Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Avocado Sandwich

It was me between two near-same avocado colored tops of the women each side of me at yoga yesterday. One even had a near-same avocado sweater that she took off and put down between me and her at the start of class. What is it about avocado green that interests the perps so much? I realize avocado green may have some tonal variations when one cuts open the fruit, but if one sticks with the guacamole color they would have a firm idea as to what the bookends' tops looked like.

Thomas Townsend Brown, a prodigy in gravitic research and the omniplasma continuum (as he called the ether/empty space) often wore avocado green and had an avocado green convertible car for a time. . Though TT Brown was also connected to the dark forces who were keeping technology at bay, and ensuring that the advanced gravity research stayed in the lab and never got out, even now. And I know how often the perps hound me over sun exposures, sunblock use, and play sunlight games in having it filter through trees and heighten the harassment by turning it into a stroboscopic effect .And TT Brown seemed to be also aiding the dark side in his sunbathing skyclad whenever he could

And I had avocado green stitching on my blue colored singlet that I wore at yoga, so now doubt the perps thought there would be some color continuity between me and my yoga mat neighbors.

 Both the N and S adjacent neighbors in this motel suite "happened" to have whining/droning  women at 0500h, my regular get-up time. And until now, neither party was up at this time, and both combined for the same early time on the same day with the woman doing most of the talking with the odd male grunt interjected. Bizarre that someone would arrange this.

What is it about oncoming vehicular road traffic centerline encroachements that the perps so desperately  arrange? At least two/day for 20 min. of driving each way each day. Sure, there are the centerline straddling gambits with the pickup swinging way too wide to pass a cyclist that is wholly on the shoulder, but I am now getting unabashed, no-excuse Fuckwits driving headon in my lane. And we are talking about two lane streets and secondary arterials. This morning, the left turning vehicle from my right on a crossing street to cut the corner so ridiculously belligerently to pass through where I was just about to stop at the stop sign.

A clunking breakout tonight, along with pounding and vibration from the outside walkway. How is it that the downstairs neighbor can clunk with something most of the evening and have it heard upstairs? While it might be the sound of dishes in the kitchen sink, there is no way it should be half the volume that it is. And no shared heat vents either, as this can be used as an excuse for sound transmission in basement suites.

I looked but the hockey game wasn't on last night. Might this be the just-for-me schedule as the sixth game of San Jose and LA was on alone,  no other competing series last night.

The vehicular pit-lamping is getting way too obvious. This is where headlights or some other light source is trained on me. A vehicle was sitting at an intersection at the stop sign and not moving when there was no traffic, all to keep the headlights trained on me, when walking back to my vehicle. Like WTF; this vehicle was sitting at a stop sign to turn either left or right, and there was no through road traffic to cause this vehicle to wait. And yet it did for a full three minutes to keep me "beamed" while walking to my vehicle in the parking lot and still when I drove off.

A forced "forget" on taking may wallet to the LD store tonighte. The Milka bars are back at LD after a six week absence, but I could only buy two with the change I had.

Pounding and  vibration from outside this suite again, this time one foot predominantly heavier than the other, as if a 10kg wieght was attached to a limping foot, (8x passing by in the last 10 min.). Later I find out that the N neighbor is on crutches for whatever reason, and now transits between two suites on a regular basis.

A sudden confluence of activity outside my suite as aI type this; even the manager on was on her phone passing by.

And for the very first time, a deep brown vehicular tail on me for about 10min. of driving. They never let this happen ever, only parked or fleeting glimpses of a deep brown colored vehicle if mobile. Only the tan browns have got much gangstalking transaction in the last year, the perps adventurous enough to put three in file last week, another "first" in recent memory.

And more oncoming traffic lane encroachments; 3x on a one way commute, and at least 1x this am. What is the fucking matter with drivers that there are so many oncoming lane encroachments?

Guacamole was allowed to be eaten for the first time in 1.5 years; it could not be found in this town except for the awful looking red peppers embedded I loathe to no end. (Or more like, the perps make me loathe it). And so, only an hour after dinner, why, an avocado colored vehicle was tailing for 10 minutes.

In keeping with the extra bizarre noise, door whacking with soft thumps of no conventional cause, about one per five seconds or so.

There are way too many internet logon hassles tonight.

I see the perps wiped out my session history in Firefox again, something they do every week or so. I class this is disruption-fucking, as the tabs remind me of what items/interests I have current. The past browser history isn't entirely useful, as some tabs were opened up weeks ago, some a few days. Why cannot one retroactively access the tabs/configurations for each log-out/disconnect? Because it is too easy, and there is no way a TI is going to have anything but managed and constant adversity. And besides, it rhymes with perversity.

This is the last night in this motel unit before I move tomorrow, and the perps are making the most of it; coordinated coughing, sneezing, throat clearing from three sides and the clunking and vacuuming noises from below. And the noise was increased (louder) so it can get through my earmuffs as I type this.

