Thursday, July 18, 2019

Turn Up the Gangstalking

What is with the intensified gangstalking these last two days? And the added pit-lamping, the headlights aimed at me at every turn in the road, at my vehicle egress (entrances and exits), building entrances and exits etc.

Nothing too weird on the vineyard workplace front, save this infernal dog that "somehow" has it in for me, and me alone, putting up a ferocious front if I "happen" to be nearby. Today it was three events as it hung around at the property gate awaiting the return of the owners. They left the dog behind but in the care of someone nearby who drives in with their very loud and ill-maintained muffler. (Don't we know that one; in this case a later model sedan that for "some reason" hasn't fixed their muffler in over a year, and often does noisestalking passes around the vineyard. Now, it gets to drive into the vineyard on ostensible dog care duty to put on more of the same loathsome noise, just closer in).

Said dog will go flying past other workers it doesn't know well, and then puts on ferocious barking, even baring its teeth today. Even if it has a frisbee in its mouth from a game with the owner's family, the dog will bark at me with the frisbee still stuck in its mouth. I think I will call the dog "Pepper Spray" and maybe the owners will get the hint. As if they don't know; I told them, and they have seen the fucking animal taking a beeline for me to suddenly traumatize the shit out of me, and all I get is this loopy grin. Or else the dog is mind fucked and is programmed for TI harassment, and they know this and of course, cannot do anything. At best, they don't give a shit.

All I hope is that I don't get a leg full of teeth, as the dog can operate in stealth mode, and now with the vine canopy reaching full height, it can get in close without me seeing it further out. And it knows it, as it is a German shepard x labrador, and is smart enough to know the score. And too, it seems to operate in auto-harassment mode; laying on the barking close in, say 10' or less, then wanders off not looking at me with its tongue hanging out. It too, has the "Fuck the Victim, and Fuck the Victim More" streak that is so impressively delivered by the Psychopaths in all other capacities, all the time. Just get me out of here; I have had enough. Now at 17 years of insane and relentless Psychopathic abuse, and now I have a deranged canine to contend with at my workplace.

Back to the lead item; tonight's venture to local organic store begat a procession of red, and a single brown vehicle ahead of me, leading and taking the same turns as I do when most folks don't take that route. The brown vehicle must of got too annoying, (I loathe brown colors) and they had it turn off early, while the deep reds proceeded ahead of me. Then the wacko in the truck who somehow "needed" to make a L turn into the R lane (behind me, after I made a R turn) coming from the opposite direction. Like WTF; the road traffic rule is that you turn into the L lane, and then change lanes if need be. I have never seen something quite so strange driving-wise, and in saying that, I am sure there will be more weirdness to come.

Then after entering the store, and in the supplements section, and looking for an item, a blonde customer service woman is leading this brown shirted dude with orange disposable gloves, and they immediately need to get by, and walk over just where I was. At least I got an "excuse me" out of the deal this time. Elsewhere in the store, other Fuckwits popped out from the aisle ends in this long running stunt of posted stalking Fuckwits at my every turn, especially at store aisle ends. Then the regular cashier woman "happens" to arrive 4' away while I was at the chocolate section, standing around and eventually selecting an item. Then at the checkout, why, it is the same brown shirted dude in the orange gloves again, a first time (for me) cashier. Where do they get these bozos, and why must they walk on the very ground I am standing on in advance of another long standing Fuckover theme, making a financial transaction? Haven't we had enough brownstalking these past 17 years of this senseless and relentless abuse-athon? Seemingly not.

A white vehicle tail on me most of the way home, following me 90% of my route, again an irregular one, and hot on my ass until the last block. All of the above fuckery for a 8 minute trip to the local organics store, and maybe a whole 10 minutes in the wretched place (as it is coming to be), and the same trip duration on the way back. An exercise in targeted hell for a Prisoner in Disguise. Well done assholes.

