Monday, May 25, 2015

Dumbed Down

Finally, I got my story as a permanent page on this here Blogspot; 27pp, and to be read at your leisure. And it hasn't been updated since 09-2003, and I am a whole lot wiser as to this entire caper now, and as a result, a very much having an acquired conspiratorial perspective that isn't fully divulged in the blog postings.This story was on other TI web sites in the long past (to 2003), but it seems a number of them have been taken down since first written. But now that Blogspot will accept more static Pages (as they call them for some obscure(ing?)) reason, this as-written-then count stands as the definitive account of the onset of the high harassment/perp berserk/overt debut of this continuing and relentless life trashing, aka the life of a nonconsensual human experimentation subject in vivo.

It is flat text document and I shall update it with a linkable Table of Contents sometime, and the next version if I can ever be allowed to get a handle on creating a TOC linked document.

I felt like I got clobbered in the head today; slow (aka "thick") thinking, not on the ball, and plain dumbed down. Even things that I am readily familiar with seemed to be new perceptions.

At the vineyard, I needed to mix some oil into the gasoline for two cycle motors at 50:1 and I could not figure it out. The table on the back of the oil bottle didn't include a 5L amount, so I had to calculate it myself. Only when I returned to the shed did I have a clue as to how to calculate it. Never have I been so dumbed down as this before, not forgetting that I mixed portions frequently in the course of my winemaking duties, 2012 to 2014. And surely I have mentioned that the perps are obsessed over measurements, calculations and determinations in this blog before? Many times, and it would seem to be another level of interest on top of total and complete remotely invoked mind control. Other levels of their interest would be whenever I make a decisions, the anisotropic qualities of ... vitamin D, .. sun tanning etc.

Later, in the evening (this added in the next day), I got nailed with a 2.5 hour nap attack, effectively decimating my evening. It took me a half hour to get up, all to brush my teeth, disrobe, wash my face and go back to bed for a night's sleep. As usual, there was no sleep deficit I had any need to make up for.

Wednesday, yoga with the beer gutted guy instructor and bald head. But he is growing a beard, all in the name of decoding my abreactions to male features I reckon.

Rare that I have dinner before yoga at 1715h, but I did today as I am starting vineyard work at 0700h and finish at 1500h. That extra hour to do errands makes a big difference, and too, more likelihood to have an earlier dinner. The yoga crowd was 6 females, and they put the most decrepit one next to me, her and her very heavy breathing.

Mostly on shoot thinning today at the vineyard, though some wine case lifting and relocating with the boss lady as well. She seems to suffer in the heat, and it was at least 25C today, and little or no cloud. As regular readers will know, my ability to tolerate hot weather has gone up markedly since 2010 when the perps adjusted my thermal tolerance from about 25C, (77F) when I would normally wilt, to over 40C (104F). Last year I did a two hour hike at the latter temperature and it was no problem. It is one of their few intrusions that I benefit from, and would sorely miss this new-found thermal tolerance capability.

A new tasting room worker started today, she curiously doing two back and forths across the vineyard on the driveway in her red BMW. I met her yesterday, and her hair was in long tresses. Today, she had her hair frizzed up; not only did it get cut, but frizzed too. And why do the perps arrange this, as it has happened more than once before. All to fool me momentarily it would seem. The perps like to arrange momentary lack of cognition, and I assume, are getting better at it all the time.

And they pulled this at yoga too, the substitute desk person had her hair in a bun just like the regular woman at the desk.

