Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Return From System Hack #3 of 2019

Ah yes; the third extended (one week+) system hack this year, and still two weeks to go. All over the graphics card (GPU) this time. The word was that this X58 chipset motherboard  could accept only certain GPU's of its era, 2010 when this one got put together. Somehow, I thought that all GPU's were backward compatible and there wasn't anything online to suggest otherwise. But as it "happened", the tech service outfit was pulling old PC's out of a commercial operation and they had these old GPU's that "happened" to be compatible. Ergo, a new-used GPU and I am up and running again, As usual, the timing was wretched; I was in the middle of an Inkscape drawing job, hobbyist level that is, when this here PC went down. And we know who just loves to protract completion don't we? Its their signature card.

As if my stumbling and putzing with Inkscape wasn't enough delay for crissakes, as this drawing project was at least six weeks in the making, and I haven't any prior experience with software based drawing tools, though I do know a little about computer graphics terms from my GIS and mapping software days. (And to be clear, my woeful ignorance of Inkscape and drawing software was the problem; there is nothing wrong with Inkscape as a drawing tool). I suppose they, my keepers, must of known in advance, as I managed to finish the job yesterday inside of a couple of hours and didn't hit the wall like so often before. As if that effort wasn't enough punishment, I will now load it into a CAD program, a free one, and attempt to enhance the part to add three dimensions to it (specifically flanges), rather than the two dimensional flat plate it is. (This a part off a pair of secateurs that needs improvement, given that it is an annoyance, even if the design is at least 30 years old). And a warm-up for improving another part, an assembly if it works out. Such are the idle hobbies of a TI; having any influence is not allowed, -you only get to putz away on your own as your keepers run interference and determine the limits of progress each day.

And if you think I am being outrageous, I am speaking from personal experience of being harassed and abused by the Psychopathic assholes for 17 years. If two shrinks also say I am being "persecuted" (oh so generic), then maybe the film director John Carpenter would be more convincing with his film, "They Live". On Youtube, (5 min.) some decades later, he declares the film to be a documentary (LOL) when it was originally intended as science fiction. I only recently discovered the film, and haven't seen it yet, but in reading the promotional copy, he had it nailed:
They influence our decisions without us knowing it. They numb our senses without us feeling it. They control our lives without us realizing it. They live. Horror master John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing) directs this heart-pounding thriller. Aliens are systematically gaining control of the earth by masquerading as humans and lulling the public into submission. Humanity's last chance lies with a lone drifter who stumbles upon a harrowing discovery a unique pair of sunglasses that reveal the terrifying and deadly truth.
 And yes, much of Hollywood science fiction is in the realm of "prepping", that is, preparing us for future realities that may be revealed to us at some future date.

Back to my reality; I am back on vineyard work in this cold snowy weather. This is the esoteric, though boring, job of collecting canes for future propagation. A given varietal and clone block of vines is tested for viruses in advance, and if OK, we then collect canes of good quality and within the size specifications to then bundle and then ship them to a propagation facility. There, they undertake sanitation practices, excise sections with buds and then grow them into plants, and then later graft them onto rootstock of a different variety chosen for Phyloxera resistance and growth habits. The buds on these canes will be the planting stock (scion part=fruit) for new vineyard plantings in two years. Just to think, a small band of broke-ass vineyard laborers (no Mexicans available at this time of year), whittling away in the snow and cold for eight hours a day for some 8 weeks, provides the primordial  feedstock for this industry. Bring on tissue culturing I say.

Yoga tonight; more absurdity, this time the male-female mix. For years when it was 95% female, and I was the only male, it was about 50:50. I hadn't seen so many dudes in class, some eight of them and seven females. The ridiculous bare chested dudes were there again, flab and all, and hopeless as ever, save one muscle bound creature. I hadn't seen a bulked-job able to exhibit any flexibility until tonight; most have been ridiculously muscle bound and stiff. The noisy breather male was there again, getting huffed over nothing. All in keeping with the ongoing Psychopathic incremental obsession over visually exposing me to males. Add in the cute blonde babe, the instructor in this case, and we have yet again, the time-honored Psychopathic stalking stunt of babe-and-then-fugly-dude insertion, then repeat. Fuck you and your relentless orchestration of all minutiae in my visual field; I will stick with the babe only for my visual lift.

Finally I got there somewhat earlier, and still they had the planted Fuckwits in my usual mat location. I took a spot at the back-center of the room, (now the assigned alternate location, more than this visit), and had an empty mat space next to me. Usually they plant some Unfavored freak (fugly dude, tattoo-attacked Fuckwit etc.) there at the last minute as class is about to begin, as they know I would avoid such a freak if he/she were positioned in advance. But not this time, but instead an extended reversal session with everyone facing the back wall (18" away in my case), and the aforementioned perky blonde instructor arrived beside me to demonstrate the poses. Could be worse by far; e.g. the male instructor with the beer gut of a few years ago. are some of earlier the notes I made off-line while this PC was in the shop again... Of particular note was the kidney stone episode. Thanks assholes.
The Psychopaths pulled a good one today, only 1300h as I write this up. At 0230h an excruciating pain started up on my R testicle and reached into my abdomen. At first I thought it was their direct beam torture, even if the last I had was in 2003. Then, stuffing metallized cloth in my pants stopped that stunt dead. I don't possess countermeasure materiel now, but this morning I used a flat steel lapping plate, and it did seem to work for a few seconds. I tried a few other objects, and in combination they were effective in pain abatement for 30 seconds or so. Not long enough for a reprieve by any means. Various postures of bending over, crawling etc. seemed to help, but not for long. The pain kept up for an hour or so, and walking around seemed to ameliorate it some. Then the telepathic message came in real clear; "this one is for real". Eventually I got dressed and drove myself to the local emergency ward, booking in at 0513h.

The first doctor didn't have a lot to say or examine, and said he would get a pain killer. After about 40 minutes of continuing pain, often leaning on the bed as it was too painful to lie on it, I was administered some morphine, which as it turned out, did nothing. About 0630h, a new doctor came in on the shift change, and suggested right off the bat that it might be a kidney stone, something quite outside my experience. He got an ultrasound scanner which was attached to a laptop and scanned me on the bed. He seemed more certain that it was a kidney stone as my R kidney was slightly larger than my L one. He ordered a CT scan, and then indicated he would use a ibuprofen-type pain killer, as the opiod type (prior morphine) aren't that effective for kidney stones. Anyhow, I got the scan, and follow-on blood tests, and an urine test. At about 1015h, the doctor said it was confirmed; a 3mm kidney stone poised at the bladder exit. Not a big one thankfully, as 6mm (1/4") and larger are considered large, the largest being about 13mm in his experience.

This was the day that I was to drive to Kelowna for a 0900h IV treatment for iron supplementation. I phoned to cancel the appointment as it was clear that I was not going to have sufficient time for this medical episode and associated tests and an hour drive. During this process of being treated in the emergency ward this morning, three nurses kept mentioning setting me up for an IV, one saying it was needed for injecting a contrast agent prior to the CT scan. But she didn't set one up, and within 5 minutes I was on my way to the CT scanning procedure. Another mentioned that she was going to inject me with pain killer via the IV needle, but didn't fit one, and then changed up the injection plan and directly used a syringe. Surely they know what the needed steps are for preparing a patient for a CT scan of abdominal soft tissues are, so why mention one step (IV tap) that wasn't necessary, as well as confusing me as to their intentions and not following through, and not even informing me that one wasn't needed after all. Even at the end as I was preparing to depart, another nurse came by to ask if my IV tap had been closed. Like WTF; I didn't get an IV, and yet again, another gratuitous (IMHO) mention of "IV". So what was that about; it just seemed to me that it was an exercise in gratuitous name dropping of a term ("IV") that was specific to a planned treatment, for another purpose, in another city at about the same time. Call it an orchestrated contemporaneous-and-same-method-event-but-displaced-by-distance (and putative purpose) stunt. Putative, as the nurses suggested it, but seemed (to me at least), to have no intention of administering it. Anyhow, quite the mouthful, unless any readers or TI's have a more succinct term, (say, "do the same thing (or have it done to the victim) at the same time, but elsewhere"). Maybe other TI's have experienced something similar at the hands of the Psychpaths/Perps.

Though I am quite sure there were many objectives served in this morning's seven hour kidney stone episode, delivering substantial pain being one, and right at my testicles being another. Long time readers will recall from my Introductory Story, that the Psychopaths hounded me relentlessly in Seattle when this escalated harassment first came on in 04-2002, and one of their worst in-situ torture methods was to publicly deliver excruciating pain to my testicles as long as I wasn't near metal objects. And once I realized this, it was readily defeated by me keeping metal objects (or magnets) in my pants pockets. I will never forgive the fucking insane assholes for that one alone, and if I had the freedom and the resources I would hunt down every fucker who had anything to do with that depraved atrocity.

Another objective of today's kidney stone fuckery would of been to have me in unusual juxtapositions; e.g. crawling on the floor (in pain, at home), leaning against the wall to temporarily alleviate pain (at the hospital), disrupting my sleep (eventually getting some light sleep for about 90 minutes on the hospital bed after I got the right kind of pain killer), injections of two kinds of pain killers, cancelling an appointment, and the early morning hospital visit. Not to mention the intense vehicular gangstalking activity around me when I was attempting to reverse my vehicle and and leave from the parkade. That is, four vehicles converging and/or contingently waiting, plus a pedestrian party of two that was timed to cross behind my vehicle and keep me in place so the vehicular gangstalkers could then perform their contingent ("hold-up") choreography, aka supreme clusterfuck. Add in another vehicle that just had to drive slowly beside me when I first walked out of the building into the parkade, and three more that held me up on my way out by cutting corners while traveling so slow. All this in the parkade that I traversed countless times on last year's three month construction gig.

And a footnote to the hospital visit; the "usual" furtive or evasive looks from the staff, save the admitting nurse and the CT technician. And the second doctor managed to make eye contact, but what a fugly tattoo mess on his  one forearm. The first doctor knew he would be long gone at the shift change, so why not protract the agony with a vague diagnosis and the wrong pain killer for an hour before his much younger colleague took charge? Surely to fuck he had seen kidney stone patients before? After it was all over, I phoned the clinic for the iron IV appointment re-booking, and the woman being a nurse, and she said kidney stones were more painful than child birth!