And what is it about the Psychopaths they they need to sabotage the repair effort to deal with an original sabotage event of theirs? This theme plays out countless times, and became immediately apparent since they first went berserk/overt in 04-2002. That is, they invaded my apartment with unconventional weapons and measures, later deployed personnel inside, and have since kept up this abuse-athon ever since. This time, the very reliable track lighting, after  two years of continuous service and zero handling of the lighting since installation, "happened" to go out on one side of a "T" junction. I took it down recently, examined it, and determined that "somehow" by cutting it short by a few inches, that the internal track wire was cut a half inch too short as it moves inside an insulated sleeve that itself also moves inside the track. To fix it, I need to insert a half inch of 14 gauge wire in each of the two track inserts to stop the wire shifting upon installation. I find a 6" piece of 14 gauge scrap trellis wire at work, and put it in my pack on other items. I get home, and lo, if it hasn't "disappeared". I cannot count the times that "sabotage on sabotage" (repairs) has "happened" since 04-2002, but suffice to say, this had never occurred to my recollection before then, and is now of a consistent Fuckover (harassment) frequency. I would give this particular abuse escalation at least two orders of magnitude since The Day of Abusive Infamy, 04-2002.

I worked to 1300h, and then a dental appointment. A big one, as my two implant teeth (side by side), finally get installed. After nearly two years with a two tooth gap, and $11k, dental surgery, I get two new teeth. Not quite so fast though; the dentist had trouble with her torque wrench, and could not get it engaged. I offered to help her, but she wasn't much use as she was flipping it around so much. She called the rep, to no avail, and then the local dental surgeon. He offered to help her out, and so I ended up being the go-between, taking her torque wrench to him, he examining my implant caps, taking an X-ray, and he backing off the caps with his torque wrench. He "fixed" her torque wrench (identical make and model), right there, adjusting something on it, and so I took both the dentist's torque wrenches back to the first dentist so she could continue. Which she did, professionally, and even added some material on one implant tooth to get the bit right.

A sunny day, but lo, if a sudden rain didn't come on as I was setting off in mid-dental appointment to the dental surgeon, as "wrench runner", per above. As if the sudden rain onset timing wasn't enough, the traffic volume had one of those sudden and unexpected increases for that time of day, about 1430h. And too, the crazy assed driving also erupted on the slick streets; a woman goes full speed through a just-red traffic light, just as I was thinking of making a left turn at this intersection. But no, I waited an extra cycle. In this town there is at least a two second lag such that it is red in all directions before the traffic control goes green. So this person actually ran a red at considerable speed on rain slicked road surface, as it would seem that running a yellow light just wouldn't do. (See analysis below). I don't think I have ever seen such stupid driving in the rain, even in Vancouver for all the time I lived there and its substantially greater rain. (And too, Vancouver traffic behavior also goes extra stupid in the rain, but not nearly at the risk level this idiot woman was taking, or more like, participating in).

And do the perps ever love to jerk my ass, gangstalk me or just plain fuck with me when making a decision. And I was planning to turn L at the yellow light until the above mentioned crazy bitch ran the red in the oncoming direction. A decision deferred, until the next traffic cycle when there was an advance L turn signal. And here we have it again, hounding my ass in this senseless and relentless abuse-athon for 17 years, and a prior 47 years of covert orchestration and fuckery, and bazillions of drivers every day making decisions world wide as to making turns, etc. with respect to traffic controsl, and here are the Psychopaths hounding my ass over a driving decision in mid-dental appointment. (A peculiar touch to say the least, as how many dental patients end up driving between dentists during their appointment to accommodate the dentist's tool use problems). Bring on the coincidences some more.

Day off, laundry, a stalking show, as it is never that busy. And lo, if the landlord wasn't there picking up laundry, bedding kind of stuff that one cannot do at home. etc.

This after a round of noisestalking outside my place, a particular single engine aircraft being most notable. Said noisestalking included the landlord on his cell phone. (Like WTF; does he really need to go outside in his backyard to take a cell phone call when he can see me there and knows I can hear him?)  That stalking vignette drove me inside just as I was finishing reading the book, "The Many Worlds of Hugh Everett III" by Peter Byrne. Originally Hugh Everett's thesis was titled "Quantum Mechanics by the Method of the Universal Wave Function" in 1957, which was later subverted and redirected by his thesis advisor, Dr. John Wheeler, who was an follower of Neils Bohr, the reigning quantum mechanics theorist. And it just might be discovering the Universal Wave Function is what the Psychopaths are pursuing at considerable personal expense..

