Sunday, July 07, 2019

Two to the Power of Six + 1

That makes me 65 yo. now, a TI pensioner, still a Prisoner in Disguise. No harassment  reprieve for pensioners as I have come to know. Not that I expected any different, having been through 50, 60 and now 65 yo. and no let up. At least they didn't hammer me with planted notions of cessation of hostilities due to a round number birthdays this time, as they have in the past.

I was on wine bottling duty for the prior two days, and of course, plenty of things go wrong with washing, drying, filling, capping and labeling operations in a 30' mobile trailer. I was on the "glass dumping", unloading of the new empty bottles onto the conveyor, case by case. I don't mind it, and as it is a dog simple task, no one bothers me. At this winery that is not an issue, but at the last one, with very agitated supervisory individuals, it made a difference to have this little slice of relative freedom. Anyhow, the bottling crew changed some; the "old brown nut" as he called himself (E. Indian in fact) wasn't there, but they added a dude with extra baggy shorts and a negro in addition to the E. Indian woman who was there in the past three bottlings. The bottling crew was to do two runs from different wineries on the first day but got the winery specific corks mixed up sometime through the first bottling run. I have never seen my normally calm boss so infuriated before.

And too, with so many filled wine bottle rejects due to label and capsule application problems, in addition to the aforementioned cork problems, there were plenty of cases for each on the floor, and a whole lot of "bend overs" by our crew to deal with moving these anomalies out of the tight trailer to the case packing crew. (Not so many as at a yoga class at once, but over two days, about the same). Some bottles were to be poured back in, others were to be kept aside etc., so plenty of differing dispositions to manage. And do the perps ever love things to go wrong, never mind having extra unplanned categories of rejects as well. There is just too many perp things to love about production lines, that is, for them to go wrong, create reject variations and hold it up. This often gives the staff to come to where I was standing and stand exactly where I was, and too, swap the E. Indian woman for the male negro. And have I not complained about the constant and relentless campaign since 04-2002 to have their operatives and shills stand or walk over the very ground that I do? Countless times; attempting to replicate my energy field (I assume) with another party in the exact same spot as me has been a harassment standard, never mind attempting to get these same fuckers up my asshole in the shortest possible time, most notably at checkouts.

Said negro was up to some peculiar operational bottling line habits; doing chin ups while bottles were traveling past on the conveyor below, and also doing leg stretches on the trailer tail gate after I had vacated that patch over the 1.5 days I had spent there. Not exactly becoming or professional behavior and perhaps adding to the "strange cred". Weird to say the least, and I have never seen anyone act so perversely on a bottling line before.

There is something about glass, and glass handling (and bashing) the perps love, and all the better that it be filled with an alcoholic beverage. They are constantly on my ass in the government liquor stores (wine, beer and spirits) and no doubt obtain great benefit from me being on a bottling line. I suppose it is a testament to exchange rate manipulation, but it astonished me that some 6,000 bottles in their cardboard cases is sourced from China these days, and not from North America. All the better to have bottles of irregular shape (QC issues) that won't take a label properly (more things going wrong, and too, their endless fuckery over things from other locations.

The usual desultory perp-abetting family recognition of my birthday; no one got a card to me on time, and my daughter was a day late with a phone call. (She holding the lamest excuse of all, "I was out with my friends"). All my life I have wanted to rid myself of bozos, dipshits and other saboteurs, and here I am saddled with them as family in this too-long running abuse-athon with them as full participants.

Out and about to LD and SOF tonight, two of my regular stores. In the former case I had a Rx to fill and "somehow" it disappeared from my regular jacket pocket yesterday when I wanted to fill it, and today, why, it re-arrived exactly where I had left it. All to fuck with my timing and getting it filled today instead of yesterday. But as it is a special order item, and the order had already been sent today, the Rx won't arrive until two more days. Well done assholes; by fucking with my papers, you forced a three day delay instead of one.

That wasn't the only papers that went missing; a coupon for a discount has gone missing when I ordinarily take extreme precautions to ensure papers don't go missing. It is something I learned long ago, pre-overt harassment, as I had the most frequent "misfortune" of missing papers. Once I got organized, that was the end of it (mostly), but since the Psychopaths went berserk/overt in 04-2002, they don't mind letting me know about their teleportation fuckery, especially when it comes to paperwork. And too, in the immediate pre-harassment period in 2001, my then wife (and daughter) came to visit me in Seattle, and lo, if a number of documents weren't stolen by the ex; my visa documents, monthly bank statements, tax returns and pay stubs all went missing for 1999 and 2000 while I was at the pool with my daughter. The ex was still in my apartment, and from 40' away I could see her at my desk through the window.  A week later I found my tax returns missing, but didn't look for other missing papers. All this came to roost recently, as I needed these documents for my pension application. The ex declined to reply to my request for the documents. And she did the same when my mother intervened and gave her the same letter in person. So what is it about the Psychopaths that they need to arrange stolen documents? And don't tell me the ex was just acting on her lawyer's advice. She was acting on someone's advice as she isn't that forward thinking. A devious shit yes, but not one to plan ahead though.

At SOF they had me covered even in the parking lot, by sending a red van full of dudes slowly through one row of parking stalls to then cross in front of my intened path and park next to my vehicle. I have never seen such irregular parking lot driving in all my life; one slowly drives into a stall and stops and parks. But no, these Fuckwits keep driving and cross the aisle space between the rows of stalls so they can park next to me. Another never-before behavior, this time while attempting to park their vehicle.

While in SOF they had the back-and-forth Fuckwit get in my way, all to send me down a different aisle and past the three dudes that may have been party to the above mentioned parking lot stunt. I attempted to get around the freezer case, and lo, if they didn't have two Fuckwits arrive just as I as about to go there. I went elsewhere for awhile, and lo, if the Fuckwits weren't coursing back, all in keeping with the time-honored gangstalking method of having repeat stalkings, aka redux stalking. At least two more were on my ass, and at least two around-the-corner eruptions of stalkers, another time-honored technique of having a stalker Fuckwit at a 90 degree angle about to step in my way, and a chance to get closer. An attractive blonde woman was on my ass intermittently as well, getting more positive attention than the rest of the parade of Fuckwits. She doing a head flick of her gorgeous blonde mane while momentarily stepping away from the checkout (now in front of me),  and  bent over at the next check out, for no seeming reason. Like WTF; she stepped out and did her head flick too fast to be bending over to look at any checkout promotion (e.g. magazine), and promptly returned to the checkout, all to accomplish absolutely nothing in conventional terms, and besides, look fucking stupid. No wonder she ducked down to hide her bizarre act. Just another day of seeming normal people doing peculiar things in my presence.

And too, I saw the oncologist at the Kelowna hospital two days ago; the PSA numbers are down both in April and June (good), and he seemed more motivated than last time to get on with the infernal bowel side effects (aka, collateral damage). Why it took him 18 months to get to this point I have no idea.

And the perp interest in clothing changing continues. As I was taking off my fleece vest at the hospital, the unfriendly nurse puts on a all too-fake throat clearing noise. Like WTF lady; don't try and tell me with a straight face that you had a throat issue just then when I have been relentlessly hounded at this juncture for 17 years. And too, all this while, never mind the procession of Fuckwits (bizarrely) wearing horizontal and vertical partial shirts, no shirts or every other excuse to change clothing, usually adding or subtracting a sweater or coat in my presence. This latest example of clothing changes goes to show how close the Psychopaths have my every move covered for their purposes.

I caught Winnie Brave at a local venue two days ago; a pre-birthday treat for myself, though I paid for it the next day in terms of the radiotherapy bowel damage issues. A great show, and well worth the impromptu (seemingly) decision to go.

Anyhow, another week passes of being Victim Central of the Relentless Abuse-athon,
knowing (yet again) that round number birthdays count for nothing. I really don't want to be 70 y.o. and be still kept under the Psychopath's thumb. Not even for another fucking day if I had my way.

Monday, July 01, 2019

Lets Have a Natural Gas Leak

Just one of those things that "happens" around me; the house across the narrow road (more below) from the vineyard, had an excavator outfit arrive, unload a min-excavator in mid street, and presumably it dug a hole in short order (which they can), say 1 minute, and lo, a loud hissing sound started up. One guy says "its not a gas leak", and the two other guys put the excavator back on the platform truck and take off, the hissing sound duration now 5 minutes. One guy in Hawaii shorts hangs back on the phone. As we worked the vineyard rows close to this scene, he then tells me not to light any cigarettes or flames. A natural gas leak he says. By then I could smell it. This at 1140h. We had about 15 minutes to go to finish the wire dropping on this section of the vineyard. The boss lady could smell it better than I could, and we decided to have lunch then. On the walk to the lunch area, the smell was considerably greater. She took off for lunch, and while all alone, the assholes had me nap for 10 minutes or so. Anyhow, we decided to work somewhere else on the vineyard for the remainder of the day.

It was most curious as to these excavation workers as to how nonchalant they were about breaking the gas line and screwing off. Maybe they do this all the time, I just don't know the business. The gas line was for a residence, and wasn't the nearby mainline which runs to Kelowna.

Earlier in the morning I had covered this same area with the weed eater along the fence line of this same road, and while changing the cutting line, at this same house with the aforementioned gas leak, the owner opens his garage door, and with the vehicle facing outward, starts it up and turns his headlights on me. I decided then and there, "fuck you", I have had enough of the pit lamping and moved elsewhere. As I continued working the fence line I had a clear view of the vehicles coming and going on this road, and this person never bothered to leave their residence. It just seemed that the deal was to fire their headlights at me from across the road and leave it at that. Funny how the timing was so exquisite.

