Thursday, January 27, 2011

No Show Yoga -stretches only

Last week's yoga got cancelled in advance, but one week was too much to expect civility, so.... the instructor doen't show up this week. And if daffodil picking starts next week as indicated, why, a whole six weeks or more with no yoga. What is the fucking problem with a billion dollar budget covert harassment outfit that they cannot allow me to take spinal flexing exercises? And furthermore, when I attempt to start the yoga habit in the morning, or any other time, why, I "forget" in a day or two, and only weeks later am I allowed to know yet another initiative was spiked by remote mind-invasive means.

And seemingly a BIG Fuckover event today, starting with serial noises from outside, extra frequent and extra amplified; heavy duty truck noise, bus noise, tire whine noise, back up beeper noise and hotrod muffler noise, leading on from yesterday it would seem. (And the siren cascades have started up as I type this).

Maybe it was the new jar of cashew butter that was started, replete with an oil separation on top, as extra noise came on when I stirred it in, being brown too of course. (Or should that be, as cashews are white colored?) Then it was laundry, but that is not a big deal, except to get me out of here for a few minutes at a time. Then the Seasonic PC power supply (PSU) arrived in its brown box with green foam chips, biogegradeable, and strangely, the manager had accepted the delivery and mentioned it to me on the way out the door to yoga.

I get the "usual" freakshow parade, starting with the dayglo-coated negro as the pseudo security personnel wandering on public streets for crissakes, and then there was the dude force and vagrant cluster too. I get to yoga and the disgusting negro woman was sitting there in the dim light, and around the corner was the babbler. I do ten minutes of stretches before I gave up the instructor showing up.

And one would think that with the yoga class cancellation without prior notice that the freakshow wouldn't be prepared, but no, they were out in droves. I get the parcel from the manager stuffing her face with food (a common Fuckwit prop) with a tattoo dude next to her, and at least one more in the lobby with the elevators long gone. So I humpf the parcel up the stairway to the sixth floor and change and then open it up. Yessir, just what I ordered, and I won't be the one to put it in as they don't let me do that, causing my hands to tremble for no seeming reason but blatant capability sabotage.

And it seems that daffodil flower picking will be my part time vocation for next month, to pay off the PC sabotage bills, though not yet finished with that one, and then the PSU and the recent DVD and CD ordering compulsion that erupted for no reason.

 And why has Facebook stopped responding to my polite emails/messages submitted via their Help web page to remove my email address from the accounts, as I did not register and gave no consent. Here I am getting 10/day Facebook spammings from people I don't know. The infernal Facebook so-called Help page had a complaint form for those who want to report an "impostor" and who don't have a Facebook account, and then they turn around and ask me to supply the imposter's email address. How fucking lame/inane is that?

And another jerkaround on the local alterations shop; I had taken two pairs of pants there to be altered, and I get the "out for lunch" notice at 2:00pm. As this isn't the first time that one-person shop hasn't pulled this on me, I hope to make it the last. I am so fed up with getting fucked with. That set the stage for me take them back to my place, and head out again, past the alterations shop to the LD store where the gangstalker gauntlet was set up. Double motorized wheelchairs lined up outside for crissakes, and two of at least four freaks hanging around outside for no seeming reason. All tthese aimless dudes doing their shopping on weekdays just blows me away; I had the big hat dude, the negro on stand-there duty, the ballcaps, longhair male, the do-rag dude, at least five hoodie dudes and a few more. One hoodie dude was on street for the abortive mission to the alterations shop, and was near my apartment building crouched over a bicycle with another Fuckwit in mid sidewalk for my second outing. The hoodie patterns are getting more varied; horizontal stripes in classing colors like turquoise and brown, and even ill-matched print-on tartan patterns. Never were hoodies so fascinating, and it seems, to be an continuing Fuckwit presentation  feature.

Attempting to purchase labels for my label printer has turned out to be another wall of obstructions. They messed the web page up in Firefox by removing the Buy It (purchase or like) button, so I put it up in IE and had the same problem. I phone Dymo this morning as they put their phone number on the web page, and lo, if their phone lines/staff are unable to take orders because of the snowstorm back east. Like who plans all these impasses for me and why? This all got started over a month ago when the local big box stationary store didn't have the needed variety of lablels in at least two visits.

A 55 minute near-nap just finished; I wasn't seeming to sleep and could hear arranged noise like serial buses on the one half route portion below. though, I am sure I did nap, and somehow got messed around in thinking not. I haven't had napping dubiance before, but like for so many things, the FUD show covers the smallest details.

This might be the last post for a week or more, as PC system crashes are increasingly adverse. And not to put too fine on a point on it, so is the blatant sabotage; my Google Search settings are cleaned out at the start of every session, and the Firefox settings for retaining the tabs/sites on startup are disregarded no matter what. This Firefox session took five minutes to get going, and even Task Manager, the supposed system supervisor, took three minutes to appear. Back to reading books and farting around doing squat, and forget about the job search thing too. And also, I will be picking daffodils for remuneration next week to pay for the technicians to slave over this and keep the bullshit string going.

Bye for now, up in a week or so.

Compost Day

A high intensity gangstalk, noise and harassment day today, one of the big ones of the year, making compost. A 3 hour job of putting two piles together, layering them, wetting them, and cleaning it all up for a heap some 4'x'6 x4'high. There is something fundamentally central to the perp agenda, and it has to do with decomposition and/or digestion, and I have no idea why. Ms. C (thought to be girlfriend at the time) of the story, a planted operative in all likelihood, did her Master Composter's training when I lived in Seattle. Anytime I put the garden fork or shovel into a pile, as I was working three of them, extra noise would sound off. Later, the next door neighbor came to add his well timed coughing.

Anyhow, here I was in the backyard of the First Feral Family property, total whitebread suburbia, and this infernal noise parade went on the hole time; hotrod vehicles, performance mufflers, heavy duty diesel engine rattling, aircraft noise (including at least three STRATCOM overflights), and even a lawnmower noise for crissakes, in January. They also put the over-noisy Harley Davidson motorcycle noise on, with at least a 30 second long trail off, and within two minutes, the same fucking noise comes the other direction. Fucking bizarre. Regular readers will know it is the most loathed noise of all, and I have no idea why, but it seems to relate to the numerous motorcycles the perps put on parked display, not even running and no associated biker. Does anyone out there have some MKULTRA history from the 1950's that they know about, and that it involved motorcycles? Lynn Moss-Sharman speaks of head shorn subjects with tattoos on their heads, which ties the skinheaded gangstalkers and the tattoo-ed gangstalkers in, but as my recall was 95% wiped out from age 3 to 5, (1956-59) I have no idea why the perps are so fixated on the infernal noise of motorcycles.

Other perp excitement today was to have me take a new bus route, from the in-town brother's place after looking after his cat, to the FFF house to start the compost work. That got me extra redcoated gangstalkers, with the red bus livery. And even my own babe escort, as they were posted around me and not the usual dude show of late. This is what happens when on a new bus route.

The regular bus route that I took into downtown at 1614h was chock full again, some 40 passengers, and at first I got the hoodie blonde next to me, and she was replaced by the fugly slouching dude in short order. And, not too many freaks on board, a welcome change.

And I see my tabs aren't saved when starting Firefox, in contravention of the explicit checked box that is always so. My regular six tabs; yahoo, imdb, TIWorld, Amazon.Com, Amazon.Ca and Google get wiped out every time I close down Firefox, which never happened before, but started up along with the PC slowdown games.

Enough adversity rants for a day, and time to blog off.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Parcel Delivery ClusterF*

An interesting juxtaposition of the freakshow, elevator use (first in months) and accepting a brown cardboard wrapped parcel, slim size that held two CD's. Like I have said, the perps won't stop at anything to "brown test" me, preferably with cardboard. I had already been to the local supermarket to get some needed groceries after the coffee grinder didn't work out and having taken it to the local charity store. Another spray mess of coffee on the counters again, the second time it was put to use, so out with the coffee grinder and to get pre-ground coffee again. And I see they choked down the supply of pre-ground coffee that they like to do, forcing a different blend this time. I had my negro-in-dayglo outside the supermarket for arrival and departure, dressed up as "security" for crissakes, when they never had such around here ever before, and that there aren't any such "social problems" that are the putative reason for the yellow-dayglo dudes.

Back to the parcel delivery; another first, the post delivery person phones me up from the lobby and asks me to come downstairs to the lobby. Talk about sad service, as they always came to the apartment before. This is the second of three deliveries from one Amazon order, and it contained two CD's. I get down there after an Asian spikey-hair dude gets on, and arrive at a big clusterfuck in the lobby. The manager on the couch, talking to a motorized wheelchair stalker, and then a negro and another dude arrive through the front door, and then another regular gangstalker, the "Dutch elder" * (always wears a Dutchman cap, and has the same body size as my shrink, though Caucasian) arrives from the stairwell. So a three-way arrival scene; front door, elevator, and internat stairwell with the manager on the couch as the reference dude with the motorized wheelchair. Another Fuckwit was outside at the intercom panel, whom I first thought was the postal deliverer but wasn't, because she came last, just as I was asking the manager where the postal deliverer was. This is a two-fer time honored perp classic; faking me out by having someone pose as if they were someone (outside at the intercom phone panel where I got the call from), and then having me talk about someone just as they come into view (or arrive). And of course once I recieved my parcel, I wanted to get the fuck out of there, but no, the perps needed another freak, the 3x scraggly longhaired dude who hangs around arrived. So this Fuckwit ended up in the elevator with me, and his fugly hair was on show, which I didn't need to see, and he stank of something which persisted after he departed. This was the second time today I took the elevator up, and some dude smell was made to persist, and jammed in my nose when I was holding my breath. Another perp tactic is to force the sensation of smell even when exhaling or holding my breath. Funny how this started about 2002 when they first went overt/beserk.

