Sunday, October 31, 2010

Color Matched Blood Sample


Two port wine stains arrived on my R. chest area at least three years ago, 2-3 mm diameter and  in vertical alignment. The full frontal chest and stomach shaving started about the same time ago, and "had" to be done, and continues as part of my regular morning routine. The post wine stains lie flat , but today, while shaving over them as I usually do, an eruption of blood came from one of them, but not the other. Blood color testing against a similar on-skin blood color reference it would seem.

Then later, after being kept in a demotivated blue funk in the morning, I "decided" to head to the First Feral Family home and do garden maintenance for remuneration. But I was not prepared for the early-ish freakshow on the bus, as there were a number of Halloween revellers on board at 1400h. It was standing room only at first, with a top hatted dude doing a full front aisle blocking, arms on both the top rails, and the fucker wasn't moving even if new standing passengers are boarding the bus. So... a few more stops later, he is still doing this bullshit act, but then turns to one side to reveal a negro woman that was standing behind him in a white jacket. All part of the freak scene IMHO, and eventually I got an aisle-adjacent seat. All to have backpacks and bodies bumping into me as well as closing in on me. The perps like to arrange these fucking games of personal space incursion, and seem to be interersted in the moment of determination that it is getting too claustrophobic for my liking.

Anyhow, heading into the suburbs of Gordon Head, and the passenger count thinned out, but they weren't done yet, putting on a green skinned woman at one bus stop, though she didn't board the bus thankfully.

An afternoon of raking leaves, and that of course is a big deal for the perps, all those variations of red from crimson to deep burgundy, along with their other favorite colors to test on me, yellows and browns. As usual, the leaves often hopped and bopped about, somehow slipping through the rake tines, and or just plain arriving in front of me on an areas that had been raked free of leaves. That lead into the late afternoon sunset, another moment of intense perps fuckery, as they are totally intense over dusk onset and my internal perception of red colors. (Last week, outside in the Ikea parking lot at 2000h, they even put on the near ubiquitous standard red-orange Canada Post van in the customer parking lot as a red color reference in addition to the three large pickups parked around my mother's vehicle).

And while raking leaves, the now standard noise procession erupted; SAC bombers overhead (four at least for the afternoon), then other aircraft like helicopters and small single engine aircraft, as well as lawnmower noise getting progressively fainter as the afternoon progresses. The loud mufflered vehicles again, either the hotrod or the ill-maintained mufflers were also on noise duty. Then the headlight beaming, aka pit-lamping or "brighting" as some call it, then an excess of vehicles traversing this subdivision for "some reason" as it is not a quicker route anywhere. All in an afternoon's garden duty.

After dinner I got the 2005h bus in whitebread suburbia of Gordon Head, and by the time the bus arrived, why, some 15 Halloween revellers arrived at the bus stop. Just fucking amazing how they can tail me out there under these pretenses at that time, though it was the Saturday preceding a Sunday Halloween. All these loud raucous dudes, some with no shirt on for crissakes, and lo, if they don't get off in three stops. Like WTF; they could of walked it faster than waiting at the bus stop. They spilled off and then another large contingent of revellers boarded at the same bus stop, this time mostly women, also in a party mood. In about five stops they got off, and were then replaced by a more mixed male and female continent, thankfully not as loud for the trip into downtown. Again, standing room only, with yet another negro woman in a black outfit standing some 7' away, and strangely no one between, as all the rest of the standees were backed up behind her, no matter how many boarded, and the bus driver not aksing any standing passengers to move back like they usually do.

Intense vision fucking this morning while making breakfast, all to get me into a screaming rage state, per usual. And yet more near permanent masers, the wispy black trails or the fuzzy ball types, surging around me in choreographed formations.

And I see they didn't fuck me over the laundry coin machines this morning; suddenly, they now take dollar coins instead of quarters, and by dint of "chance" I had one in my pocket and one in a leather purse in my pack as an emergency source. No doubt the two dissimilar coin sources are of importance, as this is often the case, coins from my mother and some of my own for bus fare is a frquent scenario.

Enough prattling, and I will post this, knowing that I will be at the First Feral Family home for all the Halloween visitors, and will be answering the door and the rest of the disruption that goes with it. No doubt the perps will be all over me for this, and have planned this one years in advance.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Week Day Doldrums

A bleak shut-in day so far, which is odd for a weekday, as Saturdays are the perps' favorite tied-to-the-desk days. But they were in fine form this morning, giving me some screaming action over their provocations of moving the dinner plate when attempting to spread coconut butter on the tortilla on the said plate. When I held the plate so it wouldn't move, why, the assholes moved the tortilla. Plus crumb and dog hair inundations, especially the latter when shaving and cleaning the counter top surfaces. So... when these imposed provocations and planted reactions get to this level I always ponder what is different that would cause them to enrage me, as it always seems to be a supporting activity. A new jar of coconut butter was opened this morning, the first since two months ago, and I know the perps are fucking nuts about me eating this particular food item.

Just like when acquiring it recently, the perps were all over me. I had intended to purchase some before setting off on my recent road trip but that didn't happen, largely because I need to borrow my mother's vehicle to do so. As it "happened", when visiting my brother, sister-in-law and niece in Kamloops, we visited a health food store and I introduced coconut butter to them. My sister-in-law picked up one jar, and I picked up two as it was simply more convenient to do so. Anyhow, parallel testing me for the same foods from the same locations isn't new, but an almighty gangstalking surge erupted as we went to our respective cashiers, and one can be sure that purchasing coconut butter is a BIG DEAL for the assholes who have been assiduously inserting themselves in and around every food item I have touched or selected for the past eight years. At breakfast the next day I had some of my sister-in-law's coconut butter, but as far as I could tell, I was the only one eating it there. It was purchased for my niece who is a mighty picky eater, and she didn't want to even try any. Call it the First Feral Family sit-around while the victim eats coconut butter.

That might be one explanation for why the perps went fucking beserk on me this morning at breakfast, or it might be because I did a nut shave for them last night. They like to bring on the noise from the hallway and the elevator outside this apartment when that happens, and often follow-on mornings get extra attention. Of a minor note, I was using a Gillette 3 Extreme razor insert/blade for the first time, as they had me botch modifying the Shick razor handle and had me throw it out along with the three blade insert. The Schick had two teflon rub strips, one green and one yellow, and the Gillette had a same green and a white rub strip. Not that I give a shit, but as I have come to find, it is off intense fascination for the sickos. While in the bath tub, a piece of black lint arrives exactly on my right big toe, over top of the brown toenail they gave me. I don't know where this fluff is coming from, but it seems to arrive at the oddest times and places. I can get into other details over this topic but will refrain, and modesty too is a planted notion I have come to find.

I learned yesterday that a Data Modeler position had been filled, one I had applied for four days previously. Since I have been in contact this this IT firm in July, I was expecting that they would let me in on the job before I came across in on Craigslist. But no, I found it there, and yesterday, I found it was filled. Which leads me to the topic of "bait" job postings. An awfully high percentage of the posted jobs are from local businesses, or have content related to my past career, experience or aspirations. I suspect this wasn't a real job, it was purely "bait" right down my alley, me being the involuntary pin. I see that anthor local IT shop was also advertising this job and that also "happened" to be in discussion with me in 12-2010, and then suddenly went incommincado. And they didn't contact me about this latest Data Modeler job either, so WTF? If IT recruiters suddenly stop communicating then there is something else going on, based on prior experience.

And noise all day long today, strangely getting through the ear muffs, on an as needed basis (their needs). When I sat on my bed and read some of "21 Dog Years" about a cubicle worker's life in the early days of, they cranked up the noise such that was at greater volume in my ear muffs than when I took them off. Of note, the book is set in the early days of, 1998 to 2000, and I interviewed with them in mid 1998, for a Data Modeler position. An interesting experience in any event, and certainly begetting more empathy. Even my book reading is charged with sychronicities that just boogle my mind as to how do they arrange all this.

A new book on gangstalking I see, Closing the Gap. I haven't read it and nor do I know the author.

It is firecracker season, only a few days before Halloween, and all the more rarer that they are illegal here. But... legality never mattered to the perps of course, their entire organization is predicated on illegality, more than the mafia even. The firecracker noises are amazing in that they are timed to initiating and viewing a new web page, turning a physical page in a book etc. Just to think, I am going to head out into the night for my chocolate fix, as that is the BIG EVENT of the day it seems, keeping me cooped up just for that.

A trip out to the local supermarket begat the usual Fuckwit gangstalkers coursing around me. Then it got worse at the checkout with an additional staff member doing an encirclement and eventually walking out the customer aisle where I had just come through. As always, the moment of financial transaction is a BIG DEAL for the assholes.

A mellow evening with endless plasma pattern flashes on this here LCD while listening to videos and audios. Neko Case rules this evening. Time to blog off and end this scene for the day, such as it has been.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pre-yoga Laundry Adversities

And of course, I am subject to all manner of adversities all day long, all to keep me enraged, pissed-off and otherwise totally exasperated along with the forced vocalizing that it entails. Like I have said, it is the first and foremost play, to keep me fed up and near constantly infuriated.

This morning's games included crumb arrivals, light flashes and then sabotage of the bedsheets, duly discovered when getting them off the bed for laundering. I see they are at their yellow-izing of my pillow cases again, something that has been pictured in past postings. And when I got the laundry back after unloading the dryer, why, the assholes put a 3mm blood spot, or a facsimile thereof, on the bottom fitted sheet. Like WTF: since when did blood spots form on clothes and sheets when being laundered? As of today, in this unconventional altered reality realm I am contained in, and this is a new first.

