Saturday, January 31, 2009

Grey Faces

I had a short outing to get my meagre paycheck from the boss man at a local coffee shop. And in a seeming reprise event, he was eating eggs and bacon. Same thing as me yesterday; my first permitted egg feed since 2004 was at lunchtime at my parent's place. Again, I was treated to the ambulatory freakshow through the window on the street outside, and of course, one yellow jacketed Fuckwit meandering around, as "private security" on the public sidewalks.

And I was introduced to my predecessor on the job, a man by the name Billy. As it so happens, he was fired from his lot boy job at the car dealership, as he moved up from cleaner assistant (my job) to the car dealership staff. And he has been mentioned as a substitute cleaner when the boss man goes away on holiday. And Billy makes himself first known as a stranger by first sitting behind the boss man while on his cell phone. Some five minutes later he gets up and joins us at the next booth, in his ballcap and his strangely grey colored face. The excuse was that the ball cap reduced the availible lighting, but suffice to say it was unnatural and strange.

Billy also had an ostensible girlfriend on the go, and he phoned her and she arrived about 5 minutes later. Amazingly convenient it seemed. After some getting up, going elsewhere, coming back, it seemed that she was to join us, but by then, the perps had me cranked up to leave, and so in the current tradition of gangstalking, I had all three of them around me (two standing, one seated) while I put my jacket on. The perps cannot get enough gangstalkers on the job to loiter in my proximity while putting clothing off or on. Most clothing changes in my apartment are noisestalked, and have been since 2003.

Then onto the LD store where it is gangstalker hell, as the perps reminded me that I was low on bath soap, something they could of let me know earlier when I was there two days ago. And finally, they had something other than Ivory which I don't like for whatever reason. They weren't done with grey faces yet; another customer/gangstalker male had a greyed-in face without benefit of a ballcap, looking horrible, besides a fugly mug. I also got a national Saturday newspaper, and in the rarest of events there was a vacant cashier, with the catch it was next to the main entranceway. Having been through this checkout before, I predicted a flush of gangstalkers before the completion of my transaction. And lo, when it came time to pay with a debit card, there was a flush of at least 6 males and another 15 or so who just "happened" to arrive somehow and be hanging around. I cannot figure out what the association is for the shiftless male Fuckwit gangstalkers while making a financial transaction, but here it was, and no introductory blonde woman this time, just the freakshow. Regular readers will know that I am gangstalked and noisestalked every time I make a financial transaction whether by mailed check, debit card, online credit card, ATM transactions, given a check etc.

I am just back from a unexpected TI meeting; one from Nanaimo, and the local one who I converse with. If they aren't shills, then they must be run, as the usual follies of three people in a vehicle who don't know each other well and the driver not knowing where to go. As it "happened", we ended up across the street from the place where I got my paycheck this morning, per above mention. I won't got into all the details of how it seemed to have harassment games written all over it, such as going to one resturant where the woman who was seating us mentioned they were still on a breakfast menu, this being at 1500h in the afternoon. Unbelievable, but one of our party decided that wasn't good enough and walked out, leaving me with my coat off, and then having to put it on again. Then she split off for no seeming reason, and somehow ended on the other side of the street ahead of us, as if she had been teleported. After some meandering we got parked and went to the restaraunt that is local. Another yellow food test (IMHO) as one of the party had a yellow colored curry soup, and other color games that were consistent with what has gone on. And the sun was at a low angle and shone directly in my face, and the perps used this to reduce the lighting on everyone's face, putting everyone in deep shadow. Later, one of the wait staff put up a menu to block the sunlight beaming through. The "featured dude" (wait staff member) was a ridiculous dude in a light blue Argyle sweater with brown diamond shapes on it and white shoes that he made sure I saw once. There were some blonde wait staff who were working, and it seems that the dudes are getting tagged with more brown colored clothing of late.

I noticed that the visiting TI spent a while waving some money around, making her point with a purple ten, two green 20's and a blue five dollar bill in hand. Then she did something similar with the brown sugar package for a while, and I was even allowed to note these perp colors being waved around in my immediate proximity.

