Sunday, April 28, 2019

Yet More Helicopter Coverage

Vineyard activity today; the helicopters were busy on some kind of long line bucket training. It seemed to be "AStar day", as there was at least two of them working. (The AStar (AS 350) is now called the H125 in Airbus-speak). The "usual" spitting of plasma and maser beams from them, as well as a maser "glow". That is, a blackish cloud surrounding the helicopter as it traversed. In both cases, they were ferrying extremely slowly, and not always dragging the long line. In one instance, the red and white AStar came and circled overhead and went back to the Penticton airport (I presume, the direction it came from). Talk about making it obvious. In another instance, a blackish line projected from the long trailing line, and came at me, separated from the helicopter. The perps seem to be able to make these blackish lines, filaments, zingers etc., which I take to be magnetic masers, project from anything, including people. As a rule, they don't travel too fast; it takes about three seconds for them to travel some 10km in my experience.

There were other models of helicopters traversing over the vineyard at times, and per "ususal", they inserted the odd noisy single engine private plane.

The Psychopaths seem to be on the rag today, fucking me around ("forgets"), pulling items from my hands etc. All the "usual" fuckery.

Stalker coverage was heavy at LD and SOF, and one couple "happened" to stalk me at the first location, and lo, if there weren't there ahead of me at the checkout *after two others)  at the second location. And fugly dudes in shorts were on display bigtime tonight. You know, the shorts sized so big that two guys could fit in them. Also the waddling males presentations too. Add in the tattoos down the arms, and especially the dude at the checkout behind me who just "happened" to immediately arrive after me to show off his disgusting tatt-splat. I don't know how he pulled that as I was fed up with the couple stalking, as as only one manned checkout was open, I was cautious for another stalker erupting on me and was certain there wasn't another. And lo, this Fuckwit erupts from an adjacent aisle and proceeds directly to the cashier.

The fat fucker stalker dude at LD managed to cover me three times at three different aisle ends; well done shit head; how did you know that aisle ends and directional changes (ambulatory or vehicular) are the number one gangstalking moment (aka, anisotropy of space) and have been for over 17 years of this insane shit and abuse that suddenly rained (and reigned) down 04-2002. Actually, that should be the anisotropy of the charge field that fills space (here on Earth).

Then I got back at 2130h from LD and SOF, dark by then, and the rail for the sliding gate fell down off the wall. So I finish off putting my purchases in the house, and go outside with the flashlight (after the Psychopaths infuriated me by fucking me out of recognizing the flashlight as it was hanging in its regular spot (or else they temporarily teleported it)), and dealt with the rail, and lo, just as I finished fixing it, why, another helicopter overhead. Well done assholes; the final helicopter coverage (stalking) event (all of five seconds) was exquisitely timed to me being delayed (an extra trip outside) by the gate rail that "happened" to drop off, as it does every three months or so.

One could safely say the perps were on the rag today in terms of extra (over and above the imposed extra normal) things going wrong, infuriations, mind-fucks, extra late-night shopping stalking and checkout obstructions and the rest of their fucking insanity. Just leave me out, and I don't care if I am Victim Zero, Prime Subject or whatever the terminology they use for TI's under this intense barrage of extra-conventional abuse and gangstalking coverage.

Yesterday I took my vehicle to the Ford dealership for an oil change; I thought it would be an hour, but no, two hours in the waiting area. And what a shit show of gangstalking in the waiting area; no end of "staff", particularly the heavy tattoo-ed ones, just kept needing to visit the waiting area for the coffee maker. The featured woman staff member did at least three visits, and it was she I also saw at the beginning and end of my visit. (And with whom I booked the appointment with, as I was told that only she could book tire changes; but as it was going to take three weeks I got it done somewhere else). The ever friendly blonde woman gave me a hug (uncharacteristically) when I first arrived, even if I was at the service desk with someone else. That was the end of her, and none of the usual chatting, as she was elsewhere (most curiously) for the two hour stay. So I suppose it was about having me be interested in K**i (a low cut top helped) instead of T**h, when I expected to be nattering to the latter. Another one of those dashed expectations stunts again.

Later I went to Kelowna for some errands, and also stopped by a hifi shop for an hour long audiophile presentation on AC power; And lo, if Kelowna AC power supply isn't equivalent to that found in the third world in terms of line fluctuations and line noise. Well done Fortis.

Audio shutdown on the PC again; after two weeks of intense infuriation in 01-2019 as to fixing it, though not known how, the Psychopaths have struck again, and PC audio is now fucked; As in not playing from the audio player, internet sources. Well done assholes in raising the infuriation level yet again.

More heavy helicopter coverage; the AStars again, and at least one doing the back-and-forth extra-obvious stalking run. My acerbic rejoinder for these events, is that the pilot forgot to bring his lunch, but two days in succession?

Another Hwy 97 road block incident, less than a kilometer from where the same "happened" the very evening I was to go to Kelowna, April 14. Well, I suppose this can happen, but for crissakes, if the road width supports putting a concrete median barrier in, then do it. And from personal experience, and per linked photo, it seems that there is sufficient road width. Make it a five year plan, and start on the worst bends first.

Continued high strangeness coming from the vineyard owner today, as it has been all week. To the point I think she is quietly deranged, or else acting out a skit that has been orchestrated for her. As to why she rounds on me, and yet was so impersonal earlier in the week, I have no idea. That the boss man has let matters slide to the point that the pruning wasn't adequately resourced for the last month is also mighty curious. (Now pruning as the buds burst). No telltale signs of twitchy mouth or other behavioral strangeness coming from her, so I am going to assume this was one big all-week skit. Well done; you had me fooled and that served the Psychopathic cause for all the "usual" perp stunts;
  • "find" me" at a row end (again, changing direction is a HUGE deal for the perps), 
  • run the irrigation for no seeming reason (water supply from various sources is another substantial perp interest),
  • put on the "don't know you" act; e.g. "were you the person who was here two days ago?" -yes, and you are way too smart to ask such a dumb question unless you are seriously cognitively impaired,
  • standing behind me (3x in 5 minutes, saying nothing) for no apparent reason is gangstalking writ large, and 
  • splitting my colleague apart so we would then incrementally work closer is another long time perp stunt.
Go fuck yourself; and act real crazy next time. And you can be sure I am not going back to re-evaluate the quality of your acting.

Not letting up on the helicopter coverage at this vineyard, why, a first-time sighting of a low flying Canadian military CH-148 Cyclone, (Sikorsky S-92, military variant) operational only since June 2018. As to why it "happened" to fly 600 miles inland and appear overhead I have no idea. Its predecessors, the Sea Kings, were also regular over-flight helicopter choices when I lived in Victoria, where a squadron is based.

Enough for the week, and onto posting this.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Oh Boy- Penticton Made the News Today

That would be Monday, April 15 that Penticton made the news, even the national news here in Canada. This iposting is authored a day later as I just got back to my residence in Penticton; I was in Kelowna when all this happened, and I will explain my concurrent circumstances below.

And what happened was a targeted vendetta type murder of four people in three locations and that the perpetrator turned himself into the police all by himself afterward. Here on Castanet, the Okanagan Valley's online news and events site are the main details. (Or here at the Penticton Herald article). And the day after, the perpetrator gets his first court appearance. The first victim happened to be pruning shrubs at the moment of his sudden demise, and it "so happens" that I have been pruning vineyards at this time of year for the past seven years. Hmm.... Obviously much more is to come to learn just what was the motivation, but our dear RCMP (Royal Canadian Mendacious Plods) aren't going to release any victim names because it is not needed for the investigation they say. The perpetrator is a former city engineer, now retired, and is said to be a gentle person. Not your usual mass shooter for sure.
And the local TV news also dwelled on an prior targeted local (Salmon Arm) murder of a church elder, who was shot at a church service (April 14) no less. This some three weeks after his house was burned down.

Another major event on April 15 was the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral, interspersed with the above local murder stories. And what the wretched media didn't report was there there have been a string of prior fires at Roman Catholic churches in France in the past year, and the Notre Dame cathedral fire just might of not been an accident. The chickens have come home to roost, et alors, ne rien.

All this occurred while I was in Kelowna on the operating table for surgery, and after recovery time, it was 5 hours of elapsed time. The operation was successful and I had to stay at a guest home in Kelowna last night. It was there on television that I learned of the shooting in my home town. So the timing was this; surgery started at about 0800h, and so while I was away, being operated on and under general anesthetic, why, these murderous ructions erupted some 75km away in my home town. When I was first cognitive in the recovery room it was 1110h. An interesting coincidence that, but that is where I am going to leave it. Most regular readers will know what I think of coincidences in this kept state of being a TI.

And attempting to get to Kelowna Sunday night (April 14) was another coincidence eruption. The 97 Hwy was blocked due to a tandem tractor trailer truck not making a sweeping bend and then went out of control and hit an oncoming passenger vehicle. The southbound  tandem truck was hauling a load of dimension lumber that spilled over the road. I was attempting to drive to Kelowna (northbound) and stay over that night and be ready, and in town for the surgery. But to no avail as the traffic advisory notice indicated a 5 hour delay. Once I turned around and got back home, why, the traffic advisory indicated single lane alternating traffic. This forced me to get up early at 0430h as I did not know for sure that the road was clear, or if blocked, and it gave me some time to get to Kelowna via an alternate route if needed. By the time I passed the accident site the next morning, all four lanes were clear and there was only a pile of lumber on the side of the road. Exemplary road maintenance for sure, but while no one was killed, I am quite sure there were some life-altering injuries. In the least, from the perp perspective, it was a case of their fuckery to cause me to travel part way, and then return; a dashed expectations stunt perhaps. A sure fire habit of theirs.

In the recovery room at the hospital, and while coming to after the general anesthetic, why, the masers came on, zinging around as fuzzy blackish balls in all manner of directions. Just to say perhaps, "hi there, we are still with you". Something like that. The staff were great, save perhaps the one male doing spread legs (while seated) in front of me, he being the anesthesiologist, the keeper of the patient (me) while being operated on. That he had to come twice to visit me in the waiting area pre-operation was a little curious after he got all he needed to know from me and whatever the nurse wrote down. The perps love doing repeats of particular themes, and the male postures and vignettes (think of abuse situations here), have been a long running theme these past 17 years of harassment abuse at the hands of the perps.