The yellow-izing of the pillow cases is different; it starts incrementally, as if from nightly use, and slowly builds up over a year or more before I get annoyed with this particular mess/sabotage. Each laundering will somehow reduce this yellow color, but it is managed to slowly build up to the annoyance level. As for today's blood spot, no sir, instant arrival, and just to rub it in, why, it erupts while the sheet is in the washing machine or dryer. And also a brown mark showed up on the edge of one of the pillow cases, not unlike the ones that erupted on the last bedsheets, and is permanent.

And that sabotage wasn't enough, as they mind-fucked me into "forgetting" how to place the fitted bedsheet, as in which corner the single label on the inside corner seam goes. The last bedsheet set had the label in the immediate right corner, but the new (as of 07-2010) fitted bedsheet has the label in a different corner. The prevailing mind-fuck was that it was the diagonal corner, and so when about to tuck in the last corner, why, it didn't fit. So, scream at the assholes yet again, and turn the sheet 90 degrees and try again, and lo, if it didn't fit. The point of this is that the assholes fuck my recall as to what corner goes where, and had started this stunt in 2005-2006 when they first learned how to fuck my recall for this very specific detail. There were no end of rage-ifications over their mind-fuck games over this then, after some six months of this abuse, they stopped it suddenly. Two bedsheet sets later, they have restarted this fucking insane bullshit, and won't let me recall as to what corner of the fitted sheet goes to what corner of the bed. Like WTF; surely the assholes don't need me to keep turning bedsheets 90 degrees after putting me through fucking hell over this identical cognitive function five years ago. As above, nothing is for sure in this altered reality state of forced serially abusive cognitive dithering.

A heavy noise morning today, likely the "warm up" for when I set off to yoga, as there has been significant dude clusters out on the street, way out of proportion to what normally transpires for sidewalk and vehicular traffic. No doubt more of the scraggly and long haired dudes, as one in particular seems to be getting more exposure. First he was seen in glances as I pass through the lobby, then he gets seen a little more as he "happens" to be waiting for the elevator in the lobby. Then he later is part of the dude cluster strung along tthe outside entrance to the lobby, over a cantilevered portion of the building. And yesterday, he was in lead-ahead mode to "escort" me to the bus stop for two blocks. The deal was that he was on the other side of the street and should of been long gone when I crossed at the traffic light. But "somehow" the fucker delayed, and ended up only 20' in front of me, and then I overtook his slow pace outside the tire shop where extra Fuckwits were posing and cell phoning. I haven't seen this guy's face yet, only his back, as that seems to be the incremental exposure game prescribed for this long haired male Fuckwit. Doubtless there is more gangstalker mileage to go, and maybe today's trip to yoga will be cause to ratchet up the freak sighting.

A full on freakshow when I stepped out to walk to yoga. Even the cleaning woman was putting it on, pretending to not notice me as she rounded the closest street corner, she of at least three apartmen lobby gangstalkings. She being Scottish, and in very white jacket. The look ahead nonsense when they pretend not to notice anyone else oncoming. Fucking bizarre.

Then the stand-behind me at the street corner fuckery again; what is it that compells all these Fuckwits to stand extra close to me and behind me at street corners (waiting for the Walk signal) when there is 10' of space to align themselves? Fucking bizarre.

Then the dude force in their plastic bags, like they all go shopping together, big joke. Then the native Indians put on a show crossing the street and splitting apart, each wearing only black and white, and looking more pissed of than I was. Another element of the gangstalking scene was three independent negro males, over the three blocks, doing their look-away routine.

Then when 30' from the church entrance where yoga is to take place, the fugly negro class member woman (Unfavored- negro, fat)  who I somehow "forgot" all about was at the door, and seemingly waiting for me. When I got to the door she asked if yoga was on, and I said it was based on last week's class. Then she said something about following me to the class room, and I walked to the regular class room, the chapel, and she was following me through 40' of corridor and after I made the corner she just vanished. I found the chapel door to be locked and went back on my tracks and still no fugly negro woman. As I get to the front desk to ask them to unlock the room, the instructor (Favored- blonde, attractive) suddenly appears from behind a wall, presumably entering from the same door as I did. I explain to her that the chapel was locked and that I need to ask for it to be opened. We exchange pleasantries as we have not seen each other since 03-2010, and the last yoga I attended was in 06-2010 until last week. We follow the staff member to the locked door, and still no fugly negro woman. Like WTF; she was in the building first, and found the door locked, and then didn't inform the front office staff and then instead puts on a "greeting" service when I "happened" to arrive when the front desk could of helped her out and unlocked the door. All this bullshit over negroes again

And to explain the entire perps gangstalking/harassment scenario in more detail; the fugly negro woman was outside the front door, and then holds me up at the front door to ask me about yoga, and then tails me in the building for 40' of hallway, some 8' behind me and then disappears. All a big setup for me to pull on the door to find it locked, a very common jerkaround stunt that has been totally consistent as part of the stunt mix for the past eight years. Here we have some of the perps' favorite locations in play; outside and then inside building negro gangstalking, all to set up me to get jerked around at the locked door. Then immediate retracing of one's steps, always a big perp deal given no end of gangstalkers doing 180 degree turnarounds in the street and sidewalks, and then a sudden (Favored) blonde woman in close proximity. Then another walk down the same hallway with her and the front desk woman leading.

Then in the class room the negro woman goes suddenly talkative for some reason, as she always had her head down and looking straight ahead. She has this dumbshit black plastic spider ring on her finger and shows the instructor while I am stretching on my mat. Then she asks me if I want to see what she is going to be for Halloween, and I decline, and still she comes across the floor to then show me this dumbshit spider ring on har large black fingers. Presumably this was the excuse for her to do a back and forth at the re-arranged perp moment. This woman has had a total personality change in the five months since I last saw her. And lo, if she doesn't leave after 20 minutes into a 60 minute class, leaving me and the blonde instructor to finish the class. It is most strange that there were so few class members, as normally there are five or more, but that was the same deal last week, only two students and one instructor. The instructors alternate week to week; tall blondes in both cases.

When I get out on the street after class, why the red shirts and red hats with red vehicles abounded, then the ambulatory gangstalker scene shifted to the "blue dudes"; four in succession wearing the same mid blue, very much like the color of my shirt under my black jacket.

Then when at the apartment entrance, two identical dressed dudes in black coats, black ball caps are standing around talking, "just hanging out". I unlock the door from the intercom pedestal and one of the Fuckwit dudes was on my tail and then he opens the door, and lo, if the other Fuckwit doesn't stride in. This is the second time in a month where I have opened the door and some "rude dude" is on my tail and opens the door and butts in ahead of me. LIke how many fucking times do these assholes need to be so rude around the front door? The door holding dude then lets me in, so in a fashion, I got partial "door service", a very common event. So in this way, I end up between the dudes, they doing a "split apart" move, another common Fuckover scene move. And when I go to the stairs to avoid getting the elevator with these Fuckwits, why, another fucking dude in the same dress code (sans ballcap) as these two most suspicious characters and their doorway entrance choreography.

Why is it when attempting to load a resume in RTF it isn't accepted as it is not the right file type; must be *.doc, Microsoft dependent? Soo,, when I attempt to save to a *.doc file in Open Office, the free office software suite, it mangles the file. Thereby skewering me; it happens most of the time, all these adversities.

And I see the assholes have fucked this Windows session by removing the task bar at the bottom of the display, totally fucking me as to what I can do. BUT, the new upgrade of Open Office can now save *doc files without fucking them up. A whole 18 months of getting screwed over that is now over.

A troll through cinema bookmarks for the past two hours, something I haven't done in five months or more. With this significant "fallow time", the noise and masers were increased, and often erupting as a web page first came up, or when I recognized a face in the graphics. Exciting times for sickos.

This day is done, and hope springs eternal that I won't get stiffed with a shut-in day tomorrow (or ever).

SAC Delivers a Maser

That is the Strategic Air Command, SAC for short, (now US STRATCOM) and are often arranged to fly overhead when I am in the First Feral Family backyard, doing yard work like pruning, weedwhacking and leaf raking. It is my understanding that the SAC randomizes their flight paths, but how is it that at least three of them flew overhead of where I was today? And it was spectacular, the contrails providing a trail of the flight path in the blue sky, as it made a 20 degree deviation to fly directly overhead today in one instance. And when I looked up, why, a blackish dot emanated from the aircraft and came right at me, travelling the distance in a second or two. A few minutes later, the Sea King military helicopter made a low and slow pass, the first of at least four today. Later, small single engine aircraft and a DC-9 passenger jet, then a Sikorsky S-76 passenger helicopter. A progression of size and distance for whatever reason the perps have to place this orchestrated aerial show, replete with maser and plasma spiiting aircraft of varying kinds.

The Sea King helicopter was the more annoying as it made at least four passes, but I could only see one time as they like to have them obscured by trees and foliage. Same when doing farm work this past summer, the Sea Kings madee multiple passes over the day, most often behind the trees and landforms. I have noted blackish maser emanations from them, as well as bright plasmic emanations, a light flash in effect.

As usual, when I was doing garden work the neighbors start theirs too; all afternoon chainsawing, lawn mowing and even the odd skil-saw job. This ordered cacaphony again, and getting fainter as time progresses. The big event that brought on the above mentioned SAC aircraft and the rest of the following aircraft was that I was cutting up three 2" trees with lopers so they would be in small enough pieces to be placed in plastic garbage bags. And have I mentioned how often the perps like to parade plastic bags around lately? Too often I reckon. The perps find it very fascinating that I am doing garden work, and I am surprised they didn't direct me to make this my career rather than forestry.

