

And the emanations from this LCD panel have been on the strong side, and that has been complemented with transitory vision impairment of a whitish foggy kind, or on occasion, a light blue if that is the predominant color of the text, even if on a white background. The fuzzy grey maser action has been greater, and in almost every circumstance, including just this, keystroking even after tow hours of PC/internet time. The masers can always be counted upon to arrive in any "difficult" situation, that meaning adverse energetics assay circumstances IMHO.

It is my theory that the perps are remotely measuring the energetics of every possible action, thought and even psychic state; there are anisotropic (unequal physical properties along different axes), color, cardinality, weather, matter composition, lighting sources, reflectivity, electromagnetic, diurnal, sidereal (relating to the stars) and likely other considerations that they are juggling and measuring at any given moment. And since I have some early childhood traumatizations from their criminal fuckery and clinical activities, most of which I do not remember, the perps created considerable adverse circumstances for themselves because these are problematic elements in my neural make up, especially the colors at the time of traumatization. These "problem colors" seem to be brown, red, and yellow; I have a notion as to how the former color became a problem for them, but nothing on the others. I cannot concieve of any other reason why they would put a 1950's style dressed nurse (in starched whites) in a gangstalking stunt. And they wouldn't let me take a camera for it either.

And I suspect there are other components to the traumatization; hair color and style, gender, facial appearance, age, accent. Again, these are supported by the preponderance of gangstalkers with white hair, red hair, male, curly hair, chinless, Scots or English accent, brown skin or elderly. There may be some "native traumas" that they also inadvertently incurred through their irradiations of the day; obesity, crippled, ugly, that are generally shared with the population at large and no specific event triggered them.

And usually, at the beginning of a gangstalked outing, they will put on the young blonde women gangstalkers as they seem about the only demographic that wasn't psychically tarred with their criminal incursions of the day, c. 1956. This has been alluded to in past blogs as "blonde goodness" or "blonde aura" for lack of a better technical term. And it seems that the perps are applying some kind or neural remediation in situ, from a remote location, to their past fuck-ups, whether I want it or not. Anyhow, it is a long story, and I am the last person in this entire city to know what exactly is going on, and why I have been run out of a job and overtly harassed and incarcerated for the past 4 years.

[Vision impairments are getting too severe]

The perps got me cranked up and mightily pissed putting lunch together; I suppose today's snow event is a big deal and they wanted to have me roiled up for better energy detection. And they put a 6x back and forther for no reason gangstalker in a navy blue hoodie outside, walking by to nowhere, outside my window while making lunch.

The navy blue color is interesting because that was my matress color from 09-2004 to 08-2006, two years, and they have put a navy blue pickup truck by the front door every day nearly in this location. So it would seem that it takes >2.5 months for this color to "dissipate" energetically, and that may account for the predominance of navy blue dressed gangstalkers of late.

It is still snowing, and in normal circumstances in this city, no one goes anywhere if they don't need to. But that hasn't stopped the vehicular gangstalking in the parking lot outside; five more vehicles arrived in the snow so to plant themselves to be covered in it, which is I assume, a method of de-coloring the location, and when it melts, it will incrementaly allow the colors to be seen and interact again. [Severe typo harassment] They even swapped out a silver-grey vehicle with a black one, with the same snow load no less. And the water is energy absorbant so that may factor into their games.

And the infernal clunking overhead started up while the perps had me pissed off, no coicidence that, just as it is occuring as I type this. So it would seem that the clunking is some kind of neural depth testing, and then the results, whatever they are, are then mixed with other noises later.

More door slamming from the building's front entrance at the very moment I am clicking the mouse and changing the page display. And still the building shaking continues as an aftershock, even if no physical reason for it, as the tight door jamb was fixed. The perps think they are fooling someone, and whoever it is, needs to be re-aquainted with their games.

I just got a sharp jabbing pain in the back of my head; one voiced complaint from me and it was over. There are about six or so of these a week, and they usually follow a realization that there is substantially more to this harassment. This one was tied to the realization that governments seem to be building more incapability and ineptitude into their services than ever before. Hurricane Katrina and the FEMA fiasco is a case in point; it is as if governmental incapacity is deliberately on show. It is the only model that makes sense in the Pres. W. Bush presidency, though for what reason I don't know, except to possibly acclimatize the population at large. The apocalyptic notion for the day.

A day of being shut-in due to the snow, and as much as I expected rain to move the melt it, it is not going to happen overnight, and not for a few days, like all this week. Which means that all my winter gear that is packed in boxes and in storage was intended to be inaccessible. As I write this, the overhead pounding has begun for the first time since this morning. Other related perp planning seems to be having me running out of red onions, owing to a crush of gangstalkers at the grocery store two days ago, and out of chocolate. In the latter case they regularly manipulate this "staple" so it isn't primarily a weather driven shortage.

All 10 vehicles in the adjacent parking lot have been moved out this afternoon; all but one went in a single flush, and the lastmost was later owing to a spare tire changing act that was near comical. The operative was groaning and sighing at every breath nearly, and made at least two trips into this building putting on the same act so I could hear it from outside, W. and inside, E. and S. It was the light blue operative's special that now lingers about each time I exit or enter this rooming house.

And two colossal bowel movements today; each time it was like I was passing clots of straw for the ass jabbing they gave me while in progress. I am not sure if that is more amenable than the outside-the-door nattering that "happens" to erupt in the same circumstances in the past. And each time I have completed this chore, there have been dark dressed hoodie dressed gangstalkers wandering by my room outside. More operatives in on when I take a crap.

This weather is a total downer from a planning perspective, as the past 8 years have been so mild. Ever since I moved to Everett in 1999, there has been low rainfall years, as I remember them. If that is the case, it would seem that this snow is a significant test for the perps and their color and harassment games. They are flickering enough lights today to affirm that, as they rarely do this.

It is only my shopping that gets affected and all the more so when they pull their "forget" games as they do so often. It is useless taking a list because they fuck me out of looking at it everytime.
Noisestalked Words du Jour;

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Recall Depletion

I read a piece on about Britany Spears' divorce filing. I had read it a week before and subsequently the perps removed the purple colored link annotation signifying a previously visited web page, and set it back to blue. This is on top of all my visited links color returned to blue when they pulled when the PC takedown stunt over September and October. (The motherboard, memory and CPU all replaced). But that isn't my gripe, either by degree or in total because it happens frequently. What they did today was blank me out (dynamic cognitive impairment) in reading the above web page for the second time so that "I" kept reading as if "I" didn't know who Ms.Spears was. And so "I", in the mind-controlled and fucked with sense, was kept reading, not allowed to make any of the normal associations and context development. This is a new level of situational cluelessness being applied dynamically unless anyone else can offer a reason for 1) not remembering that I read this before (which I would of), and 2) not making any recall and association with the event and in reading the name of Ms. Spears (which I did before).