Yoga; hadn't been for four weeks because of the "usual" long running disruption game they pull (wiped me out with sudden tiredness, statutory holiday, and then a harvest party)....... and the place was 3/4 full within five minutes of available entry time, ten minutes before class start. I would usually arrive at this same time and the room would be virtually empty. Now, "for some reason", the majority of the class has somehow erupted in coming early. And the ridiculous heavy breathing and groaning of last time had also "somehow" abated even if there was at least 40% more yogis. (Same instructor, same class type). By the time class started there had to be at least 22 yogis, the most I have ever seen. I had the woman in front feet 12"  from my head, and the woman beside me also slid in a whole lot closer than usual. The guy behind me, while having a lot of room, always wanted to close in on me. Like WTF, three of them, closing in on me. Said dude was also big on standing up so to be visible when I was leaning back; in my warm up, and again when we did this pose in class. (And it is exceedingly rare that this pose is performed in class as it is considered advanced and most yogis cannot to it.) And don't the Psychopaths just love it to have dudes lingering and standing over me if it can be arranged with plausible denial.

...some TI and alternity material that I gleaned from my forced hiatus from blogging.....

"The Matrix Deciphered" by Robert Duncan, 2010. Surely one of the most educated and accomplished US Defence Department employees who became a TI. A 194p magnum opus on the technologies of just how easy it is to remotely invaded. one's neural energy field, and then apply similar neural gleaning (from a database) to others to then remotely change or guide behavoirs. Also, he has familiarity with discreditation methods and the whole supporting propaganda show. Worth a read, but it will take some time to absorb, given the 194pp. The bottom line; the technology has been around for at least 30 years. A quote;
 "My apologies to the human race for my contribution to tyranny. I was tricked into thinking it would not be misused by corrupt government especially in my beloved country. I was wrong. The Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate has Skip Green on the governing board. One of my old colleagues at a technology think tank in Cambridge partly in charge of the radio frequency weapons testing for neurological disruption now torturing and killing people worldwide. Several other US Navy and UK Navy scientists have been knocked-off and that is why I have come forward. I know my time maybe near. I am currently a professor in computer science and business, helping to educate the public on government corruption, greed, and stupidity. Like my ancestor Lincoln, I am fighting against mental slavery in a new Civil War engineered by the same useless elements in over 80 government agencies who have tested radiological, drug, and viral weapons on unsuspecting Americans for over 45 years"
"I have interviewed over two hundred people and worked on the highest level of military projects for the U.S., NATO, and U.K. and have given videotaped testimony to senators and representatives on this topic resulting in lip service since they have no real power to enforce. Two high level FBI agents and a couple CIA agents have come forward to validate the existence of anMKULTRA-like project that continues to grab random people for mind control experimentation. Two of these have since become part of the program and endure daily psychotronic tortures. All the torture can be done using directed energy psychotronic weapons with the so called continental ballistic missile surveillance defense grids."

And you think it is just the government, huh?

Of minor interest is that somewhere in this opus he mentions that an ideal abuse/nonconsensual subject would have a high natural dopamine level. Well, perhaps he is mistaken, and not attempting disinformation. I can personally attest that a low dopamine candidate is an exceptionally desired subject, 65 years worth in all, and I have the brain scan to back up my ADD (=dopamine deficiency).
A rich vein of credible TI and mind control material on this site, though not well organized. One could spend days on all these links. A bit hyped, and I don't know who is managing it.
If you didn't know already, don't use Google, Youtube, Chrome. The article explains why Google has slowly become so lame-assed these past ten years and seems (to me at least), is becoming the non-agenda contra-search tool.
Project MKULTRA, The CIA's Program for Research into Behavioral Modification,; The Senate Joint Committee on Intelligence, 1977. 178pp. NOT the Church Committee, but a follow-on meeting to rake then-CIA Director Stansfield Turner over the coals about the small amount (but important) of MKULTRA financial records that were (conveniently) discovered after the Church Committee submitted its report in 1975. All the MKULTRA records were thought to be destroyed in 1973, and this committee is now revealing the records that were unexpectedly found in the finance records. And the committee hearing minutes show that the CIA was chastised to follow up on all the affected victims, har, har. Its like asking the fox, after given free reign in the chicken coop for 30 years, to aid the maimed. This kind of softball admonition makes me wonder if the whole game was rigged on both sides. At least we can thank Richard Helms, the CIA director who attended the Church Committee hearings for the startling revelations of their nefarious and illegal handiwork. Too bad it got it got a bye in terms of legislative redress, but hey, what did you expect from government, who, in the immortal words of Frank Zappa, is the  "entertainment division of the military industrial complex" (!) 
Jane Tripp; major alternity here. Looks like fascinating stuff, time travel. I don't really buy into "time travel" per se, but I do believe that TPTB can insert imagery into any real-time scene and that some forms of photography just may pick it up momentarily, simulating time travel subjects, depending on their dress and associated props. After all, how many times have still frame cameras picked up UFO's when no one saw anything?  I have been scanning my life's pictures these past two months, and I cannot say that I saw anything peculiar like EMF or scalar waves, pre-harassment and abuse onset. I shall give this site another close read and see if it applies to my case. The perps really didn't tip their hand of covert surveillance and control until 04-2002 when all hell landed on me and hasn't let up. Some of the latter pictures do have some peculiar lights and/or damage, and may show up here at a future date.

Enough for a posting, and to alleviate me from feeling that I haven't been keeping up. And too, enough for Christmas holiday reading, of a kind.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Same Title as Last Posting

Just when I want to put this together, why, another MS Windows upgrade and lo, if I didn't get some 30 crashes over the day.

[In fact, this should be titled System Crash #2 of 2019, as I suffered another three week outage for repairs following this write up, but before it got published].

And too, I have been roundly emotionally pummeled, with subsequent evening recovery time, by this male co-worker who is the most unpleasant and denigrative person I have ever encountered on a job. Not only is he uncommunicative and affrontive, he doesn't explain what he is intending to do, thereby exacerbating the already tense situation. Add in some dissonant diversions like, "we must work together", and then he doesn't (never did; totally out of character), and even more specific task dissonance such as, "we must cut (trellis) wires together", when he hadn't, and then continues to ignore his own directive. And if I am momentarily waiting for him to be available to cut the wires together, he gives me shit. A damned if you do, and damned if you don't kind of guy, along with being insulting. Add in the unsafe practice of him cutting the high tensile steel trellis wires by himself and letting the end go, which is very springy, and so it comes flying some 60' back at me. (Dangerous as the wire tip can cut one, or take out one's eye if not wearing goggles, though I do.)

Anyhow, when one views going to work with trepidation and angst, it isn't a good gig. Add in my (likely exploited) ADD nature of not getting instructions right the first time, along with his minimal or no direction as to what to do, its a scene where someone figuratively lit the accelerant in terms of interaction. Or, in the perp oversight context, have the victim be bullied and verbally cut down, constantly.

And what might be the reason for this? Why, it is a momentary way (at least) to deplete the victim's dopamine. And furthermore, should one be bullied and emotionally abused during one's developmental years, it leads to permanent brain changes, and not for the better (per JAMA paper, here). And so it comes to pass, that yet another social problem that is widespread and increasing all too much if the whole media show is to be believed, that is, bullying, has a dopamine depletion component. And it just might be purposely applied to the population at large for this same reason.

Not too put too fine a point on it, but also, societal crippling with opiods and like addictive substances, delivered in great quantity the by the CIA, (e.g. Mena) etc. also cause release of dopamine. This runs down one's own natural dopamine feedback and generative capabilities, leaving one dependent on an exogenous supply, aka, addicted. Another world wide, and an significantly unfortunate one at that, dopamine depletion study on the population at large IMHO.

Just speculating of course, but with yours truly a dopamine deficient ADD sufferer, and a TI since 04-2002 after a lifetime of being covertly monitored, surveilled and remotely controlled to some extent, this whole human experience of dopamine reduction, depletion, and other imposed jacking around with such a vital animal hormone, (and it is, not just a neurotransmitter), this whole world wide dopamine study theory seems to tie together.

While TI''s are in the hot seat as study subjects, and kept acutely aware of their plight while always being under their (TPTB) thumb, some or much of the rest of the population may well be at least monitored in some capacity with respect to their dopamine, genetic and bioenergetic interactions. And too, with the relentless media promotion of "love", (a neurochemical surge of dopamine), this state too could be another worldwide dopamine study coming from the opposite direction. Well at least, it may answer the long running question all TI's have, "why did they decide to pick on me?".

Though in fact, the answer is likely to be many faceted. One's endogenous dopamine state is one selection criteria (aka, nonconsensual research parameter), but I suspect that blood type and lineage is another, one's energetic profile, skin color and the melatonin and dopamine interaction, one's knowledge comprehension and retention capabilities, and a few others. I don't buy into the organization retribution angle much; likely they (the covert researchers) had the victim/subject lined up since birth (as it seems in my case) and then staged a workplace stunt, say, to then cause an event (say, whistleblowing) that paints a picture of the organization invoking a nefarious retribution targeting of the individual. Sure, perhaps a few may suffer this fate, but should this "happen" to you, I would re-examine one's whole life and the interesting coincidences, aberrant behavior of others and other high strangeness to see if there was a pattern all the while. I cannot think of anything more humbling and perturbing to learn that one's life was an orchestrated fraud all along, and all one's family and friends are nothing more than treasonous quislings on the stage.

Anyhow, now 12-11-2019, and I will get this posted and call this much delayed missive done.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Return from Another System Hack

 A whole weekend off, a rarity of the prior job, but I had to give it up as I was feeling so trashed from the physical duties and the long hours, six days a week. Now, for a prospective month or so, I am back doing viticulture duties. My new employer is in the business of viticulture services, that is, undertakes the duties for vineyard owners who don't wish to do or manage the work themselves. In some cases it is established wineries, other clients are small holding owners, others wish for a single service, say spraying etc. They manage some 300 acres over some 40 clients. In other words, lots of variety and different tasks, even if it is near the end of picking. I have been working on vine pulling the past few days on one site, as this particular plantation hasn't done well. On another site, I was helping the surveyor to lay out the end post locations and the line posts. Hopefully we will have time to get the posts in before the pegs get buried in snow, as it has been cold this past week.