An astounding act of fuckery today at the specialty grocery store, extra crowded because of a 20% off sale. Not only was the wait longer, but the customer/gangstalker ahead of me did the linger-at-the-checkout stunt, but eventually moved on, or so I thought. My items were rung through the till, and I was in the middle of paying on the debit card machine, and lo, if there isn't someone banging at my crotch region, which caused me to jump and look for the cause. The elderly woman, one of the elder-couple ahead of me stayed back and decided she needed the newest copy of the free health care magazine called Alive. Said magazine was in a small 2" thick vertical rack at the checkoput, below the debit card machine. Not only did this colossal dipshit walk by this very rack and "forgot", but then some "remembered" when it was not in sight as I was covering it while at the debit card machine, but had the incredible temerity to attempt to reach around me without so much as an "excuse me", and fumble for it at my crotch region. I was totally incensed, but also governed to tone it down, and say something like "what are you doing?, I am in the middle of transacting at the debit card machine for crissakes!" Of course I wasn't allowed to publicly accuse/exploit the notion that she was grabbing at my crotch, which would of been a zinger to put this person in their place. I cannot believe the number of times this basic plain manners gets ignored and some asshole is attempting yet another personal space incursion. And note, it was adroitly timed while I was keying in my password on the debit card machine. And have I long complained about outrageous, as well as the new "normal" of extra gangstalking attention when making financial transactions? This is just the latest in rude and senseless public abuses.                              

That stunt was preceded by another stool test result I collected and turned in. Not only was there super crowded roads, this at 1530 to 1630h, and stops at the above mentioned grocery store, drop-in clinic, and then LD to get the Rx submitted. The whole town goes nuts because I turned in a stool sample, upping the ante with above mentioned public crotch grabbing.

The drop-in doctor is normally putting on a shitless look each time I see her, but today she was smiling and trying to be sociable. Instead, it was the intern kid at the RX counter at LD who looked scared shitless, though she tried to lighten up at the end.

Saturday, got up early to get to the laundromat and then the public farmers market before the crowds came on. I got two bags of salad and one of basil, and was out of there in five minutes or less. It was Fat Girl gangstalk time; there were at least four of them covering me from my car, 100m to the market, and then back again. Plus at least three more along the driving route back to the laundromat.

Normally the perps keep me off salads for month at a time, no matter the season, but they seem to be allowing this kind of food more often.

Same with eggs; on my 6th dozen this year, when at most, they kept me to 6 eggs for the past 13 years. Call 2015 the "Year that Eggs Were Permitted".

And more Fat Ladies; at the market, on the way home, and lo, when I go downtown again for my legs waxing appointment, it was Fat Ladies With Tattoos. One at the salon had dense tattoos all over her arms. And the ones that I know who kept them covered, why, they rolled up their sleeves today and revealed them. I go next door afterward to get some L-tyrosine, and lo, if the shop assistant isn't waving her tattooed arms around to demonstrate directions to me.

For my waxing, like the past two times, I had the young blonde girl on my L, and the very large instructor on my R. I suppose in talking to the latter about wine and other things, I got more Fat Girl exposure, hence their increased gangstalking numbers on the way home. If I don't like the sight of Fat People, large sprawling guts and all other names for a voluminous convex midriff, I don't understand why legions of Psychopathic Confederates need to present this very visage at every corner, or turn in the road.

The attractive blonde leg wax assistant had the 2" of the tips of her blonde hair done in a fuchsia color. It is a new product they sell, where they can temporarily dye the hair and have it come out in the next hair washing. As the perps routinely like me to see blonde girls, and intersperse freakish and unnatural hair colors, having both on one person is a coup of some kind.

The two waxers stayed on their respective sides, as I flip over once the back of my legs are done, one gets the front of the back of the opposite side. To date, they haven't swapped sides when I flip so one of them gets front and back of the same leg. I am sure this is planned for some future date. It reminds me of the cooked chicken I often purchase, and how the perps like to get the R and L sides mixed up, so I don't know which side the leg is from.

 I am sure there must be something to all of this, and I don't know what the perps get out of hair plucking, but they have me doing plenty of it of late. The perps tell me is about some kind of energy vibration, like what the do on crop circles where they cause the crop, usually a grass, to grow at an oblique angle before they press it down in its tytpical patterns, usually a cricle.

Then onto suntanning outside my place on the lawn for a few hours. Still clothed of course, but less than that where I work which has made shirt wearing mandatory.

A concert last night at the Dream Cafe; shows always start on time at 1900h. But not this time, as the band was doing their sound check at 1830h when I arrived. There might of been some 10 other people in the place. Normally when I come for  concerts at this time the place is nearly packed and I am glad for my reservation to get a decent location.