On way home, a minor road rage/driving stunt event; I "usually" get one or so per year. Black truck backs up fast onto a two lane bi-directional thoroughfare, Vancouver St. Hill for locals. I was heading downhill, and to avoid a collision I break hard, though not skidding. He takes his time to get up to speed, all the while I am 6' off his bumper due to his stunt. (I had assumed he would accelerate hard out of doing this stupid "hold up" stunt). But no, he dogs it to hold me up all the more, and I give him the finger, while he is watching me in his side mirror. (Our vehicles had different offsets from the centerline to cause this). He then jams on his brakes, to force me to jam on mine, and then he proceeds forward downhill ahead of me to the roundabout. He takes my usual exit, and I decide to take another one to avoid any more interaction with this nutzo. Like WTF; if you are a hothead and make an error in driving judgement, wouldn't you just accelerate out of your foolishness and proceed to get up to normal traffic speed ASAP? Not this guy; he had to "stay in my way" and made himself out to be annoyed that I was pissed with his stupidity, now attaining a second round. And then watching for me to give me the finger, which then "caused" him to retaliate (sort of) to then jam on his brakes for no other apparent reason. Seems like a fix to me. So what was that bullshit all about, save to put me off my usual homeward route, something the perps like to do with road obstructions, traffic jams etc. I have no idea; time to get a dash cam.

Another astonishing confluence of coincidences erupted over parcel delivery today. And haven't I mentioned sabotaged parcel delivery before? Countless times. There is a major street construction upheaval (new water lines, storm drains, sewage line) on the block I live at, and they began a week earlier than they said they would only two weeks earlier. And due to some imposed mind-fuck indolence, I didn't get on with ordering a book I had in mind as a gift for a departing co-worker last week. His last day is tomorrow (June 28th), and like, it would be most prudent to get on with such two weeks early. But no, the boss lady had a bad idea that got nixed that cost a week, and so on Sunday, I ordered it. Amazon "guaranteed" delivery June 27, Thursday, and for that I now have to suffer Amazon Prime which I had been studiously avoiding all these years, first month free. (Nothing wrong with it, I just don't need another subscription in my life).

On June 25th I get a notification from Fedex via email, Manage My Delivery. Great idea, offering delivery change options while the parcel is en route, and all the more needed as my residential street is ripped up during the day time. After checking with the boss man, I notify FedEx to send the book parcel to the winery I work for. In the parlance of the delivery business, this is a "re-route". The boss man tells me that FedEx is a good "choice", as they have a regular run, and the brown outfit is rather ornery. (Also my experience). And lo, if FedEx doesn't deliver on the stated day. I check the online status and I see "incorrect address", and "delivery exception". Like WTF; I had this covered. I phone up FedEx and the agent tells me that the re-route didn't go through. Well, excuse me, I have an email notification that the "Delivery Address Has Been Changed" and it gave me the correct new (re-route) address. Also, even if the delivery was attempted at the original address, surely the message would say, "parcel undeliverable", assuming the driver didn't want to get out of his vehicle and walk it one whole house property distance to my residence.

So here we have another wonderful confluence of adverse coincidences;
  • my residential street is ripped up for new drains etc, and will be for months, 
  • the road works crew starts a week early, 
  • the mind-fuck dithering over getting the book ordered much sooner, 
  • the re-route instructions to FedEx "somehow" didn't get through despite an email notification to the contrary, and
  • the FedEx gang claiming that it was an "incorrect address" (wrong, 2x; could of chosen either one).
Or, perhaps the latter two could be rolled into a possible diversion by FedEx; they just plain decided not (or otherwise failed) to deliver in this region today, hence the agent with the lame-assed excuse that the "re-route didn't go through". Expect me to believe that?

All of the above, to yet again, screw me out of getting a parcel from a normally reliable carrier on their promised delivery date. And why does this relentless sabotage over getting a parcel (any carrier for that matter) on the promised date continue? Why is parcel delivery, an event that is so utterly benign IMHO, of such intense interest to the Psychopathic assholes who have been relentlessly and consistently hounding my ass for 17 years? I have no idea, and to say that I am fed up (no pun intended) is an epic understatement.

Later in the work day I took my vehicle in to the dealership to fix the parking brake, as the button got stuck. Instead of sitting in the waiting room, and having the parade of gangstalkers around, I elected to take their shuttle service to the hospital for a blood test. This turned out to be the new section where I worked for four months last year with the millwork crew.

So instead of waiting at the Ford dealership and getting gangstalked there, why, I ended up waiting in the outpatient lab area, a windowed room that was the former daily construction meeting room. There, the gangstalk parade featured that Fuckwit urologist Dr. C, doing a back and forth outside the waiting room window, his nose up in the air. Why that shit? I thought this PoS prick was long gone from my life, and yet like a whack-a-mole, he keeps coming back. (Said Fuckwit Doctor "somehow" failed to tell me about Tamsulosin, a very effective medication, about the local prostate support group, and most reprehensibly, somehow failed to tell be about the radiotherapy option 80km down the road at one of Canada's best treatment clinics.) 

Last year while working on the same hospital construction job, this same Fuckwit Doctor C also "happened" to be in the coffee shop when I was, and lo, if the shit didn't sidle up beside me in the cafeteria line. Also, that my brother and mother came to visit in 2016 for dinner and then had me telling this same story in detail about this same Fuckwit Doctor C in all his inglorious perfidy cannot be a coincidence either IMHO. My landlords also had adverse experiences with the same Fuckwit Doctor C, and I told me my story, and they theirs. And today, I also "happened" to be telling my work colleagues about Doctor C's travesties Presumably today, Fuckwit Doctor C was on duty to bait me into raising my annoyance level at his very visage, like a Featured Fuckwit. You succeeded assholes, so put this stalking act on ice. So what is it about this PoS that he keeps coming back again like a whack-a-mole?

A Fedex parcel at my door when I got back from work, and I was annoyed at first as I thought I had got this "re-route" issue done with. But as it "happened" it was a different parcel, the parts for the headphones that self-destructed. Add another one for the above list of Fedex "coincidences" of late.

(In keeping with the headphone sabotage, this Fedex parcel was for the second headphone pair, and at first they attempted to sell me a replacement headband with the parts. But at $78USD, I wrote back, "are you serious..." and they shipped the parts for a third of the headband price. Don't ask me why a steel headband with a fabric spanning portion would be a replacement item).

Fedex finally delivered the gift parcel at 1745h, after I got a call in the morning to say it would be delivered then. We instructed our co-worker gift recipient to pick up his gift directly at the winery where it was delivered. Of all the gifts that I have given in my life, this has been the most fucked up event. Imagine the perp planning for this one, yet again, hitting on all the possible fuck-up variants of this particular event they so much like to arrange, stalk, and sabotage, plus the extra gotcha of an additional (and unexpected) Fedex delivery.

Sunday, and I worked at a small vineyard of my former employer. I weed whacked 500m of fence line on steep ground, then returned to spray it with herbicide from a back pack sprayer. Quite the job it was too, as the side slope was steep, 120% in places, and egress was tight. This was so the electric bear fence would operate properly when deployed later in the grape growing season. Any kind of object spanning the wire reduces the current, so it needs to be cleared every year.

Evening and what a jerkaround it was; 5 rounds of intense cramps in my legs, usually paired, that is, same muscle on each side. On one occasion, while in full pain cramp, my perp abetting mother phoned and in her usual style, put on the power ditz, needing my street address again, and persistently getting the details wrong. Then the perps mind-fucked me to make me uncertain of my own postal (zip) code, and so I had to read it off my drivers license.  Like WTF; I have only lived here for six years, the longest anywhere. And in keeping with her usual scripted dip-shit routine, she goes on about my pension again. This was abetted by the pension outfit that in this day and age, "needs" to make a manual calculation, for which they promised four weeks ago. Another WTF.

At least four more rounds of intense leg cramps during night, usually (or more likely in the larger context, unusually) in matched mirror image pairs. That is, same cramp location on the same muscle group on each leg simultaneously. Cramps on my inner lower thighs were particularly debilitating as I could not walk them off. Only in the last few months have the Psychopaths chosen this particular muscle group to target and then invoke intense pain and not allow me to ameliorate it. Well done assholes.

A national holiday today, comparable to July 4 S of the border. Any state sanctioned holiday is another "so what" as far as I am concerned. I have checked out on the concept of being a jingo-istic nationalist since it become abundantly clear that the state (federal government, country of your choice) is nothing but an orchestrated shit show. I consider myself patriotic though, which entails living through the insufferable political fools and their agenda. The notion of "reparations" as discussed of late in the US Congress of late is one such example of pathetic and diversionary foolhardiness. Canada had its own diversionary government sponsored nonsense concluding about three weeks ago, the MMIW (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women) Royal Commission final report release, which seems to be nothing but a staged racist polemic, and political grandstanding, even attempting to invoke the notion of genocide. And they didn't bother to request the records to find out who might be doing this, all to cost taxpayers some $92 million? Never mind asking as to what victim behaviors might have been contributory. And the Snowboarder-in-Chief says he "accepts the report". For that spineless chicanery he roundly deserves his ass voted out of office this fall. No doubt he is counting on voter amnesia to scoot by that wimpy performance.

And what is it about the act of sitting outside and reading a book that brings on a near nonstop noise parade of HD motorcycles, the most loathed sound of all IMHO? Today would be the fourth time this week where I sat outside toasting in the later afternoon heat and sun, and there is a constant background HD motorcycle noise, at least one per minute. This is often interspersed with the odd emulatory "hot-rod" muffler noise of sedans etc. in closer, say, a block away. Earlier this afternoon, the dude across the lane put on their HD noise to wake me up from an unplanned and short nap in my chair after a short work day. I suppose I should count myself lucky (no such thing) that they weren't cranking on the HD noise all long weekend as they are back from a welding gig somewhere.

Anyhow, time to get this posted for the week, and to pray for no more leg cramps.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Dental Scene

A dental appointment at 1450h with a major bill; I had to split work at 1400h to deal with getting back to my place to do some preparatory online banking on my desktop at my residence. This was forced by the fact that "somehow" my login from my phone "failed". But for extra imposed inconvenience, the Psychopathic perps weren't done yet; they had me leave my cell phone in my vehicle when parked, and then when I attempted to login from my desktop, they required a "security check" whereby I was texted a message on my phone. I have never, ever, had this degree of security requirement before, so I had to go out to my vehicle and retrieve the phone, come back inside and duly answer the text message that "somehow" also failed to have an audible notification ring, (another never before), answer it, so I could transfer the money to the appropriate account. And technology is supposed to makes things easier; all to let us down at key junctures.