And by way of another system hack, it seems I have a temporary respite before another crash, this being the "Pink Screen of Death", a little more colorful than Microsoft's gift to the world, the "Blue Screen of Death", aka BSOD. In the case of the former, pink and white squiggly lines suddenly inhabit the display and it freezes inside of  a few seconds. Microsoft Windows invoked recoveries are hopeless. The bad news it that the problem never got fixed because the PC repair shop doesn't know what the problem is, even if they replicated it with several different graphics cards installed. A new PC they say, the drivers are out of date, Nvidia doesn't make them anymore, the PCIe is 2.0 when the current standard is 3.0, blah, blah etc. It seemed like grim news, so I spent most of the weekend studying the problem online, using the spare PC, also prone to flakiness, though of a different kind. (Boot up is peculiar sometimes). And it doesn't have access to this blog and allowing more postings, hence the hiatus. In other words, this blog posting could be held up yet again should this here PC have another squiggly line episode.

But I should be clear, I am not alone; this problem has gone back at least 8 years to prior Windows versions, and there is no certain remedy. Some say it is drivers, others say power fluctuation from the power supply, others say graphics card age, others say memory, others say its the CPU. That's four possible problems already, but the thing is that I never had a problem like this until after the RAID card was installed in mid summer. That was in response to the motherboard's RAID "somehow" not working correctly, hence a prior workaround that had to be attended to as no one was sure it was really in a RAID disk array.

I cannot count the number of times I have wanted to back myself up and have greater security of my computer files, and I am constantly thwarted. (RAID1 and greater makes multiple copies on different storage devices at the same instant). And there is only one outfit on this planet who has such a consistent track record in foiling my every effort, this one in particular. It has their modus operandi written all over it; once helpful PC techs now don't have a clue, and aren't offering much help, and over this same technical issue. Just what is their fucking problem? RAID arrays are ubiquitous, and have been around for 30 years, and yet I get constantly fucked on this issue. (For example, the above-mentioned on-board ASUS RAID "failing"). The whole RAID card installation this past summer, possibly the real culprit in the PSOD games, never would of happened if the usually reliable motherboard's RAID array somehow didn't work.

And too, the Psychopaths seem to get such a delight in having me function on another system, (above mentioned flaky starting PC), build up my habits there for a few weeks, (represented by lots of tabs open, as well as doing picture scanning), and now return me to the main PC. Now, I have to pull all of these efforts and interests for the past two weeks together, and get them back on one organized location on one PC. The perps just love that stuff; different files in different places, and the prodigious effort to get them back as a single unified collection, as well as getting my open tabs altogether. Easy you might say, all on a single home network. But no, Firefox won't synchronize the open tabs for "some reason: (even if set up to do so) , and Windows "somehow" doesn't see the PC 2' away that is on this network and is running. Well done assholes; the easiest and most natural thing to do, consolidate one's files and efforts, and yet this constant sabotage that creates this bifurcation and then furthers the sabotage so the effort is 50x more than what it needs to be, at greater risk.

And whatever this insane fuckery is about, over "distributed data" (more like a mess of unmanaged copies) and thwarting efforts to pull it together into a logical whole, is the very same issue for what I was employed for from 2000 to 2009, when designing and building a relational database for forest inventory sample plots. The organization idiocy, self-defeating fumbling, putzing and contractor fraud that I had to deal with was astounding. Finally, when I had budget authority, I hired a few good guys and assumed the role of a playing coach; I knew the business, did the major forestry analysis, and my guys put it into code, forms, tables, reports and did all the database admin to push changes through. They also contributed to the data analysis as I did not have sufficient knowledge about the business of data processing, and in one case, one of my guys came through with a magnificent model to deal with the myriad business rules, no matter what the context was, from data loading, valid values, to business reasonableness, to downstream data derivations etc. Anyhow, a magnificent project in the end, despite the organization landmines and loony traps placed in our way. But all related to the very same issue of the last four weeks; messed up data in different places that should be consolidated, logically arranged and secure. And yet again, (per above) more sabotage on this front, even if it is just "little old me", thankfully without organization adversity thrown in; "just" technical adversity this time. A word to the Psychopaths; just leave me and my data the fuck alone; I am quite capable of managing both, and would be a whole lot better at it without constant interference.

Aside from working with some new characters this week, and presumably, for the next three or so, I got some scanning done my photographs, some in negative form, some as slides, and some as prints. It is going to take a while, never mind cleaning up some of them as the color prints are yellowing some, and even the slides are losing their color intensity. Which will mean substantial playing around with image processing software. The Psychopaths made sure I was roundly annoyed at the outset as the software that came with the scanner; it won't handle 48 bit color. Like WTF; that is the standard for digital photographic manipulation, so perhaps one day I shall have to pony up for Photoshop, though I am going to give the free GIMP a shot at first to see if I can pull out the best in my old photographs.

And as this PC is much faster and with more memory, I will also pursue my new CAD interests; there are some much needed (IMHO) improvements needed for my hand pruners, and the parts need to be designed first. Although I have knowledge of raster and vector image processing in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), I am finding myself on a new road of refinement when those concepts ares taken into CAD drawings, based on my scannings of the parts. The scanning and the CAD interests are two similar and interesting pursuits I was also deprived of these past two weeks while this here PC was taken out of service. The Psychopaths just love that too; begin an initiative, or even a task, and then get "presented with circumstances" (read arranged interference) that cause its delay and for me eventually (usually) to be able to return to the effort. Well done assholes; there isn't a single thing that hasn't been hacked and/or delayed since this insane harassment began in 04-2002.

And in many cases before 04-2002, it was already prevalent, but not to this present level of consistency and obviousness. Though prior to the day infamy when the perps went berserk/overt in 04-2002, I suspect that in the event I began to make mental notes of peculiar similarities, they backed off to maintain their cover and not have anyone put in a unexpected position of making up more stories that just didn't add up. And too, fail my (then mediocre) lie-spotting skills, now much more elevated due to this concerted orchestration of stalking, fuckery and imposed adversity.

SOF... stalked my ass

Another day of pulling vines; I was the guy setting the choker on the trunk below the graft union, and the other guy ran the tractor to pull them out. A near 8 hour day of this to finish the job, and I was too bushed to go to yoga. I got all dressed up, decided to lay down to relieve my back, and just couldn't bring myself to get up and go 30 minutes later. Hence a continued lie down, and no sleep, just too whacked out to get up. I never experienced these kind of "In-between" sleeps/rests before all this abuse came down, and I reckon this is one more of their sleep/rest fuckery games. If I wasn't too bushed doing this last week, then why was I so wiped out today with a weekend off?

At least the Psychopaths didn't interfere to the high level of vexation they imposed last week; the chain would jam and bind unexpectedly, plant debris would somehow arrive and find its way to obstruct my vision as I was about to set the hook on the chain, or other fuckups that were just relentless. I would seem to me that at least sometimes things would go my way, but no, it was fight with the plant debris, chain etc. And that is typical of how they like to interfere; lay on extreme adversity at first and then slowly back off some, but on occasion, they will bring back some components from their adversity arsenal.

And just as well I skipped yoga this week; last week they near stacked the class with half males, highly irregular by any attendance I have observed. At least eight in a class of 16, most never been seen before, and seemingly they all got trained by the same Fuckwit in advance to lay on the heavy breathing. It was ridiculous as it was laughable; like WTF, here we are in a rest position in mid-class for a minute or so, and some idiot-male is doing heavy breathing. Yes, once they did bring a male jelly-gutted male and plant him around me for about six classes, and he was terribly out of shape and should not of been in an advanced class, and he was doing heavy breathing and sweating to keep himself going. But these dudes, while not real yogis, aren't nearly as flabby in the main, and here they are in heavy breathing mode. And for crissakes dudes, keep your shirts on, especially the flabby one.

Obviously, the Psychopaths are on a campaign to increase associated maleness in my proximity, as they have been slowly and steadily increasing the dude count in yoga. Then every few months, they reach a set point, and put in all females in the class, and until another set-point (it seems), they incrementally add more males. Thanks assholes, I can do without them, even if you are on a campaign to exercise/expose my subconscious traumatization reactions (abreactions) to males, which very likely were part of the abuse during the Lost Years, when aged 2 to 5, when my recall was wiped out. I have read enough from others of that era, and it wasn't pretty. Others, such as Anne Diamond, still don't know what happened to them. In any event, I don't need to be rehabilitated, I just need to be left the fuck alone. But they never get that. Which suggests my abreactions are a barrier to more brain and energy fuckery and research they have in mind.

I picked up vine trunks and carried them to the roadside for 4 hours, and that was my work for the day, despite prior assurances the Boss Man was to show up with a trailer and I was to help him load and dump them. He phoned around 1100h and said that he would help tomorrow, and later in the evening, my co-worker said he would be doing this tomorrow. Being new to this outfit, and the Boss Man, it seems that surely he can show up if he commits? I had my doubts though, as he showed me X-rays of his artificial hip, and it just seems that active vineyard work isn't the best thing to do for him. Earlier this year, he re-injured his artificial hip, so I am sure he must be favoring it so not to repeat such an episode. So why the stated commitment to help, and then backing off, twice? Whatever; another human behavior mystery to resolve.

And what is with the stalking at SOF still at a high pitch? I got royally hounded on my last visit three days ago during the afternoon, so I figured I would go back today, later at my usual visit time of 1900h or later. They were still on my ass at the chocolate section again, putting on successive stalkers within 3 minutes of each other. Funny how sparsely populated aisles (at that time) just "happen" to have people around when I am at my usual haunt.

Binge -watching Unsolved Mysteries, the original version this past month.... It just seems that some of the stories don't add up. Or more to the point, there are many additional questions to be answered and the show is failing to ask them. On other occasions, the police and prosecutors are deliberately dragging their feet and not doing their job of investigating the crime scene properly. Perhaps I should do a critique of some of these stories, but perhaps it has been done by someone else (like a blog). In one case, "The Boys on the Track" (as in killed and laid on a railway track for the train to run them over), "happens" to have considerable connection to the drug smuggling activity at Mena of the Clinton-Arkansas governance days. It took considerable effort on the part of one of the parents to get the body exhumed and re-examined, as the coroner blew the case off as a drug induced misadventure. Eventually an "uncertain" determination was made, meaning the police aren't going to do much either. But, when reviewing Arkancide, likely much more recent than the Unsolved Mysteries episode and its update, there are some who contend that they know exactly who killed the boys. And lo, if that person didn't get Arkancided.