Heavy aircraft coverage overhead today, mostly fixed wing as there is a visitation from some WWII bombers, and lo, if that same infernal single engine fixed wing didn't join the fray, noisy as hell, doing repeated turns overhead.

A 10 hour sleep last night, and a 1.5 hour nap attack later today, just as I came inside after dealing with the aforementioned noisestalking and reading of the book, per above. In fact, I finished the written portion, and turned onto the Glossary when all the above noise shit came down. Refining their craft it seems; choosing the very moment between different components of the written word, and for all I know, the Glossary could of been written by someone else. Another task completion stalking/noise eruption IMHO, another Fuckover Feature that the Psychopaths came to teach me by considerable repetition.

It is interesting that Information Theory, (whatever that is exactly) is by some quantum energy researchers, included in Quantum Energy Dynamics, (QED), though not fully articulated in The Many Worlds of Hugh Everett III. And it is interesting that the Psychopaths had me deeply involved in relational database design for twelve years, 1989-2002, then summarily cut me off with their berserk/overt intrusion of 04-2002. And they have never, ever, let me come close to getting back to IT, even if I took Oracle upgrade courses in 2008. Well done assholes; lets have an over-educated farm worker and not let him even get a toe hold on advancing in the business. All the better to fuck the shit out of him, and in earning so little, we can control him al the more.

As much as I like a certain browser, and they are at least 5 years behind on getting open  tabs synchronized across devices, they now have this as a feature. After  a week of the spare PC operating because of the boot problem, the regular PC is back in action. And with both PCs running, do you think that I can synchronize tabs? Fuck no; we have all the commands and stated features, and you can synchronize a tab at a time, but if you think you want the convenience of getting one box back up to speed with all the open tabs of the intervening week on the other (spare) box, why hell no. All the above was good for a half hour of screaming at the assholes, and/or the browser maker. It will be a long time before the hamfisted, dumbed down, and/or technocentric ethos of MS, Google and their ilk will ever get to the usability level of Apple. Another 20 years I reckon. Though MS is starting to wake up, and is trying, and even has the "Move" command in the dialog box now (in some places- tentative, per usual), something they could of done for us long term command line VMS and Unix users when we got stiffed with the MS Windows platform (v. 3.1) by way of corporate imposition of the standard desktop way back when. I don't think MS's usability credibility will ever recover in the minds of those who were using Unix workstations (non-Intel CPU) before they were thrown under the bus for the sake of corporate desktop uniformity. Not that the management did shit either; they just rolled over like nearly all of them. One shoe fits all, from power workstation users (me, and most of my colleagues) to the office secretary in the eyes of our workplace IT clowns. A sabotage and scoot job, and it does make me wonder how all of my IT colleagues knew to invest in MS back then (1990), and eventually make a personal bundle. I thought Windows desktop was utter shit then, and never thought it would go the near full corporate saturation level it did. There is more elected/selected differences between Apple and MS and how they each fumbled and stumbled and succeeded  along the way, with the former making a comeback via mobile platforms that "somehow" the Embalmer never quite figured out, including the idiocy of embracing the closed Symbian platform. All water under the bridge I suppose, and perhaps easier to note in hindsight.

I remember seeing the Embalmer (Steve Balmer, MS CEO at the time) on a TV interview about in 2004, and repeating the phrase, "controlling and ensuring the user's full Windows experience" at least three times, as his defense of MS's monopoly and closed platform. Yeah right; screaming at the MS Windows OS for 30 minutes at least 3x/week because it was an (advanced) feature-deprived clunky mess, bloatware in other respects, and an interface jungle pandering to dumb-shits. I still reckon I should be a one person benchmark for GUI usability and comprehensibility for those over an IQ of 100 (LOL)!  After one "grows up" on the semantic and interface consistency and predictability of IBM and DEC mainframes, and later Unix workstation GUIs, turning over GUI interface and new platform architecture to the kids who knew only DOS was a paradigm shift into the toilet. Only Apple was the bright light on the GUI interface at first, though Jobs wasn't cut out for development of a corporate level OS. That Linux has since come to the fore, as a corporate back-end at least, is another bright light. I suppose there are books on the 1990's workplace desktop, OS and GUI wars, and perhaps one day I will investigate that.