And when at the aforementioned supermarket I saw they put on my fave-babe (cashier staff), the second time in two weeks, and lo, if they didn't have her semi-disguised with thick framed glasses on and hair draped over half her face. As previously mentioned, I hadn't seen her for nearly a year, and two weeks ago, she "happened" to be at the checkout I was forced to use. But she wasn't going to be my cashier today, as it was the blonde woman, and next to her was a staff-freak in purple hair, dyed to the roots and totally fucking digusting. Fortuneately I didn't have her in my direct gaze, and she scuttled off before I exited. And lo, if the purple tinged haired assistant manager wasn't at the lobby door on her cell phone and I got fucked into taking the elevator up as it took off when I had pressed the button for the doors to open. So I had to wait while the woman was stil on the cell phone walking around, and lo, if a rube-dude didn't emerge from the other elevator, having stunk it up with male-odor, as in malodor. Even taking the elevator is a big deal for the perps, and all the more if I take it when I haven't been using it for months, having developed a "habit" (read, mind-fuck) of not taking it.

A rage-ified tea-time with some goo on my cleaned knife blade, necessitating removal with my fingers. Then extra clanging noise, when the kettle lid and spoon moved past each other but did not touch. Then again after tea, when they cleaned out my tabs for Firefox when the setting reads "start with last tabs", and then they messed the settings of Google, limiting it to 10 page responses and then open in same (self clobbering) tab. It seems they are expending extra effort to having me key in my email address, name and passwords every time they feel like creating this hassle. Normally, I stay in six tabs all day long, and extra ones as needed. Before I exit, I usually trim the open tabs to the same six. But now, only one vacant tab when I start up Firefox. I went through this bullshit two weeks ago, many times per day. Last week I was "saved" because this PC was in for repair all week, not that anything was accomplished except unloading $200, and I still have the same crash problems should I start playing music. Never mind file ripping and storing, as that would bring this PC to its knees.

And what is with this ear-whacking I am getting? The instant I put the cursor on a dialog box to enter the number "1", this incredible thwack erupted in my L. ear from no seeming cause. I had the earmuffs on, but they weren't moved, not that they create a tight seal in the first place.

Another round of the perps obstructing my open tabs on startup in the Firefox browser. And a new development in the software they like me to use; having Internet Explorer browser called and displayed in Firefox. Soo... with all the feature stripping they do in Firefox, and especially my Yahoo email where the only edit item I see is "Link" (no bold, underline, font sizing etc.), where they have now eliminated the check boxes for multiple delete identification, I can now bring up the fully and normally featured IE inside a Firefox tab. In other words, I can switch browsers for a given tab without having a separate browser application running. And I suppose, this all means something to the perps, as they would likely be using this to evaluated the energetics of IE to that of Firefox and see whatever the result was when I switch within the tab, separating it from the application. Only a perp would know how interesting that is, as this level of fine-tune fuckery tells me they have years of energetic nuances to wring out of me yet.

Post evening tea-time, or break time, as they have me drinking yerba mate, and I cannot say that I am that impressed with this turbid swamp-like look. Maybe they have reduced my flavor sensitivity, which they do very often. Another big perp moment is that they have me eating chocolate from a new package, navy blue. Having been groomed on light blue all summer, then medium blue for the past three months, they choked down the former two, and only had navy blue Ritter bars availible. And if you see ridiculous perps in ill-matched light blue and brown clothing, think of me and all the years (8) of eating excessive amounts of chocolate they have had me do, 300g/day, and know that they are color calibrating you in the same way as me. And if it weren't chocolate, why, it would be that sickly sweet vile fizzy tonic called Coca Cola, maybe Pepsi first to get the brown-blue thing going. I am sure there are some TI's that have peculiar cola habits, but I won't get into that. Once bitten by the perp abusive insanity, nothing is the same again, not the most benign substances, objects and the rest of it. A whole new world, being a TI.

Music listening; I have noticed a pattern in this now nightly event, once all too rare. First two hours or so of female vocal, could be the latest CD that arrived today (Barb Jungr, Sandrine) and then it slips into male and female vocal, Ian and Sylvia, also their Great Speckled Bird album, now playing. Perhaps more of the female to male auric co-opting if you have followed this theme being blogged about in the past. It seems the perps want to leverage positive female attributes to that of males, of whom I likely have a lesser opinion if there were traumatization associations from 1956 to 1960 like I suspect, having had 99% of my recall cleaned out then. I have heard of horses going very beserk from traumatization associations with male handlers because of past abuse by males, but are tame for female handlers. Elephants likely too from what little I know about them and the traumatizations they have if they witnessed the depredations of the poachers, once seen on a 60 Minutes show.

Time to call this one done, a do-squat day for the most part, another day of containment.

And who signed me up for Facebook? That is why I have been spammed with some 45 messages for the past two days. Someone used my email address and created an account, and as of yet, I haven't got into it, as my regular passwords don't work.

Monday, January 24, 2011

On With Pruning

I can always count on landscaping pruning to be big perp attractant, and so it was today. It was today, after doing the hydrangeas at the First Feral Family house, as the rain came on, shortening the time permitted and then giving me availible time to make a sortie to the local mall to get a resume faxed. Talk about silly, the amount of vehicular gangstalking in spades, some 50 or more grayscale color vehicles in the first half mile of suburbia with the odd navy blue in the mix, and then the dude-force once I was parked, raining heavier by then. And they had me "miss" my turn, and vacated the street so I could turn in mid-road and return to the same intersection making a left instead of the right turn if they hadn't dithered me. By then, many more hundreds of vehicles were in place on the four lane thoroughfare, McKenzie at Gordon Head Rd. And at four jaywalking hoodie dudes, all supposedly independently traversing the intersection also arrived as part of the gangstalking panalopy. More vehicular activity erupted when I exited the office shop, and then the "big browns' were also moving about in the too tight parking lot.

Back to online action after reading Saturday's newspaper on Monday, today. I don't know what the perps get from this exercise, but they are cautious to make sure I don't purchase a newspaper each Saturday, and also that I skip-read sections of it, especially if Unfavored Fugly pictures are next to articles I would ordinarily read in full. Talking up the multicultural nonsense seemed to be part of the drift, not to mention all those baubles in the ads I have no hope of acquiring, should I have the interest in the first place. Just keeping this PC running will be a $500 exercise by the time it is done. I ordered a new power supply, and will need to have it put in, as the perps don't like me to do my own PC repairs, turning me into a fumbling wreck just for the occasion.

Which means, getting some income soon, which means at this time of year, going daffodil picking and getting paid by the buch, $0.20/bunch of 10. They only let me do two weeks of it before we locals were all laid off last year, and the horde of 60 import Mexicans worked on picking for the next few months. But I see the perps had me purchase cashews last week, one of my typical break-time foods, and I see my mother had a potted daffodil in the house today, so it looks like it is going to be another horticultural year of earnings, such as they are.

And too, they had me acquire my father's unused old laminated steel knife from my mother's place, to replace the same knife that I lost (also formerly his) because they screwed me into "forgetting" where I left it. The foreman was headed in that direction and I asked her to retrieve it for me, and she "forgot" too. I had a spare knife, and used it for a few days before the show was shut down, per above mentioned layoff.

The perps have revitalized their interest in knives, and knife sharpening today. I also came across some one sided razor blades as well as the knife, and when I walked through the dude gauntlet at the front of the building and got into my apartment, I washed up one of the razor blades to be used in a low angle scraper to clean up perp paint spots that arrive in the night. As soon as I finished setting the razor in its mount, a sudden need to take a crap came on, and so that had to be dealt with, plunging and shower and all.

Later I honed the knife with the same diamond file I used last year, and apart from drilling a hole in the handle to put a loop through, it is ready for daffodil flower cutting. I can hardly wait. And too, I have one lime green bootlace remaining from last year, the same ribbon I used then. So here we have the same make, model and steel of knife, the same diamond file honing/sharpening, and the same material and color for the loop ribbon as last year, all in readiness to undertake the same yellow flower cutting toil in the fields as last year. Maybe they will let me more deft fingered so I can cut more flowers and make extra coin to defray these expensive PC repairs they laid on me. But it does go to show how far ahead the perps are planning, and to what level of detail. With the big question as to whether they will steal my knife again, so they can compare the energetics of using different kinds of knife edges; the Swedish laminated steel (unusual nowadays, except for expensive kitchen knives) or a more modern day mild steel. Who knows, and I care even less.

And it is a No Yellow Medication Intake Day today, as it is most Sunday night stayovers at the First Feral Family house, and sure enough, the infernal DHL courier trucks in gaudy yellow and red signage were out on the gangtalking trail today. Then two big yellow school buses were on my tail for the aforementioned driving Mackenzie today, one next or behind me, and then another some 100' back. Just to think, that the daffodil picking will also entail pickups in a yellow school bus. And that this scenario is identical to last year should it come to pass. At least the currency isn't yellow.

And watching the ice skating last night, the Canadian championships, held here locally for the second year running. The perps were up to their pixellization games, freezing the skater in mid-program and then laying on some coarse pixels in black, white and their sweater color over top of the skater. And lo, if this didn't "happen" for most of the skaters. Now tell me, if one gets a glitchy digital signal, does it happen over top of the central object of the picture each time? Only in TI World can that "happen" and these tactical TV pixel glitches have an unerring ability to dither persons or faces, especially at their eyes. Go figure.

Other momentous perp event must of been yesterday's inaugural use of the coffee grinder I got for Christmas. The first time I have had self-ground coffee for over ten years, and they made sure the grinder sat unused for a month as I had plenty of store purchased ground coffee on hand. The first thing the perps did is have two coffee messes erupt from no seen cause, one on each counter, 90 degrees offset. I don't know how these messes arrived, as I took exceptional care that it didn't happen because I know they will exploit every possible event to create one. So I was fucking pissed over this, and they have me poised to chuck the grinder out for their mess games.

