Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dull and Almost Normal

Vineyard work after doing fence repairs to stop the dog getting out. The perps befuddled me twice to cut the wrong cane for the entire afternoon, which is considerably less than last year. They hacked me (a forced "forget") into cutting the wrong cane at least every other plant, and for sure at the end of a row. Needless to say, I was extremely pissed each time this occurred, but for once, the perps have backed off this particular real time memory manipulations.

Ditto for toilet travails; 2013 marks the first year they did not plug the toilet nearly everytime, and for the latter half of 2013 year, it was reversed; 99% no problem, unlike the previous ten years, when it was a 99% occurence they would block the toilet. Funny how that "happens".

Yoga; they slipped this sloppy shorted long hair male next to me at the last minute before class. One could tell he wasn't too clued in about what to do, and funny how it "happens" that these newbie folks end up in an advanced class. At least two tattoo-ed women in class, having them peek out from their garments. I suppose the next affront is to have a tattoo-ed instructor, but hopefully they won't change out the cute pixie instructor any time soon.

Another alarm clock attack in the night; I set it, and when in bed, I checked it again, and it was still set. Later, at about 30 min. past the set alarm time I was awakened, thought that it was a little too light outside, and looked at the clock to find the assholes had turned the alarm off. This is the second time in two weeks, and they would never do this if they wanted me to get up late, but instead, force me into sleeping again. They have many ways to screw a victim into not getting up on time, and messing with the alarm clock itself wasn't done until recently. I have no idea why they are choosing this method of forced late get-up times, a stunt that usually erupts early in the year and doesn't happen until the next year. That is, when they want you to be seen as reliable; if they want to screw you out of a job then get-up sabotage will happen.

Stuck my in L thumb tip with a powered corkscrew; and of course the wretched design makes one need to grab the cork to hold it so the power handle can rotate to release it, and lo, if a finger fumbling eruption didn't occur along with being oblivious to the danger and before I knew it, pain from my thumb. The perps have had the oblivious to danger or injury under control for a long time; about 1996 or so when a commercial wood working tenant gave me free use of his stationary power equipment. When using the belt sander, "somehow" (har, har) I did not realize the danger of getting one's fingers close to the belt, and lo if I my finger didn't contact it; I tried to remove my finger as fast as possible, but for some reason dithered at the moment when immediate action was required. I had a 2-3mm flat spot on the end of one finger tip, having gone through the skin layer. I duly bandaged it and all the rest of first aid care, and fully expected my healed finger tip to be flattened to reflect its new shape, but no, it recovered fully with finger prints and all. I could never figure that one out until all this extra-conventional abuse reared its head, then all the oddities started to make sense.

And why is this infernal Chrome version of my email sending me an email just after I sent it to a single respondent? Talk about confusing, and then it screws with the date that it was sent, moving it back a day when it was sent today? Who is fucking with my email and derives some kind of idiotic pleasure by scrambling the sequential order in which they would be, and FUD-ing me as to whether it was truly sent or not? Isn't it enough mendacious inanity to mess with the email counter and having the counter of Inbox emails wrong for weeks until it self-corrects somehow? I had this going on a work in decades past, and could never figure out why it only happened to me at the time. Glitch Coincidences it could be called.

Back to abnormal and not dull with at least 20 screamings at the perps this evening since I got back after winery work. And also, at least that many there in low volume infuriation mode, as well as drawing blood from my L ring finger knuckle. Things like having me put bottles in the boxes upside down instead of neck up, which I have been doing for two prior days. (It is a uncork the bottle and load it into the tank job, owing to the sterile cartridge filter not working and "somehow" allowing yeast to pass into a back sweetened wine. Nice one that; only 21 case x 12 bottles per case = 252 bottles). I hear the winery next door had the same problem with 6,000L of wine, and the bottles were labelled. Ours weren't. And as any project comes to a close, the harassment abuse gets increased. 

And I got screwed into "forgetting" my phone today, keeping me out of contact with someone I am to see tomorrow. And too, my email message to the person got screwed up with the Chrome-Yahoo games that seem to be erupting. As far as I can tell, the person didn't respond today, so I resent the message. As it turned out, there were no messages on my phone today, once I got back, but hey, the perps got a full day of Uncertainty (the "U" in FUD), keeping me wondering if the intended recipient got yesterday's email (seemingly not, now the work day is over), and also keeping me thinking that I missed an important phone call. And how often does it "happen" that one's email goes haywire and one "forgets" their phone on the same day, one where I am expecting an important response. (Interview time and place particulars). And the boss is talking up me taking tomorrow off early, so he must know what is going on.

Saturday, and working to have the contracted Croatians undertake pruning. It almost seemed like they wanted to screw up to get my attention, as they were working just fine at first and later muffed it consistently.

In between, I got to do more fence repairing as the vineyard dog habitually escapes. And of course I run out of fencing material, a wire mesh, that was working out great, all to recieve a new roll with 6x finer mesh and of course, that many more cuts in the wire to separate a piece. Then again, as the perps get no end of mileage anytime I split or divide something, why, it could all be arranged. That is, more localized EMF kick from more wires to cut.

And my dear trackball, some 14 years old, was taken out by the perps tonight. They had me get a backup Trackball (Trackball, The II)  in 2010, and this is its inaugural use. The perps often do things like that; make up a reason (e.g. "will be obsoleted") and plant it in mind, and then have it acquired and then have it sit around for four or more years. (Trackballs sales are doing fine it would seem from Logitech's web site). The outgoing trackball had inset red lighted strips that would doubtless contact my hand all the time I used it, but this new one does not. And so it would seem that the 14 years of a red light at my R hand whenever I used this here PC, has come to a close, and they will have to settle for the red ball of the Trackball itself, no red lights. I don't really know all the manifestations of this advance, though I am sure it must be a major perp move. And too, as I opened up the box of the replacement trackball, why, some dizzy and frenetic dust motes came within an inch of me and buzzed around unnaturally, like they were there to harass me in lieu of a Psychopathic operative. And I see that the scroll wheel works on this trackball, as it never did work right on the former mice for "some reason". 