This is fucking outrageous and just another example of the intense minute by minute intrusion that goes on, with an agency that uses other's minds as a playground for these vile exercises in trashing their target's lives constantly. Fucking sick and depraved.

Another dull day unfolds where a slow motivation slump comes on in the afternoon, and is then trumped by an onset of rain. So.. a shut-in day replete with the noise flurries and parking lot egress flushes that go on. The perps got daring and put a mid-red 4 door vehicle in the #2 closest adjacent parking lot location, but parked their very favorite silver-grey pickup and factory canopy S-10 in front of it, effectively blocking egress (without benefit of an assigned stall), and adding to the suggestion that these vehicles are ordered and configured by design all day and night.

And more mind-fuck blank-out examples, though at least 20 or more go on each day related to some task that I am doing. This one is a daily regular in some form; they blank me out as to what I am headed for while continuing to walk toward the item, and then "wake me up" (make me aware) when I am within reach of the item. Another variant is to mind control me to start walking without me having a clue as to what I am headed for, and then "enlighten" me when I get there. It is fucking obscene to be invaded like this.

And the overhead pounding and squeaking is on while I type this, it "arrived" for tea and chocolate this afternoon, and has stayed overhead, noisestalking specific words as I type, or thoughts if ungoverned. More obscenity. This is addition to the noisescape of diesel vehicles arriving in the adjacent parking lot and idling their engines, constant thumping of vehicle doors from outside, the hallway coughing always outside my door, the extended floor squeaking in the same context, and the next door bathroom use that erupts into protracted serial events. There are other noises as part of the sound mix, but the overhead pounding is the most annoying as it must be accompanied by a mild zapping that immediately unsettles me more than any noise itself of that volume would cause.

And the pit lamping continues to increase; this is the case of vehicles that "happen" to train their lights on one. Some five vehicles with headlight and tailights on came to "arrive" in the adjacent parking lot while I was standing up at the sink doing the dishes for tea. They are really jumping on me if and when I eat chocolate, especially now that they choked the supply down to be that containing hazel nuts which is a cover story for increased eating noise even if not moving my jaws. They are that desperate to violate their own credo of having a cover story.

And there is decidedly more streetside silliness going on outside; a navy blue vehicle arrives in the entrance of the adjacent parking lot, pit lamping me, then backs up the way it came in mid street, then backs up too far, and then drives forward through the streetside parallel parking area (through three stalls) and takes the east most parking stall. It stays there all of two minutes and departs, and then within 10 seconds, a silver grey and a deep metallic red vehicles arrive in file, driving through the same parallel parking area to park over top of the first vehicle's former location. And all this was while I was at the counter, the few minutes of the day I am there, and very likely intended for me to see this inanity and possibly write is up for all the typo sabotage and noisestalking that erupted while attempting to describe this.

Such is my life; describing the organized inanity of the vehicular back and forthing outside. Imagine what I don't see, though the perps did let me in on it once, likely by design. My parents dropped me off at a bus stop, and there were at least 100 vehicles for the next 20 minutes involved in trailing them, going by my knowledge of the residential neighborhood.

The ceiling pounding is going on, ever since it erupted for the first time today mid-afternoon, timed for tea and chocolate. It has been tracking my eating (brown tortillas, reheated from lunch time), the fixing of the myriad typos that continue to plague me, web site choices and displays, uncontrolled thoughts (by them), and selection of cut and paste blocks. It is driving me scatty because it has a zap that is simutaneously added in, or else the perps are mind-controlling me to be substantially more reactive than I ever am. Either way, I am getting extremely pissed at them and all the assholes who abet their depravity.

The hallway and next door bathroom activity has increased at the same time, so this is at least a three front noise and vibration assault. They even put on the glass bashing act in the hallway, and no cover story to go with it. Someone bashing two vessels of glass together as they went by. Fucking idiotic.

The perps pulled a rain for this evening, and that is at least a cause for road traffic noise to make the characteristic swishing sound as it goes by, very possibly enhanced for greater volume before it reaches my ears.

I was reading about the COINTELPRO activities of the FBI in the 1960's and was reminded as to how invasive the FBI were in chasing down their supposed "radicals", never mind killing a few along the way. This is not intended to be a brag, but that level of surveillance was nothing like this, where every move, thought and utterance is under the purview, of not the direct control of the Black Operations assholes. (The perps begin overhead pounding and ringing the church bells as I type this). Any surveillance is an outrage, but this most of all, I suspect most wouldn't believe this, unless they were involved in it.

And make no mistake, for those who are abetting this travesty do not appear to have read this blog and nor have they read my story, on paper or online. They uniformly fabricate excuses and never indicate that they have read this in any detail. (My case counsellor being an example; I said, if you want to know about me, read my blog. She hasn't yet, now 8 weeks). That should be strange enough, except that all the visitation statistics are stripped from my version of this site, and I never get to see them, assuming I that they would be accurate, and not spoofed.

Every minute I am on this computer the perps are running processes I cannot delete, flashing plasma "ghosting" images, firing some kind of bright white light emanations at me, floating masers at me, corrupting my intentions of selecting specific sites, pounding and zapping me at every mouse click, and none of this intrusion is legal in any way. What to the police do? Why they are tapped into the perp's information system, which I know from the swim club member who was bragging about this (but not the reasons why), and parade their vehicles about in the vehicular gangstalk formations that are ubiquitous everywhere I walk.

1950h -And what follows is a situational highlights reportage of how my evening of harassment progressed.

More overhead pounding, exactly when I was reading the word "Nazi" -a noisestalking word that I didn't know about before.

The coincident coughing act is still playing; just like my last apartment, the "neighbors" never seem to get well.

More glass bashing in the hallway; no cover story has evolved. And again (2030h)

And a crashing noise in the hallway with a simutaneous zapping. This zapping is an extreme piss off.

And a well timed stunt; just as I was clicking on a link, the hallway squeaking started up and the perps zapped me again. I am getted extremely pissed at being zapped tonight and don't appreciate this depraved intrusion one bit. Go fuck your own kind, I have been fucked enough; 52 years of this. Though it seems that other noises and the hallway location have assumed the role of being coincident with zapping as the overhead clunking, squeaking and zapping combination has ended. 2140h

Shooting ass pains are now upon me; this has been a recent torture innovation, thankfully they are transitory. They may be attempts to replay their games of 50 years ago when I was toilet training, and they set up a stunt that has given them grievious problems and may have begun the entire brown problem they created for themselves when torturing children (me).