And a freakshow on the city bus again, it seems that they cannot leave me alone on this mobile gangstalking and stunt platform. Tonight, it was the "dos dudes" tailing me ahead to the bus stop, then on the first bus, to the second bus stop, and then on the second bus, sitting two seats away. This wasn't the only dude talk of the day, as they set up some for me to hear through the hedge, the "neighborly male banter" bullshit again. And so they had me covered with dude chat all the way back while on the bus. And one came later, "happening" to join his confreres and sitting one seat away. He has this black coat on, nothing too large, and within two minutes or so, "needs" to do the striptease act, removing his coat to reveal a mid-grey shirt with lots of woven patterns in it. Like WTF; he wasn't overdressed for the bus, there was some cool air circulating, and yet "needs" to take his coat off. I cannot count the number of Fuckwits that have inappropriately done clothing reveals, and even some whackos who have their shirt half on, wandering around in the grocery store for crissakes.

An more Unfavored games; they had two fuzzy haired gangstalkers, one ahead of me by 12' and one oncoming by 20' and lo, if the didn't manage to slowly converge their heads from what I could see, this slow fuzzy hair merge, both aligning in the vertical as well. Fucking ludicrous that this bullshit is arranged all the time for some dumbshit game because the assholes haven't the balls to preseent themselves. 

The sirens have started up, getting through my earmuffs somehow. And what it the deal with getting blocked when attempting to make a "connection" on Linked In? It was legit and it was reasonable, and yet the assholes sabotaged my connection attempt, by their favorite trick, making out that there was missing data to be supplied when there wasn't. They put me through countless rounds of that same bullshit, sending me back to the same web page, invoking that data was missing when it wasn't. This was a resume and job application submission, and I had to go through a succession of pages as part of the first time application process. So could it be, that these offers to be "friends" on Facebook and like social networking sites be monitored by the assholes, and that they are attempting to remotely detect some kind of energy blip just at the moment of making a connection/friend request, and then for follow on acceptance or rejection? I would not be surprised in the least, as any large scale business or public success has at least tacit approval by the perps IMHO.

Oct. 28,  2010
I got entranced (loaded word) with a couple of videos last night; one on Claudia Mullen's statement to a congressional committee, and the other Dr. Robert Beck's two hour presentation on utilizing low voltage electrotreatment for blood cleansing that will treat cancer, HIV, lupus and others, with a high success rate. Also, he claims, based on brain wave patterns, that garlic is a poison, and has to be avoided while having the electrotreatments he promotes, but does not sell. Interesting that the perps like me to have garlic eating spells, and then back off for months at a time, and even years previously. This applies to other like foods such asleaks, onions and shallots. Before he treated himself, he was 290lb, and couldn't get the weight off; now he looks about 170lb, and he also claims his hair re-grew. He indicates there are Biblical references to people living 200 years, and he suspects the parasitic load that we carry is likely the cause of a much shorter lifespan. Interesting stuff, even if a two hour show.

Heavy noise this morning; near constant back up beepers, then a fan hum which was playing extensively last night, and an intermittent heavy whine noise, ostensibly from the transmission from passing heavy duty vehicles and trucks.

I will post this now, and report on the rest of the day in a new posting if all goes according to plan.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wood Chopping and Hauling

Some dozing off at this here PC before I got into file cleanup that somehow recusitated me. There has been a serial succession of mid-afternoon naps this week, and I was expecting another. As always, the perps like to fake me out, bait and switch just when one is commited to an activity.

This is the first full day with my old eyeglasses on, and I should of known better (read, was mind-fucked) as such opportunities (as they see them) don't come very often. They had me  twice in the last 18 months with my old glasses on, getting them repaired and/or custom modified with the cable temples. That was the job that went way wrong for unknown reasons, as they cut the eyeglasses temples a whole inch short and they had to be sent back for an insertion of a differing metal in the temple to lengthen it. This time, the new temples should not be messed with, but as always, fuck-ups are a dime a dozen. Call it the FUD-ed, (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) treatment.

And I am sure it was no coincidence with the old eyeglasses on that they wanted me to handle and deliver the firewood to my MS friend, confined to a wheelchair by his condition. He was a former work colleague, and I first met him back in 1974 when working in the woods on forestry surveys. He is the only person I know burning wood for heating, and this past spring's garden work at the First Feral Family home meant that two short trees had to come down. Regular readers will recall that both chainsaws eventually died, so I couldn't get it all cut. The firewood sized pieces dried over the spring and summer, and had to be removed due to a vinyl greenhouse like structure to be placed over where the firewood was stored.

Don't ask me why the perps think exposing me to firewood and all other wood products is so important,  but it is. First I split some of the larger pieces, the first time I have used an axe in over 15 years, mostly due to the fact that the axes just "showed up" in the last month. At each end of the firewood packing trip, there was extra loitering activity. At the FFF home, the postman "happened" to arrive just as I finished loading my mother's vehicle, and started up some bullshit banter as to how long we lived there, saying something like, "moving the old man's wood pile?" I cannot recall what I said, though it should of been something about his landscaping disasters, as these trees were up against a fence. Anyhow, he was bantering when my mother came by, ostensibly thinking I was talking to her, so I had both of them standing over me while I was tending to the last of the firewood.

At the recipient's end, the caregiver and wife helped me out to get the firewood stored out of the rain. So she was also party to viewing the firewood in the vehicle as I had packed it.

The blonde (Favored) was at the bus stop this morning when outbound, a welcome relief from the freaks and weirds that usually populate the particular downtown bus stop when I happen to go there. After boarding the bus, she sat down on the outside periphery of the three dudes (Unfavaored), with me at the rear passenger side of the bus. This scenario got changed out for Asians who came on board, and then another change out when I got to suburbia; the stop before mine had an Asian man getting off at the rear doors, and a young Asian woman getting on at the front, who sat halfway back. I ring the bell for the next stop and then position myself at the rear door for when it gets to my stop. And lo, if they young Asian woman didn't get up, walk behind me and then sit down in the very seat I had just vacated. I give her a "are you fucking nuts/" look, and she smirks at me. Very funny that, as in NOT. I haven't seen anything quite so fucking blatant as this before, the assholes sitting on my just-vacated seat, as they usually keep their sicko musical seat games to themselves, e.g. past mentioned negroes swapping seats on the bus.

And on the forced nuttiness scale, the perps are ramping it up, and have me do a sub-audible running commentary on their gangstalker routines and color exposure games. I repeat, I have never done this before, so why is it suddenly happening as the gangstalking intensity/inanity is roughly the same? And it would seem the next logical escalation of this imposed mental fuckery would be then to make the commentary audible. No fucking way will I accept any imposition as to making running comments like what is going on or any other worsening of this latest mental incursion.

Other bullshit this morning when I stepped out was some six dudes clustered in a loose string in front of the lobby doors. A long haired dude seems to be getting a whole lot of exposure time, batting some .500 in or near the lobby these days. Then the overpopulation of the sidewalks, all these Fuckwits running about at 0900h, it didn't add up. And even my old time gangstalker nemesis (since 2002), Passport Tosser "happened" to be passing by, still in semi-vagrant dress. This was the Fuckwit who posed as a natty businessman on one of his many incarnations, and threw his passport at the feet of the immigration inspector. Fucking bizarre, and it seems that the sickos want me to notice that kind of behavior, even now. Passport Tosser must be hittiing some 18 exposures in the eight years of harassment, or at least, those are when I can postitively identify him. He has done a business man, hospital patient (2x), total vagrant and semi-vagrant incarnations so far in his appearances. A most strange set of roles to be sure, and I am sure this particular Fuckwit has more mileage yet.

And what is it about these oncoming left hand pedestrians walking in my path all the time now, three in one block? In North America we are in right hand drive, walking ahead on the right, and yet one after another, these Fuckwits are coming straight at me when on the sidewalk when there is plenty of room on the sidewalk.

The elevator repair shenanigans continue; when I got back they were repairing the W elevator when it had been the E. elevator that was out of service for the past week, the W elevator out of service for some four weeks prior to that. So WTF? Did they fix the E elevator and then decide to shut down the W elevator again for repairs again? Stay tuned, as it seems that the assholes cannot get enough elevator shut down time in. Elevator shut down games have followed me for al the places that I have lived in since 2004, not to mention the strange cast of characters that "happen" to be there when it arrives. For the most part, I have been taking the stairwell to egress the building, and I am sure that will mature into more games and stunts as this insane Fuckover progresses.

Vacuuming in the hallway just erupted; it seems that these are important implements of the harassment/experimentation fuckery, though always used judiciously it seems. One past apartment, which seemed mostly empty, I had them vacuuming 6x per week, most often when I was in the hallway, heading out or coming back. This afternoon, mostly a sit-around time, seems to be an important part of the game, perhaps getting me back to an energetic state after this morning's excursions.

I finished reading Nemesis: The True Story of Aristotle Onassis, Jackie O, and the Love Triangle That Brought Down the Kennedys last night. An awsome read, and an insight on how the sheeple are meant to be kept in the dark as to the machinations of the rich and famous, including politicians.

Which is partly why yesterday's blog posting got truncated so abruptly; I couldn't get text to put below the pictures that I had included.

More outside vehicle noise as I had chocolate and tea. Ditto for this afternoon, and the identical noises erupted yesterday in the same circumstances. But they did pull a fast one with one chocolate square left to go; someone knocked on my door, I got up (chewed chocolate in my mouth), and asked through the door who it was, and was supplied a name I didn't know. I said I didn't know such a person, and they made out that they were on the wrong floor. All to get me to cross a whole 10' with the chocolate in my mouth and one piece remaining on the plate. That is how it is these days, the assholes focussing on infitesimal levels of detail.(For those who haven't read the introductory postings and are unaware of my managed state as a TI, there is nothing in my life that isn't managed down to the microsecond, and it is very likely been like that since birth. Dudes at the door and the "sorry" bullshit are all about disruption at key Fuckover moments.)