I am hoping that one of the readership, if there is one, can enlighten me on the bullshit/WTF "law of attraction" that the visiting TI went on about. She says that if you focus on something, it will happen. I said that I merely report on the strange goings on around me, and that I don't focus on it because if it didn't happen, I wouldn't even think about it. This is a journal of all things anomalous, but she said that I focus on it if I write about it. I don't get it, to say the least, this "positive thought" bullshit when every instant of my existence is under perp control as it seems. More bullshit/disinformation, or another topic that the perps want to be aired? Anyhow, how can reporting on anomalous and vituperative fuckery beget more of it when it is the perps most consistent method of enraging their victims?

As one could discern, the experience with the visiting TI wasn't really a helpful one, and it does make me wonder what the whole game is about. As in being more gamed than I could possibly imagine, even by real TI's. Who knows, me least of all.

I am off to the car dealership to do my one hour job, and I suppose taking the same route and walking by the above mentioned resturant is all in today's grand plan. Visit the same neighborhood three times in one day, part of the inane bullshit that is the grist of this imprisoned existence.

An evening of putzing on the internet, aka web surfing. Nothing too involved as I got cognitively dithered if I spent more than 20 minutes on a topic. I see that the lawyer who helped out the TI activism group, FFCHS is getting leveled. The lawyer racked up some big fees, seemingly without direct authorization/control, and the group couldn't pay the bill. (Sample letter here). So the lawyer indicated that he wouldn't work on the file any more, and that is where it sits. Then in later communication the lawyer reveals that his life has taken a substantial turn for the worse, and who knows, it could be "one of those things". Names taken out by me.

I'm sorry but I must withdraw my representation at this time, for the financial and other reasons I've given. I am open to representing FFCHS again in the future if we can work out the funding. I enjoyed working with you and the others, and wish you the best. My file is huge, so I would need payment for several hours in order to make copies and go through everything. I believe most of the information I have is in your possession or you can obtain it. Again, I'm sorry it ends like this, and I hope the targeting is addressed and stopped.

Then in a later correspondence...


I'm dealing with some shit now. I'm struggling for income as I wind down the firm, I've been diagnosed with an illness that changes things, a baby is coming in a month.

So, I have to do what I can for income. If FFCHS can pay off a significant amount of the outstanding bill, I can devote time and attention to you all.
It doesn't seem good at all, and I cannot believe the perps would be so sick as to dish out this kind of punishment, if that is what it is, for the lawyer's relatively formative work he did on behalf of FFCHS, no matter if it was authorized or not. (A moot point). It is not like the lawyer got into comittee level representation and long tern association, but I don't know what to make of it all the same. Perhaps its an angst play, cranking up everyone's angst, especially that of the lawyer and his family, and then it will subside. There is nothing the perps like better than their subjects in duress; all the better for the psychic energies to be exposed to remote detection and assessment means.

This is enough for today, and hopefully they will let me get to sleep tonight, unlike last night where they kept me awake for head tossing and then in a light REM sleep, with some fugly gangstalk dreams just before I was awakened.


Anonymous said...

Skin quality/tone is one to note. Whoever these types are they will often (though not always) have unusually tinted skin [greenish grey] or the quality of the skin has a poreless, almost synthetic quality.

And just wanted to let you know I got a motorized wheel chair perp who came up noiselessly behind me, then passed me. Insanely, he would have had to come up an extremely steep hill. This, of course, was in spite of the fact that I had looked down the hill as I walked by and saw no one there.

AJH said...

And also, there is a greater variation of skin tone among the pictures of heads (e.g. article author) I see online. Often, greenish, yellowish, reddish and brownish skin tones are all lined up, and all Caucasians.

The wheelchairs are a big deal for the perps, and as the electric ones have a battery on board, that is all for the better. And of course, silent for tailing one relatively close.

The teleportation is also getting more blatant for me, per example in today's (01-31-2009) posting.