Yesterday afternoon, instead of the First Feral Family tea-time we had tea at the ex's place with out daughter present, so I can assume this too was all about gangstalking the TI Victim with different coffee in him, having it burr ground at home instead of purchased ground. The in-store coffee grinding ended a few months before, as the assholes kept sabotaging it to make another mess. Apparently, it wasn't enough that they had their Fuckwits in full flight around me while the brown coffee beans were being milled, so they had to fuck me over some more and have all three grinders in the store go glitchy and make coffee messes. So then, they allowed me to find the pre-ground coffee, as somehow I had missed seeing it for the previous two years, and that was working just fine until yesterday when another round of coffee messes started up, this time arriving from nowhere and on the first day of using the new burr grinder. I am sure the brown coffee battles have a long way to go yet, and it may well entail chucking the grinder for the simplicity of pre-ground coffee, assuming they won't constrict the supply or my cognition in seeing it in the store. Yet another asinine battle ground with the perps that was evident from early on in the overt/beserk stage, and ranks up there with Cling Wrap handling in terms of consistency and relentlessnes. Who would ever believe a limitlessly funded secret agency would be fucking over innocent citizens over the color of their coffee, where it came from, how it was ground and made for close to nine years and counting? And that they have legions of gangstalking Fuckwits parading the streets everytime when I am out, packing their coffee as card carrying members of the Coffee Corps? And now, on the city bus no less. Stupid and stupider.

But the perps have had a long standing pre-occupation with the color brown; when they invaded my apartment in 04-15-2002 they put on brown plasma displays that caused me to collapse in a heap. Five days later, while driving at 0500h on the I-5 N. of Seattle, they banked a brown plasma beam off the inside of my glasses and the same thing happened, I started to slide down in the seat as I hadn't the ability to keep myself up. Just then, a vehicle of four adults came up beside me and some kind of jolt was applied to me and stopped me from collapsing in the driver's seat. Which causes me to wonder how many vehicle accidents have been created in this manner, or was my brown plasma flash experience unique to me? I don't know, but they also plugged up my toilet with a balloon during the invasion, and I had to get a plumber's snake to unclog it, and taking a shit has been a high risk experience ever since. Not my problem, so why am I hounded by the brown-clowns everywhere I go?

And am I the only person who gets a Purolator tracking number and then gets the response that they don't have the number? Does the litany of insane trivial obsessional Fuckover games ever end? Just fucking bizarre to say the least, but since the overt/beserk harassment started I have all manner of odd parcel delivery events; not knowing that it was shipped and having the courier unexpectedly arriving, the parcels that stay in one place for a week, the parcels that the manager accepts on my behalf and doesn't tell me about for a week and only responds when I complain to the courier, the no-notice deliveries where no notice of the delivery was provided and having me find out via the tracking number, and so it goes. Constant intervention and fucking around over parcel delivery, and I won't get into the brown box color games that go with this stupid game, yet another one to join coffee mess and Cling Wrap as three of the Most Stupid Perp Obsession and Disruption Themes going.

Am I getting spoofed again? I had 22 Facebook messages today when I first went online, and another ten trickled in later. I don't have a Facebook account and I have not "friended" anyone, and haven't responded to any requests, and yet I get this spamming all the same. Any idea how that can happen?

More music listening tonight, and that is when this PC starts slowing down. Downloads too, when they weren't ever much of a problem before. Soo... not something a PSU would fix is my take on it. But I wanted the Seasonic 460W Fanless PSU so bad, (read, perp planted notion), that any excuse will do.

Anyhow, time to blog off and contemplate how long they are going to keep me up tonight, lying in bed awake, per usual Monday night post-FFF visitation.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mystery Care Keeper

I went to my in-town brother's this morning, as I am the assigned cat and house care person, attending to his viscious feline, likely deranged because he keeps it inside all the time. The house smells of it, and he doesn't seem to get it that he will be in for a big bill to clean it up afterwards. I do this every two days, and that includes the disgusting litter box duty.

I also look after the mail, and was also obliged to deal with the freaking newspaper, even if it had been cancelled by him for the duration of his holiday. Why, the newspaper carrier suddenly re-started his delivery after stopping it for over a week. That meant coming back inside the house when I was set to go, and then doing the cancellation to find out that it had already been cancelled. So I get to make another call with plenty of on-hold time to talk to a real person to end the unexpected newspaper delivery. That was two days ago, and then today, when I get there, I see an older newspaper somehow arrived in the house, still in its plastic bag. Like WTF; I cleaned up the front porch of all newspapers two days ago (Thursday), and somehow an Tuesday newspaper arrives inside the door. Plus, it seems that a heater got moved. No matter, the house is in good hands, because if it isn't me, it is one of his abetting perps who is doing these silly games.

I had a "sticky" gangstalker on me when outbound; she "happened" to be ahead of me on the way to the bus, then on the same bus at the same bus stop, then got off behind me at the same stop, and then continued to walk behind me at my same fast walk, then crossed the road to tail me for some 12 minutes of walking before she disappeared over the hill. It is rare that I get someone who walks as fast as I can, but even if 6" shorter, she could, and made the most of it. I call these ones "fellow travellers", the ones that get on and off at the same bus stops as I do, but she went one further, covering me on street before the bus stop, and again when I got off. A first for this level of extra obvious coverage.

And when walking back, a woman with the same color hair, but different clothing, also "happened" to be covering me from the other side of the street, strangely waiting to cross at the pedestrian activated crossing, and then giving up, and continuing on the same way.

A sudden ear itch that had to be attended to by first removing my earmuffs at the instant of re-reading the above mentioned phrase, "sticky gangstalker" as well as the woman's image being placed in mind. Exciting moment for perps, and also telling as to the level of detail they pursue me at.

Other "big events" for the perps would be the inclusion of the much offered Amazon bookmark symbol in my Firefox browser. Normally I don't like to clog my browser with other commercial products, but since I bookmark interesting things extensively, or alternatively, put them in my Amazon Wish List, I have a large collection of "might purchase some day" web pages. And since 2004 when I got my PC back together, the Amazon bookmark button has been missing from all their web pages. This wasn't too much of a problem as all I had to do was put the mouse pointer over where it should of been, click it, and lo, my Wish List page comes up and declares that I have added an item. So after over six years of this nonsense of clicking on an empty location and getting the item Wish Listed, I can now do this from my
just-installed Amazon browser button. I know this sounds trivial, and it isn't a big deal, but for the perps, it signifies a significant advance, especially given the duration before an Amazon add-on was allowed directly in the browser.

A large number of fuzzy maser balls have been coming off items in my immediate proximity and coming at me, often slowly drifting. Often these fuzzy balls come at me in pairs, and if I move my head because I cannot stand the visual perturbance, they are re-arranged to be in front of me again. There is no relief from this insane invasion.

A screaming rage show when I found out that I got screwed into clobbering a site download into an existing one, rendering the directory totally confusing as to what page what file belongs to. The the 290 page site is taking 10x longer to download the second time after I cleaned out the mess to start again. There are some interesting sites that should not go unnoticed, and I download these, though three only so far. I am totally pissed that I got set up to do a download twice, all to have the latter dowload take so long, and its task bar button flickering between yellow and green. Which is what the big deal for the perps is; slowly changing colors, over 20 to 50 minutes or so. Now I see the job stalled out and stopped, an apparent sever error. Why is it the perps have to fuck everything I do, from the simplest things on up?

And the second smaller download is now stalled out; two downloads that worked perfectly fine, except they were into the same directory (read, total mind fuck) leading to total confusion had to be redone, and then neither of them completed, getting a supposed server error. This is totally fucking sick that I am not allowed to dowload free and availible material for my own use.

Doing resume update and re-work while music is playing in my headphones. I am reminded of a big perp moment with overhead rumbling noise that gets layered on when saving files, copy/paste etc.

Enough high excitement and now blogging off.

Friday, January 21, 2011

PC Recovery Problems

After unloading $200 on hard drive analysis, and Windows reloading, one would think the problem fixed. No sirr, not allowed in TI World, as continued and erratic slow refreshes seem to occur as I type. More downtime ahead I expect. The technician went on and on about the removable drive tray for no seeming reason to me, especially when it hasn't been used much, so perhaps that is the next deemed culprit while all these display and presentation games keep erupting.

And for the second time today, the assholes like to rile me up at the cashier, this time at the supermarket. Some asshole comes in real close when I am waiting for the till tape, keeping me in place. Then the blonde babe cruises by real close as I am leaving, being made to be hot under the collar. Yesterday it was at the PC repair shop where the same Fuckwit that was there when I brought in in, also "happened" to arrive while I was at the cash desk, the asshole stopped and looking at my while I was tending to the carry strap. Then he says, "don't worry" after I glared at the asshole for the second time, to which I replied, "I am the one getting stared at, and I will figure what to worry about all by myself". What a fucking asshole, but these two episodes in two days tell me that they are still scratching around for whatever it is they are looking for whenever I make a financial transaction. Pissing me off at the checkout is just the latest escalation of dumbshit games. Get the shiv out, this could be interesting.

I had dual babe gangstalkers, one each side of me when purchasing crackers for the first time, and then the stocking/stalking Fuckwit cut the corner so his cart was aimed right at me, and he wasn't the least bit apologetic, even after I quietly called him an asshole. I don't do this ordinarily, but this was so fucking blatant that he deserved it or worse. Then two more Fuckwits, and a stocking/stalking cart were arranged around the milk that I get, and then to the checkout to get the fuck out of that wretched gangstalk scene. I am sure much more personal space encroachments are to come, and more to get me riled up in the process.

A mostly inside day today, the perps not even letting me get on with the alterations I need to take to the next block, having me "forget" again, something that has gone all week. And at least 10 episodes of cycling the lighting conditions this afternoon, all starting after I got back from the local supermarket. On with sunshine, then suddenly cloud, and then the same again with a more yellow light color, and more and uncharacteristically fast cycling from sun to cloudy to sun and repeat. Then they crashed my internet connection when I wanted to get back online after tea-time, 100g chocolate duly consumed.

Here is a snippet on brain research the perps like me to know about; "our brain stores expectancy-violating experiences as exceptions-to-the-rule". In other words, there is a neurological basis for first impressions being lasting impressions. I cannot think if the perps have tested me on this in the past, but I would not doubt it, and first impression odd behavior has been noted in the past.

