Monday, July 31, 2006

Never One to Know

Back in the saddle, in this partially packed netherworld and I don't know where the next domicile is to be. BUT as it turns out, I was absolutely and totally dead wrong about being pulled into hospital today. Just when I thought this would be an artful confluence of somewhere to live (hospital) ahead of me looking for a place to live, my (if it is mine) notion of figuring out the next perp move was way too clever.

The doctor's visit was calm and he was asking family questions (recall testing?), not too much on the harassment side as it turns out. But he was respectful of this possibility. He did posit the question as to my parent's motivations again, and I just plain don't know, apart from some payouts like houses, vehicles etc, nothing too ostentatious. Why would parents hand the control of a newborn over to an agency that creates lifelong learning disabilities, likely Attention Deficit Disorder, and harasses the living hell out them, as is currently the practice? And then leaves them up in the air as to an eviction over mind-controlled rage stunts that immediately ceased July 01. Never mind for the moment all the surveillance, monitoring and vile stunts they have pulled along the way, foregone social opportunities and other curses that have plagued me. All that on top of being mind-controlled, and me not knowing until three years ago.

Another common perp stunt is to dry out the roof of my mouth, and this they did successfully as the doctor kept me talking the entire time, without a moment to rewet my mouth. The perps are particularly vexed at not being able to energetically model the roof of my mouth, as that location, the underside of the amygdala and pre-frontal cortex, must have some color interaction with the tongue and mouth roof, and any flesh in between. And very likely, they cannot figure it out, which may account for the significant dark red vehicles they chase me with, in an attempted color calibration exercise. Just my idea, as said before, I am the last to know.

More olive drab clothing following me on this second bus trip of the day; at least six more wearing this color buzzing (gangstalking) around me, between my apartment and the doctor's office and back. More bus passenger wierdness too; a standee on the bus, planted himself at the rear doorway, constricting egress at my stop and for some five passengers including me, then he gets out himself. Then two minutes later he wanders into the doctor's office and hangs about for some five minutes before leaving.

And if that wasn't wierd enough, the woman I was beside on the bus outbound, shows up again on the inbound bus, changing her sweater from blue to olive green respectively. And getting off at the same stop as I did. More co-travelling bus passengers, the second like event of the day. And a gangstalker with the exact blue colored sweater as the bus seat back decor, sitting directly in front of me. It seemed to me that she and her sweater were in place for some kind of color calibration activity, as a black leather jacketed woman sat beside her some minutes later. This on a warm summer's day. Black leather jackets (aka leatherjackets) have been a prominent stalking clothing item over the past winter, and are likely so because of the various metal salts used in the tanning process. (More energetic and then more interference energies with me is what I surmise). Another spate of bus passenger wierdness was a woman in a bright red full length raincoat planted in front of me, two seats ahead.

Even the 15 minute wait at the doctor's office was plenty enough; the constant gangstalker's entrances and exits, and even someone in a black and white high gloss raincoat outfit. (Again, warm and sunny today). Another gangstalker attempted to plant herself so she was partially covered by glass, and partially not, until I moved of course. And the perps do like to pass their gangstalkers by glass and then out again. Similarly, they did this on the bus with plexiglas today.

Another day, another freak show, and I at center stage without a script. Worse yet, no action on where I am going to move to next. Both my mother and ex-wife are pouring on the "don't move" faux frantic lines, and so, seem to be heightening the drama of this show. Yet they each knew more than three months ago that this apartment was untenable at my current disability income. My mother claims she is going to offer me extra helping money, but "somehow" the opportunity doesn't surface. Go figure.

Time to call this a post, the noisestalking, vision impairment (zingers), feet buzzing, finger dithering (typo hell) and the very strong emanations from this display are getting the better of me, and is likely what the script calls for anyhow.

----a blogger to blogger communication----

To JM at this blog posting, titled, Gang Stalking Tactics -- A Primer;

My comments were blocked again, but this time I was allowed to select and copy them, so here they are:

This is a thoughtful and serious piece of which you should be proud. Your descriptions brought back many unpleasant memories in dealing with the perps, though to be fair, I think they have been rougher on you than me. (E.g.I have no speeding tickets in 35 years of faster than speed limit driving, and often they "miss" me somehow).

As far as I know (caveats on that now), I haven't done anything untoward (or "against" you), and I have no intention to do so. As I see it, we are in the same boat, with differing degrees and kinds of torment, in the past and presently. Nor do I see anything that you have directed at me in any pejorative (negative) way.

And too, I gave up having TV for the very same reasons you articulated; it was repeats and erratic schedule changes with shows being "spoofed", in my case, partial color changes on repeats. I also get my audio CD's spoofed; they added in a live audience track onto one of my favorite CD's. Mostly though, they have prevented me from listening to music by taking out three CD players that have all been looked after. If that were to fail (e.g. should I buy a new CD player under warranty), they will dither the sound to make it horrid to listen to.

A minor item; my intense harassment began when I was in Seattle in 2002; the perps came with me back to Canada (all set up for me here). So for me, CIA, NSA, FBI = the same here. But I must agree, Akwei's description is the most technically deep and believable of how one is harassed and monitored (describing NSA capability).

Regards, AJH

A Quick Post

A rare active morning; my brother came in a unusual act of charity and agreed to store some of my belongings. But of course it comes with caveats, especially anytime an "excursion" is planned for me.

Naturally there were brown cardboard boxes and white ink over brown cardboard; a max-out on brown objects, especially when being passed brother to brother and likely back again. And too, a stop at a furniture sale, where the rooms were ill lit by a sparse number of incandescent bulbs only. Read, many brown colored furniture items. Bizarre if you want to sell something, having such dim light. And plenty of white haired men in navy blue shirts (not uniforms). Outside, more ambulatory gangstalkers were dressed in dark brown on a hot summer day, and at least two independent pairs were wearing the same color of brown. Also playing big was men-with-large-tummys (gangstalkers) standing or strutting about; in black, white, and navy blue.

Not to mention the abnormally high number of red and deep red vehicular gangstalking when in his white trades van (a very common gangstalk vehicle itself). My brother was doing all manner of gangstalk moves as well, that is expected, part of the "generousity". And he was in the same olive green T-shirt as he was last night, one shade removed from that of my father's who was beside him. And when we stopped and exited his van at the furniture sale, the very first person (operative/gangstalker) we encountered was beside the meter in the identical colored shirt as my brother. Unbelievable, and at least two more of that shirt color "happened" to be about before we returned to the van 10 minutes later. And when he dropped me off, another gangstalker was in the same colored shirt as my brother, only 10' away.

The perps have me in a frazzled state today, and keep making sure I know about it; pulling holes in the tortillas, flicking blueberries around the bowl ahead of my spoon, draining the sink water prematurely while I was attempting to do the dishes (every day when shaving), crumbling the tortilla edges and flicking the brown crumbs about (floor, counter, plate, stove top), rattling the plates together when I go to grasp one, adding extra noise in handling the crockery etc. And they made sure I blew up at my brother, which they make me do nearly everytime I see him (totally predictable as long as there is somewhere else for anyone else to escape for the moment). And the perps like to rub it in, and remind me that I am moving, but don't know where.

And that is because I am quite certain they are going to run me into hospital soon, possibly today, as I see the doctor later in 2 hours. So this might be the last post for a while.

And when coming back from my brother's by bus (he was "too busy" to drive me, and it was only a 15 minute trip), I was total gangstalk bait while waiting at the bus stop, which was near two gas stations. And lo, if there wasn't a perp in orange overalls filling a tank in a trailer for 20 minutes with the filler hose horizontal and 6' off the ground, and 4' of exposed hose facing me 40' away. Still on the gasoline-energetics testing from yesterday.

Then three ambulatory gangstalkers arrived at the bus stop at once, to "join me", and within five minutes the "zingers" arrived and flew about in my vision for at least 10 minutes before the bus arrived. It seems that the ambulatory gangstalkers supply extra "readability" in some way, and allow the perps to apply the vision impairment harassment as well. Anyhow, no end of formations of traffic in specific orders of colors; red, silver grey, white, black and grey came by, often only one direction at a time. Never have I been so exposed to their vehicular gangstalking as today. And too, my former vehicle being a Volvo, the perps put on pairs of them, and went through a color palette-full (~20) by the time I boarded the bus.

And, after a 30 minute bus ride, one of the above ambulatory gangstalkers at the boarding bus stop got off at the same stop as I did, after passing through downtown. Amazing again, that this happens so often; the ambulatory gangstalkers are sticking with me for longer, and in more differing situations. From this, and their flailing about with colors, and clothing combinations and stacking one gangstalker behind the other, I think the perps are sucking wind on figuring out their energetics and color interaction (with me). And too, plenty of brown skinned gabgstalkers were coursing about me on the bus, changing seats, lean forward positions in this relentless harassment; four years and counting in their game of pretend musical chairs/colors/races etc.

I read on an internet site that strange electronic weapons are being used in Iraq; a van full of people dead, and their guts are split open by some unseen force/beams. Very possibly this is not true, but it does seem to fit with the perps needing to develop their energetics model about the colors of people's skin color and their internal organs and how these energetically interact with others, specifically me. And what an excuse a war is for pulling high-tech ways to nix some innocents. Beats cattle mutilation games hands down.