I see the perps took out the TV volume on a show I wanted to watch tonight, this being a
Friday. A regular show on PBS, and for the last night of having TV (as well), why, the perps blocked the volume. They did this last week for a the weekend news from Global with the way-gorgeous blonde anchor; no volume, therefore no viewing. The CBC News channel is assigned the volume coming from another channel, again, making it pointless to view it. As this channel has lots of documentaries, I really feel I got rooked. Not forgetting that the perps also blocked playing of DVD's via an HDMI cable onto this same 46" TV, not even a year old, about the same as my DVD-Blu-ray deck. The motel staff couldn't get DVD's to play either, so this TV/DVD viewing adversity, including the aforementioned recent audio feed blocking of select channels, has been ramped up this last week.

I will publish this tonight, -05-31-2013 (Friday) as I don't know I will next get online with moving tomorrow and likely connection "problems"

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ridiculous Reds

A short trip to a local grocery store, my second attempt today after I bailed from relentless vehicular gangstalking. A same mid grey color as my own vehicle, but a pickup truck and the large flat panel tailgate in front of me. Yes, lead-ahead gangstalking on all my curious routes, and at the turn to the parking lot I kept going instead. I haven't had such an obvious vehicular gangstalking since 2002, the year of the onset of this imposed berserk-ness.

Which set me up to go to this grocery store later in the evening, where they put on a red haired kid in scarlet red T-shirt, who redoubled over my tracks and tried to keep himelf in play (being seen). As he was about 15-18 y.o. and by himself, he stood out like a sore thumb when making out that he was shopping. That he didn`t pick anything up also served as a tip-off, and fortunately  he didn't follow me to the checkout. I have seen plenty of clashing reds in the course of this 11 year long abuse, but red hair and a scarlet shirt was a total gross-out. And this signifies the perps are still putzing around with colors I abhor and combinations thereof.

The vineyard owners are still having a family feud, as in not talking, so I found it strange that the other party`s brown dog was there, putting on this yelping howl k for no seeming reason. And this dog could time its barking/yelping to my pruning cuts, at least 4 in succession. Having this dog around last year wasn`t enough punishment it seems, so the dog gets to visit while the family doesn`t. But as there has been an increase in barking dogs from all directions, including my immediate neighbors in this motel suite, it doesn`t surprise me that the perps would add an additional and highly annoying bark into the noisescape, and time its yelps-barks to the exact moment I am cutting the shoots and canes of the vines.

Saturday, and a waxing appointment, this time on the legs, which grew faster than normal, and my chest for the first time. (Normally I shave my chest hair each day).. Said chest has been the subject of much picking and tweezing of ingrown hairs of late, and by extension, of  intense perp interest. Maser segments will arrive as the hair is pulled out and follow it while still held in the tweezers. These maser types are squiggly black lines that float along in  mid-air, parallel to the hair and its root, off-set by a millimeter or two.

In advance of the above waxing appointment, the perps stepped up the fake touches from nowhere (feet, hands and forearms) while making and eating breakfast. And too, when in the bathroom, head hair will arrive from nowhere and land on my face, razor, tweezers etc in greater numbers that ``usual (grammatical syymbols are now being obstructed). These teleported hairs are most often colors (blonde, black, grey) and lengths (over 3in.) that aren't my own, so how do they arrive with such precision so that they land just where I am shaving or tweezing. I nearly always get a few on me as I exit the shower, which never happened until the perps went berserk-overt on me in 04-2002.

A two hour nap attack on the couch finished off my afternoon. I wasn't short of sleep by any means, as it is a Saturday, and yet this sudden and compelling need to have sleep came over after I launched the duplicate file finder software which ran for 40 min. or so, while asleep. Then I find that the wrong disks were run, so here we go again.

And kiddie noise from outside at 2130h as I write this, and the occasional dog bark from adjacent neighbors. The kids should be in bed by now, as they are small enough, under 3 y.o. One was licking a puddle when I entered the parking lot to go to the laundry room earlier. I pointed it out to the nearby father who was cooking on the outside barbeque. I suppose this was arranged because the perps screwed me out of dealing with the laundry in the morning as I typically do on Saturdays.

The perps got me up at 0600h and had me finish the breakfast, shower and shave routine by 0730h. Then they jerked me around on a number of loose ends, including waiting for the file duplicate detection software to finish running. I finally got going by 1000h, which just pisses me off as I like to start hiking much earlier.

I was screwed out of the first choice of hiking after the map and instructions didn't seem to work out, though I did drive around Oliver looking for the trail-head. Instead, I did the MacIntyre Bluff hike, one hour each way, and a huge 180 degree view up from the rock immediately W of the river channel, NE of the vineyards. (One can see the trail before it goes under the trees) . It has become my default hike if the exploration of new trails goes awry, as it usually does.