Enough of blogging for today, and likely more garden work to do for keeping this bullshit show afloat.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Glasses Swap

The full Rx glasses I am wearing are to be sent away for a week or so, and my old partial Rx glasses will be substitued in their place. That means I won't have up-close sharp vision, something that will be sure to be exploited by the assholes who constantly fuck with what I see. It just hasn't been enough to play double vision games like they have been doing for the last year, getting progressively more intrusive, not to mention the myriad of improbable extraneous reflections that somehow bounce off the inside of my lenses for me to see. And of course, these reflections are in the color theme of the moment; more red dressed Fuckwits and more red vehicles = more red colored reflections on my glasses, even with no red colored objects around. (And as well, red plasma beams coming at me from all directions, including some from the red lint they placed in the bathroom sink drain.)

Said glasses were customized with cable temples in spring 2009, a job that got fucked up "somehow", as they cut them off an inch shorter than directed and then after complaining they were too tight, they "repaired" them by inserting an inch of another metal, along with gobbing solder on the two joins on each side. This time, I am getting two new temple pieces and getting the self-destructing cable temples repaired, as "somehow", without the excuse of any adverse event, the cable temple portion has partially unraveled. Another one of those sabotage jobs without the pretense of an apparent cause.

Other provocative bullshit this morning so far has been a cereal flake that somehow escaped the closure of the bag, taking a 12" lateral leap onto the front L burned of the adjacent stovetop, and seamlessly slithering through the burner coils, through the center hole of the catch pan and onto the galvanized surface below the stovetop. No tumbling or bouncing, no sir, a straight shot like on a pool table.

This was later followed by a leap of jus-poured coffee that lept out of the carafe as I was finishing up pouring hot water in from the kettle. This adroitly managed large drop of coffee "joined" the spout off hot water just as I was finishing pouring, and landed on the stovetop to represent the just poured coffee that was in the carafe, as well as the skiff of coffee grounds that somehow escaped the spoon when loading the carafe.

Other related bullshit was that I had no chocolate bar with coffee, as none were left, and substituted chocolate spread, eating it straight from the jar. It seems that they wanted me to have chocolate (think brown color exposure), but without the effects of the light blue plastic packaging of the usual chocolate bar.

Other Fuckover nonsense is that the toilet won't quite unplug itself, though it flushes normally, as a backflush of brownish water arrives at the last second of flush completion.

And a new razor insert to shave with this morning; that is, to shave my face and a full frontal shave, the latter now the norm since this was uncharacteristically begun in 2007. The significance of that is the perps like the teflon rub strip to be run all over my front, and then come at me with gangstalker wearing Gore-tex anoraks of all colors, but especially red. Because, it seems, Gore-tex is a teflon membrane, and no doubt there will be some energetic interactions between the two teflon exposed sources they are looking to remotely detect.

And they are getting me out early, immediately following this blog entry, to go to the opticians and see to my glasses. Not forgetting in the least that my very favorite attractive female blonde optician will be on duty to see that my glasses are duly taken care of and sent away across Canada to Ontario to have them repaired. And I am sure she will be wearing the fugliest red outfit she can find. Stay posted.

A one hour nap this afternoon, and I did not need the sleep in the least.

My outing covered four stops; drop off extra items to the local charity, optician, drugstore/post office and then the supermarket as the milk prematurely soured again (like every time by five days or more). The"bum run" was on, that being an inordinate clustering of vagrants doing squat, but sitting around in doorways, and even the guitar playing was on. It was raining big time, but I had my umbrella with me, which just might be a non-wearble color reference item the perps like me to have, as they trialed me with it yesterday. So.. the blonde optician was on, and she had her face smeared with some kind of makeup all over, I don't know what one calls these full-face applications. She was less talkative today for whatever reason, but within normal range.

Then off to the drugstore/post office where yet again, I get this infernal notice a week after I pick the parcel up, but I want to be sure. The Asian gangstalker who tailed me in was there also to loiter around me at the checkout, having purchased nothing, and making himself out to be an extra obvious Fuckwit. I went to the shaving section after th PO to attempt to get another three blade shaver that will fit in my glass jar for keeping the blades sharp in solution, and lo, if there wasn't a stocker/stalker on a footstool next to where I wanted to access.

Then after the checkout, and onto the street, and lo, if the Fuckwits are coming at me in LH drive mode again, attempting to walk exactly in my intended path all because they haven't the gumption to front for their abusive insanity. Some even make a point of standing there to avoid a collision, or else do their distant dependent stupid shit again. And even the heads down, umbrella obstructed vision gangstalkers somehow knew to avert a sidewalk collision when coming straight at me. The shiftless males, vagrants and the hoodie dudes seem to make up the major gangstalking population as far as I can tell. Definitely more dudes doing posing and loitering these days, with the women doing some kind of introductory gangstalking and then take off to have the dudes fill in. Ditto on the bus last night, with one fucker standing behind me that I didn't know about.

The supermarket had yet more dudes showing up, as well as a plethora of stockers/stalkers doing their gabbing on the side, and they knew I needed milk as my lead-ahead stalker from one aisle turned and then stopped at the milk section. The fuckers cannot leave me alone at every location I go to in the store; they are posted there in advance, and then slither in again when I depart, and then show up yet again at the check out and then outside. Today, it was the big hatted dude who made sure to tail me in the aisle and then at the checkout. I get back to this apartment lobby, and no "door service", though this happens about 20% of the time. Once I get inside, and the elevator arrives, a negro dude in a blue hoodie exits and mumbles something, with his zipper open to his belly button to show of his bare skin underneath. How fucking absurd that anyone would dress for a rainy day like that, especially when the cotton hoodies offer so little warmth when wet. So it would seem that the perps are wrapping up their highly Unfavored (male, negro, audacious skin display) demographic group specimen in an Favored color (mid blue) garment. Like WTF; just leave me the fuck alone and able to get a job instead of this insane abusive harassment with these fucking wierds.

A series of clunkings are getting through my earmuffs as I write this, and earlier, when reading another TI's blog posting, and then making comments.

And what is with these infernal employment games? I had two positive contacts with recruiting firms that I spoke with, and they each are advertising a job for which I am qualified, and neither contacted me in advance. Like WTF; a chance to get an exclusive lock on my services and they post the job on Craigslist for crissakes. A five month gig even, and that would be something if it materializes. I ordrered two books from Amazon to help me out and study for the interview, and it is going to take three fucking weeks for them to arrive. By that time, the job interviews will be all over. Back to the helter skelter world of studying off the web, and the messed up excursions that takes. The perps have me imagining that I have already got the position when no interview yet. Like, it is a major slight to not even call me up about it, which is another way of saying, "don't bother". We shall see where this is going in a week or so, or else it is back to putzing for landscape laborer jobs, none of which I seem to get responses for either.

Some pics from the summer that were finally downloaded; and I see that the download feature on this Blogspot is getting corrupted so some pics won't load into this blog. More fucking sabotage.

Taken 06-15-2010, 1748h; yet again, these intense faux "reflections" that somehow end up being directed right into my apartment.

Taken 07-16-2010; three white vehicle parked in file, a space and then a similar toned silver-grey vehicle parked in the same side, and a red vehicle passing by, as if doing an inspection. A white pickup stopped at the traffic light, and with the all too-familiar gangstalking prop of vegetative foliage in the box. Eight years of this fucking arranged stupidity and they are still at it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Home Theater Follies

Oct. 23, 2010
The home theater PC ambitions have been sharply curtailed with the wretched Antec Multimedia Station bay insert device confounding me as to how it works and where does it store the music and DVD files. I updated the attendant iMon software, and still it is a mystery as to what the fuck is going on. After reviewing screenshots of Songbird, Griffith, CGStar last night, I see that iMon isn't even close to providing a decent review of one's media library, which includes pics, videos, movies, and music. Let it be said that if you are going to create a HTPC application, or even a specialized server for this purpose, you need to thoroughly evaluate the software in advance, with the hardware (remote control, bay insert, or even touch screen) with great care. And make sure it isn't iMon.

What is with the Google sabotage? I always have 100 results per page, and now I get ten, even after resetting it back to 100. And the capability to open to a new tab has also been stripped out.

Then, Windows Media Player sabotage. I cannot get a video to be taken into the video library, essentially a list of the videos I have. Then ditto for pictures; the dialog box just disappears when I select Organize, Videos, and poof, it goes nowhere. Consistent with the pissing match over the Antec Multimedia Station bay insert that I have a mind to rip out, having spent $160 to put in. The freaking volume knob wouldn't work when playing my very first video on this PC this afternoon. And when in Windows Media Player, the freaking volume slder, mouse activated, wasn't doing anything either; no volume change even if the slider did move.

A shut-in day today, if one discounts the trip to the laundry room on this floor. No motivation to even get my regular Saturday newspaper for an extended read. Bummer, to say the least. The laundry also got sabotaged, with the track pants sucking up lint "from" the bath mat towel. Like WTF; this towel never lints, ever, and suddenly it unloaded onto the track pants and nothing else. The last time the track pants were laundered by me there was lint on them that couldn't be taken off after two washings. So I had to take them into the dry cleaners who managed to fix the problem, har, har. These are the pants I wear to yoga, and as I don't sweat that much in them, I don't launder them every week. Seemingly, the chemical/EMF signature of my black track yoga pants is a big deal for the assholes. The second time through, and on their own, and the track pants cleaned up OK, another example of making them different from the rest of the laundry load. A 2" diameter skin of difficult-to-remove white lint (on black underwear) also "happened" to arrive on my underwear in the same laundry load.