All of the above was preceded by a phalanx of vehicular gangstalking, the last-most of this train "happened" to be my former employer of a few years back. I also see this guy most weekends as I do a day a week for his wife.

Dental appointment; last weeks wax casting was to make an exclusion mold, but they forgot to cut out the hole for my missing two teeth. So the dentist did it with the help of the dental assistant. Then the implant caps were removed, and the internal mounts screwed in, and another wax mold. A holy shit show of yet more vehicular gangstalking on the way home, no stops as the coverage was so intense. When there I got hit with a two hour nap attack, for which there was absolutely no reason, as I had a good night's sleep previously...

The infernal online wrist watch order continues; a polite but firm email (having paid, I think I have a right to be indignant); now three weeks into attempting to order it. I would put this in the class of online order obstruction.

A mixed weather day like yesterday, and decidedly cool at 18C. Both yesterday and today, it was a force play to have me wear my coveralls (navy blue), a cotton blend garment I rarely wear, and with the onset of rain, to then change into pants with my rain pant overalls (powder blue). The coveralls were worn first thing to begin a weed whacking job, and as I get splattered with foliar material, it would allow me to change out readily. As it "happened", it was too windy in the morning to begin weed whacking, so we did tucking in the vineyard instead. By 1000h the rain came on and made the cotton blend coveralls untenable to wear as they suck up the rain and stay damp.

Today, the weed whacking was in earnest, and afterward I continued to wear the coveralls while doing vineyard tucking. I was all set to head out of the winery after lunch, and lo, if the weather didn't suddenly change, and so I changed (again), into my rain pant overalls for the afternoon.

Back at my residence in the evening, and was driving off to SOF; I waited at the first stop sign, only 30m away, and two vehicles, one closely following the other (8') or so, were about to cross my path as I waited, but no, they both decided to turn left so to be in a lead-ahead vehicular gangstalk situation. I haven't seen anything quite so obvious in the six years I have lived here. But what was more obvious, and blatantly stupid, they did the "corner cutting" routine, both of them, one after the other. This is when the L turning vehicle cuts across the stop line and into the opposite lane on the left to make their turn. This peculiar and dangerous driving habit started when I moved to Penticton in 2012, and hasn't let up. (And even erupted in Victoria since, my former city of residence from 2003 to 2011 since the assholes first went berserk/overt in 04-2002, when I lived in Seattle). And what was more absurd about this corner cutting episode is that they each had no way of seeing what might of been coming in the opposite lane as their vision would of been obscured by the house property on that corner. This pair of in-file vehicular gangstalkers proceeded ahead of me for a block, and one went R, the other L at the stop sign. Like WTF; either they are traveling together in some kind of convoy, one riding the other's bumper, and cutting the corner and taking the same risk (identical and peculiar driving behavior), or else they were arranged. Take your pick.

This is not the first corner cutting episode where it was completely obvious that they knew the obscured corner was cleared of oncoming vehicles and pedestrians in advance, but normally the Psychopaths don't make it so obvious. I observe the L turn corner cutting driving habit nearly daily, but it is nearly always arranged (IMHO) such that the driver can see around the corner and know it is clear for him to cross into the opposite lane.

Speaking of egregious driving, three days ago I had an oncoming vehicle on a paved back road, cross the centerline some 40' in front of me and halfway into my lane before she pulled it back. The female driver didn't seem too fussed or apologetic about this threatening stunt, and so I gave her the finger. I have had other, but much higher speed, oncoming vehicles in my lane, and again, in two of the worst cases, neither driver seemed too concerned about scaring the shit out of me or otherwise exhibiting any contrition as to their dangerous driving habits. Welcome to the world of  Psychopathic Perpland where Driving While Controlled (DWC) is just a passing moment at the office. Or is that DWD, Driving While Deranged?

I made it to SOF supermarket safely after that, but the Psychopathic ambulatory  gangstalking was in earnest; they mobbed the hot chicken stall for the three times over 15 minutes I was in the store. The black hoodie stalker was all over me in the store; he didn't bother to even pick up a basket to make his act plausible, and kept up this agitated wandering around, seeming to know my every move in advance even if it was highly irregular due to getting stalled out at the cooked chicken counter. Then the Fuckwit "happens" to show up at the bus stop some 60' behind my parked vehicle somehow with no shopping in hand. I didn't see him on my way out, he wasn't following me, and yet was there just as I was backing out. Yet again, here we have a purported grocery shopper in a grocery store and he hounds my ass for 15 minutes while there, and doesn't purchase a thing. More obvious stupidity.

Another Fuckwit at SOF swooped in behind me just as I was beginning the self-checkout and set up at the next check out, and adroitly timed his checking out so that he could step out in front of me with an exaggerated gait just as I was heading out. This was opposite the checkout supervisor, another player in this ambulatory obstruction stunt. As it "happened" she was exiting the self-checkout area as I was about to enter and I had to wait out her well-timed egress. The number of ambulatory Fuckwits that "happen" to step in my way, or exit when I am about to enter (or vice versa) went up at least 30 fold since this insane abuse-athon began when the Perps first went berserk/overt in 04-2002. It is incomprehensible by any conventional means that so many Fuckwits (or people if you prefer) somehow manage to step in my path with such well timed precision in any public venue. (Sometimes as I am approaching noiselessly from behind). That it has been so consistent for so long with identical timing, and very often at locations of doorways and checkouts, spells "total orchestrated gangstalking net" everywhere I go. Unless someone out there has a plausible alternate explanation. So what is it about this town that brings out all these Fuckwits that just need to stalk my ass and how is it that they do it with such precision?

On the touristic side, a double rainbow pic and six black vehicles. As I recall, there were two more black vehicles off-camera. And a pit-lamping (headlights on) white vehicle further back. All there for the one time in six years I go to this liquor store by myself. (I helped my injured Fickle Friend get his sauce there about six times two years ago). It just "happens" to be on the E side of this mall I regularly go to, and I nearly always use the less used W side parking lot. Recall a few weeks ago when I at this same E side mall access, and the  split family gangstalking stunt erupted, mentioned in a prior posting.

Excuse the Paint 3D border from the screenshot, the only way to save a modified file (removed license plate numbers) in this Microsoft software application. I get the "something went wrong" (on file save) error, the ultimate in lame-assed exception reporting IMHO. I even followed the equally lame online help to "fix" the problem; you know, uninstall and re-install, and lo, if I didn't get the same ridiculous error message. And how many MS Windows 10 updates have I been through and still this absurd error still comes up? At least six I reckon. I suppose they will remove the Take a Screenshot command in a future upgrade and make this software truly useless.

A vineyard work day, and lo, if the headphones didn't break apart at the socket of the driver and the head band. This is my backup pair, and I am down to none as the other pair is at the repair shop yet again, as mentioned in a previous posting. There is nothing quite like the Perps and their headphone sabotage, as they are so utterly consistent about it, But I take exception to the fact that they fucked the second pair while the first was unavailable. Well done assholes.

Saturday, and a day off from work, but not Psychopathic Perp intrusion. They are on the rag today, pure and simple, and ensure damn near everything goes wrong, or at least, fails on the first attempt. Often this is the buildup pattern before heading out later in the day, but not this time. They constantly fucked with me when keyboarding this morning, pulled items from my hand, increased the food splatter and spill events and pulled their forced clumsiness games (where I happen to somehow lose my proprioception abilities and bang into everything at a significantly higher rate than the pre-abuse onset normal). By the time I headed out, I was around a hundred infuriation level Fuckover stunts. I am not allowed to even use my fingers the way I want; one of their favorites is to force my fingers down on the PC mouse, and thereby invoking commands contrary to my intentions.

In the afternoon I did some local errands, and went to Summerland IGA supermarket to get a particular kind of sausage made there, and there alone. A first time grocery shopping experience in this town, and unlikely to ever be on my beat. You would think I was the anti-Christ by the look of the cashier at the checkout; tense and grim when she had been friendly with the customers ahead of me. Like WTF; I get a worse reception than a smelly Quebequois fruit picker by my reckoning, and for what? I wasn't doing anything weird, and was perfectly civil. So what is about me that is a telltale signature for repeated high dread, even among those I have never set eyes on before? Either she was prepared for an orchestrated visit by this victim (me), or else I have something visible about me that brings on a tense grimace. Or both. I don't care really; all I want to be is left the fuck alone and to be paid out for this fucking atrocity that I am kept in.

The above mentioned out of town grocery store visit was a classic perp gangstalker Fuckover play; three turns of Fuckwit stalkers arrive in turn just where I wanted to stand at the meat counter and order the sausages. Then the pop-out stalker acts from behind aisle ends, and the step-in-my-way games. Then when I wanted to bail out, why, a checkout cluster fuck, another classic stunt. One of my store criss-crossing tails just "happened" to arrive behind me at the checkout line. Well done assholes. And they even gave me an unusually obvious hint in the parking lot (pictured below), not that I expect them to let up any. In fact, any new activity, location of an activity or work site is a prime moment for extra stalking coverage and things going wrong.

EH Team; as in Electronic Harassment Team, aka the Psychopathic Confederacy, Abuse Delivery Division. (No license plate obscuring needed). The van is done up in one of their favorite, though not a publicly common color, flat black. No Fuckwits posted in the van that I could see. And it was hell to get out the parking lot with vehicles arriving behind me, arriving beside me, and the "usual" eruption of adjacent parked vehicles moving just when I was set to move. And a dipshit lead-ahead vehicular stalker too.