Anyhow, another cynical ending, but I just wanted to get that out, as this may be the last post for a while, and maybe from my apartment.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Chicken Run Time Again

This is obviously a huge perp event; acquiring my once/2 to 3 weeks cooked chicken at the grocery store. They put leading gangstalkers (walking ahead) on me, lined up four grey dressed gangstalkers with one red dressed one, had one right on my ass when buying coffee like last time, a checkout holdup stunt where the tortillas got mysteriously green (faux mold) between me picking them up and being handled at the checkout. The extra checkout helper went back for substitute but took her time, and still couldn't find them and had to ask me where I got them from. Meanwhile at cast of color coordinated gangstalkers passed by while the perps held me at the checkout for a whole five minutes, post transaction.

The checkout is one of their big locations for gangstalking; and it may be due to factors other that me pulling out my wallet and paying for my groceries, these being when they close in on me and/or schedule noise at the very moment of transaction. I suspect the color of the denominations is also giving the perps problems, hence at least 6 wallet stealings in the past decade, one very odd as to how it could have been lifted.

And a common technique now is the ambulatory gangstalkers to make repeated passes; outside the store, one or more sections inside, at the checkout and outside again. Sure enough, there was plenty of that, especially with me held up by the green tortilla stunt, another seen-before stunt of smaller dimension in this apartment. And sometimes a same colored plasma flash from the tortilla in the fry pan to emulate their green games.

Anyhow, the perps have me in a harried and grim "mindset" as I do my shopping and suffer the planned starings and aisle blockings; I don't have any choice to be breezy or casual about this continued stalking.

2150h. Something wierd is going on; I cannot get it together to put a coherent blog posting up; two are in draft, and "I" (the mind-controlled me) cannot apply myself to create a single readable posting. There is always plenty of detail as to the games that go on, but any attempt to write about it is getting dithered. This happened once before when the perps dithered the hell out of me putting a resume together. I find resumes difficult to write, but this situation was totally hopeless. I gave up, and haven't attempted another since. Later, one doctor "happened" to broach this subject and I told him the story, but I am positive that this was read as a statement of mental health condition and the "was dithered" provisio was quietly disregarded.

A Feral Family dinner was held tonight, and there were the usual extra tasks; my mother wanted me to drive as she is uncertain about city driving and that is a relatively normal request. Next, their vehicle was low on gasoline, could it be filled up? Yes, and my father who had no need to get out of the vehicle, came a stood beside me as I filled it up. A total gangstalk and then he was on wandering about duty while I was the only one in the vehicle at that moment. The constant game of entrances and exits, rotating gangstalkers in and out of my orbit in various combinations and permutations. It never ends.

And I have been through this particular gangstalk stunt before; there is something about the gasoline or the color of the filler hose that the perps cannot figure out. Most filler hoses are black, this one was red. As were a considerable number of gangstalking vehicles around us; a custom 1950's Ford Meteor with a deep cherry red with large metal flake paint was one prominent gangstalk vehicle beside us in traffic. And while filling up, the perps put on a siren show again (ambulances are red and white here); another "family experience" they scheduled. And real motorcycles too, for their noise value as this same racket goes on all day at the apartment.

Anyhow, I am getting dithered, as in directed deleterious energies being applied, and will leave this posting as is. The vision impairments are also highly annoying tonight.

JM; what was the flight number of the 757 that (supposedly) crashed into the Pentagon in the 9-11 disaster/attack? I understood this one to be the the most suspicious of the lot, and now Flight 93 that crashed into the field also has suspicious circumstances.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

TT Brown and Me

This is the second time around to mention Thomas Townsend Brown. An earlier mention was here, though I would not be surprised if the perps planted this theme again.

To be up front, as far as I know, there is no familial relation to me or my family with Thomas Townsend Brown. My mother is a Brown family member from Suffolk County in England b. ~1926. Thomas Townsend Brown is a third generation American born in Zanesville Ohio on March 18, 1905. His brilliant mind was apparent very early on. And too, his intellectual brilliance is nothing that I share with him either.

But as the perps direct all of my attention and curiousity, nothing that I do (in the collective sense of being mind-controlled) is random or off-script IMHO. Since the collective "I" has been following the TT Brown biography in progress and the forum of keen members who add their experiences and observations, there maybe some clues in this the perps want me to find.

From this site, here is a brief introduction of TT Brown's work history: half of his life was spent conducting classified military research -- perhaps the most classified research that has ever been conducted in either the public or the private sectors.

The other half of Brown's life was engaged in a variety of covert intelligence operations that commenced well before World War II.

Indeed, it seems that Brown was part of an internecine network of companies and agencies whose operations were well hidden within the international framework of a military and intelligence apparatus that started with the OSS and eventually evolved into the CIA, the NSA, and an entire alphabet soup of national security, defense, and intelligence agencies.

Moreover, it appears that those networks continue to operate behind an impenetrable cloak of secrecy to this day.

And to connect the dots with me, albeit tenously, TT Brown began his work in gravitics: in 1921 Brown discovered what was later called the Biefeld-Brown effect (16 years old then). And could it be that the above mentioned mysterious organization is the same one with their substantial gangstalker operations and action-at-a-distance gravitics capabilities who continue to make my life a living hell as they pursue mind-control research and their other related objectives? (These other objectives summarized from my perspective here). Very likely; if this planet had more than one such nefarious organization there wouldn't be one IMHO.

And it may well be that the only connection is that of TT Brown's work is being applied to me as per the operational abilities of the perps. In casting back to my childhood, the significant number of physical "coincidences"/adversity was one that I was aware of. As I saw it, even then, I was born under a black cloud (intentional pun); if anything went wrong in class or school, it seemed to happen to me more than most.

(And I just got body zapped with a simutaneous ceiling knock and a heavy duty vehicle noise outside- a three bagger).

TT Brown spoke of a multi-generational project, which may well explain the continued harassment I get with parental abettance, and it would seem, my daughter is under their spell, though not in the adverse circumstances like my own.

There are a few other common habits or items I have found in this current harassment operation, but are too trivial to detail. But it does seem very strange that one of America's greatest scientist's work is largely classified. In reading the Thomas Townsend Brown biography to date, his trail in working for the naval Research Laboratory goes cold about 1933.

Anyhow, this post didn't work out, as I have taken three days to collect it all together, and am obviously being dithered by any relative yardstick. Another mystery; a TT Brown trait was extensive family relocation; his daughter was in 48 schools in the 12 years of education, the last most being two years in one school. Talk about planned moving, but no one knows why.

Miscellaneous Ramblings & Gangstalking Links

I don't have an overwhelming (so far) gripe or adversity to rail about (1400h). It is the usually game of provocation and rant reaction of a 1000 cuts (read provocations by unconventional action-at-a-distance technology). This blog is expected to be a slice of TI life, such as it is.

One fascinating stunt the perps regularly pull is the confluence of finishing or starting new food items, in preparation of the permitted diet. Today, it was a four-bagger. There was a new red onion (dry skin cast-offs), cheese package, tortilla package and the last of the cooked chicken (carcass) finished. This is the "TI normal" and happens more often than not; I don't know exactly how they do this, but monitoring and metering precise amounts of the ingredients is the starting place. I have noted in the past that some ingredients are drawn down too fast over my thought-to-be consumption rate while on other occasions, the supply lasts longer than expected. Just as the perps calculate the location of my every footfall and walking speed in this Potemkin village/nightmare of entrances and exits (gangstalking), so do they govern food supplies on hand and their consumption.

Their purposes are not exactly known, but they devote a huge amount of effort in what I eat, how much, with what, when etc. as one can deduce from this recent post of mine. I surmise that the perps like to analyse the energetics of my garbage as the one time confluence of items presents an opportunity for them to be considerably closer together than otherwise. The perps are particularly vexed by plastics and its diamagnetic properties, to the point of melting them in situ, e.g. my kitchen knife handle's slow forming bubbled appearance over the last few months when it never goes anywhere near a hot element or stove.

In the very early days of this harassment, say all of 2002, all I knew was that the perps were after my food consumption and conducting some kind of analysis (remotely). For the longest time it never added up; why screw someone so mightily over what they eat with remotely applied unconventional physical forces? Then in early 2004 they let me in on their game to a degree; it was mind-control research. Then in mid 2004, they let me in on that it was a lifelong state with school, employer and parental abettance from birth. And following that, many of their harassment stunts, e.g. noisestalking, tipped their hand that there was more to it than "just" 100% mind-control. I reckon they are at 99.9% and still making forward progress, or else they would never of given up the rage-ification stunts that went down nearly every day.

Yesterday I got a negative drift from the housing people over the mention of gangstalking, and by all acounts it is very prevalent and yet they didn't know or pretended otherwise. Just to straighten out this possible "misunderstanding", especially with these clinical hintings going on, it is time to briefly mention a few links that demonstrate gangstalking is becoming very common. I got a story and link page from a fellow TI (thanks JM), recently and for you disbelievers in gangstalking, feast on this, though I have a few quibbles with the definitions.

There is even a book about it, from one who worked for some gangstalkers, though I suspect they were far removed from the assholes that have my moves blanketed before I even know where I am headed. The title is Terrorist Stalking in America by David Arthur Lawson, Scrambling News 2001. Anyhow, should the doctor on 07-31-2006 lapse into bullshit-speak e.g.. "I don't deny these are your experiences etc.", I am prepared. When I asked him at an earlier consult to challenge me on anything I said, he later accused me of being "defensive". For being 99.9% mind-controlled IMHO, the perps are actually letting me put on a reasonable defense of myself, though this cannot be relied upon as "I" have a curious habit of "forgetting" key pieces of experience to lend to my defence. They could easily turn me into a babbling idiot to be consigned as an in-patient forthwith based on my past experience with perp sourced mental state impositions.

And too, I have become cynical of JIT (Just In Time) suicides that happen in an timely basis; I never question that the victim took his own life, but what mind-control irradiations and messages were applied to him that put the victim in this vulnerable state? I will never get even a hint of an answer, but I know from my own experience they can put one on the edge.