But the show started an hour late at 2000h, and it was most curious that the customers trickled in until then when the venue was nearly full. Like WTF; how did the majority, say, 80% of the audience (about 100 people) somehow know that the show was starting an hour late?

Onto some pictures:

What they do to my bottled water; these bubbles arrive within an hour or so, and they keep it going until it is drunk up. Did I ever mention the perps are utterly obsessed with sources of all my water? Hundreds of times by now.

New, first time washed UA shorts, the ones made shorter by visit to the alterations shop earlier this week (read on). But the assholes decided that they couldn't tolerate a nice pair of smooth spandex shorts, so they roughed up the patch seen in the circle in the second picture below. Not only were the shorts in immaculate (new) condition, but they were washed with the towels and cotton fabrics, and "somehow" got roughened, a telltale perp trick that has been going on for decades. Before they went berserk/overt in 04-2002, I would get these rough patches on sweaters below my chin, as if my beard was the cause, which it wasn't as there was very little contact. I could never figure it out until these rough patches showed up on my clothes after 04-2002, and without the cover story of putative cause. And yes, I am fucking pissed they messed with my new clothes.

And a final insult/assault detailed; the continuing battle of the perps and the length of my spandex shorts. I want  mid-thigh length shorts; not an inch longer or shorter. And as it "happens", the latest pair of shorts were to my knees, and I took them to the alterations lady. BUT as it happened, har, har, there was a horizontal seam exactly where I wanted the new hem height, and therefore the new hem had to be above or below. I chose above, and lo, if the shorts with a whole 3" of leg length don't roll up and look like swim trunks, just like my current two pairs. Two years before that I had a pair that wanted altered and the seamstress botched the job and rendered them unwearable. This insane fucking bullshit about not joining the male sloppy shorts crowd continues, and pisses me off all the more that they fucked me around again.

Anyhow, onto posting this for another week.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Yoga Cancellation

Yoga was cancelled yesterday as the instructor's children came down with an illness. The perps have a long history of cancelling/obstructing yoga on me, sometimes for months at a time due to work conflicts. Though now it is down to single event/week cancellations it seems, but as next Monday is a long weekend holiday, why, there will be two successive cancellations. Cute trick that, and more common than single week cancellations.

As to what they get from it, besides ensuring that if I don't go I get stiff joints and become inflexible. They like the fact there are spinal twists and flexing, but the strangest thing is that they don't let me practice at home. I suppose there is an element of instructor attractiveness/distraction that would be missing when at home, but surely this is not a reason to jerk me around over yoga practice frequency. Rest assured, they have a plan.

On vineyard work today; weed eating duty, pallet load packing etc. The winery assistant was a little pissy today for no seeming reason. I was attempting to make conversation and I suppose it was is assigned turn to act brusque it would seem, just like so many others that suddenly turn on me for no apparent reason. This "habit" sometimes occurred in the distant past, again for no seeming reason. It is more common now since the Day of Abusive Infamy came on in 04-2002, aka, the Day the Perps Went Berserk and Overt.

When packing a pallet of wine cases the perps fucked me into putting the labels on the wrong side of the box for at least 6 cases of 14. I have packed at least 10 pallets in the past three months, and worked four days on the bottling line doing the same thing, and "for some reason" I totally "forgot". I am definitely being kept in the incompetent camp on this gig, and it infuriates me no end.

I got to wear my gumboots home as I left my regular boots in the winery for which I don't have a key. And of course the perps enabled this by making me clueless as to the time of day when I was last there. Regular readers will know how obsessed the perps are over rubber, made from feedstocks of sap from trees. also one of their obsessions. When taking public transportation from 2006 to 2012, the perps nearly always had an operative parked next to the wheel well on the bus. The low floor buses had a proportionately larger wheel well (inside) than the typical buses of yore. And they had me seat near the rear wheel well most of the trips that I took where there was no other "herding" agenda.

Still on weed eating, then the trimmer head spun off and got lost. Then onto the other vineyard property and attending to the gopher holes, and then painting clear wood preservative (zinc napthanate) on the tops of the cut posts that were exposed to the elements. And lo, if I "forgot" to wear rubber gloves, and instead had stretchy porous ones instead. And lo, that exposure to the chemical wasn't sufficient, as they had me mis-pour it onto my R hand late in the exercise. I was utterly pissed, as I never pour anything blatantly into/onto the wrong location, never mind on my own hand.