My regular co-worker is becoming more gruff and pissy of late; and it isn't me screwing up as the nominative cause. Along the way I learn that he has had prior sports concussions. And it seems that he has a penchant for alcohol consumption. Great; another unpredictable boss/co-worker situation, and even looking worse than the last gig.

We were doing trellis wire installations, and he was decidedly uncommunicative and unsupportive. I even helped out him considerably by packing my own hammer and a tool pouch with staples in it, and lo, if he didn't lose the other hammer and need to walk the row to retrieve it. Then he forgot the bucket of supplies we needed, when he was the one who brought them to the vineyard. All by himself no less, and not the usual Psychopathic set up of having me misunderstand his terse directions and I get it in the ear.

Last week I was getting some contradictory instructions from him about the vine pulling, and had to plainly ask him what he wanted, when he suggested that he didn't want me to do what he originally asked for (and no change in circumstances). And he was cranked that pulling a vine was taking 15 seconds, and I assumed he had done this before. At the end of the job he tells me that he hadn't done it before. Like WTF; job safely and job accomplishment are paramount, and it takes as long as it takes. Another day he is cranked about the Boss Man needing us to for a rock picking job as the wire trellis job was taking too long. (Well it didn't; it is just that he spent 3 hours getting the truck and supplies before he began, and then later (per above) forgot to bring some of the supplies). I replied "woo-hoo" to the rock picking job, as in, "ain't that exciting", and that clammed him up. He seems to be constantly cranked about how long jobs take, but most of the delay time is taken up with getting supplies and vehicles.

As it "happened", he also has a landscaping business, and I committed to moonlight for him before it became apparent just how pissy and uncommunicative he is. It became another survival situation; keeping one's head down doing whatever one thinks he wants when he can change his mind for no apparent reason. You know, just ream out the help because they are supposed to be able to read his mind, and don't bother with explaining any context.  At least yesterday he didn't round on me too much as there were two other helpers on his leaf raking job.

A longer than usual run without a posting, but here it is.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Back From a Windows Upgrade

This PC, which seems to be the only one that can access this blog for whatever reason, is back to operational. I appears the BSOD problem was due to Windows updating and imposing its drivers over top of the drivers that were working just fine. Just to think that dear old MS's remedy for like malfunctions is to update the drivers from their website. That is, replicate (and re-impose) the problem-causing issue. Well done boys and girls. It just makes me want to go to Linux all the more rather than be cast deeper into a Kafka-esque circular techno-perversity that has no reason to exist in the first place.

Well I suppose my keepers just might of had this all planned some 17 years ago. Back then, when they first went berserk/overt and continually hacked my home PC, I attempted to go to Linux in an attempt to avoid their intrusions which were so boldly frequent and invasive then. I forget why I gave up Linux then, but they were certainly hacking me and taking it down whenever they wanted. Since then, I came to realize there was hardly a breath I took, or a notion I had, that wasn't orchestrated in advance, so doubtless that short (6 months) Linux episode served some ulterior purpose.

As did other feints and fuckery of the day. Back in 2003, when just out from illegal incarceration, my pal from my teens and 20's "happened" to drop by, all the way from Hamilton ON to Victoria, BC (4,000 miles apart) where we grew up and hung out. That he had no particular reason to be there, as his parents were both deceased, (and had moved to Parksville BC anyhow), seemed to get a blow-off excuse. Anyhow, we chatted at my parent's place for an hour or so, and it was perfectly obvious that he didn't want to talk about recent events, like, the total (berserk/overt) life invasion, the perps and what their agenda might of be, criminal police involvement etc., all extremely topical to me and very much at issue. I had previously assumed, or more like, was planted with the notion, that the harassment onset of 04-2002 was the beginning of this, and that anyone I knew from long beforehand would be trustworthy, as in not involved. Not that I requested him to act on my behalf or anything, but I assumed he had nothing to do with this rain (or reign, as it became, now 17 years into this), of intense and highly coordinated abuse. About six months later other clues became plainly evident that I was in their sights long ago, likely from birth.

So during this above naive phase of understanding the scope of my harassment, as a TI "only" a year or so, (more than a minute is fucking hell on earth IMHO), why, my good pal (per above) just "happens" to drop in from 4,000 miles away to chat. Of course, when I later realized that I had been kept as a TI from the get-go, naturally my pal had to been involved. Then, when recalling many past interactions with him, it all made sense. All those quirky or smirky looks, the inside humor that he wouldn't explain, the peculiar and terse answers I often got as to why did someone do something incomprehensible etc., blowing me off about things I plainly saw etc. As with any traitors, I don't want to see the SOB again. He just "happened" to slip into that window of time from mid-2003 to late 2003 when I was still unaware that I was being kept as a lifelong TI. And too, he didn't want to know about any of the current abuses and insane fuckery that was so relevant to me, another tip-off of prior arrangement.

Anyhow, I have no idea why the Psychopaths like to have me swap PC's every so often; obviously there a myriad differences between the internet residence connections outside and the sights and sounds of interacting with the device. Differing wire colors, motherboard layout, and even a different monitor and keyboard. "Somehow" I forgot to get this (much preferred) particular monitor with an HDMI connection, and hence this bifurcated situation where this PC and the back up PC each have their own monitor. And separate mouse too, having prior problems with a KVM set up, where the same keyboard, video and mouse can be readily swapped with a keyboard stroke to a different PC.  All a big deal for the Psychopaths, including the color of wiring and circuit board etc,, but I just couldn't care less. Just leave me the fuck alone.

Speaking of which, it is a four day long weekend for me, as the Boss Man texted last night, and indicated that he would not be coming into work today as he is taking the Mexicans, my laboring co-worker couple, on a tour of the Kootenays. Lovely country, and I did live there for three years, and as it "happened" they covered the very town I lived in and my many other routes. More of that geographic coverage of my former regions and routes by family and colleagues.

I had the option to work today if he could get someone to open up his business, but elected not to. And it served to tell me that I am still physically trashed and recovering from the heavy lifting and laboring work of the last three weeks in the course of digging holes next to the foundations, lifting steel plates, carrying 100lb bags of cement, etc. So... it tells me all the more that if it takes four days or more to recover from six days of this laboring job, that the usual one day off per week isn't going to cut it. And too, that I should inform the Boss Man that he had better find a replacement. We shall see how that goes tomorrow, though I would not be surprised that he knew this was coming.

And what is with these new variations of maser displays of late? I have long mentioned the black floating dots, often in pairs or triplets, and the filamentous drifting versions that can arrive suddenly upon seeing something unusual, or trace the very location on a page I am reading, and other specific situations. The latest variant is three or more undulating filamentous lines scrunched together, a filamentous parallel cluster if you will, which have more perturbing and edge detection impairing capability. A few days ago, I had my feet up on my work surface edge while watching something on this here monitor, and lifted my feet off for a bit, given that I am often imposed with momentary discomfort. And lo, if at least four to six sets of these filamentous maser clusters didn't suddenly arrive and sit over the very location where my feet had been for at least five or ten seconds, drifting right and left in unison by an inch or so, all of the same pattern. Like, as if, we need to get a magnetic reading on where your feet were ASAP, especially since they weren't on the ground, but on an elevated surface (an edge in fact). I don't give a shit; just leave me alone; I am not anyone's magnetically kept subject that I want any part of. Regular readers will recall that the last most reliable magnetic readings I got in my immediate proximity were around 1700Gauss, some 3400x normal background level. Go figure.

I told the Boss Man I couldn't continue to work beyond the week as the job was too physically demanding. He seemed to know it was coming, and concurred it was a tough job to do. I was set to work in the yard as the only employee today to cut 3" steel pipe into 16" pieces. The pipe sections were 6' or 8' and I lugged them onto the chop saw and cut them up. My back was not happy about it. As I was 40' from a busy two lane thoroughfare, the traffic noise was on high, and they even put on the infernal and much loathed HD motorcycle noise. Another trademark noise of theirs is the ill-maintained mufflered vehicle, replete with a manual transmission to keep the noise more ridiculous. Also, the "performance" mufflers, aka hot-rod like sound; plenty of them too.

A whole day of cutting metal pipe and sending sparks flying from the chop saw. The wind happened to come on, and so there was all manner of spark cloud variations. Another piece of fuckery that is more prevalent on this job is the intrusions to force me to take my safety wear off momentarily, or else the forced "forgets" over using it, e.g., visor on my hard hat. And lo, just when I pull the visor down, why, a sudden burst of muffler noise from the street heard through my ear muffs. The perps just love to add variations of what I am looking through; plastic visor material in this case, but other times, variants of glass or translucent plastic etc. And perturbing me with putting gloves on and off, and forcing far too many such events. Another variant on changing up my safety gear is for someone to start talking to me when I have my ear muffs on.

The Mexican couple weren't working today, but did come by to chat briefly, and of course, causing me to remove my safety gear to talk to them.

Never, ever, am I allowed to do a heads-down (and stay down until done) task with the Psychopaths on my ass. They constantly arrange disruptions, and in this case, breaker kick-outs as well. Even getting started was a two hour event; sure I had to set this up to get consistent cuts and making the repetitive process easier to perform, and there was an alternate chop saw I tried to fix, per Boss Man's direction, but I never got it going. And a total mind fuck about attempting to put a new 14" metal cutting chop saw blade on as well. Anyhow, I got it all done, with the Boss Man arriving while I was on my second to last pipe, and then he tells me when I am about to make the last cut, I should make it the last pipe as he wanted one full length to remain. Funny how the stalking show erupts when I am about to complete a task.

Below: an add-on from the prior week, when this PC was down, in place of not having access to TI World on the Lenovo back up PC
The PC is down again, and I managed to take it to the repair shop today, as it was a rare in-town work day. Because air compressors are in high demand due to irrigation system blow-outs (removing water from farm and residential properties alike), the labor job takes place tomorrow on site, an hour's drive away. Today I was cutting 3" steel pipe. I got set up with two pallets to support the pipe and set it up on the chop saw.  No mean feat, as the sections were either 5' or 6' (heavy). The chop saw worked fine until it crapped out due to a prior cord burn. [Brushes as it later turned out].  Funny how these "issues" (that were there for the past two weeks) suddenly erupt into a problem when I am into a production run. The Psychopaths just love to mess with production runs when I am there. Longtime readers will recall the almost unrelenting string of "happen chance" disruptions when working on a wine bottling line. The sequence is entirely predictable; a series of stop-start problems at the beginning, sometimes for a few hours, and just when production is getting into a respectable groove (as am I), why, a disruption erupts. All to repeat itself with another wine, or bottle, label, closure change, until day 2 or 3.

