Saturday, January 03, 2009

Siren Emulating Dog Howling

You read that title correct; as I type this, at least three dogs are howling along with a prepatory siren noise, all of which is projected in some way as there are no residential properties within blocks that would have dogs outside. The dog barking noise nonsense has been a weekly feature since I moved in, and makes no sense that there would be so many. I have lived with canines, and I have never known them to bark much except when left alone in the backyard, of which there are none, and pets are banned at the nearest major residential apartment blocks.

What that noise combination suggests is that the perps are continuing their noise blending games, after establishing benchmarks for individual noise for the last five years, they are now arranging them to blend, one into the other.

And as I write this, a pounding noise has erupted from the hallway, surely a sign that pre-lunchtime is a big harassment moment, and that the ingestion of food represents some kind of more difficult experience for the Fuckwits in the course of their remote energy assay games. Or, at least, that is how it seems and I am welcome to any other interpretations of this most consistent noisestalking eruption at pre-mealtimes.

I made an outing this morning, first to see if I can get my new glasses edge polished and then to the bank to deposit checks and get more coins for the quarters-only washing machines in this apartment building. I had my usual posse of gangstalkers, though unusually it started with a pair of same size and near-same clothed women, in their twenties and both wearing identical black colored jacket and pants and they only differed by their sweaters that could be seen from the rear, projecting below their respective jackets. One had a fushia sweater and the other had a magenta colored sweater with some of it visible at the collar as well. The blonde one had a black cap, almost military like, and the brunette was hatless. They led me for some 120' while headed to the optician.

Once they departed at the first crosswalk the dude show began, and kept up for the rest of this two block, 20 minute round trip. I had the exiting gangstalker at the optician's doorway giving me the eye even if I was at least 20 years older than her, and when inside, the bespectacled babe as the store assistant didn't know squat, except to look up the work order and note that I had paid for edge-polishing, when I indicated that I hadn't. As far as I know, edge polishing of eyglasses is when they smooth out any revealed open edges to make them transparent, and less visible on one's face. (Think of Sarah Palin's glasses). It was a perp arranged "practice run" as so often happens as she suggested I come back on a weekday to get the person who could make a determination. Normally this store is full of babes, all as staff members, but today there was only one clueless store assistant. I got my usual two gangstalking entrants just before departing, and so I will have to repeat this exercise again, the perp victim's usual fate of doing everything at least twice because the impositional party hasn't the gumption to show their face, and can't collect whatever needed data unless there are rehearsals.

Then onto the bank to deposit my checks, and I got a teller right away, a brown skinned Phillipino woman it looked like. On the way there I got my surges of gangstalker vagrant dudes and some others that were strangely accompanying each other on a Saturday. Then when at the teller, both of the immediately adjacent tellers became free, and somehow two dudes arrived, and lo if they didn't simultaneously arrive on each side and conduct their banking business while I was. I have never had two individuals arrive on either side of me simultaneously in a bank or any public area like this before, and I wasn't party to see how they arrived even to pull this off. Regular readers will know that the perps constantly gangstalk and noisestalk me when making any financial transaction anywhere I go, even if online. This little vignette wasn't any different.

Then once done, another swarm of dudes, seemingly independent clustered around me at the intersection's crosswalk, one Fuckwit arriving from my left, passing behind me, and then standing too close for normal interpersonal distance on my right. The perps run me to get incredibley pissed off and tensed about these Fuckwit Males passing behind my back and then again when they make themselves to be extra obvious by standing too close. Then this Fuckwit steps some 4' into the roadway to pick up a penny! And of course he has to protract his bend-over time, a long used method for whatever perp reason they have. Anyhow, another flush of dudes covered me across the road at the crosswalk, and then more flushes came at me for the next 90' of sidewalk. I even got the reverse-direction act, where an oncoming Fuckwit stops about where we are to cross paths, and reverses direction and then tails me, behind or beside me. Given that the perps like to put a huge number of gangstalkers on me after an event, it would suggest that the "dude show", near identical to that of last night while at the LD store when getting a refund from an (planned, IMHO) overcharge, is a major component of the gangstalking Fuckwit strategy. I have never seen so many "domesticated" dudes acting so shiftless and out of place as they now do. Next, I suspect, they will have the dudes wearing more brown colors, and then work up to brown skinned dudes doing the gangstalking. And of course, I don't have any choice in reaction, as it nearly always an unchararacteristic repugnance of these male or other Unfavored Fuckwit swarms.