Getting to Summerland also brought on a full phalanx of vehicular stalkers, and one dip-shit stunt that also begot me a near collision. This fat woman pulled from the R lane and crossed in front of me to get to the L-most turn lane. No braking required, but it was awfully close, which I suppose was the real idea. Get a stalker over top of where the victim is to pass over (or where the victim was) with the least-most time interval. Haven't we seen that a few hundred times at checkouts? That is, moving in on me before I have picked up my grocery bags or received my receipt, and the oncoming near-collision driving stunts where they mind-fuck me NOT to veer off the road when there was plenty of safe room to do so. That is, a "how did we NOT have a major head-on?" stunt, a signature of their exquisite timing capabilities.

A day of vineyard work, with the assholes screwing me out of taking my ADD medications again. Just what is it that they want from me in this insane game of Rx intake sabotage?

And can we have enough things going wrong at once? Hopefully no more;
  • two pairs of headphones "broke"
  • vehicle parking brake release button is broke
  • my regular PC just had some kind of BIOS problem; this is written on the backup one
  • on my replacement Stanley water bottle stoppers order, per warranty, was messed up on three accounts; they supplied one when I wanted two, supplied the replacement stopper when I expressly indicated (twice) that I only wanted a plain one, and the supplied single stopper came without all its parts
  • online watch order obstruction, though they did say they would ship it (06-21-2019)
  • two attempts to scan hand pruner parts at Staples failed in two weeks
  • overhead track lighting partially failed when it normally very reliable
  • phone battery has become a heater and discharges very fast, and the online replacement is taking far too long
  • on the people fucking up front; an spurious $287 charge from a known outfit for something that I didn't order
Anyhow, enough for a week, and hopefully the above "gone-wrong" shit show list will be substantially shorter with no new additions.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

OS Upgrade and Kill the Audio

I think this the third time this year (2019), or maybe the fourth, but MS Windows has done it yet again; they upgraded the OS and killed the audio. I was so utterly pissed with this sabotage feature in 01-2019 that I finally executed on a long running intention and acquired a Sony music server so that my stored audio files could be played without a MS Windows dependency. And I am glad for that, as I am now listening to Carolyn Wonderland, sans PC. But that doesn't deal with web sourced audio such as Youtube and Netflix of course. (Visuals come in fine). So... I'm halfway there in getting away from MS invoked audio feed sabotage. Give it a week, and it will likely "recover". Perhaps it is the J River Media Server set up that is conflicting the situation. Call me old-fashioned if you want, but there aren't any dependencies except an analog signal (when wire connected) with dedicated audio components. But on the other hand, one might grant me an exception having been down the path of senseless upgrades, feature bloating, sabotage-ware, ergonomic interface confusion featurization and other like (ahem) upgrades.

Update; and I got the above all wrong. Yes, there was a MS Windows upgrade that day, and as it "so happened", also a power failure while I was away working. Normally these would have nothing to do with each other, but as my amplifier volume control resets itself to minimum when the power is cut or switched off (a very sensible feature), I did not think that it was the amplifier volume control that was the problem, and instead (per above), blamed it on the MS Windows upgrade. Largely because I have been conditioned on this being the problem, per past experiences this year. And so, a case of misplaced blame, though with the prior conditioning and the "happenstance" of a MS Windows upgrade with a power failure that same day. Well done. Add another Psychopathic theme into their long standing objectives list, misplaced blame (aka, erroneous blame assignment).

All this occurring on another day of dealing with the most infuriating interface and fraught functionality of all time, the so-called smart (Android) phone and its ever hyper touch screen that somehow fires off into fetching commands for which I had no intention of selecting. (As if I don't have enough fraught sabotage going on without this one added to the mix.) No device has cost me more grief than that fucking interface/design, and I am not including its klutz-prone keyboard in this polemic of techno-loathing. I was so happy with my Palm Pilot, and I would upgrade the physical device every two years or so, and it was so stable and consistent. I hold out hope that the Samsung Galaxy Note can take its place, once I can get one at half the present usury prices, currently $1400CAD here. And it seems that the older models somehow "hold their value", which could be translated into price supported somehow.

A partial day at work, having to deal with my vehicle making some peculiar noises while running, even when rolling. At first I thought it was related to the recent struts and shocks upgrade, but no, another "coincidence" event to cause me to take it back to the same shop. There they found crud on the driveline splines and cleaned it off, and it was OK. I was thinking it might be a wheel bearing or universal joint (the factory supplied lifetime kind, har, har), but no, it was a simple fix. Presumably an event to force the vehicle back with the shocks and struts installed for a week. Not unusual in this long running parade of "come back again", "repeat" and "return" stunts.

Then off to the dentist for wax impressions; a wide metal plate loaded with soft wax for me to bite my teeth into while the dental technicial hung onto the tray, about 5 minutes. Twice as it "happened" (repeat stunt perhaps). But seriously, $273 for 20 minutes to sink my teeth into soft wax as it hardens. At least the dentist showed up for a few minutes and I got the lowdown on the sequence of impressions.

All the while there was a hammer drill sounding off next door, presumably a new tenant begining alterations. I made a joke about it being the wrong kind of drill for dentistry, but I don't think she knew what a hammer drill was.

And all the while, the infernal noise of lawnmowers outside, only to find that the landscaper laborer "happened" to be finishing up behind my parked vehicle. The 8' wide and 80' long berm was duly mowed by then, and he was just cleaning up. And have I mentioned how the perps love to chase me with cut grass and lawnmower noise? Many times, and of late, they have been highly energetic in delivering this noise when I am outside. Not to mention that I spent the morning weed eating, some 5 hours worth.

And if all that commotion wasn't enough, why, it was full time vehicular gangstalk city; a 200' long traffic line on Skaha Lake Rd. to prevent me making a L turn, and so I made a R turn and took a long way around. That didn't stop them from tailing me with a vehicle all the way to the PO at LD. I suppose taking this 3x normal routing was just too exciting, and so my vehicular escorts were on full duty. I was taking my headphones, yet again (4x in 5 years) to the repair depot, and between that and taking time off in the afternoon, an irregular event, it was just too exciting of a gangstalking moment to pass up. As mentioned in past blog postings, the perps go absoutely nutty when I travel in town on an irregular day, say week daya.

Or is this gangstalking shit show over the fact that I was running a weed whacker for 5 hours this morning?.....

Then a 1.5 nap attack in the evening, though this might be in fact warranted due to later evenings and early mornings. As in a real sleep deficit, though this never bothered the Psychopathic assholes in the past, who so like to manipulate my sleep hours.

Some new and temporary vineyard employees today; two young Quebequois women, and two mid 20's males. The dudes came walking in a few minutes later, and put on a show of high rudeness, or was it just plain orchestrated rudeness. Same difference; one was a frizz hair, the other a do-rag (both Unfavored features) and they both were walking down the newly paved main driveway, coming straight at me for 80' on a 10' wide driveway. They walked side by side, and the do-rag comes straight at me and passes by within 6" of me while speaking with his buddy. Like WTF; as if he didn't know I was there. The do-rag doesn't say anything, and after he passed by I say, "good morning", and he replies in kind. Here it is, their first day on the job and they don't feel compelled to ask about where to meet, where is the boss lady, or anything like that? A case of native astounding belligerence or else orchestrated utter rudeness. Getting a Fuckwit to pass so close to me is always a big deal for the perps, and to have two dudes with their heads down coming at me and pretending not to see me has to be the ultimate in fucking rudeness. I am going to go with the orchestrated Rude-Dude scenario, and not assign it to the Quebequois behavioral trait. I have met many vineyard and winery workers from Quebec, many of them friendly, and have never seen anything quite so fucking outrageous as this.

Seems like yesterday's bowel issues passed, another bone of contention/adversity added to the day. The planted notion is that the weed whacking activity of the prior day wiped me out with pollen and dust allergies, though I have never had quite this level of "reaction" before. And of course the Psychopaths amped it up (yesterday) by having me "forget" never to have coffee first thing in the morning as it (appears) to conflict with my medications. And of course, after us regulars agreed to put the coffee on for 1000h, why, someone conveniently put it on at 0700h when I arrived. And of course, for me to "forget" and and have some, all to add to feel rather unwell in the morning. Well done assholes, and doubtless to feed my later afternoon outings, per above.

Although hot, it was a productive day, and we got lots of shoot thinning done. It seems to be a two pass vineyard activity this year; we got to them early but now three weeks later a considerably larger number of shoots have come on. It is likely we will be going back to other areas too.

And too plenty of semantic "coincidences" over "Stanley". My Stanley stainless steel water bottles are in desperate need for new stoppers, and I had spent many hours for many months looking for replacements. Only yesterday, just before the Stanley Cup final was playing did I finally find some on the Stanley site, and after some email exchanges for a few days, they are sending replacements. And too, it was the Stanley Cup final game when they put me into the above mentioned colossal nap attack. And of course, screwing me out of recalling that the final hockey game of the season was on.

Father's day and all that BS. My daughter did deign to call this year, and asked if I received her card. No (of course not), because 9/10 times she never mails it on time. Just why is it that the perps need to perpetuate this shambolic attitude of hers? She has her act together, so why this shit so consistently? Ditto for birthdays (mine). I always get her a card on time for her birthday, but "somehow" she can't get it together for mine. Last year, not even a card. Building the pissy attitude cred I suppose, even if unwarranted.

Anyhow, another week done, and the typo sabotage is now getting out of hand and typing any more is getting extremely tedious. Plus, there are many more masers floating around between this LED screen and me. And only a few minutes before, they kept peppering me with the fuzzy ball zingers while I was handwriting an address from this LED screen to paper. High excitement for low minds.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Split Family Stalk

I was entering the mall for the SOF supermarket from the E side, which I rarely do, and lo, if the assholes didn't put on the family stalk show. The father 10' ahead of his wife in the "usual" (and ridiculous) couple or family stalking situation, then one of the two young girls (age 4 or so) lingers behind; something apparrently wrong with her footwear when it had been just fine when they were traversing the parking lot. The entrance was 15' from me, and I momentarily held up to let the child re-join the family, but no, she fakes me out by starting to proceed and  stopping again to then look at her foot or shoe again. Screw that, I have seen far too many feints and dodges every time I go through a fucking doorway, (everywhere) so this was just another as I saw it. And so I proceed, and then lone child tails me in, and then runs around me to re-join her family when inside. Nothing wrong with her foot or footwear before or after. And besides, why was the mother such a ditz as to not wait and/or pay attention to her child? Because they were on the family gangstalk, and this was the scripted scenario, and if they pulled it off correctly, they maybe got a bonus. And they weren't done yet; the same troup "happened" to be there ahead of me at the checkout, per "usual" financial transaction moment..

