Friday, September 29, 2006

Back Online Soon

That would be an everyday and all day online, not the public drop-in sites as well as my parents' since 08-20-2006 when my PC motherboard was toasted. And it would seem, the motherboard delivery problems took another turn to protract the agony, so even if it was ordered 09-26 and promised for the next day, it will arrive tomorrow, 09-30.

Call it geographic and temporal "dispersion"; the CPU and memory arrived yesterday from Toronto, the Foxconn motherboard from Vancouver, and the case is my original from Seattle of 2002, the replacement to the first computer in the early throes of this all-encompassing harassment. There have been other web acquisition events where pages have not worked, only to force me to get the item from further afield. Why, I don't know, but it is a perp obsession, the geographic sourcing of everything I buy.

There are also other variations that follow from this; how much sales tax and customs duty I must pay, as it seems that the perps like me to vary this also; paying full shot, sometimes a deal, paying more or less taxes etc. Again, I have never figured out a reason, but there are enough web page or site obstructions ("cannot connect") with sufficient consistency (for days or weeks on end) as to be no fluke. Certain web site obstructions can go on for weeks, and sometimes it is only the ordering page. My order has been stuck in place for over a year as the "Continue" buttons have been stripped off of it, every time.

Another method of perp guidance of web purchases is to have crazy pricing; a garden variety CD may be $1500 for example. I wanted to order "A Hard Days Night" DVD for my daughter and it was > $500 at (on my PC which could well be connecting to a perp-only intranet). Six months later it was the more normal $30 or so, in time for Christmas. I tried to get it locally, but no chance, all sold out.

The PC builder wants to come to my hovel and load Windows for a cut-price after he builds it; I said that would be OK, being as cash strapped as I am. The more obvious motive in the eyes of any Targetted Individual (TI), is that it seems like a in-home gangstalk session, an attempt to assay the builder's energetics in my place, as he will have completed building it at the shop on 09-30, and will come later that day for the windows install.

I am sorely tempted to acquire a cheap Linux machine to avoid anything like this protracted delay again. I looked in Victoria here, but nothing under $530 plus taxes for a Windows licenced box, and I have a licence already. The a killer deal "popped up" on the website that I bought the memory and CPU (Pentium D 805 dual core) for $370 using this same hot Pentium CPU (the introductory dual core CPU). Add on a $50 Linspire licence, and one has a hot Linux backup PC. If only there was somewhere to put it im my place. There was a two PC ownership period in the since-2002 overt harassment, so maybe I am singing the mind-controllers' praises via planted thoughts.

But alas, I checked the site again when getting the link, and it is now a local order only item.

Another day for remotely invoked Iritable Bowel Syndrome, which usually culminates in a success and relief the same day. As I am at my parents, I am quite sure the timing of it is of significant interest and attendant planning to the perps, as with all things brown, and especially this.

The perps have been laying on more brown dressed gangstalkers of late, so they must be making some progress to remotely assay brown color energies. I note that they started off with blonde women gangstalkers in brown colored clothing, (some absurdly ill-selected for the weather conditions) , and now, more planted gangstalking males are wearing brown clothing, usually in the latter part of my errand trips in town.

And too, blonde women get used as "leverage" of some kind to introduce other colors of gangstalking clothing. Yesterday, a male on the opposite side of the crosswalk, waiting for the walk signal, was in a vile colored lemon yellow jacket, and just when I had finished mentally deliberating as to its inappropriateness (to me, then), a blonde woman steps into sight, some 20' away, dressed in black, but with her hair color matching the man's lemon colored jacket. And too, blonde women have been getting more unnatural hair colors in proximity to me in their gangstalking role; streaks of red or green are not uncommon.

A new cab company has started up in town; you guessed it; bright goldenrod and all yellow. The extant Victoria Cab is lemon yellow with a green roof, but this new company started up with vehicles yesterday. An unlikely coincidence with the other cabb companies' colors also fitting the harassment profile as well as their timing and parking in my proximity. They are the original color selected gangstalk vehicles, likely for decades, having lived here until 19 y.o.

Enough of the perp's obsessions as they are visited (impoosed more like) upon me, online fulltime life will be back soon.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Minor Update

I am still online but my PC repair is stalled out, a "unavailibility" when all parts were availible at the time of ordering. Another go figure. The usual financial considerations caused this in the first place.