Sunday morning and a 3" snowfall on the ground. Even at 0900h with the snow, the dude-force was gangstalking the laundromat, replete with stationary Fuckwits sitting at the tables with their ever-present LCD screens, aka, tablets, notebooks and/or laptops.  I got onto other errands while waiting, as is usual, this time getting a tan at the salon. And did they ever put on a freak at the counter; her arms were covered in tattoos and she had deep red hair, likely a dye job. In fact, her arms were reminiscent of snake skin, and we know who likes to plant those suggestions, even in dreams for crissakes.

I got hit with a two hour nap attack this afternoon; talk about putting a hole in one's day, not to mention getting up (no alarm) two hours later than weekdays.

There is something the perps like about me reading "Accessories After the Fact" by Sylvia Meagher, a scathing indictment on the Warren Commission investigating/obstructing the JFK assassination. Also a testament to the political intrigues in the land of the free/home of the brave; pick an implausible theory arranged around a dead alleged perpetrator (never charged!), dismiss the credibility of all countering evidence, and stay on the message, no matter what. It would seem a sitting president wasn't doing the bidding of the high cabal, as evidenced by Johnson's reversal of the Vietnam position (withdrawal, getting out, per JFK's executive order) inside of three days of taking office. And we know what pointless meat grinder that was, and to this day, even the right wing ideologues call the Vietnam War a mistake. Even Johnson bailed on it, and didn't run for office for a second elected term. Pointless strife, death and destruction; why is this theme so near and dear to the Pyschopathic Confederacy, aka perps, Abuse Central or whatever you want to call them? Don't know, but they have arranged some of these events to be coincident with certain episodes of my harassment. For example, the US Iraq invasion began when they had me captive and surrounded with gangstalking operatives at a hospital. And no less, the doctor declared me harassed two years later, but not then of course.

Getting back to the JFK story; I could never figure out why my ex was so reticent to discuss any part of it, especially if some new findings were on the news at the time, e.g. the Zapruder Film alleged as fake. And yet, she had a curious emotional reaction to the JFK assassination that I still recall. In other words, if you accept that I have had my life arranged by perp-abetting family, and my ex being fully involved, then it seemed (now) she had inside knowledge on the particulars of the JFK assassination. Ditto for her obvious non-reaction to my realization when we were watching Unsolved Mysteries, when there was an obvious witnessed connection between UFO operations and conventional helicopter forces. It was the first time, around 1995 or so, that I was exposed to the possibilities of this connection, which I mentioned, and she deadpanned it and didn't say anything. She was never a follower of alternity stories, and it should of been news to her when viewing that segment of Unsolved Mysteries, but neither expressing surprise or affirming what she surely must of known.

Adding on to the ex's strange reactions to world events, another was Princess Diana's demise. We had moved into this temporary house only two months before, and it was on the TV news when we got back from a Labor Day weekend party. My ex is from the UK, and so Royal Family news was near and dear to her, but she was particular pissed on learning Princess Diana's demise that evening. I reckon she new much more about it, and it wasn't the accident it seemed, as with most world events I have come to conclude.

Anyhow, onto getting this one posted for the week.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Router, the Fourth

A new and ridiculous public holiday in British Columbia today, called Family Day for crissakes. Anyhow, I am given the day off, all to ponder why would a new holiday be sprung on the masses? Hyper perp days are usually Mondays, and maybe because it is a whole day of loafing before I head off to yoga to see the darling pixie instructor again. Absolutely no romance, not even planted ideations, as she has a family life of her own, and besides, what sane person would want to join me down this rabbit hole of micro-terrorism, (thanks ESL) aka abuse at the hands of organized Pychopathic Confederacy via unconventional methods? No one, and no wonder so many people seemed scared shitless when I had made no threats or other intimidating gestures or hints all those decades prior to the Day of Infamy, when the perps went berserk/overt on me in 04-2002.

And just maybe the yoga center forgot this was a holiday anyhow, and needed to fill the room up some. And have we now  "drawn the line", as in detailing what kind of romance could possibly unfold in these circumstances? Only one where the other party is cute but deranged, and we know where that one would go. Because we did it before; ex-wife, ex-girlfriends (2), and two of the three were decidedly fast and loose with the facts, never mind the Fat Girl angle.

Am I the only TI who uses the royal "we"? Not in this blog often, but when they pull a stunt that has done before, my typical non-profane critical verbal response is, "we have already done it" (say, crumb arrivals, pulling items from my hand, having droplets of water arrive on the mirror from no seeming impartation of force etc). It is interesting that Edgar Cayce used the royal "we" when he was doing his channelings.

And so we are onto the fourth network router in some 8 years, with the prior two having no seeming problem until one day, they went on the fritz. The first one was hardly used, and it was a steel encased one that was replaced by a plastic cased one, which is what they told me was the most important difference. Why is it that so many things get damaged from inexplicable causes, often in the night, and are now given a suffix of their sequential order of all prior passings, be they network routers, jackets, shirts etc. And today, after avoiding this chore of setting up a new router after two weeks of infernal hassle, is when the latest one, acquired five days ago but doing "fallow time" in the shrink wrapped box sitting on my dining table, gets installed, as Router VI (Roman numerals for 4th).

Now later, post yoga. Only five others plus the instructor in class today, but they did bring in the leggy blonde woman who has been MIA for the past four weeks. And as always, she plants herself in front of the side mirror to block my view. It could be worse, looking at her Leggy-ness or my overweight frame doing some flexible contortions. Each time I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror I am planted with the notion of "liposuction". Now, the mental banter, read planted ideations, is not if I am going to do this, but when. Three weeks off from physical incapability, aka healing, isn't going to sit well with vineyard employers, so maybe it will be a 12-2014 endeavor.

