Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Perps 2008 Accomplishments From the Victim's Perspective

A slack day today, mostly online and troving through year end "best" lists. I had my noise barrages, often repeating a cycle of hallway door thumping and clicking, then loud mufflered vehicles outside, then annoying whines to have me put the earmuffs on, then overhead clunking and rumbling to then penetrate the ear muffs. Same cycle of noise both before and after lunch.

Onto what the perps learned about mind control in 2008. I was dead wrong at the end of last year thinking that they had completed the job, as they had faked me out for the preceding weeks at the end of the year. The biggest tip-off that they are still active is when there is ongoing, repetitive and consistent noisestalking (coincident noise or other phenomenon) when engaging in mental tasks. As far as I can tell, with the usual caveat that they could be faking all of this, here is the 2008 nonconsensual mind control research progress report:
  • they can now invade my dreams and defeat the protective neural circuitry that kicks in and gets me out of bad dreams. This is becoming a serious harassment method of late,
  • they can subvert and plant "self talk" almost 100%, save the odd judgemental thought/rebuke like "asshole", "jerk" in response to their provocations,
  • they are still working on brainstem area attention control; this is not 100% externally controllable yet, but they noisestalk me everytime my attention is redirected to something more important or relevant,
  • they can now defeat and control "body memory", the situation of no conscious recall except when the body does the same activity and one remembers somatically,
  • in a never-before mental manipulation, they can now have me "forget" to cross my "t's" when handwriting, "losing track" of which upright letter to cross,
  • another invasive mental manipulation is to be able to visually parse objects in my view and then accord them greater valence for no known reason; the example was last weekend during the 60 Minutes recap of Barack Obama and they parsed his face out of the head shot and then somehow manipulated so that it was more noticed (accorded more cognitive attention by direct neural manipulation) than the rest of his head and the remaining objects and persons in the image as shown on the TV,
  • they can now defeat and control my knowledge of lighting changing or not what it was previously, hence they jerked with the lighting, knocking out a bulb and I "didn't notice", that is, my knowledge of the usual light levels was fucked with,
  • they are still working on control of subconscious thoughts, usually detectable when they plant bullshit scenarios that I am only vaguely aware of and as soon as I reject the logic of these planted thoughts and think "bullshit", a noise will fire off, often with a simultaneous plasma light flash,
It is all too grim to say the least, and they won't be content with 100% mind control as they are still arranging their color games. Tonight on the cleaning job they had the boss man and a just departing salesman in a vehicle having a confab outside with the garage door open while I was dealing with the brown plastic mop bucket and cleaning the sand out of it 50' away. Regular readers will know the perps are totally obsessed with presenting me with brown colors and plastics too, so this was a double objective stunt.

And they are still busy in presenting the Unfavored, the likely triggers for long ago traumatizations the fuckers must of applied to me and then wiped my recall thinking they had covered their tracks. Wrongo, and they are still at it, attempting remediation of traumatizations they inflicted and they haven't bothered to ask me if I want this. The answer is that I am fine how I am and don't need any nonconsensually applied remediation whatsoever from any party, especially one that has my eternal derision for being so fucking stupid in the first place and then compounding the problem by taking the most arduous and obdurate remediation path possible. Hence 6.5 years of fucking hell as an overtly harassed targeted individual while they pretend that it isn't them, normally providing a cover story for all the antics and provocations they undertake to re-stimulate these distant subconscious memories as well as to provoke me into vocalizing my scorn, and even escalating the abuse to elicit screaming rage. (At least 50 times per day, and getting worse).

And I note of late that the perps are running black colored vehicles with matte black wheels and dark tinted glass and assigning (or eliciting) a negative "reaction" to the event. Could it be that I have subconscious traumatizations from seeing vehicles that fit the description of being military owned and operated?

Another traumatization the fuckers told me about, and I would of never figured it out on my own, is viewing the activity of someone mopping floors, likely something they would do in an institutional setting. And of course I actually get to mop floors myself with this one hour per day janitorial assistant job in a nearby car dealership. When the fuckers illegally incarcerated me in hospital for no organic condition in 2003, they made sure that I saw plenty of floor mopping by the seeming diligent janitorial staff, all to no benefit as it turned out, just like the entire stay, later viewed by the doctor as "persecution". Which is what I told him in the first place, as if he didn't know, getting a nice contract to work for the military after seeing me.

Other action today was that they had a party of four tail me from 50' outside my apartment building and then "happen" to end up walking through the car dealership lot where I was waiting for the boss man with the key to get in. And lo, if on the way back another tail was on me, and "happened" to reprise again outside this apartment block and accompanied me into the elevator. They also had two Asians in the lobby standing around, one on a cell phone and had three large, 4'x2'x1.5' black soft sided suitcases stacked on end in a triangle formation in the lobby. I suppose the cover story was that two Asians were waiting for someone to pick them up as the third Asian gave me the stare when she exited the building as I was about to enter it, and the above mentioned male Fuckwit tail behind me as it turned out as they made sure I didn't hear him when normally I do.

And lo, if the hot water "problems" of this apartment block haven't erupted today and will take three weeks to repair. Read, more temperature manipulations and fuckery. Just another year of unstinting abuse ahead, just like this one.

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