Monday, April 24, 2006

A Vehicular Gangstalking Primer

This post is an attempt to detail the planting and coordinating specific colored vehicles proximate to me: ahead, behind (sometimes), oncoming and most adjacent feeder streets, with parked vehicles included.

The vehicular gangstalk theme usually begins with a sampler; one of each color of interest, all vehicles in file, headlights on, tight together ("in formation"), 5 to 15 of them in a cluster. The top vehicular gangstalk colors are deep red, deep green, white, black and silver grey -the last being the same as my vehicle. They also have "blue days", usually when I am dressed in some blue colors, and also light brown with a rare yellow. It is no exception that the predominant firms taxi cabs in Victoria are deep red, white & blue.

After the sampler vehicle formation, they start with white and silver grey colored vehicles and proceed to dark green and in short order mid-red and dark red (burgundy). And often the perps will mass vehcles of the same color about me; four dark reds around me at an intersection is not unusual with two more facing me from the oncoming traffic lane, and anywhere from 6 to 15 red vehicles crossing past.

Sometimes I get the "sandwich" treatment for several blocks; same color vehicles immediately ahead and behind, and sometimes more in a train ahead of me. It is rare for them to put more than one behind me except at intersections, and even then, they sit at least one car length behind me as if I have some kind of communicable disease.

This cavalcade of color coordinated vehicles ahead, oncoming, turning off, merging on, and crossing at intersections goes on anywhere and anytime I go out driving. Most often the vehicles are arranged color-wise around my usual parking area, say, red vehicles (mostly) on the West side and silver grey vehicles on the East side (mostly) of the parking lot. If driving in the city I can expect 200 to 500 vehicular gangstalking vehicles, and on the highway, 1,000 to 2,000 where they put together formations (clusters) of a 100 or so across all lanes in color matched sequences. On the highway the perps will put SUV's and mini-vans together, the same with pickup trucks and vans, then sedans. Totally bizarre, every time.

I am getting a whole lot of keystroke dithering and vision impairment as I am composing, with any corrections getting noisestalked. Therefore, this will be a short post.

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