Monday, May 31, 2010

Doctor Visit and Gangstalk

A 10.5 hour sleep at the First Feral Family home last night, all to shorten up my morning there as I had a 1300h doctor appointment. My mother needed to go out to an appointment in the morning, and lo, if it wasn't within a half block of my appointment location. I drove down with her to drop myself off, so she got to re-visit the same location. I do all the driving now, as she is too scary a driver for me to tolerate.

The dude flush seemed to be the big deal in the waiting room, my doctor being 15 min. late again, allowing lots of weirds to circulate and then a sudden flush of dudes just when he called me in. One of the yoga classmates "happened" to be there, first sitting across the room and avoiding my gaze when I saw her, and then coming over to side beside me when she made out to notice me. I was deep into an article about a nearby dam removal project on the Elwah River, near Pt. Angeles. Us Cascadians like to be aware of our region, loosely from N. California to Alaska. Or at least, that was/is the planted notion, and of course it won't become a political reality; my interest is from a regional and climatic perspective. But it is interesting that the very first US dam remediation project is going to happen 30 miles from here, across the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Does that have a perp connection? I don't know for sure, but I know they are interested in natural history and ecosystems, not to mention polluting and degrading them, so maybe a remediation project is also planned by them if they have been monitoring the natural world as much as I think they have. And I do know the perps have the ability to remotely remediate trails in the bush, having them nearly disappear within a month, much faster than it would if left as is. It seemed to be something they wanted to show me back in 2004 or so.

The doctor appointment was freaking useless, and seemed to be a big deal for the freaks (aka gangstalkers)  outside, then inside the waiting room, to then parade outside the doctor's office on the other side of the building, visible through his windows with some kind of plastic cover on them. The appointment also seemed to be about having me yack on about one of the perps' favorite topics, employment and the difficulties around getting it. No medication changes and no surprise from him when I indicated there is some very uncharacteristic lassitude going on as to not preparing for the Oracle certification exams, especially when I got myself geared up with removable PC hard drives, another book, study software etc.

Other bullshit besides the parade of odd dudes in the waiting room was the woman with a small child, 3 or 4, and lo, if she didn't happen to bring in a bubble kit for her kid to play with fucking bubbles in the waiting room. I have never seen anything quite so stupid as this bullshit, but there will be something in short order to top it. I have had other "bubble attacks" in the past, and like always, it must confer some localized advantage, especially after waiting 15 minutes and having my yoga gangstalker seated next to me to chat.

And the gangstalkers wanted me to see the dudes in white loose pants again, planting them outside at a corner for me to first drive by, then walk by, and then walk away from. And the fucker was blocking egress and only moved when I was 9' away, leaving a narrow opening for me to pass through, which was exactly where he stood. I believe I have mentioned that Fuckwits loitering or gangstalking me in white pants is a bid deal and that the theme gets plenty of repetition. They also like to "blonde-fiy" the white clothes look, placing the odd blonde babe in white clothes at strategic locations.

Other freaks out and about were negroes; three instances perambulating on the 10 minute drive to the doctor's office, and then a regular gangstalker one crossing my path after the doctor's appointment. As if the extra display of negro skinheads on last night's TV wasn't enough, the CBC putting on their scary bald negro dude after the equvalent on 60 Minutes. And a special one hour on John Gotti Jr. on 60 Minutes last night, looking rather skinheaded and loathesome from my managed perspective, so no doubt that fitted the sicko's agenda. I don't know exactly what it is that the perps have about skinheaded/bald males, but they make sure I find it totally disgusting, and all the worse if a negro variant. One of the ACHES contacts, Lynn Moss Sharman indicated on an interview online that they would shave the heads of the "patients" at the infamous Dr. Ewan Cameron's clinic in McGill in Montreal in the 1950's, and as mentioned in past blog postings, I lived in Montreal then for two years, and have nearly no recollection even if I was forming permanent memories in the first year, 1956. And these shaved heads would then be marked with tattoos for permanent reference, and lo, if I don't get plenty of disgusting tattoo bearing gangstalkers as well as an inordinant number of exposures in print and online. Funny how that happens, and a host of new "reactions" to these ongoing  exposures/triggers "happens" so often.

A tea time break, which nearly always includes chocolate. That being the brown mouth contents that the perps so covet, and I assume, attempt some kind of neural energetics interaction by remote means. The chocolate is a three times per day event, and incurrs an inordinant expense that is totally controlled. There was a week or so when they totally turned me off of it, including the smell. Presumably this was some kind of reset event, or baseline case they needed to make. Who knew they were so totally beserk over this color, and finding out my interactions with it? And never mind the shit games in the bathroom that have persisted ever since they invaded my apartment in 04-2002.

More online time tonight, getting into deep review of the SOPHIA airborne telescope, a 2.5m parabolic mirror telescope to observe IR light above most of the water vapor in the atmosphere, to fly at 47,000 ft in a converted 747. Knowing a little about the aircraft maintenance business, and the delicacy of making modifications to them, it was quite a feat to cut the fuselage half open to create an opening in mid-flight for observing nightime conditions, and to support all the weight of the mirror and door fittings.

The perps started me on an IR observatory images kick over a year ago, having me check out the rare IR images of the moon, and that there are some decidedly strange and artifactural objects there. I might of linked to it, but I cannot be bothered to chase it down again, but it is interesting that the sickos like to keep me on top of IR photography, and even having me fanticise about getting a camera that is modified to collect these heat sensitive wavelengths. I am sure there is a wealth of oddities to be found, even in my immediate circumstances, and in my early high abuse harassment days with my film camera they never planted the notion of doing any IR photographgy. Chances are they would be prepared for it in advance and leave a few oddities to further my quest to quantify my state of duress at the time. They never like anything to be conclusive, and like to create enough FUD such that I will attempt another investigational effort, even if unattainable in hindsight.

More games tonight with the faux reflectance off the residential tower glass windows I can see. The residential tower that is about120' away overtops this building by a considerable margin, as it is 17 stories I believe, and I am on the 6th floor of a 12 story building. I have photographed these faux reflectance events in previous postings, and they all came from about the 10th floor or so, higher than this apartment, and had the unerring knack of beaming into my apartment. The last two "beamings" have come from the 15th floor or so, considerably higher, and ones without a direct line of sight unless I go outside to the balcony. These recent higher floor sourced "beamings" can reach some 12' into this apartment, which means the assholes are somehow bending the light path to get around the overhead balcony from these higher floors. Or, at least, that is the way it seems as I cannot otherwise account for any indirect methods of delivering light through the medium of air.

This trio of residential buildings that are used to deliver this faux reflectance over the evening from 1700h to 2030h at this time of year were also augmented in a unique way tonight. The last most residential tower was beaming in a reddish orange glow as I sat at my desk in direct line of sight, visible through the curtains. I have my tea and chocolate at about 2040h, and while cleaning the dishes and behind a wall (not in direct line of sight), the sickos decided that I needed to be exposed to the same reddish-orange light. So... what they did was create this same color of light and have it flash off the inside lenses of my glasses and to my eye. The assholes kept this up for a few seconds until I moved my head, and then took another shot of this same light via this same method. Not that it was especially bright, but there was no natural/conventional source for this light, and it matched the more distant light of the same color I was witness to some 10 minutes earlier, before I had tea and chocolate. I mention this only as an example as to how obsessive and rabid the perps are, and to reiterate the degree of their invasive fuckery and its relentless continuance.

Thats all the news and abuse today, and onto bedtime and see if they will let me sleep tonight. They typically grind me on Mondays, seeming to want to extend the day and the conditions they impose.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Dysthymic Doldrums + two days

I don't think I am the only TI that is managed to be dulled out and unmotivated, and at total odds with my ususal outlook. It seems to be the managed theme of late, having me hang around and do nothing much. The concepts of idleness, work, employment and the gestalt of craft is a big deal for the sickos, and it seems they want to work me over on this angle. Even the in-town brother gets in on it, and not having communicated for at least three weeks, the first thing he asks on the phone is; "what am I doing"? Well, you should know more than I do, but anyhow...

I got $30 for helping him for two hours, me running the gasoline powered string trimmer and he buzzing around me with the gasoline powered lawn mower. Some three days later, with his gasoline powered chainsaw that idled rough and then died a few times, I used his substitute electric chainsaw to do my tree harvesting and firewood cutting landscape work at the First Feral Family house. And lo, if the neighbors didn't start their gasoline powered chain saws while I was using the electric one. It just seems the perps needed me to "graduate" from using a gasoline powered tools to electric tools that did the same thing, while the neighbors supplied the nearby noise and machine operation and all the things the perps can remotely detect from internal combustion engines. I also did some electric string trimming (weed whacking) the next day, adding to this minor theory of coincidences of the sickos making correlations between me using gasoline powered equipment and then "progressing" to electric tools. And too, having me do this at two different locations of the First Feral Family quislings.

A shut-in day today, if one doesn't include the run down the hallway to the garbage chute. Said garbage included an avocado that mysteriously got into my groceries at the checkout last night. I now see they had me "forget" at least two items while grocery shopping last night, presumably because they want to manage for the exact items to be in my shopping basket and shopping bag for the short trip back to my apartment. Such is how it has been when they first let me do my own shopping in 2003, and they haven't let up since. Shopping lists are next to useless as the assholes make me "forget" to even look at it in the store. And since about 2008, they could have me "not see" (read, remotely dithered cognition) any line item they want in any list, and even down to individual words in 2009, and now, individual alphabetic letters I have come to know firsthand in the past few months. They would call that progress, I call it escalated abuse. And never mind the times that they like to frazzle me with nonstop freaks around every corner in the grocery store.