As the perps delayed my start, it wasnt any surprise to encounter hordes of gangstalking vehicles, and the trains of color and vehicle arrangements. They now like to alternate red and white vehicles, and so far, no more than four in file. I had four black vehicles on my tail at one point, while I was following a white vehicle and a red one in front of it. And what is it and these lonely dudes walking along the highway. At least 6 today, and of course, freaks in some capacity; large male guts, long beards, irregular gaits, and the finale was the pair of negroes walking together, one with a near-indistinguishable brown shirt on. One was wearing a bright red toque, about the most ridiculous head-wear, short of going tribal.

Another trait in vehicular gangstalking is adding more brown vehicles; some half dozen on my afternoon commutes of 20 minutes. And not just the light metallic tan ones either, but mid-browns and dark-browns too, though usually with a metallic flake finish. I suppose the recent elimination of chocolate might be part of this, as they don't want the brown color in me any more, just around me. The opening salvo for this new state of browning around was three weeks ago when they put on a Volvo 850 wagon (Favored vehicle) in deep metallic brown (Unfavored color). The perps have put together all manner of individual person Favored-Unfavored combinations (e.g. blonde girl wearing red or brown), but never with vehicles until now. Nothing is sacred, not even sighting ones favorite vehicle.

One of this mornings lead-ahead gangstalk vehicles was a pickup truck with a heavy duty after-market box that was black in color. And only in fleeting glances and when making its last turn did I see it had a mid-brown cab. Exciting moments in perp games, 11 years later. Funny how I didnt have the notion to take a long walk off the cliff when I was up there on my hike.

Monday, May 20, 2013

One Hour Early

I got royally screwed this morning. The perps controlled to alarm clock to ring one hour early, though it was a different ring, as it sounded only once. I got up, did all the morning time things like breakfast, showering, shaving etc. and set off to work. Only when I was 1 km away after a 20min. drive was I allowed to know that I was headed for work at 0600h, and not my usual 0700h. So... I turn around and hang out on the web for 20 minutes, looking up towable pallets, ones that can be moved on wheels on rough surface.

This notion of getting a towable pallet has has been planted in mind due to the cooler container being 200' away from the winery, and it is a packed surface, but not one that can be used with a pallet jack. (Or maybe not the one I am familiar with). The boss hasn't exactly been too interested in the concept, but keeping maturing wine and fermentations cool enough is very important. He agrees, and fobs me off with "we will do what we can". Like WTF; if you are in the commercial wine business, show some basic grasp of the business and act on it, instead of dishing out hoary evasions. What is that line about vision exceeding one's grasp?

I got plenty of attention from the two males in the vineyard today, as in gangstalking (or pointless parading and emulating). This was at about 1000h when I put on sun block , a long time perp study objective, at my break time and just when the sun had come out and I was kneeling at the vines to prune out the canes that were not laid down on the trellis wire. One passes by for no seeming reason, and that "happened" to be to get the other so both could pass by from the opposite direction. The went and had a confab at the house for a while, one sitting in the same chair I had been sitting in only a few minutes before. (And where I applied the sun block lotions).

Sun block lotion, as well as shade and sunny areas are a constant perp study fixation. Most of my farm-worker colleagues who were participating would put on their sun block lotion at 0800h or so, while I put it on at the first break at 1000h. I have mentioned a past event in 2008 where I had my shirt off in the back of a farm field for maybe five minutes, and then the sun going behind a cloud suddenly and the air got cool to force me to put my shirt on again. My shirt wasn't on for a half minute when five different parties descended on me and the proximate area. All were doing their regular job, e.g. foreman, crates delivery truck etc., but it demonstrated to me the sub-second choreography that can also be timed to atmospheric conditions and the temperature of the air.

I told the vineyard owner he will be in the vinegar business if he does get on with getting his reefer running with the Acerbactor spoilage on 900L of cider I made for him. That seemed to motivate him into putting it on. He said he would do it two days ago and didn't. It is most strange to me how someone can profess to be driven to enter the commercial winemaking business and be so slack about attending to getting on with vital tasks. Naturally, he hasn't trained me on starting it up and the generator too, so he is the point man on keeping his cider cool. The problem is that it is in a IBC pallet tank which has a high surface area to volume. I sparge it with CO2 each time I open it up, but that hasn't helped. The owner has allowed about 4 drums of apple juice to self-ferment, so his track record isn't inspiring to say the least.

I was pruning vines most of the day, so it is interesting to note when the noise games start. In the winter the vines are pruned to four canes (long shoots), and while still dormant, the vines are laid down on horizontal trellis wires, two per plant, one each side of the trunk. But it seems that the former crew missed a few, and so I take an upright  vine, a spare until cutworm season is over, and lay it down on the trellis wire. In the upright position the leaves are mostly horizontal, so when I lie the upright cane down on the wire, the leaves are angled vertically, though this will change inside a day or so as the plant will adapt its leaf orientation to the light source. It is the transition of these canes from vertical to horizontal that brings on associated extra noise; trucks, motorbikes, aircraft, hot-rod muffler noise etc. This would be noisestalking in my parlance, an flurry of noise from external sources for consistent actions on my part. But what I find interesting is that crop circle formations often have the upright (grain/grass usually) stalks turned in differing directions. So it would seem there is some intrinsic energetic plant response to its gravitation and solar source change that the perps are attempting to detect by remote means. I don't mean to sound conflationalist, but it seems so many themes related to aliens or conventional organizations cross this experiment for which I find myself the nonconsensual subject for. And no one in my family has filled me in on what happened to me from age 2 y.o. to 5 y.o., as nearly all memories have been deleted. And my recall should of been exceptionally vivid, returning to Montreal two years after the first stay, an academic year duration (8 months). You know the rest of this gripe.