More pipe-cutting production crap out problems occurred when I found the replacement chop saw didn't have a hold down washer and bolt. A second one did, but was less powerful and invoked many circuit braker kick outs. That was largely due to the cut-off blade wasn't the same as what I was using, though same-rated and from the same manufacturer. As I was only 40' from a two lane thoroughfare I am quite sure a major vehicular gangstgalking was on as well, though I was mostly heads down attempting to deal with the onslaught of operation disrupting aforementioned fuckery. "No productive or efficient operation goes unsabotaged" is a Psychopath credo in my experience.

And what was with the heavy gangstalking tonight when out visiting larger stores such as LD and SOF? A swarm of four to precede me at the checkout, one of whom lingered over the self-checkout I intended to use, (and did use, as it was the only one available), and two actually checked out groceries while the other two lingered nearby. One of the Fuckwits had to come in close to me to talk to his pal in mid-checkout, all in keeping with financial transaction stalking, their stock (or stalk if you prefer) in trade. And tailing me all over the store, doing the suddenly-arrive-behind-me game (no "excuse me" in this town). Another one arrived at the jerky section as I was there, just to obstruct me and piss me off and drive me elsewhere.  Two vehicles at different angles with headlights upon exit at both stores; you would think I was royalty or something. The bum-stalk outside LD, still there on my exit. And wearing red pants to make it obvious; I loathe red pants on males for some reason.

A brutal day on mud-jacking today at the job. The "mud", actually a grout that slowly solidifies, comes out of a hose with a fitting on it and the connection is pointed inside a drilled hole in the concrete pad. As it happens, these subterranean voids are connected and will bleed grout out of holes and into places we don't want. Such as the garden bed next to the driveway, the 5' dug hole where the pilings are pushed below the foundations etc. And it is our job to pound in the rolled up empty concrete paper bags into these grout leaks in an attempt to seal them. Well, it isn't quite so simple as this is soil, and when a liquid substance is under pressure, it will leak out somewhere if the voids are filled. In other words, there were plenty of leaks, with me pounding away at awkward angles to get the leaks plugged. As part of this strategy, the Boss Man moves from hole to hole, so the job at one location isn't quite done before he wants it done at another. And in these circumstances he is at his worst denigrating self, so plenty of ill-aimed insults to absorb as well. And then a major clean up afterward so the grout doesn't sit in the hose or pump any longer than necessary. I was glad it was over.

As it "happened", the Boss Man has a Cheech and Chong obsession, and they were in town tonight. He gave us each front row tickets, worth $125 no less. We cleaned up as fast as we could, traveled an hour back, and then had about an hour to get ready for the show. Not my kind of fare, but worth a visit, and so I went. It was well done, up to date, funny and not too raunchy. The Boss Man was such a fan of C&C that he paid an extra $125 to see them after the show for the meet-and-greet and autographs, some of it going to charity. He even scooped the C&C staff, and recited some of their skits from their first album he said. Only C&C themselves knew that his recitations were from their first album. Funny the things one learns about one's boss after hours.

Thanksgiving in these here parts. Always a weird-assed premise of a holiday for this TI anyhow. What am I to be thankful for as a nonconsensual human subject subjected to relentless imposed adversity and infuriation? Furthermore, the entire bounds of normalcy have shifted for all time; e.g. is everyone cruising near me a gangstalking Fuckwit, why have "coincidences" increased by an order of magnitude, why are so many normal people behaving strangely, and how is it that everyone knows I am a TI in advance of seeing me (i.e. is everything orchestrated)? Just a few starter questions, and I could make this a very long list. As I see it, I have nothing to be thankful for while being kept alive under the insane and abusive thumb by the Psychopathic Confederacy in search of what seems to be the Universal Wave Function (more below).

I saw the Disney/Pixar film titled "Coco" a few nights ago, which was recommended by my Mexican co-worker. The story was set in Mexico on the eve of Dias de los Muertos, where families visit the grave sites of the buried. The theme of the film is a young boy manages to transition from the living to the dead world, and ultimately, back again and doing good in the process. What I found was interesting was that there was this world of the dead in the story, which of course mirrors many beliefs from other cultures. Also portrayed in the film, is the concept that if a member of the dead is forgotten by the last remaining living person (who has memories of them), then they will disappear from the land of the dead. I thought about this, also with the knowledge of Hugh Everett's Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics, as well as the Psychopathic assholes and their abusive research agenda. And too, human  nature, (doubtless managed too) in that we typically do have events to remember the dead, be they national holidays, Rememberance and Armistice memorials, and the huge realm of named objects (streets, stamps, currency etc.) statues and other cultural markers. I don't exactly know how all this fits together, but if humans are nonconsensual human subjects, and placed here on Earth for that very purpose, then studying the living and the dead just might be another facet of the Psychopath's research agenda. I know from personal experience that the Psychopaths engage in no end of memory fucking games, aka "forced forgets", and they also like to plant memories (persons most often) in mind that are entirely irrelevant to the context, and so it just may be that they are also exploring the material world (the tangible present) and the "soul world" (the dead) energetic associations. All to possibly elicit and identify the Universal Wave Function, as espoused by Hugh Everett, who stated that it is unlikely that we could not determine it on this single planet. Anyhow, just a few associated thoughts on this topic, as I am sure it will direct some of my reading in the next year or so.

From low brow Cheech & Chong to mid-brow show by Jill Barber at the Dream Cafe, Oct 11, two nights later. A magnificent show and one to remember for a long time. She was personal, personable and was in excellent voice. A request tour apparently, where requests are submitted in advance, but as she indicated, somehow there was a "glitch" for this show and no advance requests were received. The "somehow glitch" thing again. I didn't get the focused stare from the performer like so many other shows, but she did a song in serenade style, and walked to most of the tables while singing one song. And so, while sitting at the table at the back wall near the stairs, why, she walked down the aisle singing and did arrive 2' away from me (as she did for many others), and we did make direct eye contact. Long time readers will know that that nearly every show has at least one of these direct stare moments from the stage performer, from the stage, but in this case she came directly to my table making direct eye contact, and in the context of her serenade, many others experienced too. At least I did not receive the attention of the microphone pointed at me to finish the last sung word of her song as did one other patron. All in good fun. Even more funny was that she signed autographs while singing, holding the microphone in her armpit. Even more arresting was her negligee-like outfit for the second set, perhaps enough to make Miley Cyrus blush.

Enough of the snippets from now and before, and I shall attempt to get this posted before another sudden crash.

Monday, October 07, 2019

Don't Want to Know

I work with this Mexican couple on this hole digging gig. They aren't the most productive, even if they speak good English, but they are nice folk, friendly and engaging. Sometimes I wonder if this whole gig isn't a big arrangement; like why would the Boss Man be so nice to them when they aren't real laborers?

Anyhow, they like to know how I am each day, and I tell them what it is. This morning I was suffering from the continuing effects of yesterday's mysterious ailment. That is the sensation of bruised ribs and sore muscles in all my torso, as if someone had walked on me. I told them exactly that, and they didn't seem the least fazed as to what this mystery ailment might be. And as they knew I felt like crap, you think they would of asked me how I was doing. None of that. It just seems so peculiar they didn't inquire at any time over the day, when they are really caring people. I suppose they aren't allowed to ask, or just don't want to know. Regular folks behaving strangely is nothing new in this harassment gig, and shame on me for thinking they would be any different than the hordes of arranged stalkers out there.

Slowly over the day, I felt better, getting over the torso musculature abuse I somehow suffered. I had something like this three years ago, and didn't have a clue as to what I was suffering, and two doctors didn't seem to have a clue, even if they had a grin on their face. Nothing funny about that, let me assure you. I wasn't even sure I was going to live when going through this imposed awfulness.

A three party male decend-on-me stalking when I was finishing up with the jackhammer this morning at the residential house work site. OK, I get it; tool use, beginning, use and cessation is a big deal. But will you assholes tell me why it is so important? I really don't give a flying fuck, save that I like good tools, take care of them, and never lend them out.

And what is is about my co-worker on my ass, using the tools I was using without so much as a mention. A very polite guy, and suddenly without mention, he has to use the bucket I was using for my small hole that I was digging for a piling support. (I was using this pair of small buckets all afternoon). I am in this dug hole next to the foundation some 5.5' deep, and then he asks if he can finish the job. NO. Then he wants to do the jack-hammering to take off the concrete excess wide of the footing. Like WTF; I am 5.5' deep in a hole, and it makes perfect sense that I continue for this 10 min. task. Answer was NO.

Never mind he has the unerring knack of getting in my way much of the time. These same nutzo take-my-tools (when I obviously haven't finished using them), take-over and get-in-my-way stunts were exactly what my Russian emigre co-worker was pulling last year. Funny how that "happens". The Russian guy was smart and construction savvy (but had some inexplicable pissy moments), and this guy is neither,- quite different cats with the same habit of running interference.

Then we decided to test the hole depth under the footing with the piling mount, a 20lb piece of welded steel plate, channel stock and pipe stock, and we lower it down the hole. I am in the hole and place and test it, and decide that we need another inch of height below the foundation footing, as in digging down. The hole is 2'x2' and he tells me it is easier to dig down by moving this steel piling mount aside, it being at least 15" wide. Like WTF; how can I even get a shovel around it? I say NO, and lift it up for him to receive, and dig the hole an inch deeper. Will someone tell the Psychopaths I do not like to have claustrophobic co-workers crawling up my asshole in attempting to do the very thing I am doing (competently), with the tools I am using and attempting to stand in the very location I am? Just go fuck yourselves; I have had enough of this shit, and that would be 17 years of intensive stalking coverage and a prior 47 years of covert fuckery that had a lot of similar themes. And for the record, if you can back it off for 47 years such that I don't detect the obstructive fuckery patterns (usually), then you can back it off right fucking now. In fact, back off 100% and leave me alone.

A shorter work day as I had a scan on my L hand at the hospital and then went to work in Osooyos, an hour drive away. A good thing too, as it was a brutal day, with concrete cutting, jack hammering, concrete removal, etc. to 1730h.Then an hour drive back with my crew member, on our own time. And the dust and dirt too. I don't think I am up for this particular flavor of construction work, as well as the long hours. And when we go on the road it is 12 days straight, 2 off, and on the road again, all with a room mate. How should I make my exit?

