Sunday, August 31, 2014


No, I did not escape from this tyrannical and mind-invasive scourge, but while at the dentist this morning, the perps parked a Ford Escape on either side of my Toyota Camry. Both were light colors, one silver-grey and the other some kind of light pearl off-white. One was a 2003 model, and the other probably a 2011 model. And what is the significance of this? As it "happens" my perp abetting mother owns a 2001 model and I have driven it plenty often in the past as she is such a driving klutz, and won't drive in the dark.

And to elaborate further on the dentist's visit; it was a filling with a post put in place as the tooth would of been a candidate for a crown if I had insurance coverage. All that time with one's mouth open and two attending female dental staff in very close proximity with vacuums, water supplies, drills etc. as well as making up the plastic bonding and constructing agents.
All those immediate physical activities are prime etheric disruption agents. And plenty of jocular male banter in the background from other dental stations, the latest perp addition to the dental noisescape.

BUT dental visits are a prime perp event, for whatever they get from it, and with big expectations. I say that, as on 09-11-2001, that day of infamy, I had a dental appointment in Everett when I was living in Seattle. (Originally I lived in Everett and got set up with the dentist there that I liked, so I didn't change dentists). The appointment was in the afternoon, and I was of course, transfixed by the terrorist events that day. (My boss phoned me at about 0700h PDT and told me not to come to work-  prudent advice as we worked in a 60 story office tower in downtown Seattle.) And so I drove up the nearly empty I-5 that afternoon to my dental appointment. It was most strange as there is usually bumper to bumper traffic in the daytime  in either direction. The dental staff were most apologetic as they weren't able to cancel appointments that day, and I said that was perfectly understandable. Anyhow, I forget what the treatment was, but it was legitimate, and my mouth was ajar for at least half an hour. And so I still wonder why that arranged coincidence was put on, and what the perps were expecting from that.

Before that, on February 28, 2001, there was the Nisqually Earthquake in Washington state. I was on the 13th floor of the above mentioned office building, and "happened" to be on the phone (read, asymmetrical EMF signals to one side of the head) to the same dentist's office in Seattle. I could feel the building swaying and some noise and indicated to the dental assistant that there was an earthquake happening and I would call back later. Again, I ponder the significance of that particular calling destination, 30 miles N, as the earthquake had not reached Everett just then.

Anyhow, I digress, and hopefully provided sufficient examples to note that dental appointments are high perp disruption and expectation events.

It is the last Wednesday of the month that a certain specialty foods store has a 20% off sale on nearly everything. I went a few times last year, but it was getting to be such a freak show along with the extra rudeness that I gave up. Or more like, I was forced into "forgetting" anyhow. (And fitting the imposed financial adversities detailed below). Suffice to say, it was a major
 gangstalking stakeout at the foods market, starting in the parking lot. A pair of ambulatory E Indians (as in Asian subcontinent) crossed my path ahead of me when arriving (me in vehicle). Who then returned the favor (them in vehicle) when I was crossing the parking lot to enter the store. Another E Indian woman driving a vehicle with a trailer behind it also pulled in behind me. Said trailer had a tractor tire on it for crissakes, and parking this rig at a busy parking lot was a high risk. But no matter, the perps had the closest double parking stall available so she could hound my ass while inside as it "turned out". A woman did the stop-in-front-of me when doing the lead-ahead gangstalk move. She then circled me, as in feigning that she needed to attend to something she just passed. Fortunately my forward progress wasn't obstructed by a second choreographed stalker, and I set out to get the planned items. I proceeded to the hot counter for a cooked chicken and picked one up. Two "excuse me's" to get past the the next planted obstructing aisle stalkers, this particular stunt is a Penticton specialty, the perps inferring that the population is fucking rude or else extra clueless about social egress in shopping locations. (Or maybe they get paid for being weird, and all the better if kept stationary in advance of the victim (me) arriving). The E Indian gangstalking resumed inside, she of the tractor tire trailer towing vehicle.

Then the panic (found to be a remotely manipulated state), to get done and out came on, and with a final stop at the coconut oil section, why, another stalker was crouched there, and lo, if he didn't get up and attempt to get in extra close while I was leaning in to retrieve the item that "happened" to be above him. And lo, if he didn't lead-ahead gangstalk me to the checkout with the shortest line, wearing his foul green shirt. And lo, if a woman in red didn't come in to attempt to get ahead of me, when she clearly came after me, making out that she was unaware of me being 3' away and in line. Then she returned to the checkout line from which she came, and that was longer. The lead-ahead foul green shirted stalker seemed to be an Australian, which was his cover to be extra ignorant of emptying his basket of his contents onto the checkout conveyor. Said basket somehow failed to stop the belt and lo, if my groceries didn't pile into the side of his basket. All good for extra commotion, and him saying that he wasn't paying attention. A young woman came into view from the opposite end of the checkout, facing me in her short black spandex shorts, exactly like what I was wearing. And with my attention diverted by the cashier, the shorts girl slipped away, for whatever transitory reason that she was placed there. All of the above stalking and stunting commotion was subsequent to today's earlier dental visitation, and as far as I know, no other local or world events of tragic import erupted. (Unlike in late 2012, when I went to the dentist in Victoria after flying in from Kelowna tje day before, and that Clackamas Mall shooter erupted, wearing a white hockey mask; another possible (and elaborate) coincidence as I was getting a white bonding agent filling that appointment).

Two more interesting winery jobs that I am not motivated in applying for; most strange, as the job would be a substantial learning opportunity and I could do with a pay increase or a rent drop or both. More details below.

Vineyard work: the monotonous de-leafing N side almost done, some 3 weeks of work, and the owners did some too.

I am totally wrung out this evening; not good for getting much done. And something is trained on my genitals to make them slightly painful, usually when near the stainless steel kitchen sink, or have re-located within my residence. It would seem the nut-busting/invading tracking beams cannot quite keep up with the rest of the beaming that seems to follow me. Transient frontal head pressure is another symptom/harassment that erupts in the same circumstances of late.

Friday, and I finished my vineyard N side de-leafing and got the single row of netting strung up. No mean feat when the mere act of completion (of anything) is obstructed by various means; weather, tool malfunction, generalized cognitive slowdown (and being unaware of it while occurring), perceptual reversals, bathroom visitations etc. And the netting is a total pain in the ass as I must do it by myself and cannot put it down as it will pick up every scrap of ground litter going. Except for the weather change, which erupted just as I finished one side of the row, and forced me to change into pants and a (goretex=teflon) raincoat from shorts and a flimsy shirt, the job went OK. (The second net was put down on a red fibeglass canopy while back at the house for the clothes changing). I expected more adversity in getting the netting up, especially for a Friday afternoon, but was pleasantly surprised, an extreme rarity since the perps went berserk/overt in 04-2002.

I got nailed for a near two nap attack this evening, and my usual disclaimer applies; I was not running a sleep deficit or otherwise burning the candle at both ends. Then the assholes hit me with itchy calves afterward; I was looking at my legs and there were no insects or bites and checked the bedding and found nothing. All a set-up, I presume, to forming a strong notion to go to LD after dinner and get calamine lotion. The itching gradually tapered off and somehow, the notion to head out also dissipated. This was combined with a "need" to get chocolate, but that also waned, another rarity.