As I have written many times in past postings, it would seem that the perps (among many other objectives) are attempting to elicit abreactions (subconscious trauma responses) that they likely had a hand in making during the three years they wiped most of my recall when aged 2 to 5. I wouldn't be the first child to have been treated as such, as Ann Diamond, a Canadian author was also subjected to recall deletions at that same location and approximate time. That being the infamous McGill University, Montreal, under the atrocities perpetrated by Dr. Ewen Cameron's (and staff) misguided, if not utterly egregious mind control experiments, many of which were perpetrated on children. In Ann Diamond's case, her parents were astute and took action when they suspected something was amiss. As for my parents, I consider them as assholes to be witting and willing dipshits to hand their first born child to a doctor (for no clinical cause) who knew utter shit about neurology (or psychiatry), and was a better political player than anything else. And who exactly got cured anyhow? (Assuming that there was a prior complaint in the first place,- which would not be children).

And given other Canadian atrocities, such as the Residential Schools, why hasn't there been any Royal Commission to investigate this? And ditto for the Duplessis Orphans of Quebec of that same time, who in part, were served up as child subjects for Dr. Ewen Cameron, as well as sponsoring terminal experimentation on children in many other Roman Catholic hospitals in Quebec. The last I heard was that the Duplessis Orphans had to go to the UN to seek investigative action against the Canadian government who are digging in their heels. Not so for the Residential Schools issue, where the politicians are falling all over each other to make "apologies". Maybe it is that the native Indians get more news coverage in the government sponsored media for some reason.

And April 15, 2019 also marked the day of the 17th anniversary that the Psychopathic Perp assholes invaded my apartment and rained down abuse and torture of the most unconventional kind. There was a week prior of everyone staring at me at work for no reason whatsoever, and the Ms. C of the story (41pp.) also got into the act of tipping me off to raise my angst all the more as to just what was going to come down. Come down they did; someone was obviously in my apartment when I returned April 14, (or else it was made to look that way by way of telekinetic fuckery). If you want a long read it is all there.

I am feeling better, less sore, and even sustained a morning long effort in getting all my medical expenses for 2018 ordered and organized in a spread sheet for income tax return purposes. It was permissible to take my first shower, and that I did.

I watched two more episodes of Spartacus last night, and lo, if I didn't have vivid dreams that I was in a like situation, save the lewdity and naked nymphs (unfortunately). Funny how I did not have dreams of Monty Python vignettes when I was binge watching them earlier this year. I could of done with more of that.

 I did two outings in my vehicle this afternoon to do errands and grocery shopping. This would be my first local outing (driving, parking, and shopping) since the surgery in my town, and what a almighty full-on clusterfuck of a gangstalking it was on both occasions. And of some note, I wore a blue and grey fleece jacket for the first time as it had been sitting around for at least four years and I "found" it ahead of going out. It is the perfect weather to be wearing such, another mighty fine coincidence, and so I wore it for both outings.

The vehicular gangstalking traffic was at least 20 vehicle long trains, and add in the odd oncoming rube who just wouldn't stop for a late yellow when I waiting to turn and he  barrelled through. I gave him the finger for that one (which I rarely do) as it was so outrageously blatant, besides holding me up from making my L turn, which ended up on the red light. Said rube seemed to be unusually ready for my finger and gave one back almost immediately. Curious that. And they kept me for two traffic cycles at the main Hwy and town junction, a rarity that I hadn't experienced in all my seven years of living here. And the same late yellow light running shit again at this same intersection (Hwy 97 and Ekhardt) when I went on my second outing which repeated much the same route and two stops of the f

The Main Street was also plugged with vehicular gangtalking trains of 20 or more, two lanes wide in many places. The ambulatory gangstalkers were also all over my ass at LD and SOF. Funny how they know in advance exactly where I am going and post a Fuckwit or three at that exact store location. (A product shelf location or obstructing egress often at an aisle end). At least they removed the posted Fuckwits when I returned for a second time. Past intense gangstalking has shown that they will post a Fuckwit stalker at a store shelf location that I want to go to for at least 15 minutes, or to the point that I say "fuck it" and depart the premises.

And the ambulatory dither-shitting was also in full force; these are the Fuckwits that are walking ahead of me and then reverse direction to come at me or slow my egress. Another variation is the Fuckwit that somehow "needs" to get in the way by putting on the excessive indecisive act.

And I suppose the first multi-type outing served their purposes well; a drop-off for alterations, donations for Value Village, unloading the glass bottles at the recycle center (someone on my ass there at the bin, and then followed me inside), and two shopping stops. The perps just love it when I drop off items, almost as much as shopping. In the latter case they have an extra incentive for their fuckery, as they have been consistently hounding my ass at every financial transaction I have made since they first went berserk/overt on 04-15-2002. The second outing was to retrieve (and pay) for my alterations, and then back to Value Village to get rid of the rickety drying rack that had been pissing me off for at least four years.

And the aircraft coverage was extra too; a Bell 412 was doing a slow arc overhead and there was another helicopter not far away. That infernal single engine aircraft that keeps doing circuits overhead was also out. Ditto for similar aircraft coverage when I exited my residence for my second outing, plus added siren noise. The neighbor across the back lane was also good for more added noise to the noisescape by using his power tools to fit a trailer he is working on. From the perp perspective I suppose, if you got a homicide arranged (per above) and the victim is back at his place, why, of course the they would gangstalk the fuck out of me on my first day out after my return and a shut-in day. I must have a different post-surgery energy signature or something like that.

This week's coincidence meter has just "pegged out" IMHO; that is slang for the notion that the meter needle has exceeded the expectable maximum and hit the (R side) peg that physically stops it from registering higher. Why, I was staying at a place on Enterprise Way on April 15 in Kelowna, and lo, if the RCMP didn't pull a paramilitary training exercise on this same street today. And lo, if some of them weren't also called out for an incident on Spall Road which bisects Enterprise Way and is where I "happened" to spend some errand time there on Tuesday. This has been one strange week for coincidences and it is only Thursday.

I am getting more out and about now; even some weeding work. Still bruises from the surgery, and I am still feeling stiff.

A strange holiday in these here parts; Easter. Good Friday is a national holiday, Saturday isn't, Sunday sort of is, and Monday only if you are a government worker. Go figure. They even closed down my regular grocery store and the associated mall at 1700h, all for me to find out at 1800h. The usual perp trick; pull on the door to find it locked. Har, har; how many times have we done that one? About 10-15x/year since outrageous abuse-athon began in 04/2002. Not including the recent and "sudden" eruption of the assholes blanking me out when I get to my locked vehicle only to find that I cannot, of course, get in. Like WTF; I have been locking my vehicle doors for over 45 fucking years and "suddenly" I now forget this long established good habit. How utterly fucking insane that a multi-billion dollar per year budgeted abuse and harassment agency has now decided to degrade my long established habit of unlocking my vehicle door in advance of pulling on the door handle. Never has big (them) gone so dumb in the history human (if that) behavior. And you thought Pres. G W Bush's door pulling impasse was a protocol slip.

And of course, the above context of organization size is assuming the PTB don't manufacture their own paper money or indulge in extra-conventional methods to alchemically (via energetic control) create gold from inexpensive metals, both of which they are quite capable of IMHO. Funny how the chemistry history literature likes to beat up on alchemists of old times. I get it; we presently advanced humans with chemical engineering capabilities are not allowed to go there, even if fungi can detoxify poisonous metals, (a research paper, and a Google Search revealing many other sources) and even if we got chemistry all wrong in terms of its theoretical basis (Miles Mathis' work; conventional chemistry is profundly wrong;- electron orbits as a start).

Anyhow, the pollens of late are whacking the shit out of me, like never before. Yet again, I am going to assume its the PTB that yet again, need another excuse to disrupt what I am doing at the time.

Enough said for the week, and hopefully neighborly disputes can be resolved more civilly. Or was the above multiple homicide a stitch-up like so many are? Who knows.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Bank Draft

I go to the bank to get two bank drafts, and while I couldn't say there was any particular gangstalking silliness inside while at the wicket, the Fuckwits were ready for me before and afterwards. Twice I attempted to get to the parking lot next to the bank building but no, each time it was full. So... I park at the civic lot some 30m away and down the alley and walk to the bank. The person next to me at the wicket in brown and red (both high preference gangstalking colors) just "happened" to be there all the time I was. Bank drafts take a while to do, but it just so happened that this person next to me had an equal (longer actually) engagement time with her bank teller too. When all done, I exit the bank and head back to my vehicle, down the lane. Lo, if the banking parking lot wasn't empty now, and there certainly wasn't enough customers transiting out to drive all the parked vehicles away. Anyhow, I enter the lane, and lo, if a vehicle some 30m away doesn't pull away from the curb and drive toward me (headlights on of course, aka pitlamping) and past me. Then another, which was parked behind it, some 20 seconds later. Then another, pulling away from behind the second vehicle, with about the same timing. Like WTF; this is a back alley and here it is busier than I have ever known, and with these three vehicles lined up and leaving one after another. I get to my vehicle, enter the lane, and lo, if they aren't there, backed up in front of me because of a L turning vehicle waiting for a whole lot of uncharacteristic crossing traffic.

And what is so important about obtaining a bank draft, a rare form of financial instrument for me, as I don't usually deal in these? Given that the perps have routinely stalked my ass for nearly 17 years over every financial transaction I have ever made, from debit cards, vending machine, paying bus fare, mailing checks and the rest of the more pedantic cashier transactions, why am I so surprised? The last time I got a bank transfer was about four years ago when I got one to send by mail to and outfit in Ontario to purchase a particular kitchen knife I wanted and the business didn't do online sales. Then, they put on this disgusting and very large British man as the bank teller, never seen before or since, who in his particular accent, was difficult to understand, and for whom I required him to repeat some of his instructions. (Curiously though, as I can normally interpret UK accents fairly well). As I recall, they plugged the bank with all manner of Fuckwits ahead and behind me. A colossal gangstalking event over getting a bank draft for crissakes. So here we are again; another  gangstalking shit show over a rarely used (in my case) form of currency. And just what is that all about, and why have financial transactions been such an insane focus of perp fuckery these last 17 years?