Fridays are the day of the week I usually start a new razor insert to shave with, and that will bring on all manner of crazy perp silliness. About 30% more vehicular gangstalk traffic at 0630h, and a few more brown colored vehicles among the regular phalanx of grayscale colors, white, silver grey, mid-greys and blacks. And major silliness in the parking lot outside this motel suite with a monster pickup parked across two stalls beside my own. And the " rigour" mud splatter too to then join the mini-van beside me with its new-found mudsplatter, identical light brown. Said mini-van has been parked in the same stall for two weeks, and somehow, in the evening gets a light spray of the same mud as the monster pickup. Go figure, as to how this happened/erupted.

And more noise at the aforementioned event of laying down a vine cane that was growing vertical. The aircraft noise has joined the noisestalk fray for this momentous event, as did the dirt-bike noise, and a string-trimmer. The adjacent farm had a very loud sneezing act going on, though I cannot recall what the simultaneous event was. The vehicular hot-rod noise continued; this one navy blue pickup seems to have nothing to do but drive by at least four times an hour. I got detailed for making up sample bottles of wine for the owner in the afternoon, a variation of this week's viticulture heavy activities.

And so the word "phototroph" [-n, an organism that obtains energy from sunlight for the synthesis of organic compounds] was planted in mind this morning to attempt to understand why the perps are so obsessed with the moment of placing a vertical plant cane to a horizontal trellis wire. Though when I looked it up, it really covers plants and fungi directly, not us humans. It is the properties of the sun that so fascinates the perps, not to mention the long past heliolithic civilizations [that involve sun worship] that the perps surely must of been following if you subscribe to the greater conspiracy model, one that precedes us TI's by millennia.

The Saturday of a long weekend in this here part of North America. Though in fact I work two of the three days as the vineyard work has got to me done. Never mind the lack of staffing or the fact that 900L of cider has a spoilage growth floating on it. He doesn't seem to moved by the fact that he might have vinegar if he doesn't keep the temperature down to no more than 2C. Yesterday he was out of fuel for the cooler's generator, and it was 8C inside, going by the external thermograph. If the cider does spoil, I am sure the owner will turn on me as the culprit when it was his foot-dragging all along. I told him a two weeks ago he needed to get it into a floating lid tank, and he as done squat about it.

Then about 1330h I got my exposure to a fuel truck as it came then, and it was my responsibility to show him where the generator was. And of course I got discombobulated enough to then incurr extra driving and redoubling my tracks, plus walking and driving over where the fuel truck was parked. The fuel truck driver pulled a total bozo stunt in attempting to get in the container when I told him it was on the far end of it. Then he blocked the driveway with his truck and I had to take a long way around.

And heavy extra-conventional poking and jabbing this morning; at least 100x before I finished the morning routine. Then when out shopping at the very early, for me, Saturday grocery shopping, I had considerable vehicular gangstalking on the highway and in town. At one point they had six identical metallic maroon (deep red) color vehicles ahead of me in a single glance, and one behind me. A few minutes later they put on the exceptional show of four same metallic tan colored vehicles, in two lanes, two vehicles per lane in a formation of four.

And extra vagrants and Fat Folk (both highly Unfavored) in the stores this morning, on stand-around duty in these ridiculous street side conversations they engage in, all to be still there when I get out of the store, my pre and post store visitation stalkers.

So what was different this morning? For one, they limited the duration of my light brown (tan) colored hair conditioner to a minute or less. Ordinarily they have me with conditioner in my hair (now a white foam color) while shaving my face and front and then I go back for a short shower to remove it and the inevitable cut hairs and shaving foam. But "somehow" I "forgot" this year old habit to expedite cleaning up after shaving (my front and face), and didn't have the conditioner in my hair until the second shower, and for only a minute or so. And tney had me "forget" to shave my nether region, though they did allow me to perform the weekly shave of my arms. It may just be that these alterations/fuckery of my usual routine was the reason for extra amounts of vehicular gangstalking and imposed sensations of no apparent cause.

Work on a long weekend... getting final vine pruning done. As above, plenty of extra noise each time I lay a vertical down an cane on the horizontal wire, about 2x/hour. Though different noises and noise blends; hot-rod mufflers, dog barkings, chat from the walkers, tractors, chain saws, HDmotorcycles etc. And only three forced pruning miscues today, where I "accidentally" cut the cane that is meant to be kept, as in tied to the horizontal wire. I had a check-three-times habit that saved me at least twice that, but I now know it too can be cognitively defeated.