The Boss Man was on a major griping day; I was one minute late (said is was OK last week), then over price of gasoline, every fucking thing it seemed- low testosterone maybe? He could of helped me when I was 7' down a dug hole, mentioning how to detect more rocks (that send the piling start the wrong way, but wouldn't get me the tools). And he was no help in getting the piling mount (above mentioned 20lb piece of steel) out of the hole, somehow inferring that I can dig with it in there, again, a 2'x2' space in the bottom of a dug hole.

I catch the work travel vehicle low fuel issue before when set off, as I drive it work bound, (I don't retain the vehicle overnight) on account of him cheap-assing the day before and not filling it up (when he could of, but didn't) and he goes all pissy . I should of got a medal, as he was the one who forgot. Imagine running out of gasoline on the highway with his only three workers...

We travel back (one hour) on our own time, but he phones before we leave on where to fuel up, to save 10 cents a liter, a whole $5 on filling the tank. Right; three workers in a vehicle with the fuel meter malfunctioning by pointing the wrong way (down when full), on top of him forgetting about to fuel it up, and he goes silly over saving  $5.

Every day I swear I am going to quit this gig, but "somehow" I get distracted.

Sunday; yesterday's work day went OK. We are back filling the holes now, so the heat is off and the Boss Man doesn't need to be there full time.

But, this here PC is crashing right and left, and the spare one is having its problems in attempting to boot up. And the spare PC also temporarily freezes when viewing videos online. And it won't let me access this (my) blog. And did I not have both PC's fixed and examined this past summer? Yes, and even having a back-up PC is subject to sabotage. No good deed, (or intelligent anticipation of fuckery or sabotage) goes unpunished.

So... if there is a dearth of postings for the next month, you will know why.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Password Exclusion Loop

And what new deranged email access blocking stupidity has Yahoo come up with? I am to verify that I am who I am; everything is OK, I got my password right, then had to verify my alternate email which I never use, the one that Google foisted on me. And lo, Yahoo claims I was sent a verification code and I never got it. (I tried many times). Like WTF; I am blocked from my Yahoo email because of some bone-headed stunt over a "verification code" that I never received because of an association with an email address that Yahoo wishes to make for this same email address that I never wanted in the first place. Even Kafka never concieved of something so bizarre.

Well done Yahoo; only MS and Google do stupider techo-tautologies than you, but you are joining their rank. How about you send me this all important verification code to my cell phone text instead, something that I do use? Or, how about testing this inanity first, or perhaps that is the point; how to piss off your customer base.

Sunday, and supposedly a day of rest, but I had a lot to do. My L thumb is bothering me with some pain, and certainly reduced function. This has come on in the last three weeks after some prior months of sensation, but nothing bothersome. And if that weren't enough, I have an all-body pain, as if someone were walking up and down my back in the night. My rib muscles are sore and I have at least 20% reduced flexibility. And instead of one imposed ailment following another, why, they are now beginning to lap them. That is, before one is done, the next is coming on. Go fuck yourselves.

Anyhow, by dint of huge fluke, I got into the walk-in clinic yesterday with no waiting. Normally a two hour wait on Saturdays, and one had best be there at the crack of 0900h, opening time, as there are already some 8 to 10 others at the door. But "for some reason", no one was in the waiting room. Good thing too, as I forgot to bring a book. Anyhow, the doctor treated my forehead lesion, in the area that had skin surgery in 02-2019, with cold nitrogen, so we shall see how that goes. I also asked him about my L hand pain, and he ordered an Xray for it. It was news to me that an Xray could see arthritis, but he said it can, and so I will.

That is, whenever I can get to the medical imaging department as I am working 10.5 hour days, and then travel another hour back from the job site. I am digging holes at the foundations for a house that needs its carport leveled. Another one of those situations where the builders just don't do a good job of foundation preparation, and once they have scooted, the Home Owners Warranty fund gets stiffed. In the case of this house, it was lifted under the Warranty, but the garage has dropped after the warranty ran out. We got a real weekend this time, because the forecast was for rain all weekend, and it would of turned our diggings into a mudbath.

Which meant that got onto all manner of errands and chores these two days past, as getting spare time when other businesses are open is going to be a rarity. Hair cut, leg wax, ditch the recycling at the depot, dump the unneeded stuff at Value Village and otherwise pour it on. At some point yesterday afternoon I got sacked with a motivational lapse, and then  putzed around online. Today, I got my landlord's weeding done, and even waxed and cleaned the inside of my vehicle. I like to wax my vehicle twice a year, but with this dreary and wet September, when one ordinarily can get a tan, I was pondering that I may get shut out. That would be in accordance with the Psychopathic imperative that no good habit goes unsabotaged. And with a forecast for rain for half the day, I thought I was about to be shafted. But somehow, it held off all day, and I got the job done. And even had the motivation to clean the inside for all the dust and accumulated debris. Not only that, I got to clean the wheels for the first time. Normally they sack me with demotivation after the vehicle body is waxed, and have me clean the interior weeks later. But to my surprise I got all this done, the second time ever in seven years (14 wax applications) of car ownership during this 17 year long (and continuing) Fuckover.

And what has the world come to when the Grey Lady, The New York Times, keeps a blatantly racist reporter on the editorial board, only recently demoted to a subsidary. An Asian woman by the name of Sarah Jeong dumps on whites, and this is OK by the NYT editorial board. That she is Harvard educated lawyer adds that extra bit of high perversity to a rag that is sadly in need of a credibility fix. (The NYT has been long seen by TI's a protector of the Psychopaths, not interested in objectivity by any means.) Change the race, skin color and lo, we have something that would not of been permitted even 50 years ago. I suppose this might be the straw that broke the camel's back for some, but the NYT needs to get a grip on reality and exercise editorial leadership instead of pandering to the latest (or requested) hate mongering fashion. Disgraceful in the least; and possibly a stunt that will save a lot of trees when the presses stop.

A short post this week as I have been so tired from my long working days, which are likely to continue for two more months.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Digging Holes

A job interview this morning with a contractor who does building leveling. Seems that he wants laborers to dig holes at the foundations for hydraulic jacking. It was about the most informal and oddest job interview that I've known. I was raining and he hadn't arrived, but a young and slender Middle Eastern woman with reasonable English was there, standing outside the office. I introduced myself, and she made no move to invite me inside. Not that she struck me as a hole digging laborer either. The Boss Man arrived a few minutes later, and he introduces himself, and begins the interview, outside in the rain. A sketchy Middle Eastern male, possibly the spouse of the young woman, also arrives and stands behind the Boss Man. So here we are, four of us, standing out in the rain when there was an open office door 4' away. As to what the Middle Eastern types were doing hanging around and not explaining anything was just plain strange. In fact, I find it downright perturbing to have anyone hang around that doesn't seem to have a purpose, anywhere. (This was long before I knew I was a gangstalking target, and or course, is much worse now). Even harmony singers with larger bands I find annoying, even if it isn't a direct threat to me. So perhaps the perps are adding in these Shiftless Shits, (the SS), just to get me unsettled for whatever reason. Perhaps to one day determine the neural energetics of being gangstalked, so they can gangstalk more naive targets who will be kept in that state because they are neurally influenced to this deeper degree and their similar reaction (to mine) will be defeated. Just a passing speculative notion as to what they might be up to.

The Boss Man begins to tell me about the job, and that there is about 60% work on the road, staying two to a room, and working 12 hour days at times. And he details the rest of the particulars about the work, e.g. pay, etc. I ask him some questions about the nature of the business and work conditions etc. We speak for about 15 minutes, and it turns out he wants me to start tomorrow, which is doable. So I am going to give it a try, and see if I can do this gig, as it seems labor work is all I am going to get. Last year's bullshit interviews over viticulture assistant jobs made it loud and clear; no supervisory or collaborative work for me, no matter how much experience I have to offer. Ditto on doing tractor work; it continually doesn't happen no matter the obvious opportunities at the vineyards I have worked on. And in this highly orchestrated existence, there are no coincidences, just plain obstructions until I find someone that hires me.

But what a shit show this morning in getting ready; the Psychopaths scrambled the shit out of me, (to piss me off as a minimum), put on a profusion of extra road traffic, and even threw in two pointless errands, where each of the businesses was closed.

On the way home, more traffic overload, and even a helicopter turning overhead at my residence, kind of making it obvious that is all they were up for. I cannot count the number of aircraft that do turns overhead here. At least they didn't put on that particularly noisy single engine fixed wing aircraft that is so regular.

I went swimming last night, a serious hour long work coached out. It turns out that the coach is one of the top triathletes in W Canada. He seemed a decent guy and offered some swimming improvements. Three other swimmers were there, not quite the crowd I was accustomed to in the bigger city, usually 20 to 25 per practice.

A three nines and two ones date; a big deal for the numerology types, though it means squat to me, as I don't really follow that stuff.

But a day where I am beat; I began the house lifting/leveling outfit today, and dug holes next to the foundation for at least 8 of the 9.5 hours at work. What a fuck of a job, never mind how physically taxing it is. My co-workers are a young Mexican couple, though he seems like a Middle-East type from Europe. They speak good English, and are respectful, cooperative and polite.

The latter three qualities were lacking from my Russian co-worker last year on the four month long mill-work (cabinets and counters) installation job. That little shit was constantly on my ass, waiting to grab the tool (even if mine) I was using from my hands as one example of him irking me. He operated under a beat from a different drummer, despite my long running entreaties and attempts to connect with him. Even if he was about 27 yo., he seemed to be looking for subservience from this (then) 64 yo. Finally, when he was having a pissy fit for no seeming genuine reason, I had to go back to the basics and tell him that I didn't work for him, and if there are any calls on variation to specifications (the apparent issue), the foreman makes the call, not him. That pissed him off further. I cannot think of a more thankless co-worker for all the job training I gave him. Sure he was smart, but was by no means infallible, and disinclined to cooperate if there was an out. Some of my drill bits and tools went missing at the end of project; they were locked up every night, and it seemed that whoever took them had specific knowledge as well as access. It may of well been him too.

Anyhow, I don't expect any such antics from my new co-workers in the least, and the Boss Man seems pretty mellow, but is decidedly knowledgeable and connected with the house (and structures) lifting business. And has a decent sense of humor no less. All for the good if I can take the physical work.

