Sunday, January 04, 2009

Dual Dudes On Garbage Duty

My likely big outing of the day was to the garbage bins on the first floor, outside at the back as the chute is still "broken". Regular readers will know that the perps are obsessed over my garbage at it affords juxtapositions of objects and/or packaging that wouldn't ordinarily happen in well kept kitchen, fridge etc. Very often they have three or more ingredients for one food preparation event start or end at the same time, hence an aggregation of some or all of the packaging for that dinner being in the same garbage can together. And that the garbage is a plastic frame for a plastic grocery bag is all the better given the extensive numbers of the "Plastic Bag People", aka plastic bag toting gangstalkers in my proximity outside.

And lo, even a one minute event outside to dispose of the trash and recycles had to have dual dudes, one E. and the other W. of me, some 10' away, attending to their plastic related goings on while I was at and inside the garbage room. The plastic recycle bins went missing, and so the glass and plastic recyclables ended up in the trash, coming from the recycle bag that is re-used and taken back to my apartment. Only the papers and cardboard got recycled. One dude was on "open door duty", making out he was looking for something in his open door vehicle, red plastic interior note. The other dude was on faux vagrant duty, walking toward me with a plastic pail, yellow colored. I swear that the perps are on a major plastic campaign, and that is because of ingested plastic pollutants create bioelectromagnetic anomalies that they cannot yet model, and hence, remotely fuck with the entirety of one's life and thoughts. Too bad, but worse for us TI's.

And if you think that I am alone in being the butt of perp pranks as it relates to colors brown (skin) and red, as well as the ongoing plastic exposure fuckery, read this blog posting from Rachael O, On Gangstalking and the fucking bullshit she has to deal with while in public social housing. All at 0600h in the morning, in a dormitory situation, and was likely awakened so she could not only see it, but get jerked around and then go up against indifferent staff not enforcing their own rules.

All these years of remotely applied fuckery over plastics and their remote sensing by unseen parties who orchestrated more duress and fuckery all because they lack the gumption to front for their nonconsensual human experimentation. They could of declared this, and expedited the entire research scenario by years instead of all this grief, mine and others.

Today, they seem content to dim down this apartment, more than ambient light levels would do, and keep me in this situation where the major light source is this LCD panel. Before this, and after lunch, they dimmed down the ambient lighting while I was reading the national newspaper, purchased last night. Their big deal, apart from showing me pictures of skinhead males, negroes, and red colored advertising, was to create a major shadow across the page, "from" the center fold, and then noisestalk me the instant that my vision attempts to read the text at this very location, which invariably forces me to re-orient the newspaper to get rid of this imposed text obscuring shadow. This "happens" every fucking time I read this newspaper, and I cannot think what the fuck is the matter with the assholes that won't come out of the closet and expedite this trail of vexation they routinely create.

Time for some relative levity, pictures from the last few weeks.

Not allowed; the command in Blogger was blocked for the second time today

So instead of the pictures, the perps had me do my month end Quicken accounting where I enter in all the debits and credits and itemize the categories as to what I paid for. As this was also a year end, extra fuckery was applied to turn this into a 50 minute total rage show by dithering me as to my recall, where I placed something, screwing with the totals when on another screen and coming back to "find" them changed, messing with the default behavior of Quicken, forcing screens to change for no reason, dithering me as to date changes for copied transactions, dimming down the display of dialog boxes, and the rest of it. And, by no coincidence, they ensured the latter half of the exercise was much more rage-ified than the first half. As always, they put on extra outside road traffic noises while swearing at them, and also added thumpy stereo music to the background. Forcing some knee and nut pain wasn't optional either. Every month it is the same, this screaming rage show that they instignate as well as control my "reactions", and by way of these perceptual and screen presentation sabotage. Regular readers will know that this is common, and I loathe to undertake the exercise each month. The new accounts created for 2009 were also a source of extra noisestalking when using them for the first time. The Quicken feature to tranfer balances from one account to another's opening entry has been fucked with, and I am forced to transfer an opening amount myself.

And it would seem that the extra double charge for the stainless steel water bottle on December 31 was all about having a debit and then an associated later credit spanning the year end and start. Fucking bizarre that they have to create this stupid contention over the fact that they have taken the most difficult route to apply their experimentation, by remote means, and incrementally. Regular readers will know that I am gangstalked and noisestalked anytime I make a financial transaction, be it by mail, checkout, writing checks, cash etc. Yesterday's dude swarm after I had been to the bank to both deposit and then withdraw rolls of coins for laundry and the bus was no fluke; they often pour on extra resources after specific events of interest to them, financial transactions being one of their top issues/fuckover games.