And paired maser zingers are consistently coming at me in a sweeping arc, each originating either side of the Bookmarks Manager search box as I delete the name of a movie that I was searching for. This has happened over 50 times tonight, these fuzzy grey balls that fly at me from the LCD panel in formation and disappear inside a second, somewhere in front of my face.

The street singer is at it again as I was meant to overhear; this is her fourth "show", the last one while directly walking at me and putting on the oblivious act. Fucking tiresome; time to blog off.

Friday, November 24, 2006

The Life Noir

From a film noir page on this site;
"Film Noir is the flip side of the all-American success story. It's about people who realize that following the program will never get them what they crave. So they cross the line, commit a crime and reap the consequences. Or, they're tales about seemingly innocent people tortured by paranoia and ass-kicked by Fate. Either way, they depict a world that's merciless and unforgiving." - Eddie Muller
And that is about as good as a description of the TI's life one can get;
"...innocent people tortured by paranoia and ass-kicked by Fate".
Excepting that it is not Fate (or fate), but an omnipotent Black Operations agency committed to creating a constant state of purgatory on Earth for the targeted victims. Tortured from the distant application of energies and aided by a clinical cabal that calls it paranoia to assign an apparent cause to one's trashed upon circumstances.
"... Either way, they [film noir films] depict a world that's merciless and unforgiving."
Imagine not being able to direct ones' fingers where intended, and this being a constant game for the Gods of Juvenility that sustain this relentless venality. It gets worse, way worse, especially when every bodily function is a playground for their wanton depravity.

There are merely the dabblings of the responsible Black Operations as U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye alluded to:
"There exists a shadowy Government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself."
Speaking from personal experience, what they do is select individuals for continuous torment, which could be metaphorically described as leading the Life Noir.

If only it was the duration of a film, then I could shake these experiences off as an aberration, and call it over. But no, some despicable assholes need to continually apply these remote behavioral influence methods for reasons they won't explain, and maintain this cowardice as a baseline in their vile methods.

Spray the Halls with Air Freshener

It is spray time again, as in hallway air "freshening", and that also means running the odor up my nose in short order. It is amazing how fast this smell creeps into my room and under my nose. And before that, the frat house level entrances and exits have been playing for noise and vibration purposes, never mind the acute timing of the door slamming games that are going on.

This broke out while reading an email about the now deceased Russian spy who has being playing for week in a lingering illness from some kind of radioactive substance. The hospital bound image of this skinhead figure in hospital green is meant to be an enduring image for some reason. (The skinhead haircut is a prominent gangstalker motif). And then my TI correspondent mentions this story today for some reason, as if we are in the same boat as that victim. And when one considers the noise creating antics that are going on as I type this, as well as typo sabotage, it doesn't take much to figure out the entire event has been stage managed down to the last maser and plasma flash.

And relief now comes from the protracted sabotage and consequent (mind-controlled) enragement
games that go on when making tortillas from scratch. All the while, external noise goes on, synchronized with my vocalized complaints and annoyance, and in the interim, there is an all-quiet order going on. It is one of those surreal moments, the on-off noise, and its esquisite timing with the same words that "I" use to complain about the olive oil flicking and spotting, the lateral flying chopped chicken pieces, the tapenade that won't spread by my application, the cheese pieces that flip and flop when cut off with the slicer, the tortillas that rip by themselves (just touch them and watch), and the coup de gras, the chicken pieces that I later found underneath the hot plate burner.

All the while, the adjacent parking lot becomes extra active, the frat-house equivalent of the hallway egress goings-on in this building. There is an entire temporal, spatial and chromatic level to the perp sponsored activities, of which I am the last to know. One usually sees clothing colors on ambulatory gangstalkers that are identical to nearby vehicles, parked or mobile. Meanwhile, as I type this, the entire room has darkened down, and the rain noise has started up.

One big harassment focus is the separation of objects; whether by cutting, slicing, spreading, breaking etc. And the perps like me to see all phases of it and will have ripped the tortillas in a fashion so I am to see this crack like appearence, instead of a simple rip line which it was to begin with. The spreading of the tapenade on the tortilla begets extra noisestalking, and likewise for the sucession of cooked red onion (after it is flicked about by remotely applied perp energetics fuckery), then cooked chopped chicken, and finally, the cheese slices laid over top. Every part of that is this sick minded game of action at a distance provocations, "me" voicing my complaints where my voice morphs at each occurence, outside simutaneous noise, and the comings and goings of vehicles in some kind of color ordered sequence. Sometimes the driver and passengers of the arriving vehicle are not the same as those who are departing in the same vehicle. Anyhow, as I see it, it is more depravity in more forms for more harassment and psychopathic sadism. And these are the assholes who have most of this town convinced they are the good guys. It doesn't take much to look and see they will crap on anyone they deem in their way for whatever the perverse reasons are, of which only they know.

A rare visit by an fruit fly "erupted" which serves as a signature for "under deeper investigation"
and then it does a kamikaze into my face. On come the masers, outside natterers, a fresh gust of wind through the 3" window opening and so it goes. A constant train of noise, as well as the visual phenomenon, never mind the insect "arrivals". As before, the perps have me off fruit and there are no sources for the flies to be attracted. Earlier, and for two days in sucession, the perps have had a fruit fly coursing over the bathtub when I am about to take my shower. Hard to assign that to random causes, but no doubt some asshole in my orbit will.

The perps had me reading a long article on fusion a half hour ago, and it was the source of many noise stalkings, especially from outside and all the parking lot and egress action. Part of that to is the perpetual comings and goings of the loading and unloading of the trucks that are associated with the nearby womens charity used clothing operation. And as part of that, the helper dudes shuttle 6' long racks of clothing across the street and back. One of the operatives that was inserted into my life in Everett and Seattle had a penchant for used clothing, and used clothing may have something to do with the entire harassment spectrum. More of the who cares activities as far as I am concerned; the only thing I want is these assholes gone for good, and I cannot see why that cannot be accomplished as I write this.

But being left to be doing anything for over 10 minutes is asking to be harassed in the minds of the sick assholes who keep this up. So what do they do? Why they pop up a dialog box from another window/browser session with a choice that has to be made. My fingers were nowhere near the keyboard at that moment, so even finger redirection fuckery wasn't applied. Nothing new there, save the degree of blatant intrusion.