It is just fucking insane that I am not allowed to pass through a doorway, including my own residence, without some kind of orchestrated shit show, now for 17 years of this relentless and senseless abuse-athon. And it should be noted that a common public gangstalk move is to have a couple physically split apart and force me to pass between them. (That is, I am acting like a normal public citizen and not running from this obvious shit). These stunts are aided by aisle constrictions in stores, or other blocking operatives forcing me along a certain expected path.

And of course, the stop, start and fake me out is a well worn public gangstalking stunt. Which is an extension of the "dashed expectations" fuckery that suddenly arrived with considerable frequency when all this rain of abuse began in 04-2002.

Interesting that the Psychopaths mostly leave me alone on the W side mall entrance now for the past two years or so, only an occasional malingerer or a headlight shot as I exit. The mere fact (for most folks, save the Psychopaths) of getting out of my vehicle on the E side invokes this family gangstalking stunt. Go fuck yourselves; stalkers and the directing operatives.

I was leaving the vineyard at the end of the work day today, and lo, if I didn't have some sentinels (gangstalkers) at the gate. (Here we go again; entering and exiting property, this time a vehicle gate). For "some reason" the 3 year old boy was there alone at the gate with his head down and looking very avoidant and sheepish. And this infernal vineyard owner's dog also "happened" to be there too. This was a set-up at first glance, as the child is normally with the nanny everywhere on the property, and she was nowhere to be seen. Most wierd. And this infernal dog has taken upon itself to come at me with teeth barred and barking. I suppose the "usual" reason is that it is a shelter dog, though it could well be mind controlled to single me out, as no one else does or says squat about this intolerable situation. I even told the vineyard owner a few months ago that the dog goes for me alone with this ferocious and threatening display, and nothing got done. This time I screamed at the dog to piss off as I wanted to go through the gate and get to my vehicle, something it would know, as this animal has pulled this stunt before at this very location and circumstance.

Just then, I noticed that an irrigation line was broken and dumping water on the ground, and had been doing so as it extended 100' down the street. The dog and kid seemed to move on, as I was distracted by the irrigation problem. I attempted to re-attach the broken fitting while it was running (done this before, and have a technique), but no, I got a face full of water. I found the shut-off valve some 12' away, and shut it off, and then fixed it. About this time the boss lady came along, and I told her the story. I also noticed that the water ran under my parked vehicle, some 50' away.

So what was this multiple player stunt all about? The dog had already traumatized me earlier in the day by suddenly coming at me while I was deep in the vineyard, barking and barring its teeth. So I had already been traumatized, and the dog then pulls this shit again when exiting the property at the gate. Presumably the kid was trained up on this stunt as he looked so guilty, and was there on kiddie-stalk duty all by himself in a very uncharacteristic situation. And as the Psychopaths have this abiding and insane fixation over water; delivery methods (types of pipe), for drinking, for crop irrigation, bathing, weather and everything else, the broken irrigation line and the water running down the street and under my parked vehicle must of been the central objective of their test. (The infernal dog and its traumatization routine (twice in the day) seemed to be a sensitization "warm-up", and the young boy was a gangstalking prop, IMHO). As to what the Psychopaths need to know about water and its relationship to me I have no idea. It just wasn't enough that I swam in a swim club for 14 years, 3x/week, 2400m each practice. (And the pool facility even undertook a major water treatment system upgrade (chlorine to UV) during that time). And surely the rest of the swim club membership was in on all that before the Psychopaths went berserk/overt in 04-2002. I really don't care one iota as to what the Psychopathic agenda is with respect to water, just leave me the fuck alone. I have had enough.

A "need" came on to attend to my vehicle maintenance; new shocks/struts, fore and aft. All parts were ordered and I arranged for the mechanics to install them. I don't do vehicle repairs anymore, as it is yet another situation where the Psychopaths would screw the hell out of me as they know I wouldn't have the tools or knowledge to do this efficiently.

Three years ago when I had the Camry, and was working for a vineyard with winery and wine shipping duties they set it up that I was moving cases of wine between the storage facility and the tasting room. And as it "happened" the rear struts were becoming problematic and I had them replaced. And lo, if there wasn't another wine case packing job a few days later after the new rear struts were installed. And then no more wine case moving activities after that. So it would seem that they wanted to test my new struts and wanted a prior benchmarking with the old ones.

This time no wine case hauling, but starting from when I picked the vehicle up, the rain came on, rather curiously, as there hasn't been rain for four weeks. The rain slicked streets seemed to come on to prevent any "testing" (faster road speeds). And on some road sections, they put on a slow going lead-ahead blocking vehicles.  Only now (06-08-2019, Saturday) have they let me on some of the highway portions so I can drive faster, say, 80kph.

And in keeping with what has "erupted" so many times when I pick up my vehicle after it has been in the shop, another male is hanging around at the front desk. This was the apparent mechanic, and if so, possibly the guy who did the repairs and/or the test drive. Though back in 2002 when the assholes were very obviously on my ass, they didn't bother with the mechanic look, they just had some well dressed hanger-on loitering in the customer area for no seeming reason. Waiting at the local Ford dealership for their repair jobs (that take inordinately long) to finish is also another stalk-athon shit show.

Sunday, and I normally do some private vineyard work, but was back by 1030h as the owner was away, and there wasn't much property work to do.

I spent some time outside on the lawn, as the weather changed for the good. I was reading and having coffee, and lo, if the neighborhood noise assault didn't come on. The grinder from the E house across the lane was already running when I went outside (building egress situation, note) as was a N neighbor and their weed eater. Not five minutes into the book, and lo, from the W bordering property, a loud over-revving lawnmower started up and kept going for 40 minutes, which tells me that they had to have done the lawn twice, because it doesn't take anywhere near that long unless they are protracting it.

But the noise assault was done yet; the "regular" noisy overhead regular single engine aircraft came over for some circling. This same aircraft has an astonishing habit finding me outside on many other properties. Then the more distant (one block away) HD motorcycle noise came on, the most loathed noise of all. The final noise source culminated in the parked dump truck being started up and run at idle in the lane opposite. Screw that, and so I went inside.

(Did I ever mention how the Psychopaths love to hound me with dump trucks (loaded or unloaded)? This seems to fit their continuing need to have soil samples and exposures planted around me. It just wasn't enough that I took soil science at university. All the while I was reading The Many Worlds of Hugh Everett III. Which is what I suspect the Psychopaths and their insane and relentless campaign (involving myself and all other TI's, and very possibly all humans in varying degrees of invasion and disruption) is all about; discovering the Universal Wave Function. Ask me if I give a shit; after 17 years of relentless abuse and harassment there is very little I care about.

 Enough for a posting, and to call this done for last week. As one can discern, the perps (Psychopaths) are hard at coming up with yet more variations, permutations, combinations and spatial juxtapositions of every conceivable action and motion. And putting me through most of them. Woo-hoo.

Sunday, June 02, 2019

One Time Riffing Posting

Normally I add diary postings over the week and then wrap it up for a weekly posting, usually on Sundays if I don't get messed around or else backed up with other essential things. (Like attending to matters that were inexplicably delayed by the other party).

This time it is a little different in that I am attempting to pull this together in one sitting, not having made any notes or entries over the week. Naturally, the immediacy of the orchestrated idiocy and assaults (sometimes insults) will have diminished. I still yet don't have a handle on whether my readership wants the slings and arrows in all their detail, summaries thereof, or my ponderings as to what is driving the perps to such insane ends that they cannot openly declare their experiment on the human race, or even to us lowly TI's and the daily travails and adversities we are subjected to. Anyhow, I just roll on, usually with a mixture of these, and a few other related tangents. Not that I have hit the mother lode on finding a commonality with anyone, a group or even a TI. It just seems that whenever I meet TI's, (and they are genuine ones), I get the feeling that I am a temporary prop, possibly directed even.

Could be worse I suppose; one irresponsible TI claimed I was a perp without any due diligence of course. Makes me wonder if it wasn't the accuser. And for the record, I am not; every fucking day I deal with imposed adversity that is at least an order of magnitude greater before these unknown personnel searched my place in 04-2002, then invaded it with many unconventional technologies, as well as displaying their capabilities of teleportation and telekinetic fuckery, not to mention their infinite capacity to orchestrate my existence and especially notable by arranging gangstalkers around me at every turn. These Psychopathic Confederates have been very consistent since then, one of the most prevalent methods is to piss me off. Which they do at least 80x/day, and on a rough day, 200x. Pulling items from my grasp is a stock stunt, as is riling me up by thwarting my intentions, and especially when attempting to complete some task.

Anyhow, lets get back to the week. A hot one in the Okanagan Valley; easily 30C each day, often getting hazy in the afternoon, and a few clouds then too. Even a few thunderclouds and a thunder in the distance. I was on vineyard work all week; shoot thinning is running big right now, which is removing extra shoots so that there is less crop load and the vine canopy has sufficient airflow. The shoots are easier to remove now, at about 6-12" long that when they are 36" long and have to be cut out, as pulling them would damage the adjacent shoots that one intends to keep. And do the perps ever love screwing me over when it comes to "accidentally" removing the intended shoot that I wanted to keep. You know, "inadvertently" snagging a leaf of the keeper shoot in the process of removing the intended shoot. I call this "Pyrrhic Progress", damaging or destroying what one intends to keep. (Often they time this stunt when I have an alternative remaining, so not all is lost). They pull a similar stunt in the winter when pruning; "accidentally" (by way of imposed mindfuck) having me cut off the very cane that I wanted to leave for the source of the shoots that year. (One has to select a healthy cane (lignified shoot) that arises from the central area of the vine trunk that is below the horizontal wire on which it is later tied to, usually before May in this region). The good news that these forced "accidental" or deliberate mindfuck incursions are much less than they were when I started vineyard work in 2012.