A drive to the big city of Kelowna to visit the doctors office for the planned procedure. As it turns out, by dint of a fuck-up not of my making, that the planned the date of the procedure is April 15, a Monday. I wanted it to be early May owing to timing of my work commitments, that is, vineyard work. But somehow, due to some lame excuse of the office assistant on the phone in January, it became April because she didn't have access to May at that time. And "somehow" I missed the significance of April 15 then.

And April 15 is a "special" day in abusive infamy as far as I am personally concerned, as it makes it the 17th anniversary of this fucking hell onset, the day the perps went berserk-overt on me. And no less, that fateful date of the abuse-athon onset was a Monday too. Said procedure involves a general anesthetic, so who knows what that could invite from the Psychopathic Fuckery Corps, because I am wide open to any and all their fuckery and capabilities. Like say, total memory depletion and insertion of a whole new "experience" set and personality and not have a clue. They learned a lot from stalking and hounding my ass these past 17 years, and it is quite clear they were hacking my recall in 2006 with relative ease. About in 2005 they could fuck with my perception of what normal was, so who knows where this one could go. But I am quite sure that they won't pull anything spectacular like they did 17 years ago in my apartment. Besides, I am sure there has been a few Monday, April 15 in between and nothing spectacular occured.

I has five other stops planned in Kelowna, and "somehow" only got to two ones that were unplanned. And it didn't help that the folks that were to cut my lengths of corian to a narrower width didn't get back to me in time for me to get that done. And too, "forgot" my list of other stops and items to get at each store. I remembered some, got turned around, and missed others. A shit show as far as getting my planned errands done. And there is only one outfit that has a unrelenting track record in thwarting my intentions, and it is the same assholes who run this non-stop abuse-athon, with me as the Prime Victim. (They would call me a subject, but since I didn't ask to be in this insane experiment, I view this all as an continuous assault).

I went to a tool shop while in Kelowna, two in fact. In both cases the stalkers were all over my ass and I had to get out before I planned. As mentioned in blog postings over the past few months, the Psychopathic Confederacy has a need to hound my ass over tools, tool use, and tool use switching. A theme of theirs that I was unaware of until 2019. Just to think that all the time on the four month construction job, 08 to 12-2018, I used other's tools, my own, substituted some for others, had some stolen etc. Who knew a construction site was perp heaven for another of their fuckery schemes? I had formerly thought it was just that they were interested in measuring, but no, tool use too.

I feel a little out of it these days; ostensibly it is a reaction from eliminating milk chocolate, my long running staple for decades, and of considerable "need" in the dopamine deficiency years, when the Psychopaths struck (above date) and arranged the full-on clinical criminality for me to be without my very helpful ADD medications. Only in 2018 did I get re-started after the radiotherapy for prostate cancer slowly kicked the shit out of me, and I have been much better since, save this past week. Again, laying the blame on the withdrawal symptoms, of the dairy products in milk chocolate, the only dairy products I have regularly ingested for some 8 years.

Getting 400- 600 reads a day for this blog this past week, suddenly up from under 100 per day. Too early to be a trend, but it bears watching instead of immediately consigning it to a data glitch. Surely the interest in TI's hasn't gone four fold or better suddenly has it?

My attempts at file synchronizing from the main PC to a handheld digital music player with Sync Toy. Why does this end up being a consecrated hassle all the time? The Psychopaths derive no end of harassment mileage over the same file "somehow" becoming different when it is copied elsewhere. That they fucked Sync Toy into synchronizing (files always the same in both locations) when it was set up to echo (master-slave) cost me no end of grief to find out the portable audio player was getting new files that I thought were purged.  Now the file pair association had to be re-written and "somehow" it isn't working when all seems just right. WTF? But the internet scuttlebutt is that Snyc Toy is a POS, and so I attempted to use robocopy in the command line. That is short for "robust copy", but it too failed for no seeming reason and so I restarted it from where it left off and it finished normally. And I am hardly done, only artists A to C, and that was a 40 minutes of run time. Well done MS; one of the most fundamental personal data needs nowadays and you still cannot get it together. Pathetic, or else willfully pathetic.

L shoulder ache; started on a Wednesday, so I cannot legitimately blame it on yoga, which was Monday. As it was, yoga was more lame assed with the substitute instructor anyhow. The shoulder pain was as if I was over-using my L arm in the night for throwing baseball pitches, as if there was a night time hardball practice. All the more curious that I am R handed, and as far as I know there were no night time events of any kind, unconventional or conventional. Other recent aches of no known source have been in my L foot, as if it was torqued. This latter ailment has gone on for four weeks now with some minor swelling. I have been wearing the most stiffest boots possible these past 8 weeks, mountaineering boots, needed for the snowy conditions in the vineyard. Even while wearing them, the assholes wrenched my L ankle over a couple of times to aggravate the pain that they had already introduced by this mysterious means. Though with the mountaineering boots they really couldn't pull any major ankle wrenching. As to what all this is about I don't know, but foot wrenching and consequent pain has been a long running perp fuckery theme. In this case, the pain came before the foot wrenching, though as mentioned, they didn't (or couldn't) make this a reasonable rationale as to why the ankle pain is there, or why it has gone on for so long.

Yoga was its usual weirdness in terms of who goes, and why. Some 90% new faces every Monday class, the same one at the same time and day of week. (That is, it is a TI "Victim Tour" as I see it). Last week they put this young blonde woman in the line of sight between me and the blonde instructor. This seeming particularly planted woman, coming in at the last second in the usual perp fashion of their proximate planted gangstalkers at yoga, (and all the others "somehow" leaving an obvious space in advance), made sure to place herself in my line of sight, even if I was at the front. (She had plenty of room to move back and/or further away, but didn't). Well done, one larger (with minor flab) blonde in front of the slight and trim blonde instructor. No tattoos on the planted blonde though, often the "usual" excuse to place their stalkers in my line of sight to the instructor.

This week, the bent over dude, a newcomer last week, and a hopeless yogi, took my usual mat spot in the class, and so I went to the back of the practice room. And at the last minute, why, they put on a shirtless and bald headed dude to be my in-line-of sight stalker. A far more disgusting sight than a young blonde woman for sure, and all the more ridiculous that he didn't seem to know much about yoga. And why these shirtless dudes in yoga? I had never seen this phenomenon until a couple of years ago, and now it suddenly has become trendy. Like WTF; put your shirt on at yoga dudes, and sweat it out.

At least I had more attractive woman close to my mat to divert my attention; not blonde, and not tattoo-ed either.

The last two weeks of vineyard work have been tying down canes to the fruiting wire, and also nattering to my colleague, a pleasant young blonde woman I had met a few years before. All quite different to have a non-stop natterer next to me, but we do have some common interests. And she has an interest in the unconventional and esoteric, and has given me reason to re-read "The Many Worlds of Hugh Everett" and his fundamental quantum wave theory. She also mentioned something to the effect that this theory, or more accurately, the many dimensions theory, has an component of multiplicity relating to the combinations of things (or repeatable events), which is consistent with the Psychopaths needing to screw me around so to ensure that all systematic actions get sabotaged in some way so that they do go out of order. In other words, fitting with their insane ongoing Fuckover show so that I cannot be allowed to do anything consistenly and/or efficiently. The constant need of the perps to sabotage every fucking thing going, and not permitting consistency. To which I say, I don't care, leave me the fuck out of it, and the fuck alone. I have been abused enough at their hands for multiple lifetimes and I don't need another one as I will have no guarantee it will be any better than this one, given their malevolent agenda and the fact that they stick to me like a Tar-baby From Hell.

The terse native Indian vineyard manager has given his notice and so it will be interesting to see how all of this unfolds. In the "usual" curiousness of my employers, they didn't ask me to step up to the management job even if I have the same qualifications, and even more experience. The aforementioned blonde woman knows the employers better, having worked with them before, so I can assume there will be some kind of shuffle going down. I gave up on getting a promotion in the vineyard business last year, when two jobs some three months apart, both seemingly crafted from my experience, with minimal qualification requirements, ("must have vineyard experience"), both turned out to be obvious resume bait stunts.

Anyhow, I am off to Kelowna tonight, surgery tomorrow, so wish me well. Surgery seems to be the 2019 trend for TI's.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Helicopter Coverage

A busy week for helicopter coverage while working in the vineyard. A Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane, (now called an Erickson Aircrane) flew over last week, and only 40 built. Not bad for rare aircraft. Though I still think the Boeing AWAC aircraft low flyover sometime in 2004-6 over my perp abetting parent's place just as I opened the garage door and stepped outside was the aircraft event that still takes the cake. (And such perfect timing too; exiting or entering buildings is a prime gangstalking moment). There are no Canadian AWAC aircraft, so what was this US military aircraft doing there and why so low?

Today, two Bell 212's or like, (Bells though), in formation, the same color, one leading and the other behind, flying the same course. Very strange that two, apparently civilian, helicopters would fly in formation. And no less, each with a pulsing greyish-black cloud around them, which I take to be a maser field (magnetic radiation).

The EC-120's (helicopters) were also abounding, perhaps some 10 flyovers on the day. More maser emanations from them too. Just what the perps get from these flyovers, save the magnetic pulse from them to me, I don't know. Very often they follow a rotary wing (helicopter) with an fixed wing flyover. And too, they even have fixed wing aircraft in formation as well, these seeming flying clubs. But it is the helicopter formations that spook me the most, as there aren't any hobby helicopter clubs that I am aware of in these here parts, especially the medium lift models.