And on account of the above mentioned mill-work outfit (more stories there, but I will refrain, though likely covered in past postings), who are now doing another project in town, and who strangely (IMHO) re-hired the aforesaid Russian shit in place of me, I am now digging holes at foundations so the mounts under the footings can be placed and the hydraulic ram can launch steel tubular columns to stop settling and re-level the structure.

As it "happens" the Psychopaths have a long running interest in me being exposed to soils and trenches, and too, go silly with noise-stalking and gangstalking each time I enter or exit a building, so it would seem this latest gig just plain suits their nonconsensual human experimentation purposes to a "T". Add in the tool switching needed to dig out the holes (5' today), another one of their Fuckery interests, and lo, one has another Perp-Perfect Fuckover job for the TI Victim (me). This is a small business, with a high demand for services, so it would seem this could be a longer term gig. But as long-term regular readers will know, the Psychopaths don't let me go for more than two years at a gig, so one has to wonder what their exit plan is.

A day off today, Sunday. Two prior days of digging holes (same one), now down about 10', and a few inches more to go. We need to bucket the soil out of the hole as it is too high to lift. But we are under the footing at least, and his piling mounts need to fit underneath it. The boss is a slave master in that he wants 10 hour days, and doesn't pay for a 30 minute lunch. So that is 10.5 hour days, and the Mexican couple I work with don't seem to get it that I want to be gone at 1730h, but instead they seem to putz around and take another 20 minutes before all is closed up for the day. I am not a crack-at-8-hours-flee-the-job guy, and usually put in 15 minutes extra most days, but for longer work days I want to be gone ASAP.

And how does one get personal errands done when many business open and close after and before I finish work? I haven't mastered that one yet, and the Boss Man seems to want me to leave my vehicle in his locked compound and ride with the Mexicans from the shop to the job site. I will ask him if I can work shorter hours as I won't be able to get to yoga tomorrow at 1730h at this rate. I reckon I will end up with a job site direct to yoga situation tomorrow. (Or else he will nix leaving early, and thereby annoying me for the long term, as work on the road leaves even less opportunity to get local personal errands done). That is, dusty and dirty post-job and no chance to clean up before yoga. The perps like to arrange those kind of permutations and combinations, where they have me panicked due to unforseen delays (ahem), causing me to skip the normal sequence of going to my  residence, and to my next commitment.

The all time Fuckover classic in this respect was when I flew from Spokane to San Antonio, first driving down from Nelson BC. The flight was likely on a Monday, and I flew back from San Antonio on a Friday. I expected to then drive back to Nelson, BC that day, and then proceed with my next commitment by driving to Victoria, BC on the Sunday. And lo, if all of the Spokane region wasn't fogged in, and the returning flight could not land, so it proceeded to Vancouver BC, as part of its intended flight route. Like WTF; if they cannot land they shouldn't proceed to another country IMHO. And "of course" I got snookered as I did not expect to need my passport which I had left in my vehicle at the Spokane Airport. And "of course" I got shit from the Canadian border control guy for not having my passport with me. A driver's license sufficed in those days, so it didn't become an major incident. I caught a short flight from Vancouver to Victoria, across the water from Vancouver, and then attended my business meetings there. All to screw me out of my expected routine of returning home before starting a new journey. Not a major deal, and it was in the pre-berserk/overt abuse days, but doubtless they were playing the same themes as they do now, just with greater and obvious intensity.

And too, the Fuckwits like to create fuckery events when crossing borders, so I assume that played a role in all of it too.

Three days of digging holes next to foundations last week; today we set the pilings and began to backfill to 3' depth. I was two days on a hole that ended up some 11' deep, about 30" square to get under the footings and put in the piling bracket. The Boss Man did the hydraulic jacking, and he got the steel pilings 15' down from the bottom of the hole. I believe he is going to raise the carport about 3" total.

And plenty of rain this past week, most atypical September weather for this region. Most of the dug out material was under a sheet of poly plastic so it didn't all turn to mud, or more like, a sticky clay mass thankfully. But there was enough small pieces that did to make sure plenty of mud stuck to my boots and got on my clothes. On with the soil games the Perps so much like.

I was allowed to split work "early" and go to yoga. The Boss Man likes to go 10.5 hour days, even while at home, never mind those on the road. A bit much to be sure. Anyhow, regular Monday night yoga started at 1730h, the same as his normal work end time, but he allowed me to leave early. I needn't of bothered though; yoga was an overpopulated shit show; at least 20 yogis, and two shirtless males arranged around me, one with a fair amount of "tat-splat" (tattoos) as I call it. And another three elsewhere in the room. I cannot stand the sight of tattoos, and these shirtless dudes also seems to be a new yoga phenonmenon as well. For the flabby white gutted ones; just put your shirts on and quit looking so ridiculous. Or, for the muscle bound "tat-splatted" dudes, why on earth do you even come to yoga when it is quite plain you are so hopeless at it? Doing weights does not make one flexible I have come to learn by observing these muscle bound tourist dudes, and besides, I haven't seen one yet that lasted more than about 5 classes before they get pulled and move onto whatever.

And for the fugly tat-splatted shirtless dude that just had to get too close to me, just back the fuck off; I don't need to see you lurking in my peripherial vision, nor see your sprawling self or the ridiculous bi-level haircut with the bob-job. Talk about hitting multiple Unfavoreds; dude, shirtless, tattoos, bob-job, and way too close.

And where do they get this new flush of yoga stalkers all the time? Maybe about 6 regulars, and all the rest are either recent, or just arrived yoga tourists. At least last week, they put on a gorgeous young babe with this lovely mane that kept cascading down. Most curious, as most women tie their hair back for yoga, but this babe (it seemed) needed to hide her face with her hair dropping down in front. I don't think I have seen such a display of women's hair at yoga before. In typical yoga tourist stalking mode, she wasn't there this week, as the pretty ones seem to get one-time stalking duty.

Anyhow, enough for a post I figure, and to call the week past done.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Splitting Wood

I am doing some on-off labor for a person who has a viticulture services business. He is keeping me somewhat busy on his personal property, an acreage, where he is putting in vines. Like any farm, hobby or bigger, there is no end of things to deal with, and today I was splitting firewood rounds for him. Not the old fashioned way with a maul, wedges and sledges thankfully, but with a rented hydraulic powered wood splitter. What a treat to use, and lo..., if the perps didn't exercise their fuckery whenever I use a new tool, machine or device, or software. A single hydraulic lever, forward and back, and only when I applied force on the lever. Sure enough they had me send it forward when I wanted it to go in the opposite direction, and vice versa, their usual tool operation fuckery, that even extends to operating a light switch or any other off-on binary switch. Though nothing major and no dangerous events. A reprieve of a kind.

The Psychopaths have long had an interest in me being around wood, and I suppose being a forester served their agenda in that respect too. And what is it about wood and all its properties that so interests the perps about, yet another plant material, even if it isn't alive. This is speculative of course, but it must be they they channel some kind of energy such that they grow tall and vertical, and presumably have some kind of signature retention of that energy. Otherwise, it would be easier for the trees to grow along the ground, which of course they don't.

Due to my extra wood splitting tasks, I was later than planned for yoga, and the "usual" crush of unusually prompt yogis erupted in this circumstance, displacing me from my regular location on the opposite side of the room from the entry door. At least 16 there, of which five dudes, three of whom who seem to "need" to remove their shirts. An absurd eruption of decorum in my view, one of them being a particularly languid and flabby specimen and seeming having never been to yoga before, anywhere, not just this class. So if you are a flabby and untanned middle aged male and haven't been to yoga before, or at least this studio, would you really go shirtless? I think not, unless you are instructed to do so.

(And if you think I am being overly analytical about attendance of the other yogis, there was a class about four years ago, when at class end, the male instructor thanked everyone for coming, and then added, "especially those who came on short notice". Like WTF; who gets notice to come to yoga, especially many, not just one person. Talk about a gimme as to orchestrated yoga class attendance.)

 As "usual" about five or so yogis I had seen before, and the rest came from I don't know where in this long running TI Victim Tour called yoga class. One of the quasi-regulars is this young blonde woman, about 160lb I reckon, just getting a little extra weight on her but nothing disgusting. She is big for sure, and almost my height, and she had a bikini top on to reveal a bare midriff. And what was more attractive is that she has no tattoos, none. In past classes she "happened" (at least 4x, the only times that she has come to class), to set up beside me on my R side at the next mat. So today, while I was barrelling in later than when I wanted, but before class start, she "happened" to precede me and set her mat down and with the room near packed (at 1720h for a 1730h start), I set my mat up beside her near the entry door. This would be the first time (of about five times) where the sequence of our arrivals was reversed. And furthermore, I was forced to place my mat near the only entry door as this location becomes a big cluster fuck every class.

I don't know this woman at all, and she scoots out quickly when class is over, but during class she seemed so annoyed/pissed, though not at anyone or anything that I could detect. Doesn't one go to yoga class to enjoy it to some extent?

I wasn't kept tattoo-view free in yoga though, in keeping with this particular odious trait of the Pscyhopaths to show me this Unfavored feature; one of the shirtless dudes in my usual mat location had a major fugly tattoo run down his L arm that was facing me. Well done; bring in a new shirtless yogi dude with a tats down his L arm who somehow "finds" my usual mat location (90% of my visits), just so I can see them from the other side of the room, a location that I have studiously avoided placing my mat. Having the regular blonde babe beside me in the same orientation (on my R side) fits the long running Psychopathic stalking pattern of placing the babe, (blonde is even more Favored), close by and having the Unfavored (unsightly) Fuckwit tattoo-splattered dude further away (10' past the blonde in this case), as if she was some kind of distant-dependent elicitation of auric goodness/gorgeousness (Favorable image) that needed to be compared to the more distant Fugly Fuckwit (decidedly Unfavored on two accounts). Go figure; this particular stalking vignette has been so incredibly consistent, the stalking stunt of a close-by blonde and further away male Fuckwit.