I now live in a rooming house thanks to all involved parties, and it does bespeak of a lot of perp planning; the overhead noise is identical to that of the past three places where I had overhead "neighbors", and it is open season on having plenty of noise about me, well into the night. It is a 8x10 room, an absurdly small sink and shared bathroom facilities. Most of my belonngings are in storage at additional cost owing to this "perp-sizing" location where there isn't room to swing a cat, as Mark Twain said, adding, without causing it considerable harm.

Life is hellish, and the perps are getting more aggressive with their gangstalking ugliness. Masers are flitting about me everywhere, and are especially prevelant when I start a new task. Anyone who has any part in this is fucking sick, and would likely not participate if they had to spend a week like this, never minnd four years of this constant criminality.

from the laundromat public internet station, back to this again

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Whither Montreal; City of Students in Flak Jackets

This BBC news item has the story on a Columbine-like rampage in Montreal that occured 09-14-2006, and is very much in the news. I have been news impoverished over the past three weeks with my PC down and the parts order for the new one having inexplicable delays. And did I not say somewhere in these postings that the perps have a habit of pissing on/disaster creating or otherwise creating large scale destabilizing events in my path? The hurricane in Kauii, New Orleans 2005 flooding and disaster continuance (it seems), New York and 9/11, and so it goes. Not proof by any means, but an astonishing number of "hits" (to be insensitive for the sake of arguement) on geographical locations I once lived in or visited.

And so it comes to Montreal, where my father took his PhD at McGill, and I was the first and only born at the time. He spent a year in attendance, and we lived in the huts where many of the Hungarian refugees of 1956 stayed. I was 3 yo. then, and that would make it 1957 to 1958 academic year, before my brother arrived. It is a city which I cannot say I know, but the first of memory, and some day I would like to visit it, not that I would recognize a thing to be sure, perhaps only the ambience at best. My feelings about Montreal is that I owe it a visit, just like an old aunt, to re-kindle any memories.

And so the news was mentioned to me about a Columbine-like rampage in Montreal, and it is most odd that something similar has occured twice before; an invasion of a gun-toting nutter to a academic institution and tragic results. See the side stories at the above link, the most tragic being in 1989 when 14 students were killed. (I myself was at a academic institution then in Burnaby, BC).

Does the shooting rampage at Montreal's third academic institution in 20 years seem an unusual imbalance for a city that doesn't have these occur very often? To me it does, but don't ask me to generate any statisitics, that being another subject area where the perp's invoked cognitive deficits have taken their toll, as much as I like the subject.

Is there any attachment to my current harrassment situation? I don't know, but the timing of the news was at their silly time, before meals. I won't go out on a limb and connect this tragedy to my own harassment activity, but remain uncertain about this one. It is not quite the same as the helicopter hijinx that follow me about, personally, in the news and related unfortunate events. It is also interesting that the latest Montreal shooting tragedy occured during this enforced news drought upon me, PC problems staying persistent etc. The conveyor of the information was smoking a cigarette at the time, a favorite gangstalker adjunct, and a portable "space-time ripper" per JK Harms' deliberations on conventional properties of energy.

This one is too losey goosey to tag to the perps with repsect to me, but I have become quite the cynic on world disasters, wars and other catastrophes being as happenchance as they seem. I have deliberated on climate engineering in one posting, so that source is mightily suspect as a natural causal agent. (The research seems solid).

A Brief Update

I am still being hammered with orchestrated problems in getting online, and will be for at least three weeks as the PC parts order has not shipped in a week. There is a sudden dearth of the motherboard (Asus P5LD2) make and model that I ordered. How convenient. I cannot think of anything I have ordered in 2006 that has arrived as planned. Some have come 3 months late, some in bits and pieces, some just blatantly dropping items off the order and so it goes.

There is a glitch in everything of any complexity that I (used advisedly) take on gets messed with. And no less, I am responding to the perp's sabotage of my computer IMHO, and get sabotaged in dealing with a response (new PC). It never ends, and it is the sickest vilest assholes who keep this up.

Today, an hour was spent on the phone to get the internet accounts "straightened out" because the ISP got my parent's address "mixed up" with mine (the forever moving me, again, no thanks to the perps). Excuse me, but Shaw Cable is an excellent operation and I cannot see them making this fundamental blunder. No doubt the real aim of this was to have me sitting on the brown table for the duration of the call, just to play their color games, what they do all the time.

