Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sabotage on Sabotage

And what was the point of last night's online stunt of blocking me not once, but twice, over a online purchase? The perps have put holes in my long johns, my only pair as winter is closing out. I have had them for 20 years, and don't wear them much (20x/year), and they are synthetic material but have always done the job and somehow some 15 holes have erupted in the last two launderings. Just another garment sabotage stunt IMHO.

So... I order two pairs of long johns from a reliable online outdoor wear supplier in these here parts, and I get to the payment page, and lo, if the dialog box for the credit card number isn't missing altogether. I click and mouse over it in an attempt to wake it up, to no avail. I see a new button for direct debit card transfers so I click on it and it takes me to my bank's login page. I key in my debit card number and it stops accepting the last 5 digits of my card. I am skunked/sabotaged/obstructed in dealing with the sabotaged long johns for crissakes. This from two different websites. And what pointless perp objective did all that serve?

And lo, if above mentioned dialog box for the credit card doesn't "show up" on the very same page last night to facilitate my purchase of said long johns. But no ordinary "showing up", no.....sir, not allowed. Only when my mouse was over top of the key-in region does the line work for the dialog box display, taking an obvious three seconds to do so. In perp-speak, what might they call this; delayed dialog display for post financial transaction obstruction?

At least twenty screamings at the assholes tonight, and only 1830h. I just finished an e-transfer and no confirmation notices occurred. So yet again, another financial transaction is at least temporarily obstructed. Cause of the screaming at the assholes is finger fumbling, cognitive disruptions, forced typos etc,.

The perps blatantly sprained my ankle today, and I am utterly pissed about this. I was dismounting from the Honda Quad on level ground when "somehow" my foot wasn't flat to meet the level ground and I was forced over on my ankle, creating a mid-intensity sprain.  Like WTF; I was a yoga last night and did balances much better than usual (harassment usual), and I have dismounted from this vehicle at least 500x, and at least 20x beforehand today, and "somehow" my ankle wasn't correctly oriented? Who looks after that, and has over ride control? Then about 30 minutes later they had me go over on the same ankle again, just to re-invoke the pain.

After that, they kludge-ified me, making me more clumsy and cognitively impaired. They pulled the ankle sprain stunt at about 1130h, after I had been working on a 70% slope for the previous two hours. (I am quite comfortable on such steep slopes on rough ground due to many years of forestry work). So as I see it, it is an utter and blatant take-down stunt. How else does one cripple a farm worker so fast? I spent the rest of the day limping around, including on the slope again. Nice touch that.

Then to  add insult  to injury, they have to piss me off this evening, hence screaming at their insane mental and physical incursions tonight. Why are the perps so fucked up, and why cannot they declare themselves instead of this near 14 year litany of insane abuse?

Of associated interest today, this was the first day I wore my new headphones/earmuff with an integrated radio today. I tried the CBC Radio, but as they are on such a pro-immigrant streak of late, I turned it off after 10 minutes, twice today. (The latest shit is that they are giving airtime to an immigrant applicant who got rejected as their son has Down's Syndrome; don't get me riled up over that one any more than I am). I wore the headphones at my neck the rest of the day, and experienced at least three EMF hits to the head that caused me a mild pain sensation and a mild cognitive dissonance/disorientation at the same time, usually while turning around or changing direction, or getting off the Quad, before they whacked my ankle, per above. And we all know that headphones have magnets in them, and we know that this victim is kept in a magnetic field of over 1800 Gauss, so perhaps the perps needed to ply me with extra magnetic disorientation and pain at particular moments with this new pair of headphones on.

Anyhow, I am now packing a gel pack my R ankle, another perp fascination is re-visited, this in the form of glycol.  Thanks a fucking bunch you insane cretins.

Another obstruction on this one week protraction to pay online for a stereo component; I was attempting an e-transfer, and the last button I clicked on was "Send Money", and so, two hours later no transaction and no message to my email.

The prospective vendor, "coincidentally" couldn't read my email at his place, (it seems), and after an email exchange of phone numbers and email display and keystroke sabotage on my side, we exchange phone numbers. He phones me, and everything is chill, and I explain what I did and that this is deal is mysteriously hung up. Last week's regular readers will recall that this was the same person who received email from me with the wrong header altogether, and that I NEVER mess with email headers unless I add a "Resent" phrase to prompt them into replying after two days of no response. Can we make this simple financial transaction any more arduous than it is? The perp answer is always "Yes" of course, as no end of insane obstruction can be rained down on their victims.

All of the above after having the latter of a strange two part dinner with an intermission. I NEVER have dinners like this; first course is followed by the second course, if there are two in the first place. As the perps have me on a soup kick of late, this was the first course. Then I get on this PC to deal with this insane online financial transaction hassle tonight, and then about an hour later I am reminded that I "forgot" my main course. More bizarre shit on top of a trying day, and evening especially. Then they added at least ten screaming rage-ifications while making the second course. One stunt of theirs was dropping an ant into my heated frypan with oil in it. All of the abuse to get me "ready" for the phone call with the potential vendor I assume.