All day the notion of going to the tanning salon was planted in mind, and I finally ceded to the chatter and got my weekly tan session done this afternoon. Normally it doesn't happen on Mondays, or yoga days, unless it is afterward. This would the the first occasion of a tanning session in the same day before yoga. Well who cares anyhow? Not me, but as all things are under tight perp scripting, there must be some perp cosmic significance behind it all. No major tanned ladies in yoga class though, or darker non-Caucasians. Though, the fugly tattoos were out again; a new blonde woman had tattoo text running down her side and legs. Plus another that was 12' away, though hiding behind the center pillar for the most part. And lo, after three weeks of the dudes circled around the coat rack, evident when in re-enter the lobby after class is finished. Instead, there was a blonde woman in a red sweater, also in the same situation as when I first arrived. Apparently she is the new massage therapist.

Anyhow, I am rambling on and I must apply myself to the long running hassle of getting Router IV connected and hopefully solve my home network and NAS connection problems.

No reprieve on getting a home network established; same problem as before. The perps know how to exploit every last possibility of glitchiness, and one's knowledge level to lay on more FUD and Fuckery. One day I will explore the quintessential acronym for what the perps do; besides Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. There would be Sabotage, Error, Mistaken Cognitive Events, Rudeness, and Stalking. I was always hopeless at Scrabble, no doubt due the cognifive clobering, either in general or situation specific. FUDSE, or FUDES maybe?

A overnight snow melt today, now nearly back to bare ground after three weeks of white fluffy ground cover. The soil was goopy like a big cow pie, and much the same color. No doubt snowmelt infused soil colors are important to the perps, just as irrigated soil, as well as the causal water sources. And of course, wet objects make for a different color, darker usually, and that too is important for them. As are the soil energetics properties, as seen with the myriad of soil coated vehicles that manage to get ahead of me. All those regular vehicle colors, white, silver-grey, greys, black and metallic maroon red, are now coated with a film of soil, likely from various sources for color variation, and same for applied thickness and if wet or dry. Who would of thought that dirty roads were so complicated (or else offered a cornucopia color and energetics testing)?

I had plenty of high altitude overflight jets today, at least six for half a day, and the only one I looked at had contrails coming from the tail section, which is where they must install the contrail making gizmo to keep it out of the wing-engine turbulence. And also, some kind of blackish ring shaped emanation came off this aircraft as I was looking up. Ditto for emanations coming off the EC120 helicopter with its soft puttering noise. This would be consistent with the masers I see all the time in various forms; blackish fuzzy balls, straight or arced lines, or else a big pulse wave.

And what was with the perp plasma games at lunch time, going inside the house after a few hours of pruning vines on the snow covered soil? Again, a whole field of green light came on, as well as dimming down the contrast. At least they turned it off sooner than last week's post-snow green plasma show. And a bright plasma light came on when at the gate, before I would make a turn from the driveway; an intense dark green 4"x1" beam that would stay in my field of view, no matter if I was in or out of the vehicle or which way my head turned. Then they made the same size plasmic rectangle into a red color for some curious reason.

Other perp excitement today was two orders from different businesses, and both arrived today when they were made 4 weeks apart. Both orders were for wire and connection products; audiophile AC cord, audiophile USB cord, and a Displayport to HDMI adapter. It would seem that this is another round of perp testing as to what my AC cords are doing to whatever they are researching, very possibly related to to music heard at the same time. And yes, the AC cords do make a slight difference which will improve, per audiophile term, after 200 hours of "burn in", (meaning use). Lindi Ortega gets first dibs on listening to a CD via expensive AC cord, and I am smitten.

A major swarm and tailing this morning, vehicular gangstalking that is. A boom truck let the pack, one of those high platforms for power pole maintenance. It was white colored, and was followed by two white pickups. It would seem that they were a commercial outfit launching their crew, but no, they went separate ways after that, the boom truck preceding me to the traffic light to S bound on the Highway 97, same as me. I passed it, and then had a swarm at the next light, and then it passed me as the green light turned in time for it continue at speed and not stop. I passed it again, and had the usual two or more "pop outs", road traffic coming from the sides and making a turn in front. Then a hotshot dude in a brown pickup needed to get ahead, and blasted ahead of me to get in front, all to occupy the L lane. And a white tanker truck then was ahead, and lo, if it wasn't a shit tanker, those septic services vehicles. And while coursing the next mile or two, the boom truck had a posse of vehicles around it, all going the same speed some 200' back. I suppose they need to swarm each other if one of them has been closer.

A metallic red maroon vehicle tailed me some 80% of the trip to the vineyard, taking the identical route from the turn-off, and then again on the second street, driving past me when I had turned off into the driveway. I haven't had such obvious vehicular tailing since late 2002 when a Fuckwit rode 6' back of my bumper down Hwy 17 for 25km. That was when the plasma emanations, green and bluish puffs, were transfered between the vehicles.

And another morning time disruption jerkaround, the third this week. This time, instead of cancelling the alarm on me like two nights ago (pushing the setting knob back down after I pulled it up), they screwed me into sleeping an extra half hour and lo, if there wasn't enough time to do anything but regular breakfast and a shower and face shave only. Normally, I do a follow-on body shave after a shower, and then take a second shower to cleanse me of the swarf. This system works well, and is relatively quick if one wants more than a face shave. So that meant no teflon rub strip applied to me anywhere but my face, and it seems to be a big deal for the perps, these variable shave areas after starting me on the habit in the first place.

All day pruning today, and the usual aircraft coverage; six high altitude jets, two commercial flights, two noise-maker single engine aircraft and a helicopter (single instances). And at least 10 sudden on-off sunlight stunts, timed to coincident extra road noise and to me making pruning decisions or taking action, e.g. the instant of making a pruning cut. And have I not long blogged about the incidences of arranging noises at these same pruning cut events? I think so, but it is here for the record, plus the new twist of having the sun burst out at these very same moments. What should I call it; weather-stalking, sun exposure stalking, sudden sunlight onset stalking, etc.?

Nothing romantic suggested itself today, and thank goodness for that given the planted ideations during this past week. Perhaps they gave me a day off from this nonsense so the rest of the surveilled world (however large it is), could indulge and the perps could monitor the neural-psychic signature of such behavior/notions and compare it to what they did to me in the preceding five days.