A 0700h get-up with no alarm, and a full eight hours sleep. I cannot recall the dreams this morning, but that is a good thing with all the replays of the long past they pummel me with; e.g. the ex showing up in dreams when separated since 2000. 

A Saturday, and the one habit that is rarely interupted, laundry at the laundromat. A fat Fuckwit with one of those ubiquitous metal caged hampers/wheeled totes (a common gangstalking prop), was there using my regular two washing machines. I took the two opposite, not noting if they were still on cold water only since three weeks ago. There is plenty of upgrades in progress at this Hwy 97 laundromat; new boxed and palleted washers and dryers, and extra pallets outside. And have I mentioned how often the perps like to pallet-stalk me? Not lately, probably because I am dealing with pallets most days when doing my winemaking duties (Oct thru Jan), as the tanks sit on pallets and are moved (often) with a pallet jack. And now that the owner has a forklift on the premises, a new addtiion since last month when he downsized his Vancouver business, I may be messing with ever more pallets.

A mixed cloud day, with some sporadic spells of direct sunlight. And such was my weather "accompaniment" outside while doing my accounts reconciliation for July and August on my PC inside. It took over for three hours and the perps sandbagged me twice at the extreme rage-ification level; multiple cognitive "failures" (read, remotely applied mental dithering) each over a single day of getting the balance correct. The infernal Quicken doesn't have any provision for ordering the transactions on a single day, and therefore I cannot replicate the version as seen on my online bank statement. Therefore, all the items need to be checked to ensure the amounts are correct, that there is the correct date, and that daily balance reconciles. The perps have begun to mess with the totals and change them between windows (online account and Quicken). Last time they blatantly messed with the totals as they didn't add up when I used a calculator. In this process today, the sunlight would sometimes burst in when a particular realization was attained; e.g. a balance was correct, the date was wrong, the transaction count (for a given day) was correct etc.

And I recognize the perps like to "warm me up", as in inculcate or entrain me with a certain voice, this being Joan Baez of late. About 30 minutes of prior online time (before above account reconciliation) was spent listening to some recent albums I downloaded. And it should be no surprise that she was playing on my Android player when working in the vineyard this past week. Until 2012, I had no Joan Baez CD's, but always wanted to get some of her pre-1970 work. And the perps obliged, and of late, they obliged some more. Back in about 1970 I purchased "Come From the Shadows" by Joan Baez, a terrible LP, and that was the end of buying her records for me. (Though I did see her in concert at UBC circa 1974).That is, until 2012 when I was re-acquainted with her earlier material, and liked her voice. Except for Karen Matheson of Capercaillie and Linda Ronstadt, I don't know of any other vocalists I could listen to with full attention all day long, and very likely, for days on end.

And after messing with me and getting my accounts reconciled, I find that I am down to my last $10 once next week's rent and bills are paid. All my intentions of financial austerity of May amounted to squat; the perps have had recklessness behavior control down pat for decades, and all the more this past 4 months since my disability payments ended (worth $5/hour). I had intended to drop yoga and save $50/month and lo, if "I" (read, mind controlled subject) didn't "forget" (read, remotely manipulated recall function), get a 10 session pass for $140 two weeks ago. And the chocolate "habit", though presently some 2/3 of its monthly cost until 2013 did not abate any either.

So, what is a mind controlled slave to do if being financially crimped from all sides? My savings of $7k got run down to near zero when I paid back my disability "overpayment" in April, and the monthly bills haven't diminished despite my intentions, and my perp abetting mother isn't coming through when she indicated otherwise? And ditto for other members of the First Feral Family who conveniently don't ever inquire about the financial well being of this purported clinical case (me). [Side note; a forced pee before I got rolling on this topic].

The next level down on reducing the accommodation expenses would be to get a roommate situation, though hopefully a larger room and with a private bathroom, as in the latter case, after six months of no toilet/shit hassles, preceded by 10 years of blocked toilets, they reverted back to this particular abuse pattern when in a shared bathroom situation in 2012. And after perusing the roommate ads for the past two months, nothing has come up, save places with children, and I just don't want to go there with that disruption potential. The very barky rottweiler dog at the vineyard is plenty enough.

On the income front, the extra weekend vineyard side jobs dried up in mid July, and the perps have demotivated me from even putting a decent resume together, or even responding to at least six winery jobs in the last month. Frustration in the extreme, and furthermore, no pointers, suggestions or guidance as to their future intent. Which is unusual, as they usually drop hints that pan out to be what was planned all along, though only determinable in hindsight.This time it seems, they want to have me spin in a dysfunctional and anxiety filled blue funk. Thanks a bunch assholes, as they have been putting me through this for over 12 years now.

And still the perps pummel me, some 20x per day or more, on how to spend my money on big ticket items that I once considered, ($6k liposuction), or items that I would like to have, (nice stereo speakers, aftermarket upgrade to the universal disc player I got in 02-2014), or just couldn't quite raise the scratch, (used Volvo 850 wagon, as I was remined last week of how space inefficient sedans are with the trunk separated from the interior and the ridiculous high sill of the trunk. All fitting the acquisition coveting theme they plant as continued, if not relentless, ideations.

I did some more reports from Quicken, and it really seems I need to do something soon about my cash flow, both in and out. I enquired about a roommate situation and that would of saved me $200/month, but I need to close the gap for at least twice that. All those room and board jobs working on road repair in the summer might have been prudent in hindsight. Screw the winery and vineyard worker theme, go for the cash. As usual (it seems) no reply from the potential roomie contact. And why is it that I am getting new posts on Craigslist that were posted 20 hours ago?

[UPDATE as of 1900h, 08-31-2014, below]
I secured one of the ubiquitous motel rooms in this summertime town for the $550/month over-winter rate this afternoon, and gave in my notice to the landlady, and had a chat too, saying that my income was reduced etc. At about 1800h the landlord comes and says he would offer $600/month as they would like me to stay as I am a good tenant. And no less, starting Sept. 02 (after the Labor Day holiday). A total bonus as it helps out considerably, and no move to make in October and the requisite move-out from the motel in May 2015.

Sooo... I had to rescind the motel booking, and rescind the ISP disconnection I had made as they too require 30 days notice, and here I am back where I started with the residence move-out now cancelled. And what was the purpose of this from the perp perspective, a move-out and then a cancelled move-out with a substantial rent decrease? I don't know, but this kind of thing has happened so often, and particularly in the long past where I had rented a place and major long term plans change, and I had to back out of the deal. Though, this is the first time I came out smelling of roses, getting an immediate 25% rent decrease and free of the moving logistics concerns. Onto the same in getting a raise at work maybe!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Club Visit

Thursday, and I have been totally slack in not starting the weekly news earlier. I saw Heather Blush and the Uppercuts last night. A good show, though not for metalheads. Kind of a jazzy folk maybe.