Back on the financial transaction Fuckover stunt; the assholes blocked access to my Yahoo email. Two hours later they are still at it, presumably to block me finding out if they obstructed above financial transaction. All this insane abusive tyranny added on top of today's extra obvious  sprained ankle stunt.

It seems my e-transfer went through this morning, after last night's transaction blocking stunt. A big Windows upgrade came on after I shut down. And too, this morning (0730h), the upgrade had to run some more. Too much of a coincidence that, having a Windows upgrade in the middle of an obstructed transaction that was finally allowed to go through this morning.

The sprained ankle is still in throbbing mode, so no work today as I am hobbling around my place with a cold glycol compress stuffed in my R sock. It was last summer I "decided" to get two of them to keep my lunch cool in the hot weather when on vineyard work, and perhaps the assholes had the sprained ankle stunt planned then. They like to have things sit around unused for long durations, months and years, before they are put to use. My speakers are another example; purchased in 11-2015, they are still unused for the most part as my amplifier crapped out, and then two months later when back from repairs it still sounds terrible. Then the foot dragging going on in attempting to purchase a new on online, now three weeks long and still continuing. All over music reproduction, that is, getting beyond headphones.

Finally, above mentioned financial transaction went through. This for a stereo tuner that was sold two weeks ago and so I gave up on it and never expected it to be available. The perps like to do things like that, jerk availability/expectation in the mind of the TI victim (me, at least). I say "mind", as I really don't know how much they control those circumstances now, some 14 years nearly into this abuse-athon.

They let me get a two hour sleep in the afternoon with a cold, very  cold, compress on my R foot. Not only have I got plenty of swelling from the sprain, but the blue bruising is starting to show. Whoo, hoo... how many days of incapacitation do I have to go?

A visit, a hobbling one, to the supermarket last night. They even put on the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mendacious Plods) to cruise the parking lot on my arrival. In the store, they also put on a stalker babe with the come-hither look (facing me, but eyes turned away with big eye-white exposure) who looked much like the French chanson singer I was admiring from a download album cover earlier today. Same facial look, hair color, hair style; go figure. She even dithered in the aisle some more just as I was about to head her way, all for me get a look at her comely figure from behind. This, after selecting the mushrooms from the display, and mushrooms are always a big stalking scene. At least she was a cute doppelganger.

Then a stalker gong show at the checkout; my aisle dog-me couple cruised by and got their own cashier who set up the next checkout just for them. The two women and a child in a stroller took their time gabbing with the cashier, and extended the show by overloading the stroller and flipping it back with the child in it. No injuries or heavy drama, but how fucking stupid was that?

Then behind me comes the ball capped dude with curly hair and the over sized brim on the ball cap. He puts his first grocery item, a chocolate bar identical to the ones that I purchased, as close as he can on the checkout belt to me but without crossing the scanner. How obvious was that? I haven't had one of these blatant copy-cat grocery items at a checkout for some time. Usually I get the hot and cold items, glycol packs, bananas, and other forgettable color similarities. But an identical item is unusual, and then to place it in such an obvious fashion takes the cake.

Just one day of rest as it "happens". I was mobile, but hobbling this morning and I thought I would give the vineyard work a try. A clever perp trick was that I had to wear my heavy mountaineering boots which normally I wear with thick socks. BUT as my R ankle was swollen I wore a thinner sock and both boots fitted fine. A forced odd sock day, and maybe for a few more. I wonder if that was the entire objective of giving me the sprained ankle, given the prior weeks of sock shuffling with appurtenant matching boot pair use.

And while a little slower, I was able to do  all my vineyard duties reasonably well, though clumsily at times. And once the odd sock pair was off at day's end, I see the swelling has gone down and my foot feels a whole lot better. Past ankle sprains have taken weeks to get healed this fast.

A national holiday in these here parts, Good Friday, but not for farm workers, which includes yours truly. And so off to the remote vineyard to do tie-downs, now a little easier that the weather has warmed up some. Still, a fiddly motor control task, and the perps make sure to exploit this by lifting my hand off the cane I am holding down and having it unravel and flip up. And too, having me drop the tool as well. Just too funny.

I wasn't entirely alone, per usual. The owner came for a bit to direct tradesmen on the adjacent house construction, and the latter crew were there for the most of the day. Not a big deal. Missing was the construction babe, taking the holiday with other regular crew. And heavy on the single engine aircraft overflights today; at least 20, and maybe one helicopter, two commercial passenger flights and maybe four high altitude aircraft. Then in the afternoon the HD motorcycle noise from across the lake on Hwy 97 droned on. It is March, and the weather was reasonably nice, ergo, HD noise where plausible. More of the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) noise-scape/inculcation it would seem.