The first public outing after a shut-in day is always a gangstalking nightmare, and after last night's nonstop freakshow and the blatant coordination of the Men in B&W (clothes) in the grocery store, I am not looking forward to the anticipated "need", (read, remotely imposed habit to further brown colored mouth contents energetics research in real time), to head out for more chocolate.

I am going to let this slide another day and tack it on for a two day post.

Next day, and I got screwed into a 10 hour sleep, getting up at 1000h. The usual prior vivid but unrecalled dreams and the meat aerial games too. A continuing parade of outside vehicular traffic noise (hot rods, ill-maintanined mufflers, buses and other large transport trucks), before I got up, this being the latest in the noisescape arrangements, and laying it on extra thick for a Saturday.

And at present, distant stereo music noise, somehow getting through my earmuffs, and when I took them off, the noise was at the same volume level. Nothing new there, just to mention that they can arrange sound to be at a consistent level no matter what, and of course, are monitoring what I hear and the respective volume.

A sortie for a newspaper earlier this morning, and not quite the same freakshow as two nights ago when they set up the dark skinned Islamic woman in a red scarf immediately behind an aisle corner, with her husband in lead-ahead mode. Past postings have mentioned negroes that leap out of the back of parked vans to land 6' in front of me, and with the usual faux carelessness the assholes like to exploit, as in wasn't looking as to who might be in the way, or nearby. Other related bullshit are the assholes walking along on sidewalks with their head down for 40' or more, and coming at me on the wrong side of the sidewalk. I haven't seen anything quite so fucking stupid, and I had this twice in one bus trip. That stunt was repeated three days ago when on my way to yoga, and a male Fuckwit had his head down with a ball cap on, not looking anywhere but down while he jaywalked acrosss the street, and then whenon the sidewalk he somehow managed to miss the corner of a concrete planter and leaving me no room around the fucker. Or, at least, until I said something, the set-up for him to then look up at me. Another excuse for getting a Fuckwit in close with a sudden revelation of the face. A big deal for small minds it seems, the same gutless assholes who hound victims covertly for over 8 years without the gumption to front for their insane abuses.

If I don't like the sight of street vagrants and associated rabble, why in the fuck does a billion dollar budgeted outfit go to such bizarre lendths to arrange faux close-in sidewalk encounters? And part of that bullshit is to have me say something as well; the perps get that plenty enough when I am alone at home, but they like to stoke up this angle more often of late, when in public places. And for mentioning that, I get an overhead pounding noise eruption that gets through my earmuffs.

An interesting article from the Stranger magazine of Seattle; Things I Remember About Detroit; Five Years of Abandoned Factories, Talking Cats, and Cars on Fire. Nothing to do with TI abuses directly, but the talking cat will make you wonder what the perps, if that is the true perpetrator, get from this. The sickos wouldn't let the page display when I wanted to link to it last night, but somehow the link has been restored today, not to mention of the vehicle noise getting through my earmuffs when I did the Select. Copy and Paste Windows functions, all in keeping with the usual noise stalking I have come to know.

Another dull day it looks; no phone calls to set up more gardening work, and the sickos cutting down on the job prospects. I am coming to the conclusion that the posted jobs I get to see are nothing but a tease by the sickos; nearly every publically seen business around this place has advertised jobs, and other jobs often require many of my skillsets, if not all of them, and I don't get any calls. I reckon the perps are looking for certain neural reactions as I read the jobs; recognition of business, or of a skillset match, or of any interest in the job, even if I don't have the experience. Those wanna-be jobs as posted, seem to be as important as prospective ones from the perp's noisestalking pespective. There are a few that I aspire to but never had the training or talent; industrial designer as one, and I still have an interest in this field and have even talked to two schools at one time. But like anything, even more germane and direct routes to employment (e.g. like studying Oracle PL/SQL) just don't seem to happen. All part of the Big Suckdown it seems. Even my drawing classes I took in 1999 to 2000 in Seattle were never followed up by practice on my own, and for the longest time I could never figure this out. If I am interested, then why don't I do it? And when one comes to realize that the Big Suckdown is upon one, and they don't like their victims to be competent or capable, and nor do they like continuous improvement of craft, it all makes sense. More to them than me of course, as I don't know why discontinuous activities are so sought and managed for by so strange of an entity.

Reading my regular bloggers brought on the overhead clunking and hallway voices, both somehow getting through my earmuffs. Which begs the question; have I met any of the bloggers in some kind of morphed form so I wouldn't recognize them? I wouldn't doubt it, as the perp imperative seems to revolve around determining some kind of intrinsic connection between individuals that is; free from recognition (of the person/blogger), free from even their name (talking up someone of no consequence seems to be important), and expecting some kind of psychic connection to reading their work/postings. And too, the assholes have been noisestalking for all the obits out on Dennis Hopper today. The sickos like to harass me when reading obits, and not just the celebrities or other famous.

And some kind off tension in my head, behind my eyes, as in prefrontal cortex area, PFC they call it in the neurology business. And before that, heavy siren noise, at least the fifth time today. The same noise came on when eating my kiwi fruit, preceded by a few minutes earlier when eating my brown tortilla/quesadilla. One of those dull Saturdays again, when the perp action is clunking, and cognitive dithering.

The roaring noise of a motorcycle heard through my earmuffs, as if I had none on, brings be back to this "alternity" as John C. Lilly describes the consensual normality. I wonder what term he would use for the TI experience; abusity perhaps, rape-a-rama?

I got to read some of A Nation Betrayed by Carol Rutz last night, in a rare real book read. And I read that she visited Dr. Ewan Cameron at McGill University, of nonconsensual human experimentation infamy, and she was 12 y.o. at the time. Which sharply defines the fact that he wasn't all about treating adults with radical and unproven clinial methods (aka abuses), as no child would of been at his facility under clinical pretenses. One would not of had a 12 y.o. psychiatric patient in that day (1950's), and it would be very rare now to have a hospitalized child psychiatric patient. One of the "treatments" she has was to be imobilized with a muscle relaxant called curare, and then put in a sealed box with snakes in it. She couldn't do anything but look, assuming there was light enough to see. Which makes me wonder why my tormenting sickos like to present pictures and stories of snakes to me. And when I was hiking from 2003 to mid 2006, there were an inordinant number of snakes on the trail, and even more arrangements of sticks and roots to look like snakeskin. For the record, I lived in Montreal for two years, 1956-57 and 1958-59, and I have no recollection of what transpired there, save a few scattered recollections, and I was begining to form long term memories in 1956, when aged two. But for some reason all that period was blanked out, by someone for some reasons, and my family never mentioned why, nor did they mention two separate visits there when my few recollections were of the first one. Somehow they knew I had some recollections, but were never specific as to which time frame. Clever that.

I was about 12 years old, and what Dr. Cameron did to me became burned in my mind. First, I was given a shot of curare and placed in a box in a converted stable behind the hospital that housed a behavioral laboratory. Then snakes were put over my body and the lid was closed in the box. I was completely conscious, but unable to move as a result of the curare. This was to insure that I would never speak about what was to come later. [32] At the end of my programming by Dr. Cameron, a [taped] voice gave me trigger codes for self-destruction. This was done to prevent me from telling about the nature of this experiment in the event I would ever begin to remember. P. 48, 52
I Carol Rutz' case, she formed alter personalities when the abuse was too much, and some formed as early as two years old, some when aged 12. To my knowledge I have no alternate personalities, and I think I would know by now as they start "leaking in" after age 30 from what I have read. But it is mysterious as to why some of the TI/MKULTRA victims were allowed, if not encouraged, to form multiple personalities and some were covertly blanked out, with no recall save those subconscious recollections that the perps seem to hound me with gangstalkers and set ups, mostly identified in the Unfavored categories, see posting on the Favored and Unfavored to the right.

Another item I learned from reading Carol Rutz' book last night was that she was transported by aircraft to various sites, and near the end of the flight she was given an injection to have her fall asleep. Then she was transported out of the aircraft in a box, so not to draw attention to the fact that a child was on board. Interesting, the level of detail that was covered up.

And I read that Carol Rutz recalled the nature of Dr. Cameron's electroshock therapy, and that it was highly intrusive and debilitating and done until the patient was rendered 

I got zapped last night while in bed, before getting to sleep, also with a simultaneous clunking noise. This seems to be the prefered combination of fuckery at that time, settling into the horizontal after being seated for much of the day. No wonder they send out gangstalkers in wheelchairs and related motorized devices to noiselessly tail me for a block or so. Though I suspect there is more to the wheelchair aspect of the Unfavored than that, as I cannot stand to look at the things, and the sickos know that, and plant more of them around me. "Swamping" of the Unfavored seems to be a bigger deal of late; putting on multiple skinheads for example, four or more in the supermarket, and popping out from behind aisles, and even doing Coffee Corps duty of carrying cups of coffee, a typical gangstalker color prop.