A Wednesday yoga session with the male instructor, now with a bigger gut and stubble on his chops. Seems like he cannot do some of the poses he has us do. This is the same instructor who once thanked every one for coming, "especially those who came on short notice". One would have to be an operative to make such a bold statement as that I reckon.

Six other women made up the the class. And for some reason Star Girl was there, the attractive lithe blonde with the star tattoos on her wrist. I hadn't seen her at yoga for at least six months, and she looks better than ever for some reason. Though she does her own flaky routines at times, and I suppose this supports the perp cause in some way.

Friday, and a day of myriad duties on the vineyard; putting up hooks on walls, thinning vine shoots, packing wine cases, watering selected plants, mowing the lawn, spraying weeds, patching asphalt etc.

Filling up the lawnmower took 30 min., as a new-fangled spout device didn't work, and I looked for a funnel, but there wasn't one, and so I had to pour freehand, again "missing" and getting some on my hand. And again, without adequate protection. But that wasn't enough, as they had me overfill the jerry can afterwards and get gasoline on my pants, boots and hands as well as the ground. A new perp theme of late; inadequate gloved protection, and lo, I get my hand(s) soaked in it.

Saturday, and despite doing laundry twice before this week due to the weed whacking vegetative splatter, I had plenty to do. And to get screwed over, as the assholes had me "forget" my bedding that is cleaned each week. This isn't the first time they have pulled this particular stunt, but I am so fed up with their long running interest in my laundry. The laundromat proprietor guy kept me talking longer than I planned, and lo, if the towels weren't ready. Then I had a coffee to finish off, and a fat blonde woman came to  use the very two washing machines I had used earlier. My towels were in the dryer above those same washing machines.

Onto the drop-in clinic with the very friendly and attentive doe-eyed medical office assistant to see about the test results of two weeks ago. She wouldn't give me a print-out like last time, but instead indicated that if I saw the doctor he could do that for me. I mentioned that I had a few other things going on (laundry) and I couldn't commit at that moment.

The medical office assistant anticipated (har, har) that I would return, and put me on the waiting list as it turned out when I phoned back to ask about the wait time. And so I went to see the drop-in doctor, the office assistant being extra helpful in allowing me to be the next-called patient, scooping the 8 or so who were waiting. In the exam room she lingered some to set the online access for the doctor, and I thanked her for putting me on the list. I had 8 minutes to wait before the doctor came, and lo, if there wasn't masers and plasma flashes the whole time. I suppose the perps were prepping me in some way for deeper magnetic studies of environmental interactions.

The male doctor didn't seem too fussed about the low hematocrit, hemoglobin and ferritin levels, these being re-test results. He asked me if had taken an iron supplement and I said no, as I wanted the results to be replicated as close as possible. Then he asked if I had a stool test and I said no, and he put an order in via the LCD display and keyboard. I mentioned the prior doctor suggested that a colonoscopy might be in order. Then he turns and grins at me for no seeming reason, and keeps his gaze and countenance for longer than socially expected. I filled in the uncomfortable time by repeating what I would do next. I thought it most weird that I got a grinning stare from 2.5' away from a doctor who seemed scared shitless of me during prior visits. He also has done other peculiar poses in past visits, like a seated wide open crotch shot for the entire consult, no more than 5 minutes.

I finally got three months of financial transactions entered and reconcilled in Quicken. Regular readers will know that the perps love to sabotage this activity, and obstructing me in getting on with it every month end is just another arrow in their quiver. Strangely, it went OK mostly, save for the last week of the third month when for some reason, Quicken could not add up correctly. I checked the Quicken entries with a hand calculator, and compared them to the online bank account, and they were correct. It was only Quicken that couldn't add, and only five transactions at that. There were a few screaming ragifications over that one before I was allowed to figure it out.