It did not escape my attention that after I arrived, still 10 minutes before class start, there were a few more yogis coming in, about two or so, one being the above mentioned dude with the fugly tattoos. He asked me if he could sit in front of me, and I said sure, or the other end of the instructor's mate, and he took the latter option. And lo, if some of the other mat dwellers didn't then proceed to shuffle their mats and make room for him, which as mentioned above, is my usual mat location. How is it that nobody does me these favors, the few times I come late? I get it, in fact I got it long ago; I am the pariah, either recognizably so by some means, for possibly have been instructed about with all other attendees as orchestrated shills, possibly having a prior rehearsal as it seemed by way of one instructor's verbal slip a while back. Why does this shit go on and on in such predictable patterns?   

Another MS Windows upgrade, and another take-out (or crash if you prefer) of my audio functionality. I checked the Event Log, and yes, there was a security patch update today. That is, nothing at the operating system level, so what gives? I think we are getting close to 15 occurrences of this event this year, and the year isn't done yet. Sometimes the Psychopaths mimic this problem by causing a momentary (or longer) power outage which resets the external amplifier to zero and fakes me out for a time (minutes to days) until I discover that it isn't the PC itself. Funny how they like to create a regular problem (Windows updates killing the audio) and then arrange to have the same problem caused by another means (though only two of the power outage causes this year). Go figure.

I went swimming for exercise last night, the first time in 20 years, as I never found the right swim club when I moved to Seattle in 1999. It went well, though only for 30 minutes as there was no coach. Only two other swimmers, both friendly enough. The usual locker room coincidence, even if hardly anyone there, where someone "happens" to be using the locker next to mine. Tiresome to say the least.

And all day ear ringing, especially in my R ear which still seems to have water in it. I have never, ever, in 15 years of club swimming (3x/week) had water-in-the ear issues that went longer than the same day. And now, a whole fucking day of extra loud ear ringing, slightly impaired (or different) hearing, and the sensation of something in my ear. I tried at least 4x with Q-tips, alcohol, head shaking and the rest of it, all to no avail. Another never-before stunt that just "happens" to erupt after not having done a fitness swim in 20 years. Well done assholes. Nothing like exploiting a new event, or at least, one that hasn't been undertaken in a long time, in the minds of the Psychopaths.
Another arranged coincidence to maximize my infuriation and inconvenience. I applied for a winery labor job last Friday, five days ago, and I had plenty of experience to at least get considered IMHO. That the job posting had just been extended by a month a few days earlier was a possible tip-off that they were still looking for someone. On the following Monday I had a day job, which would of been a likely day for a response to my job application. And lo, if I didn't "somehow" forget (read, forced "forget") to take my cell phone with me that day for work. As I was heading out the door, I sighted the phone, but put on my work vest as it has the pockets to put the phone in. And somehow in this intervening interval of 15 seconds or so, I "somehow" forgot to put the phone in the vest pocket. This is a new level of unbelievable of micro-managed neural intrusion. I have never, ever, had such an incidence of such goldfish memory. And yet the assholes pulled this in the most deliberate fashion. Their usual strategy to fuck with me like this is to create some issues, e.g., being late, and frazz the shit out of me and use this as the nominal reason for "forgetting" something that was so plainly obvious.

And in keeping with this forced "forget" stunt of not taking my cell phone to work, they nearly always have someone phone me while the phone sits unattended at my residence, who then gets voice mail, leaving a message, all to force protracted contact (if at all) with the person who left the message. That is, to cause rounds of phone tag, usually going on for days, (often over a weekend, like this instance) before an actual real-time phone conversation occurs. Sure enough, the prospective employer phones on Monday and leaves a message, name and phone number. I phone early the next day and no answer, so I leave a message. As it "happened" I was working only 500m from this same prospective employer, and I stopped by there after work, explained my phone tag problem to the polite tasting room person who phoned for the same person, but again, he wasn't answering his phone. Now two days after the person called, still no response.

Like WTF; what is the fucking point of jerking my ass around as to when I carry my phone on my person just so I miss a call on a day when it was totally expectable? I get 2-4 calls a week at best, and this would of been an expected call on this day, and it just so "happens" I get nailed with a severe and never-before case of goldfish memory neural intrusion just to fuck up this whole episode and protract real time contact. (Yet to be fulfilled). Which is what they have done repeatedly all my existence. That I am pissed is an understatement, and it being so obvious makes it worse.

And in case you think I am prone to phone-forgetting, I am not. Sure, maybe twice per work season/year, and this is the first instance this year (as I recall). So here I am, waiting for an important call on this very day, and I get nailed with a "forget" just so I miss the call. Thanks a bunch assholes.

Other related games of forced phone-tag (or delayed contact initiation) is for them to mess with my phone so it rings off just when I grasp it, not touching any of the highly inconveniently placed buttons or touch screen in the process. Another is to find that I had a call with no ringing, just a message some hours later.  Also dropping the phone (forced fumbling) just as I am picking it up is another one of their stunts, which suddenly rings off. I have no concept why a multi-billion dollar budgeted human harassment and nonconsensual experimentation agency has a need to fuck with me over answering a phone, but they have been absolutely relentless and consistent about this ever since they intruded and went berserk/overt in 04-2002.

Well, it seems that my above analysis of my extended water-in-the-ear was incorrect. The sensation of ringing and something in my R ear continued all day today, along with an  elevation of body temperature. So.... the bastards gave me an ear infection, again playing fake-out, and having me think it was one condition, when it was another. I have never had an ear infection before, so forgive me in thinking it was a regular post-swimming outcome. I hope the infection subsides and I don't need to do a round of antibiotics, another perp interest that I have come to learn. Add that one to the list of Never-Befores, because in some 13 years of fitness swimming, 3x/week, I have never had an ear infection. I go once after an absence from swimming, and what "happens"? I get an ear infection from my first visit. Well done assholes.

Putting in vineyard trellis posts today; the holes were dug by a machine thankfully, as the ground is hard and full of rocks. It was my job to use the level and ensure that the posts were plumb and aligned and then I filled and packed the hole, keeping the post still plumb. All was good, and only one ornery post just wouldn't go plumb.

The above mentioned prospective job interest turned out to be a big nothing; the winery doesn't need any more staff. Well, it seemed they did four days ago, but the next business day after, they didn't. Expect me to believe that given the number of fake-outs, futility missions and related fuckery I have been through these past 17 years of this relentless abuse-athon? And I do find it interesting, this case being one, where "no prior experience needed" is stated in the posting, and I have plenty of experience and I don't even get an interview. Or even an expression of future interest, say, "how about you come by so we can talk about vineyard (not winery) work for 01-2020?" Nope; that shit never happens, and it doesn't matter how starved the winery and grape growing industry is of competent and loyal workers, they either don't think 4 months ahead, or else someone is jerking their chain IMHO. I suspect it is the latter, as they indicated in the ad that there may be future employment in the new year after the harvest is done, end of 10-2019. So much for that.

Another round of job prospect fuckery made itself plain this morning. I get a text from somebody I didn't know from my former employer on the construction site last year. The job finished up back in 12-2019, but a second renovation phase of the extant building was begun this year. I asked around with former co-workers, if the company gets the job, and if they need a laborer, give me a call. Nada. And today, by way of inadvertent text message I learn that my pissy Russian co-worker got the job. Nice, huh? (For the record, I did reply to the inadvertent text to ensure they sent it to wrong person, and didn't get the name wrong). Not even an interview for crissakes.

Onto the doctor today to get my R ear looked at; a 30 minute wait in the office, not so bad as these walk-in clinics go and no major freak show specimens (Unfavoreds) in the waiting area. He flushed my ear with lots of warm water, but nothing came out. So.... yet more antibiotics, which just pisses me off no end. The Psychopaths have been exploiting their use as a reason to create other (embarrassing) problems, and I was sincerely hoping that I was done with this act, as the the last three years I have been least 3x/year. And lo, just when the side-effects clear up, why, another fucking round of antibiotics. Lets see; I have had antibiotics in me, on my skin, on my R big toe, in my eye, and now in my ear. Aren't we done this one yet?

The MS-Magicware was enacted earlier, and lo, if the audio wasn't working again, all day. But, in the evening, after returning from the grocery store, (and a busy gangstalking time it was, with one Fuckwit on multiple staring passes), I come home to put on some movie streaming, and lo, if MS didn't pull another install and killed the audio. Call it another one of those senseless and relentless perp dashed expectations stunts, one of the many forms of the managed and intensified adversity that suddenly erupted 04-2002 and hasn't let up.

I saw an interesting construction job advertised about three days ago. And just like last week, "somehow" I didn't pull it together and get a resume and response off until late this afternoon (Friday). Which is the identical timing and circumstance of responding the above mentioned winery harvest job. So what is the point of the assholes running interference so that they delay my job ad responses so they "hang" over the weekend? This is a specific example, but they pull this shit all the time, or else flat out block me altogether, or else pull the ad prematurely. I don't get it; why does some insane organization who I don't know, need to run interference, or otherwise delay, just about every plan or intention I ever make? And if it has suddenly intensified since 04-2002 when they first went berserk/overt, then it isn't ADD in the least.

A landscape job with the owner of a vineyard, and my former employer, yesterday. Some light rain, enough for us to put things under cover and get rain jackets on and then it backed off. I cannot possibly estimate the number of these inconvenient-but-short weather changes  that force these temporary changes in clothing (as in putting on rain gear), but I reckon that these have tripled since the onset of this abuse-athon in 04-2002.

It was a roundelay of tasks yesterday; landscaping, then loading the pickup truck with it and additional garbage, then lopping off overhanging branches over the driveway, debris removing with the leaf blower, cutting a weed stump with a chainsaw and then applying herbicide, re-organizing the pickup load and then taking the truck to the landfill and doing a tour of the differing dump piles; glass and cardboard recycle, metals, vegetation piles and finally the refuse. As regular readers will know, this was quite a whirlwind tour of all Psychpath/Perp favorite tasks and activities; and especially the landfilll. They just cannot get enough of me visiting landfills and traversing and dumping in the various piles. Don't ask why, as I don't know.

The vegetative material has long been a gangstalking prop from the get go though, starting in 04-2002 even. The sudden predominance of landscaping vehicles packing vegetative matter such as lawn clippings, shrub cutting etc. didn't go unnoticed then, and they are still at it. And having me work in farm and vineyards these past 11 years likely serves the same purpose, though I don't know what.

Rain all day today, which is very unusual, and that kept me from going hiking. I later went to Oliver to pick up 4lb of basil for pesto making, and the vehicular gangstalking scene seemed rather heavy for that time. Nothing dangerous or outrageous thankfully.

Enough for a posting I reckon and to call this one done.