More perp related news possibly? An ugly incident in Seattle, where I once worked. This fits the pattern of significant events that erupt in locations I have visited or lived. And too, the other objectives related to death, chaos and mayhem come to mind.

Another de-mineralization stunt to the drinking water it seems; that lovely natural lemon flavor to the Cutolo Rionero has been excised, likely by the past mentioned jerkarounds with supplies with drinking water. It seems that the perps must suck the pleasure out of anything they can find. They do this to chocolate also; they must dampen the sensation somehow, because I never get the same pleasant flavors that I once did from quality chocolate. But it is something they want me to eat daily, given it's brown color and whatever obsessions they have with that.

Anyhow, enough for a post.

Friday, July 28, 2006

State of the Day

Being the subject of nonconsensual human experimentation means thats one's own perceptions and sensations aren't necessarily organic, but could well be an outcome of the perp's realtime neurological meddling, which they do, 24x7x365.

As an example earlier, I felt derealized or "stoned" and no, I do not take any illegal medications or other that may contribute to this sensation. And more and more, the perps as a causal agent don't come to mind, when in fact they should be the first thing to suspect. That in itself is perturbing as they are also changing (=mind-controlling) the attribution (in my mind) as to the most likely root cause.

But when I was finally allowed to figure it out; the perps were, yet again, de-energizing my temporal lobes, the parts of the brain that sit behind one's temples. This part not only governs appropriate reaction (e.g. rage), but also one's connectedness to current circumstances. This I learned from my Attention Deficit Disorder days, as there is some excellent work by Dr. Amen on this. Not that I am free from ADD, but with a 600lb gorilla on my back, and the clinical inquisition not yet run its course, I am not going to push it. (I went to Dr. Amen's clinic for a SPECT scan and was diagnosed with ADD-Inattentive subtype in 2001. And too, very likely serving the above mentioned gorilla with research/harassment data, little did I know at the time).

And as usual, I reflect on what they were doing the temporal lobe de-energization for. Or more resignedly, what now? Was it 100% mind control and they were running everything, or were the assholes polluting my day in another way? Don't know; but what I do know is that when I start complaining about "being stoned" they back off. It is rare that they ever listen to me; on this one they do, once they let me be self-aware on what is happening and its true causal.

The perps used to pull this de-realization stunt in the pre-current hell days before 05-2002; often when I was flu-bound, (another mysterious illness contraction of many). Even when I was seven years old they did this under the cover of being flu-related, and my mother "happened" to arrive just as I was in the throes of this, and asked if anything was wrong. I explained as best as I could, but she wasn't too moved by it. Somewhere in the days of this present hell and the consideration of the god-like capabilities of said gorilla (above), I was allowed to put 2 and 2 together and figure out what/who was the exact cause. The perps again, trolling for something that is eluding them in their quest for 100% mind control instead of 99.8%. And, not to mention all the other greedy objectives they are seeking while I reside under the boot of the Thought Gestapo.

Anyhow; enough of a grim posting, this is an example of where the perps like to keep me.

Governed Sleep Duration

Onto an apolitical topic again; the world news is beginning to perturb me more than most for reasons that can be found in these posts. I find the current impositional conditions quite enough to explain and deal with, and therefore I will refrain from making any more extrapolations of my existence (a loaded term) to the greater world outside.

Another reason for limiting (self-censoring?) my take on world affairs is that I don't want to feed the clinical beast that is likely lurking around the corner. Past posts have dealt with the "next stage", precipitated by the eviction for conditions that were not of any consequence for the longest time, and still don't add up, especially the sudden cessation of the mind-controlled rage shows the perps had put me through each day. That my voice changed constantly, every 5 seconds or so, is another oddity that will likely be dismissed by the practicioners of selective data analysis to excuse their activity. (And if one was here, you could hear the orchestrated noise flurry that started up as I wrote that.)

Anyhow, an 11 hour sleep today, a new record over the many 10 hour "sleep-ins" that have erupted over the past 4 years, since hell came to visit and stay. My sleep has always been 8 hours maximum and 7 hours in a pinch with no consequences. Now, it is anything from 6 to 11 hours without any sufferance or consistency. I never need to catch up, nor do I get tired in response to a shortened sleep. And curiously, the perps have been pulling napping stunts on me, when I never needed to nap whatsoever. I suspect it relates to more games over the color of the sheets and blankets as the perps always put on a noise flurry every day when I make the bed (moving the colored bedding about).

And when wearing dark green ear muffs (hearing protection) to block out much of the noisescape, the Office Depot order arrived in a green box, which served as the surface on which I signed for the delivery. Naturally I took the ear muffs off to attend to the phone and door, but the perps have been running dark green vehicles around me when I step out for shopping, having worn the ear muffs minutes earlier. And, as a final kick in the nuts, the order was mysteriously backordered for the black A9 notebooks I consistently use to record the bizarre comings and goings of the TI life (use the term "life" advisedly). Believe me, this blog is by no means all of it, only the logically defensible and/ or substantially bizzare perp acts get this public treatment.

Per above Office Depot order, which was locally filled and delivered (excellent if one has no vehicle), the backordered journal notebooks were availible on-line, otherwisw I wouldn't of ordered anything. Regular readers will make the connection to the slings and arrows of the on-line sabotage detailed in this post. And of course no email identified the seeming local backorder, and no communication as to what they are going to do. Another excuse to bring another colored (printed over) brown cardboard box for me to sign my name on? Very possibly. Certainly a way to "freeze me" from getting more journals owing to past stunts of double orders being fulfilled. The sabotage is never done; crapping on someone for the utter thrill of it is the only psychological rationale I can make for the assholes who keep this up.

A call from the housing people finally, and an appointment for the first week of August; the usual eruption of hyperactive zingers in my eyes as I was on the phone, the on-hold scenario (everytime) and then a voice change afterward. No mention of voice changes of course, per usual, same as the last doctor visit.

I have not yet figured out if the zingers, which I take to be masers, are in my eyes, or just in front. They do not appear to follow my gaze if I move my head, but they have an astonishing ability to re-arrive where they left off (pre-head turning). I have seen plenty of maser action in the past four years, coming from not even knowing what they were. Now, it is a daily feature. For the record, it is a coherent magnetic beam; a corollary is a laser, which is amplified and coherent light (various colors). Masers are typically grey if seen off axis, if on axis, they are a white-bluish point source.

Enough for a post; and there will be plenty to write about next week when I see the doctor on Monday (07-31-2006), as the dark forebodings of the reviled term "clinical" are being loosely tossed about. Or, alternatively, nothing, should I get jerked in there. (No online access there or anywhere nearby,- more good planning). Stay posted, the weekend is nigh.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The TI Diet

To be fair, it is the diet of this TI and it is highly governed; both by curious never-before habits (read, mind-controlled) and "shortages" at the grocery store. Past blog postings have mentioned the olive oil skirmishes with the perps, which are still continuing; at least another six splats (~ 1" diameter each) "arrived" in the night so to serve as reflective sources of light emanating beside or between my feet in my lower peripherial vision. Same setup as always.

And too, the color brown "problem" the perps have is also served according to dietary "choices". Fundamentally, it is the the same lunch and dinner food each day, now four plus years running, and most oddly, "I" (in the collective mind controlled sense) don't mind. Such never happened before all hell broke lose in 2002. The breakfast routine has been the same too, which is not an abberation from the past.

Anyhow, the lunch/dinner diet is brown colored sprouted grain tortillas to which a base of guacamole or olive tapenade is added, then cooked red onion and sliced cooked chicken meat, per the Chicken Run acquisition, and a topping of grated white cheddar cheese melted on top. Half is for consumption at the current mealtime, the remainder are reheated in the fry pan for the next meal. Every day now for four years, and "somehow" the collective "I" doesn't mind. Even long established variety preferences get jerked around by the thought police. Not a big deal, though the preparation time is an open opportunity for the perps to pull plenty of action-at-a-distance games in flicking food about, foiling my physical moves, and other games to crank up the infuriation level which they do even today, to sub-rage levels in keeping with their newfound practice.

All kinds of other games go on; the packaging gets larger for the same item, then smaller, the tortillas also vary in size, then the tortillas breakup sometimes, they will sometimes rip readily, the guacamole is a consistent green, then varigated greens, the cheese goes flying 18" away when grated by hand, the pan spins readily on an off-level burner, then one tortilla will shrink by 1" in cooking, while the other doesn't and on and on. All those "variants' to the normal get noisestalked as well, or anytime I notice something awry. And this is the same ingredients each time, though some brand differences in say olive oil, cheese etc. Senseless intrusion over juvenile considerations, day after day.

The drinking water supply is another cause for endless perp created permutations and combinations; late night acquisition (for a year), glacier water, same water from differing stores, differing container sizes with the same water, and now that I am vehicleless they have me with only one source, the nearby grocery store. First it was 4l containers, then they changed the brand (which was all over the store), now it is Italian Cutolo Rionero semi-carbonated (the best I have tasted since glacier water) in a sixpack of 1.5l bottles. And invariably when I brought it back, it tasted normal at first (as much as I know the term anymore), and within a day bubbles would mysteriously set up and the water became flat tasting. For a change, they seem to be leaving the Cutolo alone, maybe that is why I like it.

For fruit, there was a blueberry fixation in 2003 for 4 months, then kiwi fruits thereafter. But the next two years no blueberries were allowed, and only kiwi fruits. Now, it is back to blueberries for the season, partially aided by the new grocery source (in this vehicleless location).