And I see that my shopping cart got wiped out at a certain webside. What is the fucking point of this relentless juvenile pranks?

And from the No Ostensible Cause (NOC) collection of onging strangeness, these soft door whacks, every five seconds or so. All to compete with the bathroom wall whacks of the last six months or so.

I sense that I am getting cognitively clobbered to prevent new entries, so I shall post this.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Road Marking in Yellow

There is no question the perps have a thing about the color yellow with respect to what I think about it, which isn't much. And there was no question the yellow road marking maintenance binge has laid down a lot of yellow paint recently, even a soft yellow (noted in last week's blog), for a shoulder line which was repainted white over the weekend.  But they outdid themselves by having all the parking stalls painted yellow at this here motel. The lines were white before, and for some reason (har, har), they went with yellow.

Not only converting all white parking stall lines to yellow, but they somehow informed everyone to move their vehicles out in advance. There was no prior notice, and the Albertan silver-grey Volvo 850 that I usually park beside was gone too. It hasn't moved in three weeks, and "somehow", the owner was informed and it was moved. Or maybe, the owner left the keys at the front desk. I find it amusing that this was all coordinated, without even the pretense of it being conventionally planned. The manager stopped by yesterday for an unrelated matter and she didn't say anything. Such is the excitement in Perp Land, aka TI World.

Other things of greater perp interest are skin lotions. Some have been kicking around for over two years, and suddenly I have the "need" to use them up. Those would be from plastic containers for the most part, and it seems the perps are making significant progress in modelling the energetic signature of lotions absorbed through the skin. And how many millenia have humans been daubing themselves in paint, lotions etc. and only now are the perps getting an handle on this. They even have me use one lotion and apply another over top. Their imposed breast hair plucking is still going on, and I use two lotions to clean up the spatter of red skin, in part from attempting to tease ingrown hairs to the surface. And yes, skin dynamics, absorption and hair color all factor into their research agenda that I am kept in.

A hot day in the vineyard, doing final pruning after counting the buds. I was garbed the whole day; two prior days of tanning while working were sufficient, and I don't want to give the perps any kind of excuse for other problems.

Going dairy foods free is another dietary change I have a notion (read, perp planted) to attain. I finally looked up skin conditions related to ingrown hairs, and it seems that sebaceous hyperplasia is clinical term. I have had zits for over 40 years, and the ones on my forehead have been getting worse, and are more problematic to purge. Another new diet adventure, and hopefully it will be one that stays, and better yet, has a zit-free outcome. Though, given the perp interest in skin, and all its properties, I don't see the latter being likely. They have way too much invested into this conditon and related skin color and properties research to let me go zit-free.

Saturday, and a male-female shouting matched was arranged at 0630h for me to overhear. Thankfully it wasn't more than a few minutes.

A skunk (no result, aka dashed expectation) on the laundry last evening; had to do it this morning, and of course, have it all sitting in the laundry bag overnight with the detergent beside it in the living area. It seems the normal places for each are getting tired for the perps and the process of packing laundry from its hamper to the bag, grabbing the detergent and walking 120' to the laundry room was happening too fast for them. So, they fire me up to do laundry Friday night, arrange a skunk where someone has two machines tied up (S. neighbor as it "happens"), and have the laundry sit around for an evening and overnight until this morning. Then the zinc oxide stain battle began afterwards. The perps screwed me into preventing it by blanking me out while putting a shirt on, and lo, there were the stains all of a sudden. Seven shirts got hit with this fuckery, while that was totally preventable if they had left me alone.

The zinc oxide was applied to the rash they gave me which sits above the rash from the imposed chest hair plucking habit that started a few weeks ago. But as I have some kind of long running skin condition of ingrown hairs and secaceous hyperplasia, though nothing terrible, the zinc oxide is proving helpful to soften these up, and then following with an exfoliating glove applied in the shower, the embedded hairs are now visible on the surface and pointing out instead of down. Maybe I will get them all removed by waxing instead of shaving them each day. Who knows where this angle of perp harassment/fuckery is going. That, and the above clothing stain games was good enough for two hours of extra harassment recovery/treatment.

A shopping outing, and one that is fraught with the usual color arranged gangstalking clusters of vehicles and bizarre driving habits. And the too-close "customers" who somehow sneak up behind and emerge way-too-close in my peripherial vision. Doesn't anyone have any manners nowadays, like "excuse me", should I be unintentionally obstructing egress which I don't do anyhow? And then the freakshow too; dipshit males with straggly hair to their waist somehow "needing" to arrive in my field of view a half dozen times in one store visitation.

