Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Night Before Yoga

A Thursday yoga day, and the perps prepared me by keeping me up late for hours, and then having me lapse into a light REM sleep and woke me up as I was going down on the Titantic, their imposed dream. They kept me awake for another 30 minutes listening to loud vehicle noise from outside, one after the other, as if there was some kind major arterial street, which there isn't.

This kept me up for three hours before yoga, now resuming after Christmas break. They had the yoga class site covered in two directions outside the room; a gardening maintenance crew out side with their pickup and white box trailer parallel to the building on the E. side, and then in the hallway a number of renovations and plastic on the floor was in progress on the W. side. Thankfully they didn't apply the noise too extensively from these two sources, though the former would start up their leaf blowers on big back twistings late in the practice. And lo, if among all the lint and crumbs that arrives around my mat there wasn't a 2" sprig of cedar branch end, and a brown leaf. Souvenirs from the landscape dudes it would seem, wanting to get some color and material reference objects that are plentiful on the outside to within 1' of the mat, inside of course.

In yoga there wasn't too many classroom disruptors; the new dude came in a hideous bright orange shirt which ended up in my right side peripherial vision. He also has grown an ridiculous hair bob which he ties up like a woman's. The regular attending woman with the intense red dyed hair was in the shaded corner, and then featured herself outside at the end of the class for me to see just how fugly her iridescent red hair color was. The perps also put on at least ten minutes of very fast lighting changes, ostensibly from the sun and windy conditions with fast moving clouds, totally unnatural IMHO. I had my usual accompanying dude flush (gangtalking posse) to cover me from yoga back to my place, an intensely monitored and structured event. It seems all those spine twistings and extendings serve a purpose following yoga, and hence the freakshow; this time the dudes with camo pants and black hoodie jackets, like uniforms almost. And, the dog with them, as part of the show; it is almost de rigeur to have dogs and kids around me these days. I noticed the the bakery on the way to and back from yoga parked their 5' tall palette of brown flour bags on the sidewalk, wrapped in shrink wrap. The "pallet stalking" is still running strong, as is "bread stalking", this time in ingredient form. The bakery seemed to be getting its payout as it was being extensively refurbished inside.

I had the usual masers and plasma beams and projections flitting around when in yoga, and this has become so "normal" that I don't even bother to make much note of them. They have my mat near the brown canvas covered grand piano, and I suppose that it must offer a sizeable amount of "brownstalking" opportunity. I did notice that one zinger (small fuzzy blackish ball) came off the instructor, and zigagged a path from her to me while I was in a pose. Early stage 2002 harassment had straightline masers coming off the regularly spaced marks on the walls and passing through a work colleague and then through me. Another example of a similar situation was last year with some five or so dudes lined up at the gym, all appearing to be doing their own thing, when a straightline maser beam of an inch wide came through the wall and past all the dudes and then into me, without any sensation thankfully. I reckon this is to get near simultaneous magnetic interference readings from all parties and it may even be to correlate certain same body organs, bones etc.

I was a short lunch turnaround before heading back to the Disabilities Center to start my vocational and psychological testing, all to support my upcoming claim for computer skills upgrading. I did these over ten years ago when I was getting totally pissed off with undiagnosed learning conditions, and it was of some benefit, though doesn't permit one to be diagnosed with nonverbal learning disabilities which I am sure is the case, as it is with many with Attention Deficit Disorder. Of course there was plenty of perp noise while testing was underway; nearby chatting and overhead tromping, the latter not too different from my present overhead rumbling noise while I type this up. Funny how I have this similar noise follow me from my apartment to the testing location. The testing was two hours in duration, though it was interesting how I was prepped by the perps.

The test administrator was wheelchair bound and had a cup of coffee in a paper cup (read, browntalking) on the table beside her. And she offered me some water before we started, and which I accepted, and it came out of the cooler as red as "someone" had put in cranberry juice. So I was prepped with the red juice in me and the water/cooler vessel only 2' away behind me through the office glass windows. The testing went OK, and the perps kept my speaking ability on the stilted side, but not as bad as last time thankfully. It is likely they are controlling all of my responses, but are keeping it mostly "in character". I noticed that they laid on extra overhead pounding noise the instant I would finish the puzzles and complete the symbol decodings. I have at least three more sessions of testing and IMHO it is totally unneccessary, as I have plenty of past supporting tests and documentation. It is all part of the show it seems, and it is taking forever, now 6.5 years of this constrained, controlled, scripted and always adverse existence.

A new trend has developed among three correspondents in the last week, coming from the doubting Fuckwits. Today was an example where I had to explain that I could not answer the ADD test question adequately as I have had a sharply socially constrained life since the harassment began. (These were social interaction questions). I got the "excuse me" thing where they pretend not to know what I am refering to as to the radical change in my circumstances, so I had to explain it. Yesterday, the employment case worked lapsed into something like "my condition" so I was obliged to address this facile little dodge/mindfuck game by saying, "when the harassment started...". Last week I was suckered into phoning Ms. C of the story and she did her incurious inquiry along the lines of "how is your conditon....", and then she goes all quiet when I explain that it cannot be possibly clinical when hundreds of others have the same harassment by external parties. I don't know what the deal is, but it is most curious that three complicit assholes start this bullshit up within a week, when they know far more about it than I do. The perps can access my recall and could effectively make me believe it isn't happening and fabricate a substitute story to "believe" in, and yet they put me through three of these doubting Fuckwits in a week.

I was cleaning up and creating a full link blog posting but the overhead rumbling noise each time I selected, copied, pasted links and their descriptive text was becoming a total pain. Never mind that the earmuffs that I was wearing became louder than it is without them, and the two separate cascades of sirens noise that got through the hearing protective earmuffs.

A new TI, or new to me, who describes the situation accurately and that of my own; Peter Mooring of the Netherlands. How the perps decide to violate one person to the exception of others is something that is unkown to me, but his experiences match my own, and possibly at the same intensity level. Though, I haven't been nailed with the pain beams since late 2002, save for a debilitating "update" irradiation that went on for a few days in 2003.

Enough of the dreary TI life expose, and onto shuteye time, hoping that the assholes don't pull another stunt like last night. As usual, I have suffered no ill effects from the reduced sleep.

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