Back from a three day trip to Victoria to go through my files for the years 1999-2002, the years I lived in the USA, Everett and Seattle. The last most year was when they outed themselves, making their malevolent and insanely abusive role evident rather than keeping me as a naive subject/victim.

I must prove that I was there for the Pension application review folks, and I didn't have all the papers with me here. I went through all the divorce papers, hoping to find copies, but didn't owing the fact that the legal process requires all these financial issues on their forms, and copies of other financial documents isn't permitted. But it was a trip down memory lane, dealing with the ex through my lawyer, and all the stupid angst, and legal costs she generated as a consequence. She even dropped her lawyer and made application to go to court, a laughable premise. Laughable because hardly anyone goes to court in marriage dissolution cases unless there is huge pots of money at stake, which was definitely not the situation. And of course her lawyer wouldn't participate in this lunacy, hence being dropped. So... with a court date impending, my lawyer prepared for the case, and we went to the pre-hearing meeting  conducted by a junior legal system representative (a "Master" in this legal jurisdiction). The ex's "case" fell apart within 5 minutes or less, as the Master asked her for witnesses to her assertions, and she had none. She thought she could make unsubstantiated statements as "evidence" for crissakes. The brief that my lawyer prepared was 5" thick, and as soon as I saw it, I saw serious legal expenses. Sure enough, that stunt by the ex cost me $13k alone, never mind my legal costs before and after. Anyhow, the ex then re-retained the same lawyer and eventually it got settled. All this came back to me as I was troving through the legal documents. Even then, I wondered how the ex came upon this method to drain me of $13k, and what defense one has against spurious legal machinations. As far as I know, none; if one party wants to make a legal ass of themselves by acting alone, and intends to go to court, it seems the other party is obliged to prepare for its eventuality. Or maybe there is a way out before the lawyer gets busy with brief preparation, but it still eludes me.

Anyhow, by dint of some kind of fluke (not that I believe in such things any more), the missing tax return of 1999 with original W2's was there in my records, "somehow" misfiled, but not the TY2000 records. The tax records don't declare employment start and end dates, so I looked for bank statements but they were all gone for 1999 and 2000, but there for 2001 and 2002. I looked for my 1999 and 2000 pay statements from two employers, but they too were gone, though similarly all there for 2001 and 2002. Back in 2001 I discovered by 1999 and 2000 tax returns missing a week after a visit from the ex and our daughter. While at the pool with my daughter at my ex's suggestion, I did see the ex at the window of my apartment where my desk was. I am quite sure she stole them, but it was only on this Victoria visit of the last three days and finding other missing pay and expense records missing for those same two years did it occur to me that the ex stole more than my tax records. As her visit was in 2001, I surmise she didn't take 2001 records as that would of been readily detectable as I the files were active. So it would seem, she stole the records from the prior inactive years, 1999 and 2000. And as the whole process of divorce negotiation revolves around income and expenses, it just seems too convenient for those vital documents to all go missing for those two years alone. I wonder if her lawyer put her up to this. And in the least, her lawyer could of requested the tax returns (but didn't).

So should I request the return of my documents from the ex? Not that she is the kind to admit to anything, but what did I do to get such a snake? Nothing; she was planted on me by the Psychopaths, and this was some kind of exercise in jerking my ass around, even if 20 years later, but hopefully the last round.

And why didn't it dawn on me at the time in 2001 that the ex might of stolen more that the tax records after I discovered the 1999 and 2000 records missing? Why, getting mind-fucked to ensure the most disadvantageous outcome just might be the reason. As far as the perps go, adding misery on top of adversity (e.g. financially impaired ex's, with a penchant to lie) is what they do best. Get the victim (TI) when he is down, and get him again. The perps have been totally consistent in financially sabotaging me through all my life when they know I am fiscally conservative. No one in my family is profligate; all are assiduous savers and very economically driven, and I am no different, and yet the perps saw to it that I was severely sabotaged all my adult years via their proxies (the ex) or else other matters that just "happen" to go wrong (i.e. get expensive). It just makes one wonder as to how they go about selecting these saboteurs to then be injected into my life. How do they find such fuck-ups with such amazing consistency?

Back from a trip to the SOF supermarket; and why the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mendacious Plods) Fuckwit in uniform first paralleling me and then passing in front of me when I entered the store. Don't these uniformed  Fuckwits have enough to do rather than parade their outrageous guts in public at 2030h, never mind adding on all their gear to make them appear all the more portly? Or was it that he was unshaven and decidedly brown in complexion? I don't know, or care; but it was made quite clear on numerous occasions to me after 04-2002 when this reign of terror and error descended on me that the police were mere stooges for the Psychopathic Confederacy. Why even the FBI wouldn't reply to my double registered letter to them outlining my experiences as a victim of electromagnetic weapons. You would think they might of phoned me up if they were curious, dontcha think?

And why the constant flurry of vehicles around me when I exit the mall, get in my vehicle and drive off, making a few turns in doing so? A dead night at the mall, being a Thursday, but they (five of them) suddenly pop out to cruise around and make a turn in front or behind me. And too, the Fuckwit in the Volvo that timed his backing up to get in the way of me with my headlights aimed at his vehicle as I intended to pass behind his parked vehicle. But no, as I proceeded in the mall parking lot, he then times his backing up to get in my way and force me around him and cross the vacant roadway onto the other side. I cannot count the occasions the Fuckwits have vehicles to (safely) force me to cross into the oncoming lane. The near-ubiquity of alternating traffic at roadworks being another variation on this theme of changing up my intended vehicle path, a seeming vignette in their long running and highly consistent game of putzing with the anisotropic properties of the ether, the energetic field, and presumably, my bioenergetic interaction. Something like that.

Enough for a posting for this week, even if four days late.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Leg Pain Torture

A week's wrap up in one day's posting. I "somehow" got slack and haven't kept up with the train of events as they occurred over the week, so this is going from memory, and doubtless some of the imposed harassment will go unrecorded here. And my paper diary hasn't been kept up for the last three years either, after being a faithful diarist since 04-2002 when all this rain (or reign) of abuse came down with such suddenness. I have been derailed by Netflix' "Spartacus" TV series of late. About time there was something a little more interesting on TV, a medium I had long given up on for its cultivated blandness and manipulated storylines. Though in keeping with current entertainment industry wretchedness, it would seem that the Spartacus casting was PC; I just don't think Asians were in ancient Rome, nor Negroes in such profusion. Imagine that, retroactive racial re-balancing of history via the (...? controlled) media.

And in keeping with the intense abuse days of 04-2002 to 01-2003, the assholes pulled severe leg pains in my thighs a few night ago, about one third up from my knees and turned inward. (Same as reported in the previous posting). And no less, matching pains, that is, in the same identical mirror image location on each leg. This new site (muscle group) of remotely applied muscle cramping effectively made walking very difficult, and was extremely painful. That I was screaming at the assholes was a given, and they seem to know how much I am receiving. I took on a new walk habit to relieve the pain, so I could walk the pain off, and lo, if the assholes didn't immediately relocate the locus of the pain a few inches away to then thwart my plan, as the walking suddenly became more pained. Talk about dynamic adaptation to infliction of pain by remote means and remote pain detection methods; these guys are good. And it is no surprise, because they were doing this back in 2002; they could adjust the pain level up or down, depending on where they wanted to keep me. What is new is that they are pulling this intense torture again, and then thwarting my means to alleviate it. This takes place at night almost without fail; for whatever reason I don't know, but they would have their reasons.

The next night they pulled this pain again, with the same high intensity, but only in my right leg. Same result; screaming at the assholes and a hobbled walk (at best) to relieve the pain. That I had a knot in my muscle for the next two days was unexpected, as they don't usually continue with residual effects from this kind of torture.

Now some three days later, and I am fine now. And just what is the purpose of this? Testing pairs of specific muscle groups perhaps, or pain to brain and back again neural activity or what? I don't care, just leave me the fuck alone.

Plenty of helicopters overhead at the vineyard where I am working this past week. At least 20 per day. The Bell 212's and 214's, EC 120's, and lo, a slow flying Sikorsky S-64 Sky Crane (now Ericsson Aircrane) too. A rare bird indeed, 40 built apparently.

And more hounding my ass in the SOF supermarket again, the "penalty" of going there at 1800h instead of my usual later 2000h. They skunked me for the first time on the chocolate croissants, as in none there when there has always been some since this dietary "need" came on about six months ago. And to no surprise, they had a stalker in place for each time I came around, making multiple visits in an attempt to shop alone, unstalked. They like to post gangstalkers whenever I am put through a "dashed expectations" stunt, and this was no exception. The same rotation of four Fuckwit gangstalkers kept showing up almost at every turn; eventually I just bailed from grocery shopping, being so fucking fed up on being so obviously hounded.

And an orb of green colored plasma was cruising along the entrance in my bedroom the other night. It was about 8" in diameter and was slowly moving along a linear path about 3' from my head and 6" off the floor and I "somehow" awakened to see it. Hardly a coincidence, but it is rare that the assholes let me see some of their unconventional  technology in action. Again, like the above mentioned pain imposition abuse in 2002, when they also let me see many such plasma balls, this would be the first in some 10 years that I have witnessed one so obvious. Most of their plasma games are fleeting (flashes often), less than a second or so, but this traveling orb was about a 5 second long occurrence.

My landlords are back from a 8 week holiday in Mexico; no more house attending or snow removal duties. And no poetic justice of one last snowfall for him to clear as the weather has gone from below 0C to 10C in the last few days, and will be even warmer this week. There was a 6" dump of snow six days ago that I duly cleared, likely the last for the season.

And in keeping with the Mexico connection in all this, perhaps a component of the perps'  geographic visitation games, that is surrogates for me who get to visit other parts of the world, my employers are going away for a week today. Whatever; the Mexico connection has been curious, as I worked with Mexicans in my 2008-11 farm working days, but when I moved to Penticton for vineyard work, I haven't worked with any despite their prevalence. I suppose the perps have a repeat planned, whereby I will end up working with Mexicans in the vineyards, but it is most curious that this theme was suddenly cut off. Perhaps the landlords and employers are surrogates for the Mexicans in some kind of earth-energy variance experimentation. I don't know, or care. Just leave me the fuck alone.