I went to the local Value Village for the first time, and lo, if it didn't turn out to be an cashier obstruction jerkaround, with the tattoo-ed elder-male pulling stunts to delay the cashier. The cashier manager arrived at one point to "help" and then walks away with five customers backed up. About four minute later, a nearby staff member opens a second till, all for me to join the ball cap dude ahead of me as the elder-male was still on his obstruction stunt. Not much in the way of furniture there, and the books and music section was duly populated with large males who made out that they were intent on looking, when all they were doing was putting on the spinal stretch in the crapping pose.

And all the while, my zinc oxide stained shirts were in a grey plastic bucket soaking with Shout and Dawn. We shall see if this worked or not, though the perps never give up a good opportunity to stain clothes without a battle.

It did work, and my clothes are free of any zinc oxide markings. Though, when one is harassed over cleaning the dishes and the color of the detergent for 11 years, and also equally harassed over laundry and its detergents, one can see where the perps are going with the zinc oxide stunt. That is, have the victim use dishes cleaning detergent in the laundering of the clothes, an add-on (double) detergent experiment. It has taken the assholes 11 years to be this advanced in beginning to remotely detect the energetic signature of a combination of two long used detergent. Another 11 years of fucking hell is the likely conclusion from this.

A 1.5 hour nap attack yesterday put a big hole in my afternoon. Of late, the "need" for chocolate is diminished, and it would seem, the incidence of brown colored vehicles is increasing, though maybe five per outing from none, save the odd tan metallic colored ones. The elimination of the imposed chocolate "need" should save me $100/month, and it cannot of come soon enough. I rented a small house for June onwards, and naturally the rent will increase. But there will be no Fuckwits pounding the ceiling above (even if 12" of concrete and steel), and none on either side, and none below having sex exactly below me everytime they copulate. Imagine that; no adjacent neighbors, and no roomates. It seems to good to last a year, the stated lease. Which means the perps may develop some kind of scenario to drive me out before the lease ends. It has been done before, though for the last four years in Victoria they let me stay in one place. Once I moved here in Penticton in 01-2012, I have been put through four residences, five by June 2013. It is difficult to know what the perp agenda is exactly, but constancy of residence isn't allowed except after extensive moving.

A 1.5hr hike, after an attempt to drive to another trail head ended up with me turning back as the road was too rough. Thank goodness it wasn't more than that, like getting high-centered for hours, and getting an expensive towing charge. I ended up taking an alternate route from Oliver to Keremeos, and it was mostly bush all the way, and not recommended. Then a big circle route back to Oliver on the highway. And while on the bush road, who did I meet? Why it was the same vehicle parked at the other side of the fuel pump about one hour earlier, coming the opposite way. Like WTF; I have never experienced something so odd as to have a recent nearby vehicle, a pickup with a boat and motor in it, end up on a remote road that wasn't even near by.

Yoga tonight; strange that the seating arrangements have changed; they once put an Unfavored party next to me at the last minute before class started, but now I have all manner of extra room, like I was radioactive or something. And no dude insertion games like last week where this guy comes in 10 min. late and didn't know basic yoga, but somehow ended up in advanced yoga. I still get the dude plants in the lobby after the class, that seems to be a regular pattern. And after some four weeks of no tattoo-ed Unfavoreds next to me, (an unexpected rarity), I get one tattoo-ed woman in the class of eight women and me. They put her across the other side of the room where I wouldn't see her tattoo often, instead of putting the tattoo-ed Unfavored specimen in my view, sometimes between me and the instructor.

Anyhow, I will post this lest it run for weeks.

And lo, if the pic with the yellow vehicle getting special dispensation to park transversely to the new painted yellow lines didn't get deleted some how. A delete on the card after import, then Picasa won't show me the pics so I look for it in Explorer, find them, and then the cut/paste blows up because of insufficient disk space.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Post Wax Frenetic Neighbor Noise

More disruption in the ongoing delay/extend my cosmetic and hair treatments, where a two part waxing appointment turned into two separate appointments either side of the weekend, and a haircut was performed in between, on said weekend. In other words, all waxing and hair-cutting was to be done in one visitation and lo, if events didn't unfold to have a leg wax one day (Friday), and haircut the next (Saturday), and then a back wax today, Tuesday. There must be something highly beneficial to the perps when body hairs are pulled or cut (shaving or head hair cut). Maybe all those pulled hairs have the pore cells "wounded" and giving a higher or different biological energetic signature.

Today, a Tuesday, must of been the perp's grand finale of this hair removal triple delay. A seated loafing Fuckwit 4' from my vehicle when I parked, then a parcel that was delivered (brown cardboard), and then all manner of raucous and high volume verbalization along with intermittent room pounding in this here motel suite. The latter arranged while opening the parcel of hose clamps with yellow thumb screws and another round of extra noise when cutting chicken meat off the carcass in preparation for my almost only menu item (lunch and dinner), chicken quesadilla. Long time readers and TI's will know the perps go extra berserk over meat carving, be it red meat or other. And too, vegetables and fruit getting sliced with a knife. And that includes the First Feral Family crowding around me when doing the same at their house, (usually). The neighbor nonsense disintegrated into an argument between he and she, which then moved to the parking lot outside. All has gone quiet for now (1850h).

