Friday, January 23, 2009

Plasma With Tea

The latest game of the perps is to plant double images in my vision under the tenuous cover story that it is "from" looking through the edges of these new edge polished glasses. No, I cannot look through the edges even if I tried as long as they are on my face. And then they replicate the false image again by showing another plasma display, but only the brightest spots of the false image. This accompaniment was with tea and chocolate, and it might be the the brown color obsessed perps are cranked up over the fact that the chocolate had red paper packaging and a metal foil wrapper on the inside. Similarly, the perps go beserk and harass the living hell out of me when at breakfast and applying red colored jam over peanut butter on my toast. Two of their most problematic colors are brown and red, and then the combination too.

And more visual perturbations or else these new glasses need to be taken back. I am getting fucking tired of seeing so many fuzzy images when I look around, when the glasses were fine until recently. I have had them seven weeks, and I suspect the perps are running my vision, but quite haven't mastered it all yet.

Earlier, I was doing more gardening work at my in-town brother's place. I was pruning and then digging soil into the plant beds in an attempt to get the leaves to rot down instead of remaining there as they seem to do. I had the usual chainsaw noise from the W., and lo, if one from the E. didn't start up too. There was the usual hot rod, Harley, and siren noise in the background, very often timed to when I was making the pruning cut. The perps cannot get enough of that action. I had my freakshow city bus ride home from his place and I see that they put on two negros again at this stop, plus about eight others all "happening" to be going downtown at 1500h. That is an absurd number of passengers for a route that runs every 10 minutes or less, and too, the majority were shiftless males hanging around like they don't have a job. This time they let the negroes stay on the bus and didn't pull them off inside of three or less minutes. (A 15 minute bus trip in all). In case you are wondering about why I mention these various demographic groups, e.g., negroes, shiftless males, freaks and the like, they are from the Unfavored demographic groups.

Regular readers and many Ti's will know that the perps have an obsession over presenting petroleum products in some way. While gardening at my in-town brother's place today, the third instance this week, he had a shortage of heating oil as he could lift the tank with one hand. And so they came out on his request to put some 500 liters of heating oil in his outside tank. I find this interesting as they generally plan a route out for the day, and don't cater to on-demand requests unless one pays extra money. Anyhow, perhaps the delivery service was legit, but it is always interesting to note what the perps are up to along these very consistent themes.

I also got the gangstalker confluence at the supermarket on the way back from my car dealership cleaning job. The ambulatory street gangstalking scene hasn't let up since Christmas, and they had me in a confluence of four at the checkout, three of them staff, and the one behind me was a skinheaded male in a brown coat. As it "happened", the boss man from the cleaning job was in the same checkout ahead of me, a short Asian woman between us. The usual "no acknowledgement" scenario, just like last week when he "happened" to be in the next door LD store when I was there. I wonder about these characters; are they an operative or a shill trained and rehearsed for the job? When there is too many oddities about a person it tells me that they are likely a morphed over operative and in some kind of mind control character. When you can spy on anyone anywhere, which I believe is the case, it isn't hard to come up with ideas as to character behavior. The mercurial gruffness and then pals again act is tedious as well, as one never knows what to expect.

Anyhow, the cleaning job is only an hour and a half a day, and keeps me busy the entire time. And I am sure it has profound perp utility, all those new and used vehicles, parts of vehicles, and having some up on the hoist for elevation games that they so like to play. It is interesting to see car parts being circulated around in differing locations, orientations and cardinalities. They have been placing inside door panels, inside hatchback panels, wheels, transmissions, oil filters and other parts, new and used, on a regular rotation until they have deemed themselves to be done. That is, having me pass by the part each day, having moved it some, often at orthogonal angles.

Another perp stunt is to present the gangstalking males as if they are, or even are, grabbing their crotch. Either from behind, or else front on, at least six times per week, there is some simulated male crotch grabbing. I don't know what the deal is, but obviously the perps know far more about it than I do, having deleted my conscious recollections that might be associated with such activity. Seemingly, they haven't been able to delete my subconscious recollections. About two months ago they had one ambulatory Fuckwit grabbing his crotch while walking on the sidewalk, about 8' away and coming toward me, and then he turned 90 degrees onto the crossing street, still grabbing his crotch while rounding the corner, and continuing. I have no idea why making the corner in this compromised state was so important, but there it was, gangstalking while crotch grabbing. I read somewhere that this was a secret signal of Masons, but there would be no reason for them to hound me as they know I am not a member, and won't be, ever. Freaking bizarre in any event.

I am getting cast into a malaise of sorts these days; no effort to initiate the required interviews for this grant groveling I am required to do for obtaining training funds this fall and spring 2010. Also, the job applications efforts I have made in the past has dropped out. I don't know what the deal is, but like most endeavors, the perps like me to sustain some effort and then jerk me around to then back off, and restart at a later time. Or, they slow me down and then have me get into a panic over completion. It is tiresome when this amount of interference is going on and the agenda is so broad, elemental, and yet unknown to me.

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