Almost a shut-in day, not having the mojo to go out hiking. The morning time rain helped in that regard, and that is the main reason I got my Quicken entries done. Besides, the perps don't like me to tan two days in succession, or at least, the same body region, so that might be part of their restrictive plans for today.

I did get some tasks done outside though; one of my hand pruners has a very fat and impractical jaw, so I took my new grinder to it and fashioned it into a sharp point that can sneak into the smallest vine crevices to extract tie or mangled foliage. I got plenty of aircraft coverage while doing this, latterly complemented by the wretched HD motorcycle noise, sometime two at once from different directions.

Anyhow, enough to call this a posting and sign off for another week of unconventional harassment and abuse.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Text Message Recipient Arrivals

I was responding via text messaging to the boss lady yesterday, her preferred method of remote communication, and she arrives as I was creating the message, This occurred twice yesterday, and in this TI World of arranged coincidences, that must be the perps looking for some kind of  common psychic signature of communicating, via text or live person to person or in past instances, phone and email.

I was on bark mulching work today, and I got a helper, a 20 y.o. girl; in shorts, and it was difficult to miss her lovely legs all day today. It does make me wonder what the perps' objectives are that they must arrange this, and no doubt, all other women's legs comparisons. And they have me stare at my legs at other times, particularly when newly waxed and/or tanned. I don't have a clue what this is all about.

I made three trips to the place where they sell the bark mulch in the vineyard owner's pickup truck. On the last load (to be), why, someone had scooped the rest of that particular dark blackish kind. I asked the loader operator if there would be more soon, and so we went to the office where the manager was detained on the phone for five minutes before we got to speak with him. Normally, the staff at these kind of places the staff would tell me to go (alone) to the office while they got on with other duties. But as this loader bucket is huge (fills a pickup truck with one bucket), the tires are 7' tall, I suppose the perps needed me to stand side by side with this guy, a pleasant fellow, even if his hair was down to his shoulders. And we know who is nuts about rubber tires, and the bigger the better.

All manner of instruction variations on this bark mulch distribution; the boss lady instructed my helper on some tasks, me on others (that the helper wasn't working on), and then the helper instructed me when I helped on a task she was on after mine finished. As mentioned before, where/who I get my information from is of intense perp interest, aka epistemology, 

Epistemology is the study of our method of acquiring knowledge. It answers the question, "How do we know?" It encompasses the nature of concepts, the constructing of concepts, the validity of the senses, logical reasoning, as well as thoughts, ideas, memories, emotions, and all things mental. It is concerned with how our minds are related to reality, and whether these relationships are valid or invalid.
The definition from this link; The Importance of Philosophy. I have yet to map epistemology with research with respect to quantum energy, psychic energy and whatever other themes the perps like to beat on.

And what is with this legal music download site? Thre times I had to ask them to add to my account, then some files have no songs, then FLAC format is 0, when MP3 files are normal size.

An emerging pattern emerged with respect to the perps interest in having me listen to music, as well as acquire it from various sources and formats. I get a CD in the mail, play it (spinning disc in player), then digitize (rip) it, and then listen to it from a FLAC file via this here PC, but via the same player which connects to the PC to play files as well. Then the legal download purchase "urge" comes on, and I duly purchase other albums, sometimes by the same performer, and listen to them. I don't understand why the perps are so cranked as to where I get my music from and in what form.

More downloading music fuckery; the very two of eight that wanted to download, "happened" to have an erroneous spec indicating that the file was empty. All the rest of NG's download files were fine. This will make it the third support "issue"/jerkaround sent this past week. Seems like they want me to get to know them, even if it is from an anonymous sender, i.e. "admin".

I was packing a pallet of wine cases this morning aka "building it" from different kinds per purchase order. As long time readers will know, the perps are possessed/obsessed over all things cardboard (and by extension, brown), and as well as pallets too. Nearly everything we purchase comes via pallets and cardboard boxes, and I suppose that these all contribute some kind of energetic signature to the contents in the boxes and pallets.

More bark mulch from the supplier arrived, and so I did bark mulching in the afternoon, no helper today. This is a black colored blend, and it seems that coal dust has been added to it, as this dust comes off and it has that particular smell. More perp research into "earth energies" it would seem, be they in the bark and from deep below in the coal seams from where it was mined.