Another Saturday of pulling pruned vines (canes) from the trellis wire. Not quite the workout of last week as we were in different varieties, and we finished an hour sooner. As usual, the perps played productivity games, and even if I was the most energetic it seemed I was the slowest for whatever reason.I watched one guy for 10 seconds or so, and his canes seemed to pull out a whole lot easier than mine for some reason. It isn't the first time that my agricultural co-workers seem to have an inordinantly easier time.

My new headphone/noise protection/internal radio head set was acting up with the volume varying for some reason. At first I thought it was the radio reception but when I plugged into my Android player it was just as bad. Ergo, another pair of headphones down, though these will be sent back. And the fourth source of headphone audio of late, and one more to go when the new amplifier comes next week. That should also mark the day that I can listen to my new speakers t that have been idled since 11-26-2015, but we shall see.

Blue helicopter coverage in the vineyard today, doing about six passes, a seeming twin engine Bell with a big thuddy sound.

On the way home I stop at the organics specialty store and for two of two supplements, both tinctures, I got skunked. That is, both were out of stock. Tight gangstalk coverage and I couldn't wait to get out of there, and when I do, why, the same blue helicopter was overhead.

Sunday, and a whole day off, and a cold one at that. I to to the alternate organics store, and lo, they are closed on this Easter Sunday when normally they are open Sundays. More insane acquisition obstruction.

And just when I thought I could get to filing 2015 papers, why, I get hit with a 2.25 hour nap attack. A nice way to punch a hole in one's day. The usual provisios; there was no sleep deficit and in no other circumstances did I need any such extra sleep whatsoever.

Continuing arrivals ants in the kitchen and elsewhere; one even arrived on the mirror while I was in mid-facial hair plucking. And on this LCD screen a few days ago. Exquisite timing, by ants no less.

And continued disruptions, a phone call and a bathroom visit, about a minute into listening to a French pop performer. Why do the perps constantly disrupt me when listening to music, especially within a few minutes of listening to a single performer? Last night they were at it when listening/watching a stream feed from the Streaming Cafe in Kelowna. Then on the last song they froze the image and stopped the audio stream. Thanks a bunch.

Anyhow, time  to get this posted for the week, and hope my ankle recovers at its unexpectedly faster rate. I see they cancelled yoga tomorrow, extending this Easter disruption thing they have had all weekend.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Driver Hell

One has to admire the perp's timing. Now income tax return time, and there are at least two I need to print because they are only online. And with my regular PC now in the shop for 2.5 months for a two week job, I purchased a small browser PC in its place. Ergo, no printer driver, and not that Windows 7 let me in it on either. Finally I get to figure out why it just sits there while I fume at it. No drivers at the HP site, and the HP software "Problem Solution" detects the HP932C printer OK, and then just sits there and does nothing. No driver it seems, not that  it tells me either. Then the HP site suggests a Windows driver update, and it doesn't have my printer in the list, but goes away for an list update and doesn't come back. I had to kill it with Task Manager for crissakes. Even if printer drivers are years old, they generally work, so what is the deal?

Above hassle is also aided by not finding the advanced search in Google so I can limit the ancient results from the web search. Add in Firefox changing the interface and de-featuring it too, if not obstructing the features. And aforementioned Windows not finding the driver either. Like WTF; do I have to visit my PC in the shop and get the driver software from it? (Said PC has been there for three months for a two week  job).

Another perp trick in the  name of extending this driver hell is to block the Search box on driver download sites. This driver software obstruction is a serious minded harassment fuckover scene tonight.Then shit like this, and not the first  time and only site this file cannot be found;

Not Found

The requested URL /pub/softlib/software12/COL50403/mp-122330-1/hppiw.exe was not found on this server.

What is going on that a single driver file is totally blocked out all over the internet, and not just at the corporate sites (one being the one who made the printer in the first place)?

Pruning vines this afternoon at the site with the construction babe. I couldn't miss that figure each time I came to the end of the row, being on show IMHO.

Yoga tonight, and the one new dude who arrives ends up slipping into the room first, and lo, if he didn't place his mat in exactly the usual location I do. So I went to the back of the room and disrupted the regular order of mat placement there.The winsome tall girl ended up next to me, she of exquisite yoga skills, not unlike the tall girl of last year who doesn't come any more. The late comer in a red top who had been hounding me the last few sessions in the lobby ended up on my other side, and way to close, as I ended up flopping my hand onto her arm in a supine twist. Enough of that bullshit, so I moved my mat over 18" where there was plenty of extra room. Funny how that happens.