A full leg wax to finish the day, and with two cosmetology students working together it took only 30 minutes. I was glad for that, though no major conversational exchanges as they had their heads down and were busy. And too, the perps wiped my recall as to the cosmetology student who did it last time, and it took me (read, was allowed to know per remotely planted facsimile of my own recall) at least five minutes to figure out it was the same girl as last time. I couldn't believe it, as I never, ever, forget an attractive face, (or any other for that matter), and I was totally dumbstruck at first and pondering if I had met this person before. Yes, I did, five weeks ago and I don't forget faces ever, and can usually bring in all associative information about the person based on face recognition. Another "never before" cognitive "failure" (read, mendacious and adverse remote real-time memory defeat).

Saturday, and the laundry thing again, but no surge of Fuckwits today. Though one woman did step in my way, fresh from the change machine, and then crossed behind me to return to the change machine. As usual, the usual rudeness and not the least (apparently) concerned that she got in my way.

Quicken is getting fucked, as I cannot pull up an item from the list, as it just won't plain work. I have to key in the Category by hand, and only then do the categories pop into the field. That this same feature works 99% of the time and craps out occasionally, tells me it is Sabotage Season, aka the SS at work.

Another Quicken de-featuring is the calculator is going on the fritz again, so I had to use a hand calculator. Both of these "glitches" erupt about every 5 weeks or so.

Then the assholes stripped all the graphic elements from my Yahoo email, as opposed to stripping 30% of them out for the last week just wasn't good enough. I get the entire text only, and pushed to the left, making it essentially useless to figure out what is going on. Then the instructions to press Esc or move the mouse didn't work, as these normally right the infernal mess.Just more of the usual

I suppose the recent update to Windows might have "caused" this mess, but my reality is that any computer application can go on the fritz with no apparent cause. This one Yahoo Mail stunt just happens to rip out all the lines, buttons and graphics and then leaves only the informational essence, and one useless app. A workaround is to use the IE browser, but I see that it pulls a blank page in and sits there doing nothing. From bad to worse, and why does this insane shit keep getting done to me? Over 11 years of this insane abuse, and at least th 30th time they have pulled a Yahoo Mail obstruction of this kind, and for what?

And I am totally screwed in getting my NAS working, as the Synology support didn't respond to my email this week, and now the fucking email is hooped.

And the self-fixing hot water pressure problem is back on; it self fixed itself after the landlady blew me off about it being a cold weather problem, and didn't respond via texting when I pointed out that only the cold water runs outside, and all hot water is generated with the hot water tank inside. Later that day, the hot water pressure problem fixed itself, until today and after my shower. As mentioned in previous blogs, I had a hot water tank/pressure problem at each of the three houses I owned, going back to 1990. So it would seem that my ambitions of fixing the local network to get my NAS working isn't going to happen this weekend, which was my central item to get done.

More screaming infuriation over this email display problem, and while IE could display Yahoo, and not Yahoo Mail, I can only assume must be more perp fuckery designed to piss me off all the more. I tried to use Yahoo Help, and lo if that didn't blow up and not display anything. As for Firefox, it could not display anything of Yahoo, news and everything else. So... onto Chrome, which I have studiously avoided as it sucks a whole lot of personal information off the computer. And lo, if Chrome didn't display Yahoo Mail perfectly; no more of the strangely numbered boxes instead of buttons and the rest of it, and that was when Yahoo Mail was working (still usable). But this stripped down elements version I have got today, and in the past, is not plain functional. And it is most odd that it now "happens" in IE, which was my workaround until now. And I see that this here Blogspot is also working normally, when it wasn't before, as the Following blogs didn't show up for the last four months.

I got hit for a two hour nap attack this afternoon, the perps wiping me out after about 20 minutes of reading "Accessories After the Fact", Sylvia Meagher's well documented analysis of the Warren Commission's pathetic investigation, (more like an extended denial diversion) into the JFK assassination. And here we are some 50 years later and we cannot get to the bottom of this because the very people who ran the show then are still there. The Secret Government that is, who seem to pull all the strings, and per Brice Taylor's book, "Thanks for the Memories", a recent read, we learn from Henry Kissinger that the US President really doesn't have much power.

Onto more dysfunctional impositions; the universal disc player won't play video on this here LCD when the PC isn't on. I had a two purpose LCD display going over ten years ago, and now it won't work. I got a DVI splitter two weeks ago and that didn't even cut it for the PC DVI display. That got tossed and I got a Displayport to HDMI cable adapter to remove the excuses for not showing video, and lo, it doesn't work at all. I think I need a smaller technology footprint as every time a new initiative gets connected, it fucks up. The NAS, and now the disk player for video. Bad enough they turned the server rack into a nightmare, and we are talking about hardware, not the ever mutable and fuckable software problems. I took a fixed shelf off the server rack, intending to mount it elsewhere, and lo, if the holes don't line up. Exasperation upon exasperation this week, but hacking one's email takes the cake for Psychopathic vituperation.

More screaming at the assholes as they like to have me key the wrong letter; thinking "L" and keying in "M" which on keyboard, is one row apart. If I could, I would end this insane imposed hellish misery in a heartbeat.

The last thing I wanted to do was spend time online, but as it imperative for communication, here I am. Just to up the ante of the Synology NAS box hassles, they send me an email with nothing in it. Can we now declare Synology's help to be perfectly diversionary, as this spoofed version of their "support" has been nothing but a 6 week string-along. Though to be fair, it has been off and on with router hassles, and then hard disk hassles, but we are back to the beginning now, trying to figure out how a home network can be run without this grievous barrage of No Help Support.

And to jinx the above hassle, aka "support", why, Chrome has decided to send my outgoing emails to me as well, just to confuse me into thinking I got a reply right away.