The herd of operatives is on the move, coming and going from this so-called rooming house. I made a trip to the grocery store earlier, and what a mighty gangstalk it was; and most interestingly, I got my black person gangstalker outside of my room before I set off, instead of the usual last gangstalker test that the perps put me through. I was exposed to most f the gangstalkers' demographics, the blonde woman, red heads, open mouther (and tongue hanging out), Asian, the plastic bag people (one carrying a thick roll of plastic film), and a profusion of mid life males wandering the streets, including 3x before gangstalker, one who has emulated a Saanich municipality driver in past acts. Today, he was just another of the 200 or so males who "happen" to be out on a Friday weekday walking the streets. There are no major business locations at this end of town, and the number of them "wandering" about just doesn't add up ffor this neighborhood.

Their operatives/gangstalkers weren't just at the locations in the store in I was headed, but there were also swarms of them between locations, with an octengenarian's "friendly" banter thrown in, and me not allowed to understand what she said. I have had my cognition fucked with my whole life, 52 years worth, and I am in no mood to take any more of it, knowing that it is dynamically applied and managed. Been there, done that assholes.

And in composing the above, some of the intended syntax was purged from recall. This is the kind of interference that is daily, all day and anytime the assholes chose to fuck with me more than their baseline level.

But the perps are putting on more brown dressed gangstalkers, and have also upped the numbers of those with coffee cups on duty. This suggests progress on their biggest problem color, though it is of no consequence to me, I don't need excuses I need to be left alone.

Now the overhead ceiling is being pounded with seeming heavy objects, the same act as Mr.Eviction Fiction had before he departed. And how does one get two identical noise making tenants in succession, with the same traits of making noise before mealtimes, in the night awake times, as well as noise tracking me as I type? (Mirroring noise as I make it with my keystrokes).
It is easy to answer when one realizes that this was done before where there was large furniture overhead; it is made from some kind of projecting noise device, just as it always has.

Another meal, and another round of intensified harassment, even if reheated tortillas. All to keep me vocalizing in the succession of voice morphed changes that the perps have lined up for me. Outside, the perps have lined up two black vehicles side by side, then a white, and then a mid grey vehicle under the sodium arc lamp in the adjacent parking lot. On the closest side to my room, another black vehicle and then a daring mid red vehicle. It is unusual for the perps to have red anything near me, let alone a sustained exposure. Perhaps it is easier when under the sodium lamp, as the color is muted.

They also played games in back lighting a stand-there stalker when out earlier. He was of some mixed race and the perps dimmed down the light around him, and I could only barely make out his face. And he wasn't back lit directly as he was standing against a brick red wall. It is all part of the sick game of having me under the microscope, and worse yet, making sure I know that.

And more overhead pounding at the very moment of reading a name on the TT Brown Forum. Then the in-hallway chatting starts up and then the front door pounding that hasn't changed any even if the door and jamb were fixed.

Forced coughing is another perp stunt that is increasing more often of late. If I am really unlucky the assholes will have me sneeze at least twice, then immediately cough, and then back to sneezing again. Nothing like this has ever happened before, so it would seem to be more mind-control games to reveal the contents of my mouth.

An outside only noise flurry is on; the constant thumping of vehicle doors, nearby chatterers, a strange noise on the stairwell, and vehicle egress (start up, arrivals and departures). But this rooming house is under and all-quiet order, having been "busy" earlier.

And the perps are allowing me to expand my vocabulary; instead of "this" and "that" terms, they let me (or mind-control me) into using descriptive nouns, though not always the correct ones. This vocabulary fucking has been going on since I first learned to speak I reckon. I have a 94 percentile level vocabulary and yet am impoverished in speech. That never made sense until the entire harassment and mind-control jerkaround scenario came to be understood.

More overhead, exactly overhead, pounding and zapping is playing as I read about ELF fields and these little understood cosmic forces. And the perps make sure I get resoundingly pissed with these incursions which have been going on for over two months, and by the hand, supposedly of two independent "residents". Hardly, when this has gone on for years in any location where I have overhead "neighbors", and that has been close to six years. More typo sabotage, time to wrap this one up.

It is of significant interest to understand what is the attraction of street types to hang around in the dark beneath my window, chatting as they do, and are, as I type this. There is no reason that I can think of, save the equivalent happening in the hallway which there is less of. So it would seem that the perps like to work on my left side and then later, apply the same noise and activities on my right side. The cool dudes outside also have brought their skateboards and are flipping them around. Not only does it convey noise activity, but there is something that the perps like about those surfaces of metallic flakes that offer a non-slip grip for the feet. Once they had an Asian man hugging a skate board the entire bus journey, 30 minutes or so, and he looked the most unlikely skateboarder going.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Three Wake Up Calls

The perps had me wake up at the very same sleep stages last night; the just falling into a deep sleep stage, whatever that is in sleep science talk. Each time, an outside noise perturbation was scripted and I duly heard the assholes making noise past 2300h, the supposed no-noise time in this supposed rooming house. On the third occasion, they had the overhead squeaking and floor pounding noises scripted in, just as they are now as I type this.

I had my wackos cum gangstalkers talking outside of my room come to visit before I went to bed, and then moments later, while in bed, lights out and still awake. It would seem that they we there for noise coverage from the vertical position to the horizontal, a very frequent gangstalked occurence. Even the glass bottle bashing act of two nights ago came for a reprise while I was prone and in bed and about to go to sleep. Sometime after 2300h the same operative came to the next door bathroom under the cover story of washing glass bottles, the identical act he pulled five times the evening before. In the sicko perp's way of looking at things, this was a prone-position-while-the-lights-were-out glass bashing stunt, and seemingly important for their ongoing harassment and energetics activity profile of me they assiduously toil at without my permission. Next will be the while-having-a-daytime-nap glass bashing act, and I am calling it before it happens for this bizarre sideshow in all its variations.

And in the final minutes of my room lights being on, another (male) wacko came to the adjacent parking lot and took a piss on the opposite wall, 25' away, precisely under the sodium arc lamp. And who in their right mind would take a public nightime piss in the most lit place in the neighborhood? And while doing so, he spoke to his co-wackos in the dark who were chatting under my window, covering my before bed and just in bed situation with their yapping. And as mentioned before, there is no attraction for anyone to be in that location, especially that a perfectly good light blue double size mattress was "junked" there about two weeks ago, and no one is motivated to move it out. Hence the predominance of that color in the gangstalking goings on, and very likely, in the choice of a turtleneck color by my case counsellor yesterday. This after keeping me in the same chair in the waiting room for 30 minutes past my appointment time.