Speaking of sabotage, the Psychopaths pulled a new one two days ago, or rather, a new variation of footwear sabotage. I was in the habit of putting my boots outside to dry off for a few hours after work, especially as it was so hot, and the boots could dry out faster and not stink the place out. I put on the alarm for two hours or so and then retrieve them, as all too often, the assholes had me "forget", and lo, they were soaked from overnight rain or the irrigation. (Another one of the perps' fetishes is messing with water sources; from drinking, household supply, cleaning etc.). All was going well this week, the routine was nailed down, and the boots were dried out, retrieved and placed inside for the evening. And lo, if the assholes didn't fuck me out of setting the alarm, and lo, if they didn't wipe out my adversity vigilance (normally set at a considerably high level, per constant experience), as to responding to the noise of lawn irrigation water hitting the outside wall every few minutes. As it "happened" the landlord inexplicably turned on the lawn irrigation manually in the evening when it is programmatically set for early in the morning. Well done asshole; you filled my boots (not on the lawn, but somehow the sprinkler got them anyhow) with 1/2" of water and soaked the leather as well. And how many fuckups did we have leading up to this? At least three; 1) I was mindfucked out of setting the alarm, 2) and exercising my normal associative vigilance and 3) the landlord "acting up" and putting on the irrigation for no seeming reason. (The lawn was healthy).

But the Psychopathic assholes weren't done yet; I dried the boots out, and put them on today for a different vineyard gig, and lo, if they "somehow" didn't shrink, and were uncomfortable to wear all day today. (It just wasn't enough that all my boots shrank last year, (or else my feet inexplicably grew), so that I ended up wearing thinner socks to be able to wear all of them comfortably again). I am pissed beyond measure, as the assholes have constantly sabotaged these boots, as they do with all my footwear. It just "happens" this gets expensive; $200 for the boots, then at least 3x $100+ repairs (two sole replacements, one heel rebuild). The leather is also cracking up no matter what treatment I do, so I figured I would get one more season out of them. But no, unless I go another round of of having them fixed or stretched, or whatever, they are finished. And as it "happens" the perps just love to bend my ankles over, so good stiff hiking boots are vital for my vineyard work. Anyone else can work in sneakers, or below ankle boots, but because the assholes pull these ankle bending stunts so often (to "cause" sprains), I must use over-ankle stiff boots. Well done you assholes, just what I needed; the expense of another pair of boots with a target painted on them for yet more years of sabotage assaults of premature wear, sole repairs and rebuilds along with the inevitable months in the shop to get them fixed. Cannot the perps fuck my footwear enough? Seemingly not. Never mind the wretched shopping experience to obtain appropriate replacements.

And they weren't finished on the sabotage front; my headphones packed it in yet again. This particular pair have been sent across the country to the repair depot at least 3x in the past seven years, and this will make it at least repair depot trip #5 (read on). I hate in in-ear products, and all the more as the perps manipulate them to fall out or otherwise become a Pain-In-the-Ear (PIE). Perhaps I should consider myself "lucky" on this one, as they haven't just "fallen apart" or disintegrated like so many other makes. This same pair was sent to the shop in 2003 after it was used at work to prevent the punishing head pains which came on after they first went berserk/overt on 04-2002. The headphones worked admirably to prevent the directed head pains they were hammering me with. That is, until the assholes sabotaged them by turning the vertical post by itself, so that the gimbel mount fell apart. All these years, and yet I clearly remember being absolutely astonished that the metal post was spinning all by itself and grinding the plastic gimbel mount so that it could not be worn. (Almost) needless to say, the replacement headphones duly fell apart in short order so I was without this form of protection from these intensely painful head pain assaults. Later I put magnets in my mouth and foiled the insane bastards for a while, but then they remotely degaussed the magnets and rendered them useless.

Enough tripping down memory lane, none of it good. And to call this a posting for the week, such as it is.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Order and Disorder

I attempted to order online tix to a local club as part of my every (approx) 3 month fix to see live music at the Dream Cafe. I wrote the date and time in my diary, and then proceeded to order online via Paypal which "somehow" failed, twice. This erupted into yet another instance where the Psychopathic assholes had me write the event in my diary on the wrong month/week (by way of remote dithering as I don't make these mistakes, and especially when knowing that the Psychopaths of Remote Neural Fuckery are constantly on my ass). This has "happened" far too many times to count, (maybe 5x/year), these mental intrusions of date book/appointment fuckery that "happens" by at least two orders of magnitude more  since all this insane shit came down 04-2002.

This time, they added more FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) into the mix, as by the next attempt to order tickets, I just may get shut out due a sudden eruption of bookings. (In other words, the diary entry stands, but as the event has not yet been formally booked and paid for, there exists a risk that it may get fully booked in the interim, a variation on the "getting the wrong date" jerk-arounds that have become a factor in my imposed existence as a human non-consensual human experimentation subject). And just what is it that so interests the insane Psychopaths of the Fourth Reich (PFR, alternately, the Psychopathic Confederacy (PC), or if you prefer, The Powers That Be, TPTB) that they need to continually subject their victims to constant date re-assignment/certainty fuckery? (Add on the litany of cancellations and postponements of other engagements plus the odd missed event, i.e. "forgot"). The short answer is, "I don't know (or care), so leave me alone after 17 years of this insane abuse".

I will posit that the longer considered, but speculative, answer is that the Psychopaths, per above, have selected victims/subjects to research their need to find the Universal Wave Function, as per Hugh Everett III and the Many Worlds Interpretation MWI. And I just "happen" to be one of the more predominant victims; as far as I know, they don't torture or abuse any other TI with such intense scrutiny or orchestration. And as mentioned in many prior postings, I am also a likely MKULTRA victim, having three years of recall deleted when I was aged 2 to 5, two of which were spent in that hotbed of mental state trashing of perhaps thousands of victims, McGill University, Montreal, PQ, where my father took his PhD where the mind trashing took place under the direction of Dr. Ewan Cameron, the Uber Satan of Psychiatry.

Said Many Worlds Theory posits that all variations and permutations of a decision have their own world; somewhere there are worlds where all this exists (the "realist" version, though others have a theoretical (relative state) version).  So it would seem that forced screwing up of merely writing down the date (as it "happened") is a part of their ongoing Fuckery Campaign, which has likely been in place all my life, and accelerated since 04-2002. (And can we also count the 100+ or so typos just to compose these two paragraphs?). More many Worlds Interpretation links exist, and I have by no means have given them justice, and passed on the lame-assed Wikipedia version. This one at Quora looks more interesting.

I finally got to deal with my unemployment claim from earlier this year that suffered not one, but two, peculiar and extended delays. First was the employment record to be furnished by the employer that was held up for no reason whatsoever. I spoke (nicely and respectfully) with the employer hold-up Chief Financial Officer at least twice to no avail, and was fed utter nonsense. An email to his boss, whom I had met on the job site (decent guy) got matters moving all inside the next day. As to why the CFO deigned to handle my paperwork himself was never determined, as the employment record submission is something that the payroll flunkies do. That two month delay seemed to be a "warm up" cookie for the unemployment outfit, who having all the paperwork in hand, then decided to keep me holding for a "decision", and on and on it went. So... off to the local government office where they confirmed all my paperwork was in order, and so I got to use the government phone to phone the correct office.

After a five minute wait on the phone, I got what I later considered to be the shake-down stooge. First she asked about where I got the notice that the unemployment claim was pending, and I said it was in my bi-weekly reports and my government services account. This woman insisted that it would only be the latter and not the former, and I disagreed. Then I said it really doesn't matter where it was, it states that "a decision is to be made soon" (by them). Then she goes on as to why I waited so long to phone them, and I said I only learned today that this was possible. Then she says, "didn't you read the form that was sent Dec. 18, 2018", and I said yes, and I will look it over as I have it at hand, which I did. I read the letter on both sides, and no phone number. She doesn't act surprised, or say anything. Then she proceeds with, "didn't I look online for a phone number", and I said I did, but couldn't find one. (Again, no response). Then I said, why don't you take online email, and she said, "we don't provide that service". Then she asked me, "why did I wait so long to contact them" (latter 02-2019 to present, 05-23-2019). I said, the message first said, wait to March 05, and then was replaced with an undated version;
We have received new information on your claim but have not yet made a decision. We are making every effort to review this information as soon as possible.

Which means the onus is on them to tell me, right?

And then I asked just what is the official definition of "soon", and why don't you publish it, and furthermore, put a date limit on the notice (above), stating that I am to call them after a certain date, with the supplied phone number (heretofore, kept secret). Too logical, and too pointed I suppose, so immediately after that, she turned me over to a male, who was cool and calm, reviewed the claim and affirmed all was in order and that it was allowed and all was OK. (No reference to the prior pit bull questions whatsoever). I asked him if there was any reason for this latter three month delay on top of a two month day incurred by the employer, and he said, "I can't see anything here". I said fine, and that was all I needed to know.

So if all was OK and all the paperwork in place, even if delayed, what was the problem? And then why this attack pit bull (shakedown stooge) to shake me down with these directed  questions that were getting perverse, as well as shrill? It is either the work of the Psychopaths, or else it is Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for EI benefits in Canada, that a certain percentage are selected to be fucked with, claim delayed, and then given the pit bull treatment. They pulled this shit way back when on me, and then retracted when I complained. Two years later in the news, there was a mention of a government policy to yank people off unemployment and see if they kick. Then and now, I kicked, and got them straightened out. Which just goes to show you that government benefits can be fleeting, and are at the behest of the "review officer", guarded by shakedown stooges. All of which is not to be found in any Welcome to Canada literature, nor mentioned in what your tax dollars really support (antagonistic agencies to deprive one of rightful benefits they claim to "manage"). I am quite sure that I haven't heard the last of this one, and just may now have a target painted on my back for further bureaucratic retribution.