A whole four days has passed by and I haven't attended to getting this posted on the usual Sunday night. Funny how that "happens", these sudden blasts of lassitude for no apparent reason. So without further ado, here is the posting.

Sunday, July 07, 2019

Two to the Power of Six + 1

That makes me 65 yo. now, a TI pensioner, still a Prisoner in Disguise. No harassment  reprieve for pensioners as I have come to know. Not that I expected any different, having been through 50, 60 and now 65 yo. and no let up. At least they didn't hammer me with planted notions of cessation of hostilities due to a round number birthdays this time, as they have in the past.

I was on wine bottling duty for the prior two days, and of course, plenty of things go wrong with washing, drying, filling, capping and labeling operations in a 30' mobile trailer. I was on the "glass dumping", unloading of the new empty bottles onto the conveyor, case by case. I don't mind it, and as it is a dog simple task, no one bothers me. At this winery that is not an issue, but at the last one, with very agitated supervisory individuals, it made a difference to have this little slice of relative freedom. Anyhow, the bottling crew changed some; the "old brown nut" as he called himself (E. Indian in fact) wasn't there, but they added a dude with extra baggy shorts and a negro in addition to the E. Indian woman who was there in the past three bottlings. The bottling crew was to do two runs from different wineries on the first day but got the winery specific corks mixed up sometime through the first bottling run. I have never seen my normally calm boss so infuriated before.

And too, with so many filled wine bottle rejects due to label and capsule application problems, in addition to the aforementioned cork problems, there were plenty of cases for each on the floor, and a whole lot of "bend overs" by our crew to deal with moving these anomalies out of the tight trailer to the case packing crew. (Not so many as at a yoga class at once, but over two days, about the same). Some bottles were to be poured back in, others were to be kept aside etc., so plenty of differing dispositions to manage. And do the perps ever love things to go wrong, never mind having extra unplanned categories of rejects as well. There is just too many perp things to love about production lines, that is, for them to go wrong, create reject variations and hold it up. This often gives the staff to come to where I was standing and stand exactly where I was, and too, swap the E. Indian woman for the male negro. And have I not complained about the constant and relentless campaign since 04-2002 to have their operatives and shills stand or walk over the very ground that I do? Countless times; attempting to replicate my energy field (I assume) with another party in the exact same spot as me has been a harassment standard, never mind attempting to get these same fuckers up my asshole in the shortest possible time, most notably at checkouts.

Said negro was up to some peculiar operational bottling line habits; doing chin ups while bottles were traveling past on the conveyor below, and also doing leg stretches on the trailer tail gate after I had vacated that patch over the 1.5 days I had spent there. Not exactly becoming or professional behavior and perhaps adding to the "strange cred". Weird to say the least, and I have never seen anyone act so perversely on a bottling line before.

There is something about glass, and glass handling (and bashing) the perps love, and all the better that it be filled with an alcoholic beverage. They are constantly on my ass in the government liquor stores (wine, beer and spirits) and no doubt obtain great benefit from me being on a bottling line. I suppose it is a testament to exchange rate manipulation, but it astonished me that some 6,000 bottles in their cardboard cases is sourced from China these days, and not from North America. All the better to have bottles of irregular shape (QC issues) that won't take a label properly (more things going wrong, and too, their endless fuckery over things from other locations.

The usual desultory perp-abetting family recognition of my birthday; no one got a card to me on time, and my daughter was a day late with a phone call. (She holding the lamest excuse of all, "I was out with my friends"). All my life I have wanted to rid myself of bozos, dipshits and other saboteurs, and here I am saddled with them as family in this too-long running abuse-athon with them as full participants.