More phone games from the perps continues; the wrong number jerkaround, often just before lunch time, the witching hour of the more audacious stunts and the all-quiet time while I swear at all their incursions in making lunch: e.g. repeatedly spinning the cutting board as I am working on it. And this is a new phone number for a new range of numbers alloted to a new service, through the cable vision line. And they always ask for someone different each time. Another reason they jerked me out of having my old phone number; it didn't have a cover story for these wrong number stunts.

I got a simutaneous overhead clunk and a zap again; this occured when making an association of what I was reading (unusual energies) to past personal history of activities that coincided with the topic of what I was reading (sea and fresh water mixing energies). The ongoing noise stalking of hallway activity is continuing post lunch, as is some industrial activity that needs a large propane tank to be brought into the adjacent parking lot on the back of a flatbed truck. All arranged for lunchtime food preparation and consumption, the brown colored tortillas with chicken, cheese and cooked red onion on a base of tapenade.

And the light level fluctuations continue; a sudden dimness for 30 minutes, then a near sudden brightening up. This will fluctuate all day like this, if past occurences are any example.

As always, my mouse clickings and web page displays are being noisestalked, and it seems a new annoyance is becoming more established. This is the impairment of my vision for 20 minutes or so at the beginning of a new session of being on this PC and web browsing. Each time a new page comes up, I get vision impairments, or at the end of line of text, only to repeat for the next. More senseless and juvenile jerkarounds.

Tea and chocolate are over, and to complete the experience, a herd of about six gangstalkers in all their torrid colored clothing hiked up the stairway some 12' opposite. The parking lot musical stalls also continued; some vehicles are parked for a minute or so, then they pull them and put in a "easier" colored one. And there are more vehicle design matching games going on. The rear deck and window slope is a fixation of the perp's; one time recently they aligned some 5 to 7 Honda Accords or like rear sloped decked vehicles side by side in a parking lot when out shopping. In the past there have been clusters of mini-vans, then pickups, then two door sedans, then station wagons etc. on the highway, with no cluster smaller than 10 vehicles, and each one duly color coordinated.

Not too exciting, just to think all this was done with covert limitations for some 47 years before they outed themselves into my life and then fucked it all the more. A shut-in day is the likely prognosis, as my shopping was relatively complete save the red onions they purged from mind when in the grocery store yesterday. I am positive there must be other actively harassed victims out there, but so far, I have not encountered anyone with as much action as this on a day by day basis. And also, I suspect they must be screwing someone else over just as bad in this city for all the organizational effort that it takes to trash someones' every move.

More web troving and noisestalking; the perps have a rain storm going on, and my plexiglas window is saturated with clinging water droplets. And they use this opportunity to rattle the windows and the door, as if there is an air pressure differential. But the door has plenty of holes above and below, so this is highly unlikely. If that is all there was going on, I would have nothing to complain about.

I came across a fellow TI's story, and it is a very logical progression of harassment, the kind that is difficult to refute and is decidedly NOT clinical IMHO. There are elements of commonality with my experiences. It serves to show that the perps will jump on the back of single mother and constantly make her life hell, and continually so. For anyone aiding the perps, ask them why this person is being harassed. She has put a good site together and she includes others' stories as well, mine included. But the same deal applies; she has become to harassed to have the time to maintain the site and accept an update to my story which is sadly out of date. I do not wish her any malice, but it is interesting that the same situation exists at both sites vis a vis my story. This blog is an attempt to update it, as well as dwelling on the minuitae of being harassed, right down to one's breathing.

And, she also has a good site on gangstalking, a significant harassment component that I share. I always find it interesting that all these accounts have so much commonality between them, and are logical, cogent and well organized (unlike that of a psychotic) and yet the clinical community pretends this travesty doesn't exist.

There is a noise flurry underway, and it seems to do with the timing of another sabotage on my bookmarks file, one that is central to the operation of my web troving. At 16Mb it is a big file, but is backed up in three locations. And when I found out that the perps had deleted a large directory in it, I went to my Windows File Manager and got the latest backup and inserted it into the Mozilla directory and renamed it to be the file where the Bookmarks Manager would look. Having done this once before, it was a no brainer. But not this time, as it didn't "work" when there is no excuse or cover story for it not too. Then "I" elected to import it, but the import function was defeatured and the replace function wasn't working so I "happened" to get the Bookmarks merged instead, meaning there was two copies of every directory except the missing one. Ergo, manually delete the extra file directory, and then all was solved.

My complaint is, what is the purpose of this sabotage besides senseless and wanton juvenile vandalism gone amuck and unsupervised? This is but one example where there is no cover story, just a big jerkaround for its own sake. (Start the typo harassment). This is too fucking sick for words. For the perps; get the fuck off my computer and stay off, and take all those bogus users with you. (Anytime I boot up I get about 28 processes running, of which one is all that I initiated).

Another noise flurry as I begin this journalling. The intent was to log this annoying habit the perps are putting on me at the moment, besides a palpable maser and plasma show between me and the LCD display panel, continuing as I type this. The annoyance is to create an itchy left eyelid that needs scratching behind my glasses to relieve it, now twice in the past 10 minutes. As I scratch it, the assholes simutaneously create a pain in my right eye, and in the process, create fuzzy and impaired vision, different kinds, one for each eye. Talk about excitement, that likely took a commitee and multiple players to decide that it was a "productive" torture method, energetically assay activity wise.

I have only one fan in my PC, that over the CPU to keep it cool. But it is a source of endless noise games, and besides the varying sound of air being pulled through it, there is also a mechanical tapping noise, as if it were automotive valves needing adjustment. There is no getting ahead on this one, as the last most CPU fan was to be a very quiet 21 dB noise level, and it had to have been twice that once installed. I thought I was going to get ahead of the game this time with a variable speed fan, depending on load, but the perps manage the noise situation for their own needs and not my intentions.

Voice morphing is still playing big these days; any utterances, usually as complaints and reaction to harassment stunts, nearly always have a new voice sound each time. Even in prolonged conversations there will be a voice change or more, and no one says anything.