And we have done the confusion thing earlier this week, though not the first time, as the assholes had me "forget" to take my phone to work, and so the vineyard owner lent me his, and it was his daughter who answered to say, "hi dad", because the name of the phone owner comes up on her phone. I have done the dashed expectation stunts countless times, (e.g. needing a certain specific food item but no stock), but I would call this particular stunt "erroneous supposition", though a simpler term might be in order.

A relatively calm shut-in day all this Sunday; though hassles can erupt at any moment, including keyboarding. The perps like me reading JFK assassination books, and so the reading of "Accessories After the Fact" continues. Talk about a damning analysis, and all that was officially done was to ignore it. Translated, the Warren Commission didn't want to know, and did their best to keep the lid on. And why would the perps want me to know all about this? So they can re-insert knowledge into people's heads directly; no more brutal stun guns and electroshocking to purge memories from forming, per Brice Taylor's book, "Thanks for the Memories". That of course, is my idle speculation, but the perps have been very persistent over the years on keeping me up to date on assassination and 9/11 thought.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

The Rack Server Acquisition

02-03-2014 Monday
Often a bad scene on Mondays. I was racking 2000 liters of wine, and it was as if I had never done it before, making wrong hose connections, leaving a valve closed when it should of been open, getting tripped up with electrical cords, generally getting a cognitive Fuckover, aka an imposed lack of due care and attention. Then they cut me for an inch gouge on my R index finger later in the day, blood and all, and prerequisite bandaids, always a sure perp color calibration stunt as gangstalkers will have them on their ears and face, even a negro stalker once had one on her cheek for crissakes.

When racking the wine it was -5C out, and the wine froze on contact with the ground. It would of been a perp-perfect stunt to freeze the wine in the pump and hose when swapping tanks, but thankfully that did not happen.

Yoga with the pixie instructor this evening, though all seven class members were situated in the room ahead of me some 10 minutes early. Normally when I am that early, they trickle in at the last moment. One was last week's male, slinking in behind me last week, but somehow getting in ahead of me and being anonymous at first. Men in Black Shorts and Shirts is a just-new version on MIB-wear, now MIBSS. One different than the Men In Black Fleece, their current day favorite go-to fabric, MIBF. Sick assholes hiding behind euphemistic acronyms as I have come to know their kind.

Interestingly, it was the first time in 1.5 years of 1x/week at this yoga studio that they gave me an unblocked view of myself in the wall mirrors from across the room. Though next to my mirror image was the blonde woman, registering at the front desk when I arrived, the only person to enter the classroom after me, wearing turquoise tights. Turquoise is a color the perps like to selectively use, though I haven't figured out if it is a Favored color for sure, or perhaps a neutral one, or possibly one with a whole lot of abreactive associations. Don't know.

And onto getting my server rack from Vancouver, moved to a red truck and brought here tonight. I will have my work cut out for me to get it together and all PC and stereo components functioning. I am now into two weeks in attempting to get my NAS working and am still stymied about getting a home network set up.

Attended an agriculture conference today, 30 min. south in Oliver, though small, a three traffic light town, in a picturesque place. I have never heard so many coughs, sneezes and throat clearing from so many seemingly sick people, not the deranged kind. I vote that Oliver BC be the cold virus capital of Canada. I suppose there were 300 attendees and other personnel, and a concurrent session in an adjacent building.

And of all the bizarre things, the lead-off moderator starts 20 min. early, and when he called the first speaker, he was then persuaded by the organizing staff to stop as attendees were still arriving. So he starts again at 0830h, and brings on the first speaker in the program.

Within the first 10 min. an army fatigues dressed Fuckwit arrives and makes a feint to come directly at me, (to get my attention as a potential threat), but as there was a row of empty chairs between us, it didn't seem likely. Instead, the Fuckwit comes down the row of empty chairs behind me, and sits directly behind me. The only reason I knew was that he was there was because he drapaed his clothes over my head and back, making out that he did not notice this form of "soft contact" when he sat down. He kicked my seat 3x after in the next five minutes, and after an hour or so, he draped his clothes over me as he was departing when he left in mid-session. Who are these fuckers? Though for the most part of the remainder of the day, it was the male ballcaps doing their clustering, aka real farmers. At this juncture, it was just me and the Fuckwit sitting in the seats, and everyone else was at least 8' away from me, as if I was radioactive.

After the Army Fuckwit departed, the freaks and other Unfavoreds started moving in around me, though selectively. First there was the brown jacketed ballcap (male in ball cap) who sat immediately in front of me when he had some 20 seats to choose from. If that wasn't enough of an affront, his black shirted pal arrived next, sitting one seat away, slightly to my right, leaving a one seat window to see the speaker and screen. And lo, if they didn't lean their heads together and block all my view a few times at first. Have we not seen visual obstruction stunts before, narrowing down my field of view, as it doesn't suit the psychopathic abuser's need of the moment.

And they put on this way fugly negro woman some 30' away, some kind of corded hair that was done in a ponytail, mixing an Very Unfavored hair style with a Favored one,- very clever. Then a Fat Girl, hounded me all day as well, in both conference rooms and outside, plus there were plenty of turbans on show as there is a prominent E. Indian community in this here farming country. Even a pink turban for crissakes. Other Unfavored freaks was the red hair act, an obese male that "happened" to be a speaker I saw later in the afternoon, and for an added touch of ludicrousness, a dude in an orange dayglo jacket with partial dayglo camo pants. And one Favored-Unfavored act was this attractive blonde woman, in a white toque with some pink-red tinges, inside the warm building no less. She was extra obvious as she sat with some 6' radius of empty seats around her, when it would of been obvious that they would of been filled by then. And I have seen at least one young blonde woman with the last six inches of her hair dipped and dyed in pink in the last month or so, and I can only assume that whatever reaction I had to that Favored-Unfavored (blonde-unnatural red hair) combination was being replayed/repeated with this blonde woman in her ridiculous white-pinkish toque on her head, without any kind of close proximity of other freaks/Unfavored less that they clutter the freak montage.