I am going to wrap this one up today, as I have been a total slouch in not getting this out for the past three days. More of the imposed doldrums again, and who knows what today's (a Sunday) First Feral Family visit will bring, besides extra hundreds of color and size coordinated vehicles. If nothing else, I get my overdose of cakes, cookies and other carbohydrates that I avoid all week. That, and my weekly red meat dose.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Talking Noise

A burst of talking outside my door, and hear through my earmuffs even. Then a sudden thumping on the 12" thick concrete floor/ceiling above simultaneously. Obviously, reading about the Miracle Minteral Supplement, (MMS) is hot stuff. And if it works as advertised, expect the cancer treatment industry to collapse. I doubt if that would happen, as I read (here) that cancer is caused by the action of a pleomorphic viral/bacterial agent, morphing between the two states. And no research is allowed into that theory, and the high resolution Rife microscopes of the 1930's which made that determination were destroyed by the FDA. Truly a virulent organization.

I should be getting off this medical "tour" the perps have arranged (per minduck script), as I don't have any condition that could be aided by such a treatment. They look after all my conditions, and it seems they are finally allowing the skin rashes they invoked to disappear, though not completely yet. They got great mileage out of making me look at their mottled skin games on my arms, and they even enhanced with a plasma or maser field coming off the dark red spots.

A yoga class today, now with four other classmates, up from two last week. Thankfully the grotesque negro woman wasn't there, and I suspect they haven't finished messing me with this Unfavored demographic group yet. I had the usual freak/vagrant/other Fuckwit gangstalker gauntlet to run in both directions. And the shiftless males, loitering at each intersection and doing nothing else save sucking on cigarettes. Most strange they plant these extra obvious Fuckwits, like some kind of tour of the prototypical operative.

The gangstalker gauntlet in going both directions to/from yoga was in place; the every morphing freakshow of the Unfavored. The most ridiculous act was the three amigos sitting outside the back door of a resturaunt as if they were staff at 1240h. Fucking absurd, the putative kitchen staff taking a break at lunch time. Then they added another white pants act within the minute, this time an ambulatory act on the other side of the crosswalk. And do I ever loathe white clinical garb these days, or at least, that is how I am being managed now. And how did such an aversion to this kind of clothing ever come about? I suspect it is from those two years in Montreal they deleted my memories, 1956 to 1959, as they know much more about it than I do.

There was a mention of Montreal at yoga today, as one person had lived there, though not born there. Two of the class can speak french, or French Canadian perhaps, which they sometimes do. That the perps like to plant foreign language speaking gangstalkers around me isn't new, Then some jokes around the term "hospital", though I never find the topic funny, especially after getting fucked by the assholes in being kept there by a doctor who later recanted the entire rationale. I have a baseball bat for every Fucker who had anything to do with that criminal event, and won't settle for anything less than applying justice with them. And a burst of clunking erupted and somehow got through my earmuffs as I was typing the above, always a topic to get me riled up, finding out firsthand that the Soviet abuses of hospitals was also applied in a supposed free country. I am not the only TI with this experience in this province with this bullshit, but I better be the last.

Dinner done; the usual tortilla/quesadilla slice and a kiwi fruit. More outside vehicle noise to "join me" for eating the kiwi fruit, that multi-green inside a brown skin, truly a color combination for the Fuckwit's research.

The assholes cranked me into a stinking rage show at breakfast when making peanut butter and jam on toast. Another color combination they cannot give up testing me on. They pulled the same bullshit when I was using coconut butter instead for the prior two months. Don't ask me what that emulates, but red (jam) and white (coconut butter) are common color combinations the assholes like to put me through. Hence the plethora of vehicles backing up in mid-street in my proximity (red breake lights and white backup lights).

And I have been twice fucked in two modes after cutting my fingernails this morning. They make sure that I fumble more often when picking things up for the two days after cutting my nails when it has never made a difference before, and they have also added sensitivity pain to my right index finger as if it was cut too close to the quick, which it wasn't. They did this the last time I cut my fingernails, adding pain to the R. index finger, which wasn't cut too short either, and then had it run for some three days to make sure it gets jabbed and shoots pain, and then follow with having me grasp objects slightly differently to "avoid" this pain they have planted on me. And that is an example of how fucking anal retentive they are, not to mention diabolically obsessive, now creating a new pain mode to follow fingernail cutting. I am exceedingly meticulous as to what length I cut my fingernails, and I even added an extra half millimeter of nail length today, and lo, if the same bullshit "problem"/excuse didn't erupt.

A serious round of overhead pounding has started up, recalling that it is carpeted and 12" thick concrete above me. How they do that I don't know, but I also got a zapping at the same moment and have I mentioned how much I like to be zapped?  I totally loathe getting zapped, and will take the proverbial bat the head of any asshole who has done this to me. Last night it was the same deal; clunkings and zapping as I lay down and tried to get to sleep. The assholes kept me awake for at least 40 minutes before they let me sleep.

A short trip to the supermarket to get some more milk as the one carton I have, prematurely soured again, four days before the best-before date. The sickos seem to be working hard on alternating the best-before date on a sticker on the carton top with red text, or as a stamped impression that looks browned or burned into the carton's top seal. This premature milk souring bullshit has gone on every week for a month now, and I am getting pissed that it is costing me money, and that my shopping gets reconfigured around getting a new supply. These cartons are half the size of the previous 2 liter ones, which often prematurely soured though closer to the best-before date, and the problem has suddenly got worse.

And a freakshow it was; the dudes in black pants and white shirts with ties were coursing about when I entered but not doing anything that looked productive, then a fat fucker was all over the candies display in the first aisle, almost draped over it. They had an advance gangstalker to lead ahead of me for going to the chocolate display, then left me alone for the jam and the tapenade, and just when I was coming to the first aisle end to turn, they had one loafing gangstalker at the deli display, and then a tall E. Inidan/Asian male came out to sort of gaze and look stupid. As I came to the end of the aisle to make my turn, a brown skinned E. Indian woman in a hideous red head scarf with silver threads in it was cutting the corner to purposely get in my way and obstruct me. I couldn't believe it, we are now back to hiding the insane Fuckwit freaks behind corners and having them suddenly pop out into my personal space. Been there, done that in 2003 for five months straight. Go fuck yourselves and tell me in person why I am getting this insane parade of freaks/Unfavoreds.

On the heels of that freak, I grab the cheese to get the fuck out of there, and lo, if another hideous fucker in dreadlock hair and wearing shorts (male) wasn't about to blunder into me. Then out of there to the milk section and then a putative staff member in black and white was flashing by as the rear produce section doors were proximate. Then I grab the kiwis and proceed to the checkout and one was devoid of a cashier, and the other had the fat freak. Onto the next cashier at the other end of the building, and lo, if the two dudes in black and white didn't materialize from an aisle each, timed identically. Then onto a checkout where two women converged in the same shopping trip, and one went off, came back, and then picked up a magazine to look at and kept looking at it while the other one did all the unloading work, their stuff moved along the conveyor, I moved in and just when all my stuff was on the belt, the magazine reading woman "happened to make a 180 degree trip behind my back to put the magazine back. I fucking hate, as in totally loathe, fuckers creeping or otherwise circulating behind my back, and this fucking bullshit keeps going on in public. This is insane abusive torture, to re-enact the very (likely) traumatization associations the fucker seemed to have created some time ago. Just leave me the fuck alone. What could be simpler than that?

Then more freaks hounding my ass on the way into the building to make sure I was covered; this was an Asian who had just exited a red vehicle at the curb for whatever reason (we have downstairs parking), and was on my ass going into the building and then again in the elevator.

And somehow I got screwed out of writing up the earlier freakshow when headed to yoga and back. I have never encounted a city where so many "people" (aka gangstalkers) got in my way and made no bones about it.

Enough excitement tonight, and onto what will likely be a dog day tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tuesday Level of Abuse on Wednesday

This is the first day back at my place from a First Feral Family stayover, a rare two day one that took me to Tuesday because of a larger garden work backlog and some decent weather to permit me to get it done. The rain started up last night and is still going this morning, but that didn't stop the over-extended brake noise groaning from going on this morning, as all other brake noise stops when the roads are wet, as it does in conventional reality. And a winter time dinginess has come upon this apartment, the first round evident when I came back from the laundry room with the cleaned-again shower curtain, and then another increment of dinginess evident when I exited the bathroom after hanging up the curtain.

The shower curtain was laundered three days ago with a modicum of other laundry, and today I discover that there was this blue film of lint on it, somehow missing this when hanging it up then. Then I discover it today, when about to take a shower, and then later change into the very pair of jeans that accompanied the first shower curtain laundering. I have never had blue lint coming off jeans in all my life, but somehow it just erupts every now and again, forcing a re-laundering of the linted item. And "somehow" I forgot to add the towel into the laundry load, as had just been placed in the laundry basket.

A high abuse morning so far, with constant aggravations to keep me riled up and vocalizing my exasperation. Extra planted noises from placing objects down or picking them up, self-hopping crumbs, extra crumbs from nowhere, touches from nowhere, and the assholes even teleporting saliva from my mouth to have it drool down my lip and onto the edge of the cereal bowl where some landed on the inside vertical portion and some landed on the outside, opposite. I swear my mouth did not open to allow the salivia to excape as I am extremely aware of just these very circumstances having been screwed so many times before. But somehow, a considerable amount just erupted at my lip and fell down to split over the bowl edge to then fall on either side of the vertical portion. Astounding drooling precision of a kind never experienced before the perps went overt/beserk in 2002.

