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Indian Lake Project This site is one of the most important bodies of evidence there is in claiming that military personnel are actively involved in testing citizens during peacetime (1950's). Was I there and given recall deletion? My daily gangstalking freakshow appears to replicate such an experience in part, and there is one photo of a military person with three young boys, one of whom bears a strong likeness to me at age 3 or 4. If I struck it rich I would send the blog author/evidence owner needed funds to restore more of the photos and movie film. I never get a response to my emails to the blog author; and it now seems (01-2010) he wants to lie low as he has been getting extra attention he doesn't want.

Covert Harassment Conference (Berlin) -last in 2016 -excuse me for being so clued out in not knowing about this until now (06-2018), but being kept clueless is all part of my containment script. Top speakers, some medical doctors, and much to read.

Bigger Than Snowden -looks good, with very credible sources to back up what TI's have been claiming. Renee Pittman's blog, and worth a read. (added 06-2018)

You Are Not My Big Brother Blog -lots of credible articles and links, and I have only just discovered this (added 06-2018).

Targeted Individual Awareness A Meetup advocacy group that I was unaware of until 01-2018. 

People Against Covert Torture and Surveillance, International (PACTSIntl) Lots of conference calls and chatrooms as well as healthy activism. (Added 01-2018)

Organization of Victims of Psychotronic (Mind Control) Weapons -added 01-2018

ICAACT.org International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies. (added 10-2017) Has some serious and respected players on the board, but nothing too recent.

StopOrGangstalking Lots of links and well organized.

Targeted Individual A one-stop collection of TI links at this one page blog posting.

Are You Targeted? (added 12-2009) Yes I am, and this site is credible and well organized with a decent link list, even if I am included. More of a static page than a blog.

Random Collection/Stop OS aka as stopos.info (os=organized stalking, same as gangstalking)

In Two Worlds About military abductions; full of insight and sense in detailing and countering military abductions which are very real. (Military and alien abductees have a commonality of experience with TI harassment, in that we also have no one we can formally complain to). But the author is NOT a TI in the sense of receiving regular harassment, constant gangstalking or telekinetic abuse.

In Two Worlds Gang Stalking. Part of the above site; a reasoned and thoughtful deliberation on the reality of targeting and gangstallking with an added portion on  the Hyperdimensional Matrix Attacks. Worth reading.

Gangstalking Wiki A great page/micro-site on the travails and details of this scourge, inflicted on all manner of folks from all walks of life. With European language versions too. And it is true that the wretched Wikipedia sponsors stripped out all references to gangstalking when they had this topic previously. Who got to them to purge the term "gangstalking"? Worth reading (1+ hours worth), and many useful links.

Government Harassment It is for real by some form of government who can borrow freely from the armed services if needed.
Microwave Harassment and Mind Control Experimentation By Julianne McKinney, an incisive and analytical thinker, but doesn't want to touch the alien connection possibilities.

Educate Yourself Plenty on mind control, and much more on the wider perp agenda. A worthy site for TI's to gain some perspective of where we fit into a significantly larger picture. Straight text except for the odd pic, and plenty of links.

"Thanks for the Memories; The Memoirs of Bob Hope's and Henry Kissinger's Mind-Controlled Slave", by Brice Taylor. A stunning and extensive narrative on being a mind/sex slave to the high and mighty. I have re-read this book twice, and there is plenty of material related to Targeted Individuals. Much of this being trauma intensified mind control, though I suspect the perps are now moving to mind control without traumatization infliction with undetectable remotely applied total mind surveillance. Amazon link here.

Eleanor White aka raven1.net A long (20+ years) time activist who has rescued a few TI websites as well, now on the Wayback Machine and not active. (my understanding of 11-2014).

Eleanor White's work is also available here 

Crow House Not sure about this one, some doomer and New World Order (NWO)  stuff, but worth a read for the most part.