A full court press at work after the above mentioned unemployment benefits resolution. The Friday guy was there on the Thursday, supposedly because it would rain then, but it didn't come close. The former boss was there for the first time in three weeks, doing driveway maintenance. A 300m asphalt driveway was put in place three days ago through the vineyard to the new house finished late last year. No more of that outrageous dust storm at each vehicle passing, but no doubt it will interfere with tractor operations as the driveway bisects at least 50 rows. The Psychopaths always have a plan.

Later in the day, my Fickle Friend needed to come over as his internet service is down (still, months now), and had to get his resume in order. In fact,he had to re-type it and re-format it to his high standard. So he got to sit right here where I am now typing this posting up and using my computer gear, and he also "happened" to seat himself in at least three other chairs over the evening. He is very "chair aware", in that he immediately lands his butt in one, and moves onto another in short order. You know, testing the color radiance/energies in differing chairs of mine, a surrogate chair sitter if you will. And too, per usual, too much wine was consumed, including one bottle I had remaining from my visit to the wine store, per above.

Elsewhere, and the prior day, and on the gangstalking front; I was talking to the guy I know at the wine section of SOF supermarket, my regular beat. Then this woman comes into the wine section making a direct beeline to where we were standing, indicating that she was looking for a certain wine just where we "happened" to be. Like WTF; no browsing, just an outrageous intrusion, and she doesn't select any wine after all that. I look up for other gangstalkers, as there is nearly always more of the assholes when they want to displace me, and sure enough, a well dressed dude is barrelling down on me, but I had enough room, and no other gangstalkers closing in on me from the other direction (a common tactic, a sudden gangstalker confluence from three or more directions), to move aside and continue the conversation with the wine shop guy.

 Like WTF; what was that all about? A sudden eruption of two Fuckwits who needed to displace me from where I was standing after chatting with the wine shop guy for five minutes. This insane abuse of stalking and displacing me just where I am standing is plain crazy; here we have an unbound international (terrorist) organization hounding the utter shit out of someone for 17 years following 47 years of covert coverage, with limitless resources as well as unconventional ones (teleportation, remote neural manipulation, telekinetic fuckery capability), and here they are displacing me with gangstalking scum from where I stand at a (presumably) pre-orchestrated moment. Been there, had it done to me, countless times. Go fuck yourselves everyone; you have pulled this pointless stunt time and time again, and I am sick fed up of sudden gangstalker confluences designed to move me from where I was standing (untrafficked locations). Go home if you haven't the balls to show up and declare your sick minded intentions.

Which goes to show IMHO, all those chats with that guy, were likely designed around this shit show of gangstalker swarming. Time to take my wine shopping elsewhere.

Back to the theme of the recent litany of delay and dithering over making a purchase (or other decision); it is increasing of late (per above example of ordering local show tickets), e.g. sales folks who don't get back except by email when I ask them to phone. Then when I phone, I get the voice mail, and ergo, another day's delay, now three days due to the weekend. Then more phone tag. Its just plain bizarre that sales people are going out of their way to be unavailable. I always attributed this behavior to the Canadian sales ethic; just too languid, as I always had such great service whenever I visited the US, or dealt with US companies. Now I have the owner (apparently, using the owner's name in the email), of a US watch company going suddenly AWOL over responding to the second round of an email, when all he had to do was give me a quote. Instead I got needless questions on the same specifications I requested.

It could be more delays by the Psychopaths over watches; they have an obsession on which models I wear. When they came on like deranged hyenas in 04-2002, they blatantly sabotaged two analog watches at the outset. They did not want me to have a steel mesh watch band it seemed. Ergo, rubber banded digital sports watches became OK, even if they somehow could not be adjusted at time change times and "needed" to be taken to the jewelers. Over time these watches began to jam up (somehow) from dust, that is, the ones that the tractor didn't run over. Now that I have been watch-less for six months, I am overdue to deal this this last-most incursion of watch sabotage. And lo, I get a runaround on this one, seemingly from the company owner.

Another inexcusable recent delay was a part time employer, who finally paid up after nearly four weeks of running around with my check (he says). Just plain absurd, and all the more so, as this guy isn't a bozo by any means. Nor did he explain the shit show last month as to why vineyard pruning wasn't adequately resourced and was left so late. Nor did he have anything to add about the irrational antics of the property owner. Just more regular folks acting irregularly, both of them. Which has been one of the defining characteristics of this abuse-athon since it came down 04-2002.

Enough for a posting and call another week done.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Camo Man Coverage

I went to Kelowna to see the doctor of recent surgery. Its at a private five story health sciences building, not a public health facility. And lo, if this shiftless shit dressed in green camo ("Camo Man") with a matching green colored broad brimmed hat doesn't manage to hang around me at the elevator door. Said elevator also "complied" by taking its time, a first for this particular building and the some 10x I have used this particular elevator. Which, in gangstalking terms, offers more "hang time", aka loitering excuses. Said Camo Man (gangstalker) then takes off just before the elevator arrives. Well timed I say, or perhaps, just more curious public behavior.

Then 15 minutes later while in the doctors' waiting area, why, Camo Man "happens" to show up in the waiting room and sits three seats away, 90 degrees offset. And there was plenty of other open seating around, so why so close? And not that he saw a doctor's receptionist or anything, (at least seven doctor receptionist desks to chose from) he just slithers in from the elevator and "happens" to find me 4 stories up in one segment of this office building. Well done asshole; tell me how how you found me the second time.

Which begs the question as to where the Psychopaths find these shiftless shits; are they staff and they dress them up in these ridiculous faux army outfits, or are they some pick-up  dweeb they particularly wanted? My speculation is the perps want a certain outcome at certain locations, (elevators or stairs (elevation changes) are prime stalking locations), and may just have staff or else they have a pick-up stalker pool on hand. My speculation on outcomes is two fold, and not necessarily both at once; there is the promotion of abreactions (subconscious traumatization reactions from my recall deleted years when age 2 to 5), and also their need to extract certain bio-energetic interactions based on the gangstalker's particular genetic make up. I don't give a shit, just leave me the fuck alone and quit posting these shiftless shits around me. I am disgusted enough with humanity as it is, and don't need any more reminders of how low the "scum-inal" bar is set.

I got busy, and in the evenings too, hence the paucity of recent blog postings. I finally got a music server and got my music and music playing function completely off the wretched MS Windows platform. And just in time, as they pulled another "upgrade" a few days later and hammered the PC audio again. That is, no audio on the PC for the third time in 2019. Well done Microsoft. And also a prompt to get me off Windows 10 so Netflix and Youtube (and other web sourced audio) won't be subject to MS (seemingly) driven sabotage. There is nothing like continued perp sabotage to generate yet more projects, even if I think it should be put off until next year.

Getting the audio files moved to the purpose dedicated music server took some artful navigating of the abominable supplied PC software, but once on the music server, it runs very well, and is wonderfully simple with dedicated buttons and none of the touch screen hell that is a rich field for perp fuckery. (One can deploy an optional Android phone interface, but I say, hell no). It is exceedingly rare that I encounter an electronic device or attendant software that is a ergonomic treat to use. Arcane multi-modal design concepts are the usual order of the day, compounded by erratic touch screen behavior; the now-norm in my experience. Though to be fair, the perps and their fuckery know no bounds to exploiting human interfaces to infuriate me at every turn. The "worst-in-class" (that is, most adverse and infuriating) human interface that I know of is the so-called "smart phone", at least the Android platform. The Apple interface design thoughtfulness has really made the company what it is today, while dear old MS has lagged in the consumer market. And they still don't get it, but at least are trying harder, though still failing, per the above mentioned PC audio clobbering .

And getting all those audio and PC boxes tucked into my server rack was another round of renovations of a kind. I had to get plywood, have it sawn to size, as well as other fittings to get these components installed in my server rack. It was me doing the installing; tools and supplies strewn about, all the way to the kitchen. And the Psychopaths do seem to have a compelling need to have my tools in the kitchen for whatever reason, and even making meals with tools close by. Anytime I work on the server rack things go very wrong, with intense and continued infuriation. As to what this particular invoked adversity offers the assholes I have no idea. I got the whole rig set up and the wires tidied up, in pic below, and lo, if the assholes didn't take out some of the overhead track lighting just to add a electromagnetic variance. Then they took out another adjacent LED bulb (prematurely again), and still weren't done, and took out an incandescent light bulb in the nearby (12' away) kitchen area. Well done assholes; one success (completion) begets more sabotage; three dead light bulbs in two days isn't a coincidence when there is such close scrutiny on my lighting sources.

Said track lighting is of a certain brand that I have used for some 30 years because it is so reliable, well designed and functional. Now that concept has been sabotaged, so here we go again. Nothing good ever lasts, even if it is just a concept in Psychopathic thinking, and they have the unconventional means to deliver sabotage at will. And we call it "quirky" or other excusing techno trite-isms.

It was only a few months ago that tool use became evident (after 17 years of this intense abuse) as another event that was of significant interest to them. Originally I thought it was tool handle colors and my bio-energetic reactions, but of course any original "idea" is suspect as the assholes have been known to plant them in mind all the time. Wrong ones at the outset especially. That I spent four months last year on a construction job using others' tools, my own (new ones too), and lending out a few, both inside and outside, must of been another perp "tool use study" on me.