Who knew that 11 years of insane abuse and sick harassment would go down this path of obsessive insanity, being hounded for applying a knife, along with the history of how and when it got sharpened and with what materials. The perps do love me to sharpen tools with diamond hones of late, but natural sandstones and man-made ceramic stones have been much studied by the perps in the past. It is almost routine that any day I return to vineyard duty with just-sharpened pruners (the usual tool for cutting or trimming shoots), I get sidetracked onto other non-pruning jobs for at least a day.

I left work early for today's waxing appointment, another dysfunction they introduced, as all these appointments were done on Saturdays until now. Mixing up the leg waxing days to occur at the end of work days at the vineyard would be another advancement in perp fuckery. Who knows what is next; a waxing appointment in the vineyard while someone else is cutting shoots? I imagine it has already been done by the perps, but not with me just yet, thankfully. The short answer to "how stupid can the perps get" (in terms of combinations and permutations of experimentation), is "stupider". Which they have demonstrated so many times in the last 11 years of this psychopathic maelstrom.

A day of fixing irrigation leaks and testing sprinkler heads on the vineyard today. I was working with the co-owner, attending to putting the fittings together in some places.

A dude babble session next door to my suite, my arranged background noise at the moment. It is the same deal; a rotation of next door residents; sometimes he and she bitching at each other, sometimes a woman on the phone for over two hours, then a dude on the phone for hours another day, and now a cluster of dude-only talk. As best as I could tell, they weren't watching the Boston - Toronto playoff game as I was. No loud coordinated cheering in other words, hockey playoffs being a good excuse to inject dude babble into the noise mix.

Another day of attending to the irrigation and then the farm owning couple strangely drop tools and watch TV in the living room with no direction as to what I would be doing next. I had 40 min. left in the day, so I attended to winemaking activity. Most strange it seemed. And they came by the equipment shed to have a row while I was there, while I was attempting to manipulate the silicone caulking compound out of the tub and onto a torn screen in a sediment filter. Funny how their disagreements are arranged for me to overhear.

Then near constant vehicular gangstalking for the 20 min. drive home after, with one stop at a grocery store that was also highly stalked, including the parking lot for crissakes. And they must of put on 20 motorcycles in groups of one or two, including one trike, which is the current rage in the gangstalking vehicle force.

And strange masers floating out of sprinkler heads, usually when I had removed them to clear the pipes of over-winter debris, usually a brown algae of some kind. The sick-ass perps were up to their new-found stunt of causing pipe threads to not engage, and then having me and the owner spend some 30 minutes on trying new heads, and all the other possible ways to get the threads to mate. But at least we are now armed, as of my plumbing fitting (read, PVC) store visitation this morning (also populated with a greater-than-normal dude population), with the right fittings to saw off the riser pipe and put a new fitting on. I had been through fucking hell a few weeks ago to get a 3/4" fitting to a pump to work with new fittings, and to no surprise, the perps want me to run this same abusive gauntlet again. We had about 5 cross threaded pipe "problems`` (keyboard function now messed with by outside forces), yesterday, and only three today. That is supposed to be progress. The vineyard co-owner gets the honors of attempting to fit the recalcitrant sprinkler head into the fitting, and makes out that she knows what she is doing. Another laugh-er (of a kind, but nothing much is ever funny as a TI abusee).

An hour later, and I still hear the raucous dudes from next door, and lo, if it hasn`t degenerated in pounding the building in some way and shaking this suite.

Last night's raucous dude yapping went on until bed time (2200h), and then the seeming dude resident was on the phone at 0600h this morning after I had got up. Quite the noise train, and covering me after a night's sleep no less.

The perps were in extra silly mode this morning, causing me at least 15 delays until I could get out the door to my vehicle. And lo, if it wasn't parked next to the bright yellow Ford Escape, this vehicle that seems to me moving incrementally closer to mine, parking stall by parking stall. Sometimes they put a grey-scale vehicle behind it, black, white or silver-grey, some more acceptable color rather than Unfavored yellow (of any hue0>

And it has been a big two days for the perps and their yellow line painting games. The new section (2km or so) of the East Side Rd. got the center-line painted a bright yellow yesterday. And now I see that another km of my commute route in town has been painted the same bright yellow, center-lines and shoulder lines. On the aforementioned repaved road, the perps painted the shoulder lines, not white, but a pale yellow. Never in North American driving (40 years worth) have I seen shoulder lines in anything but white, but as of today, they now come in a muted yellow. All part of the shoulder line transitiion I suppose, from white (repainted too) to light yellow. I suspect the perps have got a long road of abusive fuckery ahead, if this is where they are at. And too, the painted line "mis-application", now routine in my experience, where the yellow centerline job got muffed up with a paint spill or two, and follow-on road traffic somehow drove through the wet paint.