And the fourth round of fix-and-fuck on the toilet flushing has just transpired; this is the incomplete flushing problem that erupted some 5 weeks ago, and first fixed by the manager after a week of the first complaint. The arranged problem forces me to keep the lever depressed until the water and contents have flushed, and the sickos' rationale seems to be to keep me captive to the color changes in the flushing toilet. It isn't good enough that I am allowed to walk away from a flushing toilet like the rest of the world in their insane take on what they want from me.

And another semi-sleepless night, like the one before at the First Feral Family home. The assholes pound me with thoughts one on top of the other, no thought threads for longer than four seconds before another, and usually irrelevant one, intrudes and takes over. I have never had this level of thought scrambling in my entire life at anytime of the day, and now, it erupts twice in two days, once at two locations. They keep me up with this for at least two hours before allowing sleep, and then pull the same stunt again before getting up. I don't expect to be any bit tired from the lack of sleep as it has never happened for all the sleep incursions and disruptions they have brought on.

The dinge lightened up a little, no lights on at present, though I did at lunch. Then instant I placed a kiwi fruit in my mouth and began tearing at it with my teeth to remove a portion, a vehicle outside began honking its horn for an extended duration of some 8 to 10 seconds, just to make sure that momentous moment of color change in my mouth was covered by that particular noise. This isn't the first time this has happened for kiwi fruit, maybe the 100th, but the most obvious. Eating chocolate gets the same treatment, likely over 500 such events in all the 8 years of this insane abuse. Noise events while food is placed in my mouth, while chewing, when food passes from my teeth to my tongue and while on my tongue number in the high hundreds. They "got me" with noise this morning just as a swirl of coffee displaced the chocolate, a "brown for brown" swap if you will. And make no mistake, brown variants and brown color switching, be it vehicles, gangstalker clothing, web pages, what I touch or whatever has increased all round. The FFF television was inundated with brown negro skinheaded males, including the freak national news (The National) anchorman of the CBC for the latter two nights I stayed there. I couldn't bear to watch the dude, and they had me looking away and then forcing me into subsecond glimpses to see the same freak again.

A simple Newegg order online turns into a big Fuckover scene. The assholes stopped the transaction totally dead and wouldn't allow the checkout process to proceed, even with all the boxes filled in, and filled in again. Fucking insane that I cannot be allowed to purchase what and when and where I want. Naturally. sort of, the overhead noise started up, the rumbling coming through at the moment of desperation in removing the leading "1" from the credit card phone number, supplied by retaining the information of a past order. No email to determine what in the fuck went wrong. Try again another time, and see what happens. Endless and insane jerking around over every last step of every last financial transaction I make, from coin machines on up.

Following the above obstructed Newegg order the sickos had me shut down the PC, read a book (a very rare event) for 30 minutes in the prone position on my bed, have tea and chocolate, and then a forced crap with some extra games to ensure I was vocalizing my exasperation. Nothing is allowed to be straightforward, not even keystroking, turning a page in a book or turning a lightswitch off or on. And it seems like the order did not go through. It was for an Asus U3S6 card to go into my PC, and it is an upgrade to permit USB 3 and STAT 6 standards on a older PC. I have been in contact with Asus as to why my motherboard isn't on the approved motherboard list, and have been jerked around for the last week, twice reminding the email contact that he hadn't answered my question. So I suppose the sickos thought they had built up some "adversity momentum" over this particular PC adaptor card, and somehow felt justified in cranking up the ordering adversity as well. Fucking bizarre to say the least, and proof that they are fucking nuts.

Another round of fuckery over per above order, attempting again while in contact with a customer service rep via a live session. More form filling, more password entry, and still she couldn't do anything, and even asking for information she couldn't use. Finally, the old excuse of the "browser problem" came to mind, and so a third round in IE, this time with extra colored lines and buttons, all of which was stripped out of Firefox. I suppose the assholes don't want me to see screen features when I am ordering online as this is not the first time this has happened. Plenty of additional noises going on while the assholes were jerking me around, all part of tne noisescape. And also, the assholes had me use the Windows snipping tool, and somehow the saved file got lost, forcing me to go through with this again, which was complicated by the fact that they added pop-up boxes over what I was intending to snip, and they even added a phone call interuption of someon offering a free cell phone for some bizarre reason.

Dinner was made from scratch tonight, always a big deal as they lay on the extra telekinetic abuse more, especially when they have been aggravating me all day. The big deal for the sickos that I swapped cleaning sponges tonight, along with replacing the dish detergent in mid use. The green cleaning sponge was used to flash me with green plasma so enough of that, so out it went, along with the other new one, and both ended up in the garbage together. The new blue ones didn't have the scrubbing surface I expected, and it is a lighter blue, instead of the dark blue. (These are 3M pads with a sponge and a scouring pad both). They had the dishes cleaned with the last of the dishes detergent, and then had me clean the counter, stovetop and table top with the new sponge and a dab from the new dishes detergent on it, what I usually do. That might sound all to prosaic, but I have come to know that cleaning dishes and counters is of intense interest, and to remind new readers they even had me do a part time cleaning job for 8 months last year, such is their interest in cleaning.

That part time cleaning job was at a car dealership, and I ended up getting a discount on car cleaning supplies in my last week there 07-2009. This was for my mother's vehicle, and she never got to cleaning her vehicle or using the supplies. And lo, if my daughter didn't come by yesterday to my mother's place, while I was still there, to clean the vehicle, using said supplies for the first time. It just goes to show how much planning the perps do, and their insane need to have things lie "fallow", purchased, stored in a typical location but remaining unused. And then, to have a surrogate, my daughter, to use the cleaning supplies. Go figure.

 I see the font sizes have gone smaller after a read of a PDF file at 200% oversize. I don't seem to be allowed controlled font size with my browser, as in me controlling it. The assholes even made me sneeze, having me turn my head away, and at the moment of sneezing and not looking at the 200% sized text, they planted subsized 30% sized text in my vision. They needed font-sneeze test combination and duly planted it following a 10 minut duration of oversized text reading. Maybe there is more to the allowed book reading this afternoon that just getting me to sit/lie down somewhere else.  And even other browser tabs and this page are suddenly shrunk down in font size and the browser zoom doesn't work. Funny how all that happens, a sudden font size decrease after reading oversized font. For the record, it is about Miracle Mineral Supplement, which might be a technical mineral, as it is sodium chlorite, also known as Stabilized Oxygen in a lower concentration formulation. It is said to be one of the most potent anti-pathogenic oxidizing agents going, and is pathogen specific, and doesn't harm healthy cells. An interesting read if you follow the video, and then the links. It can work against nearly all microbes and viral agents, and can be cheaply acquired. His claim is that he doesn't have a million bucks to do FDA triple blind testing, and he also claims that the FDA executive is a revolving door for the drug companies to give to their top personnel for sabbaticals. I wouldn't doubt it, and their apparent new powers to shut down supplements and to have them submit for testing is another outrage they have yet to fully perpetrate. Click on the video at the link for the project Camelot Portal interview, though over an hour long. I don't have any interest in this except to disseminate what seems to be like exceptional information that one can readily act on if need be. Though for us TI's, in the cross hairs of strange irradiative beams, the perps might want to turn up the power to counter whatever healing can take place. I have had some wicked flues in the long past, and I always wondered how I got them, and how it was that their timing was so coincidental to important meetings or other seminal events like a new dog arriving at the house.

A video listen of Marcia Schafer, a contactee and psychic, tonight, along with noise outside to "accompany me" in listening, one hour. Reading got shut down after my evening tea break, including online; the text started to jump and vibrate. There must be over a hundred ways to screw someone out of reading; cognitive impairments, demotivation, and good old technical fuckery if online. Her book book, Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist, (site) is highly regarded, though I haven't read it.

And what is with the dude talk outside my apartment dude today? Now at least 10 "happenings", lasting 5 to 12 seconds.

This one is done for today, and hopefully I can get some real sleep tonight.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Two Night Stayover

I two night stayover at the First Feral Family home, and I am back on a Tuesday, rather than the typical Monday. Partly it was the fact that I had some paying work for the whole day, and some to finish off today. It was the perp's long vaunted exercise they like to put me through; digging soil, pulling weeds, weed whacking, and a rare event of cutting live trees down. My in-town brother supplied his chain saw, fresh from the shop after me beating on him for the last two months that it needs to be fixed because it cannot reliably start. He took it in, and when he brought it round on Sunday, why, it didn't work worth shit. The clearing job got stopped in its tracks last year because his chain saw died, and lo, if he and his asshole minders didn't start the same bullshit again. But he did bring his electric chain saw, which worked when sharp, and I had to sharpen it three times within an hour as it kept dulling so fast, and I kept it cutting wood all the time, no soil or rocks.The perps like to interupt activities for some "fallow time", and I suppose this was their latest version. And lo, if when running this electric chain saw, at least one nieghbor from two houses away, started his gasoline powered chain saw up while I was running the electric one. And when on the last of the last large stump, the electric chain saw smoked up and couldn't be restarted. No gasoline powered chain saws allowed, and then they stop the job by toasting the electric substitute. Fucking bizarre. All my usual noise pals were out in force; the SAC bombers overhead, the trail bikes, the throbby Harleys and other road traffic noise that rises to the occasion, very often while in mid saw cut, or mid snip of the lopers for smaller diameter stems.