The yoga instructor doing adjustments, that is, aiding the student with touches and holds has got more interesting in perp terms. She doesn't explain what she is going to do, so hanging onto me while I do position changes seems a little odd. (Because normally, as I understand it, she would help with a single position). A few weeks ago she ran her hand down my spine after doing adjustments, which struck me as gratuitous as it wasn't really aiding me. All part of the "helping" I assume.

And why do the perps like to set up confusion over the correct time and date? It seems they screwed my watch into advancing a day when I set the time to Daylight Savings three days ago. And with half month paydays, the payroll person texted me as to my recent hours as I had been working off site. She asked for "yesterday's" time and I replied ("thinking", per erroneous watch setting), that it wasn't important as it was a day past the mid month, and that all she wanted was the 15th. All of this was abetted by no one at the winery this morning when I was there, as I wanted to enter my work hours on the wall posting inside. And too, abetted by the fact that I didn't "notice" that my phone had the date on it too, so I used my watch instead.

The perps pulled a similar stunt in late January when I returned from Victoria. They ran my battery powered room clock down, made it slow by 40 minutes, and of course I didn't notice until later when I got to the tanning salon earlier than expected. The assistant there didn't correct  me on getting the time wrong on the phone and said something to the effect that she "knew what I meant".

Major PC mouse problems tonight, and a new mouse to boot. And after screaming at the assholes to back off they made it worse. Back to the thumb ball mouse, my long favorite as the base doesn't physically move, just the ball under my thumb. I suppose with this temporary replacement PC that came with a mouse and a keyboard, they want to re-introduce the components that I was using with the regular PC. Which suggests this keyboard is going to malfunction too, probably before the regular PC comes back.

And some TI suggested a few weeks ago that I get my keyboard fixed for whatever reason, maybe my comments weren't getting typed correctly, though I didn't notice. For the record, this new keyboard malfunctions in Blogger at about the same frequency as my more expensive Topre keyboard, now idled. That is, about every two weeks or so, the Shift characters don't come out correctly and there is nothing I can do about it. Hardly an adversity that would plague the perps.

Most vineyard work today; tying down.That is laying down the canes that weren't pruned onto the horizontal wire and tying them down onto the trellis wire with a soft tie wire, usually at the ends to hold them fast. (The canes are also twisted, wound around the horizontal wire to better support them and the eventual load of grapes). All week the perps have been dropping the notion that the construction babe (at adjacent building site) would be interested in what I was doing and come have a look while I explained the process to her. I rejected this planted notion out of hand as why would she care anyhow? I don't talk to her much, or any of the construction personnel for that matter. Well, as it "happened", this did in fact occur today. She was moving some construction materials about four vine rows away and asked me if my (bare) hands were cold, which they were, but I didn't have a choice as the tying job requires fine motor control and gloves constantly get pinched. (Or at least they now do since 04-2002). She then asked what I was doing, and then came over to have a look while I showed her. So some face time with a cutie with gorgeous hair at the end of vine row.

Later the other vineyard helper came to rake the rows of vines, moving them into the aisle for the flail mower. After that there was a load of rock to unload from a pickup that he and I unloaded into buckets to be packed elsewhere. All exciting stuff for the perps, handling off site rock, that is, petrovoltaic activity and all. And all the while digging the rocks, they put on the dude yap nearby as a constant verbal background, as I didn't pick up much of what they were saying save the odd phrase.

No true vineyard work today, but property maintenance work, which included power washing, always a major perp jerkaround activity. They made it memorable by arranging the hose to hang up on the muffler and burn a hole in it. Then this hole jetted a 6' spray of water for most of the job. Cute trick that, arranging for a burned hole in the hose so some water bypasses the nozzle of the power washer. And supplying the power washer with a gray hose, then linked to a black one, and then a blue one (the one that got burned) was no doubt a big factor in their relentless and insane fuckery over water delivery methods, materials and their respective colors.

Saturday, and a pruning job with a different crew at a different vineyard. Three other women and two guys a nary a word of Punjabi. One couple was heavy into arm tattoos; each of them on both arms, wrist to forearm. Perhaps they are married for that reason. I got obvious gangstalk coverage when at row ends and breaks as they were each on their smart phones, looking at whatever. Then at the day's end they were clustered around my vehicle in the same mode. Though to be fair, one of them had a fitness app, and it seems we walked some 15km on the day.

It wasn't full pruning, as the cutting part of it had been done. All six of us were pulling the cut canes and all their tendrils wrapped around the wires (and other canes) from the wire trellis. Easier said than done, as it was hard work, very heavy on upper body strength. In all my past pruning, now four years worth, it was cut and pull, vine by vine. Today it was pull only, all vines. Quite the change to my past pruning practice.