More glitchy goings on, and when I attempted to load the Linux drive in the removable tray it wouldn't even boot up. Somehow, it got corrupted and messed with; there was enough boot information in the boot sector that it knew was version of Linux was loaded, and the file system, but it wouldn't boot up. Back to this nonsense again, for all the effort I made a year ago to have this PC multi-OS with a removable tray/drive. So if you don't hear from me for another week, you will know why. And why the perps need to have this PC taken down twice in a week is beyond me, but it might have something to do with the fact that I will send it back again, and having modified this one back to near original state.

Listening to music tonight, the CD's from a recent Amazon order. An order big enough to be split into three shippings. No doubt the perps like me to retrieve the brown cardboard parcel from the Post Office and walk the two blocks with it in hand. When I picked up the first parcel, adroitly delivered when I was out for an hour that day, picking it up at the PO, they arranged a city bus to be stopped 2/3 into the crosswalk just for me to walk in front of it, much closer than usual of course. It just astounds me the bullshit that goes on at any given instant when I am in public.

And I finally sucumbed to ordering a new Power Supply Unit (PSU) for this here PC, no matter if it may not be the problem with its recent strange behavior. The perps have been going on and on about it, planting it into mind dozen times per day or more. It is a fanless model, and they had me order and use the same kind from 2005 to 2009, now in my mother's PC along with other hand-me-downs like the motherboard, memory and DVD drive. It juist seems more and more that the perps like to "harmonize" all manner of things between her and myself, and this would be one more example.

Enough of my dulldom and to blog off for today.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Software Load

I am in the middle of a high rage abuse barrage; it seems the mere act of loading software is a big deal for the perps, and they are putting all manner of strange things in my way. Even Quicken, once installed from disc, isn't looking or behaving the same when I had it installed before. I cannot get the memo field to display as one example, and I loaded the data (accounts, configuration etc.) from my backup. Exasperating to say the least. And extra loud overhead floor/ceiling pounding is going on too, not forgetting that it is 12" of steel reinforced concrete; some trick that.

This won't be much of a blog posting tonight, being in the throes of getting this PC back on track.

This is what I learned from the technician; if a busy user with lots of downloads and activity, one should be reloading Windows 7 every 6 to 8 months, which includes reformatting the hard drivce. I asked him twice about this, but he is going on his personal experience, indicating that a heavy use PC with lots of downloads, installs, uninstalls, gaming etc, gets too much debris left over, which eventually slows it down. He said Windows Vista was much worse, but Windows 7 is by no means exempt. Needless to say, having "grown up" on mainframes some 35 years ago, I find this aspect of Windows totally astonishing. "You mean it doesn't clean itself up", asks me, and he says, "no, even Apples have the same problems". This has been a $200 education in the Wonders of Windows, and I am decidedly pissed.

So..., I am reading my mail and listening to music, as five CD's I ordered came two days ago. And I will have to plot my next move to have an audio system that is not Windows dependent, and yet can play from an attached hard drive via USB or other wire or optical link. Putting one's eggs in a single basket, a Windows PC, is asking for trouble on two accounts;  having a stable dedicated PC for audio and video, and then it must be usable, something that MS doesn't do very well.

The main activity while in a PC-less hiatus, was to read some books that had been sitting around for two months' Goddess, by Anthony Summers (about Marilyn Monroe) was quite a shocker, as it seems that she was murdered by none less that RFK and with the help of two others. Which makes one wonder what kind of information they had on her to take that kind of extreme action. I see at two levels of conspiracy in play; the one that the Kennedys and others played at, and the perps, or their cohorts and their mind control and telekinetic intrigues. I also read Frank Sinatra; the Life by Anthony Summers; he wouldn't of been my first choice to read about, as he was extremely unpleasant more often than not. Before reading the last chapter dealing with his demise, the perps pounded the ceiling, started up hammer drill noise and put on all manner of "workman" noise eruptions. A very important topic for the perps; death, dying, demise and all things about it. They even had me attend a staged funeral in 2003, Ms. C's mother apparently.

A third book was also astonishing; Christine Keeler was the Monical Lewinsky of her day, in 1962, aged 19 y.o. She was hanging out with a well connected and social climbing chiropractor (osteopath in the UK), by the name of Stephen Ward. It seems that he was running Soviet spies out of his apartment, and Keeler was there often times. Other events were orgies of the high and mighty of British society, and due to Ward's recklessness, the police were called in when a disturbance erupted outside his door; there were two negroes he invited in previously, and one ended up shooting up the lock in an attempt to get inside after Keeler. Not exactly professional spying, and here he was running the greatest double agent of all time, Roger Hollis. He was never found out in his lifetime, and the report of the Profumo Affair, as it became known, was a total whitewash and did not bring this to light in the judicial review that followed. The book is titled, Christine Keeler; the Truth at Last, and it is a bit of a shocker for those who know something about the events at that time, and follow real life espionage. I was all of 8 y.o. at the time, and too young to appreciate what was going on in the newspapers in the day.

Enough of blogging tonight, but at least I am connected again.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

PC In Dire Straits

I might be offline for a week or so, as this PC is getting sabotaged at every turn; they blocked the dialog for comments to respond as one example. They wiped out all my backup jobs that I had defined for the software that does this. A CD copy and compress (aka "rip") took over 20 minutes last night when less than 10 was the norm. My Google preferences are getting messed with nearly every time I login. I don't know what could be doing this so selectively and progressively, save dynamic Fuckover invasion and obstruction. I have had lockups of the entire system the past two days, not even Task Manager would display, or if it did, it wouldn't stop the task from running.

Maybe they want some downtime for whatever reason, pulling out the PC and taking it across town for a few days is just plain exciting to the perps when the mood strikes them. They have me all fussed to get a new lower watt power supply, maybe a fanless one, that is modular and without the spare cables dandling off it and in the PC case. Not that I have ordered one yet, always being tight on availible funds and only minor league farm jobs in the offing for Febuary, so who knows where all this is going. But if you don't hear from this blog you will know why. I will post this now, but may add to this over the day.

The PC tech thinks it is the RAM (memory) or the hard drive that is causing these problems, though I didn't mention how selective they can be, such as showing part of the pick box and not all of it, some commands plain missing with the box at its usual bounds/shape. He suggested the Western Digital diagnostic suite, which I have on my system from past hard drive failures, and when I ran this test suite, why, I couldn't pick the drive to test. No selection of any drive was permitted and yet this application came up just fine. On with the show, and the rest of the bullshit that goes with it, exploiting one created problem to create other problems that just don't add up.

Other PC sabotage was to wipe out all the backup jobs I had created for a replicator program; there were six jobs that sent files to two different disc drives, and lo, if someone hadn't cleaned them out.

More blatant fuckery as my browser suddenly ended its session while I was typing a reply to a recruiter. Most of the email was saved, but not all of it, and these re-typings from recoveries are just too fucking exciting for them. Back in 1986, on the DEC VAX, if it went down while editing a file, all one had to do when it came back was to key in: edit filename/recover and it would recover all but the lastmost keystroke of the edit session. And of course, spending over 20 years to get that kind of efficiency in a desktop O/S is just the kind of vexation the perps like to exploit and foment: competance is to be discouraged, if it isn't permitted.

Still hanging in with selective and highly limited PC functionality. One being email that is working, and responding to a Facebook request to be a "friend" to someone I don't even know. So when I responded "do I know you?" I got "Yes", and no explanation. So when I was composing my response to that inanithy, someone from outside makes some kind of whooping noise that gets through my earmuffs.

Other bullshit today was another rundown attempt, or at least, the makings of it as the perps zoned me out and before I knew it a big Ford truck was about to turn the corner and made no move to wait until in mid turn. So.. per usual "rundown" attempt event, I end up less than 2' from the vehicle, and I look back and then the Fuckwit opens his window and says something and then the perps made me give him the finger. I say they, because I know better than to escalate these public confrontation events, but "somehow" it just keeps happening. All to raise my angst for half a block more to walk to the yoga location, though for naught as the Fuckwit didn't come back like I thought he would. These public escalations often result in some kind of deeper confrontation. The big deal might of been that I was wearing my fleece tights, fleece on the inside as I had laundered my regular yoga pants earlier and they were still damp. Anytime some routine changes is usually a wide open event for further stunts and increased adversity/abuse. Read on.

And the way fugly negro woman was back in yoga class, this time making it all the worse by "deciding" that she wasn't in the right spot and then came in between me and the batty woman, 3' away. This is a first, normally they put her 15' from my mat, and furthermore have her do 20 minutes of yoga and then take off. As the finale, she had her big gut spilling out from under her shirt at the end and the perps made sure I saw that disgusting exposition of corpulent flesh (yet again). I was glad to be gone and back to this prison to have lunch. The streets were full of the usual Fuckwit density, just like Christmas had never ended; redcoats were big, as were these motorized wheelchairs (2), and all I can say is that I will glad to leave this town behind if it ever comes to that, and the IT job prospects come to fruition.

I don't expect to be blogging for the next three days as I run around town and get the PC taken in and come up against the weekend, with cat care at my in-town brother's in the mix. It is all about eliminating the excuses; attending to the putative conventional cause to eliminate the real unconventional causes,- malicious and vituperative vandalism by remote means in real time with untold capabilities of outwardly covert subversion. One's definition of covert and overt is now totally skewed, as the perps make it plain that they are operating overtly, but to explain what is going on to anyone else (assuming they aren't gaming me in the first place, which is unlikely) it would be covert. Mention banana stalking as one example, and someone will say "there must of been a deal on bananas". One relentless obstruction/blow-off after another, down to even the details such as that.

Blogging off for now and a few days, maybe until Jan. 16 or so, depending on what the remedy is for this PC and its strangeness.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Late Start

The longest non-medicated nightime sleep last night; 11.5 hours. The assholes kept me sleeping in bed until 1100h, the worst piece of sleep duration fuckery I have known, apart from some of their medication games back in 2002.

This meant breakfast then, and a shortened get-ready routine, no frontal shaving today. But a nut shave last night, so maybe they wanted my nuts to "glow" from their shave and not my front. I was allowed to have a face shave today though. And here is and I haven't had any food all afternoon either, I just haven't been hungry, another managed state I have come to know.