And then when the stump cutting was done, the roundup was applied to the ones that would sucker, and this too begets a serious amount of extra noise. After that, they suddenly forced a shit, and then a shower to clean up. And then they had me ready for planting some eight plants, the ones acquired three weeks ago to replace the rangy trees and problematic landscaping that I cut down. All very exciting for the perps to be cutting down and replanting in the same day. I wonder what they do with timber harvesting and tree planting jobs, and are covertly following them and causing the usual fuckups that I have come to know and loathe. Never mind, they have made me their focus study, code for abusive insanity gone amok.

No major bloodlettings while doing the above gardening activities, save some that "showed up" on my face, ostensibly from getting jabbed by pine needles. Quite the pine tree, and unlike any I have every known in 30 years of forestry work.

An evening looking at stereo gear online, slowly moving from PC audio to digital audio equipment and then to analog audio, sans DAC's etc. The sickos seem to not only like me looking at boxes (stereo gear, PC cases), but also attempting to form a vision as to how to put all this gear together; music servers, then network servers, ready made or designed from PC components. Who knows, as I haven't been allowed to listen to much audio for over six years, and I still haven't made it off CD's yet. No iPod or digital music files yet, being kept "frozen" with the complexity and backup needs and the rest of it. Never mind that my audio listening is highly curtailed in any event. But they do like me to trove through exotic and expensive online audio product listening, and about every two weeks or so I get put through this covetous script. Plenty of outside noise while bookmarking or while in-depth reading, and so it goes. A new keyboard for this PC would be nice as this one is getting especially spongey of late as well as entering more characters than keypresses.

Enough of the trite tonight, along with the endless on-display plasma games that cover this LCD display, what I suspect is the new irradiative containment device; in banks, supermarkets, police vehicles, on every desk and all covert irradiative delivery tested right here as the Prime TI if I may be so bold to assert special abusive privilege. As far as I know, I get the most harassment on all/most fronts.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Perps Go Nuts

A high abuse morning so far, and after an absurd 10 hour sleep, two hours more than needed with some bizarre dreams preceding the noise accompanied (hot rod muffler noise from outside) act of getting up, always a big deal for them.

And what got into the perps this morning? Two simultaneous coffee messes on the stovetop, one at the front of it (fresh ground coffee) and one at the back, (faux leftover grounds "from" the clean filter stem). A screaming rage show over this as it was so blatant, with the fresh coffee grounds leaping off the spoon as it was about to be dropped in the coffee carafe. When the regular routines become a rage-ification Fuckover scene, usually there is a reason, as in something is different, and they "need" an extra stressed victim. I started eating the macademia nuts in my breakfast cereal this morning, the package having sat there for 6 weeks until I finished up the hemp seed that I usually buy. The nuts are in whole form, and supplied to me by my perp-abetting mother from her trip to Hawaii. I chopped them down to make them more manageable with cereal flakes in a bowl, this on the plastic chopping board I always use. I reckon adding the chopped nuts (seeds and nuts always of intense perp interest), with plastic chopping board "energies" was the essential difference to then have the perps sickos rage-ifiy me over coffee mess on the stovetop, some also leaping onto the floor while cleaning the mess up with the new lime green colored kitchen sponge. They had me switch over to the lime green sponges about a week ago, having used blue ones for the past eight years. Another momentous change for the assholes given the efforts they go to in screwing me around over cleaning up their messes (or even, regular cleaning). And not forgetting that the coffee mess games also fit the perp's beserk and recently escalated "need" to have me exposed to games with crumbs, in all their teleporting and telekinetic variants.

And a rare, for this place, screwaround over doing laundry this morning: they have the dryer and washing machine backed up with other users, so having my laundry sit around in a ready state for an hour is just peachy for the sickos. That is, if you follow the ongoing interest in screwing me over in doing laundry, now becoming routine, and not mentioned much in this blog anymore.

So... I am putzing and blogging, hoping that the escalated abuse games will subside, and then restore some relative calm for the remainder of the day. It is a Sunday, and besides the local church bell games so far, I will be staying at the First Feral Family home tonight to catch my once-per-week bathing in the magnetic rays of the CRT TV. Never mind that I eat in front of it, and of course, the perps being totally obessed over the color and substance of what I eat, especially for the following two hour digestion period.

Still ongoing laundry room back up games; my washing cycle is done, and I removed the shower curtain from the load to hang it up and have it dry. The rest of the soggy cotton laundry is still in the opened washing machine, awaiting some dryer time. The present dryer run has a big blue plastic laundry basket on top of it, so I suspect that might be what the assholes want me to follow; "blue plastic energies" of the dryer top surface while my laundry spins underneath it. Another exciting perp moment to be sure, along with the many extra hallway and laundry room trips to get my laundry done. And it is still not done, so maybe a steamy in-apartment drying session instead. Hard to know what their laundry agenda is, though I suspect the spinning and the perps seeming need to plant torsional objects in my proximity has a likely association.

An early end to blogging today, the First Feral Family (FFF) pickup, visitation of the paternal asshole and his demential act (still good at gangstalking though), and the rest of the contrived bullshit of this insane abusive criminality.

Not quite; the laundry wasn't going to get done with the dryer occupied by someone else's still-soggy clothing. So..., an in-house air drying, and doubtless concocted for my absence at the FFF home for the next 12 hours. Who knew that my laundry was so interesting? And again, another perceptual jerkaround as they fucked me out of knowing that I have hooks on the back of the bathroom door, and kept me in a quandry as to where to hang up all the laundry. They stole my drying rack a few years ago, and haven't permitted me to get any other kind of airdrying rack since. Only the bathroom shower rail and the Ikea lamp are the permitted locations of wet laundry air drying in the current state of their obsessive inanity.

More blathering; an interesting interview with Jim Humble of MMS or Miracle Mineral Supplement, which is chlorine dioxide and how it can rid one of malaria and aid recovery from cancer. Another one of "those" hot conspiracy items I must confess, but it seems to be the real deal, despite the tawdry advertisements. The health underground strikes again, and I suspect this will be a huge dust up in a few more years between the people and the pharma-generals and their legions of lobbists/disparagers. It may even work for other endemic difficult-to-rid conditions, including persistent lung conditons. Over an hour, and if you can take the exotic head gear, have a look; click on the pic to get streaming video, or else there is an MP3 file too, same link.

Onto the great blue yonder, as FFF pickup is imminent.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Early Day for Idling

keeping on the theme of not doing much, it seems the perps wanted me up early to putz around today, keeping me in-house longer before going on a Chicken Run, the perp event of buying cooked chicken meat at the local supermarket. And even a "chicken stalker", a male who came to the hot cooked chicken display and placed his in his basket at the same time I did. Then the Fuckwit "shows up" ahead of me by an adroit ruse at the checkout. The Fuckwit had placed his groceries at the checkout with one person ahead of him and then buggered off, so when I came he was gone, and I had no idea whose groceries they were. I unload my groceries, and lo, if he doesn't arrive at the checkout just in time to be served by the cashier. I wouldn't of used that checkout if I had known it was my Fuckwit chicken stalker as there was another choice. And not the first time this bullshit stunt has been pulled either.

And heavy on mid-brown skin today; the cashier, then a Fuckwit on the street on the way back, negro and native Indian respectively. I had a gruesome native Indian waiting for me to exit the elevator in this building yesterday, so it seems that the perps are testing me on deeper brown skinned Fuckwit/gangstalkers. And I am not the only TI to find this skin tone agenda as part of the abuse scenario, as a TI in Washington State is having a fuck of a time with E. Indians (from India), who make his life difficult. Funny how this bullshit remains so consistent among TI's experiences.

A call from my in-town brother mid afternoon, asking what I was doing. "Nothing much", and so he offered me some gardening work at his place, which was first augmented with furniture moving as I found out when I got there. Another too-early bus again, meaning I had to sit out 10 minutes for the gangstalk show at the bus stop. Then againg when returning, more flakey bus service and then some native Indian kid circling me at the bus stop, and so I hoofed it. And lo, if the bus didn't happen to arrive when I was two bus stops further on my walking trip, so I caught it at a different bus stop. This identical stunt happened at the same bus stop 6 to 10 months ago; someone obviously stunting me and so I walked, and the bus eventually came to the identical bus stop that I caught it at today. Funny how that happens.

So the deal was when I got to my brother's place he wanted some furniture moved, cat hairs and all. The couch had to come out of the living room and then out the front door and then it went straight out over some garden beds and plants, and then outside where he said he was going to dump it. Not the best way to get rid of your furniture, but he wasn't going to allow me to talk him out of it.

Then a dresser just like the one I have here was in his driveway, and had to be taken inside, and next to my coat that was lying there as it happened, for the whole two hours I was there. Stalking my jacket perhaps. Then we moved a couch upstairs, having to remove a door first. Then lumping and humpfing furniture was done, he wanted me to run the string trimmer around the perimeter of the property while he was running the lawnmower. And when finished that, I was to weed the garden bed that I had dug over back in February. And did the motorcycle noise, hotrod noise and other loud mufflered vehicles ever start up, at least 3 per minute, which made it seem near continuous. In the distance there were the shouts and cheers from a ball game as part of the background banter act I often get. I also had the coughing neighbor act as well, and then the loud kids neighbor noises started up after that. It is the Identical noise profile when I am at my parents' doing gardening work, in a totally different neighborhood. Anytime I pulled or tugged on the week roots the noise increased, sometimes very loud in the case of the motorcycles. And have we done this one before? All that activity in and out of the house by moving furniture, then the gasoline powered string trimmer noise, lawnmower noise, and then the vehicle noise train when I take on weeding.