Other bullshit, getting back to the home theater front; I put on my very first DVD on this PC, the film Frida, and lo, if they didn't choke down the audio volume so I could barely hear what was spoken. The Windows Media Player volume control didn't work, and nor did the Antex physical bay insert volume control. Have I not complained about past DVD operation sabotage, like lost drivers, no player, and other bullshit to fuck my experience in playing a DVD? And not forgetting, this was another of the "fallow" DVDs, a dozen or so that were purchased in 01-2010, and after intial failures/obstruction I gave up. The Frida DVD was the first one to be opened since then, a whole ten months of leaving them unopened in a stack on the file cabinet. Fucking tiresome that I am not allowed to play a DVD, or CD for that matter, when I want and without sabotage in some form.

Oct. 24, 2010
I am doing a round of viewing the alternate energy news, and encounter a description of a new vertical axis (upright) wind turbine. But no picture. So I google it, and still no picture, and then go to the manufacturer, and still no picture. Freaking bizarre to say the least that the assholes put me through this curiousity pursuit and then stymie it at every turn for the most basic intent, to actually see it.

A short post, as I will be off to the FFF in short order. Today, a Sunday, and a low Fuckover profile I hope. Plus it seems that it is a big deal for shut-in days to be followed by a FFF engagement. No idea why, but that is how it has been for years now.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Compost Noise Confluence

A ten minute screaming session over the fact that I was getting obstructed in playing a CD on this PC, my Antec Multimedia/iMon acquisition being debased to an expensive volume knob. They even fucked the install, and won't now allow Realplayer and Windows Multimedia Player to be called by the Antec iMedian application. So it would seem that this is the bottom of the abuse barrel over this issue, as they have fucked me from playing movies since 01-2010. All 12 DVD's are sitting around unplayed, and all but one unopened. I call it "fallow time" where new aquisitions are made to sit around for undue and abnormal amounts of time. It seems that the remote control/player sabotage on this PC is also still going hand in hand with my mother's recent DVD installation at the FFF. There, I cannot get the infernal DVD player to play through the digital modem, and the digital TV signal even gets lost. (Two days ago, the TV signal supplier lost their feed, and then their phone system went down when attempting this same DVD hookup). So, there are at least three remote controls (read IR signal beam) in play at my perp abetting mother's place, and I attempted to toss out another three that were obsolete, but I see she brought them back in the house for no known reason.

We have TV/DVD remote control convergence, along with the exasperation of attempting to get them to work, making another attempt tonight at the FFF house. Lo, if the digital TV signal didn't get "lost" again, and for all my mother's apparent batty-ness, why, she knew how to bring it back. (A third remote control "worked", the silver colored one, when there is another for the TV and another for the digital modem). The perps cannot get enough IR beams and enough exasperation goiing over remote controls it seems, jerking me around at two locations.

And the perp highlight fuckery of the day, the annual making of the compost pile in the backyard of the First Feral Family house. Not only were each of the contributing piles sitting around for the past week while away, ("just" ran out of time before the road trip), but the noise onset was immediate. As soon as I dug into the first pile of three I was to combine, why, the next door neighbor started up his skill-saw. Then came the SAC bomber noise off and on for the next hour, then  throat clearing from the neighbor on the other side, and then more aircraft noise, not to mention the now pervasive hotrod mufflers, Japanese motorcycle noise and heavy duty vehicle noise. All in all, a big noise event, as making compost seems to be incredibly important to the perp objectives, as well as the downstream handling, re-digging, and ultimate use elsewhere in the backyard or wherever it may be used. They even put on the sunlight to come through for a while, as it has been overcast all day. The Ms. C of the story did her "master composter" course while going out with her in the pre-overt harassment days of 2000 to 2002. Don't ask me what it is all about, but it is now becoming a regular event, as this will be the third year of composting for the perp cause.

And a city bus freakshow getting there and back. Now that I get to the bus stop early to put an end to missing the extra-early bus games, why, it now comes late, 9 minutes late in the back end of suburbia tonight, and adding on the wait time, they kept me at the bus stop for 15 minutes while the vehicle gangstalking parade was in place. Then an E. Indian with one of those funny training turbans (single wrap, funny bun on top) came by, "happening" to drop by after the scheduled bus arrival time. Then he paces around, doing these frenetic back and forths that drive me nuts to witness. Why the assholes are so extra obvious about this aspect of gangstalking is beyond me, but raising my angst might be the answer.

They had me get up a late 1000h, for a 10 hour sleep last night, though no recalled dreams or other perturbations. A storm system is coming in tomorrow, and for the next three days at least, so who knows what the story is all about on the weather manipulation front. I haven't figured out the weather component and how it plays into the perp research agenda, though I suspect it is to mix up energies and create more interactions. And who knows, it may be even compost related, but as there are so many interactions they seem to be monitoring and instignating, it is difficult to know.

Back to the city bus freakshow; my one-seat-away neighbor "happened" to be in the lobby of this apartment buiding when I walked back from the bus stop. The one time I get off one stop early (to remove myself from viewing groping couples on each side of me), and walk from one block further, why, this woman in a fugly plaid jacket who was near me on the bus, "happens" to be there to take the one elevator that is functional. The W elevator was shutdown for over six weeks, now operating for three weeks now. As of tonight, the E elevator has shutdown "until further notice". It was the elevator that suddenly shut down when I had entered it with my belongings from the road trip two days ago, with the negro who strangely got on in the basement.

I got my junk food fix at the FFF house tonight, having dinner there and then freaking donuts and cakes. It seems the perps want to keep up this objectionable side of my diet management, the "gluten games" I call it. Which is what the recent road trip seemed to be about in part, as they can fuck with what I eat when in the homes of other FFF members or laying on my mother's batty act. They scripted a Malteasers "need" yesterday, and lo, if plain gluten isn't on the list of ingredients. And as I don't eat potatoes, and haven't for five years or more, my mother "forgot" again, dumping them on and then retrieving them. Just like around here, constant perversion of intent to have me do the wrong thing, just to "mix it up"/piss me off.

That will be it for today unless something else comes up; short and  not sweet, and likely a shut-in day tomorrow.

Coffee Bean Grinding Games

Went to the local supermarket for some items I was intimidated out of purchasing the day before, the gangstalker games behind every aisle corner being the most obvious. And it was the day to get coffee, ground up on the in-store machine because the assholes have choked down all lines of coffee to have only beans. I bought ground coffee all the time for the first 4 years of this abuse, and then suddenly there was no more to be had in any line.  And it being a "brown moment", all the coffee beans and then grounds passing down into the bag below, I get plenty of gangstalker action tied to this machine for the three minutes it takes. It is so ridiculous, all these Fuckwits doing their entrances and exits breaking all around me while the coffee beans are ground. And lo, if the fucking coffee grinder machine didn't inexplicably stop grinding the beans today, leaving a quarter of them in the machine. The motor kept running but the beans didn't go through. The cashiers at the checkout seemed only mildly concerned, and didn't give me a discount because their machine fucked up, but said to track down a store assistant while at the machine. Like WTF; I am fed up of dealing with imposed situations going wrong, and what difference would it make anyhow? If the sickos want to keep some brown colored "souveniers" from my coffee beans, they will do exactly that no matter who is around. But I suppose they want me to engage with others more often, no matter how futile the exercise will be. And too, that it be with dudes, an Unfavored demographic and a predominant part of the gangstalking scene these days. Call it the "dude redemption" from traumatization associations encountered when they seemed to be doing nasty things to me when aged up to 5 y.o. and blanked out my recall, but couldn't fuck me out of my subconscious recollections. Which, if you are a regular reader, will know that much (but not all) of the gangstalking scene is to emulate situations or colors related to these traumatization events. I say, fuck them, I don't need to be remediated by anyone for anything, just leave me the fuck alone, and that includes not messing with my employment prospects after screwing me out of my usual livelihood for the past 8 years with this disability bullshit. All so I can afford a coffee grinder and avoid this insane parade of animated Fuckwits coursing around me while captive to the store's coffee grinder, when it works that is.

I had my lobby posse again when outbound (same as yesterday); the white jacketedd Scottish cleaning woman in the spiky hair (three Unfavoreds; white clothes, odd hair and Scottish), the manager and his ridiculous ball cap over his eyebrows, and a few others in his office. Then on the way there, a triple vagrant show with two blue plastic shopping carts, with one wandering off when I passed by to alleviate the sidewalk obstruction. Said faux vagrants were still there on my inbound trip, something I don't normally see as they have this demographic subset of Unfavored Fuckwits move along with their carts and plastic bags.

And on my return, another loafing male on the couch in the lobby, replacing the foursome that were there when outbound. This time it was the geriatric male loafing, (three Unfavoreds), and the dumbshit ball caps don't help either, though I don't know if this is a traumatization association or if it is to change their energetic properties, as I understand that there is much energy emanating from one's eyes, and the ball cap prop may direct it so it can be easily detected by remote means.

Another featured gangstalker theme of late is the negro act, this time on the opposite sidewalk and wearing red with a red ball cap.

A nut shave last night, the first in three weeks, and with a new blade, so that might be the reason the assholes have pumped up the gangstalking abuse and covering me each moment I exit or enter a building, including the supermarket.

On to yoga, and to see what is going down, as two weeks ago, there was a last minute cancellation with no prior phone call, (the agreed upon arrangement from the organizer), and a new (to me) co-instructor. I haven't been to yoga since June, so no doubt this is a big deal for the assholes; re-establishing routines, coming back from a road trip as well, and a nut shave last night. The perfect confluence of dumbassed games they like to play.

I wonder what will be the nutter/gangstalker count this time.

The overhead tapping noise has started up after reading an etiquette story, should one put a "no stiletto heels" in the invite to a house warming party. Now, the overhead drilling noise has started up. As always, these are supposed to be carpet covered concrete floors in this building, and so it remains mighty curious as to why this noise starts up,and why they need to access bare concrete under the carpet so often. Last week, before I left for the road trip, they put on the concrete ceiling/above floor tapping noise before I went outside, and then kept it going while I went down the stairs to the outside stairwell to drop off the recycle garbage into its specialized bins, and then kept up the noise when taking the elevator back up to this sixth floor apartment. And no cover story of tradesmen wandering around with drills or even a trades van outside or the usual accouterments of building maintenance workers. Not even the usual ladder, something they don't usually forgo.Like I have said, I live a totally scripted life, right down to the last pin drop noise, regardless as to whether it is in context or not or any causal source.