A sunny day, but I was kept inside at the warehouse as a large amount of orders were getting packed at once. The orders were for wine club members, and as many as 200 cases were made up the same. I was with the boss lady, another tasting room staff member, and a part time tasting room staff member. Later, the first and the last moved on for the last hour of packing and were substituted for a younger female and her boyfriend, with the same first name as mine. This added to the FUD-scape (FUD, Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) immensely, as whenever someone called for "John", both of us were immediately at attention, and yet only one of us was the person in mind.

There were plenty of cluster fucks and "get-in-my-way" stunts while working with three others in limited working space, as well as walking over where I had just stood, ass-in-face, clustering around me or closing in on me from close proximity, Been there, done that, just different perpetrators on with the same script.

Garbage day at the winery, and the all too perfunctory instructions "you got five minutes to get it in the pick up".  What is this upbraiding all about, as in subtle rudeness to the victim? The perpetual victim, as in 13 years worth. Solution; come to work early on Fridays.

My music downloads went very fast this morning; 3 minutes for a CD instead of 2 hours like for the last week, similar size. That meant I got it done, instead of protracting it and having my PC on all during the day.

Boxing, and deliveries; one last night from the landlord who heaved them in front of my door at about 2000h when out with the riding lawn mower. As it "happened", I was busy in the bathroom and thought it was another door pounding from the perps, and lo, if my parcel didn't stay outside all night, discovering it in the morning when about to take the garbage out. And what is that so many people insist on being so rude or abrupt? The landlady often keeps me up to date with text messages and could of easily done so.

More cardboard boxes to move out of the pick up truck this morning at work....

When I returned to my residence, more deliveries, though in plastic pouches, no boxes. The replacement Bosch batteries arrived from Amazon last night, and both charge. So the old pair go back in a brown box to them. The perps get no end of mileage out of batteries, an unbalanced dipole in energetics-speak.

I was doing de-surckering on the vines today with the boss lady to make sure I got it down right, which is OK by me. ;We lift up the carton and strip off all the shoots (suckers) so there are only a few at the first trellis wire. Near the end of the day she encountered a large snake in the cartons which protect the young vines. Thankfully it just sat there and didn't move or make any defensive action.

Vines in milk cartons

An easy job, right? Not so in TI World in where they impose finger/motor control fuckery to slow me down as well as infuriate me for a better etheric interaction (me thinks). The perps also arrange the shoots to snag on the cartons when I replace them, and sometimes snap the shoot off, the very thing that needs to be preserved.

Saturday, and for some curious reason, the perps had me awaken at 0600h.  The laundry at the laundromat is one of their favorite harassment themes/sites. They even put on a skinhead to stalk me at grocery store, popping up at least 6x in 10 minutes. One of the "pop ups" was when I speaking with the almost-too-close young woman staff member who was helping me through the endless supplements choices, and then this freak pops into view. I had been monitoring his seeming shopping habits, and this was a totally gratuitous freak pop-out. I let the skinhead go well ahead of me at the checkout buy doing some more shopping. Then at the checkout, why, it was the same woman staff member who helped me out. I haven't had such obvious grocery store staff stalking as this before.

All this morning while doing errands while my laundry was on the go, I had no end of extra aircraft coverage, even a team  formation of the same aircraft, possibly P-58 Mustangs, four in yellow, the trailing one a blue color, a blue yellow. Also, the blue, yellow and white A-star helicopter, and later, the passenger aircraft, two Q-400's.

There was plenty extra vehicular gangstalking coverage while on errands; major red colors, possibly because I washed my vehicle yesterday evening at the car wash which had red colored detergent foam coming from the foam brush. And lo, if my R hand wasn't still colored from the foam somehow.

And the couple who run the laundromat were busy folding red sheets this am when there.

A 2.25 hour nap-attack this afternoon, and an hour of tea making and drinking to recover from it, feeling so wasted from mid-day naps, just at the perps like it.