No vegetables have been cooked by me since 2002, though I do get some at my parents once per week. From 2003 to 2005 they had me acquiring green salad leaves and adding pressed garlic and the cooked chicken in with an oil and mayonaise dressing that I would blend in. But then that "was dropped" (read mind-controlled disinclination), and now only the tortilla cycle each day with this never-before state of unconcern about the same diet.

And 9 of 10 times the gangstalkers are in place where I want to go in the grocery store; I have only a mental list and yet they are posted in the store locations I shop most of the time. Or else a surrogate, a stocking trolley loaded with brown corrugated cardboard boxes.

Enough of the TI diet; so far, I don't know of others who suffer the same degree of intrusion on this as I do. And the perps are at it again, in my humble estimation; another helicopter crash, this one with a reasonable cover story, happening in Afganistan, and in unreported conditions. Past readers will note my past dissertation on this arcane topic and its prevalent concurrence with my existence. Other aircraft disasters are likely to be included in this quest for the psychic-something the perps are looking for. I have long given up these being random events; in 2005, two separate helicopters crashes/dumps into the Hudson River on one week. Why am I the only one raising the BS flag on this?

Note to JM; I got your message in your lastmost post, 07-26-2006; unlike you, I don't have an definitive agency that I can name. Though they seem to have hired a large number of my confreres in forestry and the swim club. All these folk who now carry on as "consultants". One big hiring machine in my wake, not to mention payout machine. Do you have a story on the web of how it all began somewhere?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Online Adversity -Yet Again

A lose-it post.

The simplest things can be the most fraught; it all depends on the degree of depravity as prescribed by the orchestration manager. I just got through on the third order attempt to a online national firm web application. The perps have me in a total crank mood today; any adversity put upon me and I have no choice but to go ballistic.

All my personal information got dumped twice, and on the third time the perps cranked up the noisescape with simutaneous motorcycle noise, "neighbor water use noise" (no neighbors here), chirping car tires, backup beepers and likely a few others that I cannot remember. It is plain venal that I am not allowed to order anything on the web without being sabotaged by sickos playing noise games while I fight yet another round of their orchestrated adversity. And furthermore, I have no say in how I react; it is the mind-controlled instant ballistic response that only began when this hell came on me in 2002. What are these criminals doing to my temporal lobes all the time, and why do I get zapped and pained there so often? (The temporal lobes of the brain are where response contol faculties reside).

And six kinds of corrugated cardboard file boxes were unavailible online before I could order an inferior substitute. This degree of control over someone's life hour by hour is utterly sick, and it is my sincerest hope that any quislings or shills get two weeks of it just to know firsthand what they enabled. And why not; I even promised my so-called parents that I would fetch the "medications" for them they say is the treatment, just to have them know it is of no clinical origin whatsoever. These perps are sick, depraved and have everyone in Victoria bought to trash my life in this idiotic game of pretend that keeps on and on, some 4 years now, after 47 years of their unnoticed adversity. Fucking sick, and I don't know the half of it.

PS Another lose-it event per mindcontrol and application of unconventional physical forces from a distance; opening the new olive oil container shouldn't be a problem, right? Well the perps were back at it again, jamming the spout in the cap and making sure it was a major piss-off to extract. Olive oil on my fingers, knife, and the new bottle, likely for more perp games. Over a year ago when egressing from my vehicle to the apartment building, they stripped the plastic shopping bag containing a new bottle of olive oil from my hand and had it hit the ground, smashing the bottle. Knowing this was a perp stunt for which I feel no responsibility, I flicked the entire mess into the nearby bushes. It seemed the entire plan was to have a large spot of olive oil soaked asphalt to walk by each time I traversed between apartment and vehicle. And the sickos are back at it still, and never the exhibit gumption to show their faces and account for this persecutional depravity. Invariably I get noisestalked at the precise moment I am pouring olive oil into the fry pan. Go figure.

PPS What do I find on the kitchen floor later? Why at least eight spatters of olive oil that will self-clean inside 24 hours. On and on over the sickest detail.

A Hot Day in Irradiation-ville

I am in dire need to find out the nature of the irradiations that are going on in my apartment, hallways and outside, everywhere I go. Surely there is someone in Victoria, BC, Canada who can fill me in on the details, as this is plain to see by anyone. And if I don't reply, keep trying, as my email is getting blocked more often than not.

Anyhow, an unexciting morning so far, though some provocations to keep me ranting at the perps; typical morningtime stunts (action-at-a-distance aka unconventional physical forces) include;

  • spreading coffee grounds about (a perp obsession over brown things),
  • smarming peanut butter onto my plate and fingers (the properties of my current peanut butter have been modified to flow even straight from the fridge and oil mixed in at the outset),
  • having my bare feet step on some kind of nightime crumb arrivals,
  • extra crunchy cereal as the noise in my mouth when in fact it is plain soggy,
  • depleting the bathroom shaving water at each pass (one face section) of shaving, now for 15 months straight, every day with no apparent water leakage,
  • having me exit the shower without having washed my hair, something I routinely do every day for over 3 decades,
Enough trivial pursuits. Owing to a strategic "forget" (read, mind-controlled loss of recall) there were more items to acquire at the nearby grocery store today. Translated in perp operations, another outside gangstalking show, in a variety of coordinated clothing colors. Though they are laying off the obvious stuff except some blatant aisle blocking today, they did relocate the olive oil and have me wandering all over for it. There were a few other in-store feints and the blonde action was also prominent, as well as a doorway blocking by the ditz routine. A pink shirt seemed to be in order for women's clothing, as there was three of them within 10 seconds of arrival inside.

For more blonde action, they put on the arrival of my aerobics instructor in Seattle; she just "happened" to be stepping into the store as I was on my way to the checkout (pink shirt/blouse too). Although she did look absolutely scintillating and much like I remember her in 2001 last, we never crossed paths close enough to say hello. Then at the checkout, the young partial blonde was in-training as she was yesterday on the same shift. She had this horrid eye-liner mascara job; her upper eyelids were two colors, vertically separated; half brown and half the more normal bluish shimmer tone. She did look down plenty enough for me to see this freakish makeup job, and I assume it was for my benefit somehow, with the perps and their seeming past trauma re-enactment games. (See yesterday's blog, On Blondes).

Her coach/trainer was black haired, another staff regular I assume. But in the course of transacting, wallet out (note), another elder mid-forties blond woman extra checkout cashier "happened" to arrive behind my back and offer the new opened checkout to the backed up "customers"/gangstalkers. There is always some action at the checkout in some way to offer more opportunity to the energy assay (or whatever it is) to the perps, as it repeats so often. No big deal.

And more brown dressed folk on the sidewalk as I walked back, and a blue backpacker weaving in front of him and then beside in relative normal pedestrian fashion, but putting on the time worn/plain obvious peekaboo games that the perps engage in. One color/person in front of another, be it by race, clothing (and backpack color), gender, familial relations, hair color, age range etc. This applies to people/gangstalkers as much as it does to vehicles, which has been noted in the past when I was driving.

And too, there are parked vehicle-ambulatory gangstalker combinations. The numbers of gangstalkers that "happen" to be accessing their vehicles, i.e. behind vehicle doors, looking over their trunk contents, exiting or entering defies description. This has been perp planted habit for some 4 years now, and even had my landlady sitting in her vehicle while I was walking outside to get to my own vehicle. It is plain absurd that 3 to 6 orchestrated parked vehicles at a glance are being egressed in my purview in any urban situation.

And it is repeat gangstalkers too; one time, a spiffy suit & tie dressed operative/gangstalker in a supermarket checkout line ahead of me in the daytime (most males will not be caught dead in that situation on a weekday morning) "played" with the autostop switch of the checkout conveyor belt, jerking the goods about for all. Then a week later he shows up as a driver exiting his parked 3 tonne delivery vehicle as I drive by. It is utterly bizzare and these events are orchestrated at every place I go.

The most absurd gangstalk act of today's one block store visit was the red & white rags in a plastic bag being hefted on an ambulatory operative's shoulder (as if packing a mighty bale of hay) passing me by on the sidewalk. This 16" diameter bag was neither that heavy or awkward. (And also note, I was not allowed to know how idiotic it looked until I got back to my apartment.) As mentioned many times, the color red is a big gangstalker/perp obsession, and they usually introduce it in a metered way as part of their gameplan. Today, the nearby parking lot that consistently had one quarter of its size, approx. 10, devoted to deep red colored vehicles was reduced to about five in honor of my passing by. These incessant color games are applied in both additive and subtractive methods.

There were no apartment doorway sentries or on-my-tail followers today. In the past, the perps twice put on a begging granny/sentry at the front door, immaculately dressed in red and white, with an old fashioned peaked bonnet. I cannot call the absence of doorway followers and sentries a relief as it usually means another avenue to screw me over has been attained.

Another aircrash in the news today, an Armenian A320; as one may extrapolate from my helicopter post, I believe that these air disasters are no coincidence and are contrived to elicit some kind of universal psychic energy interaction from me or anyone else being similarly monitored. You can call me nuts on this one, but only this claim. If you were here, you could witness the noise flurry that started up as I wrote up this paragraph. And that of earlier when I first saw the news item.

A note to JM; I got your 07-26-2006 in-blog note; good to know that the head zapping didn't last too long, as the perps can render one's life unbearable until one says the right words to the operative's shill. I will leave that topic for now, as the noisestalking just began again, meaning it is a hot topic for perp surveillance. And as a minor correction, I am a first born Canadian from parents from the UK who were likely in the perp's grip when they emigrated to Canada about 1950-52.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Doing Time

The weather is not so hot today, and I am not being "sweated" into a puddle like yesterday. The perps are putting on these wretched masers/zingers in my eyes (what an optometrist would call "floaters") that flit about exactly at the location I am looking at onscreen. Hence this posting could be disjunct as I will make some 20+ logins to finish it, something like yesterday with the constant excavator noise and with some kind of dithering/de-energizing action too, a mock (orchestrated) reaction to the noise.