Anyhow, another week of TI existence passes with nothing too exciting on the horizon, just the way I want it.

Monday, March 04, 2019

What Are the Cops Realy For?


A Craigslist posting, unrelated to me I hasten to add; here is the cleaned up text before the content at the link goes poof;

Catch 22- for Surrey's (Royal Canadian Mounted Police, RCMP) top brass, caught in the act, abusing 1 million+ to 1.5? Two and a half yrs and counting and a crew of 25 impact people caught staging crime scenes for drug and rape charges on me,, with 12 botched attempts over this time period, they do this by using prostitutes and drug addicts for planting incriminating evidence for conviction!!,, Coincidentally the 2 girls they used on me at end of 2016, 1 was a 30yr vet or (pet)of Surrey/Langley RCMP,, informant/setup girl/prostitute.other not that long,,,but both convicted Kevin Sharp in 2014,, then end of 2016 tried me!! """Botched""""well the hookers ,, get crime stoppers checks and police get promoted and bonuses..they get rewarded!! Well now there in a position::: what do we do now?? All this money!! Tax payers money!!! So either they charge me on staged/fake crime scenes evidence,, or take a chance with my incriminating evidence against Surreys top evidence is overwelming, including recording of police entering my truck and planting evidence!! Dirty!dirty. Media, newspapers premiers, prime minister, on and on etc from west coast to east coast and all aware of this case that will be brought to public's attention!! Eventually!! Maybe some questions should be asked to the top brass of Surrey RCMP about spending tax dollars on fake crime scenes that could not happen!! Without there knowledge!! Period!! Reply to Surreys top brass for answers!

    Do not contact me with unsolicited services or offers Post id: 6832279565 Posted: 2 days ago
Surrey, British Columbia, being the biggest detachment of the RCMP in the province, and incidentally a sordid history of obstructing serial killer investigations, with specifically with respect to the Robert Pickton serial murder case. (And in the link, it seems the investigator Wally Oppal, didn't want to know the details either). And if the above rant is accurate, they seem to be up to staging crime scenes. Possibly to entrap this person, but I don't know. But I have seen a few staged traffic accident scenes in the past, back in 2003-2005, when they were hot on my ass, backing down from the intense abuse and torture days of 04-2002 to year end. Though I suspect the complainant has more serious issues than those ridiculous drive-by "shows" the local Victoria police (not the RCMP) put on for me.

And another link to the above mentioned Robert Pickton case, which is unequivocal; the RCMP had enough evidence for a search warrant in 1999 and the killer wasn't apprehended until 2002. This from a woman RCMP officer involved in the case.

And the police (RCMP here, aka, Royal Canadian Mendacious Plods) do seem to "happen" to be around me much more than the pre-04-2002 usual. Why, they even come to the SOF supermarket to do their stalking in uniform for crissakes. I went to a nearby drug store I don't normally frequent to get a certain doctor recommended iron supplement about two years ago, and lo, if they didn't put on a blonde woman police officer just to hang around when I got this over-the-counter item. Exciting police work for sure. And it was two weeks ago that they parked a police car next to mine at the mall, an escalation of their curious presence, and so I took a picture, which I was going to post here. And lo, if it just didn't disappear off my phone. Way too convenient.

So what are these police really for in the TI context? I could not truthfully say that they are entirely perp puppets, because they come a cropper sometimes and look absolutely foolish, and on the odd occasion they unfortunately suffer a fatality in the course of duty. But it just seems that they know a whole lot more of what is going on besides the law enforcement angle. And it seems that even the above mentioned Wally Oppal in his 1500pp report "somehow" didn't get to the bottom of the Surrey RCMP's bumbling, fumbling and wilful obstruction. In fact, I heard on the news at the time of the inquiry that a witness said that Pickton (the serial killer) was protected by the bikers, and therefore the police wouldn't touch him. A very interesting line of inquiry should of developed from this, but instead, the investigator, Wally Oppal, shut the witness down right then and there.

A day of pruning vines in the vineyard; curiously the owners had the winery locked up all day even if they were at their adjacent house. Normally it is unlocked at the back and I have my breaks and lunch there. But for some curious reason, and without any prior notification, the norm to date, why, it was locked all day. I had my first break in my vehicle, but at lunch I needed to take a piss, and drove some 10 minutes back to my place. Like WTF; the owners are decent people, they always communicated the winery access status to me in advance, and now today, squat.

As it "so happens" my vineyard co-worker was also away today, so she wasn't put out either. Sounds like too much of a coincidence. Just one of those days when the perps didn't want me to have any interaction with anyone at work. Save the tourist when I "happened" to arrive after lunch and he was looking to taste wine, and I explained to him that the wine shop was only open Thurs.-Sun. at this time of year. After I told him that, he gives me this half furtive, half scared glance, and says thanks.

And what is this escalated shit of late; I am getting no end of stares and furtive glances for no reason whatsoever. Passing motorists, pedestrians etc. Go fuck yourselves or else tell me what is it exactly that you see that makes you scared shitless.

Another item to pick up at the Post Office, a high-gangstalking event for sure, and today was no exception. I had a parcel to pick up last week, and I got my extra obvious "droogie" stalker outside, and then the Fuckwit came inside when I was heading out.

This time it was a large-ish (fat bare calves) blonde woman in the long coat which "happened" to be the same color of brown as my vehicle interior. She doing the lead-ahead stalking some 40' ahead, and lo, if she didn't enter the same store as the PO, and lo, if she didn't "happen" to need to go to the PO desk ahead of me. I waited where one is supposed to wait, and lo, if this Scottish Fuckwit woman arrives behind me and didn't "need" to disrupt me as I "happened" to be standing in front of the mail box. Then this Scottish Fuckwit woman decided not to mail her letters and instead hang back (stalk as I see it) and once the brown coated stalker woman had finished, ask the PO clerk about the mail pick up times.

As it was after 1600h, and the Scottish Fuckwit woman thought mail pick up was 1700h, she missed the pick up. I just don't get this shit, as why this woman had to intervene before my turn for some information that was posted on the mail box, and besides, the mail would be there for tomorrow's pick up, as the clerk explained. What is it about the Fuckwits that they need to butt in, or interject? That wasn't all the action either; another younger woman without a coat, a seeming store staff member, just "needed" to hang around, almost like a shopper, but not quite. She then zooms in just after I finished to talk to the PO clerk. An instance of having a planted Fuckwit "needing" to yak with the PO clerk before and another  after my transaction. No cash was exchanged, it was just a pick up.

The PO clerk was also acting up; not that I had seen him there before, as it seems I get a different PO clerk each time I go there. I give him my delivery notice and my ID together, he then checks on the system for my parcel, and then asks me for my ID. Like WTF; I point to my ID in his hand, tell him "that is it", and he says, "oh yeah". That wasn't dumb, that was playing dumb IMHO, again, having never set eyes on the twit before.

Which brings to mind other variations of visits to this same PO; last year when I picked up a parcel of my landlord's who were away on vacation, (and with their permission), as I have the same address and it was permissible. That is, picking up a parcel but not taking permanent possession as the item wasn't mine. And of course, there have been a few financial transactions at this same PO due to the parcel border crossing ransom that is the norm in Canada. So do we have enough variations on parcel pickup at the PO? Perhaps in something like in a detailed Master Harassment Spreadsheet; picking up and taking possession, picking up for someone else with no permanent possession, picking up and taking possession with no financial transaction, picking up and taking possession with a financial transaction, etc. (Never mind the brown (parcel) color fixation of the perps' for now). On and on it goes, this relentless litany of minor variations on picking up a parcel for crissakes, now 16+years into this insane abuse-athon. And can you imagine all the variations there must be for all the normal things that I do in a day, like the rest of the normal world. That must be one very big Spreadsheet, aka, The Harassment and Abuse Delivery Database or whatever euphemistic name they would be likely to use.

And perhaps this whole PO stake-out was over the fact that I took possession of the parcel, because the perp assholes blanked me out as to who the parcel was from (and thereby, what was in it), which was most curious as I haven't ordered many things and I normally don't forget when there are a few inbound parcels. After dodging the Fuckwits changing their ambulatory trajectory on my store exit, and suffering some more furtive glances, I get outside with my brown boxed parcel, and why, there is the same "droogie" Fuckwit stalker from last week, doing the same act again, hovering bent over at his bicycle. All this shit over going to the Post Office for crissakes. And how long have humans had organized mail systems for; like over 200 years and here are the insane Fuckwits who surely must have been stalking others covertly all this time, and for some reason need to round on me when I pick up a parcel. Insane perps.

A round of severe painful cramps last night, like 7x; it was so bad I was screaming at the assholes. And for the first time, they have located the cramps in my thighs, about 1/3 up from my knee, and on the inner side, and cramp target location makes it very difficult to walk it off. As in barely able to walk, save for some strange walk method on my tip toes. This went on from 1130h to 0100h, and then at 0330h, they hit me again. The latter was totally out of order, as they have never until last night, had such a large time span between cramp attacks. "Normally" they have the cramp attacks go on and off over an hour or two. And also, who ever heard of cramps in one's legs in identical locations at the very same time? I am no leg cramp expert, but this too was a first for me. Maybe they put on a new Abuse Technician and forgot to tell the shit that he has to make them seem "natural". Or else they decided to up the ante and dump the "natural" cover story; just screw the victim harder as they haven't yet got the results they were looking for in the some four years of leg cramp attacks.

Unemployment benefits obstruction continues, this time the EI outfit (in Canada) has delayed a "decision", a gratuitous and capricious obstruction if there ever was one. They said they would make a "decision" by March 6, and now it is March 9 (Friday) and they still haven't done so. I am absolutely livid that I got hung out to dry for two months without the paperwork (Record of Employment, ROE) that every employer is required by law to supply in five days, and finally, after writing a firm but polite email to the CFO (for crissakes, its a brain-dead book keeper function, which I know from someone who routinely performed this task), and a copy to the CEO (whom I met a few times, - nice guy) do I get any action for the ROE paperwork. The CFO (finally) delivered the day after my email, and perhaps it was the CEO who got on his ass, I don't know, but it was the fastest the CFO ever moved on this matter in two months.

