Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Continuing Monday's Theme

If Mondays are all about added noise and rage-ifying me for much of the day, I could always expect a reprieve the next day. Not true any more; the assholes kept jabbing me with unseen force fields, creating extraneous noise of no apparent cause, flicking water around, skunking me from doing the laundry from last night's toilet overflow at 0745h, and a few other fuckarounds to keep me intensely pissed off.

Now that relative calm has been permitted while online, the tapping and drilling noise has started up, just like yesterday's. And all for no seeming cause, except to play noise games. That the tapping noise got slowly fainter and fainter wasn't too surprising, as they like to pull these long noise decay games all the time, the outside traffic noise, artificially created, is another example. For now, it is a continued Monday abuse day. The only major difference is that I will be doing more gardening work for my brother later, given the good weather of late. Other hijinx are also unfolding; the three weeks of impaired hot water supply are to be "fixed" today and tomorrow, with an expected overnight shutdown of the hotwater. As the water supply in all my past five residence locations has been jerked with, this is no surprise, but it does take the cake as the most intrusive yet.

A throught-the-earmuffs overhead rumbling arrived while I was looking at interior design, and casting an opinion on it. Anytime I make decisons or judgements, the perp noisestalking starts up, if it hasn't already preceded the event.

The hot water system is down in this apartment block; the posted notice suggested that it might be unavailible overnight, before the final "fix" tomorrow, and lo, if it didn't "happen". Onto other things.

I did some pruning at my in-town-brother's place today, and it was the usual walk around the garden introduction, a requirement it seems, to have me tour outside and all the way round his house before going in. And it was also interesting the timing of certain events there. Not only did I have my mandatory noise program while pruning, chain saws, motorcycles, hot rods, helicopters, and like noise sources, but also an interesting adjunct. My brother had trapped a squirrel in his trap, and then while I wasn't looking, drowned it while I was pruning his forsythia bush. Interesting that the perps had two simultaneous activities related to life, and some measure of inflicting some kind of duress upon it (pruning branches, dispatching a squirrel), and that this was going on simultaneously, and proximately, within 12' of each other. There must be a common thread in these two events, and the perps have had each of us do the similar previous activities, though independently. Today, it was a joint plant-animal duress moment. I wonder what the sickos get from that, given the rousing noise and rage-ification fuckery that went on before my brother called and picked me up.

I had the usual city bus freakshow when returning from my brother's place; some seven Fuckwits in place at the shelter, and then one tailing and standing behind me until I went and stood further away from the bus stop. I have no idea why so many weirds are on the bus each time, heading into downtown at 1540h. It just doesn't add up. And today's bus gangstalker action was "dude encroachment"; planting dudes all around me, seven in all, one by one, filling in from the three women, one being particularly large, over 240 lb. As each dude came by and sat down, they each took a piece of availible view, attempting to limit my view down the spread legged fat woman opposite. And a few hold ups waiting for the wheelchair cases to be secured as well to make the trip last longer. And the usual parade of Fuckwits in the way of the rear exit doors of the bus when it was time to depart, and lo, if they didn't plant a negro woman in a bright green outfit for all of us to file by. Fucking insane, the perps and their preoccuplation with planting all these fucking gangstalking assholes in my face, no matter their race or gender.

The glass bottle bashing is going on as I am blogging here; I don't know quite why this would be happening as the garbage chutes are shut down, and it all goes downstairs to the bins on the ground floor. Or at least, nominally, as the dumpsters are locked up and the done thing is to leave the garbage at the doors.

I did the car dealership cleaning job tonight, and the new strategy seems to be having staff member's kids run around in the Service bay, and tonight, one little fucker was tailing me for absolutely no fucking reason but to piss me off. Parents who put their kids into these mindfuck victim abuse games should also be given a couple years of this fucking treatment as penance for being so fucking sick as to involve their children in this ongoing abuse and harassment. And the perps make sure I get truly pissed at this facet of the fuckover scene.

Listening to an Walter Bowart interview in audio for the past hour or so. A very interesting person, he being the author of "The Mind Controllers", which involved much research into government research, and that this was only the tip of the iceberg. If you have the time, it is worth a listen.

No hot water tomorrow morning at least, so I will have to make the best of it and ponder what perp associations it will bring. The perps have an obsession about soap, water and their respective interactions, and it would seem that jerking with the water supply in my past five residence locations all points in the same direction.


Anonymous said...

Well you have my sympathies. Try this one on for size-I make a reservation for a hotel, the woman tells me they'll email me a confirmation. 2 hrs later nothing. So I call back they put me on hold for 5 min and then transfer me supposedly back to the company I initially spoke to. Naturally I just happen to get someone who doesn't speak english. She sends me to another number, more waiting, elevator music etc. And a woman gets on who literally cannot be understood her accent is so thick. Not only that, but she can't hear me. Strangely her hearing gets worse the louder I talk. So we're both screaming hello simultaneously into the phone! Finally, and this is what gave it away, I lower my voice to almost a whisper and pretend I can't hear HER. Wouldn't you know it, suddenly she can hear me. They think they're so funny with these little games.

AJH said...

Hilarious! My perp abetting parents put on all kinds of hard of hearing games too; it seems to be a big perp need for things to be repeated multiple of times between the same players. My personal adage, is "do everything twice (or more), once for the surveilling perps, and one for myself". Who knows when this bullshit will end and they have extracted every last ounce of meaning and neural effort over every last dot, comma, alphabetic letter, word, etc. Endless chicanery over everyday activities. Thanks for the comment.