What was with the the speakers stepping into the way of their presentation on the screen. Like WTF; why didn't they use the podium and lecturn that was there for them? And to no surprise, and even though it was a large (10' high) projection screen in front, it was duly perp-treated with ghosting of imagery, plasmic striations, momentary re-projections of the text in a different color etc. What I see every day on this here LCD display.

And besides all this coughing, hacking and the freakshow, what was with the continued and restless feet and leg crossing, and re-crossing, inside a minute or so, and usually arranged in my peripheral vision? And if I shifted in my seat to cut out a leg-crossing Fuckwit, why, there was another one in place from this slightly different field of view.

I met up with one of my 2012 Viticulture training classmates at the conference, and we chummed and nattered for the next four hours, having lunch together and attending the same presentations, and hung around with him and did nattering on the latest viticultural happenings. I was quite sure he was on duty for the Fourth Reich, because it seems that there isn't anyone who comes within 20' of me who isn't scripted, let alone the next chair.

I took my red Felco pruners there to get tuned, as a Swiss Felco rep set up a shop there, but alas, the technician was all all booked up. Read, much used red handled pruners in my pocket all day, supporting the fixation the perps have over cutting plant material, the properties of the said steel blade and the color red.

I was parked near the front entrance of the building the conference was held in, "somehow" getting a parking spot next to the handicapped ones. Which had to be arranged, as I so rarely get a break on parking close anywhere. Once I got out, why there was a bright yellow colored vehicle (e.g. yellow cab) illegally parked next to mine, and lo, if I wasn't "yellow covered" for the 30 min. drive back. That is to say, a lead-ahead same yellow colored vehicle was ahead of me the entire way back, three of them taking serial turns with barely a minute between one turning off and the next one coming on.

Hmm, was that server rack a pig-in-the-poke that I bought? I cannot find any hardware for it on the manufacturer's website. Somehow, the notion of taking it to the scrap metals place has come to mind, far too prematurely it seems. Later, notions of getting custom brackets came up, so who knows what is next in this project that was sprung on me. Though to be fair, they did plant the notion of getting one at least four years ago, but I didn't have much of need for it. But now with an amplifier and a universal disc player, to be hooked together to a computer, it is all coming together so to speak. One thing about the perps I have come to know; they are organized, relentless and have detailed plans long in advance. And Brice Taylor in "Thanks for the Memories" said just as much from her perspective as a MPD mind control slave. And she mentioned the proliferaction of white vans; and it still goes on in my circumstances, though usually with some plumbing or electrician business graphics on the panels.

An Amazon order came in the mail yesterday, ordered the week before last. And was I allowed to recall that I did so, or even the passing notion as to why I did? No...sir; not even the normalcy of recalling one's own actions is allowed by the Fourth Reich. Translated, I would of remembered the pending order and the circumstances of it if left to my own natural abilities before obvious recall incursions began sometime around 2006. Before then, such recall perturbations were fairly rare, though more did come on when the life-assault first came on in 04-2002, aka Perps Go Berserk/Overt.

I was finally allowed to know why the perps are so silly about tires; automotive tires in particular. I did not know, (or moreover, was made to forget), that they are made from tree rubber, "thinking" that they were made only of synthetic compounds. But no, synthetics have not replaced them I read in the book titled "1493", especially for more critical applications like on aircraft landing gear. And don't we know who is besotted with a hidden research agenda over trees, earth energies, and soils, and the color of the latter especially? I always wondered why the perp gangstalkers on the public transit bus would hang around the wheel wells of the low floor section. And too, have me sit behind the rear wheels, providing extra leg room as the cover reason. Ever so often they would put on a high floor bus, a rarity in these here parts for public transport. Don't the perps love those Jeeps, the CJ5 model with the rear spare tire mounted on the rear?

Continued planting of today's Fat Girl images in my head tonight; she was large (over 200lb) and plain, and wouldn't give me any pause for second thought in pre-total mind invasion days. I wish they would Just quit hounding me and then replaying these sordid freaks for the remainder of the day.

I was screwed into getting up an hour late; ate some breakfast, but no coffee. I met with the boss this morning and lo, if he didn't offer me coffee -its all about the brown, and where it goes down. Bring on the coffee bearing stalkers.

Cleaning up the winery this morning, as it was very cold at first. Then onto pruning vines in the -8C weather. The wind was on at first, but once it died down, and with a modicum of direct sunlight it was quite nice out. The perps don't hammer me with pruning "mistakes" like last year; keeping four healthy canes and lo, if they didn't have me forget and cut the one I wanted to save. I cannot think of a single instance of that happening over the some 5 days I have done vineyard pruning this year. If that doesn't spell mind control/sabotage I don't know what does.

Continued planted imagery of yesterday's Fat Girl stalker for much of the day, some 6x/hour just to make sure I know it is them. Fucking tedious, if nothing else.

Cold today; -17C this morning. did some inside work until noon as there is a excise inspection tomorrow, cleaning up and all. By then, it was "only" -6C with a light breeze. I was glad for my balaclava, even if sunny. I got the helicopter treatment yesterday, the single engine droning light fixed wing aircraft was circling today for 20 min or so. I have come to loathe the noise of light single engine fixed aircraft.

More planted Fat Girl imagery from two days ago for crissakes, and the inevitable planted romantic ideations. She wasn't  attractive, more than 200lb, and nothing special to catch my interest, genuinely that is. Besides, I don't forgive any fucking stalker, no matter how beguiling or attractive.

Another morning time jerkaround, getting screwed into sleeping in for an extra 30 minutes. Therefore, no coffee, no body shaving, only my face to get going within an hour. 

A 2 inch snow fall this morning; very light and powdery, probably because it was cold, at least -10C. I had to hike the last 200m of hill to the vineyard as the road wasn't sanded, even though at this location the snow was only a half inch or so. I have slid down this hill sideways the last two times I attempted to drive it in the snow, and didn't want to repeat the experience. I have come to know firsthand that the perps can plug up one's tire treads in an instant and make them functionally useless. Thankfully they didn't script any other road traffic the past times they had me sliding about and turning to get back down to park at the hill's base.