The web page display harassment continues, as well as typos; five "attempts" to get one of the preceding words correctly spelled. I am paging through the staff book picks (lists) at Powells Books, and sometimes the descriptive text doesn't display, the graphics (cover thumbprint picture) get turned off, "self navigating" jumps to past pages or the next page, booke repeat within the same list with the same graphic and then a different graphic etc. Meanwhile more siren cascades, including an 1960's variant in the noise mix, and the odd hallway floor pounding gangstalker. Time to blog off for the day, as dull as it has been, harassment reactions excepted of course.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Noise Flurries and All-Quiets

It is a pre-mealtime noise flurry; the hallway bonhomie and cell phoning operatives are pacing the length of the hallway, the concentrated periods of building egress continue as if a frat house is emptying for a class, the next door bathroom door and seat slammings, the coughing and hacking in the hallway that erupts outside my room, the front door slammings and strange consequence of shaking this room, and then there are the outside noises in concert. Often simutaneously or serially; errant vehicle beepings, perforated muffler noise, coffee time natterers outside in the adjacent parking lot, aircraft noise when there is no assigned flight path over this area of the city, sirens, higher pitched than normal seagulls (as if being strangled), vehicular egress as if in a gravel parking lot when it is paved, the vehicle door closures that all sound the same now when they didn't when I first moved in and so it goes. Then there are all-quiet times, when adjacent streets and thoroughfares don't have any noise, this rooming house goes quiet, and very few sounds are permitted to be heard/or created. Today, while shaving, the all-quiet order went out; the reasons could be the combination of a new blade and a just laundered face cloth as the excitement factor of the perps. I don't go too deep (or else I am governed not to be) on the reasons, I note the coincident events and ponder if they may be significant.

An appointment with my case counsellor is scheduled for later today; no doubt that will be a big gangstalk event with the perps having contained me inside for the day until then.

Dental fuckery has erupted; my gums are going red and are sore, this one week after my teeth being cleaned by a hygeinist, which doesn't add up. Theoretically, they would be sore prior to being cleaned, and any infections would be relieved by the cleaning. This time, it "happens" in reverse, which tells me that perhaps another visit to the dentist is scripted for me. The perps seem to have a hangup about me going to visit the female dentist, even though she wasn't there last week as I was scheduled for the hygeinist only.

This entire dentist and gender fixation the perps have does make me wonder about the fate of my former male dentist at that very same office who had to retire early because of back problems. No doubt he was aiding the perps on a covert basis prior to 1999 when I moved to Everett, Wa, but he was always professional and a fun guy. I took on a new dentist in Everett, and while there his back pain came on and he sold his practice to the now current female dentist.

When I returned to Victoria in 2003, I went back to the same practice and made an appointment. I was comfortable with her abilities and professional manner, so I continued to go there. There isn't anything of my history that I can be sure about as to whether it has being arranged or not, so I won't make a call as to the deeper possibilities of my dentist's gender being arranged by design.

My appointment to see my case counsellor began 30 minutes late, and that is at least the third time in three years that I have had extended waits there while the parade of color coordinated gangstalkers goes by. They even put an East Indian pretend head case that looked supiciously like the one in the laundromat yesterday, save skin color. This is consistent with their practice of making small changes to their extant gangstalkers and see if I notice. On the way to the bus stop, Mr. Passport Tosser "happened" to be walking in the opposite direction in a red shirt and a white ball cap, the "in garment" for male gangstalkers. This is his seventh appearence as a gangstalker; today he looked respectible and hadn't the do-rag stupidity on his head as he did for two stalkings in the same day.

And I am beginning to wonder if the white hat head wear act isn't part of a graduated exercise in the perps conditioning me to like white head hair, per the past traumatizations that they have taken on to remediate without my permission. They have tried to back light natural white head hair on their gangstalkers, and thereby reduce the contrast and image assimilation, but with the white hatted gangstalker operative in the hallway last week, who sat there waiting for my entry and exit from the bathroom, the perps may have taken on a new method to detect the responsible neural correlates for my white hair loathing. And the profusion of grey haired males gangstalking downtown when I was there with my mother two days ago (11-20-2006), also makes me suspicious that they are also attempting a grey to white hair transition/acclimatization in this respect. If I don't like white hair, why the fuck can't I be left alone in my long distant traumatizations as it is causing no harm to anyone? Why are there 100's of ambulatory male gangstalkers swarming about me with their best grey and white hairdos plus hats on any given visit to a pedestrian areas of this city?

There are more grey gangstalking vehicles in the adjacent parking lot, one has been under my window since noon and is still there presently.

The case counsellor appointment wasn't a big deal; no one is going to bust me out of this cell because it offers so much more harassment opportunity. The hallway stalkings, noise and vibration, the bathroom visitations next door, and the rest of the noise and ganstalker activity (detailed above) are too good to give up. I am quite positive that the perps are making big progress while I am confined here. The proof is in the brown test; there are many more gangstalkers and vehicles that are brown nowadays when it was a once per outing event. And more than likely, they are building this up with more brown skin exposures as well.

And the perps put an operative right on the tail of my case counsellor when walking from the waiting area to the consult room. I suppose it was better her than me, because I would of gone orbital. This after waiting a half hour suggests that the perps are sucking wind and knowing how my energetics change when transitioning from one location to another. They also put a female gangstalker following me when I was walking back with my groceries, and as I got further ahead of her, the noise of her boots on the pavement did not diminish any, but kept the same volume. This is what they are doing to vehicle door closures now, they are nearly always indentical in volume and frequency combination.

And my case counsellor's habits in the consult were straight out of my mother's perp training instruction; her hand over her face on various poses, then an odd tilted head pose that for some reason caused some kind of impaired visual cognition, so I shifted my head to rid myself of this, and then she moved her head right away.

Then they had four operatives on me at the bus stop when returning from my appointment; the pacing back and forth dudes are giveaways (especially when going downtown at 1800h), and one looked very much like the dude that got off the bus at my stop some 70 minutes before. This would make it the third time on this route that one of my off-the-same-stop gangstalkers "happened" to be taking the same bus back as I was.

Yet again, I found myself to be stuttering and stammering and at a loss to formulate the word choice that I typically have. These must be test sessions where they are running me 100% and then the perps learn from me as to what was going wrong. Word retrieval impairments of this nature have a long history of "happening" only at that hospital, as an out or in patient. It is very curious as to why that happens there each time.

Enough to call this a blog, as I am getting dithered in making corrections.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Laundry and the Air Conditioner Delivery

Two new harassment methods occured last night; before I went to bed, while standing, the perps played in my mind the perception that I was falling down, but I wasn't. Very perturbing. Then another one while in bed this morning, they played the perception that I was someone else in totally different circumstances, i.e. not being harassed every second of my life. That was another freaky experience, adroitly planted in the state of awakening.

The perps sent me off to the laundry with the noise of an idling flatbed truck in the adjacent parking lot outside my window. This was to deliver a brown painted HVAC unit to the top of the adjacent three story building; all the operatives were up there already as it turned out. No doubt this will serve as some kind of brown reference in energetic terms. That saves keeping brown vehicles coming and going in the parking lot all day, which they do.