But deliver he did, the electronic ROE to the EI Unemployment benefits outfit. And I see the new ROE online, which their "notification" system somehow failed to tell me about, and I saw that they will make a "decision" on March 6. And what is this utter shit about a "decision"? All they have to do is their due diligence, ensure that all the electronic paperwork is legitimate, and then change my status to one who is legitimately receiving  unemployment benefits. And now, the message reads that they will make a "decision" soon, which their "notification" system also failed to tell me about. (At least they are on top of their messaging updates, once I find them). Like WTF; there are NO excuses, NO dodges, NO reasons; just pay out my EI claim even if the paper work was two months late through no fault of mine.

As I see it, the unemployment benefits outfit has decided to add insult to injury, and delay my benefits for utterly no reason. And if they had any gumption, they would go after the CFO and fine him the $2000 and put him in the slammer for six months; all possible penalties for not supplying the ROE within the required time frame. And if they really wanted to make a point, one that I was going to do, contact the chartered accountant body in this province and make a formal complaint. All these are revenge fantasies for sure. But what is the fucking point of holding up my rightful benefits for three weeks on top of eight weeks? On second thought, now that my analytical rational paranoia has kicked in; they have another screw-over in the works, and are going to pull something big. Stay tuned.

And why am I rationally paranoid in dealing with federal government bureaucracies, especially ones who don't permit one to send messages to them? Why, in 2005, 2006, and 2007, the infernal CRA (IRS  equivalent in the US with a whole lot more resources, organization and tenacity), asked me for the same paperwork as to my divorce agreement three years in a row. In 2006, when I pointed this out to them in my letter accompanying their requested document that they already had this on file from the previous year, I got no response. (No surprise). And I did the same thing again in the same circumstances in 2007, with the same outcome. Just senseless repetition over the same item for no reason. And when one lives in TI World, where everything is scripted to the microsecond (it seems), these aren't just auto-generated dictats from a tax collector with a wonky computer. In the least it is a purposeful and directed harassment of a selected victim, no matter the trivial excuses.

And can my vineyard co-worker cross paths enough" Not the gangstalker kind where they need to have someone step on the same ground as I do in the shortest possible time, but it just seems the coincidence factor is increasing. First at the same vineyard, then on bottling, and then she says she is going to Victoria in a few weeks (as am I), and today she says she is going to Kaleden this weekend, as am I. Not forgetting she pruned five rows at this same vineyard last year, though she wasn't there when I was. She is a nice person and I enjoy talking to her, but can we make it more obvious? Of course the perps can, and they sometimes will take up the challenge that I make.

I got hit with a nap attack for 1.5 hours tonight; they have been quite rare since the ADD medication started in 07-2018, but this is the second time in a week.

Anyhow, enough for a week and to get this posted.

Same Gangstalk Pattern Three Times in Identical Circumstances

That I have seen this particular shopping and checkout gangstalking pattern countless times since 04-2002 when the perps first went berserk/overt on me is an understatement. But for some reason the pattern was so consistent across three stores that I visited today that I feel compelled to write about it.

First one was after work, an odd day at the construction site, as I finished at 1400h. The afternoon, not the usual time that three males circulate around me in specialty food market. But there they were, doing their shiftless loitering, aka pretend shopping, bent over and and their ass sticking out, a perp pose writ large. I went to the supplement section to get more iron supplements, as I don't seem to absorb much through digestion nowadays. And for "some reason", the ever-attentive staff there didn't go anywhere near me, hovering as I was to attempt to decode all the claims and dosages and other supplemental adjuncts with the iron. (Vitamin C, folic acid, plant food e.g. spirulina and others). But no, even with the staff there they didn't come by. Most curious. I then got the one I had before as it seems to be a reasonable solution.

I then went to check out the chocolate, but there was a Fuckwit A in bend-over pose there, so I went the next aisle for something else. Then the same Fuckwit A, without anything in hand, not even a hand basket, somehow "decided" to go to the end of his aisle and come straight down the one I was in. All to get a better look at this shit no doubt. After the shit passed by, I go to the end of my aisle to then go to the chocolate. But no, a three way male gangstalk Fuckwit clusterfuck was in action (one of them Fuckwit A somehow), blocking egress, each pretending that they weren't. I go somewhere else, turn around to go to another location, and one one the Fuckwits was posted there. Screw it, and I go to the checkout , and with some delays there (debit card system), why, Fuckwit A just "happens" to be arriving behind me.

 Like WTF; tail me in the aisle, hover over where I want to go (shopping obstruction), then do the "come at me" walk down the aisle (mid aisle encounter), then circle around again and join the clusterfuck (E aisle end), and then pop out of the aisles just when I was paying at the checkout (W end, and financial transaction stalking). I have never seen so many single males in this store, let alone how they managed to put on the E aisle end swarm just as I arrived there. And have I mentioned how aisle ends, aka, direction changes, seem to be a HUGE perp gangstalk moment? Too often to count; the label, "anisotropy of space" might give you a clue, but the gangstalkers are utterly insane about any direction change I make while ambulatory, driving or any other means. Go fuck yourselves everyone, and go fuck your own kind; you have legions of Fuckwits at your disposal so go screw them over and leave me alone. And at least change the scenery and put on (many) more babe gangstalkers; these shiftless shit male posers are good-for-nothing but looking stupid. Besides, they creep me out.

Later in the evening I go to SOF, a supermarket. There couldn't of been more than 30 customers there, but again, a rotating male contingent of three, just "happened" to find me everywhere I went. And at least one of them was on obstruction duty, thwarting intention (mine) another one of their trademark stunts. North, South, East, and the checkouts at the West. One of the rotating gangstalkers "happened" to arrive behind me at the checkout, and lo, if I didn't suffer another "hold up" with the uncharacteristically slow debit card system. And lo, in characteristic style, he just couldn't move in fast enough to stand where I had just vacated at the checkout. And "for some reason" another Fuckwit "needed" to pass behind me in the opposite direction of everyone else at the checkout. One really has to go out of their way to go to a checkout and then enter the store. So here we go again; shopping obstruction, multi-male tails in all cardinal directions and a financial transaction gangstalking show.

Then onto LD and this same shit played out again. This time I was buying the much perp gamed paper towels and toilet paper, more of their favorite items to manipulate in strange ways to piss me off. I don't think I have ever been allowed to separate toilet paper off at the perforations without an errant (off-perforation) tear since all this insane shit rained (or reigned) down on me since 04-2002. And I constantly get masers coming off the toilet paper now every time I touch it or move it to unroll some for use. These are the grey-ish blackish blob-like variety that emanate off the paper and come at my face, all over in a second or two. (And never mind how the toilet paper rolls suddenly get beat up and don't roll properly). So just what is the perps' 16 year long insane fixation about ass-wipe all about? Any ideas out there?

My second, much interrupted week of vineyard pruning. Today it was snow to clear, at the landlord's place, and then onto an appointment at the dental surgeon to check things out, and all was OK. [Well as it "happened" later tonight, one of the implant caps "happened" to drop out into my mouth, so doubtless I will be back there tomorrow. Well done assholes; the perp-insanes that is.]

I started pruning at 0930 instead of the usual 0800h, and lo, if there wasn't legions of vehicular gangstalking for this event (in perp mentality) of an irregular work start or departure time. (Another is having me "forget" something and forcing me to go home, and then return).

But I do have one upside item to report; in the task of vine pruning many canes as presented from a single vine, and retaining 2 or 3 healthy long ones to keep and cutting off the rest, it is very likely forced "mistake". And for the prior six years the perp assholes have exploited this to the maximum and forced me to make far too many "mistakes" that I would not of ordinarily done, knowing my own capabilities. Well, in a (so far) rare instance of letting up on the abuse, I have hardly made an error in 7 work days of pruning. And if I did, it was recoverable and there was another cane to use. Wow; competence IS now finally allowed at least for this task, now in its seventh repeat year at the same menial job. Unbelievable.

And tonight while out in the evening on errands, they left me alone at the water depot (very unusual given the perp focus on my water supply), and at the fuel station to fill the vehicle tank with gasoline. Save the two males huddled around the side of the building chattering away, almost a parody of the loitering scum at such places. But no other vehicle rolled up, and nor were there the "usual" hot rod muffler noises and other vehicular noise campaigns while fueling. Very odd indeed. Not even a Fuckwit walking through the pump area, which is almost de rigeur

Another interrupted work day, and the "usual" confluence of gangstalk vehicles around me as I made a off-usual hours commute visit to aforementioned dental surgeon in mid-work day to get the implant cap re-tightened.

And one day off, (Saturday) spent in a rather uncharacteristically mellow mood, which served the perps' purposes as I didn't get my to-do list barely started. (Do they ever love to have me slave away at "to-do" lists and then not complete the items, and then mix it up and have me add other items). And just what is it about vacuum cleaning, all the more important as the perps just love to dump things on the floor, that they need to keep thwarting me in undertaking this task, sometimes for 4 weeks past its due date? I have no idea, but given their propensity to arrange vacuum cleaning around me, I suppose they want to control my residence for whatever purposes.

Sunday,  but a day of work at the vineyard, though this time it was the winery. The mobile bottling trailer arrived in the morning and so I was the guy to unload each case of empty bottles on the production line and have them travel through to get cleaned, filled, capped and labelled and then re-packaged in the box (or case as they like to use in the business). Lots of handling cardboard boxes of course, white coated on the outside, and lots of clatter and noise. And what is it about glass being bashed and knocked the perps like so much? Don't know; there is some kind of emanating vibe that just turns their crank big time.