My brother does his exit routine after some five minutes of weeding, and so it seems, based on my mother doing the same thing, that he must depart the premises so the sickos can do some kind of remote energetic assay on me alone, and he elsewhere. It seems that they can pick something up, but need to get better at it from a further distance, so that might be the reason for the First Feral Family departure games at the moment of greatest interest (weeding, moving plants, exposing plant roots).

And many rounds of the noisy two-cycle Vespa type scooters today. Not only at least 10 or so while waiting for the bus (inbound), but a cluster of 15 or so "happening" to meet only 60' from the bus stop when I started walking. One rude fucker was sitting on his motorcycle in mid-sidewalk, running the engine and talkin to his pal, and forcing me to get closer the parked van that was also arranged there. And in another 100' or so, the road bends some 30 degrees and that "happened" to be the location where they came buzzing down the road in serial fashion, sustaining that particular noise for longer. And just now, when on the balcony to take a picture of the strange goings on with the reflectance somehow getting into this apartment when there is no straight line light path, why, two more Vespa-like motorcycles "happened" to be outside. The assholes cannot get enough motorcycle noise on me it seems, and are going fucking beserk in delivering me at every turn.

A listen of Richard Dolan on UFO and secrecy, a highly respected researcher on Project Camelot. A one hour 20 min. video which takes some focus and sustained attention. Not always doable in the TI experience, but one of the keepers from recent interviews. He pulls together research that paints an unequivocal picture of Them, their agenda, and sociopolitical repercussions, also taking a strip off one of the political players in UFO research.

Time to call this one done for the day, mixed up a bit with some gardening time and all the perp show that brings.

Friday, May 21, 2010

No Prior Warm Up

A strange start to these kept days this morning; no prior "warm up" of going online and viewing this LCD display and the irradiations coming off it (new normal) before going out on a three stop errand trip. Obviously a big test day for the sickos when they send me out without LCD online time, even 20 minutes or so. And it was a freaky gangstalking scene all round, and even some special color moments, this time the assholes putting on yellow as their color of interest.

A yellow jacket male Fuckwit in a black ball cap was doing the front door loiter and dither before heading inside to lead ahead of me at the outdoor sports store. Then when at the counter to look at items, he does the slow troll toward me and then behind me, while the staff member with the oversized 7" yellow headband attended to my questions. Then when in the protracted line up, why, both of them featured again in my view, dithering around to be seen at length, the staff member doing some phone time. Then onto the grocery store to get more milk as the carton here had prematurely soured six days ahead of the best before date. And lo, if they didn't obscure the "Sidewalk Closed" signs to suck me into going to the corner where both directions were closed, both due to similar mobile cranes, likely some 120' up to load or unload from the building under construction, and almost completed. (Then back to the other side of the street to walk between two cranes, one being the mobile crane, and the other a hammerhead crane next to the sidewalk on a new construction site. The sickos cannot get enough crane action it seems, so they bring in two mobile cranes on streets 90 degrees offset to "join" the fixed construction crane. I haven't figured out the whole deal on why cranes seem to be a component of the fuckery, but there has been a long running exposure to them, including the pre-over/beserk days of 2000 to 2002 when they had one across the street at work, and another next door at my apartment builidng in Seattle.

And per above, it is not uncommon that the Fuckwits arrange particular color themes for the gangstalkers when making a purchasing decision, as navy blue was very common at one time. This is the first that I have noticed when the have gone to yellow for this event, always a big deal for the assholes.

A round of thumping and clunking heard through my earmuffs while checking the employment postings online. Anything to do with this theme seems to crank up the perps, and having me do "hang time", as in nothing to do, is all part of it. which begs the question in a much larger scope; can this perp interest be applied to the population at large and the current economic downturn that has cost so many their livelihoods? Don't know, but it is interesting to ponder the bigger picture of this harassment in all its facets, as TI's are often made unemployed or even homeless. I don't know what the assholes have planned with respect to employment, but it seems that all experiences, and especially adverse ones, are under study.

More dude talk outside my door while reading a John C. Lilly interview. Only a few minutes prior to that, and after two paragraphs of reading the interview, the sickos forced to tak a pee, getting back to their very tactically timed forced urinations. The toilet is also partially fucked with, having me keep my fingers on the handle to make it flush and thereby stay closer to it while the color change of the water flushing is going on. It seems that they cannot get enough of me being exposed to color changes, the toilet flushing being the most vivid example.

Another round of dude talk outside my door, this time a little slurred/retarded. Hmm... makes me wonder if the perps know more about this kind of exposure than I do. And plenty of hotrod noises today, that particular loud mufflered vehicle has been of considerable frequency in the last week, and it seems to be coincident with the sickos cranking up the dude talk, especially when it somehow creeps through my earmuffs. Or is it that I am still reading the John C. Lilly interview? Hard to know what the assholes are up to, but they did have me "discover" his work back in 2000 to 2001, and I was quite fascinated at the time.

Continuing hot rod noise outside, 3 to 5/minute. I finished reading the above mentioned John C. Lilly, and he talks about, and to, the Earth Coincidence Control Office (ECCO). He even has dialogs with them. Could this be the very same entity that likes to grind down TI's? [More noise now, getting through my earmuffs.] This is stunning. an MD, a highly respected researcher, and he has a continuing notion of an overarching entity called ECCO, and ascribes all world events to them, and asks them the particulars if curious. Interesting background at this link.

And an interesting excerpt from John C. Lilly's book, below:

In ones life there can be peculiarly appropriate chains of related events that lead to consequences that are strongly desired. After such experiences, one wonders how such a series of events developed; sometimes there is a strong feeling that some intelligence (greater than ours) directed the course along certain lines which It/He/She was/is programming. This programming originates from the Earth Coincidence Control Office (E.C.C.O)

There exists a Cosmic Control Center (C.C.C.) with a Galactic substation called Galactic Coincidence Control (G.C.C.). Within this is the Solar System Control Unit (S.S.C.U.), within which is the Earth Coincidence Control Office (E.C.C.O.).

The assignments of responsiblities from the top to the bottom of this system of control is by a set of regulations, which translated by E.C.C.O. for humans is somewhat as follows:"

J.C.Lilly , Dyadic Cyclone, 1976
To all humans

If you wish to control coincidences in your own life on the planet Earth, we will cooperate and determine those coincidences for you under the following conditions:

1) You must know/assume/simulate our existence in ECCO
2) You must be willing to accept y/our responsibility for control of your coincidences.
3) You must exert your best capabilities for your survival programs and your own development as an advancing/advanced member of ECCO's earthside corps of controlled coincidence workers. You are expected to use your best intelligence in this service
4) You are expected to expect the unexpected every minute, every hour of every day and of every night.
5) You must be able to maintain conscious/thinking/ reasoning no matter what events we arrange to happen to you.
Some of these events will seem cataclysmic / catastrophic / overwhelming.
Remember stay aware, no matter what happens / apparently happens to you.
6) You are in our training program for life: there is no escape from it. We (not you ) control the long-term coincidences; you (not we) control the shorter-term coincidences by your own efforts.
7) Your major mission on earth is to discover/create that which we do to control the long-term coincidence patterns: you are being trained on Earth to do this job.
8) When your mission on planet Earth is completed, you will no longer be required to remain/return there.
9) Remember the motto passed to us (from GCC via SSCU):

Cosmic Love is absolutelely Ruthless and Highly Indifferent- it teaches its lessons whether you like/dislike them or not.
The latter link above mentions that John C. Lilly even phoned the White House and attempted to speak with Pres. Jimmy Carter about the apocalyptic prognostications of his "other beings" that he claimed to speak with during his ketamine trips. He didn't get through, even with his credentials, as the Whitehouse staff deemed it to be a crank call.
More reading until I got dithered and cannot read now. I suppose that being enamoured with the above notion of Lilly's  ECCO is where they want to keep me, maybe before a chocolate run to LD.

And the 10 minute return trip to LD and back was indeed a gangstalker fest. The two dudes at the elevator in the lobby were doing their best to bust in before I got out. Not only did it look stupid, but one was a fugly native Indian with hair down to his navel, and the other was a tall Caucasian. Then getting out the front door became problematic with one Fuckwit outside standing in front of it and hanging on, but he couldn't open it because it was locked. This was the faux "waiting for the buzzer" stance, cover blown by the fact that he kept looking down at nothing, essentially stunned out while in a doorway, and that he would of seen me in the lobby from the outside through the ample glass. Like WTF; all the past gangstalkers and loiterers outside the door back off when they see me coming from the inside to open the door because I have opened it up to let them in. But no, this dude went into a trance while his hand was on the door for crissakes. I have never seen so many Fuckwits ditzing in doorways since the perps went overt/beserk in 2002. 

Then a flush of the fugly dudes on the street, plus the amazon couple, both at least 6' 4", who stood behind me. Coupling the dudes to the babes seems to be more important to the perp gangstalker scene of late, attempting to co-opt female "auric goodness" (assuming its a babe and not a skank job), and somehow translating this to capture the same for the dude; either live, or in a picture.