A scheduled visit by the excise inspector at the winery this morning. It seemed that I was there to inform her of the volumes of each kind of wine. Two of the four tanks had the volumes on a label, and two didn't, so I had to look them up in the notes that I am required to keep. A no big deal situation, and then the owners went into the basement entry room to go over paperwork, while on got on with adding a light brown powder into solution for acidity reduction. I saw they moved some of my belongings (back pack, tool belt) in that room to sit down, and other parties moving my stuff is always a major perp planned event. And besides, the woman inspector was attractive for 40-something, and she did a pose for me to see her squarish jaw line (Favored), something the perps like me to see as an antidote to the chinless (Unfavored) wonders they put on all too often.

The owner's relative was there to detail his cider operation, and later he hung out with me while I did additions, and later I helped him with his sulphite additions, he using the same equipment that I do to make up the solutions. Kind of copycatting in effect, all under the guise of legit activity of course. And a change in the filtered water bottle was also timed just then; I used the last of the bottle and he brought down a new one to make up his additons to the cider. Later I did a modicum of snow shoveling, and then moving the tanks on a pallet jack to get them outside in the cold to precipitate tartrate acid crystals over the next week.

After that, I did vine pruning in the snow, being about -8C during, but no breeze thankfully. I seem to be getting a tan on my face of late, as many of the days this week have been sunny when pruning.

Not only do I get the chill down of the great outdoors, but also the heater in this here place won't deliver, and the hot water pressure is substantially reduced. The latter is an artful piece of timing, as the landlord couple is away for at least two weeks on their postponed holiday. I get to collect their mail and I am sure it has some perp significance along with the perp's long running mail obstruction games.

And a "need" to get some keys for my vehicle cut, as the one in my wallet went missing. And lo, if the keyless entry system I had installed last week wasn't much use to starting the vehicle. It only took me a week to figure that out, read, perp maintained dysfunctional cognition, as I would of figured that one out ahead of time. And what is it with the perps and their obsession over keys? I waited at at the car dealership while the keys were made up, and the service rep made a few visits to my vehicle to ensure his "code cut" keys worked. But that wasn't enough, as above mentioned R index finger gouge suddenly started bleeding some, and lo, if there wasn't blood on the key too. Then onto the much male-stalked ATM, and taking some green bills in cash after spending my last one to get the three keys made up only minutes earlier. I had one bank gangstalker tail me in and out. Funny how his timing at the teller was exactly the same as mine at the adjacent ATM. No one hanging in behind me this time, though plenty of headlights, aka, pit-lamping, in the parking lot.

Laundry at the laundromat, then a freak show flush as I was about to depart. They had 13 dryers running simultaneously around my single dryer load, from a freak-couple who also had at least 10 washing machines on the go, and who also put their laundry in my just-completed washing machines within a minute of vacating it.

Later; playing with the above mentioned rack hardware, and lo, if the threads/holes could not align with the supplied nuts for the shelf unit that came with it. Another piece of fuckery, making simple lego-like things difficult because the psychopathic order of adverse entropy must be maintained. And to drive the victim into high annoyance levels, and then if that wasn't enough, arrange the pliers to pinch his finger to get a bruise building up. As my three of my fingers have skin splits and a gouge remaining, they are very sensitive to touch now, including this here keyboarding. So what is another injured and pained finger to them? More psychopathic enjoyment.

Sunday, and cold out with some snow. A shut-in day so far (1530h), getting vacuuming and bathroom cleaning done. The perps have a particular need to have cleaning vacuums arranged around me, but it is rare they let me vacuum clean my own place, perhaps once per four months. And as the bathroom has this bluish colored dust arriving from no known source, it was time to deal with that again. The blue dust inundations have been going on for over a long time; back in 1999 I could not figure out where it was coming from when there was no apparent source, in the bathroom again. No carpets or bedding was that color, and yet these navy blue dust bunnies kept building up, same as now.

And it wouldn't be the new normal if the perps didn't plant yet more Fat Girl ideations, and even downstream related romantic associations. Leave me the fuck alone, is all I ask. The ex was a passive-aggressive prevaricator and I don't need more of that. One of the two Seattle girlfriends, 1999-2002, had a similar disposition. I have done nothing to deserve this kind of abuse/cursed consort, so nothing is always better than whatever the perps dream up for romantic associations. And if I don't like... (fill in the blank with anything Unfavored; Fat Girls lately), I don't see why it has to be an international level abuse stream at the hands of the relentless Psychopathic Confederacy. How's that for being PC?

Time to post this, as I don't expect anything too dramatic to erupt for the rest of the day. But if there is...

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Snow Day

After months of cold or stable overcast weather, why, snowfall as I write this. I was all set to head out the door, lunch packed etc., and opened the blinds and lo, snow, 4" worth and accumulating. Which makes a huge difference in terms of getting around on my all season tires, not winter rated. And of course, my vehicle tank is half full and the sandbags were left at the vineyard. "Good one", is my common refrain whenever a (arranged) confluence of inconveniences erupts for maximum adversarial effect.

And so, what to do? Sort out the ongoing hassles of having a network area server install with a flaky hard frive; read more of Brice Taylor's spellbinding book, "Thanks for the Memories", or otherwise slouch around, reveling in the event of my just-restored internet connection.

Or at least blog on about how the perps like to pull snowy weather events, and what they might get from it. There is no question that temperature variation is a big variable in their human non-consensual experimentation initiative. This is known to me by the many gangstalkers ahead or behind me in the supermarket checkouts with hot items and/or frozen items. Add in the white blanketing effect, reducing the landscape's color variations, accentuated emphasis on lineal features that stand out from white background and other "artistic" effects (help me out Lets ESL). And a good day for listening to music on my new disc player, with Bonnie Raitt's newest "Slipstream" and sophomore album, "Give It Up" on hand. I consider "Give It Up" to be a desert island classic since I first bought it in LP form in 1975. Two LP's and two CD's later, the latest being a remastered version, it still gets my groove going.