Anyhow, yesterday (07-24-2006) was totally ugly with the mind-controlled reaction to all the planted adversities (fumbling, shaking, dropping, etc.), and the frequency of the adversity. Today, less noise and less provocations/planted adversities. I can still (barely) claim a rage-free existence since July 01 when the apartment manager spoke with me. And suddenly it abated after the perps have relentlessly enraged me (per mind-control response) with their extra-conventional physical sorcery over four years and three locations, due to be a fourth by the end of next month. This is the last full week of July and I have got to get on to finding a new place. I have been unusually slack in getting on with this, though I cannot imagine how the perps could have the entire harassment and mind-control show better set up here than anywhere else.

This is a 10 story, 140 unit apartment building and the entire thing is irradiating with some kind of plasmic energy. It is in the hallways, in my apartment and can be seen to a lesser extent outside. And I am irradiating too; just to look at me means seeing some kind of vibratory activity of the colors. Not physical vibration, but a restlessness in observing anything. Since July 01 the manager has moved on (was gifted to another job) and there is no resident manager, only part-timers from other buildings. I see no one in the hallways except one or two "regulars" who might be on the same "cooking" schedule as I am for whatever reason. Even the cursory in-apartment gangstalking has stopped. It is like the Mary Celeste (ghost ship).

Anyhow, therehas been three blockings of blog comments made to JM, an TI I communicate with. This is an example of the TI world; using blog postings as email because of concerted sabotage action by some depraved party on our respective cases down to orchestrating every typo/keystroke fumble. And the message to JM is: thank you for the blog mention/email; I am sorry to hear about the head zappings that arose when you began recent communications with me, and I hope you find relief soon, and continue to communicate. (Not meaning to be brusque either, the third time to write something up begets unintended brevity).

He also noted in his blog that his Pay Pal donation to Mind Control Forums, a very worthy cause, got blocked. Yessir, the perps planned this one for me months earlier, they blocked Pay Pal access totally by invoking a "security constraint" notice which had links that were dysfunctional. Ebay was taken out shortly after that in the same manner. It never ends, and one never knows what inconsequential part of one's life is going to be sabotaged next. Snail mail was blocked recently as noted in a past posting, and so I sent only $20 in should the first check "magically" surface to create another doubled payment.

How I pay my bills has been nonstop harassment since the first takedown of my PC; it was all online and worked great when in Seattle. Then all hell came upon me and the computer was taken out and it was back to snail mail, with all checks being held up for three weeks and causing a double payment situation. Eventually when I got it sorted out and continued to pay snail mail, even when I got back to Canada. Then more harassment over payments and snail mail incurring double payments erupted until they let me pay all but two BMO accounts online again. Naturally, the BMO payments got sabotaged this month. It is plain depraved that a federal government harassment agency is sabotaging innocent citizen's mail. Never mind the rest of my life.

One of my past postings detailed the harassment over cutting nose hairs, how and when I did it, and where I bought the supplies from. It is just beserk what this harassment agency will do, and who they have in their pockets. What the local police forces don't seem to get is that their very own got nixed in the 9/11 tradgedy. I say that, without full knowledge of all that transpired, but it is clear that there are major oddities in how it happened. So why are the local police cooperating with an agency that may have (likely) much to account for in the 9/11 tragedy? I don't know, but swim club blather amongst the operatives suggested that they were linked up as early as 1995, long ahead of time.

Anyhow, it is nothing that I am going to solve, nor will they see this as any kind of warning, even if they have a choice which they likely don't.

Monday, July 24, 2006

On Blondes +minor 03-12-2009 updates

This post is going to cover some old ground and consolidate the blonde gangstalker action that I frequently get. And to be precise, it is Caucasian blonde women that the perps like to plant around me as some kind of benchmark/baseline for whatever their purpose is.

Included as blondes are both gangstalkers and their images; even the iconic celebrity ones such as Paris Hilton, whose images show up regularly in my internet news troving. And no, I am not a "fan" of hers, but nor do I disparage her either. I have no idea what it takes to live life in the public fishbowl that she does, but I am certain some genuine credit is due.

One of my planted Seattle "girlfriends" of the perps from 2001 to 2002 was a blonde and I still see her likeness here in Victoria from time to time, four years later. And she may be more prevalent than I know as the perps can re-arrange facial and body shape as a disguise I have come to know personally (to me). (Also called shape-shifting, though I use the term "morphover"). My past blogs featured recent blonde events; with Asian women nearby, and so it would seem there is some kind of transference of the eternal/infernal "something" that the perps are after.

In my case, blondes may carry less trauma associations; none of my family are blonde, and it would seem that there has been past traumatizations from their "parenting style", aka abusive, that may have created past negative associations with hair color even. And in my developmental years, the irradiations have made me more anxious than normal, and more susceptible to making such associations at the time. A good part of the perp's work seems to involve tests to re-invoke these traumatizations, possibly at a sub-conscious level that I am unaware of. With the perp's realtime deep brain monitoring, they can tell more than I would know. And, in a positive way, the perps seem to be repairing their past neurological travesties to some extent, as I am not as taxed by some things as I was. I am sure that remediation isn't their real objective, it only becomes doable in their relentless and depraved quest of trashing my existence.

My theory as to why the perps like to use blondes as an introductory gangstalker is extensively discussed in the Summary of the Favored and Unfavored blog posting. The essence is that blondes do not appear to have any subconscious traumatization association, and hence, are deemed a Favored demographic group, one of the few, as most are Unfavored.

Another "blonde" event was when me and my family were at my ex-wife's for dinner, and a friend of my daughter (16 yo) arrived with her to wait as her father was to pick her up owing to a schedule "mixup". And it so happened that she was blonde, and she stayed standing in the foyer where the entire family could see her, and presumably interreact with these very obvious irradiations. I thought it odd that the two girls didn't retreat to my daughter's room as they enjoy their privacy from the adults. Anyhow, she stood waiting there for 15 minutes or so before her father arrived. Most odd, a whole family gangstalk with an added blonde (gangstalker)/benchmarker in the mix before the Feral Family dinner.

I won't get into more personal detail, and nor do I know exactly what benefits from the perp's perspective that blondes confer. But it is not over by any means; today's visit to the grocery store got me two cashiers, one supposedly training the other; one was very blonde, the other partial. Obviously the perps are attempting some kind of transference of the eternal/infernal "something" between them and me. Minutes before this the perps had operatives as store staff (three men), uniformed in white, running ahead, behind (right on my tail) and beside me in their extra energetic telltale lean forward way. (Men are Unfavored, as are those dressed in white clinical clothing).

I call this seeming transference of blonde qualities (Favored) to the other gangstalker (Unfavored) by a few names; blonde auric glow, blonde auric penumbra (a fancy cosmological term for a shadow), and "blonde goodness". As an example, when I did a summer (2008) job in farm laboring work, they had a very dishy blonde woman on the crew for my intial three days of work, and she never came back again after that. This is common; a new venue almost always brings an "introductory" blonde, as if it is a neccessary entre for the perps to use. Invariably, the Unfavored persons/gangstalkers will cluster around the "introductory blonde" to bathe in her glow, or comingle with her energies or some such interpretation.

It isn't a big deal to see the planted blonde gangstalkers, and in fact, it is one of the more benign games that I am witness to. I hope this provides sufficient explanation of what I repeatedly witness and experience and how it might fit in with the entire orchestrated existence that I am kept in.

Excavator Noise Serenade

After a visit yesterday to the so-called parents who turned me over to the perps in a particularly ill-advised move, the perps have gone crazy in infuriating me to sub-rage levels, creating huge amounts of noise, and having me sweat buckets (augmented with action-at-a-distance sorceric methods). My big excitement of the day was to do my laundry, and while the perps invoked enough adverse sorcery to seriously piss me off, they also made sure that a nearby excavator was hard at work with ample noise (and vibration I assume) throughout laundry handling and the entire morning, and into the afternoon as I write this (1400h).

It is a day of being infuriated again, their number one method of probing deeper into my neurological underpinnings of their energetics research (= mind control). One common adjunctive method now back in favor is dropping brown crumbs in any location where I spend time; desk (in keyboard), kitchen, dining room table and the bathroom. They will also plant them on my hands as they see fit, usually to both be felt and then seen, a double play. Putting any crumbs under my finger tips is very common now, when it wasn't some six months ago. And I don't ask where they come from anymore, there is no ostensible cause, and for whatever reason, the perps don't care to have one.

The bus trip to the parents place was an Asian gangstalker exposition of some kind; again this relates to the brown problem the perps have, and that includes skin tone. Other races came in and departed in rotation as well. I won't describe the details of the predictable musical chairs-like subterfuges and related activity, but it was the first bus ride in my life where the operator revved the engine while in neutral when waiting at a timing stop. And no, it was not to run the airconditioning because there wasn't any, just the breeze when it was mobile.

There is something about blonde women the perps like and thereby causes them to plant in my proximity, gangstalker style. I haven't figured out quite what, but maybe the "iconic blonde" notion is part of it. Anyhow, they had a seen-before blonde woman (gangstalker) dressed in brown on the bus near my seat. She got out early, so perhaps it was a test of some kind, hoping that something of it (whatever "it" is they are looking for) rubbed off onto the Asian population on the bus. In a similar incident three days ago, they planted an Asian "staff member" at the grocery store next to me, and I began to explain the to her unexpected cooked chicken "shortage problem" (e.g. none) to her, she then conferred with a blonde Caucasian woman only 6' away behind a counter, who happend to have one right beside her. Another go-figure, but one that repeats in some form anytime they let me out.