The usual cast of male skinheads (5) around me in the club, and at least a half dozen on the streets on my way there. I stopped at the ATM and got some bills for any album purchase at the club, and to my eternal surprise, there was NO ONE GANGSTALKING me there. An all time first for over 12 years since this harassment began in earnest, and the perps like to get me when financial transactions are being performed, and too, the colors of the bills are intriguing for them too.

In the club, the award for the most hideous/color clashing gangstalk garb was that of a supposed customer, wandering in dressed in a scarlet T-shirt and deeper blood red shorts, and sporting a white bar towel on his shoulder. I thought I had seen it all, but this takes the cake (for now). There was also a crutches case gangstalker two tables away, that got moved with her party to the other side after a half hour. I would of thought a crutches case would not of been moved at all, but "for some reason" was; maybe it was about those aluminum crutches as the perps seem so taken with all things aluminum of late.

In the club the perps put on some masers, the small dot kind, and seemed to fly them from behind the performers toward me. I suppose the perps were up to more magnetic perturbance games, and no one seemed to notice them, buzzing like flies that suddenly disappear.

Friday, starting with a moderate rain. I got to the vineyard and did 20 min. of regular indoor chores I do every Friday. Once I stepped outside, the rain was over. But as the vine leaves would have been loaded with water, it was a full rain gear dress up. And my rain clothes did get plenty wet. And this is how I perceive the perp's games at to the timing of the above; they wanted water lingering on the vines to get me wet, but not direct rainfall, even if it was raining until the minute I began vineyard work. And what is the point of that? I don't know, but add all the possible temporal combinations and permutations with the weather and what garments (color and material) I am wearing, and one can expect this to be one long experiment, with me as the captive lab rat.

A Friday legs waxing, and the instructor was working on one side of the table, and the cute young blonde student on the other. I don't know quite what this was all about, and the student has done waxing on me three times before with no minimal instructor intervention. I suppose if two different individuals work on parts of a single subject, e.g. waxing, then it is possible that each of their energies will somehow be conveyed to that body part. And once finished, I will go outside in some kind of asymmetrical energy mix; instructor's energy on my front L leg, the student's on my R front leg, and reversed for the back of my legs as they did not swap locations.

Then a parking ticket stunt followed; a seeming ticket ("infraction" etc.) when I had paid for parking. Off to city hall, not far, and visit bylaw enforcement and find out why I got a ticket, and showed them my parking reciept. Well "as it happened", delivered with a smirk, that I had incorrectly entered my licence plate number incorrectly, and there was no charge. Big joke, and all to get be after a leg waxing appointment, when they often pull gangstalking stunts, but visiting city hall was one extra.

 A freak show, though muted, at the one time no-freak laundromat, which I shall rename, Hwy 97 Laundromat. A supposed brain injured freak had me trapped in a cul-de-sac of laundry machines, waving his arms and telling me his story. Outside, I "happened" to run into a former farm worker I knew from 4 years ago. I had spoken with her a few times, and when I saw her with her farm worker boyfriend in Penticton in 2012, he stopped to chat and she kept on going, even if I knew her better than he. This time, no such evasive strangeness, and all smiles and polite exchanges etc. It turns out she and the same boyfriend are working in a recycling depot in Kelowna. Interesting that, moving from farm work to garbage recycling.

On the streets there were plenty of gut struts, bicycle stalking while I was driving (3 of 3 times when going to the laundromat at a certain corner), three hot pink dressed walkers in a row, each 60' apart, biddies doing a confab one standing on the sidewalk, the other on the asphalt beside the sidewalk rumble where a house is getting torn down. Extra strangeness under the cover story of extra visitors in town I suppose.

My brother and family in town and I met them at a restaurant. There, a supposed customer, a lady in  red dress with her hands at her crotch waited for 20 min. in advance of us exiting the restaurant. I had a 50 min. wait for enchilada when the place was only 1/3 full; all to get a two tone brown sauce covered enchilada that had been made up in advance. Said woman stalker waited inside at the cashier for 10 min. then went 6' away to lean against the railing outside in a direct line of sight with me. The "seeming to be waiting for someone stunt", when she could have had a table the whole time. All to provide inside and outside red color calibrations it would seem, and who knows what the crotch covering was about, except to emulate what possilble abreactions I might have to such activity, though likely from males in the 1956-60 recall deleted years.

I was swimming in Okanagan Lake with my niece; maser and plasma beams all about me, and sometimes coming from her. I suppose this annual event is justification for pouring more extra conventional harassment. And what is it about the just-stand-there assholes, some 6' from me while lying down on a blanket at the beach, who are looking at their smart phones all  the while, and then lie down some 20' away. Why don't they lie down and then look at their phones. It just doesn't make sense, except to stalk the shit out of me. They even put on a blonde woman who did this, and and then laid down on her dark green towel, all to show me her dark brown tanned shoulders and a white midriff, then she swam for a while after that, to emulate my activities of 20 minute prior.

Sunday, and the day of the Challenge Penticton triathalon. It is the second year with the Challenge after parting ways with Ironman Inc two years ago, and the numbers of participants has declined from last year, which was lower in part because it wasn't an official Ironman. It doesn't look promising. Not that I am into such extreme sports, but my brother is, though he begged off and did just a bicycle ride as a team triathalon this year. He did the full ironman level triathalon last year and knows first hand how extreme it is.

My brother, sister-in-law and niece were here on the weekend and in part, I hung with them at the beach. Though, this morning I rendered some 20lb of tomatoes into 11L of salsa, adding other ingredients in too. The plan is to take them out of the freezer after a few days, thaw them and remove the water from them, and re-freeze.

And so, after working on red tomatoes for 4 hours, I was ripe for red shirted gangstalking at the public event. The Challenge colors are red and white, so plenty of this color for whatever reason. And them making sure I was parked next to two deep metallic maroon red vehicles (only parking stall available) and on and on.

Said brother was back from his cycle ride at about 1400h, and just wanted to loaf around and hang at the beach. The rationale was that he was cramping up again and didn't want to sit down, and so he stood while we were on the beach blanket, artfully blocking the sun. I would move to get direct sun, and he would repeatedly do the same within a half minute or so. And how many times has this little stunt played out since the perps went overt/berserk in 04-2002? I don't know for sure, but too often.

Then too, sitting in partial shade of the birch trees at the beach was another perp arrangement. They cannot get enough Fuckwits to either stand or sit under trees, or walk out of the tree shade toward me.

Then there was the male gut strut at the beach in full form; they must of been over 250lb, and shirtless to boot.

My sister-in-law had to borrow my 12" frypan for whatever reason at the motel unit, and so I obliged. And a roll of paper towels too, a prime perp prop I have come to know, a daily one, and of course at home and at the small winery I work at. they came to the vineyard to drop off the borrowed items, and to take some of the tree fruits that were in abundance.