Educate Yourself A rich trove of useful material, here is the page on gangstalking

Whale.to Another rich trove of MC and related (abuse, kidnapping etc.) material, keeping this valuable material online.
Whale.to on mind control -worth a look, though some fluffy allusion links here 

Anti-communist, Anti-NWO Anti-communist and NWO stuff, but some on MKULTRA too.

Mind Control and the Secret State possibly the paper by Julianne Mckinney, a TI, and one of the most perceptive and analytical thinkers in this rabbit hole.

Mind Control Sweden mostly in English and plenty of material.

Targeted Individuals Canada I am one of them; well organized and plenty of readable material.

Targeted Individuals (added 08-2016) 

Mind Control Index -a trove of the supporting panoply of illegal research; child and ritual abuse, nonconsensual experimental etc. and the book, How to Create a Mind-Controlled Slave --- by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler.

Jeff Polachek -credible material, some MKULTRA related, of TI interest, though the author is not a TI in the sense of daily abuse and harassment by undeclared and organized personnel.

Ritual Abuse -part of the traumatization methods to secure deeper level mind control and to elicit a response from certain brain regions for psychic reactions.

Cathrine Sullivan -lots of detail, especially in the ritual abuse side. Good bibliography at the end.

In The Know Blog lots of well researched information on the bigger picture, from MKULTRA and up

Fight Gangstalking -excellent link list, and saves me a whole lot of triage work, though it does make me stop in my tracks to read that Eleanor White, a long time activist TI, is named as perp. (Bullshit I say). When you see yours truly given the same treatment then you know for sure the author has slipped into the antagonist zone.

Victims of Microwave Weapons -a bit techo for my tastes, but  lots of links, and well worth a visit. I thought the link of an aircraft mechanic finding extra pipes and equipment in commercial aircraft was very interesting, as it seemed to me that it was much more than military aircraft.

American Patriot Freedom Network - aggregation of many things gangstalking

Dr. Eric Karlstrom video on gangstalking 1h40m interesting, and gangstalking is getting more press. He does 911nwo.com and a few others. Interviewed by Dr. Paul Marko of Pinecone Utopia

The Controllers by Eric Karlstrom -a wealth of well researched material, including the link below -stay for a long read.

Appendix 9. “Gang Stalking:” Organized and Electronic Targeting the “Domestic Enemy.” Notes from Books, utube Presentations, and Blogs. By Dr. Eric Karlstrom

Appendix 27: Purpose, Structure, and Methods of Organized Gang Stalking: From “Gang-Stalking and Mind Control – The Destruction of Society Through Community Spying Networks” of Dr. Eric Karlstrom -a major treatise on gangstalking

2017 TI Hope and Unity Conference OMG; a real in-person conference. Talk about uppping the cred. Perhaps there will be one every year, though no notice yet (added 11-2017).

KELB - Keep the Ethical Light Burning about human nonconsensual experimentation
  www.stopgangstalkingcrimes.com (Something I got via email, and I haven't checked them out yet; added 02-2018)

Talkshoe call (724)-444-7444 Tuesday 3pm pst to 6pm pst
Other websites to check out or you tube:

TI News Stories
Mind Games by Sharon Weinberger, Washington Post. Most of the TI's on the forum were pissed over this article as the author dwelled on the clinical aspects and wasn't terribly objective,- read, hit piece. Others say, at least we got some publicity. Harlan Girard, the TI's she references, is a long time TI, is highly respected in TI circles. An ironic title given the huge amount of effort many TI's put into getting the story out in their interviews with the supposed professional journalist, and they got royally blindsided.

CKLN-FM Mind Control Series Table of Contents. Vital transcripts when radio was leading edge, and focused. In particular, Lynn Moss Sharman's recollections have a singular resonance with the arranged gangstalker freakshow I am exposed to; bald heads, tattoo-ed skin, clinical scenarios and color of dress, extra-terrestrial beings and other oddities she is able to convey through her recollections, though only partial from her statements and drawings. Also, the presentation and the interview with Dr. Colin Ross is excellent, as he documents the mind control researchers and their funding sources, e.g. CIA.