The overhead tapping noise is covering me for my clothing change into yoga gear, and if this is really important, down the stairwell too.

Yoga was a little odd, in that the batty woman was there talking to herself and kept it up when I arrived, and then slipped in a question to me in this dialog without directly addressing me. Very clever that, as the perps go to no end of lengths to discern the moment when I am being spoken to, versus inconsequential babbling that is dismissed out of hand. "Naturally", my father's faux dementia serves as a ruse for these games as well, as he "happens" to get it right sometimes, saying something relevant that arises from the dismissive background babble. The number of times that I detect relevant verbal dialog that gets suddenly noisestalked is uncountable; suffice to say the mere act of cognitively detecting something relevant is a HUGE DEAL for the assholes, and they have kept this up for over eight years of this insane abuse.

And the new-to-me instructor was there today; tall blonde, attractive with funky glasses on that she later took off, almost like a blonde Hilary Swank. And her having a orange sweater over a red shirt, bringing clashing hot colors together was straight out of the perp instruction manual. But she was pleasant, efficient and even personable by the end of the class. Some instructors seem totally shell shocked to meet me in person. And lo, if the loitering dudes outside after the end of class weren't wearing the same fugly orange. The perps have been all over me with orange colors of late, likely stemming from yesterday's Chicken Run, when I purchase cooked chicken with orange barbeque sauce on it. (No other choice as to cooked chicken). And when on the way back, an orange jacketed Fuckwit male was loitering at the front door, and then a blonde woman came and walked between us.

With only us two class members the new instructor seemed to want to mention the guy names out loud for no other reason. It is all about elicitations it seems, and all the better if it is an Unfavored person. Like WTF; if they come, so what; get on with the class for those that are there rather that this name dropping bullshit which I get in spades. But as it "happened", no other students came, and there was talk of the class being cancelled due to low attendance, something they told me last time I when I went to the class that was cancelled without prior notice. So the talk is on, the yoga class may get cancelled soon.

I had my usual extra scummy gangstalkers when coming back from yoga; they cannot get enough scummy dudes in it seems, often hiding a babe behind the front rank of these Fuckwits who take pains to look extra stupid.

That is it for today, also getting totally screwed out of going to the First Feral Family home this afternoon, as this was my intention, to get the compost pile built before the rain comes on. The assholes didn't let me know it was "forgotten" until dinner time. A fucking piss off that I am not allowed to effect my own intentions.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back From Travel Trip

No end of feints, dodges and imposed bullshit adversity for the last week, a driving tour with the First Feral Family matron doing the extra batty act to make me repeat what I said constantly even if perfectly audible the first time, and then the spurious conversation topics that she gets into, just like the ex, planting irrelevant dumbassed notions and suggestions left and right to crank me up and piss me off. I thought it had culminated yesterday in attempting to get her DVD player to play, and pissing around with four remote control control devices to get the digital TV working again, and get the DVD to play into the DVD. But no, that wasn't good enough as the cable TV service went on the fritz as I attempted to replace the VCR with the DVD, and when I finally figured that out (after the conflicting remote control games over the TV, -either the TV manufacturer or the set top digital TV modem box that came with the cable TV outfit's remote control that usually takes precedence, give the right circumstance/channel combination), I decided to phone for cable TV support. And lo, if they weren't having telephone problems, as in a total shutdown, indicating "wrong number". So I phoned the operator to find out why this decades long number had changed, but no, the cable TV outfit was having a total telephone outage. (Shaw Cable for locals). This "happens" the day I return from this five day driving trip and attempt to replace the VCR with the just-acquired DVD player. It should of been dog simple, but no, the TV service goes for a crap, as does their technical support and their entire phone system. All to crank up my angst along with the constant stream of batshit-crazy suggestions/spurious help from the above mentioned FFF matron, still going strong on the same line of bullshit after being on the road with it for  five days.

Even today, this PC one day late from its repair to get the Antec Multimedia player installed, as "somehow" the weekend PC repair crew couldn't boot this up into Windows, something it does dozens of times per day, every day for fucking years. And it follows that yesterday's battle of the four remote control devices also runs into today, with aforesaid Antec Multimedia player and its remote control that isn't working here. A double pissing match over TV/PC/DVD remote controls not working today, at the FFF today and yesterday, and then this PC at my place.

A continuing high abuse show, getting fucked by the included new iMon software that is supposed to be loaded and somehow cannot be accessed to store my music in. This Sarah Harmer CD disc sat around for over four months for some inexplicable reason, as anytime I have bought a CD before I opened and played it right away. Another never before behavior. All to go with the screaming session with the assholes as they wouldn't let the CD play at first and kept fucking me as to which menu item to pick. Then I find that the volume control of the just installed bay device is designed to go around some three times before it actually works. A once around volume knob,  like on any radio or stereo device ever made isn't allowed; I have to be put through more adversity and ill-designed goods. All part of the blow-off scene where some don't listen to me even if more than sufficiently audible in the first place. Just like the "what-what" games the First Feral Family plays on me ad nauseum.

Another round of swearing to get IMon to run, and when I click on it comes up with a dialog box that says "iMon not running". Well duh..., that is what I want to do, start it, and yet there is no seeming way to do this unless it slaps itself on top of this Firefox browser, which I don't want. Don't worry if you cannot understand why a menu item to pick it to run then dies and goes away, but this is how things "work" in this pseudo-life world. All I got out of a $240 purchase is a piss poor volume knob.

Fucking around with the remote might help, but that sounds familiar, not unlike yesterday's DVD at the FFF home that went nuts (read, sabotaged to rage-ify me all the more, having arrived the day before). I had four remote controls on the go to get the TV, DVD and the digital modem going, and couldn't do it because the TV service went down, per above ludicrous coinicidence.

And so  more screaming at a the assholes because of fingertip jabbing from unseen force fields as there was nothing close to my fingers at the time.

Other post-trip arrival bullshit is that the new teapost, similar Bodum design to the last one, less the nylon plastic basket for the tea, is now being used for the first time today. It conveniently arrived just before the day I departed and I had no time to use it so it laid "fallow" for the five days I was away. More of that consistent pattern again, same as the Sarah Harmer CD.

Another of the "gangstalker around the corner" games earlier when I went to get my PC, this jerk jumping into view around the 5' high concrete corner at the shop on my way in. I saw him 4' away, over the top of the wall, and he saw me, and yet the fucker still came at me, pretending he didn't see me until 2' away and now visible from behind the corner. He put on the pissy act that I was incensed at this personal space incursion, more spurious bullshit to deal with before getting inside. A $160 bill to get the Antec Multimedia Elite installed and tested, and still I cannot get this fucking software to run, and it seems the hardware has taken a crap too, with the features control software disappearing from my task bar. Just when one finds the icon to make needed adjustements, it is gone. Someone has definitely upped the adversity level today, and it may become a permanent feature of this fucking kept existence.

There was another rundown attempt yesterday, a woman coming at me in her vehicle while I was on the crosswalk with the "Walk" signal. Not only that, she started to come toward me, then stopped, and then restarted and then I yelled at her, gave her two fingers (one from each hand) and then she finally slamed on her brakes, making out that she didn't somehow see me. For my part, the assholes kept me in some kind of suspended state that I didn't recognize the danger at first, something that pisses me off intensely as I can always recognize threats, and likely have a very escalated traumatization detection ability after eight years of this sustained abuse. One is not even allowed access to one's own survival abilities, including personal space incursions.

And the fuckers cannot get enough of their Fuckwits, including the FFF, on any location where I am about to step into or just have. While visiting the out-of-town brother this past road trip, he and my mother were all over me wherever I had walked. This intense choreography in placing Fuckwits and other criminals over where I sit, stand or otherwise occupy space is totally out of hand now, and I would not be surprised if they started street confrontations like they have done recently with Rachael O of On Gangstalking. Certainly the staring is getting out of hand, and I expect to be publically confronting some of the assholes if they keep it up. You read this prediction here first, before it is to happen. This entire fucking scene is getting uglier, and there is nothing like a change of routine (as in getting back from a road trip) to instignate the perps to higher levels of abusive incursions.

My out-of-town brother was even going as far as to play footsies under the table with me while at dinner at his place, and not even a mention of an apology from the fucker. Just carry on abusing your brother was the likely advice he got from his handler. If justice is done, the asshole will rue the day he followed that advice, the fucking shit.

And my mother was also full value for the personal space incursions on this fucking road trip, waving her hands in my face while driving to make it seem as if she was pointing or gesticulating as to navigation instructions. That she puts on this batshit crazy dialog (if one could call it that), and then starts up the hand waving bullshit, just adds to the abuse level. The perps know I fucking loathe this managed insanity, but they won't give me the dialog to complain about it, keeping me mute and enraged at the same time. More fucking insanity from them.

