Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Post Lunch Dinge

It is shaping up to be a near shut-in day, though I will be out later to do my one hour cleaning job at the car dealership with the purported staff doing their gangstalking bit, like following right behind me like yesterday. (After buzzing around me while I was vacuuming the floor). Funny how extra gangstalking action is centered around vacuum cleaning, domestic or industrial. It is now three times that they arranged a pitlamping vehicle to be shining its headlights on me through the glass door while vacuuming the Service area.

I am presently getting a heavy dose of dimmed ambient lighting conditions, immediately following lunch. That the perps constantly manipulate light conditions is nothing new, but they have brought it forward by two hours from their usual 1500h dimming games. And they even added some extra vehicular gangstalking outside by running a tractor trailer flatbed truck with a full load of reinforcement bar stock, aka, rebar. I often get these varying loads of metals driving by, the more common being aluminum ladders, but also copper pipe and galvanized steel studs.

The jackhammer noise has been going most of the morning, but stopped before lunch. I still haven't seen any supporting activity to be convinced it is nothing more that a noise job, and the jackhammering does also have a curious coincidence rate of coming on or off when I get up or otherwise begin a new actiivity. I had three separate siren cascades for breakfast, covering me when making coffee, eating cereal and then when eating toast with peanut butter and jam on it (think, brown color games). As usual, the perps had me rage-ified over the application of peanut butter and jam on my toast, this is a nearly 99% probability event. They cannot get enough of jerking me around with their imposed extra-conventional behavior and properties of these substances and it suggests that they have a long way to go before they have figured this one out. It is 5.5 years of eating the same breakfast every morning, and the Fuckwits are still pissing around with me as well as adding the sirens and other noises at the same time.

The perps gave me some strange dreams in the night, and somewhere, or somehow, they introduced Hilary Clinton into them. I don't have any particular interest in her political accomplishments or ambitions, and "for some reason", she was featured, as in planted dream content. And more meat aerial games in the night, an ongoing event now. They had me in for a 9 hour sleep, one hour more than normal, but better than the recent skein of 10 and 11 hour sleeps of late. It is a mystery as to what they are doing then, and why they script so much extra sleep at this time of year, something they have always done under the cover of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

The dingey light conditions were lifted when I was reading another TI's blog posting, and some overhead rumbling noise was added to the noisescape at that time.

And now another round of dingeyness has arrived, the later afternoon version, nearly always arranged after a pee break as it was today.

And I note that they have been riling me up while online by messing with the mouse movement and slowing it down and making it less responsive. Yelling at the assholes helps some, but the assigned "solution" last time was to take the mouse apart and put it back together again, and lo, it worked like new. There was no grunge or debris to even cause any mouse action problem, but those kinds of details don't matter to the perps these days. In fact, they like to plant extended noises to activities when there would be no actual causal as there is no contact, say, between objects. Back to this juvenility again.

I got the fedora hat stalking tonight, a most unusual perp set up and prop. I was in the LD store at the Rx counter and there was one person ahead of me and the staff were doing the "ignore the customer" routine for at least five minutes. Some 10' away they had a grey haired woman with a black fedora hat, pretending to be shopping, and it was my cue to look elsewhere than this typical set up. Lo, if I didn't "forget" where she was and happen to see her again, still pretending to shop, now some 7' away. Then it was my turn at the Rx counter with another delay as to the dosage that was strangely changed, so I had to speak to the pharmacist about it. (Caucasian female to Asian male transfer). Naturally I wasn't looking around, but as I departed, the woman in the fedora was right on my tail, 12" away, swooping in and not doing what anyone else would do at the Rx queue, comfortably wait until the previous customer had vacated and respect their personal space. In fact, she was in the RX queue, and not going to the Rx counter, but on my tail. No sir, we can't have normality intrude upon a Life Rape in progress, so we have specially arranged wackos (grey haired woman in black fedora) make two iterative encroachments of getting closer, but respecting personal space, and then have the operative run up my asshole the third time. And of course the perps made my "reaction" to be much greater than it would of been otherwise, all to jangle my nerves and add stress to the situation. All that suggests itself is that the fedora act, a man's hat on a woman in order, is to obtain some kind of "auric blend" of male headwear on a woman. Regular readers will know that hats are a big Unfavored demographic group feature, and that the perps often juxtaspose Unfavored objects on Favored personnel. Last month's two males in fedoras and long coats at the door of the optician, as if they stepped out of a film noir movie, when I wanted to depart with my new glasses, holds the current fedora ridiculousness award, though tonight's distance dependent iterative fedora act came close. As part of the background show, I also had at least three males, all in long black coats, in an arranged confluence around me at the Rx counter, but it dissipated in short order as I was waiting for the next pharmacy assistant. I have no idea why the perps are on this jag over long black coats and fedora hats, and then separating the two clothing items to have the hat on a woman instead. Fucking wacko.

Other abuse tonight was rage-ifying me at the car dealership cleaning job, not allowing the coffee bar waste bin to sit under the short feeder shute in the counter. They nearly always ensure that no one else is around, when they have me in a screaming fit, all to keep the show going. But at least they didn't demotivate me like last night, as it was getting to be a chore when it never has been.

Then they resumed rage-ifying me when I was back at my place by the usual stream of insults; creating touching sensations on me when there was no contact, creating extra noise of objects clattering when there was no contact, making me go to the wrong cupboard, making me about to turn the wrong light switch off, and a few more to rile me up. And more often, they change my voice, sometimes within five seconds of saying something else in a different voice. They also do less air depletion from my lungs to allow me to have a louder voice. No neighbor complaints so far, and it doesn't matter if they are faux neighbors either, as they will proceed with the notion that there are neighbors when there isn't.

Other action that I didn't mention yesterday was having a doppelganger of an actress named Katherine Parkinson of the TV series, Doc Martin, in the grocery store. The perps also fucked with my recognition recall and my context awareness, making me "think" that I knew the person when I obviously don't. After a minute or so they finally let me in on what my normal thoughts would be; the person looks like the actress that I have seen in the TV series and would not possibly know me, or the converse. It is hard to explain, but I was totally mindfucked with as to my "response", and I am fucking pissed about this and don't know what the next escalation will be from their next like stunt.

Some web troving of recent bookmarks and this three part video piece on "new physics" as well as the written material of Norberto Keppe. I thought it was interesting that the motor inventors refer to the scalar energy as "colors", which might explain why the Fuckwits are hounding me with various colors, combinations and order. The history of inventors creating new and wonderful cheaper energy devices is a long checkered road, usually one of ruination, and by covert sabotatge IMHO. Anyhow, if there are any followers of my recent energy finds, here are some new ones.

Another "new physics" link is The Physics of Alice’s Looking Glass. I cannot follow it, per usual learning disability (or imposed cognitive limitations, I am not sure which it is these days), but suffice to say, we have a compromised electromagnetic theory, and are at a stalemate in understanding the physical world, which includes conscious thought.

And some interesting klezmer in audio only, borrowing from some classical composers, from the North End Klezmer Project, on CBC.

This one is done for the day, and this week seems to be all about shut-in time, where last week I was out most days. Interesting that they have to keep me cooped up and then spring the gangstalkers en masse when I first emerge.

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