And what was with the helicopter coverage today? At least 40 fly overs, nearly all originating from the SE and travelling NW, about every five minutes from the same hill. And different makes and models of helicopters doing the same thing on the same bearing. Excepting no EC-135's for some reason, normally one of their favorites. Though another of the perps' favorite, the A-Star came for some extended coverage on different bearings.They even had the light fixed wing aircraft flying the same bearing at times, once with a helicopter following at at respectable distance. That we were some 300m from a airport navigation tower, some 30m high, might have been something to do with it. Nearly all of the helicopter flights were crossing the glide/take off path of the Penticton airport. Pardon my  aircraft control ignorance in advance, but I always thought that airport glide/take off paths were semi-sacred; you don't cut across them, especially over 40x in a morning.

Sunday, and a whole day off.

I see that some asshole messed up my email responses to certain individuals, transposing the header of one to the other. Believe me, when I reply to a message, using the "Reply" button, I never manipulate the headers as the recipient would lose track of the message thread. As it so "happens" both messages were about stereo equipment of the same manufacturer, just different components (amp and tuner). And yet, when using the "Reply" button, somehow the header of one got transposed to the other. And why is it that some insane organized invasive agency has to mess with such trivial details to create confusion among my email recipients? (And me, momentarily). Not unlike the above confusion they seeded earlier this week (above) over the day of the week. Its the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) imperative again I suppose.

And I see the FUD games never cease. The above email recipient sends me an email with the content suggesting that he never got/read the email that I sent him, the latter email that was to relieve the confusion for crissakes. Related to this, I now see that the email to the other recipient never got sent as it is parked in the Drafts section when I swear I sent it. (I spent 4 days waiting for a reply).  I resumed the thread after getting a "non reply", and again, this same recipient hasn't got back to me on selling this audio gear for three days. That was always the positive difference for me when visiting or living in the US; salespeople always got on with selling me what I wanted with dispatch. In Canada, it seems like a foot dragging exercise all too often, though in fact, the perps with their obsessive interest in all my financial transactions, just might be behind disrupting them, including aforementioned email disjuncts.

All of the above email criss-crossing and getting messages confused was accompanied in the multi-tasking world the perps so love, with a download music file purchase, and the normally proficient vendor delaying their purchase confirmation by 20 minutes. When working at my last office job, I could never understand why my email was getting delayed by 15 to 20 minutes while every one else seemed to be able to receive messages within a few seconds. And so it goes, another facet of perp fuckery; communication delays and disjuncts.

Time to call this done for the week; another shut-in day, save stepping outside to see if the perps killed all 12 of my potted sage plant shoots.  There might be one that survived; we shall see.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Monday & Tuesday Like a Delayed Weekend

A Monday off, and just when I was thinking about working Tuesday at the casual labor job, why, one of my errands morphed into needing me tomorrow. So two successive days off, just following the weekend. The perps like these kinds of situations, having regular weekdays like weekends, activity-wise.

Errands, chores, etc. , rack server, etc. jawing with the PC tech at his shop, and as it "happens", he needs to upgrade to Windows 10, as his plans for a symbolic link for libraries in a single central location did not work. I know what he meant, but I don't understand why Windows 7 cannot allow this. Could be more bluff and guff I suppose, all to keep the PC four blocks down the street for more longer, now 2.5 months.

It did drive me nuts on the Windows 7 platform that Libraries, (music and documents mainly) were split up by User name, and under this directory structure. For back up purposes I wanted a single Library on a RAID disc pair and so the repair "problem" began. Then if there are multiple users, use the User permissions for access. I have no idea why Windows got into the My Documents thing and the rest of this fractionated absurdity. Finally they dumped it in Windows 10 I am told.

Grinder use outside, to cut some tabs off a rack server shelf; that got me helicopter coverage, at least 3 flybys (making a 180 degree turn) from the regular blue and yellow AStar machine in these here parts.

A blood sample too today, and that took nearly an hour with the parade of folks in and out, and the seeming accused miscreant beside me, his "confession" that he had to get a pee test. All his pacing around in the blood draw clinic and here he sits beside me. He politely asked about my pants, running tights, and I told them I wear them all the time in the winter as they have some fleece on the inside and don't let the wind come through. Funny that no one else has asked.

Another day off and I got more errands done, and even a hair cut too. They put a retard beside me at the next station, something I didn't figure out until afterward as I recognized him as one of the two door sentries that appeared when I approached the door way of the paper shredding business of three weeks ago. The retards seem to be employed there to do sorting and separating, and lo, one of them "shows" up beside me at the hair salon (a school).

The hair stylist student comes to greet me and calls me by name and then looks up and then into the distance past me. I cannot count the number of times I have seen this peculiar gaze control, especially when meeting someone, the look-away behaviour. And the look-up act too, first noticed when my family members started this new behavoir back in 2002.