And at the first crosswalk a bizarre woman in a tight curly hairdo towing a suitcase passed through, and after doing the gangstalker gauntlet, why, there she is again, and entering the LD store immediately behind me. Like WTF; who takes a luggage tote to go shopping? Or am I missing out on a new urban trend?

I arrive inside the LD store, and lo, if there wasn't three skinheaded males in sight, any one of them enough to make me barf. If I loathe the skin-headed look, which it seems that I now do (thanks to some kind of perp fuckery), then why am I chased by insane gutless assholes every mortal second I am out in public by this revolting "hair" style?

Then to the section to get Pears Soap, and lo, if there wasn't a woman standing next to it in mid-shelf, and me saying "excuse me" so I could get some room to get it didn't make any difference or get any response. Fucking rude.

Then at the chocolate section at least four of them doing stand-around duty, one being a fugly male in a ponytail, a near doppelganger of another at the checkout. New trick; have doppelgangers as equivalent to reprising gangstalkers to get the same "response" to the fugly Unfavored males but with a different person. It seems the perps are working on separating my loathing "response" to Unfavored specimens, (assuming it is mine), from the person with similar features; large, staff member, male, black hair, same body size, and same fugly pony tail. Very interesting this latest development.

Then at the checkout, which was populated with another disgusting overweight male in front of me, two of the chocolate section gangstalkers came to stand some 8' away, looking totally stupid as they didn't go to a checkout, but stood around and avoiding my eye contact. Then an apparent male staff member in a white shirt, and not the usual blue smock top, did two back and forths before opening a till up in the Customer Service area. And lo, if he did'nt call for customers unlike his confrere two days ago, who opened up a regular checkout (difficult to see as the checkouts are narrow and tall),  and didn't say anything. It has become the norm for the Fuckwits at LD to open a new checkout while I am waiting in a line with an arranged surfeit/swarm of customers ahead of me. One time the faux customer swarm arrived to populate all the availible checkouts, and I was just about to dump my shopping and exit, when just then, a new checkout opened up.

Other stalking Fuckwits were the flakey assistant manager of this apartment building who "happened" to be in LD, the above mentioned curly haired luggage packer, and it seemed like all my street and apartment pals were "joining me" again. More dudes outside on my way back, one being a skinhead male, always a disgusting sight these bald heads, who was packing "art supplies" a 24"x30" white panel with him, and then stops in mid-sidewalk and as I pass by, the then starts to follow me. Fucking bizarre, packing white panels around, which was not purchased at LD as they don't sell that kind of art supply, and then switching from lead-ahead gangstalking to follow-me style. 

And what is it with light brown duffel coats, winter coats that is, on gangstalkers? Two tonight, one being an native Indian vagrant with a large sack of bottles and cans outside the liquor store. When I came back he seemed to have cashed them in, even if the liquor store wouldn't of taken them all as there is a daily limit to returned deposit items. Somehow that bullshit didn't need to be hidden. The other light brown duffel coat was on the above mentioned flakey assistant manager, and I had never seen him wear such a coat, as I see him often doing the downstairs gangstalk act.

A sudden need to shut down this PC, closing out of the browser, ready to hit the "shutdown" button, and lo, if I didn't "remember" that I hadn't posted this blog write up. So... start the browser up again, and then a sudden need to pee, duly accomplished, and now I am back to finish this blog, as it seems that trivia is way too interesting, as the overhead pounding started up after I sat down.

This one is done, and no interesting music tonight, in fact none was allowed at all today. Grim for spending most the day online, but that is what life is here, where even the small coincidences are coordinated.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Noise Pummeling

Back from yoga, finished makiing lunch,then eating it about 15 minutes ago, and now the noise campaign has started up in earnest. First putting on the earmuffs helped, save the constant din inside them, and then the clunking started up which made me take them off, so I could hear what was going on. Then it stopped the instant I took the earmuffs off, then fake water running noise (in pipes) started up.

And what was with the flush of dudes packing coffee on the way back from yoga, always a prime fuckover moment of the week? Some 20 of them, mostly by themselves for once, and looking every so busy. Every other one was packing coffee, some from two blocks away when there are at least two closer sources. This ain't the business part of town, just the residential and grocery shopping, and here they are, doing the Coffee Corps strut at 1245h. And they like to walk exactly on the line that I am going to walk, oncoming, and then only recall that it is right-hand drive within 10' or so, when they usually moving over, but not enough of late. And two perp Fuckwits have a mock wrestling match on the street ahead of me, at the location the brown cardboard furniture was placed on the street last year. So fucking stupid at times.

And more of the males on "just stand there" duty; one standing between the curb and the 4' tree stump they left in place about a month ago, with coffee up in hand, and no vehicle parked there. Then around the corner, another one standing at the curb with a grocery shopping bag hanging from his one hand. Then a third fucker parked inside the lobby of this apartment, spaced out over the mail boxes, totally out of it. Three whacko male Fuckwits doing utterly nothing but stand around dumbstruck. The 4' stump has been the site of other male gangstalker wierdness, so I can only assume is some kind of energetic shrine/prop they are expecting to aid them. The sicko's long history of going beserk with gangstalkers over me cutting or pruning trees and shrubs seems to fit the pattern with whatever they are hoping to attain from this particular piece of urban landscape tree butchery. I do wonder if forest descration isn't also part of their agenda, given that it is so prevalent, and by gosh, the Brazilians can never keep on top of the Amazonian deforestation it seems.

The sickos also like me to leave my new books untouched for long periods as the lie on these bare pine wood shelves of my desk/shelf unit. And they nearly always send out a paper packing Fuckwit, sometimes carrying it in his mouth, as part of the ambulatory gangstalker retinue. They have the hots over paper and forest products for sure, not to mention their fascination with scripting the swapover of toilet paper rolls in mid-shit.

Only me and two other classmates in yoga today, which was a little odd, and negro woman wasn't there either. The perps put on extra clunking and door slamming in the building for the first half hour of yoga, and only toned it down to a moderate level after that. They even brought on a new noise for the venue, the running of water in the pipes when there isn't any water pipes within 40'. it is a noise I here all the time in this apartment, so it wasn't a total surprise they would spring one of their regular noises, but to have it so unattributable and obviously faked was new. I can never figure this out; why don't they turn every gangstalked venue into a total cacaphony of all noises as they see fit, instead of this constrained repetoire that is mostly, but not always, arranged with normal-ish characteristic noises? So fucking strange, as they seem to have got past the fact that they are fooling anyone with the bullshit noise that goes on here every waking minute, and yet they will constrain the noise options elsewhere.

When the instructor returned after two years away, the perps put on at least seven class members, some that I hadn't seen in 18 months. Its as if they all wanted to be there for the instructor's premiere, or reprise premiere, so WTF when they all filter out again? One of the class members is from Quebec, and there is a Quebec connection to this insane abuse, as I lived there for two years of my first five in Montreal. Just so I could meet the infamous Dr. Cameron perhpaps, though my recall is 99% deleted from that era, and that includes him, and and any clinical associations. I get plenty of clinical gangstalking scenarios though, another one of those "lost" painters or plasteres in white again at the crosswalk on my way back from yoga. I cannot stand the sight of these white dressed fuckers, and the perps are decidedly messing with my "reactions" to this orchestrated BS.

More infernal hotrod noise, then more, then earmuffs on, then sirens heard through the earmuffs.

A seeming nap onset after more noise parades, and then they wouldn't let me sleep after 20 min. of lying down. All they did was pummel me with more noise while lying down. Just the "usual" hotrods, motorcycles, heavy duty equipment, and even a siren to follow the seagull noise. Now that I am back to seated, why, another round of noise of similar outside sources. I get about 30 hotrod noises a day, though I rarely see them, even if I do look. Ditto for the motorcycle noise, though the sickos seem to have more interest in me seeing them, but the driver-by noise parade rarely has them for the times that I look.

More motorcycle noise, this time erupted when engrossed in reading about a data architect/analyst position. Many of these noise and even phone incursions erupt/happen at the moment of being highly attentive to reading something online, often with a prior noise run-up, per above.

Now the vacuum cleaner has arrived outside my door. I think we have done this one before. I have never known this place to so diligent as to running the vacuum cleaner, twice in one week when twice in six months was the prior norm. Maybe it is getting like every other place I have lived in, always some neat freak with a vacuum cleaner outside my door or on the way out. Even the Fuckwits themselves were running the vacuum to my merriment.

Tea and chocolate are done, thankfully only 100g, the third chocolate sitting of the day. Per usual, the prior noises featured while I was with chocolate in my mouth.

And back to the bad old days again with a sustained rage-ification at dinner time with (brown) food in my mouth. The assholes have stepped up the crumb games, and put some brown tortilla crumbs on my plate. I attempted to pick up one brown tortilla crumb, and it morphed into a dark green olive tapenade crumb under my finger tips. I attempted to pick up the new crumb form and the assholes wouldn't let me pick it up, it just magically slipped past my finger tip, then again. I was then fucked into a "lose it" moment of screaming at the assholes for this insane crumb fucking stunt, and was duly kept vociferously complaining about at least twice more in the next two minutes. That is how it goes around here, the simplest activity can suddenly be sabotaged and then a screaming rage show.