I finally cleaned up the myriad papers on the floor, consolidating 2014 files with the archive from last year. The perps put on simultaneous motorcycle noise and hot-rod muffler noise, presumably to do their deeper mind-mapping games

An afternoon start hike today, on a regular trail, and what is it with this deep fuschia (??) unnatural) hair color?
 Red Hair colors Blue Eyes

I met four parties on the hike, and in each instance, a woman had a similar hair color (above pic from a hair color website and was not one of the on-trail red-hair "girl gang").

I had one tailing party on the way up, and lo, if they didn't arranged themselves 100' behind me on the way down. I haven't known any party to catch up to me on a trail, and somehow they pulled this off along with their adroit timing.

The last party was two women in each in black tights, and both with no blouse but with black brassieres, standing beside some sage and taking pictures. (I have seen women in Europe hike in brassieres, so I didn't think too much of it.) One had the above red hair, and the other was blonde. I thought they were in-bound, as I was headed back to the trail head.

My usual exit from the trail by myself wasn't to be. The perps pulled a loud rattlesnake noise beside the trail and I backed off, only to encounter the tailing couple. There was an alternate route out, and so they and I re-traced our route, only to encounter the two women now with tops on. As it "happened" they had explored the alternate route, but the gate was locked. They assured me that the snake was likely gone, and if we stamped our feet it would flee. With me in the lead, and the red dyed hair "girl gang" (three women, two with red hair, one blonde, and one guy) walked on and lo, there was no rattlesnake noise. That whole stunt just to have me in proximity to two other parties with this particular darker shade of unnatural red hair. Go figure.

Enough for a posting and to start a new week of who know what perp arranged beserk-ness.

Monday, May 04, 2015

Not Until the Fire Truck Comes By

My vehicle was in for a new valve cover gasket and was to be an hour. Open at 0800h, so I figured that I could make it to work at 0915h.  No sirree, we want you to fume an extra hour while we inexplicably take our time.

At about 0930 I looked in the shop and my vehicle wasn't there. I asked at the counter and they looked too, and said there was "paper work to be done". Another half hour goes by, and all the while the ambulatory gangstalking circus parade goes on around me while seated in the customer waiting area. Then the fire truck goes by outside, sirens and lights flashing, and within 5 seconds of that stunt, they tell me my car is ready. Thanks a fucking bunch.

Among the staff at the shop/dealership, the usual queasy looks, no explanation as to why a hour job became at two hour job when it was the first one of the day. No sorry, or any excuses, just the stares of the discomforted staff who attended to my bill. I had a quote, and they stuck to that, not billing me for the extra hour. But why did the paper work take 30 minutes and where was my vehicle all that time as it wasn't in the shop or lot?

And we know it is a big deal for the perps to have me make a financial transaction, so perhaps an hour of fuming and then the flashing light show was just what the assholes wanted. Then again, maybe the perps have their shop somewhere in town.

The concurrent events to the above was that I was to drive to my employer's vineyard, my regular job, and then proceed 5 km further for the tractor driver who drove it to a repair shop. But owing to all of the above chicanery, I was of no help, as he got the tractor repaired and was back to the vineyard about the same time I arrived. That exercise served to have me communicate at least 6x via text messages as to my expected return time, where to pick him up etc.

And what was the point of this background drama, except to piss me off all the more?

I felt bozo-ified today, cognitively clobbered and not allowed to know much.I had been case flipping all last week, and "somehow" forgot, and was about to flip a pallet load that was already flipped. Never have I been so uncharacteristically been so stupid as to not know what I did for the majority of the prior week.

I was labelling wine bottles for much of the day; a particular run was in 500ml bottles and sealed with glass stoppers. The bottling and labeling machine could not apply these particular stickers over the stopper, so it had to be done by hand. The  red headed girl of last week came back to help out, and for once I wasn't the slowest person on this task. It seemed that my workmate was slower, but he did have other distractions like moving pallets with the forklift etc. conferring with the owners as to the best orientation of the labels etc. Time without fail, the perps make me the slowest one of any endeavor, from vineyard to winery and anything else where there is a valid comparison, and for the first time ever in all this insane abuse, I wasn't the slowest.