Out and about to LD and SOF tonight, two of my regular stores. In the former case I had a Rx to fill and "somehow" it disappeared from my regular jacket pocket yesterday when I wanted to fill it, and today, why, it re-arrived exactly where I had left it. All to fuck with my timing and getting it filled today instead of yesterday. But as it is a special order item, and the order had already been sent today, the Rx won't arrive until two more days. Well done assholes; by fucking with my papers, you forced a three day delay instead of one.

That wasn't the only papers that went missing; a coupon for a discount has gone missing when I ordinarily take extreme precautions to ensure papers don't go missing. It is something I learned long ago, pre-overt harassment, as I had the most frequent "misfortune" of missing papers. Once I got organized, that was the end of it (mostly), but since the Psychopaths went berserk/overt in 04-2002, they don't mind letting me know about their teleportation fuckery, especially when it comes to paperwork. And too, in the immediate pre-harassment period in 2001, my then wife (and daughter) came to visit me in Seattle, and lo, if a number of documents weren't stolen by the ex; my visa documents, monthly bank statements, tax returns and pay stubs all went missing for 1999 and 2000 while I was at the pool with my daughter. The ex was still in my apartment, and from 40' away I could see her at my desk through the window.  A week later I found my tax returns missing, but didn't look for other missing papers. All this came to roost recently, as I needed these documents for my pension application. The ex declined to reply to my request for the documents. And she did the same when my mother intervened and gave her the same letter in person. So what is it about the Psychopaths that they need to arrange stolen documents? And don't tell me the ex was just acting on her lawyer's advice. She was acting on someone's advice as she isn't that forward thinking. A devious shit yes, but not one to plan ahead though.

At SOF they had me covered even in the parking lot, by sending a red van full of dudes slowly through one row of parking stalls to then cross in front of my intened path and park next to my vehicle. I have never seen such irregular parking lot driving in all my life; one slowly drives into a stall and stops and parks. But no, these Fuckwits keep driving and cross the aisle space between the rows of stalls so they can park next to me. Another never-before behavior, this time while attempting to park their vehicle.

While in SOF they had the back-and-forth Fuckwit get in my way, all to send me down a different aisle and past the three dudes that may have been party to the above mentioned parking lot stunt. I attempted to get around the freezer case, and lo, if they didn't have two Fuckwits arrive just as I as about to go there. I went elsewhere for awhile, and lo, if the Fuckwits weren't coursing back, all in keeping with the time-honored gangstalking method of having repeat stalkings, aka redux stalking. At least two more were on my ass, and at least two around-the-corner eruptions of stalkers, another time-honored technique of having a stalker Fuckwit at a 90 degree angle about to step in my way, and a chance to get closer. An attractive blonde woman was on my ass intermittently as well, getting more positive attention than the rest of the parade of Fuckwits. She doing a head flick of her gorgeous blonde mane while momentarily stepping away from the checkout (now in front of me),  and  bent over at the next check out, for no seeming reason. Like WTF; she stepped out and did her head flick too fast to be bending over to look at any checkout promotion (e.g. magazine), and promptly returned to the checkout, all to accomplish absolutely nothing in conventional terms, and besides, look fucking stupid. No wonder she ducked down to hide her bizarre act. Just another day of seeming normal people doing peculiar things in my presence.

And too, I saw the oncologist at the Kelowna hospital two days ago; the PSA numbers are down both in April and June (good), and he seemed more motivated than last time to get on with the infernal bowel side effects (aka, collateral damage). Why it took him 18 months to get to this point I have no idea.

And the perp interest in clothing changing continues. As I was taking off my fleece vest at the hospital, the unfriendly nurse puts on a all too-fake throat clearing noise. Like WTF lady; don't try and tell me with a straight face that you had a throat issue just then when I have been relentlessly hounded at this juncture for 17 years. And too, all this while, never mind the procession of Fuckwits (bizarrely) wearing horizontal and vertical partial shirts, no shirts or every other excuse to change clothing, usually adding or subtracting a sweater or coat in my presence. This latest example of clothing changes goes to show how close the Psychopaths have my every move covered for their purposes.