And a skim of water on the kitchen countertop this morning when I was finally allowed to get up. A 2'x2' square of the E. facing countertop had this pond of water that appeared to come from nowhere. And it soaked the bottom of the knife block, so it had to be put on the stove burner (not on) to dry out. The assholes took the occasion to then have four knives fly out from the block as I moved it a whole

I did a bus trip to the in-town brother's to see to cat care, and refilling bowls and the like. The outbound bus at 1330h had some 25 passengers, all from the freakshow of the Unfavored it seemed. Even my cretin buddy of last week's back and forths somehow managed to end up on the same bus. And my stickiest stalker was the dude in a deep brown jacket with a light brown lunch bag who also did his back and forths and encirclement at the outbound bus stop. And lo, if he doen't attain "fellow traveller" status by both getting on and off at the same bus stops as I did, brown paper bag in hand still.

And a big black tour bus outside the Sugar Nightclub, about two bus lengths back from the outbound bus stop, and that must be Sara Harmer and band, who play their tonight. Her latest CD "Oh Little Fire" was the first one I have purchased since 2004, whatever that might have to do with perp games. This entire town is radiating and pulsing with some form of energetic treatment, and I have no idea who in the music industry is in on any of this, or if at all. It is unlikely that I will go to her concert tonight, as the perps fucked me out of getting advance tickets for two days, so that is a reasonable assumption. But in TI World, nothing is for sure, especially those sudden thoughts that can be remotely applied.

And in concert with the recruiter call from Richmond BC two days ago, the perps have been relentlessly planting notions as to what it would be like to live there, work in an office and the rest of that nonsense that has no bearing whatsover; if there is an in-person interview, it will be at least two weeks from now I was told. I did get a email today from an IBM consultant outfit for a job in Regina, Saskatchewan, and that is quite far away and maybe just too far. I have no idea where all this harassment is taking me, and how changing job residence locations fits into their sick plans.

And how many times have my saved browser tabs been wiped out at the next logon? At least 15x in the last two weeks, when I never had any problem with this Firefox feature for the prior three years. Then my Google configuration preferences keep getting wiped out; I like 100 results/page and all I get now is 10/page, even immediately after changing the settings. This PC sabotage has become very vexing of late as it has become so persistent.

Another screaming rage show over this PC getting locked up and suddenly sluggish. Even the Windows oversight program called Task Manager won't delete the nonresponding processes. Another stunt they pull while attempting to see what is running or not, is that they dim down the LCD display so Firefox, or Windows Explorer is only at half brightness. This seems to be in keeping with their games of changing light intensity in real life, dimming down Unfavoreds in a special dim light that travels with them. Interestingly, the CD that is the deemed "cause" of the ripping and PC slowdown problems is one that has the artist's signature on it, obtained in the early Fuckover days of 06-2002.

Now the player won't run, surely to limit my activities while the CD's are spinning in the drive. Never have I had so many PC sabotage events come at me one after the other. And as I typed that, the overhead rumbling started up, as if a big sliding glass door could move around overhead and track me, and erupt immediately overhead.

And another round of getting screwed, this time music listening isn't allowed, and the exercise seems to be all about having me switch between the pathetic headphones I am allowed and the earmuffs, designed only for noise attenuation. It is fucking bizarre as it is insane to piss with me and what I want to do. I don't give a shit about someone's noncensual human experimentation and the differences of wearing one item on my head and not another, I want to be left alone. The perps are fucking beserk tonight, continuing last night's insane abusive interventions.

This PC is running very slow tonight, for some applications and not others; e.g. the Firefox dialog box for select, copy, paste bounds are showing but not the contents no matter how long I wait. So.... I will blog off for tonight and attempt to find out what is going on tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

IT in the Cards?

A call from a recruiter of a software firm before lunch, a prime moment of perp interest. Nothing too dramatic, this call coming at least a week after I replied to their email, addressed as "Dear Candidate". I didn't take to this impersonal method, but who knows, after 7 years out of the Information Technology (IT) world where I was working, this might be just the way things are done. Though, in living this constrained and highly ordered existence, and the efforts they go to have me called by the wrong name, have someone talk about me in earshot, and otherwise cause introductions to be muffed and names immediately forgotten, I would not be too surprised to consider this impersonal note to be perp arranged. I cannot see the perps having me earn real money, have a decent job, and otherwise be a productive citizen. But true, they could incurr expenses and all manner of other costs, so it is difficult to say. If they won't even let me pick daffodil bulbs as a farmwork without screwing me around with placing teleported bulbs at my feet, then I really don't envision the perps being ready to sit back and have me permitted to be competent.

Which to me, what seems to be their agenda; sap or defeat anyone who is competent, and maybe those unfortuneate recent gun deaths in Tuscon, AZ had something to do with that. The issue of permitted competance is ongoing, as it seems they cannot let me even type without myriad typos and fingertip jabbings. So... maybe this IT recruitment is just an exercise in going to an interview in another city and going through the motions of being in the running. I haven't got a handle on why the perps are so obsessed over the concept of employment and job status, but suffice to say that it has been central.

And it is annoying the perps won't let me study Oracle material, get SQL practiced and generally capable; all to increase the "flail away" possibilities if I should start an IT job. I don't know where this is going, but given their long term plans and cautious spacing of IT training and possible employment of being a year apart, it seems the perps can wait this out, whatever "this" is, for many years to come, like five or more.

The crowd of freaks and hangers on for a 10 minute return to the LD store this morning was another example of how insane they are. It seemed the big deal was to have me backtrack and "forget" to get the three or four items in logical order, and have at least one, sometimes five, Fuckwits placed around the store locations I wanted to go to. I bought three four-packs of incandescent light bulbs as they are going to be banned her before long, and I had this leather jacketed woman hanging around me, not really doing any shopping as she kept flitting from one item to the next, including said lightbulbs. I had a surge of three seeming independent Fuckwits coming at me when I entered, and the smoke blowing (cigarette puffing) wheelchair Fuckwit on my ass when I arrived back. The latter motorized wheelchair act was stationed in the lobby when I exited, and I cannot see why these Fuckwits need to come down and smoke in the open air lobby when every apartment has a balcony. Besides, the Postal Delivery and one of the regular building loiterers did a "pinch in" by constricting my exit from the stairwell, barely allowing sufficient space to pass through the door, and so it goes. Building egress is a matter of supreme national security it would seem, though more like, international security given the fact that this kind of harassment occurs all over the world, and in two countries I have come to experience.

I had a blonde woman gangstalker at the first outbound intersection, doing her strut, and again when in the LD store, another one. She did a side profile to show how chinless she was and then a lead-ahead gangstalk down the aisle, where for the second time, I didn't find what I was looking for. More were on me at the end of the aisle, and another one was on me at the lightbulbs, per above. My 2x reprise leather coated gangstalker was on me for a third time at the checkout, and second instance of a red and grey horizontal striped hoodie dude was also on me there, getting way to close as I found out, but somehow I didn't notice him cruising or creeping in.

It seems to be a continuing objective of the perps to set me up all to find something intended to not be found. Today they put on five gangstalkers when I discovered at this near permanent void in the shelves that there were no Milka bars. Then when in the aisle where the light bulbs weren't to be found, being sent down the wrong aisle as I would ordinarily of remembered, they had more Fuckwits on me. And what is the deal with leather bomber coats these days?

A forced nap immediately following putting on my dark olive green acrylic sweater earlier at 1600h. A 1.25 hour long nap when I don't need them seems to be important for the perps, particularly this time of year and in association with this particular sweater on, or having me put it on immediately after the nap.

And I still feel that I haven't fully awakened after the nap, being somewhat slowed down and feeling sludgy. Been there, done that, too often.

The sirens have just started up for whatever reason, and more and more it seems to be coincident with planted notions, in keeping with their long standing games.

A tight jeans day today; either they got shrunk, or else I got bigger, or both. The perps did draw me into getting size 34 in 09-2009, over a year ago, but seem to have expanded me some in the last two weeks to make tight fitting pants part of their game show. I maintain that the perps can regulate body fat and proportions to a fine degree, and that is what they seem to be doing. The shutdown on any kind of fitness, beyond yoga once/week continues. They made it quite plain in 2003 that I wasn't to go running, and no swimming in 2004. Back in the pre-overt/beserk harassment days 1999 to 04-2002, I could not understand why I couldn't lose weight when I was doing fitness 3x/week, and nor could I understand why I couldn't put in more than 8 minutes of treadmill running. So it seems the assholes were meddling with me then, and this round of some 8.5 yyears of insane abuse confirms this. When doing the gym training from 2006 to 2008, they would sometimes let me run on the treadmills, and one of their focuses was on being able to screw my body memory. If 10 km/h was about my running limit, they would fuck my recall and have me set it at 11 k/h and then be able to dither my sense of feeling that it was faster. Eventually they succeeded so I "didn't notice" I was running faster than usual.

A brutal hour of fighting the assholes who were locking and hanging this PC while music ripping tonight. Even the Task Manager wouldn't display mostly, and if it did, it didn't take any commands. And it wasn't just the browser that locked up and froze, it was two other programs I use for ripping and tagging, to use the lingo that I was uncomfortable with.

The whole idea of the above stunt seemed to get me screaming infuriated with the headphones on, (read, magnets at my ears), similar to what they did last night, but they allowed me to make progress then and didn't jerk me around until midnight or so. But tonight, they were all over me, locking up web pages and even stripping out the music player from Myspace for some five artists in succession, and then forcing me to delete them from my bookmarks list.

Before that, they pissed me around as I wanted to copy some CD files, WAV format like the originals onto a DVD disc and three different programs would not let me, and stalled out over needing a blank CD when all I had were DVD's. Unless I am missing something important, I don't see why I cannot copy WAV files as data onto a DVD. Another jerkaround or else a knowledge management constraint the assholes have put on me. The masers and plasma beams are busy tonight, making this almost unreadable, so I will blog off for now.