The so-called parents gave me a lift into town in their brown Ford Escape and the usual vehicular gangstalking consort was circulating about their vehicle the entire 20 minute trip. This must of been a gangstalking bonus, to have three of us in the same vehicle, and no less, a very light brown color at that. I also noted that the perps had depoo-ed me prior to my visit, and that may have been another factor in the incessant vehicular swarm that aggregates about me anytime I am on the street; driving, walking or waiting for a bus.

And the perps have invoked some very hot weather it seems; there are none of the usual breezes that cool this part of Victoria down today or yesterday. All the better cover to invoke some atmosheric haze and de-color the appearence of the Olympic Mountains that can be seen from this location. (See previous post).

And I have found some excellent reading about Thomas Townsend Brown, a early gravitaics researcher who worked for the US Navy and other related organizations who have an interest in keeping this kind of work in secret, and only revealing some of it to torment the living hell out of certain selected individuals, such as me. TT Brown's biography is a work in progress on the internet here. This man, who by all acounts despite his secretive life, was much respected and liked by those who knew him. I suspect he never saw the dark side of his gravity-control work, and perhaps was unaware of the like-fields that can be assessed from a distance to manipulate another's mind, and cause them a lifetime of sufferance.

And it always does cause me to wonder what the perps actually reveal to the gangstalker community as they recruit them for this venal activity. Not a one seems to care that it is totally illegal and venal, never mind a wholesale intrusion into someone's life with no consent and violating every civil freedoms charter (e.g. US constitution) that has ever been written since the Magna Carta. Enough ramblings for a post, and as the vision perturbation harassment starts up again, it is time to go.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Cell With a View & Mail Blocking

Another shut-in day; two in succession though perhaps a late night outing (tonight) might be in order to not feel too claustrophobic. As it happened (now 07-23-2006), as "dysthymic disinclination" came over me and I stayed indoors for the evening.

One game the perps play is "what's in the landscape?", because it seems, they do like to manage how much I see at any given point in time. The hiking destination I visited almost exclusively was Jocelyn Hill in Gowland-Tod Park, north of
Victoria. There are two routes there, and they would direct me to one or the other through planted parking overflow games or gangstalker swarming on trail. Jocelyn Hill has a fantastic panorama there; the North Shore Mountains overlooking Vancouver, the Tantalus Range, the central range on Vancouver Island (pardon my ignorance), Mt Baker in Washington State, the Olympics on the Washington Olympic National Park, and even Mt Rainer on a very exceptional clear day. All that, and vistas over the Gulf Islands, Victoria, and the Malahat. Unbeatable views for this locale.

Anyhow, for my 2 to 3 visits per week when I had my vehicle were some relief from constant dithering of proprioception abilities, swarms of gangstalkers, action-at-a-distance stunts, maser and plasma flashes etc. Not that it was total relief by any means, but some. And I am sure it served some purpose in the perp's needs over brown color games, green color games and whatever else they have lined up on their substantial objectives list.

It was clear to me over many visits that the view was being "managed"; that is selective cloud cover over the North Shore but not Mt Baker and no end of permutations and combinations of the above mentioned mountain vistas. They had navy vessels in Saanich Inlet for at least four visits and some kind of beams were emanating from the on-board radar set. Other land-based towers are the same, and there were at least seven to ten of them encircling Jocelyn Hill where I would invariably have my lunch, as it was the destination from either route.

Anyhow, back to managed landscape views. It is no surprise that I get an alley's width view of street level in this fourth floor apartment building, which is where a sequence of specific colored vehicles are parked, the usual ones of vehicular gangstalking (red, dark green, silver grey, white, black). There are a few more locations of where ladder bearing vehicles seem to swap in and out in non-random order. Along with this view from this apartment is a segmented view of a small part of the Olympic Mountains. Of late, the perps have been clouding them in, obstructing them with clouds in varying degrees of grey over the day. Sometimes they will flash a plasma ghost of the view, next to it, in effect, doubling its length momentarily. Today they are introducing a haze so that the Olympics are gradually being excised from my view over a period of half a day.

This peekaboo tactic is very common in slow introductions to other objects, even the colored vehiclar gangstalk activity at a traffic control on the red signal. They will arrange an empty lane beside me, say on the immediate right, with the second lane over being fully populated with vehicles, again color coordinated. The perps will slowly feed a specific color vehicle down this open lane, and continue this practice until the light turns to green. My only determination as to what they are doing is checking on my real-time neurological (or energetics thereof) reactivity to colors and objects in the landscape, even if not expressly looking at them. In coming back from a parental visit, I notice they often needlessly walk in front of the television picture, often when red images are displayed.

The plasma activity is on high today (07-23-2006), and the perps seem to be dispensing with their usual requirement of having a cover story, or ostensible cause. When waiting for the bus they put on a green flash in mid-street, and no end of spatter, a collection of retinal-like burns (as if I looked at the sun, which I didn't). The buildings and sky were their usual energetic selves, a vibratory appearence, not unlike this apartment cell.

(07-23-2006) And another trivial game the perps have pulled again; blocking my mail when there are bill payments contained in them. They pulled this once when I got jerked into hospital and I was catching up on my bills. They blocked them all (~6) until I paid again, then released the originals so I ended up paying double. They won't let me pay my current BMO accounts via the internet by witholding the merchant account numbers from the list, but for some reason, all others are allowed to be paid by online. Go figure.

Anyhow, that is a wrap on this post; I am all over the place and barely kept the theme cogent. But I have been hampered with endless motorcycle noise (e.g. chopped Harleys) and vision impairment stunts, including the zany zingers that can follow exactly where I am reading.

Friday, July 21, 2006

My Usual Suspects

Off the brown and other color topics and onto other regular gangstalker acts though the reasons are unknown to me. Here is a major collection of gangstalking stunts that usually repeat 3 to 5 times per week, even for a one block walk and return when I go grocery shopping;

  • foliage and trimmings; they will put on 5 tonne truckfuls of chipper output nearby, arrange hedge trimming and other landscaping maintenance "events" proximate to me or even on the sidewalk in my path. (also with the chipper unit, sometimes for its mass, or operating noise/spinning mass)
  • Men In Suits or sportsjackets. Preferably black suits, again, no reason.
  • blonde women, even a Paris Hilton lookalike hanging about my vacated seat at the theatre once.
  • red headed gangstalkers; male or female.
  • white-haired elderly gangstalkers.
  • English accented gangstalkers and even one of their own operatives (with red hair and previously known from the swim club) was on-trail with a fake UK accent and as soon as I recognized him he shut up and looked at the ground. We never exchanged glances even, as soon as I knew it was him, he changed his act,
  • police and other LEO drivebys, siren shows or even their parked vehicles only.
  • fuzzy haired gangstalkers,
  • olive oil spattering in my apartment,
  • on-street spitting and/or stomach contents unloading; its a gross one, but it is amazing how often this occurs nowadays.
What does it all mean? Various things. The spitting and barfing is a method of exposing one's mouth or stomach contents to the outside world, and my take on their perp's problems is that the inside on one's mouth, mine in particular, is very difficult to remotely assay for its energies and color, especially being so close to the underside of one's brain. Likewise for the digestive process as it entails the brown color. Hence the operatives aid this quest by unloading their mouth contents near me or spitting in traffic as well.

My parents are from the UK, which is where this entire travesty began IMHO, and it seems that they are attempting some kind of deep-brain familiarity detection. Just a guess.

The white, red and blonde haired gangstalkers aren't bothering more than any other, but it is amazing to ponder the number of red-haired seatmates I had in school classes. As for fuzzy hair, no idea why the perps have this "featured" in my gangstalker population. My once long time friend is both blonde and fuzzy haired, and I cannot help but thinking he may have been planted for that reason alone, after personal compatibility.

The foliage planting has me perplexed; I worked in the woods for part of the year from 1971 to 1990, and I had been hiking about twice a week until last month. Now they are bringing the woods, or chopped up branches and foliage to me. Even pickups course by with a cluster of live trees often enough to suggest that the perps are still beating on this theme. Twenty years of forestry and outside trail hiking isn't enough it seems.

As for the Law Enforcement Oganizations, I get plenty of exposure, including three past incidents of gun pulling where they suprised me and I was not threatening in any way to anyone before or since. The US INS border patrol pulled out their guns on me and handcuffed me to give me a piece of paper once, one that I could of had for the asking. They make it quite clear who they really work for and from operative swim club chit-chat, have an integrated information system with the perps.

Anyhow, those are mere ramblings over the obvious and concerted efforts of the perps to keep planting these same themes anytime I am in a public space, all very coordinated as to when in the sequence, who with, what relative direction, where and what state I am in (annoyed, complacent etc.).

A Cabin Fever Day

So far, the perps haven't taken the expected advantage of me with the central apartment hot water shutdown from 0900 to 1400h today. I expected them to get me up at 0900h to disrupt my morning routine of shaving, showering and the dishes. But no, up at 0730h amazingly and all done before the hot water shutdown. This is the second time in a year, and the last place had the same in 8 months of tenancy. The perps are very vexed about my water supply and even had me go out and get it at 2300h with an passel of gangstalkers (>20, a weeknight) in the store at that time, unbelievably.