I caught Winnie Brave at a local venue two days ago; a pre-birthday treat for myself, though I paid for it the next day in terms of the radiotherapy bowel damage issues. A great show, and well worth the impromptu (seemingly) decision to go.

Anyhow, another week passes of being Victim Central of the Relentless Abuse-athon,
knowing (yet again) that round number birthdays count for nothing. I really don't want to be 70 y.o. and be still kept under the Psychopath's thumb. Not even for another fucking day if I had my way.

Monday, July 01, 2019

Lets Have a Natural Gas Leak

Just one of those things that "happens" around me; the house across the narrow road (more below) from the vineyard, had an excavator outfit arrive, unload a min-excavator in mid street, and presumably it dug a hole in short order (which they can), say 1 minute, and lo, a loud hissing sound started up. One guy says "its not a gas leak", and the two other guys put the excavator back on the platform truck and take off, the hissing sound duration now 5 minutes. One guy in Hawaii shorts hangs back on the phone. As we worked the vineyard rows close to this scene, he then tells me not to light any cigarettes or flames. A natural gas leak he says. By then I could smell it. This at 1140h. We had about 15 minutes to go to finish the wire dropping on this section of the vineyard. The boss lady could smell it better than I could, and we decided to have lunch then. On the walk to the lunch area, the smell was considerably greater. She took off for lunch, and while all alone, the assholes had me nap for 10 minutes or so. Anyhow, we decided to work somewhere else on the vineyard for the remainder of the day.

It was most curious as to these excavation workers as to how nonchalant they were about breaking the gas line and screwing off. Maybe they do this all the time, I just don't know the business. The gas line was for a residence, and wasn't the nearby mainline which runs to Kelowna.

Earlier in the morning I had covered this same area with the weed eater along the fence line of this same road, and while changing the cutting line, at this same house with the aforementioned gas leak, the owner opens his garage door, and with the vehicle facing outward, starts it up and turns his headlights on me. I decided then and there, "fuck you", I have had enough of the pit lamping and moved elsewhere. As I continued working the fence line I had a clear view of the vehicles coming and going on this road, and this person never bothered to leave their residence. It just seemed that the deal was to fire their headlights at me from across the road and leave it at that. Funny how the timing was so exquisite.

On way home, a minor road rage/driving stunt event; I "usually" get one or so per year. Black truck backs up fast onto a two lane bi-directional thoroughfare, Vancouver St. Hill for locals. I was heading downhill, and to avoid a collision I break hard, though not skidding. He takes his time to get up to speed, all the while I am 6' off his bumper due to his stunt. (I had assumed he would accelerate hard out of doing this stupid "hold up" stunt). But no, he dogs it to hold me up all the more, and I give him the finger, while he is watching me in his side mirror. (Our vehicles had different offsets from the centerline to cause this). He then jams on his brakes, to force me to jam on mine, and then he proceeds forward downhill ahead of me to the roundabout. He takes my usual exit, and I decide to take another one to avoid any more interaction with this nutzo. Like WTF; if you are a hothead and make an error in driving judgement, wouldn't you just accelerate out of your foolishness and proceed to get up to normal traffic speed ASAP? Not this guy; he had to "stay in my way" and made himself out to be annoyed that I was pissed with his stupidity, now attaining a second round. And then watching for me to give me the finger, which then "caused" him to retaliate (sort of) to then jam on his brakes for no other apparent reason. Seems like a fix to me. So what was that bullshit all about, save to put me off my usual homeward route, something the perps like to do with road obstructions, traffic jams etc. I have no idea; time to get a dash cam.

Another astonishing confluence of coincidences erupted over parcel delivery today. And haven't I mentioned sabotaged parcel delivery before? Countless times. There is a major street construction upheaval (new water lines, storm drains, sewage line) on the block I live at, and they began a week earlier than they said they would only two weeks earlier. And due to some imposed mind-fuck indolence, I didn't get on with ordering a book I had in mind as a gift for a departing co-worker last week. His last day is tomorrow (June 28th), and like, it would be most prudent to get on with such two weeks early. But no, the boss lady had a bad idea that got nixed that cost a week, and so on Sunday, I ordered it. Amazon "guaranteed" delivery June 27, Thursday, and for that I now have to suffer Amazon Prime which I had been studiously avoiding all these years, first month free. (Nothing wrong with it, I just don't need another subscription in my life).