While at the hair/spa salon I also got the avoidance act from the staff member who is usually friendly, she showing up 7' away at the cashier desk when I was about to pay and pretending not to notice me. All she had to do was raise her eyes as she was facing me. Funny how that "happens". At the least the owners said hello to me, (business owner gangstalking, a consistent theme), and I hardly know them and hadn't seen them for over a year. All part of the recognition weirdness that erupts around me.

I got onto the infernal rack mount project again, drilling more holes in the aluminum shelf supports, and drilling anew into a new piece of formed aluminum. As it "happened" the aluminum shop didn't have any channel or right angle stock so he formed them up on his equipment which worked fine for what I needed. So drilling the year old right angle stock from the foundry (or more accurately, the rolling mill), and the new just-formed stock for another shelf bracket was interesting enough that they put on the helicopters overhead, having them circle at least twice while outside drilling, maybe 300' above terrain. They circled overhead countless times afterward when I was inside too, though I don't pay much mind to that.

Finally rack mounted, got the just-repaired amplifier connected, and lo, if the assholes did not fix the problem in its entirety. Back to Chicago it goes or else I will dump it in the lake (just kidding). I cannot believe the intense barrage of incompetence I get from all quarters over basic stuff that should of been fixed the first time. (After it was sabotaged in the first place IMHO).

And I assume this successive round of sabotage relates to the new speakers, as of late Nov. 2015, that yet again, get to sit around unused. In retrospect this is not new; the perps just love to sabotage speakers, or else have family members steal them to prevent their installation. And too, they like to have items returned, e.g. warranty repairs. There is a long history of headphones and audio gear malfunctioning, including my very first transistor radio. It was new, but within three months the plastic battery case split and Sony didn't make good on their warranty. Three months later, the shop repaired with an aftermarket battery case, soldering it in and it wasn't a problem after that. What does it take for me and my belongings, especially those related to music replication, just to be left the fuck alone? And what is the perp's unrelenting, abiding and insane interest in what music I listen to, its source, the electronic playback chain and the final output transducers (headphones, speakers)?

And  why this surge websites that cannot be found? Give me a break; Google, Amazon, Craigslist, Globe and Mail, etc. all just happen not to be found in one weekday evening session on this here desktop PC. And now, adding the the audio source fuckery, Youtube and other sites won't play. On and on it goes with such unrelenting consistency.

"Back" at work after the ersatz seven day lay off. As anticipated, the new guy worked most of those days. No explanation from the management, nor any suggestion that this was a once only, or how many more of these are to come. Not exactly a welcome back sign.

A day of pruning vines today, mostly sunny, but windy. The boss lady and an assistant came out for a few hours too. The adjacent construction site still has the winsome construction worker babe who happened to be prominent each time I came to the end of a nearby row (and changed direction). Often I keep my head down, like a perp or perp-abettor even, just to avoid these made-for-me babe sighting moments. Such is my life, self censoring (aka avoidance) visual interactions as I know they are contrived.

Changing directions in farm work, from rows of potatoes, daffodils, carrots, raspberries, strawberries and now vines, it is always a big perp moment. It is related in some way to the anisotropic properties of the ether I suspect, that there are differing physical properties in different directions. (Like wood; you can split the end grain easily, but not cross grain). Which might also be congruent with why there are so many more vehicular fuckwits doing 180 degree turns ahead of me, or even greater azimuth turning. And who knows, it may also relate to the crop circles and like games of pressing down plants in a 360 degree arc.

Vineyard pruning all day today, just the cutting and not pulling as the other worker is to do that. Except that he didn't come today as he is ill, so me by myself. Again, the construction  worker babe was "featured" at the row ends, and in one instance, "happened" to be sorting through a lumber pile temporarily in the aisle (between the vine rows). That made her some 10' away, and all the more difficult to keep my head down and continue. Not a big deal in the long run of gangstalking and babe placement.

A change to daylight savings time, something I learned from overhearing someone at the folk club last night. Yes, I did get out to watch a folk singer last night, and I was not disappointed with his poetry and musicality. What I like about music most is that I learn about the human condition in all its nuances and behaviors. Can't get that from noise-rock or any of the simple minded pop "getting it on" laments. Not too unusually I got some extended stares from the singer from 40' away. It isn't the first time someone on stage has stared at me for no seeming reason. Which begs the question as to how they can pick me out when they are facing a bank of lights anyhow.

Said singer and his accompanist were loitering with their backs turned to me during set breaks and at the end of the show, but I suppose that was reasonably legit as the CD sales table was nearby. Besides, it was a cluster fuck scene anyhow as the stair joined the aisle just there, 6' from me.