And too, I got sucked and fucked again on the new eyeglasses; my perp abetting mother prompted me in getting them and indicated full financial support and then only reimbursed me for half of the cost. As an extra financial fuckover stunt I get to start the year an unplanned $600 in the hole. And the perps do like deficit financing for some reason, keeping me in my line of credit and then allowing me to work in the summer and then incurring extra costs for later work that did not materialize and keeping me still in a defict situation. I won't go into all the spending plans for me the perps have for 2009, but one can be assured that they will keep me in the hole for all of it, no matter what job activity they have me do. I suspect that last summer's tan testing will be resumed: this was where they had me working outside in the sun for 20 minutes and then forced having me put my shirt back on after a sudden chill from a passing cloud, and then besieging me with five gangstalkers and one vehicle immediately following my shirt being put back on. I suspect this has to do with one's Vitamin D building mechanisms.

Finally, some relative calm down time, after the above fraught fuckover dealing with month end accounting. Which often makes me wonder how many real accountants are they following/monitoring surrepticiously so they can go deeper than my putzing in Quicken.

Here is an interesting piece about an author I did not know of until today, and was roundly noisestalked with overhead rumbling and outside sirens while reading this. It is about Iris Chang, someone who bucked the servile trend and got the real goods on the history of large scale Japanese WW 2 atrocities. She complained that her critics were in Washington DC and not in Japan so much. It is interesting to note that she was followed and surveilled in the latter years of her life when she attracted undue criticism and then suicided at age 36.

Quoting from the link:

"That said, though Chang's allegations of strange vans parked across the street and strange people following her around may have been true, it is surely a stretch to imagine they were real in the sense that their true purpose was surely not surveillance: rather they may have been theatrical gimmicks intended to increase her paranoia and undermine her credibility."

Well, guess what? There are surveillance organizations that like one to know that they are being followed as a practice to annoy the victim, and they make their methods very clear. I walk at a breakneck pace and one day I had two dudes on me walking at the same fast walking pace in two directions of travel, the latter one accompanying me into this apartment building and into the elevator. That wasn't the CIA unobtrusive method, that was in your face gangstalking. And too, the perps have the ability to remotely intrude into one's neural systems and invoke despondency and then plant notions of suicide. They did this to me in 2000, just before obtaining medications that made me much better, and then later took away from me. Going by the trend that articulate critics tend to get
hammered down for good, it is my speculative conjecture that I believe that Iris Chang's terminating actions were not entirely her own.

Another critic, albeit a novelist that passed away in 2008 was David Foster Wallace, and he had been suffering from various levels of depression for two decades. Again, this is pure speculation, but it does seem that more and more critics of the status quo are being "taken out", as can be done with scalar devices, and has almost been my experience, per above. (It would of been the humane thing to do for what came next and is still harassing me). The the tyranical
repressive forces seem to be methodically shaking down any potential creatives and outspoken individuals that buck the system they have sculpted with their covert machinations. Just my take, but there are too many convenient suicides or deaths; Karl Rove's IT email system administrator died just before he was to make documented revelations as to his boss' activities while in the Bush cabinet. And for crafting that, I get the overhead rumbling noise of no ostensible cause right through my earmuffs.

The latest all-time dumbshit stunt was fucking me out of turning the lights off after exiting the bathroom after yet another forced pee break, the sixth today so far, and double the usual rate.

The wind is buffeting this apartment building tonight, and the perps are making sure that I know it by having some of it get through the leaky window edges. The assholes have caused me to partially seal the sliding glass door, and entirely to seal the kitchen window. My general take on the wind machinations is that they seem to be desired when they want to get more energetic information from the remotely applied assay of thier victims. (And for that, I got a zapping into my left foot). Once I went out into the field on a forestry tour and there was a group of about 15 of us, and it was on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The wind was howling that day, and later I read that a number of fishing boats were beached and one party drowned as there was very little expection of the storm building up so fast. Ever since the perps made their weather manipulations known to me I have reflected on past weather events and wondered if they had a hand in the timing of the storm during the forestry tour.