Another screaming rage show after I found out how to copy music WAV files onto a DVD as the assholes went and copied the wrong files onto the first DVD. Naturally, nothing of the progress panel indicated such, until I queried the DVD. The perps have constantly sabotaged me for every DVD or CD I have every made, and not many because of it. Some discs won't burn even if they should, and re-examining the specs on the DVD drive, and some files won't copy, and endless permutations of jerkarounds. Even specialized software for UFT-8 (?) won't work, and the support personnel don't know why. Relentless and insane fuckery over the dumbest things.

Cat Care Duty

 I have the ignominious duty of looking after my in-town brother's house kept cat while he is away in Thailand for the next four weeks. Cat care duty started today, with my perp-abetting mother coming along as she offered me a ride to get there, and then back to my place. Or, read in perp activity, come to gangstalk me while I was undertaking inaugural duties in cleaning cat dishes, and putting out new ones, and opening up the cat food and cleaning up his dirty sink. Not even a decent cleaning brush is to be had, so I don't know how he does his dishes.

I shouldn't of seemed too surprised last night on TV to see a program on cats, though I cannot recall exactly what it was, having been exposed to Byron Pitts of 60 Minutes last night, about the most disgusting sight on TV, looking like a real life alien, chinless as he seems. The perps tell me this is part of their traumatization emulation games, but I don't give a shit; if I don't like fugly faces I don't see why they have to keep putting them in my face.

And a stop at the local mall earlier as my mother's printer cartridge plugged up when half full, and a fair number of gangstalking vehicles as well as the dude-force swarms, them and their ballcaps. But the take-away silly sight was two dudes dressed in the same color coats, each getting out either side of the front seat of a vehicle in perfect unison/coordination, one blonde and the other redheaded. Like WTF; don't all these dudes have anything better to do than to pose to be seen for all of three seconds in a seeming "happenchance" glance, putting on the Unfavored redheads, coordinated dudes and adding a dash of Favored blonde-ness (though on females). But it seems the perps like to mix and match Favored and Unfavored features, and having worked me with female blondes (very Favored) gangstalkers for some eight years, plus prior setups with planted girlfriends (read, operatives), it would seem the perps wish to "borrow" some of the Favored features (blonde hair) to then augment their Unfavoreds, e.g. dudes without apparent job or task, but to loiter around or otherwise obviously look stupid and/or planted.

I am reading about Marilyn Monroe  from a used paperback (Godess, the Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe by Peter Evans), I bought before Christmas. The perps had started me on reading library books, (used books) back in the high intensity Fuckover years of 2002 and 2003, and had made sure I was heavily gangstalked at each library visitation. One book I got out had no prior borrowings and was a recent publication about a certain software titan. They would hound me with overhead noise all over my basement suite when I was reading, and eventually I had to give it up. So now, close to eight years later, they are testing me out again on reading used books, and presumably have arranged the prior borrowing personnel, very likely ones that I have encountered. And lo, if there isn't some pounding and clunking noises going on while I read these books, getting through my earmuffs. And I suppose the content is interesting for the perps, as they like to continue their grooming of JFK, RFK, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and the entire late 1950's to mid-1960's era. All those intrigues, hired detectives, all the spin-doctors and publicity machinations of the day, and here IMHO, was the perps lurking behind it all, if not manipulating the players. Or at least, some of the time, as I am sure they didn't have the mind controlling abilities that I have come to know and loathe since they went overt/beserk on me in 2002 and which I have seen progressively improved since then, me the first backtest subject as well as the source subject.

And here is a find that might be useful for the uninitiated TI, a Practical Survival Guide to OSEH (Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment). I don't know this person, but it is full of useful tips, and may do for newbies, not meaning any disrespect. The perps wouldn't let me read the article for more than the first line per paragraph, putting me into "skip read" mode when I didn't want to be. That is how it goes these days; not being allowed to read blogs and anything else that of direct interest.

The downside of doing above cat care duty is that I get to have the associated smells of my in-town brother's place, ostensibly from the cat dwelling there for as long as it has, suddenly jammed up my noise as high perp interest moments. Such interest moments are when I am considering bookmarking a job posting, reading the job posting or otherwise entertaining a posted job's possibility as a fit for me. As I have mentioned many times, the perps have an abiding interest in the concepts of employment (or not), work, remuneration (pay, benefits) and all else that one would consider in reviewing job postings. They have also have me stoked for warehouse and drilling jobs, even if I have no experience with either. That is in addition to GIS, the IT trio of business analyst, data modeler and data analyst, and of course my "new" (read, perp managed) trade, farm worker (and now, the vineyard variant), courtesy of local seasonal work. And as part of the online job viewing experience, with the odd bookmarking of a job that seems to offer prospects for consideration, I get noisestalked at key moments, say, while bookmarking. As one can tell, this is all over the map, and at a minimum, is keeping two career avenues going, IT related and the laboring thing they promote with long running ideations about as to where I would live (including relocating), how I would get to work and otherwise function. Just more of the same, and to date, besides farm laboring, there has been nothing of any substance from any of these other careers, despite my efforts to restart the IT work with recent Oracle database training. Other ideations are to dismiss the job search effort altogether, knowing that whatever job comes next is orchestrated after substantial planning initiaves, and will follow both the long term plans and the day-to-day script. Presently, I get my disability allowance, so it seems that seasonal or part time jobs are still important for the perps.

Music ripping and the vexation of finding a metadata (tag) editor. Time to blog off.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Face Cloth Energetics

I have detailed many perp instigated events over laundry, and the careful introduction of wearing one one fresh item at a time, then two (say, shirt and socks), and now they will allow a total fresh set of clothes to be worn. That only took eight years. And face cloths are even more scrutinized, used for shaving my face and front, the latter since 2008. The face cloth machinations haven't gone unnoticed, and in the past year, shaving has become more rage-ified with adverse provocations at every turn. And too, the background noise level has been amped up, and also timed to erupt when starting or finishing up a specific region. And there are endless noise event types as well, and some are likely tied to real events like the elevator moving up and down, some 8' through two concrete walls away. So.... the deal with the face cloths, and the tea towels also, was  an accumulation of brownish scuzz that was resistant to laundering, and finally after six months of this brown scuzz accretion, they allowed me to treat them with stain remover, which didn't work. So then it was Shout that was applied yesterday, and the four items were soaked, treated and laundered. And today, was the inaugural use of the face cloth, post-Shout treatment, and the perps were all over me for that with even more associated background noise; never has the elevator been busier on a Sunday morning than today. Must be all the residents (har, har) going to church for some reason. So it would seem that this latest introduction of a new product for me, and all its chemical ether considerations, and all its energetic qualities from manufacture through packaging and stocking in the store are coming to bear on this latest round of face cloth follies. And lo, if I don't get to take the face cloth to the First Feral Family house later today for my stayover tonight, and shaving tomorrow. That place being perennially out of face cloths and all the freaking disorganization over clean towels. On with the show.

No posting yesterday, even if I had plenty of time to do so, as it seems the perps are constraining my evenings while I am copying and compressing audio files from my CD collection, likely 300 in all. They like certain activities to occur at the same time while the disc is spinning in its drive, and that doesn't always include blogging. Last night they wanted me to read about PC power supplies, the so-called switching power supply. And lo, if they didn't wipe out all my saved browser tabs this morning so the article, read in many and short durations between attending to the CD "ripping" exercises and the attendant metadata ("tagging") activities, as well as them going wrong of course. So it would seem that the perps want me to gain knowledge, but only in small snippets interupted by other activities which includes spinning CD's in the PC's drive bay. I have mentioned in the past that knowledge aquisition seems to be a significant part of the perp agenda, and this would be an example of such, along with their props of having adjacent spinning discs (of plastic and aluminum). Don't ask me how it is all connected, but as it has been so consistent for the past month, it should be reported here to see if other TI's are getting significant adversity over CD copying and compressing, aka, ripping.

A round of getting Avast Antivirus (free) installed, and perused. So much of the software seems to be arranged to be TI (me, at least) adverse; lurid colors, endless upsell diversions, graphics confusion, and in Firefox, stripped out features like all important dialog boxes and activity launch buttons. This drives me to use IE for specific sites and web pages, which includes TIWorld Blogspot as all the edit commands, except Link, are stripped out.

I still haven' found an alternative to $50 J River Media Center that takes FLAC files and a logical graphical UI, so that maybe another expense to deal with. It is that time of year when they like to spawn a raft of expenses, needed or not, I don't have a choice as some kind of rationalization gets planted. The stick-in-my-craw pointless software expenditure of last year was the online backup Mozy service that couldn't get through the anti-virus software firewall, and they didn't seem too bothered by it when I brought it to their attention, and nor would they give me my money back. And why did I pay upfront and not try it out? Why, it must be the same remote influencing technologies that send me to the wrong drawer or cupboard in the kitchen as one example, even if I have lived here for over three years.

And that is it for today, as I will be heading out before long to do the First Feral Family visitation and the rest of the "Visit the Quislings" weekly stayover.

Friday, January 07, 2011

All Over Town

Yet another call from the ISP and cable company, attempting to get me to get TV service. I had told them I don't have a TV and don't want one at least a year ago, and the person said they would record that detail so I don't get called again. Such luck, and it seems that their calls are also timed for the moment like all the others. Moments like supreme interest in a particular product that I encounter online, or when updating my knowledge of something. Earlier, my mother called just after I had put a tortilla on to cook in the frypan, timed to get me out of the kitchen for a few minutes with the next ingredients out on the countertop.

And a major Fuckover day, with at least 30 rage-ifications, and double that for lesser jerkarounds. First my brother did his "hurry up" to arrive at his place by bus, the asshole reneging on giving me a ride. Then the city bus freakshow, ringed by at least six dudes who were heavy on the looking stupid act, one with the proverbial coffee in hand, aka the Coffee Corps. I got at least two unwarranted starings on the bus by passing Fuckwits. And the redcoats again, and even if it was still raining, at 2.5 days worth, some in red shirts no less and no umbrella. It seems they like to get close to me with the umbrella, bathing in its aqua blue color.