I have been reading "The Many Worlds of Hugh Everett III" again, an the many worlds theory as well as some of the associated Youtube videos. Some interesting topics have re-surfaced from this book; combinations and permutations of a single event have surfaced. Also the topic of free will... Hmmm, perhaps slavery isn't such a human condition at all, but a rich field for studying their multiple dimensions games. And of course, the Psychopaths make the constant point that I am under their thumb every microsecond and that I have no free will. An an interesting confluence of like situations, though I won't go so far as to call it coincidence (caveat). But it was interesting that my work colleague at a part time job went freaking berserk over the casual mention of historical slavery a few weeks ago, (at a row end no less, changing direction is a prime Psychopathic event). I referenced the book, Mosquito Empires, an excellent history reference, and he still wasn't contained. Another weird-assed farm worker quasi-friend.

Sunday, and three weeks late in getting this posting out. A bout of uncharacteristic lassitude took over these past three weeks. I also have a few other items that have needed attention and they haven't got done. I just don't know why the Psychopaths need to impose these kinds of spells. All part of the permutations and combinations game I suppose, which translated means sabotage, imposed delay and other fuckery. Mission accomplished, so leave me the fuck alone.

Such message was unequivocally, and vocally, conveyed to the assholes last night as they awoke me five times with excruciating muscle cramps to my legs and feet. They spread the pain events from 1100h through to 0400h. Well done assholes, and deviating from their usual routine (what else) of packing these assaults inside an hour or so. But oddly, keeping their routine of allowing me to go to bed "early" (2200h), which has become their signature precursory hint that a round of muscle cramp torture will be applied in the night. The assholes delivered big time on this latter habit of theirs.

It must of been Asian stalker night yesterday at the SOF supermarket, as the usual flush of big-gutted dudes was getting too tiresome. Two Asian females were buzzing around me at the hot chicken counter, and then did the "split apart" gangstalker routine so I would pass between them. Said stalkers were buzzing around me and doing the Pretending-to-Not-Notice stunt in closing in on me and then allowing me to escape between them. I have never met so many Fuckwits who make it look like that they are totally unaware of their personal space incursions since all this abuse rained (or reigned if you prefer) down in me since 04-2002. Call it the Clueless by Direction stunt perhaps. But all the same, it is a sudden and annoying public behavioral change since that epic date they invaded my apartment, per above date.

Other Fuckwits kept hounding me in rotation over the rest of the store, about 4 parties, who each had the unerring knack of loitering at the very location I intended to go to. Then when leaving, why, another Asian woman with a hot pizza was covering me in lead-ahead gangstalking mode, right past my vehicle for crissakes. Then the inevitable pit-lamping from vehicles at every turn on the way home.

And what is with the Naramata General Store that four parties of stalkers arrive behind me and start pulling the same shit today? Loitering where I intended to go, and then arriving at the cash desk ahead of me, one not having purchased anything, but just "needed" to do aisle loitering where I intended to go. When about to pay for my items, a clashing camo clown (dude) arrives besides me and does the time-honored gangstalker move of doing bend-overs, this time in the cause of looking at the newspaper rack. Said Fuckwit managed to block my egress to exit until he moved. (I had to cross over where he had been standing, another classic gangstalker move). Who knew small village newspaper stands were so interesting? Never mind that these Fuckwits all arrived at about 1645h on a Sunday on a long weekend to tail me and then obstruct me all over visiting a small general store. Talk about dedicated gangstalking insanity. So... the last time I visit that place, which was probably their intention anyhow. One of the Fuckwits ahead of me managed to stay in his vehicle while my transaction took place and then tailed me in his vehicle out of the parking lot and on the street for two hundred meters. Well done asshole; I haven't seen it this obvious for a long time, so it will be the last time I go there.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Yet More Helicopter Coverage

Vineyard activity today; the helicopters were busy on some kind of long line bucket training. It seemed to be "AStar day", as there was at least two of them working. (The AStar (AS 350) is now called the H125 in Airbus-speak). The "usual" spitting of plasma and maser beams from them, as well as a maser "glow". That is, a blackish cloud surrounding the helicopter as it traversed. In both cases, they were ferrying extremely slowly, and not always dragging the long line. In one instance, the red and white AStar came and circled overhead and went back to the Penticton airport (I presume, the direction it came from). Talk about making it obvious. In another instance, a blackish line projected from the long trailing line, and came at me, separated from the helicopter. The perps seem to be able to make these blackish lines, filaments, zingers etc., which I take to be magnetic masers, project from anything, including people. As a rule, they don't travel too fast; it takes about three seconds for them to travel some 10km in my experience.

There were other models of helicopters traversing over the vineyard at times, and per "ususal", they inserted the odd noisy single engine private plane.

The Psychopaths seem to be on the rag today, fucking me around ("forgets"), pulling items from my hands etc. All the "usual" fuckery.

Stalker coverage was heavy at LD and SOF, and one couple "happened" to stalk me at the first location, and lo, if there weren't there ahead of me at the checkout *after two others)  at the second location. And fugly dudes in shorts were on display bigtime tonight. You know, the shorts sized so big that two guys could fit in them. Also the waddling males presentations too. Add in the tattoos down the arms, and especially the dude at the checkout behind me who just "happened" to immediately arrive after me to show off his disgusting tatt-splat. I don't know how he pulled that as I was fed up with the couple stalking, as as only one manned checkout was open, I was cautious for another stalker erupting on me and was certain there wasn't another. And lo, this Fuckwit erupts from an adjacent aisle and proceeds directly to the cashier.

The fat fucker stalker dude at LD managed to cover me three times at three different aisle ends; well done shit head; how did you know that aisle ends and directional changes (ambulatory or vehicular) are the number one gangstalking moment (aka, anisotropy of space) and have been for over 17 years of this insane shit and abuse that suddenly rained (and reigned) down 04-2002. Actually, that should be the anisotropy of the charge field that fills space (here on Earth).

Then I got back at 2130h from LD and SOF, dark by then, and the rail for the sliding gate fell down off the wall. So I finish off putting my purchases in the house, and go outside with the flashlight (after the Psychopaths infuriated me by fucking me out of recognizing the flashlight as it was hanging in its regular spot (or else they temporarily teleported it)), and dealt with the rail, and lo, just as I finished fixing it, why, another helicopter overhead. Well done assholes; the final helicopter coverage (stalking) event (all of five seconds) was exquisitely timed to me being delayed (an extra trip outside) by the gate rail that "happened" to drop off, as it does every three months or so.

One could safely say the perps were on the rag today in terms of extra (over and above the imposed extra normal) things going wrong, infuriations, mind-fucks, extra late-night shopping stalking and checkout obstructions and the rest of their fucking insanity. Just leave me out, and I don't care if I am Victim Zero, Prime Subject or whatever the terminology they use for TI's under this intense barrage of extra-conventional abuse and gangstalking coverage.

Yesterday I took my vehicle to the Ford dealership for an oil change; I thought it would be an hour, but no, two hours in the waiting area. And what a shit show of gangstalking in the waiting area; no end of "staff", particularly the heavy tattoo-ed ones, just kept needing to visit the waiting area for the coffee maker. The featured woman staff member did at least three visits, and it was she I also saw at the beginning and end of my visit. (And with whom I booked the appointment with, as I was told that only she could book tire changes; but as it was going to take three weeks I got it done somewhere else). The ever friendly blonde woman gave me a hug (uncharacteristically) when I first arrived, even if I was at the service desk with someone else. That was the end of her, and none of the usual chatting, as she was elsewhere (most curiously) for the two hour stay. So I suppose it was about having me be interested in K**i (a low cut top helped) instead of T**h, when I expected to be nattering to the latter. Another one of those dashed expectations stunts again.

Later I went to Kelowna for some errands, and also stopped by a hifi shop for an hour long audiophile presentation on AC power; And lo, if Kelowna AC power supply isn't equivalent to that found in the third world in terms of line fluctuations and line noise. Well done Fortis.

Audio shutdown on the PC again; after two weeks of intense infuriation in 01-2019 as to fixing it, though not known how, the Psychopaths have struck again, and PC audio is now fucked; As in not playing from the audio player, internet sources. Well done assholes in raising the infuriation level yet again.

More heavy helicopter coverage; the AStars again, and at least one doing the back-and-forth extra-obvious stalking run. My acerbic rejoinder for these events, is that the pilot forgot to bring his lunch, but two days in succession?

Another Hwy 97 road block incident, less than a kilometer from where the same "happened" the very evening I was to go to Kelowna, April 14. Well, I suppose this can happen, but for crissakes, if the road width supports putting a concrete median barrier in, then do it. And from personal experience, and per linked photo, it seems that there is sufficient road width. Make it a five year plan, and start on the worst bends first.

Continued high strangeness coming from the vineyard owner today, as it has been all week. To the point I think she is quietly deranged, or else acting out a skit that has been orchestrated for her. As to why she rounds on me, and yet was so impersonal earlier in the week, I have no idea. That the boss man has let matters slide to the point that the pruning wasn't adequately resourced for the last month is also mighty curious. (Now pruning as the buds burst). No telltale signs of twitchy mouth or other behavioral strangeness coming from her, so I am going to assume this was one big all-week skit. Well done; you had me fooled and that served the Psychopathic cause for all the "usual" perp stunts;
  • "find" me" at a row end (again, changing direction is a HUGE deal for the perps), 
  • run the irrigation for no seeming reason (water supply from various sources is another substantial perp interest),
  • put on the "don't know you" act; e.g. "were you the person who was here two days ago?" -yes, and you are way too smart to ask such a dumb question unless you are seriously cognitively impaired,
  • standing behind me (3x in 5 minutes, saying nothing) for no apparent reason is gangstalking writ large, and 
  • splitting my colleague apart so we would then incrementally work closer is another long time perp stunt.
Go fuck yourself; and act real crazy next time. And you can be sure I am not going back to re-evaluate the quality of your acting.

Not letting up on the helicopter coverage at this vineyard, why, a first-time sighting of a low flying Canadian military CH-148 Cyclone, (Sikorsky S-92, military variant) operational only since June 2018. As to why it "happened" to fly 600 miles inland and appear overhead I have no idea. Its predecessors, the Sea Kings, were also regular over-flight helicopter choices when I lived in Victoria, where a squadron is based.

Enough for the week, and onto posting this.