Anytime, I shall call this a posting for the week, and consider what might be different for the coming week.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Jury Duty Cancelled

Thankfully, they cancelled my jury duty summons for next week. I never could figure out why they would send a mind-controlled nonconsensual human experimentation subject through such an exercise, casting a formalized proceeding of justice into disrepute (ahem). Well at least, they had me bothered about it for three weeks, and I suppose given how so many times that scenario plays out, it was the real aim. More of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) and they got me FUD-ded big time over that one. Very Funny. I haven't quite been convinced yet that the justice system isn't a slow-motion farce, but perhaps I am a little jaded after 17 years in the trenches of this abuse-athon.

Regular readers will know that I have proposed that it be FUDE, the "E" for "Error" as the perps just love to have me make mistakes. Another prosposed alphabetic is "A" for "Ambiguity", should Uncertainty not cover it all. Say, FUDEA or FUDAE. I digress.

Speaking of which, the perps have started up another round of nonsense over winding up this abuse-athon. Long time readers will know that every five or so years they put on one of these mind games that can run for four months or so, though usually half that. In other words, every smirk, every seeming "tell", every delay in others getting back to me, every pointless endeavor ("not needed, hostilities are going to cease soon), and all other obvious feints and games are tainted with the planted notion that it doesn't matter anyhow, because they are going to wrap this show up.

No they won't and they haven't done so for all the ten or so rounds they have put me through this faux-show of ceasing hostilities, or to them, nonconsensual human experimentation abuses. It ain't going to happen, and given the long running attention they pay to my perceptions, and their attempts to modify them, this is just one more round of orchestrated maze guidance. Check out the label to the left, "harrassment cessation deception" if you really want a vertical study of this particular perp theme that has consistently amounted to a Big Nothing. This too shall pass, but I always hope for such typical long running shows it will be tomorrow, the only definition of "soon" that I subscribe to.

The assholes are still putzing around with the color of my capsules, with the same medication, delivery method and dosage in them for crissakes. That would be a dopamine agonist, and as regular readers will know, this hormone has been a particular study theme of the perps. And too, if the music business is as contained and scripted as been reported (Brice Taylor, "Thanks for the Memories" as one example), and so very many songs go on about love, and all its associated emotional valence. Well guess what?; love is a big dopamine rush as determined by brain scan studies! We, the human race, are all in this together, just in differing degrees and awareness.

That was at least an hour exercise to get the above pic edited and saved due to an error in MS Paint. It wouldn't let me save the cropped image to a new file, saying there was an "error". And of course, that was the last of any kind of technical guidance from MS; no links to Help or anything like that. Nor would it save to a PDF file, nor any drawing files of Open Office, and finally I used "Screenshot" expecting the full screen with all the Paint command area, and lo, it didn't, just the working image for crissakes.

No one, other than MS, can do better at taking one for a techno-semantic screw-around. I started on mainframes and industrial strength software a long time ago; IBM, DEC and VMS, Unix System V, (and much of their software that came with the machine and the OS, and also Oracle, and they ALL had a very disciplined and clear visual and semantic convention and naming standards. (This is pre-GUI, but the p[rinciple remains the same). Here we are closing on three fucking decades of MS Windows and they cannot get it straight as to what a "screenshot" is. I gave up long ago when the MS shit show rolled into town and everyone piled on top, disregarded the extant conventions and semantic standards, and everyone ate it up, from DOS to Windows 10. Out of the box they got it stupid; putting a "\" in where everyone else, particularly Unix, was using a "/". Maybe the perps had a hand in it too, not only fomenting the stupid shit, creating the market, but also screwing my head as to making the visual translations due to MS's intransigence over using conventions. And I am quite sure there are backdoors into popular operating systems as a condition that it become ubiquitous in the OS marketplace.

Finally I got to start vineyard work today. After giving me a start date two weeks later than last year, and then putting me off for another week, and then another day due to yesterday's Family Day holiday. And of course the afternoon was messed up with a dental appointment and a following automotive repair appointment. Time without fail, the perps will fuck up any kind of start to a new work site, or work start up by hammering me with appointments and like forced departures. I feared the above mentioned jury duty was going to be another one of these "start up" sabotage/temporary departures, but no, as they cancelled it. I suspected the whole deal wasn't going ahead anyhow.

And so I got started on vineyard pruning this morning; the boss man was super casual, "a little harder than last year". To be fair, I pruned this vineyard last year all by myself, save for five rows by another woman who had pruned them before I arrived. And lo, if she isn't coming back to help, even if she isn't an employee. Whatever. The boss man says to "go easy on the hours" for crissakes.

And I found out from the boss man that he has been working at the other site for at least two weeks and hired last year's winter helper ahead of me. Given that said boss man was laying on some BS about being laid off first last year as the other woman had worked there longer, it just seemed like more games. I checked out my employment record (ROE) from last year, and I just made the minimum of 14 weeks for unemployment benefits.

Speaking of which, I sent a strident, but not rude, name calling or otherwise nasty email to the accountant that is holding up my Record of Employment, and thereby, my unemployment benefits, and still haven't heard back. That was yesterday. I sent a copy to his boss (the CEO), whom I met twice on the construction job, and he said he would look into it, and said I could call him any time. Nice of him. I replied last night and said I would be glad for his help to expedite this matter, but no answer today either. Like WTF; I just don't get it as to why the transference of my employment details to an official form on a web site is getting held up for over two months. And there is only one outfit in my existence that would be the root cause of this insane fuckery. As they say in organizational behavior; if someone is acting like a jerk (unreasonable twit... or fill in the blank....) they either are one, or whoever is jerking their chain, is. This accountant seemed like a reasonable person when I twice spoke with him on the phone.....

Here we go again; reasonable people inexplicably acting in an unreasonable manner. And all this Global Weirdness took a sudden leap by at least an order of magnitude since 02-2002 when this insane shit storm of relentless abuse rained down on me and has never let up since. Another fine coincidence.

And of course, the perp assholes exploit this administrative obstruction by planting the notion that the whole deal doesn't matter as they are going to wrap up their hostilities. Yeah right; been there, had it done to me, and it never materializes as advertised, no matter if the medium is telepathic.

All was well and good with the dental cleaning; my teeth and gums are looking good, and it wasn't the wall of worry (yet another ailment) I was expecting.

Onto the Ford dealership to have a new flasher relay (turn signal relay) installed, as the present one is losing its audibility. Yes, I checked my hearing and it is just fine. As to what this means for perp games I don't know, save a different EMF signature when I make turns, as I use my turn signal faithfully, unlike so many drivers in this town. (Another post 04-2002 eruption of peculiar public behavior, driving behavior being a prominent subset of the human behavioral shift that took place in my presence, aka, a sudden onset of Global Weirdness.

And of course the perps have no end of interest in me everytime I make a turn, be it in a vehicle or ambulatory. The ansiotropic properties of the ether, earth's photonic field or whatever it is. Anisotropy being the quality of having different physical properties in different directions; e.g. wood, in that it can be readily split in the vertical direction (y), but not from any side (y or z).

The Ford dealership wait in the waiting area was its usual buzz; it just seems that everyone wants coffee at 1430h in the afternoon, and of course that is where the coffee machine is. The high tattoo marking of the staff was again evident, women included. Would this be a hiring prerequisite? And I see they moved the 200 gallon salt water aquarium some 15' to the other side of the waiting area; it seems they didn't need to move it at all (fishy?), but again, I don't know the rationale for these things.

My friendly blonde and cute service attendant wasn't there at the Ford dealership today, though I kept looking for her. And of course the perps exploited this up by having plenty of passing feminine footwear noise going on to cause me to look. Another one of their themes; dashed expectations. Later I found out from the tattooed woman service representative that the blonde lady was off that day, following the stat holiday.

And I see that my agitation to get my Record of Employment (ROE) papers was finally rewarded. The CFO came through the next day and set the official set to the agency that deals with these matters. Perhaps my good standing with the CEO whom I met a few times on the autumn construction project also had a bearing on expediting this. And now I must wait for my "claim" to be adjudicated. keep me in suspense or what.

Sunday, and I got on with cleaning and vacuuming, the latter being an activity that the perps don't like me to do given the strange increase in the "lapses" that have "happened" over this particular task, again, since 04-2002.

A whole two further days of pruning in the vineyard this work week; it snowed a little one day. And as a bonus, the Pyrenees Mountain dog came out both days and we had a good play in the snow. My pal, the Snow Bear can roar past me even within two rows (the aisle in viticulture terminology), and can duck under the lowest trellis wire with the greatest of ease. The dog knows he has me beat in any kind of running game. Hence avoiding close-in wrestling games at first, and then by the second day we got into some fun wrestling. Small vignettes of fun, and about the only ones I get other than viewing Monty Python's Flying Circus on Netflix. The latter being the epitomy of visual GUI design gone wrong, going one worse than an Android touch phone on a PC no less. And raising the notion of dumping Netflix's ass once my MPFC binge is done.

In fact, Netflix went one worse recently by inserting a partial screen of an active trailer that one cannot turn off, advertising one of their own films or series of course. Like WTF; only by hitting Browse to access one's own saved shows does one get out of this imposed viewing.

Anyhow, the visual design interface, or any interaction interface for that matter, seems to be of high perp interest as well, and I won't get into all the times they have screwed me over in using a new tool, software or other device. Sometimes they let me master something unfettered by imposed dithering, and then later sandbag me with confusion and fuckery, often exploiting the event of an absence from its use. Other times, the perps put up a total wall of fuckery at the outset and have all kinds of commands or buttons not work as designed, and put me into a total bind, usually ending by me screaming at the assholes and shutting the thing down. The above mentioned use of Paint is an example, as I use it only a few times a year, and invariably get sandbagged with an interface re-design, or worse yet, a semantic design excursion.