The crumb games have been getting out of hand in the past week; a big clean up last night of the self erutping faux coffee crumbs in the cupboards "resulted" in more of the same crumbs on the counter this morning. I get the coffee ground as fine as possible, it is in a fluffy state when fresh, and yet I keep getting this accumulation of coffee crumbs that are least 10x larger, even if dry. It is absurd these extra crumbs. More coffee crumbs "arrived" on the stove top, and I made sure none landed there, but turn my back once, and poof, they arrive.

Other related excitement for the perps was that I started a new jar of peanut butter this morning, the first in three months or more, having eaten coconut butter all this time. Any kind of diet resumption is always a big deal for the assholes, and I expect the "Peanut Butter Men" to be gangstalking me these next few weeks. (Peanut butter colored work overalls or work gear). I suppose they started last week with a smashed jar of peanut butter on the street when I was headed to yoga. The other side of it is that the perps don't like me to eat foods that I really like for too long, such as coconut butter. They incrementally reduced its flavor to be less and less detectable, and so the coconut butter became "blandified" from what it was initially. Ditto for the chocolate; flavor sensations are defeated within a week of a new kind.

Another "excitement moment" for the perps is arranging the confluence of starting or finishing a package of food. Today, it was the above mentioned peanut butter, and also, the start of a new bag of coffee. Both brown, and of intense perp interest. So, having remnants of the packaging in the garbage together is just peachy for the sickos. And it might have been the reason for the extra coffee crumb teleportation games, as both the "standard" kind and the new finer ground coffee was in the crumb field on the stovetop at breakfast.

More overhead noise through my earmuffs while reading Mavericks of the Mind, and interesting collection of interview with leading consciousness thinkers. The Francis Jeffery piece seemed to bring on extra noise, including the outside motorcycle noise, the most loathed of all.

Another "day of.." done, and another light day tomorrow; three errands are intended but execution and completion are always game to be messed with, and even demotivated shut-in days, usually accompanied by extra gangstalking the following day that I venture out, are expectable scripts of late.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dulldom and All That

A slack day, but I did get out to the LD store in the morning to get chocolate and Deep Clean. Per usual, some four Fuckwits posted around me, and at least two more on "stand there" duty in mid-aisle wouldn't move for me walking past. Fucking rude, and it seems to be the trend of late, Fuckwits not making room for others on the street or aisles. Even an "excuse me" doesn't get them to move more than a quarter inch. The faux oblivious acts are also ramping up, where they back up to me, pretending there is no one else around.

I got another posse at the checkout, three women aligned, arriving at the customer service within a minute of each other, the fat blonde even was headed to the aisles and then reprised again at the adjacent customer service. I also got the "just for me" checkout" opened up, which is common. The one checkout was plugged up with at least five customers, and then some 12' away a seeming staff member quietly slithers into another checkout and doesn't tell anyone, except that I "happened" to be the only one to see it, so I go there. The Fuckwit who had no shopping was dogging me to get in my way while headed there, it seems that the perps like to test me against Fuckwits with no shopping basket, or no shopping bag once checked out. And both checkouts were dudes today at LD; they make a big deal of the gender of the cashier, and also like to make them extra freaky with ponytails, skinheads and tattoos. Not this guy; 50 something as a cashier; whatever.

And they put the Milka bars on for $1.99 instead of the regular price of $2.49, which was a substantial saving, so I may go back there if I can find another excuse, as the planted protocol is that I am not to go there just for chocolate. I wouldn't eat any chocolate if I had a say in this insane life abuse, but its color seems to be a major problem for the perps, and has every indication that it is part of their insane obsession with toilets and the rest of it, something they signified in the apartment invasion in 04-2002, the beginning of the overt/beserk phase that is still continuing.

I got my three dude lead-ahead gangstalker troupe on the way back; all three wearing black ball caps. The lead Fuckwit was 20' ahead, and was spatially arranged to be seen between the two that were 10' ahead of me. The latter two were both in brown and olive drab camo, looking extra stupid in my opinion, doing their waddle walk. And that was the biggest excitement today, as they have been lighter on the rage-fication abuse since going over the top three days ago, Sunday. I still get plenty of noises of no ostensible cause when I handle objects, and the incessant loud mufflered vehicles still somehow getting through my earmuffs all day long.

I get the odd burst of hallway chatter outside my apartment door as well, another regular daily event that they like to script. But it seems these are the dull days, and meant to be so, and to elicit some kind of psychic response over the wonders of doing nothing; part of the employment theme the perps like to work on. Still no replies from my many job applications, but it seems that this no-work spell has longer to run than I expected.

Looking at Mars anomaly research tonight, though some Moon pics too. The sickos seem to like that and signify it by starting a rumbling noise overhead, especially when I lose track of the wide text lines that are misread. extensive tampering of the images is quite remarkable, as in unabashed censorship, especially on the Moon images, (Earth's moon). I am getting the impression that Mars is a thriving place with metropolises and high rise canyons. As always, the images aren't quite good enough to be definitive, all to keep the FUD, or funding as the author suggests, continuing.

Not a whole lot happening today in keeping with the way the perps like to manage me over the winter and spring. This one is done and to ponder what tomorrow's script will bring.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Zap and Silmutaneous Ear Noise

A zap occured as a whole body sensation as outside clunking and clicking in my earmuffs erupted. I was thinking the perps were assholes at that very moment it occured, as they had messed with my keystrokes as the immediately prior instignating event. And it tells me that my determinations of them bbeing assholes isn't me that is "thinking" of this; a three way noise and zapping coordination at the very moment of thought cannot be anything less than planned.

An earlier meeting this morning with my employment counsellor. Nothing too much accomplished, but I did get to tell my story in good part, and the degree of orchestration and harassment and how past patterns seem to be fitting the current impasse; all trained up and ready to go on Oracle 11g, and nothing happens in the supporting realms of availible work as well as study for certification exams. A sudden and uncharacteristic demotivation erupted, and it wouldn't be the first time, though this is pissing me off considerably.

Heavy on the noise today, getting through my earmuffs. The raim games earlier, preceding my entry onto the street to cover the three blocks to my appointment earlier. The freakshow as upon me, starting at the elevator which "happened" to be positioned at the very floor I was at, and two Japanese people were in there, a female and a male, both 20's something. But they all know the drill; back up to the back of the elevator and have me walk in front of them to find some open space. He was in a dye job hairdo; Beatles style and with a red tinge to it. Then my swarm of four on the street coming at me, and then more, this time the quasi vagrant style who are getting too fucking close these days. Interpersonal space is under assault of late, and the Rude Corps aren't making any bones about it.

Then a flush of at least ten dudes in their mid-grey hard hats at the construction site, doing a cluster fuck at the crosswalk, waiting for the pedestrian light to change. And a partial sidewalk obstruction to force me onto the asphalt road surface for some 60' while the hardhats were doing their looking up and waving their arms. Then a pair of dudes standing at the last corner I was to make, one visible from 80' away, who eventually started toward me, the other was hiding behind the corner, making out that he was there to putz with his cigarette. Plain fucking stupid, having these Fuckwits on sentry duty at corners, or hiding behind them. Been there, done that.

I am allowed some limited reading on some metaphysical topics, the Mavericks of the Mind site being one, and plenty of interesting book references and links. It is a book, but although it says it is on the internet, I cannot find it at this site, just links to the listing. Have a look if you are into the metaphysical, and even the glossary I found interesting, processing it via my "paradigm shift" of being totally life raped and mind controlled, and still pondering what in the fuck do these insane assholes want from me?

Back to the Youtube screwover days, pre-Nov 2009; this 4 core CPU somehow "fails" when Youtube in playing and I am sorting bookmarks. Like WTF; an X58 chipset, an Intel Core 920 CPU, and it cannot run them together? More like the usual Fuckover games of having videos start erratically along with pops and clicks and on/off-ing the volume, video and desyncing them for the first five or ten minutes. Been there, done that. Then having me witness the same introduction again, the video going back to the start. And then have me get screamingly enraged over this bullshit.

Plenty of First Feral Family games earlier tonight; my in-town brother was having more email trials and tribulations, now on his fourth different email software to make it all worse. Being on the phone, EMF source at my ear in two tranches of 20 minutes each was the "warm up" event tonight. Then a sudden need to take a crap, with identical adversities to last night at about the same time. Funny how the perp's brown games go, especially around dusk onset.

Finally back on track; tonight, Richard Dolan, one of the most thorough and academic researchers on UFO's. An 1hr, 20min. video, the intro is the worst. He claims the majority of US history is inaccessible because it is classified, and not just the UFO topic. Astounding.

Then the perp background noise started up 17 minutes in, not blockable with my headphones, and so I gave it up being forced to close, then open (to get the link), then close the tabs again. Doing it over, and over again is the perps biggest fucking game going. Not unlike their useless looking public back and forths the gangstalkers do.

And I am getting extensive modification of this LCD display tonight; faint red and brown tones just erupt, especially behind text such as this, on a white backbround. No wonder they don't want me to read books as they aren't so manipulatable, never mind so bright as well.

It never ends; I was reading a seminal article on data modeling and object modeling, and lo, if the all essential diagrams were missing. Just another example of knowledge constraint that seems to be so important for the sickos.

Anyhow, time to call this one done, and ponder tomorrow's excitement. I cannot buy a invitation to get out of this enforced rut anywhere it seems.