Later; a total vexation day, attempting to find out the problem why my LAN network isn't working. And at the point of realization of at least a temporary fix, why, my perp abetting mother calls to blather about something. Then a forced piss after that, and indeed, it is an exciting perp moment. The whole fucking day devoted to this "problem" and spending some $400 to get new Hitachi drives, as one of the LAN connected drives is almost on the fritz, per so called "SMART" test.

More snow overnight, about 2" on top of the prior 4"; a second morning surprise I got as the streets were bare yesterday afternoon, and it was above 0C.

Winemaking duties called; getting the potassium bitartrate added to the two tanks of red wine as they are too acidic, and cold weather causes deposition of the soluble tartaric acid. Then onto pruning vines to finish a row.

A glorious day in sun at 0C, and some wind to keep it chilly, and the perps slowly pulling down my pants some 8", something they have done at least once per vineyard working day this month, and I don't expect it to stop anytime soon, even if the weather is getting colder. A related stunt is to have my undershirt lift up some 6" or so, and sometimes at the same instance of their aforementioned pants pulling games.

I was reminded of another perp obsession yesterday evening. They pulled the kitchen knife from my hand and made sure the end was dinged, folded 90 degrees or so. We have done this so many times over the years; every knife gets this treatment every so often. I get out the sharpenng equipment, diamond hones mostly, and manually grind it down and sharpen the blad while I am at it. I don't understand why the perps are so obsessed over cutting edges, knifes in particular. Though, they also curled the end of the triangular pointed gardening tool by arranging it to just "happen", and in not being dropped. That was after they had already dinged the tip from contacting a rock in the soil.

Finally, my boot "stayover"  (of three blocks away) is done, -no aglets from the shoe repair guy. He says he cannot find them, the metallic kind. Ridiculous. Not to mention the dirt that was scuffed onto the boots somehow when I picked them up today. Hard to believe anyone any more. Though most non-operatives, (that is, who I think aren't), have various tells as they spin their lies; blinks, looking stupid, glance up or sideways for no reason, etc.

After working outside on the snow blanketed vineyard, I went in for lunch; and lo, if the perps didn't pull a major plasma show. Everything was this dark green, all over my vision wherever I looked. And not for the instant of entering the house, but for the whole time I was inside, save when I was in the bathroom Normally they let up after a minute or so of this total visual field invasion, but not today. I suppose there is something about my color vision they don't know yet how to remotely mess with.

Saturday,  and some light snow fall that petered out once I got my laundry started at the laundromat at 1015 or so. And most curiously, the gaggle of freaks/weirds wasn't there, just one Fat Girl on a cellphone.

Other stuff; attempting to sort out how my Synology server keeps getting disconnected when the LAN ethernet cable is attached. In other words, a logical connection with a IP address that somehow gets re-assigned. It seems that I have to tell the support person the same thing over again, even if it seems the same person.

A visit to the wine supplies shop also a car parts shop. Apparently, the owner is branching into winery supplies, and has 20kg bags of sulphite when I might use 3 to 5kg in a year. My transaction took forever as the system wasn't working, and that gave the fat duffer male, over 60, time to inch in a little closer while at the counter, he not saying anything of course. And no less, he had his ball cap backwards for crissakes; I thought it was an under 30 male habit, Said Fat male was slowly inching closer to me, purporting to be the next customer. It is the second instance today where the next customer cannot get into the spot I was standing on fast enough, as I see the blury movement in the corner of my eye as I am departing. Though, said Fat male was the second ridiculous act for my short duration in this store. The first one was standing there in black on white plaid shorts for crissakes, only about -2C outside. The he slowly retreats facing me and then when 6' further back, he turns around and exits the building by the back door. And as his car was beside mine, he gets in and does a U-turn in mid-street, my vehicle being in the center of this action.

And skunked at Toyota, whose service department is now closed on Saturdays in January and Febuary I learned from the salesman. One Fuckwit preceded me in, the salesman ahead of this three male convergence on the doorway, kept the door open for me, ever the obsequious salesman. And while parked there, two vehicles in the next row behind me had their headlights trained on me, apparently being warmed up as some kind of car dealership protocol where they warm up the new cars each morning.

Sunday, and an idle one at that; apart from high vehicular gangstalking to the tanning salon, there and back, and a skunk at the ATM, it hasn't been too exciting. I went to the ATM after the tanning salon, and lo, if it wasn't functional, stuck in a non-response mode. So.. a five minute drive to the one downtown with the adjacent ATM gangstalked. Based on the loitering males at the tanning salon, it seemed to be a male dominated ambulatory gangstalking. Both had their backs to me and that was sufficient for the perps for whatever male related abreactions they were looking for. Previous days while at the vineyard had arranged male banter for me to overhear, though not to the specific word level.

And more of the pit-lamping with vehicle headlights; after my tan I was driving through a closed business parking lot to get to an alternate exit, and lo, if there wasn't a copper colored vehicle with lights aimed at me, making to be a business owner attending to something on a Sunday.

More reading of Brice Taylor's "Thanks for the Memories". It is difficult to comprehend that much abuse happening to one person, and then having to see one's daughter also being maltreated. Talk about a major world view changing book. Yes, I believe it is all true, as the supporting detail lines up with what I know from elsewhere. And her handlers also put her through financial transactions and keeping her from eating, both very common perp events for me. Though in the latter case, the perps will delay meals for no more than an hour or two in my case, apart from the all night wakefulness they put me through. She would often have the "men in suits" arrive to take her away, though nearly always with a waiting limo outside. As far as I can tell, she was never exposed to teleporting personnel or like extra-conventional physical events, as she was flown to distant locations. One exception might be that she was in two car accidents, two years apart on the same day of the year in the same location. NOT a coincidence in my book, but as she wasn't exposed to many arranged coincidences I suppose she didn't look at this one with a TI's skeptical perspective. Another perp event they like is to have someone being killed, usually in film, though in her case she saw many instances for real as part of the ritual abuse she was subject too, along with a few others that were equally gruesome. Read it if you can, as it does present a major shift in thinking what is going on in the world.