And more screamingly infuriating rage tonight, though without any neighbors hearing, as hoarse whispering is now the imposed routine. The assholes have been fucking with the key and mouse clicks, sometimes 4x in succession. It "happens" for any keyboard I use, be it here in the evening or the odd time at work, or even the so-called smart phone.

More irrigation work today, in keeping with their fascination over water delivery, from a city to an individual at a water fountain, or by way of irrigated crops that are then processed into wine or sold as produce. And all that plastic PVC and poly pipe and the fittings (sprinkler heads, drip line etc.), glue and primer are all so interesting to the perps as the water courses inside the pipe. Or, as it explodes from a leak. Which does make me wonder as to who really  might of caused the innumerable city water line bursts that make the news with such regularity. And to think about the larger picture of fresh water diversion projects worldwide; dams, pipes, canals, aquaducts, flumes, sluice ways, bottled water and on and on, and here are the perps still putzing around and having me do PVC pipe work (sawing, sanding, priming and gluing) for later irrigation of vineyards.

Back in  1996 to 2000 I got stiffed with owning a small farm holding, and ended up laying 600' of 2" PVC pipe along with valves, filters and drip heads in a new trench to replace the leaking water lines on the property. I also replaced the irrigation system of an acre of kiwi plants. And here we are, some 17 years later and the assholes are still hounding me over the same things. That farm job cost me $5k in digging, hauling and materials, not including my labor. So it would seem the perps are attempting to replicate past activities anew, especially when it comes to water delivery, crop irrigation, and having me consume the crops or products in various forms, from vegetables, fruit, jams and preserves to wine. The great worldwide experiment over water, in all its forms, sources and enfolded energies seems to have a particular focus on me and what I am controlled and scripted to do. Lucky me, as in NOT.

I went to see a place to rent, and what a holy gangstalking it was on the way back. I even had a motorcyclist pull out from a gas station, poised and waiting but NOT LOOKING, perfectly timed to be a rude ass, causing me to brake and sound my horn. The Fuckwit biker waved, but still couldn't be bothered to find out how close it was. Like WTF; if someone is waiting for traffic to pull out and enter a street, say, from a driveway, don't they always look to see what is coming in case they have a collision? And all the more so when they are driving a motorcycle as the recovery from any kind of vehicular contact is significantly greater? Not in TI World, where everything and everybody seems to be arranged and normal civic behaviors don't apply.

More conventionally inexplicable lack of motivation yesterday over looking for a new place. I must be out of this motel suite by the end of May, which of course means look now. For "some reason" I didn't do a whole lot about it when I had the whole Saturday to do so.

Another beach encroachment by ball playing Fuckwits backing into me. With 200' of vacant beach they start a two person soccer kick-around some 20' away, and we know where that is going. Back up toward me to get closer and then field an errant ball onto me or else have said Fuckwit collide with me. End of tanning in less than 20 min. They left me alone on beaches last year, save one out of town when the wet dog shook beside me. Yesterday's beach encroachment gave me 30 min. of tanning before the football throwing males, some with disgusting guts on show, got too close for comfort. And it is the season of the Harley-
Davidson motorcycle noise, and they made sure I heard all about while at the beach, both visitations.

The new-"found", (read imposed) habit of plucking my breast hairs from the roots continues. I never did this before, and as I see it, it is a totally pointless exercise as there are so many, and ingrown ones too. This nonsense started up on my thigh hair last summer, but thankfully it didn't last for more than two weeks. I have no one to impress, and besides, I shave my front torso hair every day. And while doing the breast hair plucking, a sensation of feeling slightly stoned or drunk comes over me, and I hadn't ingested anything that would cause it organically.

There have been other times of feeling stoned from no conventionally attributable cause. This was two days ago at work when working with irrigation parts, priming, gluing, sawing, filing etc.

And a stalking from the RCMP no less; a half block tail into the parking lot, and then she (policewoman on duty), got out and walked behind me. Two more sightings in the store while she did her walkabouts (no apparent shopping) and then departed. I get plenty of vehicular cruise-by's from Canada's Finest Fuckups, but never had a ambulatory police tail in this town for the 15 months I have lived here until today.

More angst over finding a rental suite; do I get the small house with all the utilities to pay, or do I get a cheaper apartment and have someone banging on the ceiling overhead? If the perps didn't keep me near broke the house would be a no-brainer, but after 11 years of strange assholes for neighbors, as well as the unconventional forces shaking a 12" concrete and steel ceiling overhead, maybe it it time to eliminate the excuses for outside disruptions.

 I finally got to see A Clockwork Orange last night on TV, the latter half of it. I wanted to see this when it first released but it seemed that there was one interruption after another. It helped that there was no commercial breaks for a rare change. And the content, of being neurally modified to eschew violent acts, with some kind of apparatus on the head of the protagonist, Alex, while in the care of a physician. Just to think, they can now do this from remote locations and with no attached apparatus and unbeknownst to the subject. And they are very close to 100% mind control, as it seems only my attention switching begets immediate noisestalking onsets.

And time to post this one, though I am sure there is more I could write about.