But this thing of certain gangstalkers turning their backs to me in close proximity is nothing new, and was one of this first things I noticed about gangstalker behavior since this insane abuse began in 04-2002. Earlier this week I was hounded by this Chinese male fuckwit who backed up to my back, within 1', not once, but twice. I saw this back behind me while I was at a counter, and I moved 3' sideways. I look again in 20 seconds and the Chinese fuckwit had moved again to exactly behind me, somehow replicating exactly what he had done a few seconds before. All apparently without seeing or knowing as he had his back to me. Said fuckwit wasn't done there though; at the checkout he comes at me within 2' and staring past me like he didn't know he was so close, and I stare back at him wondering what the fuck he wanted or was going to do to me. Then he turns around and goes back to get something. The negro cashier, now thankfully without those god-awful dreads, made out she didn't notice squat. A multi-cultural moment just before I transacted with my debit card. And given the intense harassment over ANY FINANCIAL TRANSACTION I HAVE MADE since 04-2002, this Chinese stalker stunt was hardly a coincidence. Both Chinese and negroes are quite rare in this town, so I suppose I can chalk this stunt up to another fine coincidence from the coincidence-arrangers.

Not forgetting last year's near crotch grabbing stunt at a different store while I was using the debit card machine. The freebie magazine rack was there on the vertical counter surface and this wretched woman, the prior customer, hung back and loitered about for no seeming reason, and as I was on the debit card machine she reached for the magazine. Of course I wasn't allowed to engage in accusing her of grabbing my crotch in public as the perps keep so numbed and dumbed so their stalkers and operatives don't draw attention to themselves, no matter how egregious the stunt.

Onto getting  some more sharpening done on the pruner blades for the week. And to post this.

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Longer Work Days

A day at my alternate employer #3 owing to some lame-assed excuse at the regular employer (2), mentioned in a past blog posting. (The Shift key is on the fritz for some reason).

This employer has now started work days at 0700h, cut down to two 15 min. breaks in the day (no unpaid 30 min. lunch time as before), and is now going 9 hours a day. All to get the vine pruning done, even if a crew of visa Mexicans comes this week. They only have a month left before the canes need to be laid down on the fruiting wire, usually the bottom trellis wire. first day for the week started with these new time demands, and of course no one told me two days ago when I was there. So of course I arrive at 0730h, as we did for the last two months. All in keeping with the perp agenda to have me arrive late, and offset my start time, often in alternation with others' arrivals.

And why this litany of suffering, in the so-called "civilized world", aka the First World? One of the pope's top  advisors denies knowledge of a pedophilic priest in Australia and why he was transferred so often. Don't these asshole's get it? They deny, obstruct, lie etc. all the way to the top and ultimately cast public disparagement, cynicism and contempt upon the RC organization all over the world, especially in the North America. And who in the western world is going to take this outfit seriously, never mind their litany of historical horrors they have perpetuated and attempted to bury when attempting to get mind-share over all other religions? It makes one cringe as to what their secrets might be. Or, to play the devil's advocate, perhaps that is the supra-role of the RC church; to foster and sustain human suffering, for the masses in general, (e.g. over population), and in specific cases of pedophilia and other like abuses. The outrageous travesties suffered by the Duplessis Orphans in Quebec in the 1950's and 1960's comes to mind. Food for thought anyhow.

Then this travesty of justice in Ontario, Canada, where the Chief Pathologist was both incompetent and supremely malicious to put some 20 families into excruciating legal turmoil, if not jail. The latest was that a 25 year old manslaughter conviction that was overturned. I heard the victim/appellant interviewed on the radio tonight, and she only pleaded guilty to save her family from being broken up by the courts if it went to trial. Some justice in that when one is innocent and pleads guilty to lessen the potential burden of a trial, a crapshoot at best IMHO. In My Humble and Cynical Opinion (IMHCO) I should add.  And to tie it back to this; the perps just LOVE to create duress and stress on innocent people, and apart from creating extra psychic energies to remotely detect and analyze (IMHO), I don't know what they get from it. Unless they are so cynically deranged that they find it funny.

An athlete`s foot eruption, another perp invoked hassle no doubt. Given their fetish over feet, footwear, and the ground I walk on, why am I not surprised. I precautions, but of course they can dither ones mind to create opportunities, not that they need to do that even.

My low iron (ferritin, 30 micro-grams per L) is very rare in males I came to learn last week from my visit to the MD, and I "happen" to be one of them. Interesting, those magnetic molecules that circulate in our blood and no doubt foil the perps' remote neural monitoring habits who have trashed my existence, and still keep at it. And too, keep me in a densified magnetic field, as measured at 1600 Gauss in about 2010. It was 200 Gauss during the intense abuse days in Seattle. And too, they keep masers and plasma beams, both magnetic phenomenon, circulating around me all day long. My bedroom is like a "thousand points of light" once I turn off the lights for bed. FYI; normal background earth magnetism is 0.5 Gauss.

Wine making duties at Employer #1 in this region. I have three concurrent employers in this ever rotating cycle, as well as the financial reverses to keep me at it.