More forced rage-ification over the persistant application of a zapping hit to thenerves at the heel of my foot and the assholes did not back off either, but kept it up as I was moving my foot. They can hit a specific nerve with some kind of pain ray, as this hasn't been the first time. Once when hiking, and no one around, they nailed me in the lower back and had the nerve pain shoot down my right leg while in motion.

Some promised pictures are now allowed, though nothing too sinister or odd as a whole, just me talking it up.

Taken 12-22-2008, from my bedroom at my parent's place. I did all the snow shovelling that evening and the next morning when another dump of snow came on. Nothing too strange about this one, except as a segue into the perp's latest stunt/setup.

Taken 01-04-2009 from the same shot as above. Note the long stored boat on the left has been covered over with a very light brown colored plastic tarp fabric shelter. Only 2' from the street, so it shouldn't be there according to the bylaws. I have often mentioned the plastics exposure the perps put on, as well as the brown colored objects, but now we have both with the benefit of that boat, stored there for at least three years, being a part of the energetic picture. At least another year of harassment and fuckover games going by how long they take to collect their data off me.

Taken 12-22-2008 from my window. A curiously aligned selection of vehicles on the road from left to right; a parked silver-grey vehicle, then a white van curiously with the dumbshit safety cones they like to put out for no material reason, and then a doppelganger vehicle in motion to the right, a white SUV. Nothing too whacko, and only mildly strange. One day I will put a series of all shots from this vantage point up and see what wisdom as to the perp games I can detect. An ambulance on the street on the left, about mid-block. I haven't yet figured out why they put these out for me, apart from the red and white color combination, a highly common one that they like to present.

Another imposed font size change I see, coming back to this after reading some oversized print in a PDF file, exploring a new type of flash memory CD storage and transport. Nothing like reading expensive hifi magazines and letting it all go by, being expensive as it is.

The zapping the perps gave me in the foot is still bothering me; they seem to be continually resensitizing the internal heel area with micro zappings, but making sure that I know about it. Then they are applying some kind of muscle spasming to the top of the same left foot, giving it a annoying workover to say the least.

This is a rare do-nothing Sunday, this being the usual day that I visit my perp-abetting parents' place, and soak in the preplanned TV shows in the magnetic beam of the CRT design TV. They like me watching some regular shows at either end of this four hour session, and then something different in between.

And so today's change up in routine must be special preparation for my appointment tomorrow. As part of the training subsidy grovelling I have to submit for vocational testing. Been there, done that, more than once. The reason being that the perps have always constrained my capabilities, either by inadvertent learning disabilities they have created, (and confirmed with testing clinicians), or else this is part of their imposed minimal compentency set. It is probably a bit of both, and the latter can be detected in the trail of unread technical books that I have acquired over the past decade. I could never figure out why I would be keen to get (usually) software development books and then never "find time" to read them. If I was genuinely interested, then why not read these books? I am coming to understand, especially with the plentiful online dithering of my reading in the past six overt harassment years, that the perps have a grand plan in constraining all that I could learn and that knowledge can only be accumulated at their pathetic slow pace while they fuck with masers and plasma beams shooting and flitting all about, impair my vision, put on accompanying noise and the rest of the phenomenon fucking games. Such is my prison; cognition and thought, all highly constrained by script and imposition.

And woohoo, I get to explain all this to the testing psychologist tomorrow who, as part of the subsidy grovelling exercise/charade, will be determining my "disabilities". I put that in quotes as I am deemed disabled and get my monthly income "because" of this arrangement. The learning disabilities that I refer to seem to be too deep for the usual testing, and are called nonverbal learning disorders, detectable by a high differential between verbal IQ and (lower) performance IQ. A spread of 10 or greater is considered to be a nonverbal learning disorder, and my VIQ to PIQ differential is 26. I don't know quite where this is going to go tomorrow, except that I have done all the hard work and paid for this testing over a decade ago because I couldn't understand why I wasn't further ahead. My one route to getting past the nonverbal learning disorder is to over-study and then eventually it all falls into place, especially with regular work related contact. As mentioned above, the impositional cognitive constraints are such that the assholes have taken away my over-studying compensation technique, and so now I live in Jerkaround Land, wondering when I will be allowed to know when I can learn something vocationally relevant and then be allowed to perform compentently instead of being kept mired in Confusionville.

Enough blathering tonight, and onto the sleep games; overhead rumbling relocates over my bed when I am attempting to sleep and seems time to occur when an unbidden thought comes through, usually a judgemental retort or summarization of perp behavior.

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