And maybe the perp excitement was all about getting me out after an night on my just-laundered bedsheets, in keeping with their fascination with my laundry and the seeming energetic effects of sleeping on it.

The perps even kept me in place as the bus was coming into the bus stop by having a coin leap out of my hand and at my feet, and then they dumped a large splash of water 6" up from the pants cuffs. Good trick that, as they could only pull it off by keeping me frozen so I would not get the coin while the bus was moving next to me.

I get the training session on caring for in-town brother's cat and house while he and his Thai girlfriend are on holidays for four weeks. I cannot imagine them travelling as they don't seem together in the first place. All the Christmastime advice he got was to cut her loose so he wouldn't be had up for spousal support of a common-in-law wife. He still doesn't get it, and has no idea of what a supportive spouse is like. Having had native Indian girlfriends and live-ins before, it seems to me it is all about the brown skin, on behalf of the perp's intense interest in the color brown, skin tones being part of their research.

Then my brother gives me a ride to the bus stop, and still no buses after 10 minutes, which if most odd for that route, so I suppose it was about the gangstalking wierds, one cretin in particular was doing his back and forths and then got progressively closer with each pass until I moved. Then a pink and red dressed gaudy act came to the bus stop, then a native Indian couple of obesers, and still no bus. And lo, if said in-town brother doesn't come by, and I get a ride downtown. Another major vehicular gangstalking show was on for the ride, and then he strangely pulls off to the L side of a one-way street to let me out into traffic packed around his vehicle, one being a trash hauling truck that also "happened" to be passing by the bus stop before he came. Then to the LD store to get a bus pass, replete with untold numbers of Fuckwits, though not a bad as last night. I get my consort of dudes in and out of the store, especially before entering and exiting, with one in lead-ahead gangstalk mode when I departed. Regular readers will know that the perps also have an insane obsession over my wallet contents and the plastic cards in it, and of course, the magnetic stripe on some of them, the monthly bus pass being one. I haven't had a bus pass since 10-01-2010, three months, so I suppose this was sufficient "fallow time" to try it again for whatever the fuck they are looking for. I have had inumerable wallet thefts in the past, and they still won't come out of the closet and declare what is so fascinating about my wallet contents, especially the colored bills we have here. In the past month, they let me have red $50 bills in my wallet, the first time since 2003 when the ATM's suddenly stopped dispensing them.

Then back to my place with my gangstalking entourage and just-stand-theres (with coffee in hand), and even door service and lobby gangstalking in place before I took the stairs up to my sixth floor apartment. I had an early lunch as I had a doctor's appointment at 1300h, so back to the city bus freakshow again.

Then I got screwed in having the correct lunch ingredients on hand, more cognitive sabotage, "thinking" I had tortillas on hand which I didn't, only a frozen package and no microwave to thaw them. By then the oil was heating up in the frypan, so I had to settle for the meat and tapenade ingredients only. I have been through this many times, when back in 2006 it would never happen as they then couldn't screw with my recall as to what food I had on hand in the kitchen. Now, they can screw with my recall of every specific kind and duration (short, medium or long term).

Then with new bus pass in my wallet, I waited for the bus to then get a double decker freakshow, with some relief on the upper deck. It is like being a Fellini movie and seeing all these oddities assembled in one location. Then the dudes started arriving stop by stop until ringing me again, one also doing coughing duty, timed to bus noises. And after pressing the "next stop" button I didn't get a bell sound, and when in the aisle to see if the light was on, why a Fuckwit was coming at me and blocking the light for "next stop". Nicely arranged by stopping the bell from ringing. So I had to sidestep this Fuckwit in white camo and blue shoes, surely another arrangement, as they had a white camo coated woman next to me at the bus stop who arrived noiselessly to then sit on the bench with a significant vibration.

Then a trail of four dudes outside the doctor's office, and then at least that many again inside, one on just-stand-there duty with his brown outfit and his red ballcap in hand, standing in the middle of the reception area. And as it "so happened", the appointment date got screwed with, and it was for the 17th and not the 07th, and so this jaunt across town was totally pointless from my perspective. All to have me use the bus and pay with coins, and then a in-town brother visit to get me more exposure in advance of getting the bus pass, and then a bus pass paid trip going the opposite direction, and all for naught.

I walked back into downtown as there was an inexplicable lack of buses returning, though choked with waiting passengers (read, Fuckwit gangstalkers) at the bus stops. At one location a Fuckwit was standing in mid-sidewalk bending over and attending to his grocery bags at his feet. He then stood up to putz with his cell phone as I got closer. I walk past this freak another 40' to the intersection and wait for the traffic signal. And when in mid-crossing, the Fuckwit runs up behind me scaring the shit out of me, making out that he wanted to get across faster than I did, all for him to wait at the adjacent traffic light. Then he tails me from the other side of the street for one block.

Then to the local supermarket, with my brown dressed entourage in front of me, and a dude cluster at the front entrance. I go extra distance to get a shopping basket because some fucker's ass was next the usual stack, and then went onto the tortilla section. I had to pass through the cooked chicken counter, and there was this trio of dudes each in ballcaps, mustering in some choreography. I attempted to get through, but was obstructed, and had to wait for these total wierds, all about the same height and build, and pretending to shop while they did their clusterfuck dance. I have been swarmed before, and I suppose this was the first in-store swarming with such a uniform looking crowd. Anyhow, I made various trips back across the store due to "shortages", Fuckwits on my ass or pre-stationed where I intended to go. Anyhow, I was glad to get out of there.

Continuing adversity with objects pulled from my grasp, water flickings, and so many things "going wrong". At least 50 rage-ifications today, screaming at the assholes at every turn due to provocational extra-conventional abuses.

Even tonight's CD copying and compressing efforts have been fucked with software glitches and never-before behaviors, often forcing me to do things differently, as well as "errors" in file naming, metadata naming. A fucking brutal day, and I am still intensely pissed over all this insane adversity I am being put through.

Biblical Rain

Two days of constant rain for Victoria is most uncharacteristic, though not uncommon for the nearby metropolis of Vancouver, across the waterway of the Straight of Georgia. And regular readers will know that I believe that a number of weather events seem to be arranged around my circumstances, say light rain onset as I exit the same supermarket twice in two weeks, when it was sunny when I entered the store. Other rain onsets when departing the First Feral Family home by vehicle was occuring with significant regularity last year, at least 5x in succession over as many weeks. And my perp-abetting mother also talks it up, knowing I am not going to engage in any conspiracy-speak with her.

Interesting that the perps let me get busy on paper sorting, filing and tossing as well as my visiting my locker to take file boxes there, and retrieve some 150 CD's for digitizing on this here PC. Altogether, a most productive day, and not much remaining time for blogging and online putzing/web surfing, my typical lot in (my controlled and orchestrated) life. They did let me go two blocks to the ATM and deposit a check, and then have me visit the office products store on the way back to get file boxes, aka, brown cardboard printed with white, red-brown and black tones, a standard product. And said boxes in flat package form did strangely slip around under my arm, also a big perp gangstalk objective, having me use my umbrella hand to aid the other one. It was the debut of rainy weather use of this Blunt umbrella, the one I had to have all the way from New Zealand, ordered late spring in 2010 and not used for rain, only fake-out rain conditions until yesterday. And having this aqua blue umbrella seems to be a big deal, as they put the gangstalking assholes closer to me so they too might get under it momentarily. One E. Indian woman in a white coat got particular close, oncoming and looking sideways as we both approached a sidewalk constriction, and she even flinched from my umbrella getting to close, even if safely overhead and with no eye-snagging points on it. This was just after the shiftless negro male standing elevated on some stairs was in just-stand-there mode, dressed in black and white. And have I mentioned how much I loathe the sight of white pants, especially loose ones?,- and yet even in winter the white pants wearers/gangstalkers have come on strong.

It was yoga that got me out today, back to the Thursday class again for the bodacious blonde Hilary Swank-like instructor. She first hides herself behind these narrow black framed glasses, and takes them off some 10 min. into the class. Initial face hiding isn't anything new to me, as this "habit" erupted when the perps went overt/beserk on me in 2002 and have kept up the abuse and harassment ever since.

The road traffic noise on wet pavement brings a hiss noise to it, and I suppose one day of it when working on papers and cardboard (yesterday), and then doing spine flexing activity (yoga) the next, is just the perfect noise coordination they are looking for. As mentioned many times in this blog, spine flexing is a big deal, and seems to be the most significant constant in ambulatory perp behavior; looking sideways while going forward, looking up at things of no significance and the rest of their strange public goings on. (Crouching down is another, often playing up the wacko cum deranged bullshit). Even drivers of vehicles often will look in the opposite direction to which they are turning, making for even more hilarity in public perp behavior. That they have their Fuckwits do 360 degree sidewalk spins isn't new either, with the asshole giving me a stare at the conclusion of this epic derangement. So on with the show, and it seems I will be apartment bound for the rest of the day, keeping company with my just-laundered sheets now on my bed.

I got a triple interuption while making the bed with the just-laundered sheets this morning. The gratuitous red post office van was parked outside, and so I got mind-fucked into getting the camera to take a picture, but it was gone by then in typical piece of adroit coordination. I had put the camera back, and was fluttering the top sheet to lay it down, when in-town brother phoned for making vague arrangements as to meeting him either this afternoon (now unlikely), tomorrow morning (Friday) and again on Saturday. In the latter case he asked me if I would drive him and his girlfriend to the airport and I said I would (his vehicle), and then he tells me he isn't flying to Vancouver but overland to Surrey BC to stay with said girlfriend's friend overnight, in preparation for a Sunday (Jan. 09) departure from Vancouver to Bankok, Thailand. He is on a four week vacation with his Thai girlfriend, though how friendly she is can be debated. Another brown girl, a follow-on from his native Indian ones. As in perp abetting brown color testing, especially skin tones, if you follow me and all the invective I have over the perps and their senseless obsession with all things brown, especially those same colored substances in us. (And by extension, the extreme and relentless harassment when I take a shit, every one since 04-2002, when the in-apartment perp blocked my toilet with a balloon. And is also the central reason they have planted this 3x/day chocolate eating "habit" on me).