There are some more details I can add to all of the above, but as this is getting late for posting, I shall post this rather than letting it run longer into this week.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Almost a Head On Collision

Yesterday, a near head on collision at 40-50mph, that is, the speed of each vehicle was traveling toward the other, me being the driver of one of them. I had just made a turn from the rural road onto a two lane secondary access road (Eastside Rd for locals), and rounded a corner to see three oncoming vehicles one following the next (what I call a vehicle train). I get this every work day, at or near this location and this was no exception. It seemed they were staggered (offset) and coming around a bend as they weren't exactly lined up. No big deal, or so the mind fuck (read, planted notion) ideation went. And after negotiating a bend so I was on a straight stretch with respect to them, why, one vehicle was oncoming in my lane, overtaking one of the others in this train. At this location there is a wide pull-out (40' wide) where overnight campers sometimes stay, and it was free of any parked vehicles. And did I pull wide and avert this potential life ending collision? Why no, because we, the Psychopathic Confederacy, want the oncoming vehicle to vacate your lane within two seconds of you occupying it going in the opposite direction. And so the mind-fuck orchestrator arranged it so; stun me out like a bunny in the headlights while a speeding vehicle comes directly at me. Chalk another one up for the perps who can now obviously override one's self preservation instincts. No doubt that shades wearing Fuckwit driving this oncoming vehicle, which was the same mid-grey color as my own, was a full salaried operative as I am sure it would be too scary for a local shill to do.

And so passes another arranged event of the perps attempting to occupy the very location I am at, or driving over. No collision, and timed to the microsecond to ensure that  there wasn't, but I have never seen anything come closer to me from the oncoming lane as this. He was only 40' in front of me before he pulled back into his lane. Not much with an approach speed of at least 80mph. While this is the most egregious and highest speed stunt of the perps attempting to occupy the ground I am standing on, it fits the pattern that has gone on for over 12 years. The pattern has commonly been choking down the aisle space in a store with a display and having the Fuckwit pop out from behind it to cover my tracks at soon as possible. And the outrageous early-red traffic control light running games that go on would be the same; the road traffic proceeds, (me in the front usually) at the just turned green light just as some Fuckwits are just passing through, sometimes two of them in opposite directions. Even when there are advance yellow flashing warning lights of an impending red light on higher speed highways, they just blow them off.

Yoga yesterday (Monday) as well as a special class on Sunday. I figured I should retain the lessons of Sunday, by going on Monday too. Not many in class, just four other students/stalkers, all female. I don't know why the perps had me change out of my shorts about a minute before heading off, and wearing my running tights instead. As mentioned often, the perps just love to have me changing clothes in front of others, or vice versa. And I suppose changing a few minutes ahead of meeting others is also part of the clothing color and fabric type games. As usual, the perps wobbled me terribly when doing balances, i.e. on one foot.

Today, a "summer's day" with oppressive haze all day long, cooling down the temperature considerably. The forest fires are the deemed culprit of this haze, with many in Washington state, and a few in this valley too. I deem it as just more light/temperature games of the perps, as they are constantly jacking with light levels around me, of the sun, artificial lighting, the colors of objects and the environment etc. And too, in yoga, I can now always count on at least my L lens of my glasses getting smudged midway through class, and yesterday was no exception. I once "thought" (read, planted notion) that they were toning down the appearance of the way cute yoga instructor, dimming down her image, but that was incorrect, as it turned out. Even the probable-perp male instructor with the over-sized gut and bald head in baggy shorts (four Unfavoreds there) of two weeks ago got the same treatment; my L glasses lens got mysteriously smudged by no known means. Just another day at the office for some juvenile Fuckwit; or is it auto-programmed each time? Say: IF TI_VICTIM AT YOGA THEN SMUDGE L.EYEGLASSES AT RAN(YOGA_DURATION -20)?

And with the haze, the morning and evening light is eerie with a red glow to it; it just creeps me out. Which means, it is prime perp material to lay on me and find out why in neurological energetic and psychic terms just why that it so.To which I would retort; just leave me the Fuck alone.

A dog-shit "attack" on my boot at the vineyard; the perps have long mastered the art of plastering my footwear with dog shit, and having that dumb rotweiler there is the putative/conventional rationale. I was mighty infuriated as it has happened way too often, maybe 12x in two years. The dog shit games have reached artful heights with the dayglo tennis balls it chews up, and lo, if there isn't dayglo remnants in said doggy do piles. And lo, if the ATV tires didn't "find" some and it "somehow" got stuck on the sidewall so it could go round and round without wearing off. Or, at least, until I got a stick and scraped it off. And this identical prank "happened" twice in two weeks, somehow, har, har.

The dog also has a penchant for dumping in the middle of a steep NE corner access road, and of course one ends up straddling it when driving up or down. I make daily trips up to dump off diseased grapes, and lo, if the dog didn't also decide to lay down an additional adjacent pile. I was compelled to dump a pile of diseased grapes on it to prevent the occurrence of another "accident" of it getting on my boots. I have cleaned this particular pile location twice, the second time being a day after the road got resurfaced after it got washed out. And lo, if I didn't "happen" to have a shovel with me in the ATV and I scooped it off the road and onto a grassy section 3' away. The owner and the tractor driver who rebuilt the road were also there at that time, presumably for gangstalking reasons while attending to the steaming large pile it left with such temporal precision. (neither of them mentioned anything about this double high pile of doggy-do in the middle of the road, and I just happened to take the initiative. Have I mentioned the perps just love me to be on fresh road surfaces and other rock and stone depositions and grading? Way too often I suspect, as the perps wipe my recall abilities on me keeping a mental record of what themes I have addressed and how often.

To start the day, the perps arranged a traffic accident near one of my turns on my morning commute. An apparent body on the road covered over in a white and black plastic looking cover and blood running into the gutter. Three lanes were blocked, with a single N bound lane I used to make my E turn. Two police vehicles were parked in mid-street side by side, red and blue flashing lights, presumably to add some extra light as I made this particular corner. No signs of how the body got in mid-street, as it seems there was no other vehicle that may have collided with the victim. As mentioned in past blogs I have been subject to witnessing fake accidents where traffic lanes were blocked, attending ambulances and police vehicles etc. but NO evident collisioned vehicles or associated debris on the road. In other words, today's dead body event could of been a total arrangement just to get some extra flashing lights (red, blue) and vehicles parked in mid-road at a key location where I make a turn on my commute.

On the above topic, it should be mentioned that the perps sometimes arrange dead birds or deer in mid road for motorists to pass over top of the compacted remains. I don't know why they do this, but it seems to be all about some kind of energetic interaction of the animal to the vehicle occupants as they drive by.

I picked about 10lb of tomatoes at the vineyard today, a freebie from the owners who don't each much garden fruit. And that brought me huge amounts of gangstalking attention when packing them back in my vehicle's trunk. There was four white vehicles parked adjacent to me, in place in advance, on a homebound stop. Then a extra obvious color arrangement in the oncoming vehicle train; 2 whites, followed by two blacks, followed by 2 mid-greys.