Two nights ago the perps hit me with a double cramp in my legs; the identical location on each of my inner thighs, and of essentially equal pain. This particular location of the imposed cramp made it difficult to deal with in bed, as I can often flex my feet against the wall and relieve the cramp. This time I had to roll out of bed very fast before the cramp came on hard, and then walk it out. But as if often the case, it just "happens" that my toe snagged the sheet and I couldn't get out fast enough, and the cramp pain came in harder until I could stand up. Seconds count, and in these situations, the perps impose more time delaying adversity almost without fail. Even at that it was difficult to walk, and I was in screaming pain for at least 10 minutes. Well done assholes. So it would seem that they were testing another muscle group, or grouping, that had to do with walking. Go fuck someone else for once.

The advance tip off for the sleep interruptions of the cramps was that I went to bed early; 2200h on a Friday night is rather unusual for me. But as I was tired and felt depleted, I thought it best if I go to bed early. That in itself is a rarity, but the perps have been 100% consistent (a rarity too) in disrupting any attempt such as this to get to sleep earlier than usual. (We are only talking an hour or two here). Their usual early-to-bed sleep disruption is to keep me tossing and turning for hours, sometimes all night. (And curiously, not be any bit tired from it). But this time they decided to pull a two leg cramp stunt that was decidedly painful. I haven't had one since 10-2018, and one of the current dopamine agonists medications that I started just last week, mirapex, is often given to patients with restless legs problems. Well done perps; you give me a painful sleep disruptive condition I haven't had for four months that flies in the face of the medication that I am now taking (for other reasons).

And Friday's later-day feeling of depletion is nominally assigned to perp fuckery that transpired in the morning, by having me get up later than normal and then get "panicked" into getting my normal morning routine done quicker. And of course, as they always do, they use this as an excuse to screw me in some other way. This time it was "forgetting" to take my morning medications, one of which (pictured above) is of intense perp interest as it is a dopamine agonist. I felt reasonably OK for the whole day of boring pruning work, and I can only surmise they needed a medication-free day to do yet more testing on whatever is of interest to them at the moment.

A job interview this afternoon; more vineyard work, but hopefully it will be more interesting than at present, and more focused. We shall see, but I am cautiously optimistic. I had a case of feeling "stoned" (de-realized) while driving home after the interview, surely (yet again) the perps up to their games of suspending my temporal lobe activity by whatever remotely applied means they have. It seems they have been doing this for a long time, even before they went berserk/overt in 04-2002.

Here is one for the record, as this has been banging around in my head and so I thought I would get this into print. Back when I was five years old, my mother said that I was a "guinea pig", which of course I had to ask what that meant, and she told me it was an animal that was used for experiments. (And as I later earned about what experiments were, confusion entered into the picture as it seemed mice were really the experimental mammals of choice, and as far as I know, still are). I did not process that one in its entirety then, not even knowing much about what an experiment was. And so, after the 04-2002 apartment assault and follow-on street assaults with masers, electromagnetic hits, and after a few more years of reflection, this little nugget came into recall. And it makes perfect sense; the assholes were on to me then, but only in 04-2002 did they out themselves and make this abuse/nonconsensual experimentation imperative (aka, as a TI) overt. It was not only the Day of Infamy, but also that the perps went berserk/overt as I often name it.

Enough for a posting and on with another week of being a TI.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Catching Up

A posting to catch up for the past two weeks, having got the Feb. 4 posting done (dated Feb. 16 by Blogspot).

More snow for this region, and the whole of the Pacific Northwest, including Puget Sound, Vancouver and Victoria as well. That has kept me busy as I have been shoveling out the landlord's property too. As it faces the street, I am to clear the sidewalk and of course, make the pathways on the property clear too, as well as his two vehicles parked out front, visible from the street. All to give the property that lived-in look, as they are away in Mexico for 8 weeks. Good timing on their part for all the continued snowfalls.

No work this week, save a day helping out my former millwork installation employer for one day. I spent a considerable time doing caulking of counter tops at this commercial construction site where I had worked from 08-12 in 2018. The caulking job seemed like a prequel to my own caulking efforts at my residence the next day. I caulked some 4' in the shower stall after removing the old fugly molded caulking, and also recaulked another 4' of the counter top I installed at my residence about four weeks ago. And note, this is the very same counter top at the construction site, having been given some 16' of it after the job was done. I suppose they wanted a "repeat", where I do the same job on the same material at the construction site, and then at my residence, one day apart.

I also conveyed my continuing annoyance to my co-worker about the employer's wilful intransigence about getting my unemployment benefit paperwork done. It should be "paperwork" in quotes, as it is simply a no brainer electronic transmission to the government. And yet the fucker, an registered charter accountant no less, won't get this done. And how would he like to go two months with no pay? Time to write a nasty email to start his work week. And then start a complaint with the accounting practices board of which he is a professional member. Then as to what is next I have no idea, save naming the asshole. (I see the employer's website has changed recently so there are no more employee pictures, just the names). I simply cannot believe this fucking shit show has gone on for two months for absolutely no reason. Besides, even if the employment was acrimonious, which it isn't, the employer must furnish this document, called the Record of Employment (ROE). As to why the law puts so much control of an individual into some paper pusher's hands with no penalties of significance is beyond me. And it has been two weeks since I submitted a formal request, and nothing from the government either.

And BTW, I see the government now has their unemployment related forms online again; the Request for a Record of Employment form is now available online. When I was looking for it, it so "happened" that it wasn't, and the link was broken, which then caused me to go the the government's Service Canada office in town and request one. And as it "happened" they didn't have it either, (supposedly) and so I got snookered into a 1.5 hour wait in their office where an orchestrated brown people stalk-athon unfolded, as mentioned in a past blog posting.

For "some reason" I could not get to sleep, and spent most of the night awake before getting up at 0600h. I had to deal with the 8" of snowfall that morning, shoveling the sidewalks and pathways on behalf of the landlord who is away in Mexico. The street snow clearing was so overwhelmed that I decided to walk to the hospital construction site. That was a 30 minute walk or so, not bad considering the poor snow removal, both sidewalks and streets.

There was only one remaining co-worker, so we chatted plenty at the two breaks. He will be winding up the job in two weeks or so. He may need me for a day next week to do some heavy lifting etc.

The stalking coverage is getting more intense these past 4 weeks, since the start of New Year when I returned to Penticton. The Fuckwits are constantly on my ass when I get out of my vehicle or make a turn (ambulatory or driving). And the pit-lamping too; beaming headlights on me. The just-stand-there stalkers have also increased; these ridiculous assholes who stand in mid-sidewalk looking at their phones. I suppose it is a better cover story than the ones who just stand there without a prop, which was in plenty evidence before the ubiquity of so-called smart phones.

I had to do one of the routinely scheduled health care shit samples (every 5 years), and the Fuckwits were all over me at the waiting area in the lab at the hospital. All duly arranged, as I had the paper lab order with me the day before when I did a work day (per above), but "somehow" forgot to go to the lab afterwards. Another convenient "forget" that makes all these kinds of events seem so very arranged.

Got zapped in the night; I haven't had one of these for a while, but a sudden jolt to my thigh got me awake right quick.

And more perverse dreams, that could only of been planted. It was a vivid dream about working on an IT project, something I haven't done in 18 years since the harassment came on. Why did they plant that on me?

And a phone stunt from the computer tech where I took my spare PC in to get dual boot running. He finished the job, I picked the computer up, and later that day he phones me, but not in his usual manner of introducing himself and who he is working for and the purpose of his call. This time, I get a call and he asks is "Monica there?", and I say no, as there isn't one here. Then he makes up this lame excuse about looking at the wrong work order, which then ties him to the computer repair outfit, though I was beginning to recognize the voice. A very lame excuse it seems, as the work order for my PC was done, so why would he have mine next to an active work order? Nor does he backtrack to introduce himself in this faux confusion.

Anyhow, I don't go into a lot of detail on this topic in this her blog, though I will talk to TI's in person if I come to know them. I have made references to ML in past postings, as this theme (person) gets constantly planted on me (in mind) all day long, sometimes 200x or more. And I have seen her twice for real, and her likeness (height, build, age) at least a dozen times more. And so this computer tech just "happens" to mention that person by her first name in his supposedly errant call, momentarily confounding me without his usual self introduction? Yeah, right.

I worked on a bottling line for wine for three days last week. Same deal as always; just when everything is going right, no mean feat for all the technical issues and the cold, why, the bottling line shuts down. When I say "going right", I am referring to a kind of mind-state where it just seems that one isn't doing a whole lot of thinking beyond the assigned activities of supporting the production line. There is something about humans (and of course the nonconsensual human experimentees, aka TI's)  and production line work that seriously interests the perps.

A statutory holiday in these here parts, Family Day for crissakes. I seems there was too long of a stretch between January and Easter, so they created a new one, invoking a sentimental excuse. Or, in my read on it, more like the politicians were told to do so, as the perps just love to disrupt routines, even the regular Mon-Fri weekday workers.

I spent the better part of yesterday getting the electronic gear back in its rack, and all of it then connected and moved under this new bench I built a few weeks ago. I also had to get the rack cut down and rejoined so it would go underneath. But for "some reason" the printer is on the blink, even if MS Windows says there is no problem with it. The before and after

And another related serious interest of the perps that I have come to find in recent months is my use of tools. That is, any use of a tool, and all the more interesting to them if I switch tools, say, use an impact driver instead of a drill. And it can be even shifting my use of snow removal tools; the sled-like pushing tool and then swapping over to use the snow scoop to clean up the trails of snow that the pushing tool missed. I noticed this particular example a few days ago when shoveling snow at about 0700h; the street yapping males just "happened" to start up some 30 seconds before I swapped snow removal tools. That there would be anyone outside at this time of morning just to stand and natter is unusual, and such timing doesn't go unnoticed when it seems that every noise around me is orchestrated to microsecond level precision, and of course, with designed volume and harmonic frequencies. And annoyance levels too.

And when working on the construction site job from 08-12, 2018, I either used other's tools, or bought my own, and loaned them out on a temporary basis. My co-workers also had some tool acquisition binges too, and I often shared in the tool talk, picked them up to admire, or on occasion borrowed them. As to what all that means to the perp assholes I have no idea. Just leave me the fuck alone, as I have been screwed enough.

And that should be it for the week.