Then yesterday, when arriving with my suitcase, Ikea bag and a boxfull of red apples, a seeming move-in job was also scripted with one elevator commandered, and then they took the other one just ahead of me using it. The fucker had to go downstairs to the basement for no seeming move-in related reason, and had faked me out as to which direction he was going owing to the elevator button lights not working. But at least he told me, and then when the elevator comes back up, why, the disgusting bald negro (Unfavored -bald, negro, male) loafer that frequents the lobby "happened" to be in the elevator. At no time in the entire 3+ years have I lived here have I seen anyone come from the basement to stop at the main floor, even if there is a parking garage below. So... this negro is in the elevator, and he kindly holds the door open for me, and then lo, if all the elevator floor buttons don't just seize up, and the elevator is stopped dead at the lobby level for no known reason or visible action from any party. Fucking bizarre. So.. I humpf it up six stories with a 20lb box of apples (with shallots and garlic on top, my last grocery shopping in Keremeos before getting back late Monday, Oct. 18), the prior Ikea shoppings (also sabotaged with my mother suddenly getting "tired" just when I was about to get serious about purchasing more lighting for this dim lit desk), and then my suitcase. The fuckers cannot get enough gangstalkers anytime I engage in these extra curricular (but scripted)activities. Even this morning, I had a posse of five dudes loitering outside the building when I arrived in my mother's vehicle with my PC to bring back to this apartment.

And more loitering Fuckwits when I was on my way out, first to return the vehicle with a white firehose coiled up on the floor for no seeming reason and the attending Scottish (Unfavored) supposed cleaner woman in white clothing as well. About two hours later I am on my way out to get my haircut, and lo, if the white dressed cleaning woman is sitting on the couch in the lobby this time, my seeming lobby-stalker for outbound trips today. The manager was there both times, as well as being there for the above metioned  "dude show reception" when I came by with my PC.

This is blog posting is likely discombobulated in reading it, even if I have re-edited it. But after a five day road trip with my perp abetting mother putting on extra batty bullshit, and yesterday's and today's battle of the remote controls at the FFF house and then here too with this wretched Antec Multimedia station installation that seems so fucking flakey, (when I had expected it to be a iTunes alternative without the heavy commercial intrusion association), it is exasperation on top of more exasperation.

And what it with this ramp up of making me see red colors? All manner of Fuckwits are wearing red now, after my mother hauling her disgusting red handbag in the vehicle and around me for the last five days. And we saw the Adams River salmon run with many red colored fish in their spawning colors, as if there wasn't enough red foliage along the roadsides.

PS: Important news  as to Eleanor White's many TI websites as there seems to be some major reorganization in the works. I will have to update the links sometime when all this transpires.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Double Chocolate Walkabout

Oct. 11, 2010, Thankgiving in Canada, not that I have much belief in these holidays anymore, the desultory outlook courtesy of my keepers.

I did compost digging work this morning, emptying the compost bin to get it prepared for adding it into a larger stack of layered garden waste. As always, the perps find it essential that I follow compost making activities with more orchestrated outings.

I had an offer from my former co-worker at the farm, the one that happened to show up at the farm I first worked at, and then again for the second one this past summer. I know these are all fucking set ups, but I either am not allowed to decline, or in this case, there was a little "bait" in the bullshit melange I wanted to sort out. The latter being that they laid six of us workers off on Sept. 30 and here they were advertising for four workers to start Oct. 04. So I had to find out what the story was from my co-worker who "managed" to stay on. (No one was hired). I assume she is replicating my work period/experiences on the same farm last year, where I managed to work from Aug. to the end of Nov. This year, they didn't want me there for that duration it seems, and they gave me four months work (like last year) starting earlier, in June this year.

So, a  coffee date, and it is on a  busy street, extra (almost stupid) busy, as it is Thanksgiving Monday, and what are these huge numbers of vehicles, ambulatory types and sidewalk cyclists doing out? Typically they would be at home or visiting and carving up the turkey. And lo, if no fucking tables were availible inside, so, it outside in the warmish weather with all the street traffic noise and the Fuckwit strolling or cycling by on the sidewalk behind my back.

I have tea, she has a smoothie drink and we each have the same deep brown chocolate flourless torte. So.. here were are talking outside for some 20 minutes before we finish up, and lo, if there wasn't two silver grey vehicles parking outside during this time, a Fuckwit granny in a red Gortex jacket being one of them. As I see it, we are getting "browned" with the same food substance, once on our respective plates, and then inside us. I foolishly thought it was done, but no, she wants to go for a walk in Cook St. Village, this faux trendy/buzzy locale a quarter mile away. We walk and talk and the red clothed ambulatory gangstalker does their thing nearby, often stopping in midsidewalk for no reason, changing their direction for a 180 degree turnaround, and the rest of the bullshit public behavior that goes down nowadays, especially when the color red is concerned. Now it becomes a walk-around with deep brown torte in each of us. Anyhow, all part of the red/brown show it seems, as the perps seem to be focussing on this combination for reasons that might related to those same colored substances in us.

Then the city bus freakshow was something else, getting back to the First Feral Family home. It is Thanksgiving, the bus is on the reduced Sunday schedule (one per 15 minutes), and here it was standing room only two blocks from downtown. I got to stand next to the two same light yellow colored (independently apparently) dressed Fuckwits, then a big hat dude was next (headwear is highly Unfavored, especially big brim hats), then next to him was another strange/funky purple tophat act, which strangely came off when I "happened" to look away. Then more passengers came on and lo, if were weren't doing the same bullshit as last Christmas. Keeping me standing for the firt half of the trip, moving in the crush slowly down the aisle, then a few minutes on the upper raised portion at the rear, and then down to the low floor portion, and finally snagging a seat opposite the rear doors that then began to open for passengers that weren't there to get off, exiting at the front where they aren't supposed to. At least 50 on the bus, and on a Thanksgiving afternoon (which is a holiday and not the shopping melee it is in the US), and I say this is total orchestrated bullshit given my past experience in this town. There was a strong Asian contingent on the bus, and lo, if the red and black shirted Fuckwit with the bright yellow faux urban backpack wasn't attempting to get way too close way too often. And you all know how I now (thanks to perp alteration of my color predilections and preferences, also mixed up with the Favored and Unfavored) absolutely loathe the sight of yellow and red together, and here was this Fuckwit attempting to shove this very color combination in my direction. And the infernal Asians wouldn't move to the back, creating yet more cluster fuck games as to who was moving and wasn't as yet more unlikely bus passengers/gangstalkers had to find standing room.

Oct. 12, 2010
A busy day doing toil for the perps' favorite Herculean tasks, this trimming two hedges at the First Feral Family home, a laurel out front for all the hot rodding vehicles to swich by on the bend, and then in the backyard for the helicopters, neighbor vacuum sucking noise/activity to "join me". I rented a gasoline powered hedge trimmer as my mother doesn't have an adequate tool for the job, so this engendered an extra trip in the morning at 0800h, and almost without saying, a huge vehicular gangstalking contingent in the suburbia of Gordon Head. The helicopter came to add in similar sounds to that of the hedge trimmer, a Hiller 12E or the black Robinson R22 that hounded me at the farm I was working at until Sept. 30. Or, they could of chosen another make/model, as they do like me to be dead wrong, and it never got close enough for a positive identification.

And plenty of smell of burned mixed gasoline (has oil in it) while doing the hedge trimming, and now they are pumping me with low level sensations of this same smell all evening long, even if I have changed and showered since I got back.

Other perp games related their agenda objectives was placing the laurel hedge trimmings into plastic bags, as they seem to have every bum and everyone else flicking or flailing plastic bags in my proximity. Working as a cleaner with many plastic bagging tasks for 8 months last year just wasn't enough plastic bag games for the assholes who must adhere to the bizarre practice of doing their realtime research by remote means. The perps claim that plastics are ubiquitous pollutants and that they have very different properties at the quantum level than at the cellular level and that this presents a serious impediment to their research on me in realtime. Not my problem, so why in the fuck am I involved in this when I didn't volunteer or make any agreement with anyone. That they allowed this to happen on their watch, now all 56 years worth, earns me no reprieve from this ongoing insane abusive depravity of their nonconsensual human mind-control research, among other objectives.

I will be heading out Oct. 14, so there won't be many postings for the next week, this being the fourth successive fall driving venture, taking my mother on a driving trip to Kamloops to meet my out-of-town brother and family, and then doing the prerequisite wine tours, as this has been the pattern. I cannot complain; I made wine for over 20 years, and still have a strong interest in it, although I cannot afford it much on this disability (har, har) income they set me up with. The perps have a big wine agenda, and I don't know what it is beyond their provenance research, where the grapes are from, and what energetic properties the grapes/wine might confer near where the grapes were grown, versus another location (say, a wine merchant), and all the rest of the handling of the grapes (plastic, plywood or other bins, the crushing and pressing equipment and hose materials), the fermentation vessel materials (oak, and where from, stainless steel), bottling equipment and vessel and if the wine was boxed of course, given their insane focus on all things brown, especially cardboard. (Unrelated, they even had a vagrant tearing up cardboard downtown last week when out with my mother).

All today's hedge trimmings, accumulated organic debris from the last two monthe (pine needles, pulled tomato plants etc. were to be combined into a single big compost pile, layered, moistened and with composting accelerant added to it, but lo, if I didn't run out of time in the early afternoon, and so the piles will sit separately for a week or so until I get to combine them into one compost pile. Yet again, the perps have a long standing need for me to making compost, and in true protraction fashion, they  have all the separate ingredients sitting out for a week or two until I get to it on my return. The thought-to-be girlfriend of 2000 to 2003 did her "Master Composter" training at evening courses, though it fitted with her "earth mother" persona. Little did I know this subject is front and center of the perp objectives inanity, and that I would be building compost piles three years running as part of the entire panopoly of their insanity. That, and daffodil bulb picking and weeding and other agricultural and horticultural activities/jobs.

After hedge trimming I had lunch, and then went outside to then clean up al the trimmed foliage, and lo, if three neighbors didn't have their lawnmowers or other gasoline powered equipment running, in effect, emulating the noise and many of the other characteristics of cutting foliage, running noisy small gasoline engines and the like. And on the way back to the rental outfit to return the hedge trimmer and mixed gasoline, (and afterward), at least a half dozen or more landscaping outfits towing their cut foliage in trailers and pickups, along with their gasoline powered equipment on show as well. And they wouldn't let me get off at my apartment, but instead I walked for some 15 minutes back through residentail areas, replete with just-trimmed hedges and the like. This "happening" as my mother needed to go to the dentist, and although a short visit, we were 25 minutes early, and I decided to walk from there.