Wednesday, and the cleaning lady and her tattoos comes to clean the owner's house. Along with that, some visiting friends to take produce from the vegetable patch, and helping out in humpfing a fridge with three others from the house to downstairs in the very crowded winery cum garage. Then back to leaf-plucking vines on the N side for the afternoon. The weather was uncertain, so I was hot in my long pants as the forecast called for rain, but was sunny mostly. The perps have been faking me out of using sun block for the last week. The planted notion is I want my face tanned some and the SPF 30 sun block is too effective. And the SPF15 sun block cannot be found everywhere I go, as it allows some tanning through it after a few hours. It is perfect and cannot be had due to the perp games over my skin sunlight exposures that have been going on in earnest since 04-2002 when all this abuse rained down and has been maintained.

Along the way I learn that the male of the vineyard owner couple cannot do more than 30 minutes of manual vineyard work before he gets too tired. Then she says she might have to learn to drive the tractor, which she has studiously avoided in the past. Funny they never ask me if I want to learn, but I suppose the Psychopaths have that one covered, not to mention having me "wonder" about this topic about every other day.

The infernal obstruction over acquiring a slotted serving spoon continues; all this came about as I stopped eating my daily diet of quesadillas, and instead, eat a gumbo of the quesadilla contents. I now need to separate the cooked food in the fry pan from the cooking oil something I never had to do before. As the working counter length is a whole 20" plus the stove top, I need to easily separate the oil from the food without making a mess, as the perps like to have food flick out of the pan as the spatula "happens" to catch an edge.

Rain onset began at 1000h, timed for my break and then it seeming inconsequential, I put on my headphones and plugged it into my phone/player. Within a minute of starting to pluck N side leaves in the vineyard, why, the rain came on heavy. Screw that plan, and so I returned my electronic gear to a dry location. Another ruse/forced forget caused me a second restart of leaf plucking, and the third time I was allowed to get the job done. Same deal at lunch time; the rain had slowed down, but just when I wanted to re-start work, why, the rain came on. This time, still in my rain gear, there was no false starts.

The rain stayed on all afternoon, arranged for the special event of my employer to follow me to my residence, as planned, as she could pack the furniture she gave me in her Volvo wagon (metallic maroon red, the #1 vehicle color after grey-scale colors).  She backed up within 5' of my door for minimal carry time to get the furniture inside. I suppose this was legit, but this would be the first time she has driven to my residence. Of these three blue painted pieces of furniture, she is still keeping one. I suppose there is some kind of blue furniture "vibe calibration" the perps want to replicate in both locations.

The rain still on, and vehicular cluster fucks in the parking lot of the liquor store; I rarely go there, but must to get a certain beer to pay the Aussie fellow who made up two wood shelves for my server rack.  He has a full shop, and would be way too tedious for me to do. Instead of paying some $30-100 for a rack mountable shelf, what I did was mount drawer slides with a pieces of right angle 1.5" aluminum as the shelf support. I suppose this all fits the perps plans, as they told me at least five years ago that I would be getting a server rack. That came to pass this year, but the mountable hardware is way overpriced. So... by dint of slowly trickled planted notions, I ordered steel drawer slides for $20/pair, then rack mountable brackets, which the Aussie drilled out out for me. Astoundingly, they all fitted were mountable. Then came the "now what?", and after some weeks of the project sitting in this partial state, the notion of getting aluminum angle stock and fitting it to the slides filtered in, and so the wood shelves are to span the aluminum brackets to support a PC, and an amplifier.

Media Center files have gone missing, an install key that didn't do anything, and try get to support with that complaint. No live support personnel, must use a forum for crissakes. I signed up for the forum and I was to get an email to confirm membership, and didn't. I have never had an install key do nothing, and yet it tells me it worked fine. Bizarre.

Other; flicking or otherwise teleporting bits of mushroom and onion around, even in the bathroom, elsewhere on the stove and counter and the table.My finger motor control being messed with today, more than usual, all to drive up the infuriation level, at home or at work in the vineyard.

At the vineyard I got faked out into wearing my rain gear. On my morning break at 1000h the rain starts up and so while there with my rain gear at hand, I get into it. Out I go back to leaf plucking and the rain lasted a whole 10 min. or so, and I kept on until 1300h to finish the row dressed in my rain gear with mild, not sunny temperatures. Had it been sunny, it would of been too hot to work in the rain gear. I suppose today's rain gear fake-out is a calibration for yesterday when it was raining most of the day and I was in rain gear. I was wearing a different shirt and pants underneath, so perhaps that had something to do with it.

And the vineyard noisescape gets stepped up when I am wearing my headphones with the phone as a player. First the tractor next door, then the dog barking (what it usually does), and then adjacent vineyard's power saw. Always this unerring knack for the noise ramped up to then drive it into the headphones while listening to music.

And the assholes broke a plastic piece on my headphones today. The headphones were not dropped or in any way contact anything with sufficient force to cause them to break. I could go on at length over the headphone hassle history, though this particular pair had to be shipped back in 09-2012 for ear piece repairs, purchased in 06-2012. As I recall, this was also a NOC (No Ostensible Cause) damage for which I had to pay for. I suppose I shall will take stock of the inconveniencs of this latest sabotage and ponder sending them away or chucking them. Headphones have been such a sabotage magnet, literally and figuratively. (Headphones have magnets in them).

Saturday, and a cool one for this hot clime of the Okanagan Valley at this time of year. Per usual, laundry day, and the low-freak laundromat is adding more freaks, say, one extra today. Some strange withered male in skulking mode just had to pass me by at close quarters, and then hang outside the builiding opposite me while I was busy inside folding my laundry. Said freak was putzing with this bicycle, and lo, if he didn't manage to finish that and time himself to be pedalling down the sidewalk after I departed and was going the same direction.

More strange stuff; the female of the laundromat owning couple was sitting in the passenger side of their mid-brown CRV for five or so minutes before getting out and then getting in my way at the laundromat door. Another gangstalker clusterfuck was arranged at the same door when I first came, adroitly timed to keep me outside for an extra 20 seconds until this pair exited the building.

More ambulatory gangstalk obstructions at the Penticton market this morning. The male "gut strut" was out in force with unerring knack of walking into my path ahead of me, walking the same direction. Then the Royal Canadian Mendacious Plods (RCMP) also added their shorts-wearing ball capped member into the mix. This is the first time I have seen them wear shorts and/or ball-caps. The one farmer proprietor I stopped at seemed to be very avoidant, but that goes without saying. Ditto for the later visit to the government liquor store ; the cashier couldn't get me out fast enough, and looked scared shitless. Probably an operative, maybe a facially morphed over ML as the body shape and height was about right. I never get to figure this out at the time, but this act of looking scared shitless is overdone when regular follk shills don't see to have that problem. (Likely because they have been rehearsed and briefed in advance). It seems to me that the morphing, aka shape shifting, is easiest if they only change form, face and build, but not their height or bone structures. As mentioned many times, they keep me looking about 35 y.o or so, when I am 60y.o.