Anyhow, I am still steamed about the internet connection takeout as well as that of my PC.

But it is interesting to know that the perps will plan these events so there is at least 8 to 10 month's "fallow time". That is, the activity plan and/or ordered item will be researched and sometimes ordered, and then it sits in this fallow period before the plan is utilized. In the case with the PC, I, as in mind-controlled me, spent three months from 11-2005 bookmarking, putzing about and imagining which motherboards and other PC components I would use to build one. Then after exhaustive research, it all suddenly stopped, with the rationale that I could'nt afford it, as I already had a working PC.

And wonder of wonders, 10 days before moving the motherboard packs it in, a blown transistor apparently. Of course all the bookmarks (with planned configurations) were on the PC that failed. But with enough recall, poking and prodding, I managed to pull together an order that was reasonably budget conscious and one that should give me my first fast PC. (The least expensive dual core Pentium CPU). All those hours of imagining a dual processor board went out the window, but that is OK. Any and all potential glitches are exploited to the max in this cursed existence. Anyhow, this is one of many "lie fallow" events that go on in this TI's world, and I am sick fed up of having to be idled while all these maser and plasma beams are flitting about my "cell", my 8x10 room I now rent, and everyone else pretends that nothing is happening.

Fucking venal, to put anyone through this, and any of those who abett this. This vile mind and behavior assault after 47 years of covert harassment, now 4 years long. What are the sick shills and quislings thinking?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

DP Highlights

That is short for Displaced Person, as I have been over the past xx days/Labor Day weekend. I was staying with my brother and his on/off longtime girlfriend in a Feral Family Gangstalk situation. Not ideal, but planned to the nines. These are some of the highlights from the perp/harassment angle, and won't mean much to readers unfamiliar to the TI life, not of my choosing. But as is everything is planned, right down to brown crumbs and their trajectory as they may hop off of foods etc., anything and everything is significant, right down to dotting my "i"'s and crossing my "t"'s. Unbelievable, but true, and if you know me at all, I do not have the creative abilities to make this up.

As always, the color and its proximity is central to the perps harassment and/or experimentation. The prominent colors of late are red, brown, green and white.

Highlights of recent moving and DP status.