A tool use web browing just done; the perps encourage my interest in tools, but when it comes to the reality of using them, they screw me over bit time, no pun intended. They can even mess my head such that I cannot tell if a level is level or not, or which end needs to be raised; bubble at the front or the back of the spirit bubble line. Needless to say, I am much more wary on taking on projects of any size. I had a wood handle of a cleaning brush that I wanted to put an eyelet in so it could be hung up vertically from a hook. I secured it to my table with two clamps and I tested it to make sure it was secure. As soon as I took the drill to the end of the handle, the clamps and handle all moved together, as if a 1/16" drill could move it, which it couldn't of, having tested it with my hand. Just another example of the ongoing bullshit I have to deal with, the extraconventional physicality bubble containment.

Busy with reading Jackie, Ethel, Joan -the Kennedy sisters-in-law, and getting hammered with planted emotional wracking that is the perp's trademark abuse. I don't get emo-trashed from books, and rarely from film, and never for TV, and yet this goes on all the time now. My new planted emotional angst, has been considerably elevated from my normal baseline unemotional self, and it better come back the way it was, because I don't know how I will be able survive the real bullshit that will doubtless come. They attempted their manipulations in 2003 in what was likely a staged funeral for Ms. C's mother, but since about 2007, they can now access my emotional center and manipulate it at ease. And I don't like what they have done one fucking bit.

A total Windows 7 crash a few minutes ago, not even Task Manager, normally the last possible application to go down, was accessible. So, the one finger MS salute; hold down on the physical switch until it shuts off at the box. This stunt was pulled while Iris Dement was playing, and I was copying and compressing the last CD of the evening. Anyhow, all part of the slings and arrows of being a contained victim of senseless extra-conventional abuse.

More games with font sizes tonight as well; bolding some letters and not others, unlike the usual Google search of whole words being bolded. On and on it goes.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Start Up the Vacuum Cleaner

The apparent new management of this apartment building is heavy on the vacuuming, especially outside my door, as if I haven't had enough of that particular noise and phenomenon intrusion for the past eight years. From extra suck-trucks to mobile vacuum services to the vaccum cleaner, all bringing vortex action to the TI, me in particular. And the new flavor of operation is to have multiple interuptions with hallway chat. That EM spike from turning motors on and off, interspersed with amygdala processing specific banter. It seems from the myriad stunts around vacuum cleaners, from truck size drain cleaner machines on down, the harassment technologies are enhanced by localized vortices, giving credence to the many esteemed researchers' (Kozyrev, Nachalov) theories that never seem to get the respect they deserve. Makes we wonder about science, especially when it goes into vituperative convulsions over, say, "cold fusion", whose main "crime" wasy being assigned the wrong name, getting unrelenting condemmation from the supposed objective scientific thinkers of our age. Others have noted in hindsight, that Fleischmann and Pons should of got a Nobel Prize for discovering a new energy source, but  lets not go on another conspiratorial round. My all time favorite example of scientific self-denial/avoidance is the paper, "How I Control Gravititation", by Thomas Townsend Brown in 1929. It should of rattled the scientific establishment and taken science in a whole different direction, but instead, sits ignored as a curiousity. And so it goes; you have heard me before on this topic. Funny how it keeps coming back.

I got some "sticky" gangstalkers this morning, ones that kept on re-appearing at each aisle and location checkout, this roundelay of Fuckwits and their particular Unfavored aspects; two large women, the shiftless semi-vagrant males, the curly haired and the geriatric open mouthers as some examples. Then one houndog on my ass at LD reprised himself twice more at the local supermarket, as I made a rare double shopping trip, getting the Rx filled, (now replete with both red AND yellow warning labels on the bottles), getting chocolate, new trays for the cleaning sponges as the prior ones erupted with rust "from" their four small chromed rivets, milk and other items. For weeks the perps have been fouling my face cloths with scuzz that won't come off in the laundry, and then skunked me out of getting bleach at the LD store today, and then "forgetted" me about getting an alternative at the supermarket, usually having a small selection of "green" products that LD doesn't. All these planted notions over the past three weeks, and one unsuccessful attempt, to get my white items white again, and then they screw me around over aquiring the bleaching solution. The perps tell me that bleach is too overpowering for the chemical ether; ask me if I care.

An hour nap from 1600 to 1700h; the same deal as the past four naps,- put-on-the-deep-olive-green-sweater either before or after the nap. This week's T-shirt color is navy blue, last week was black, so it would seem the perps are using their very favorite entre colors to continue their games of garment color combinations. That my mattress is a deep navy blue also helps their cause, and I can be sure that early stage gangstalkers are wearing these colors, as well as packing yellow envelopes or wood.

This morning's exit from the building was a total jerkaround, with the red-coated Fuckwit bantering with the managers at their lobby office with another red-dressed Fuckwit still remaining, who then departs just ahead of me, and then they call him back so he puts on the dither in the open doorway, blocking my egress at first for at least 3 seconds, and finally responds to me standing there with a grimace and thinking "fucking asshole", to begrudgingly allow me personal space to exit the building. Just another doorway antic, this time in red and a red reference Fuckwit left in place. No doubt they were there for a half hour or longer if past knowledge of their games is accurate.

Other goings on have been the hallway banter outside my door later, and it even was ramped up when I did laundry in the laundry room. For some reason someone had left the ordinarily locked door open for me to hear the dude talk (banter) from the supposed tenants in nearby apartments. Regular readers will know that I contend there are no tenants in this 140 suite building, as it is consistent with past locations that were bereft of tenants, especially in adjacent apartments. (And most notable for fire emergencies that once erupted with regularity). Whatever it is that they are beaming at me at whatever intensity it is, they don't want anyone else around me for overnight. Even the neighbors around the First Feral Family house seem strangely absent when I visit on my usual Sunday afternoon through Monday morning. And I know they are beaming me magnetic energy, as I measured the magnetic field in 2008 to be over 1600 Gauss, up from 200 Gauss in 12-2002. Though I suspect there is much more to being irradiated as I appear to be, possibly unconventional energetics, though not ionizing radiation (apha, beta gamma etc).

Onto more music tonight, and I will blog-off for now.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Red & Yellow Dressed Negroes on the Bus

A city bus, (read, mobile gangstalk platform), freakshow this afternoon, and how. The two deep-black negroes that frequent the neighborhood were wearing red and yellow tops; talk about a red rag to a bull. I loathe red, and I loathe bright yellow, and I especially loathe the combination. Add in two male negroes (very high on the Unfavored list), and each of them wearing one color, and then putting them together across on the othe side of the bus aisle, where they fucked me into a transverse seat, and made sure I saw this ketchup and mustard show far more than I wanted. I turned some to look forward and eliminate them from my peripherial vision, but that plan got messed with as they sat someone beside me. They were on for about five stops and could of walked, but that doesn't stop the perps from putting on a freak show. And they even had others come from the front of the bus to the rear to sit where the red negro sat, and the woman beside me sat where the yellow one sat, across the aisle. Other bus bullshit were two dudes, serially, sitting next to me, both of hyperactive and with tendencies to nudge me, something that erupts every fucking time someone sits beside me on the bus. Fucking bullshit, not forgetting the negro that shoved me in the summer, and then tailed me to the farm job worksite, and even giving me another shove there to keep his agitating cred up.

Anyhow, I dropped off the Rx on the way back at the LD store, another major clusterfuck of gangstalkers in progress. It is a huge deal when any bill or other item is removed from my wallet, and in this case, the Rx paper had been next to the red $50 bill, and I suppose that must of been very exciting for the assholes. And they made sure to cover me with Fuckwits for the short walk back to this apartment, where the managers engaged me in a short conversation about my locker, something that had been in mind for the past two weeks or so, as I want to get the rest of the CD's out so I can convert them into digital files. Funny how the perps always know what is topical for me and have others bring it out through their set ups, most of which seem natural enough.

Overhead pounding some 10 minutes after tea-time with chocolate. That I have my earmuffs on doesn't make any difference, and even pounding the floor and shaking me in my seat is fair game too. On with the Monday show, and all the perp inanity it brings.
Other current action is to have male bellowing, like some kind of growling, all to make sure I am in an extra-alert state.

A in-apartment evening, even if I wanted to go to the LD store for my Rx and chocolate, as I am out. But no, a rare chocolate-less evening, and ditto for tomorrow's breakfast. They must be testing me for brown color irradiance without their props/games of having me eat chocolate. As if I haven't eaten enough this Christmas season, as it has been abounding at the First Feral Family house, and all the better that it be filled with odd colors, particularly red. They tried me on a mint green earlier, and white chocolate with regular chocolate filling. I didn't eat the chocolate with the red lines across it as I thought it was gross, and one can be sure they will try that again.

An evening spent putzing in attempting to convert music CD WAV files to Apple Lossless, to no avail, as I don't have an Apple. My daughter expressed an interest in Neko Case, so I will get the WAV files to her, but first I had to go through the machinations of Tag Scanner, Songbird, Winamp and Media Center to get the metadata, aka, "tags" (dumbshit name) attached. All that wasn't enough, as I ended up doing a copy/paste from Amazon on one of the two albums, and a manual fill in from the CD booklet on the other. It is very important to the perp assholes as to where I get my information from, and the nature of it (booklet, online, web metadata insertion etc), which explains why something so freaking simple becomes an evening-long adversity. Then metadata overwrite "happened" between the FLAC file and the WAV file, and other managed hiccups along the way. So back to modifying the artist name to prevent that, as Media Center, the best of the bunch, managed to interleave the FLAC and WAV song listings, making it problematic to select each kind separately. Thankfully I can get to the files, by Artist, by Album all separately, and so I could mess with the Artist name to make the WAV files appear as separate. All very complicated, and one can be sure the utmost effort was expended to make it be as problematic as possible.

Enough for a Monday, and to ponder how long they are going to keep me up, as this is a regular event post-FFF stayovers.