Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Getting Started

April 18, 2006

This is about life as a Targetted Individual, in the harassment and surveillance parlance, TI.

It is a world, or more correctly, an existence, which is constrained to a small subset of the rights accorded to citizens of democratic countries, e.g. Canada and the US. And the "it" will be explained, as this is still going on. Imagine living under a microscope where every keystroke, fart, sneeze, scratch, word choice, gaze, body position and movement etc. is monitored and surveilled. Not only that, but all these can be controlled remotely by a party called the perps, again using the parlance. That is to say, my arms, fingers, cough reflex etc. can be controlled remotely, and even as I key this, to serve some unknown (to me) nefarious purpose. Call it high tech harassment, or eharassment, but it is actually more than that. It amounts to mind-control as I have come to understand, and this has been going on for a lifetime, now 52 years, with only the last 4 in which I was aware of this (naive-TI, then aware-TI).

It gets much worse than that; I am not permitted to work, and got sucked into the "disability" income game, so I can be harassed and followed everywhere I go in public, ambulatory or vehicular. That is gangstalking, again to use the terminology of this experience that has been applied to many others. My family is in on the game, and won't explain their evasiveness anytime I challenge their vacuous sophistry, and the doctor even gave up pretending that the problem was clinical, after incarcerating me in hospital for no organic reason (IMHO).

Retrospective analysis of my life's circumstances strongly suggests not only parental involvement, but that of schools, employers, and "friends" for my entire life, the naive-TI days. Life under a black cloud, as a Potemkin village, or scripted in its entirety.

Who are the perps? That I would like to know, but there are enough similarities with the Men In Black, or MIBs. Though they include women as well now, and they now favor black fleece, leather or wool garments. They know where I am going every time, to every location in the store and post gangstalkers there, as well as mob me with formations of color coordinated vehicles enroute, and anywhere I park. In the least, they have boundless resources, and exhibit group psychopathic tendencies with peerless organization. More in later posts.

This takes place in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada though the initial assault began in Seattle WA USA where I was working at the time. And I would dearly like to hear from anyone in this city as to what is going on, because I must be the only one who doesn't. Some 200 to 1500 vehicles will mob me on my outings, and there will be at least ten extra "customers" (read gangstalkers) coursing about me in any shopping location. Again, the colors of the gangstalkers clothes seems to be vital, and they will be coordinated to introduce blacks, whites and greys at first, then move onto dark greens, blues and reds, especially dark reds.

It is a lonely and bizarre existence to be cut off socially (e.g. coordinated unreturned phone calls), and find one's parents in the center of this criminality , and then be confronted with constant gangstalking and other high-tech harassment that no one wants to hear about.

Certainly not the police, who have acted at the perp's behest more than once, and parade their vehicles about as part of the daily vehicular gangstalking activity. The police will sometimes put on an ambulatory gangstalking by "happening" to be in the store at the same time as I am, or else they will put on traffic constricting "seat belt checks" and participate in other road activity stunts. The rub of course is that there is no proof that one can assert to charge this mysterious entity with criminal level harassment.

So this blog, in all its bizarre terms and events that will unfold, serves as my therapy; to document what happens to certain specified citizens who are supplied to the perps/MIBs as covert nonconsensual human subjects. This organized psychopathic stalking and assault goes on routinely for many selected subjects, and I am one.

Links to explain covert harassment and mind-control activities in more detail are:


My out of date story, some 35 pp, is at the link below, and I cannot get the web-master to put the updated version in its place. I will endeavor to get it posted somehow, as I don't have a website, owing to the withering and dynamic sabotage that took place when I attempted to use an HTML authoring tool.


Anyhow, even if you don't look at any of those links, this is tale of ongoing nonconsensual human experimentation as well as organized criminal harassment. All taking place in a city of 300,000 pop. that appears to be totally trained and compliant in cooperating with the perps/MIBs or whoever they are.

Enough said for now. Maybe next post I will fill you in on the mind-controlled hassle it has been to key all this in.

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