And I stop at the LD store on the way back, now 1400h in the afternoon, and a total gangstalker scene there, and the assholes skunked me on Milka chocolate again, not having any for over a week now, and at least 8 of them in the chocolate section alone (to be there when I realized I got skunked again), and an asshole at the one other aisle location I needed to make, doing the crouch for the bottom most display shelf (as in exposing her stretched spine, a common sicko posture). Then the checkout was almost-obstruction, as I was ready to ditch the basket and walk out of there, but a new checkout opened up. Last week LD was the first almost no-gangstalking scene in over four years one evening, and today they put on a triple shift of fucking weirds and shiftless males, all seeming with no day job.

It might have been that the assholes have cranked up the irradiations today. My ears are ringing big time, and if I look at anything it is pulsating and vibrating in the characteristic way that everythign now does if I I focus for a second or two. But now I don't need to do that, the pulsating look to everything is immediately evident. And the backyard cedar hedge that I trimmed before lunch today was very obviously vibrating as I looked through the glass windows in the dining room. The perps are on a totally escalated sick binge, and I suspect it will be that way for  the next few years.

A brief evening shopping trip tonight, and again, more weirds on me at the lobby, loitering dudes and the street strutters, (walking along outside of the parked vehicles on the street, parallel to the sidewalk). Then they gangstalked me with a double negro pair after I passed the disgusting looking skinheaded Caucasian male. I went the baskets and was about to head E. to and lo, if there wasn't a do-rag head gear (like a tight white stocking) male negro lining me to to stare at. So, I take the S. route, turn the corner to go E. and lo, if there wasn't the skinny emancipated negro male stalker I see on the bus when commuting to the farm. The fucker hangs his hat in Central Saanich 10.5km away, where he consistently gets on or off the bus, and here he is in my face, staring at me too. Then onto shopping in an nearby aisle, and when done, the fucker was reprising again. Then onto elsewhere in the store, and I get the shiftless male dudes on my tail and everywhere I needed to go. The finale was the E. Indian Peter Sellers (The Party) type on my ass getting too close at the checkout, the debit card password peep attempt bullshit. The debit card "failed" three times before the cashier got it "working" by rubbing the magnetic strip on her sweater, and I was out of the supermarket, only to meet up with yet more of the in-store gangstalkers loitering in the parking lot. That they had five grey-scale vehicles parked outside and one last red one didn't go unnoticed, but this bullshit is getting to be the norm as they ramp up the red color exposures.
And to complete on the red theme of late, and with that awful red toxic sludge spill in Hungary this past week, one has a sense the perps are heavy on this color for many reasons, and likely for more than this abuse victim (me). So a few pics fromt the bus stop, with an added red-headed faux (IMHO) who jaywalked/staggered across the street toward the bus stop, and just when the bus is coming, why, she is doing her drunken walk act just where there bus is to pull up. All to get more red (hair in this case) over top of where the bus passes, with me on board.

Anyhow, count the red vehicles in the above pic; I get seven.
And what is with the fucking post office" For the third time in a year they attempt a delivery when I am absent ("normal") but they don't leave a notice (abnormal). I "happen" to check the tracking number, and lo, there it is, a delivery attempt. UPS pulled a similar stunt once with the aid of the supposed manager who intercepted my parcel and then didn't tell me about it for a week.

And that will be it for a week or so, leaving Oct. 13 for a First Feral Family road show

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Crumb Attack

A screaming rage show for part of breakfast, at least 10 separate provocations to have me rage-fied before drinking coffee and then the all-quiet order went out and then no more of the incessant street noise. And the latest is to have faux mouth contents fly out from me, or just plain arrive in unlikely locations for later discovery. I have a spoonful of hemp seed (non THC and legal here) with my brown breakfast cereal, and it is the putative hemp seed fragments that fly out, or more accurately, are teleported into mid air to make it seem they come from my mouth, as very often it is closed at the moment the hemp seed fragments arrive in mid-air. And they gave me extra hemp seed coverage this morning; one or two on each arm, ditto fo the table and the stove top. The sickos cannot get enough abuse in while making or drinking coffee. And while in mid rage they also like to show me their lastest crumb arrivals; on the wall, stovetop (especially after being cleaned), the cereal bowl after being rinsed etc. Why they need to show me their crumbs and hemp seed fragments in mid rage I don't know.

The most egregious stunt was to have the kettle lid hop upside down as I was pulling on it. This lid is always stiff to pull, and this is the putative reason why they mess with the kettle pouring as insufficient air cannot get in to replace the water. The imposed ritual is to have me pull on the lid as the excuse for them to not mess with the hot water pouring from the kettle, but today they had it flip upside down in place when I was pulling sideways. This neccessitated using a cloth to handle it as it would of been too hot to touch otherwise. Another example of the assholes being more blatant, as it was in the kettle one second and flipped the next, and I wasn't party to see how it went through this trajectory. They either messed with my vision or messed with the lid to have it rematerialize upside down.

On off rain today, a downpour scripted for when I made lunch from scratch, along with a few rage-fications to get me riled up to their desired level.

They have me cranked over this label printer I had ordered two days ago, only to be thwarted by a email to say the item was out of stock (i.e. happening overnight). Soo... I phoned up two of the three stores only to get to the next wall, they don't take messages and they don't answer phones. (Read big box office products store). Which leaves the next step of going to the one downtown and looking for the item and then twisting their arm to get me the online price, some 50% off the standard retail price. I might just do that this afternoon, but it does show that they cannot let these events end, and that it must be played out over days, and hitting a wall of not purchasing it online. In other words, this entire event, if it is to be an actual acquisition, has to be protracted, given some futility, and then maybe I will be allowed to purchase it. All very tedious, and all the more so while writing this up with the noise parade mysteriously getting through my earmuffs.

The clunking and rumbling from overhead continues.They had me eat two 100g Ritter chocolate bars at afternoon teatime, a first for this passable chocolate. Before, it was only the better quality chocolate when this imposed "need" would erupt, and now it is down the so-so chocolate. Maybe it is to get me prepped for heading out to attempt to put this dumbshit label writer/printer acquisition to rest. It seems the brown color games go with financial transaction monitoring, and what better that to have me pumped up with extra chocolate at the same time. We shall see, or will this nonsense get protracted into next week with more almost-purchases.

With only 15 minutes before closing time, I was at the office supply store, and got them to sell me the Dymo Twin Turbo for half price, just like they had on the web order that got cancelled. I suppose this was the big event for the perps today, keeping me cooped up until the last opening time, to get this label writer/printer.

And it seems that the perps had it all figured out; it sits where my paper journal has been kept for three years, it having a black cover like the label printer. And that the power bar has no empty outlets on it, so the label printer and its two blue lights is on all the time, less than 3' from me as I type this, and on all night too, as I don't have it switched until I get another power bar, assuming there is room for one.

There was plenty of clunking and outside noise to accompany me opening the box, along with recalcitrant packaging that would not open. The use of the scissors in cutting some of the plastic also got a specific accompany noise. And then the PC had to be pulled out, wires had to be routed, and software loaded. Having me use new software was anothe noisestalked event, as there was a certain amount of clunkiness to it, as well as some semantic licence of a command and title that didn't accurately reflect the actions of the dialog box. They just love me to find these discontinuities or vagueness and then rant on about it. Installation, setup and testing the printer took two hours or so, and I would imagine it was a bigger deal for them than me, as they keep me in a low income situation so new acquisitions are infrequent, especially PC and related ones.

Here is something that is circulating around the TI chat sites; proven documentation that the US Department of Justice (DOJ) has statistical summary of gangstalking. This information was extracted from a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request, and it one to keep in mind when the police tell one that there is no such thing as gangstalking, their standard line. Well, there is, and the DOJ has this information at the link to prove it, even if they denied it in the past. Download it for keeps, and major kudos for Peace Frog for pulling this one off.

There is statistical evidence that multiple person stalking, aka gangstalking, is reported in Canada, so apart from Mexico, there is North American continent wide statistical police reported evidence of gangstalking. I cannot find the specific link at Eleanor White's site, but this link is the index. I know she makes a projection from this data for the population at large, but I cannot find it. (Possible cognitive obstruction which can be applied to line or individual text as well as objects now).

Winding this one up for today, a dullish Saturday with the label printer acquisition purchase and setup offering some relief. No doubt the two blue lights that stay on, (unless I unplug it (though difficult to access, because only 4" of clearance between this shelf unit and the wall), all night will be a big attraction for the perps. It does make me wonder how long they planned this for, and with other items that were "needed" and still lying "fallow", how many more years of this abuse is going down. One hint is that the safety toed boots that they had me purchase in 2008 for construction work that never materialized are still sitting in my closet unused. So likely some plans are afoot, but not yet developing. These boots have Kevlar toes rather than steel toes, and the recent purchase of a pair of Kevlar gloves might be part of the perp's interest in this fabric and its characteristic yellow color.

The measuring cups and spoons that I had to have in a round of domestic "need" in April 2010 are still sitting in the drawer unused, my cooking abititions suddenly dissipating, and still stalled out. I noticed the perps flipped the nested measuring spoons upside down and in place recently, so there goes another six months of the measuring spoons sitting in this repose before they will have me use them. The garlic press that was purchased at the same time was used, begining in July, so only four months of sitting around before it was deployed.

As for clothes, some haven't been worn at all, not since they went overt on me in 04-2002. Who knows when the assholes will have me wear those and in what circumstances.

Enough riffing and off to bed.