Doing laundry was its usual ho-hum and gangstalker stage; some coming in to use the bathroom and then hang about, wearing the same colored clothing as I am; an olive drab raincoat and blue jeans save the navy blue panels in the arm pits of his jacket. This dude didn't have laundry and put on a mentally impaired act; the not all there routine. And they put on four gangstalkers to cover my tracks after I had gone to the dryer to examine my clothing. Again, another olive drab color raincoat in the bunch, on the woman with some kind of pinched or slit nostrils. Very strange, and I was allowed to see that both sides were the same in a likely test as to what I find freakish.

They also post gangstalkers behind me on the outside of the laundromat windows; this seems to be the test bed for assaying the energetic qualities of glass, which seems to give them a big problem. Which is why the perps had my windows made up in plexiglas in my room before I moved here IMHO.

Another method I observed today was the "head dip"; as the gangstalker is passing by, they shift their head laterally and toward me, say 2 to 4" or so, in an momentary attempt to get closer. This was the grey haired male ganstalker demographic, where the perps were leading off from yesterday's over representation when downtown with my mother. I suspect they are working toward white haired demographics, but are taking smaller steps by working through ranges of grey hair.

And part of the always-on Cheers like atmosphere with the gangstalkers and the young woman who is running the laundromat, is the coffee bearing "neighbor" who comes in and chats at length. Then after dawdling in the door way, they go outside with their brown liquid and attempt to assay its energetics properties out there as well, directly behind me.

The perps seem to be making progress in arranging specifically colored vehicles around me; there were three light metallic brown vehicles in the adjacent parking lot yesterday when I got back after doing the driving for my mother in her metallic brown Ford Escape. When mobile, the perps put on identical colored burgundy vehicles fore and aft, a Volvo 244 and a Ford F250 pickup truck respectively. As it turns out, both vehicle makes and the specific models have been owned by me for long durations (16 and 5 years respectively).

And more headlights are being trained on me anywhere in public; one when exiting the laundromat, and others have a dazzling quality that I have never seen before. Anytime I am at the counter in my room, which isn't very long except for shaving, even a sub minute duration, the perps will arrange headlights or tail lights to be flashing into my room or on nearby building walls.

The coordinated coughing started up, then the so-called air freshener was dispersed in the hallway, and then the vacuum cleaner began upstairs, and then came down to the hallway outside my room while reading the Robert Altman obit. Just another instance of the perps applying extra noise and activity to suit their morbid streak. Later, as I was sitting down, they began the ass jabbing stunt, then followed by the faux garment label jabbing in my side. They simply cannot get enough poking and prodding in, never mind the vexations at every turn, including the sudden onset of typos as I compose this.

Should I go to the communal bathroom in this rooming house, I can expect two or more "residents" to follow me in there, serially, within two minutes or less. And one of the requirements is that they slam the door and the toilet seat. This first to shake the shared wall and my desk unit on which this LCD panel sits, and the latter to invoke more plastic action/enrgetics by flexing the toilet seat by slamming it, with the bonus of the noise vibration. And even before I get out of the bathroom, they sometimes have the operatives suddenly breaking out in conversation in the outside hallway. Constant monitoring and following.

Another round of air freshener was sprayed in the hallway, and it seeps very quickly (somehow) into my room and up my nostrils. I cannot concieve of any reason to spray this around except to perturb me, and have the smell forced up my nose. Fucking bizarre.

More entrances and exits with building shaking from the front door, even if fixed. It is like frat house style as if they are heading off to class. And more coordinated coughing and hacking in the hallway outside my door, the only location that it takes place in the public area. Sometime about 0600h an operative was walking by my room in the hallway while I was barely awake, and put on loud hacking noise, and then stopped it once they had moved on.

The latest "get-closer" act is to have an operative clean their glassware or crockery in the bathroom sink, the bathroom being adjacent to my room. This is the rooming house where each room has a sink, but now, for some unknown reason, the bottle collecting/glassware act has moved in closer to the other side of this wall. And they are taking their time about it too; ten minutes of putzing about and clinking glass or crockery. Fucking absurd.

Then 20 minutes later, the same operative comes back in to the bathroom to wash more glass and plastic crockery. Never before in this rooming house has anyone done anything so uncharacteristic as this, bringing their dishes in closer to me by way of the bathroom. Fucking pathetic, and still the perps won't come out of the closet.

And the plasma and masers have been more invasive today; bright patterns of point sources (plasma) of light are sometimes mixed in with the fuzzy grey shapes that buzz and float in my field of vision. They even pulled this at the laundromat today while reading the newspaper there.

More web browsing, even if there is a matrix of maser trails and/or plasma in front of or on the LCD display. The above dishwasher/crockery clanker operative made an additional two cleaning trips to the bathroom sink, for a total of four times tonight. Then the overhead floor tapping combined with the crockery clanking to create simutaneous noise from above and in front of me. Later, outside groups "chose" to congregate at this obscure location and natter, this from the left side. The perps keep feeding me that they are running out of options, though I cannot ever see that to be the case. They have four years of venality invested in me presently, and they aren't going to give up until they attain the big prize, whatever that is. (The reason that they pretend to be not harassing me). And there has been some very bright and bothersome emanations coming off the LCD panel tonight. They must have me acclimatized to this now, as I don't find the brightness/emanations so annoying as I did.

The crockery washer operative just returned for a fifth visit tonight to the next door bathroom to clean and bang the items about. And he had the unerring knack of timing the banging of the crockery to exactly when I was mouse clicking. As soon as I articulated my complaint over that noncoincidence, though not loud enough for him to hear me, he packed up and left. As again, this is plain fucking nuts as he has a sink with hot and cold water in his room, so why five visitations to the bathroom in one evening to clang and bang his crockery next door? He is the operative with the bottle collecting act, and who has begun to make a point of crashing glass bottles together in his room, some 15' away, but this time it is totally blatant glass/crockery noise/vibration stalking. I suspect this isn't the last of this idiotic stunt, and the perps may dress it up with a cover story of a "plumbing problem" tomorrow.

I believe that past blogs have identified the perps' penchant for smashing or banging glass; they set up a bottle depot one block away from my last residence location.