In this situation with no vehicle, they can jerk me around as they have done; the 4 liter jug brands were changed each week and now they have purged those in favor of a six-pack of 1.5 liter bottles from Italy, partially carbonated. Go figure, as they have been at this for 52 years, and are still pissing with how, where and when I imbibe water, right down to the orientation of the drinking glass at the time of intake. And always, under a flourescent light and some plasma flashes inside the drinking glass on occasion. They had me on a rotation of using two drinking glasses, now just the same one each time. Every inconsequential detail (to me) is of extreme planning interest based on the number of mind-controlled and stunts to vary or disrupt my habits.

At the same time, the perps use water droplets as small monitoring stations; they plant water drops on the stove, kitchen floor, toilet rim, etc. where they have sliver of plausibility (who are they fooling again?), and in advance of me locating there to for an activity. And somehow, they monitor the energetics of those droplets when I am nearby. They put some 10 droplets on the unused burner on the stove where I make coffee (think brown) each day.

My daily shaving is still of intense interest to the perps; they can mind control me to start in the wrong place, cause me to "forget" where I shaved, and so on. All this was habit, things I never had to think about before now get dithered and disrupted.

The zinger action is big today; these are what the optometrist might call "floaters", though in my case they have become hyperactive, flit about in my vision in formations of two or more and other acrobatic feats. I cannot focus on them, but at the same time they seem to exhibit traits of being outside my eye. They also like to sit exactly at the location I am reading which is quite a feat, and ample evidence that someone else knows that as well, if they don't control it themselves. They are small blackish or greyish clumps and have the unerring knack of sliding in between my focal point and me over white or light colored backgrounds, and do not follow my head if I move it aside. And of late, curvilinear vertical versions also pass back and forth in front of my central vision.

And as one who worked out twice a day, running and swimming, I am leading a very uncharacteristic life of inaction. I would get out hiking twice per week, but that is now ended with giving up my vehicle. The swimming ended according to plan though I didn't realize it at the time. I had plenty of gangstalkers in the pool to be sure, often loitering in long debates, but the perps put some kind of mind-control jerkaround on me, making me "anxious" about swimming when I have 15 years of adult level Masters swimming experience. So as I was leaving the pool early, some 10 of the familiar male gangstalkers were in a tight single file, walking in step, past me on the pool deck. Although I planned to return, "somehow" the communal "I" has never felt like doing so. Which strongly suggests that the all male gangstalker troupe, and their overseers, knew that was the last time for recreational swimming since 2004.

No such theatrics for running; they would dither me so that it became physically worse, and in the end, it wasn't worth it when they sacked me after two blocks. Again, this in 2004, which reduced my outdoor activity to hiking which was sufficient as it was a gorgeous location. That at least gave me some "outside" time, enough to feel that I wasn't getting cabin fever. Not that I was free from gangstalking and other hijinx, but at least I got some exercise. And that ended in 05-2006 in giving my vehicle to my daughter, who now has her learner's licence and will likely drive it this fall.

For the most part "I" (in the collective sense) don't get out much which I suspect is the perp's plan. They want to keep me in this brown decor apartment with brown walls facing me and then script 100 to 200 ambulatory gangstalkers about and all the rest (>100) of the stationary and mobile gangstalking vehicles. Naturally, brown vehicles are also at the ready to gangstalk outside the apartment building, as well as other colors.

A well written tale of gangstalking and gaslighting is here. by the name of "Vera" (thank you JM). Some of this is very familiar; the wall of denial of everone else, like one has entered into a Fellini movie where nothing is what it seems. She does mention the "smirk" expression among the many conspirators, a familiar stunt of each of my brothers who blow me off any time I ask about it. Perhaps that is reason for a spoof name; operatives of SMIRK, as MIBs and WIBs came to work today just to be seen quaffing (brown, note) coffee while pretending to lounge about the shopping center. Never mind that there are at least 30 dress color coordinated working age males doing this mid-weekday. That is, appear not to have a day job save gangstalking. Go figure, there is nothing funny about this venality.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Chicken Run Time Again with Brown Testing Too

As readers may know from past posts, the perps have an constant obsession with all things brown colored that are anywhere near me, and ultimately including that inside of me, and by extension, everyone else. And by now, it should be plain that it boils down to excrement, in the bowel or outside of it. The number of toilet blocking stunts that they have pulled, (at a much accelerated rate since the pre-harassment days), is enough to quadruple this blog volume. And I won't get into how unworldly irregular my BM's have been this past month, but it does defy common sense and has been mentioned in earlier posts.

Soo.. it is the chicken run day; where I walk a block to the supermarket to purchase my one and only permitted protein source, a hot, cooked whole chicken. But before I set off a whining noise had set up across the street, and what is it, why a large Roto Rooter tanker truck pumping sewage from a condo building that is on sewer, 120' away. Go figure. It is the second such instance in 8 months. Not a big deal.

When I exit the building and walk down the street why there are two brown vehicles parked in the metered stalls, one being a Volvo with the windows open and no one around, the make of my past vehicle, given to my daughter as she turned 16 last month. And while she did her best to feign surprise, it wasn't. Anyhow, that is how it goes all the time now, nothing is what it seems. More of the white, red and green vehicles were set up enroute, both mobile and parked.

And there were plenty of extra brown dressed gangstalkers about, and a few more of other brown-skinned races, also part of the "color problem" the perps let me know about. Not a big deal. But as it unfolds there are more and more gambits; someone packing coffee on the street, others lounging in the public benches also with coffee in hand. More brown vehicles on the suddenly busy streets that I traverse.

But the top story was the actual cooked chicken; none were out in the usual display case, so I asked the deli staff it they were ready, and it was "only" the barbequed whole ones. "I" (not allowed to think this one through) said that was OK. And presto, she had one at hand next to the cooler and passed it onto me, and I thanked her (sort of, it was another improbable stunt). Anyhow, I bring it home to find out that not only had it been severely cooked to falling apart stage, but that the sauce and the combined cooked on fat conferred a whole lot of brown color to the normally white meat. Another gotcha, browner food testing this time.

Just the usual, and in the context of the perp's stunt characteristics, more of the same. Predictable even, another fly in the clinical diagnosis ointment, and always ignored.

And in the pre-harassment days, for years even, I would pack coffee and brown cinamon buns all the time as my morning snack, and here they are still chasing me around with these same combinations. They even have bus passengers waiting at a bus stop sitting on the ground with their coffee too, as one more extreme example. And small Roto Rooter tank trucks have arrived on my walking route to the grocery store and remained here for my return, for no seeming reason. Past driving activity has seen the perps passing these same small septic/sewer tanker trucks past me in traffic, about every two months or so.

There is more that I can add, but I think I will refrain from this scatalogical theme unless anyone wants to hear more about it. Suffice to say it is an extreme obsession of the perps, and I suspect it is true for not only me, but all the mammal species. The perps like to dump fresh horse manure on the hiking trails ahead of my visit, and the cattle mutilations often have the anus cut of them. There is just too much consistency with other mysterious happenings in my life, and all I want is to be left alone. Not too much to ask after a 52 year lifetime of being surveilled and monitored, but no, the sickos carry on like thankless juvenile delinquents left permanently unsupervised with god-like tools at their disposal.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Dull and Duller

A "normal" 9 hour sleep last night, better than four hours each of the two previous nights. The perps have been onto towel blooding again, preferably one just out from the closet. This particular stunt is one where a spontaneous bleed "starts up" and I only find out when I see the track of red on the towel. Four towels in succession, and that is nearly all the white ones. The blue towel is rarely used, and the blue face cloth "got lost", leaving me only one pink one. Every bit of that is managed for some reason, as it repeats so often, even if one didn't (somehow) believe in the spontaneous bleeds.

But they are; last night from my nose, and blood on the towel before I knew it. The amount of fakery is minimal strangely, as they don't attach the event to the coatails of shaving now, like they once did. (Back to the perennial question of; "who are they fooling?") And so with four towels soiled in a week in the same nonconventional and strange way, I got onto doing laundry, usually another fraught scene with the perps.

Not too ugly as it turned out, as the ugly mind-control and harassment action had already been exacted upon me in the course of making lunch. The only permitted food is tortillas, and for some unknown reason "I" (in the collective mind-controlled sense) don't mind when this never would of been the case pre-aware harassment days (before all hell came down four years ago).

The perps have me as a trembling wreck today, clammy and shaking like a Parkinson's patient, another on/off mind-control stunt they apply. In concert with this they also have the objects shake and vibrate too, putting on more energetics assay moments (what I think is their objective). It was back to the usual lunchtime competency assault; dithered proprioception abilities meant fumbling, food flicking, applying and re-applying food onto my hands (three rounds of red onion pieces), pulling objects from my grasp, making a mess on my hands, flicking dishes water about, etc. And the perps made sure to have me yell at their intrusions and as usual, they changed my voice every five seconds or so, constrained my vocabulary choices and then added strange intonnations (the latest act).

They had me visit (a block away) the grocery store for an item that they caused me to "forget" two days ago when shopping last. The perps like to accelerate the usage of certain items; currently it is dish soap (blue colored), mouthwash (same color) and peanut butter (mid brown color). The nightime is likely when they draw down these items.

And as always, going outside is a big gangstalk event, as much as they try to disguise it. A cluster of four silver grey vehicles in three cardinal directions with one embedded dark red vehicle was bisected by the sidewalk, which represents a bonus for the perps. Having me walk through a parked vehicle color coordinated cluster like that of my past driving days allows for them to separate me from my vehicle and all its interaction. Typically such a configuration would be around me at an intersection, but with parked vehicles instead, they have more placement options.