A gangstalking tail at the WF parking lot, show "happened" to erupt from the a parked SUV, headed the same direction as me. Like WTF; why is there a sudden prevalence of Fuckwits sitting in vehicles in parking lots, and if a couple, only one of them erupts from the vehicle to either tail me or else obstruct me in passing through a doorway? This same elder-bag woman in pink long pants (for crissakes) "happens" to cross my path for two more reprises, and then "happens" to follow me at the checkout, and then of course into the parking lot. Her presumed husband sitting in the vehicle all the while. I have seen so many shiftless males sitting in their vehicles in parking lots since all this insane abuse began.

A live chat with Newegg blew up as I composed the message, sent it, got a reply and a new window, and yet the window didn't allow me to enter any data. What a jerkaround, and I reckon it had nothing to do with newegg. The perps like to obstruct anything at the starting stage, just like they ruin completion or rage-ify me at near completion. This whole nonsense began when they charged me $0.75 for an Enviromental Handling Fee as the long sought slotted spoon was deemed to be a "Motorized Appliance", which it isn't. No one does stupid (events) better than the perps.

Three drops of milk hopped out of a saucepan when it was 4" below the rim with minimal pan movement, just so the milk drops could hop over the bowl I was about to pour the warm milk into. Which also served to delay mixing the milk with the flax seed and hemp seed in the bowl, as I wiped it up first. Also, there has been an increase in spills and other NOC liquids on the counter and stovetop of late, all to cause more cleaning up with the blue sponge that is ever at the ready.

A trip to the mall as the chocolate "need" came on bad and I also had to get blue Dawn dish soap as "somehow" I "forgot" (read, remotely applied neural influencing (for the worst)) three times this weekend. And lo, if the LD store didn't have a promo on for three bottles for $7.50, and were out of the blue kind, the only color of dishes detergent I use. The LD store is at the S end of the mall, which wasn't open, so I set off to drive to the other end, but just as I was about to back up, why, this Fuckwit couple drove in and parked beside me to my passenger side. Like WTF; if I see a vehicle about to back out of an stall, I don't go near them to park, and drive right past for extra safety. But this Fuckwit didn't, and pulled in beside me, crossing behind me. I drive to the N end of the mall to get blue Dawn at SOF, and do my other shopping replete with gangstalkers on my ass, and this same weird couple were in the store, doing some kind of strange aisle block stunt. They were 4' apart transverse to the aisle direction and left about 3' for anyone to get past. That didn't stop a black uniformed (with green piping) staff member going through this 3' ersatz gauntlet, and as I was coming the opposite direction, I had to wait until they were through as I wasn't about to pass between the couple as part of the long running split couple gangstalk stunts I encounter most urban days. Then another black uniformed staff member passed through this 3' gauntlet after I passed through, in the same direction as the  first one. I thought all this kind of partners and passing close by stuff was called square dancing when they added music. And here we are after 12 years of insane and relentless abuse, putzing with aisle width pinching/obstructing/clusterfucking and having others tail/cover me in the same or opposite directions. And once I got outside in the parking lot, why, the same wierd couple's vehicle was parked beside me in the identical R side orientation as they did at the S end of the mall.

The above weird couple parking lot and aisle blocking wasn't the only clusterfuck event today. Earlier, when at the organic farm where the trail head is for my McIntyre Bluff hike, I stopped in at the small produce store they have. The E. Indian woman who manages the store was kind enough to recognize me and say hello, and I responded in kind. I finished my purchase, (read financial transaction being a total perp stalking obsession), and there was a three male, all seeming to be independent of each other, cluster fuck. One was about to enter the customer space from behind the counter (after coming in from his silver grey vehicle only about 30 seconds earlier), and going in my direction, a skinheaded male was posted at the L side of the door, and the regular dumbshit red haired kid was posted at the R side of the door. And of course neither of these latter two recognized they were blocking my egress, both of them looking identically stunned out. Anyhow, I stepped through this gauntlet, and the first mentioned male was hot on my ass as he was heading back to his silver-grey vehicle.

Enough of the tawdry details, and now to post this lest I get behind in my postings.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Where Did the Time Go?

Tuesday, but like a Monday in that it was the first day back from the long weekend, being "BC Day" in BC (Canadian province of British Columbia).

Still doing vine tucking all day, replete with the noisescape of vehicle performance mufflers, ill-maintained mufflers, HD motorcycles, and assorted aircraft that seem to harmonize/repeat the same vehicular noises. I have been doing vine tucking for the past four weeks at least, and am in a section where the rows are getting shorter due to property line considerations. It would take me two hours to tuck a long row, an hour per side. But now that I am in shorter rows, as in half as long, it should take half the time, right? No..sirr not in TI World; I have no idea why the job took so long today, but it did. I was getting four long rows done per day, and today I got three short rows tucked. The conditions aren't materially different, and the number of vines hanging down from the top wire is about the same. The first half row took 1.5 hours and it should of taken 30 minutes. I don't think my watch got sabotaged, and the perps can now (as of 2005) mess with my head (or anyone else's) and I would not know I was missing time. T

Before all this abuse rained down in 04-4002 the perps would try a number of stunts in road traffic but I always knew that somehow a vehicle was much closer than I expected, and therefore some missing time elapsed. This was under the guise of a medication introduction mostly, but it would freak me out that somehow I couldn't track vehicles around me and  got much  closer than I expected.

Another way to sabotage the mind for not noticing missing time is to change the notion of what is normal, something they began to mess with in about 2006.  Or, perhaps they mess with the cerebellum directly, the brain's timekeeper region. Anyhow, they can mess with nearly everything in one's mind from remote locations and guide them to do whatever they wish, usually pissing off and frustrating this TI.

A nap attack for 2 hours in the evening cost me going to yoga tonight -I was all dressed to go, and couldn't stay awake while sitting down, Once I laid down there was no way I could predict my wake up time.

Same strangeness in vine tucking today (Wednesday) I tucked one side in 30 min. this morning. Still piss poor productivity, but no other co-workers to compare too thankfully.

My PC crashed last night. Something to do with the Tripplite power bar and it went down twice and took out the PC. The repair guy said the BIOS device selection got changed, "power surges do odd things", like resetting the boot device order. Uh huh.

At the vineyard, I am now doing leaf removal, aka de-leafing on the N side of the rows. The sunlight and warmth (~30C) is too intense for the developing grapes, so sometime in September we de-leaf on the S side.

Took the PC into get looked at; amidst an intense vehicular gangstalking show, but as it it the eve of Peach Festival week, there is a reasonable cover story. As is "happened" the PC booted up normally and recovered OK. I phone this repair guy at noon to see if he was available, and he planted the FUD that the SSD drive, my main C drive, might have been "blown". Just what I needed to contemplate all afternoon, how to recover from such a mess. I do have a Synology back up computer, but as it is dependent on me turning it on, it would not of been a current back up source. Thankfully it didn't come to that, though I am sure the perps will pull such an event in the future. Like, why did they let me purchase a back up PC after 10 years of obsessing over not being backed up except by manual copies between hard drives? Not much of a back up if the place gets burned down, or the PC craps out with a power surge. Needless to say, I don't yet have an off-site back up arrangement.