On June 25th I get a notification from Fedex via email, Manage My Delivery. Great idea, offering delivery change options while the parcel is en route, and all the more needed as my residential street is ripped up during the day time. After checking with the boss man, I notify FedEx to send the book parcel to the winery I work for. In the parlance of the delivery business, this is a "re-route". The boss man tells me that FedEx is a good "choice", as they have a regular run, and the brown outfit is rather ornery. (Also my experience). And lo, if FedEx doesn't deliver on the stated day. I check the online status and I see "incorrect address", and "delivery exception". Like WTF; I had this covered. I phone up FedEx and the agent tells me that the re-route didn't go through. Well, excuse me, I have an email notification that the "Delivery Address Has Been Changed" and it gave me the correct new (re-route) address. Also, even if the delivery was attempted at the original address, surely the message would say, "parcel undeliverable", assuming the driver didn't want to get out of his vehicle and walk it one whole house property distance to my residence.

So here we have another wonderful confluence of adverse coincidences;
  • my residential street is ripped up for new drains etc, and will be for months, 
  • the road works crew starts a week early, 
  • the mind-fuck dithering over getting the book ordered much sooner, 
  • the re-route instructions to FedEx "somehow" didn't get through despite an email notification to the contrary, and
  • the FedEx gang claiming that it was an "incorrect address" (wrong, 2x; could of chosen either one).
Or, perhaps the latter two could be rolled into a possible diversion by FedEx; they just plain decided not (or otherwise failed) to deliver in this region today, hence the agent with the lame-assed excuse that the "re-route didn't go through". Expect me to believe that?

All of the above, to yet again, screw me out of getting a parcel from a normally reliable carrier on their promised delivery date. And why does this relentless sabotage over getting a parcel (any carrier for that matter) on the promised date continue? Why is parcel delivery, an event that is so utterly benign IMHO, of such intense interest to the Psychopathic assholes who have been relentlessly and consistently hounding my ass for 17 years? I have no idea, and to say that I am fed up (no pun intended) is an epic understatement.

Later in the work day I took my vehicle in to the dealership to fix the parking brake, as the button got stuck. Instead of sitting in the waiting room, and having the parade of gangstalkers around, I elected to take their shuttle service to the hospital for a blood test. This turned out to be the new section where I worked for four months last year with the millwork crew.

So instead of waiting at the Ford dealership and getting gangstalked there, why, I ended up waiting in the outpatient lab area, a windowed room that was the former daily construction meeting room. There, the gangstalk parade featured that Fuckwit urologist Dr. C, doing a back and forth outside the waiting room window, his nose up in the air. Why that shit? I thought this PoS prick was long gone from my life, and yet like a whack-a-mole, he keeps coming back. (Said Fuckwit Doctor "somehow" failed to tell me about Tamsulosin, a very effective medication, about the local prostate support group, and most reprehensibly, somehow failed to tell be about the radiotherapy option 80km down the road at one of Canada's best treatment clinics.) 

Last year while working on the same hospital construction job, this same Fuckwit Doctor C also "happened" to be in the coffee shop when I was, and lo, if the shit didn't sidle up beside me in the cafeteria line. Also, that my brother and mother came to visit in 2016 for dinner and then had me telling this same story in detail about this same Fuckwit Doctor C in all his inglorious perfidy cannot be a coincidence either IMHO. My landlords also had adverse experiences with the same Fuckwit Doctor C, and I told me my story, and they theirs. And today, I also "happened" to be telling my work colleagues about Doctor C's travesties Presumably today, Fuckwit Doctor C was on duty to bait me into raising my annoyance level at his very visage, like a Featured Fuckwit. You succeeded assholes, so put this stalking act on ice. So what is it about this PoS that he keeps coming back again like a whack-a-mole?