Anyhow, it was orange, red and yellow clothing today mostly; more gangstalkers making blatant moves to cross my path in front of me, and then they stand like a sentry beside me as I pass by. Then the same gangstalker was there when I came back. They put on a obvious teleporter job as well; a vehicle turned the corner to shelter the arrival of a (faux) bum and his shopping cart full of bottles and cans ffor recycling. A bottle recyling depot opened up in this neigborhood a few months ago and it represents the cover story for all manner of shifless types to be packing this material on the streets. LIkely it offers more gangstalking potential as I "frequently" encounter store staff doing the same.

But this "bum" (a very common gangstalker guise) arrived from nowhere that I saw once the intervening vehicle has turned the corner and there is no way I would of missed him beforehand. This teleporting isn't often used on me that I can tell, only for specific certain events. It also serves as a cover to have some 30 shopping baskets cluster in front, some of them in red painted steel (not anywhere near here). The perps do like to put metal mesh or crossed metal members anywhere near me, and steel shopping carts are one of their favorite stalking items.

The usual confluence of in-store gangstalkers applied; they often start me out with women gangstalkers then it becomes all males, who have a particular and obvious head turning and twisting comportment that is a giveaway as to their real purpose. This may be for more energetics readability reasons as they will often turn their heads when changing from one cardinal direction to another.

I am told the perps read people's backbones like an aerial, and this may well be true; they like to have gangstalkers bend over in midstreet or anywhere else near me. When they pulled the firealarm stunt at 0400h one time, I went for a walk in town; 3 of the 6 gangstalkers on duty were in a bendover situation, pretending to look for something on the street. And today, when exiting the building, they had an ambulatory gangstalker put on a sick act and both bendover and then spit copious amounts of saliva on the sidewalk. Past spitting events have included the drivers of top-down convertibles spit into the air ahead of me and have it land inches ahead of my vehicle, once two in one outing.

Having the gangstalkers display their backs at close range is a very common tactic; or even to back into me, accidently on purpose of course. When I returned to college in 1990 for a one year upgrade course, there were no end of incidents of "students" backing through the building entrance doors on their way to another class. I could never figure out what kind of mentality would do that, but now I know, one who is paid to do so.

The buzzing feet sensation/harassment is playing tonight; a constant low level vibratory activity when considered in the full spectrum of tortures is quite benign. Both feet this time, and is a common nightime event when getting to sleep. That and bed shaking, the equivalent, except it is the bed that is moving me in a similar manner.

I have a differing view on the news item where the Chief Fratboy ran his paws on Chancellor Merkel's back recently; he was doing an energetic perturbance stunt so she could be read better for her auric eneergies. Which suggests that the Chief is under the spell of the sorcerers, something I wouldn't doubt. And quite a bit of noisestalking has started up when I wrote this, so that may be a confirmation too.

And while none of the above is any excitement, it should supply more evidence to the nonbelievers (read, clinical staff) who doubt that my life is managed down to dotting 'i's and crossing 't's in my paper journal. It is that way, and even keystroking is mightily hampered by relentless (10x more rate) "errors/typos" that never happened before 05-15-2002, the Day of Infamy.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Second Physics Site Explaining the Inexplicable

There are 100's of web sites that speak to universal vacuum energy, ether energy, the Grand Unified Theory (GUT), over-unity engines and the like. I have visited many of them, and they are almost always helpful to some extent in explaining the perp's objectives or how they manipulate forces from a distance. There are only two that I revisit, which is not intended a pejorative statement about the others, but these are two that offer the most predictive value as to what methods, and objectives the perps might operate with. When I read them, some ah-ha's go off, such as the perp's obsession with colors, directional orientation, travelling speed and the full palette of venality that goes on in any given day as the harassee (me).

The first physics site was mentioned in this blog about Tom Bearden, and the second is another home-built site that offers some serious thinking about energy-mass interactions which often coincide with perp and harassment operations. The site posits theories and "humbly suggests" in a fresh and inviting way. He is JK Harms, and is much more readable than Bearden's densified cerebral thoughts and covers different ground to some degree. JK Harms posits fundamental new ways of thinking about the interaction of gravity, photons, mass, electrons, neutrinos etc that I might be able to get my head around someday. (if ever accorded unharassed reading time). I sent him a comment once about that if he did not believe in the ether, how did he reconcile that wiith his descriptions of the "abundant" (his term) infrared and visible spectrum energies. I never heard back, and that could well be a perp email blocking stunt which happens all the time.

He offers a reason for day-glow colors (mid way down the page) to be so vibrant, and this is a common perp tactic; to use these colors in gangstalkers clothing or object placements, e.g. day-glow traffic cones on a nearby roof. He also has reasons to suggest new color complements, red and green together, blue and yellow. And to no surprise, these are very common combinations of gangstalking colors, after white and black.

Another component of his theory is about flames (as in from a fire). The perps put on many cigarette smokers around me, and not just to drive the smell up my nose as I learned from JK Harms' theories. The perps also like to have a big building fire every so often and the coordination that it has with my comings and goings is amazing. JK Harms' proposal is that flames are the "ripping of the space-time continuum". That is one of those "loose me" statements that I will never understand, but what I do know is that this action-at-a distance assault and harassment does manipulate space and time together or singly.

I thought I would at least pass on this site, but I must refrain from attempting to offer a summary as it would take hours for me to take up his ideas with this learning compromised brain of mine (thoroughly documented). Consider yourselves to be exposed to my own two scientific heros whose work lends significant understanding as to why and how I am being harassed out of my mind 24x7x365, and have less liberties that a incarcerated convict.

The BIG question is why are the perps hounding me in this game of pretend all the time? Why cannot they 'fess up, pay up (bigtime) and have me cooperate in specialized experiments instead of running a hundred or more red colored vehicles for 4+ years near or around me on a longer highway (vehicluar gangstalk) sortie?

That is the question I would like answered, as the perps carry on as if they are fooling some party that exhibits some kind of oversight. As if they make themselves too obvious, they will incur some kind of irreversible penalty. That I don't get, because if they desparately need something in a pinch, some kind of odd space-time event will happen; tripping me, dust from nowhere floating about in my face, moving my vehicle 10', placing gangstalkers etc. WHO are they fooling?

Early Shift Again

The second day in succession of an 0400h get-up time where I was awakened to hear a distant nattering of a faux neighbor. I put a finger over my ear and bought relief for 10 seconds or so until the perps raised the nattering volume level so I could hear it again. How thoughtful. Many TI's call the perps sound manipulation capabilities "voice to skull", though to be fair, I won't use this term, but instead I call it projected sound, as it does NOT come from expected sources, though it approximates such. For example, I get high speed traffic noise all day long when in fact there is some low-speed traffic, but not anywhere near the speed and volume the sound (i.e. noisescape) suggests. The same for the constant all-day noise of chopped Harley-type motorcycles (3 to 5 per minute) that would suggest a biker's clubhouse, bar or meet nearby when there is no such activity in this neighborhood.

Just like yesterday, this is another 0400h "catch the dawning light" stunt (along with the prodigious amount of noise of no conventional causal, per above), while doing my morning PC/internet routine of news, email etc. So in other words, I have plenty of time on my hands again, another state they like to keep me in when I have reflected on this. There have been some employer sponsored durations of no field work to do, either a weather related problem (e.g. helicopter cannot fly) or a schedule "mixup". This is another consistency with the past, stringing me out with nothing to do, also noted as a non-mind control harassment trait in an earlier posting. They have been doing for four years now, but now they have me with no vehicle, this is their big event.

And also, laying on transitory (1 to 5 seconds long; highly annoying) vision impairments as I key this in, the impairment is precisely timed to be coincident with keystroke blundering, outside arranged noises, "neighbor noise" of on/off "water usage" (constant since 0400h so far, now 0730h), etc.

I use earmuffs on and off, and the perps likely manage for exactly that. The earmuffs will progressively take on a din, will crackle, or a "breathing" noise, a whistling sound on both inhale and exhale will "occur", not to mention all manner of seeming muscle pulling and other undifferentiated head noise will be created/amplified. And also, the usual (real and faked) outside sounds can now "penetrate" the earmuffs more readily than they ever did before (another "somehow").

Monday, July 17, 2006

Rage-free Two Weeks Now

The mind-controlled rage shows culminated with a chat with the building manager, and then 14 days later a surprise eviction notice. I was given the impression that if "I" stopped then I could stay. I have had the odd 3 to 4 day stretches in the past where they relented, but time after time, the perps renewed this approach to tracking aural and non-aural brain response with the extra energy dissapation of anger (and whatever other benefits to them, e.g. sadistic).

For the first time ever in 3.5 years of being rage-ified by the sickos, as their #1 harassment method, they stopped immediately afterward, and so far, 17 days later, no rage. The same provocations mind you, but not the immediate go-ballistic response that was built into the mind-control script. Imagine that. And no medication or clinical associations, yet again. And I am still noisestalked constantly as I blog away, this is my third attempt this morning, and each time, an eruption of the same coincident noises; chipper, voices in the hallway, extra squeaky doors of other apartments etc.

So it would seem that they took the rage-ification harassment to its maximum, having built a track record over the 14 months that I have been here, and lets not forget, also pretending that there are neighbors in this apartment block of plasma fogged halls , elevators and stairwells. And then the perps stopped this form of harassment altogether (so far) when they don't need that method, leveraging an eviction notice out of the deal. Then the apartment manager got gifted to a head office job. Sweet, and it happens most of the time like that. Or a new car, house mortgage paydown etc, not to me though.

Anyhow, this is an important juncture, which is why I think they have something else in mind. Stay tuned, and if you don't hear from me, I have been taken off line, so to speak.