Saturday; laundry in the am with all manner of orchestrated hi-jinx. For starters, they pinched the road traffic at Power and Wade with a traffic accident;-two white sedans, collided with real damage to one, unlike the perp crazy days of 200-3-4 when they would arrange "accidents" replete with LEOs, tow trucks etc. except that no vehicles were damaged! Yup, posed road accidents, and I even had a passenger in the vehicle one time who confirmed it Though this accident had occurred only a few minutes before I passed through this intersection as no LEO's and tow trucks. As it "happened", when I got skunked on getting to the downtown bank (see below), I came through this same intersection again, this time with LEO's (Law Enforcement Officers) blocking two lanes of the remaining through traffic.

When I couldn't get to downtown bank/ATM because of the Peach Parade I drove across town to the second branch and transacted at the ATM. A male gangstalker arrived to loiter behind me in the below the knee baggy shorts; even the elder duffers/stalkers are dressed in this wretched shorts style. (FYI; I do wear shorts, spandex to the mid-thigh; which have a "habit" of the leg portion rolling up and making them look like straight across at the crotch swim trunk style).

The usual parking lot games while at the ATM; a two vehicle cluster of the apparent parties having a confab while standing outside their vehicles, male and female, the latter component with a blonde girl, the ultimate bait to get my attention every time.

Laundry; the proprietor couple at the lesser-freak show laundromat, were on duty per usual. The chatty male was wearing a scout cap, a little puffier ball cap and duplicating a common US military style (non-combat) cap. Considering the huge "popularity" of ball caps, and the selective introduction of scout caps on females (blondes especially), it would seem that this too is an attempt to elicit my subconscious/psychic response (aka abreaction) to likely military exposures/abuses in my memory deleted years, 1956-60. (Again, check out the Indian Lake Project site, as I strongly suspect I was one of those children at the time, though not in the online published photos).

And lo, if there wasn't hot water available at the laundromat, as it seems they are in a progressive update of their facilities. Someone else was at the two regular washing machines I use, running them at the same time. So... I use two washing machines side by side, both with black plastic vanes in the center. The regular pair has one with a white vane, and the other black. And as laundry is such an intense perp project, even stealing it sometimes, the washing machine color, orientation, tub orientation etc.and vane color and composition are of significant interest. For my second trip there, they put on a 300lb Fat Man at the public online terminal they have inside. Said behemoth/freak didn't show for my later trips.

I got hit with a 2.75 hour nap attack in the afternoon; talk about putting a hole in one's day. (No prior sleep deficit, per usual). Then at least a one hour recovery with the aid of tea and chocolate. I had plans to render the 20lb of tomatoes in my fridge, picked from the vineyard I work at, the owners being strangely insistent on creating a vegetable garden each year, but not picking the produce. Ditto for the seven fully bearing fruit trees. Go figure.

Food experiments continue; I bought and used turmeric, (ground curcumin) today; said to be an excellent brain food, confirmed while reading Grain Brain, my current read. The book is a tour-de-force for expelling carbohydrates from one's diet and getting back to the Paleolithic diet of fats, protein and minor carbohydrates. If the assholes could get me off their milk chocolate fixation (read brown colored food), as in 60g of sugar per 100g bar, 3x/day,, not only could I save a bundle but get the carbohydrate intake down to the recommended  30-60g/day.

Another food item the perps have me eating for the first time since their all-night harassment games of 2002 is jerky. This time it is beef jerky and I haven't been interested in it at all until recently. In 2002 it was tuna jerky available in the Seattle region, and it was my comfort food for those all night driving sessions with gangstalking vehicle fore and aft on the freeways. So I suppose it is the plastic packaging energetic effects they might be interested in. Given how often thin aluminum is used in packaging, those stiff but flexible packages with a plastic coating on them, a (likely) supporting aluminum stalking campaign is in full swing, as mentioned in last week's blog posting.

Music listening continues to develop down whatever path the assholes have plotted for me. Now, non-english female vocals are now "happening", Misa (fado) and Haris Alexiou (Greek); two such downloads this weekend, and both superlative female vocalists to say the least. The former playing as I write this blog up. The PC based non-lossy files served to the Oppo and its internal DAC heard via Grado headphones is coming in with great fidelity, finally getting into the zone of hi-fi.

But the perps won't let me purchase speakers, not even cheap ones for these past eight years. Over this past Christmas they had me salivating over a pair of ELAC speakers (unauditioned no less), while also doing extensive web research on the best DAC to purchase. Finally, after some three weeks, I was allowed the clarity of getting a disc player, headphone amp and DAC rolled into one, in the form of the Oppo BD105. Though it did cost more than a USB only DAC, it gave me a whole lot of future proofed features (e.g. internet sources). Meanwhile, my amplifier (to supply sufficient current for speakers) sits unused, perhaps also a "problem" for the covert perp games when it comes to listening to music  be it live, digital, or analog over what device, through what kind and color of cables, and so on down the audio chain. As mentioned many times, the color, substance and kind of everything I am in contact with is of intense perp research interest.

Sunday, and a special yoga class with a Baptiste yoga instructor. Blonde, and about my height (5'11"), and plenty chatty. She was even pleasant and engaging, and didn't have the dour scared shitless look I get from so many people I interact with. And she was into heavy alignments, pressing on me and other students with great vigor. And lo, if she didn't have a tattoo near her waist line, that was revealed later and just one of those "happenchances" of her garment being loose just as I was nearby. So one could surmise that the perps are up to their yoga perturbation games again; no yoga on the usual Monday because of a province wide holiday, no yoga on Wednesday as an alternate because of above mentioned nap attack, and Friday would be with the grim and fat male instructor I don't care for. Then, with this special class, I get a class almost two weeks later. And what is the point of all that? Beats me, but the perps are silly about whatever all the spine bending and twisting that yoga has to offer, but then retract it for a time, sometime months when I have a work load that doesn't permit regular attendance.

And what is with the red pickup truck games this afternoon? the landlord had a mid-red Chevrolet pickup since 06-2013, and it appears to be replaced by new identical red hued Ford pickup. And of course he drives it past me in the lane when I am about to get into my vehicle. Nothing too exceptional in the gangstalking realm. Today, an older. but identical, red pickup that was behind the landlord's pickup started up and coursed by me while I was in the lane, about to access my vehicle (metallic mid-gray). I do my shopping and come back some 20 minutes later, and this same older red pickup is parked a block away under a tree with two other same red vehicles nearby (80'), both in the open sunlight. What earthly purpose does this same red pickup truck shuffling serve? As always, I would be the last to know.

Time to post this now, and start another week of getting stalked, fucked with and infuriated.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Indian Giving

Monday, and yoga which was eventful in that they swapped out the darling pixie instructor for the oafish male with the excess gut. At least he had the decency to dress in a matched short and shirt set of all flat black. That way, it makes him seek a little slimmer as one cannot pick out the shadow detail which would make his appearance worse. He was his usual cursory self, telling and not showing, and thankfully backed off on the frenetic pacing he once did (around me especially). This was the same instructor who once thanked everyone for coming at the end of a class, and "especially those who came on short notice". He must be a fully accredited perp/Psychopath to have permission to say something so leading and yet so contrary to the orchestrated normal. It is exceedingly rare, maybe once/year on average, that I am allowed to be exposed to something that confirms the abuse agenda.