"Boxing day" of a kind; I am the assigned garbage-hand, the one that arranges the refuse and recycling alike and takes it all to the curb at the winery/vineyard. The corrugated cardboard was tied up into bundles and put at curbside. And lo, if the garbage pick up crew didn't take it, leaving a notice that it was too long, it could only be 3' long maximum, and this was 4.5'. And so I had to pull them back from the curb, and bring them back to the garage to sit out the weekend.

And later in the day, a large cardboard box with another one inside arrives, the contents of a online order I had made the previous week. The perps decided I needed a 18v grinder, when an AC grinder would of been 1/3 of the price of the total package, grinder, charger and batteries.

Saturday. and finally a visit to the drop in clinic, after a cluster fuck at 0900h to get in, and then a 40 minute wait, though most of it was spent elsewhere getting the laundry done at the laundromat. The medical receptionist is way cute and friendly, putting on some make-up for the first time in the three prior encounters. The perps like to do "slow build introductions", by having the person, if they are a repeating encounter, to have them without makeup (if female), and then progressively wear nicer outfits and makeup. I have no idea why, as the actual face-to-face encounter time cannot be more than a few seconds, as she has her head down most of the time, attending to particulars on the LCD display.
One of the previous medical assistant gave me heck for having an unreadable medical card, when it was readable a few months ago at the very same location and wasn't used anywhere else . As it turned out, the card was readable by way of the magnetic stripe, one of those inevitable after the fact rejoinders the perps deprive me of.

And lo, if I wasn't found to be anemic, or at least going by the test results, with a re-test to follow next week. And the reason for this supposed blood loss might be resolvable with a colonoscopy the doctor said. I knew this was coming as it "happened' to my brother in 2002, only two months before the assholes went berserk/overt in my apartment in 04-2002. And it "happened" to my sort of then-girlfriend within a few weeks of my brother's. Some 5 years later my brother had another one, and in 2013, my boss had one too. In the latter case, I drove her to the hospital, as it "happened" that her husband hadn't made it back by then, as ordinarily they kept their business and personal activities separate from mine. On the way there, not only was the vehicular gangstalking in full deployment, they even ran a vehicle down the wrong side of the road for 100' in busy traffic, outside the clinic where I was to drop her off. When I got back to the vineyard, two members from the vehicular gangstalking parade (one a brown colored vehicle), were parked in the driveway, blocking the gate. I had to get the mofo's to move, and asked them what they wanted, and said they were "chatting". They stayed blocking the driveway for at least 30 minutes afterward. I had never seen anything quite so deliberate as that, before or since.

And with the assholes moving me off drinking coffee by invoking this urination urgency problem, and toning down the chocolate intake, (but not enough by my standards), it is apparent that they are "de-browning" me, and a colonoscopy would be the ultimate de-browning event. Besides, who else can remotely invoke anemia, though, as the doctor put it, a "loss of blood". Since there isn't any apparent loss, why, it must be the real-time body invaders, not only of mind and action, but of all (or nearly all) physiologic processes. And particularly so with respect to brown substance processing, one of their most intensely researched subjects (of all animal species, not just us).

Going wrong of late;
  • Samsung phone.. lots of data exchanges that I seem to not be able to control
  • Bosch grinder came with a cutter disc that was bent in the section of a protected box for crissakes
  • Bosch's 18v battery two pack has only one of them fully rechargeable
  • Denon headphone headband broke up about three weeks ago, and so far, two inquiries to their service department and one to their parts department have drawn no response
  • no reply from a phone call about a tool that I am interested in
  • legal music file down loads are taking 10x the usual time today (and of course) I found out that after I purchased 11 albums, enabled by the new checkout (batch buying) feature. Formerly, it was a single album at a time.
  • A CD file had a read error on it and Exact Audio Copy took at least an hour to (successfully) read one track, when it normally does an album in less than 10 minutes
More "boxing day" action; taking the boxes from the recent amazon deliveries was a major gangstalking event at the recycling depot. One Fuckwit  did four back-and-forths in a semi berserk pattern that made no sense at all, he in the baggy shorts, part of a ridiculous black and white track outfit.

Enough for now, and to get this posted.