And the office supplies purveyor with the initials of OD whose stunt of not delivering for three times in sucession and not bothering to get into contact of Oct. 13 had one more turn. I got my credit card statement and the assholes had billed me two weeks later on Oct. 31 for the items. That of course triggered phone calls to get that attended to, but it does prove to me that they had no intention of sending the items, and decided to create one more "diversion"/harassment stunt. Fucking juvenile.
Noise or zap stalking words/images for today:
peace, conductive, nuclear, evil (2)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Designed Cluelessness Again

I am back in the blogging perch after a morning of "extensible errands" for my mother, perp abettor bar none. My father gets sent off to a elder care home for most of Mondays, which works out well for the perps to blend me into my mother's schedule then, and do city driving for her, which she abhors. It is a no big deal event for me, except for her overplaying ditz show, (and that must be an perp objectives imperative); saying things twice or more, feigning hearing loss, speaking at cross purposes, on and on it goes, every scene is set up with the sales assistants or cashiers. And all about are the perps' swarming gangstalkers; first in green and grey hair, then navy blue, then red, and brown, then repeat with greens in front of reds, then colored plastics in front of persons etc. ad nauseum.

They expended a lot of effort to run gangstalkers in between us, which is impossible to prevent because my mother is game for setting up these scenarios. And the gangstalkers make every effort to pass me on the right side, including a teleportation asshole who I have seen five times before, who never arrived in the resturant, but somehow needed to slide between me and the wall, exiting the buffet area in a manner totally inconsistent with any normal patron. At least two of this morning's gangstalkers were seen-befores, so they do like to strut their operatives and have them take unpredictable paths on the sidewalks.

The perps kept me near totally clueless that the Grey Cup, Canada's equivalent to the Superbowl, was playing yesterday. I saw most of the latter half at my parent's place, and my favored team won to no surprise, as they had the best defensive and offensive record in the league during regular season play. It unfortuneately devolved into a field goal game, and only two touchdowns total. And, it should be noted, that I am not a big football fan, it is the only game I watch for the entire season. There is more to the topic of football that the perps likely injected into my childhood, but I won't go into the details for now.

But the perps did lay on the football highlights later; the wrap of the Grey Cup game, then US football highlights on the sports, and then on 60 Minutes, a bio on Joe Nameth and his football career.

The perps got me cranked up again by sending me across the room, not knowing what it was for. As it turned out, it was during my routine of making tea, and getting a spoon to extract the tea bag. The perps make sure I go ballistic when they pull these perceptual depletion games. Presently they are pissing me off extremely with no end of typos they are forcing me to make.

They got me totally ballistic with a lead up of noise flurries starting with the frathouse like exits and entrances with door slammings in the outside hallway, mixed with coordinated coughing, vehicle arrivals and departures outside and have also taken to numbing my forehead which is extremely annoying. One swipe of my hand on my forehead and I get relief for all of a minute or so. This is a post-tea and chocolate time, and no doubt the current perp beserkness is related to that. And also, that I didn't shave today owing to a designed jerkaround where they had me "forget" to pack a face cloth to my parents, as none are to be found there.

The perps pulled a significant piss-off while out with my mother, who set the scene by precariously balancing her tray on a limited surface area while at the resturant. They ran the perception in my mind that her tray had fallen when it hadn't. I was extremely pissed that they did this, invoking inappropriate perceptions for an imagined event, and I expect justice in the form of a relentless screaming at the very perp asshole that created that scenario. Fucking sick, and depraved, especially when they have extracted all these from me in the past, and now they replay the wrong emotion in mind for an event that did not materialize. Fucking sick, and typo sabotage as I rant here.

A porpourri of perp harassment is still ongoing, as they seem to be attempting to gain leverage from this morning's gangstalking with my mother and my errand driving activity around town.

More perceptual jerkaround games are going on; this time it is vision only. The perps' stunt is to dynamically dither and rearrange my visual interpretation such that lines, filled in blocks and other on-screen LCD/ web page displayed items are moving, lifting off, becoming larger etc. A related jerkaround is text jumping with a simutaneous noise from outside. Fucking sick that this is done to anyone, never mind someone who has had a lifetime of surveillance, harassment and monitoring.

They can now have me insert a word into the incorrect grammatical location without "me" noticing.

And new rounds of mouse click fucking -a sudden onset, then it slowly comes back to functional, usually the first or second session of the day.

Electronic cheeping sounds go on as I type this' they are intermittent, every minute or two, as if on a submarine.

Another school rampage/massacre in the news, this one in Germany following one in Norway a few days ago. Some of these events have a rather suspicious odor about them, as if the perpetrators had external assistance. The Columbine and the Port Arthur, Tasmania incidents both bespeak of a significant amount of unanswered questions and organizational capabilities beyond that of the apparent perpetrators. And from personal experience, I know the perps can send anyone of their choosing into any mental orbit, high or low, as if it were an organic cause. Why the perps continually need so many people to die in place inside buildings I am not entirely sure, but there seems to be some consistency in this; having the victims as school children (a limited demographic), geographic sampling (Norway, New Zealand, Germany, Russia, Australia, USA, Canada, Scotland, Nepal), often early in the school year, and sometimes many more girls than boys suffer in these seeming gone-amuck school massacres. Call me a rabid paranoic on this one, but until the remaining questions are answered on the above two linked sites, I will accept the label as given.

And the perps and operatives were very busy with making noise as I wrote the above paragraph, and especially so when I put the above links in. Related to that, I read that there were three school killing events in one week in 09-2006, and there was one in Canada then too. When is someone going to blow the whistle on this and demonstrate that these are not random events?

The perp provocations have settled down some, and it is the ongoing masers and plasma activity that sits between me and the LCD display, with some offset by 6", especially if I remember something they hadn't planned on.

Toilet seat slamming by the operatives is still vogue, especially after I have been in there, the filth center that it has become next door, with me as the only genuine tenant, and the operatives arriving on a as-when needed basis.

I got zapped when encountering the words "nuclear fusion", so who knows what the perp assholes are up to. Sometimes I think this entire Iran and North Korea nuclear activitiy is only to keep those certain words in the public eye, for whatever reasons that the assholes have. I should have a daily noisestalked word report; another was "swindle".

And just when I thought I was free of one of the perp's ambulatory gangstalking gambits, the toting of steel constructed hampers on wheels for groceries, what do they place in the hallway after I get out of the bathroom, why one of those in mid hallway with a number of brown colored boxes. This was after unloading my own brown substance in the bathroom, so I am sure the perps are desperate for some kind of color resonance comparison. I thought hampers were for grannies, but it is amazing how popular they have become in this town. The perps put three very light metallic brown vehicles outside my room in the adjacent parking lot, so they must be making progress with this color vis a vis me and my energetics.

Time to blog off and save some typo harassment for another day.