  • H, my brother's girlfriend is a native Indian, and the brown skin tone is of vital interest to the perps vis a vis me and my own energetics makeup, especially as I appear to be irradiating some kind of energy.
  • coming and going, 11 hour sleep so she could be up first ahead of me
  • burgundy red shirts on all ambulatory parties I encountered when walking back to my brother's place from the grocery store (15 minutes). There were only three ambulatory parties on this leg of my journey; the first it was 1 of 2, second 1 of 1, and third party, 3 of 3. Is there anyone who suggests that this is random chance? Even the abetting First Feral Family has given up on defending these "color coincidences".
  • at least two gangstalkers were placed at each location I had in mind to visit; how is it that they can do this with no one else knowing what my plans were? Simple, it is called thought invasion; they know before me.
  • and my gangstalker-behind-me-at-the-checkout was a pseudo staff member of the rude persuasion; "excuse me" wasn't good enough, nor was doing something useful like packing my groceries, the usual feint to have another person in closer to me. He came to socialize with the cashier like no other "staff member" I have experienced before.
  • only six minutes of book reading time is currently allowed before the perps crank up the masers/zingers in my field of vision and force me to stop reading for this annoyance. (Although they did let me read my new cell phone manual for longer durations).
  • more abundant masers and plasma beams; I actually saw the perps plant a hair in the newly cleaned bath tub. There was a localized shimmering of a thread of something metallic-like, and poof, it de-materialized and left a 2" long hair just where I had cleaned.
  • 09-06-2006 the one week old cell phone crapped out, and I took it back to the seller, who gave me static because I didn't have the original packing boxes, USB cable, and recharging wall jack. I told them how inconvenient it was that my new phone crapped out in the middle of a move, and it was the least likely time that I (or anyone for that matter) would keep the packing boxes. This whole jerkaround is about having me make repeat trips to the same store location and pack some 30 concurrent gangstalkers around me. The seller is London Drugs for anyone who follows British Columbia harassment lore, as they are very perp compliant. Tomorrow with be the fourth visit to this seller to deal with the new cell phone that somehow didn't work within two days of use. I am extremely pissed that both my cell phone and my PC were taken out by the perps inside of 10 days, all at month-end, pre or during the infernal move that was forced upon me.
  • I now have a $400/month room that hasn't enough space to swing a cat, without causing it considerable harm as Mark Twain remarked once. I have a hot plate and a matress, and will be highly compromised getting one more piece of furniture inside. My filing cabinet (the heart of all my records) will be kept in storage, as will many other belongings. My belongings are in four locations now, not including the two quisling assholes I took to be friends who started this whole jerkaround by "helping me".
  • And one can see the pattern in the successive locations where the perps have placed me. This new residence location is one that I drove by almost daily until 06-2006 this year, when I gave up my vehicle for its expense. The very locations I drove through is now my walking beat, and the freak show of ner'do wells is not optional. Street people is one of the biggest disguises/cover stories that the perps put on, and there are plenty in this new neighbourhood.
  • Anyhow, the next mission, after change of address notifications, is to go to the storage locker and re-pack my belongings as I didn't know where I was headed then. (It was my brother's place and his mysterious ways, someone who "I" (with the usual provisio) have reamed out in the past for being so perp compliant. All is forgiven and nothing is ever discussed again).
  • And I was gangstalked ceaselessly when in downtown Victoria, Canada's Gangstalking Capital. And a few in-my-face-stunts today; sidewalk or aisleway blocking, the fuckers putting on the cluelessness act again. Been there, done that.
  • The perps have been laying on a significant amount of brown clothed gangstalkers; e.g. even on a very warm day as today (09-06-2006), they had winter coats on in brown colors again. And plenty of blondes, one >50 y.o. who looked like she belonged in a limo instead of the bus stop.
  • But there was some good news in all of this; I met my social worker, me playing the mental game for all its worth, even if there was plasma strobing in my left eye peripherial vision as I spoke with her. It seems that she might be able to work some administrative magic and get subsidized medications and housing for me, even if I had an eviction notice at the last location by way of mind-fuck stunts and blatant enragement provocations courtesy of the perps.
  • The word "perps" is too kind for the types of things they do to people; perhaps venal as a root word, and have them identified as members by way of a suffix,- say, venalites, venality makers, venality perps, anyhow, you get the idea.
  • And what started me down this intire conspiracy trail, with some reservations, was the Fortean "experiences", many of which are detailed in this website. For me, some of these stories are everyday experiences, seeing plasma balls, teleporting, MIBs, etc., though some are way out there. All these kinds of events are well within the powers of the perps, and the Fortean events suggest the perps are much more pervasive and established than most people, including some current harassees, believe.
  • the movers deliberately left behind one box and then fucked off when they said they would wait for me. That left me with the option of heaving it out, where the garbage doors were conveniently left open, or packing it all five block on foot. Some choice.
  • My six month worn shoes, brown in color, suddenly developed a "problem" where the entire sole fell apart. This after trashing the black shoes of the same model only two months earlier, which lasted six years.
Enough for a post, this now 10-16-2006 when "I" decided to re-visit this one, my only blog posting not published.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Update Again

The move was a classic from the perp playbook; designed snafu's to ensure repeat visits on the same day, objects left behind by the movers, etc. Not to mention gangstalking activities; two women arrived ahead of me both visitations to the storage locker. The second party of two was different than the first, though there is a good chance the latter was a morph-over of the first pair. A black Audi A6 was near the moving truck at the storage locker parking lot on the first visitation. On the second visitation to the storage lockers (2 hours later), to attend to a mover "snafu", there was an identical model A6 in the very same parking stall in a light tan (brown) color. Unbelievable that adults are paid to arrange that for a living. (And also, someone must know that I think the A6 is an impressive looking car, one that catches my eye.)

I am staying at my brother's place for the Labor Day weekend, as I had to ask him on moving day because he never offered, despite two earlier August visits he made to help me out with hauling boxes and storing them at his place. So, in a way, I am "staying with" many of my own storage belongings moved here weeks ago. No coincidence that. Hopefully, a place of my own will materialize following the weekend. At least I wasn't being dociled last week, a perilous state to be in, not having access to one's own motivational capabilities.

Suffice to say, the moving day was a gangstalk and harassment bonanza, as all manner of habits were disrupted, not the least of which as to what I ate, touched, did etc., the full meal deal.

Anyhow, that is all for now, I'm still masered and plasma beamed everywhere I go in this Potemkin netherworld.

My next post will likely be a week or so, as the PC will not been repaired until I have a place to call my own.