And in the course of winemaking at this garage, why, all manner of things going; three pumps later I finally get going on the racking. The pressure washer was working and then it packed it in. Not to mention many spillings and forced "forgets" as if I was a green rookie. As in total recall domination and depredation by remote means.

A 10 minute rageification over the function of the garlic press tonight, and again last night. The assholes ran me out of onions and I "happened" to have this garlic that needs to be used up, and "happened" to recall that I brought the press back with other belongings after Christmas. I used it plenty for 5 years to 2011 or so, and then got spooked by finding that garlic messes up the transference of information from the brain's hemispheres and stopped eating . It was a useful kitchen implement and I used it plenty and knew how to operate it handily. All such knowledge was completely "lost", as in obliterated. And I never forget how to operate simple tools, and somehow this occurred.

A long day of red wine making; this time with another person running the cross-flow filter and I did much of the hose connecting, some pumping and pressure washer cleaning. And what is so important for the perps that they release my grasp of the fittings (tri-clamp; gasket and clamp), not once, but three times before they let me connect it? The hose, ornery 1.5" to be sure, got moved off the fitting, causing more wine to leak, and just plain manipulation of my fingers for adverse consequences. And of course if speed and fine motor skills were more critical, say, when wine was flowing out (not under pressure), why, that is when more of the finger fumbling fuckery was laid on me.

And lo, if the water pressure was up and the pressure washer worked today as it was needed all day. And the specialized electrical cord, European to US 3x230v cord showed up, making that pump connectable, unlike yesterday.

Only five forced pissings on the day, often at predictable moments like when taking measurements, when making notes (including of measurements), when changing tasks and when about to start connecting hoses. Lucky me to have the hounds of hell messing with my urination at their critical moments. If only if I knew why.

A day of fucking hell on the wine making front; the Aussie who designed the filling system (which I hadn`seen or used before), takes on a hectoring and badgering manner, and the perps complementing this adversity by making me like a like a retard today. And we went through four wine pumps to get the optimum flow for the filling machine. Do the perps ever love productivity sabotage or what.

I picked up my amplifier at the PO after 2.5 months away, having sent it to Chicago to get 8 transistors fixed, each part worth about $1.20 according to the bill. A $600 jerkaround in all, including shipping. The city of Chicago comes up a few times on the perp name dropping imperative; my co-worker of the summer time of 2012 went there to do her Master's in journalism. About one year later she "shows up" in yoga class, the only time since, and I ask her "how was Chicago?" (intending to lead into asking if she finished her degree, how did she like it, and what she is doing now etc.), and all she said "it was fine". I worked with her for three months, hadn't seen her for a year or so, and all I get was that lame-assed answer. At that moment she "happened" to be sitting down some 4' from where all the blocks were stored in the cubbies and the rest of the class was milling around getting their blocks too. It was no circumstance to continue the conversation, (doubtless planned), and that was the last chance I had to speak with her. About two weeks later, some unidentified person mentions "Chicago" from that same direction when I was on my mat 15' from where she had been located. Apart from a two hour layover to catch a flight there, I haven't been to Chicago and have little interest in doing so. (I am sure there are many interesting things to see there, and this is not meant as a knock on the Windy City). Yes, I know the prez (Obama) is from Chicago, but so what, lots of folks are.

It is always a big deal for the perps to have me pick up a brown cardboard box, this one containing the amplifier, and sure enough, they had me wait for two protracted customers. The one closest to me was a fat girl with this major mop of fugly crimped hair, enough hair volume for two people's hair of the same length. I don't think I have seen anything quite so hideous short of an afro-do. (Or was it a wig on their favorite fat girl they like to tell me about, initials ML). They even put the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mendacious Plods) in the store where I picked up the parcel, a blonde woman officer no less, some 30' away and doing an appearance for whatever perp reason. At least five other mofos/stalkers were on me before I got out the door, and at least that again in the parking lot. The fugly brown shorts wearing dude with the babe who crossed my path on the way in, just "happened" to cross my path on my way out, and both choosing to course around my parked vehicle on the driver's side on their way through. Funny how that "happens".

Then at least 15 screamings at the perps once I got back to my residence  and began making dinner. Pulling out things from my hands and fingers, flicking food, forcing me to go to the wrong cupboard etc. Have I not been through enough fucking grief today? Not according to the Abuser-General. Then some 20 ants show up in the kitchen.

Sunday, and work at the vineyard/winery, at employer 1. Mostly I was working alone as directed, so no "co worker" adversity.

I see that I am mentioned as a perp in someone elses TI blog. How absurd; I go through this unconventional daily abuse-athon, now 14 years nearly (and over 1700 blog postings), and now the implied suggestion is that this is all made up. All over a helpful (I thought) lifestyle change suggestion. OK I get it; don`t offer help anytime, including donations.

Time to get this posted for the week.