But as it "happened", one reverse direction fuck wasn't enough, after turning a corner 90 degrees, another flush of three dudes swarmed around me, and then an additional oncoming Fuckwit does the reverse direction move while beside me, this time a woman in a long crimson coat. So she was on my tail for the remainder of the block, and while I was waiting for the pedestrian light to turn, she "happens" to meet a friend and then stands there at the intersection in this ersatz arranged street debate while I headed off across the crosswalk with yet two more dudes on my tail. I was allowed to leave them behind, as the perps have me walk at a fast pace, and don't normally have their Fuckwit gangstalkers match it. I have seen these distance-dependent ambulatory gangstalker moves so often I have given up count; even when at a pedestrian crossing, with everyone else proceeding, they will have a pair stand back and make themselves to be confused, all to stand there, and then resume crossing the stree just ahead of me. Fucking bizarre this new public ambulatory walking behavior and its incredible consistency.

Anyhow, it isn't pleasant walking around with these posse forming around me and all the permutations of clothing color, type and of course gender of the gangstalking Fuckwits. The creepiest ones are the assholes that pass behind my back, making an unusual and extended move for no seeming purpose other than making themselves out to be a fucking asshole. The one mentioned above, had the same color of clothing on as last night's gangstalking Fuckwit who stood stalk still with spread legs, faced the opposite wall and had a total space-out with a bottle of Coca Cola in hand. Then this same fucker tails me out of the store, and then reprises yet again, crossing my path at the next block, the identical move to two other gangstalking parties in this last week.

The perps have cranked me up about getting my glasses edge polished since I got them a month ago, and I don't know what the deal is, but they were to have it, didn't get it, and then had me look on the web to find out that it wasn't done. And of course they totally blanked me out about this when I accepted delivery of the glasses, not even giving me a clue that this wasn't done. Call it perp obsession of the month, and hopefully this one will be put to rest soon. That is one potential situation where my new glasses will be sent away for a week or so, and the other is to get cable temples to counter the constant fuckery the perps pull in torquing the position of my glasses, up on the right side, down on the left, or pulling them forward down my nose. This would be another example of what was mentioned above, the "do it twice" fuckery, or in this case, potentially three times if the eyeglasses get shipped out for both upgrades.

Other action today, or at least so far, has been to deliver a constant low grade pain to my nuts. This has been going on for the past week, but they have now increased the durations, and defeated my usual defence of keeping my knees together. No protective moves allowed any more.

In the night, they created a pain in my wrist that persisted all of breakfast, and with the above mentioned pain, they seemed determined to have both run in parallel. As usual, there were the meat aerial games again.

The have also been exploiting the "hot water problem" where one tank in this apartment building has stopped working, which serves as an excuse to play with the hot water temperature all the time. The hot water will be tepid for the dishes, then passable when in the shower some five minutes later, and then it comes on hotter when doing my hair, either just before applying shampoo, or "happening" after applying shampoo but before conditioner.

When I was a house owner I always wondered why the hot water tanks would go in short order, even once following a pre-purchase building inspection. And so it would seem with this and my last four residence locations all having hot and cold water shutdowns, that the perps are continuing their obsession over water supply. Regular readers will recall that my out-of-town brother had a hot water tank burst on him only weeks after staying at this place in 2007, and that my parents have installed a new inline hot water system. The perps are going silly over water supply, and I suspect that they might of been behind other water supply problems in other cities not far from here. They have stopped me imbibing my usual 2 liters per day as I was doing until 2006 when they imposed some kind of mindfuck stunt to make me less thirsty. And too, they have kept me from swimming, excepting once in 2007 when visiting my out-of-town brother's place in 2007.

Another jerkaround the perps pulled last night was the spontaneous bleed stunt, only the second time, but in near identical circumstances. A "pore" just opened up and started bleeding on my right side of my nose last night before going to bed, and the assholes defeated the steptic pencil that would of ordinarily staunched it. The positioning was such that it was placed in my rightside peripherial vision, and all I could do was to press my finger into it for some five minutes and then it abated as mysterious arrived. There was no prior lesion or expectable location of this blood to erupt from, just like the last time they pulled this in 2005-2006, and at the same time of day. What was different this time was that they had two prior reddish zits in place on my nose, and as it "happened", one either side of the imposed lesion that bled, all of them in a straight and horizontal line. I have mentioned this astonishing interference and fuckery to my doctor of the time and he didn't say anything, such is their complicity I have come to find.

A siren cascade as I look this TI site over, A Word to the Wise TI. Then the overhead rumbling noise that can, and did, get through the ear muffs. There is no ostensible rationale for this noise (as in, what is it?), and especially as it can move to where I am exactly overhead, kitchen, bathroom and at my desk. This noise is particular to this apartment and is not one of the ones that has followed me in five differing residences since 04-2002.

Music listening is allowed now, the first in some months. Nancy Edelson, a folk singer from the Yukon. And of course there is a perp manipulative angle to it, and that would be the overhead rumbling noise heard at the same time with the headphones on (read magnetic field and (neural) "depth sounding"). And lo, if intinerant clicking sounds aren't also being injected into the music/noise blend. It all sounds too invasive.

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