A Fedex parcel at my door when I got back from work, and I was annoyed at first as I thought I had got this "re-route" issue done with. But as it "happened" it was a different parcel, the parts for the headphones that self-destructed. Add another one for the above list of Fedex "coincidences" of late.

(In keeping with the headphone sabotage, this Fedex parcel was for the second headphone pair, and at first they attempted to sell me a replacement headband with the parts. But at $78USD, I wrote back, "are you serious..." and they shipped the parts for a third of the headband price. Don't ask me why a steel headband with a fabric spanning portion would be a replacement item).

Fedex finally delivered the gift parcel at 1745h, after I got a call in the morning to say it would be delivered then. We instructed our co-worker gift recipient to pick up his gift directly at the winery where it was delivered. Of all the gifts that I have given in my life, this has been the most fucked up event. Imagine the perp planning for this one, yet again, hitting on all the possible fuck-up variants of this particular event they so much like to arrange, stalk, and sabotage, plus the extra gotcha of an additional (and unexpected) Fedex delivery.

Sunday, and I worked at a small vineyard of my former employer. I weed whacked 500m of fence line on steep ground, then returned to spray it with herbicide from a back pack sprayer. Quite the job it was too, as the side slope was steep, 120% in places, and egress was tight. This was so the electric bear fence would operate properly when deployed later in the grape growing season. Any kind of object spanning the wire reduces the current, so it needs to be cleared every year.

Evening and what a jerkaround it was; 5 rounds of intense cramps in my legs, usually paired, that is, same muscle on each side. On one occasion, while in full pain cramp, my perp abetting mother phoned and in her usual style, put on the power ditz, needing my street address again, and persistently getting the details wrong. Then the perps mind-fucked me to make me uncertain of my own postal (zip) code, and so I had to read it off my drivers license.  Like WTF; I have only lived here for six years, the longest anywhere. And in keeping with her usual scripted dip-shit routine, she goes on about my pension again. This was abetted by the pension outfit that in this day and age, "needs" to make a manual calculation, for which they promised four weeks ago. Another WTF.

At least four more rounds of intense leg cramps during night, usually (or more likely in the larger context, unusually) in matched mirror image pairs. That is, same cramp location on the same muscle group on each leg simultaneously. Cramps on my inner lower thighs were particularly debilitating as I could not walk them off. Only in the last few months have the Psychopaths chosen this particular muscle group to target and then invoke intense pain and not allow me to ameliorate it. Well done assholes.

A national holiday today, comparable to July 4 S of the border. Any state sanctioned holiday is another "so what" as far as I am concerned. I have checked out on the concept of being a jingo-istic nationalist since it become abundantly clear that the state (federal government, country of your choice) is nothing but an orchestrated shit show. I consider myself patriotic though, which entails living through the insufferable political fools and their agenda. The notion of "reparations" as discussed of late in the US Congress of late is one such example of pathetic and diversionary foolhardiness. Canada had its own diversionary government sponsored nonsense concluding about three weeks ago, the MMIW (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women) Royal Commission final report release, which seems to be nothing but a staged racist polemic, and political grandstanding, even attempting to invoke the notion of genocide. And they didn't bother to request the records to find out who might be doing this, all to cost taxpayers some $92 million? Never mind asking as to what victim behaviors might have been contributory. And the Snowboarder-in-Chief says he "accepts the report". For that spineless chicanery he roundly deserves his ass voted out of office this fall. No doubt he is counting on voter amnesia to scoot by that wimpy performance.

And what is it about the act of sitting outside and reading a book that brings on a near nonstop noise parade of HD motorcycles, the most loathed sound of all IMHO? Today would be the fourth time this week where I sat outside toasting in the later afternoon heat and sun, and there is a constant background HD motorcycle noise, at least one per minute. This is often interspersed with the odd emulatory "hot-rod" muffler noise of sedans etc. in closer, say, a block away. Earlier this afternoon, the dude across the lane put on their HD noise to wake me up from an unplanned and short nap in my chair after a short work day. I suppose I should count myself lucky (no such thing) that they weren't cranking on the HD noise all long weekend as they are back from a welding gig somewhere.

Anyhow, time to get this posted for the week, and to pray for no more leg cramps.