I got sand bagged for extra morning time sleeping; the assholes turned the alarm off in the night. I checked it twice before getting into bed, and it was set. But "somehow" the alarm clock got sabotaged and I missed my regular get-up time by 40 minutes. They pulled this same stunt on Monday; it would seem that the intent is to mess up my morning routine, and have me not shave in some body regions, abbreviate my breakfast or hurry through getting the dishes cleaned. No good habits go unsabotaged.

Another perp trait is to have someone offer the victim something, and then withdraw the offer later without explanation. The vineyard owners have a vegetable garden but don't eat much from it. I was offered some 40 onions, to which I accepted, and a few days later, I learn that a neighborhood friend is going to come by to take them all. Like WTF; I said I would take them and then a few days later when sorting out the timing of digging them up, I am told that someone else is going to have them. I cannot count the number of "indian giving" (the term that characterizes this kind of jerkaround) events that have erupted since this abuse has blighted me since 04-2002.

And I see that no shared suites came up before month end, and therefore, no September 01 vacancy in a more affordable place.

Ditto on the job front; I sent off an email of my references per request and I don't hear anything back. Funny how that "happens" (again and again).

The vineyard owners have changed or downsized one of their other businesses. Therefore three white vans parked at the vineyard, as if I don't see enough of this particular gangstalk prop.

Another perp stunt is to have software "problems" (read dynamic sabotage). I pay for an upgrade to a media center developer and got the install key downloaded and nothing happens; I have an install key, but what do I do with it? And I see that their notion of support is to send a question to an online forum. More arranged absurdity in keeping with the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) agenda.

Finished reading Detroit, An American Autopsy by Charlie LeDuff. Hmm.. there is a lot I can say about race politics in this book, but I will refrain as the topic becomes too hot too fast, not to mention irrational. And as I closed the cover, why, a coincident fart came on with a sudden fridge noise. Did I mention the perps like to noisestalk starting and ending of events? Way too often.

A day of tucking vines at the vineyard, and lo, if powdery mildew hasn't reared its ugly head again. As this vineyard is very vigorous and puts out lots of shoots, it makes sense to do shoot thinning.Which is what we were doing until the boss man decided it was going too slow and wanted tucking only. (It is slow, because one must evaluate all shoots to see if they were intended per count of buds on the laydown cane). I told him at the time that thinning shoots would prevent recurrence of powdery mildew, and he blew me off by telling me how much better his sprayer is since it got upgraded this past winter. (Tell that to the powdery mildew). And what is about the perps and why they like to arrange "I-told-you-so" events such as this? I have been through many such setups long before they first went berserk/overt in 04-2002.

And too, if the perps can get the topics of "sprayer" and "spray" name dropped all the better. And too, the number of agricultural sprayers that are put out on roadsides for me to pass by (the "for sale" sign as the ubiquitous cover story) is absurd. Not to mention that as a member of the 2012 Viticulture class I visited two local manufacturers of agricultural sprayers.

08-02-2014 Saturday
Laundry, this Saturday am, per usual. I got hit for an extra 2 hour sleep in for some reason though I did not set the alarm clock. I went to bed at the same time (2100h) as if it were a work day. Long time readers or TI's will know that get-time is tightly controlled as it sets the stage for the next few hours. Its two hours for all the morning routine, from making, eating and cleaning the dishes for breakfast, then in the bathroom, shower shave and dental hygeine. then on workday mornings, getting lunch packed and ready.

Soo.. with a 0700h get-up, then that means a get-going time of 0900h, which is too late to go to the closer Freak Laundromat, and so I go to the Hwy 97 laundromat instead (fewer freaks usually).

I got messed with on getting the towels dried in the dryer to force another trip (fourth) back.  These dryers will accept the coins and count up the time while the dryer is in motion, but won't add it to the total unless the door is opened for some reason.

Which gave the freaks an entree; an Asian skinhead male "happened" to be using the very two washing machines that I was using an hour earlier, On my extra trip to get the dried towel load, hastened by some male pacing activity with a two tone brown van parked in the open doorway for "some reason" not a parking stall, with plenty of empty stalls to use. Said skinhead just "happened' to be around the corner of the doorway as exited. The perps like to arrange their Fuckwits behind doors and corners so they can get a little closer without seeming threatening, and too, have a sudden full image freak display. (And the opposite also "happens"; a staged freak is bounded by objects so I don't see the freak at first, in this peekaboo game they like to put on, though different from vehicular peekaboo games).

On the PC software front, more games over files, conversions, etc.  What works for one user but not the other, even if both have the same privileges (Administrator), files that won't display, forcing yet another download- which also performs differently per user.

Then some dingey rain threatening cloud cover rolled in on what was to be a totally sunny day just before all the laundry dried, which meant that I had to bring it inside, though most was dry. What is it about the perps and their preoccupation about laundry, and the orientation and place it is dried. It is totally insane. Not to mention at the Hwy 97 laundromat the washing machine agitation vanes are of variable colors; black and white. And they are made of plastic, and not stainless steel like the other laundromat. Endless permutations and combinations of fuckery, now 12 years of it and continuing.

A new-to-this-place stunt; smoke alarm chirpings this am; of NOC (No Ostensibe Cause) during breakfast through shower, doing dishes, then bathroom dental hygiene routine.

Not quite a shut-in day; some tanning outside my place on the grass. And lo, if they ddin't put on the performance muffler noise parade, some 5x/minute and have me plug my ears in this residential neighborhood. I was going to start into my new book, "Grain Brain", but they also put on tiredness and forced me to sleep instead (still tanning).

What is it about new books that they force me into a nap within the first chapter or two?

Another assault on home electronics, music playing devices again. The vexation of the variable behavior of the player deck in my vehicle has been mentioned before, and now has settled into behaving itself. Now, the Oppo player with the PC digital music files is acting up, e.g. suddenly stopping in mid song or album. Yet another playback device that gets dynamically hacked for whatever reason. Making a PC work with other stereo devices is a pain in the ass, and if I had the dough I would go full out with a server and player made by a single company. A $5k solution or more in some circles, but that way, the digital file storage is integrated with the playback. And less excuses as to what can go wrong. It seems that the whole DLNA standard for interoperability of home electronic devices has been hacked in this instance.

A hike in the heat today; the perps did their best to delay me getting there earlier in the cooler temperatures. First another two hour extra sleep in, and then later when ready, a tenacious gob of bird shit was arrange on my windshield, drivers side of course. A plastic scraper didnt work, and so multiple trips back inside to get the razor bladed scraper which finally removed it. That was worth a 20 minute delay itself.

A day of local dimming, as there was much haze in the air, presumably from forest fires. But we know who likes to manipulate heat separately from its light source don't we.

And so on this holiday Monday, (BC Day) I shall post for the week.

Not so fast; why, my power supply bar (guaranteed for life, Tripplite)  just happened to kick off all by itself as I was about to post this.